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The D.A.: (NBC: 1971-1972) see: TELEVISION D.O.A.: movie (United Artists, 1950) see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Barbara D'Amato: Barbara D'Amato: * the "Suze Figueroa" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Susanna "Suze" Figueroa, Chicago police officer: * "Chicago police officer Susanna Figueroa suspects that a computer manufacturer is planting Trojan horses in hardware, including mainframes sold to the Chicago Police", web site has the first 32 pages, reviews, plus questions/answers with the author. [Forge, 1996] ISBN 0-312-85991-0 to order, please phone 1-800-288-2131 * Good Cop, Bad Cop [1998] * the "Cat Marsala" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Cat Marsala, Reporter of Chicago, Illinois: * Hard Ball [Worldwide, 1990] ISBN 0-373-83302-4 "Every facet of Hardball is a stunning success." --The Drood Review of Mystery, Jeanne Jacobsen * Hard Luck [Worldwide, 1992] ISBN 0-373-26124-1 "She turns a story about the inner workings of a new super-lottery into a tense, carefully-plotted death dance." --Chicago Tribune * Hard Woman [Worldwide, 1993] ISBN 0-373-26150-0 "The denouement in an El station late at night is a real heart-stopper." --Los Angeles Times, Charles Champlin * Hard Tack [Worldwide, 1991] ISBN 0-373-26097-0 "An 'impossible' murder that makes a reader slap his forehead and exclaim, 'Of course! Why didn't I see it?'" -- Chicago Sun-Times, Edward S. Gilbreth * Hard Case [Berkley, 1994] ISBN 0-425-15009-7 "...hardhitting, gritty, witty, and wise... Chicago is a perfect backdrop for Cat's feistiness. A riveting read" -- Booklist "Great stuff!" -- Library Journal * Hard Christmas [Scribner, 1995] ISBN 0-684-19687-5 Nominated for Anthony and Macavity Awards * Hard Bargain [1997] * Hard Evidence [1999] * Hard Road [2001] * The Doctor, The Murder, The Mystery: The True Story of the Dr. John Branion Murder Case [Noble Press] ISBN 1-879360-28-4 "...this book will add to growing suspicions about our police and criminal justice systems. Recommended." -- Library Journal Winner, Anthony and Agatha Awards Brian D'Amato, no known Web page Mary Daheim: at least 30 Mystery/Detective novels in two series: Mary Daheim * the 17 books of the "Bed-and-Breakfast" Cozy Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Judith McMonigle (Bed-and-Breakfast Owner) of Washington state: * Just Desserts [1991] * Fowl Prey [1991] * Holy Terrors [1992] * Dune to Death [1993] * Bantam of the Opera [1993] * A Fit of Tempera [1994] * Major Vices [1995] * Murder My Suite [1995] * Auntie Mayhem [1996] * Nutty as a Fruitcake [1996] * September Mourn [1997] * Wed and Buried [1998] * Snow Place to Die [1998] * Legs Benedict [1999] * Creeps Suzette [2000] * A Streetcar Named Expire [2001] * Suture Self [2001] * the 13 books of the "Alpine" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Emma Lord (Newspaper Publisher) of Alpine, Washington: * The Alpine Advocate [1992] * The Alpine Betrayal [1993] * The Alpine Christmas [1993] * The Alpine Decoy [1994] * The Alpine Escape [1995] * The Alpine Fury [1995] * The Alpine Gamble [1996] * The Alpine Hero [1996] * The Alpine Icon [1997] * The Alpine Journey [1998] * The Alpine Kindred [1999] * The Alpine Legacy [1999] * The Alpine Menace [2000] Roald Dahl (13 Sep 1916-1995?), major mystery/fantasy/mainstream author {film hotlinks to be done} Tor Edvin Dahl, no known Web page Janet Dailey: Janet Dailey "Bert Daily": fictional detective {to be done} Catherine Dain, no known Web page; * the 6 books of the "Freddie O'Neal" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Freddie O'Neal, Private Investigator of Reno, Nevada: * Lay it on the Line [1992] * Sing a Song of Death [1993] * Walk a Crooked Mile [1994] * Lament for a Dead Cowboy [1994] * Bet Against the House [1995] * The Luck of the Draw [1996] "Frank Dain": fictional detective; Frank Dain "Matthew Dain": fictional detective; Matthew Dain The Dain Curse: made-for-TV movie (CBS: 1978) adapted from Dashiell Hammet's The Continental Op [1978] see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT "Dakota": fictional detective {to be done} Alzina Stone Dale; Chicago, Illinois; critic; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books include: * Dorothy L. Sayers; The Centenary Celebration (Editor) [Walker] Nominated for Agatha and Macavity Awards * Maker and Craftsman; The Story of Dorothy L. Sayers [Harold Shaw Publishers] * Mystery Readers Walking Guides: * Mystery Readers Walking Guide: Washington, D.C. [NTC Publishing Group, Forthcoming: April, 1998] * Mystery Readers Walking Guide: Chicago
[NTC Publishing Group] Winner, Agatha award * Mystery Readers Walking Guide: New York
[NTC Publishing Group] * Mystery Readers Walking Guide: England
[NTC Publishing Group] co-author Barbara Sloan Hendershott * Mystery Readers Walking Guide: London (Revised Second Edition) [NTC Publishing Group] co-author Barbara Sloan Hendershott "Jimmie Dale": aristocratic safecracker character in the fiction of Frank L. Packard "Roger Dale": fictional detective {to be done} William Dale: see Norman A. Daniels James Dalessandro, no known Web page Robert Daley, no known Web page "Adam Dalgliesh": brilliant Scotland Yard inspector and poet character in the fiction of P.D. James John Dallas: see W. Murdoch Duncan "John Dalmas": fictional detective; John Dalmas "Quintilian Dalrymple": fictional detective; Quintilian Dalrymple Priscilla Dalton: see Michael Avallone "Smokey Dalton": fictional private eye; Smokey Dalton Carroll John Daly (14 Sep 1889-16 Jan 1958) Theatre manager and writer; the founder of the hardboiled school of writing, leading the way for stronger authors to follow (Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Mickey Spillane, etc.): * 17 mystery/detective hardboiled novels with series characters Vee Brown tough, short P.I. and under his real name of Vivian Brown, a songwriter), Satan Hall (NYPD), Race Williams * one other novel * roughly 100 uncollected mystery/detective short stories * his story "The False Burton Combs" [Black Mask, 1922] is widely believed to be the first "hardboiled" fiction as such Carroll John Daly @ MGrost Elizabeth Daly (15 Oct 1878-2 Sep 1967) American writer, tutor (French and English), amateur theatrical producer; 1901 B.A. Bryn Mawr College; 1902 M.A. Columbia; winner special 1960 Edgar Allan Poe Award for the body of her work; Agatha Christie's favorite American writer: * 16 mystery/detective novels with series character Henry Gamadge (mostly transmuted Agatha Christie cozies into 1940s New York) * one other novel "Superintendent Andrew Dalziel" and "Inspector Peter Pascoe": Yorkshire detective characters in the fiction of Reginald Hill "Gloria Damasco": fictional detective; Gloria Damasco Barbara D'Amato: Barbara D'Amato: Chicago-resident, web site features reviews plus excerpts from nonfiction and fiction, including: * various mystery/detective novels with series character "Cat Marsalas" "Roy Dameron": fictional detective; Roy Dameron Jeanne M. Dams; South Bend, Indiana; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series character Dorothy Martin, Retured Schoolteacher of England include: * Felony In Fingal's Cave [Walker, Fall 1997] set in Scottish Hebrides * Trouble In The Town Hall [HarperPaperbacks; Walker] 2nd in series * The Body in the Transept [HarperPaperbacks; Walker] Winner of Agatha Award, nominated for Macavity award * The Body in the Transept [1996] * Trouble in the Town Hall [1996] * Holy Terror in the Hebrides [1997] * Malice in Miniature [1998] * The Victim in Victoria Station [1999] * Killing Cassidy [2000] * To Perish in Penzance [2001] * the 3 books of the "Hilda Johansson" Historical Mystery/Detective novel series set in the 1920s and featuring Hilda Johansson, Housemaid of South Bend, Indiana: * Death in Lacquer Red [1999] * Red, White, and Blue Murder [2000] * Green Grow the Victims [2001] "Dan August": (ABC: 1970-1971) see: TELEVISION "Dan Kearney & Associates (DKA)": fictional detective; Dan Kearney & Associates (DKA) Freeman Dana: see Phoebe Atwood Taylor "Joe Dancer": fictional private eye; Joe Dancer John Dandola: Screenwriter, novelist, and historian John Dandola author's home page he writes two different mystery series: * the "Jeffrey Devereaux-Kirsten Eriksson" novels, set in New England, featuring an amateur historian and a school teacher with psychic tendencies * Wind of Time * Wicked is the Wind * the "Edie Koslow-Tony Del Plato" mysteries, set during the 1940's featuring an M.G.M publicity girl. * Dead at the Box Office * Dead in their Sights Mary Dane: see Nigel Morland "Timothy Dane": fictional detective; Timothy Dane "Dr. Dan Danfield": fictional detective; Dr. Dan Danfield "Abigail Patience Danforth": fictional detective; Abigail Patience Danforth "Danger Man": see "Secret Agent" "Jake Danger": fictional private eye; Jake Danger "Johnny Danger": fictional detective; Johnny Danger "Mike Danger": fictional detective; Mike Danger "Nick Danger": fictional detective; Nick Danger "Dangerous Davies, the Last Detective": made-for-TV movie (ITV, 1980; USA: Cinemax) director: Val Guest; adapted: from a Leslie Thomas novel; starring Bernard Cribbins as the hapless police HQ inspector see: TELEVISION David Daniel, no known Web page [William] Roland Daniel (14 Aug 1880-20 Mar 1969) British author who was raised in Florida, served with Canadian Scouts in Boer War, served with Royal Navy in World War I, touring actor, Theatre manager; his lowbrow novels were very popular, with loads of action and often a touch of the exotic orient: * 137 mystery/detective novels with series characters Michael Grant, John Hopkins, Neville Langham, Buddy Mustard, Brian O'Malley, Jack Pearson, The Remover, Bill Saville, John Walk, Michael Wallace, Wu Fang * 28 novels under pseudonym Sonia Anderson * 4 plays "Vic Daniel": fictional detective; Vic Daniel "Charmian Daniels": Woman Police Constable character in the novels of Gwendoline Butler, under the psuedonym Jennie Melville Norman A. Daniels: pseudonym of Norman A. Danberg: educated at Columbia University, New York University, and Northwestern University (where Your Humble Webmaster's mother got her B.A. magna cum laude); 1937 married Dorothy Smith who writes as Dorothy Daniels: * 36 mystery/detective novels and novelizations with series characters Bruce Baron, Kelly Carvel, John Keith (some under pseudonyms William Dale, Harrison Judd, or Robert Wallace) * 25 other novels (Westerns, Dr.Kildare novelizations, other) * 58+ uncollected mystery/detective short stories * 35 mystery/detective short stories with series character Richard Curtis Van Loan, a.k.a. The Phantom (character created by D. L. Champion for "The Phantom Detective" pulp, and continued by various authors under house name Robert Wallace) * 22 mystery/detective short stories under pseudonym John L. Benton, with series character Jerry Wade, in "Detective Novels" magazine * 55 mystery/detective short stories under pseudonym G. Wayman Jones, with series character The Black Bat, in "Black Book Detective" magazine * 15 mystery/detective short stories under pseudonym Frank Johnson, with series character The Crimson Mask, in "Detective Novels" magazine * 25 mystery/detective short stories under own name and pseudonym C.K.M. Scanlon, with series character Dan Fowler, in "G-Men Detective" magazine * 5 mystery/detective short stories under pseudonym C.K.M. Scanlon, with series character The Masked Detective, in "The Masked Detective" magazine * various radio plays for "Nick Carter" series * numerous teleplays for "Ben Casey", "The Avengers", "Dr.Kildare", "Ellery Queen", "General Electric Theatre", "Ford Theatre", "The Web", "Restless Gun", and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" series Gloria Dank: * the 4 books of the "Bernard and Snooky" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Bernard Woodruff (Writer) and Arthur"Snooky" Randolph of Connecticut: * Friends Till the End [1989] * Going Out in Style [1990] * As the Sparks Fly Upward [1992] * The Misfortunes of Others [1993] Frederic Dannay: see Ellery Queen "Lord Darcy": fictional detective; Lord Darcy Willard D'Arcy: see William R. Cox "Dick Daring": fictional private eye in "Daring and Grace: Teen Detectives"; Dick Daring James Dark: Australian mystery/thriller author of the early 1960s "Nestor Dark": fictional detective; Nestor Dark "Ruby Dark": fictional detective; Ruby Dark "Al Darlan": fictional detective; Al Darlan "Andrea Darling": fictional detective {to be done} Jean Darling, no known Web page Max Darling: see Carolyn G. Hart, Annie Laurance Sally Darnowsky, no known Web page "Callie Darrow": fictional private eye; Callie Darrow "Jan Darzek": fictional detective {to be done} "Jose Da Silva": (pronounced ZHO-zay) Brazillian liason to Interpol character in the fiction of Robert L. Fish Das Syndikat: Das Syndikat home page linking to 250+ German, Austrian, and Swiss Mystery/Detective authors (Site is in German language) Ellen Datlow: best-known as an editor of Science Fiction and Fantasy, at Omni Magazine and many fine anthologies, she also writes in this Mystery/Detective genre; Ellen Datlow Basil Davenport (7 Mar 1905-7 Apr 1966) American anthologist, Greek instructor at Rutgers, Book of the Month Club judge, radio broadcaster, editor of Olaf Stapledon's "To The End of Time" , Mystery/weird critic/anthologist "Charley Davenport": fictional detective {to be done} Jocelyn Davey: pseudonym of Chaim Raphael (14 July 1908-) British lecturer on Hebrew, Liaison Officer for Internment Camps, Economics Advisor/Director/Deputy Head/Head of British Information Services ; Intelligence Advisor, U.S. Department of the Treasury; OBE (Order of the British Empire); Research Fellow in Jewish Social History; winner 1983 Wingate Prize: * 6 mystery/detective novels with series character Abrose Usher (Oxford Philosophy don) * 5 books on Jewish History as Chaim Raphael Alexandra [Marie Louise] David-Nell (1868-8 Sep 1969) First European woman to become a Lama in Tibet, author of important reference "Magic and Mystery in Tibet" (London: Lane, 1931) Avram Davidson: Avram Davidson @ AlphaRalpha an underrated genius among authors, critics, and editors, who suffered from being too educated, too sophisticated, too stylish, and too gentle for a predatory SF market with growing anti-literary bias. Born on Shakespeare's birthday (23 Apr 1923), fought with the U.S. Marines and the Israeli Army, and Executive Editor of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. As a Mystery author, he won the prestigious Edgar Award. My father, Samuel H. Post, published him in paperback, and I treasured my meetings with him. I'm glad my wife and son had a chance to meet him, at which time he gave my son a mystical blessing in fluent but oddly archaic Hebrew. Go thou, find his works, and read them! * Clash of the Star-Kings [Ace, 1966] * The Enemy of My Enemy [Berkley, 1966] * The Enquiries of Doctor Esterhazy [Warner, 1975] * The Island Under the Earth [Ace, 1969] * Joyleg, co-author Ward Moore * The Kar-Chee Reign [Ace, 1966] * Masters of the Maze [Pyramid, 1965; Manor] * Mutiny in Space [Pyramid, 1964] * Or All the Seas With Oysters [Berkley, 1962; Pocket] * The Phoenix and the Mirror [Doubleday, 1969; Ace] * Peregrine: Primus [Walker, 1971; Ace] * The Redward Edward Papers [Doubleday, 1978] * Rogue Dragon [Ace, 1965] * Rork [Berkley, 1965; Manor] * Strange Seas and Shores [Doubleday, 1971] 18 stories * Ursus of Ultima Thule [Avon, 1973] * What Strange Stars and Skies [Ace, 1965] 14 stories Dianne Mott Davidson; Evergreen, Colorado: Dianne Mott Davidson * the "Goldy Bear" Mystery/Detective novels with series character Goldy the Caterer and Tom Schultz the Homicide Detective of Colorado: * Chopping Spree [2002] * Sticks and Scones [2001] * Tough Cookie [2000] * Prime Cut [1998] * The Grilling Season [Bantam, 1997] hardcover * The Main Corpse [Bantam, 1996] hardcover * Killer Pancake [Bantam, 1995] paperback * The Last Suppers [Bantam, 1994] paperback * The Cereal Murders [Bantam, 1993] paperback * Dying For Chocolate [Bantam, 1992] paperback * Catering To Nobody [Fawcett, 1990] paperback Rahna Maughan Davidson, no known Web page Lionel Davidson (31 Mar 1922-) British, served in Royal Submarine Service, free-lance journalist and magazine editor; winner 1961, 1967, 1979 Golden Dagger Award of Crime Writers Association: * 6 mystery/detective novels * 1 unrelated novel * 4 juvenile novels under pseudonym David Line "Frank "Lobo" Davies": fictional detective; Frank "Lobo" Davies Linda Davies: Linda Davies L. P. Davies, full name Leslie Purnell Davies (20 Oct 1914-) British optomotrist, British Army Medical Corps (France, Italy, North Africa), pharmacist, postmaster, optician, gift shop owner in Canary Islands; mystery/science fiction/supernatural author whose novel "The Artificial Man" (London: H.Jenkins, 1965) was made into the film "Project X" {hotlink to be done} * 15 mystery/detective psycho-thriller novels, most dealing with psychic events that may or may not have natural explanation (drug, delusion, cult, brain tumor, amnesia, hypnosis, deception) including: * The Lampton Dreamers [London: Jenkins, 1966; Doubleday, 1967] * The White Room [London: Barrie and Jenkins, 1970; Doubleday, 1969] romance, drugs, murder * Assignment Abacus [London: Barrie and Jenkins, 1975; Doubleday, 1975] Businessman abducted to Scotland puzzles why * 29 uncollected mystery/detective stories * 18 uncollected mystery/detective stories under pseudonym Leslie Vardre * Science Fiction (some also included in mystery/detective numbering) includes: * The Alien [London: Jenkins, 1968; Doubleday, 1971] * The Artificial Man [London: Jenkins, 1966; Doubleday, 1967; Science Fiction Book Club; Scholastic] Army versus Bureau of Counter-Psycho-Conflict leaves protagonist confused about identity * Dimension A [London: Jenkins, 1969; Doubleday, 1969; Dell, 1957 ?] * Genesis Two [London: Jenkins, 1969; Doubleday, 1970 or 71; Playboy] * The Paper Dolls [London: Jenkins, 1964; Doubleday, 1966; Signet] psychic states indiced by boy in school during readings from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" * Possession [London: Hale, 1976; Doubleday, 1976] cult, scientist, and rich geezer who wants to transfer into youngster's body * Psychogeist [Doubleday, 1967; Science Fiction Book Club; Tower] * Stranger to Town [London: Jenkins, 1969; Doubleday, 1969] a widow caught up in a religious cult experiences either telepathy or husband returning from the dead * Tell it to the Dead [London: Long, 1966] under pseudonym Leslie Vardre a.k.a. "The Reluctant Medium" as L. P. Davies Doubleday, 1967] fake fortune tellers versus a real medium * The Nameless Ones [London: Long, 1967] under pseudonym Leslie Vardre a.k.a. "A Grave Matter" as L. P. Davies Doubleday, 1968] * Twilight Journey [Doubleday, 1968; Science Fiction Book Club] * What Did I Do Tomorrow? [London: Barrie and Jenkins, 1972; Doubleday, 1973] * Who Is Lewis Pinder? [Doubleday, 1966; Signet] a.k.a. "Men Out of Nowhere" [London: Jenkins, 1965] Valentine Davies: Valentine Davies @ MGrost Gordon Daviot: see Josphine Tey D. J. Davis, no known Web page Dorothy Salisbury Davis (26 Apr 1916-), former President of Mystery Writers of America, 4 times nominated for Edgar Allan Poe Award for novels, 3 times nominated for Edgar Allan Poe Award for short stories, no known Web page; Palisades, New York: * 17 mystery/detective novels with series characters Julie Hayes, Mrs. Norris, Jasper Tully; of which "Shock Wave" [Scribners, 1972] is interesting as one of best books about college unrest of late 1960s/early 1970s in America * 13 uncollected mystery/detective stories * 2 unrelated novels * 2 mystery/detective books edited * A Gentleman Called [Ballantine] $4.99; 0-345-34663-7 Frederick C[lyde] Davis (1902-1977): author of 1,000+ pulp stories * 18 mystery/detective novels with series characters Schuyler Cole & Luke Speare, Professor Cyrus Hatch; used pseudonym Stephen Ransome for British publication * 20-30 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Curtis Steele, with series character James Christopher a.k.a. Secret Operator No.5 * 21 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Stephen Ransome, with series characters Lieutenant Lee Barcello, Steve Ransome * 1 mystery/detective novel under pseudonym Murdo Coombs Frederick C. Davis @ MGrost Gordon Davis: see E. Howard Hunt James Madison Davis, Jr., no known Web page Kaye Davis: * the 3 books of the "Maris Middleton" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Maris Middleton, Lesbian Forensic Chemist of Texas: * Devil's Leg Crossing [1997] * Possessions [1998] * Until the End [1998] Kenn Davis, no known Web page Lindsey Davis: Lindsey Davis * at least 12 books of the "Marcus Didius Falco" ancient (Pre A.D. 476) Roman Mystery/Detective sleuth novel series: * The Silver Pigs [1989] * Shadows in Bronze [1990] * Venus in Copper [1991] * The Iron Hand of Mars [1992] * Poseidon's Gold [1993] * Last Act in Palmyra [1994] * Time to Depart [1995] * A Dying Light in Corduba [1996] * Three Hands in the Fountain [1996] * Two for the Lions [1998] * One Virgin Too Many [1999] * Ode to a Banker [2001] Lou Ellen Davis, no known Web page Marc Davis, no known Web page Mildred [B.] Davis (27 July 1930-) American English teacher, winner 1949 Edgar Allan Poe Award: * 12 mystery/detective novels, usually with twist endings * 1 other novel Norbert Davis: Norbert Davis @ MGrost Rebecca Harding Davis: Rebecca Harding Davis @ MGrost Richard Harding Davis: Richard Harding Davis @ MGrost Robert Hart Davis: pseudonym of Talmage Powell and Bill Pronzini Thomas D. Davis, no known Web page; * the "Dave Strickland" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Dave Strickland, Private Investigator of Azalea, California: * Suffer Little Children [1991] * Murdered Sleep [1994] * Consuming Fire [1996] Val Davis: * the "Nickolett Scott" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Nickolett "Nick" Scott, Archaeologist of Badlands, New Mexico: * Track of the Scorpion [1996] * Flight of the Scorpion [1998] * Wake of the Hornet [1999] * The Return of the Spanish Lady [2001] Cecil Dawkins: * the "New Mexico" Mystery/Detective novel series set in Santa Fe, New Mexico: * The Santa Fe Rembrandt [1993) * Clay Dancers [1994] featuringTina Martinez, Artist * Rare Earth [1994] featuring Gin Prettifield * Turtle Truths [1997] featuring Reuben, Artist "Patrick Dawlish": tall blond British Intelligence agent retired into being an unpaid P.I. and then leader of the international "Crime Haters" organization (formally: "World Peace Convention") in the fiction of John Creasey under the psuedonym Gordon Ashe Janet G. Dawson; Alameda, California; Janet Dawson * "Jeri Howard" novel series featuring Jeri Howard, Private Investigator of Oakland, California bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books in the series include: * Where the Bodies Are Buried [1998] * Witness To Evil [Fawcett, October, 1997] * A Credible Threat [1996; Fawcett, October, 1997] * Nobody's Child [Fawcett, 1995] * Don't Turn Your Back on the Ocean [Fawcett, 1994] * Take A Number [Fawcett, 1993] * Till The Old Men Die [Fawcett, 1993] * Kindred Crimes [Fawcett, 1990] "Day of the Jackal": French/British movie (Universal, 1973) Director: Fred Zinneman; Adapted: from Edgar Award winning the novel by Frederick Forsyth; Starring: Edward Fox as the assassin, Michael Lonsdale as the cop see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Dianne Day; Pacific Grove, California: Dianne Day newer home page Dianne Day older home page Home page has bio data, bibliography, review excerpts, historic photos, plus information on the origins feminism. e-mail to Dianne Day * several "Fremont Jones" mystery/detective historical novels set in Edwardian Period (1901-1910) San Francisco, California with series character Fremont Jones, Typewriter: * Beacon Street Mourning [2000] * Death Train to Boston [1999] * Emperor Norton's Ghost [1998] * The Bohemian Murders [Doubleday, 1997] * Fire And Fog [1996; Bantam] paperback 1906 in San Francisco after the great earthquake * The Strange Files Of Fremont Jones [1995; Bantam] paperback nominated for Macavity award Marele Day: Marele Day * the "Claudia Valentine" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Claudia Valentine, Private Investigator of Australia: * The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender [1988] * The Case of the Chinese Boxes [1990] * The Last Tango of Dolores Delgado [1992] * The Disappearances of Madalena Grimaldi [1994] "Sammy Day": fictional detective; Sammy Day C. Day Lewis: actual name, see entry under pseudonym "Nicholas Blake" Return to Authors D Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "De..."

Jim De Brosse: * the "Rick Decker" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Rick Decker, Investigative Reporter of Cincinnati, Ohio: * Serpentine Wall [1988] * Hidden City [1991] * Southern Cross [1994] "Jane de Silva": fictional detective {to be done}; "Deadline At Dawn": movie (RKO: 1946) Director: Harold Clurman; Adapted: loosely by palywright Clifford Odets from Cornell Woolrich's novel [1944] under pseudonym William Irish see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Babs H. Deal, no known Web page "John Deal": fictional detective; John Deal "The Dean": fictional private eye; The Dean David Dean, no known Web page Diane S. Dean, no known Web page "Larry Dean and Chip Bronx": fictional private eyes; Larry Dean and Chip Bronx Macabee Dean, no known Web page "Sammy Dean": fictional detective {to be done}; Spencer Dean: see Stewart Sterling William L[ouis] DeAndrea (1 July 1952-) reporter and factory worker, winner 1978 and 1979 Edgar Allan Poe Awards * 8 mystery/detective novels with series character Matt Cobb (detective for a TV network) usually amusing puzzlers set in New York City: * Killed in the Ratings [1978] * Killed in the Act [1981] * Killed With a Passion [1983] * Killed on the Ice [1984] * Killed in Paradise [1988] * Killed on the Rocks [1990] * Killed in Fringe Time [1995] * Killed in the Fog [1996] * the "Lobo Black and Quinn Booker" Police Procedural Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Lobo Black (Lawman) and Quinn Booker (Novelist) of Wyoming: * Written in Fire [1995] * The Fatal Elixir [1997] * 1 unrelated novel under pseudonym Lee Davis Willoughby William L. DeAndrea @ MGrost Norman Deane: see John Creasey "The Death of Me Yet": made-for-TV movie (ABC: 1971) deep-cover USSR agent in USA goes native Director: John Llewellyn Moxey; Adapted: from a novel [1970] by Whit Masterson Starring: Darrin McGavin, Rosemary Forsythe, Richard Basehart; see: TELEVISION "Death Stalk": made-for-TV movie (NBC: 1975) Director: Robert Day; Adapted: from a novel [1971] by Thomas Chastain; similar to "Deliverance" see: TELEVISION "Death Wish": movie (Paramount, 1974) Director: Michael Winner; Starring: Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey; Adapted: from the novel [1972] by Brian Garfield; strong film with 3 weak sequels: * "Death Wish 2" (Golan/Globus: 1981) * "Death Wish 3" (Cannon: 1985) * "Death Wish 4: The Crackdown" (Cannon, 1988) see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT "Deathtrap": movie (Warner Bros: 1982) multiple twists; Director: Sidney Lumet; Adapted: from the stage play by Ira Levin; Starring: Michael Caine, Chrispher Reeve, Dyan Cannon; see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Jeffery Wilds Deaver: Jeffrey Deaver * the "Lincoln Rhyme" Police Procedural Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Lincoln Rhyme (Forensic Scientist) and Amelia Sachs (Police Officer) of New York City: * The Bone Collector [1997] * The Coffin Dancer [1998] * The Devil's Teardrop [1999] * The Empty Chair [2000] David Debin, no known Web page Jay de Bekker: see Stewart Sterling Hal DeBrett: see Brett Halliday or Bill Pronzini "Buzz Deckard": fictional private eye; Buzz Deckard "Rick Deckard": fictional detective; Rick Deckard "R.J. Decker": fictional detective {to be done}; "Eddy Deco": fictional detective; Eddy Deco Ramon Decolta: see Raoul Whitfield "Decoy": (Syndicated, 1957) see: TELEVISION Stephen Dedman: Stephen Dedman David J. Dee, no known Web page "Judge Dee": based on historic Chinese character (630-700 AD, Ming Dynasty) in the fiction of Robert Van Gulik Ed Dee, no known Web page; * the "Anthony Ryan and Joe Gregory" Police Procedural Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Anthony Ryan and Joe Gregory, Police Officers of New York City: * 14 Peck Slip [1994] * Bronx Angel [1995] * Little Boy Blue [1997] * Nightbird [1999] "Biff Deegan/Hank Mercer": fictional detective; Biff Deegan/Hank Mercer Carolus Deene: see Leo Bruce Frank De Felitta, no known Web page "The Defenders": (CBS: 1961-1965) see: TELEVISION Jim DeFilippi, no known Web page Len Deighton: full name, Leonard Cyril Deighton (18 Feb 1929-) British, served in Royal Air Force, worked for railway, as pastry chef, manager of dress factory, waiter, photographer, illustrator, teacher, BOAC steward, ad agency art director, created cooking comic strip, founded literary agency: * 13 espionage novels beginning with "The Ipcress File" [1963] * 3 other novels * 1 short story collection * 1 screenplay "Oh! What a Lovely War" [1969] * 2 teleplays * 7 nonfiction books (military history, gourmet cooking) * 3 nonfiction books edited Len Deighton "Bill Dekker": fictional private eye; Bill Dekker Carl Dekker: see Michael Collins "Jake Dekker": fictional private eye; Jake Dekker "Tyger Dekker": fictional detective {to be done} Lillian De La Torre: pseudonym of Lillian McCue (nee de la Torre Bueno) (15 Mar 1902-) Instructor, 20th Century Fox Technical Advisor: * 3 mystery/detective novels * 4 mystery/detective story collections with series character Dr. Sam Johnson combining detective and historical genres * 9 plays * 1 book of poetry * 5 nonfiction books (cooking, juveniles) Lillian De La Torre @ MGrost "Al Delaney": fictional detective; Al Delaney "Captain Edward X. 'Iron Balls' Delaney": Commander of NYPD's 125th Precinct in the novels of Lawrence Sanders "Denis Delaney": fictional detective; Denis Delaney "Patricia Delaney": fictional detective; Patricia Delaney "Peggy Delaney": fictional detective; Peggy Delaney "Sean Delaney": fictional detective; Sean Delany Barbara M. Delaplace, no known Web page ** to be done (SF)*** "Alex Delaware": children's clinical psychologist (like his author) and Los Angeles sleuth character in the fiction of Jonathan Kellerman; Alex Delaware "Kit Deleeuw": fictional detective; Kit Deleeuw Barbara Delinksy: Barbara Delinksy Charles de Lint: Canadian author, best known for Fantasy, but also Mystery/Detective fiction; Charles de Lint "Anthony Dellaventura": fictional detective; Anthony Dellaventura David Delman, no known Web page "Jack Delmas": fictional detective; Jack Delmas Nora L. Deloach; Decatur, Georgia Nora DeLoach * mystery/detective novels with series characters Mama (Candi) and her daughter, Simone (African-American amateur detectives) mostly set in South Carolina and Atlanta * Mama Traps A Killer [Holloway House] * Mama Solves A Murder [Holloway House] * Silas [Holloway House] Madelyn S. DeLorier, no known Web page "Nick Delvecchio": fictional detective; Nick Delvecchio Michael Delving: pseudonym of Jay Williams (31 May 1914-12 July 1978): Purple Heart (U.S. Army), vaudeville/night-club comedian, Hollywood press agent; winner 1949 Guggenheim Fellowship; winner 1949 Boys' Club of America Award: * 7 mystery/detective novels with series characters Dave Cannon, Bob Eddison (dealers in rare books and antiques) * 8 novels under own name * 39 juvenile novels, including science fiction (i.e. the 15 volumes of the Danny Dunn series co-authored with Raymond Abrashkin) * 1 play * 1 book of verse for children * 4 nonfiction books (theatre, Majorca, Titian) * 15 books for children (mostly historical, one adaptation of Jules Verne, two folktales) "Gregor Demarkian": Philadelphia Armenian character in the fiction of Jane Haddam, with each case set in a major holiday "Gloria Demasco": fictional private eye; Gloria Demasco Richard Deming (25 Apr 1915-5 Sep 1983) Captain in U.S. Army, social worker, employee of American Red Cross, 1976-83 member Board of Directors of Mystery Writers of America: * 26 mystery/detective novels and novelizations with series characters Manville "Manny" Moon, Matt Rudd, the Mod Squad, Dragnet * 21 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Max Franklin, with series characters Starsky & Hutch, Charlie's Angels * 10 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Ellery Queen with series character Tim Corrigan * roughly 100 uncollected mystery/detective stories * 6 other novels (also under pseudonyms Max Franklin, Richard Hale Curtis, Lee Davis Willoughby, Halsey Clark) * 11 nonfiction books (espionage/police/law) Dempsey & Makepeace: (UK: London Weekend Television, 1985) see: TELEVISION "Sister Mary Teresa Dempsey": nun/sleuth character in the fiction of Ralph McInerny under psuedonym Monica Quill "Frank DeNardo": fictional detective; Frank DeNardo O'Neil De Noux: Mystery/Detective and Science Fiction/Fantasy author: O'Neil De Noux home page e-mail O'Neil De Noux NOVELS: * Grim Reaper [Zebra Books, 1988] * The Big Kiss [Zebra Books, 1990] * Blue Orleans [Zebra Books, 1991] * Crescent City Kills [Zebra Books, 1992] * The Big Show [Pontalba Press, 1998] TRUE CRIME: * Specific Intent [Pinnacle Books, 1993] SHORT FICTION (Magazines): over 60 short stories published since 1992 in magazines such as Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine; American Way-In flight magazine of American Airlines; Tomorrow Speculative Fiction; Hardboiled; Blue Murder, New Mystery Magazine; Pulphouse, and others. SHORT FICTION (Anthology): * Gollancz New Crimes * Love in Vein II * Kiss and Kiss (Hot Blood 8) * The Mammoth Book of New Erotica * South from Midnight (Anthology of the 1994 World Fantasy Convention) Nelson DeMille, no known Web page Ken Denbow, no known Web page Sandy Dengler; Ashford, Washington; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books with series characters Jack Prester (National Park ranger) and Maxx (annoying "Wonder Dog") include: * The Quick And The Dead [Moody Press] set in the Great Smokey Mountains, North Carolina * Murder On The Mount [Moody Press] set in Great Smokies * A Model Murder [Moody Press] set in Mt. Rainier * Death Valley [Moody Press] Lord Denham, no known Web page "Ted Denning": fictional detective in "Detectives Inc." Ted Denning "John Denson": Seattle ex-Army Intelligence Private Eye character in the fiction of Richard Hoyt; John Denson Lester Dent (12 Oct 1904-11 Mar 1959): * nearly 200 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Kenneth Robeson, with series character Doc Savage * 7 mystery/detective novels with series character Chance Malloy * various Doc Savage radio plays * various Scotland Yard radio plays Lester Dent @ MGrost Skye Dent: Skye Dent TV/Screenwriter Jane F. Dentinger, no known Web page; * the "Jocelyn O'Roarke" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Jocelyn O'Roarke, Actress of New York City: * Murder on Cue [1983] * First Hit of the Season [1984] * Death Mask [1988] * Dead Pan [1992] * The Queen Is Dead [1994] * Who Dropped Peter Pan [1995] Stephen Dentinger: pseudonym of Edward D. Hoch Frank Denton, no known Web page "Harry James Denton": fictional detective; Harry James Denton "Department of Queer Complaints": see "Colonel March of Scotland Yard" "Department Z": British counterespionage setting for 28 novels by John Creasey Jean-Anne de Pre: see Michael Avallone Jo Dereske; Bellingham, Washington; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series character Helma Zukas (Librarian/detective) of Bellehaven, Washington: * Miss Zukas Shelves the Evidence [2001] * Miss Zukas in Death's Shadow [1999] * Final Notice [1998] * Out of Circulation [1997] * Miss Zukas And The Raven's Dance [New York: Avon, 1996] * Miss Zukas And The Stroke Of Death [New York: Avon, 1995] * Miss Zukas and the Island Murders [New York: Avon, 1995] * Miss Zukas And The Library Murders [New York: Avon, 1994] * Books with series character Ruby Crane, Ruby Crane, Handwriting Expert of Michigan include: * Savage Cut [Dell, 1996] * Cut and Dry [1997] * Short Cut [1998] August [William] Derleth (24 Feb 1909-4 July 1971) significant American editor, author, and publisher of weird fiction; editor, Fawcett Publications, The Midwesterner, Mind Magic, Madison Wisconsin Capital Times, The Arkham Sampler, Hawk and Whippoorwill, the Arkham Collector; lecturer in American Regional Literature; winner 1938 Guggenheim Fellowship; winner 1958 Scholastic Award; winner 1965 Midland Authors Award; winner 1967 Ann Radcliffe Award; single most responsible person for preserving the works and reputation of H. P. Lovecraft; published first books by authors as notable as Ray Bradbury, Fritz leiber, A., E. Van Vogt: * 12 mystery/detective novels with series characters Judge Ephraim Peck, Solar Pons * 14 other novels * 19 collections of stories * 25 books of poetry * 3 record albums of poetry * 53 nonfiction books (Wisconsin, fiction writing, juvenile, biography, bibliography) * 36 books edited (poetry, science fiction, fantasy/macabre) August Derleth/Solar Pons Anita Desai: Anita Desai Joseph P. DeSario, no known Web page "Brian Desmond": fictional detective; Brian Desmond Hugh Desmond: British author * 79 mystery/detective novels (30 with series character Alan Fraser), many tending to romance or espionage thrillers, many based on true crimes "Rich 'Rip' Deston": fictional detective {to be done}; "The Destroyer": Remo, character in the fiction of Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir (almost 100 novels) "The Detective": movie (Fox, 1968) Director: Gordon Douglas; Adapted: from the novel by Roderick Thorpe; Starring: Frank Sinatra as NYPD cop Joe Leland, Lee Remick, Lacqueline Bisset, Ralph Meeker, Jack Klugman, William Windom. see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT "Detective Chimp": fictional private eye; Detective Chimp "The Detective Story Program": see "The Shadow" "The Detectives, Starring Robert Taylor": (ABC: 1959-1961; NBC: 1961-1962) see: TELEVISION "Detective's Diary": see "Mark Saber" "Detectives Inc.": Bob Ranier & Ted Denning, fictional detectives; Detectives Inc. "Detour": fine low-budget cult noir movie (PRC: 1945) piano player plus evil lady equals murder Director: Edward G. Ulmer; see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Karl W. Detzer: Karl W. Detzer @ MGrost "Walker Devereaux": fictional detective in "Midnight Cab"; Walker Devereaux Diana Deverell: Diana Deverell D. M. Devine, full name David McDonald Devine (16 Aug 1920-Aug 1980): officer of North West Engineering Employers Association; Secretary and Registrar of University of St.Andrews, Fife, Scotland: * 6 mystery/detective novels, typically puzzlers with good characterization * 7 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Dominic Devine * 1 radio play "Michael Devitt and Christina Towne": fictional detectives in "Two of Diamonds"; Michael Devitt and Christina Towne "Brian Devlin": fictional detective in "The Devlin Connection"; Brian Devlin "Brock Devlin": fictional detective {to be done}; "Chris Devlin": fictional detective in "Checkmate"; Chris Devlin "Harry Devlin": fictional detective; Harry Devlin "Jack Devlin": fictional detective; Jack Devlin "Ernest DeWalt": fictional detective; Ernest DeWalt Gene DeWeese, no known Web page, new: see below Gene DeWeese David Lawrence Dewey: David Lawrence Dewey columnist (syndicated) * several mystery/detective novels including: * Revelations Thomas B[lanchard] Dewey (6 Mar 1915-) clerk, correspondance school editor, administrative/editorial assistant US Department of State, advertiser, English professor: * 36 mystery/detective hardboiled novels with series characters Singer Batts, Mac, Pete Scholfield * 1 unrelated novel under pseudonym Cord Wainer * 1 nonfiction book * 1 mystery/detective book edited [Norman] Colin Dexter (29 Sep 1930-) British, served in Royal Signal Corps, former national champion in crossword puzzle competition; winner 1979 and 1981 Silver Dagger Award of Crime Writers Association * 13 mystery/detective novels with series characters Inspector Endeavor Morse & Sargeant Lewis {TV hotlink to be done} * 2 nonfiction books (education, politics) Colin Dexter: Inspector Morse -- The Sub-Orbital * the "Inspector Morse" Police Procedural Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Inspector Morse (Chief Inspector, Homicide Division) and Sergeant Lewis (Police Detective) of Oxford, England: * Last Bus to Woodstock [1975] * Last Seen Wearing [1976] * The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn [1977] * Service of All the Dead [1979] * The Dead of Jericho [1981] * The Riddle of the Third Mile [1983] * The Secret of Annexe 3 [1986] * The Wench is Dead [1989] * The Jewel That was Ours [1991] * The Way Through the Woods [1992] * Daughters of Cain [1994] * Death is Now My Neighbor [1996] * The Remorseful Day [2000] Frederic [Merrill] Van Rensselaer Dey (10 Feb 1865-26 Apr 1922) American attorney who continued the Nick Carter series originated by John R. Coryell: * 185 mystery/detective novels with series character Nick Carter * 437 mystery/detective stories with series character Nick Carter * 3 other mystery/detective novels * 5 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Marmaduke Dey * 8 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Varick Vanardy, with series characters Crewe, Bingham Harvard * 2 plays under pseudonym Marmaduke Dey * 1 nonfiction book (magic) Marmaduke Dey: pseudonym of Frederic Van Rensselaer Dey Elayne Dezon-Jones: see Estelle Monbrun Return to Authors D Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Di..."

"Les Diaboliques": French movie (Filmsonor: 1954) Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot; Adapted: from novel The Woman Who Never Was [1954] by Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac; Starring: Vera Clouzot as the headmaster's wife, Simone Signoret as the mistress see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT There was a good made-for-TV remake: Reflections of Murder (1974) Director: John Badham; Starring: Tuesday Weld, Joan Hackett see: TELEVISION "Dial M for Murder": Hitchcock movie (Warner Bros.: 1954) Adapted: from the stage play by Frederick Knott; Starring: Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Robert Cummings, John Williams; see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT There was a wonderful 3-D release of this film, which I saw at my brother Andrew William Post's art theatre in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with the cardboard and cellophane glasses on.... There was also a crummy made-for-TV remake (1981): Starring: Angie Dickenson, Christopher Plummer. see: TELEVISION "David DiAngelo": fictional private eye; David DiAngelo "Jake Diamond": fictional private eye; Jake Diamond "Red Diamond": fictional detective; Red Diamond "Richard Diamond": fictional detective; Richard Diamond "Tim and Nick Diamond": fictional detectives; Tim and Nick Diamond Michael Dibdin: * the "Aurelio Zen" Police Procedural Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Aurelio Zen, Police Officer in the Criminalpol Squad, based in Rome, Italy: * Ratking [1989] * Vendetta [1990] set in Sardinia, Italy * Cabal [1992] * Dead Lagoon [1994] set in Venice, Italy * Cosi Fan Tutti [1997] Margaret DiCanio, no known Web page "Dick Francis Mysteries": (UK/USA, Syndicated, 1988-1989) Adapted from 3 novels by Dick Francis see: TELEVISION Charles Dickens: Charles Dickens @ MGrost Eric Jerome Dickey: Eric Jerome Dickey Peter [Malcom de Brissac] Dickinson (16 Dec 1927-) Zambia-born British author, Assistant Editor/reviewer for "Punch" magazine; Chairman, management Committee, Society of Authors; winner 1968 & 1969 Gold Dagger Award of Crime Writers Association; winner 1977 Guardian Award; winner 1977 Boston Globe-Horn Award; winner 1977 Whitbread Award; winner 1980 and 1981 Library Association Carnegie Medal: "I think of myself as writing science fiction with the science left out.": * 15 mystery/detective novels with series character Superintendant James Pibble sophisticated neo-classical detection with vivid characters and often exotic settings * 15 other novels * teleplays for "Mandog" series [1972] * 3 nonfiction books * 1 book edited (comedy) Carr Dickson: see John Dickson Carr Carter Dickson: see John Dickson Carr Gordon R. Dickson, no known Web page, *** : mostly known for Science Fiction *** but has also written: {to be done} "Die Hard": movie (Fox, 1988) Director: John McTiernan; Adapted: from the novel Nothing Lasts Forever, itself a sequel to his novel The Detective (see above for movie adaptation starring Frank Sinatra); Starring: Bruce Willis; see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Sequels: * "Die Hard 2" (Fox, 1990) Director: Rennie Harlin; Adapted: from the novel 58 Minutes by Walter Wager; "Joe DiGregorio": fictional detective {to be done} William Diehl: * the "Martin Vail" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Martin Vail, Attorney of Chicago, Illinois: * Primal Fear [1993] * Show of Evil [1995] * A Reign of Hell [1997] Robert Dietrich: see E. Howard Hunt Denise Dietz-Wiley: Denise Dietz "Digger/Trace": aka Julian "Digger" Burroughs, Las Vegas freelance Private Eye character in the fiction of Warren Murphy; with blackjack dealer sidekick/roommate "KoKo"; for legal reasons names changed to "Devlin 'Trace' Tracy" and "Chico" when series changed publishers. Marie DiGioia, no known Web page "Daffy Dill": fictional detective; Daffy Dill Walter Dillon, no known Web page "Poppy Dillworth": fictional detective {to be done} "Jefferson DiMarco": Boston insurance investigator character in the fiction of Doris Miles Disney "Mike Dime": fictional detective; Mike Dime Dime Novels: encyclopedia entry {to be done} Greg Dinallo, no known Web page Gerald DiPego, no known Web page Diplomat: pseudonym of John Franklin Carter (1897-1967) "Diplomatic Courier": Thriller movie (Fox, 1952) Director: Henry Hathaway; Starring: Tyrone Power; Adapted: from the novel Sinister Errand [1945] by Peter Cheyney see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT "Dirty Harry": first of movie series (Warner Bros.: 1971) Director: Don Siegal; Starring: Clint Eastwood as San Francisco cop Harry Callahan; see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT "Gil Disbro": fictional detective {to be done} Doris Miles Disney (22 Dec 1907-9 Mar 1976) insurance employee, social agency publicist: * 47 mystery/detective novels with series characters Jeff DiMarco (insurance investigator), David Madden, Jim O'Neill * the "Jim O'Neill" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Jim O'Neill, Police Officer of Connecticut: * Compound for Death [1943] * Murder on a Tangent [1945] * Appointment at Nine [1947] * Fire at Will [1950] * The Last Straw [1954] also titled Driven to Kill * the "Jeff DiMarco" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Jeff DiMarco, Insurance Investigator of Boston, Massachusetts: * Dark Road [1946] * Family Skeleton [1949] * Straw Man [1951] also titled The Case of The Straw Man * Trick or Treat [1955] also titled The Halloween Murder * Method in Madness [1957] also titled Quiet Violence * Did She Fall or Was She Pushed? [1959] * Find the Woman [1962] * The Chandler Policy [1971] Dorothy Cameron Disney (1903-) stenographer, nightclub hotess, copy writer, film extra, "Ladies' Home Journal" Marriage Editor: * 9 mystery/detective novels centered on women characters (good and bad) * 3 unrelated books (biography, marriage) James Ditton: see Douglas Clark "Dixon of Dock Green": see "The Blue Lamp" Franklin W. Dixon: Franklin W. Dixon @ MGrost Return to Authors D Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

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"DKA (Dan Kearney and Associates)": fictional detectives; DKA (Dan Kearney and Associates) Return to Authors D Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Do..."

"Doan and Carstairs": fictional private eyes; Doan and Carstairs "Harry Dobbs": fictional detective in "Love at Large"; Harry Dobbs "Rachel Dobbs": fictional detective {to be done} John F. Dobbyn, no known Web page Stephen Dobyns (1941-): poet and Mystery/Detective author: * the "Charlie Bradshaw" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Charlie Bradshaw, Private Investigator of Saratoga Springs, New York: * Saratoga Longshot [1976] * Saratoga Swimmer [1981] * Saratoga Headhunter [1985] * Saratoga Snapper [1986] * Saratoga Bestiary [1988] * Saratoga Hexameter [1990] * Saratoga Haunting [1993] * Saratoga Backtalk [1994] * Saratoga Fleshpot [1995] * Saratoga Strongbox [1998] "Dr.Cook's Garden": made-for-TV movie (Paramount: 1971) Director: Ted Post; Adapted: from the Braodway play [1968] by Ira Levin (which starred Burl Ives and Keir Dullea); Starring: Bing Crosby; see: TELEVISION James L. Docherty: see James Hadley Chase E. L. Doctorow: mainstream bestselling novelist, who is drawn to the Mystery/Detective genre: Doctorow, E.L. "William 'Bail Bond' Dodd": fictional detective; William 'Bail Bond' Dodd "Dr. Septimus Dodds": fictional detective {to be done} "Dan Dodge": fictional detective; Dan Dodge David [Francis] Dodge (Aug 1910-) bank clerk, sailor, accountant, social worker: * 14 mystery/detective novels with series characters Al Colby, John Abraham Lincoln, Whit Whitney * 1o other books (humorous travel) "Dylan Dog": fictional detective; Dylan Dog P. C. Doherty: * the "Matthew Jenkyn" Historical Mystery/Detective novel series set in the Reign of Edward IV (1461-1483) and featuring Matthew Jenkyn, Soldier of England: * The Whyte Hart [1988] * The Serpent Among the Lilies [1990] * the "Nicholas Chirke" Historical Mystery/Detective novel series set in the Medieval Period (after A.D. 476-circa 1200) and featuring Nicholas Chirke, Lawyer of England: * An Ancient Evil [1994] * A Tapestry of Murders [1995] * A Tournament of Murders [1996] * Ghostly Murders [1997] * the "Hugh Corbett" Historical Mystery/Detective novel series set in the Reign of Edward I (1272-1307) and featuring Hugh Corbett, Spy for King Edward I of England: * Satan in St. Mary's [1986] * The Crown in Darkness [1988] * Spy in Chancery [1988] * The Angel of Death [1989] * The Prince of Darkness [1992] * Murder Wears a Cowl [1992] * The Assassin in the Greenwood [1993] * The Song of a Dark Angel [1994] * Satan's Fire [1995] * The Devil's Hunt [1996] "Ross Dolan": fictional detective; Ross Dolan William Dolan, no known Web page "Dolegan": fictional private eye; Dolegan "Johnny Dollar": fictional detective; Johnny Dollar "Leonard Dolman": fictional detective {to be done} Hildegarde Dolson (31 Aug 1908-15 Jan 1981) Advertising writer: * 4 mystery/detective novels with series character Lucy Ramsdale (Illustrator) and James McDougal, Homicide Detective (all set in Wingate, Connecticut) * To Spite her Face [1971] * A Dying Fall [1973] * Please Omit Funeral [1975] * Beauty Sleep [1977] * 6 unrelated novels * 6 nonfiction books (history, juvenile) R. B. Dominic: see Emma Lathen; * the "Ben Safford" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Ben Safford, Congressman from Ohio and set in Washington, DC: * Murder Sunny Side Up [1968] * Murder in High Place [1969] * There Is No Justice [1971] also titled Murder out of Court * Epitaph for a Lobbyist [1974] * Murder out of Commission [1976] * The Attending Physician [1980] * Unexpected Developments [1983] also titled A Flaw in the System "Tough Dick Donahue": fictional detective; Tough Dick Donahue Anabel Donald: * the "Alex Tanner" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Alex Tanner, Television Researcher of London, England: * An Uncommon Murder [1992] * In at the Deep End [1993] * The Glass Ceiling [1994] D. J. Donaldson, no known Web page; * the "Andy Broussard and Kit Franklin" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Andy Broussard, Medical Examiner and Kit Franklin, Psychologist, of New Orleans, Louisiana: * Cajun Nights [1988] * Blood on the Bayou [1991] * No Mardi Gras for the Dead [1992] * New Orleans Requiem [1994] * Louisiana Fever [1996] * Sleeping with the Crawfish [1997] Don Donaldson: Don Donaldson John Donavan: see Nigel Morland Dick Donovan: pseudonym of Joyce Emmerson Preston Muddock (28 May 1842-23 Jan 1934) Dick Donovan @ MGrost Employed by British government in India, and at gun foundy, and as special Asia/Pacific correspondent for the "hour", and as Switzerland correspondent for London "Daily News"; attached to London Special Constabulary during World War I; sometimes considered the low-brow equivalent of Sherlock Holmes in over 200 short stories: * 30 mystery/detective novels * 21 mystery/detective collections of stories with series character Dick Donovan * 33 other novels as J. E. Muddock * 2 books of stories as J. E. Muddock * 5 nonfiction books * 5 books edited Truly Donovan: Truly Donovan "Jack Donne": fictional private eye; Jack Donne "Jackson Donne": fictional private eye; Jackson Donne "Donovan": fictional detective {to be done} "Barry Donovan": fictional detective {to be done} "Eli Donovan": fictional detective {to be done} "J. J. Donovan": fictional private eye; J. J. Donovan "Don't Bother To Knock": movie (Fox: 1952) Director: Roy Baker; Adapted: from the novel Mischief [1950] by Charlotte Armstrong; Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Richard Widmark, Anne Bancroft; see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Anne M. Dooley; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books include: * Plane Death [NeWest Press] "Elie Meade, commercial pilot-cum-detective, lands in a murderous mix of airplanes, diamonds, and shady business deals" according to Sisters in Crime website Jerome Doolittle, no known Web page; * the "Tom Bethany" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Tom Bethany, Private Investigator of Boston, Massachusetts: * Body Scissors [1990] * Strangle Hold [1991] * Bear Hug [1992] * Head Lock [1993] * Half Nelson [1994] * Kill Story [1995] Beryl Amy Crossley Dorey, no known Web page "Horace Dorrington": fictional private eye; Horace Dorrington "Carroll Dorsey": fictional detective; Carroll Dorsey "John Dortmunder": unlucky criminal character in the fiction of Donald E. Westlake John Dortmunder James D. Doss, no known Web page; * the "Charlie Moon" Police Procedural Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Charlie Moon, Police Officer of Colorado: * The Shaman Sings [1994] * The Shaman Laughs [1995] * The Shaman's Bones [1997] * The Shaman's Game [1998] * The Night Visitor [1999] * Grandmother Spider [2001] * White Shell Woman [2002] Fyoder Dostoyevsky, full name Fyoder Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky (1821-1881): Major mainstream novelist of Russia, listed here for classic Mystery/Detective novels of guilt, compulsion, and human nature: * Crime and Punishment [1866] * The Brothers Karamazov [1889-1890] "Double Indemnity": classic movie (Paramount: 1944) Director: Billy Wilder; Adapted: from the novel by James M. Cain; the novel and film are both highly recommended, as to how well they combine insight into Insurance Fraud with unexpected action and suspense; Starring: Fred MacMurray, Barnara Stanwyck, Edward G. Robinson; see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Useless made-for-TV remake (1973) starring Richard Crenna, Samantha Eggar, Lee J. Cobb see: TELEVISION "Jonny Double": fictional detective; Jonny Double "Doubletake": made-for-TV movie (CBS: 1985) Director: Jud Taylor; Adapted: from the novel Switch by William Bayer; Starring: Richard Crenna as NYPD Frank Janek, Beverly D'Angelo, Vincent Bagetta, Paul Gleason, Clif Gorman see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Janek is in 2 made-for-TV movie sequels: * "Internal Affairs" (CBS) * "Murder X Seven" see: TELEVISION Kathleen L. Dougherty, no known Web page "Andrew Douglas": fictional private eye; Andrew Douglas Carol Nelson Douglas; Fort Worth, Texas and St. Paul, Minnesota; Carol Nelson Douglas * several mystery/detective novels with series character "Midnight Louie, Feline Detective" * Cat in a Kiwi Con [2000] * Cat On A Hyacinth Hunt [1998] * Cat in an Indigo Mood [1999] * Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit [1999] * Cat and the Queen of Hearts [1999] * Cat On A Hyacinth Hunt [1998] * Cat In A Golden Garland [Forge, November 1997] * Cat In A Flamingo Fedora [Forge, May 1997] * Cat In An Emerald Eye [Forge, 1996] hardover & paperback * Cat In A Diamond Dazzle [Forge, 1996] hardover & paperback Cat Writers' Association Award nominee * Cat In A Crimson Haze [Forge, 1995] Winner, Cat Writer's Association Award for Best Novel * Cat On A Blue Monday [Forge, 1994] * Pussyfoot [Tor, 1993] * Catnap [Tor, 1992] * several mystery/detective novels with series character Irene Adler (created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) and set in the Victorian Period (1837-1901) : * Irene's Last Waltz [Forge] * Irene at Large [Forge] * Good Morning, Irene [Forge] * Good Night, Irene [Forge] New York Times Notable Book.
American Mystery and Romantic Times Awards * Marilyn: Shades of Blonde [Forge Books, August 1997] edited by Carole Nelson Douglas Offbeat Murder Mystery stories by mystery/mainstream writers Charlotte Harrill Douglas, no known Web page John Douglas: see Michael Collins Lauren Wright Douglas: * the "Caitlin Reece" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Caitlin Reece, Private Detective of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada: * The Always Anonymous Beast [1987] * Ninth Life [1990] * The Daughters of Artemis [1991] * A Tiger's Heart [1992] * Goblin Market [1993] * A Rage of Maidens [1994] Michael Douglas: see Michael Crichton "Aileen Douglass and Sharon Atwood": fictional private eyes; Aileen Douglass and Sharon Atwood Fidelity Dove: woman thief and head of male larceny gang in the fiction of "David Durham" (pseudonym of Roy Vickers). Fidelity Dove's nemesis is Detective-Inspector Rason, who considers her the lady equivalent of Raffles, and says she's "the coolest crook in London and then some." He's caught up to hear at least 20 times, but never been able to prove enough to arrest her. "In a way, she's a great woman." "Chief Inspector Wilfred Dover": anti-hero Scotland Yard lout character in the fiction of Joyce Porter Rosey Dow: Rosey Dow Richard Dowling: Richard Dowling @ MGrost "Father Roger Dowling": ex-lawyer ex-alcoholic character in the fiction of Ralph McInerny "Down Three Stairs": movie (United Artists: 1954) Director: Arnold Laven; Adapted: from the novel Case File: FBI by the Gordons; Starring: Broderick Crawford, Ruth Roman; see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Quentin Downes: see Michael Harrison "Cliff Downey": fictional private eye; Cliff Downey Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (22 May 1859-7 July 1930): born in Edinburgh, Scotland; educated Hodder School, Sonyhurst College, and the Jesuit School (Feldkirch, Austria); M.D., University of Edinburgh; Senior Physician at South African field hospital in Boer War; knighted 1902; 1885 married Louise Hawkins (1 daughter, 1 son); 1907 married Jean Leckie (2 sons, 1 daughter); practised medicine, Southsea, 1882-1990; full-time writer from 1891; stood for Parliament 1900 as Central Edinburgh candidiate (Unionist), and 1906 for Hawick Burghs (Tariff Reform); 1905 LL.D. University of Edinburgh; Knight of Grace of the Order of St.John of Jerusalem. Author of the immortal Sherlock Holmes, although he preferred to be remembered for his "serious" novels. He also introduced skiing to Switzerland (honest!). Because of Sherlock Holmes, Doyle is in some sense the central figure in the establishment of mystery/detective fiction as a commercially viable genre, albeit Edgar Allan Poe created the field. Shall we say that Poe was the grandfather and Doyle the father of our field? (11 web pages listed): Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Doyle Era subgenre 221 B Baker Street Baker Street Connection (all the stories & more) International Sherlock Holmes Event Guide Sherlock Holmes in French Sherlock Holmes-Rutgers Sherlock Holmes in Hypertext Sherlock Holmes Resume Service Sherlockian Connection Sherlockian Holmpage Sherlocktron Holmes Page The serious novels he wanted to remembered for: * Micah Clark [1889] * The Firm of Girdlestone [1890] * The White Company [1891] * The Great Shadow [1893] * The Great Shadow and Beyond the City [1894] * The Refugees [1893] * The Parasite [1895] * The Stark Munro Letters [1895] * Rodney Stone [1896] * Uncle Bernac: a Memory of Empire [1897] * The Tragedy of Korosko [1898] a.k.a. Desert Drama * A Duet, with Occasional Chorus [1910] * Sir Nigel [1906] * The Lost World [1912] science fiction * The Poison Belt [1913] science fiction * The Land of Mist [1926] * 14 collections of stories (6 posthumous) * 13 plays * 4 books of poetry * 44 nonfiction books (history, religion, spiritualism, photography) "Brighton Doyle": fictional private eye; Brighton Doyle "Jack Doyle": fictional detective; Jack Doyle James T. Doyle, no known Web page Return to Authors D Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Dr..."

"Manning Draco": fictional detective; Manning Draco "Hob Draconian": fictional detective; Hob Draconian "Count Dracula": one of the great evil characters in all fiction, created in the modern form by Bram Stoker. Listed here because, well, after all there is a mystery and a number of dead bodies, and the detective work to track him down... "Dragnet": see: TELEVISION "Alan Drake": fictional detective; Alan Drake "Benjamin Drake": fictional detective; Benjamin Drake "Earl Drake": criminal character in the fiction of Dan J. Marlowe Earl Drake "Eddie Drake": fictional detective {to be done}; "Paul Drake": detective character in the fiction of Erle Stanley Gardner. Paul Drake is overshadowed by his friend Perry Mason. Drake Detective Agency is on the same floor as Perry Mason's law offices, to which about three-quarters of cases are connected. Paul Drake was never married, perhaps because, when young, he was rejected by a particular young lady. Poor-postured, tall, often sighted sitting sideways and slouching on a chair. Inherently nervous, he suffers stomach problems from the stress of Perry Mason's cases. "Simon Drake": Chicago then L.A. lawyer character in the fiction of Helen Nielsen "Steve Drake": fictional detective; Steve Drake Sarah Dreher; Amherst, Massachusetts; no known web site; * the "Stoner MacTavish" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring lesbian Stoner MacTavish, Travel Agent * Bad Company [New Victoria Publishers, 1995] $10.95; 0-934678-66-9; set in Boston, Massachusetts * Stoner MacTavish [1985] set in Grand Tetons, Wyoming * Something Shady [1986] set in Maine * Grey Magic [1987] set in Arizona * Captive in Time [1990] set in Colorado * Otherworld [1993] set in Walt Disney World, Florida * Shaman's Moon [1998] Davis Dresser: see Brett Halliday "Vincent Dressler": fictional detective; Vincent Dressler "Nancy Drew": character in the fiction of Carolyn Keene; see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT see: TELEVISION see: Nancy Drew Eileen Dreyer: Eileen Dreyer * the "Molly Burke" Medical Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Molly Burke, Trauma Nurse and Death Investigator * Bad Medicine [1995] * Bad Reaction [2000] "Sig Dreyer": fictional detective; Sig Dreyer "Sir Clinton Driffield": Chief Constable character in the fiction of J. J. Connington Peter Driscoll (4 Feb 1942-) British, educated in at first employed in Johannesburg, South Africa; served in South African Army; reporter/editor "Post" newspapers, Johannesburg; editor, ITV (television), London: * 6 mystery/detective novels, mostly international thrillers * 1 play "Chester Drum": ex-FBI agent Private Eye character in the fiction of Stephen Marlowe Chester Drum "Burleigh Drummond": fictional private eye; Burleigh Drummond "Colonel Hugh 'Bulldog' Drummond": character in the fiction of Sapper, many TV and movie adaptations see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT see: TELEVISION Charles Drummond: see Edmund McGirr Ivor Drummond: pseudonym of Roger Erskine Longrigg (1 May 1929-) British, born in Edinburgh, Scotland; B.A., Modern History, magdalen College, Oxford; British Army (Captain): * 9 mystery/detective novels with series characters Lady Jennifer Norrington, Count Alessandro di Ganzarello, Coleridge Tucker III * 4 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Frank Parrish, with series character Dan Mallett * 15 unrelated novels as Roger Longrigg * 1 radio play * 5 teleplays * 4 nonfiction books (sports, gambling) * 1 book edited (horseracing) John Drummond: see John Newton Chance June Drummond (15 Nov 1923-) South African author/journalist, officer in child welfare and adpotion agencies: * 15 mystery/detective novels * 3 unrelated novels Mike Drummond, no known Web page Joan M. Drury; Lutsen and Duluth, Minnesota: * Mystery/Detective novels with series character Tyler Jones, Newspaper Columnist of San Francisco: * Closed in Silence [1998] * Silent Words [Spinsters Ink, 1996] * The Other Side of Silence [Spinsters Ink, 1993] Finalist for Minnesota Book Award Return to Authors D Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Bernard Du Clos, no known Web page Diane Duane: best known for Science Fiction and Fantasy; Duane, Diane Brendan DuBois, no known Web page; * the "Lewis Cole" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Lewis Cole, retired from the Department of Defense, of Tyler Beach, New Hampshire: * Dead Sand [1994] * Black Tide [1995] * The Shattered Shell [1999] "Tubby Dubonnet": fictional detective; Tubby Dubonnet "The Dude" (Jeff Lebowski): fictional detective in the offbeat and original film "The Big Lebowski" T. Dudley-Smith: see Elleston Trevor Duffy: fictional detective {to be done} Margaret Duffy: at least 9 Mystery/Detective novels in 2 series: * the "James Carrick and Joanna MacKenzie" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring James Carrick and Joanna MacKenzie, both Private Investigators of Bath, England: * Dressed to Kill [1994] * Prospect of Death [1995] * Music in the Blood [1997] * the "Ingrid Langley and Patrick Gillard" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Ingrid Langley, a British Agent and Novelist, and Patrick Gillard, Army Major, both of England: * A Murder of Crows [1987] * Death of a Raven [1988] * Brass Eagle [1989] * Who Killed Cock Robin? [1990] * Rook-shoot [1991] * Gallows Bird [1993] Stella Duffy: * the "Saz Martin" Lesbian Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Saz Martin, Private Investigator of London, England: * Calendar Girl [1995] * Wavewalker [1996] * Beneath the Blonde [1997] Tananarive Due: now married to Science Fiction author Stephen Barnes; but increasingly recognized for her award-nominated fiction: Tananarive Due Dukane: fictional detective; Dukane Madelaine [Elizabeth] Duke (21 Aug 1925-) Switzerland-born British author; 1945 B.Sc., St.Andrews University, Fife, Scotland; 1946 M.B., Ch.B, University of Edinburgh; silversmith; Chairman 1983-1984 Crime Writers Association; winner 1962 Huntington Hartford Fellowship; winner 1982 Times-Veuve Cliquot Award for Short Story: * 7 mystery/detective novels with series character Dr. Norah North * 9 unrelated novels * 12 veterinary novels under pseudonym Alex Duncan * 6 nonfiction books (cold war, history, juvenile) Will Duke: see William Campbell Gault Ann Dukthas: * the "Nicholas Segalla" Time Travel Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Nicholas Segalla, Time-Traveller: * A Time for the Death of a King [1994] set in Scotland * The Prince Lost to Time [1995] set in Paris, France * The Time of Murder at Mayerling [1996] set in Austria] * In the Time of the Poisoned Queen [1998] set in England Leo DuLac, no known Web page Lois DuLac, no known Web page Harris Dulany, no known Web page "Peter Duluth": theatre director/alcoholic/sleuth character in the fiction of Patrick Quentin Daphne du Maurier (13 May 1907-1989) British author, granddaughter of author George du Maurier and daughter of manager/actor Sir Gerald du Maurier; schooled in Paris and privately; married 1932 to Lt.-General Sir Frederick Browning (deceased 1965) 1 sone and 2 daughters; Fellow 1952 Royal Society of Literature; recipent 1969 D.B.E. (Dame Commander, Order of the British Empire); recipent 1977 Grand Master Award of Mystery Writers of America: * 6 mystery/detective thriller novels: * Jamaica Inn [London: Gollancz, 1936; New York: Doubleday, 1936] * Rebecca [London: Gollancz, 1938; New York: Doubleday, 1938] * My Cousin Rachel [London: Gollancz, 1951; New York: Doubleday, 1952] * The Scapegoat [London: Gollancz, 1957; New York: Doubleday, 1957] * The Flight of the Falcon [London: Gollancz, 1965; New York: Doubleday, 1965] * The House on the Strand [London: Gollancz, 1969; New York: Doubleday, 1969] * 4 mystery/detective/macabre collections of stories * 11 unrelated novels * 11 unrelated collections of stories * 3 plays * 1 screenplay * 1 teleplay * 8 nonfiction books (biography, autobiography) * 2 books edited "Robert Dumont": fictional private eye in "Le Manchot"; Robert Dumont Sarah Dunant: * the "Hannah Wolfe" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Hannah Wolfe, Private Investigator of London, England: * Birth Marks [1991] * Fatlands [1993] * Under My Skin [1995] Judson Dunbar: fictional detective {to be done} Sophie Dunbar: Sophie Dunbar * the "Claire Claiborne" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Claire Claiborne, Hairdresser of New Orleans, Louisiana: * Behind Eclaire's Doors [1993] * A Bad Hair Day [1996] * Redneck Riviera [1998] * Shiveree [1999] Tony Dunbar: * the "Tubby Dubonnet" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Tubby Dubonnet, Lawyer of New Orleans, Louisiana: * Crooked Man [1994] * City of Beads [1995] * Trick Question [1997] * Shelter From the Storm [1998] * Lucky Man [1999] Alice Dunbar-Nelson: Alice Dunbar-Nelson @ MGrost Christine Duncan: Christine Duncan Dave Duncan: Dave Duncan W. Glenn Duncan: * the "Rafferty" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Rafferty, Private Investigator of Dallas, Texas: * Rafferty's Rules [1987] * Rafferty: Last Seen Alive [1988] * Rafferty: Wrong Place, Wrong Time [1989] * Rafferty: Poor Dead Cricket [1989] * Rafferty: Cannon's Mouth [1990] * Rafferty: Fatal Sisters [1990] Jones Duncan: fictional detective {to be done} Pierce Duncan: fictional detective; Pierce Duncan Robert L. Duncan: see James Hall Roberts Sabrina Duncan: fictional detective in "Charlie's Angels" Sabrina Duncan W. Murdoch Duncan, full name William Murdoch Duncan (18 Nov 1909-19 Apr 1976): Born in Glasgow, Scotland; 1934 M.A. in History, University of Glasgow; 1940-41 served British Army; prolific high-quality author of over 200 novels: * 56 mystery/detective novels with series characters The Dreamer (Superintendent D. Reamer), Superintendent Gaylord, Mr.Gilly, Greensleeves, Laurie Hume, Superintendent Leslie, Superintendent MacNeill -- mostly organized crime/detection plots with murders merely part of intricate web of subplots * 57 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym John Cassells, with series characters Inspector/Superintendent Flagg, The Picaroon (Ludovic Saxon) * 45 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Neill Graham, with series characters James "Solo" Malcolm, Mr.Sandyman -- mostly realistic private detective thrillers * 33 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Peter Malloch, with series character Dave Norton * 29 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Lovat Marshall, with series character Sugar Kane -- mostly realistic private detective thrillers Susan Dunlap (1943-); Albany, California; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books with series character Jill Smith, Homicide Detective of Berkeley, California include: * Cop-Out [Delacorte Press] * Sudden Exposure [Delacorte Press; Dell] * Time Expired [Dell] * Death And Taxes [Dell] * Diamond In The Buff [Dell] * A Dinner To Die For [Dell] * Too Close To The Edge [Dell] * Not Exactly A Brahmin [Dell, 1985] * As A Favor [Dell, 1984] * Karma [Dell, 1981] Books with series character Kiernan O'Shaughnessy include: * High Fall [Dell] * Rogue Wave [Dell] * Pious Deception [Dell] Books with series character Vejay Hasell include: * An Equal Opportunity Death [Dell] * The Bohemian Connection [Dell] * The Last Annual Slugfest [Dell] Carola Dunn; Eugene, Oregon; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books with series character Daisy Dalrymple include: * Murder On The Flying Scotsman [St. Martin's, January 1997] * Requiem for a Mezzo [St. Martin's] * The Winter Garden Mystery [St. Martin's; G .K. Hall (large print)] * Death At Wentwater Court [St. Martin's] "Jim Dunn": fictional detective {to be done}; "Micah Dunn": fictional detective; Micah Dunn Kate Gallison Dunn, no known Web page Harry P. Dunne, Jr., no known Web page "Joe Dunne": fictional detective {to be done}; Dorothy Dunnett (born Dorothy Halliday) (25 Aug 1923-) Born in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland; schooled in Edinburgh and at Glasgow School of Art; 1946 married Alastair M. Dunnett, 2 sons; employed in Public Relations Department, Secretary of State for Scotland; Research Department, Board of Trade, Glasgow; portrait paintings exhibited Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh; Director, Scottish Television, Ltd.; 1976 winner Scottish Arts Council Award: * 6 mystery/detective novels with series character Johnson Johnson, intellectually rich suspense stories of a portrait painter/spy (British edititions show authorship as Dorothy Halliday) * 7 unrelated novels Dorothy Dunnett newer website Dorothy Dunnett Dorothy Dunnett @randomhouse John Dunning: * 5 mystery/detective novels with series character Cliff Janeway (book-worm/book dealer Denver homicide detective): * Booked to Die [April 1993; Avon, 1997] ISBN 0-3807-1883-9, 374 pp., mass market paperback (Janeway) Rare book dealer is murdered, and Janeway jeopardizes his career in pinning the killing on psychopathic Jackie Newton, while probing the rare book underground * The Bookman's Wake [Scribner; Pocket Books, March 1996] ISBN 0-671-5678-2-9, mass market paperback, (Janeway) Sequel to "Booked to Die" -- Cliff Janeway's lost his badge, but hunts fugitive Eleanor Rigby and her stolen copy of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" in Seattle, and among bibliophiles and small press aficianados with tangled motives * Deadline [Fawcett, 1981; Pocket Books, Feb 1997] ISBN 0-671-0035-2-6, 256 pp., mass market paperback Dalton Walker, a reporter for the Tribune, finds strange connections between two stories he's covering -- an Amish girl who's become a famous dancer in New York City, and a circus tent fire which leaves a victim nobody claims * The Holland Suggestions [Pocket Books, Dec 1997] ISBN 0-671-0035-3-4, mass market paperback, 256 pp., Jim Ryna's comfortable world is upended by a haunting photograph which unlocks disturbing memories. He begins to learn the dark truth about himself, his daughter, and her mother, but that knowledge comes at a terrible cost * Looking for Ginger North [Fawcett, Feb 1980] ISBN 0-449-1431-7-1 paperback, out of print * Books edited: * Arbor House Treasury of True Crime [Arbor House, 1985; 1986] ISBN 0-877-9567-9-0 * Truly Murderous: Horrific Modern European Murders Reconstructed ISBN 0-904-5071-8-1, out of print * Denver [] ISBN 0-812-9087-0-8, out of print "C. Auguste Dupin": the most important fictional character in the history of mystery/detective fiction. That's because he was the first, spawning the genre as such, the first in several subgenres, and one of the enduring creations of the great Edgar Allan Poe. Without him, would there even be a Sherlock Holmes? * "The Murders in the Rude Morgue" [1841] first appearance * "The Mystery of Marie Roget" [1842] * "The Purloined Letter" [1844] "Elle Dupin": fictional private eye; Elle Dupin Ralph Durand: Ralph Durand @ MGrost "Danny Durant": fictional detective; Danny Durant Francis [Henry] Durbridge (25 Nov 1912-) British (Yorkshire) author, formerly employed in Stockbroker trade * 33 mystery/detective novels with series characters Tim Frazer, Paul Temple * 6 mystery/detective plays * 5 mystery/detective screenplays * numerous mystery/detective radio plays (BBC, Paul Temple and wife Steve) * numerous mystery/detective teleplays David Durham, see Roy Vickers Donald Alan Durkee, no known Web page "Fred Durkin": Freelance detective character in the fiction of Rex Stout. Fred Durkin is sometimes called to assist Nero Wolfe, who considers him the second most able "trailer" after Saul Panzer. Nero's employee Archie Goodwin says that Fred is: "as honest as sunshine; but he wasn't as bright as sunshine." Wolfe, the great gourmet of Mystery/Detective fiction, doesn't enjoy having Fred Durkin dine with him, because the freelancer adds vinegar to everything. Durkin likes to enter Nero's office and throw his hat to land hanging from Archie Goodwin's swivel chair. Theo Durrant, see Anthony Boucher "Sam Durrell": Cajun CIA character in the fiction of Edward S. Aarons "Nathaniel Dusk": fictional detective; Nathaniel Dusk Return to Authors D Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Deanna Dwyer, see Dean R. Koontz "Jack Dwyer": P.I. character in the fiction of Ed Gorman; Jack Dwyer K. R. Dwyer, see Dean R. Koontz Return to Authors D Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Gloria Dyal, no known Web page Carolyn Stewart Dyer; Iowa City, Iowa: * Rediscovering Nancy Drew [University of Iowa Press] $24.95; 0-87745-500-7 (hardcover) $12.95; 0-87745-501-5 (paperback) Anthology fron Nancy Drew Conference. Winner, 1996 Koppelman Award for feminist anthology in popular culture, Popular Culture Assocation American Culture Association Michael Allen Dymmoch; Northbrook, Illinois; no known web site: * The Death of Blue Mountain Cat [St. Martin's] $22.95; 0-312-13962-4 "Johnny Dynamite": fictional detective; Johnny Dynamite "Mister Dynamite": fictional private eye; Mister Dynamite Return to Authors D Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents Return to Authors D Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

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"Vinston Dzugashvili": fictional detective in the novels of Pat Savot Johnson. The detective's parents, in Georgia USSR, became sensitive to the family name Dzugashvili, the same as that of the monster better known as Stalin. So they named their daughter after an evident opponent of Stalinism, namely Winston Churchill, which they pronounced "Vinston." The daughter grew up, emigrated to America, and is known by her friends in the Pasadena Police Department as "Vinnie." She often solves cases with the assistance of friends on the faculty of the California Institute of Technology, and librarians at the Huntington Library. She is a "permabrown" at the International Karate Association dojo, unable to progress from Brown belt to Black Belt because she cannot relax enough. She likes to stay at her cabin in the Angeles National Forest, but has problems with eccentric neighbors, impolite hikers, and the rather corrupt Forest Service, which eeps threatening to demolish her cabin. Return to Authors D Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

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