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P.S.: [Latin "post-scriptum"] written after, meaning after the book or letter was complete, the note prefaced by "p.s." was added The Five P's: nickname of William Oxberry (1784-1824), as he boasted of being "Printer, Poet, Publisher, Publican, and Player" Alison Pace: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Sweet Deception * That Touch of Magic DeWanna Pace: Historical Romance Novels: * So Close to the Flame [Jan 1989] * Surrender Sweet Stranger [July 1988] * Small Blessings [HSNG #191, Oct 1996] * The Will and the Way [HSNG #260, Fen 1998] * A Taste of Honey [JF #?, May 1999] * Where Heroes Sleep [JF #?, Dec 1999] * Beckoning Shore [JOT #?, June 1997] * Sugar and Spice [JOT #?, Nov 1996] Laurel Pace: Contemporary Romance Novels: * On Wings of Song [Harlequin #192, Mar 1987] * When Hearts Dream [Harlequin #220, Oct 1987] * Island Magic [Harlequin #312, Sep 1989] * May Wine, September Moon [Harlequin #370, Dec 1990] Historical Romance Novels: * Destiny's Promise [Harlequin Historical #172, May 1993] * Winds of Destiny [Harlequin Historical #242, Oct 1994] Romantic Suspense Novels: * Deception by Destiny [HI #112, Apr 1989] * Ghostwalk [HI #174, Nov 1991] * Broken Lullaby [HI #191, Aug 1992] * Blood Ties [HI #247, Oct 1993] Miriam Pace: Historical Romance Novels: * Delta Desire * New Orleans Christine Pacheco: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Contemporary Romance Novels: * The Rogue and the Rich Girl [Oct 1995] * Lovers Only [Feb 1997] * A Husband in Her Stocking [Dec 1997] Joy Packer: Gothic Romance Novels: * Home from the Sea * The Man in the Mews * The Moon by Night * Valley of the Vines Vin Packer, pseudonym of Marijane Meaker Pamela Pacotti: Historical Romance Novels: * Legacy of Secrets [July 1988] * Winds of Desire Gothic Romance Novels: * The Lost Heiress of Marriott Manor Trudy Pacter: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Kiss and Tell * Screen Kisses * The Sleeping Partner The golden sands of the Pactolus: King Midas, by legend, bathed in this stream in Lydia, whose gold dust was mined-out by the era of the emperor Augustus Victoria Pade: also writes Mystery; Romance Novel Series: * "A Ranching Family" series * "Baby Times Three" series * "Strummel Investigations" series Historical Romance Novels: * Ladylight [Sep 1987] * Passion's Torment [May 1985] * Reckless Yearning [Jan 1987] * When Love Remains [Mar 1983] * Tidings of Joy [AN #94, Dec 1993] * The Doubletree [Harlequin Historical #53, Sep 1990] Contemporary Romance Novels: * The Baby Bombshell [AN #605, Apr 2003] * From Boss to Bridegroom [COLT #5, Oct 2001] * The Case of the Borrowed Bride [Harlequin #588, June 1995] * The Case of the Maybe Babies [Harlequin #590, July 1995] * The Case of the Accidental Heiress [Harlequin #588, Aug 1995] * Red Hot Ranchman [Harlequin #656, Nov 1996] * The Marriage Bargain [MM2 #4, Sep 2000] * Breaking Every Rule [SSE #402, Aug 1987] * Divine Decadence [SSE #473, Aug 1988] * Shades and Shadows [SSE #502, June 1989] * Sherlter from the Storm [SSE #527, May 1989] * Twice Shy [SSE #558, Oct 1989] * Something Special [SSE #600, May 1990] * Out on a Limb [SSE #629, Oct 1990] * The Right Time [SSE #689, Aug 1991] * Over Easy [SSE #710, Dec 1991] * Amazing Gracie [SSE #752, July 1992] * Hello Again [SSE #778, Nov 1992] * More {to be done} Meg Padget: Gothic Romance Novels: * House of Strangers Lewis Padgett, pseudonym of Henry Kuttner & C. L. Moore Lewis Padgett see C.L. Moore and Henry Kuttner Padua: in Scotland, Padua was traditionally considered the seat of Necromancy, which is why Sir Walter Scott said (of the Earl of Gowrie): "He learned the art that none may name in Padua, far beyond the sea." ["Lay of the Last Minstrel, I, xi] Maxine Paetro: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Baby Dreams Betsy Page: Contemporary Romance Novels: * The Arrangement [HP #965, Mat 1987] * The Bonded Heart [HR # 2627, June 1984] * Dark-Night Encounter [HR #2704, July 1985] * The Wyomian [HR #2730, Nov 1985] Romantic Suspense Novels: * The Perfect Frame [HI #164, June 1991] Pagan: [Latin: "paganus" = a rustic]: non-Christian or heathen, probably from the old traditions and religious beliefs still holding sway in villages for centuries after Christianity was established in larger town, and because Romans referrred with contempt to civilians as "paganus", it is likely that the "miltes Christi" (soldiers of Christ) used the same militant slang [see Gibbon's "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire", Chapter xxi] Note that Jews refer to pagans, Christians, and followers of all other faiths as "gentiles" or "goyim", Mormons refer to all non-Mormons including Jews as "gentiles", crusaders called Moslems "Paynim" [from Old French "paienime", from Latin "paganismus"]; non-Maoris in New Zealand are called Pakeha, and so forth. see: "Pre-Adamite" Carole Gift Page: known for "The Minister's Daughters" series Contemporary Romance Novels: * In Search of Her Own [LI #4, Oct 1997] * Decidedly Married [LI #22, Apr 1998] * Rachel's Hope [LI #40, Oct 1998] * A Family to Cherish [LI #88, Jan 2000] * Cassandra's Song [LI #141, June 2000] * A Child Shall Laed Them [LI #150, Sep 2001] * A Bungalow for Two [LI #159, Dec 2001] Inspirational Romance Novels: * Home to Willowbrook [June 1995] * The Hope of Herrick House * The House on Honeysuckle Lane * A Locket for Maggie [May 2000] * A Rose for Jenny * Storms Over the Willowbrook Gerald W. Page: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America, Author of 50+ science fiction, fantasy, horor, humor, and mystery stories Gerald W. Page @ Dragon*Con Jake Page: pseudonym of James Keena Page, Jr. (1936-): Locus/Contento lists: * Operation: Shatterhand [Ballantine Del Rey, Nov 1996] ISBN 0-345-39721-5, $5.99, 322pp, paperback ALTERNATE WORLD where Nazi forces invade the American Southwest and battle Native Americans Kathy Page (1958-): Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books: * As in Music and Other Stories [Methuen, Nov 1990] ISBN 0-413-62430-7, £13.99, 205pp, hardcover story collection, 14 short stories, some Fantasy and some Science Fiction and some mundane * Island Paradise [Methuen, May 1989] ISBN 0-413-19690-9, £11.99, 192pp, hardcover Literary Fantasy [Minerva, June 1990] ISBN 0-7493-9071-9, £4.50, 192pp, paperback Norvell W. Page, full name Norvell Wooten Page (1903 or 1904-1961): American publicist/journalist/novelist, President of American Fiction Guild, PR guy for Atomic Energy Commission, known for over 100 Detective novels, and all but #1 and #2 of the "Spider" novels. Also wrote as "Randolph Craig" and is listed here for fantasy novels: * "Flame Winds" ["Unknown" Magazine, June 1939; Berkley, 1969] Heroic Fantasy involving Prester John * "Sons of the Bear God" ["Unknown" Magazine, Nov 1939; Berkley, 1969] Heroic Fantasy involving Prester John * "But Without Horn" ["Unknown" Magazine, June 1940] * Death and the Spider [1942 serial; 1975] Death personified threatens USA Thomas Page: * The Hephaestus Plague [Putnam, 1973; Bantam] Vicki Page: also writes Mystery/Suspense; Gothic Romance Novels: * The House of Harron The Pagemaster: animated/live-action Fantasy film [1994] involving quest through worlds of famous novels in magical library Francois Pagery, pseudonym of Gerard Klein Francis Edward Paget (1806-1882): British children's Fantasist and Fairy Tale author John Paget, pseudonym of John Aiken Violet Paget (Oct 1856-13 Feb 1935) Italy-resident English novelist/critic/ essayist, with then-famous writings on Italian esthetics and culture, listed here for her weird stories including: "For Maurice, Five Unlikely Stories" (pseudonym "Vernon Lee") (London, J. Lane, 1927) "Hauntings, Fantastic Stories" (London, J. Lane, 1906) "Pope Jacynth and More Supernatural Tales" (London, J. Lane, 1907) "The Snake Lady and Other Stories" (New York: Grove, 1954) H. Paget-Lowe, pseudonym of H. P. Lovecraft Henry Paget-Lowe, pseudonym of H. P. Lovecraft Frances Paige: also writes Mystery/Suspense; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Love Is a Stranger [June 2000] * Passions of the Mind [Nov 1999] Historical Romance Novels: * Game to Miss Cowan [June 2002] Laurie Paige: also known as Libby Hall; prolific Romance author; Romance Novels Series: * All-American Sweethearts * Seven Devils * The Windraven Legacy * Wild River Contemporary Romance Novels: * One Baby to Go, Please [AN #577, Nov 2002] * The Housekeeper's Daughter [COLT #7, Dec 2001] * The Baby Pursuit [FOT #2, Oct 1999] * The Cowboy Next Door [HD #3, June 1999] * Heartbreaker [LSCC #4, Sep 2002] * The Once and Future Wife [MM #4, Nov 1994] * Father Found [MM #9, Apr 1995] * Cheyene Bride [MM2 #2, July 2000] * Outlaw Marriage [MM2 #11, Apr 2001] * Gypsy Enchantment [SD #123, Mar 1984] * Journey to Desire [SD #195, Mar 1985] * Misty Splendor [SD #304, Sep 1986] * Golden Promise [SD #404, Feb 1988] * South of the Sun [SR #296, May 1984] * A Tangle of Rainbows [SR #333, Nov 1984] * A Season for Butterflies [SR #364, June 1985] * Nothing Lost [SR #382, Sep 1985] * The Sea at Dawn [SR #398, Nov 1985] * A Season for Homecoming [SR #727, June 1990] * Home Fires Burning Bright [SR #733, July 1990] * Man from the North Country [SR #772, Feb 1991] * Cara's Beloved [SR #917, Feb 1993] * Sally's Beau [SR #923, Mar 1993] * Victoria's Conquest [SR #933, Apr 1993] * Caleb's Son [SR #994, Mar 1994] * A Rogue's Heart [SR #1013, June 1994] * An Unexpected Delivery [SR #1151, May 1996] * Wanted: One Son [SR #1246, Sep 1997] * The Guardian's Bride [SR #1318, Sep 1998] * Lover's Choice [SSE #170, June 1984] * Man Without a Past [SSE #755, July 1992] * Home for a Wild Heart [SSE #828, July 1993] * A Place for Eagles [SSE #839, Sep 1993] * The Way of a Man [SSE #849, Nov 1993] * Wild is the Wind [SSE #887, May 1994] * A River to Cross [SSE #910, Sep 1994] * Molly Darling [SSE #1021, Apr 1996] * Live-In Mom [SSE #1077, Jan 1997] * The Ready-Made Family [SSE #1114, July 1997] * Husabnd: Bought and Paid For [SSE #1139, Nov 1997] * A Hero's Homecoming [SSE #1178, June 1998] * Warrior's Woman [SSE #1193, Aug 1998] * Father-To-Be [SSE #1201, Oct 1998] * A Family Homecoming [SSE #1292, Jan 2000] * Make Way for Babies [SSE #1317, Apr 2000] * Something to Talk About [SSE #1396, May 2001] * When I See Your Face [SSE #1408, July 2001] * When I Dream of You [SSE #1419, Sep 2001] * The Princess Is Pregnant! [SSE #1459, Apr 2002] * Her Montana Man [SSE #1483, Aug 2002] * Showdown! [SSE #1532, Apr 2003] * The One and Only [SSE #1545, June 2003] * Found in Lost Valley [SSE #1560, Aug 2003] * Christmas Kisses for a Dollar [SYT #9, Dec 1995] * Only One Groom Allowed [SYT #46, June 1997] Historical Romance Novels: * Wedding Day Vows [HH #102, Nov 1991] Leslie Paige: Gothic Romance Novels: * Dying Embers * A House Possessed * The Queen of Hearts * She Walks in Shadow Richard Paige: pseudonym of Dean R. Koontz (1945-): under this name: * The Door to December [NAL/Signet, 1985; Apr 1990] ISBN 0-451-13605-5, $4.95, 405pp, paperback psychic thriller Barry [Eric Odell] Pain (28 Sep 1865-5 May 1928): British journalist/humourist in Punch and elsewhere, and prolific Mystery fiction, especially the "Constantine Dix" series with the criminal's point-of-view. He was also prolific in Fantasy, including: * In a Canadian Canoe [1891] story collection * Collected Tales [London: M. Secker, 1916] * Going Home: Being the Fantastical Romance of the Girl with Angel Eyes and the Man who had Wings [1921] when they mate, they both become full-fledged Angels * More Stories [London: T. Werner Laurie, 1930] * The New Gulliver and Other Stories" [London: T. Werner Laurie, 1913] the title novella is Science Fiction * The One Before [1902] magic jewel switches identities * Robinson Crusoe's Return [1906, revised 1921] the hero has become IMMORTAL and is bummed out over a noisy London * Stories and Intrludes [New York: Harper, 1892] including "The Glass of Supreme Moments" with a female personified Death [see: "Death"] * Stories in Grey [London: T. Werner Laurie, 1912] * Stories in the Dark [London: G. Richards, 1901] including "The Moon Slave" and Eros/Labyrinth/Pan Horror * Three Fantasies [1904] story collection Guthrie Paine, pseudonym of F. Orlin Tremaine Lauren Paine (25 Feb 1916-?) American author with 200+ Mystery, Detective, and related genre books published, including some science fiction under pseudonym "Mark Carrell" such as nuclear holocaust novel * This Time Tomorrow [Consul, 1963] Sally Painter: Sally Painter's Home Page E-mail Sally Painter Paintings, Magical: (1) Apelles, frustrated at not being able to intentionally paint foam on Alexander's horse Bucephalus, flung his paintbrush at the picture, where it did the job so wonderfully that a real horse looked at the painting and neighed; (2) Zeuxis painted grapes so life-like that birds flew down to pick at the painting; (3) Matsys painted a fly on a man's leg, and Mandyn reached out to brush the false fly from the false leg; (4) Parrhasios of Epheseus painted such a realistic curtain that Zeuxis asked him to pull it off and show the picture it covered; (5) Myron sculpted a cow that a real bull tried to mount; (6) Velasquez purportedly painted an Admiral of Spain so photographically that Philip IV thought that the painting was the Admiral, and rebuked it for not being with his fleet; (7) Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray" [1891] magically related a portrait to the man, so that the man's corruption showed only in the painting; (8) Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Edward Randolph's Portrait" ["Twice-Told Tales", 1837] has the painting express the guilt that the man repressed; (9) Charles William's "All Hallows' Eve" [1945] involves a painter unknowingly making a portrait of an evil magus; (10) W. S. Gilbert's "Ruddigore" [1887] has ancestors haunt their portraits and step from the canvas; (11) Vigo the Carpathian's ghost similarly animates his portrait in "Ghostbusters II" [1989]; (12) James Branch Cabell's "The Delta of Radegonde" [1921] has a man sexually involved with the Queen who was painted 1,300 years earlier; (13) C. S. Lews' "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" [1952] begins with a painting of a ship in Narnia magically transporting children to that ship; (14) M. R. James' "The Mezzotint" [1904] first shows a creepy male figure approaching a house, and later shows him leaving it, and thus reveals a horrific event of 100 years before; (15) Piers Anthony's "Castle Roogna" [1979] has a painting which shows instant replays of events 800 years before; (16) Roald Dahl's "The Witches" has a child trapped in a picture, and the picture gradually shows the childing aging and dying; (17) Susan Cooper's "Greenwich" has abstract art which is really encrypted magic spells; (18) Swan lives in the videotaped portrait of "The Phantom of the Paradise" [1974] and makes his deal with the Devil; (19) Barbara Hambly's "Bride of the Rat God" [1994] captures the soul of a Demon on movie film; (20) photographic portraits notoriously fail to show ghosts, vampires and the like in groups of people (the same as with mirrors); (21) H. P. Lovecraft's "Pickman's Model" is about an amazingly scary painting of a ghoul, and ends with the sentence: "But by God, Eliot, it was a photograph from life." Linda L. Paisley: Romance Novels: * Back in Eden [Feb 2001] Rebecca Paisley: Rebecca Paisley's Home Page Fantasy Romance Novels: * A Basket of Wishes [Dell, Aug 1995] ISBN 0-440-21651-6, $4.99, 391pp, paperback, fairy princess must mate with human duke to renew stagnant gene pool Historical Romance Novels: * The Barefoot Bride [Mar 1990] * Bed of Roses [June 1996] * Diamonds and Dreams [Oct 1991] * Heartstrings [Sep 1994] * Midnight and Magnolias [Dec 1992] * Moonlight and Magic [Nov 1990] * Rainbows and Rapture [June 1992] * In a Twinkling [AN #34, Dec 1996] * Far Beyond Pearls [AN #71, Nov 1993] * Gingham and Gold [AN #104, Feb 1995] * One Enchanted Christmas [AN #237, Oct 1993] Contemporary Romance Novels: * Tickle My Fancy [AN #103, Feb 1996] Jean Paiva (1944-1989): Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books: * The Last Gamble [Penguin/Onyx, Dec 1990] ISBN 0-451-40228-6, $4.50, 294pp, paperback Horror/Thriller about dysfunctional psychic family * The Lilith Factor [NAL Onyx, Feb 1989] ISBN 0-451-40117-4, $3.95, 303pp, paperback Horror about Adam's semi-human wife before Eve Dolores Pala: Contemporary Romance Novels: * In Search of Mihailo * Trumpet for a Walled City Palaemon: Melicertes was the son of Ino, but promoted to a sea-god named Palaemon, a.k.a. Portumnus when he protected harbors [Spenser's "Faerie Queene", IX, xi] see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Palamedes: (1) son of Nauplius and Clymene, the legendary proto-scientist who invented scales, lighthouses, dice, and the discus, and added four letters to the alphabet of Cadmus, then fought heroically in the Trojan War but died for exposing the falsified madness of Odysseus; (2) Sir Palamedes was a Saracen knight bested by Tristram when both fell for Ysolde (King Mark's Queen), and when Sir Palamedes renounced his intentions for Ysolde, Tristram converted him to Christianity and became his godfather at baptism. see: Greek/Roman Pantheon see: King Arthur Palamon and Arcite: see Arcite Elaine Fowler Palencia: also known as Laurel Blake; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Heart on Holiday [CR #623] Evelyn Palfrey: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; also writes Mystery/Suspense; Multicultural Romance Novels: * Dangerous Dilemmas [June 2001] * Everything In Its Place [Aug 2002] * The Price of Passion [Dec 1999] Palindrome: [Greek "palin dromo" = to run back again]: a word or sentence which reads the same forwards and back, as with "radar", Adam's self-introdction to Eve: "Madam, I'm Adam", Napoleon's supposed "Able was I ere I saw Elba", etcetera... Palinode: a poem or song disclaiming the statement of a previous poem or song, a form popular in the Jacobean era, and traced at least to Stesichorus recanting his songs imputing evil to Helen after the gods blinded him, or Horace ["Ode", I, xvi] Palinurus, a.k.a. Palinure: (1) steersman in Virgil's "Aeneid" who fell asleep at the helm, fell overbaord, swam shore three days afterwards, and was immediately murdered; (2) any pilot, especially a clumsy one Palladium: (1) the huge wooden statue of Pallas upon which the safety of Troy magically depended, dooming the city once stolen by the Greeks, and said to have then been taken to Rome by Aeneas; (2) anything upon which the security of a nation figuratively depends; (3) the element discovered by Wollaston [1803] and named after the just-discovered asteroid Pallas; (4) the London theatre, and others named in imitation Catherine Palmer: also writes Mystery/Suspense; Historical Romance Novels: * The Burning Plains [Dec 1988] * English Ivy [Mar 2002] * Falcon Moon [Oct 1994] * Gunman's Lady [May 1993] * Lone Star [Nov 1998] * Outlaw Heart [July 1992] * Renegade Flame [Oct 1993] * Sometimes Forever [Aug 1996] * The Wild Winds [Dec 1990] * Under His Wings [AN #363, Oct 1999] * Something Blue [AN #391, Mar 1998] Inspirational Romance Novels: * A Dangerous Silence * Finders Keepers [Oct 1999] * The Happy Room [Feb 2002] * Hide and Seek [also known as "Finders Keepers 2"] * A Kiss of Adventure [Oct 2000] * A Touch of Betrayal [Nov 2000] * Whisper of Danger [Oct 2000] * Angels in the Attic [AN #390, Nov 1997] * Reforming Seneca Jones [AN #448, Oct 2000] Contemporary Romance Novels: * Sunrise Song [Mar 2003] * Land of Enchantment [SIM #367, Jan 1991] * Forbidden [SIM #403, Oct 1991] * Weeping Grass [SIM #426, Apr 1992] * Red Hot [SIM #461, Nov 1992] * For the Love of a Child [SIM #551, Feb 1994] * His Best Friend's Wife [SIM #627, Mar 1995] Time Travel Romance Novels: * Behind Closed Doors [AN #173, Mar 1994] Other Romance Novels: * Fatal Harvest [Aug 2003] * A Victorian Rose [Sep 2002] Diana Palmer: Diana Palmer's Home Page Elizabeth Palmer: Romance Novels: * Gail Palmer: Romance Novels: * Lili Palmer: Romance Novels: * Linda Palmer: Romance Novels: * Rachel Palmer: Romance Novels: * Raymond A. Palmer (1 Aug 1910-?) Important American magazine editor/publisher/ author, edited Amazing Stories 1938-?, founded Fantastic Adventure, Other Worlds, and Imagination, also deeply implicated in Fate, Mystic, Search, The Hidden World. Annoying for his P.T. Barnam-like promotional stunts, he was also appreciated for his own fiction starting with "The Time Ray of Jandra" (Wonder Stories, June 1930) and the "Toka" series (as pseudonym J. W. Pelkiel) in Fantastic Adventure Robin Palmer, juvenile fantasy anthologist Rose Palmer: Romance Novels: * Shirley Palmer: Romance Novels: * Palmistry, a.k.a. Chiromancy: hand-reading a person's character and fate; see: "divination" Susan Palwick: nothing on the Web? e-mail Susan Palwick William J. Palmer (20 Aug 1890-?) American musician/composer/utopian novelist Pamphlet: [French "Pamphilet", transliteration of 12th-Century Latin love poem "Pamphilus seu de Amore"]: any short writing, only a few printed sheets long, often temporary or controversial by intent Pan: [Greek "everything", "all"]: god of forest, pasture, herds and flocks, also the universal deity of nature, the son of Jupiter and variously Calisto, Hermes, Penelope, with the upper body of a man but the lower body and legs of a goat, symbolic of fecundity [Milton's "Paradise Lost", IV, 266] see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Panacea: [Greek: "all-healing"]: (1) daughter of Aesculapius; (2) so figuratively the daughter of the healing arts, i.e. a universal medicine; see: "Aesculapius" see: "Alchemy" Panchaea: land of fable, maybe in Arabia Felix, famous for perfumes and incenses such as myrrh; see: LOST LANDS Melanie Panagiotopoulos: Romance Novels: * Pandarus: (1) Lycian leader allied to Trojans; (2) character in "Troilus and Cressida" [Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing", V, ii]; (3) from the latter, in medieval romances as the default procurer of prostitutes Pandemonium: [Greek "all demons"]: word coined by John Milton to mean the capital city of Hell ["Paradise Lost", X, 424]; (2) riotous assemblage of people, or their noise and chaos; (3) principle of parallel autonomous agents for Artificial Intelligence, as invented by Oliver Selfridge; see: Demon" See: Hell Pandora: the first mortal woman (according to Hesiod) sent by Zeus as a gift to Epimethius, who married her against his brother's (Prometheus) advice; alternatively, she was a lifelike android built by Hephaestus on the orders of Zeus to punish Prometheus; in either case, once her box (or urn or jar or vase) was illicitly opened, all the evils of the world flew forth, leaving only Hope still locked away Edgar Pangborn (25 Feb 1909-1 Feb 1976) American composer/Mystery/Science fiction novelist * A Mirror for Observers [Doubleday, 1954; Science Fiction Book Club; Dell; Avon] is selected and praised in "Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels" by David Pringle * The Company of Glory [Pyramid, 1975] * Davy [New York: St.Martin's, 1964; Ballentine Books; Garland, 1975] postholocaust * Good Neighbors and Other Strangers [Macmillan, 1972; Collier] 10 stories * The Judgment of Eve [Simon & Schuster, 1966; Dell; Avon] * West of the Sun [New York: Doubleday, 1953; Science Fiction Book Club; Dell], spaceship crash survival subgenre Dr. Pangloss: [Greek "all-tongues"] protagonist's pedantic instructor in Voltaire's "Candide [1759], who was the ultimate optimist even when that oiptimism brought him misfortune; his slogan (satirizing Rousseau and Leibnitz) was "all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds." Panic: terror induced by Pan [Judges, vii, 18-21] Pantheon: (1) originally a sacred temple dedicated to all the gods, especially the ones built by Agrippa (circa 27 B.C.) and Hadrian (circa 120); (2) then a place where all the gods assembled together; (3) finally, it came to mean all the gods and godesses within a given mythology, many of which are summarized in: Aztec Celtic Egyptian Pantheon Greek/Roman Pantheon Hindu Pantheon Islamic Jewish/Hebrew Mayan Native American Original (to this fiction) Pantheon Scandanavian Pantheon those miscellaneous others (4) places consecrated to heroes of the nation, such as the Pantheon at Paris (built 1764-1812) or Westminster Abbey (as "The British Pantheon"); (5) grand musical theatres, starting with Wyatt's 1772 Oxford Street opera theatre Panther: in medieval lore, the Panther first stood for Christ, and as an animal which was peaceable to all creatures except the dragons whom it attracted with sweet fragrance and then attacked, and later (when the real big cat was better known) for hypocracy and flattery Pantomime: see Harlequin Panurge: [Greek: "pan" = all, + "ergos" = worker]: (1) a rogue who will do anything to anyone; (2) Pantagruel's companion in Rabelais' novels Ariella Papa: Romance Novels: * Frank C. Pape', full name Frank Cheyne Pape (1878-1972): popular and critically acclaimed pen-and-ink Fantasy artist/illustrator Sharon Pape: Romance Novels: * Emma N. Papert and Ethne Marenco: Romance Novels: * Marilyn Pappano: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Steve Papuchis Laura Parker: Laura Parker's Home Page Laura Paquet: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Laura Paquet: Romance Novels: * Ethel Paquin: Romance Novels: * Mary Paradise: Romance Novels: * Paradise: see Heaven Paradise Lost: see John Milton [1667] Parallel Worlds: see ALTERNATE WORLDS Margot Pardoe (1902-?) British author of juvenile time-travel fantasy "Argle's Mist" and possible sequel Shirley Parenteau: Romance Novels: * Delia Parr: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Sandra Parretti: Romance Novels: * Edith Pargeter, full name Edith Mary Pargeter (28 Sep 1913-1995): British Mystery author, often under pseudonym "Ellis Peters" [the Brother Cadfael series in particular], who also wrote fantasy novels: * The City Lies Four-Square [New York: Reynal Hitchcock, 1939] poetry-loving Ghost yearning for Heaven * By Firelight [London: Heinemann, 1947] magic/TIME TRAVEL witchcraft trial love story * The Lily Hand and Other Stories [London: Heinemann, 1965] Romance Novels: * {to be done} Paris: Son of Priam (King of Troy) and Hecuba, who abducted Helen and started the Trojan War (see "Apple of Discord"), killed Achilles (see "Achilles") and was fatally wounded by Philoctetes' poison arrow see: Greek/Roman Myth Paris: see Urban Fantasy section of CITIES Anne Paris: Romance Novels: * Ruth Park: Romance Novels: * Barbara Jeanne Parker: Romance Novels: * Beatrice Parker: Romance Novels: * Carol Mason Parker: Romance Novels: * Cynthia Parker: Romance Novels: * Elizabeth Parker: Romance Novels: * Garda Parker: Romance Novels: * Judith Parker: Romance Novels: * Laura Parker: Romance Novels: * Norah Parker: Romance Novels: * Una-Mary Parker: Romance Novels: * Jane Parkhurst: Romance Novels: * Bernadette Parkin: Romance Novels: * C. Northcote Parkinson: best known for his book: * Parkinson's Law [1957] based on his humorous but too-true theory that the amount of work done by a public or business administration is inversely proportional to the number of people employed to do it Julia Parks: Romance Novels: * Parnassus: (1) son of Neptune; (2) Greek mountain near Delphi, with one peak sacred to Apollo and the Muses, the other peak to Bacchus, where Deucalion's ark landed after the Flood, and symbolically the seat of music and poetry; see: Greek/Roman Myth Doris Parmett: Romance Novels: * Andrea Parnell: Romance Novels: * Father of Parody: Hipponax of Ephesus (6th Century B.C.), master of the "para ode" which inverts, satirizes, or confutes another ode Delia Parr: Romance Novels: * Nancy Parra: Romance Novels: * [Edward] Geoffrey Parrinder (30 Apr 1910-?) English clergyman/lecturer/ teacher, who (in a Comparative Religion sense) analyzed witchcraft: * Witchcraft: European and African [London: Faber, 1965] Vernon [Louis] Parrington (3 Aug 1871-17 Jun 1929) American historian/critic/ professor best known for "Main Currents in American Thought", 3 volumes done of a longer planned series, but listed here for the nondefinitive but fascinating: * American Dreams: A Study of American Utopias [Providence, Rhode Island: Brown University Press, 1947] which Donald H. Tuck notes does not distinguish betyween UTOPIAN and DYSTOPIAN fiction J. M. Parrish, British anthologist in True Crime genre and: * Mammoth Book of Thrillers, Ghosts and Mysteries [London: Odhams, 1938] Maxfield Parrish, pseudonym of Frederick Parrish (1870-1966): major Fantasy artist and illustrator Reference: * Maxfield Parrish [1973] art book by Coy Ludwig Laura Parris: Romance Novels: * Laura Parrish: Romance Novels: * Pat Parrish: Romance Novels: * Edward Abbott Parry, a.k.a. Sir Edward Abbott Parry (1863-1943): British Judge and Fairy Tale author: * the "Katawampus" novel series: * Katawampus: It's Treatment and Cure [1895] * Butterscotia, or a Cheap Trip to Fairy Land [1896] * The First Book of Krab: Christmas Stories for Young and Old [1897] story collection * The Scarlet Herring and Other Stories [1909] story collection * Gamble Gold [1907] story collection * Don Quixote of the Mancha [1900] children's adaptation of Cervantes (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.747) Parsifal, Parsival: see Sir Percival Floydene Partain: Romance Novels: * Valerie Parv: Romance Novels: * Irene M. Pascoe: Romance Novels: * Pasiphae: daughter of the sun, wife of Minos (King of Crete), mother of Ariadne, and mother (by Poseidon's white bull) of the Minotaur; see: Ariadne, Minos, Labyrinth, Minotaur see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Morris Ytterby Pasquale (1902-1959): Plumbers' Union officer, steamboat afficionado, with two bizarre science fiction novels about a prostitute, a professor, and a telepathic porcupine: * The Paleolakes of Mars [New York: McBride, 1932] * Undersea Satan [London: Jenkins, 1954] Passepartout: [French "pass everywhere"]: (1) a master key; (2) basic form of picture framing between cardboard and glass; (3) the French valet of Phileas Fogg in Jules Verne's "Round the World in Eighty Days" Passover: Jewish festival celebrating deliverance of israelites when the Angel of Death took all the first-borns of Egypt, but passed over the homes of those who obeyed Moses see: Jewish/Hebrew Pastoral: fiction and poetry about rural people, rather than gods, kings, and heroes [related to Romance, especially Romances set in Western America or other rural areas]: * some Psalms of the Bible * Theocritus "Idylls" [3rd Century B.C.] * Virgil "Eclogues" a.k.a. "Bucolics" [3rd Century B.C.] * Longus "Daphne and Chloe" [4th or 5th Century A.D.] * Dante Alighieri (various eclogues) * Francesco Petrarca Petrarch (various eclogues) [1304-1374] * Boccaccio (various eclogues), and "Ameto" [1341] Pastoral Romance * Jacopo Sannazaro "Arcadia" [1501] Pastoral Romance * Edmund Spenser "The Shephearde's Calendar [1579] * Sir Phillip Sydney "Arcadia" [1593] Pastoral Romance * Edmund Spenser "The Faerie Queene" Book VI [1596] Pastoral Romance * John Milton "Lycidas" [1637] * Izaak Walton "The Compleat Angler" [1653] * Percy Bysshe Shelley "Adonais" [1821] * many poems of Robert Frost (1874-1963) With explicit Fantasy in the Pastoral mode coming later: * William Morris (various) * James Stephens (various) * Clifford D. Simak (various) * Thomas Burnett Swann (various) Gary Westfahl makes the interesting comment: "fantasy in the modern sense is incompatible with the pastoral world, where there is no evil and no real conflict beyond comic misunderstandings... this is not a child's world, but an old man's world... not the setting of fantasy, but the goal of fantasy, a world from which evil is finally banished..." (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, pp.747-748) Alba Marie Pastorek: Romance Novels: * Pathetic Fallacy: John Ruskin (1819-1900) coined this term for a figure of speech that ascribes human emotions to Nature Patriarch: [Greek: "patria" = family, + "archein" = rule]: (1) head of family or tribe; (2) the 12 sons of Jacob [Acts, vii, 8] and to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their forefathers, and possibly to David [Acts ii, 29]; (3) starting with the Council of Nicaea, the highest Church officers, who can ordain Metropolitans, convene coucils, and act as archbishops, as well as to the archbishops of Lisbon and Paris; (4) the chief bishop of some Eastern churches (Jacobites, Armenians, Maronites); (5) in Eastern Orthodix church, the bishops of Alexandria, Antioch, Constantinople, and Jerusalem; (6) the founder of an order, such as St.Benedict, St.Dominic, St.Francis Anne Patrick: Romance Novels: * Deann Patrick: Romance Novels: * Isabelle Patrick: Romance Novels: * John Patrick, pseudonym of Michael Avallone Lynn Patrick: Romance Novels: * Maxine Patrick: Romance Novels: * Natalie Patrick: Romance Novels: * Q. Patrick, pseudonym of Richard Wilson Webb, Mary Louise Aswell & Richard Wilson Webb, Richard Wilson Webb & Hugh C. Wheeler, Richard Wilson Webb & Martha M. Kelley Roslynn Patrick: Romance Novels: * Saint Patrick: see Ireland Darlene Patten: Romance Novels: * William Patten (1861-?) anthologist of 5 volume "Short Story Classics" (1905) and "Great Ghost Stories" (New York: Collier, 1909) Morgan Patterson: Romance Novels: * Sarah Patterson: Romance Novels: * Beth Pattillo: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Barbara Paul: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Romance Novels: * Barbara Barbara Paul @ lit-arts e-mail Barbara Paul Betty Paul: Romance Novels: * Charlotte Paul: Romance Novels: * Danielle Paul: Romance Novels: * Kathleen Paul: Romance Novels: * Megan Paul: Megan Paul's Home Page Paula Paul: Romance Novels: * Phyllis Paul: Romance Novels: * Sandra Paul: Romance Novels: * Susan Paul: Romance Novels: * Susan Spencer Paul: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Barbara Ann Pauley: Romance Novels: * Sheila Paulos: Romance Novels: * Milorad Pavic: Serbo-Croat Fantasy author: * Hazarski recnik [1988; as "Dictionary of the Khazars: A Lexicon Novel in 100,000 Words", US: 1988] translated by Christina Pribicevic-Zoric (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.748) Dana William Paxson: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America "I am working on a non-lame home page" [personal communication, 29 Nov 96] Dana William Paxson Short Fiction: * "Spice on Hot Steel" [Science Fiction Age, Jan 1994] * "Trizark" [Science Fiction Age, March 1995] * "Pyro" [Science Fiction Age, July 1997] * "Here Our Steps Faltered" [Science Fiction Age, Nov 1998] Very Short Fiction: * see home page e-mail Dana W. Paxson e-mail Dana W. Paxson 2nd address Diana L. Paxon: Romance Novels: * Diana L. Paxson, full name Diana Lucile Paxson (1943-): Lifetime Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America no known home page * the "Westria" novels, California after World War III has magic instead of technology: * Lady of Light [1982] * Lady of Darkness [1983] * The Mistress of the Jewels [1991] omnibus * Silverhair the Wanderer [1986] * The Earthstone [1987] * The Sea Star [1988] * The Wind Crystal [1990] * The Jewel of Fire [1992] * The "Chronicles of Fionn Mac Cumhal" Celtic Fantasy (co-author Adrienne Martine-Barnes): * Master of Earth and Water [1993] * Between the Worlds [1994] * Sword of Fire and Shadow [1995] * White Mare, Red Stallion [1986] Celtic Fantasy * The White Raven [1988] see: King Arthur * The Serpent's Tooth [1991] adaptation of Shakespeare's "King Lear" Note: Dana W. Paxson says that "in spite of the same uncommon name, Diana and I are not, as far as I know, related." e-mail Diana L. Paxson Jean Paxon: Romance Novels: * Lois Paxon: Romance Novels: * Robert Paye, pseudonym of Gabrielle M. V. Long Robert Paye: pseudonym of Marjorie Bowen (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.748) Rachel Cosgrove Payes: Rachel [Ruth] Cosgrove Payes (11 Dec 1922-?) American scientist/author in medical technology, author of nonfiction, journalism, Mystery, and science fiction, the latter under pseudonym "E. L. Arch": * Bridge to Yesterday (New York: Avalon, 1963) No, it's not about Robert Dole's presidential campaign, but cryonics * The Deathstone (New York: Avalon, 1964) Space Murder * The Double-Minded Man (New York: Avalon, 1966) Extraterrstrial invasion via matter transmitter * First Immortals (New York: Avalon, 1965) future ET Detective novel * The Man With Three Eyes (New York: Avalon, 1967) "* Planet of Death (New York: Avalon, 1964) Romance Novels: * {to be done} Alan Payne: pseudonym of John W. Jakes Charlotte Payne: Romance Novels: * Rachel Ann Payne: Romance Novels: * Tiffany Payne: Romance Novels: * Return to Romance Authors P Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Pe..."

The Perpetual Peace: reached 24 June 1502 between Scotland and England, when Margaret (daughter of Henry VII) was betrothed to James IV of Scotland, albeit the Scots invaded England in 1513; see: Braveheart's Scotland Caroline Peak: Romance Novels: * Lilian Peake: Romance Novels: * Mervyn [Lawrence] Peake (9 July 1911-17 Nov 1968) China-born British artist/poet/author best known for the astonishing super-Gothic "Gormenghast" trilogy. An underappreciated master of weird fiction. Mervyn Peake tribute page Mervyn Peake tribute #2 * the "Gormenghast" trilogy: * Titus Groan [Reynal & Hitchcock, 1946; Weybright & Talley, 1967; Ballantine Books] * Gormenghast [Weybright & Talley, 1967; Ballantine Books] * Titus Alone [Weybright & Talley, 1967; Ballantine Books] * Mr. Pye [1953] Angel vs. Devil Fantasy/comedy * various miscellaneous books of drawings, chapbooks, and poetry (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.749) Constance Peale: Romance Novels: * Mary Pearce: Romance Novels: * Philippa Pearce, full name Ann Philippa Christie Pearce (1920-): British author of juvenile Fantasy: * Tom's Midnight Garden [1958] Winner, Carnegie Medal Modern boy meets Victorean girl in mysterious garden * The Shadow-Cage and Other Tales of the Supernatural [1977] story collection * Who's Afraid? and Other Strange Tales [1986] story collection in juvenilized M. R. James style (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.749) Esther Elizabeth Pearl: Romance Novels: * Jane Peart: Romance Novels: * The Peasant Poet: John Clare (1793-1864): impovershed, died mad, says The Peasant Poet on his tombstone Maggie Peck: Romance Novels: * Nancy B. Peck: Romance Novels: * Pecksniff: hypocrite always preaching morality but does dreadful things "as a duty to society" [Dickens, "Martin Chuzzlewit]; see "Podsnap" Pecos Bill: legendary American cowboy who performed frontier miracles, such as digging the Rio Grande river Gloria Pedersen: Romance Novels: * Pedrolino: see Commedia Dell'Arte Peeping Tom: see Godiva Bonnie Pega: Romance Novels: * Pegasus: the winged horse upon which Bellerophon rode in battling the Chimera, and who kicked the hole in Mount Helicon from which the inspirational Hippocrene waters flow, and hence is a symbol for poetic inspiration (as well as for British World War II Airborne troops) see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Pelion: when the giants tried to invade Heaven, they put Mt.Pelion on top of Mt.Ossa (two Thessalian peaks) [Homer's "Odyssey", XI, 315]; hence "to pile Pelion on Ossa" means to add one problem to another Sylvia Pell: Romance Novels: * Judith Pella: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Sir Pelleas: (1) a Knight of the Round Table, noted for great strength; (2) he fought the Blatant Beast [Spenser's "Faeries Queene", VI, xii]; (3) also in Tennyson's "Pelleas and Ettare" see: King Arthur Patricia Pellicane: Romance Novels: * Pelops: King of Pisa (in Ellis), son of Tantalus, father of Atreus and Thyestes, cut to pieces and served as food of the gods, "Peloponnesus" is the "Island of Pelops" named after him see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Sonia T. Pelton: Romance Novels: * Gwen Pemberton: Romance Novels: * Margaret Pemberton: Romance Novels: * Nancy Pemberton: Romance Novels: * Penates: see Lares and Penates Joanne Pence: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Laura Pender: Romance Novels: * Tess Pendergrass: Romance Novels: * Chris Pendleton: Romance Novels: * Grace Pendleton: Romance Novels: * Pendragon: a comet was the origin of the title of King Arthur's father. Geoffrey of Monmouth tells that when the British King Aurelius was poisoned by Ambron while Pascentius (son of Vortigern) was invading England: "there appeared a star of wonderful magnitude and brightness, darting forth a ray, at the end of which was a globe of fire in form of a dragon, out of whose mouth issued forth two rays; one of which seemed to stretch itself beyond the extent of Gaul, the other towards the Irish Sea, and ended in seven lesser rays" [Book VIII, chapter xiv]. Uther, brother of Aurelius, previously chosen as successor, commanded that two dragons of gold be cast, one which he presented to Winchester Cathedral, the other "to be carried along with him to his wars", and henceforth he was known as Uther Pendragon. The term Pendragon [Welsh "Pen" = head, + "dragon" = the standard of the war-chief] applies to any of several chiefs of Britain at times of extraordinary emergency, when they were vested with supreme power, but is most used for Uther, father of King Arthur Eric Pendragon, pseudonym of Michael Parry Penelope: wife of Odysseus, mother of Telemachus, in Homer's myths Sharon Kay Penman: Sharon Kay Penman's Mailing List Julie Penny: Romance Novels: * Penny-dreadful, a.k.a. Penny-horrible: cheap boys' trashy periodical, as distinguished from the classier and more expensive Shilling Shockers; ancestor of pulp fiction in modern sense Pentacle: 5-pointed star used as Talisman against Witches; also a defense against or trap for demons; a.k.a. The Wizard's Foot; the Holy Pentacles were contained in a double circle containing the Hebrew name of God, various mystical words, and 44 lesser pentacles (7 each to Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn; 5 to both Mercury and Venus; 6 to the Moon]; see: "Talisman" see: "Star of David" see: "Solomon's Seal" Hugh Pentecost, pseudonym of Hugh Pentecost Philips Penthesilea: (1) Queen of the Amazons who, in post-Homeric legends, defended Troy and was slain by Achilles; (2) hence any powerful woman Perceforest: the longest prose Romance, in early 14th-Century French, hybridizing the Alexander legends with the Arthurian legends; After Alexander conquers India, he sails to England and appoints Perceforest (one of his knights) as King, who then founds the Knights of the Franc Palais, and his grandson brings the Grail to England; the romance includes many other popular stories, including one of the first writings of "Sleeping Beauty"; see: King Arthur Perception: see fascinating essay on Fantasy and Perception in "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, pp.750-751) see: EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION see: "Hallucination" see: "Illusion" see: INVISIBILITY Perceval, a.k.a. Percival, a.k.a. Parsifal: a peasant lad rises to become a Knight of the Round Table; the chronologically older tales have him central to the Grail Quest, although later he is nudged aside by Sir Galahad. In all versions, he is raised among pigs and fowl and dung, his mother deliberately keeping him ignorant of his noble ancestry, until, catalyzed by a random encounter with a group of Knights, he wends his way to Camelot, wins an increasingly rigorous set of challenges, and has a numenous encounter with the Grail (sometimes at the castle of the Fisher King), and is enmeshed in magical and symbolic entanglements that reoccur in Masonic and esoteric traditions. Some schlars insist that the story pre-dates Christianity itself, and stems from various pagan fertility cults. In any case, the lowly lad who rises to the top has become a basic plot skeleton for fantasy fiction, and much mundane fiction as well. The origins of the tale may be found in texts including: * "Perceval, ou Le Conte del Graal" by Cretien de Troyes [1182?] he probably drew on Celtic tradition * "Parzival" by Wolfram von Eschenbach (1170?-1220?) [circa 1200-1210] * "Peredur" (in Welsh) [1250?] part of the Mabinogion * works of Gauchier de Donaing [1200-1250?] * works of Manessier de Montreuil [1200-1250?] * works of Gerbert de Montreuil [1200-1250?] * The Continuations of the Old French "Perceval" of Cretien de Troyes ed. William Roach (1907-) [US: 1949-1983] 5 volumes * The Didot-Perceval (anonymous) [1200?] ed. William Roach [US: 1941] drew on lost Perceval of Robert de Boron of Burgundy There are numerous modern adaptations, including: * "Parsifal" by Richard Wagner [1882] adapted from "Parzival" by Wolfram von Eschenbach [circa 1200-1210] * "Sir Percival: A Story of the Past and the Present" by Joseph Henry Shorthouse (1834-1903) [1886] * "The High History of the Holy Graal" by Sebastian Evans [1893] * "Perronik the Fool" by George Moore (1852-1933) [1926] Breton folk version * the "Prydain" series of novels by Lloyd Alexander * the "Belgariad" novels by David Eddings * "Firelord" by Parke Godwin [1980] * the "Parsival" Trilogy by Richard Monaco [1977-1980] Reference: * "Percival and the Presence of God" by Jim Hunter (1939-) [1978] * "The Legend of Sir Perceval: Studies Upon its Origin, Development, and Position in the Arthurian Cycle" ed. Jesse L. Weston [1906-1909] see: King Arthur Karen Percy: Romance Novels: * Thomas Percy (1792-1811): British Romance-Fantasist/antiquary, elevated to Bishop of Dromore in 1782; friends with Garrick, Johnson, Shenstone and others: * Reliques of Ancient English Poetry [1765] famous collection of old poems and ballads; "To read and remember was in this instance the same thing, and henceforth I overwhelmed my schoolfellows, and all who would hearken to me, with tragical recitations from the ballads of Percy." -- Sir Walter Scott (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.750) augmented by several other references Walker Percy, American mainstream novelist who also wrote: * Love in the Ruins [Farrar Strauss & Giroux, 1971; Dell] Perdita: Daughter of Leontes and Herminione in Shakespeare's "A Winter's Tale"; abnadoned by insanely jealous father/kinbg, set adrift as ababy, landing on "the sea-cpast of Bohemia" (which, of course, is actually land-locked) The Chosen People: Israelite The Good People: fairies, elves, and the like The Little People: fairies, elves, hobbits, and the like Peredur: see "Perceval", "Mabinogion" Peri: (1) lovely, sexy, but mischievous spirit in Persian myth; she and her siblings controlled comets, eclipses, agricultural plagues; in later myths, they direct the pure of heart to Paradise; they all report to Eblis; Mohammed converted them all to Islam; (2) any beautiful young lady see: "Persian Mythology" see: "Jinn" Norah-Jean Perkin: Romance Novels: * Barbara Perkins: Romance Novels: * Deborah Perlberg: Romance Novels: * Charles Perrault (1628-1703): civil servant/lawyer of FRANCE considered the Father of the Fairy Tale; see: "Fairy Tale" Pierre Perrault (1678-1700): see Charles Perrault, "Fairy Tale" Marlene Perriche: Romance Novels: * Kayla Perrin: Member of Romance Writers of America; Kayla Perrin's Home Page E-mail Kayla Perrin Jane Myers Perrine: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Bonnie Jeanne Perry: Romance Novels: * Carol Duncan Perry: Romance Novels: * Marta Perry: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Romance Novels: * A Father's Promise [Steeple Hill, Oct 1998] E-mail Marta Perry Michalann Perry: Romance Novels: * Persephone: see Proserpina see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Mary Pershall: Romance Novels: * Diane Pershing: Diane Pershing's Home Page Karen Pershing: Romance Novels: * Persian Literature: {to be done} see: Zoroasterianism see: Iran Leo Perutz (1882-1957) of Austria, specialized in historical fantasy, with intricately woven tragic plots. His best-known books are: * Der Meister des Jungsten Tages [The Master of the Day of Judgment] (1923) (psychedelic drug or supernatural events?) * St. Petri Schnee [The Virgin's Brand] (1933) (psychedelic drug or supernatural events?) * Der Marques de Bolibar (1920) Wandering Jew meets German soldiers in Napoleanic campaign * Nachts unter der steinernen Brucke (1953) Rabbi Lowe of Prague and the Jewish ghetto under Rudolf II * Das Mangobaumwunder (1916) oriental mystery/fantasy/comedy co-authored with Paul Frank Emil Petaja: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America SF artist and poet: nothing on the Web? * Alpha Yes, Terra No [Ace, 1965] * As Dream and Shadow [Southern Illinois State University (?), 1972] 45 poems * The Caves of Mars [Ace, 1965] * The Path Beyond the Stars [Dell, 1969] * The Nets of Space [Berkley, 1969] * The Prism [Ace, 1968] * Seed of the Dreamers [Ace, 1970] * Stardrift [Fantasy Publishing Co. Inc., 1971] 14 stories * The Time Twister [Dell, 1968] Peter Pan: see Sir J. M. Barrie Peter Pindar: see Pindar Anne Peters: Romance Novels: * Clarice Peters: Romance Novels: * Elizabeth Peters: Romance Novels: * Ellis Peters: Romance Novels: * Jennifer Peters: Romance Novels: * Louise Peters: Romance Novels: * Maureen Peters: Romance Novels: * Natasha Peters: Romance Novels: * Sue Peters: Romance Novels: * Valerina Peters: Romance Novels: * Ann Voss Peterson: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Carrie Peterson: Romance Novels: * Christmas Peterson: Romance Novels: * Jennifer Peterson: Romance Novels: * Laura Peterson: Romance Novels: * Susan Peterson: Romance Novels: * Tracie Peterson AKA Janelle Jamison: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Marianne Petit: Time Travel Romance Novels: * A Find Through Time [New Leaf Books, Sep 2000] ISBN: 1-930076-18-5 Marianne Petit's Home Page Dennel Bart Petitclerc: Romance Novels: * Peggy Murphy Petkus: Romance Novels: * Angela Petron: Romance Novels: * Jannine Petska: Romance Novels: * Elizabeth Petty: Romance Novels: * Mary Eileen Petty: Romance Novels: * Return to Authors P Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ph..."

Phaedra: daugher of Pasiphae and King Minos, fell in love with her stepson Hippolytus, who rejected her, so she slandered him to her husband Theseus and later, remorseful, committed suicide see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Phaedrus: Slave, freed during reign of Augustus, translator of Aesop's "Fables" into Latin verse [during reign of Tiberius], adding some poems of his own; a 10th Century prose translation was a key source for medieval Fabulists Phaeton: (1) son of Phoebus (the Sun), tried to drive his dad's sun-chariot, flew too low and scorched Libya and Africa, blackening the natives' skins, and would soon have set the world on fire, but Zeus zapped him; Cygnus (son of Neptune) mourned him, and Apollo metamorphosed Cygnus to a swan, and thence a Constellation; (2) 4-wheeled light open carriage, usually pulled by 2 horses see: Greek/Roman Pantheon The Brazen Bull of Phalaris: see "Inventors" Phantom: [Middle English and Old French "fantosme", from Greek "phantasma", from "phanein" = "to show"]: (1) apparation, illusion, spirit; (2) Phantom Fellow = half-wit or one ensorcelled by a hobgoblin; (3) The Phantom Ship = The Flying Dutchman Pharamond: (1) Knight of the Round Table, legendarily First King of France (supposedly reigning at start of 5th Century), son of Marcomir, father of Clodion; (2) "Pharamond, ou l'Histoire de France" by La Calprenede [1661] see: King Arthur Pharaoh: (1) a king of ancient Egypt starting under Akhneton in 18th Dynasty; (2) Pharaoh's Serpent: mercury sulfocyanide, which grows into snake-like shapes when burned, thus accounting for the magical serpents in Exodus [vii, 9-12]; see: "Alchemy" Pharisees: [Hebrew "perusim", from "perash" = to separate]: a Jewish sect meaning "those who have been set apart", founded in Judea during reign of John Hyrcanus I (135-104 B.C.), of which 10 subgroups are identified in the Talmud Pharos: lighthouse constructed by Ptolemy Philadelphius on Pharos Island, offshore from Alexandria, Egypt, 450 feet high, one of the 7 Wonders Philemon and Baucis: poor Phyrygians so hospitable to disguised Jupiter and Mercury thast their cottage was morphed to a temple, and when they died, they became intertwined Oak and Linden trees [Ovid's "Metamorphoses, viii, 631] see: Greek/Roman Pantheon John T. Phillifent, also wrote as John Rackham: * Genius Unlimited [Daw, 1972] * Hierarchies [Ace, 1973] * Life with Lancelot [Ace, 1973] * King of Argent [Daw, 1973] and these as John Rackham: * Alien Sea [Ace, 1968] * The Anything Tree [Ace, 1970] * Beanstalk [Daw, 1973] * The Beasts of Kohl [Ace, 1966] * Beyond Capella [Ace, 1971] * Danger from Vega [Ace, 1966] * Dark Planet [Ace, 1971] * The Double Invaders [Ace, 1967] * Earthstrings [Ace, 1972] * Flower of Doradil [Ace, 1970] * Ipomoea [Ace, 1969] * The Proxima Project [Ace, 1968] * Time to Live [Ace, 1966] * Treasure of Tau Ceti [Ace, 1969] * We, the Venusians [Ace, 1965] Alexander M. Phillips: * The Mislaid Charm [Prime, 1947] Barbara Phillips: Romance Novels: * Carly Phillips: Member of Romance Writers of America; Carly Phillips's Home Page Debra Phillips: Romance Novels: * Dorothy Phillips: Romance Novels: * Idelia Phillips: Idelia Phillips's Home Page E-mail Idelia Phillips Jean Phillips: Romance Novels: * Jill M. Phillips: Romance Novels: * Johanna Phillips: Romance Novels: * Laura Phillips: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Lynn Phillips: Romance Novels: * M. Anne Phillips: see Marti Phillips; M. Anne Phillips's Home Page E-mail M. Anne Phillips Marti Phillips: also known as M. Anne Phillips; Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Romance Novels: * The Edge [by Marti Phillips] [Southern Press, Nov 1996] ISBN: 0-89754-099-9 * Sweet Defender [by M. Anne Phillips] [New Concepts Publishing, May 1998] ISBN: 1-89102-035-8 * The Road to Camelot: Lancelot's Crystal [by Marti Phillips] [SouthernStar, Oct 1999] ISBN: 0-89754-159-6 * The Last Pirate [by Marti Phillips] [Southern Press, Nov 2000] ISBN: 0-78801-601-6 * Southern Nights, A Mystery Suspense Anthology [by Marti Phillips & selected authors] [Southern Press, Nov 2001] ISBN: 1-58444-996-9 M. Anne Phillips's Home Page E-mail M. Anne Phillips Marti Phillips's Home Page E-mail Marti Phillips Paige Phillips: Romance Novels: * Pat Phillips: Romance Novels: * Patricia Phillips: Romance Novels: * Sonia Phillips: Romance Novels: * Susan Phillips: also known as Susan Liepitz, Susan Leslie Liepitz: Romance Novels: * Rapture's Legacy [by Susan Phillips] [St. Martin's Press, March 1989] ISBN: 0-312-91503-9 * This Time Together [by Susan Leslie Liepitz] [Jove Time Passages, December 1996] ISBN: 0-515-11981-4 * That Wilder Man [by Susan Liepitz] [Harlequin Temptation #652, September 1997] ISBN: 0-373-2572-X * Mystic Memories [by Susan Leslie Liepitz] [Jove Time Passages, Apr 1998] Susan Elizabeth Phillips: Member of Romance Writers of America; Susan Elizabeth Phillips's Home Page Tori Phillips: Romance Novels: * Sandra Phillipson: Romance Novels: * Philoctetes: best archer in Trojan War; Hercules left him arrows in his will; Odysseus sent for Philoctetes when an oracle said Troy could not be conquered without Hercules' arrows; Philoctetes slew Paris; Troy fell. Philomel: see "nightingale" Philosphers: {to be done} Philosphers' Stone: converts base metals to gold; see "Alchemy" Philospher's Tree, a.k.a. Diane's Tree: crystallized silver amalgam; see "Alchemy" Philter: [Greek "philtron", from "philein" = to love]: love potion Phlegethon: [Greek "phlego" = to burn]: river of fire in Hades, a tributary of the Acheron; see: Milton's "Paradise Lost" [II, 580] see: Hell Phlogiston: [Greek "combustible"]: imaginary substance thought to be in all combustble matter, as devised by Ernst Stahl [1702] until disproved by Lavoisier [circa 1770]; see: 18th Century Phoebe: (1) female Titan, daughter of Uranus and Gaea; (2)alternate name for Diana as Moon-goddess see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Phoebus: [Greek "shining one"]: (1) Apollo as sun-god; (2) poetically, the sun; (3) Apollo as CEO of the Muses see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Phoenix: (1) Egyptian or Arabian or Indian bird, one of a kind, that lives a fixed number of years, makes a nest of spices, sings the blues, sets fire to the spices with wing-beat friction, burns itself to ashes, emerges reborn from ashes, see: Shakespeare ["Cymbeline", I, vi]; (2) symbol hung over chemist's shops by its association with Alechemy [see: "Alchemy"]; (3) Christian symbol of resurrection; (4) Achilles' tutor, son of Amyntor (King of Argos); (5) City in Arizona Phylos the Tibetan, pseudonym of Frederick S. Oliver Phynnodderee: Brewer says this is a Manx hobgoblin, somewhere in between a Scottish Brownie, Irish Lepreechaun, and Scandinavian Troll, who srives straying sheep home, assists in harvesting if a storm approaches, and is very strong (no independent confirmation) Return to Authors P Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Pi..."

Phyllis Taylor Pianka: Romance Novels: * Felice Picano: Romance Novels: * Joan Elliott Pickart: Romance Novels: * Andrea Pickens: Romance Novels: * Picts: [Latin "picti" = painted/tatooed men] ancient indigenes of Scotland before arrival of Scots (Goidelic-speaking Celts); the Scots settled Dalriada (Argyll) and Pictish kingdom lasted until conquered in mid-9th-Century by Kenneth MacAlpine (King of Dalriada) see: Celtic Stobie Piel: Member of Romance Writers of America; Stobie Piel's Home Page Kathleen Pieper: Romance Novels: * Barbara Pierce: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Mirna Pierce: Romance Novels: * Marge Piercy: * "Woman on the Edge of Time" [Knopf, 1976; Crest] is selected and praised in "Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels" by David Pringle * Dance the Eagle to Sleep [Doubleday, 1970; Fawcett Gold Medal] {others to be done} Romance Novels: * Nell Pierlan: Romance Novels: * Pierrot: see "Harlequin" Piers Plowman: see William Langland Rosamund Pilcher: Romance Novels: * Ann Pinchot: Romance Novels: * Pindar (522-443 B.C.): greatest lyric poet of Thebes Peter Pindar: pseudonym of Dr. John Wolcot (1738-1819), Physician-General of Jamaica (M.D. University of Aberdeen, 1767), scandalously satirical Whig poet and caricaturist Nancy Elaine Pindrus: Romance Novels: * Pinocchio: see "Collodi" Sharon Pisacreta: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Virgina Pittinger: Romance Novels: * Pixie, a.k.a. Piskey, a.k.a. Pixy: fairy or sprite, particularly in Devon and Cornwall Erin Pizzey: Romance Novels: * Suzy Pizzuti: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Return to Romance Authors P Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Plagiarist: some low-life who steals another's ideas or writings, whether in literature, science, music, or whatever; see: Arboob see: Ronald M. Jones Jean Plaidy: Romance Novels: * Belva Plain: Romance Novels: * Berta Platas: Romance Novels: * Plato (428-348 B.C.): great Philospher of Athens, student of Socrates, founder of the Academy; his name at birth was actually Aristocles; listed here as author: * The Republic (influential UTOPIAN book) Related terms: * Platonic Solid: 5 regular geometrical polyhedra with each vertex and face identical: tetrahedron, octahedron, cube, dodecahedron, icosahedron * Platonic Love: spiritual, non-sexual love between male and female * Platonic Year: see "Age" Helen Playfair: Romance Novels: * Pleides: (1) the 7 daughters of Atlas and Pleione, sisters of the Hyades; (2) star cluster in Taurus Judith Plowden: Romance Novels: * Jennifer Plum: Romance Novels: * Lisa Plumley: Member of Romance Writers of America; Romance Novels: * Surrender [Precious Gems #66, July 1997] ISBN: 0-8217-5738-5 * The Honeymoon Hoax [Precious Gems #129, May 1998] ISBN: 0-8217-6077-7 * Outlaw [Zebra, Feb 1999] ISBN: 0-8217-6120-x * Timeless Spring [by Lisa Plumley, Sandra Davidson, Cynthia Thomason] [Zebra, Mar 1999] ISBN: 0-8217-6330-x * My Best Friend's Baby [Precious Gems #190, Mar 1999] ISBN: 0-8217-6330-x * Lawman [Zebra, Nov 1999] * Timeless Winter [by Lisa Plumley, Sandra Davidson, Kathryn Kramer] [Zebra, Nov 1999] Lisa Plumley's Home Page Clair Plummer: Romance Novels: * Susan Plunkett: Member of Romance Writers of America; Romance Novels: * Heaven's Time [Jove, June 1998] ISBN: 0-515-12287-4 * Remember Love [Jove, Dec 1996] ISBN: 0-515-11980-6 * Silver Tomorrows [Jove, Apr 1997] ISBN: 0-515-12047-2 * "Christmas Promises" [in anthology Silent Nigh, Jove, 1998] * Untamed Time [Jove, Feb 1999] Susan Plunkett's Home Page E-mail Susan Plunkett Pluto: ruler of Tartarus, god of the underworld; see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Plutus: Greek god of Riches see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Return to Romance Authors P Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Candice Poarch: Candice Poarch's Home Page Podsnap: self-satsfied pomposity incarnate in Dicken's "Our Mutual Friend" [Book I, Chapter xi]; thus "Podsnappery" see: "Pecksniff" Podkayne: see Robert A. Heinlein Edgar Allan Poe: 9 web sites on America's greatest author as founder of the genres of modern Science Fiction, Horror, and the Detective story Edgar Allan Poe news flash: Edgar Allan Poe probably died of Rabies Edgar Allen Poe Edgar Allan Poe @infoweb Edgar Allen Poe gopher Edgar Allen Poe The Ingram Poe Collection Edgar Allen Poe @RIT Edgar Allen Poe Swedish tribute page 120 Works by Poe gopher The Poe Perplex Navy tribute Marion M. Poe: Romance Novels: * Poet Laureates: * Great Britain: * 1619-1637: Ben Johnson [see "Ben Johnson"] * 1638-1668: Sir William Davenant * 1670-1688: John Dryden [see "John Dryden"] * 1688-1692: Thomas Shadwell [see: "Og"] * 1692-1715: Nahum Tate * 1715-1718: Nicholas Rowe * 1718-1730: Laurence Eusden * 1730-1757: Colly Cibber * 1757-1785: William Whitehead * 1785-1790: Thomas Wharton * 1790-1813: Henry James Pye * 1813-1843: Robert Southey * 1843-1850: William Wordsworth [see: "William Wordsworth"] * 1850-1892: Alfred Tennyson [see "Alfred Tennyson"] * 1896-1913: Alfred Austin * 1913-1930: Robert Bridges * 1930-1967: John Masefield [see "John Masefield"] * 1968-1972: Cecil Day Lewis * 1972-19??: John Betjman * 19??-1998: Ted Hughes * 1999- : * USA {to be done} Donna Lee Poff: Romance Novels: * Dora Polk: Romance Novels: * Ellin Ronnee Pollachek: Romance Novels: * Madeline A. Polland: Romance Novels: * Judith Polley: Romance Novels: * Rosemary Pollock: Romance Novels: * Pollux: twin brother of Castor see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Polonius: pompous courtier in Shakespeare's "Hamlet", father of Ophelia, Lord Chamberlein to King of Denmark Poltergeist: [German: "polter" = noise, + "geist" = spirit]: (1) spirit haunting a household, able to throw things around and make noise; (2) novel adapted to hit movie {to be done} Polycrates: see Amasis Polyphemus: Cyclops bested by Odysseus; see: "Acis", "Galatea" Pomona: (1) Roman goddess of fruit, fruit trees; (2) city near Los Angeles Patricia Ponder: Romance Novels: * Daaimah S. Poole: Romance Novels: * Helen Lee Poole: Romance Novels: * Dawn Aldridge Poore: Romance Novels: * Ann Pope: Romance Novels: * Pamela Pope: Romance Novels: * Zelda Popkin: Romance Novels: * Robin T. Popp: Romance Novels: * Sharon Porath: Romance Novels: * Cheryl Anne Porter: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Jane Porter: Member of Romance Writers of America; Jane Porter's Home Page E-mail Jane Porter Joyce Porter: Romance Novels: * Margaret Evans Porter: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Nina Porter: Romance Novels: * Marie Porterfield: Romance Novels: * Portumnus: see Palaemon Jonathan Vos Post: Your Humble Webmaster Jonathan Vos Post Resume of Jonathan Vos Post Co-Webmaster, Vice President, and Chief Information Officer of Magic Dragon Multimedia 820+ publications, presentations, broadcasts co-author with Ray Bradbury co-author with Richard Feynman, Nobel Laureate physicist co-editor with David Brin and Arthur C. Clarke co-broadcaster with Isaac Asimov quoted by name in Robert Heinlein's "Expanded Universe" Winner of 1987 Rhysling Award for Best Science Fiction Poem of Year Published in Nebula Awards Anthology #23, 1989 Semifinalist for 1996 Nebula Award Son of Samuel H. Post and Patricia Vos Post; husband of author Christine Carmichael, and father of author Andrew Carmichael Post; Mary Brinker Post: Romance Novels: * Samuel H. Post: editor of various Romance Novels, including: * Potiphar's Wife: although not named in the Bible [Genesis, xxxix, 7] nor the Koran, she is "Rahil" in some Arabic folklore, "Zuleika" in Persian folklore, including "Yusef and Zulaikha" [Persian, 15th-Century], and "Phraxanor" in "Joseph and His Brethren" [C. J. Wells, 1824] Allison Potter: Romance Novels: * Patricia Potter: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Kelley Pounds: Romance Novels: * Regina Pounds: Regina Pounds's Home Page E-mail Regina Pounds Cynthia Powell: Romance Novels: * Elizabeth Powell: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Jo-Ann Power: Romance Novels: * Anne Powers: Romance Novels: * Martha Powers: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Martha Jean Powers: Romance Novels: * Nora Powers: Romance Novels: * Heather Graham Pozzessere: Member of Romance Writers of America; also known as Shannon Drake Heather Graham; Heather Graham Pozzessere's Home Page Return to Romance Authors P Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Pragmatism: [Greek "pragma" = deed]: word coined circa 1875 by American philospher C. S. Pierce for the doctrine that the sole test of the truth of thoughts or theories is how well they work in the practical world, and thus there is no absolute truth, but only degrees of practicality; this school of philosophy was promoted very effectively by: * Pragmatism [1907] by William James Festus Pragnell: * The Green Man of Graypec [Greenberg, 1950] * The Machine God Laughs [Fantasy Publishing Co. Inc., 1949] volume contains a novel plus 2 stories by other authors Terry PratchettHome Page Terry PratchettSome Stuff Terry Pratchett Terry Pratchett Discworld tribute site Terry Pratchett student tribute site Books: * The Dark Side of the Sun [St.Martins, 1976] * MANY others {to be done} Fletcher Pratt, also wrote as George U. Fletcher: * Alien Planet [Avalon, 1962; Ace] * The Blue Star [in Witches Three, Twayne, 1952; Ballentine Books] * Double in Space [Doubleday, 1951; Curtis] 2 novels in 1 volume * Double Jeopardy [Doubleday, 1952; Science Fiction Book Club; Galaxy #30; Curtis] 2 novels in 1 volume * Invaders from Rigel [Avalon, 1960; Airmont] * Land of Unreason [Holt, 1942; Ballentine Books] co-author L. Sprague de Camp * The Undying Fire [Ballentine Books, hardcover, 1953] * The Well of the Unicorn [Sloane, 1948] as George U. Fletcher [Lancer; Ballentine Books; Garland, 1976] as Fletcher Pratt Prayer Wheel: Tibetan Buddhist device that automates prayer, according to a literal interpretation of Buddha's saying "turn the wheel of the law"; prayers such as "Om Mani Padme Hum" [see: "Om"] are printed on everything from cardboard cylinders to huge waterwheels, each turn of which generates the equivalent of one human prayer; in Science Fiction, this idea was carried to its logical Computerized conclusion in Arthur C. Clarke's short story "The Nine Billion Names of God" Pre-Adamites: Isaac de la Peyrere suggested in 1655 that there were humans before Adam, from whom all Gentiles are descended, and only Jews descended from Adam [see: "Pagan"] George Preedy, pseudonym of Gabrielle M. V. Long Pre-Raphaelite: Lodon group of artists, formed 1848, including Holman Hunt, Milais, Dante Gabriel Rossett, and Thomas Woolner, then picking up J. Collinson, W. H. Deverell, F. G. Stephen, W. M. Rossetti; and was supported by such as Ford Maddox Brown and Ruskin ["Modern Painters", II, section vi, chapter iii, xvi], while attacked by, nitably, Charles Dickens. Their importance to Fantasy Art included: (1) rejection of acadmic dogma; (2) study of nature; (3) attention to spirit an methodology prior to Raphael (1483-1520); (4) linkage to literary works, especially Fantasy; (5) exaggerated focus on details; (6) highly finished perfectionism; (7) bohemian lifestyle Kit Prate: Romance Novels: * Cynthia Pratt: Romance Novels: * Maureen Pratt: Romance Novels: * Amanda Preble: Romance Novels: * Wendy Prentice: Romance Novels: * Charlotte Prentiss: Romance Novels: * Vickie Presley: Romance Novels: * Victoria Presley: Romance Novels: * Arlene Presser: Romance Novels: * Hilda Pressley: Romance Novels: * Janice Prestine: Romance Novels: * Presto: (1) magical term, from "prestidigitation", see "Abracadabra"; (2) nickname for himself by Jonathan Swift ["Journal to Stella"] Fayrene Preston: Romance Novels: * Hilary Preston: Romance Novels: * Ivy Preston: Romance Novels: * Mona Prevel: Romance Novels: * Jolene Prewit-Parker: Romance Novels: * Priam: King of Troy when sacked by Greeks, husband of hecuba, father of 50 princes and princesses, of whom Hector had seniority; he was slain by Pyrrhus, son of Achilles, who snuck in through the famous Trojan Horse Priapus: son of Dionysius and Aphrodite; god of the power of reproduction and fertility and gardens; protector of farmers, shepherds, and fishermen; later considered the primary deity of sexuality and the obscene, as symbolized by the phallus see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Ashland Price: Romance Novels: * Dianne Price: Romance Novels: * Eugenia Price: Romance Novels: * Kerry Price: Romance Novels: * Linda Price: Romance Novels: * Maggie Price: Member of Romance Writers of America; Maggie Price's Home Page Margorie Price: Romance Novels: * Nancy Price: Romance Novels: * Reynolds Price: Romance Novels: * Fran Priddy: Romance Novels: * Lee Priestley: Romance Novels: * Joan C. Prime: Romance Novels: * Margot Prince: Romance Novels: * Melissa Pritchard: Romance Novels: * Pat Pritchard: Romance Novels: * Ariadne Pritchett: Romance Novels: * Janet Privett: Janet Privett's Home Page E-mail Janet Privett Candace Proctor: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Romance Novels: * Kate Proctor: Romance Novels: * Lozania Prole: Romance Novels: * Francine Prose: Romance Novels: * Prose: [Latin "oratio prosa"]: (1) ordinary speech or writing, as opposed to that bound to feet ["oratio vincta" = fettered speech], namely Poetry; (2) In Moliere's comedy "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme", the character Monsieur Jourdain was impressed to discover that he had been speaking prose for 40 years without even knowing it; see: Science Fiction POETRY Proserpina, a.k.a Proserpine: Roman equivalent of Greek Persephone, part-time Queen of hades, wife of Pluto; sometimes considered equivalent to Hecate; see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Prospero: Magician in Shakespeare's "The Tempest"; see: 1611 entry in Science Fiction of 1600s Prospero and Caliban, pseudonym of Frederick Rolfe Proteus: herdsman of Neptune, able to morph into any shape; hence "protean" means versatile, able to change easily, highly reconfigurable see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Olive Higgins Prouty: Romance Novels: * A. R. Provost: Romance Novels: * Melinda Pryce: Romance Novels: * Natalie Pryor: Romance Novels: * Pauline Pryor: Romance Novels: * Return to Authors P Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ps..."

Psalms: of the 150 songs in the biblical "Book of Pslams", the authorship was for centuries said to be entirely David, but now is ascribed as follows: * 73 by David * 12 by Asaph the Singer * 11 by the Sons of Korah (a family of singer/poets) * 1 by Moses [Psalm xc] Pschent: Egypt Pseudoepigraphia: [Greek "falsely inscribed"]: various pseudonymous Jewish writings which are denied appearance in both the Canonical Old Testament and the Apocrypha, including: * The Book of Enoch (which has some cool stories about Giants) * The Assumption of Moses * The Psalms of Solomon * The Fourth Book of the Maccabees see: "Apocrypha" Akkad Pseudoman, pseudonym of Edwin F. Northrup Pseudonym: see "nom de plume" Psyche: [Greek "breath", hence life or soul]: the "latest-born of the myths" is that of Cupid and psyche [The Golden Ass]; [Walter Pater's "Marius the Epicurean] see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Return to Authors P Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Pu..."

Puck, a.k.a. Robin Goodfellow: sprite filled with energy and mischief, portrayed in positive light by Shakespeare in :Midsummer Night's Dream" [II, i], but as a nasty hobgoblin in Spencer's "Epithalamion" Puff: the Magic Dragon, lived by the sea, and frolicked in the morning mists, in a land called Honalee [Peter, Paul & Mary] Pulitzer Prize: awarded each year for literary work, journalism, drama, and music, from an endowment by Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911); {to be done} some are arguably Romance Roxanne Pulitzer: Romance Novels: * Pundit: (1) [Hindi "pandit"]: learned man, well-versed in Sanskrit, religion, law, or science; (2) hence, by extension, any expert Bonnie Purcell: Romance Novels: * Dierdre Purcell: Romance Novels: * Eileen Putman: Member of Romance Writers of America; Romance Novels: * A Passionate Performance [Signet, Mar 1997] ISBN: 0-451-19003-3 * The Perfect Bride [Signet, Oct 1997] ISBN: 0-451-19004-1 * The Dastardly Duke [Signet, Jan 1998] ISBN: 0-451-19156-0 * Reforming Harriet [Signet, Dec 1998] ISBN: 0-451-19493-4 * Never Trust a Rake [Avon , July 1999] ISBN: 0-380-80289-9 Eileen Putman's Home Page Mary Jo Putney: Member of Romance Writers of America; Mary Jo Putney's Home Page Return to Romance Authors P Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Rosina Pyatt: Romance Novels: * Pygmalion: sculptor-king of Cyprus, who fell in love with an ivory statue he carved, and Aphrodite turned it to a real woman, whom he married [Ovid's "Metamorphoses"]; [Marston's "Metamorphosis of Pygmalion's Image", 1598]; Morris ["The Earthly Paradise (August)]; W. S. Gilbert's comedy ["Pygmalion and Galatea", 1871]; George Bernard Shaw ["Pygmalion", 1912] which was then adapted to the musical play and movie "My Fair Lady" see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Nina Pykare: Romance Novels: * Pylades and Orestes: Homeric legendary friends, like Damon and Pythias; the Greek equivalent of David and Jonathan; Pylades (nephew of murdered Agamemnon) and Orestes (son of Agamemnon) were raised by Strophius (Pylades' father); later, Pylades helped Orestes get vengeance on Aegisthus and Clytemnestra, and even later, Pylades married Electra (sister of Orestes) Barbara Pym: bestselling mainstream novelist, also wrote: Contemporary Romance Novels: * No Fund Return of Love Pyramid: {to be done} Pyramus: {to be done} Pyromancy: divination by fire; see "Divination" Pyrrha: wife of Deucalion see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Pyrric Victory: {to be done} Pyrrhonism: scepticism, named after Pyrrho (4th Century B.C.) Pythagoras: {to be done} Pythia: priestess of Apollo at Delphi; see: "Oracle" see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Pythias: see Damon Python: (1) serpent monster hatched from the mud after Deucalion's Deluge, then slain by Apollo at Delphi (a.k.a. Pytho); (2) actual type of large snake

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