Your Face in History

This makes a fun gift for somebody you know, yourself included. See your face on the shoulders of a famous hero, send your old school friends copies of you apparently chatting to some famous filmstar, amaze your family with pictures of you being congratulated by dead presidents (shades of Forrest Gump!).

You need two photos (or reasonable photocopies of them):

1. The famous photo you want changed to include the face of someone you know.

2. The photograph of someone you know -- with the face at approximately the same angle to the camera as one of the people in the other photograph. If you think about this for a moment, you will understand why this is a requirement of our process. We can make a mirror image by flipping a face 180 degrees, but we can't turn a full face into a profile or vice- versa.

Examples of male faces in historical settings

Examples of female faces in historical settings

If you liked the movie "Braveheart"
check out images of WIlliam Wallace and Robert the Bruce.

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