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"B. L. Stryker": (ABC: 1988-1990) see TELEVISION "M.M.B.": "M.M.B." @ MGrost Isaac Babel: Isaac Babel @ MGrost Marian Babson, London-resident American born former Secretary of Crime Writers Association, best known for 22 novels, mostly with series character "Douglas Perkins" and "Gerry Tate" of Perkins and Tate (Public Relations) Limited, of London; no known Web page * The "Douglas Perkins and Gerry Tate" Mystery/Detective novel series: * Cover-up Story [1971] * Murder on Show [1972] also titled Murder at the Cat Show * Tourists are for Trapping [1989] * In the Teeth of Adversity [1990] * The "Trixie Dolan and Evangeline Sinclair" Mystery/Detective novel series, featuring the two eponymous Actresses of London, England: * Reel Murder [1986] * Encore Murder [1989] * Shadows in their Blood [1991] * Even Yuppies Die [1993] * Break a Leg, Darlings [1995] William Babula, no known Web page; * The "Jeremiah St. John" Mystery/Detective novel series: featuring Jeremiah St. John, Private Investigator of San Francisco, California: * St. John's Baptism [1988] * According to St. John [1989] * St. John and the Seven Veils [1991] * St. John's Bestiary [1994] "Sonny Baca": fictional detective; Sonny Baca Gail Bacon: see Margaret Frazer "Jack 'Baddle Ax' Baddalach": fictional detective; Jack "Baddle Ax" Baddalach Tom Bade, no known Web page "Rex Bader": fictional detective; Rex Bader Alice Baer: your humble webmaster's aunt, now deceased, who loved books, including Mysteries... "Kate Baeier": fictional detective; Kate Baeier Judy Baer, no known Web page George Bagby, see Aaron Marc Stein Desmond Bagley (29 Oct 1923-12 Apr 1983) British crime writer, aircraft worker, and magazine editor who lived in Kenya, Rhodesia, South Africa, and Rhodesia; best known as author of 16 fast-moving novels with series character "Slade", often with high-tech and thriller elements, and often as first-person narratives. No known Web page Barbara Williamson Bagwell, no known Web page Frankie Y. Bailey, no known Web H. C. Bailey, full name Henry Chhristopher Bailey (1 Feb 1878-24 Mar 1961): * 21 crime novels with series characters "Joshua Clunk" and "Reggie Fortune" * 15 collected short fiction * 31 unrelated novels * 1 play * 1 historical non-fiction * 1 juvenile novel H. C. Bailey @ MGrost "Lance Bailey": fictional private eye; Lance Bailey Michele Bailey: * The "Matilda Haycastle" Mystery/Detective novel series: featuring Matilda Haycastle (temp and amateur detective) of Brussels, Belgium: * Dreadful Lies [1996] * The Cuckoo Case [1995] * Haycastle's Cricket [1996] Norman G. Bailey, no known Web page "Red Bailey": fictional detective; Red Bailey "Stuart Bailey": fictional detective; Stuart Bailey see also "77 Sunset Strip" at TELEVISION Donald Bain, no known Web page "Dennis 'Hardball' Bakelenekoff": fictional detective; Dennis "Hardball" Bakelenekoff Abbey Penn Baker, no known Web page Asa Baker, see Brett Hallidat John Baker: British Mystery/Detective author; John Baker homepage Mystery/Detective Books: * Shooting in the Dark [Orion, ISBN: 0-57507-173-7, £9.99]. "This is the fifth Sam Turner novel. It's about being blind and sometimes looking too hard. It's about not being able to see the wood for the trees and sometimes seeing things that simply could not be there, watching and being watched. I wanted to write about voyeurism and readers and writers and to discuss the enigma of the different ways we all choose to see the world we share." * The Chinese Girl [Orion, ISBN 0-75284-373-7, £5.99] "This is not a Sam Turner novel, but introduces ex-con Stone Lewis. Set in Hull." "The Chinese Girl is a beautifully drawn novel, filled with dark humor and flawed characters that are so real they could be sitting next to you on the bus." [Lucy Smith, Hull Daily Mail] * Walking With Ghosts [Indigo, ISBN 0-57540-248-2, £5.99] "One of those wonderful books in which the reader is pulledinto the story no matter how unwillingly. The characters force you to read on. [Baker is] a novelist who combines a light humor with a viciously sharp penetration into how our minds work." [G. Lock, Shots] * King of the Streets [Indigo, ISBN 0-5754-0284-9, £5.99] "Brings heart, invention and wit to the business of adapting the tough-guy novel to the realities of contemporary Britain." [Ian Ousby, Independent on Sunday] 'BRINGS * Death Minus Zero [Indigo, ISBN 0-57540-287-3, £5.99] "Baker has added something new to the crime scene." [Phillip Oakes, Literary Review] 'BAKER * Poet in the Gutter [Indigo, ISBN 0-5754-0285-7, £5.99] "Sam Turner is a wonderful creation." [Grace Hammond, Yorkshire Post] ' Website includes: Books in Print, Book Reviews, Novel Extracts, News, Interviews, Links, Order Books, Stories & FAQs, Photographs, Translations, Opening Page, Murder Squad, Quotations, Turbo Notes, Contact Me Nikki Baker, no known web page; * The "Virginia Kelly" Mystery/Detective novel series: featuring Virginia Kelly (Investment Advisor and amateur detective) of Chicago, Illinois: * In the Game [1991] * The Lavender House Murder [1992] * Long Goodbyes [1993] * Ultimate Exit Strategy [1996] Sybil Baker, no known Web page Jane S. Bakerman, no known Web page John Baker: John Baker - Sam Turner P.I. novels Susan Crain Bakos, no known Web page "Luis Balam": fictional detective; Luis Balam Dred Balcazar: fictional detective {to be done} David Baldacci: attorney, author of 7 Mystery/Detective novels; David Baldacci home page "I was born in Virginia, in 1960, where I continue to reside. I received a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Virginia Commonwealth University and a law degree from the University of Virginia. I practiced law for nine years in Washington, D.C., as both a trial lawyer and a corporate lawyer." Mystery/Detective novels: * Absolute Power * Total Control * The Winner * The Simple Truth * Saving Faith * Wish You Well * Last Man Standing Thriller Short Fiction: * "Office Hours", novella for the Dutch, written for Holland's Year 2000 "Month of the Thriller." David Baldacci was the featured writer for the year's celebration. Other Short Fiction: * "My works have also been published in USA Weekend, Britain's Tatler Magazine and New Statesman, UVA Lawyer, Italy's Panorama Magazine, Germany's Welt am Sonntag and the Washington Post." Screenplays: * "I have also authored six original screenplays, the most current of which has nothing to do with murder or mayhem. It is a family drama set in the South during 1940, and it is the inspiration for Wish You Well." Translations: * "My works have been translated into over thirty languages and sold in more than eighty countries, which far exceeded my rather modest ambition of becoming a short-story writer content with receiving free copies of the publication my story appeared in as payment. All of my books have been national and international bestsellers. I am published under my real name, David Baldacci, in all countries except in the country of my ancestors, Italy, where I, in the past, was compelled to publish under a pseudonym. The reason for this requirement remains unclear to me! Copies In Print: * Over 25 million copies of my books are in print worldwide. Film Adaptations: * Castle Rock entertainment made Absolute Power into a major motion picture starring Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman. Awards: * Absolute Power won Britain's W. H. Smith's Thumping Good Read award for fiction in 1997, and was nominated for a literary award in Italy. Self-reviews: * "The paperback version of Total Control was a best-selling favorite of the traveling public for over a year, even though it opens with a plane crash." * "The Winner's sales topped those of my first two novels, no doubt aided by revealing in the novel how to fix the lottery and win a hundred million dollars! The Winner received a starred review in Publisher's Weekly, its highest rating." * "The Simple Truth was the first of my novels in which part of the plot was based upon an actual event. President Clinton selected The Simple Truth as his favorite novel of 1999. * "Saving Faith is a novel about how Washington really doesn't work, and why so many people are just fine with that. During my research for the novel, I spent so much time with politicians that I briefly contemplated running for office, until my wife sensibly put a stop to that nonsense. Saving Faith reached number one on the New York Times and Publisher's Weekly bestseller lists. * "Wish You Well is a heart-felt story of the difficult but rewarding life on top of the Appalachian Mountains in 1940 and is strongly linked to the background of my maternal family. In researching for this book, I spent countless hours talking with my mother who spent the first seventeen years of her life struggling with life on the 'high rock' and learning its lifelong lessons. For this alone, I cherish every word of this book. Wish You Well also received a starred review in Publisher's Weekly." * "Last Man Standing is an explosive psychological thriller about Web London, a member of the FBI's elite Hostage Rescue Team, who is desperate to find answers -- from the secret terrors he has kept from himself to his unbearable guilt. Research for this novel led me to the FBI Hostage Rescue Team's training center in Virginia for a look at some of America's true heroes." Reviewers: * "My books have been publicly discussed and/or read by everyone from Howard Stern and Don Imus to Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh, from George Bush and Bill Clinton to Charlie Rose and Larry King." Television Development: * "I am currently working with producers Lee Rich, Karen Spiegel, and Paramount Television on a television mystery series that is being developed in conjunction with a television series created by two other novelists." Reader's Digest Editions: * "Two of my novels have been published in Reader's Digest Select Editions." Televsioon/Radio Appearences: * "I have made many television and radio appearances including the Today Show, CNN, CNNfn, CSPAN, MSNBC, Late, Late Show with Tom Snyder, Fox News, The Early Show, Court TV, BBC, and NPR, and I have been featured in numerous national and international publications." Chairs and Charities: * "I participate in numerous charities, and sit on boards at the Library of Virginia, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Virginia Blood Services, and Virginia Commonwealth University. I also hold various honorary chairs." Stanley C. Baldwin, no known Web page "Jessie Bales": fictional detective; Jessie Bales "Lije Baley": Robot detective character in 2 novels by Isaac Asimov; the first robot detective character in fiction; in both novels (see Isaac Asimov in Authors "A") Lije Baley works on both a science fictional and mystery/detective level as a fully-rounded being with an interesting relationship with his human colleague/partner R. D. Olivaw; Lije Baley and R. D. Olivaw Donna Ball, no known Web page John Ball, pseudonym of John Dudley Ball, Jr. (8 July 1911-) American crime writer, pilot, radio commentator, assistant curator of the Hayden Planetarium, music editor of the Brooklyn Eagle, best known today for his 13 series novels featuring the series characters "Jack Tallon" and "Virgil Tibbs." Virgil Tibbs was introduced in "In the Heat of the Night" [New York: Harper, 1965] as a black detective/homicide expert working in the Pasadena Police Department. He's a favorite character of Your Humble Webmaster, since I grew up quite close to the old Brooklyn Eagle building (wheere Walt Whitman once worked), frequented the Hayden Planetarium, and moved to Pasadena at age 16... * 6 unrelated novels * 9 other books on phonograph records, yoga, travel, and the Space Program Patricia H. Ball, no known Web page J. G. Ballard J. G. Ballard @ MGrost K. G. Ballard, see Holly Roth Mignon Ballard: best known for the Augusta Midnight mysteries novel series. Mignon Ballard home page "Born close to Halloween, Mignon F. Ballard grew up telling ghost stories in the local cemetery with her sister and friends. Now she shares her tales through her books. A native of Calhoun, Georgia, Mignon Ballard lives with her husband Gene in Fort Mill, S.C., and they have two grown daughters. So far, she has carefully avoided frightening their five grandchildren with bedtime stories." Mystery/Detective Books: * Aunt Matilda's Ghost, award-winning mystery for young readers, was republished by Silver Dagger last year * Raven Rock, republished by Silver Dagger last year, a novel of suspense for adult readers. * Cry at Dusk * Deadly Promise * The Widow's Woods * Final Curtain * Minerva Cries Murder * Angel at Troublesome Creek * An Angel to Die For * Shadow of an Angel, third in the Augusta Goodnight series, due next spring Mainstream Novels: * The War in Sallie's Station, her tenth book and only mainstream novel, will be published this summer. P. D. Ballard, see Willis Todhunter Ballard "Ross Ballard": fictional detective {to be done} Willis Todhunter Ballard (13 Dec 1903-27 Dec 1980): majoe Black Mask crime writer with long, prolific career, often fast, sometimed proto-hardboiled, frequently complicated, usually slick and with human warmth. He also wrote numerous screenplays and teleplays. Oddly, he never won any MWA award, although he did capture the 1965 Western Writers of America Spur Award. * 12 novels with series characters Max Hunter or Bill Lennox * 7 novels as Neil MacNeil with series characters Tony Costaine and Bert McCall * 5 novels as P. D. Ballard * 33 unrelated novels (mostly Westerns) * 16 novels as John Hunter (mostly Westerns) * 8 novels as Parker Bonner (mostly Westerns) * 5 novels as Sam Bowie (mostly Westerns) * 3 novels as Jack Slade (mostly Westerns) * 3 novels as Clay Turner (mostly Westerns) * 10 novels as Brian Fox (mostly Westerns) * 3 unrelated books (juvenile, security, edited) * 202 uncollected short stories under his own name * 10 uncollected short stories as John Grange (with Robert Leslie Bellem) * 5 uncollected short stories as Walt Bruce * 11 uncollected short stories as Parker Bonner Willis Todhunter Ballard@ MGrost Bill S. Ballinger, pseudonym of William Sanborn Ballinger (13 Mar 1912-23 Mar 1980): advertising/radioTV writer, with unique approach to language and narrative, sometimes meta-fictional: * 27 novels with series characters Barr Breed or Joaquin Hawks * 1 unrelated novelization * 2 plays * 8 TV plays (including "The Mice" in "Outer Limits") * 150 teleplays for Cannon, Ironside, I Spy, Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer, and M. Squad * 2 nonfiction books (historical) Edwin Balmer (26 July 1883-21 Mar 1959): * 11 crime novels in own name * 3 crime novels co-authored with William MacHarg * 3 crime novels co-authored with Philip Wylie * 1 nonfiction book (advertising) * 2 science fiction novels co-authored with Philip Wylie: * When Worlds Collide [New York: Stokes, 1933] * After Worlds Collide [New York: Stokes, 1934] Edwin Balmer @ MGrost "Mario Balzic": Italian/Eastern European police chief character in fiction by K. C. Constantine; Mario Balzic "Banacek": (NBC: 1972-1974) see TELEVISION see also Thomas Banacek "Ray Banana": fictional detective; Ray Banana Lawrence Henry Bank, no known Web page William [John] Bankier (3 July 1928-) Canadian copywriter, radio broadcaster, romance writer, and prolific crime short story author, often outrageous, inventive, humorous, or plot-twisty: * at least 81 uncollected short stories * plays and radio plays * 10+ TV plays Carolyn Banks: * The "Robin Vaughan" Mystery/Detective novel series: featuring Robin Vaughan (Equestrienne and amateur detective) of Texas: * Death by Dressage [1993] * Groomed for Death [1995] * Murder Well-Bred [1995] * Death on the Diagonal [1996] * A Horse to Die For [1996] "Christopher Banks": fictional detective; Christopher Banks Iain Banks: best-selling author in Scotland with a split personality: he writes both Thriller/Mystery/Mainstream novels and Science Fiction novels, with his dual identity revealed by the use (or non-use) of the middle initial "M." Iain (M.) Banks Jacqueline Turner Banks: Jacqueline Turner Banks Mystery/Detective Novels: * Maid In The Shade "There are times when I love this job, and this book is one of those reasons, for if it hadn't been for this job, I would have never heard of this book. Maid In The Shade is a mystery starring Ruby Gordon, a proud black woman who works as a maid. Ruby has to leave her home in Tennessee to find out what is going on with her old college roommate and best friend Jan Chaney. It seems that someone is trying to kill Jan and Jan has gone into hiding, Ruby has to find out why and stop Jan's would-be-murderer. I loved this book. At first you would think that this book sounds too much like my other Girl, Blanche, from Barbara Neeley's wonderful Blanche mysteries series, but Ruby is her own woman and the only thing that she is remotely similar to Blanche is their occupation and the fact that neither is ashamed of it. Maid In The Shade is the beginning to what I'm sure will be a wonderful mystery series." [Thumper,] Raymond Banks, no known Web page "Steve Banks": fictional detective in "The Investigators"; Steve Banks "Dan Bannion": fictional detective; Dan Bannion "Burns Bannion": fictional detective; Burns Bannion Jo Bannister: author of atleast 11 Mystery/Detective novels in 3 series: * The "Primrose Holland" Mystery/Detective novel series: featuring Primrose Holland (Advice Columnist and amateur detective) of England: * The Primrose Convention [1998] * The "Castlemere" Mystery/Detective novel series: featuring Frank Shapiro and Liz Graham (Police Detectives) of Castlemere, England: * A Bleeding of Innocents [1993] * Charisma [1994] also titled The Sins of the Heart * A Taste for Burning [1995] * No Birds Sing [1996] * Broken Lines [1998] * The Hireling's Tale [1999] * Changelings [2000] * The "Clio Rees" Mystery/Detective novel series: featuring Clio Rees (Physician) of England: * Striving with Gods [1984] * Gilgamesh [1989] * The Going Down of the Sun [1990] Anne Louise Bannon, no known Web page "Carlos Bannon": fictional detective; Carlos Bannon Vincent Banville: * The "John Blaine" Mystery/Detective novel series: featuring John Blaine (Private Investigator) of Dublin, Ireland : * Death by Design [1993] * Death the Pale Rider [1995] "Banyon: (NBC: 1975-1978) see TELEVISION starring: "Miles Banyon": fictional detective; Miles Banyon Jay Barbette, see Bart Spicer Bennet Barclay, see Ken Crossen "Jason Bard": fictional detective; Jason Bard John Franklin Bardin (30 Nov 1916-9 July 1981): teacher, magazine, editor, crime writer with sometimes quasi-gothic focus on abnormal psychology: * 5 unrelated crime novels * 3 novels under pseudonym Gregory Tree, with series characters Bill Bradley or Noel Mayberry * 2 non-crime novels Burl Barer: Burl Barer "Baretta": (ABC: 1975-1978) see TELEVISION Dudley Barker, see Lionel Black Carol Barkin, see Beverly Hastings, no known Web page "Joe Barley": fictional private eye; Joe Barley "Skeeter Barlow": fictional private eye; Skeeter Barlow "Barnaby Jones": (CBS: 1973-1980) see TELEVISION Jack Barnao: * The "John Locke" Mystery/Detective novel series: featuring John Locke (Private Investigator) of Toronto, Ontario, Canada: * Hammerlocke [1986] * Lockestep [1987] * Timelocke [1991] Robert Barnard (23 Nov 1936-) British English-Lit professor and neo-classical crime novelist: * 13 Police Procedural novels with series character Police Superintendent Perry Trethowan of London, England: * Sheer Torture [1981] * Death and the Princess [1982] * The Missing Bronte [1983] * Bodies [1986] * The Cherry Blossom Corpse [1987] also titled Death in Purple Prose * 3 Literature books (including A Talent to Deceive about Agatha Christie) "Alamo Barnes": fictional private eye; Alamo Barnes Arthur K[elvin] Barnes, Bellingham WA/Los Angeles/UCLA author in many genres, including SF, horror and detective, "Interplanetary Hunter" nothing on the Web? "Berkeley Barnes and Larry Howe": fictional detectives; Berkeley Barnes and Larry Howe "Ezell 'Easy' Barnes": fictional private eye; Ezell 'Easy' Barnes "Lance Barnes": fictional detective; Lance Barnes Linda J. Barnes (1949-): Linda Barnes * The "Carlotta Carlyle" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Carlotta Carlyle (Taxi Cab Driver and Private Investigator) of Boston, Massachusetts: * A Trouble of Fools [1987] * Snake Tattoo [1989] * Coyote [1990] * Steel Guitar [1991] * Snapshot [1993] * Hardware [1995] * Cold Case [1997] * Flashpoint [1999] * The Big Dig [2000] * The "Michael Spraggue" Mystery/Detective novel series Featuring Michael Spraggue (Actor) of Boston, Massachusetts: * Blood Will Have Blood [1982] * Bitter Finish [1983] set in Napa, California * Dead Heat [1984] * Cities of the Dead [1986] set in New Orleans, Louisiana Shiela Barnes, no known Web page "Mike Barnett": fictional detective; Mike Barnett "Barney Blake, Police Reporter": (NBC: 1948) see TELEVISION "Barney Miller": (ABC: 1975-1982) see TELEVISION "The Baron": burgler-become-detective charcter in fiction by John Creasey (under pseudonym "Anthony Morton") Mike Barone, see Marvin H. Albert Michael W. Barr, no known Web page Nevada Barr: Clinton, Mississippi; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * The "Anna Pigeon" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Anna Pigeon (National Park Ranger) in various National Parks: * Track of the Cat [Putnam, Avon, 1993] set in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas * A Superior Death [Putnam, Avon, 1994] set in Isle Royale National Park, Michigan * Ill Wind [Putnam, Avon, 1995] set in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado * Firestorm [Putnam, Avon, 1996] set in Lassen Volcanic National Park, California * Endangered Species [Putnam, 1997] set in Cumberland Island National Seashore, Georgia * Blind Descent [1998] set in Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico * Liberty Falling [1999] * Deep South [2000] set in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado * Blood Lure [2001] Robert Barr (16 Sep 1850-22 Oct 1912): Canada-resident Scotland-born headmaster/editor/crime author who (with jerome K. jerome) founded "The Idler" magazine (where he published his own early Sherlock Holmes parody under pseudonym Luke Sharp): * 11 crime/supernatural/romance/humor novels (a unique blend) * 18 unrelated novels * 4 plays * 2 travel books Robert Barr @ MGrost Ross S. Barrale, no known Web page Richard Barre: * The "Wil Hardesty" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Wil Hardesty (Private Investigator) of Los Angeles, California: * The Innocents [1995] * Bearing Secrets [1996] * The Ghosts of Morning [1998] Dave Barrett: fictional detective {to be done} Dean Barrett: Dean Barrett * Memoirs of a Bangkok Warrior [Village East Books] 303 pp. Paperback Original ISBN 0-9661899-2-2, $11.95 "DECLASSIFIED! Yes, Americans did fight another secret war in Asia! Now, at last, the long-suppressed details of that controversial war can be told. The setting is Bangkok, Thailand. The time is the mid-Sixties. And the events are incredible. Join Whore House Charlie, Sgt. Jigaboo, Bumbles, Blinky, Agent Orange, Corporal Napalm, Hogbody, Butterball, Good Pork Betty, the Betel Nut Queen, Noy the Laundry Girl, Corporal Comatose, Doc Spitz and Lieutenant Pearshape in the wackiest adventures of the Vietnam, or any other, war era." Helen Barrett, no known Web page Kathleen Anne Barrett; Sicklerville, New Jersey; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Novels with series character Beth Hartley include: * Milwaukee Winters Can Be Murder [Avalon] Mary Barrett, no known Web page Neal Barrett, Jr.: also known for Science Fiction; * The "Wiley Moss" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Wiley Moss (Graphic Artist) of Washington, DC: * Skinny Annie Blues [1996] * Bad Eye Blues [1997] Shiela Barrett; Dublin, Ireland; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Novels include: * The "Briege O'Niell and Aiden Cummings" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Briege O'Niell (Banker ) and Aiden Cummings (Detective Sergeant) of Ireland: * A View To Die For [Poolberg Press, Ireland, 1997] William E. Barrett: William E. Barrett @ MGrost "Stone Barrington": fictional detective; Stone Barrington Stephanie Barron: * The "Jane Austen" Historical Mystery/Detective novel series, set in the Regency Period (1811-1820) and featuring the historical Jane Austen (novelist) of Bath, England : * Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrove Manor [1996] * Jane and the Man of the Cloth [1997] * Jane and the Wandering Eye [1998] * Jane and the Genius of the Place [1999] * Jane and the Stillroom Maid [2000] * Jane and the Prisoner of Wool House [2001] "Jake Barrow": fictional private eye; Jake Barrow Mike Barry: pseudonym of Barry N. Malzberg J. D. Bart, no known Web page Cliff Bartells: fictional detective {to be done} Richard Barth, no known Web page "Stephen Barth": fictional detective; Stephen Barth Nancy Bartholomew: Nancy Bartholomew "Sierra Lavotini" novel series * The "Sierra Lavotini" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Sierra Lavotini (Exotic Dancer) of Florida: * The Miracle Strip [1998] * Dragstrip [1999] * Film Strip [2000] * Strip Poker [2001] Dan Barton: Dan Barton "Dick Barton": fictional detective; Dick Barton George Barton: George Barton @ MGrost Jacques Barzun: (1907-): France/America historian, professor listed here for: * Catalogue of Crime [1971; expanded edition 1991] "Carver Bascombe": fictional detective; Carver Bascombe "Stanley Bass": fictional detective; Stanley Bass William Bast, no known Web page Bernard Bastable: * The "Mozart" Historical Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Amadeus Mozart (Composer/Musician) in England, set in the Victorian Period (1837-1901): * To Die Like a Gentleman [1993] * Dead, Mr. Mozart [1994] * Too Many Notes, Mr. Mozart [1995] "The Bat: Crane Wilbur movie (AA, 1959) based on novel by Mary Roberts Rinehart see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Rebecca Bates: Rebecca Bates home page "Mary Lou 'Dunk' Bateson": fictional detective; Mary Lou 'Dunk' Bateson "Batman": see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT see: TELEVISION Colin Bateman: * The "Dan Starkey" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Dan Starkey (Journalist) of Belfast, Northern Ireland : * Divorcing Jack [1995] * Cycle of Violence [1996] * Of Wee Sweetie Mice and Men [1997] Singer Batts: fictional detective {to be done} Jack Batten: * The "Crang" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Crang (Attorney) of Toronto, Ontario, Canada: * Crang Plays the Ace [1987] * Straight No Chaser [1989] * Riviera Blues [1990] set in Monaco * Blood Count [1991] Singer Batts: fictional detective {to be done} Linda Baty: see L. L.Thrasher Edward Baumann, no known Web page Roger Bax, see Andrew Garve George Baxt (11 Jun 1923-): best known for 1966-starting series of 10 novels in the gay New York underground scene with series characters Pharoah Love, Sylvia Plotkin, and Max Van Larsen. Also: * 9 screenplays (including "Burn Witch Burn" with Charles Beaumont and Richard Matheson) Terry L. Baxter, Kirkland Farm, no known Web page Austin Bay, no known Web page Charity Bay: fictional detective {to be done} William Bayer, a.k.a. "David Hunt": "a noted crime fiction writer. At this website you will learn much about him -- his background; interests; the various books he's written (which you can order directly on-line); his themes (dark eroticism, still photography, mirroring, labyrinths, art, film noir); and why he has also written using the pen name "David Hunt." Here too you will be able to read excerpts from his latest work-in-progress. William Bayer home page Mystery/Detective Novels: * Blind Side "Every once in a while I look at my last picture of her -- the one I took just after I shot her. I looked at it again last night. I must have studied it for at least an hour. "Like every other picture I ever took of her, it tells me nothing about her, nothing at all. But it does tell me something about Geoffrey Barnett. It fixes the moment he knew he could be merciless. "Which, I've begun to think, is the case with almost every kind of photograph. A photograph, you see, may or may not tell you something about its subject. But if you look at it closely, and you were the photographer, it can tell you a great deal about yourself." -- from Blind Side * Switch [1984] * Wallflower [1991] * Mirror Maze [1994] Non-Fiction: * Breaking Through, Selling Out, Dropping Dead & Other Notes On Filmmaking [1971, Revised 1989] Bert Bayliss: fictional detective {to be done} Robert Frederick Baylus, no known Web page Return to Main MYSTERY/DECTECTIVE AUTHORS table of contents Return to Alphabetical Table of "B" Authors

Authors Beginning "Be..."

Otis Beagle and Joe Peel: fictional detective {to be done} Jerome Beatty: Jerome Beatty @ MGrost Gregory Bean: * The "Harry Starbranch" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Harry Starbranch, Sheriff of Victory, Wyoming: * No Comfort in Victory [1995] * Long Shaadows in Victory [1996] * A Death in Victory [1997] Greg Bear: best known for Science Fiction; but his future novels with explicit Mystery-Detective focus include: * Queen of Angels * / [Slant] These feature ultra-advanced investigative techniques, peeling away and analyzing individual molecules from the murder scene, for example M. C. Beaton: author of at least 28 Mystery/Detective novels in two series: * The "Agatha Raisin" Cozy Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Agatha Raisin (Retired Advertising Executive) of England: * Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death [1992] * Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet [1993] * Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener [1994] * Agatha Raisin and the Walkers of Dembley [1995] * Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage [1996] * Agatha Raisin and the Terrible Tourist [1997] * Agatha Raisin and the Wellspring of Death [1998] * Agatha Raisin and the Wizard of Evesham [1999] * Agatha Raisin and the Witch of Wyckhadden [1999] * Agatha Raisin and the Fairies Of Fryfam [2000] * Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell [2001] * The "Hamish MacBeth" Cozy Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Hamish MacBeth (Constable) of Lochdubh, Scotland:] * Death of a Gossip [1985] * Death of a Cad [1987] * Death of an Outsider [1988] * Death of a Perfect Wife [1989] * Death of a Hussy [1990] * Death of a Snob [1991] * Death of a Prankster [1992] * Death of a Glutton [1993] * Death of a Travelling Man [1993] * Death of a Charming Man [1994] * Death of a Nag [1995] * Death of a Macho Man [1996] * Death of a Dentist [1997] * Death of A Scriptwriter [1998] * Death of an Addict [1999] * Death of a Dustman [2000] * Death of a Celebrity [2002] Jackson Beaudine: fictional detective {to be done} K. K. Beck: K. K. Beck @ MGrost * The "Iris Cooper and Jack Clancy" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Iris Cooper (Flapper) and Jack Clancy (Reporter) of Portland, Oregon: * Death in a Deck Chair [1984] * Murder in a Mummy Case [1986] set in San Francisco, California * Peril Under the Palms [1989] set in Honolulu, Hawaii * The "Jane Da Silva" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Jane Da Silva (Lounge Singer and Private Detective) of Seattle, Washington: * A Hopeless Case [1992] * Amateur Night [1993] * Electric City [1994] * Cold Smoked [1995] Audrey Becker, no known Web page Mary Helen Becker, no known Web page Rose Beecham: * The "Amanda Valentine" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Amanda Valentine of New Zealand: * Introducing Amanda Valentine [1992] * Second Guess [1994] * Fair Play [1995] Alan Beechey: Alan Beechey * The "Oliver Swithin" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Oliver Swithin (Children's Author) of London, England: * An Embarrassment of Corpses [1997] * Murdering Ministers [1999] Francis Beeding, pseudonym of John Leslie Palmer & Hilary Aidan S.George Saunders {to be done} unusually successful writing team Noel Behn (6 Jan 1928-) American counter-intelligence officer, Obie-winning theatrical producer, and crime novelist: * The Kremlin Letter * The Shadowboxer (Germany) * Seven Silent Men * Big Stick-Up at Brink's! (nonfiction) Larry Beinhart, no known Web page Laura Belgrave: Laura Belgrave Josephine Bell: pseudonym for Doris Bell Ball nee Collier (8 Dec 1897-) British doctor and novelist who founded Crime Writers Association. * 45 mystery/detective novels (series characters: Sir henry Frost, Inspector Steven Mitchell, Amy Tupper, Claude Warrington-Reeve, Dr. David Wintringham) often involving physicians * 19 unrelated novels * 1 nonfiction "Crime in Our Time" Laraine McDaniel Bell, no known Web page Nancy Bell: * The "Biggie Weatherford" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Biggie Weatherford (Grandmother, amateur detective) and her grandson J.R. Weatherford of Texas: * Biggie and the Poisoned Politician [1996] * Biggie and the Mangled Mortician [1997] * Biggie and the Fricasseed Fat Man [1998] * Biggie and the Meddlesome Mailman [1999] * Biggie and the Quincy Ghost [2001] Robert Leslie Bellem (1902-1968) American journalist/editor/novelist Robert Leslie Bellem @ MGrost * Blue Murder * The Vice Czar Murders (under pseudonym Franklin Charles) * Half-Past Mortem (under pseudonym John A. Saxon) * The Window with the Sleeping Nude * No Wings on a Cop * various short stories (under pseudonym John Grange, with Willis Todhunter Ballard) * radio plays for "Boris Karloff Creeps by Night" * Television Plays for "The Lone Ranger", "Superman", "Broekn Arrow", "Perry Mason", "77 Sunset Strip", "Death valley Days", "Tarzan", "The FBI" Dick Belsky, no known Web page, see Dick Belsky R. G. Belsky; New York City; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Novels co-authored with Dick Belsky include: * Loverboy [Avon] Chris Belton: writer/translator; Chris Belton Mystery/Detective Novels: * Crime Sans Frontieres is my debut novel, published in the UK at the end of 1997. It is an international crime thriller and, I am pleased to say, it has been received rather well and entered the third print run within ten months of its release. It was nominated for the 1998 Booker Prize, but unfortunately didn't make the shortlist. Better luck next time...:-) A US edition of Crime Sans Frontieres is scheduled for release (by Virtual Publishing) as an e-book in the spring of 2001. Further details can be found by clicking here. Books Translation-Edited: "In my role as a freelance editor, I check the Japanese translations of overseas books for mis-translations, mistaken nuances and general inconsistencies. This involves carefully checking the entire book sentence-by-sentence against the original English version, which, although time-consuming, is extraordinarily satisfying and enjoyable. The books I have edited over the past few years include the following: * Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey (ISBN: 4-88724-140-2) (Translated by Yoko Miyagi) * Jack Maggs by Peter Carey (ISBN: 4-88724-200-X) (Translated by Yoko Miyagi) * The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy (ISBN: 4-88724-124-0) (Translated by Seibun Kudo) * The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver (ISBN: 4-88724-239-5) (Translated by Kikuko Nagai) * The Fallen Man by Tony Hillerman (ISBN: 4-88724-130-5) (Translated by Yuko Tsumori) * Just Desserts by G.A. McKevett (ISBN: 4-88724-133-X) (Translated by Yuko Mori) * Deadspin by Gregory Michael MacGregor (ISBN: 4-88724-168-2) (Translated by Fumio Gasawa) * Damaged by Simon Conway (ISBN: 4-88724-147-X) (Translated by Hiroaki Ichiki) * The Catastrophist by Ronan Bennett (ISBN: 4-88724-241-7) (Translated by Akihiro Mano) * Dreaming Southern by Linda Bruckheimer (ISBN: 4-88724-237-9) (Translated by Atsushi Takimoto) * The Broken Hearts Club by Ethan Black (ISBN: 4-88724-195-X) (Translated by Tomomi Amano) * Run Catch Kiss by Amy Sohn (ISBN: 4-88724-248-4) (Translated by Ai Mochizuki) * Show Me the Way to Go Home by Larry Rose (ISBN: 4-88724-126-7) (Translated by Tatsuo Umeda) * You Can Do It! by Paul Hanna (ISBN: 4-88724-132-1) (Translated by Noriaki Fukushima) * View from the Exterior: Serge Gainsbourg by Alan Clayson (ISBN: 4-88724-215-8) (Translated by Takeshi Mogi) * Live Fast - Die Young by John Gilmore (ISBN: 4-88724-217-4) (Translated by Masako Tanaka) * Nowhere Man by Robert Rosen (ISBN: 4-88724-212-3) (Translated by Yasumi Yamamoto) * Beck - Beautiful Monstrosity by Julian Palacios (ISBN: 4-88724-221-2) (Translated by Yasumi Yamamoto) * Lenny Bruce - The Making of a Prophet by William Karl Thomas (ISBN: 4-88724-233-6) (Translated by Yutaka Oshima) * Freddie Mercury - In Intimate Memoir by Peter Freestone & David Evans (ISBN: 4-88724-242-5)(Translated by Masako Tanaka) * Wild Years: The Music and Myth of Tom Waits by Jay S. Jacobs (ISBN: 4-88724-249-2)(Translated by Yasumi Yamamoto) * The Best American Mystery Stories 1998 edited by Otto Penzler & Sue Grafton (ISBN: 4-88724-174-7) (Translated by various people) * The Best American Mystery Stories 1999 edited by Otto Penzler & Ed McBain (ISBN: 4-88724-236-0) (Translated by various people) * Galileo's Daughter by Dava Sobel (ISBN: Pending) * Slow Down Arthur, Stick to Thirty by Harland Miller (ISBN: Pending)(Translated by Junko Watanabe) * Keeping the Faith (Movie Screenplay) (ISBN: 4-88724-219-0) * What Women Want (Movie Screenplay) (ISBN: 4-88724-220-4) * The Mexican (Movie Screenplay) (ISBN: 4-88724-229-8) * The Legend of 1900 (Movie Screenplay) (ISBN: 4-88724-238-7) * Plus approximately twenty other non-fiction works published as originals in Japan. Stephanie K. Bendel, no known Web page Glenn Benest, no known Web page Christina Benight, no known Web page Carol Benjamin; full name Carol Lea Benjamin; New York City; Carol Lea Benjamin "Rachel Alexander and Dash" novel series see also bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Novels with series character Rachel Alexander (Dog Trainer and Private Eye) and her pit bull "Dash" (Dashiell) of Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City: * This Dog For Hire [Walker and Company] * The Dog Who Knew Too Much [1997] * A Hell of a Dog [1998] * Lady Vanishes [1999] * The Wrong Dog [2000] * The Long Good Boy [2001] Patricia Benke; San Diego, California ; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Novels include: * Guilty By Choice [Avon] * False Witness [Avon] Arnold Bennett: Arnold Bennett @ MGrost Jay Bennett, no known Web page John Bennett: pseudonym for John Lutz Margot Bennett (1912-6 Dec 1980) British mystery author born in Lenzie, Scotland; schooled in Scotland and Australia; copywriter in London and Sydney; nurse in Spanish Civil War: * 8 mystery/detective novels (series character John Davies) mostly psychological/puzzle stories with one Science Fiction novel * "The Long Way Back" [London: Bodley Head, 1954; New York: Coward McCann, 1955] * one unrelated novel "The Furious Masters" * one nonfiction book "The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Atomic Radiation" * Screenplays "The Crowning Touch", "The Man Who Liked Funerals" * Television plays Ron & Janet Benrey: Ron & Janet Benrey home page "Ron & Janet Benrey have been a successful writing team since the late 1980s. Working together, they: * Wrote their first mystery novel Little White Lies published by Broadman & Holman Publishers * Founded a small press that published an award-winning book on bird flight (which they co-ghostwrote) * Wrote scores of magazine articles for consumer, trade, and corporate magazines * Created marketing communications for many of America's leading companies * Coached (and mentored) many writers and speakers. (Visit the Benrey+Benrey website for more information.) * "Ron Benrey is a highly experienced writer who has written more than a thousand bylined magazine articles, six published books on technical topics, and scores of major speeches for the CEOs of Fortune-100 companies. He holds a bachelor's degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a master's degree in management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a juris doctor from the Duquesne University School of Law. He taught advanced business-writing courses at the University of Pittsburgh, where he was a member of the adjunct faculty." * "Janet Benrey brings an unusually diverse business background -- including experience as a successful entrepreneur, a professional photographer, and an executive recruiter -- to writing, editing, and book promotion. She has created many different public relations and marketing communication materials, on topics ranging from high-tech staffing to Total Quality. Over the years, Janet has written magazine articles for consumer, business, and special interest publications. Janet earned her degree in Communication (Magna cum Laude) from the University of Pittsburgh. * "Ron and Janet love to sail as much as they love to write. They own a small sailboat named SeaSaw (just the size boat that Pippa Hunnechurch wants)." * Reviews on Ben Benson: pseudonym of Benjamin Benson (1915-29 Apr 1959) American Army soldier (Purple Heart with 2 battle stars), tea-salesman, member Mystery Writers of America board of directors: * 19 mystery/detective novels (series characters "Trooper Ralph Lindsay", "Detective Inspector Wade Paris"), mostly rural police procedurals * 1 nonfiction books (Hoboes) Raymond Benson, no known Web page E. C. Bentley: pseudonym for Edmund Clerihew Bentley (10 July 1875-30 Mar 1956): British journalist/novelist: * 4 mystery/detective novels (series character Philip Trent) * 4 books of poetry (he is famous for "The Clerihew" as a light verse form for satirical biography. Example: "Sir Humphrey Davy detested gravy and suffered the odium of having discovered sodium") * 3 unrelated nonfiction books * 4 books edited (Damon Runyon stories; detective collection) E. C. Bentley @ MGrost John L. Benton: see Norman A. Daniels Kenneth [Carter] Benton (4 Mar 1909-) British diplomat/novelist: * 8 espionage/mystery/detective novels (series character Peter Craig) * one unrelated novel * one nonfiction (Peruvian Revolution) Evelyn [Domenica) Berckman (18 Oct 1900-18 Sep 1978) American composer/pianist/novelist resident in London: * 25 mystery/detective novels, many with strange, gothic, supernatural, or psychological suspense; often unclassifiable * 4 nonfiction books (English navy) Laurie Berenson, full name Laurien Berenson; New Canaan, Connecticut; Laurien Berenson "Melanie Travis" novel series see also bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Novels with series character Melanie Travis (Special Education Teacher) of Fairfield County, Connecticut include: * Hair Of The Dog [Kensington, November, 1997] * Dog Eat Dog [Kensington, 1996] * Underdog [Kensington, 1996] * A Pedigree To Die For [Kensington, 1995] Winner 1995 Maxwell Award (Dog Writers Association of America, for Best Fiction) * Watchdog [1998] * Hush Puppy [1999] * Unleashed [2000] * Once Bitten [2001] Bob Berger: Bob Berger, New York City; The "Dr. Risk" Novels featuring James Denny (Risk Expert) of New York City, New York include: * The Risk Of Murder [Dell, 1995] * The Risk Of Heaven [Dell, 1996] Anthony Berkeley: pseudonym for Anthony Berkeley Cox (5 July 1893-9 Mar 1971): British soldier, journalist, book reviewer: * 20 mystery/detective novels (series characters Ambrose Chitterwick, Roger Sheringham) * 3 novels as Francis Iles -- the works he's best known for, due to intricate and ingenious plot construction plus deconstructing the conventions of the genre * 2 unrelated novels under own name * 1 play * 3 other books (journalism, England, limericks) Wilhelm Bernhardt, no known Web page William Bernhardt, Tulsa, Oklahoma; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors The Ben Kincaid mystery/detective novels, featuring Ben Kincaid (Lawyer) of Tulsa, Oklahoma include: * Murder One [2001] * Silent Justice [2000] * Dark Justice [1999] * Extreme Justice [1998] * Naked Justice [Ballantine, 1997] * Cruel Justice [Ballantine, 1996] * Double Jeopardy [Ballantine, 1995] * Perfect Justice [Ballantine, 1993] * Deadly Justice [Ballantine, 1993] * Blind Justice [Ballantine, 1992] * Primary Justice [Ballantine, 1991] * The Code Of Buddyhood [Ballantine/Available Press] Carole Berry, New York City; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors The Bonnie Indermill mystery/detective novels, featuring Bonnie Indermill (Temporary Worker) of New York City include: * Death of a Difficult Woman [Berkley, 1994] * Good Night, Sweet Prince [Berkley, 1990] * Island Girl [1991] * The Letter of the Law [Berkley, 1987] * The Death Of A Dancing Fool [Berkley, 1996] * Death of a Dimpled Darling [1997] * The Year Of The Monkey [Berkley, 1998] Linda Berry: Linda Berry George A. Best: George A. Best @ MGrost John Betteridge, see Bernard Newman Anatoly A. Bezuglov, no known Web page Return to Main MYSTERY/DECTECTIVE AUTHORS table of contents Return to Alphabetical Table of "B" Authors

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Bill Bickel, no known Web page Marcia Biederman, no known Web page Earl Derr Biggers (26 Aug 1884-5 Apr 1933) American journalist/novelist: * 11 mystery/detective novels (series character Detective Sergeant/Inspector Charlie Chan, based on an actual Honolulu police detective) * 6 plays His classic character is essential to understanding the role of the oriental or ethnic detective in modern fiction. Marc Bilgrey, no known Web page John Bingham: pseudonym of John Michael Ward Bingham, Lord Clanmorris (3 Nov 1908-) British Defense official, picture editor/feature writer, novelist: * 17 mystery/detective novels (series characters Brock and Ducane) * 1 radio play * 1 true crime Linda S. Bingham: "also known as... Flamewriter ... for the websites I create for authors... and for the mystery series I write featuring John Bolt, a retired Houston firefighter who now investigates arson for an insurance company." Biographical Sketch: * "My momma is an Oklahoman and my daddy was a Texan, making me never quite at home on either side of the Red River. I was educated in both states, earning a B.A. in English from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma, and a masterās degree from the University of Houston. I taught English for nearly 8 years in Houstonās meanest neighborhoods. I felt guilty leaving those gritty halls for a job in the shiny new skyscrapers I could see from the windows of my 3rd floor classroom, yet I managed to make the transition to a business environment and become property manager for the Interfin Corporation. You may have seen my building on Houstonās West Loop, one of the trio of handsome blue and silver skyscrapers designed by Cesar Pelli. Bibliographical Sketch: * "My first published works were in university magazines. Toward the end of the 80's, I wrote something I thought was really good, a novel set in turn-of-the-century Galveston. Little did I guess that it would take the looming Centennial of the Great Storm in 2000 to get that novel published! You might wonder how I got interested in Galveston and its storm history. Well, it was like this.... "In 1983, I became a partner in a beach house, with my then-sister-in-law Kathy Whitmire, Houston's first woman mayor. Barely 4 months after we closed on the property, Hurricane Alicia made landfall just a few miles west of us. For 2 years I spent most weekends in Galveston getting the house rebuilt. For some reason, I began filling up a notebook with what seemed to be the beginnings of a novel. The need to write became so great that I finally had to quit my job and give in to it." Major Characters: * "John Bolt is a former Marine and firefighter turned arson expert, a man who has spent his life responding to tough challenges. When his only son leaves for college and his marriage falls apart, Bolt discovers how narrow his focus has been. Then John meets Mary and his horizon expands to include love. Mary's highly original way of looking at the case files he brings home adds a new dimension to crime-solving. "For her part, Mary, known as Alyssa Henry when she appears on stage with the Deaf Players, is sure that her new husband is indulging her when he solicits her opinion about the various aspects of his cases. The former Mary Yates is a hearing person who was raised by deaf parents. She is burdened and blessed with an extraordinary sense of responsibility toward those she loves. But it is her fate to fall in love with a man who practices a dangerous profession and she must constantly counsel herself not to hold such a man too close. Novels: * Born on the Island, A Novel of Galveston ISBN: 1-57168-934-6, 285 pages, Trade paper, $18.95 Read Meg's 1st person account of the Great Storm [on the home page]. * Up In Flames ISBN: 0-945199-10-4, 254 pages, Trade paper, $19.95 Read Chapter One [on the home page]. * Flashpoint ISBN: 0-945199-16-3, 245 pages, Trade paper $18.95 Read Chapter Three [on the home page]. Dolan Birkley: see D. B. Olsen Claudia Bishop; Rochester, New York; also writes under pseudonym Mary Stanton (juvenile/young/adult): no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Novels in the "Hemlock Falls" series with characters Sarah Quilliam (innkeeper) and her sister Meg (chef, recipes provided) include: * Death Dines Out [Berkley Prime Crime] * Murder Well-Done[Berkley Prime Crime] * A Pinch Of Poison [Berkley Prime Crime] * A Dash Of Death [Berkley Prime Crime] * A Taste For Murder [Berkley Prime Crime] Paul Bishop: Paul Bishop "Fey Croaker" detective novel series Return to Main MYSTERY/DECTECTIVE AUTHORS table of contents Return to Alphabetical Table of "B" Authors

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Cara Black: Cara Black David Black, no known Web page Gavin Black: pseudonym for Oswald [Morris] Wynd (4 July 1913-) Tokyo Japan-born Scottish author, schooled in New Jersey and U. Edinburgh, army lieutenant, novelist (mostly suspense set in Scotland or Far East): * 14 mystery/detective novels (series character Paul Harris) * 3 mystery/detective novels as Oswald Wynd * 14 unrelated novels * 5 radio plays * 1 television play Lionel Black: pseudonym of Dudley Barker (25 Mar 1910-1980) British air force officer, reporter, news editor, novelist: * 18 mystery/detective novels (series characters Superintendent Francis For, Emma Greaves, Kate Theobald) * 8 unrelated novels under own name * radio plays * 16 nonfiction books (biography, England, literature, journalism) Mansell Black, see Elleston Trevor Michael A. Black, no known Web page John [Fenwick] Blackburn (26 June 1923-) British Navy radio officer, truck driver, schoolmaster, book company director, bookstore owner, author: * 27 mystery/detective novels (series character General Charles Kirk) (some science-fictional, some supernatural, some espionage, some macabre fantasy, basically all are tautly written thrillers) Charity Blackstock: pseudonym for Ursula Torday: * 18 mystery/detective novels * 18 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Paula Allardyce * 5 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Charlotte Keppel * 6 unrelated novels * 3 mystery/detective novels Ursula Torday * 9 unrelated novels under pseudonym Paula Allardyce * 1 unrelated novel under own name Lee Blackstock, see Charity Blackstock Algernon [Henry] Blackwood (14 Mar 1869-10 Dec 1951) British hotellier, farmer in Canada, newspaperman, private secretary, dried milk company employee, television appearances, CBE (Commander , Order of the British Empire), college degrees including University of Edinburgh. Algernon Blackwood was the premier occult/supernatural author of the Edwardian era, best known for his short stories including six with the occult detective series character John Silence, who solves mysteries involving hashish-induced synesthesia and a psychic battle with a deceased witch, and Egyptian fire elemental, a witch cult town, a werewolf, and the fourth dimension. His studies with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn played a role in his selection of, and knowledge of, his unusual subject matter. He authored only one pure mystery/detective story "Max Hensig, Bacteriologist), based on the Carlyle Harris murder case which he'd covered as a police reporter for the New York Times. * 9 novels * 22 collections of or anthologies of short stories * 6 plays * 12 juvenile books W. Edward Blain, no known Web page Nicholas Blake: pseudonym for C[ecil] Day Lewis (27 Apr 1904-22 May 1972) British schoolmaster, director of publishing firm, distinguished professor of Poetry at various universities, Poet Laureate 1968-72. Father of film actor Daniel Day Lewis. * 20 mystery/detective novels with series character Nigel Strangeways Nigel Strangeways was an Oxford graduate who worked with blunt Scotsman Inspector Blount of Scotland Yard, filled with topical references (the series characters age), psychological depth, and literary references * 3 unrelated novels as C. Day Lewis * 2 screenplays as C. Day Lewis * 35 books of poetry * one record album (poetry) * 20 other books (autobiography, about poetry, biography) * 17 books (poetry, sociology) edited Patrick Blake: see Clive Eggleton Sexton Blake: see John G. Brandon Nero Blanc: Nero Blanc: * The Crossword Murder Suzanne Blanc: American mystery/detective, winner of 1961 Edgar Allan Poe Award from Mystery Writers of America * 4 mystery/detective novels with series character Inspector Michael Menendez * one unrelated mystery/detective novel * various short stories Eleanor Taylor Bland, Waukegan, Illinois; no known Web page; but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Novels with continuing character Marti MacAlister include: * Keep Still [St. Martin's] * Done Wrong [St. Martin's Dead Letter Press: May 1996] * Gone Quiet [St. Martin's; Signet/Penguin] * Slow Burn [St. Martin's; Signet/Penguin] * Dead Time [St. Martin's; Signet/Penguin] Martin Blank, no known Web page William D. Blankenship, no known Web page Kelly H. Blau, no known Web page Peter Blauner, no known Web page Oliver Bleeck: see Ross Thomas Robert [Albert] Bloch (1917-1995) Robert Bloch @ AlphaRalpha My father, Samuel H. Post, published Robert Bloch in paperback. The last time we spoke, I pointed out that he had a cat hair on his coat, and he complimented my attention to detail and then went into a long, gentle conversation about his daughter and her love of animals. Bob Bloch was a prince among men, and a king among authors. The definitive source is "Once Around the Bloch: An Unauthorized Autobiography", (New York: Tor, 1993). Data: Robert Albert Bloch, born Chicago 5 April 1917, son of Raphael A. Bloch and Stella A. Loeb, married Eleanor Alexander 16 Oct 1964, daughter by previous marriage Sally Ann, MANY publications, editor "The Best of Frederic Brown" 1977, student of public schools in Maywood IL and Milwaukee, freelance writer 1934-42 and 1953-, copywriter at Gustav Marx Advertsing Agency in Milwaukee 1942-53, E.E. Evans Memorial Award 1958, Screenwriter's Award 1960, Inkpot Award for Science Fiction 1964, Award for Service to Field of Science Fantasy (LASFS) 1974, Fritz Leiber Fantasy Award 1978, Hugo 1958, Lifetime Achievement Award 1984, Edgar Allan Poe Scroll 1960, Trieste Film Festival Award 1964, Reims Festival Award 1979, Lifetime Career Award Atlanta Fantasy Fair 1984, Twilight Zone Domension Award 1985, member Writers Guild of America, SFWA, MWA (President 1970-71), Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Robert Bloch @ MGrost * 17 mystery/detective novels * 4 other novels * 11 screenplays * 39 radio plays (Tuned for Terror series 1944-5) * 25+ teleplays for Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Thriller, I Spy, Run For Your Life, Star Trek, Journey to the Unknown, Night Gallery * 3 other books (science fiction fandom; Necronomicon Press, West Warwick Rhode Island; anthology of Frederic Brown stories) Lawrence G[oldtree] Blochman (17 Feb 1900-22 Jan 1975) American forensic pathologist; served in Army; newspaper editor in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Calcutta, Chicago, Paris; freelance writer; scriptwriter for Universal Pictures; consultant to U.S. government; President of Mystery Writers of America (1948-49); winner of Mystery Writers of America Edgar Allan Poe Award (1950); winner of Mystery Writers of America Edgar special Allan Poe Award (1958) Lawrence G. Blochman @ MGrost * 11 mystery/detective novels, with series character Inspector Leonidas Prike of the C.I.D. (British Secret Service) in India, excellent police procedurals with in-depth cultural knowledge and atmosphere of India * 14 short stories (series character Dr.Coffee) * 1 play * 11 unrelated books (bars, Maria Callas, psychology, health) * 5 books translated from French (2 Simenons) Barbara Block; Syracuse, New York; no known Web page; but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Novels with continuing character Robin Light (Syracuse pet store owner) include: * In Plain Sight [Kensington] * Twister [Zebra] * Chutes And Adders [Zebra] Lawrence Block: (24 June 1938-), no known Web page * 30+ mystery/detective novels, with series characters Leo Haig, Bernie Rhodenbarr, Matthew Scudder, Evan Tanner; my favorite is "Eight Million Ways to Die" [New York: Arbor, 1982] in which the detecting is secondary to the self-discovery of Scudder, an alcoholic * 3 mystery/detective novels as Paul Kavenaugh * 4 mystery/detective novels as Chip Harrison * 3 unrelated novels (Australian coins, Swiss coins, how to write) K. Arne Blom, no known Web page Matthew Blood: see Brett Halliday Harry Blyth @ MGrost Return to Main MYSTERY/DECTECTIVE AUTHORS table of contents Return to Alphabetical Table of "B" Authors

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Sherri L. Board: Sherri L. Board Mark Bockmon, Inc., no known Web page Norman Bogner: New York Times Bestselling author; Over 22 Million books sold worldwide Norman Bogner's Flashed home page * "Norman Bogner... has the imagination to create nightmare landscapes in all manner of settings -- and the writing skills to quickly make us a part of them." [Dick Adler, reviewer for the Chicago Tribune and Publishers Weekly] Mystery/Detective Novels: * The Deadliest Art [Forge Books] the long-awaited sequel to To Die In Provence; "There's charm and humor and suspense to be found... [and a] shocker of a finale... Bogner's eloquent descriptions... are a fascinating combination of gut-wrenching violence and gut-busting commentary on the contemporary art scene." [Dick Lochte, Los Angeles Times] Read more about The Deadliest Art [on the home page] * The Madonna Complex [Forge Books] * Honor Thy Wife [Forge Books] * To Die in Provence [Forge Books] The Los Angeles Times raves, "Fans of the Thomas Harris brand of intelligent, fast-paced suspense and hard-edged action should find Bogner's trip to Provence just the ticket." Kirkus Reviews says, "Swaggeringly well-written... Some pages you'll read through your fingers." Read more about To Die In Provence [on the home page] * 7th Avenue [Forge Books] M. McDonell Bodkin: M. McDonell Bodkin Impossible Crime Fiction John [Bertram] Boland (12 Feb 1913) British Army artilleryman, farm worker, deckhand, lumberjack, railroad worker, factory worker, salesman of advertising signs and car parts, and mystery/detective author: * 28 mystery/detective novels with series characters The Gentlemen and Kim Smith * 5 plays * 5 radio plays * 2 teleplays * 2 books about writing John C. Boland, no known Web page Michael Bond, no known Web page Raleigh Bond, no known Web page Patrick Bone, no known Web page John and Emery Bonett: pseudonyms for John H[ubert] A[rthur] Coulson (10 Aug 1906-) and Felicity Winifred Carter (2 Dec 1906-): * 9 mystery/detective novels with series characters Inspector Salvador Borges, Professor Mandrake * 3 mystery/detective novels by Emery Bonett (one as Felicity Carter) * one unrelated novel by Emery Bonett * 2 plays by Emery Bonett * 4 screenplays * one radio play Parker Bonner: see Willis Todhunter Ballard Paul Boorstin: Paul Boorstin TV/Screenwriter Charles G. Booth: Charles G. Booth @ MGrost Louis F. Booth, no known Web page Stephen Booth: Stephen Booth Guy S. Boothby: Guy S. Boothby @ MGrost Jorge Luis Borges: Jorge Luis Borges @ MGrost James Skipp Borlase: James Skipp Borlase Casebook Fiction subgenre J. S. Borthwick, no known Web page D. B. Borton; Delaware, Ohio; D. B. Borton "Cat Caliban" novel series; also as "Della Borton", the movie lovers mysteries. see also bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Novels with continuing character Cat Caliban (geriatric gumshoe) include: * Six Feet Under [Berkley] * Five Alarm Fire [Berkley] * Four Elements Of Murder [Berkley] * Three Is A Crowd [Berkley] * Two Points For Murder [Berkley] * One For The Money [Berkley] Charles K. Boston: see Frank Gruber Jane Bosworth, no known Web page Anthony Boucher: pseudonym for William Anthony Parker White (21 Aug 1911-29 Apr 1968), Born Oakland, California; 1928-1930 educated Pasadena Junior College (now Pasadena City College); 1932, University of Southern California; M. A., University of California, Berkeley; married Phyllis May Price, 1938, 2 sons; 1935-1937 Theatre and Music critic, United Progressive News, Los Angeles; 1942-1947 Science Fiction and Mystery reviewer, San Francisco Chronicle; 1948-1950 and 1957-1968 Mystery reviewer, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine; 1951-1968 Mystery reviewer New York Times Book Review; 1949-1950 Fantasy book reviewer (under pseudonym H. H. Holmes) Chicago Sun-Times; 1951-1963 Fantasy book reviewer, New York Herald Tribune; 1961-1968 reviewer for Opera News; 1949-1954 Founding Editor (with Francis J. McComas) The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (sole editor 1954-1958); 1952-1953 editor True Crime Detective; 1952-1955 editor Mercury Mysteries; 1957-1960 editor Dell Great Mystery Library; 1962-1968 Collier Mystery Classics; 1949-1968 initiated Great Voices series of historical recordings, Pacifica radio, Berkeley; 1951 President of Mystery Writers of America; 1946, 1950, 1953 Mystery Writers of America's Edgar Allan Poen Award for nonfiction. Anthony Boucher @ MGrost * 7 mystery/detective novels with series character Fergus O'Breen * 2 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym H. H. Holmes, with series character Sister Ursula (including "Rocket to the Morgue") * one collection of mystery/detective short stories * radio plays for Sherlock Holmes series and for The Casebook of Gregory Hood series * 2 collections of fantasy and science fiction short stories: * The Complete Werewolf [Simon & Schuster, 1969; Ace] 10 stories * Far and Away [Ballentine Books Hardcover, 1955; Ballentine Books paperback] 11 stories * Rocket to the Morgue {as H. H. Holmes} [Duell-Sloan, 1942; Dell; Pyramid] also has science fictional content * 3 books of mystery/detective criticism/biography/correspondence * editor of 8 collections of true crime, detective, fantasy, or science fiction stories Barry Bowe, no known Web page Gail Bowen; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada; no known Web page; but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Novels with continuing character Joanne Kilbourn (academic single mother) include: * A Killing Spring [McClelland & Stewart, Spring 1997] * A Colder Kind of Death [McClelland & Stewart, 1995; New York: St. Martin's, 1995] Winner, Arthur Ellis Award, Best Crime Novel in Canada 1995 * The Wandering Soul Murders [St. Martin's, 1994; McClelland & Stewart, 1993] * Love And Murder [St. Martin's, 1993; as "MURDER AT THE MENDEL" McClelland & Stewart, 1992] * Deadly Appearances [Douglas & McIntyre, 1990; New York: Signet, 1991] Marjorie Bowen: see Joseph Shearing Michael Bowen, no known Web page Rhys Bowen: Rhys Bowen - "Evan Evans" novel series Robert J. Bowman, no known Web page C.J. Box: Best known for the Joe Pickett Novels; C.J. Box's Java-enhanced website Novels: * Open Season: A Joe Pickett Novel [Penguin/Putnam] a Mystery featuring endangered species, Wyoming, the environment, and a game warden Edgar Box: pseudonym of Gore [Eugene Luther] Vidal (3 Oct 1925-), American political candidate (from political family), broadcast personality, literary, science fiction, historical, satirical, political, and mystery/detective author; born West Point, New York; 1939-1940 educated Los Alamos School, New Mexico; 1940-1943 Phillips Exeter Academy, New Hampshire; 1943-1946 served as Warrant Officer, U.S. Army; 1946 editor E. P. Dutton; 1960-1971 member Advisory Board Partisan Review; 1960 Democratic-Liberal candidate for Congress, New York; 1961-1963 Member, Presidential Advisory Committee on the Arts; 1968-1971 Co-Chairman New Party; 1954 winner Mystery Writers of America award for teleplay; 1983 winner National Book Critics Circle award, for criticism: * 3 mystery/detective novels with series character Peter Cutler Sargeant II * 3 science fiction novels * Messiah [New York: Dutton, 1954] * Kalki [New York: Random House, 1978] * Creation [New York: Random House, 1981] * 17 literary, historical, satirical, political novels * one collection of mystery/detective short stories * 8 plays (including Science Fiction "Visit to a Small Planet" broadcast on television 1955) * 6 screenplays (including "Suddenly Last Summer" with Tennessee Williams and "Is Paris Burning?" with Francis Ford Coppola) * 10 teleplays * 9 nonfiction books' * edited one book of teleplays Frank Boyd: see Frank Kane Paula Boyd: Paula Boyd Richard Lewis Boyer, no known Web page Ann Boyle, no known Web page Thomas Boyle, no known Web page Judy Boynton, no known Web page Return to Main MYSTERY/DECTECTIVE AUTHORS table of contents Return to Alphabetical Table of "B" Authors

Authors Beginning "Br..."

Michael Bracken (7 Sep 1957-): Mystery author and Science Fiction author, born in Canton, Ohio, USA: Active member: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Horror Writers Association Private Eye Writers of America Mystery Writers of America Novels: * Psi Cops [Books In Motion, 1995] science fiction police procedural * Deadly Campaign [Books In Motion, 1994] mystery Short Story Collection: * Even Roses Bleed [Books in Motion,1995] six mysteries, 1 ghost story Some other publishing credits can be found at: Michael Bracken e-mail Michael Bracken Leigh [Douglass] Brackett (17 Dec 1915-24 Mar 1978): married (1946) to science fiction author Edmond Hamilton (died 1977); major screenwriter and novelist, also under pseudonym Eric John Stark; winner Jules Verne Award; winner 1964 Western Writers of America Golden Spur Award Leigh Brackett @ MGrost, mystery * 5 mystery/detective novels * mystery/detective screenplays: * Crime Doctor's Manhunt, with Eric Taylor [1946] * The Big Sleep, with Wiliiam Faulkner & Jules Furthman, from Raymond Chandler novel [1946] * The Long Goodbye [1973] * teleplays for Checkmate series, Suspense series, Alfred Hitchcock series ("Terror at Northfield") Leigh Brackett @ AlphaRalpha, science fiction "The Long Tomorrow" [Doubleday, 1955; Science Fiction Book Club; Ace; Ballentine Books] is selected and praised in "Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels" by David Pringle Other science fiction books include: * Alpha Centauri or Die * The Best of Leigh Brackett * The Big Jump * The Book of Skaith * The Coming of the Terrans * Eric John Stark, Outlaw of Mars * The Ginger Star * The Halfling and Other Stories * The Hounds of Skaith * The Nemesis from Terra, a.k.a Shadow Over Mars * The Reavers of Skaith * The Starmen (a.k.a The Galactic Breed, a.k.a. The Starmen of Llyrdis] * The Sword of Rhiannon * Strange Adventures on Other Worlds (editor) * The Best of Edmond Hamilton (editor) * 3 collections of science fiction short stories * science fiction screenplays include "Star Wars II: The Empire Strikes Back"; "The Vampire's Ghost" Western books include: * Rio Bravo (novelization) * Follow the Free Wind (Golden Spur Award), black mountain man Western Screenplays: * Rio Bravo, with Jules Furthman & B. H. McCampbell [1959] * Rio Lobo, with Burton Wohl [1970] * El Dorado * Gold of the Seven Saints, with Leonard Freeman [1961] * Hatari!, with Harry Kurnitz [1962] James Bradberry, no known Web page Ray Bradbury: *** considerable material to be done *** An immortal writer of mysteries, fantasies, stories, novels, science fiction, screenplays (Moby Dick -- hotlink to be done), teleplays, and a co-author of award-nominated work with the compiler of this Web page... Ray [Douglas] Bradbury, born Waukegan IL 22 Aug 1920, son of Leonard Spaulding Bradbury and Esther Marie Moberg, married Marguerite Susan McClure 27 Sep 1947, children Susan Marguerite, Ramona, Bettina, Alexandra... Ray Bradbury @ AlphaRalpha Grandmaster of SFFWA, co-author with Jonathan Vos Post of two award-nominated SF poems. Ray Bradbury is one of the immortals among us, who will be read a thousand years from now by beings on the planets of a thousand stars. "The Martian Chronicles" (1950) is selected and praised in "Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels" by David Pringle "Farenheit 451" (1953) is selected and praised in "Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels" by David Pringle. In the 1976 Locus poll, asking readers to nominate their favorite author, Ray Bradbury came in #14 (with 57 votes), confirming his leadership position at #11 with a similar poll in 1973, #9 in a 1971 poll in P. Schuyler Miller's book review column in Analog, and ranking #9 in the 1966 Analog poll. Karleen Bradford: see: "Anne Grant's Workshop" Writers' Resources page "I'm quite proud of having mystery author Karleen Bradford giving a course with us. You can check out her credentials at Anne Grant's Workshop "There is much worthwhile that is free on the Net, but what we're offering is for writers ready for the next step, such as taking a college extension course. I make a living writing myself, for publications from The New York Times to Premiere magazine, and I've enlisted a number of professional multi-published authors, all of whom also have solid teaching experience. Their workshops in their genres are far more substantial than anything that can be made available for free." "Shoshin Distance Learning Center offers 8-week, fee-based online writing workshop courses, stressing individual consultations and critiquing. In addition to weekly presentations on their genres, instructors hold weekly chat room seminars." -- Bill Rodriguez, e-mail Shoshin Distance Learning Center Shoshin Distance Learning Center Mary B. Bradford, no known Web page Daranna Gidel Bradley, no known Web page Caryl Brahms: pseudonym of Doris Caroline Abrahams (1901-4 Dec 1982) British mystery/detective author * 5 mystery/detective novels co-authored with S. J. Simon, series character Inspector Adam Quill * 14 unrelated novels * 4 collections of short stories * 13 plays * 2 screenplays * 25 radio plays * 9 teleplays * 3 books juvenile poetry * 8 nonfiction books (ballet, light opera, plays, songs) Ernest Bramah [Smith] (20 Mar 1868-27 June 1942) British journalist, magazine editor, secretary to Jerome K. Jerome Ernest Bramah @ MGrost * one mystery/detective novel + 5 short story collections with series character Max Carrados (blind detective) * one social novel * 8 fantasy novels/short story collections (series character Kai Lung) * 2 nonfiction books (farming, English coins) [Mary] Christianna Brand [nee Milne] (17 Dec 1907-) Malaya-born British governess, receptionist, dancer, model, salesman, secretay, author: * 17 mystery/detective novels with series characters Inspector Charlesworth, Inspector Chucky, Inspector Cockrill of the Kent County Police * 3 mystery/detective short story collections * 1 unrelated novel as Mary Roland * 1 unrelated novel as Annabel Jones * 4 screenplays * 7 other books (juvenile) Max Brand: Max Brand @ MGrost Gary Brandner, no known Web page Jay Brandon, San Antonio, Texas; successful attorney in San Antonio, Texas, and a Mystery novelist; "With a Master's Degree in writing from Johns Hopkins University, and experience as an attorney with the District Attorney's office in Bexar County and with the Fourth Court of Appeals, Jay knows his settings. A native Texan, he now devotes his time to writing and his law practice San Antonio, where he lives with his wife and three children. " see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Mystery/detective/thriller Novels (often courtroom dramas) include: * After-Image [Feb 2000] * Angel of Death [1998] * Defiance County [Pocket Books, 1996; Reader's Digest Condensed Books] * Local Rules [Pocket Books 1995; Reader's Digest Condensed Books; Bantam Doubleday Dell (audiotape)] * Loose Among the Lambs [Pocket Books, 1993; Literary Guild Main Selection] * Rules Of Evidence [Pocket Books, 1992] * Fade The Heat [Pocket Books, 1990] nominated for Edgar Allan Poe Award * Predator's Waltz [Pocket Books, 1989] * Tripwire [Pocket Books, 1987] * Deadbolt [Pocket Books, 1985] Editor's Choice award, Booklist magazine: "One of the most powerfully realized, convincing thrillers of the last ten years." Charles Brandt, no known Web page Lisa Brandt, no known Web page Tom Brandt: see Thomas B. Dewey H[enry] C[lay] Branson (1924-) American author: * 7 mystery/detective novels with series character John Bent * one unrelated novel Lilian Jackson Braun Dorothy Brean, no known Web page Herbert Brean (10 Dec 1907-7 May 1973): journalist, Time and Life bureau chief (Detroit), Life editor (New York), Public Relations consultant to General Motors; Fellow, International Institute of Arts and Letters; 1967 President, Mystery Writers of America: * 7 mystery/detective novels with series characters William Deacon (journalist), Reynold Frame (freelance magazine writer) * 5 unrelated books (health, folklore, music) * edited 1 book: "The Mytery Writers Handbook" [New York: Harper, 1956] Gene Breaznell, no known Web page Jon L[inn] Breen (8 Nov 1943-) Jon L. Breen @ MGrost * 2 mystery/detective novels * 1 collection of mystery/detective parody short stories * many short stories and bio/bibliographic essays/reviews (regular reviewer for Wilson Library Bulletin, and Ellery Queen's) William Breit, no known Web page Chaz Brenchley: British neo-Gothic author; Chaz Brenchley home page Novels: * The Samaritan * The Refuge * The Garden * Mall Time * Paradise * Dead of Light * Dispossession * Light Errant * Shelter THE BOOKS OF OUTREMER * Tower of the King's Daughter * Feast of the King's Shadow * Hand of the King's Evil Short Fiction: * Blood Waters * The Keys to D'EspŽrance * Bibliography of Short Fiction Novels under pseudonym "Carol Trent" * Time Again Carol Brennan, no known Web page Peter Brent: see Ludovic Peters Michael Brett (1928-): * 11 mystery/detective novels with series character Pete McGrath * 1 unrelated novel Michael Brett: see Mike Tripp Simon [Anthony Lee] Brett (28 Oct 1945-), British, no known Web page: * 11 mystery/detective novels with series character Charles Paris (an unsucessful actor) (I especially liked "So Much Blood" [1976] set at the EdinburghFestival) * 4 unrelated books (Frank Muir, Molesworth) * 4 books edited (Verse, Frank Muir, Parodies) * 4 plays * many radio plays for Semi-Circles, "Gothic Romances", "A Matter of Life and Death", "Cast, in Order of Disappearance" * 2 teleplays Gil Brewer (?-9 Jan 1983) soldier, warehouse worker, gas station worker, cannery worker, book seller, resided in Florida: * 33 mystery/detective novels with series character Al Mundy (1951-70) most about man falling under spell of designing woman * 50 short stories in own name * 11 short stories under pseudonym Bailey Morgan * 7 short stories under pseudonym Eric Fitzgerald James D. Brewer, no known Web page Steve Brewer, no known Web page Margaret Park Bridges, no known Web page Emily Brightwell: Emily Brightwell home page "Emily Brightwell is the author of all sixteen published Mrs. Jeffries murder mystery novels starring the crime investigating team of Mrs Jeffries and Inspector Witherspoon. The books feature an unusual twist -- combining the talents of a Scotland Yard Inspector with limited skills as a detective with Mrs. Jeffries, the widow of a Yorkshire policeman who leads the band of amateur sleuths consisting of the Inspector's own domestic servants and their friends in the almost forgotten world of 'downstairs' Victorian London! "In keeping with Victorian life, Inspector Witherspoon is always seen to solve the murder cases and the contribution of Mrs. Jeffries is hidden. Of course the reader knows who the real crime-solvers are but can enjoy following these usually-ignored servants as they traverse London looking for clues in the pursuit of justice! Meanwhile the Inspector plods through his official investigation, aided by Constable Barnes, until he discusses his frustrations with Mrs. Jeffries who has nothing but encouragement for his efforts! She reminds him over a glass of sherry that people don't always tell the truth and that a good detective like himself must trust his instincts..." * "'Don't you understand?' the cook continued. 'Hannah Cameron was very, very strict. I've worked in those sorts of households. Let me tell you, if a maid or a governess or a cook so much as thinks about disobeying the mistress's wishes she's out on her ear. You've all gotten spoiled, the right lot of you. This house isn't like most. Inspector Witherspoon is a kind, decent man that treats us like people.'" [from Mrs. Jeffries Questions the Answers]. * "Latest News from Emily Brightwell" 27 December 2001: "Finally I have the three-book contract from Berkley so very soon the deal will be signed, sealed and delivered! I am writing the 17th mystery (about half-way through the first draft) with a submission deadline of mid-April 2002. The 18th book in this series is scheduled to be written and submitted by January 15th 2003 and the 19th Mrs. Jeffries mystery should be at Berkley by October 15th 2003. Best wishes to all my readers and fans of Mrs. Jeffries and her staff of sleuths. Your support and encouragement is very important to me!" [Emily] * Mrs. Jeffries Pinches The Post "Harrison Nye may have been involved in some dubious business dealings, but no one ever expected him to be murdered. Now Inspector Witherspoon must root out the perpetrator of the underhanded deed. Nye's business associate visited him just hours before the murder and seems to know more than he's letting on. And when his maid disappears, this dirty business gets even deadlier. Now, Mrs. Jeffries and her staff must root through the sins of Nye's past to discover which one caught up with him... "a fun to read amateur sleuth-police procedural tale due the varying personalities of each of the likable servants. This is one of the more complex who-done-its in this series because none of the facts tie together and clues seem scarce and not quite forthcoming. Emily Brightwell continues to brighten the well being of her fans with entertaining mysteries." [Harriet Klausner - posted at, 6/12/2001] "Another fun, interesting, tightly woven mystery from Ms. Brightwell" [JP - Rendezvous Magazine, May 2001] * Mrs. Jeffries Weeds the Plot "Eccentic Annabeth Gentry pretty much keeps to herself. Besides her recent inheritance -- and the attention her bloodhound gets for digging up the body of a murdered thief -- her life is, in fact, rather dull. So why does she think that someone is trying to kill her? Another classic tale from Ms. Brightwell." [Rendezvous Magazine] * THE COMPLETE SERIES OF PUBLISHED MRS. JEFFRIES MYSTERIES: "Mrs. Jeffries and the domestic staff at the Inspector's house on Upper Edmonton Gardens are the real detectives in these mysteries. Helped by Luty Belle Crookshank and her butler Hatchet, the staff led by Mrs. Jeffries do the undercover sleuthing while trying to keep their dear Inspector Gerald Witherspoon in the dark about their unofficial activities. Mrs. Jeffries uses the information that she has obtained to keep the official investigation of Inspector Witherspoon on the right track." "She is happy to see the murderer caught and her employer get the credit because it allows the Inspector the luxury of a large staff. This household staff, Mrs Goodge, Smythe, Wiggins, and Betsy have grown to become a family which loves to investigate murders! There is also "Fred" - the Inspector's canine companion who helps in the investigations even if he doesn't say much!" * Inspector & Mrs. Jeffries * Mrs. Jeffries Dusts For Clues * Ghost and Mrs. Jeffries * Mrs. Jeffries on the Ball * Mrs. Jeffries Takes Stock * Mrs. Jeffries On the Trail * Mrs. Jeffries Plays the Cook * Mrs. Jeffries & the Missing Alibi * Mrs. Jeffries Stands Corrected * Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Stage * Mrs. Jeffries Questions the Answer * Mrs. Jeffries Reveals Her Art * Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Cake * Mrs. Jeffries Rocks the Boat * Mrs. Jeffries Weeds the Plot * Mrs. Jeffries Pinches the Post Website includes: SERIES TITLES, LINKS, CONTACTS, EVENTS, THE AUTHOR Thomas Briody: Thomas Briody - "Rogue's" novel series William E. Brittain (16 Dec 1930), M.S., English teacher in Junior High School, no known Web page: * 71 mystery/detective short stories, many with series character Mr. Strang, many in "The Man Who Read..." series Lynn Brock: pseudonym of Alister McAllister (1877-6 Apr 1943) Irish, served in British Intelligence, Chief Clerk at National University of Ireland: * 14 mystery/detective novels with series characters Colonel Warwick Gore, Sergeant Venn * 4 novels under pseudonym Anthony Wharton * 8 plays under pseudonym Anthony Wharton Stuart Brock: Stuart Brock @ MGrost Deborah Brod, no known Web page Michael Brodin, no known Web page Emily Bronte: Emily Bronte @ MGrost Christopher Brookmyre: Christopher Brookmyre home page * "Chris's short story "Bampot Central" features Jack Parlabane, and was shortlisted for the 1997 Crime Writers Association Short Story Dagger Award. It is not available in any book, but you can read it here [on the home page]. Books: * Country of the Blind * Not the End of the World * One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night * Boiling a Frog Carter Brown: pseudonym for Alan Geoffrey Yates (1 Aug 1923-) British, Navy Lieutenant, Film sound recordist, Australian salesman, PR for Quantas, resident in Sydney, Australia; astonishingly prolific author of quick-read light-entertainment paperbacks, which have sold over 100,000,000 copies: * at least 223 (!) novels under pseudonyms Carter Brown, Peter Carter Brown, Peter Carter-Brown, with series characters Larry Baker, Danny Boyd, Paul Donovan, Rick Holman, Andy Kane, Randy Roberts, Mavis Seidlitz, and especially California homicide lieutenant Al Wheeler * 38 novels under pseudonym Caroline Farr * one unrelated novel as A. G. Yates Dan Brown: Dan Brown Fredric Brown (29 Oct 1906-11 Mar 1972): American master of the short-short and of humorous Science Fiction, also many fine Mystery/detective novels and short stories; had worked in office, as newspaper proofreader, as freelance writer; 1948 Edgar Allan Poe Award. Unique, unclassifiable self-taught style: Mystery/Detective: * 23 mystery/detective novels with series characters Ed & Am Hunter, all tricky and complicated yet breezy, and often mixed with fantasy, science, science fiction, or psychology; best known novel was "The Screaming Mimi" [New York: Dutton, 1949] * 3 mystery/detective short story collections Fredric Brown science fiction @ AlphaRalpha * Angels and Spaceships [Dutton, 1954; Science Fiction Book Club] a.k.a. Starshine [Bantam, 1956] short stories * The Best of Fredric Brown [Science Fiction Book Club; Ballentine Books] * Daymares [Lancer, 1968] 7 stories * Honeymoon in Hell [Bantam, 1958] 21 stories * The Lights in the Sky Are Stars [Dutton, 1953; Science Fiction Book Club; Bantam; Ballentine Books] * Martians, Go Home [Dutton, 1955; Science Fiction Book Club; Bantam; Ballentine Books] * The Mind Thing [Bantam, 1961] * Nightmares and Geezenstacks [Bantam, 1961] * Paradox Lost [Random House 1973; Berkley] 13 short stories * Rogue in Space [Dutton, 1957; Bantam] * Space on My Hands [Shasta, 1951; Bantam] short stories * What Mad Universe [Dutton, 1949; Bantam] Mark Brown, no known Web page Molly Brown Author living in Britain; about a dozen stories published in the British SF magazine "Interzone"; several other short SF and fantasy stories published in various other magazines and anthologies in Britain and other European countries, including Germany, France, and the Czech Republic. Mystery/Detective: * To Say I Love You [published in Britain, the U.S., Finland, and Japan] novelization of the British television programme "Cracker" * Invitation To A Funeral [Britain and Germany; New York: St. Martin's Press, Spring 1998] (historical whodunnit) email Molly Brown Science Fiction: * Virus [publisher, date?] SF novel for teenagers, published in Britain and in Italy * "Bad Timing", her first SF story, won the British Science Fiction Award for Best Short Story of 1991, her work has since been shortlisted for the same award twice, most recently for Best Short Story of 1996 * 2 SF short stories are currently available on the web {hotlinks to be done}: * "Bad Timing" on Sally Shears' Skiffy Page * "Women On The Brink Of A Cataclysm" on the Infinity Plus SF Archive site Rudd Brown, no known Web page Rita Mae Brown: Rita Mae Brown Rita Mae Brown more recent page Sandra Brown, no known Web page Sherry Lewis Brown; North Salt Lake, Utah; no known Web page; but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Mystery/detective novels with continuing character Fred Vickery (often based in the Colorado Rockies) include: * No Place For Sin [Berkley Prime Crime, December, 1997] * No Place For Tears [Berkley Prime Crime] * No Place For Death [Berkley Prime Crime] * No Place Like Home [Berkley Prime Crime] * No Place For Secrets [Berkley Prime Crime] Barum Browne: see Francis Beeding Howard Browne (15 Apr 1908-): department store credit manager, magazine editor, story consultant/story editor for television (Kraft Mystery Theater, The Virginian, Longstreet), instructor at University of California at San Diego, literary agent. He was Managing Editor of Ziff-Davis (Amazing Stories, Fantastic Adventures, etc., see Science Fiction Magazines, and he edited for Ziff-Davis "Fantastic" and "Conflict" (mystery/detective) and "Tales of the Sea." His novels are sort of a cross between Raymond Chandler and Cornell Woolrich. Howard Browne @ MGrost * 2 mystery/detective novels with series character Paul Pine * 4 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym John Evans, with series character Paul Pine * one unrelated novel * 4 screenplays * Portrait of a Mobster * The St.Valentine's Day Massacre * A Bowl of Cherries * Capone * 127 teleplays for Cheyenne, 77 Sunset Strip, Playhouse 90, The Virginian, The Bold Ones, Alias Smith and Jones, Destry, Mission Impossible, Longstreet, Asphalt Jungle, West World, Columbo, Simon and Simon, others * short stories and novelettes to pulp magazines in the 1940s Sinclair Browning: Sinclair Browning southwestern novel series Sterry Browning: see Leonard Gribble Leo Bruce: pseudonym of Rupert Croft-Cooke (20 Jun 1903-10 Jun 1979): educated in England and Buenos Aires, served in Field Security (British Empire Medal), founding editor "La Estrella" (Buenos Aires), lecturer, book critic: * 32 mystery/detective novels with series characters Sergeant William Beef, Carolus Deene (typically subtle puzle stories with clever misdirections) * 6 mystery/detective novels under own name * one mystery/detective short story collection under own name * one unrelated short story collection under own name * 28 unrelated novels under own name * 4 plays under own name * 3 radio plays under own name * 6 books of poetry under own name * 48 unrelated books under own name (psychology, games, travel, biography, memoirs, cooking) * 2 books edited * 1 book translated from Spanish (2nd Spanish Republic) Walt Bruce: see Willis Todhunter Ballard Anthony Bruno: Anthony Bruno Home Page Kathleen Nixon Brush, no known Web page Eric [Moore] Bruton (1915-) British mystery/detective author, engineering officer in Royal Air Force, riding school director, lecturer, jeweler, publisher, liveryman, clockmaker (American Watchmakers Institute Award), Goldsmith (1983-85 President, National Association of Goldsmiths): * 11 mystery/detective novels with series characters Inspector George Judd, most meticulously crafted London police procedurals * 13 unrelated books (clocks, gems) Return to Main MYSTERY/DECTECTIVE AUTHORS table of contents Return to Alphabetical Table of "B" Authors

Authors Beginning "Bu..."

John Buchan [1st Baron Tweedsmuir of Elsfield, Scotland] (26 Aug 1875-11 Feb 1940): {to be done} Surely there is a web site for this essential Scottish statesman and author... * 14 mystery/detective novels with series characters Richard Hannay, Sir Edward Leithen, Dickson Mc'Cunn, starting with the groundbreaking thriller "The Thirty-Nine Steps" [Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1915] * 12 other novels * one play * 2 books of poetry * 61 other books/published lectures (biography, criticism, politics, military, history, juvenile...) * 14 books edited (essays, history, literature, poetry) William F[rank] Buckley, Jr. (24 Nov 1925-): American editor, lecturer, author, politician, broadcaster, syndicated journalist, and best-selling author. Born in New York City, privately educated in England and France and home-schooled; graduated 1943 Millbrook School, New York; 1943-1944 University of Mexico, Mexico City; 1950 B.A. (Honors) Yale University; 1966 L.H.D. Seton Hall University; 1969 LL.D. St.Peter's College; 1970 D.Sc.O. Curry College; 1971 Litt.D. Saint Vincent College; 1944-1946 served as 2nd Lieutenant U.S. Army; 1950 married Patricia Austin Taylor, one son; 1947-1951 Spanish Instructor, Yale University; 1952 Associate Editor "American Mercury"; 1955-present Founding Editor "National Review"; 1962-present syndicated columnist "On the Right"; 1966-? TV broadcaster "Firing Line"; 1967-1968 Lecturer, New School for Social Research; 1969-1972 member, U.S. National Advisory Commission on Information; 1973 Public member, U.S. Delegation to United Nations; 1973 Professor, Russell Sage College, Try, New York; 1965 candidate (Conservative Party) for New York City Mayor; 1968 University of Southern California Award for Journalism; 1969 Emmy Award (Television); 1977 Bellarmine Medal; 1980 American Book Award: * 6 mystery/detective novels with series characters Blackford Oakes * 20+ books on politics and public policy Carol Pellegrini Budd, no known Web page Elaine Rounds Budd, no known Web page John Bude: pseudonym of Ernest Carpenter Elmore (1901-1957) British stage director/producer, mystery/detective author, Co-Founder Crime Writers Association: * 30 mystery/detective novels with series characters Superintendent Meredith, Inspector Sherwood, typically quite dramatic and with vivid backgrounds * 6 books under pseudonym Ernest Elmore * 1 juvenile book Arne L. Bue novels include the Alaska-based thriller: * Baxter Bog Interlude Ernie Bulow, no known Web page Edward Bulwer-Lytton @ MGrost "It was a dark and stormy night..." Reed F. Bunzel, no known Web page Robin Burcell: Robin Burcell Gelett Burgess: Gelett Burgess @ MGrost Trevor Burgess: see Elleston Trevor David J. Burke, no known Web page James Lee Burke: James Lee Burke Jan Burke; Seal Beach, California; Jan Burke "Irene Kelly" novel series more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Mystery/detective novels with continuing character Irene Kelly (reporter) include: * Hocus: An Irene Kelly Mystery [Simon and Schuster] * Remember Me, Irene [Simon and Schuster; HarperCollins] * Dear Irene [Avon] * Sweet Dreams, Irene [Avon] * Goodnight, Irene [Avon] Agatha Award Nominee, Best First Novel Anthony Award Nominee, Best First Novel John [Frederick] Burke (8 Mar 1922-): British mystery/detective author, served in Royal Air Force, Royal Electrical and mechanical Enginners, Royal Marines, Museum Press Associate Editor and then Production Manager, editorial manaer, Public Relations executive for Shell, story editor for Twentieth Century Fox (London), literary agency director: * 31 mystery/detective novels as John or Jonathan Burke, with series characters Dr.Caspian (Victorian psychic investigator), Mike Merriman, typically suspense-thrillers competantly crafted * 3 Victorian Gothic mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Harriet Esmond, co-authored with his wifeJean Williams * 30 unrelated novels as John or Jonathan Burke, including Science Fiction * 4 unrelated nurse novels under pseudonym Joanna Jones * 5 novelizations under pseudonym Robert Miall (including UFO 1-2, The Protectors, The Adventurer) * 1 screenplay "The Sorcerers" * 3 radio plays * 16 unrelated books (travel, British history) * 4 books edited (including 3 of "Tales of Unease" series) * 4 books translated Noel Burke: see D. B. Olsen Robert G. Burke, no known Web page Thomas Burke (1886-22 Sep 1945) British mystery/detective author who served in the American Division of the Ministry of Information during World War I, then married Winifred Wells (who wrote under pseudonym Clare Cameron) * 2 mystery/detective novels * 8 collections of mystery/detective short stories, series character Quong Lee the tales of London's Chinatown especially exotic and well-known * 4 other novels (Chinatown, London) * one radio play * 4 books of poetry, including one about Quong Lee * 28 other books (London, tavens & inns, travel, English history) * 9 books edited (juvenile verse, art, optimism, German army, England, De Quincy) W[illiam] J[ohn] Burley (1 Aug 1914-): British mystery/detective author, gas engineer, grammar school Biology Department head: * 17 mystery/detective novelss, series character Henry Pym (Zoology professor), Superintendent Charles Wycliffe ("gestalt method" murder investigator), usually puzle stories based on abnormal psychology (especially by amoral young lady) and group dynamics * one unrelated novel * one other book (history of Truro) W[illiam] R[iley] Burnett (25 Nov 1899-25 Apr 1982): Statistician, winner of 1930 O. Henry Memorial Award, 1951 Edgar Allan Poe Award (for screenplay), 1980 Grand Master Award of Mystery Writers of America, 1963 Writers Guild of America screenplay award W. R. Burnett: * 18 mystery/detective novels, mostly naturalistic hard-boiled, including: * Little Caesar [1929] an extremely influential novel of gangster's rise and fall, which film {hotlink to be done} almost single-handedly established the Hollywood genre starring Edward G. Robinson, Jimmy Cagney, George Raft, Humphrey Bogart, and which had literary influences such as Sanctuary (William Faulkner) and Brighton Rock (Graham Greene) * High Sierra [1940] * The Asphalt Jungle [1949] arguably the first of the now-popular genre of extremely complex crimes for enormous payoffs * 18 unrelated novels * 26 screenplays, including: * High Sierra, co-author John Huston, 1941 * The Great Escape, co-author James Clavell, 1963 * one teleplay for Naked City series * one unrelated book (baseball) Barbara Burnett Smith: novelist * the "Purple Sage" mystery/detective series Rex Burns: pseudonym of Raoul Stephen Sehler (13 Jun 1935-), no known Web page: * 6 mystery/detective novels with series character Gabriel Wager of the Denver Police Department, highly accurate police procedurals * 3 other books (Industrial Revolution, writing poilice procedurals) Anne Burton: see Sara Woods Miles Burton: see John Rhode Robert A. Burton, no known Web page Roger [Charles] Busby (24 July 1941-) British journalist, Force Information Officer for Devon and Canterbury Constabulary, mystery/detective auhtor: * 9 mystery/detective novels with series character Detective Inspector Leric (highly authentic police procedurals) Andrea C. Busch; Gross-Zimmern, Germany; ; no known Web page; but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Mystery/detective novels include: * Mord Stinkt Zum Himmel [Econ Taschenbuchveriag] Jeffrey Bush, no known Web page Gwendoline Butler, no known Web page, nee Gwendoline Williams: British teacher, winner of 1973 Crime Writers Association Silver Dagger Award, winner of 1981 Romantic Novelists Association Major Award: * 21 mystery/detective novels with series characters Inspector John Coffin, Inspector/Superintendent William Winter (neo-Gothic romantic thrillers) * 17 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Jennie Melville with series character Charmian Daniels (straight detective novels) * one unrelated novel * one radio play Jimmie H. Butler, no known Web page Return to Main MYSTERY/DECTECTIVE AUTHORS table of contents Return to Alphabetical Table of "B" Authors

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