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0 with links, 1 without links Update of 9 Aug 2003 Joan Xian: Romance Novels: * Daughter of the Wind [Genesis Red Slipper Roamnce, Oct 1999] ISBN: 1-885-47894-1     Multi-cultural, Victorian era


2 with links, 13 without links, total names/pseudonyms/links: 16 plus 2 fictional characters
Kathleen Y'Barbo: Romance author; Kathleen Y'Barbo's Home Page "Bubbles Yablonsky": fictional private eye: Bubbles Yablonsky Jan Yager: Jan Yager author's home page A subsite specifically about writing will be added in 1999. It will discuss Jan Yager's fiction with an excerpt from UNTIMELY DEATH as well as her writing and "how to get published" seminars. * UNTIMELY DEATH, co-authored with Fred Yager, could be hot linked to Dorian Yeager, no known Web page; * The "Victoria Bowering" novel series, featuring Victoria Bowering, Actress in New York City: * Cancellation by Death [1992] * Eviction by Death [1993] * Ovation by Death [1996] * Libation by Death [1998] Jane Yolen, no known Web page, but Go to Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide, authors "Y" for Jane Yolen's Fantasy Rebecca York: Rebecca York Margaret Yorke, pseudonym of Margaret Beda Nicholson (nee Larminie) (30 Jan 1924-): 1978 Vice Chairman, Crime Writers Association; 1979 Chairman, Crime Writers Association; 1982 Swedish Academy of Detection Award; * 15 Mystery/Detective novels, with series character Patrick Grant, Professor in Oxford, England: * Dead in the Morning [London: Bles, 1970] * Silent Witness [London: Bles, 1972; New York: Walker, 1973] set in Austria * Grave Matters [London: Bles, 1973; New York: Bantam, 1983] set in Greece * Mortal Remains [London: Bles, 1974] set in Crete * No Medals for the Major [London: Bles, 1974] * The Small Hours of the Morning [London: Bles, 1975; New York: Walker, 1975] * Cast for Death [London: Hutchinson, 1976; New York: Walker, 1976] * The Cost of Silence [London: Hutchinson, 1977; New York: Walker, 1977] * The Point of Murder [London: Hutchinson, 1978; as "The Come On", New York: Harper, 1979] * Death on Account [London: Hutchinson, 1979] * The Scent of Fear [London: Hutchinson, 1980; New York: St.Martin's Press, 1981] * The Hand of Death [London: Hutchinson, 1981; New York: St.Martin's Press, 1982] * Devil's Work [London: Hutchinson, 1982; New York: St.Martin's Press, 1982] * Find Me a Villain [London: Hutchinson, 1983; New York: St.Martin's Press, 1983] * The Smooth Face of Evil [London: Hutchinson, 1984] * 11 Miscellaneous Novels Kathy Young, no known Web page "Roberta Young": fictional private eye: Roberta Young (Snoops) Rebecca York: Rebecca York


0 with links, 22 without links, total 22 authors/links plus 1 fictional character Update of 9 Aug 2003 Cheryl Zach: also writes Mysteries; Romance Novels: * Twice a Fool [HT-19, July 1984] Contemporary Romance Elizabeth Zachary: Historical Romances; Romance Novels: * Blazing Vixen * Dynasty of Desire Fay Zachary, no known Web page Mia Zachary: Romance Novels: * Red Shoes & a Diary [HBZ-83, Apr 2003] Contemporary Sara Zahn: Supernatural Romances; Romance Novels: * The Beckoning Ghost * Nightmare at Greenwood Hall Carolyn Zane: member, Romance Writers of America; Contemporary Romance Novels: * Destiny's Bride [AN-486, May 2001] * A Colton Family Christmas [AN-571, Oct 2002]] * Taking on Twins [COLT-8, Jan 2002] * The Wife Next Door [SR-1011, May 1994] * Wife in Name Only [SR-1035, Sep 1994] * Unwilling Wife [SR-1063, Feb 1995] * Weekend Wife [SR-1082, May 1995] * Bachelor Blues [SR-1093, July 1995] * The Baby Factor [SR-1127, Jan 1996] * Marriage in a Bottle [SR-1170, Aug 1996] * It's Raining Grooms [SR-1025, Feb 1997] * Miss Prim's Untameable Cowboy [SR-1248, Sep 1997] * His Brother's Intended Bride [SR-1266, Dec 1997] * Cinderella's Secret Baby [SR-1308, July 1998] * The Rich Gal's Rented Groom [SR-1339, Dec 1998] * Johnny's Pregnant Bride [SR-1402, Nov 199] * The Millionaire's Waitress Wife [SR-1482, Nov 2000] * Montana's Feisty Cowgirl [SR-1488, Dec 2000] * Tex's Exasperating Heiress [SR-1494, Jan 2001] * Of Royal Blood [SR-1576, Mar 2002] * The Cinderella Inheritance [SR-1636, Jan 2003] * Single in Seattle [SYT-21, Jun 1996] * How to Hook a Husband (and a Baby) [SYT-29, Oct 1996] Eve Zaremba: best-known for the novel series featuring: * Helen Keremos, Private Investigator in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: * A Reason to Kill [1978] * Work for a Million [1986] * Beyond Hope [1987] * Uneasy Lies [1990] * The Butterfly Effect [1994] Nancy Zaroulis: Romance Novels: * Call the Darkness Light [1979] Historical Romance * Certain Kinds of Loving [???] Contemporary Romance * The Last Waltz [June 1986] Historical Romance * Massachusetts [????] Historical Romance Ann Zavala: also writes Mystery; Romance Novels: * Mormon Wives [????] Historical Romance Patience Zawadsky: Romance Novels: * The Demon of Raven's Cliff [????] Ghost Romance Valerie Zayne: Romance Novels: * Silver Dawn [RR-79, Aug 1984] Contemporary Romance Marianne Langner Zeitlin: Romance Novels: * Mira's Passage [Dec 1981] Contemporary Romance Merla Zellerbach: Contemporary Romance Novels: * Cavett Manor * Love the Giver * Rittenhouse Square * Sugar * The Wildes of Nob Hill Anita Zelman, no known Web page Angela Miles Zeman, no known Web page Donna Comeaux Zide: Historical Romance Novels: * Above the Wind and Fire [July 1983] * Caress and Conquer * Lost Splendor * Promise Me Paradise [Aug 1984] * Savage in Silk * Chelaine [TAP-83, Mar 1976]] Ursula Zilinksy: also writes Mystery; Historical Romance Novels: * The Long Afternoon Jan Zimlich Fantasy Romance Novels: * The Black Rose [June 2000] * Heart's Prey Sep 1998] * Not Quite Paradise [Sep 1995] * The Shadow Prince Sep 2002] Marie Ziobro: Romance Novels: * Strange Bedfellows [HAR-59, June 1984] Contemporary Romance Thelma Zirkelbach: Romance Novels: * A Man of Few Words [KIS-153, June 1993] Contemporary Romance Sharon Zukowski, no known Web page; Romance Novels: * Yearning Years [????] Ghost Romance also writes Mystery; best known for the novel series featuring: * Blaine Stewart, Private Investigator, Manhattan, New York: * The Hour of the Knife [1991] * Dancing in the Dark [1992] * Leap of Faith [1994] * Prelude to Death [1996] * Jungle Land [1997] Eva Zumwalt: Gothic Romance Novels: * Briarlea * The Elusive Heart [Aug 1983] * Love's Sweet Charity * Mansion of Drak Mists [Apr 1986] * Sun Dust * The Unforgiving * When the Heart Remembers * Masquerade of Evil "Trixie Zurbo": fictional private eye: Trixie Zurbo
Romance Writers of America's Official Definition: "A romance is a book wherein the love story is the main focus of the novel, and the end of the book is emotionally satisfying."
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