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GET OVER (...WITH), a verb, meaning:

  1. TO FINISH. Jose worked fast to get his test over with. (He worked fast to finish his test.)
  2. TO PASS OVER. It was hard to get over the muddy road. (It was difficult travel over the muddy road.)
  3. TO GET WELL FROM; RECOVER FROM. The manager returned to work after he got over his illness.
  4. TO ACCEPT OR FORGET SOMETHING SUCH AS A TRAGIC EVENT OR A SURPRISE. It is hard to get over the death of a family member. (It is difficult to forget one's sorrow when a family member dies.) We could not get over some of our co-workers winning the lottery.(We were surprised for a long time because one of our co-workers had such good luck as to win the lottery.)
  5. TO COMMUNICATE SO AS TO BE UNDERSTOOD. The sales manager got over to her staff that they'd all be fired if sales didn't improve. (The manager made the staff understand her strong feelings in the matter.)

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