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Diana Gabaldon: Diana Gabaldon Emile Gaboriau: Emile Gaboriau @ MGrost Marius Gabriel: 4 international bestseller Mystery/Detective novels. Marius Gabriel "Marius Gabriel was born in Africa in 1954, of Sicilian and British parents. He began writing romance fiction in 1983 to finance postgraduate research at the University of Newcastle in northern England. He ended up writing 28 novels for Harlequin/ Mills & Boon under the pen name Madeleine Ker.  He is one of the very few men to have written successfully for Harlequin. In 2000, Gabriel returned to Africa, where he now lives with his wife and three children." Novels: * The Original Sin [1992] * The Mask of Time * House of Many Rooms * The Seventh Moon  Other Writing: * children's fiction * magazine features * participates in creative writing seminars Reg Gadney (20 Jan 1941-) British author; served with Coldstream Guards; 1966 married Annette Margot Kobak, 1 son, 1 daughter; Instructor/Research Fellow in Architecture at MIT; Deputy Controller, National Film Theatre (London); Pro-Rector, Royal College of Art (London); mystery/detective columnist for "London Magazine"; 1966 winner, Josephine de Karman Trust Scholarship; Fellow, Royal College of Art: * 6 mystery/detective novels * 3 mystery/detective teleplays * 3 other books (art history/biography) Peter Gadol: Peter Gadol Patrica Gaffney: Patrica Gaffney home page Jack Gage and David Taylor: fictional {to be done} "Zeke Gahagan": fictional private eye; Zeke Gahagan Neil Gaiman: Best-known for Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction, and graphic novels co-authored with Alan Moore, such as Sandman. He created several major characters in Spawn, which is a combination of Dark Fantasy and Noir Mystery/Detective. His latest novel is American Gods, winner of the 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novel. Neil Gaiman Sarah Gainham: pseudonym of Rachel Ames (nee Stainer) (1 Oct 1922-): Austria-resident British author; 2 marriages; Central European Correspondent for "The Spectator" * 5 mystery/detective/espionage suspense novels * 7 critically acclaimed mainstream novels * 1 nonfiction book (Vienna) Francis Gaite: see Manning Coles Charles Galahad: fictional {to be done} "Nicholas Gale": fictional detective; Nicholas Gale "Gale Gallagher": fictional detective; Gale Gallagher "Pat Gallagher": fictional private eye; Pat Gallagher Kate Gallison; Lambertville, New Jersey: 2 Mystery/Detective novel series; Kate Gallison new home page Kate Gallison [old page], who loves mystery/detective fiction and cats see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors e-mail Kate Gallison Mystery/Detective novels with series characters Mother Vinnie Lavinia Grey] and Mother Grey include: * Grave Misgivings [Delacorte, 1998] * Hasty Retreat [Delacorte, 1997] * Unholy Angels [Dell Paperback Original, 1996] * Devil's Workshop [Dell Paperback Original, 1996] * Bury the Bishop [Dell Paperback Original, 1995] Mystery/Detective novels with series character Nick Magaracz (down-at-heel Trenton gumshoe called "the poor man's Sam Spade" by the New York Times) include: * Unbalanced Accounts [Little Brown, 1986] * The Death Tape [Little Brown, 1987] * Jersey Monkey [St. Martin's Press, 1991] "Pussy Galore": see "Goldfinger" "Bradford Galt": fictional detective; Bradford Galt Robert Conington Galway: see Philip McCutcheon "Gants": fictional private eye; Gants "Jo Gar": fictional detective; Jo Gar Dorothy Gardiner (5 Nov 1894-4 Dec 1979) Italy-born American author; 1950-1957 Executive Secretary, Mystery Writers of America; where she played a key role in the growth of this important organization: * 6 mystery/detective novels with series characters Sheriff Moss Magill, Mr. Watson; mostly set in Colorado * 3 unrelated novels * 3 other books, including co-editorship of Raymond Chandler's first posthumous book Erle Stanley Gardner (17 July 1889-11 Mar 1970) {details to be done} Official Erle Stanley Gardner page Erle Stanley Gardner newer phantoms page Erle Stanley Gardner Erle Stanley Gardner @ MGrost * The 86 PERRY MASON Novels: see "Perry Mason" under "Authors: M" These last five only are listed here, all posthumously published by Morrow, each in two printings of roughly 4,000: * The Case of the Crimson Kiss [1971] * The Case of the Crying Swallow [1971] * The Case of the Irate Witness [1972] * The Case of the Fenced-In Woman [1972] * The Case of the Postponed Murder [1973] * The 29 BERTHA COOL and DONALD LAM Novels (under the pseudonym of A. A. Fair) unlikley duo: huge, crude and direct Bertha, Private Eye, and the small, shady and brilliant private eye Donald: * The Bigger They Come [1939] * Turn On the Heat [1940] * Gold Comes In Bricks [1940] * Spill The Jackpot [1941] * Double or Quits [1941] * Owls Don't Blink [1942] * Bats Fly At Dusk [1942] * Cats Prowl At Night [1943] * Give 'Em the Ax [1944] * Crows Can't Count [1946] * Fools Die on Friday [1947] * Bedrooms Have Windows [1949] * Top Of The Heap [1952] * Some Women Won't Wait [1953] * Beware The Curves [1956] * You Can Die Laughing [1957] * Some Slips Don't Show [1957] * The Count of Nine [1958] * Pass The Gravey [1959] * Kept Women Can't Quit [1960] * Bachelors Get Lonely [1961] * Shills Can't Count Chips [1961] * Try Anything Once [1962] * Fish or Cut Bait [1963] * Up for Grabs [1964] * Cut Thin To Win [1965] * Widows Wear Weeds [196]6 * Traps Need Fresh Bait [1967] * All Grass Isn't Green [1970] * The 9 DOUG SELBY D.A. NOVELS featuring a young lawyer in practice in a small county [first is quite scarce]: * The D.A. Calls It Murder [1937] * The D.A. Holds A Candle [1938] * The D.A. Draws A Circle [1939] * The D.A. Goes To Trial [1940] * The D.A. Cooks A Goose [1942] * The D.A. Calls A Turn [1944] * The D.A. Breaks A Seal [1946] * The D.A. Takes A Chance [1949] * The D.A. Breaks an Egg [1949] * The 2 TERRY CLANE Novels (district attorney who specializes in cases that deal only with Orientals): * Murder Up My Sleeve [1938] * The Case of The Backward Mule [1946] * The 2 GRAMPS WIGGINS Novels (independent curmudgeon): * The Case of The Turning Tide [1941] * The Case of The Smoking Chimney [1943] * The only BILL ELDON Novel (rural sheriff) * Two Clues [1947] actually two novelettes * The only ROB TRENTON Novel: * The Case of the Musical Cow [1950] * The 2 Pseudonymous Novels: * The Clew of The Forgotten Murder by Carleton Kendrake [1935] * This is Murder by Charles G. Kenny [1937] * 13 NON-FICTION Nature Books of Erle Stanley Gardner * The Land of Shorter Shadows [1948] * Neighborhood Frontiers [1954] * Hunting The Desert Whale [1960] * Hovering Over Baja [1961] * The Hidden Heart of Baja [1962] * This Desert Is Yours [1963] * The World of Water [1964] * Hunting Lost Mines By Helicopter [1965] * Off The Beaten Track in Baja [1967] * Gypsy Days On The Delta [1967] * Mexico's Magic Square [1968] * Drifting Down The Delta [1969] * The Host With The Big Hat [1970] * 2 NON-FICTION LAW BOOKS of Erle Stanley Gardner * The Court of Last Resort [1952] * Cops on Campus and Crime in the Streets [1970] * Early Pulp-Fiction Short Works, as collected: * The Amazing Adventures of Lester Leith [Dial Press, 1980] * The Human Zero [Morrow, 1981] * Whispering Sands [Morrow, 1981] * Pay Dirt and Other Whispering Sands Stories [Morrow, 1983] * The Adventures of Paul Prey [Mysterious Press, 1989] * Dead Men's Letters [Carroll & Graf, 1990] * The Blonde in Lower Six [Carroll & Graf, 1990] * Honest Money [Carroll & Graf, 1991] Chip Gardner: fictional {to be done} John Gardner, full name John Edmund Gardner (20 Nov 1926-): no known Web page 1951 M.A. in Theology, Cambridge; Royal Navy, Royal Marines (Far East and Middle East service as Commando); 1952 married Margaret Mercer, 1 son, 1 daughter; American Red Cross entertainer; 1952-58 Clerk in Holy Orders, Church of England; Chaplain, Royal Air Force; Theatre/Cultural Reviewer, Herald (Stratford upon Avon): * 24 mystery/detective novels with series characters James Bond (created by Ian Fleming), Herbie Kruger, Professor Moriarty (created by Arthur Conan Doyle), Boysie Oakes, Derek Torry * 2 mystery/detective story collections * 2 unrelated novels * 1 autobiography Lisa Gardner: Lisa Gardner home page * Mystery/Detective Novels: * The Survivors Club [Bantam Dell Publishing Group, 21 May 2002] Hardcover; New York Times bestseller * The Next Accident [Bantam Dell, 28 August 2001] Hardcover [Bantam Dell, 30 April 2002] Paperback * The Third Victim [Bantam Dell, 30 January 2001] * The Other Daughter [Bantam Dell, July 1999] Winner, Daphne Du Maurier Award for Suspense Tonita S. Gardner, no known Web page Brian Garfield, full name Brian Francis Wynne Garfield (26 Jan 1939-) New Yorker, M.A. 1963 University of Arizona; U.S. Army and Army Reserve; 2 marriages; musician/bandleader; teaching assistant; advertising manager, director, vice-president, and President at various times, Western Writers of America; director, and President at various times, Mystery Writers of America; co-organizer Second International Congress of Crime Writers (1978 New York); 1976 winner Edgar Allan Poe award: * 22 mystery/detective novels with series characters Paul Benjamin, Sam Watchman * 1 mystery/detective story collection * 14 Western novels under own name * 4 novels under pseudonym Bennett Garland * 3 novels under pseudonym Frank O'Brian * 8 novels under pseudonym Brian Wynne * 10 novels under pseudonym Frank Wynne * 1 screenplay * 1 nonfiction book (military history of Alaska) * 3 books edited "Mike Garfin": fictional detective; Mike Garfin Roger Garnett: see Nigel Morland "Harry Garnish and Bridget O'Toole": fictional private eyes; Harry Garnish and Bridget O'Toole "Mike Garfin": fictional detective; Garrett Alan Garrett: fictional {to be done} "Dave Garrett": fictional detective; Dave Garrett "Kelly Garrett": fictional detective; TV and movie "Charlie's Angels"; Kelly Garrett "Maggie Garrett": fictional detective; Maggie Garrett Michael Garrett: fictional {to be done} "Milo Garrett": fictional private eye; in "100 Bullets"; Milo Garrett Randall Garrett: Randall Garrett @ MGrost he is also listed in the Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide Roger Garrison: fictional {to be done} "Callahan Garrity": fictional detective; Callahan Garrity "Micki Garrity": fictional private eye; Micki Garrity Tony Garrity: fictional {to be done} Jack Garside, no known Web page Andrew Garve: pseudonym of Paul Winterton (12 Feb-1908-) British author, B.Sc. London School of Economics; staff of "Economist"; reporter, foreign correspondent, "London News Chronicle", including in Moscow; Founding Member and 1st Joint Secretary, Crime Writers Association (1953): * 30 mystery/detective suspense thriller novels * 6 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Roger Bax, with series character Inspector James * 4 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Paul Somers, with series character Hugh Curtis * 6 other nonfiction books as Paul Winterton (Russia) Julie Garwood: Julie Garwood Jonathan Gash: pseudonym of John Grant (30 Sep 1933-), England; Jonathan Gash unofficial Clinical pathologist; Head of Division of Clinical Pathology, University of Hong Kong; microbiologist; Head of Bacteriology Unit, School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London; web page expands this to say: "John Grant was born on September 30, 1933, in Bolton, Lancashire, England. He married Pamela Richard in 1955. They live in Essex, and they have three daughters and four grandchildren." "Mr. Grant was educated at the University of London (M.B. and B.S.), the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians (M.R.C.S. and L.R.C.P.) and has also earned D.Path, D.Bact., D.H.M., M.D. and D.T.M.H." "He attained the rank of Major in the British Army Medical Corps, during which service he was posted to Germany." "He has served as a general practitioner in London; pathologist in London and Essex, England; clinical pathologist in Hanover and Berlin, Germany; lecturer in clinical pathology and head of division at the University of Hong Kong; and microbiologist in Hong Kong and London. He was head of the bacteriology unit at the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London, from 1971 to 1988. He is a fellow of the International College of Surgeons and of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine. He has retired from medicine but not from writing." * 21 mystery/detective novels with series characters Lovejoy (antique dealer in East Anglia) televised {hotlink to be done} * The Judas Pair (1977) * Gold From Gemini (1978) U.S. title: Gold By Gemini * The Grail Tree (1979) * Spend Game (1979) * The Vatican Rip (1981) * Firefly Gadroon (1982) * The Sleepers of Erin (1983) * The Gondola Scam (1983) * Pearlhanger (1985) * The Tartan Ringers (1986) U.S. title:The Tartan Sell * Moonspender (1986) * Jade Woman (1988) * The Very Last Gambado (1989) * The Great California Game (1990) * Lies of Fair Ladies (1991) * Paid and Loving Eyes (1992) * The Sin Within Her Smile (1993) * The Grace in Older Women (1995) * The Rich and The Profane (1998) * A Rag, a Bone and a Hank of Hair (1999) * 21 mystery/detective novels as Jonathan Gash with series character Dr. Clare Burtonall: * Different Women Dancing (1997) * Prey Dancing (1998) * 1 mystery/detective novel as Graham Gaunt: * The Incomer (1982) * 1 mystery/detective novel as Jonathan Grant: * Mehala, Lady of Sealandings (1993) * Other Writings: * Terminus (play), first produced at Chester Festival in England, 1976. * various poems in "Record" * Mr. Grant's agent is Desmond Elliott Management, 38 Bury Street, London SW1Y 6AV, England. Rosemary Gatenby, no known Web page "Ben Gates": fictional detective; Ben Gates David Edgerly Gates, no known Web page William Campbell Gault (9 Mar 1910-): * 26 mystery/detective novels with series characters Brock Callahan, Joe Puma * 100+ uncollected mystery/detective stories * 35 juvenile novels (mostly sports) William Campbell Gault @ MGrost Graham Gaunt: see Jonathan Gash "John Gaunt": fictional detective; a.k.a. "Grimjack"; John "Grimjack" Gaunt Connie J. Gay, no known Web page Jeffry Gay, no known Web page "Toni Gayle": fictional detective; Toni Gayle Return to Authors G Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Phyliis Gebauer, no known Web page "Chet Gecko": fictional private eye; Chet Gecko Wayne Geehan, no known Web page Michael R. Geller, no known Web page Sherri P. Geller; Westlake Village, California; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books include: * Fatal Convictions [Regan Books/HarperCollins] Roberta Gellis: Roberta Gellis home page "Angela Gennaro & Patrick Kenzie": fictional detectives; Angela Gennaro & Patrick Kenzie "Peter Gentle": fictional private eye; Peter Gentle "Dirk Gently": fictional private eye; in the wonderfully metaphysical and funny: * Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Douglas Adams [1987] Motto: "We solve the whole crime; We find the whole person." * Dirk Gently is interested in quantum mechanics and telekinesis, and why a certain couch cannot be moved either up or down a particulat staircase. The novel is a gleefully skewed blend of Detective fiction, Horror, Time Travel, and Romance. Highly recommended. * The Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul, Douglas Adams [1988] * The Salmon of Doubt [posthumous?] Dirk Gently "Abraham Gentry": fictional private eye; Abraham Gentry Anita Gentry; Sacramento, California; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books include: * Night Summons [St. Martin's, $22.95] academic setting Curt Gentry, no known Web page Anne George; Birmingham, Alabama; Anne George Fan Site see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books with series character Patricia Ann (former school teacher) and her full-figure sister Mary Alice include: * Murder Runs In The Family [Avon] * Murder On A Bad Hair Day [Avon] * Murder On A Girls' Night Out [Avon] Elizabeth George: Elizabeth George home page Elizabeth George and do look in your hard-copy library for "Elizabeth George: An American in Scotland Yard" [interview], L. See, Publishers Weekly, vol.243 (11 March 1996) pp.38-39 Elizabeth George "Matthew Gereghty": fictional detective; Matthew Gereghty Mary C. Germano; Fairport, New York; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books include: * Silent Witness [Pinnacle] computers, emergency rooms, and murder; Nominated for Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, and Romantic Times Awards Terry Tom Gerritsen, no known Web page Tess Gerritsen; Camden, Maine; Physician; Tess Gerritsen home page bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books include: * Life Support [Pocket] * Harvest [Pocket] "New York Times" bestseller; Film rights optioned to Paramount. Nickolae Gerstner, no known Web page "Juan Ges": fictional detective; Juan Ges "Danny Getchell": fictional private eye; Danny Getchell Return to Authors G Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Amitav Ghosh: Amitav Ghosh Return to Authors G Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

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"Connor Gibbs": fictional detective; Connor Gibbs Henry Gibbs: see Simon Harvester "Carole Ann Gibson": fictional private eye; Carole Ann Gibson Walter B. Gibson (1897-?) Super-prolific author of almost 500 books; American stage magician (confidant of Houdini, Thurston, and Dunninger) best known for creating "The Shadow" for the Smith & Street pulp "The Shadow Magazine" and then writing almost 300 (!) Shadow novels. The Shadow is a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Houdini, a rule-breaking arbiter of his own personal sense of justice (which does not always agree with the state's legal apparatus), who conquers criminals through a combination (new to fiction) of analytical deductive detection and gun-slinging force, while remaining intellectually above the fray, and using magical tricks of invisibility. The Shadow novels are ingenious artifaces of ambiguity, misdirection, strange crimes, costumed super-criminals, red herrings, and structured confusion. Gibson created several parallel but lesser magician/detectives: Norgil, Valdor, Ardini. His 1960s reprint in paperback, through the pioneering efforts of super-editor Samuel H. Post started the great book revival of pulp fiction and radio plays, which brought authors such as H. P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard to a new generation of readers, and helped fuel the great comic book boom. Walter Gibson @ MGrost * Non-series mystery/detective novels: * A Blonde for Murder [Chicago: Atlas, 1948] * Looks that Kill [Chicago: Atlas, 1948] * 38 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Maxwell Grant or own name, with series character "The Shadow" as stand-alone books * 283 (?) mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Maxwell Grant, with series character "The Shadow" in "The Shadow" magazine * 4 mystery/detective story collections (2 Twilight Zone, 2 Norgil) * 4 unrelated novels: * The Sin of Roger Diddlebock [New York: Bart House, 1947] as Harry Hershfield * Anne Bonny, Pirate Queen [Derby CT: Monarch, 1962] as Douglas Brown * Barrier Reef [London: W.H.Allen, 1980] as Maxwell Grant * Inherit the Sun [London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1981] s Maxwell Grant * 5 juvenile novels under pseudonym Andy Adams * 59 nonfiction books (Card Games, Magic, Numerology, Hypnotism, Astronomy, Yoga, Horseracing, Memory, Dreams, Witchcraft, Divination, Prophecy] * 5 books edited Bibliographic References: * Gangland's Doom, by Frank Eisgruber, Jr. [Oaklawn IL: Robert Weinberg, 1974] * The Duende History of the Shadow Magazine, by Will Murray [Melrose MA: Odyssey, 1980] William Gibson: best-known for his breakthrough Science Fiction, which created the "Cyberpunk" movement; William Gibson often works in the Noir Mystery/Detective framework, even when set in the future (as with the Neuromancer novel series), or the past (as in the "Steampunk" stories). William Gibson See The Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide for more details. Val Gielgud, full name Val Henry Gielgud (28 Apr 1900-30 Nov 1981): British author and actor, brother of great actor Sir John Gielgud; 5 marriages (first 4 dissolved), 2 sons; secretary to a Member of Parliament; subeditor for a comic book/newspaper; staff member London "Radio Times"; Dramatic Director, BBC; Head of Television Drama, BBC; O.B.E. (Order of the British Empire; C.B.E. (Commander, Order of the British Empire): * 26 mystery/detective novels with series characters Antony Havilland, Inspector Gregory Pellew & Viscount Clymping, Inspector Simon Spears * 1 mystery/detective story collection * 2 unrelated novels (historical) * 19 plays (and also directed 6 plays and appeared in 6 as actor) * 4 screenplays * 40 radio plays * 7 nonfiction books (playwriting, autobiography) * 2 books edited Patricia Reilly Giff, no known Web page Thomas Gifford, full name Thomas Eugene Gifford (16 May 1937-): * 5 mystery/detective novels, mostly set in Minnesota * 1 juvenile novel Anthony Gilbert: pseudonym of Lucy Beatrice Malleson (15 Feb 1899-9 Dec 1973): British author; secretary at Red Cross, Ministry of Food, Coal Association; founding member/general secretary Detection Club: * 70 mystery/detective novels with series characters Arthur G. Crook, M. Dupuy, Scott Egerton * 20 novels under pseudonym Anne Meredith * 1 play * 28 radio plays * 1 autobiography under pseudonym Anne Meredith Michael Gilbert, full name Michael Francis Gilbert (17 July 1912-): England, no known Web page; Royal Horse Artillery (North Africa and Europe, captured and imprisoned in North Africa during World War II); 1947 married Roberta Mary Marsden, 2 sons, 5 daughters; clerk; solicitor; law firm partner; legal advisor to Government of Bahrain; series editor "Classics of Detection and Adventure" [London: Hodder and Stoughton]; founding member, Crime Writers Association; C.B.E. (Commander, Order of the British Empire): * 22 mystery/detective novels with series characters Inspector Hazelrigg, Detective Chief Inspector Patrick Petrella; mostly with complex plots * 5 mystery/detective/espionage story collections * Game Without Rules [New York: Harper, 1967] was called by New York Times reviewer Anthony Boucher "the second best volume of spy stories ever published" [Somerset Maugham's "Ashenden" was ranked #1] * 300-400 uncollected short stories * 4 plays * 15+ radio plays * 20+ teleplays * 3 nonfiction books (law) * 2 books edited W. S. Gilbert: best-known for the light operas co-authored with Sullivan; many of which had a light Mystery/Detective and/or supernatural plot skeleton. W. S. Gilbert @ MGrost Peter Gilboy: Peter Gilboy home page Dorothea Gildar, no known Web page Mel Gilden, also active as a Science Fiction and Juvenile novelist, radio broadcaster, newspaper columnist; no known Web page Kenneth Giles: see Edmund McGirr B. M. Gill: pseudonym of Barbara Margaret Trimble (15 Feb 1921-) British author, schoolteacher, chiropodist: * 4 mystery/detective novels: * The Twelfth Juror [London: Hodder and Staughton, 1984] deals with a TV celebrity on trial for murdering his wife -- O.J. Simpson trial buffs take note: one of the jurors has inside knowledge * 8 romantic thriller novels under pseudonym Margaret Blake Bartholomew Gill: pseudonym of Mark McGarrity (22 July 1943-): B.A. 1966 Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island; M.Litt. 1971 Trinity College, Dublin; 1966 Married Margaret Wellstood Dull; speech writer, PR writer, financial reporter, insurance investigator, teacher, and now full-time freelance writer: * 5 mystery/detective novels with series character Inspector Peter McGarr * 3 unrelated novels * 1 nonfiction book ("U.S. No. 1" photographs of historic road by wife) Robert E. Gillespie, no known Web page Roy Gilligan, no known Web page Shannon Gilligan, no known Web page Dorothy Gilman (25 June 1923-), Portland, Maine; no known Web page: Born New Brunswick, New Jersey; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; 1945 married Edgar A. Butters, Jr., 2 sons, divorced; Instructor in Drawing and Creative writing: * 14 unrelated juvenile novels as Dorothy Gilman Butters * 10 mystery/detective novels with series character Mrs. Emily Pollifax (retired elderly widow who becomes CIA agent in thriller plots) * Caravan [Doubleday; Fawcett] * Amazing Mrs. Pollifax [Fawcett] * Clairvoyant Countess [Fawcett] * Elusive Mrs. Pollifax [Fawcett] * Incident At Badamya [Fawcett] * Mrs. Pollifax And The Golden Triangle [Fawcett] * Mrs. Pollifax And The Hong Kong Buddha [Fawcett] * Mrs. Pollifax And The Whirling Dervish [Doubleday; Fawcett] * Mrs. Pollifax And The China Station [Fawcett] * Mrs. Pollifax On Safari [Fawcett] * New Kind Of Country [Fawcett] * A Nun In The Closet [Fawcett] * A Palm For Mrs. Pollifax [Fawcett] * Tightrope Walker [Fawcett] * Uncertain Voyage [Fawcett] * Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax [Fawcett] Noreen Gilpatrick; Fond du Lac, Wisconsin; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books with series character Kate MacClean (homicide detective) include: * Final Design [Mysterious Press] Chris Gilson: Chris Gilson home page "Eddie Ginley": fictional detective; Eddie Ginley Danielle Girard: Danielle Girard home page James Preston Girard, no known Web page Jacqueline Girdner; Mill Valley, California; Jacqueline Girdner
e-mail Jacqueline Girdner see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books with series character Kate Jasper include: * A Cry For Self-Help [Berkley Prime Crime] * Most Likely to Die [Berkley Prime Crime, hardcover and paperback; Berkley Prime mass paperback] * A Stiff Critique [Berkley Prime Crime] * Tea-Totally Dead [Berkley Prime Crime] * Fat-Free And Fatal [Berkley Prime Crime] * Murder Most Mellow [Berkley Prime Crime] * The Last Resort [Berkley Prime Crime] * Adjusted To Death [Berkley Prime Crime] "J. J. "Jake" Gittes": fictional detective; played by Jack Nicholson in superb films: * Chinatown * The Two Jakes [slighter sequel] J.J. "Jake" Gittes Return to Authors G Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Leslie Glass: Leslie Glass home page Hal Glatzer, also a popular Computer and Telecommunications author, magazine editor, and folk music collector/performer, who published one of the first computer hacker murder mystery, no known Web page "Alex Glauberman": fictional detective; Alex Glauberman Jan Gleiter; Chicago; no known web site, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books include: * Lie Down with Dogs [St. Martin's] 1995 Best First Malice Domestic Mystery (Sisters in Crime) Alison Glen; Columbus, Ohio; no known web site, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books include: * Cheryl Meredith Lowry and Louise Vetter * Trunk Show [Simon & Schuster] "Barney Glines": fictional detective; Barney Glines Return to Authors G Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

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"Godahl, the Infallible": fictional super-criminal in the fiction of Frederick Irving Anderson. An American equivalent of Raffles, the Infallible Godahl is an ultimate thief, never failing in his exploits. His methods depend upon science and his own innate genius, which makes him similar to super-detective Professor Augustus S. F. X. Van Dusen, a.k.a. "The Thinking Machine" -- but on the dar Side of the force. Yet, since he's never been caught, the police do not know he exists, and he alone can appreciate his triumphs. Like Your Humble Webmaster, Godahl was a flamoyant New Yorker. Unlike me, he was also wealthy. Through his crimes, he'd become one of "the fifty little millionaires" of the Pegasus Club. He achieved this with a disdain for all intuition and superstition. He revels in the power of pure intellect, yet fears those (think Daredevil) who have lost one sense and thus made others more powerful. Frederick Irving Anderson, along with Melville Davisson Post and Edgar Allan Poe, may be regarded as one of the triumvirate of greatest American authors of Mystery short stories. Kenneth Goddard: Ken Goddard John Godey: pseudonym of Morton Freedgood (1912-?): born Brooklyn, NY; City College (NY); New York University; U.S. Army; PR Agent for United Artists, Twentieth Century Fox, and then Paramount: * 14 mystery/detective novels with series character Jack Albany * best known was best-seller "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three" [New York: Putnam, 1973; London: Hodder and Stoughton] {film hotlink to be done} * 2 unrelated novels (under pseudonym Stanley Morton, co-author Stanley Freedgood) * 1 autobiography "The Crime of the Century and Other Misdemeanors" Ellen Godfrey; Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; Ellen Godfrey home page but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books with series character Jane Tregar (high tech headhunter) include: * Murder Behind Locked Doors [Penguin Books] * Georgia Disappeared [Penguin Books] True Crime books include: * By Reason Of Doubt [Stoddart, Inc.] Nominated for an Edgar Allan Poe Award Peter Godfrey: Peter Godfrey @ MGrost Dr. Thomas Godfrey, no known Web page Gail Godwin: Gail Godwin home page "Henry Goiler": fictional private eye; Henry Goiler Donald Goines (15 Dec 1937-21 Oct 1974): African-American author of authentic Black-ghetto crime novels; served in U.S. Air Force, "Twentieth Century Crime and Mystery Writers" calls him a "pimp, numbers runner, bootlegger, and thief [who] served prison sentences totaling 6 1/2 years; after 1971, self-employed writer"; died mysteriously of shooting at age 37: * 11 mystery/detective novels * 15 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Al C. Clark, with series character Kenyatta "Goku, The Midnight Eye": fictional private eye; Goku, The Midnight Eye Norma and Alexander Gold: fictional {to be done} "Rachel Gold": fictional detective; Rachel Gold Lee Goldberg: Lee Goldberg homepage Tod Goldberg: Tod Goldberg according to "Auric Goldfinger": fictional super-criminal in the fiction of Ian Fleming. The consummate criminal opponent of James Bond, evil Auric Goldfinger is under five feet tall. His stumpy body is jammed almost directly into his shoulders. His huge, almost perfectly round head is crowned by a bright carrot-red crewcut. His moonshaped face has a fine, high forehead, and a fine, aquiline nose between high cheekbones. "The mouth was thin and dead straight, but beautifully drawn. The the chin and jaws were firm and glinted with health." Goldfinger wears a flesh-colored hearing aid in his left ear. The most arresting facial feature is his pale china-blue eyes "that stared right through a face to the back of the skull." His thin sandy brows were level above those piercing eyes, and fringed with pale lashes. "It is the face of a thinker, perhaps a scientist, who was ruthless, sensual, stoical and tough." Obsessed with the element Gold, Auric Goldfinger devised an apparently flawless plan to rob Fort Knox. He subcontracts the top American criminals. His plan does not involve removing the gold -- but fatally contaminating it with a nuclear bomb, thus driving up the value of his own stash of the precious metal. James Bond stops him, with the assistance of beautiful Bronx women. Goldfinger had the sidekick "Pussy Galore." "Davey Goldman and Bishop Francis X. Regan": fictional private eyes; Davey Goldman and Bishop Francis X. Regan Robert G. Goldsborough, no known Web page Lawrence A. Goldstone: see Lawrence Treat "Marina Golikova & Sonja Makarova": fictional private eyes; Marina Golikova & Sonja Makarova "Pedro Gomez": fictional detective; Pedro Gomez "Carl Good": fictional private eye; Carl Good Athalia Goode: fictional {to be done} Joe Goodey: fictional {to be done} David Goodis (2 Mar 1917-7 Jan 1967): born in Philadelphia; B.Sc. in Journalism 1938, Temple University (Philadelphia); ad agency employee; wrote pulp stories under various pseudonyms; Warner Bros. studo writer: * 19 mystery/detective novels, including: * Dark Passage {adapted into film starring Bogart & Bacall} * 2 screenplays * various radio plays ("Hop Harrigan", "House of Mystery", and "Superman" series) Terry Goodkind: Terry Goodkind Allegra Goodman: Allegra Goodman "Rayford Goodman and Mark Bradley": fictional detectives; Rayford Goodman and Mark Bradley "Archie Goodwin": fictional private eye and sidekick to Nero Wolfe in the fiction of Rex Stout; detailed description {to be done}; Archie Goodwin Kathleen Ann Goonan: best-known for her Science Fiction, she also uses the Mystery/Detective genre; Kathleen Ann Goonan see The Ultmate Science Fiction Web Guide for more "Gordianus the Finder": fictional detective; Gordianus the Finder A. B. Gordon: fictional {to be done} Dan Gordon: Dan Gordon @ MGrost "James Gordon": fictional private eye; James Gordon "Jenny Gordon and C. J. Gunn": fictional detectives; Jenny Gordon and C. J. Gunn "Lee Gordon": fictional detective; Lee Gordon The Gordons: Mildred Gordon (nee Nixon) (24 July 1905-3 Feb 1979) and Gordon Gordon (12 Mar 1906-); she was a teacher, editor of "Arizona" magazine, UP Correspondent; he was a reporter, editor, Hollywood publicist, and FBI Counter-Espionage Agent; as a husband-and-wife team, they jointly won: 1954 Book Society of Great Britain Award, 1965 American Humor Society Award, 1965 Writers Guild of America Award, and 1970 University of Arizona Achievement Award (they both attended that University): * 20 mystery/detective suspense novels with series characters Gail and Mitch, D.C. Randall (The Cat), John Ripley * 1 unrelated novel * 3 screenplays * 1 unrelated nonfiction book (co-author Judge Louis H. Burke) Joe Gores, full name Joseph Nicholas Gores (25 Dec 1931-), no known Web page: Born in Rochester, Minnesota; A.B. 1953 University of Notre Dame; M.A. 1961 Stanford University; U.S. Army; 1976 married Dori Corfitzen, 1 son, 1 daughter; assistant motel manager, carnival, clerk, driver, laborer, logger; Floyd Page Gymnasium instructor; Private Investigator (L. A. Walker Co., David Kikkert & Assoc.); English teacher in Kenya; automobile auctioneer; various offices Mystery Writers of America (1966 & 1968 Secretary, 1967 & 1969-70 VP, 1967-70 & 1975-76 Member of Board of Director, 1976-77 General Awards Chair; double winner 1969 Edgar Allan Poe Awards (Best Novel and Best Short Story), winner 1975 Edgar Allan Poe Award (TV Series); making him the first author ever to win Edgars in 3 different categories: * 6 mystery/detective novels * 100+ uncollected mystery/detective stories * 6 screenplays * 5 teleplays for "Kojak", 8 other teleplays * 1 nonfiction book (marine salvage) Edward Gorman, no known Web page Paula Gosling (12 Oct 1939-) American author resident in England; born in Detroit; B.A. in English 1962 Wayne State University (Detroit); 1968 married Christopher Gosling (1978 dissolved) 2 daughters; advertising copywriter; winner 1978 John Creasey Award: * 5 mystery/detective suspense novels "John Goss": fictional detective; John Goss Louis A. Goth, no known Web page Gary Gottesfeld, no known Web page William Gough, no known Web page Ron Goulart, also a Science Fiction author: * over 40 novels in the mystery and detective field, under assorted names * 100 or more stories in Ellery Queen's, Alfred Hitchcock, etc. * twice nominated for Edgar Allan Poe Award by the Mystery Writers of America Ron Goulart: Ron Goulart, and you can also e-mail him through this web site Ron[ald Joseph] Goulart, born Berkeley CA, 13 Jan 1933, son of Joseph Silviera Goulart and Josephine Macri, married Frances Ann Sheridan 13 Jun 1964, sons Sean and Steffan; Copywriter Guild; Bascom & Bonfigli 1955-57 San Francisco; freelance writer 1968-present; recipient Edgar Allen Poe Award (MWA) 1971; member SFWA (past Vice President), MWA * Mystery novel: Ghosting * Mainstream novel: The Tremendous Adventures of Bernie Wine * Nonfiction: The Great Comic Book Artists * Novelization: Capricorn One * Novelization (from Comics): Snakegod * Editor: The Great British Detective; science fiction author of: * After Things Fell Apart [Ace, 1970; Gregg, 1977; Ace] * Big Bang * Broke Down Engine [Macmillan, 1971; Collier] 13 stories * Brinkman * Calling Dr. Patchwork [Daw, 1978] * Challengers of the Unknown [Dell, 1977] * The Chameleon Corps [Macmillan, 1972; Collier, 1973] 11 stories * Clockwork Pirates [Ace, 1971] * Crackpot [Doubleday, 1977] * Death Cell [Beagle, 1971] * The Emperor of the Last Days [Popular, 1977] * The Enormous Hourglass [Award, 1976] * Eye of the Vulture [Jove, 1977; Weird Heroes 7] * The Fire-Eater [Ace, 1970] * Flux [Daw, 1974] * Gadget Man [Doubleday, 1971] * Ghost Breaker [Ace, 1971] * Galaxy Jane * Hawkshaw [Doubleday, 1972; Award, 1974] * The Hellhound Project [Doubleday, 1975] * Nemo [Berkley, 1977] * Nutzenbolts and More Trouble with machines [Macmillan, 1975] 11 stories * Odd Job #101 [Scribners, 1975] 7 stories * The Panchronicon Plot [Daw, 1977] * Plunder [Beagle, 1972] * Quest of the Gypsy [Pyramid, 1976; Weird Heroes 3] * The Robot in the Closet * The Shaggy Planet [Lancer, 1972] * Spacehawk, Inc. [Daw, 1974] * The Sword Swallower [Doubleday, 1968; Dell] * A Talent for the Invisible [Daw, 1973] * the "TekWar" series, co-authored with William Shatner * The Tin Angel [Daw, 1973] * the "Vampirella" series * What's Become of Screwloose [Scribners, 1971; Daw] 10 stories * When the Waker Sleeps [Daw, 1975] * A Whiff of Madness [Daw, 1976] * Wildsmith [Ace, 1972] Stephen Gould: see Steve Fisher Return to Authors G Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Gr..."

"Charlie Grace": fictional detective; Charlie Grace James Grady, no known Web page Joe Graedon, no known Web page Bruce Graeme: pseudonym of Graham Montague Jeffries (23 May 1900-14 May 1982): Born in London; private education; Queen's Westminster Rifles; 1925 married Lorna Helene Louch, 1 son (author Roderic Jeffries Graeme), 1 daughter; film producer (1919 and 1940s); reporter; founding memeber Crime Writers Association: * 72 mystery/detective novels with series characters Auguste Jantry, Detective Sergeant Robert mather, Superintendent William Stevens and Inspector Pierre Allain, Theodore I. Terhune * 5 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym David Graeme, with series character Blackshirt (by day, the distinguished mystery author Richard Verrell, by night a for-the-kicks thief) and 17th century ancestor Monsieur Blackshirt * 14 mystery/detective story collections under pseudonym David Graeme, with series character Monsieur Blackshirt (and his son, who became Lord Blackshirt) * 12 novels under pseudonym Peter Bourne * 6 nonfiction books (mystery, palace history, juvenile) David Graeme: see Bruce Graeme Roderic Jeffries Graeme: son of Bruce Graeme, who continued his father's million-selling Blackshirt books with 20+ more novels Roger Graf: Roger Graf: works in Zurich, Switzerland C. W. Grafton, full name Cornelius Warren Grafton (1909-1982) Born in China (missionary parents); journalism and law degrees; attorney in Louisville, Kentucky; father of Sue Grafton * 3 mystery/detective novels with series character Gil Henry * 1 unrelated novel Sue Grafton: one of the most popular Mystery/Detective authors of the late 20th Century, and deservedly so. Sue Grafton homepage with biographical data for both Sue Grafton and Kinsey Sue Grafton @ MGrost Angel Graham: fictional {to be done} Heather Graham: Heather Graham James Graham: see Jack Higgins Neill Graham: see W. Murdoch Duncan Winston [Mawdsley] Graham (1939-) British; 1939 married Jean Mary Williamson, 1 son, 1 daughter; Chairman 1967-69 Society of Authors; winner 1956 Crime Writers Association prize; Fellow, Royal Society of Literature; O.B.E. (Order of the British Empire): * 25 mystery/detective novels * 1 mystery/detective story collection * 11 unrelated historical novels * 2 plays produced * 2 screenplays * 2 nonfiction books (history) Elissa Grandower: see Hillary Waugh John Grange: see Willis Todhunter Ballard Ann Granger; Oxfordshire, England; no known web site, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books with series characters Meredith and Markby include: * A Touch Of Mortality [St. Martin's Press] * Candle for a Corpse [St. Martin's Press] * Flowers for His Funeral [Avon] * A Fine Place for Death [St. Martin's Press; Avon] * Where Old Bones Lie [Avon] * Murder Among Us [Avon] * Cold In The Earth [Avon] * A Season For Murder [Avon] * Say It With Poison [Avon] Bill Granger: "Chicago Tribune" columnist, married Lori Granger: * 8 mystery/detective novels with series character Devereaux * 1 nonfiction book (Chicago mayor Jane Byrne bio) "Steve Granger": fictional detective; Steve Granger Ambrose Grant: see James Hadley Chase Anne Underwood Grant; Horse Shoe, North Carolina; Anne Underwood Grant home page e-mail Anne Underwood Grant but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books with series character Sydney Teague (Southern advertising woman) include: * MULTIPLE LISTING [Dell, Forthcoming: February 1998] "Charley Grant": fictional private eye; Charley Grant Jack Grant: fictional {to be done} Linda Grant; Berkeley, California; Linda Grant newer home page Linda Grant older see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books with series character Catherine Sayler (San Francisco PI) include: * Lethal Genes [Scribner] * A Woman's Place [Ivy] * Love Nor Money [Ivy] Nominated for an Anthony Award * Blind Trust [Ivy] Maxwell Grant: see Michael Collins and Walter B. Gibson Michael Grant, no known Web page; a real person and a fictional person both? {to be done} "Rowena Grant": fictional detective; Rowena Grant Victor Grant: fictional {to be done} Lesley Grant-Adamson: Lesley Grant-Adamson Jan Grape; Jan Grape home page but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books with co-author Dean James include: * Femmes Fatale: The Fine Art of Murder II [London: Caroll & Graf, Forthcoming: Fall 1997] "The mystery reader's indispensable companion focuses on women in mystery" says Sisters in Crime web site Richard L. Graves, no known Web page Berkeley Gray: pseudonym of Edwy Searles Brooks (11 Nov 1889-Dec 1965): British; married Frances Brooks * 52 mystery/detective novels with series character Norman Conquest * 20 mystery/detective novels under own name, with series characters Sexton Blake, Chief Detective-Inspector William Beeke (The Grouser) * 43 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Victor Gunn, with series character Bill "Ironsides" Cromwell * 1 unrelated novel under pseudonym Robert W. Comrade * 20 juvenile novels under own name "Cordelia Gray": fictional detective; Cordelia Gray Dulcie Gray: pseudonym of Dulcie Winifred Catherine Denison nee Bailey (20 Nov 1920-): Malaya-born Britsih star actress/author; 1939 married actor Michael Denison; winner 1977 Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal; winner 1978 Times Educational Supplement Award for nonfiction; C.B.E. (Commander, Order of the British Empire): * 17 mystery/detective novels with series character Inspector Cardiff * 1 collection short stories * 1 play produced * 5 mystery/detective radio plays (adaptations of own novels) * 4 nonfiction books (acting, juvenile, butterflies, biography) * numerous roles on London stage, including as Agatha Christie's Miss Marple "George Herman Gray": fictional private eye; George Herman Gray Margaret Gray, no known Web page Russell Gray: see Bruno Fischer Judith Greber: see Gillian Roberts Andrew M. Greeley: Andrew Greeley home page Anna Katherine Green (11 Nov 1846-11 Apr 1935): Brooklyn-born "mother of the detective story" who created, introduced or popularized many standard genre devices (crime-scene map, deductions-list, interlineation of newspaper headlines): * 33 mystery/detective novels with series characters Ebenezer Gryce, Caleb Sweetwater * 6 mystery/detective story collections Anna Katherine Green @ MGrost "C. B Green": fictional private eye; C.B Green Chloe Green: Chloe Green Christine Green: * 7 mystery/detective novels with series character Kate Kinsella (Nurse/Detective) * Deadly Admirer [Walker, Dec 1993] ISBN 0-802-7324-4-5 hardcover, 197 pp. [Harlequin, Dec 1996] ISBN 0-373-2622-3-X mass market paperback Nurse Vanessa Wootten is manic-depressive, paranoid, and suicidal -- but her troubles are just beginning, if only someone will believe her stories of rape, mnurder, and persecution in the Casualty Department of Lonborough General Hospital. Kate Kinsella takes the stalking part seriously, and is drawn into danger as well. * Deadly Partners [Walker, Jan 1997] hardcover [Worldwide Library, May 1998] ISBN 0-373-2627-4-4, paperback Kate Kinsella tries to locate Nigel Carter, resort owner on the Isle of Wight, with help of shapely Caroline, who is suddenly murdered. The local constable suspects Kate... * Deadly Practice [1997] mass market paperback * Die in My Dreams [19??] [G. K. Hall Large Print Book Series, 1996] paperback * Deadly Errand [1992; 1993; 1996] * Village of Whispers [1987] as "C. Green" * Death in the Country [1995] Ed Green: fictional {to be done} Edith Green, no known Web page Gregory George Gordon Green: fictional {to be done} Jeff Green: fictional {to be done} November Green: fictional {to be done} Richard Ellwood Green, no known Web page William M. Green, no known Web page Martin H. Greenberg, noted anthologist/editor, also in Science Fiction, no known Web page Graham Greene (2 Oct 1904-?): frequently short-listed for the Nobel Prize in Literature {to be done} * 25 mystery/detective novels (although he distinguished the "serious" literature ones which he called "novels" from the lighter ones which he called "entertainments) * 3 mystery/detective story collections * 23 other books * 5 other story collections * 10 screenplays * 1 radio play * 2 books of poetry * 5 books edited * this month, March 2003, my wife and I saw the new film adaptation of Graham Greene's "The Quiet American" and we strongly recommend that movie Steven Greene: see John Lutz "Dub" Greenert: fictional {to be done} Irving A. Greenfield, no known Web page Stephen [Howell] Greenleaf (17 July 1942-) lawyer/author; Born in Washington, D.C.; B.A. 1964 Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota; J.D. 1967 University of California, Berkeley; University of Iowa; U.S. Army; 1968 married Ann Garrison, 1 son; 1968 admitted to California Bar; 1977 admitted to Iowa bar; Multnomah County (Oregon) Legal Aid researcher; Associate Attorney 1970-71 Thompson & Hubbard (Monterey, California); Associate Attorney 1972-76 Sullivan Jones & Archer (San Francisco); Adjunct Profesor of Trial Advocacy 1979-81 University of Iowa: * 4 mystery/detective novels with series characters John Marshall Tanner (all springing from family dynamics) John Greenwood: see John Buxton Hilton Lillian B. Greenwood, no known Web page Barbara Gregorich, no known Web page Diana Emerich Gregory, no known Web page Lucinda Baker Greiner, no known Web page Roma Greth, no known Web page William Grew: see William O'Farrell Leo Grex: see Leonard Gribble Louis Grey: see Leonard Gribble James Greyson: fictional {to be done} Leonard Gribble, full name Leonard Reginald Gribble (1 Feb 1908-): British; in World War II, served in Press and Censorship Division, Ministry of Information; 1932 married Nancy Mason, 1 daughter; literary advisor to publishing companies; initiated BBC Radio's Empire Bookshelf series; founding member, Crime Writers Association: * 45 mystery/detective novels with series character Superintendent Anthony Slade of Scotland Yard * 26 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Leo Grex, with series characters Paul Irving, Phil Sanderson * 3 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Dexter Muir * 3 mystery/detective story collections with series character Superintendent Anthony Slade of Scotland Yard * 2 unrelated novels under pseudonym Sterry Browning * 1 unrelated novel under own name * 10 Western novels under pseudonym Landon Grant * 4 Western novels under pseudonym Lee Denver * 1 screenplay * 1 book of poetry * 66 other books (detection, juvenile, true crime, espionage, history) * 12 books edited (juvenile, military, history) Edward Grierson, full name Edward Dobbyn Grierson (9 Mar 1914-24 May 1975) British; B.A. (honours) in Jurisprudence 1935 Exeter College, Oxford; Inner Temple, London, 1937 called to the bar; British Army Infantry, Lieutenant Colonel; 1938 married Helen D. henderson, 1 daughter; Barrister; Australian Broadcasting Commission (Sydney) announcer; Northumberland Justice of the Peace; other official functions in Northumberland: * 4 mystery/detective novels * 5 unrelated novels * 1 play produced * 3 radio plays * 6 nonfiction books (biography, history, geography) "Lew Griffin": fictional detective; Lew Griffin "Wade Griffin": fictional detective; Wade Griffin Bill Griffith: see Bill Granger Nicola Griffith: best-known for her Science Fiction, she uses both Feminist and Mystery/Detective tropes to probe for human universals, even for future crimes against the environment or e-commerce charirties (both in her fine novel Slow River). Griffith, Nicola home page Arthur Griffiths, to be done "René Griffon": fictional detective; René Griffon "Griffu": fictional detective; Griffu Martha L. Grigg, no known Web page Kate Grilley: Kate Grilley Martha Grimes: Martha Grimes newer home page Martha Grimes: American, * various mystery/detective novels with series character Richard Jury (mostly set in Great Britain) Martha Grimes home page Terris McMahan Grimes; Sacramento, California; Terris McMahan Grimes newer homepage Terris McMahan Grimes * Blood Will Tell [Signet, January 1997] * Somebody Else's Child [Onyx] "Theresa Galloway is a reluctant sleuth caught between a meddling mother and a murderer" according to Sisters in Crime "Grimjack": fictional detective; Grimjack "Anders Grip": fictional private eye Anders Grip James Grippando: James Grippando John Grisham: one of the leading Mysteery/Detective/Thriller authors, specializing in novels with a Lawyer's or Judge's perspective John Grisham John Grisham @ MGrost John Grisham @ randomhouse Arnold E. Grisman, no known Web page Ken Grissom, no known Web page "Simeon Grist": fictional detective; Simeon Grist Hector Gronig: fictional {to be done} Ken Gross, no known Web page Frank Gruber (2 Feb 1904-9 Dec 1969) Born in Elmer, Minnesota; U.S. Army; 1931 married Lois Mahood, 1 son; trade journal editor; correspondance school teacher: * 34 mystery/detective novels with series characters Otis Beagle, Johnny Fletcher and Sam Cragg, Simon Lash * 1 mystery/detective story collection * 24 Western novels * 1 Western story collection * 25 screenplays (mostly Westerns) * 200+ teleplays: creator of "Tales of Wells Fargo", "The Texan", and "Shotgun Slade" series * 2 biographies (Zane Grey; Horatio Alger, Jr.) * 1 autobiography Frank Gruber @ MGrost Robert Grudin, no known Web page Lee Gruenfield: Lee Gruenfeld newer homepage? Lee Gruenfield home page older? "Sam Grunion": fictional detective; Sam Grunion Return to Authors G Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents

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"Private I. Guana": fictional private eye Private I. Guana "Carl Guard": fictional private eye; Carl Guard Kat Guerrera: fictional {to be done} "Peter and Walter Guilfoyle": fictional detectives; in The Mask; Peter and Walter Guilfoyle Thomas Guillen, no known Web page "Lònia Guiu": fictional detective; Lònia Guiu Patricia May Guiver; Huntington Beach, California; no known web site, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books with series character Delilah Doolittle (Pet Detective) include: * Delilah Doolittle And The Purloined Pooch [Berkley Prime Crime] "C. J. Gunn and Jenny Gordon": fictional detectives; Jenny Gordon and C. J. Gunn "Peter Gunn": major fictional detective; Peter Gunn Victor Gunn: see Berkeley Gray "Aaron Gunner": fictional detective; Aaron Gunner Sally Gunning; Brewster, Massachusetts; no known web site, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors Books with series character Peter Bartholomew include: * Deep Water [Pocket] * Still Water [Pocket] * Rough Water [Pocket] * Troubled Water [Pocket] * Ice Water [Pocket] * Under Water [Pocket] * Hot Water [Pocket] "Bernie Gunther": fictional detective; Bernie Gunther "Casper Gutman": fictional criminal/adventurer a.k.a. "The Fat Man" in the fiction of Dashiell Hammett. Casper Gutman sought The Maltese Falcon for 17 years, only to be thwarted by Sam Spade. Gutman is flabbily fat with bulbous pink cheeks, lips, chin, and neck, and a great soft egg of a belly that was his entire torso. When he walked, all his fat bounced and shook separately, like: "clustered soap bubbles not yet released from the pipe through which they had been blown." His eyes, made to seem small by the surrounding fat, are sleek and dark. His scalp is covered with dark ringlets. His voice is a throaty purr. He dresses foppishly, in a black cutaway coat, black vest, black satin ascot tie held by a pinkish pearl, striped gray trousers, and black patent leather shoes. D. Gutterson, author of "Out of the Woods", no known web site, but do look in your hard-copy library for "Out of the Woods" K. Hubbard, "People Weekly", vol.45 (4 March 1996) pp.389-390 "Rafe Guttman": fictional detective; Rafe Guttman Peter Guttridge: Peter Guttridge home page Return to Authors G Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY AUTHORS Table of Contents
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