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|A: Patricia Aakhus-Susan Aylworth |B: Lucy Babbitt-Nicole Byrd |C: Isobel Cabot-Julie E. Czerneda |D: Anne Dabney-Marianne Dyson |E: Carol Maxwell Eady-Jean Ross Ewing |F: Doris Faber-Holly Fuhrman |G: Margaret Gaan-Ann Marston Gyoba |H: Anne Ha-Karin Huxman |I: Eva Ibbotson-Ub Iwerks |J: Cherlyn Jac-Julia Justiss |K: Humayan Kabir-Kristen Kyle |L: Harriett La Barre-Tracy Lyons |M: Charlotte Maclay-Cindi Myers |N: Dmitri Nabokov-Grgory G. Nyman |O: Marian Oaks-Cynthia Ozick |P: Alison Pace-Barbara Pym |Q: Salvatore Quasimodo-Gabriel Quyth |R: Lawrewnce Raab-Patricia Ryan |S: Sharon Sala-Susan Freya Swift |T: Susan Taggart-Marilyn Tyner |U: Jennifer Uglow-Alison Uttley |V: Andres Vaccari-Ray Vukcevich |W: Patricia Waddell-Patricia Wynn |X, Y, Z: Joan Xian-Trixie Zurbo Romance Writers of America's Official Definition: "A romance is a book wherein the love story is the main focus of the novel, and the end of the book is emotionally satisfying." For a dictionary of other key romance definitions, see:

Romance Definitions

. To begin finding authors in terms of the romance subgenre of the fiction they write, and the relationship with other types of fiction, see:

Romance Subgenres

. Quick, biased, but fun surveys: what are the top 1,000 Romance Movies? see:

Romance Movies

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