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WOODBURY UNIVERSITY, Burbank, CA Aug 2003-Jan 2005 Part-Time Adjunct Professor of Physics [withdrawn at San Diego campus] * "Introduction to Physics", for Architecture students * "Introductory Physics Lab" WOODBURY UNIVERSITY, Burbank, CA Aug 2003-Dec 2004 Part-Time Adjunct Professor of Mathematics * "Intermediate Algebra" * "Elementary Algebra", 2 sections * "Special Studies": Mathematics Through Painting and Sculpture CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, Los Angeles, CA Aug 2002-Present Faculty Pool, Part-Time Adjunct Professor of Computer Science PASADENA CITY COLLEGE, Los Angeles, CA July 2003-Present Faculty Pool, Part-Time Lecturer of English Composition CYPRESS COLLEGE, Cypress, CA Aug 2002-January 2003 Adjunct Professor of Astronomy Astronomy Department, Science/Engineering/Math Division * "Introduction to Astronomy", ASTR 116 (11927), 3 hours/week * "Introduction to Astronomy", ASTR 116c (11928), 3 hours/week * "Astronomy Lab", ASTR 117 (11931), computer-intensive, 3 hours/week ART CENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN, Pasadena, CA June/July 2000 * "Superstrings and Multidimensional Geometry" introductory course for Graduate students in Design on n-dimensional mathematics and on the fundemental physics * Reported directly to the Graduate Dean * 150-pages of handouts; web hotlinks; 3-D models; 4 weeks of lectures CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF THE FUTURE, Ventura, CA 1995-Present * The Center for the Study of the Future is a "supersite" of the Elderhostel organization, which has had over 2,000,000 adult students in the past 25 years * I report directly to the co-founders and co-chairmen * I have taught roughly 2,000 students of average age 65 * I have taught classes in Pasadena, Monrovia, San Diego, Ventura, Costa Mesa, Westwood, and Beverly Hills * Courses which I developed and taught include: * "The Search for Other Earths" -- astronomy and planetary science * "Time Machines" -- Physics, Philosophy, and Fiction of Time Travel * "New Paradigms" -- the Structure of Scientific Revolution * "How Do We Know What We Know" -- Epistemology and Psychophysics * "The Frontiers of Ignorance" -- unsolved problems of science * "Undersea Living" -- the biology and history of undersea habitats * "Human Evolution" -- anthropology and archeaology VARIOUS CONFERENCES, SEMINARS, AND CONVENTIONS, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland, Mexico, Australia, 1979-Present * Lectures and Workshops in Science and English Literature * Subjects include: * Writing the Science Fiction Short Story * Literature and Hyptertext * Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Mysteries, and Westerns * Introduction to Technical Writing * Introduction to Screenplay Format and Structure ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL, Space Systems Division, Downey, CA Nov 87-Jun 91 * Taught courses to engineers and managers including: * Software Engineering * Quality Assurance * Created, supervised, produced, and directed industrial video "The Integrated Space Plan" BOEING AEROSPACE COMPANY, Kent Space Center, WA Jun 79-Jun 81 Senior Engineer, Computer Systems Design and Analysis * developed self-study course in Software Engineering for over 1000 managers and engineers * Created, supervised, produced, and directed industrial video "Software Development Facilties" BROOKDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Monmouth County, New Jersey 1977-79 * Ran program in Journalism through Student Activities Center * Supervised and taught 30+ students and staff * Acted as Publishing Editor of "Sound Options": a 24-page music newspaper with 30,000 readers UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS, Amherst, MA 1973-1977 * For the Experimental College: * "Ecology" -- full-semester coursework in ecology and energy-flow * For the Computer and Information Sciences Department: * Computers and Society [co-authored textbook "The Cybernetic Society" Academic Press, 1975, and sole author of Teachers' Guide] * Operating Systems * Introduction to Programming * Artificial Intelligence * 12 programming languages taught * for the Mathematics Department: * Matrix and Linear Algebra * Associated with the MFA in English Literature: * Creative Writing * Poetry Workshop


UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS, Amherst, MA 1975-1977 Ph.D. (Doctoral Candidacy; All But Degree) Molecular Cybernetics * Wrote world's first doctoral dissertation on Nanotechnology UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS, Amherst, MA 1973-1975 M.S., Computers and Information Science (Artificial Intelligence) * Designed and coded parallel automated theorem prover (see formal methods) CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Pasadena, CA 1968-1973 B.S., Mathematics (Advanced Logic) B.S. English Literature


* INTERNET and high-tech product development and technical marketing * COMPUTER software and systems for 30 years in over 30 languages * PROVEN track record of increased productivity at lower cost * MANAGEMENT expertise in Aerospace, Computers, Research, Marketing * DEGREED from Caltech, U.Mass./Amherst: Math, English, Computer Science * EXTRAORDINARY communications skills: 100+ technical publications * NATURAL leader and yet team player able to delegate and inspire staff * RESULTS-ORIENTED: effectively apply productive management techniques * HIGHLY energetic, disciplined, motivated, mobilized, competitive * CLIENTS include: Boeing, Burroughs, European Space Agency, Federal Aviation Administration, Ford, General Motors, Hughes, JPL, Lear Astronics, NASA, Systems Development Corporation, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Venture Technologies, Yamaha


ZYDEO, INC., Beverly Hills and San Jose, CA June 2000-Present C.I.O. (Chief Information Officer), Member: Board of Directors, One of 5 Founding Directors, Board of Directors expanded subsequently * Playerless Streaming Media software and hardware technology corporation. * Wrote business plan, recruited Directors, handled Trademark applications * for live demo of our proprietary streaming video system, see: * Salary: Not Applicable (Equity Ownership) StarTech Enterprise, Pasadena, CA December 1999-Present One of 3 equal founding partners * High-Tech Professional Consulting in Aerospace, Internet, and Biotech * Listed in Dun & Bradstreet * Salary: Not Applicable (33% Equity Ownership) Mec3D, Inc., Pasadena, London, Singapore Secretary/Treasurer/Member of the Board of Directors * Haptics Application firm: true 3-D (stereo) moving images that users can touch and feel * Salary: Not Applicable (10.8% Equity Ownership) BRAVE NEW WORLDS, INC., Pasadena, CA June-Nov 1999 Vice President of Software Engineering, Research & Development for E-Commerce Software/Service company Secretary of the Corporation; Member: Board of Directors * Now a wholly-owned subsidiary of VA Linux * Acquired 1 Oct 2000 for $7,750,000 * Salary: Not Applicable (Equity ownership) * Most senior executive in fast-growing Linux-based E-commerce company, now changing the rules for e-business * Wrote Bylaws, revised Articles of Incorporation, Business Plan, and other key documents * Participated in design and debugging of state-of-the-art Symphero e-commerce software/service package * Contacted/Introduced over half a dozen qualified investors and VC (including J.P. Morgan) EARTHLINK, Pasadena, CA Sept 98-Mar 99 Manager of Documentation for major Internet Service Provider * Most senior manager for department creating/maintaining Portal web site with 1,000,000 paid subscribers including company's #1 product * Created system for Requirements Specifications for all HTML/Java coding * Created system for Performance Specifications against which Quality Assurance did all component and integration testing * Wrote Interface Specifications for major partners (Infoseek,, Hotbot, Netscape...) * Wrote in-house Training Manual for 700 Technical Support/ Customer Service Department * Created long-range R&D and strategic planning documentation * Wrote market analyses for potential global expansion of core ISP business * Initiated "Writing for Technical Publication" course series * Liaison with Vice Presidents of Business Development, IT, QA, R&D LOCKHEED MARTIN SKUNK WORKS, Palmdale, CA Aug 97-Feb 98 Systems Engineer / Consultant through MIDCOM * Lead Author of Software Requirements Spec for advanced military aircraft; security/confidentiality precludes identifying program or giving details beyond general summary as follows * Generated, edited, internally published Displays and Controls capability supporting pilot interaction with Mission Computer/mission avionics system via MIL-STD-1553B multiplex bus interface * For multiple Heads Down Displays, generated and issued 399 individual requirements for Communications/Navigation capability and many more for Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground weapons capability * For Smart Heads Up Displays, supported by Up Front Control Panel, generated and issued 83 individual requirements for Communications/Navigation capability and many more for Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground weapons capability * Systems Engineering work to solve problems as needed by large software,pilot, training teams * Documentation: analysis, implementation, quality assurance * Demonstrated complete set of skills in computer, software, research, and writing areas, applying considerable intellectual force to get to key issues with great speed and depth * Completed 12-month contract in 6 months; job responsibilities expanded based on performance; completed work originally assigned to other senior technical personnel MAGIC DRAGON MULTIMEDIA, Pasadena, CA Jan 95-present Executive Vice President / Director of Marketing * Partner responsible for Marketing, Sales, Administration * Co-webmaster for 190 megabyte commercial domain averaging 30,000 hits and 200 megabytes/day with hits from 130 countries to date; 1,000,000 hits in first year; 2,000,000 hits in first 16 months; 12,000,000 hits in first 36 months 4,900,000 hits in 2000 A.D. * Brought in roughly a dozen clients for web site creation PALO/HAKLAR & ASSOCIATES, Hollywood, CA 1994-Mar 95 Executive Vice President / Chief Information Officer * Director of Administration; oversee daily business documentation * Director of Strategic Planning, wrote Business Plan and Competitor Analysis * Oversee acquisition and creation of text/graphics for CD-ROM * Liaison to NASA, scientific and publishing communities * Promoted/revised CD-ROM "Voyage Through the Solar System" of JPL images/video * Executive Producer: "Interstellar: Voyage Beyond the Solar System" * Ambiguity in status resolved: Jonathan Vos Post won landmark case in California Supreme Court (unanimous 7-0 decision) COMPUTER FUTURES INC. and EMERALD CITY PUBLISHING 1979-Present President / Chief Executive Officer * International consulting in science, engineering, computers, software, semiconductor physics, biotech patents * Independent agent who connects High-Tech firms with Angels and Venture Capital * Publishing, editing, broadcasting (especially on computer and space program topics) * Publisher: "Space & Time" magazine * Science Editor: "Quantum" magazine * Broadcasts live on NBC-TV "Today Show", many other network TV and radio shows * Keynote addresses to National Conference of State Legislators, Washington State Legislature, many technical conferences/conventions * Presentations in Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Scotland, USA * Co-editor with Arthur C. Clarke, co-author with Ray Bradbury, Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL, Space Systems Division, Downey, CA Nov 87-Jun 91 [Division now acquired by the Boeing Co.] Senior Management and Technical Staff, Software Engineering Department * Responsibilities included: winning government proposals, interdivisional and customer liaison, technical/management tiger teams, advanced software engineering, artificial intelligence, Space Shuttle, Space Station, manned Lunar/Planetary mission analysis, special marketing tasks for division President * Worked face-to-face with C.O.O. and Executive VP at Corporate Headquarters * Good Citizenship Award, 1991, from division President * Most published Rockwell author of the month, many months, every year * Lead author/editor, Engineering Team of the Month, May 1990 HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY, Fullerton, CA Mar 85-Oct 85 Independent Contractor * Through SDC, performed and documented system and simulation analysis of computer, radar, and communications subsystem of Advanced Automation System designs for Federal Aviation Administration (next-generation Air Traffic Control System) * Received #1 technical evaluation from FAA BOEING AEROSPACE COMPANY, Huntsville, AL Feb 85-Mar 85 Lead Engineer, Computer Systems Design * Space Station Common Module: developed and documented procedure for trade-off analysis of alternative configurations of multi-processor NASA JET PROPULSION LABORATORY, Pasadena, CA Feb 85-Mar 85 Science/Aerospace Editor / Boeing Contractor * Edited "V-Gram", newsletter on NASA and USSR scientific observations of and missions to Venus; tasks for Magellan (formerly in Venus orbit) NASA JET PROPULSION LABORATORY, Pasadena, CA Jun 84-Feb 85 Mission Planning Engineer, Voyager Uranus Interstellar Mission * Boeing contractor: generated policy documents (Mission Design Guidelines), reviewed policy compliance, identified and solved interdisciplinary problems * Totally successful flyby of Uranus (and my responsibility: moon Miranda) on 24 Jan 1986 * Award from NASA HQ; have received awards from 4 successive NASA Administrators NASA JET PROPULSION LABORATORY, Pasadena, CA July 83-Jun 84 Cognizant Engineer, Galileo Mission * Boeing contractor: performed and documented systems analysis and design for SCANOPS, a software system for simulating and verifying scan platform pointing for Galileo spacecraft now orbiting Jupiter * Also: interface specs, AACS, ground systems guidance and control BOEING AEROSPACE COMPANY, Kent Space Center, WA July 81-Jun 83 Specialist Engineer * Conducted and documented advanced research and long-range planning in Distributed Computing Systems, Software Quality Metrics, Databases, Spacecraft, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Technology Assessment BOEING AEROSPACE COMPANY, Kent Space Center, WA Jun 79-Jun 81 Senior Engineer, Computer Systems Design and Analysis * Conducted and documented software reviews and audits * Developed software management standards * developed self-study course in Software Engineering for over 1000 managers and engineers


* Programmed in 30 languages; managed programming in HTML, Java, XML/XSL, Linux, Netscape Application Server (Kiva), Oracle 8i * taught 12 languages at Graduate School level * 2 years of Ada on aerospace projects; publications in field * JOVIAL J-3 AND JOVIAL J-73 programming, audited $6,000,000 JOVIAL project for Titan 34-B/IUS (Boeing/TRW/USAF/NASA) * Initiated, obtained funding for, and supervised 3 contractors on research project to automatically translate Jovial into Ada * Other languages programmed/taught include: APL, Assembly Language, BASIC, CITRAN, COBOL, FORTRAN IV, FORTRAN 77, HAL, HTML, LISP, PL/1, Pop-2, SNOBOL, TRAC * Special expertise in state-of-the-art World Wide Web software for major Internet Service Provider; embedded software for avionics, spacecraft, radar, and communications systems


* Board of Director, FORECAST Foundation * Board of Directors, O.A.S.I.S. (L.A. Chapter, National Space Society) * Board of Directors, Euterpe Opera Company * Associate, World Space Foundation (Rob Staehle, President) * Planetary Society * more available upon request


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list available upon request


held Secret clearance through 1991; never denied clearance


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