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Authors Beginning "A." Through "Ab"

Patricia Aakhus: * The Voyage of Mael Duin's Curragh [Story Line Press, Oct 1989] ISBN 0-934257-31-0, $12.95, 227 pages, trade paperback, Celtic/Viking historical fantasy; first novel Alysse Aalyn: Historical Romance Novels: * Devlyn Carolyne Aarsen: Carolyne Aarsen's Home Page Novels: * Homecoming [Steeple Hill, April 1998] ISBN: 0-373-87024-8 * Ever Faithful [Steeple Hill, July 1998] ISBN: 0-373-087033-7 * A Bride at Last [Steeple Hill, January 1999] ISBN: 0-373-087051-5 Anne Merton Abbey: Romance Novels: * Christina Abbey: Romance Novels: * Margaret Abbey: Romance Novels: * Ruth Abbey: Romance Novels: * Laura Abbot: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Alice Abbot: Romance Novels: * Jane Worth Abbot: Romance Novels: * Jeanne Abbot: Romance Novels: * Margot Abbot: Romance Novels: * Rose Marie Abbot: Romance Novels: * Sandra Abbot: Romance Novels: * Achmed Abdullah, pseudonym of Achmed Abdullah Nadir Khan el-Durani el-Iddrissyeh (12 May 1881-12 May 1945), born the son of a Grand Duke in Yalta, now in the Ukraine, second cousin to Princess Nurmahal and Czar Nicholas II of Russia, author of "Aliens Souls" and half a dozen other Asian fantasies (and the screenplay for "The Thief of Baghdad"): nothing on the Web? Educated at Eton and Oxford, then the University of Paris; served with the British Army in China, the Near East, India, and France, and only after turned into a professional writer. Prolific storyteller, often for the Munsey magazines, and became famous for not only the screenplay of "The Thief of Baghdad" [H.K. Fly, 1924] but also "Lives of a Bengal Lancer." Autobiography is "The Cat Had Nine Lives" [1933]. * The Thief of Bagdad [Donning/Starblaze, Oct 1987] ISBN 0-89865-523-4, $12.95, 121pp, trade paperback reprint novelization of Douglas Fairbanks films, new P. Craig Russell illustrations. Shana Abe: Member of Romance Writers of America; Shana Abe's Home Page Dorothy Leigh Abel: Romance Novels: * Harriette S. Abels: Romance Novels: * Leigh Abraham: Romance Novels: * Nita Abrams: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Stacy Absalom: Romance Novels: * Diana Abu-Jaber: Romance Novels: * Return to Authors A Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ac"

Linda Acaster: Romance Novels: * Chinua Achebe (1930-): best-known author of Nigeria: * Things Fall Apart [1958] realistic novel with some Ibo tribal mysticism as it affects a white man * No Longer At Ease [1960] sequel to "Things Fall Apart" with protagonist the grandson of the hero; great satire of corrupt Lagos * Arrows of God [1964] uneasy balance between Ibo tradition and "civilization" * A Man of the People [1966] political corruption exposed see: POLITICS * many short stories and poems; I don't which are explicitly Fantasy or Science Fiction See also Amos Tutuola (1920-): Nigerian (Yoruba) fantasy novelist Achemon: he and his brother Basalas always argued; they awoke and insulted Hercules, so he tied them upside-down to his club and carried them away see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Gerrit Achterberg (1905-1962): the greatest 20th Century poet of The NETHERLANDS Reputation established after World War II when hailed by modernist poet/critic Paul Rodenko. His theme, again and again, is a personalized version of the myth of Orpheus, but with Eurydice combining the roles of lover and mother. This gives his poetry a depth of Oedipal suffering, which is only increased by his technical and scientific vocabulary: * various poems [Odyssey, tr. James Brockway, 1961] * Matiere [1952] selected poems in French * Breve Antologia [1968] selected poems translated into Spanish by Franco Carrasquer See: Greek Myths Kathy Acker (1944-30 Nov 1997): literary/SF author best known for short stories which deconstruct genre tropes: * Empire of the Senseless [Picador, May 1988] ISBN 0-330-30192-6 [Grove, Sep 1988] 0-8021-1079-7 An artist/author with 10 novels that grappled with sex and violence, she was best known in the mundane world for the books: * Blood and Guts in High School * Literal Madness * My Mother: Demonology * Pussy, King of the Pirates She also collaborated with Peter Gordon (composer) for the libretto of "Birth of a Poet", which opera was performed in 1985 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Her screenplay "Variety" was filmed in 1985. Based in Greenwich Village, New York, she became well-known as a performance artists, and dazzled audiences in clubs in the US and Great Britain. She supported herself as a stripper, for a time, while self-publishing her books and carrying them to one bookstore after another. Late in her life, she had relocated to San Francisco, and then died of breast cancer in Tijuana, Mexico. Robert Ackworth: Romance Novels: * Roberta Ackworth: Romance Novels: * Acrasia: intemperate enchantress [Spencer's "Faerie Queen, II, xii] who turned her lovers into monsters and kept them in bondage Return to Authors A Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ad"

Cherry Adair: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Cherry Adair's Home Page E-mail Cherry Adair Gilbert Adair: * Alice Through the Needle's Eye [Macmillan, 1984] ISBN 0-333-37361-8 [Picador, 1985] ISBN 0-330-29158-0 [Dutton, 1988] ISBN 0-525-48375-6 sequel to Lewis Carroll's Alice novels * Peter Pan and the Only Children [1987] * The Death of the Author [1992] parody of Vladimir Nabokov * The Postmodernist Always Rings Twice [1992] * A Void [1994] translation which never uses the letter "e" of the novel by Georges Perec, which also never uses the letter "e" Hazel Adair, pseudonym of H. I. Addis Adam and Eve: the original downwardly mobile couple [Genesis, i-v] Nadia Adamant: * Hot Pursuit London: Headline, Nov 1993] ISBN 0-7472-4266-6, 4.99, 311pp, paperback Sex and cryonics Alice Adams: Romance Novels: * Alicia Adams: Romance Novels: * Alina Adams: also authors Mystery/Suspense; Alina Adams' Home Page Anna Adams: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Audra Adams Audra Adams Page Bonnie Adams: Romance Novels: * Candice Adams: Romance Novels: * Daniel Adams: Romance Novels: * Doris Sutcliff Adams: Romance Novels: * Faye Adams: Romance Novels: * Henry Adams (1838-1918): philosopher/historian/novelist, listed here for his provocative identification of the two conflicting forces of modern life as "the Virgin and the Dynamo" -- a concept relevant to understanding the centrality of Science Fiction to the modern condition Jane Adams: Romance Novels: * Jessica Adams: Romance Novels: * Joyce Adams: Romance Novels: * Kasey Adams: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Kat Adams: Romance Novels: * Kelly Adams: Romance Novels: * Kylie Adams: Romance Novels: * Melodie Adams: Romance Novels: * Pepper Adams: Romance Novels: * Tracy Adams: Romance Novels: * Tricia Adams: Romance Novels: * Yvonne Adamson: Romance Novels: * Gwen Addison: Romance Novels: * Jayne Addison: Romance Novels: * Sandra Adelson: Romance Novels: * Aditi: Earth Mother in Hindu Myth, mother/wife/daughter of Vishnu, whose god-like sons were the Adityas (the chief among them being Varuna) see: Hindu Pantheon C. H. Admirand: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Elizabeth Adler: Romance Novels: * Frances Adrian: Romance Novels: * Adonis: good-looking young god, beloved of Aphrodite, son of Myrrha gored by a boar, as best told in the long Fantasy poem "Venus and Adonis" by William Shakespeare, a play astonishing to read in that: (1) Shakespeare started as a Fantasy poet before he became the first full-time professional playwright, in the modern sense; and (2) this poem foreshadows virtually every major theme he developed in his plays. see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Adult Fantasy: means one thing when used as the antonym of "Children's Fantasy" in the sense of Dunsany or Lovecraft, and another when used to mean highly erotic or X-rated. That is: Lovecraft, or the Craft of Love. Return to Authors A Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ae" Through "Ai"

A. E., pseudonym of George William Russell [1867-1935] cofounder with William Butler Yeats of the Dublin Lodge of the Theosophical Society, influence on James Joyce (who inserted him as a character in "Ulysses"), artist, painter, author: * Homeward [1894] story collection * The Mask of Apollo and Other Stories [1904] story collection * The Interpreters [1922] novel * The Avatars: A Futurist Fantasy [1933] * The Living Torch [1937] posthumously published collection of criticism Jacqueline Aeby: Romance Novels: * Lillian Africano: Romance Novels: * Aganippe: (1) mythic fountain in foothills of Mount Helicon (in Boetia) which isnpires poetry and so is dedicated to the Muses (who are thus a.k.a. Aganippedes); (2) the Nymph of that fountain Agdistes: God of the Bower of Bliss [Spenser's "Faerie Queen"] Agdistis: Mother Godess of Phrygia, possibly identical to the fertility goddess Cybele, born a hermaphrodite and made purely female by castration Sabrah Agee: Romance Novels: * Agelasta: When Demeter (Ceres), exhausted from her search for her daughter Persephone, sat down and rested upon a rock, the rock was named "Agelasta" [literally: "Joyless"] see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Mollie Aghadjian: Romance Novels: * Phyllis Carol Agins (1947-): * Suisan [Baen, 1992] ISBN 0-671-72112-7 Snow White & 7 Dwarves reinterpreted Aglalia: one of the 3 Graces [see "Graces"] Aglaonice: Wizardress of Thessaly who was able to mathematically predict eclipses, then blew her reputation by claiming to have the power to bring the Moon down from Heaven Marjorie Agosin, full name Marjorie Stella Agosin Halpern (1955-): editor: * The Secret Weavers: Stories of the Fantastic by Women of Argentina and Chile [White Pine Press, 1991] ISBN 1-877727-15-6 story collection translated from Spanish Rebeca Aguilar: Romance Novels: * Pamela Gray Ahearn: Romance Novels: * Frances Aid: Romance Novels: * Ginny Aiken: Romance Novels: * Joan Aiken, full name Joan Aiken Delano (1924-): daughter of Conrad Aiken, prolific young-adult author: * Black Hearts in Battersea [Cape, 1965; Dell/Yearling, 1987] juvenile alternate worlds fantasy * Bridle the Wind [Cape, 1983; Puffin] fantasy * The Cockatrice Boys [Gollancz, 1966; Tor, 1996] juvenile, England in Chaos as weird monsters invade * Cold Shoulder Road [Cape, 1995; Red Fox] juvenile alternate worlds fantasy, sequel to Black Hearts in Battersea * A Creepy Company * The Cuckoo Tree * Dido and Pa * A Fit of Shivers * Fog Hound, Wind Cats, Sea Mice * A Foot in the Grave * Give Yourself a Fright * A Goose on Your Grave * The Haunting of Lamb House * Is * Is Underground * The Kingdom Under the Sea * The Last Slice of Rainbow and Other Stories * Midnight is a Place * The Moon's Revenge * Night Birds on Nantucket * The Shadow Guests * A Small Pinch of Weather * The Stolen Lake * Tale of a One-Way Street * The Teeth of the Gale * A Touch of Chill * Up the Chimney Down and Other Stories * A Whisper in the Night * The Whispering Mountain * The Winter Sleepwalker and Other Stories * The Wolves of Willoughby Chase John [Kempton] Aiken (1913-1990) son of Conrad Aiken Novel: * World Well Lost (New York: Doubleday, 1971) Jim Aikin, full name James Douglas Aikin (1948-): * Walk the Moon's Road [Ballentine/Del Rey, 1985] ISBN 0-345-32169-3 first novel with interesting aliens * The Wall at the Edge of the World [Ace, 1993] ISBN 0-441-87140-2 telepathy and utopia Angelica Aimes: Romance Novels: * Alix Ainsley: Romance Novels: * Catherine Airlie: Romance Novels: * Judie Aitken: Judie Aitken's Home Page E-mail Judie Aitken Kate Aitken: Romance Novels: * Rosemary Aitken: Romance Novels: * Return to Authors A Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Aj"

Michal Ajvaz (1949): Czech author (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy" by John Clute & John Grant, 1997, p.14) Return to Authors A Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ak"

Ryunosuke Akutagawa (1892-1927) Japanese author and translator, best known for intricate ghost story "Rashomon" (1915) later filmed by Kurosawa (1951) {hot link to be done} Return to Authors A Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Al"

Jane Alan: Romance Novels: * Kathy Alba: Romance Novels: * Albany, a.k.a. Albainn, a.k.a. Albin: (1) the North of
SCOTLAND, called by the Romans "Caledonia" and peopled by Picts; (2) northern Britain in Spenser's "Faerie Queen"; (3) The Duke of York's home as converted in 1803 to bachelors' apartments, where lived variously Byron, Lord Lytton, and Macaulay. Elaine Alberro: Romance Novels: * Michelle Albert: Romance Novels: * Nan Bowman Albinski: * Women's Utopias in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Fiction [Routledge, 1988] see: UTOPIA Martha Albrand: Romance Novels: * Dawn Albright, editor: * Vision Quests [Allston MA: Angelus Press, Dec 1995] ISBN 0-9648653-1-9, Order from Angelus Press: 7 St. Luke's Road Allston MA 02134 phone: 617-783-0199 co-editor Sandra J. Hutchinson 2 original stories, 5 reprints, and one poem about shamanism * New Altars [co-editor Sandra J. Hutchinson] [Angelus Press, Feb 1997] ISBN 0-9648653-6-X, $14.95, 231pp, trade paperback original anthology of 19 Science Fiction and Fantasy stories plus 2 poems about spirituality and religion. (4 stories + one poem are reprints) Authors include Nancy Etchemendy, Tom Piccirilli, Darrell Schweitzer, Mary Turzillo; plus Katherine Kurtz introduction see: THEOLOGY: Science Fiction or Fantasy about Religion Elizabeth Albright: Romance Novels: * Kathleen J. Alcala: * Mrs. Vargas and the Dead Naturalist [Calyx Books, May 1992] 14 stories, fantasy and magical realism Vivian Alcock: * Ghostly Companions [Methuen, 1984] juvenile horror/fantasy collection * The Haunting of Cassie Palmer [Methuen, 1980; Mammoth, 1994] juvenile * The Monster Garden [Methuen, 1988; Delacorte] juvenile * Singer to the Sea God [Methuen, 1981; Delacorte] juvenile * The Stonewalkers [Methuen, 1981; Mammoth, 1991] juvenile * Timewreck [Mammoth, 1996] juvenile, time travel and alternate worlds Cynthia Alcott: Romance Novels: * Julia Alcott: Romance Novels: * Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) famous mainstream/Romance author who also wrote Fantasy: * Louisa May Alcott's Fairy Tales and Fantasy Stories [University of Tennessee Press, 1992] ISBN 0-87049-752-9 39 stories edited and introduced by Daniel Shealy Order from: University of Tennessee Press 293 Communications Bldg. Knoxville TN 37996 * A Whisper in the Dark [Barnes & Noble, June 1996] 12 gothic stories Alcina: (1) a.k.a. Circe in mythology; (2) a.k.a. Labe in Arabian myth; (3) the personification of carnality in Ariosto's "Orlando Furioso" [1516]; (4) The opera by Handel [1735] Alcmena: Daughter of Electryon (King of Mycenae), Wife of Amphitryon, and mother (thanks to Zeus) of Hercules; the myth is that Zeus came to Alcmena's bed disguised as Amphitryon, but magically made the night 3 times its normal length see: Greek/Roman Pantheon see: Time Travel Alecto: "she who rests not", one of the three Erinyes [Greek] or Furies [Latin] see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Dion Alden: Romance Novels: * Elizabeth Alden: Romance Novels: * Sue Alden: Romance Novels: * Therese Alderton: Romance Novels: * Victoria Aldridge: Romance Novels: * Kathy Alerding: Romance Novels: * Rochelle Alers: Romance Novels: * Bea Alexander: Romance Novels: * Carly Alexander: Romance Novels: * Carrie Alexander: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Donna Alexander: Romance Novels: * Hannah Alexander: also writes Mystery/Suspense Romance Novels: * Jan Alexander: Romance Novels: * Jean Alexander: Romance Novels: * Karen Alexander: Romance Novels: * Kate Alexander: Romance Novels: * Kathryn Alexander: Romance Novels: * Lindsday Alexander: Lindsday Alexander's Home Page Lois Carnell Alexander: Romance Novels: * Marsha Alexander: Romance Novels: * Meg Alexander: Romance Novels: * Megan Alexander: Romance Novels: * Serena Alexander: Romance Novels: * Susan Alexander: Romance Novels: * Thelma Alexander: Romance Novels: * [above =< 2 of 7 DB] Trisha Alexander: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Victoria Alexander: Victoria Alexander's Home Page Alice in Wonderland: see Lewis Carroll Sheila Rosalynd Allen: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books: * The Helpful Ghost [Walker, July 1990] ISBN 0-8027-1118-9, $19.95, 224pp, hardcover Regency romance novel/ghost story, 3rd of "Lovers of Steadford Abbey" series, featuring Sir Harry's meddlesome spirit [Diamond, Jun 1993] ISBN 1-55773-908-0, $3.99, 203pp, paperback * The Meddlesome Ghost [Walker, Sep 1989] ISBN 0-8027-1083-2, $18.95, 224pp, hardcover Regency romance novel/ghost story, 2nd of "Lovers of Steadford Abbey" series, featuring Sir Harry's meddlesome spirit who must do penance for an evil life by helping mortal lovers. [Diamond, Feb 1993] ISBN 1-55773-858-0, $3.99, 204pp, paperback * The Passionate Ghost [Walker, May 1991] ISBN 0-8027-1158-8, $19.95, 200pp, hardcover Regency romance novel/ghost story, 4th of "Lovers of Steadford Abbey" series, featuring Sir Harry's meddlesome spirit [Jove, Aug 1993] ISBN 0-515-11165-1, $3.99, 200pp, paperback. * The Reluctant Ghost [Walker, 1989; Diamond, Oct 1992] ISBN 1-55773-803-3, $3.99, 193pp, paperback Regency romance novel/ghost story, 1st of "Lovers of Steadford Abbey" series, featuring Sir Harry's meddlesome spirit Isabel Allende (1942-) Niece of Chile's President Salvador Allende (1908-1973), born in Peru, lived in Chile, Venezuela, now resident in USA. Magical Realist and postmodernist author: * The House of the Spirits [USA: 1985] translation of La Casa de los espiritus [Spain: 1982] * Eva Luna [1987; USA tr. 1988] * Flying Saucers from Mars (London: F. Muller, 1954) Margery [Louise] Allingham (1904-1966): award-winning British Mystery author who wrote at least one SF novel on telepathy "The Mind Readers." The father of this Web Page author (Samuel H. Post, see below) published some of her work in American paperback editions: nothing on the Web? Help me out, fans from England! The following paperback edition was edited and published by my father, Samuel H. Post, for MacFadden-Bartell Corporation, New York: Margery Allingham, "The Mind Readers", (75-175, 1967) Susan Allison: distinguished Science Fiction editor; Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books Edited: * The Fantasy Sampler [Berkley/Ace, Oct 1985] no ISBN, free to members of 1985 World Fantasy Convention, unpaginated, galley excerpts from then-forthcoming Fantasy books from Ace and Berkley Kathy Allred: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Alma: [Italian: soul]: personifies the soul in Spenser's "Faerie Queene" [II, ix-xi] Alpheus and Arethusa: Alpheus was a river god who fell for the nymph Arethusa, who fled to the island of Ortygia, where Artemis transformed her to a fountain, and Alpheus flowed underground to join her, which shows that the ancient Greeks knew about underground rivers, aquifers, and the Young Adult Fantasy: lad befriends deceased Civil War soldier Rosalyn Alsobrook: Member of Romance Writers of America; Rosalyn Alsobrook's Home Page * Time Storm [Zebra/Pinnacle, July 1993] ISBN 1-55817-728-0, $4.99, 475pp, paperback Romance/Time-Travel Liv Margareth Alver, author in Norway, nothing on the web? Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Liv Margareth Alver e-mail Liv Margareth Alver old, invalid? Emily Alward, new Active Member of SFWA as of October 1996, no known home page Short Fiction: * "Summer Fair" * "Renunciates of Darkover" (DAW Books) * "Like a Moth to the Flame" in "Towers of Darkover" (DAW) * "Nicolodeon" in "Herotica 3" (Plume/Penguin) Books Edited: * The Magic Within [co-editors Diane Holmes and Alicia Rasley] [WorldEdge Press, Aug 1994] ISBN 0-9641438-9-5, $9.95, 201pp, trade paperback anthology of 24 stories, all original, about women with magic and power, mostly by small-press authors see: FEMINIST Order from WorldEdge Press 2138 E. Broad Ripple Ave #143 Indianapolis IN 46220-2312 e-mail Emily Alward Alzire: Voltaire invented this character as the daughter of Montezuma, in his play "Alzire" (1736) which for some reason was set in Peru rather than correctly in Mexico Return to Authors A Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Am"

Nadine Amadio: Locus/Contento lists: * The New Adventures of Alice in Rainforest Land [Watermark Press/P.I.C., 1989] ISBN 0-9587845-3-1, $10.95, 62pp, hardcover Children's Fantasy about Lewis Carrol's Alice and White Rabbit in AUSTRALIA Jorge Amado (1912-): Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books: * Tent of Miracles [Knopf, 1971; Avon, Aug 1988] ISBN 0-380-75472-X, $9.95, 401pp, trade paperback South American magical realist novel, translated by Barbara Shelby * The Two Deaths of Quincas Wateryell [Knopf, 1965; Avon, Dec 1988] ISBN 0-380-75476-2, $5.95, 97pp, trade paperback South American magical realist novella, translated from Portuguese by Barbara Shelby. * The War of the Saints [Bantam, Dec 1993] ISBN 0-553-09537-4, $22.95, 357pp, hardcover, Magical realist/Fantasy, statue comes to life (Pygmalion style) to save a girl [Serpent's Tail, May 1994] ISBN 1-85242-372-2, 9.99, 357pp, trade paperback [Bantam, Mar 1995] ISBN 0-553-37440-0, $10.95, 357pp, trade paperback, translation by Gregory Rabassa Amalthea: (1) Greek Myth: Daughter of Melisseus (King of Crete), Nymph, nurse (or she-goat) who suckled Zeus, and who possessed the magical Horn of Amathea, a.k.a the Cornucopia; (2) Roman Myth: Sybil of Cumae; see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Susan Amarillas: Susan Amarillas's Home Page Amazons: [Greek: "without breasts]: Moon-worshipping Warrior Women in Greek Mythology. See: FEMINIST: science fiction and fantasy of, by, or for women Amber: (1) the translucent yellow fossil vegetable resin; which (2) in "Jurassic Park" is a source of preserved insects which have bitten dinosaurs, from which DNA is extracted to re-create living dinosaurs in a technique first proposed by Charles Pellegrino; (3) and in Greek Myth [Ovid's "Metamorphoses", viii, 170] were made from the ever-flowing tears of Meleager's sisters, ever-weeping for their brother Rebecca Ambrose: Rebecca Ambrose's Home Page American Gothic: term associated with certain writers of the American South, especially William Faulkner, Truman Capote, Joyce Carol Oates, Manly Wade Wellman and their ilk, see entries on each such writer Joye Ames: Member of Romance Writers of America; Joye Ames's Home Page Jore Ames/Elyssa Henry Romance Novels: * A Family for the Sheriff [by Elyssa Henry] [Silhouette, February 1999] ISBN: 0-373-19353-X * If Not for You [by Joye Ames] [Avalon Books, April 1999] ISBN: 0-803-49343-6 * A Time for Love [by Joye Ames] [Avalon Books, June 1999] ISBN: 0-803-49353-3 * Only You [by Joye Ames] [Avalon Books, October 1999] ISBN: 0-8034-9372-X * Flowers in the Night [by Joyce and Jim Lavene] [Awe-Struck E-Books, November 1999] ISBN 1-928670-45-8 E-mail Joye Ames Mildred Ames (1919-) SF/Fantasy author Mildred Ames @ AlphaRalpha * The Silver Link, The Silken Tie [1984] Young Adult * Conjuring Summer In [1986] * Anna to the Infinite Power [Scribner's, 1981; Scholastic/Point, 1985; Scholastic/Point, 1986] ISBN 0-590-33732-7, $2.25, 202pp, paperback Young Adult Science Fiction about a girl who's been genetically engineered see: CLONES and GENETIC ENGINEERING Amethia: one of the horses of Helios, who pull the Sun chariot see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Diane Amos: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Robyn Amos: Member of Romance Writers of America; Robyn Amos's Home Page Berthe Amoss: Young Adult fantasist; Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books: * Lost Magic [Hyperion, Sep 1993] ISBN 1-56282-573-9, $14.95, 184pp, hardcover girl required to rescue her lord's daughter from evil fairie kidnappers [Hyperion, May 1995] ISBN 0-7868-1034-3, $4.50, 184pp, trade paperback Amphitrite: Sea-Goddess, Wife of Poseidon. daughter of Nereus and Doris; see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Amphitryon: son of Alcaeus, husband of Alcmena (who was mother, by Zeus, to Hercules; see Alcmena); see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Amphrysian Prophetess: Cumaean Sibyl, named after the Thessalian river Amphrysus, on whose banks Apollo grazed Admetus' herds see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Lillie Ammann: Lillie Ammann's Home Page E-mail Lillie Ammann Return to Authors A Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "An"

Anahita: a specific Goddess Agnetha Anders: erotic science fiction author; see SEX * Pleasurehouse 13 [Nexus, Dec 1991] ISBN 0-352-32805-3, 3.99, 249pp, paperback Erotica set in a caste-system Great Britain of 2030; sophisticated attempt to combine hard-core, humor, and genuine dystopian political Science Fiction * The Last Days of the Pleasurehouse [Nexus, Apr 1992] ISBN 0-352-32818-5, 4.50, 241pp, paperback sequel to "Pleasurehouse 13" set in 2031 Karen Anders: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875): major fantasy author of Denmark, who evolved the Fairy Tale as an original form beyond the bounds of the oral Folk Tale of the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, and Madame D'Aulnoy. Hans Christian Andersen wrote at least 156 fairy tales, which went into at least 400 translations and editions in English notably including: * Hans Andersen Library [London: 1869-1887] 20 volumes, first complete edition outside Denmark * Fairy Tales and Legends [UK: 1897] illustrated by W. Heath Robinson * Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales [US: 1910] illustrated by Frank C. Pape * Stories from Hams Andersen [UK: 1911] illustrated by Edmund Dulac * Fairy Tales [UK: 1913] illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell * Fairy Tales [UK: 1932] illustrated by Arthur Rackham * Andersen's Fairy Tales [NAL/Signet, 1966; NAL/Signet Classic, June 1987] ISBN 0-451-52107-2, $3.95, 381pp, paperback selection from "The Snow Queen and Other Tales" selected, translated, plus afterword by Pat Shaw Iverson, plus Sheila Greenwald Illustrations * The Complete Fairy Tales and Stories [Anchor, 1974; Doubleday Anchor, Apr 1990] ISBN 0-385-18951-6, $14.95, 1101pp, trade paperback,E. S. Hardy cover art, collection of Fantasy stories and Fairy Tales, translated from Danish by Erik Haugaard, plus Virginia Haviland foreword, 11th printing Susan Andersen: Member of Romance Writers of America; Susan Andersen's Home Page Beth Anderson: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Blaine Anderson: Locus/Contento lists: * Heartspell [Warner, Jan 1992] ISBN 0-446-36199-2, $4.99, 339pp, paperback, Romance/Fantasy, healer/spell-giver loves enemy warrior in ancient Ireland Catherine Anderson: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Charles M. Anderson, edited anthology "Famous Utopias" (New York: Tudor), 1901, nothing on the Web? Gabriella Anderson: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Garthia Anderson: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Janet S. Anderson: Young Adult fantasist; Locus/Contento lists: Books: * Going Through the Gate [Penguin/Dutton, Oct 1997] ISBN 0-525-45836-0, $15.99, 134pp, hardcover Young Adult Fantasy, rite-of-passge at end of 6th grade involves magic, animals, 25-year-old mystery, and puts a whole new spin on elementary school... Karen Anderson, full name June Millichamp "Karen" Kruse Anderson (1932-): Karen [Kruse] Anderson: Index to at least 13 publications Lifetime Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America; married to: Poul Anderson (see below) Books Co-authored with Poul Anderson: * Dahut * The Dog and the Wolf * Gallicenae * The King of Ys * The King of Ys 2: Gallicenae * The King of Ys: Dahut * The Unicorn Trade Books Co-Edited w: Margaret J. Anderson, full name Margaret Jean Anderson (1931-) young adult author: * To Nowhere and Back [1975] time travel * The "Time" trilogy: * In the Keep of Time [1977] * In the Circle of Time [1979] * The Mists of Time [1984] * The Druid's Gift [1989] time travel * The Ghost Inside the Monitor [1990] computer fantasy Mary Anderson (1872-1964): Locus/Contento lists: * The "Mostly Ghosts" Juvenile Horror series of paperback novels: * The Leipzig Vampire [Dell/Yearling, Oct 1987] ISBN 0-440-44719-4, $2.50, 122pp, #2 of "Mostly Ghosts" series * Terror Under the Tent [Dell/Yearling, Nov 1987] ISBN 0-440-48633-5, $2.50, 123pp, #3 of "Mostly Ghosts" * The Three Spirits of Vandermeer Manor [Dell Yearling, Dec 1987] ISBN 0-440-48810-9, Rebecca Anderson: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Catherine Andorka: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Johann Valentin Andreae (1856-1654), author of the utopian novel "Christianopolis" (1619) as well as the lesser-known "The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz" [1616] alchemy fantasy [see "Alchemy"] Julie Tetel Andresen: Romance Novels: * The Blue Hour [Madiera Books, October 1998] ISBN: 0-965449912 E-mail Julie Tetel Andresen V. C. Andrews (real person, deceased, now trademarked and continued by Andrew Neiderman): V. C. Andrews Unofficial home page Jennifers V. C. Andrews page Jessica's V. C. Andrews page Jillian's V. C. Andrews pag Reference: * The V.C. Andrews Trivia and Quiz Book [see Stephen J. Spignesi] Virginia C. Andrews, full name Virginia Cleo Andrews (1933? or 1936?-1986): p[ainter and supernatural thriller novelist (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy" by John Clute & John Grant, 1997, p.29): * The "Dollanger Children" series: * Flowers in the Attic [1979] * Petals on the Wind [1980] * If There Be Thorns [1981] * Seeds of Yesterday [1984] * Garden of Shadows [1987] completed by Andrew Neiderman Pierre Andrezel, pseudonym of Karen Blixen Andromeda: (1) Daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, whose Mom hubristically boasted was more beautiful than the Nereids, hence the jealous Nereids had Neptune induce her (through Ammon, oracle of Jupiter) to be chained to a sea-rock and attacked by a sea-monster, yet was saved at the last moment by Perseus, who married her (she was pretty good looking and more than grateful), and slew her uncle Phineus whom she would otherwise be obligated to wed; after she died, she was elevated to among the stars; (2) a giant spiral galaxy, the closest such to our Milky Way, roughly 1 1/4 million light years away Patricia Angadi: Locus/Contento lists: * The Highly Flavoured Ladies [Gollancz, July 1987] ISBN 0-575-04001-7, 10.95, 219pp, hardcover Fantasy-tinged Historical novel [Black Swan, Nov 1989] ISBN 0-552-99322-0, 3.99, 269pp, trade paperback Judie Angell: juvenile fantasist; Locus/Contento lists: * The Weird Disappearance of Jordan Hall [Franklin Watts Orchard, Sep 1987] ISBN 0-531-05727-5, $11.95, 121pp, hardcover Magic grants a lad invisibility Anima: Carl Jung said that the Anima was the female archetype within the male collective consciousness. The reverse was the "animus", which Carl Jung said was the male archetype within the female collective consciousness. Anima Mundi: [Latin: the soul of the World]: (1) the source of Life to ancient philosphers; (2) the animating principle of matter, to Plato, lesser than pure spirit; (3) the entire vital force of the cosmos, to Stoics; (4) an immortal vital principle in living organisms, to G. E. Stahl (1660-1734), vitalist; (5) some fuzzy metaphoric version of some of the above in the poetry of Yeats Anon, full name Anonymous: the most prolific author of all time, unfortunately uneven in quality and style Annuals: 17th, 18th, and 19th Century predecessors to Magazines as a primary medium for distributing printed illustrations, poetry, and fiction; typically printed for sale in the Christmas season. Anonymous, perhaps the most prolific author in history, but wildly uneven in quality..... Anthology: [Greek: a garland of flowers]: literary term for a collection of stories or poems by different authors; in this Web domain we use the alternative "Collection" to mean several stories by the same author within one book. Barbara Anthony (1932-) short fiction author; see pseudonym Antonia Barber C. L. Anthony, pseudonym of Dorothy Gladys Smith Patricia Anthony: Dallas-resident, taught English in BRAZIL, Southern Methodist University instructor: * Cradle of Splendor [Ace, Apr 1996] ISBN 0-441-00301-X, $22.95, 310pp, hardcover Science Fiction: the first major space launch by BRAZIL uncovers ambiguous weirdness: aliens, sorcery, science, or what? * Happy Policeman [Harcourt Brace, Sep 1994] ISBN 0-15-138478-9, $21.95, 282pp, hardcover Mystery/Science Fiction: Texas small-town police chief must deal with murder while the town is isolated by aliens (short-listed for Arthur C. Clarke Award) * Brother Termite [Harcourt Brace, Oct 1993] ISBN 0-15-114422-2, $21.95, 250pp, hardcover Science Fiction, extraterrestrials control the White House but begin to "go native" (noted by The New York Times, optioned for film by James Cameron with John Sayles to write screenplay) * Conscience of the Beagle [First Books, Nov 1993] ISBN 1-880448-31-9, $40.00, 201pp, hardcover 400-copy signed numbered leatherbound limited edition Science Fiction: policeman from Earth hunts extraterrestrial terrorists on an alien world; order from: First Books P.O. Box 2449 Woburn MA 01888-0849 * Cold Allies [Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, May 1993] ISBN 0-15-118503-4, $21.95, 276pp, hardcover, pulling back from the brink of terrestrial war when extraterrestrials complicate the scene [your humble webmaster's favorite of her novels] winner, 1993 Locus Award for Best First Novel * Eating Memories [First Books/Old Earth Books, Aug 1997] ISBN 1-882968-17-4, $15.00, 334pp, trade paperback story collection, 28 stories (3 new), each introduced by author; plus Charles C. Ryan book introduction; first distributed at Disclave 1997; order from: First Books P.O. Box 2449 Woburn MA 01888-0849 * God's Fires [Ace, Apr 1997] ISBN 0-441-00407-5, $22.95, 371pp, hardcover historical Science Fiction: extraterrestrials in Portugal during the Inquisition raise theological and geopolitical questions Patricia Anthony author's page Mark/Space bio of Patricia Anthony Kim Antieau (1955-): Kim Antieau @ AlphaRalpha * Blossoms [Pulphouse, Jan 1991] ISBN 1-56146-505-4, $1.95, 38pp, paperback, George Barr cover, Science Fiction short story about free-fall dancer with fatal radiation sickness aboard space station Short Story Paperback #5. * The Gaia Websters [Penguin/Roc, June 1997] ISBN 0-451-45511-8, $12.95, 230pp, trade paperback, after World War III, a lady with weird healing abilities has horrifying dreams * The Jigsaw Woman [Penguin/Roc, Mar 1996] ISBN 0-451-45509-6, $10.95, 234pp, trade paperback Fantasy about artificial woman who wants real life, so is assisted by a goddess [as "Jigsaw Woman", Penguin/Roc, June 1997] ISBN 0-451-45606-8, $5.99, 340pp, paperback * Trudging to Eden [Silver Salamander Press, Dec 1994] ISBN 0-940841-66-5, $30.00, 238pp, hardcover story collection, 12 stories (6 original) plus Charles de Lint introduction; order from: Blue Moon Books 360 West First Eugene OR 97401 credit card orders 800-738-2660 Antihero: modern fiction has replaced the Hero with the more severely flawed characters with whom we supposedly can more easily identify {to be done} Carrie Antilla: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Shari Anton: Member of Romance Writers of America; Shari Anton's Home Page Return to Authors A Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ao"

Aonian: relating to the 9 Muses, who hung out on Mount Helicon and at the Fountain of the Muses, both in Aonia, a sector of Boeotia; "the Aonian mount" [John Milton, "Paradise Lost", I, 15] see: EUTERPE OPERA COMPANY (which has a link to pages for all 9 Muses) Return to Authors A Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ap"

Aphrodite: [Greek: "foam"] the Greek equivalent of the Roman "Venus", daughter of Zeus and Dione [in Homer], who sprang from the sea-foam, standing on a giant scallop shell, thus giving rise to Kurt Vonnegut's imaginary novel "Venus on the Half Shell" by his imaginary author Kilgore Trout see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Apocrypha: [Greek: apokrupto = "to hide away"]: although technically the term for false, doubtful, spurious editions withheld from circulation, Jerome (5th Century) incorrectly applied the term to the non-canonical books of the Old Testament (i.e. the Septuagint and the Vulgate) which were not included in the Protestant editions of the Bible; the 1539 Bible said that was "because they were wont to be read not openly" -- which is absurd; the Authorized Version of 1611 did include the Apocrypha; which consist of: * I Esdras, II Esdras * Tobit * Judith * additional verses of Esther * the Wisdom of Solomon * Ecclesiastes * Baruch * some of the Epistle of Jeremiah * the Song of the Three Holy Children * the History of Susanna * Bel and the Dragon [of special interest to Fantasy readers] * the Prayer of Manasses * I Maccabees, II Maccabees There are also New Testament Apocryphal Gospels, including: * Acts and Teachings of the Apostles * Epistles * Apocalypses * the Acts of Pilate * Protavengelium * Pseudoepigraphia Jennifer Apodaca: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Appiades: (1) 5 equestrian gods and godesses enshrined in a temple close by the Appian Aquaduct in Rome: Venus, Pallas, Vesta, Concord, and Peace; (2) Courtesans of the vicinity Apple: (1) see "Apple of Discord"; (2) see "Atalanta's Race"; (3) see "Hesperides"; (4) see Adam and Eve [although the Bible doesn't mention an Apple as such, saying instead that Evev took "the fruit of the treee which is in the midst of the garden", Genesis, iii, 3]; (5) see William Tell; (6) see "Prince Ahmed"; (7) see "Avalon" = the Isle of Apples; (8) see "Isaac Newton"; (9) see "Sleeping Beauty"; (10) see "Apples of Iduna"; (11) see "Apples of Istakhar"; (12) see "Apples of Pyban"; (13) see "Apples of Sodom"; (14) a mythical computer company which, like Prometheus, brought computational fire to the people, and then was brought almost unto death in battle with the monster IBM. Apple of Discord: When Thetis and Peleus were to marry, Eris (Discord) was annoyed at not being on the guest list, so she threw upon the banquet table an apple "for the most beautiful" which started a catfight between Hera (Juno), Pallas Athene (Minerva), and Aphrodite (Venus); the judge of the dispute was Paris, who awarded the fruit to Aphrodite, thus angering Hera and Pallas, who kicked off the entire Trojan War to punish Paris; he should have just said "the bride is the most beautiful here, today, sorry goddesses..." Apples of Iduna: Iduna was daughter of Svald, a Dwarf, and wife of Bragi; she guarded the Golden Apples that kept the gods forever young, a nibble at a time now and then; then Loki lured her from Asgard, the gods began to age, but when she returned with the apples, the gods youthified and Spring came after long absence see: Scandanavian Pantheon see IMMORTALITY Those who live forever, or try to Apples of Istakhar: "all sweetness on one side, and all bitterness on the other" Apples of Pyban: Sir John Mandeville says that pymies were nourished by their fragrance alone Apples of Sodom: "which bear lovely fruit, but within are full of ashes" written about by Tacitus, Strabo, Josephus, and Lord Byron ["Childe Harold, III, 34] Return to Authors A Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Aq"

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Authors Beginning "Ar"

Arachne: her bad idea was to challenge Athena to a weaving contest, her work was destroyed, she hung herself, the goddess turned her into a spider; ever since it has been terribly competitive on the World Wide Web Risa Aratyr: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America * Hunter of the Light [HarperPrism, Apr 1995] ISBN 0-06-105457-7, $5.99, 627pp, paperback Celtic Fantasy: to stop magic from vanishing from the Earth, a bard stalks a magic elk; plus 4 appendices, plus 17 pages of Gaelic glossary/pronounciation guides e-mail Risa Aratyr Rosemarie Arbur (1944-): critic/bibliographer: Locus/Contento lists: * Marion Zimmer Bradley [Starmont, Dec 1985] ISBN 0-916732-95-9, $8.95, 138pp, paperback nonfiction/critical analysis, plus annotated primary bibliography, plus annotated secondary bibliography Arcas: see Calisto (NOT Callisto, who was someone else) Jane Archer: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Jennifer Archer: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Archetype: see Plato and Carl Jung Forest of Arden: (1) actual region of North Warwickshire; (2) setting of Shakespeare's "As You Like It"; (3) "Arden of Feversham" play [1592] perhaps by Thomas Kyd, once falsely attributed to Shakespeare; (4) "Arden of Feversham" play [1739] by George Lillo completed posthumously by Dr. John Hoadly [first staged 1759] Ann Arensberg: Locus/Contento lists: * Sister Wolf [Knopf, 1980; S&S Washington Square Press, Sep 1987] ISBN 0-671-64507-2, $5.75, 191pp, trade paperback Fantasy-tinged mainstream novel Ariadne: daughter of Minos (King of Crete), who helped Theseus escape the Labyrinth; see: "Labyrinth" see: Greek/Roman Myth Ariel: (1) an Angel, literally "Lion of God" in Hebrew; (2) an Angel in "Paradise Lost" by John Milton [VI, 371]; (3) Jerusalem [Isaiah, xxxix, 1-7]; (4) the spirit in "The Tempest" by William Shakespeare; (5) the Sylph guarding Belinda in Pope's "Rape of the Lock" [1712]; (6) a Moon of Uranus, named after Shakespeare's character, first encountered by the Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1986 after Your Humble Webmaster worked as Mission Planning Engineer for the Voyager flyby of Uranus... Aristophanes (circa 445 BC-circa 385 BC): Aristophanes' comedies are bristling with utopian and fantastic elements. In "The Birds", people exhausted by wars join with birds in constructing "cloudcuckooland" in between Earth and Heaven. In "The Frogs", he takes us on a tour of Hell. In "Peace", Trygaeus rides a giant beetle to Heaven to seek the help of Zeus, and in "Lysistrata" women end war by withholding sexual favors until peace is achieved (i.e. an early feminist utopia). Other Works include: * The Archarnians [425 BC] * The Knights [424 BC] * The Clouds [423 BC] * The Wasps [422 BC] * Thesmophoriazusae [411 BC] * Lysistrata [411 BC] * Ecclesiazusae [393 BC] Armida: subject of over a dozen operas, all descended from the sorceress in Torquato Tasso's "Jerusalem Delivered" [1581] Eleanor Arnason, full name Eleanor Atwood Arnason (1942-): best known for anthrolopological science fiction with strong female characters; Active Member Science Fiction Writers of America; National Writers Union (still?) Eleanor Arnason @ AlphaRalpha Eleanor Arnason * "A Clear Day in the Motor City" [New Worlds Quarterly #6, 1973] * The Sword Smith [1978] * The Resurrection Station [1986] * Daughter of the Bear King [1987] * Ring of Swords [1993] Judith Arnold: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Sir Artegal, a.k.a. Sir Arthegal: hero of Book V of Spenser's "Faerie Queene", lover of Britomart, who saw him in a magic mirror; see Spenser Artemis: see Diana Ruth M. Arthur, pseudonym of Ruth Mable Arthur Higgins (1905-1979): British children's author: * Mother Goose Stories [1938] * The Whistling Boy [1969] * The Saracen lamp [1970] * The Autumn People [1973] ghosts * An Old Magic [1977] * Miss Ghost [1979] * the "Brownie" novels: * The Crooked Brownie [1936] * The Crooked Brownie in Town [1942] * The Crooked Brownie at the Seaside [1942] * the Time Travel young adult Romance novels: * Dragon Summer [1962] * On the Wasteland [1975] Vikings Return to Authors A Table of Contents

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Catherine Asaro: Member of Romance Writers of America; also known for Science Fiction Catherine Asaro home page @ e-mail Catherine Asaro prefer to receive email here e-mail Catherine Asaro work address e-mail Catherine Asaro old address? novels are: * Primary Inversion [New York: Tor, hardcover March 1995, paperback May 1996] * Catch the Lightning [New York: Tor, hardcover Dec 1996, paperback Oct 1997] * The Last Hawk [New York: Tor, hardcover due out in Nov 1997] Constance Ash: full name Constance Lee Ash (1950-) nothing on the web? Active Member Science Fiction Writers of America; e-mail Constance Ash * The "Glennys the Stallion Queen" series: * The Horsegirl [1988] * The Stalking Horse [1990] * The Stallion Queen [1992] Ellen Asher, Science Fiction Book Club, nothing on the web? Associate Member Science Fiction Writers of America; e-mail Ellen Asher Amanda Ashley: Member of Romance Writers of America; Amanda Ashley's Home Page Jennifer Ashley: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Ashtaroth, a.k.a. Ashtoreth: fertility goddess to Canaanites and Phoenicians, called Ishtar by Babylonians, and Astarte by Greeks; see Bible: [I Samuel xxi, 10; I Kings xi, 5; II Kings xxiii, 13; Jeremiah, vii, 18, xliv, 17, 25], see John Milton's "Hymn on the Nativity" see: miscellaneous other mythologies Elizabeth Ashtree: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Adele Ashworth: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Lady Cynthia Asquith, pseudonym of Cynthia Mary Evelyn Charteris (1887-1960): private secretary to J. M. Barrie, significant anthologist. Anthologies Edited: * The Ghost Book [1926] major serious modern literary collection * Shudders [1929] anthology * When Churchyards Yawn [1931] anthology * The Black Cap [1927] anthology of murder fiction * A Century of Creepy Stories [1934] omnibus anthology * The Second Ghost Book [1952; USA: 1953 as "A Book of Modern Ghosts"] * The Third Ghost Book [1955] anthology Children's Story Anthologies Edited: * The Flying Carpet [1925] * The Teasure Ship [1926] * Sails of Gold [1927] * The Treasure Cave [1928] * The Funny Bone [1928] * The Children's Cargo [1930] * The Silver Ship [1950] Astarte: (1) a Goddess; see "Ashtaroth"; (2) lady whom Manfred loved in Byron's play "Manfred" Astraea: Goddess of Innocence and Justice, who left Earth after the Golden Age [see "Age"] and was transformed into the Constellation Virgo see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Miguel Angel Asturias (1899-1974) Guatamala-born major novelist in Spain, with one genre book translated into English: * "Mulata", a.k.a. "The Mulata and Mr.Fly" (New York: Delacorte, 1967) the power of indigenous magic in a modern couple He won the 1967 Nobel Prize in Literature, was in exile for many years, but became the Guatemalan ambassador to France. Because he studied Anthropology in Paris, he is also listed here for: * Popul Vuh [1927] Spanish translation of the Mayan sacred book, originally written in the Quiche' language see: MAYAN THEOLOGY Asynja: Goddesses of Asgard, female co-equals with the Aesir; see: "Asgard: see: "Aesir" see: Scandanavian Pantheon Return to Authors A Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "At"

Atalanta's Race: Atalanta was daughter of Iasus or maybe Schoenus, who hunted the Calydonian Boar, and refused to marry anyone who could not beat her in a footrace; Milanion (or maybe Hippomedes) beat her by distracting her to pick up three dropped apples which Aphrodite had given him for the purpose; the wed, and kept a fruitbowl in their bedroom see: "Apple" see: Greek/Roman Myth Atargatis, a.k.a. "The Syrian Goddess", a.k.a. "The Fish Goddess": fertility goddess of Ascalon, Syria: a mermaid; see: miscellaneous other mythologies Ate: (1) Greek Goddess of mischief and vengeance; (2) in that light, she appears in Shakespeare "[Julius Caesar", III, i]; (3) hag often uttering slander, through a friend of Duessa [Spenser's "Faerie Queene", IV, i, iv, ix, et seq] Hope Athearn: nothing on the Web? Active Member Science Fiction Writers of America Athena: see Athene Athene, a.k.a. Pallas Athene: Greek's patron Goddess of Athens, Goddess of Wisdon, Goddess of Arts and Crafts; identified with Roman Minerva see: Greek/Roman Myth Gwyneth Atlee: Member of Romance Writers of America; Gwyneth Atlee's Home Page E-mail Gwyneth Atlee Atropos: the oldest of the three Fates, who cuts the thread of life; see "Fates" Kathryn Attalla: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Margaret Eleanor Atwood, born Ottowa Ontario 18 Nov 1939, daughter of Carl Edmund and Margaret Dorothy Killam, BA U. Toronto 1961, AM Radcliffe College 1962, D. Litt. (hon.) Trent U. 1973, Concordia U. 1980; LL.D. (Hon.) Queen's U. 1974, member of faculty U.B.C. 1964-65, Sir George Williams U. 1967-68, U. Alta. 1969-70, York U. 1971-72, Writer-in-residence U. Toronto 1972-73, President's Medal U. Western Ontario 1965, Governor General's Award 1966, etc. Margaret Atwood Return to Authors A Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Au"

Jean M. Auel: Jean M. Auel @geocities Jean M[arie] Auel, born Chicago 18 Feb 1936, daughter of Neil S. Untinen and Martha Wirtanen, married Ray B. Auel 19 March 1954, children: RaeAnn, Karen, Lenore, Kendall, Marshall, attended Portland (OR) State U., MBA 1976 University of Portland, DL 1983 University of Portland, DH 1985 U. of Maine, DHL 1985 Mt.Vernon College, clerk 1965-66, circuit board designer 1966-73, technical writer 1973-74, credit manager Tektronix 1974-76, awards... I met her at an Orycon over a decade ago, and got her an entry form for SFWA. Someone (I mention no names) in this Orycon party declared that Jean Auel's novels were not science fiction. I vigorously defended her. Her novels are meticulously researched fictional reconstructions of Neanderthal/Homo sapiens cultures and cultural interactions, fully within SF in terms of technology awareness and impact of technology on people, and fully cognizant of deep questions of what it means to be human. If Jean Auel tells how a mastodon hide is cured into leather, you can bet that she has experimented with curing elephant hide in her own backyard. Her attention to detail, in fact, makes her arguably a "hard SF" author whose "hard sciences" are anthropology and archaeology. Michaela August: Member of Romance Writers of America; Michaela August's Home Page Madame D'Aulnoy,: pseudonym of Marie-Catherine le Jumel (1650?-1705) who then married Francois de la Motte, Baron D'Aulnoy (1621?-1700) and thus became Comtesse d'Aulnoy, ending imprisoned for planning to murder her husband, escaped, wandered high society Europe, and established famous Paris literary salon. Wrote two book-long collections of original fairy tales (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy" by John Clute & John Grant, 1997, pp.71-72) Aurora, a.k.a Eos: Goddess of the Dawn see: Greek/Roman Myth Amelia Autin: Member of Romance Writers of America; website {Home Page to be done} Return to Authors A Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Av"

Avalon: (1) [Celtic "Island of Apples"] the Island of the Blessed Souls; (2) Avilion in Tennyson's "Morte d'Arthur"; (3) abode and gravesite of King Arthur; see "The Ultimate King Arthur Web Page" King Arthur Return to Authors A Table of Contents
William Ayes, pseudonym of William Sambot Ayesha, a.k.a. A'isha: (1) favorite wife of Mohammed, daughter of Abou Bekr [see "Abou Bekr"], whom he married as a child, and in whose arms he Susan Aylworth: {Home Page to be done}

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