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Romance Authors Beginning "O." Through "Ob"

Oaf: corrupted from the word "ouph" which means "Elf", from the superstition that unusually foolish or stupid people were Changelings, left by Fairies who kidnapped the original child; see: "Changeling" see: "Elf" see: "Fairy" Marian Oaks: Contemporary Romance Novels: * A Family for Christmas [AN-80, Nov 1992] * Lost, and Found [AN-231, Apr 1993] * Love Lessons [TLA #?, Nov 1992] * My Kind of Love [TLA #?, Oct 1994] * To Love Again [TLA #?, date?] Joyce Carol Oates: major bestselling mainstream author, with writing in several genres as well; Romance Novels: * Joyce Carol Oates Constance O'Banyon: Constance O'Banyon's Home Page Diana Oberlin: Historical Romance Novels: * Affair at Highland Terrace Oberon: (1) King of the Fairies, husband of Titania, in Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream"; (2) the name may be derived from "Alberich", King of the Elves; (3) first known print appearance is in French Romance "Huon de Bordeaux" where he is described as the son of Julius Caesar and Morgan le Fay, 3 feet tall, with the face of an angel, was King of Mommur, was gifted at birth by fairies with the power to know men's thoughts (i.e. telepathy) and to be able to instantaneously transport himself anywhere (i.e. teleportation), and that angels led his soul to Paradise; see: "Alberich" see: Angels see: "Elf" see: Heaven see: EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION Edna O'Brien (1932-): * "Number 10" [A Fanatic Heart, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1984; Mistresses of the Dark: 25 Macabre Tales by Master Storytellers, ed. Stefan R. Dziemianowicz, Denise Littl, Robert Weinberg, Barnes & Noble, 1998] Dee O'Brien, pseudonym of Marion Zimmer Bradley Eve O'Brian: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Mystery at Midnight [CER-503, Apr 1987] Fitz-James O'Brien (31 Dec 1828-6 Apr 1862) England-born American author who died in the American Civil War. Fitz-James O'Brien A gifted and influential short story author, best known for "The Diamond Lens". * Collected Stories (ed. Edward J. O'Brien) [New York: Boni, 1925] Flann O'Brien, pseudonym of Brian O Nolan (1911-1966): Books: * {to be done} Short Fiction: * "John Duffy's Brother" [Story, July/Aug 1941; Black Water, ed. Alberto Manguel, Picador, 1983] * "The Third Policeman" extract in: [Other Worlds, ed. Tim Stringer, Thomas Nelson, 1990] Gayle O'Brian: Historical Romance Novels: * Reckless Rapture [Feb 1983] Caragh O'Brien: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Master Touch [LS-881, Apr 1998] * North Star Rising [LS-887, June 1998] * To the Rescue [PRG-180, Feb 1999] * Kissing Lessons [PRG-302, Aug 2000] Darcy O'Brien: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Margaret in Hollywood Edna O'Brien: also writes Mystery; Contemporary Romance Novels: * August is a Wicked Month * Bliss * Casualties of Peace * The Country Girls * Girls in Their Married Bliss * Girls With Green Eyes * I Hardly Knew You * The Lonely Girls * The Love Object * Mother Ireland * Night * Pagan Places * A Rose in the Heart * A Selection Judith O'Brien: Fantasy Romance Novels: * The Forever Bride [Nov 1999] * Maiden Voyage [Jan 1997] Time Travel Romance Novels: * Ashton's Bride [Apr 1995] * Once Upon a Rose [May 1996] * One Perfect Knight [Nov 1998] * Rhapsody in Time [June 1994] Historical Romance Novels: * To Marry a British Lord [Oct 1997] Contemporary Romance Novels: * Five Golden Rings [AN-66, Nov 1995] * Across a Crowded Room [AN-343, Aug 1999] Other Romance Novels: * Enter the Hero [Dec 2003] Kathleen O'Brien: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Sunswept Summer [HP-1011, Sep 1987] * White Midnight [HP-1189, July 1989] * Dreams on Fire [HP-1267, May 1990] * Bargain With the Wind [HP-1355, Apr 1991] * Between Mist and Midnight [HP-1515, Dec 1992] * When Dragons Dream [HP-1600, Nov 1993] * A Forgotten Magic [HP-1642, Apr 1994] * Michael's Silence [HP-1698, Nov 1994] * Mistletoe Man [HP-1853, Dec 1996] * The Daddy Deal [HP-1897, July 1997] * Trial By Seduction [HP-1958, May 1998] * The Husband Contract [HPS-116, Nov 1999] * The Real Father [HS-927, July 2000] * A Self-Made Man [HS-967, Feb 2001] * Winter Baby [HS-1015, Oct 2001] * Babes In Arms [HS-1047, Mar 2002] * The Redemption of Matthew Quinn [HS-1086, Oct 2002] * The One Safe Place [HS-1146, Aug 2003] * Memory Lapse [HT-522, Jan 1995] Linda O'Brien: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; also writes as Linda Eberhardt; Romance Novels: * Promised to a Stranger [by Linda O'Brien] [Avon, Oct 1998] * Village Square [by Linda Eberhardt] [Jove, Oct 1995] ISBN: 0-515-11740-4 * The Lighthouse [by Linda Eberhardt] [Jove , Feb 1997] ISBN: 0-515-12020-0 Mary Ann O'Brien: Historical Romance Novels: * Gambler's Desire [July 1995] * Night Train [Nov 1994] Meg O'Brien: also writes Mystery; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Gathering Lies [Apr 2001] Romantic Suspense Novels: * Crashing Down [June 1999] * A Deep and Dreamless Sleep [Aug 1996] * Here Today, Gone Tomorrow [May 1991] * I'll Love You Till I Die [Sep 1995] * The Keeper [Oct 1992] * Sacred Trust [June 2000] * Thin Ice [Nov 1993] Fantasy Romance Novels: * Take My Breath Away [May 1997] Other Romance Novels: * The Last Cheerleader [Dec 2003] Patricia O'Brien: also writes Mystery; Contemporary Romance Novels: * The Candidate's Wife [Mar 1993] Saliee O'Brien: Gothic Romance Novels: * Bayou * Beelfontaine * Black Ivory * Blood West * The Bride of Gaylord Hall * Cajun * Captain's Woman * Cayo * Creole [Nov 1983] * Farewell the Stranger * Heiress to Evil * Night of the Scorpion * Shadow of the Caravan * So Wild the Dream * Too Swift the Tide Sofi O'Bryan: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Roman Candles Gothic Romance Novels: * The Secret of the Priory [CR-180, Sep 1975] Return to Romance Authors O Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Oc"

Mary O'Caragh: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Mirage [SR-445, July 1986] Occam's Razor: named after William of Occam (?-1349), Doctor Singularis et Invincibilis, the famous philosopher of the Franciscans, born in Ockham, Surrey, whose principle of cutting away the superfluous to arrive at the truth is often paraphrased "entia non sunt multiplacanda praeter necessitatem" (entities ought not to be multiplied except when necessary), that is, that given two hypotheses, one should choose the one which requires fewer assumptions Occult Sciences: [Latin "occultus" = hidden]: Magical arts: see: "Alchemy" see: "Astrology" see: "Divination" see: "Palmistry" Oceanids: sea-nymphs, daughters of Oceanus and Tethys, to whom marners made offerings, included among whom were Doris, Electra, Amphitrite see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Jennifer O'Connell: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Bachelorette #1 [Aug 1993] Shannon O'Connell: Contemporary Romance Novels: * That Darn Cat! [SR-859, Apr 1992] Catherine O'Connor: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Yesterday's Passion [HPS-8, May 1995] * Obligation to Love [HPS-14, Aug 1995] * Mandate for Marriage [HPS-39, Sep 1996] * On Equal Terms [HPS-94, Dec 1998] * Sweet Lies [HPS-190, Nov 2002] Edwin O'Connor (29 July 1918-23 Mar 1968) American-Irish novelist, whose * The Edge of Sadness -- won the 1961 Pulitzer Fiction Prize, * The Last Hurrah" (1956) was filmed {Hotlink to be done} * Benjy: A Ferocious Fairy Tale [Boston: Little Brown, 1957] Fantasy Flannery O'Connor (1925-1964): Mainstream author with some Horror and Dark Fantasies; Locus/Contento lists: * "The Comforts of Home" [Kenyon Review, Fall 1960; The Best Horror Stories, ed. Anon., BDD/Mallard Press, 1990] * "Good Country People" [A Good Man Is Hard to Find, Harcourt, 1955; The Dark Descent, ed. David G. Hartwell, Tor, 1987; The Dark Descent: The Medusa in the Shield, ed. David G. Hartwell, Grafton, 1990; The Dark Descent #2: The Medusa in the Shield, ed. David G. Hartwell, Tor, 1991] * "Judgement Day" [1956] [Witches' Brew, ed. Marcia Muller & Bill Pronzini, Macmillan, 1984] * "The River" [The Sewanee Review, July 1953; Mistresses of the Dark: 25 Macabre Tales by Master Storytellers, ed. Stefan R. Dziemianowicz, Denise Little, Robert Weinberg, Barnes & Noble, 1998] Megan O'Connor: Regency Romance Novels: * Pippa [CR-563] Rebecca K. O'Connor: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Falcon's Return [June 2002] Shannon O'Cork: Regency Romance Novels: * Ice Fall * Turning Point Historical Romance Novels: * Titanic: A Love Story [June 1998] Return to Romance Authors O Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Od"

Constance O'Day-Flannery: Time Travel Romance Novels: * Anywhere You Are [Jan 1999] * Bewitched [Aug 1995] * Heaven On Earth [Aug 2000] * Here and Now [Oct 2001] * Once and Forever [Dec 1999] * This Time Forever [Jan 1990] * A Time for Love [Feb 1991] * Time After Time [Mar 2001] * Time-Kept Promises [Aug 1998] * Time-Kissed Destiny [Dec 1987] * Timeless Passion [June 1986] * Timeswept Lovers [Aug 1987] * Irish Eyes [AN-173, May 1994] Contemporary Romance Novels: * The Gift [Aug 1994] * Once in a Lifetime [Nov 1991] * Seasons [Feb 1995] * Second Chances [Nov 1992] * Sunsets [Sep 1996] Amanda O'Dell: Historical Romance Novels: * Kentucky Fire [Apr 1990] * Wanton Surrender [date?] Jeri O'Dell: Historical Romance Novels: * A Christmas Hope [AN-363, Oct 1999] * Hidden Treasures [HTSNG-467, Jan 2002] Contemporary Romance Novels: * Remnant of Victory [HSNG-413, Feb 2001] * Game of Pretend [HSNG-525, Feb 2003] Inspirational Romance Novels: * Love Afloat [AN-381, Oct 1999] * Come to My Love [AN-386, Apr 1999] * Scarlet Dreamer [AN-392, Sep 1998] Tara O'Dell: Historical Romance Novels: * My Gallant Knight [Oct 1999] * The Saxon's Daughter [Nov 1998] Sally Odgers: Sally Odgers's Home Page Jodi O'Donnell: Contemporary Romance Novels: * The "Bridgewater Bachelors" series * Still Sweet On Him [SR-969, Oct 1993] * The Farmer Takes a Wife [SR-992, Feb 1994] * A Man to Remember [SR-1021, July 1994] * Daddy Was a Cowboy [SR-1080, May 1995] * Real Marriage Material [SR-1213, Mar 1997] * Dr. Dad to the Rescue [SR-1385, Aug 1999] * The Rancher's Promise [SR-1619, Oct 2002] * His Best Friend's Bride [SR-1625, Nov 2002] * Of Texas Ladies, Cowboys, and Babies [SSE-1045, Aug 1996] * Cowboy Boots and Glass Slippers [SSE-1284, Nov 1999] * When Baby Was Born [SSE-1339, Aug 2000] * The Come-Back Cowboy [SSE-1494, Sep 2002] * The Rancher's Daughter [SSE-1568, Oct 2003] Kate O'Donnell: Historical Romance Novels: * Defy the Storm [Feb 1997] * Defy the Wind [Aug 1987] * Frontier Enchantress [Feb 1992] * An Irish Wind [Feb 1998] Laurel O'Donnell: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Lillian O'Donnell: also writes Mystery/Suspense; Historical Romance Novels: * The Angel and the Prince [Mar 1996] * Champion of the Heart [June 2001] * A Knight of Honor [Sep 1999] * The Lady and the Falconer [Aug 1998] * Midnight Shadow [June 2000[ * The Bride and the Brute [AN-275, June 1998] Maureen O'Donoghue: Historical Romance Novels: * Jedder's Land [June 1984] * Wild Honey Time * Winner Michael O'Donoghue: borderline x-rated cartoon strip "The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist" (New York: Grove, 1968). Odyssey: the greatest epic Fantasy poem of them all, by the blind poet Homer, of the adventures of Odysseus (Ulysses) trying to go home from the Trojan War. Since he is eventually reunited with his faithful wife penelope, the Romantic subplot is a major one. see: "Homer" Return to Romance Authors O Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Oe" Through "Oi"

Oedipus: (1) son of Laius (King of Thebes) and Queen Jocasta; prophecied to murder his father and marry his mother, he was exposed at birth on a mountain, but did not die as expected, instead he was rescued and reared by shepherds; he grew up to unwittingly kill his father, then solved the Riddle of the Sphinx, became the new King of Thebes, thus automatically married Queen Jocasta, and when the truth came to light, Jocasta hung herself and Oedipus ripped out his eyeballs; (2) Freud's term "Oedipus Complex" is for unconscious sexual desire by all boys for their mothers, and for the hatred of their fathers see: Greek/Roman Mythology Oenone: Nymph of Mount Ida, wife of Paris before he kidnapped Helen and precipitated the Trojan War; Oenone prophecied the horrible results of the war, and when she heard of the death of Paris, she committed suicide see: "Paris" see: "Apple of Discord" see: Greek/Roman Mythology Julia O'Faolain: Contemporary Romance Novels: * The Irish Signorina * No Country for Young Men Lyn O'Farrell: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Private Affair [PRG-121, May 1998] Louise O'Flaherty: Historical Romance Novels: * The Dreamers * The Farthest Eden * Gospel Swamp * House of the Last Woman * The Innocents * Poppies in the Wind * A Tear in the Silk * This Golden Land Og: (1) Rabbinical legend says that Og was both King of Bashan, and a Giant saved from The Flood by riding on the roof of The Ark; (2) After parting the Red Sea, Moses conquered Sihon, and then fought the giant Og, whose iron bedstead was 9 cubits in length and 4 cubits in width [Deuteronomy, iii, 11]; Og picked up a mountain to throw at Moses, but Moses slayed him while struggling with the overhead burden; (3) in Dryden's "Absalom and Achitophel", Og satirically represents the corpulent Thomas Shadwell, Poet Laureate from 1688 to 1692; see: "Poet Laureate" Ogam: ancient British and Irish alphabet, with 20 letters each made with 1 to 5 strokes above, below, or through a common horizontal line; the name is perhaps related to Ogmius, a God of Gaul, said by Lucian to be like Hercules, yet who was gifted with superhuman linguistic and oratorical powers; see: "Rune" Margaret E. Nettles Ogan: also writes as Rosetta Stowe; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Ruthana [CR-560, Apr 1980] Ogier the Dane: (1) hero of medieval Romances, as recounted in the "Chansons de Geste"; son of Geoffrey (King of Denmark) where he is still the national hero, under the name "Holger Danske"; (2) some tales say that his son was killed in battle with Charlot, son of Charlemagne, and that Ogier then slew Charlemagne's nephew in revenge and had to be restrained from killing Charlemagne himself; he then returned from exile in alliance with France against the invasion of Brehus, Chief of the Saracens; (3) other tales recount that Fairies attended his birth, including Morgan Le Fay, who eventually led him to Avalon, where he lived in peace for 200 years; (4) in those tales, Morgan Le Fay brought him out of retirement to once more defend France, and then he came again to Avalon [William Morris' "Earthly Paradise (August"]; see: "Chansons de Geste" see: DENMARK see: "Fairy" see: "Morgan Le Fay" see: "Avalon" see: "William Morris" Charlot Ogilvie: Historical Romance Novels: * Love Song on a Chinese Flute Elisabeth Ogilvie: also writes Mystery; Romantic Suspense Novels: * An Answer in the Tide * Bellwood * A Dancer in Yellow * The Dawning of the Day * The Dreaming Swimmer * The Ebbing Tide * Face of Innocence * High Tide at Noon * Image of a Lover * Jennie About to Be * No Evil Angel * Rowan Head [June 1949] * The Season's Hereafter * The Silent Ones * Storm Tide * Strwaberries in the Sea * The Summer of the Osprey * A Theme for Reason * There May Be Heaven * Waters on a Starry Night * Weep and Know Why * When the Music Stopped * Where the Lost Aprils Are * The Witch Door * The World of Jennie G. Leslie O'Grady: also writes Mystery; Regency Romance Novels: * The Artist's Daughter [Apr 1987] * Lord Raven's Widow [July 1983] Historical Romance Novels: * Lady Jade [July 1981] * Passion's Fortune [Apr 1986] * Sapphire and Silk [July 1987] * Seek the Wild Shore [Oct 1989] * So Wild a Dream * Wild Woods [Sep 1987] Romantic Suspense Novels: * The Second Sister Ogre: nasty cannibal Giants in Nursery Tales, perhaps invented by Perrault in "Histoires ou Contes du temps passe'" [1697], from the name "Orcus", an alternate designation for Pluto see: "Giant" see: "Perrault" see: "Pluto" Jennifer O'Green: Historical Romance Novels: * Royal Captive [Apr 1987] Ogygia: (1) see Calypso; (2) the Ogygian Deluge, in Greek myth, came 200 years before the Flood of Deucalion, in the reign of Ogyges, King of Boeotia, shortly after the planet Venus changed its size, color, brightness, and position [Varro] Sheila O'Hallion: Historical Romance Novels: * American Princess [Oct 1989] * The Captured Heart [May 1991] * Kathleen [Dec 1988] * Masquerade of Hearts [Mar 1987] * The Ravished Bride [Sep 1992] * Fire and Innocence [TAP-35, Mar 1984] Kate O'Hara: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Summerhaze [HR-2560, July 1983] Return to Romance Authors O Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Oj"

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Romance Authors Beginning "Ok"

Janette Oke: prolific aithor of Romance fiction; Historical Romance Novels: * The "Women of the West" series * Beyond the Gathering Storm [July 2000] * The Bluebird and the Sparrow [Apr 1995] * A Bride for Donnigan [Mar 1993] * The Calling of Emily Evans [May 1990] * Drums of Change [Apr 1996] * A Gown of Spanish Lace [Aug 1995] * Heart of the Wilderness [Aug 1993] * Julia's Last Hope [Aug 1990] * Like Gold Refined [May 2000] * Love Comes Softly [1979] * Love Finds a Home [Aug 1989] * Love Takes Wing [Aug 1989] * Love's Abiding Joy [Oct 1983] * Love's Enduring Promise [1980 * Love's Long Journey [Oct 1982] * Love's Unending Legacy [1984] * Love's Unfoliong Dream [July 1987] * The Measure of a Heart [Sep 1992] * Once Upon a Summer [1981] * A Quiet Strength [Aug 1999] * Roses for Mama [Apr 1981] * A Searching Heart [Aug 1998] * Spring's Gentle Promise [Mar 1989] * The Tender Years [Aug 1997] * They Called Her Mrs. Doc [Mar 1992] * Too Long a Stranger [Apr 1994] * When Tomorrow Comes [Aug 2001] * When Breaks the Dawn [Apr 1986] * When Calls the Heart [May 1983] * When Comes the Spring [July 1985] * When Hope Springs New [Sep 1986] * The Winds of Autumn [Apr 1987] * Winter is Not Enough [Mar 1988] * A Woman Named Damaris [Sep 1991] Janette Oke and T. Davis Bunn: Inspirational Romance Novels: * The Birthright [Feb 2001] * The Distant Beacon [Mar 2002] Molly O'Keefe: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Too Many Cooks [HD-62, Oct 2001] *Cooking Up Trouble [HD-95, Mar 2003] * Kiss the Cook [HD-95, Mar 2003] Janeen O'Kerry: Member of Romance Writers of America; Fantasy Romance Novels: * Keeper of the Light [Jan 2003] * Spirit of the Mist [July 2002] Time Travel Romance Novels: * Mistress of the Waters [May 1999] * Queen of the Sun * Sister of the Moon [Dec 2001] Lady of Fire [Aug 1996] Historical Romance Novels: * Maiden of the Winds [July 2003] Janeen O'Kerry's Home Page Return to Romance Authors O Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ol"

Old Testament: the first 39 books of the Bible, taken as sacred texts from the Jewish church, and called by Christ and His disciples "the Scriptures" [Matthew, xxi, 42]; see: "Apocrypha" Zoe Oldenbourg: Historical Romance Novels: * The Awakened * Catherine the Great * The Chains of Love * Cities of the Flesh * The Cornerstone * Destiny of Fire * The Heirs of the Kingdom * The World is Not Enough Elizabeth Oldfield: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Dream Hero [HP-604, June 1983] * Second Time Around [HP-608, July 1983] * Florida Fever [HP-637, June 1983] * Beloved Stranger [HP-652, Dec 1983] * Take It or Leave It [HP-676, Mar 1984] * Fighting Lady [HP-685, Apr 1984] * Submission [HP-691, May 1984] * Rough and Ready [HP-742, Nov 1984] * Too Far, Too Fast [HP-758, Jan 1985] * The Ego Trap [HP-742, Feb 1985] * Dragon Man [HP-805, July 1985] * Sunstroke [HP-901, July 1986] * Bodycheck [HP-948, Jan 1987] * Bachelor in Paradise [HP-964, Mar 1987] * Beware of Married Men [HP-1012, Sep 1987] * Touch and Go [HP-1030, Nov 1987] * Quicksands [HP-1077, May 1988] * Living Dangerously [HP-1101, Aug 1988] * Close Proximity [HP-1132, Dec 1988] * Sparring Partners [HP-1212, Oct 1989] * Rendezvous in Rio [HP-1300, Sep 1990] * The Price of Passion [HP-1333, Jan 1991] * Love Gamble [HP-1365, May 1991] * Flawed Hero [HP-1395, Sep 1991] * An Accidental Affair [HP-1429, jan 1992] * others {to be done} Eleana Oliphant: Gothic Romance Novels: * The Haunting at Lost Lake Mrs. Oliphant, pseudonym of Margaret Oliphant (see below) Mrs. Margaret Oliphant (4 Apr 1828-25 June 1897) major supernatural novelist in Scotland. Stories still anthologized. Books deserve reconsideration: * A Beleaguered City [New York: Macmillan, 1900] * The Land of Darkness [New York: Macmillan, 1888] * Stories of the Seen and Unseen [Edinburgh, Blackwood, 190] Oliver: Paladin, favorite of Charlemagne who rode alongside Charlemagne on one side (Roland on the other); son of Regnier (Duke of Genoa, himelf a Paladin); his sister was the beautiful Aude; he rode the noble steed Ferrant d'Espagne, and his sword was called Hauteclaire Chad Oliver:
Chad[wick] [Symmes] Oliver scientist/anthropology professor/author, died 1993 age 65, best known as the leading science fiction writer on anthropological themes, with novels including: * Giants in the Dust [Pyramid, 1976] * Shadows in the Sun [Ballentine Books, hardcover, 1954] * The Shores of Another Sea [Signet, 1971] * Unearthly Neighbors [Ballentine Books, 1960] * The Winds of Time [Doubleday, 1957; Science Fiction Book Club; Pocket; Avon] as well as: * Another Kind [Ballentine Books, hardcover, 1954] * The Edge of Forever [Sherbourne, 1971] 6 stories * Mists of Dawn [Winston, 1952] juvenile and also wrote Western novels (winning a Western Writers of America Spur Award) Chad Oliver: Index to at least 31 publications Jan Oliver: Romance Novels: * Jane Oliver: Romance Novels: * Marina Oliver: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Patricia Oliver: also known as Olivia Fontayne; Patricia Oliver's Home Page Tess Oliver: Romance Novels: * Lorena Ann Olmstead: Romance Novels: * Patricia Olney: Romance Novels: * Helen C. Olsen: Romance Novels: * Thelma Olshaker: Romance Novels: * Olympia: (1) ancient name for a Pelopnnesian valley in Elis, where games were held to honor the Olympian Zeus; (2) thereupon was built the Altis, 500 feet by 600 feet, enclosing the temples of Zeus, the Heroeum, the Metroum, and other, as well as the Stadium with its baths and gymnasia; (3) hence any large structures for sporting events and exhibitions; (4) capital city of the State of Washington Olympiad: 4-year period between Olympic games; the First Olympiad started in 776 B.C., and the last (before its modern revival in Athens in 1896) started in 392 A.D. (the 293rd Olympiad) Olympian Zeus: 60-foot tall seated statue of Zeus, by Phidias, of ivory and gold, one of the Seven Wonders of the World; Pausanias [vii, 2] says that when Phidias placed it in the temple in Olympia (433 B.C.) he prayed that Zeus render an opinion, whereupon a mighty thunderbolt smote the temple but did no harm, which Phidias took as a rave review; the left hand of Zeus rested upon a sceptre, the right hand held upon its palm a solid gold statue of Victory, and gold were the robes, and likewise the four lions that held aloft the footstool; the throne was hewn of cedar, and decorated with ebony, ivory, gold, and jewels; want to see it? Sorry. It was taken to Constantinople in the 5th Century, and was utterly destroyed in the great fire of 475 A.D. Olympus: (1) actual mountain Greece, roughly 9,800 feet high; (2) home of the Gods; see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Return to Romance Authors O Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Om"

Om: (1) mystic name of God in Brahmin religion; (2) adopted by modern followers of occult arts to mean absolute truth, goodness, and/or spiritual essence; (3) charm/formula of Tibet and northern Buddhism: "Om mani padme hum" ["Om, the jewel in the lotus, Amen"] is the first phrase taught to Tibetan children, and the last words uttered by believers on their deathbeds; the lotus symbolizing universal being and the jewel symbolizing the individual soul. Mary Dolling [Sanders] O'Malley (1891-9 Mar 1974) British novelist, with pseudonym "Ann Bridge" for novel "And Then You Came" (London: Chatto, 1949) with interesting time travel to Scotland of 2,000 years ago Omar Khayyam: see Khayyam (1073-1123), Persian astronomer, poet, mathematician, best known for scientific and algebraic works until the bestselling translation by Edward Fitzgerald of "The Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam" [1859] hit the big time in the 1890s; see: "Edward Fitzgerald" see: "Persian Literature" Walter O'Meara: Romance Novels: * Omega: see Alpha Omen: [Latin] Phenomenon or strange event taken as a prognostication of unusually good or evil yet to come; augury, prophetic sign Omnibus: used in this web domain bibliographically to mean an Omnibus Volume of several of the author's novels, or poems, or plays, not necessarily all Peggy O'More: Romance Novels: * Omphale: Queen of Lydia, a very masculine Queen to whom Hercules was enslaved for 3 years, and Hercules was the submissive partner, allowing Omphale to wear his lion's robe while he cross-dressed and did the wool-spinning see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Return to Romance Authors O Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "On"

Oneiromancy: [Greek "oneiros" = dream, + "manteia" = prophecy]: divination by dreams; see: "Divination" Denise I. O'Neil: Romance Novels: * Katherine O'Neil: Romance Novels: * Reagan O'Neil: Romance Novels: * Ginger O'Neil: Romance Novels: * Jude O'Neil: Romance Novels: * Margaret O'Neil: Romance Novels: * Nena O'Neil: Romance Novels: * Noreen O'Neil: Romance Novels: * Olivia O'Neil: Romance Novels: * Suzannah O'Neil: Romance Novels: * Kyle Onstott: Romance Novels: * Return to Romance Authors O Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Oo"

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Authors Beginning "Op"

Linda Opdyke: Linda Opdyke's Home Page Malcolm Lindley Ophele: Several strange mystery/fantasy novels with the opium-addict detective "Ch'an Tao" including: * Death and the Gypsy's Jewels [London" Weidenfeld Nicholson, 1952] * Children of the Black Muskrat [New York: Aberdeen, 1955] * Dictator in Dungarees [Toronto: Longmans, 1947] Opera: the most Romantic musical form, except that the hero and/or heroine are often dead by the end, precluding the Happy Ending demanded in the Romance field. Ophir: gold-bearing region, perhaps in southeast Arabia [I Kings ix, 26-28] Joan Oppenheimer: Romance Novels: * Ops: (1) Sabine fertility goddess, wife of Saturn; later identified with Rhea; (2) jargon abbreviation for "operations", as in "Tech Ops" see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Optimism: whatever is, is right; as developed by Leibnitz (1646-1716); see: "Leibnitz" see: "Pangloss" Opus: [Latin: a work] a book or musical writing Return to Romance Authors O Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Oq"

Vithaldas H. O'Quinn, pseudonym of Hans S. Santesson Return to Romance Authors O Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Or"

Or: (1) heraldic term for gold; (2) logical choice Oracle: [Latin "oraculum", from "orare" = to speak or pray]: (1) a priest answering, under divine inspiration, a question about the future; (2) the place or temple where such was done, i.e.: * Oracle of Apollo at Delphi, Delos, and Claros * Oracle of Diana at Colchis * Oracle of Aesculapius at Epidaurus and Rome * Oracle of Hercules at Atehns and Gades * Oracle of Jupiter at Dudona, Ammon (Libya), Crete * Oracle of Mars at Thrace * Oracle of Minerva at Mycenaea * Oracle of Pan in Arcadia * Oracle of Trophonis at Boeotia * Oracle of Venus at Pahos and Aphraea, etcetera see: [I Kings xxi, 15, 35] see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Orc: (1) sea-moster depicted in Ariosto, Drayton, Sylvester, and the like who ate men and women whole; (2) whale [Milton's "Paradise Lost", XI, 829]; (3) evil ginat creatures in Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings", possibly created by magical genetic engineering Orcades: Roman name for the Orkney islands of Scotland, perhaps related to meaning (2) of "Orc", above Jane Orcutt: also writes Westerns; Historical Romance Novels: * The Fugitive Heart [June 2001] * The Hidden Heart [Oct 1998] Inspirational Romance Novels: * The Living Stone [Sep 2000] * Texas Two Step [AN #393, June 1999] * Don't Look Back [AN #509, Sep 2001] * Restoration and Romance [AN #535, Sep 2001] Contemporary Romance Novels: * The Fruits of Her Hands [HSNG #210] Rebecca Ore: (Rebecca Brown Ore) [1948-] Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Rebecca Ore Novels: * Becoming Alien [1988, Tor, 1988] ISBN 0-812-54794-2, $3.50 * Being Alien [Tor, 1989] ISBN 0-812-54792-6, $3.95 * Human to Human [Tor, 1990] ISBN 0-812-50045-8, $3.95 * The Illegal Rebirth of Billy the Kid [1991, Tor, 1991] ISBN 0-812-50672-3, $3.95 * Slow Funeral [1995, Tor, 1995] ISBN 0-812-51604-4, $4.99 * Gaia's Toys [Tor, 1995] ISBN 0-312-85781-0, $22.95 * Declaration Rules [] Oreads, a.k.a Orades:[Greek "oros" = mountain]: mountain nymphs; [Shelley's "Witch of Atlas", xxii] see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Jackson O'Reilly: also known as Reagan O'Neal; Historical Romance Novels: * Cheyenne Raiders [AIS #6] Kathleen O'Reilly: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Contemporary Romance Novels: * A Christmas Carol [HD #66, Dec 2001] * Just Kiss Me [HT #889, Aug 2002] * One Upon a Mattress [HT #927, May 2003] Historical Romance Novels: * Touched By Fire [Jan 2002] Ellen Orford: also known as Gwynneth Davies; Gothic Romance Novels: * The Bride of Raven Island * The Maze * The Sutter House Orkneys: see Orcades Orlando: Italian name or Roland, see Charlemagne, see Paladin, see Oliver Orlando Furioso: [Orlando in madness]: 45-canto epic poem by Ariosto [published 1516-1533]; see: Ariosto see: 16th Century Erica Orloff: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Diary of a Blues Goddess [Aug 2003] * Divas Don't Fake It [Nov 2003] * Spanish Disco [Jan 2003] Patricia Ormsby: Historical Romance Novels: * Joanna [MAS #18, June 1979] * Set to Partners [MAS #28, Nov 1979] * Heir Presumptive [MAS #36, Mar 1990? 1980?] * The Elusive Marriage [MAS #52, Nov 1980] * Lysander's Lady [MAS #68, July 1981] Alice Orr: also known as Elizabeth Allison; also known as Morgana Starr; Alice Orr's Home Page Romantic Suspense Novels: * Sabotage * Past Sins * Cold Summer * Camp Fear * Key West Heat * Manhattan Heat * Protect Me, Love * Heat of Passion * Dear Santa Helen Orr: Gothic Romance Novels: * Web of Days [CGS #19] Kathy Orr: also known as Catherine Spencer; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Seductive Deceiver [CER #460, Sep 1986] * The Drifter's Revenge [CER #486, Feb 1987] * An Invitation to Love [CER #522, Aug 1987] Mary Orr: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Grass Widows * Rich Girl, Poor Girl Romantic Suspense Novels: * The Tejera Secrets Sandra Orr: Romance Novels: * Dark Passions Zelma Orr: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Miracles Take Longer * In the Eyes of Love * Love is a Fairy Tale * Measure of Love * Someone Ele's Heart * From This Day * Where Fires Once Burned Romantic Suspense Novels: * Night Shadows [HI #12, Feb 1985] Julie Ortolon: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Dear Cupid [July 2001] * Drive Me Wild [Mar 2000] * Falling for You [Apr 2002] * Lead Me On [Jan 2003] Sara Orwig: Sara Orwig's Home Page Return to Romance Authors O Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Os"

Elane Osborn: Historical Romance Novels: * Desire's Moon [Nov 1991] * Silken Roses [Feb 1989] * Skylark [Nov 1990] Contemporary Romance Novels: * Shelter In His Arms [SIM #642, May 1995] * Honeymoon With a Handsome Stranger [SIM #748, Nov 1996] * The Cop and Calamity Jane [SIM #923, Apr 1999] * Which Twin? [SIM #1067, Mar 2001] * A Season to Believe [SSE #1512, Dec 2002] Betsy Osborne: also known as Barbara Boswell; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Impassioned Pretender [SC #229, Nov 1984] * The Steele Trap [SC #268, June 1985] * The Phoenix Heart [SC #288, Sep 1985] * Almost Like Being In Love [SC #320, Feb 1986] Helena Osborne: Gothic Romance Novels: * The Joker * My Enemy's Friend * White Poppy * The Yellow Gold of Tiryns Juanita Tyree Osborne: also writes Mystery/Suspense; Gothic Romance Novels: * The Ashes of Windrow * Cottage at Barron Ridge * Cry of the Whippoorwill * The Curse of Wayfield * The Dark Bayou * Dark Season at Aerie * Darkness at Middlebrook * Dwellers of Riven Oak * Fury of Fenlon * Hand of Evil * The Hidden Fury * The House on Hibiscus Hill * Menace at Brakstone * Mists of Revilla * A Nest of Hawks * Peril at Dorrough * Rendezvous at the Hallows * Shadow Over Wyndham Hall * The Shrinking Pond * Terror at Tolliver Hall * Walk With a Shadow * Web of Haefen * The Windbells of Lovingwood Liz Osborne: Historical Romance Novels: * Promises to Keep [May 1995] Louise Osborne: Gothic Romance Novels: * Keys of Hell * Rite of the damned * The Satan Stone * The Witches' Ladder Maggie Osborne: also writes Mystery/Suspense; also known as Margaret St.George; Historical Romance Novels: * Alexa [June 1980] * American Pie [Feb 2004] * The Best Man [Apr 1998] * The Pirates of Prairie Gold [Aug 1996] * The Bride of Willow Creek [Oct 2001] * Chase the Heart [Jan 1987] * Emerald Rain [June 1991] * I Do, I Do, I Do [Oct 2000] * Lady Reluctant [Dec 1990] * Portrait in Passion [Oct 1981] * Prairie Moon [Oct 2002] * The Promise of Jenny Jones [Apr 1997] * Rage to Love [Dec 1983] * Salem's Daughter [Feb 1981] * The Seduction of Samantha Kincade [Sep 1995] * Shotgun Wedding [Nov 2003] * Silver Lining [Feb 2000] * The Wives of Bowie Stone [Dec 1994] * Yankee Princess [Oct 1982] Other Romance Novels: * Flight of Fancy [RR #66, May 1984] Contemporary * A Stranger's Wife [Mar 1999] Patti O'Shea: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; also writes Speculative Fiction; Fantasy Romance Novels: * Ravyn's Flight [Nov 2002] Ossian, a.k.a. Oisin: legendary Gaelic bard, and warrior-poet of 3rd century, son of Fionn Mac Cumhall (Fingal); subject of the greatest literary hoax of poetic history, when James Macpherson (1736-1796) published [1760-1763] poems purported to be translations from original manuscripts Kate Ostrander: Romance Novels: * Dance With a Ghost * Foxfire Cove * The Ghosts of Ballyduff * The Image Seller * Ring of Darkness * The Sea Tower The Specter of the Dunes Contemporary Romance Novels: * Love's Tender Tears Ellen O'Sullivan: Contemporary Romance Novels: * The Widow and the Wanderer [MCF #2] Return to Romance Authors O Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Ot"

Patricia Ott: Historical Romance Novels: * Bitter Passion, Sweet Love Carol Card Otten: Historical Romance Novels: * Cross Roads [JOT No.?, date?] * Dream Weaver [JOT No.?, Sep 1997] * Pieces of Yesterday [JQ No.?, June 1999] Return to Romance Authors O Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Ou"

Ouida: pseudonym of Maria Louise de la Ramee' (1839-1908), prolific author of high society Romances Fulton Oursler (22 Jan 1893-24 May 1952) American editor/journalist/ novelist, managing editor of "Musical America", supervising editor of all Macfadden magazines (where my father, Samuel H. Post knew him), Mystery novelist ("Thatcher Colt" series {film hotlink to be done}) and biblical rewrite "The Greatest Story Ever Told". Under psuedonym Anthony Abbot, he wrote "These Are Strange Tales" (Philadelphia, Winston, 1948) P. D. Ouspensky, pseudonym of Petr Uspenskii Return to Romance Authors O Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Ov"

Joan Overfield: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Merle C. Overholtzer: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Nurse Loreen's Nightmare Ariana Overton: Romance Novels: * Tapestry [Twilight Times Books, Aug 1999] * Trapdoor [Twilight Times Books, Oct 1999] Ariana Overton's Home Page E-mail Ariana Overton Grant M[artin] Overton (19 Sep 1887-4 July 1930) American newspaperman/editor/ critic/novelist, in this list for being fiction editor of "Collier's" (1924-1930) which sometimes ran literary Romance stories Return to Romance Authors O Table of Contents

Romance Authors Beginning "Ow" to "Oz"

Owain: hero of 12th-Century legend, "The Descent of Owain", by Henry of Saltrey, am English Cistercian; Owain was an Irish knight of the Court of Stephen who led a wicked life but was redeemed through St. Patrick's Purgatory Ann Owen: Contemporary Romance Novels: * The Sands of Time [SR-41, Nov 1980] Ruth Owen: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Historical Romance Novels: * Gambler's Daughter [June 1999] * Midnight Mistress [Feb 2000] Contemporary Romance Novels: * Meltdown [LS-558, Aug 1992] * Smooth Operator [LS-632, Aug 1993] * The Last American Hero [LS-676, Mar 1994] * Taming the Pirate [LS-705, Aug 1994] * Sorcerer [LS-714, Nov 1994] * Body Heat [LS-763, Nov 1995] * And Babies Make Four [LS-786, May 1996] * Someone to Watch Over Me [LS-867, Jan 1998] Wanda Owen: Historical Romance Novels: * The Captain's Vixen [Sep 1983] * Deceptive Desires [Feb 1990] * Ecstasy's Fancy [Nov 1984] * Forever My Fancy [Aug 1997] * Golden Desire [1994] * Golden Ecstasy [Oct 1985] * Golden Gypsy [1987] * Kiss of Fire [Aug 1990] * Louisiana Lovesong [Sep 1993] * Moonlit Splendor [Mar 1987] * Rapture's Bounty [June 1982] * Reckless Ecstasy [1986] * Savage Fury [June 1989] * Sabage Passion [Mar 1993] * Sea Princess [Aug 1995] * Summer Splendor [Aug 1988] * Sweet Seduction [Sep 1996] * Tempting Texas Treasure [Feb 1991] * Texas Captive [1988] * Texas Magic [Sep 1992] * Texas Wildfire [Mar 1984] * Wild Magnolia [1992] * Melissa's Miracle [AN-31, Nov 1992] Marissa Owens: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Dangerous Charade [SIM-95, May 1985] Robin D. Owens: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Fantasy Romance Novels: * Heart Thief [June 2003] * Heart Mate [JML, Nov 2001] Owl: emblem of Athens and Minerva see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Ox: (1) emblem of the priesthood, associated with St.Luke; (2) one of the 4 figures composing the cherubim in [Ezekiel, i, 10] Oz: see "Wizard", see "L. Frank Baum" Cynthia Ozick: Novel: * The Puttermesser Papers [New York: Knopf,1997] 0-679-45476-4, $23.00

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