by JONATHAN V. POST March 1986
The Commander -------------- "My kind of weather, What a great day for flying!" Clear cold winter dawn.
The Last Breakfast ----------------- Breakfast for seven followed by white-frosted cake names drawn in icing
The Launch ---------- Cape Canaveral icicles melt: sudden dawn of "Rocket Summer"
The Shuttle ---------- Painted bird rising, rolling upside down, so bright against the blue sky
The Last Words -------------- "... go at throttle up." "Roger, go at throttle up." And then: explosion!
The Fireball ----------- Scorpion of smoke Two flame-tipped claws, shrapnel legs above the ocean
The Promise ----------- After silence, tears. One right way to honor them: We will reach the stars
The Crew --------- Smith, Onizuka, McAuliffe, Scobee, Resnik, McNair, and Jarvis.

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