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Ra, a.k.a Re: Egyptian Sun God; purported ancestor of Pharoahs; terrestrial base of operations in Heliopolis, where he was also named Atum; he fought eternally with Apep, the great serpent, and beat him in every battle; legendarily born as a child each morning, and died each night as an old man; represented with a falcon's head above which stood the Sun Disk, around which coiled the flame-spitting asp Uraeus; his worshippers merged with those of Amen, yielding the god and cult of Amen-Ra. He was the creator and protector of all people; he was the god who could vanquish evil; the first humans were created from his tears. see: Egyptian Pantheon see: Pharaoh Lawrence Raab (1946-): Locus/Contento lists: * "Voices Answering Back: The Vampires" [The American Scholar, 1969] poem [Elsewhere, vol.3, ed. Terri Winding and Mark Allan Arnold, Ace, 1984] Wilhelm Raab (1831-1910): German ironic Realist and pessimistic novelist, known for biting social commentary, yet with humor and affection for characters. Although not a Romance author, he contributed to the structure of early German Science Fiction (which itself influenced the Time Travel Romance subgenre)in the emphasis on realism, the need for progress, and the formal complexity of the flow of time in his later fiction, such as Stopfkuchen [1891]. In this regard, he helped to split "plot" (the page-by-page sequence of events, with multiple flashbacks and flashforwards) from "story" (the chronological sequence of events), and gave the writer more control of dramatic influence on the reader. Rabbi Ben Ezra: (1) distinguished Jewish literary figure (c.1090-1168), whose works included some Fantasy; (2) poem about age and aging by Robert Browning [1864]. Jean Rabe, full name Jean Marie Rabe: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America (as of August 1998): Books: * Secret of the Djinn [TSR Books, 1998] Sheila Rabe: Member of Romance Writers of America; Regency Romance Novels: * The Accidental Bride [June 1994] * The Adventuress [Jan 1996] * Bringing Out Betsy * Faint Heart [Dec 1990] * A Ghostly Charade [Oct 1991] * The Improper Miss Prym [Dec 1991] * An Innocent Imposter [May 1995] * Lady Luck [Dec 1992] * The Light-Fingered Lady [Jan 1989] * The Lost Heir [Aug 1992] * Miss Plympton's Peril [Sep 1994] * The Wedding Deception [May 1993] * A Memorable Christmas [AN #41, Nov 1994] * Motherly Advice [AN #122, Apr 1995] Contemporary Romance Novels: * All I Want for Christmas [Oct 2000] * Be My Valentine [Jan 2001] * A Prince of a Guy [Aug 2001] Sheila Rabe's Home Page E-mail Sheila Rabe Francois Rabelais (1494-1553): Physician, scholar, humanist, archaeologist, botanist, and brilliant author of France. See: "Gargantua and Pantagruel" Solomon J. Rabinowitz (1859-1916): known better by his pseudonym Sholem Aleichem, he was born in Russia, educated as a rabbi, fled from the pogrom of 1905, and moved to the United States. There he became one of the leading homorists and Fantasists in the Yiddish language, balancing insight about life among rural and urban Jews with retellings of Jewish legends and myths, especially those of remote Eastern European origin. Raboin: men with tails, in medieval superstition; believed to have included the Cornish and the Jews; probably due to confusion between "Rabbi" and "Raboin" or "Rabuino" = the Devil, the latter from th Spanish "rabo" = tail. see: Devil Jean Racine (1639-1699): major playwright of France, some of whose plays reworked themes from Greek mythology and biblical Fantasy. Mrs. Ann [Ward] Radcliffe (9 July 1764-7 Feb 1823) English Romance novelist famous for the very enthusiasticaly received major Gothic novel: * The Mysteries of Udolpho [4 volumes, London: Robinson, 1794; Oxford University Press, 1998] References: * A Chronology of Ann Radcliffe * Select Bibliography Janette Radcliffe: Historical Romance Novels: * American Baroness [Aug 1980] * The Court of the Flowering Peach * The Heart Awakens * Hidden Fires [1978] * Stormy Surrender * Vienna Dreams [Sep 1982] Regency Romance Novels: * The Blue-Eyed Gypsy [May 1974] * The Moonlight Gondola [June 1975] * The gentleman Pirate [Nov 1975] * White Jasmine * Lord Stephen's Lady * The Azure Castle * The Topaz Charm [Oct 1976] * Scarlet Secrets * A Gift of Violets [Mar 1977] Contemporary Romance Novels: * Lovers and Liars Jodelyn Radcliffe: Gothic Romance Novels: * Blackwood Charlene Raddon (a.k.a. Rachel Summers): Member of Romance Writers of America; website Historical Romance Novels: * Forever Mine [Jan 1996] * Taming Jenna [June 1994] * Tender Touch [Dec 1994] * To Have & To Hold [May 1997] Ruby L. Radford: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Dr. Diane's Decision * The Enchanted Cove [VAL #225] Radigund: see The Faerie Queen Karren Radko: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Dreams and Wishes [KIS #155, June 1993] Catherine M. Rae: also writes Mystery: Historical Romance Novels: * Flight from Fifth Avenue [Feb 1995] * Marike's World [July 2000] * Sunlight on a Broken Column [Nov 1997] Contemporary Romance Novels: * Julia's Story * Sarah Cobb Doris Rae: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Flame of the Forest [HOR #108] * Awake to the Dawn [HOR #112] * Echo of Romance [HOR #115] Lona Rae: Historical Romance Novels: * Down River Patricia Rae: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Charge Nurse * Emergency Nurse * Hospital Nurse * Maternity Nurse * Student Nurse * To Suffer in Silence * The Touch * Trauma Nurse Historical Romance Novels: * Storm Tide [Aug 1983] * Ways of the Wind [Oct 1984] Laura Raef: Gothic Romance Novels: * Dangerous Designs * Dr. Terri's Project * Mircale at Seaside * Moonlight Kisses * Nurse in Fashion * Nurse Jan and the Legacy * Target for Terror * Waikiki Nurse * Symphony in the Sky [BRR #111] Hugo Raes (1929-): symbolist/surrealist fantasy author in Belgium Sheila Raeschild: Historical Romance Novels: * Earthstones * Trolley Song Donne Raffat: Historical Romance Novels: * The Caspian Circle Elizabeth Raffel: also co-authors with Burton Raffel: Romance Novels: * Lost Without Love [CER #180, Oct 1983] Historical Romance Novels [by Elizabeth Raffel and Burton Raffel]: * Founder's Fortune * Founder's Fury Carin Rafferty: Fantasy Romance Novels: * Touch of Magic [Mar 1995] * Touch of Night [Feb 1994] * Touch of Lightning [Jan 1996] Contemporary Romance Novels: * Full Circle [HAR #320, Nov 1989] * A Change of Seasons [HAR #359, Sep 1990] * I Do, Again [HT #281, Jan 1990] * My Fair Baby [HT #319, Oct 1990] * Sherlock and Watson [HT #363, Sep 1991] * Christmas Knight [HT #373, Dec 1991] * The Hood [HT #381, Feb 1992] * Expose [HT #446, June 1993]] * Even Cowboys Get the Blues [HT #505, Sep 1994]] Miriam Raftery: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Time Travel Romance Novels: * Apollo's Fault [Mar 1996] Contemporary Romance Novels: * Mr. Wright's Christmas Angel [Nov 1997] Naomi Ragen: Historical Romance Novels: * Jepthe's Daughter * Sotah Raghuvansha: [from Sanscrit "the race of Raghu"] presumed to be written by Kalidasa, this Sanscrit narrative poem is primarily about Rama, the protagonist of the Ramayana. See: Ramayana Ragnarok: in Scandinavian mythology, the ultimate day of doom, when the entire universe with its people and gods will be destroyed by the Ice Giants, equivalent to the German "Gotterdammerung" (Twilight of the Gods). see: Scandanavian Pantheon Mille J. Ragosta: Gothic Romance Novels: * The Dream Weaver [Jan 1983] * Druid's Enchantment [Aug 1985] * House of the Evil Winds * The House on Curtin Street * King John's Treasure * Lorena Veiled * Sing Me a Love Song * Taverna in Terrazzo * The Winter Rose * Witness to Treason * The Lighthouse [VAL #326] Regency Romance Novels: * Gerait's Daughter [Aug 1982] Rahu: in Hindu mythology, this Demon drank some sacred Nectar of Immortality; upon being informed of this by the Moon and Sun, Vishnu cut off his head; due to the Nectar, this head was now immortal, and ranged vengefully through the heavens, sometimes catching and swallowing the Moon or the Sun, thus accounting for Lunar and Solar Eclipses. see: Hindu Pantheon see: Demon see: IMMORTALITY Alexandra Raife: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Belonging [Aug 1999] * Drumveyn [May 1997] ISBN 045-119139-0 * Mountain Heather [Dec 1998] * Until the Spring [Mar 2000] * Wild Highland Home [Feb 1998] Elizabeth Rainbow: Gothic Romance Novels: * Wall of Night Jocelyn Raines: also known as Jane Heller [Romance, Mystery/Suspense]; also known as Ruth Harris [Romance]; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Romance, Inc. [Feb 1996] Doreen Rainey: Multicultural Romance Novels: * Can't Deny Love [Aug 2003] * Foundation for Love [May 2002] * Just For You [Dec 2002] * A Thousand Kisses [Jan 2004] Lee Raintree: also known as Con Sellers [Romance]; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Dallas * This Promised Earth Romantic Suspense Novels: * Bed of Strangers Rita Rainville: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Lights Out [AN #181, Nov 1990] * A Touch of Class [SD #495, May 1989] * Paid In Full [SD #639, May 1991] * High Spirits [SD #792, June 1993] * Tumbleweed and Gibralter [SD #828, Dec 1993] * Hot Property [SD #874, Aug 1994] * Bedazzled [SD #918, Mar 1995] * Husband Material [SD #984, Feb 1996] * City Girls Need Not Apply [SD #1056, Feb 1997] * Challenge the Devil [SR #313, Aug 1984] * McCade's Woman [SR #346, Mar 1985] * Lady Moonlight [SR #370, July 1985] * Written On the Wind [SR #400, Dec 1985] * The Perfect Touch [SR #418, Mar 1986] * The Glorious Quest [SR #448, Aug 1986] * Family Affair [SR #478, Jan 1987] * It Takes a Thief [SR #502, May 1987] * Gentle Persuasion [SR #535, Oct 1987] * Never Love a Cowboy [SR #556, Feb 1988] * Valley of Rainbows [SR #598, Sep 1988] * No Way to Treat a Lady [SR #663, July 1989] * Never on Sundae [SR #706, Mar 1990] * One Moment of Magic [SR #746, Sep 1990] * Arc of the Arrow [SR #832, Dec 1991] * Alone at Last [SR #873, June 1992] * To Hard to Handle [SR #1445, May 2000] Chakravarti Rajagopalachari (1879-?): political leader, author, and translator in the Tamil language of Southern India. When Earl Mountbatten retired as Gobernor General of India, Rajagopalachari succeeded him, himself retiring in 1950. He founded the Swatantra (Freedom) Party in 1960. Books: * Ramayana [pub?, date?] English retelling of Indian epic * Mahabharata [pub?, 1957] English retelling of Indian epic * The Ayodhya Canto of the Ramayana, as Told by Kamban [1961] See: Ramayana, Mahabharata Rajah: [from Sanskrit for "king"; related to Latin "rex"] King or Prince of India, Malaya, Java; later usage granted this to more minor leaders; "Maharajah" means "the Great Rajah" Rakshas: evil spirits in Hindu mythology, who guard the treasure trove of Kubera (god of riches), haunt cemeteries, and eat humans alive. They can morph into different shapes, and grow stronger as the day goes on. Most are ugly, but some of the females are ravishingly beautiful [see: succubus]. Debbie Raleigh: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; Regency Romance Novels: * A Bride for Lord Brasleigh [May 2001] * A Bride for Lord Wickton [Mar 2001] * A Bride for Lord Challmond [Jan 2001] * The Christmas Wish [Nov 2001] * A Convenient Marriage [Dec 2002] * Lord Carlton's Courtship [Feb 2000] * Lord Mumford's Minx [Aug 2000] * My Lord Eternity [Oct 2003] * My Lord Vampire [Aug 2003] * My Lord Immortality [Dec 2003] * A Proper Marriage [Oct 2002] * A Scandalous Marriage [Mar 2003] * The Valentine Wish [Jan 2002] * My Wedding Wish [Apr 2002] * My Favorite Rogue [AN #???, Mar 2004] * The Naughty Kitten [AN #408, Mar 2000] * The Merry Cupids [AN #460, Jan 2001] * Christmas Miracle [AN #513, Oct 2001] * The Elusive Bride [AN #583, Oct 2002] * A Mother at Heart [AN #607, Apr 2003] * The Bewitchment of Lord Dalford [AN #627, Sep 2003] Historical Romance Novels: * One Night With Lucifer [AN #549, June 2002] * Night of Seduction [AN #620, June 2003] Sir Walter Raleigh (1552?-1618): Major explorer, courtier, prose author, and poet of England. He was very close to Queen Elizabeth in 1591 and 1592, and sent expeditions to North America (the Queen refused to risk his life, and forbade him to go himself). He helped his colleague Edmund Spenser publish the first three books of The Faerie Queen. He had a torrid love affair with one of the Queen's maids of honor, fell from grace, and was thus allowed to travel to South America in a 1595 exploration. Late in Elizabeth's reign, Sir Walter was reinstated at court, but when James I acceded, Sir Walter was charged with treason (on dubious grounds), and imprisoned in the Tower for 13 years, almost being executed. James I released him in 1616 in return for a promise to bring back gold from South America. Sir Walter violated the terms of the promise by attacking a Spanish colony in South America. Back in England, he was arrested, tried, and executed. The famous anecdote about Sir Walter spreading his cloak over a puddle, so that the Queen could cross the street unmuddied, was mentioned by Sir Walter Scott in the novel "Kenilworth." Fantasy: * sonnet prefaced to Spenser's "The Faerie Queen" * He helped to get Spenser's great work of Fantasy published Other Poetry: * Few of his poems survive, because (as was typical at court), he did not publish most of his poetry, but circulated manuscripts among other courtiers. * "Cynthia" long poem honoring Queen Elizabeth, only fragments survive * "The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd", a reply to Marlowe's "Passionate Shepherd" * "The Lie" * "The Passionate Man's Pilgrimmage" Other Writings: * Discovery of Guiana [exaggerated account of South America expedition] * History of the World [only Volume I was completed] * (Narrative of the Sea-Battle Between the "Revenge" -- Sir Walter's ship -- and a Spanish Warship where his cousin Sir Richard Grenville was killed) served as basis for Sir Walter Scott's "The Revenge" See: The Faerie Queen Ralph Roister Doister [1552-1553]: first classical English comedy, by Nicholas Udall, who was headmaster of Eton (1534-1541) and Westminster (1555-1556). 5 acts, rhymed doggerel, with hero an aggressive, loud man who woos and loses a rich widow. James Ralph (1695?-1762): American writer who travelled with Benjamin Franklin to London (1724). Once ensconced in London, his reputation was assured by: * The Tempest (blank verse, Thompsonian, reworking of Shakespeare's Fantasy) * Night [1727] * The Fashionable Lady [1730] non-Fantasy, but interestingly the first American play ever produced on a London stage Ram of the Zodiac: in "The Golden Fleece", this was the prize that Jason and the Argonauts were seeking; also known as "Chrysomallon." see: Argonauts Rama: (1) Vishnu's 7th Incarnation, he battled and killed monsters, demons, and giants. see: Hindu Pantheon see: "Avatar" see: "Ramayana" (2) giant alien spaceship in "Rendezvous with Rama" by Arthur C. Clarke, and two sequels co-authored by Clarke and Gentry Lee, due to be a 1999 movie. see: Sir Arthur C. Clarke Ramachandra: see Vishnu Ramadan: Moslem holy month; ninth month of Islamic year; month in which the Koran was revealed to Mohammed; month is celebrated with fasting and non-drinking (except for the infirm, sick, or pregnant) Walter Ramal: pseudonym of Walter de la Mare Ramayana: [Sanskrit: "the deeds of Rama"] stupendous epic poem [c.500 B.C.], legendarily by Valmiki, consisting of 7 books totalling 24,000 verses; on the same supreme level as the Mahabharata or the Iliad; to compress the story by a factor of over 10,000: Rama was married to the lovely Sita, who was kidnapped by Ceylon's Demon-King Ravana, so the nation of monkeys gathered rocks and trees, from which Adam's Bridge was built between Ceylon (a.k.a. Serendip, today Sri Lanka) and India, so that Rama and his holy army could cross, invade, and conquer, whereupon Rama killed Ravana with a magic arrow. There is a spoof retelling of the samew name [1954] by Aubrey Menen. see: Hindu Pantheon see: "Mahabharata" see: Pre-Hostory of Science Fiction The Rambler [1750-1752]: semi-weekly essay series by Samuel Johnson, on literature and society. Compared to "The Spectator" by Addison, they were intellectual and over the head of the public at large. Hotel de Rambouillet: the salon founded in 1615, which evolved into the Academie Francais. It resembled an elite RWA convention: * Members included: * Scientists such as Descartes * other writers, such as La Rochefoucauld * the politically powerful, such as Cardinal Richelieu * the well-connected fans, such as Mme de Sevigne * They had an agenda, as they were disgusted with immorality and trivia * The sought to advance refinement in literature and life * They developed a fannish slang (for example, women were known as "les precieuses" and men as "sprits doux") * They slipped gradually into affectation, pedantry, self-reference * Fannish feuds led to the salon's demise, especially the attacks: * Les Precieuses Ridicules [1659] Moliere * Les Femmes Savantes [1672] Moliere Marie Louise de la Ramee (1838-1908): Novelist of England, wrote under pseudonym "Ouida"; best-known for society Romances, listed here also for her animal stories and children's books: * A Dog of Flanders [1872] * Bimbi [1882] see: BAMBI'S CHILDREN: talking/thinking animals Terese Ramin: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Water from the Moon [SIM #279, Mar 1989] * Winter Beach [SIM #477, Feb 1993] * A Certain Slant of Light [SIM #634, Apr 1995] * Five Kids, One Christmas [SIM #680, Dec 1995] * An Unexpected Addition [SIM #793, July 1997] * Mary's Child [SIM #881, Sep 1998] * A Drive By Wedding [SIM #981, Jan 2000] * Her Guardian Agent [SIM #1093, Aug 2001] * Accompanying Alice [SSE #656, Mar 1991] Raminagrobis: [from Latin "thoughful tomcat"]: (1) in La Fontaine's "Fables", this was the cat who is called upon to settle the argument between the rabbit and the weasel; he settles it with great finality by eating both talking animals; see: BAMBI'S CHILDREN: talking/thinking animals (2) in Rabelais' "Gargantua and Panatagruel", Raminagrobis was the poet on his deathbed whom Panurge consults to help decide whether or not to get married. Raminagrobis writes an ambiguous poem which strongly advises that Panurge do both. Jeanette Ramirez: Historical Romance Novels: * Lady of Lochabar [Mar 2003] Ramona: 1884 Historical Romance novel by Helen Hunt Jackson. It focussed on the heroic Native American "Alessandro", who elopes with Ramona, woman of mixed Scottish/Native American ancestry. Caucasians harass Alessandro, until his life is destroyed. The novel is listed here because it is a rare example (like "Uncle Tom's Cabin") of a popular novel that triggers a sudden change in public attitude towards people of different racial or ethnic origin. It also implicitly influenced science fiction novels that portray the alien sympathetically. Graciliano Ramos (1892-1953): Novelist of BRAZIL, arguably the greatest Brazillian novelist since Machado de Assis. His works are known for their penetrating, objective analysis of mental, economic, and social contexts, sometimes using stream-of-consciousness. Allan Ramsay (1686-1758): Wigmaker and poet of SCOTLAND who became a book dealer, scholar, and editor of old Scottish poetry. He established the first circulating library in Scotland. He had several books of his own poetry published, mostly daramtic, humorous, and pastoral. His eldest son, also named Allan Ramsay (1713-1784), was a notable Edinburgh portrait painter, elevated to Court Painter to King George III in 1767. Books Edited: * The Ever Green [1724] poetry collection, some Fantasy * The Tea-Table Miscellany [1724-1727] poetry collection, some Fantasy Mr. and Mrs.Ramsay: primary characters in Virginia Woolf's "To the Lighthouse" Eileen Ainsworth Ramsey: Regency Romance Novels: * The Mysterious Marquis [Dec 1985] C. F. Ramuz: full name Charles Ferdinand Ramuz (1878-1947): Novelist of Switzerland, who studied the peasant life, legends, and language of his geographic area. There is some superstitious content, which falls short of what I categorize as fantasy. Erika Rand: Romantic Suspense Novels: * Lying Eyes [HI #259, Jan 1994] Jude Randal: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Just One of the Guys [SR #889, Sep 1992] * Northern Manhunt [SR #914, Jan 1993] * A Miracle for Bryan [SR #986, Jan 1994] Caitlin Randall: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Roses [KIS #37, Apr 1991] Diana Randall: also known as Leslie Ames [Romance]; also known as Marilyn Carter [Romance]; also known as Rose Dana [Romance]; also known as Ruth Dorset [Romance]; also known as Ann Gilmer [Romance]; also known as Miriam Leslie [Romance]; also known as Ellen Randolph [Romance]; also known as Clarissa Ross [Romance]; also known as Dan Ross [Romance; Speculative Fiction]; also known as Dana Ross [Romance]; also known as Marilyn Ross [Romance]; also known as W.E.D. Ross [Romance]; also known as Jane Rossiter [Romance]; also known as Rose Williams [Romance]; Historical Romance Novels: * Dragon Lover Florence Randall: [same as Florence Engle Randall, see below] Gothic Romance Novels: * Haldane Station * Hedgerow * The Place of Sapphires Florence Engle Randall: Books: * Haldane Station [Harcourt, 1973; Crest] * A Watcher in the Woods [Atheneum, 1976] juvenile Lindsay Randall: Historical Romance Novels: * Desire's Storm [Oct 1986] * Fortune's Desire * Jade's Temptation [May 1987] * Silversword [May 1990] * Two Hearts Too Wild [Nov 1988] Regency Romance Novels: * A Dangerous Courtship [Apr 1999] * Lady Lissa's Liaison [Aug 1998] * Miss Marcie's Mischief [Jan 1995] * Miss Meredith's Marriage [Aug 1995] Marta Randall (1948-): Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America (once President of Science Fiction Writers of America ) Novels: * A City in the North [Warner, 1976] * Islands [Pyramid, 1976] * Journey [Pocket, 1978] * Dangerous Games [pub?, 1980] * The Sword of Winter [Pocket, 1985] 0-671-55456-6, $3.50 [Science Fiction Book Club, 1984] hardcover #3607, $3.98 Anthologies Edited: * New Dimensions 11 [eds. Robert Silverberg and Marta Randall, Pocket, 1980] ISBN 0-671-83085-6, $2.50 * New Dimensions 12 [eds. Robert Silverberg and Marta Randall, Timescape, 1981] ISBN 0-671-83086-4, $2.50 * Nebula Awards 19 [1984] Rona Randall: Romance Novels: * Virginia Randall: Romance Novels: * Tara Randel: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Christine Randell: Romance Novels: * Kimberly Randell: Romance Novels: * Elise Randolph: Romance Novels: * Ellen Randolph: 2 authors with this same name?; [Ellen Randolph: pseudonym of W. E. D. Ross] Romance Novels: * Marion Randolph: pseudonym of Marie F. Rodell Melanie Randolph: Romance Novels: * Thomas Randolph (1605-1635): Poet and playwright of England, scholar at Cambridge University, friend of Ben Jonson. He was profoundly influenced by Classic drama, and adapted various Greek plays for the English stage. I have been unable to locate some of his allegedly Fantasy poems. Vance Randolph (23 Feb 1892-?) American folklorist of the Ozark: * The Devil's Pretty Daughter [Columbia U. Press, 1955] 90 stories * The Talking Turtle and Other Ozark Folk Tales [Columbia U. Press, 1957] * We Always Lie to Strangers [Columbia U. Press, 1951] * Who Blowed Up the Church House? [Columbia U. Press, 1952] 100 stories Arabella Randolphe: pseudonym of Jack Younger Ranee, or Rani: Queen in Hindu society, female equivalent of Rajah. see: "Rajah" Deborah Raney: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Karen Ranney: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Doris Rangel: Romance Novels: * Kimberly Rangel: Romance Novels: * Sheila Rann: Romance Novels: * Karen Ranney: Romance Novels: * [approx 1/9 as above] Dana Ransom: also known as Nancy Gideon; Dana Ransom's Home Page John Crowe Ransom (1888-1967): major American poet/critic; Professor at Vanderbilt University; member of "the Fugitives" (writers' group); Southern agrarian; started as professor at Kenyon College in 1937, where he was founder and editor of "The Kenyon Review"; his book "New Criticism" named that school of literary criticism. His poetry is greatly influenced by the Metaphysical poets, is often ironic, is nostalgiac for the Southern aristocratic past (before the Civil War), and therefore his poems are often critiques of modern technological society. Thus, he influenced other such critics: Alan Ginsberg, the Beat movement in general, the back-to-the-land movement in the Hippie era of the late 1960s through the 1970s. Tracy Ranson: Tracy Ranson's Home Page E-mail Tracy Ranson Raja Rao (1909-): English-language novelist of India, who studied at the Sorbonne and also wrote in French. Raphael: (1) an archangel; described in the Book of Tobit as travelling with Tobias to and from Media, telling him how to marry Sara and drive off the wicked spirit Asmodeus; described as "sociable spirit" and "affable archangel" by John Milton [Paradise Lost, VII, 40]; it was Raphael whom God sent to warn Adam of the penalties of transgression; usually depicted carrying either a pilgrim's staff or a fish, since he also helped Tobias catch the fish which was used in the miracle cure of his father's blindness. see: Angels see: "Archangel" see: "Apocrypha" (2) great painter (1483-1520) of ITALY see also: "Pre-Raphaelite" Along with Leonardo and Michelangelo, he was part of the greatest triumvirate of painters ever in a single brief era and single culture. RAPP: the Russian Association of Proletarian Writers, which ruthlessly controlled the literature of the Soviet Union from 1929 to 1932. It completely lost power to the Union of Soviet Writers after the first Five-Year Plan. Rappaccini's Daughter: science fictional story by Nathaniel Hawthorne, with scientist doctor, beautiful daughter, faithless suitor, and mysterious poison. Rasa: (1) river in the sky, in Hindu Mythology; (2) Bharata's theory of purpose and effect, in drama; (3) basic concept of Hindu aesthetics. Patricia A. Rasey: Patricia A. Rasey's Home Page E-mail Patricia A. Rasey Raskolnikov: anti-hero of Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment" Alicia Rasley: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Alysse Rasmussen: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia: Philosophical Romance (1759) by Samuel Johnson. Among other themes, the protagonist is disbused of the notions that scientific discoveries can give humanity realistic hopes, nor can imaginatinative Fantasy, nor Romantic love. In that sense, this is a work fundamentally opposed to Romance, Science Fiction, and Fantasy as literary genres, in a way instructive to consider. Ras Shamra: see Ugarit Rat: (1) Symbol of destruction in Egypt, and yet paradoxically also the symbol of wisdom, because a rat will always choose the better of two loaves of bread; (2) also elevated to god-like status by the Phygians; (3) Pliny [VIII, lvii] writes that the Romans considered seeing a white rat to be a sign of good fortune, which is no doubt why laboratories stocked with white rats have good luck in getting research grants today; (4) superstition has rats desert not only sinking ships, but those doomed to sink [Shakespeare, "The Tempest", I, ii]; (5) Irish superstition was that rats could be killed by reading them enough rhyming poetry [Shakespeare, "As You Like It", III, ii]; "Pharaoh's Rat" is actually Ichneumon, a mongoose species appreciated for its ecological role in eating insects and crocodile eggs; (6) Apollo [see: Greek/Roman Pantheon] was also called the Rat-killer after he first infested his neglectful priest Crinis, and then slew them when the priest prayed for Apollo's pardon; (7) the "Rat-race" is the eternal competition of Capitalist society, where one must outrun one's competitors, [see the Red Queen's Race in "Alice Through the Looking Glass"]; (8) the "Stainless Steel Rat" see Harry Harrison Raven: (1) ill-omened bird foretelling death, in superstition elevated to Fantasy in Poe's poem "The Raven", see also [Shakespeare, "Macbeth", I, v]; (2) The Romans claimed that Ravens had special contact with Saturn [see: Greek/Roman Pantheon], that they were large and white like swans until they brought to Apollo the bad news that that Coronis, his nymph-of-the-month in Thessaly, was cheating on him, and that Cicero knew of his forthcoming death because he saw ravens; (3) in Christian iconography, the raven represents God's Providence, because of the ravens who fed Elijah [see: "Prophets"], St.Paul the Hermit had a raven fetch him a bread loaf, a raven sits at St.Benedict's feet, St.Oswald holds a raven which has a ring in its beak [see: Christian Fantasy]; (4) Odin is attended by two shoulder-perching ravens named Huginn (Mind) and Muninn (Memory), and is thus the emblem of DENMARK Debbie Rawlins: Member of Romance Writers of America; Debbi Rawlins's Home Page Melanie Rawn: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Melanie Rawn home page Melanie Rawn tribute page Melanie Rawn tribute page Angie Ray: Angie Ray's Home Page Francis Ray: Member of Romance Writers of America; Francis Ray's Home Page Jean Ray: pseudonym of Raymond DeKremer: The best-known Fantasy author in Belgium was probably Jean Ray (1887-1964). Jean Ray was actually a pseudonym for Raymundus Johannes Maria de Kremer, and he also wrote under the pseudonym of John Flanders (in Flemish) and Jean Ray (in French). A civil servant of the City of Ghent, he became a journalist for Cinemablad, Journal de Gand, La Revue Belge, and De Dag, eventually promoted to Editor-in-Chief. His first fiction was published in 1919, his first book of stories ("Contes du whisky") in 1925. Enormously prolific, no complete bibliography has been possible to create for him. The so-called "Les Oeuvres completes de Jean Ray" [Paris, 1963-66] is actually a mere selection of his hundreds of stories and dozens of books. 16 volumes of his "Harry Dickson" stories (derivative of dime novels such as "Nick Carter") were edited by Jean-Baptiste Baronian, and published by the Belgian company Marabout. Marabout also published some of his other books, such as: * Les Derniers contes du Canterbury [1963] * Les Contes du golf [1964] * Le Livre des fantomes [1966] Frequently criticized for writing too fast, for repeating his plots, for an irrational tumult of irrational frights, he is nonetheless praised for the elasticity and depth of his imagination, his grotesque images, and the nightmare-logic atmospherics of his prose. The book most commonly cited as his masterpiece is "Malpertuis" [1943]. MacKenzie Raye: MacKenzie Raye's Home Page Return to Romance Authors R Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Quinn Reade: * Quest of the Dark Lady [Belmont, 1960; Belmont-Tower] Realism: (1) the artistic movement bent on showing life as it really is, warts and all, as did Maupassant and Zola, and mass of main-stream 20th Century authors dismissed in this web domain as "mundane"; (2) the Philosophy (opposed to "Nominalism") that universals and abstractions have an existence independent of the human mind; stemming from Plato, developed by Erigena, Remigius, Anselm, Abelard, Albertus Magnus, Thomas Aquinas, Duns Scotus. The Grim Reaper: see "Death" Livia Reasoner: also known as Livia James, Elizabeth Hallam; Romance Novels: * The Emerald Land [Fawcett Gold Medal, March 1983] ISBN: 0-4491-2410-X * Our Town: Mending Fences [Jove, Jan 1998] ISBN: 0-5151-2211-4 * Spirit Catcher [Jove, June 1998] * Alura's Wish [by Elizabeth Hallam] [Jove Magical Love, August 1999] Livia Reasoner's Home Page E-mail Livia Reasoner Cheryl Reavis: Member of Romance Writers of America; Cheryl Reavis's Home Page Jaclyn Reding: Member of Romance Writers of America; Jaclyn Reding's Home Page Carol Reddick: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Joan Reeves: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Laura Renken: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Dawn Reno: Dawn Reno's Home Page Laura Resnick: Member of Romance Writers of America; website; also known as Laura Leone; Return to Authors R Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Patricia Rice: Member of Romance Writers of America; Patricia Rice's Home Page Emilie Richards: Member of Romance Writers of America; Emilie Richards's Home Page Ross Richdale: Ross Richdale's Home Page E-mail Ross Richdale Robert Richter: Robert Richter's Home Page Leigh Riker: Member of Romance Writers of America; Leigh Riker's Home Page Eugenia Riley: Member of Romance Writers of America; Eugenia Riley's Home Page Margaret Riley: Margaret Riley's Home Page Connie Rinehold: also known as Eve Byron; Connie Rinehold's Home Page Lara Rios: Member of Romance Writers of America; Lara Rios's Home Page E-mail Lara Rios Karen Rispin: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Nikki Rivers: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Return to Romance Authors R Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Karen Robards: Karen Robards's Reference Page J. D. Robb: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Jennifer Roberson: Jennifer Roberson's Home Page Casey Roberts: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Doreen Roberts: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Kelsey Roberts: Member of Romance Writers of America; Kelsey Roberts's Home Page Nora Roberts: Member of Romance Writers of America; Nora Roberts's Home Page Gina Robins: Gina Robins's Home Page Sari Robins: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Fay Robinson: Member of Romance Writers of America; Fay Robinson's Home Page Suzanne Robinson: Suzanne Robinson's Home Page Joanne Rock: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Pam Rock: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Evelyn Rogers: Member of Romance Writers of America; Evelyn Rogers's Home Page Marylyle Rogers: Marylyle Rogers's Home Page Shirley Rogers: Shirley Rogers's Home Page Hebby Roman: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Elizabeth Rose: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Emilie Rose: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Katie Rose: Member of Romance Writers of America; Katie Rose's Home Page E-mail Katie Rose Karen Rose: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Patricia Rosemoor: Member of Romance Writers of America; Patricia Rosemoor's Home Page JoAnn Ross: Member of Romance Writers of America; JoAnn Ross's Home Page Julia Ross: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Renee Roszel: Member of Romance Writers of America; Renee Roszel's Home Page Ann Roth: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Hannah Rowan: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Patricia Frances Rowell: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Lauren Royal: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Jaye Roycraft: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Return to Romance Authors R Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Diana Rubino: Diana Rubino's Home Page Kathy Rung: Romance Novels: * {to be done} Tina Runge: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Kathleen Russell: Kathleen Russell's Home Page Roxanne Rustand: Member of Romance Writers of America; Roxanne Rustand's Home Page Cynthia Rutledge: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Return to Romance Authors R Table of Contents Return to ROMANCE AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Jennifer Ann Ryan: Member of Romance Writers of America; website Patricia Ryan: Member of Romance Writers of America; Patricia Ryan's Home Page

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