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Andrew Carmichael Post

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Hello, my name is Andrew Carmichael Post. Here is what I look like now and what my mother thinks I will look like when I'm older. [When I've grew some. Get it?]

My mom can age progress your photo too, if you want to know how you might look in 10 years time.


What four days of the week begin with the letter T? I've put the answer on the very bottom of this page, if you can't figure this out yourself.

I am in fourth grade now. When I was in second grade at Walden School, Linda was my teacher. That year our class had "The Albatross" as its symbol. So here is a picture I did of an albatross.

I was born in Pasadena, California in 1989, so that makes me an American Citizen. But my Mom is Scottish, so I am too. I go to Edinburgh every summer to visit my Granma Hylda. Last summer I visited the old battlegrounds at Stirling and Bannockburn where William Wallace and Robert the Bruce defeated the English armies.


Andrew Carmichael Post

Then as the jury walked out of the Jury room the judge asked the foreman: "Have you come to a conclusion? What is your verdict? Is the clone Mr. Kevin Clampton legally allowed to get married, own a car, own a house, vote, etcetera? "

While this was going on Kevin thought to himself "I remember when this all began..."

Before I was born, my parents found out from a doctor that there was a medical problem that stopped them from having a baby the normal way. They didn't want to adopt for a few reasons, like they wouldn't have the joys of playing with the baby from its second day of life, also he wouldn't think of them as his parents. That's when they decided to clone my father in the summer of 2005, and I was born January 24, 2006.

I also remember my first days of school... The kids would always pick on me, everyone except Joey and Ricky. I don't know why they wouldn't pick on me, but I really didn't care just as long as they didn't. It's just as well they didn't, or I'd never have thought of them as my friends (well, as close to friends as I had at the time).

I remember that Billie would say "You dirty clone, you're not human!" Or Jack would say "You weren't created from God, so you must have been created from the Devil!" I always would reply "I wasn't created from the Devil. I was created from the creations of God, therefore meaning I was indirectly created from God but still created from God."

But that wasn't all they'd do, nope. They would also throw rocks at me and punch me and other mean stuff like chase me with their bikes and jump off and have them crash their bikes into me.

And since my father's cell nucleus was injected into my mother's cell in California, but I was born in north Montana on a ski trip, my parents thought they'd move there because they thought I should grow up where I was born, and not that many kids would be there to pick on me. Meaning that there weren't many schools, so I got stuck with Billie, Joey, Ricky, and the rest of them.

As the years passed, Jack and the others found worse and worse ways to pick on me or hurt me. Yes, until the sixth grade I hated school, but in the sixth grade Ricky and Joey told me to meet them in the bathroom at recess, so I did, and they swore me to secrecy about what they were about to tell me. So I did, and they told me that they were clones too!

Since Billie, Jack, Ricky and the others were always trying to find new ways to torment me, once they got a car they'd chase me to school with it. Me and the others (Ricky and Joey) felt just as lonely as the astronomers on Mars, and just as far separated from others.

After a while, I got tired of running to school, so I got Ricky and Joey to run with me and threw Billie and them off course. And we did, but they tried to stop, and they skidded into a tree and destroyed their car. There was good news and bad, I can't tell you one or the other first because they're both the same: they survived the crash.

During the last few months of my Senior year of college I saw the most beautiful woman I ever laid eyes on. Her name was Jennifer. It was love at first sight, and she fell in love with me too.

We rented an apartment and lived together for about six months, then decided that we would get married and buy a house. But we ran into a problem. To get married, we needed a marriage license. Filling out the paperwork was easy. Then a doctor analyzed a blood sample to see if we were drug addicts or if we had any dangerous diseases. Then came the problem. The DNA test!

Since one person can't get married twice at the same time, and they looked at my blood sample DNA they said "you're already married!" Their computers were wrong. It was because my married father had exactly the same DNA as I. Since most people get half their DNA from their mother and half their DNA from their father, their DNA is unique. But since a cell was taken from my mother, and the nucleus of a cell was taken from my father and put into my mother's cell after her nucleus was removedm my DNA come entirely from my father and so is identical. I can't get married because the computers think I'm him. I had to win my argument in court.

"I may be a clone, but I'm not a slave to my DNA!!!"

{to be continued}
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Here's a poem I wrote for my homework at school:



Andrew Carmichael Post

In my garden
the grass is green
and the tallest flower
I've ever seen
is IRIS!

Purple petal,
bright as metal,
stem so high
it touched the sky,
outer space
is the place
where petals lie.

Teardrop shape,
colored grape,
there's no escape
from the beauty
of IRIS!

I also had a poem (which I wrote in January 1997) recently published in "Rank and File", the magazine of the Southern California Chess Federation, P.O. Box 451, La Puente, CA 91744, $3.00, March/April 1997, Volume 20, Number 2, page 23:



Andrew Carmichael Post

Copyright 1997 by Emerald City Publishing
All Rights Reserved

We're eight little creatures
who follow a track;
we always go forth
but never go back.

When the battle begins
we're the first to advance;
one step or two
is the rule of this dance.

When we attack
we do what we can't
otherwise do,
we move on a slant.

Although we can never
turn into a King,
when we go all the way
we become anything.

We're eight little creatures
who follow a track
to save our King
from the foe's attack.

Here's another poem I wrote on April 28, 1997 for my homework at school:



Andrew Carmichael Post

A spaceship flies
through outer space,
it has a nose,
but not a face.

It's going to
another planet,
mostly made
of ice and granite.

might live someplace,
a spaceship flies
through outer space.

My mom, my father, my grandfather, and my grandmother are all professional writers, so maybe I'll be a writer when I grow up. My father and mother are also scientists, so maybe I'll be a scientist. Or maybe something completely different!

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