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Romance Authors Beginning "E." Through "Eb"

A. E., pseudonym of George William Russell (1867-1935) of Ireland: * The Interpreters [1922] * The Avatars: A Futurist Fantasy [1932] Carol Maxwell Eady: Historical Romance Novels: * Her Royal Destiny Eagle: (1) mythological references {to be done}; (2) ornithological references {to be done}; (3) the Lunar Module that landed Aldrin and Armstrong at Mare Tranquillitatus, 20 July 1969 Kathleen Eagle: Member of Romance Writers of America; Kathleen Eagle's Home Page Contemporary Romance Novels: * Fire and Rain [Jan 1994] * Heat Lightning [Feb 1989] * The Last True Cowboy [June 1998] * The Last Good Man [Aug 2000] * The Night Remembers [June 1997] * Night Falls Like Silk [Oct 2003] * Nightwolf's Captive [Sep 2003] * Once Upon a Wedding [July 2003] * Reason to Believe [Feb 1995] * Sunrise Song [Mar 1996] * This Time Forever [Nov 1992] * What the Heart Knows [Aug 1999] * You Can Never Tell [Aug 2001] Historical Romance Novels: * Several {to be done} Series Romance Novels: * Several {to be done} Sarah Eagle: Regency Romance Novels: * The Bedeviled Baron [Jan 1994] * The Marriage Gamble [Feb 1992] * The Reluctant Suitor [July 1991] * A Christmas Spirit [AN #159, Nov 1991] * A Summer's Folly [AN #211, July 1992] Historical Romance Novels: * Lady Vengeance [Aug 1995] Edward Eager full name Edward McMaken Eager (1911-1964): lyricist/playwright who began writing Edith Nesbit-like children's books at age 40 for his own son: * Red Head [1951] juvenile * Mouse Manor [1952] * Half Magic [New York: Harcourt, 1954; Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, July 1985] ISBN 0-15-637990-2, $4.95, paperback [Aug 1989] ISBN 0-15-233081-X, $3.95 magic coin gives children just half of each wish, with marvellous results * others, see: Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide Laurie Alice Eakes: Laurie Alice Eakes's Home Page Patricia Eakins: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Patricia Eakins home page Elegant home page, beginning with author-in-garden photo and a wonderful quotation from an interview on what drives this award-winning author to the ocean of story. Books: * The Hungry Girls and Other Stories [San Francisco: Cadmus Editions, 1988] ISBN 0-932275-43-9, out of print (Cadmus plans a second edition), story collection "Triumphantly quirky" -- The New York Times Book Review * title story, "The Hungry Girls," won Charles Angoff award for "outstanding contribution" [The Literary Review] adapted for the theater by the Collision Theory Ensemble, whose production of "The Hungry Girls: A Fairy Tale" premiered at New York City's Synchronicity Space [Aug 1997; revived Aug 1998 as part of the New York International Fringe Festival] * "Milady's Ploy" takes place in what could be medieval Japan * "Snakeskins" set in the East of the Thousand and One Nights * "The Change" South Pacific Atoll after nuclear tragedy * "Auravir" in the mythological time of Ovid's Metamorphoses * The Marvelous Adventures of Pierre Baptiste, Father and Mother, First and Last [pub?, Spring 1999] novel, awarded 1998 New York University Press Prize for Fiction genre: UNDER THE SEA * An excerpt from the novel in [Sources, the journal of the Center for Anglophone Studies at the University of Orleans, France, October 1998] * Other excerpts: [Parnassus], [The Iowa Review] and [The Paris Review] which awarded Eakins the 1996 Aga Khan Prize for Fiction * (novel about the Catskill Mountains) forthcoming [Apr-May 1999] Two excerpts from the novel are also forthcoming: * one in [Bertha Rogers' Catskill anthology] ISBN {to be done}, * the other--about 30 pages--in the French journal, SOURCES [Nov 1998] * SOURCES is also publishing the interview from which the quote on the home page was taken. * Manifesto of a Dead Daughter (collection of essays and essay fictions) forthcoming e-mail Patricia Eakins Anne Eames: Member of Romance Writers of America; Anne Eames's Home Page Romance Novels: * Two Weddings and a Bride * You're What?! * Christmas Elopement * A Marriage Made in Joeville * The Best Little Joeville Christmas * Last of the Joeville Lovers * The Unknown Malone * The Pregnant Virgon Dimitri Eann: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Fran Early: Romantic Suspense Novels: * Candidate for Murder [HI #52, Oct 1986] * Ransom in Jade [HI #69, July 1987] * Moving Target [HI #76, Oct 1987] * Setup [HI #79, Dec 1987] * Hot Pursuit [HI 98, Sep 1988] Margot Early: Member of Romance Writers of America; Margot Early's Home Page Contemporary Romance Novels: * Soul Kitchen [AN #278, May 1998] * The Third Christmas [HS #625, Dec 1994] * The Keeper [HS #668, Nov 1995] * Waiting for You [HS #694, June 1996] * Mr. Family [HS #711, Oct 1996] * Nick's Kind of Woman [HS #724, Jan 1997] * The Truth About Cowboys [HS #743, June 1997] * Who's Afraid of the Mistletoe [HS #766, Dec 1997] * You Were On My Mind [HS #802, Sep 1998] * Talking About My Baby [HS #855, Aug 1999] * There Is a Season [HS #878, Dec 1999] * Forever and a Baby [HS #912, May 2000] * The Gift of Christmas [HS #1092, Nov 2002] Earth Mother: goddess The Earthly Paradise: (1) in the middle ages, it was believed that such a place existed somewhere on Earth, where peace, beauty, and immortality reigned. Sometimes it was synonymous with the garden of Eden, and presumed to be in the Middle East; sometimes it was imagined in the Far East, based on a letter from Prester John who claimed to be three days' travel from his kingdom (also based on "The Travels of Sir John Mandeville"; some placed it on an island in the Atlantic, Pacific, or Indian Ocean (as per St.Brandan). (2) The Earthly Paradise [1868-1870] by William Morris, 4-volume collection of narrative poetry, styled after Chaucer, where Norse sailors fleeing the Black Death find their desitnation in "a nameless city in a distant sea", and then hold a banquet wherein 24 stories are told, each a saga, romance, or myth see: LOST LANDS/LOST RACE Earthshine: light from Sun, reflected from Earth, illuminating the "night side" of the Moon, allowing (near new moon) terrestrial observers seeing "the old moon in the new moon's arms." Alethea Eason: * "The Miracle Child" [Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy, Spring-Summer 1992] Robert [Watson] Easson (1941-) American novelist: * The Bird, the Ghoul, and the Name of My Friend Rena Eastman: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Midsummer's Dream [HSNG #73] Colleen Easton: also known as Gwyneth Atlee; Historical Romance Novels: * Dangerous Attractions [Feb 2003] East of Eden: John Steinbeck novel [1952] retelling the myth of Cain and Abel, modernized to Adam Trask's sons with wife Cathy, Cal and Aron, who move to the Salinas Valley of California. Cathy runs off and becomes a prostitute; Cal incites Aron's death by telling him this. Margaret Eastvale: Historical Romance Novels: * Danger in the Wind * Change of Heart [MAS #72, Sep 1981] Regency Romance Novels: * As the Sparks Fly Gail Eastwood: Member of Romance Writers of America; Gail Eastwood's Home Page Regency Romance Novels: * The Captain's Dilemma [Nov 1995] * The Lady from Spain [Sep 1997] * The Magnificent Marquess [Aug 1998] * A Perilous Journey [July 1994] * The Persistant Earl [Mar 1995] * The Rake's Mistake [Nov 2002] * An Unlikely Hero [Aug 1996] Marjorie Eatock: also writes Mystery/Suspense; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Over the Rainbow [Feb 1993] * Promises to Keep Apr 1994] * A Second Sunrise [June 1995] * The Time of Her Life [Mar 1992] * Too Many Candles * A New Life of Her Own [AN #80, Nov 1992] * Over the River and Through the Woods [AN #115, Nov 1993] * Stolen Holiday [CER #34, Jan 1982] * The Wedding Journey [CR #585] Gothic Romance Novels: * Haunted Heirloom * The Ivory Tower Evelyn [Sybil Mary] Eaton, British fantasist: Historical Romance Novels: * Give Me Your Golden hand * Go Ask the River * In What Torn Ship * The King is a Witch * Quietly My Captain Waits [1971] * Restless Are the Sails * The Sea is Wide Laura Eaton: Contemporary Romance Novels: * The Rushing Tide [SC #181, Mar 1984] Suzanne Ebel: also known as Suzanne Goodwin; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Dear Kate [CMEO #11, 1974] * A Name in Lights [CMEO #23, 1975] * A Most Auspicious Star [CMEO #31, 1975] * To Seek a Star [CMEO #33, 1975] * The Family Feeling [CMEO #35, 1975] * Girl by the Sea [CMEO #40, 1976] Anna Eberhardt: Romantic Suspense Novels: * Something Wild [Nov 1995] * Sweet Amy Jane [Sep 1994] * Whispered Heat [June 1992] Linda Eberhardt: also writes as Linda O'Brien; Romance Novels: * Village Square [by Linda Eberhardt] [Jove, Oct 1995] ISBN: 0-515-11740-4 * The Lighthouse [by Linda Eberhardt] [Jove , Feb 1997] ISBN: 0-515-12020-0 * Promised to a Stranger [by Linda O'Brien] [Avon, Oct 1998] George Moriyz Ebers (1837-1898): German Fantasy author, using his professional expertise as an Egyptologist: * Eine Agyptische Konigstochter [1874] "An Egyptian Princess" * Kleopatra [1894] Linda O'Brien: see Linda Eberhardt Ebuda: In Aristo's "Orlando Furioso", this was an island West of Scotland, in the Hebrides, where the sea-monster Orc threatens Angelica (who is rescued by Ruggiero, and then Olimpia (rescued by Orlando). see: 1516: Orlando Furioso Return to Romance Authors E Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ec"

Margaret Echard, American mystery/fantasy author of: * "Dark Fantastic [New York: Doubleday, 1947] Echidna: (1) half-serpent, half-woman in Greek/Roman Myth who mated with Typhon to bear the Chimerae, the many-headed dog-monster Orthos, the 100-headed Dragon of the Hesperides, the Colchian Dragon, the Sphynx, Cerberus, Scylla, the Gorgons, the Nemean Lion, the Lernaean Hydra, and the vulture eternally chewing at the liver of Prometheus; (2) In Spenser's "Faerie Queen" [1596], she is the mother of the Blatant Beast see: 1596: Faerie Queen (3) Australian marsupial, very stupid despite enormous cerebral cortex, like some executive managers under whom I've slaved. Echo: Nymph in Greek/Roman Myth who pined away when Narcissus did not return her love Jill Eckersley: Contemporary Romance Novels: * A Little Loving Roberta Eckert: Regency Romance Novels: * The Duke's Gambit [Jan 1987] * Heir to Vengeance [Mar 1990] * An Indiscreet Offer [July 1993] * Lady Angel [July 1990] * May Lady Adventuress [June 1987] * Scandalous Journey [Dec 1992] Return to Romance Authors E Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ed"

David Eddings, full name David Carroll Eddings (1931-): many Fantasy books in collaboration with his wife Leigh Eddings: * High Hunt [1973] * The Losers [1992] Mystery/Detective * the "Belgariad" series: * Belgarath the Sorcerer [1995] * Pawn of Prophecy [1982] * Queen of Sorcery [1982] * Magician's Gambit [1983] * The Belgariad: Part One [1985] omnibus of above 4 novels * Castle of Wizardry [1984] * Enchanter's End Game [1984] * The Belgariad: Part Two [1985] omnibus of above 2 novels * the "Malloreon" series, with the same characters as the Belgariad: * Guardians of the West [1987] * King of the Murgos [1988] * Demon Lord of Karanda [1988] * Sorceress of Darshiva [1989] * The Seeress of Kell [1991] * the "Elenium" series: * The Diamond Throne [1989] * The Ruby Knight [1990] * The Sapphire Rose [1991] * The Elenium [1993] omnibus edition * the "Tamuli" series: * Domes of Fire [1992] * The Shining Ones [1993] * The Hidden City [1994] * Two Complete Novels [1994] combines High Hunt and The Losers Leigh Eddings: best known as the wife of David Eddings, she is now officially acknowledged as co-author of at least: * Belgarath the Sorcerer [1995] * Polgara the Sorceress Sherrie Eddington: Historical Romance Novels: * Blackberry Winter [Sep 1997] E[ric] R[ucker] Eddison (1882-1945) immortal fantasy novelist of the Zimiavian trilogy: * "Mistress of Mistresses" [Dutton, 1935; Ballentine Books, 1968] * "A Fish Dinner in Memmison" [Dutton, 1941; Ballentine Books, 1968] * "The Mentzian Gate" [Britain, 1958; Ballentine Books, 1968] * Zimiamvia: A Trilogy [Dell, Aug 1992] ISBN 0-440-50300-0, $16.00, 985pp, trade paperback Omnibus Edition and the unrelated * "The Worm Ouroboros" [Cape, 1922; Boni, 1926; Dell, July 1991] ISBN 0-440-50299-3, $9.99, 448pp, trade paperback * "Styrbiorn the Stromg" [Boni, 1926] absolutely unique, and literarily gorgeous adventure/romance/fantasies Marjorie Edelson: Romance Novels: * Malkeh and Her Children [Oct 1992] Dorothy Eden: also known as Mary Paradise; prolific Romance author; Romance Novels: * An Afternoon Walk * The American Heiress * Bride by Candlelight * Bridge of Fear * The Brooding Lake / Lamb to the Slaughter * Cat's Prey * Crow Hollow * Darkwater * The Daughters of Ardmore Hall * The Deadly Travelers * Death is a Red Rose * The House on Hay Hill * An Important Family * Lady of Mallow * The laughing Ghost * A Linnet Singing * Listen to Danger * Melbury Square * The Millionaire's Daughter * Never Call it Loving * Night of the Letter * The Pretty Ones * Ravenscroft * The Salamanca Drum * The Shadow Wife * Shadow of a Witch * Siege in the Sun * Sleep in the Woods * The Sleeping Bride * Speak to Me of Love * The Storrington Papers * The Time of the Dragon * The Vines of Yarrabee * The Voice of the Dolls * Waiting for Willa * Whistle for the Crows * Winterwood * Yellow is for Fear Frances J. S. Eden: Contemporary Romance Novels: * TheLove Gift * The Ninth Life [VAL #357] Lark Eden: Fantasy Romance Novels: * Flames of Rapture [Feb 1996] * Loving Spirits [AN #234, Oct 1997] Laura Eden: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Mistaken Identity [SR #105, Sep 1981] * Flight of Fancy [SR #210, Mar 1983] * Summer Magic [SSE #44, Sep 1982] Janet Edgar: Janet Edgar's Home Page Josephine Edgar: Historical Romance Novels: * Countess * The dancer's Daughter * The Dark Tower * The Devil's Innocents * Duchess * The Lady of Wildsley * Margaret Normanby * My Sister Sophie * Stranger at the Gate * Time of Dreaming Contemporary Romance Novels: * Bright Young Things Teresa Edgerton, full name Teresa Ann Edgerton (1949-): Novels: * the "Green Lion" Celtic Fantasy series: * Child of Saturn [Ace, Mar 1989] * The Moon in Hiding [Ace, Sep 1989] * The Work of the Sun [Ace, Mar 1990] * the "Celydonn" Celtic Fantasy series: * The Castle of the Silver Wheel [Ace, Feb 1993] * The Grail and the Ring [Ace, Jan 1994; 1995] * The Moon and the Thorn [Ace, Apr 1995] * the "Goblin" Fantasy series: * Goblin Moon [Ace, Feb 1991] * The Gnome's Engine [Ace, Aug 1991] * Child of Saturn [1989, Ace, 1989] ISBN 0-441-10400-2, $3.50, paperback Short Fiction: * "The Ghost in the Chimney" [Midnight Zoo, Mar/Apr 1991] * "Titania or the Celestial Bed" [Weird Tales from Shakespeare, eds. Katharine Kerr and Martin H. Greenberg, 1994] ISBN 0-88677-605-8, $4.99 * "My Soul Into the Boughs" [Enchanted Forests, eds. Katharine Kerr and Martin H. Greenberg, DAW, 1995] ISBN 0-88677-672-4, $5.50, paperback * "A Wreath of Pale Flowers for Vitri" [The Shimmering Door, eds. Katharine Kerr and Martin H. Greenberg, HarperPrism, 1996] ISBN 0-06-105342-2, $12.00, trade paperback Nonfiction: * "In Which the Author Endeavors to Explain Herself" [Midnight Zoo, vol.1, no.4, 1991] * "Book Reviews" [Midnight Zoo, vol.1, no.5, 1991] e-mail Teresa Edgerton Ann Edgeworth: Historical Romance Novels: * Runaway Maid [MAS #39, Apr 1980] * The Devil's Angel [MAS #59, Feb 1981]: Romantic Suspense Novels: * Barriers of Love India Edghill: Historical Romance Novels: * Queenmaker [Feb 2002] Rosemary Edghill: Member of Romance Writers of America; also writes Mystery/Suspense; also writes Speculative Fiction; Rosemary Edghill's Home Page Regency Romance Novels: * Fleeting Fancy [Apr 1993] * The Ill-Bred Bride [Mar 1991]: * Turkish Delight [Mar 1987] * Two of a Kind [Aug 1989] Fantasy Romance Novels: * Met By Moonlight [Feb 1998] Helen [Woods] Edmonds (1901-1968) French-born American novelist and short story author who also lived in Australia, Burma, and New Zealand and wrote under the pseudonym "Anna Kavan" Janet Edmonds: Historical Romance Novels: * Turn of the Dice [1990] * Count Sergei's Pride [HHI #4]: Regency Romance Novels: * A Nabob's Daughter [HHS #47, 1993] Edward Scissorhands: see SF/Fantasy Movies [1990] Mary Elaine Edward: Gothic Romance Novels: * Amberleigh * Lenore * Terror Manor Edwardian: historical and literary period in Timeline 1890-1910: Into Our Century See: Historical Romances Set in England: Romance SUBGENRES Adrienne Edwards: Also known as Anne Benson; also known as Andrea Edwards; also known as Anne Edwards [Gothic Romance]; also known as Anne Hilary; also known as Anne and Ed Kolaczyk; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Destiny's Darling [SC #338, May 1986] * Creature Comforts [SC #369, Oct 1986] * Whistling Dixie [SC #397, Mar 1987] * Some Kind of Wonderful [SC #449, Oct 1988] * Honorable Intentions [THTH #29, July 1984] Andrea Edwards: see also Adrienne Edwards; Andrea Edwards's Home Page Anne Edwards: see also Adrienne Edwards; Gothic Romance Novels: * Child of Night [1975] * Haunted Summer [1972] * The Hesitant Heart [1974] * Miklos Alexandrovitch Is Missing [1970] * Shadow of a Lion [1971] * The Survivors [1968] Cassie Edwards: prolific Romance author; Historical Romance Novels: * Beloved Embrace * Bold Wolf * Desire's Blossom * Eden's Promise * Eluscive Ecstasy * Enchanted Enemy * Eugenia's Embrace * Fire Cloud * Flaming Arrow * Forbidden Embrace * Island Rapture * Lobe Eagle * Love's Legacy * Midnight Falcon * Night Wolf * Passion's Fire * Passion's Web * Portrait of Desire * Racing Moon * Rapture's Rendezvous * Rolling Thunder * Roses After Rain * Savage Honor * Savage Heat * 35 other novels with titles beginning "Savage" * Secrets of My Heart * Silken Rapture * Silver Wing * Spirit Warrior * Storm Rider * Sun Hawk * Thunder Heart * Touch the Wild Wind * When Passion Calls * White Fire * Wild Abandon * 8 other novels with titles beginning "Wild" * Winter Raven * 6 series Romances Claudia J. Edwards, full name Claudia Jane Edwards (1943-): ISFDB lists: Novels: * the "Bastard Princess" series: * Eldrie the Healer [Pageant Books, 1989] ISBN 0-517-01031-3 ISFDB has typo for "Eldric the Healer" (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.310) * Taming the Forest King [Warner Books, 1986; Headline, 1987; Popular Library/Questar, 1986] ISBN 0-445-20308-0, $3.50 * A Horsewoman in Godsland [Warner Books, 1987; Headline, 1988; Popular Library/Questar, 1987] ISBN 0-445-20310-2, $2.95 * Bright and Shining Tiger [Warner Books, 1988; Headline, 1988; Popular Library/Questar, 1988] ISBN 0-445-20626-8, $2.95 Emily Ruth Edwards: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Hunter's Snare [HR #2791, Oct 1996] Estelle Edwards: also known as Mollie Gregory; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Moonslide [RR #21, June 1983] * The Knave of Hearts [RR #47, Dec 1983] Hamm Edwards, pseudonym of Thelma Hamm Evans (Mrs. E. E. Evans) Jane Edwards: also writes Mystery/Suspense; Romantic Suspense Novels: * Dangerous Odyssey [May 1986] * The Hesitant Heart * Houseboat Mystery [June 1999] * Susannah is Missing [June 1998] * Terror By Design [Apr 1999] * A Whisper of Suspicion [Dec 2002] Contemporary Romance Novels: * Island Interlude [CR #127] * Listen With Your Heart [HT #90, Jan 1986] Jaroldeen Edwards: Historical Romance Novels: * Harvest of Dreams * The Mountains of Eden [Oct 1984] * Wildflower Judi Edwards: Contemporary Romance Novels: * The Perfect Ten [SSE #470, Aug 1988] * Step From a Dream [SSE #658, Mar 1991] * Nobody's Bride [SSE #765, Sep 1992] Kathryn Edwards: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Broken promises * Surrender of Wills Marian Edwards: Historical Romance Novels: * Hearts Victorious [June 1996] * A Prayer and a Promise [Nov 1997] * A Year and a Day [June 1994]: Time Travel Romance Novels: * Heaven Sent [Dec 1998] * Heaven's Reward [Nov 1999] Marissa Edwards: Regency Romance Novels: * The Scandalous Masquerade [Aug 1993] * Miss Durham's Indiscretion [AN #90, June 1993] * A Betting Affair [AN #124, Apr 1994] Pamela Edwards: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Inherit the Storm [1988] Patricia Edwards: also known as Patrica Watters; Romance Novels: * Sweet Promised Land [HS #446, Apr 1991] Paula Edwards: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Bewitching Grace [SR #23, Aug 1980] Rachel Edwards: Gothic Romance Novels: * The Captain's Lady Rachelle Edwards: Regency Romance Novels: * at least 35 titles {to be done} Rhoda Edwards: Historical Romance Novels: * Fortune's Wheel Sarah Edwards: Historical Romance Novels: * Crystal rapture [Oct 1987] * Fire and Sand [Sep 1989] Susan Irene Edwards: Member of Romance Writers of America; Susan Edwards's Home Page Return to Romance Authors E Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Ee" Through "Ei"

Doris Egan (1955): nothing on the Web? Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Novels: * The Gate of Ivory [DAW, 1989; 1992; Mandarin, 1990] planet where magic works * Guilt-Edged Ivory [DAW, 1992] planet where magic works * City of Diamond [1996] under pseudonym Jane Emerson SPACE OPERA * Two-Bit Heroes [DAW, 1992] ISBN 0-886-77500-0 Short Fiction: * "Timerider" [Amazing, 1986] art theft by TIME TRAVEL [World's Best SF 1987, ed. Donald A. Wollheim, 1987] [1987] * "The Wrath of the Gods at Macy's" [Weird Tales, Summer 1993 e-mail Doris Egan e-mail Doris Egan old, invalid? Egeria: (1) the nymph who was mentor to the second King of Rome, Numa Pompilius, especially about legislation and statesmanship, according to Greek/Roman Myth; (2) by extension, a female counselor, particularly the "woman behind the man" in government. George Egerton, psuedonym of Mary Chavelita Dunne Bright Egeus: Authoritarian father of Hermia, in Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream" Phyllis Eisenstein: full name Phyllis Leah Kleinstein Eisenstein (1946-): Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America married to Alex Eisenstein * the "Alaric the Minstrel" series: * Born to Exile [1978] * In the Red Lord's Reach [1989] * the "Cray Ormeru" series: * Sorcerer's Son [1979] * The Crystal Palace [1988] Phyllis Eisenstein e-mail Phyllis Eisenstein Return to Romance Authors E Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Ej"

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Romance Authors Beginning "Ek"

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Authors Beginning "El"

Elaine: Two different ladies who loved Sir Lancelot: (1) Daughter of King Pelles, in Mallory's "Mort d'Arthur", who disguises herself for one night as Queen Guinevere, makes love to Sir Lancelot, and thus gives borth to Galahad; (2) the "Lily maid of Astolat" in Tennyson's "Idylls of the King", the chapter "Lancelot and Elaine"; retold later by Tennyson in "The Lady of Shalott." see: The Ultimate King Arthur Web Page {to be done} F.S.P. Eldershaw, see below M. Barnard Eldershaw, pseudonym for Australian novelists Flora Sydney Patricia Eldershaw and May Faith Barnard, fine time travel novel "Tomorrow and Tomorrow" (Melbourne: Georgian House, 1947)(London: Phoenix, 1949) Electra: (1) Daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, sister of Orestes, in
Greek/Roman Myth; (2) described in works such as: * Oresteia: trilogy of plays by Aeschylus * Electra: play [414? B.C.] by Sophocles * Electra: play [413? B.C.] by Euripides * Opera by Strauss of rewrite of Sophocles' play by Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1903) * Mourning Becomes Electra [1931] trilogy of plays by Eugene O'Neill, set in 19th Century New England * Electre: play [1937] by Jean Giraudoux (3) One of the Pleiades, mother of Dardanus, daughter of Atlas, only seen by mortals in the guise of a comet. (4) Electra Complex: in Freudian Psychology, a romantic attraction of a daughter for her father (the female equivalent of Oedipus Complex) Elegy: (1) classically, a poem in elegiac distichs; (2) modern: lyrical poem of lamentation for a person or thing dead or vanished. Both classic and modern versions have influenced Romance, and Fantasy, especially Dark Fantasy. Great Examples: * "Lycidas", Milton, mourning * "Adonais", Shelley, mourning * "In Memorium", Tennyson, mourning * "Thyrsis", Matthew Arnold, mourning * "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" [written 1743?-1750, published 1751] Thomas Gray, nonspecifically plaintive Eleusinian Mysteries: ancient rites honoring Demeter and Persephone, related to Greek/Roman Myth and still performed, in deepest secrecy, into the Chistian era. Modern conjecture is that psychedelic drugs were involved. Elf: {to be done} Suzette Haden Elgin, pseudonym of Patricia A. Suzette Elgin, a very interesting linguist/SF author who has a series of novels about a "womens' language" and how it changes galactic politics; the "Coyote Jones" series: * The Communipaths [Ace, 1970] * Furthest [Ace, 1971] * At the 7th Level [Daw, 1972] Dr. Elgin also founded the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA) Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Suzette Haden Elgin e-mail Suzette Haden Elgin old, invalid? lingua: a Suzette Haden Elgin page, with archived newsletters of Suzette's (used with permission). Webmaster Steve Marsh e-mail Steve Marsh George Eliot: pseudonym (1857) of Mary Ann Evans, a.k.a. Marianne Evans (1819-1880): major mundane novelist of England, not directly related to Romance, except in that she raised the bar of quality of didactic, social, moral, and detailed characterization novels of closely-observed people clawing their way towards maturity, and thus indirectly strengthened the claim that Romance is not "real literature" because it falls short in exactly these ways. Her brilliant fiction, which she started writing only when she was middle-aged, include: * Leben Jesu ("Life of Jesus") [1846] translation, under her real name, of nonfiction (German) by D. F. Strauss * Scenes of Clerical Life [1857] collects 3 short stories published earlier that year in Blackwood's * Adam Bede [1858] * The Mill on the Floss [1860] * Silas Marner [1860] * Romola [1863] extensively researched historical novel of Renaissance which is a must-read for Fantasists treating the Renaissance * Felix Holt * The Radical * Middlemarch (arguably the greatest of all mainstream novels) * Daniel Deronda Elise: (1) Unlawful Queen of Tyre in "Astrate, Roi de Tyr", tragic drama by Quinault; (2) "L'Avare", comic play by Moliere, in which Elise is the miser's daughter Elissa: see: Dido; The Faerie Queen Eliza: character in "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe, and thus one of the fictional characters who most influenced the "real world" by inspiring anti-slavery sentiment before the American Civil War. Elizabethan: the 45-year era (1558-1603) of the reign of Elizabeth I, a major literary renaissance in England, triggered by the elevation of the English language to acceptability for "serious" literature, the execution of Mary Queen of Scots [1857], the publication by the great Fantasy poet Edmund Spenser of "The Shepheardes Calendar [1579], and including such monumental works as: * Aeneid, first full English translation of Vergil's masterpiece * A Mirror for Magistrates * Dr.Faustus, Fantasy play by Christopher Marlowe (see: Faust) * Tamburlaine, play by Christopher Marlowe * The Jew of Malta, play by Christopher Marlowe * Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity, Richard Hooker * various pamphlets, Robert Greene * various pamphlets, Thomas Nashe * various pamphlets, by the pseudonymous Martin Marprelate * The Essays of Montaigne, translation by John Florio * The Faerie Queen, Edmund Spenser (see: he Faerie Queen) * Astrophel and Stella, Sir Phillip Sydney * The Sonnets, Shakespeare * Amoretti, Edmund Spenser * Delia, Samuel Daniel * Idea, Michael Drayton * The Arraignment of Paris, romance/light Fantasy play by George Peel * Endymion, romance/light Fantasy play by John Lyly * The Spanish Tragedy, play by Thomas Kyd * most of the plays of William Shakespeare By 1600, just before the death of "the Virgin Queen", the literature of the Elizabethan era had peaked, was declining into self-parody, and was soon displaced by a counter-Renaissance known as the Jacobean era. Janice Elliott (1931-1995) British novelist: * The Summer People [1980] vacationers stranded as polar icecaps melt * Magic [1983] out-of-body experiences with the Virgin Mary * Dr. Gruber's Daughter [1986] * The Sadness of Witches [1987] * City of Gates [1992] * the "Sword and the Dream" Young Adult Arthurian series: * The King Awakes [1987] * The Empty Throne [1988] * The Birthday Unicorn [1970] juvenile * The Country of Her Dreams [1982] cold war (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.315) Elves: the plural of Elf {to be done} Elvira: {to be done} Return to Romance Authors E Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Em"

Emerald City: (1) nickname for Oz (see L. Frank Baum); (2) nickname for Seattle, Washington; (3) Emerald City Publishing Caroline D. Emerson (1891-?): * The Magic Tunnel [New York: Four Winds, 1968] Kathy Lynn Emerson: Member of Romance Writers of America; Kathy Lynn Emerson's Home Page Ru Emerson (1944-): no known home page * The Princess of Flames [1986] * Spellbound [1990] * The Sword and the Lion [1993] under pseudonym Roberta Cray * the "Tales of Nedao" series: * To the haunted Mountains [1987] * In the Caves of Exile [1988] * On the Seas of Destiny [1989] * the "Night Threads" series: * The Calling of the hree [1990] * The Two in Hiding [1991] * One Land, One Duke [1992] * The Craft of Light [1993] * The Art of the Sword [1994] e-mail Ru Emerson (Roberta Cray) Ru Emerson: Index to at least 5 publications Lynn Emery: Member of Romance Writers of America; Lynn Emery's Home Page Mihail Eminescu: Romania's greatest poet was surely Mihail Iminovici, who wrote under the pseudonym Mihail Eminescu. His madness kept his output small, but his works such as "Venus and the Madonna" and "The Epigony" show the delicately sensitive and pessimistic view of the nature of humanity. As a Romantic poet, he played with fantasy themes including aspects of the legends and philosophies of India. The beauty of his language influenced many later prose and poetry works of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Carol Emshwiller, wife of Ed Emsh, herself an SF short story author: Nothing on the web? Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Carol Fries Emshwiller, born Ann Arbor MI 12 Apr 1921, daughter of Charles Carpenter Fries and Agnes Carswell, children Eve, Susan, Peter "Stoney" (SF author), author: short story collection "Joy in Our Cause" (1974), novel "Carmen Dog" (1988), short stories in TriQuarterly, 13th Moon, Croton Review, Epoch, various TV narrations, BA Music 1945 U. Michigan, B. Design 1949 U. Michigan, teacher Clarion Summer Science Fiction Workshop 1972 and 1973, Adjunct Assistant Professor Continuing Education 1974-? NYU, guest faculty 1982 Sarah Lawrence College, MacDowell Colony Fellow 1973, grantee NY State Creative Artist Public Service 1975, grantee NEA 1980 Return to Romance Authors E Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "En"

Enchantment: {to be done} Enchantress: {to be done} Suzanne Enoch: Member of Romance Writers of America; Suzanne Enoch's Home Page Return to Romance Authors E Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Eo"

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Authors Beginning "Ep"

Epic Fantasy: {to be done} Return to Romance Authors E Table of Contents

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Romance Authors Beginning "Er"

Lynn Erickson: Member of Romance Writers of America; Lynn Erickson's Home Page Barbara Erskine (1944-): British author of Fantasy TIME TRAVEL novels: * Lady of Hay [1986] * Kingdom of Shadows [1988] mistress of Robert the Bruce * Encounters [1990] story collection * Child of the Phoenix [1992] 13th century Wales * Midnight is a Lonely Place [1994] ghosts (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.321) John Erskine (5 Oct 1879-2 June 1951) American poet/essayist/novelist/musician (New York Philharmonic soloist) best known for rewrites of legends of Helen of Troy, King Arthur, Lilith: * "Magic and Wonder in Literature" essay reprinted in: * The Moral Obligation to Be Intelligent and Other Essays [1915] * The Private Life of Helen of Troy [1925] * Galahad, Enough of His Life to Explain His Reputation [1926] * Adam and Eve, Though he Knew Better [1927] * Penelope's Man: The Homing Instinct [1927] Parody of Odyssey * Uncle Sam, in the Eyes of His Family [1930] * Cinderella's Daughter and Other Sequels and Consequences [1930] revisionist Fiary Tale collection * Venus, the Lonely Goddess [1949] Return to Romance Authors E Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Es"

Diane Escalera: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Escapism: {to be done} Kathleen Eschenburg: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Leslie Esdaile: Leslie Esdaile's Home Page Irene Estep: Irene Estep's Home Page Return to Romance Authors E Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Et"

Nancy Etchemendy: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America; Member of Horror Writers of America Nancy Nancy writes wonderfully vivid and human science fiction, fantasy, and horror for both adults and children. e-mail Nancy Etchemendy e-mail Nancy Etchemendy old, invalid? Wendy Etherington: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Return to Romance Authors E Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Eu"

Euhemerism: {to be done} Eurydice: see Orpheus Euripedes (circa 485 BC-406 BC): major dramatist of Greece. Only 14 of his 88+ plays survive, of which "Electra" [413 BC] and "The Bacchae" [407 BC] only partly survive. Most of his plays were based on myths, such as "Cyclops", "Medea" [431 BC] on witchcraft, "Helen" [412 BC], "Hyypolytus" [428 BC], and "Heracles" [415 BC] (unfortunately not adequately consulted by Disney Pictures) Return to Romance Authors E Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Ev"

Janet Evanovich: Janet Evanovich's Home Page C J Evans: also writes as Christa James, C J Evans, Laurie LeClair; Laurie LeClair's Home Page Jayme Evans: Jayme Evans's Home Page Eve: see Adam Corinne Everett: Corinne Everett's Home Page Evil: {to be done} Return to Romance Authors E Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Ew" to "Ez"

Elise Ewing: Elise Ewing's Home Page Jean Ross Ewing: Member of Romance Writers of America; Jean Ross Ewing's Home Page Excalibur: see SF/Fantasy Movies [1981]; see "The Ultimate King Arthur Web Page" {to be done} Exorcism: {to be done}

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