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Authors Beginning "Na..."

Dmitri Nabokov: son of Vladimir Nabokov * "The Dashing Fellow" (1971) [Playboy Stories: The Best of Forty Years of Short Fiction, ed. Alice K. Turner, 1994] Vladimir Nabokov (1899-1977): Major novelist, short story author, poet, teacher, critic, entomologist/lepidopterist, who wrote primarily in English after roughly 1940, although fluent in (and writing in) Russian, German, French, and English; born in RUSSIA resident in U.S.A. (1940-1959); resident in Switzerland (1959-1977): Vladimir Nabokov Various of his novels, short stories, plays, and poems have major Romance elements (and sometimes slant against what is possible in mainstream Romance, as with the stepfather-daughter incest in "Lolita" and the brother-sister incest in "Ada." He also has either Fantasy, anti-Fantasy, Science Fiction, or anti-Science Fiction elements {details to be done} (also according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.677) Nadja: novel [1928] by Andre Breton, partially autobiographical, about a love affair with a psychic woman Linda Nagata: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Linda Nagata Novels of Linda Nagata excerpts and reviews of the following: * Vast [Bantam Spectra, August 1998] ISBN 0-553-57630-5) * Deception Well [Bantam Spectra, Feb 1997] ISBN 0-553-57629-1 * The Bohr Maker [Bantam Spectra, April 1995] ISBN 0-553-56925-2 Winner of the 1996 Locus Award for Best First Novel Nanotechnology fiction at its best * Tech-Heaven [Bantam Spectra, Nov 1995] ISBN 0-553-56926-2 Short Fiction: * "Spectral Expectations" [Analog, Apr 1987] * "Career Decision" [Analog, Oct 1988] * "In the Tide" [Analog, Sep 1989] * "Small Victories" [Analog, Sep 1993] * "Liberator" [Fantasy and Science Fiction, June 1993] * "Old Mother" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Apr 1995] * "Hooks, Nets, and Time" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Aug 1997] * "The Bird Catcher's Children" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jan 1997] e-mail Linda Nagata e-mail Linda Nagata old, invalid? Pati Nagle: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Pati Nagle Short Fiction: * "Pygmalion 3.0" [Infinite Loop: Stories About the Future by the People Creating It, ed. Larry Constantine, Miller Freeman, 1993] ISBN 0-87930-298-4 * "Coyote Ugly" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Apr 1994] * "Emancipation" [The Williamson Effect, ed. Roger Zelazny, Tor, 1996] ISBN 0-312-85748-9 e-mail Pati Nagle e-mail Pati Nagle old, invalid e-mail Pati Nagle old, invalid Myles Na Gopaleen, pseudonym of B. O'Nolan Gloria Nagy: Contemporary Romance Novels: * The House in the Hamptons * Looking for Leo * Virgin Kisses Paul J. Nahin: Professor of Electrical Engineering and sometime SF author. Think you know about TIME TRAVEL from Time Travel Romances? Think again! You need to get a copy of: Nonfiction: * Time Travel [American Institute of Physics Press; Writer's Digest, 1997] 0-89879-748-9 The single indespensible book on Time Travel Which I can wholeheartedly endorse, having bought 2 copies and used it as a textbook for teaching the subject half a dozen times to enthusiastic students of average age 65... Short Fiction: * "Publish and Perish" [Analog, Apr 1978] * "What Really Caused the Energy Crisis" [Analog, July 1978] * "Reunion" [Analog, Apr 1979] * "A Quiet, Rainy Afternoon" [Analog, July 1979] * "Qualification Test" [Analog, Dec 1979] * "Old Friends Across Time" [Analog, May 1979] * "Newton's Gift" [Omni, Jan 1979] * "The Man in the Gray Weapons Suit" [Day of the Tyrant, ed. Jerry Pournelle and John F. Carr, Tor, 1985] ISBN 0-812-50066-0 * "The Language Clarifier" [Omni, May 1979] * "Rings of Death" [Analog, Jun 1980] * "A Father's Gift" [Omni, Aug 1980] * "The Box" [Omni, Jan 1980] * "Security Blanket" [Analog, 30 March 1981] * "The Next Time Around" [Twilight Zone Magazine, Aug 1981] * "The Infinite Plane" [Omni, Apr 1981] * "Archival Voice" [Analog, Feb 1984] * "Twisters" [Analog, May 1988] Naiads: Greek mythological water nymphs Rina Naiman: Contemporary Romance Novels: * A Family for Christmas [SIM-828, Dec 1977] Marion Naismith: Romantic Suspense Novels: * A Dream of Unicorns * A Handful of Miracles * Most Eloquent Music * Phillipa * Prelude to Darkness * The Rainbow Chasers Naked: Romance authors know the difference between "naked" and "nude" Naked Lunch: (1) William Burroughs novel [1959]; (2) see Science Fiction movies [1991] {film hotlink to be done} Nala: Legendary [Hindu] king of Nishadha, married to Damayanti, in the Mahabharata. Although Damayanti never saw Nala, she falls in love with him. Jealous gods force her to choose between him and gods disguised as him; she gets it right, and, impressed by true love, they deluge her with magical gifts for the wedding. She loses all through her gambling addiction, wanders, returns to the court of her father. After many Fantastic adventures, the lovers are reunited. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy finds girl -- but with lots of magic along the way. Names: see "Magic Words" Kathleen Nance: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Fantasy Romance Novels: * Enchantment [Sep 2002] * The Seeker [Jan 2002] * Spellbound [Jun 2003] * The Warrior [Jun 2001] * The Yuletide Spirit [AN-296, Nov 1998] * Wishes Come True [LHS, Feb 1998] * More Than Magic [LPH, Mar 1999] * The Trickster [LTYL, June 2000] Contemporary Romance Novels: * Ever a Bridesmaid [AN-260, Feb 1998] * The Best Laid Plans [AN-340, Aug 1999] Nanna: (1) Moon god in mythology of Sumer, son of Enlil and Ninlil, married to Ningal, father of sun-god Utu; chief god of Ur; (2) Balder's wife in Scandanavian myth, who flung herself on his funeral pyre when he was slain by blind Hoder. Geraldine Napier: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Here Come the Brides Mary Napier: Historical Romance Novels: * The Budapest Risk Gothic Romance Novels: * The Waiting Melissa Napier: Gothic Romance Novels: * Castle of Dark Evil * Child of Satan * The Haunted Woman * House of Rising Water * House in White Mist * House of Dark Laughter * House By the Bridge * Mermaid of Dark Mountain * The Possession of Elizabeth Calder Priscilla Napier: Historical Romance Novels: * Imperial Winds Susan Napier: author of a least 32 Romances; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Sweet As My Revenge [HP-885, May 1986] * The Counterfeit Secretary [HP-924, Oct 1986] * The Lonely Season [HP-940, Dec 1986] * True Enchanter [HP-1051, Feb 1988] * Reasons of the Hearts [HP-1093, July 1988] * Another Time [HP-1211, Oct 1989] * The Love Conspiracy [HP-1252, Mar 1990] * A Bewitching Compulsion [HP-1284, July 1990] * Fortune's Mistress [HP-1332, Jan 1991] * No Reprieve [HP-1380, July 1991] * Deal of a Lifetime [HP-1460, May 1992] * Devil to Pay [HP-1483, Aug 1992] * Tempt Me Not [HP-1531, Feb 1993] * Secret Admirer [HP-1554, May 1993] * Winter of Dreams [HP-1595, Oct 1993] * The Hawk and the Lamb [HP-1616, Jan 1994] * The Cruelest Lie [HP-1674, Aug 1994] * Phantom Lover [HP-1707, Dec 1994] * Savage Courtship [HP-1744, June 1995] * The Sister Swap [HP-1788, Jan 1996] * Reckless Conduct [HP-1847, Nov 1996] * A Lesson in Seduction [HP-1870, Mar 1997] * Breaking/Making Up: Vendetta [HP-1907, Sep 1997] * Mistress of the Groom [HP-1918, Nov 1997] * Honeymoon Baby [HP-1985, Oct 1998] * In Bed With the Boss [HP-2009, Feb 1999] * The Revenge Affair [HP-2062, Nov 1999] * The Mistress Deception [HP-2111, June 2000] * Secret Seduction [HP-2135, Oct 2000] * A Passionate Proposition [HP-2193, Aug 2001] * Love in the Valley [HR-2711, Aug 1985] * Sweet Vixen [HR-2723, Oct 1985] Napoleon Bonaparte [1769-1821]: famous romance with Josephine; the most astonishing military genius and empire builder of the past few centuries, he had nothing directly to do with Science Fiction, yet serves as the paradigm of the future histories of military conquest by seemingly unstoppable men; and was the inspiration for novels such as: * Uncle Bernac, by Arthur Conan Doyle (who also wrote Science Fiction) * Man of Destiny, George Bernard Shaw (who also wrote Science Fiction) * Napoleon of Notting Hill [1904] G. K. Chesterton, set in a future London * The Foundation Trilogy, Isaac Asimov (basis for the character "The Mule") Naraka: Hindu mythology's Hell, but not for permanent damnation, and thus more like Christian myth's Purgatory. Narcissus: handsome young man in Greek mythology, whom the nymph Echo fell in love with; he fell for his own reflection when she magically punished him for rejecting her; he turned into a flower. The term "narcissism" in Psychology derives from this tale. Anne Nash: Romantic Suspense Novels: * Prize of Fear Jean Nash: Historical Romance Novels: * Forever, My Love [Sep 1983] * Golden Reckoning [July 1987] * The Golden Thread [date?] * Sand Castles [date?] * The Sea Star [Nov 2001] * The Silver Web [date?] * Surrender the Heart [June 1985] Noreen Nash: Historical Romance Novels: * By Love Fulfilled Ogden Nash (19 Aug 1902-19 May 1971) American poet/editor/publisher, best known as major figure in humorous verse, also worked with S. J. Perelman on the Fantasy Romance musical "One Touch of Venus" [1943] Petra Nash: Regency Romance Novels: * Heir Apparent [date?] * Lady Harriet's Harvest [HRE-36, Oct 1990] * Mr. Ravensworth's Ward [HRE-93, Mar 1993] Naso, Publius Ovidius: see Ovid Nasr-ed-Din: in legends of Turkey, a prankster/jester said to have died in 1410 A.D., sometimes called the Turkish Tyll Eulenspiegel. Nasser: storyteller and merchant of Arabia who, according to D'Herbelot, was more popular with a crowd than Muhammad (who read Old Testament stories out loud to them). The prophet then cursed Nasser and his audience. Daniel Nathan, pseudonym of Frederic Dannay Naturalism: the movement in fiction, begun after 1850 in France, reacting against imagination and escapism in the Romantic movement. Drawing strength from biological concepts of Darwin, and Taine's social determinism, the Naturalists attempted to replace the old subjectivity with new objectivity, and reveal humans and society as acurately as subjects in scientific experiments. The leaders included Balzac, Flaubert, and Stendahl (retroactively drafted as precursors), and explicitly Daudet, the brothers Goncourt, Maupassant, and (also acting as chief theoretician) Zola. The movement spread to England, with George Gissing, Thomas Hardy, Samuel Butler, and Somerset Maugham. In America, the movement accreted Stephen Crane (at least at first, in "Maggie: A Girl of the Streets"), Frank Norris, Jack London (who also intentionally wrote Science Fiction), Theodore Dresier, and James T. Farrell. It was briefly important in Germany (1882-1891), and perhaps earliest in Russia (Vissarion Belinksi, circa 1840). Today's division between Fantasy and Science Fiction is, historically, an outgrowth of the struggle between Romanticism and Naturalism. In the late 20th Century, various writers deliberately tried to bridge the gap. Erika Nau: Historical Romance Novels: * Angel in the Rigging Lee Naughton: Historical Romance Novels: * Sand Through My Fingers [HR-2236, Feb 1979] Eileen Nauman: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Beginnings [Apr 1989] * Night Flight [May 1990] * My Only One [HAR-385, Apr 1991] * Touch the Heavens [HT-51, Mat 1985] * Dare to Love [HT-76] * The Right Touch [HT-101, Apr 1986] Historical Romance Novels: * Hostage Heart [Dec 1987] Michael Nava: Gay Science Fiction novelist: Books: * Goldenboy [1988] winner of 1989 Lambda Award for Gay Men's Mystery/Science Fiction Nonfiction: * "Created Equal: Why Gay Rights Matter to America" [1994] co-author Robert Dawidoff Yvonne Navarro: Member of Romance Writers of America; Romance Novels: * {to be done} Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America; Member of Horror Writers of America Yvonne Novels: * Afterage [Bantam, 1993] ISBN 0-553-56358-0 * Deadrush [Bantam, 1995] ISBN 0-553-56359-9 * Species [Bantam UK, 1995] Novelization of film {hotlink to be done} ISBN 0-553-50389-8 * Aliens: Music of the Spears [Bantam Books, 1996; Millennium, 1997] ISBN 1-85798-486-2 * Final Impact [Bantam, 1997] ISBN 0-553-56360-2 Short Fiction: * "Zachary's Glass Shoppe" [Deathrealm, Fall/Winter 1989] * "Memories" [Pulphouse, No.7: Spring 1990] * "Feeding the Masses" [Eldritch Tales, Summer 1992] * "AfterAge (Excerpt)" [The Silver Web, Winter/Spring 1993] * "Touch Me" [Selling Venus, ed. Cecilia Tan, Circlet Press, 1995] ISBN 1-885865-05-8 * "This House" [100 Wicked Little Witch Stories, ed. Stefan R. Dziemianowicz, Robert Weinberg, and Martin H. Greenberg, Barnes & Noble, 1995] ISBN 1-56619-762-7 , $7.98, hc] * "Folds of the Faithful" [100 Vicious Little Vampire Stories, ed. Stefan R. Dziemianowicz, Robert Weinberg, and Martin H. Greenberg, Barnes & Noble, 1995] ISBN 1-56619-558-6 * "Dead Times" (excerpt) [Palace Corbie Volume Six, Merrimack Books, 1996] ISBN 1-888283-03-3 * "The Best Years of My Life" [100 Vicious Little Vampire Stories, ed. Stefan R. Dziemianowicz, Robert Weinberg, and Martin H. Greenberg, Barnes & Noble, 1995] ISBN 1-56619-558-6 * "Pictures Within" [White Knuckles, #5, 1996] * "One Among Millions" [The Many Faces of Fantasy, ed. Richard Gilliam, World Fantasy Convention 1996] e-mail Yvonne Navarro e-mail Yvonne Navarro old, invalid Jacqueline Navin: Historical Romance Novels: * The Bliss [Jan 2003] * Meet Me at Midnight [May 2001] * The Maiden and the Warrior [HH-403, Mar 1998] * The Flower and the Sword [HH-428, Sep 1998] * A Rose at Midnight [HH-447, Feb 1999] * Strathmere's Bride [HH-479, Oct 1999] * One Christmas Night: A Wife for Christmas [HH-487, Dec 1999] * The Viking's Heart [HH-515, June 2000] * The Sleeping Beauty [HH-578, Sep 2001] Nicholas Nayfack (1909-1958) American film producer of "Forbidden Planet" a Science Fiction Romance based on Shakespeare's "The Tempest" Clare Naylor: Romance Novels: * Dog Handling [Apr 2002] * Love: A User's Guide [July 1999] Gloria Naylor: novelist: * Mama Day [Ticknor & Fields, 1988] $17.95 Phyllis Naylor: Romance Novels: * Revelations Vera Nazarian: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Vera Nazarian Lenora Nazworth: Fantasy Romance Novels: * Carly's Song [LAT, Jan 1996] Time Travel Romance Novels: * Home Again, Apr 1997] Return to Romance Authors N Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ne..."

Fiona Neal: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Rx for Love [Petite Romantique, Feb 2003] Hilary Neal: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Tread Softly, Nurse [HR-662, 1962] * Factory Nurse [HR-812, Apr 1964] * Charge Nurse / Mr. Sister [HR-931, July 1965] * Nurse Meg's Decision [HR-1034, Aug 1966] Linda Neale: Historical Romance Novels: * The Briar Rose Rebecca Neason: * Star Trek: The Next Generation No.27: Guises of the Mind [Pocket Books] The Necessary Angel: 1951 essay collection by Wallace Stevens, attempting to relate reality to imagination, as a theory of poetry. See "Fancy", "Naturalism" Necromancy: telling the future by consulting the spirits of the dead; two to five millennia ago this was not Black Magic as such (i.e. Odysseus and the shade of Tiresias, or the woman who practices necromancy for King Saul with the spirit of Samuel); but within the past two millennia this activity is politically incorrect, and the woman referred to in Samuel is now called "The Witch of Endor" -- the only witch mentioned by name in the Bible, indicating that this term has slipped from Fantasy into Horror... Necronomicon: see H. P. Lovecraft Nectar: classical mythology has this as the drink of the Gods; their food was Ambrosia Needful Things: (1) Stephen King novel [1991]; (2) Fantasy/Horror movie [1993] Linda Needham: Member of Romance Writers of America; Historical Romance Novels: * The Bride Bed [Oct 2002] * Ever His Bride [July 1997] * For My Lady's Kiss [Feb 1997] * Her Secret Guardian [Apr 1998] * The Maiden Bride [Apr 2000] * My Wicked Earl [Aug 2001] * The Pleasure of Her Kiss [Nov 2003] * The Wedding Night [May 1999] Linda Needham's Home Page Henry Neele: 19th Century fantasist: * "The Magician's Visitor" (1828) [Tales of the Wandering Jew, ed. Brian Stableford, Dedalus, 1991] ISBN 0-946626-71-5, 8.99, trade paperback Betty Neels: Prolific Romance author; Contemporary Romance Novels: * A Match for Sister Maggy [Jan 2002] * Visiting Consultant [Oct 2001] * A Christmas Proposal [AN-323, Nov 1997] * A Christmas Romance [AN-463, Nov 2000] * Dearest Eulalia [AN-522, Nov 2001] * Heaven Round the Corner [HPR-35, date?] * Sister Peters in Amsterdam [HR-1361, Jan 1970] * Nurse in Holland / Amazon in an Apron [HR-1385, Apr 1970] * Surgeon from Holland / Blow Hot, Blow Cold [HR-1409, July 1970] * Nurse Harriet Goes to Hollywood / Tempestuous April [HR-1441, Nov 1970] * Damsel in Green [HR-1465, Feb 1971] * Fate is Remarkable [HR-1498, June 1971] * Tulips for Augusta [HR-1529, Oct 1971] * Tangled Autumn [HR-1569, Mar 1972] * Wish With the Candles [HR-1593, June 1972] * Victory for Victoria [HR-1625, Oct 1972] * The Fifth Day of Christmas [HR-1641, Dec 1972] * Saturday's Child [HR-1666, Mar 1973] * Cassandra by Chance [HR-1689, June 1973] * Three for a Wedding [HR-1705, Aug a973] * Winter of Change [HR-1737, Dec 1973] * Stars Through the Mist [HR-1761, Mar 1974] * Enchanting Samantha [HR-1777, May 1974] * Uncertain Summer [HR-1801, Aug 1974] * The Gemel Ring [HR-1817, Oct 1974] * Almost five times as many 1975-present {to be done} Betty Neels's Fan Page Esther Neely: Gothic Romance Novels: * Chateau Laurens * The Moon Cat * South Wind Cary Neeper, pseudonym of Carolyn Neeper: * A Place Beyond Man [Scribners, 1975; Dell] Mindy Neff: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Contemporary Romance Novels: * "The Bachelors of Shotgun Ridge" series * A Family Man [HAR-644, Aug 1996] * Adam's Kiss [HAR-663, Jan 1997] * The Bad Boy Next Door [HAR-679, May 1997] * They're the One! [HAR-711, Jan 1998] * A Bachelor for the Bride [HAR-739, Aug 1998] * The Cowboy is a Daddy [HAR-759, Jan 1999] * Suddenly a Daddy [HAR-769, Apr 1999] * The Virgin and Her Bodyguard [HAR-795, Oct 1999] * The Playboy and the Mommy [HAR-800, Nov 1999] * A Pregnancy and a Proposal [HAR-809, Jan 2000] * The Rancher's Mail-Order Bride [HAR-830, June 2000] * The Playboy's Own Miss Prim [HAR-834, June 2000] * The Horseman's Convenient Wife [HAR-838, Aug 2000] * The Secretary Gets Her Man [HAR-857, Jan 2001] * Cheyenne's Lady [HAR-898, Nov 2001] * The Doctor's Instant Family [HAR-902, Dec 2001] * Preacher's In-Name-Only Wife [HAR-906, Jan 2002] * The McCallum Quintuplets: Delivered With a Kiss [HAR-909, Feb 2002] * In the Enemy's Embrace [HAR-925, June 2002] * The Inconveniently Engaged Prince [HAR-946, Nov 2002] * Courted by a Cowboy [HAR-993, Nov 2003] * Surprised by a Baby [HAR-998, Dec 2003] E-mail Mindy Neff Carla Neggers: Member of Romance Writers of America; Romantic Suspense Novels: * The Cabin [Jan 2002] * The Carriage House [Feb 2001] * Cold Ridge [date?] * The Harbor [Jan 2003] * Just Before Sunrise [Mat 1997] * Kiss the Moon [Mar 1999] * Night Scents [Aug 1997] * On Fire [Nov 1999] * A Rare Chance [Oct 1996] * Stonebrook Cottage [Aug 2002] * The Waterfall [May 2000] * White Hot [July 1998] * Shelter island [AN-631, July 2003] Contemporary Romance Novels: * Claim the Crown [Apr 1987] * Finding You [Mar 1996] * Tempting Fate [Mar 1993] * Tricks of Fate [AN-55, June 1995] * Husband for Hire [AN-135, Jan 1996] * Southern Comfort [CER-296, Dec 1984] * Apple of My Eye [CER-312, Feb 1985] * Interior Designs [CER-361, Aug 1985] * Dancing Season [FMR-xxx, Mar 1983] * Captivated [HT-108, May 1986] * Trade Secrets [HT-162, July 1987] Historical Romance Novels: * Outrageous Desire [Aug 1983] Many More Romance Novels: * {to be done} Carla Neggers's Home Page Barbara Neil: Regency Romance Novels: * Lessons for a Lady [HRE-21, Mar 1990] * The Celebrated Miss Neville [HRE-30, July 1990] * Lucy's Scoundrel [HRE-41, Jan 1991] * Bella [HRE-72, Apr 1992] * Mask of White Satin [HRE-87, Dec 1992] * Gentleman Rogue [HRE-103, Aug 1993] Contemporary Romance Novels: * Someone Wonderful Joanna Neil: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Tender Liaison [Apr 2001] * A Reckless Loving [HRS-82, Mar 1991] * Wild Heart [HRS-92, Aug 1991] * Flame of Love [HRS-258, Nov 1995] Sarah Neilan: Contemporary Romance Novels: * An Air of Glory * The Braganza Pursuit * Paradise Marguerite Neilson: Gothic Romance Novels: * The Bride of Alderburn * The Dark Path Stella Frances Nel: Contemporary Romance Novels: * A Singing Bird [HR-1559, Jan 1972] * Golden Harvest [HR-1708, Aug 1973] * Destiny is a Flower [HR-1743, Dec 1973] Judith Nelson: Regency Romance Novels: * The Accidental Match [Nov 1995] * Beau Guest [Feb 1990] * Instructing Arabella [May 1992] * Julianna [Mar 1989] * Kidnap Confusion [Aug 1987] * Lady's Choice [June 1990] * The Merry Chase [Apr 1988] * Patience is a Virtue [Aug 1989] * Two Hearts Trump [Dec 1983] * Christmas at Wickly [AN-159, Nov 1991] Louella Nelson: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Mail-Order Mate [HAR-214, Sep 1987] * Emerald Fortune [HAR-379, Feb 1991] * Days of Fire [HAR-479, Mar 1993] * Sentinel at Dawn [HS-96, Jan 1984] * Freedom's Fortune [HS-128, Aug 1984] Marguerite Nelson: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Air Stewardess [date?] * Dr. Gail's Dilemma [VAL-146] * Far Are the Hills [VAL-309] Mildred Nelson: Gothic Romance Novels: * The Island Rachelle Nelson: Member of Romance Writers of America; Historical Romance Novels: * A Cherished Reward [July 1996] * Heartbound [Mar 1997] * The Flirt [S&D-4, Dec 1995] Rachelle Nelson's Home Page Rhonda Nelson: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Just Toying Around? [HBZ-75, Feb 2003] * Show & Tell [HBZ-81, Apr 2003] * Picture Me Sexy [HBZ-115, Dec 2003] * Breathtaking [PRG-192, Mar 1999] * The Perfect Proposal [PRG-233, Nov 1999] * My Funny Valentine [PRG-297, Aug 2000] * Double Dare [PRG-320, Oct 2000] Valerie K. Nelson: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Young Nurse Payne / Conduct Unbecoming [HR-714, 1963] * Verena Fayre, Probationer [HR-744, 1963] * Nurse Ann Wood [HR-764, 1963] * The Starched Cap [HR-793, Feb 1964] * Second Year Nurse / The Second Year [HR-818, May 1964] * Nurse Annabel [HR-834, July 1964] * Nurse Julia of Queen Frida's / The Fair Stranger [HR-852, Sep 1964] * Two Sisters [HR-890, Feb 1965] * Substitute Nurse [HR-940, Aug 1965] * Nurse Jane and Cousin Paul [HR-961, Nov 1965] * The Girl from Over the Sea [HR-1590, May 1972] Larry Nemecek: * The Star Trek the Next Generation Companion [Pocket, Nov 1992] ISBN 0-671-79460-4, $13.00, 213pp, trade paperback nonfiction episode guide [Simon & Schuster UK, Nov 1992] ISBN 0-671-79460-4, 9.99, 214pp, trade paperback [Pocket, May 1995] ISBN 0-671-88340-2, $14.00, 339pp, trade paperback Revised/updated, now includes "Star Trek Generations" movie Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures Nemesis: righteous anger, as personified in Greek mythology Cindy Nemser: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Eve's Delight Nepenthe: [from Greek "ne" (not) + "penthos" (grief)] The Odyssey [iv.228] mentions this drug from Egypt, and Edgar Allan Poe cites it in the poem "The Raven": Quaff, oh quaff this kind Nepenthe and forget the lost Lenore." Nephelococcygia: a.k.a. "Cloud-cuckoo-land" in "The Birds" by Aristophanes John A. Nephew: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail John A. Nephew e-mail John A. Nephew old, invalid? Nephthys: Goddess of Egypt, wife/sister of Set Neptune: (1) Roman sea-god; (2) the planet named after him Nereids: Greek mythology's 50 sea-nymphs, daughters of Doris and Nereus Nergal: God-King of the underworld, in Sumerian mythology, son of Enlil and Ninlil Penelope Neri: prolific Romance author; Historical Romance Novels: * Beloved Scoundrel [Mar 1986] * Bold Breathless Nights [Oct 1989] * Cherish the Night [Feb 1992] * Crimson Angel [Mar 1986] * Desert Captive [Sep 1988] * Enchanted Bride [date?] * Forever and Beyond [Zebra, Sep 1990] ISBN 0-8217-3115-7, $4.95, 480pp, paperback Romance/Time Travel modern white woman falls in love with Comanche warrior * Forever in His Arms [Sep 1990] * Hearts Enchanted [Sep 1984] * Highland Lovesong [June 2000] * Jasmine Paradise [date?] * Keeper of My Heart [Jan 2000] * The Love Within [June 1997] * Loving Lies [June 1987] * Master of Midnight [Dec 1995] * Midnight Captive [Mar 1989] * No Sweeter Paradise [Feb 1993] * Obsession [Apr 2003] * Passion's Betrayal [May 1985] * Passion's Rapture [Sep 1984] * Scandals [Jan 1999] * Sea Jewel [Sep 1986] * Silver Rose [Jan 1988] * Stolen [Jan 1998] * This Stolen Moment [June 1994] * The Christmas Carousel [AN-48, Dec 1996] * Hidden Treasures [AN-105, Dec 1995] * Sinfully Sweet [AN-251, Nov 1997] * Seducing Sydnee [AN-405, Feb 2000] * Moonshadow [LCG-xxx, May 2001] Fantasy Romance Novels: * Enchanted [Oct 1993] Nerthus, a.k.a. Hertha: Mother Earth/fertility goddess, either German or Scandinavian, as cited in Tacitus Gerard de Nerval: pseudonym of Gerard Labrunie (1808-1855): journalist and poet of FRANCE, who bridged the gap from Romanticism to Symbolism; various poems and short stories that mix Fantasy, Tarot, Alchemy, Mythology in a very high density of images and allusions E. Nesbit, Edith Nesbit [Mrs. Edith Bland] (1858-4 May 1924): British novelist and children's book author, best known for the fine Fantasy series about the "Bastable" family: * The Five Children (New York: Coward McCann, 1930) * The FIve Children and It (London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1902) * The Phoenix and the Carpet (London: Macmillan, 1904) * The Story of the Amulet (New York: Dutton, 1907) * Grim Tales [1893] Horror story collection * Something Wrong [1893] Horror story collection * The House of Arden [1908] Fabian Fantasy TIME TRAVEL * Harding's Luck [1909] Fantasy TIME TRAVEL * The Magic City [1910] based on her miniatures hobby * Fear [London: S. Paul, 1910] adult weird story collection * Dormant [1911] suspended animation Romance * In the Dark [1988] Horror story collection, edited by Hugh Lamb * The Cockatoucan [London: Macdonald, 1987; Dial, Apr 1988] ISBN 0-8037-0474-7, $10.95, 31pp, hardcover Children's fantasy short story, fully illustrated by Susie Jenkin-Pearce * Whereyouwanttogoto and Other Unlikely Tales [Shambhala/Barefoot Books, Sep 1993] ISBN 1-56957-904-0, $6.00, 205pp, hardcover 5 children's Fantasy stories from "Nine Unlikely Tales for Children" [Unwin, 1901], with original H.R. Millar and Claude A. Shepperson illustrations + Jonathan Cott editor's preface Miniature edition (8x12 cm.) Short Fiction: * "Man-Size in Marble" (1893) [Forgotten Fantasy, February 1971] * "The Pavilion" (1915) [The Supernatural Reader, eds. Groff Conklin and Lucy Conklin, London: World/WDL Books, 1958; Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1953] * "Atlantis" [Fantasy Stories, ed. Mike Ashley, Robinson Children's Books, 1996] ISBN 1-85487-452-7 Reference: * A Woman of Passion: The Life of E. Nesbit See "Julia Briggs" (also according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.680-690) and Locus/Contento Nessus: (1) the centaur whose blood, mixed with Hydra's poison, so agonized Hercules that he burned himself to death; (2) character in fiction of Larry Niven William Arthur Neubauer: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Assignment: Romance * Beckoning Star * Blue Waters * The Duel of Hearts * Girl of Big Mountain * The Golden Heel * The High-Country Dreamer * Love Remains * Old Covered Bridge * Police Nurse * River Song * Roses for Carol * Summer of the Shore * Sweetheart of the Air * The Darkling Love * Trouble in Ward J * Wing of the Blue Air * A Bride to Love [VAL-4225] Never Land, a.k.a. Never Never Land, a.k.a Never Never Land: the setting of J. M. Barrie's play "Peter Pan" [1904] and its prose renderings and sequels; (2) see the Imaginary Lands in LOST LANDS/LOST RACE Anne Neville: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Gold in Her Hair [COL-1] * Voices of Loving [COL-10] * Innocent Deception [COL-16] Kathrine Neville (1945-): Historical Romance Fantasist; Contemporary Romance Novels: * A Calculated Risk [date?] * The Eight [Ballantine, Jan 1989] ISBN 0-345-35137-1, $18.95, 550pp, hardcover Contemporary/Historical Fantasy/Occult Thriller chess pieces belonging to Emperor Charlemagne (see "Chess") [Headline, May 1989] ISBN 0-7472-7993-4, 6.95, 504pp, trade paperback [Ballantine, Feb 1990] 0-345-36623-9, $5.95, 598pp, paperback [Headline, Feb 1990] ISBN 0-7472-3229-6, 4.50, 694pp, paperback Historical Romance Novels: * The Magic Circle [Mar 1999] Francis M. Nevins, full name Francis Michael Nevins, Jr. (1943- ): Locus Contento lists: Stories: * {to be done} Books Authored: * Cornell Woolrich: First You Dream, Then You Die [Mysterious Press, Sep 1988] ISBN 0-89296-297-6, $19.95, 613pp, hardcover nonfiction/biography of mystery/suspense writer who also used pseudonym William Irish, and also wrote Fantasy and Horror which influenceed Harlan Ellison, Barry Malzberg, others Books Edited: * Carnival of Crime [See "Fredric Brown"] Kate Nevins: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Forbidden Rapture [SC-90, Dec 1982] * Midsummer Magic [SC-162, Dec 1983] * Spellbound [SC-191, May 1984] * Breakfast With Tiffany [SC-215, Sep 1984] * Venetian Sunrise [SC-267, May 1985] * Memory and Desire [THTH-47, Jan 1985] The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, a.k.a. The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, see Science Fiction/Fantasy TV [1976-1979] {hotlink to be done} T. P. Newark, full name Timothy P. Newark (1961- ): * the "Falling Empires" 5th Century Historical Fantasy series: * The Land of Eternal Fire [Muller, Apr 1990] ISBN 0-09-174403-2, 11.95, 232pp, hardcover Henry Newbolt, later Sir Henry Newbolt (1862-1938): British author best known in his day for patriotic poetry, now best-known for: * Aladore [Newcastle, 1975] dreamy William Morris-like medieval Fantasy P. H. Newby, full name Percy Howard Newby (1918- ): Booker Prize winner; * The Spirit of Jem [Delacorte, 1967] * Leaning in the Wind [Faber, Dec 1986] ISBN 0-571-14512-4, 9.95, hardcover, Girl obsessed with Shakespeare experiences paranormal and African politics Norma Newcomb: prolific Romance author; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Angel of the Hills * A Bend in the River * Bright Stars * A Change of Heart * Eve's Hour * Forest Creek * The Girl and the Eagle * The Green Bench * The Large Land * Love Comes Riding * Memo of the Heart * A Nurse to Marry * A Questing Heart * A Singing Heart * Sparkles in the Water * This Love to Hold [VAL-168] * A Woman's Place [VAL-178] * A Special Kind of Love [VAL-186] * The Jade Shamrock [VAL-203] * Happiness Inn [VAL-233] * This Darkling Love [VAL-314] * Love Comes First [VAL-4217] * Boss Lady [VAL-4231] Alan Bard Newcomer (1946-): Fantasy author and editor; Locus Contento lists: Short Fiction (as "Alan Bard"): * {to be done} Books Edited: * Bardic Voices One [Hypatia, May 1988] ISBN 0-940841-20-7, , 183pp, hardcover original anthology, 6 Fantasies by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Ru Emerson, Mercedes Lackey, Jennifer Roberson; Limited Edition [as "Spell Singers", DAW, Dec 1988] ISBN 0-88677-314-8, $3.50, 236pp, paperback * World Horror Convention 1996 Program Book [Eugene, OR, May 1996] 128pp, trade paperback, Don Maitz cover Rosemary Newell: Gothic Romance Novels: * Star House Holly Newman: Regency Romance Novels: * Gentleman's Trade [Mar 1988] * A Grand Gesture [May 1989] * A Heart in Jeopardy [Apr 1991] * The Heart's Companion [Nov 1990] * Honor's Players [Jan 1988] * The Waylaid Heart [Aug 1990] * The Rocking Horse [AN-41, Nov 1994] Historical Novels: * A Lady Follows [Feb 1999] Kim Newman, full name Kim James Newman (1959-): Member of Horror Writers of America Kim Newman British author, broadcaster, critic, and book reviewer who started as cabaret performer; and writes Fantasy Game-related fiction under the pseudonym Jack Yeovil: Books under own name: * Nightmare Movies [1984; revised 1988] critical chronology of post-1968 HORROR movies * Ghastly Beyond Belief [1985] co-editor Neil Gaiman, a collection of the most atrocious and hilarious quotations from Fantasy and Science Fiction stories and novels * The Night Mayor [1989] Hard Boiled Detective/CYBER PUNK * Bad Dreams [1990] contemporary Urban Dark Fantasy, see: CITIES OF THE FUTURE * Jago [1991] see "Apocalypse" * Anno Dracula [1992] ALTERNATE WORLD where the Victorian world is taken over by Vampires * The Bloody Red Baron [1995] sequel to Anno Dracula * The Quorum [1994] see "Faust" * Wild West Movies [1990] nonfiction/reference (also according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.682) Mona Newman: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Night of a Thousand Stars [AH-101] Sharan Newman (1949-): born Sharan Elizabeth Hill; Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America also author of Mystery/Detective, Historical, and Young Adult novels: * The Dagda's Harp [1977] Young Adult * the "Guinevere" Arthurian Fantasy series: (see King Arthur) * Guinevere [St. Martin's, 1981] * The Chessboard Queen [St. Martin's, 1983] * Guinevere Evermore [1985] * Death Comes as Epiphany [1993] Mystery/Detective * The Devil's Door [1994] e-mail Sharan Newman e-mail Sharan Newman old, invalid? The New Original Wonder Woman: Fantasy TV movie [1975] starring Lynda Carter Muriel Newsome: also writes Mystery; Gothic Romance Novels: * Curse of the Moors * The Secret of Montroth House * Watchful Eyes Return to Authors N Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ni..."

C. W. Nichol: Historic Romance Novels: * Harpoon [date?] Anna Nicholas, full name Anna Katherine Nicholas (1917-): Locus/Contento lists: * Out of the Past: The Indiana Ghost Stories of Anna Nicholas [Ghost Story Society, Dec 1991] no ISBN, no price, 30pp, 3 ghost stories, edited/introduced by Jessica Amanda Salmonson (see Jessica Amanda Salmonson) Deborah Nicolas: Member of Romance Writers of America; also writes Mystery; website; Romantic Suspense Novels: * Night Vision [Apr 1993] * Shattered Reflections [June 1996] * Silent Sonata [Dell, May 1994] ISBN 0-440-21354-1, $4.99, 390pp, paperback Occult/Romance, classical pianist possessed by dead composers' spirits (whose bodies are, pardon the pun, de-composing) Robin Nicolas: Contemporary Romance Novels: * The Cowboy and His Lady [SR #1017, June 1994] * Wranger's Wedding [SR #1149, Apr 1996] * Man Wife and Little Wonder [SR #1301, June 1998] * Cowboy Dad [SR #1327, Oct 1998] * Engaged to the Doctor [SR #1418, Jan 2000] * No Place Like Home [SR #1508, Mar 2001] Aeleta Nichols: Gothic Romance Novels: * The Third Child Beverley Nichols, full name John Beverley Nichols (1898-1983): British author with fast-start career, best-selling books on gardening, listed here for: * "When the Crash Comes" (play) [Failures: Three Plays, 1933] communists conquer Great Britain, see POLITICS * The Tree that Sat Down [1945] juvenile Fantasy * The Stream that Stood Still [1948] juvenile Fantasy * The Mountain of Magic: A Romance for Children [1950] juvenile Fantasy (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.684) Charlotte Nichols: also known as Anne Knoll; also known as Patricia Knoll; Contemporary Romance Novels: * For the Love of Mike [SI #18, Sep 1984] * Eye of the Beholder [SR #403, Dec 1985] Elaine Nichols: Member of Romance Writers of America; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Cowgirl Be Mine [SSE #1428, Oct 2001] Elaine Nichols's Home Page E-mail Elaine Nichols Lauren Nichols: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Accidental Heiress [SIM #840, Feb 1998] * Accidental Hero [SIM #893, Nov 1998] * Accidental Father [SIM #994, Mar 2000] * Bachelor in Blue Jeans [SIM #1164, July 2002] * Run to Me [SIM #1271, Jan 2004] Linda Nichols: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Handyman [Feb 2000] Mary Nichols: Historical Romance Novels: * The Honourable Earl [HHS #124, Sep 2003] Nadia Nichols: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Across a Thousand Miles [HS #1043, Feb 2002] * Montana Dreaming [HS #1085, Sep 2002] * Buffalo Summer [HS #1138, June 2003] Nichelle Nichols: actress famous for "Uhura" role in Star Trek; a tireless speaker to minority and women's groups as a positive role model; a kind and decent woman who also once agreed to endorse me in my run for National Space Society Board of Directors; as an author: * Beyond Uhura: Star Trek and Other Memories [Putnam, Jan 1995] ISBN 0-399-13993-1, $22.95, 320pp, hardcover autobiography [Boxtree, Feb 1995] ISBN 0-7522-0839-X, 15.99, 320pp, hardcover [Boxtree, Dec 1995] ISBN 0-7522-0787-3, 9.99, 320pp, trade paperback * Saturn's Child (co-author Margaret Wander Bonanno) [Ace, Oct 1995] ISBN 0-399-14113-8, $21.95, 340pp, hardcover Science Fiction/Romance, First Contact [Ace, Nov 1996] ISBN 0-441-00384-2, $5.99, 342pp, paperback Pamela Nichols: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Escape to Romance Ruth Nichols, full name Ruth Joanne Nichols (1948-): Children/Young Adult Fantasist of CANADA * A Walk Out of the World [Harcourt Brace & World, 1969; Ace, Feb 1986] ISBN 0-441-87133-X, $2.75, 138pp, paperback Children's/Young Adult Fantasy * The Marrow of the World [1972] Children's/Young Adult Fantasy * Song of the Pearl [1976] Children's/Young Adult Fantasy * The Left-Handed Spirit [1978] Children's/Young Adult Fantasy * The Burning of the Rose [St. Martin's, Dec 1989] ISBN 0-312-03299-4, $18.95, 341pp, hardcover supernatural/historical with Renaissance Italy and Normandy settings [and clearly in ROMANCE genre] (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.685; and Locus/Contento) Romance Novels: * The Burning of the Rose [St. Martin's, Dec 1989] ISBN 0-312-03299-4 Sarah Nichols: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Amy Marsh in Copenhagen * Amy Marsh in London * Amy Marsh, Star Nurse * Amy Marsh, TV Nurse Gothic Romance Novels: * Charity * The Clouded Moon * Elspeth * Fleur * Grave's Company * House of Rancour * The Moon Dancers * Nell * Rachael * Rosemary for Remembrance * Satan's Spring * Serpent's Tooth * Silsby * The Sun;ess Day * That Dark Inn * Tracey * Valerie * The Very Dead of Winter * Widow's Walk Suzanne Nichols: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Rings of Gold [HS #392, Feb 1990] * Satin Whispers [HS #458, July 1991] Allan Nicholson: Locus/Contento list: * Way of the Water's Going: Images of the Northern California Coastal Range (co-authors Ursula K. Le Guin, Ernest Waugh) See "Ursula K. Le Guin" Christina Nicholson: also known as Daniel Adams; also known as Leslie Arlen; also known as Robin Cade; also known as Max Marlow; also known as Christopher Nicole; also known as Alison York; Historical Romance Novels: * The Power and the Passion * The Queen of Paris * The Savage Sands Meredith Nicholson: Historical Romance Novels: * The Cavalier of Tennessee Peggy Nicholson: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Hartz and Flowers * The Darling Jade * Run So Far * Dolphins for Luck * Tender Offer * Burning Dreams * Checkmate * Pure and Simple * The Truth About George * Soft Lies, Summer Nights * Child's Play * The Light Fantastic * You Again * The Twenty-third Man * The Scent of a Woman * Don't Mess with Texans * Her Bodyguard * The Baby Bargain * True Heart * The Wildcatter * Kelton's Rules Sam Nicholson, pseudonym of Shirley Nikolaisen Meryl Nickels: also known as Meryl Sawyer [Mystery/Suspense]; Historical Romance Novels: * Love's Lying Eyes [Jan 1990] Liz Nickles: Contemporary Romance Novels: * All the Time in the World [Jan 2000] * Baby, Baby * Hype Janet Nickoles: Historical Romance Novels: * White Roses Hilda Nickson: Contemporary Romance Novels: * A Kiss for Elaine * roughly 23 book titles [1960-1989] mostly Medical Romance Jeanne Nickson: Historical Romance Novels: * Shadow of the Condor [Sep 1994] * Tears of the Moon Claudette Nicole: also known as Colleeen Moore; also known as Pamela Windsor; Gothic Romance Novels: * Bloodroots Manor * The Chinese Letter * Circle of Secrets * The Dark Mill * Dark Whispers * The Haunted Heart * The Haunting of Drumroe * House at Hawk's End * The Mistress of Orion Hall * Moonwater * The Secret of Harbor House * When the Wind Cries Christopher Nicole, full name Christopher Robin Nicole (1930): see pseudonyms "Caroline Gray" and "Max Marlow" Diana Nicole: pseudonym for Christopher Robin Nicole (1930): see pseudonyms "Caroline Gray" and "Max Marlow" Marie Nicole: also writes as Marie Charles, Marie Ferrarella, Anne Hunter Lowell, Marie Michael Romance Novels: * see above pseudonyms * In this name, some 14 series Contemporary Romance Novels Romantic Suspense Novels: * Thick as Thieves [HI #21, July 1985] * Code Name: Love [HI #30, Nov 1985] Catherine Nicolson: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Chase the Moon Virginia Nielsen: also writes Mystery/Suspense; Historical Romance Novels: * A Faraway Love [July 1982] * La Sauvage [Nov 1988] * Love's Sorcery [Oct 1986] * The Marriage Contract [Aug 1980] * Secrets of Bellefleur [May 1995] * Traitor for Love [Sep 1983] * To Love a Pirate [HH #161, Feb 1993] Contemporary Romance Novels: * Dangerous Dream * Marry Me, Nurse * 11 series book titles Patrick Nielsen Hayden: editor Patrick Nielsen * Starlight 1 [Tor, Sep 1996] ISBN 0-312-86215-6, $13.95, 316pp, hardcover Original anthology, 12 stories, authors: Michael Swanwick, Jane Yolen, Robert Reed, Maureen F. McHugh, others * Starlight 2 * Starlight 3 e-mail Patrick Nielsen Hayden Theresa Nielsen Hayden: Hugo Award-nominated fan writer; Locus Contento lists: Stories: * {to be done} Books: * Making Book [NESFA Press, May 1994] ISBN 0-915368-55-2, $9.95, 158pp, trade paperback non-fiction 15 essays/reviews; 500-copy Limited Edition Order from: NESFA Press P.O. Box 809 Framingham MA 01701-0203 Please add $2 postage/handling Lenore Marie Nier, died 1993 age 48, was married to science fiction author and poet F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre The Night Life of the Gods: (1) see Thorne Smith; (2) Fantasy films [1935] {film hotlink to be done} Ursula Nightingale: Gothic Romance Novels: * Bitters Wood * Dawn Comes Soon * Deviltower The Nightmare Before Christmas, a.k.a Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas: Fantasy/Horror film [1993] {film hotlink to be done} Nightmare: see "Dream" Nihil, pseudonym of P. Schuyler Miller Ekaterine Nikas: Romantic Suspense Novels: * The Divided Child Maria Nikolajeva: academic Fantasy critic; Locus/Contento list: * Magic Code: Use of Magical Patterns in Fantasy for Children [Almqvist, May 1988] ISBN 91-22-01200-1, 15.00, 164pp, trade paperback D'arcy Niland: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Dead Men Running * Woman from the Country Dorothea Nile, pseudonym of Michael Avallone; Gothic Romance Novels: * The Evil Men Do [1966] * Mistress of Farrondale [1966] * Terror at Deepcliff [1966] * The Third Shadow [1973] * The Vampire Cameo [1968] Jennifer Niles: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Sweet Talk [PRG #94, Nov 1997] * Just Josie [PRG #182, Feb 1999] Jenny Nimmo (1942 says Contento or 1944 says Clute-): British children's Fantasist, best known for the Fantasies based on The Mabinogion (see: "Mabinogion"): * The Snow Spider [Methuen, 1986] [Pied Piper, Oct 1986] ISBN 0-416-54530-0, 5.50, 144pp, hardcover [Dutton, July 1987] ISBN 0-525-44306-1, $11.95, 136pp, hardcover [Magnet, Nov 1987] ISBN 0-416-06492-2, 1.75, 142pp, paperback [Mammoth, Sep 1989] ISBN 0-7497-0139-0, 2.50, 143pp, paperback, cover is still-photo from TV adaptation [Troll, Oct 1990] ISBN 0-8167-2264-1, $2.95, 136pp, trade paperback [Mammoth, Apr 1996] ISBN 0-7497-0831-X, 3.99, 143pp, paperback * Emlyn's Moon [Methuen, 1987] a.k.a. Orchard of the Crescent Moon [Mammoth, Sep 1989] ISBN 0-7497-0140-4, 2.25, 144pp, paperback [Mammoth, Oct 1990] ISBN 0-7497-0703-8, 2.50, 158pp, paperback [Mammoth, Apr 1996] ISBN 0-7497-0140-4, 3.99, 158pp, paperback * The Chestnut Soldier [Methuen, Oct 1989] ISBN 0-416-11402-4, 7.95, 168pp, hardcover [Mammoth, Oct 1990] ISBN 0-7497-0150-1, 2.50, 167pp, paperback [Mammoth, Oct 1991] ISBN 0-7497-0991-X, 2.99, 168pp, paperback [Mammoth, Apr 1996] ISBN 0-7497-0150-1, 3.99, 168pp, paperback * The Snow Spider Trilogy [Mammoth, Sep 1993] ISBN 0-7497-1424-7, 3.99, 435pp, paperback, omnibus edition * Ulramarine [1991] * Rainbow and Mr.Zed [Methuen, 1992] [Mammoth, Aug 1993] ISBN 0-7497-1288-0, 2.99, 143pp, paperback * Griffin's Castle [Methuen, Sep 1994] ISBN 0-416-19141-X, 9.99, 183pp, hardcover [Mammoth, Sep 1995] ISBN 0-7497-2602-4, 3.50, 183pp, paperback (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.689) and Locus/Contento Nimue: see "Lady of the Lake", King Arthur Niniane: see "Lady of the Lake", King Arthur Colin Nisbet: Locus Contento lists: * Suzerains [The Book Guild, Nov 1993] ISBN 0-86332-877-6, 11.95, 192pp, hardcover Lindy Anne Nisbet: Lindy Anne Nisbet's Home Page E-mail Lindy Anne Nisbet Hume Nisbet (1849-1923): artist/author of SCOTLAND long-resident in AUSTRALIA author of almost 50 adventure/Romance novels, of which roughly 10 can be considered Fantasy: * The Jolly Roger [1892] pirates, mass hypnosis * Valdemar the Viking [1893] reincarnation * The Great Secret [1895] Hesperides LOST LANDS * The Empire Builders [1900] South Africa LOST LANDS * The Haunted Station [1894] Australian outback ghosts * Stories Weird and Wonderful [1900] story collection * Paths of the Dead [1899] * The Revenge of valerie [1900] * The Divers [1900] * A Crafty Foe [1901] * A Colonial King [1905] (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.690) Return to Romance Authors N Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Diane Noble: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; also writes Mystery/Suspense; Inspirational Romance Novels: * The Blossom and the Nettle [July 2000] * Come, My Little Angel [Sep 2001] * Distant Bells [Oct 1999] * Heart of Glass [Apr 2002] * Tangled Vines [Feb 1998] * Love Me Twice [AN #398, Feb 2000] Historical Romance Novels: * When the Far Hills Bloom [June 1999] Hollister Noble: Romance Novels: * Charles Nodier (1780-1844): full name Jean Charles Emmanuel Nodier poet, playwright, and fantasist of FRANCE * Le Vampire [1820] play based on John Polidori's "The Vampyre: A Tale" [1819] * Smarra, ou Les Demons de la nuit [1821] * Trilby, ou le lutin d'Argail [1822] * Smarra & Trilby [London: 1993] omnibus edition translated by Judith Landry (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, pp.690-691) Angela Noel: Romance Novels: * Denise Noel: Romance Novels: * Helen Noga: Romance Novels: * Jenny Nolan: Romance Novels: * Nonsense: There is considerable sense to be found in the subgenre of "Nonsense" especially after the pioneering brilliance of Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll. G. K. Chesterton insisted in "A Defense of Nonsense" [The Defendant, 1901] that Edward Lear was better, in that his non sequiturs, disjointed strangenesses, and verbal coinages (such as "runcible spoon") make for a more powerful poetry than the logical-illogical inversions of Lewis Carroll (who was, after all, a mathematician). Other notable nonsense may be found in: * A Book of Nonsense [1972] Mervyn Peake poetry * The Man Who Was Thursday [1908] G.K. Chesterton * The Thirteen Clocks [1950] James Thurber * Fire and Hemlock [1985] Diana Wynne Jones * The Kindly Ones [1996] graphic novel by Neil Gaiman * the major works of James Joyce, including "Ulysses" and "Finnegan's Wake" [1939] * truths concealed in only-apparently nonsensical utterings of Fools and Oracles (see "Fool", "Oracle") * see also "Absurd", "Magic Word", "Satire", "Surrealism" * see also "Nostradamus" (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.691) Your Humble Webmaster would like to note that a deeper analysis of Nonsense may be found through Communication Theory (as founded by Claude Shannon). When a message has been compressed or coded to make maximum use of a communications channel, it becomes statistically indistinguishable from noise. Poetry is more densely coded and compressed than ordinary prose, as in verse alone, every word, every syllable, has to have calculated effect. Hence nonsense poetry, a subset of Science Fiction and Fantasy POETRY, is meaningful and interesting precisely because it is "on the edge of chaos," where the experts on Artificial Life insist the most interesting an unpredictable phoneomena occur. Edwina Noone: pseudonym of Michael Avallone; Romance Novels: * Julian Norbert: American bail-bondsman Mystery/Detective and Science Fiction novelistwith major Romance elements: * The Lost Lemur [London: Rich Cowan, 1933] * The Jaundiced Judgment of Jupiter [London: Unicorn, 1932, introduction by John Gawsworth] W. Norbert, pseudonym of Norbert Wiener (the father of Cybernetics, and a teacher of a teacher of your humble webmaster) Lisabet Norcross: Romance Novels: * Bette Nordberg: Romance Novels: * Nordic Fantasy: {to be done} Celeste O. Norfleet: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Colleen Norman: Romance Novels: * Dee Norman: Romance Novels: * Elizabeth Norman: Romance Novels: * Hilary Norman: Romance Novels: * Lisanne Norman: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books: * the "Sholan Alliance" Science Fiction series: * Turning Point [DAW, Dec 1993] ISBN 0-88677-575-2, $3.99, 267pp, paperback, Romas Kukalis cover art, #1 of Sholan Alliance young lady with telepathy (see: EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION) and a cat-like alien Sholan who also has with telepathy on a human colony planet out of touch with Earth while being invaded by reptilian Valtegans * Fortune's Wheel [DAW, Aug 1995] ISBN 0-88677-675-9, $5.99, 646pp, Romas Kukalis cover art, #2 of Sholan Alliance * Fire Margins [DAW, Nov 1996] ISBN 0-88677-718-6, $5.99, 646pp, paperback, Romas Kukalis cover art, #3 of Sholan Alliance [DAW, Dec 1997] ISBN 0-88677-718-6, $6.99, 758pp * Razor's Edge [DAW, Dec 1997] ISBN 0-88677-766-6, $6.99, 652pp, Romas Kukalis cover art, #4 of Sholan Alliance Lisanne Norman e-mail Lisanne Norman corrected address e-mail Lisanne Norman, England Romance Novels: * {to be done} Marsha Norman, full name Marsha Williams Norman (1947- ): Locus/Contento lists: * The Fortune Teller [Random House, 1987; Bantam, May 1988] ISBN 0-553-27284-5, $4.50, 375pp, paperback thriller/clairvoyance (see: EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION) [Fontana, Feb 1989] ISBN 0-00-617493-0, 3.95, 430pp, paperback Nicole Norman: Romance Novels: * Roger Norman: Locus/Contento lists: * Albion's Dream [Faber, Apr 1990] ISBN 0-571-15425-5, 7.99, 184pp, hardcover, Alan Baker cover art, Young Adult Fantasy Yvonne Norman: Romance Novels: * Kathleen Norris: * Through a Glass Darkly [Doubleday, 1957] Andrew North, pseudonym of Alice M. Norton a.k.a. Andre Norton Jessica North, pseudonym of Jessica North MacDonald Rebecca North: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Andre Norton: Lifetime Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Andre Norton (Alice Mary Norton) Andre Norton: Index to at least 97 publications Aetheling's Grove site about Andre Norton and her books (best viewed with IE 3.0) by webmaster Maciej Zaleski Xenite Contains sites of interest to fans of Andre Norton, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and others. For further information, contact: Michael Martinez 429 Robin Meadows NW Albuquerque NM 87114 USA e-mail Michael Martinez [Xenite] by the way, my father (Samuel H. Post) published Andre Norton in paperback. Andre Norton's non-series novels and story collections include: * Android at Arms * Breed to Come * Catseye * Dark Piper * Dragon Magic * The Day of the Ness * Dread Companion * Eye of the Monster * Forerunner Foray * Fur Magic * Garan the Eternal * High Sorcery * Here Abide Monsters * Ice Crown * Iron cage * Knave of Dreams * Lavender Green Magic * Merlin's Mirror * The Many Worlds of Andre Norton a.k.a. The Book of Andre Norton * No Night Without Stars * Night of Masks * Octagon Magic * Operation Time Search * Outside * Perilous Dreams * Quag Keep * Red Hart Magic * Sea Siege * Secrets of the Lost Race * Star Gate * Star Hunter * Starman's Son a.k.a. Daybreak 2250 A.D. * The Sioux Spaceman * Steel Magic * The X Factor * Wraiths of Time Her book series included: * The "Witch World" series * the "Time Travel" series * the "Central Control" series * the "Pax" series * the "Janus" series * the "Solar Queen" series * the "Blake Walker" series * the "Jern Murdock" series * the "Free Traders" series * the "Hosteen Storm" series * the "Planet Warlock" series * the "Star Kaat" series * various historical novels, including: * Huon of the Horn [Harcourt Brace, 1951; Ace] * Shadow Hawk [Harcourt, 1960; Ace] References: * Andre Norton: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography (See bibliographer Roger C. Schlobin) * Andre Norton: A Working Bibliography (See bibliographer Phil Stephensen-Payne) Mary Norton (1903-1992): British Juvenile Fantasy author best known for "The Borrowers" series {film hotlink to be done} and the books which became the 1971 Disney film "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"; Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books: * Are All the Giants Dead? [Dent, 1975; Magnet, May 1987] ISBN 0-416-00742-2, 1.75, 119pp, Juvenile or Young Adult Fantasy [Harcourt Brace/Magic Carpet, Mar 1997] ISBN 0-15-201523-X, $7.00, trade paperback, Brian Froud cover art/illustrations rational schoolboy encounters retired Fairy Tale characters * the "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" series: * The Magic Bed-Knob [1943] * Bonfires and Broomsticks [1947] * Bedknobs and Broomsticks [1957] omnibus edition * The "Borrowers" series: * The Borrowers [Dent, 1952] Juvenile or Young Adult Fantasy [Lythway Large Print, July 1986] ISBN 0-7451-0331-6, 6.95, 208pp, hardcover Large Print edition [HBJ/Voyager, Nov 1986] ISBN 0-15-613600-7, $3.95, 180pp, paperback Beth and Joe Krush illustrations; 24th printing [Harcourt Brace/Odyssey, 1997] ISBN 0-15-209990-5, $6.00, 200pp, paperback, Beth & Joe Krush cover art [Puffin, Nov 1997] ISBN 0-140-38415-4, 3.99, 145pp, paperback movie tie-in edition * The Borrowers Afield [Harcourt Brace, 1955; HBJ/Voyager, Nov 1986] ISBN 0-15-613601-5, $3.95, 215pp, paperback, 15th printing [Harcourt Brace/Odyssey, 1997] ISBN 0-15-210535-2, $6.00, 238pp, paperback, Beth & Joe Krush cover art [Puffin, Nov 1997] ISBN 0-140-39029-4, 3.99, 189pp, paperback movie tie-in edition * The Borrowers Afloat [Harcourt Brace, 1959; HBJ/Voyager, Nov 1986] ISBN 0-15-613603-1, $3.95, 191pp, paperback, 11th printing [Harcourt Brace/Odyssey, 1997] ISBN 0-15-210534-4, $6.00, 205pp, paperback, Beth & Joe Krush cover art, 4th printing * The Borrowers Aloft [Dent, 1961; HBJ/Voyager, Nov 1986] ISBN 0-15-613604-X, $3.95, 192pp, paperback; 10th printing [Harcourt Brace/Odyssey, 1997] ISBN 0-15-210533-6, $6.00, 196pp, paperback, Beth & Joe Krush cover art, 4th printing [Puffin, Nov 1997] ISBN 0-140-39039-1, 3.99, 169pp, paperback movie tie-in edition * The Borrowers Avenged [Kestrel, 1982; Harcourt, 1982; HBJ/Voyager, Jan 1985] ISBN 0-15-210531-X, $6.95, 298pp, paperback Beth & Joe Krush illustrations [HBJ/Voyager, Nov 1986] ISBN 0-15-210531-X, $4.95, 298pp, paperback; 2nd printing [Harcourt Brace/Odyssey, 1997] ISBN 0-15-210532-8, $6.00, 365pp, paperback, Beth & Joe Krush cover art; 4th printing [Puffin, Nov 1997] ISBN 0-140-39043-X, 3.99, 286pp, paperback movie tie-in edition * The Complete Borrowers [Puffin, Nov 1997] ISBN 0-140-38416-2, 6.99, 820pp, paperback Omnibus edition of all 6 "Borrowers" books (5 novels: The Borrowers [1952], The Borrowers Afield [1955], The Borrowers Afloat [1959], The Borrowers Aloft [1961], The Borrowers Avenged [1982], and the collection "Poor Stainless") + Mary Norton introduction; movie tie-in edition * Poor Stainless [Viking UK, Aug 1994] ISBN 0-670-85427-1, 8.99, 80pp, hardcover, Justin Todd cover art/illustrations, Fantasy story collection in "The Borrowers" series [Puffin] ISBN 0-14-036897-3, 3.25, paperback Nosferatu: (1) see "Dracula", "Vampire" (2) classic German horror film [1922] {film hotlink to be done} Nosferatu the Vampyre: German/French horror film [1979] {film hotlink to be done} Not Against the Flesh: alternate title of "Vampyr" [1932] {film hotlink to be done} Not At Night: British fantasy anthology series, edited by Christine Campbell Thomson (1897-1985), published by Selwyn & Blount Deborah L. Notkin, science fiction editor; Locus/Contento lists: * The Outer Limits, Volume 1 (co-editor Roger Stewart) [Prima/Proteus, Sep 1996] ISBN 0-7615-0619-5, $12.00, 250pp, trade paperback original anthology 4 stories inspired by/based on TV episodes (original + new series), Harlan Ellison's reprinted "Soldier" + Diane Duane, Howard Hendrix, John M. Ford; Copyrighted by Outer Limits Productions, trademark licensing from MGM/UA [Boxtree, Apr 1997] ISBN 0-7522-0274-X, 4.99, 250pp, paperback * The Outer Limits, Volume 2 (co-editor Roger Stewart) [Prima/Proteus, Feb 1997] ISBN 0-7615-0620-9, $12.00, 292pp, trade paperback anthology 4 stories inspired by/based on TV episodes (original + new series), Diane Duane, Fredric Brown, Michael Marano, Richard Lupoff. Copyrighted by Outer Limits Productions, trademark licensing by MGM/UA [Boxtree , May 1997] ISBN 0-7522-0279-0, 4.99, 292pp, paperback * The Outer Limits, Volume 3 [Prima/Proteus, Mar 1997] ISBN 0-7615-0621-7, $12.00, 251pp, trade paperback anthology 4 stories inspired by/based on TV episodes (original + new series), Eando Binder (reprint) + Richard Lupoff, Michael Marano, Diane Duane (+ David Schow foreword) [Boxtree, July 1997] ISBN 0-7522-0284-7, 4.99, xiv+251pp, paperback Myra Nour: Myra Nour's Home Page Alan E. Nourse, full name Alan Edward Nourse (11 Aug 1928-1992): American physician/publisher/author best-known for medical science fiction, also was VP of Chamberlain Press, and wrote a "So You Want To Be A Doctor" series of juvenile nonfiction for Harper, including volumes on science professions (he originally intended to be a research biologist). The following paperback editions were edited and published by my father, Samuel H. Post, for MacFadden-Bartell Corporation, New York: Alan E. Nourse, "Tiger by the Tail", (50-199, 1964) Alan E. Nourse, "Tiger by the Tail", (60-309, 1968) Alan E[dward] Nourse, pseudonyms: Doctor X, Al Edwards; born Des Moines IA 11 Aug 1928, son of Benjamin Chamberlain Nourse and Grace Ogg, married Ann Jane Morton 1952, children: Benjamin, Rebecca, Jonathan, Christopher; novelist: Trouble on Titan, 1954 (Junior Literary Guild Selection) A Man Obsessed, 1954, revised edition published as The Mercy Man, 1968 Rocket to Limbo, 1957 Scavengers in Space, 1959 The Invaders are Coming, 1959 (with J. A. Meyers) Star Surgeon, 1960 Raiders from the Rings, 1962 The Universe Between, 1965 The Bladerunner, 1974 The Practice, 1978 The Fourth Horseman, 1983 Nonfiction books: So You Want to Be a Doctor, 1957, revised edition 1963 So You Want to Be a Lawyer, 1958 (with brother William B. Nourse) So You Want to Be a Scientist, 1960 Nine Planets, 1960, revised edition 1970 So You Want to Be a Nurse, 1961 So You Want to Be an Engineer, 1962 (with E. Halliday) The Management of a Medical Practice, 1962 (with Geoffrey Marks) So You Want to Be a Physicist, 1964 The Body, 1964 (with the editors of Life) So You Want to Be a Chemist, 1964 Intern, 1965 (as Dr. X) So You Want to Be a Surgeon, 1966 So You Want to Be an Architect, 1969 (with C. Meinhardt, Jr.) Atom: the Story of Physics, 1969 Ladies Home Journal Family Medical Guide, 1973 The Outdoorsman's Medical Guide, 1974 Vitamins: A Concise Guide, 1977 Inside the Mayo Clinic, 1979 The Hidden Addiction and How to Get Free, 1986 (with Janice Keller Phelps) The Elk Hunt: A Search for the Solutions to Coronary Artery Disease, 1986 Juveniles: Junior Intern, 1957 Venus and Mercury: a First Book, 1972 The Backyard Astronomer, 1973 The Giant Planets: a First Book, 1974 The Asteroids: a First Book, 1975 Viruses: a First Book, 1976, revised edition 1982 Lumps, Bumps and Rashes: a Look at Kids' Diseases: a First Book, 1976 Clear Skin, Healthy Skin: A Concise Guide, 1976 Fractures, Dislocations and Sprains: a First Book, 1978 Hormones: an Impact Book, 1979 Menstruation: a First Book, 1980 Your Immune System: a First Book, 1982 Herpes: an Impact Book, 1985 AIDS: an Impact Book, 1986 Short Story Collections: Tiger by the Tail and Other Stories, 1960 (published in England as Beyond Infinity, 1964) The Counterfeit Man and Other Science Fiction Stories, 1963 Psi High and Others, 1967 Rx for Tomorrow: Tales of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Medicine, 1971 Columnist/contributing editor 1976-, "Family Doctor" Good Housekeeping; numerous stories: Argosy, Astounding, Better Homes and Gardens, Boys Life, Playboy, Saturday Evening Post, various medical journals; B.S. 1951 Rutgers University; M.D. 1955 University of Pennsylvania; Intern 1955-56 Virginia Mason Hospital, Seattle; freelance writer 1956-58 North Bend WA; partner 1958-64 North Bend Medical Clinic; freelance writer 1964-; Member: AMA, SFWA (president 1968-69), Washington State Medical Society, King County Medical Society, Alpha Kappa Alpha; Junior Book Award from Boys Club of America, 1963, for Raiders from the Ring; Washington State Governor's Award 1966 and 1974 from Governor's Festivalof the Arts; U.S. Navy Hospital Corps 1946-48 Brenda Novak: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Novel: a literary work of some length which has something wrong with it Return to Romance Authors N Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Bjorn Nyberg, full name Bjorn Emil Oscar Nyberg (1929-): Locus/Contento lists: * Conan the Avenger (co-authors L. Sprague de Camp, Robert E. Howard) See Robert E. Howard * Conan the Swordsman (co-authors Robert E. Howard, Lin Carter, L. Sprague de Camp) See Robert E. Howard Christian Nyby, film director, died 1993 age 80, best known to science fiction audience as director of the first feature film of "The Thing" Go to Ultimate SF Film Web Guide Nyctalops: see MAGAZINES/NEWSLETTERS Harold G. Nye, pseudonym of Leo Harding Jody Lynn Nye (1957-): Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America; according to Locus/Contento, isfdb, other sources: Novels: * Taylor's Ark [Ace, Feb 1993] ISBN 0-441-79974-4, $4.99, 279pp, paperback Peter Peebles cover, Science Fiction Thriller/Medical Dr. Shana Taylor + vaccine-synthesizing dog fight galactic epidemic [Ace, Dec 1997] ISBN 0-441-79974-4, $5.99, 279pp, paperback * Treaty at Doona (co-author Anne McCaffrey) [Orbit Books, 1994] ISBN 1-85723-184-8, 4.99, paperback [Ace, 1994] ISBN 0-441-00089-4, $5.99, paperback * Medicine Show [Ace, Aug 1994] ISBN 0-441-00085-1, $4.99, paperback, 261pp, Peter Peebles cover, Science Fiction Thriller/Medical sequel to "Taylor's Ark" * The Death of Sleep (co-author Anne McCaffrey) [Science Fiction Book Club #17472, 1990] $6.98, hardcover [Baen, 1990] 0-671-69884-2, $4.95, paperback [Orbit, 1991] ISBN 0-356-20308-5, 13.95, hardcover [Orbit, 1992] ISBN 1-85723-005-1, 4.99, paperback [Orbit, 1995] ISBN 1-85723-005-1, 5.99, paperback * Crisis on Doona (co-author Anne McCaffrey) [Ace, 1992] ISBN 0-441-23194-2, $4.99, paperback [Science Fiction Book Club #19654, 1992] $8.98, hardcover [Orbit, 1993] ISBN 1-85723-129-5, 4.99, paperback * The Ship Who Won (co-author Anne McCaffrey) [Baen, 1994] ISBN 0-671-87595-7, $21.00, hardcover [Science Fiction Book Club #03563, 1994] $7.98, hardcover [Baen, 1995] ISBN 0-671-87657-0, $5.99, paperback [Orbit, 1995] ISBN 1-85723-315-8, 15.99, hardcover [Orbit, 1995] ISBN 1-85723-360-3, 5.99, paperback * The Ship Errant [Baen, 1996] ISBN 0-671-87754-2, $21.00, hardcover Stephen Hickman cover, sequel to "The Ship Who Won" Copyrighted by Bill Fawcett & Associates [Baen, Dec 1997] ISBN 0-671-87854-9, $6.99, 401pp, paperback * Waking in Dreamland [Baen, 1998] ISBN 0-671-87875-1, $5.99, paperback * The Planet Pirates (co-authors Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Moon) [Baen, 1993] ISBN 0-671-72187-9, $12.00, trade paperback Omnibus edition * the "Mythology" Fantasy/Humor trilogy: * Mythology 101 [Popular Library Questar, Feb 1990] ISBN 0-445-21021-4, $4.95, 264pp, paperback, Don Maitz cover, Fantasy/Humor Elves live in university library * Mythology Abroad [Warner Questar, Feb 1991] ISBN 0-446-36119-4, $4.50, 264pp, paperback, sequel to "Mythology 101" * Higher Mythology [Warner Questar, Jan 1993] ISBN 0-446-36335-9, $4.99, 266pp, paperback, Don Puckey cover art * The Magic Touch [Warner Aspect, June 1996] ISBN 0-446-60210-8, $5.99, 292pp, paperback, Don Maitz cover art, Contemporary Fantasy African-American youth avoids gangs by joining Fairy Godmothers Union * Piers Anthony's Visual Guide to Xanth (see co-author Piers Anthony) * The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern (co-author Anne McCaffrey) [Ballantine Del Rey, Nov 1989] ISBN 0-345-35424-9, $19.95, 178pp, hardcover nonfiction/reference to Anne McCaffrey's "Pern" bestsellers; Packaged/copyrighted by Bill Fawcett & Associates. [Science Fiction Book Club #56737, Jan 1990], $10.98, hardcover [Ballantine Del Rey, Dec 1992] ISBN 0-345-37946-2, $12.95, 178pp, trade paperback, Holly Johnson cover art [Ballantine Del Rey, Mar 1997] ISBN 0-345-41274-5, $15.00, 178pp, trade paperback, Todd Cameron Hamilton cover art * The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern: Second Edition (co-author Anne McCaffrey) [Ballantine Del Rey, Mar 1997] ISBN 0-345-41274-5, $15.00, 260pp, trade paperback, Todd Cameron Hamilton cover art, Revised/Expanded from [Del Rey, 1989]; Packaged/copyrighted by Bill Fawcett & Associates Anthologies Edited: * Don't Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear [Baen, July 1996] ISBN 0-671-87732-1 $5.99, 306pp, paperback, David Mattingly cover art, Original anthology 19 stories, theme: "mothers in space", new George Alec Effinger's "Maureen Birnbaum" story + Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Moon, Esther M. Friesner, others Short Fiction: * "Lab Rats" [1988] * "The Fleet: Counterattack" (co-authors David Drake, Bill Fawcett) [Ace, 1988] ISBN 0-441-24087-9, $3.95, paperback * "Bolthole" [1988] * "The Fleet" (co-authors David Drake, Bill Fawcett) [Ace, 1988] ISBN 0-441-24086-0, $3.50, paperback * "Looking Forward: Excerpt from Higher Mythology" [Amazing, Dec 1992] * "Looking Forward: Excerpt from Crisis on Doona" [Amazing, Feb 1992] * "The Father of His Country" [Alternate Presidents, ed. Mike Resnick, Tor, 1992] hardcover * "Way Out" [More Whatdunits, ed. Mike Resnick, DAW, 1993,] ISBN 0-88677-557-4, $4.99 ($5.99 Canada), paperback * "If the King Like Not the Comedy" [Quest to Riverworld, ed. Philip Jose Farmer, Warner Questar, 1993] ISBN 0-446-36270-0, $5.50, paperback * "The White Child" [Michael Moorcock's Elric: Tales of the White Wolf, eds. Edward E. Kramer, Richard Gilliam, White Wolf, 1994] ISBN 1-56504-175-5, $19.99, hardcover ISBN 1-56504-174-7, $5.99, paperback * "Psychic Bats 1000 For Accuracy!" [Alien Pregnant By Elvis, eds. Esther M. Friesner, Martin H. Greenberg, DAW, 1994] ISBN 0-88677-610-4, $5.99, paperback * "Theme Music Man" [Superheroes, eds. John Varley, Ricia Mainhardt, Ace Books, 1995] ISBN 0-441-00137-8, $12.00, trade paperback * "Sword Practice" [Excalibur, eds. Richard Gilliam, Martin H. Greenberg, Edward E. Kramer, Warner Aspect, 1995] ISBN 0-446-67084-7, $14.99, trade paperback * "The Growling" [Chicks in Chainmail, ed. Esther M. Friesner, Baen, 1995] ISBN 0-671-87682-1, $5.99, paperback * "Sunflower" [Lammas Night, eds. Mercedes Lackey, Josepha Sherman, Baen, 1996] ISBN 0-671-87713-5, $5.99, paperback * "Souvenirs and Photographs" [Future Net, eds. Martin H. Greenberg, Larry Segriff, DAW, 1996] ISBN 0-88677-723-2, $5.99 ($6.99 Can), paperback * "Sidhe Who Must Be Obeyed" [The Many Faces of Fantasy, ed. Richard Gilliam, [World Fantasy Convention, 1996] trade paperback * "Calling Them Home" [Space Opera, eds. Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, DAW, 1996] ISBN 0-88677-714-3, $5.99, paperback * "The Bridge Over the River Styx" [Dante's Disciples, eds. Peter Crowther, Edward E. Kramer, White Wolf, 1996] ISBN 1-56504-907-1, $14.99, trade paperback * "The Dancing Ring" [Elf Fantastic, ed. Martin H. Greenberg, DAW, 1997] ISBN 0-88677-736-4, $5.99 e-mail Jody Lynn Nye Nicholas Nye: Locus/Contento lists: * Return to the Lost World [Self Publishing Association, Oct 1991] ISBN 1-85421-110-2, 13.95, 256pp, hardcover Science Fiction/Adventure sequel to "The Lost World" by Arthur Conan Doyle Robert Nye (1939-): award-winning British poet/novelist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature; winner of The Guradian Fiction Prize; winner of the Hawthornden Prize; mostly a historical novelist but with some fantasy content: * Beowulf [Hamish Hamilton, 1983; Beaver, Nov 1988] ISBN 0-09-941930-0, 1.99, 103pp, paperback Young Adult Fantasy * Falstaff [1976] * The Life and Death of My Lord Gilles de rais [1990] * Merlin [1978] King Arthur * Faust [1980] see "Faust" (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.698) and Locus/Contento Erik S. Nylund (1964-): Erik S. Born in Los Angeles; B.S., chemistry; M.S., Chemical Physics; at Clarion West Writers Workshop, met his fiancée, Syne Mitchell Novels: * Pawn's Dream [AvoNova, May 1995] ISBN 0-380-77887-4, $4.99, 345pp, paperback, Eric Peterson cover, Fantasy mini-mart night clerk's dreams that he's a monk in a world of magic begin to impinge on his waking world [London: Hodder & Stoughton, Feb 1996] ISBN 0-340-66707-9, 16.99, 345pp, hardcover, Mick Van Houten cover art [New English Library, July 1996] ISBN 0-340-64948-8, 5.99, 345pp, paperback * A Game of Universe [AvoNova, Jan 1997] ISBN 0-380-78541-2, $5.50, paperback, 355pp, Eric Peterson cover, Fantasy: corporate assassin gambles with his soul [New English Library, Feb 1997] ISBN 0-340-64949-6, 5.99, paperback, 378pp, Mick Van Houten cover * Dry Water [Avon, Feb 1997] ISBN 0-380-97474-6, $23.00, hardcover Donato Giancola cover art, Fantasy: necromancer + witch + psychic Science Fiction writer in New Mexico alternate history struggle [Avon, 1997] ISBN 0-380-78542-0, $12.50, trade paperback [Science Fiction Book Club #15599, 1997] $10.98, hardcover * Signal to Noise [Avon Eos, 1998] ISBN 0-380-97513-0, $23.00, hardcover Short Fiction: * {to be done} e-mail Erik S. Nylund Gregory G. Nyman: isfdb lists: * "To Sweeten the Kitty" [Aberrations, Jan 1994] * "Secret Deep" [Cyber-Psychos AOD, no.5, ed. Jasmine Sailing, 1994] $4.00 (US), $5.00 (International) Nyoka the Jungle Girl: see "Tarzan"

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