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Inez Grool Haanderman: reclusive Welsh/Chilean author of sardonic horror, including "The Blunderghost" (London: G. Bles, 1937) and "The Great Sargasso Serpent" (London: M. Joseph, 1964) John Mitri Habash, no known Web page Diane A. Hadac, no known Web page Jane Haddam: pseudonym of Orania Papazoglou (1951-): Jane Haddam home page Married to Mystery/Detective author William L. DeAndrea, Orania Papazoglou is best known under Jane Haddam for: * the "Gregor Demarkian" novel series, featuring the ex-FBI agent and is best known under her own name for: * the "Patience McKenna" novel series * Roman Catholic-backgrounded Mystery/Detective novels including: * Sanctity [1986] * Charisma [1992] Christopher Haddon: see Francis Beeding, Francis Beeding (pseudonym of John Leslie Palmer & Hilary Aidan S.George Saunders) {to be done} unusually successful writing team Joan Hadley: see Joan Hess David Hagberg: see Sean Flannery; no known Web page "Jack Hagee": fictional detective; Jack Hagee "Mort Hagen": fictional detective {to be done} "Paul Hagen": fictional detective {to be done} Jean Hager; Tulsa, Oklahoma; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series character Molly Bearpaw include: * The Spirit Caller [Mysterious Press, May 1997] * Seven Black Stones [Mysterious Press] * The Redbird's Cry [Mysterious Press] * Ravenmocker [Mysterious Press] Winner: Oklahoma Tepee Award * Books with series character Mitch Bushyhead include: * The Fire Carrier [Mysterious Press, May 1997] * Books in the "Iris House Bed and Breakfast" series include: * Death On The Drunkard's Path [Avon] * Dead And Buried [Avon] * Blooming Murder [Avon] J. Harvey Haggard, no known Web page William Haggard: pseudonym of Richard Henry Michael Clayton (11 Aug 1907-): British; B.A. 1929 Christ Church, Oxford; M.A. 1947 Oxford University; 1939-46 Indian Army (Lieutenant Colonel, General Staff); 1936 married Barbara Myfanwy Sant; 1 son, 1 daughter; 1931-39 Indian Civil Service; 1947-69 Board of Trade; 1965-69 Controller of Enemy Property: * 28 mystery/detective novels with series characters Paul Martiny, Colonel Charles Russell; mostly somewhat right-wing iconoclastic action novels filled with political intrigue * 1 unrelated book (rugs) "Leo Haggerty": Washington D.C. missing persons detective character in the fiction of Benjamin M. Schutz: * A Tax in Blood [1987] 3rd in series, won Shamus Award of Private Eye Writers of America Leo Haggerty Betty B. Hagman, no known Web page "Haida": fictional detective; Haida "Leo Haig and Chip Harrison": fictional detectives; Leo Haig and Chip Harrison "Hairbutt the Hippo": fictional detective; Hairbutt the Hippo Gina Haldane, no known Web page Joe Haldeman: Best known for his Science Fiction, Joe Haldeman has used the Mystery/Detective tropes effectively in, for example: * The Hemingway Hoax Joe Haldeman homepage Edward Everett Hale: Edward Everett Hale @ MGrost Leland E. Hale, no known Web page "Max Hale": fictional detective; Max Hale "Prichard Hale": fictional detective; Prichard Hale "Jim Haley": fictional detective; Jim Haley Clifford Halifax: Clifford Halifax @ MGrost Adam Hall: see Elleston Trevor "Glenn Hall": fictional private eye; in "Snoops" Glenn Hall Mary Bowen Hall: * Mystery/Detective novels with series character Emma Chizzit (amateur sleuth owner of A-1 Salvage): * Emma Chizzit and the Mother Lode Marauder [Walker, June 1993; Worldwide Library, Sep 1995] ISBN 0-373-2617-8-0, Emma Chizzit and best friend Frannie in real estate and gold-mining scheme set in Buckeye, California and placing Emma's young reporter friend Jimmy Simpson in deadly danger * Emma Chizzit and the Napa Nemesis [Walker, June 1992] ISBN 0-802-7321-1-9, hardcover, 164 pp. [Thorndike Large Print Popular Series, 1993] Emma Chizzit and best friend Frannie search California's Napa Valley wine country for an unpublished book manuscript by Robert Louis Stephenson supposedly hidden at 19th Century Utopian colony Fountaingrove. Then one of the millionaire Wulff twins vanishes, and there are a series of murders -- or are they an elaborate hoax? * the "More for Your Money" nonfiction series James Hall: James Hall home page Matthew Hall: Matthew Hall Parnell Hall; New York City: Parnell Hall home page features his new "Puzzle Lady" series Parnell Hall * Books with series character Stanley Hastings include: * Scam [Mysterious Press] * Trial [Mysterious Press] * Movie [Mysterious Press] * Blackmail [Mysterious Press] * Actor [Mysterious Press] * Shot [New American Library] * Juror [New American Library] * Books under pseudonym J. P. Hailey with series character Steve Winslow include: * The Underground Man [Tor] * The Anonymous Client [Tor] Vincent Hall: Vincent Hall @ MGrost Zanne Hall, no known Web page William H. Hallahan, full name William Henry Hallahan (1925-): Brooklyn-born; B.A. Journalism, M.A. English Literature, Temple University (Philadelphia); winner 1978 Edgar Allan Poe Award (for espionage novel "Catch Me, Kill Me"): * 7 mystery/detective novels, some espionage, some occult, some thrillers * The Dead of Winter [1972] civilians assassinate mafiosi * The Ross Forgery [1973] typeface-design plot * The Search for Joseph Tully [1974] ultra-violent * Catch Me, Kill Me [1977] cashiered spy wants back in * The Trade [1981] Ludlum-esque global thriller * the "Charlie Brewer" espionage series: * Foxcatcher [1986] * Tripletrap [1989] "Lucas Hallam": fictional detective; Lucas Hallam "Joe Hallenbeck": fictional private eye; Joe Hallenbeck "Sid Halley": fictional detective; Sid Halley "Mike Haller": fictional detective; Mike Haller Brett Halliday: pseudonym of Davis Dresser (31 July 1904-4 Feb 1977) Chicago-born, grew up in West Texas; lied about age and enlisted in U.S. Army Cavalry at age 14, then came home and finished high school; one eye destroyed by barbed-wire accident, often wore eye-patch; Certificate in Civil Engineering, Tri-State College (Angola, Indiana); 1946 married mystery/detective author Helen McCloy, 1 daughter, co-founded with wife Torquil Publishing Company and Halliday & McCloy Literary Agency, 1961 divorced; married Kathleen Rollins; married Mary Savage; prolific pulp writer (adventure, mystery, western) from 1927 to 1950s (after 1958 the "Brett Halliday" novels were ghosted); best known for some 60 "Mike Shayne" novels; 1956 founded "Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine" (which still runs stories "by Brett Halliday"; 1953 winner Edgar Allan Poe Award for Criticism: * 40 mystery/detective novels with series characters Jerry Burke, Michael Shayne, Morgan Wayne * 8 novels under pseudonym Anthony Scott * 6 novels under pseudonym Kathryn Culver * 8 novels under own name * 4 novels under pseudonym Don Davis * 5 mystery/detective anthologies edited Brett Halliday: see also Bill Pronzini, who later wrote under that pseudonym Dorothy Halliday: see Dorothy Dunnett Michael Halliday: see John Creasey "Nina Halligan": fictional private eye; Nina Halligan Geraldine Halls: see Charlotte Jay William F. Hallstead, no known Web page "John Halting": fictional detective; John Halting Lorie Lewis Ham: Lorie Lewis Ham "Maiku Hama": fictional private eye; Maiku Hama "Tommy Hambledon": British ex-language teacher espionage character in the fiction of Manning Coles * Drink to Yesterday [1940] * Pray Silence [1940] titled A Toast to Tomorrow in USA * They Tell No Tales [1941] * Without Lawful Authority [1943] * Green Hazard [1945] * The Fifth Man [1946] * A Brother for Hugh [1947] titled Intent to Deceive in USA * Let the Tiger Die [1947] * Among Those Absent [1948] * Not Negotiable [1949] * Diamonds to Amsterdam [1949] * Dangerous By Nature [1950] * Now or Never [1951] * Night Train to Paris [1952] * Alias Uncle Hugo [1952] * A Knife for the Juggler [1953] * Not for Export [1954] titled All That Glitters in USA * The Man in the Green Hat [1955] * The Basle Express [1956] * Birdwatcher's Quarry [1956] titled The Three Beans in UK * Death of an Ambassador [1957] * No Entry [1958] * Nothing to Declare [1960] short story collection * Crime in Concrete [1960] titled Concrete Crime in USA * Search for a Sultan [1961] * The House at Pluck's Gutter [1963] Barbara Hambly: Mystery/Detective, Fantasy, and Science Fiction author Barbara Hambly "Barney Hamet": fictional private eye; Barney Hamet Donald B. Hamilton, full name Donald Bengtsson Hamilton (24 Mar 1924-): Sweden-born American author (immigrated 1924); B.S. 1938 University of Chicago; U.S. Naval Reserve as Lieutenant; 1941 married Kathleen Stick, 2 sons, 2 daughters; full-time photographer/author: * 27 mystery/detective espionage novels with series character Matt Helm (sometimes called "the American James Bond", rather campy film adaptation starring Dean Martin, even worse television adaptation) * 5 Western novels * 1 play * 2 nonfiction books (guns/hunting, travel) * 1 book edited (Western) "Gil Hamilton": fictional detective, known as "Gil 'The Arm' Hamilton" in the fiction of science fiction author Larry Niven; Gil Hamilton Laurell K. Hamilton: Laurell K. Hamilton Lyn Hamilton: Lyn Hamilton Patrick Hamilton (17 Mar 1904-23 Sep 1962): British author/actor who was assistant stage manager to Andrew Melville: * 4 mystery/detective novels (3 with series character Ernerst Ralph Gorse), one non-series novel "Hangover Square" [London: Constable, 1941; New York: Random House, 1942] is one of the finest books ever written about a schizophrenic killer (motivated by jealousy) in terms of psychological insight and gripping realism * 8 unrelated novels * 9 plays produced, including 1929 "Rope" (based on Loeb-Leopold case, adapted for film by Alfred Hitchcock {hotlink to be done}) * 7 radio plays Steve Hamilton: Steve Hamilton home page "Mike Hammer": character in the fiction of Mickey Spillane * I, the Jury [1947] first of many see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT see: TELEVISION Mike Hammer Richard Hammer, no known Web page Hammett: American movie [Orion/Zoetrope, 1982] Director: Wim Wenders Adapted: (badly) from the novel [1975] by Joe Gores Starring: Frederick Forrest as Hammett; Peter Boyle as the Continetal Op Marilu Henner as Effie Perrine or Nora Charles (of Nick and Nora); Roy Kinnear as Caspar Gutman see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Dashiell Hammett, full name Samuel Dashiell Hammett (27 May 1894-10 Jan 1961): Dashiell Hammett @ MGrost, or: Dashiell Hammett @ MGrost "Dashiell Hammett": fictional detective based on the actual author of the same name; Dashiell Hammett "Inspector Gabriel Hanaud": character in the fiction of A. E. W. Mason * At the Villa Rose [1910] a classic; * has been adapted for silent film [1920] * has been adapted for talkie [1930] * remake [1939] * The House of the Arrow [1924] * adapted for film [1930] * adapted for film [1940] * adapted for film [1943] * The Four Corners of the World [1917] short story collection * The Prisoner in the Opal [1928] * They Wouldn't Be Chessmen [1935] * The House in Lordship Lane [1946] see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT David Handler, no known Web page "Rob Hanes": fictional private eye; Rob Hanes "Arly Hanks": Maggody Police Chief in the Ozarks, character in the fiction of Joan Hess "Guy Hanks": fictional detective; Guy Hanks Sean Hanlon, no known Web page Edward B. Hanna, no known Web page Kristin Hannah: Kristin Hannah home page "Richard Hannay": character in the fiction of John Buchan * The Thirty-Nine Steps [1915] pioneering classic, arguable the first modern Thriller * adapted for film by Hitchcock see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT * Greenmantle [1916] * Mr.Standfast [1916] * The Three Hostages [1924] * The Island of Sheep [1936] titled The Man From Norlands in USA "Joe Hannibal": fictional detective; Joe Hannibal "Chess Hanrahan": fictional detective; Chess Hanrahan Dimitri B. Hanos, no known Web page Joseph Hansen (19 July 1923-): South Dakota-born; 1943 married Jane Bancroft, 1 daughter; autodidact, now teaches fiction writing including mystery/detective genre (in California); 1974 winner National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship; 1975 winner British Arts Council Grant: * 8 mystery/detective novels with series character Dave Brandstetter (one of the first homosexual detective characters in fiction) * 1 collection mystery/detective stories * 5 unrelated novels (2 under pseudonym Rose Brock) * 8 novels under pseudonym James Colton * 1 collection of stories under pseudonym James Colton * 1 book of poetry Diana Hansen-Young, no known Web page Thomas W. Hanshew (1857-3 Mar 1914) Actor/author: Thomas W. Hanshew @ MGrost * 8 mystery/detective novels with series character Hamilton Cleek (able to change the features of his face, worked for Scotland Yard) * 1 collection mystery/detective stories * 4 unrelated novels (one under pseudonym Charlotte Mary Kingsley) * 3 plays "Superintendent Hanslett": fictional police officer in the fiction of John Rhode (pseudonym of Cecil John Charles Street). When just starting to climb the ladder of promotions, Hanslett met Dr. Priestley, who enjoyed solving the tricky crimes that were brought to him. Inspector Hanslett was methodical, meticulous, and brisk, but often doubted Dr. Priestley's analyses. Hanslett usually had to admit, later, that Dr. Priestley was right. Did Hanslett rise to Superintendent due to what he learned from Dr. Priestley, or for taking credit for the private eye's work? That question is left to the reader. Rick Hanson, no known Web page "Bomber and Tod Hanson": fictional private eyes; Bomber and Tod Hanson "Willy Hanson": fictional detective; Willy Hanson "Jim Hanvey": detective character in the fiction of Octavus Roy Cohen, "the terror of crooks from coast to coast" Jim Hanvey "Sigrid Harald": NYPD detective character in the fiction of Margaret Maron Alfred B. Harbage: better known by pseudonym of Thomas Kyd Hard-Boiled Detective: subgenre {to be done} see: * "Black Mask" * Dashiell Hammett * Raymond Chandler Hardcastle and McCormick: television [ABC, 1983-1986] see: TELEVISION (characters names in full: "Milton G. Hardcastle" and "Mark McCormick" "Wil Hardesty": fictional detective; Wil Hardesty "Art Hardin": fictional private eye; Art Hardin "Bart Hardin": Times Square ex-marine detective character in the fiction of David Alexander * Terror on Broadway [1954] * Shoot a Sitting Duck [1955] * Paint the Town Black [1954] * The Murder of Whistler's Brother [1956] * Die, Little Goose [1956] * The Death of Humpty Dumpty [1957] * Dead, Man, Dead [1959] "Harding": fictional detective; Harding "Jim Hardman and Hump Evans": fictional detectives; Jim Hardman and Hump Evans "The Hardy Boys": characters in the fiction of the Stratemeyer Syndicate, see: "Nancy Drew" see: TELEVISION The Hardy Boys "Cliff Hardy": fictional detective; Cliff Hardy "Patrick Hardy": fictional detective; Patrick Hardy Orietta A. Hardy-Sayles, no known Web page Cyril Hare: pseudonym of Alfred Alexander Gordon Clark (4 Sep 1900-25 Aug 1958) British lawyer and judge * 9 mystery/detective novels with series characters Inspector Mallett, Francis Pettigrew * 1 collection mystery/detective stories * 1 play * 1 juvenile * 2 unrelated books edited (criminal evidence, Surrey music festival) David K. Harford, no known Web page Thomas Harlan: Thomas Harlan Robert Harling (1910-) journalist, advertiser, magazine editor and design consultant * 5 mystery/detective novels * 2 unrelated novels * 8 nonfiction books (history, gardening, biography, sailing) * 13 books edited (house & garden) "Angela Harpe": fictional detective; Angela Harpe Karen Harper; Columbus, Ohio and Naples, Florida; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books include: * Black Orchid [Signet] Everglades setting * Dark Road Home [Signet] Amish country setting "Rick Harper": fictional private eye; Rick Harper Shannon Harper; Deland, Florida; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books under pseudonym Madeline Harper (with co-author Madeline Porter) include: * Baby In My Arms [Harlequin Intrigue #400, December 1996] * Tall, Dark And Deadly [Harlequin Intrigue #325] "Steve Harragan": fictional detective; Steve Harragan Harrigan and Son: television [ABC, 1960-1961] see: TELEVISION Joseph Harrington, to be done Joyce Harrington: New Jersey born; 2 sons, studied acting at Pasadena Playhouse; Foote Cone & Belding Director of Public Relations; winner 1973 Edgar Allan Poe award for short story: * 3 mystery/detective novels * No One Knows My Name [1981] * Family Reunion [1982] * Dreemz of the Night [1987] * 32 uncollected mystery/detective stories William Harrington: Attorney/novelist: * Columbo: The Game Show Killer [Forge, July 1997] ISBN 0-812-5508-0-3, mass market paperback, 288 pp., Movie old-timer Tim Wylie is murdered in his home. Because their is no forced entry, and there is a note, the clues point to game show hostess Erika Bjorling, who bore Tim's illegitimate son 20 years earlier, and that son was murdered too. Was it blackmail or revenge? Columbo is thrown off-course when Bjorling's lawyer begins to sell his client's story for big bucks to the media. Think of Vanna White being defended by Johnny Cochrane... * Columbo: The Glitter Murder [Forge, March 1997] ISBN 0-312-8616-1-3, hardcover, 240 pp., The publisher of "Glitz" is the wealthy and glamorous Ai-Ling Cooper Svan, married to Swedish film director Gunnar Svan, and soo very jealous of Gunnar's sexual indiscretions with a cheap prostitute and a teenage girl. She very nearly commits the perfect murder, with co-conspirator Dr. Lincoln Hilliard, her psychiatrist/lover. Columbo sees the superficial clues in a far more subtle way than the murderers could have imagined. * Columbo: The Grassy Knoll [Tor, 1994] ISBN 0-812-5302-4-1, reprint, out of print Celebrity TV-star Paul Drury murdered, and Columbo finds the trail leads back to the John Kennedy assassination, via Drury's blonde ex-wife Alicia and her rich buddy Tim Bell, through the dark side of up-scale Las Vegas and the machinations of the New York mafia. Can the detective in the rumpled raincoat solve the murder mystery of the century? * Columbo: The Helter Skelter Murders [Forge, July 1995] ISBN 0-812-5302-6-8, mass market paperback, L.A. boutique department store owner Yussef Khoury has become a film producer, in love with his new star, Kimberly Dana. So Khoury's wife Arlene wants a divorce, until she and her lover are murdered in what looks like a Charles Manson copy-cat killing, with bloody grafitti as in the Tate/LaBianca deaths of 1969. You see, Arlene's secretary Cathy Murphy was once known as Puss Dogodd when she hung out with Manson... * Columbo: The Hoffa Connection [Forge, Aug 1996] revised edition ISBN 0-812-5507-8-1, mass market paperback Superstar (think: "Madonna") drowned in her Beverly Hills pool after a big concert. Columbo finds himself sleuthing in Italy when the murder of Jimmy Hoffa seems to be entangled in this case... * Columbo: The Hoover Files [Forge, Jan 1998] ISBN 0-312-8602-7-7, mass market paperback, Betsy Clendenin, queen of the sleaze celebrity biography (think: "Kitty Kelley") has dynamite data linkinh J. Edgar Hoover and Roy Cohn to the Mafia, but all is burnt, including Btesy, when her house actually explodes. Columbo's meticulous attention to detail, with a genuine police procedural feel, saves the day. * The Cromwell File [St.Martin's Press, Feb 1986] out of print ISBN 0-312-1764-8-1 * Endgame in Berlin [1991] out of print ISBN 1-556-113-3-7 * The English Lady [1982] out of print ISBN 0-872-2375-0-8 * For the Defense [1988] out of print ISBN 1-556-1108-6-3 * Manhattan North Homicide: Detective First Grade Thomas McKenna NYPD (co-author Thomas McKenna) [St.Martin's Press, Feb 1997] ISBN 0-312-9600-9-3, 240 pp., mass market paperback, nonfiction accounts by New Ypork's super-detective about the Central Park Jogger case, the Preppie Murder, the baby Maldonado case, and other high-profile New York true crimes * Oberst [1987; 1988] out of print ISBN 1-556-1101-4-6, Wolrd War II novel with Mystery elements * Partners [1980; 1981] out of print ISBN 0-872-2358-6-6 * Rightfully Hers [1993] out of print ISBN 1-558-1776-6-3 * Scorpio 5 [1974] out of print ISBN 0-698-1063-7-7 * Skin Deep [1983] out of print ISBN 0-399-3102-4-X * Town on Trial [1994] out of print ISBN 1-556-1139-3-5, crafty legal thriller about Alexandria, in West Virginia's Ohio valley, caught up up socialite trial involving murder of a bachelor Congressman and two aides by a lover; as narrated by Bill McIntyre, a local trial judge near retirement, who sees more than the cops in the "obvious" facts that Park Avenue art dealer Marietta Rheinlander, Congressman Bailey's lover, was seen standing over the body with a smoking .38 Smith & Wesson which bears her fingerprints. Bailey liked oral sex, she admits, and her New York defense attorney Lloyd George Kimball uses this to suggest that Congressman Charles Bailey was really killed by a male homosexual * Virus [1991] out of print ISBN 0-688-0906-4-8 Computer Crimes, Drug Trafficking, and Columbia are only part of this intricate thriller Barney Harris: fictional detective {to be done} Charlaine Harris; Magnolia, Arkansas; Charlaine Harris see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series character Aurora Teagarden include: * Dead Over Heels [Scribner] * The Julius House [Worldwide] * A Bone To Pick [Walker] * Books with series character Lily Bard ("weight-lifting homekeeper with a past") include: * Shakespeare's Champion [St. Martin's, Fall 1997] * Shakespeare's Landlord [St. Martin's] E. Lynn Harris: E. Lynn Harris home page Herbert Harris (25 Aug 1911-) British prolific short story author with 3,000+ (!) newspaper and magazine publications (mostly 1,000-2,000 words long with twist endings); Founding Editor "Red Herrings" (bulletin of Crime Writers Association); Chairman 1969-70 Crime Writers Association; winner 1965 Crime Writers Association award: * 4 mystery/detective novels * 1 play * 4 mystery/detective books edited John Harris: pseudonym of Mark Hebden Lee Harris; Tenafly, New Jersey; Lee Harris see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series character Christine Bennett (Ex-nun) include: * The New Year's Eve Murder [Fawcett, December 1997] * The Valentine's Day Murder [Fawcett, February 1997] * The Passover Murder [Fawcett] * The Thanksgiving Day Murder [Fawcett] * The Christmas Night Murder [Fawcett] * The St. Patrick's Day Murder [Fawcett] * The Christening Day Murder [Fawcett] * The Yom Kippur Murder [Fawcett] * The Good Friday Murder [Fawcett] Nominated for Edgar Allan Poe Award "Mike Harris and Trixie Meighan": fictional detectives; Mike Harris and Trixie Meighan "Paul Harris": Scottish Far-East suspense character in the fiction of Gavin Black * Suddenly At Singapore [1961] * Dead Man Caling [1962] * A Dragon for Christmas [1963] * The Eyes Around Me [1964] * You Want to Die, Johnny? [1966] * The Wind of Death [1967] * The Cold Jungle [1969] he returns to Scotland * A Time for Pirates [1971] * The Bitter Tea [1972] * The Golden Cockatrice [1974] * A Big Wind for Summer [1975] he returns to Scotland * A Book for Killers [1976] * Night Run from Java [1979] Rosemary Harris, full name Rosemary Jeanne Harris (20 Feb 1923-) British artist, nurse, picture restorer, MGM reader, Times of London children's book reviewer; winner 1969 Library Association Carnegie Medal; winner 1971 Arts Council grant: * 5 mystery/detective novels * 13 unrelated novels for children * 3 unrelated novels for children * 2 teleplays * 5 other books (oriental legends) Thomas Harris (1940-): Thriller author/journalist Thomas Harris * Black Sunday [1975] Arab terrorists, superbowl blimp * Red Dragon [1981] introces Hannibal Lecter * Silence of the Lambs [1988] * Hannibal [2000] see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT C. William Harrison: C. William Harrison @ MGrost Chip Harrison: pseudonym of Lawrence Block; Chip Harrison and Leo Haig Colin Harrison: Colin Harrison home page Harry Harrison: Best-known for Science Fiction, Harry Harrison has also written in the Mystery/Detective mode. Indeed, his * "Stainless Steel Rat" series of novels are explicitly about a future super-criminal with an inherently moral philosophy. Harry Harrison Henry Sydnor Harrison: Henry Sydnor Harrison The Rinehart School subgenre Michael Harrison (25 Apr 1907-) British; 1950 married Maryvonne Aubertin, 2 stepdaughters; Founding Editor, "The British Ink Maker"; Founding Editor, "Valvology"; market rsearcher, technical/industrial consultant; ad agency creative director: * 4 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Quentin Downes, with series character Detective Inspector Abraham Kozminski * 1 collection mystery/detective stories * 18 unrelated novels * 1 unrelated story collection * 32 nonfiction books (Sherlock Holmes, London, history) * 2 books edited (including "Beyond baker Street: A Sherlockian Anthology") Whit Harrison: see Harry Whittington Will Harriss, no known Web page "Harry": fictional detective; Harry Harry-O: television [ABC, 1974-1976] see: TELEVISION "Ace Hart": fictional detective; Ace Hart Anne Hart: Anne Hart Carolyn G. Hart; full name Carolyn Gimpel Hart (1936-): Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Carolyn Hart: Death on Demand and Henry O series Carolyn Hart different spelling of URL? see also bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series character Henrie O. Collins include: * Death In Lovers' Lane [Avon; Books on Tape] * Scandal in Fair Haven [Bantam; Books on Tape] Nominated for Agatha and Macavity Awards * Dead Man's Island [Bantam; Books on Tape] Winner: Agatha Award; CBS movie stars Barbara Eden * Books in the "Death on Demand" series include: * Mint Julep Murder [Bantam; Books on Tape] * Southern Ghost [Bantam; Books on Tape] Nominated for Agatha and Anthony Awards * The Christie Caper [Bantam; Books on Tape] Nominated for Anthonyand Macavity Awards * Deadly Valentine [Bantam; Books on Tape] Nominated for Agatha and Macavity Awards * A Little Class On Murder [Bantam; Books on Tape] Winner: Macavity Award; Nominated for Agatha and Anthony Awards * Honeymoon With Murder [Bantam] Winner: Anthony Award * Something Wicked [Bantam] Winner: Agatha and Anthony Awards * Design For Murder [Bantam] * Death On Demand [Bantam] Winner: Anthony and Macavity Awards Ellen Hart; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Ellen Hart see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series character Jane Lawless include: * Robber's Wine [Seal Press] Lambda Book Report: "Sheer entertainment" * Faint Praise [Seal Press; Ballantine] Winner: 1996 Minnesota Book Award, Best Mystery/Dective Fiction; Nominated for 1996 American Library Association Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Book Award; Publishers Weekly: "...intelligent and engrossing" * A Small Sacrifice [Seal Press; Ballantine] Winner: Lambda Literary Award; Winner: Minnesota Book Award; Nominated for American Library Association Gay and Lesbian Book Award * A Killing Cure [Seal Press; Ballantine] * Stage Fright [Seal Press; Ballantine] Nominated for Lambda Literary Award * Vital Lies [Seal Press; Ballantine] * Hallowed Murder [Seal Press; Ballantine; Hall Closet Book Company, Unabridged Audio Tape: Nominee for the 1996 Golden Earphones Award (Audio World), Best unabridged book.
* Books with series character Sophie Greenway include: * The Oldest Sin [Ballantine] Between The Lines: "Sophie is at her best...and so is Hart" * For Every Evil [Ballantine] * This Little Piggy Went To Murder [Ballantine] Francis Noyes Hart, full name Francis Newbold Noyes Hart (10 Aug 1890-25 Oct 1943): 1921 married Edward Henry Hart, 2 daughters; Naval Intelligence translator * 3 mystery/detective novels * 1 collection mystery/detective stories * 1 unrelated novel * 1 mystery/detective play: "The Bellamy Trial" acurately based on the sensational Hall-Mills case (New York) * 2 nonfiction books (travel) Hart to Hart: television [ABC, 1979-1984] see: TELEVISION "Jack Hart": fictional private eye; Jack Hart Kirby Hart: fictional detective {to be done} Lauri Hart: Lauri Hart Steven Hartov, no known Web page David Hartwell: Best-known as a leading editor of Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy, David Hartwell's works of criticism deal with various genres, indluing Mystery/Detective. David Hartwell Gina Hartzmark, no known Web page Simon Harvester: pseudonym of Henry St.John Clair Rumbold-Gibbs (1910-Apr 1975): British, studied painting in Europe; Royal Corps of Signals in World War II; 3 marriages, 1 son; journalist, farmer, publisher's reader; winner 1950 Anisfield-Wolf Award: * 44 mystery/detective novels with series characters Roger Fleming, Malcolm Kenton, Heron Murmer, Dorian Silk (spy) * 19 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Henry Gibbs * 3 unrelated novels under pseudonym Henry Gibbs * 9 nonfiction books (theatre, travel) James Neal Harvey, no known Web page John Harvey, England, no known Web page Virginia L. Harvey, no known Web page "Bump Harwell": fictional detective; Bump Harwell Paul Harwitz, no known Web page "Elmo Hash": fictional private eye; Elmo Hash Beverly Hastings: Young Adult/Juvenile Mystery/Detective author "Captain Hastings": fictional police officer in the fiction of Agatha Christie. Captain Hastings is the well-meaning but somewhat dim Watson to Hercule Poirot's eccentric Sherlock. Hastings had long ago met Poirot in Belgium. Recovering from unspecified war injuries near the start of World War I, Hastings is in a convalescent hospital in Styles, well enough now to walk extensively and even play tennis. He finishes his military service, is discharged as Captain, and deepens his relationship with Poirot. Captain Hastings agrees to share a flat with Hercule Poirot, while working as secretary to a Member of Parliament, as opposed to returning to his former employment with Lloyds of London. He often fell in love with women he met during detective cases, and finally marries one in 1925, moving with her to Argentina. He sometimes returns to Europe, and several more times works as partner with Poirot in cases. When his wife unfortunately dies, Captain Hastings comes back to Styles, because his eldest daughter (his favorite child) works nearby, and Hastings is concerned that she is romantically linked to a married man. Or maybe that's just Captain Hastings' excuse to see Poirot again. Ironically, this proves to be his final case with the great detective. "Lieutenant Frank Hastings": San Francisco Police Force ex-football college star character in the fiction of Collin Wilcox * The Lonely Hunter [1970] * The Disappearance [1970] * Dead Aim [1971] * Hiding Place [1973] * Long Way Down [1974] * Aftershock [1975] * Doctor Lawyer [1977] * The Watcher [1978] * Twospot [1978] co-author Bill Pronzini * Night Games [1979] * Mankiller [1980] * Victims [1985] * The Pariah [1988] * A Death Before Dying [1990] * Hire a Hangman [1991] * Dead Center [1992] Graham Hastings: see Roderic Jeffries Macdonald Hastings (6 Oct 1909-4 Oct 1982) British, son of playwright Basil Macdonald Hastings; 2 marriages, 2 sons, 1 daughter; War correspondant "Picture Post" (London); editor, "Strand Magazine"; Founding Editor, "Country fair" magazine (London); columnist under pseudonym "Lemuel Gulliver" for "Lilliput" magazine (London); frequent radio and TV broadcaster: * 5 mystery/detective novels with series characters Montague Cork * 1 unrelated novel * 1 screenplay * 1 TV series ("Call the Gun Expert", 1964) * 20 nonfiction books (juvenile, guns, travel) * 2 books edited (game shooting) Roderic Hastings: see Bruce Graham "Stanley Hastings": fictional detective; Stanley Hastings "Willow Hastings": fictional private eye; Willow Hastings Patricia Moyes Haszard, no known Web page Cyrus Hatch: fictional detective {to be done} Amos Hatcher: fictional detective {to be done} "Madge Hatchett": fictional detective; Madge Hatchett Robin Hathaway: Robin Hathaway home page Pete Hautman: Pete Hautman home page "Sergeant Barbara Havers": see Chief Inspector Thomas Lynley "Johnny Havoc": fictional private eye; Johnny Havoc Hawaii Five-O: television [CBS, 1968-1980] see: TELEVISION Hawaiian Eye: television [ABC, 1959-1963] see: TELEVISION Noah Hawley: Noah Hawley "Hawk": fictional private eye; Hawk (see also Spenser) Hawk: television [ABC, 1966] see: TELEVISION "Johnny Hawk": fictional detective; Johnny Hawk "Nathan Hawke": fictional detective; Nathan Hawke Barry T. Hawkins, no known Web page Sam Hawkins: fictional detective {to be done} "Hawley": fictional detective; Hawley "Joaquim Hawks": southeast Asia-based CIA character in the fiction of Bill S. Ballinger * The Chinese Mask [1965] * The Spy in Bangkok [1965] * The Spy in the Jungle [1965] * The Spy at Angkor Wat [1966] * The Spy in the Java Sea [1966] Nathaniel Hawthorne: one of the geatest of all American authors, best-known for mainstream literature, but sometimes venturing into what today would be called the genres of Mystery, Horror, Science Fiction, and Dark Fantasy Nathaniel Hawthorne @ MGrost "Dr. Sam Hawthorne": see Edward D. Hoch Howard Haycraft (1905-1991): editor/scholar of Mystery/Detective fiction; winner of 1947 Edgar Award for criticism; winner of 1975 Edgar Award for special services; 1963 President of Mystery Writers of America: Nonfiction: * Murder for Pleasure [1941] first book-length history of the Mystery/Detective genre * The Art of the Mystery Story [1946] Fiction Edited: * several {to be done} Elsie Hayden; El Paso, Texas; Elsie Hayden see also bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books include: * Who's Susan? [Commonwealth] Laura Hayden: also known as Laura Kenner, authors Romantic suspense fiction Laura Hayden Joseph Hayes, full name Joseph Arnold Hayes (2 Aug 1918-) Indianapolis-born, schooled at Indiana University; 1938 married Marrijane Johnston, 3 children; Assistant Editor, Samuel French publishers (plays); theatre producer; Chairman, Sarasota Community Theatre for the Performing Arts (Florida); Chairman, Sarasota Chapter, American Civil Liberties Union; winner 1948 Sergel Drama Prize (University of Chicago); winner, Grand Prix de Litterature Policiere; winner 1956 Tony Award for Drama; winner 1956 Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Screenplay; D.H.L. 1970 Indiana University: * 10 mystery/detective novels, starting with * The Desperate Hours [New York: Random House; London: Deutsch] a bestseller adapted by Joseph Hayes as a play (1955) and then screenplay (1955) * 2 unrelated novels * 31 plays * 2 screenplays * 1 radio play "Maddie Hayes and David Addison": fictional private eyes; in TELEVISION "Moonlighting" Maddie Hayes and David Addison "Tamara Hayle": fictional detective; Tamara Hayle S. T. Haymon, full name Sylvia T. Haymon (1918-): British broadcaster, consultant, author; The "Inspector Ben Jurnet" series of Novels: [see: Jurnet] * Death and the Pregnant Virgin [1980] "Haynes": fictional detective; Haynes Betsy Haynes: Young Adult/Juvenile Mystery/Detective author; no known Web page J. Dana Haynes, no known Web page James Haynes, no known Web page Tony Hayes, no known Web page Sparkle Hayter: Sparkle Hayter Richard Hayward: see Baynard H. Kendrick Gar Anthony Haywood, no known Web page Sparkle Hayter: Sparkle Hayter "James Hazell": fictional detective; James Hazell "Inspector Hazelrigg": see Michael Gilbert Return to Authors H Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Matthew Head: pseudonym of John [Edwin] Canaday (1 Feb 1907-) Born in Fort Scott, Kansas; B.A. 1925 University of Texas, Austin; M.A. 1932 Yale; U.S. Marine Corps as 1st Lieutenant; 1935 married Katherine Hoover, 1 son, 1 daughter; taught Art History at University of Virginia; headed Newcomb College (Tulane University) School of Art; Chief of Education Division, Philadelphia Museum of Art; New York Times Art Critic and then Restaurant Critic; Visiting Professor University of Texas, Austin; State Department Lecturer in Latin America; winner 1959 Athenaeum Library Award; Honorary Doctorate 1973 University of Rochester (NY); Honorary Doctorate 1983 Tulane University: * 7 mystery/detective novels with series character Dr. Mary Finney 2 novels set in Africa * 14 nonfiction books under name John Canaday (art, gourmet food) Tim Heald, full name Timothy Villiers Heald (28 Jan 1944-) England: no known Web page * 7 mystery/detective novels with series character Simon Bognor (of the Board of Trade) * 1 unrelated novel * 5 nonfiction books including the sci-fi background: * The Making of Space 1999 [Ballentine, 1976] Ben Healey: see Jeremy Sturrock Lawrence A. Healey, no known Web page Rose Million Healey, no known Web page Jeremiah Healy; Born in Teaneck, New Jersey; graduated Rutgers University; Law Degree from Harvard in 1973; practiced as an attorney in Boston, Massachusetts; taught at New England School of Law, Boston; Captian of Military Police in the U.S. Army; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series character John Francis Cuddy (Boston P.I.) include: * Invasion of Privacy [Pocket] * Rescue [Pocket] Mystery Guild Main Selection * Act of God [Pocket] * Foursome [Pocket] nominated for Shamus Award * Shallow Graves [Pocket] nominated for Shamus Award * Right To Die [Pocket] * Yesterday's News [Pocket] * Swan Dive [Pocket] nominated for Shamus Award * So Like Sleep [Pocket] * The Staked Goat [Pocket] nominated for Shamus Award * Blunt Darts [Pocket] 1st in series nominated for Shamus Award Gerald Heard: see H. F. Heard H. F. Heard, full name Henry Fitzgerald Heard (6 Oct 1889-14 Aug 1971): British, born in London; B.A. (honours) in history 1911 Cambridge; Agricultural Cooperative Movement (Ireland and England); Editor of "The Realist" (London); Lecturer at Oxford; BBC Radio Science Commentator; 1937 moved to USA; Visiting Lecturer, Washington University (St.Louis); Haskell Foundation Lecturer, Oberlin College (OH); winner 1955 Bollingen Grant; winner Hertz Award of British Academy: * 6 mystery/detective novels with series character Mr. Mycroft (first-rate Sherlock Holmes pastiches) including: * A Taste for Honey [New York: Vanguard, 1941] * 2 collections dark fantasy/horror stories: * The Great Fog and Other Weird Tales [New York: Vanguard, 1944] * The Lost Cavern and Other Tales of the Fantastic [New York: Vanguard,1948] * 34 nonfiction books as Gerald Heard (science, theology, philosophy, sociology, pseudoscience and the occult) "Spade Hearns": fictional private eye; Spade Hearns Warren Hearst and Harry Herbold: fictional {to be done} "Sergeant Ernest Heath": fictional cop in the works of S. S. Van Dine (pseudonym of Willard Huntington Wright). This hardworking yet bumbling member of the New York City Homicide Bureau was always hassling the independent private eye Philo Vance at first. Eventually, they became almost friends. Sergeant Ernest Heath was honest and tenancious. He had broad, pugnacious features and penetratingly intent and imperturbable blue eyes. Mark Hebden: pseudonym of John Harris (18 Oct 1916-) British; Royal Air Force; journalist, cartoonist, teacher (history) * 16 mystery/detective novels with series characters Colonel Mostyn, Inspector Clovis Pel (police procedurals) * 24 mystery/detective novels as John Harris * 9 historical novels as John Harris * 8 historical novels as Max Hennessy * 1 play (juvenile) * 1 teleplay * 16 other books (juvenile, history) * 1 book edited (military biography) M. V. Heberden, full name Mary Violet Heberden (1906-): author of Private Eye fiction: * the "Desmond Shannon" P.I. novel series * the "Paul Kilgerrin" spy/P.I. novel series * the "Rick Vanner" novel series, former Naval Intelligence character: * Murder Cancels All Debts [1946] * Engaged to Murder [1949] * miscellaneous Mystery/Detective books: * To What Dread End [1944] Peter J. Heck; Chestertown, Maryland; also professionally involved in the Science Fiction book industry; Peter Heck home page see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series character Mark Twain include: * A Connecticut Yankee In Criminal Court [Berkley Prime Crime] Mark Twain as sleuth in New Orleans * Death on the Mississippi [Berkley Prime Crime] Winner: Minnesota Book Award; Nominated for American Library Association Gay and Lesbian Book Award Robert L. Hecker, no known Web page Johnellen Heckler, no known Web page William Heffernan: William Heffernan Christiane Heggan; Medford, New Jersey; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series character Laura Spencer (newspaper publisher) include: * Never Say Never [Signet] * Silver Lining [Signet] * Betrayals [Signet] Carolyn G. Heilbrun, see Amanda Cross Carolyn G. Heilbrun "Merton Heimrich": character in the fiction of Frances and Richard Lockridge, where he is a New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Identification lieutenant in the Mr. and Mrs.North series Willetta L. Heising; Dearborn, Michigan; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with Mystery/Detective bibliographic/biographic data include: * Detecting Women 2, A Reader's Guide And Checklist For Mystery Series Written By Women (1996 Edition) [Purple Moon Press] Data on 550 women authors, with more than 3,600 book titles listed in correct series order; over 500 titles from 1994-1995 alone; 8 X 11 softcover, 384 pages * Detecting Women 2 Pocket Guide A Checklist for Mystery Series Written by Women (1996 Edition) [Purple Moon Press, $14.95; 0-964593-2-9] 128 page pocket guide; vinyl cover and pull-out note pad. * Detecting Men A Reader's Guilde And Checklist For Mystery Series Written by Men
(1997 edition) [Purple Moon Press, May 1997] $24.95; 0-9644593-3-7 * Detecting Men Pocket Guide Checklist For Mystery Series Written By Men
[Purple Moon Press, March 1997] $14.95; 0-9644593-4-5 Peter Held: see John Holbrook Vance (or Jack Vance in Science Fiction Authors: UV "James Helder": fictional detective; James Helder Joel Helgerson, no known Web page Hell is a City: British movie [ABP, 1959] Director: Val Guest; Adapted: from novel [1954] by Maurice Proctor; Starring: Alan Bates, John Crawford, Donald Pleasance, Billie Whitelaw see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Jane Heller: Jane Heller home page Keith Heller, no known Web page "Nate Heller": hardboiled ex-Chicago cop, now a P.I., character in the fiction of Max Allen Collins * True Detective [1983] Nate Heller versus Al Capone * True Crime [1987] * Neon Mirage [1988] creation of Las vegas * Stolen Away [1991] Lindburgh kidnapping * Dying in the Post-War World [1991] short story collection * Carnal Hours [1993] Nate Heller "Ben Helm": New York P.I., ex-cop, character in the fiction of Bruno Fischer * The Dead Men Grin [1945] * More Deaths Than One [1947] * The Restless Hands [1949] * The Silent Dust [1950] * The Paper Circle [1951] Ben Helm "Matt Helm": ex-WWII agent adventure character in the fiction of Donald Hamilton; Film Adaptations: * The Silencers [1966] Director: Phil Karlson; Starring: Dean Martin, Stella Stevens, Victor Buorno, James Gregory * Murderer's Row [1967] Director: Henry Levin; Starring: Dean Martin, Ann-Margaret, Karl Malden, James Gregory * The Wrecking Crew [1968] Director: Phil Karlson; Starring: Dean Martin, Elke Sommer, Sharon Tate, James Gregory see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT * Television adaptation [ABC, 1975] starring Tony Franciosa see: TELEVISION Matt Helm Tim Hemlin: 12 years a gourmet catering chef, now a full-time English teacher and part-time mystery/detective novelist: * People in Glass Houses [Ballantine, Oct 1997] ISBN 0-345-4090-2-7, mass market paperback, 230 pp., Chip Gunn is running for Congress, and when catering chef Neil Marshall is suspected in Gunn's guard's stabbing at a Houston fund-raiser, things look politically incorrect. Then things get even stranger as the victim disappears, and the mob seems involved. * A Whisper of Rage [Ballantine, March 1997] ISBN 0-345-4031-9-3, mass market paperback, reprint edition, Grad student Neil Marshall sees C. J. McDaniels, a famous Houston Private Investigator, nearly killed in a shooting, and his chef and poetry skills ill-prepare him for the web of violence and decit into which he is plunged * If Wishes Were Horses [Ballantine, July 1996] ISBN 0-345-4031-8-5, mass market paperback, Grad student Neil Marshall is heading for divorce, and unlikely to succeed as a poet while working as a chef. His best friend, Jason Keys, is a breeder of racehorses who is brutally murdered, and Neil has to solve the case to keep himself out of prison. Barbara Sloan Hendershott; Elmhurst, Illinois; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with co-author Alzina Stone Dale include: * Mystery Readers Walking Guide: England [NTC Publishing Group, $12.95; 0-8442-9553-1] * Mystery Readers Walking Guide: London (Revised Second Edition)
[NTC Publishing Group, $14.95; 0-8442-9610-4] Lauren Henderson: Lauren Henderson Marilyn Granbeck Henderson, no known Web page Ronald Henderson: Ronald Henderson @ MGrost Vicki Hendricks: Vicki Hendricks home page Louise Hendricksen; Renton, Washington; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series characters Dr. Amy Prescott (forensic scientist), and her father, Dr. B. J. Prescott (medical examiner) include: * Lethal Legacy [Zebra] * Grave Secrets Zebra * With Deadly Intent Zebra "Mitch Henessey": fictional private eye; Mitch Henessey Virginia Henley: Virginia Henley April Henry: April Henry home page O. Henry: pseudonym of great short-story writer specializing in ironic and twist endings; O. Henry @ MGrost Robert Henry: see Talmage Powell "Rush Henry": fictional detective; Rush Henry Sue Henry; Anchorage, Alaska: e-mail to Sue Henry no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series character Alex Jensen (set in Alaska) include: * Death Takes Passage [Avon, July 1997] Gold Rush Centennial setting * Sleeping Lady [Avon; Morrow] grizzly poachers * Termination Dust [Avon] Yukon setting; TV option * Murder on the Iditarod Trail [Avon] Winner: Anthony Award and Macavity Award for Best First Novel; CBS movie adaptation Joe L. Hensley, full name Joseph Louis Hensley (19 Mar 1926-): no known Web page born in Bloomington, Indiana; B.A. 1950 Indiana University; LL.B. 1955 Indiana University; U.S. Navy hospital corpsman; journalist; 1950 married Charlotte Ruth Bettihger, 1 son; Judge Pro Tempore; Judge; elected Indiana General Assembly; Prosecuting Attorney; President of Indiana Judges Association: * 9 mystery/detective novels with series character Donald Roback mostly about lawyers figuring out murders * 1 collection mystery/detective stories * 1 unrelated novel Herbert L. Henson, no known Web page Beverly Taylor Herald; Slaughters, Kentucky; Beverly Taylor Herald and Barbara Taylor McCafferty see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series characters the Bert and Nan Tatum Twins, co-authored by Barbara Taylor McCafferty (identical twin amateur sleuths identical twin authors) include: * Double Murder [Kensington] Sharon Tyler Herbst, no known Web page Julie Wray Herman: Julie Wray Herman * the "Three Dirty Women" landscaping Mystery/Detective series Nancy Herndon; Paso, Texas; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series character Elena Jarvis include: * Time Bombs [Berkley, September 1997] Los Santos, Texas setting; Serial bomber * Hunting Game [Berkley] elepants and murder * Lethal Statues [Berkley] * Widows' Watch [Berkley] retired vigilantes * Acid Bath erotic poetry and gruesome bathtub murder "Jack Herriman": fictional detective; Jack Herriman "Timothy Herring": amateur sleuth character in the fiction of Gladys Mitchell, under her pseudonym of Malcolm Torrie; Timothy Herring handled 6 murder cases while running The Society for the Preservation of Buildings of Historic Interest * Heavy As Lead [1966] * Late And Cold [1967] * Your Secret Friend [1968] * Churchyard Salad [1969] * Shades of Darkness [1970] * Bismarck Herrings [1971] Shaun Herron (1912-) Northern Ireland-born Canadian; schooled at Queen's University, Belfast; Edinburgh University; Princeton University; British Army in World War II; married Marganita Bourdon, 1 son, 2 daughters; Editor of "British Weekly"; Columnist "Winnipeg Free Press"; Columnist "Montreal Star"; rado writer; winner 1972 Canadian Council Award: * 4 mystery/detective novels with series character Miro * 3 unrelated novels Richard L. Hershatter, no known Web page Morris Hershman, no known Web page Joan Hess (1950-); Fayetteville, Arkansas; Joan Hess home page Joan Hess Maggody Dot Com see also bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series character Claire Malloy include: * Closely Akin to Murder [Onyx; Dutton] * Busy Bodies [Onyx; Dutton] * Tickled To Death [Onyx; Dutton] * Poisoned Pins [Onyx; Dutton] * Death By The Light Of The Moon [Ballantine] * Roll Over And Play Dead [Ballantine] * A Diet To Die For [Ballantine] * A Really Cute Corpse [Ballantine] * Dear Miss Demeanor [Ballantine] * Murder At The Murder At The Mimosa Inn [Ballantine] * Strangled Prose [Ballantine] * Books in the "Ozarks Murder" series include: * The Maggody Militia [Dutton] * Miracles in Maggody [Onyx; Dutton] * Martians in Maggody [Onyx; Dutton] * O Little Town Of Maggody [Onyx; Dutton] * Maggody In Manhattan [Onyx; Dutton] * Mortal Remains In Maggody [Onyx] * Madness In Maggody [Onyx] * Much Ado In Maggody [Onyx] * Mischief In Maggody [Onyx] * Malice In Maggody [Onyx] "Miro Hetzel": fictional detective; Miro Hetzel "Martin Hewitt": Sherlock Holmes-like character in the fiction of Arthur Morrison: * Martin Hewitt, Investigator [1894] * The Chronicles of Martin Hewitt [1895] * The Adventures of Martin Hewitt [1896] * The Red Triangle [1903] fix-up patched together from short fiction Martin Hewitt David Hewson: David Hewson home page Harrington Hext: see Eden Phillpotts Hank Heyer: fictional {to be done} Georgette Heyer (16 Aug 1902-5 July 1974) Georgette Heyer @ MGrost * 12 mystery/detective novels with series characters Superintendent Hannasyde, Inspector Hemingway * 45 Regency Romance novels Return to Authors H Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Carl Hiaasen (1953-): journalist/novelist focussing on South Florida; Carl Hiaasen home page Carl Hiaasen old Unofficial Carl Hiaasen Page * Powder Burn [1981] * Trap Line [1982] * A Death in China [1984] * Tourist Season [1986] * Double Whammy [1987] * Skin Tight [1989] "Al Hickey and Frank Boggs": fictional detectives; Al Hickey and Frank Boggs "Tom Hickey": fictional detective; Tom Hickey Clifford Hicks: Clifford Hicks @ MGrost Clay E. Higgins, no known Web page George V. Higgins, full name George Vincent Higgins (13 Nov 1939-): Born in Brockton, Massachusetts; A.B. English 1961 Boston College; M.A. 1965 Stanford University; J.D. 1967 Boston College Law School; admitted 1967 Massachusetts Bar; 1965 married Elizabeth Mulkerin, 1 daughter, 1 son, 1979 divorced; 1979 married Loretta Lucas Cubberley; reporter "Journal" [Providence, Rhose Island]; reporter "Evening Bulletin" [Providence, Rhose Island]; Associated Press newsman; legal researcher; Legal Assistant, Deputy Attorney General, then Assistant Attorney General, Commonwealth of Massachusetts; Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts; Special Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts; President, George V. Higgins, Inc. (Boston); Partner, Griffin & Higgins (Boston); Consultant, National Institute of Law Enforcement and Crminal Law (Washington DC); Instructor in Trial Practice, Boston College Law School; Columnist, "Herald American" (Boston); Columnist, "Boston Globe"; Columnist, Wall Street Journal: * 9 mystery/detective novels, mostly complex, taut, realistic portrayals of the web connecting crime with politics; beginning with: * The Friends of Eddie Coyle 9Knopf, 1972] * 2 unrelated novels * 1 nonfiction book "The Friends of Richard Nixon" [Little Brown, 1975] Jack Higgins: pseudonym of Henry Patterson (27 July 1929-): dual British/Irish citizen; born in Newcastle; Cert.Ed. 1958 Leeds Training College for Teachers; B.Sc. in Sociology 1962 University of London; British Army, Royal Horse Guards; 1958 married Amy Margaret Hewitt, 1 son, 3 daughters; history teacher; civil servant; lecctuer, tutor, in Liberal Studies and Education, Leeds College of Commerce and james Graham College (Yorkshire); Fellow, Royal Society of Arts: * 14 mystery/detective novels, including several internationally best-selling thrillers, including: * The Eagle Has Landed [London: Collins; New York, Holt Rinehart, 1975] * Storm Warning [London: Collins; New York, Holt Rinehart, 1976] * 18 mystery/detective novels as Harry Patterson (but in U.S.A. as Jack Higgins), with series character Nick Miller * 6 mystery/detective novels as Martin Fallon, with series character Paul Chavasse * 3 mystery/detective novels as Hugh Marlowe * 4 mystery/detective novels as James Graham Unofficial Jack Higgins Page Joan Higgins, no known Web page High Sierra: Classic gangster/murder movie [Warner Bros., 1941] Director: Raoul Walsh; Adapted: from the novel by W. R. Burnett; Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Isa Lupino Remake: as I Died a Thousand Times [Warner Bros., 1955] see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Patricia Highsmith, full name Mary Patricia Plangman Highsmith (19 Jan 1921-): highly serious, intelligent, crime novels of great depth; Switzerland-resident American author (born Fort Worth, Texas, grew up in New York City); B.A. 1942 barnard College; winner 1957 Grand Prix de Litterature Policiere; winner 1964 Crime Writers Association Silver Dagger: * 18 mystery/detective novels with series character Tom Ripley, usually suspense-oriented and revolving around the relationship between two men, with an odd mix of guilt and dark comedy * 5 mystery/detective story collections * 1 unrelated novel under psuedonym Claire Morgan * 1 juvenile novel * 1 nonfiction "Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction" Lynn S. Hightower; Lexington, Kentucky; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series character Sonora Blair (Cincinnati police detective) include: * Eyeshot [HarperCollins] * Flashpoint [HarperCollins] * Satan's Lambs [Walker; Berkley] Winner: Shamus Award; Literary Guild Alternate * Alien Rites [Berkley] * Alien Heat [Berkley] * Alien Eyes [Berkley] * Alien Blues [Berkley] Highway Patrol: TV [Syndicated, 1955-1959] see: TELEVISION E. W. Hildick: E. W. Hildick @ MGrost Wallace Hildick, England, no known Web page Danielle Hill, Republic Pictures, no known Web page Headon Hill: Headon Hill @ MGrost John Spencer Hill: John Spencer Hill: mystery/detective author and also a critic of Renaissance and English Romantic literature Kathleen Hill: Kathleen Hill Kim Quaile Hill, no known Web page Reginald Hill (3 Apr 1936-) British; born in Hartlepool, Durham; B.A. (Honours) in English 1960 Oxford; British Army, Border Regiment; 1960 married Patricia Ruell; Student Officer, British Council, Edinburgh; Schoolmaster, Essex; Lecturer, Doncaster College of Education Reginald Hill Reginald Hill at Random House * 15 mystery/detective novels with series characters Superintendent Andrew Dalziel and Sergeant (later Inspector) Pascoe, mostl;y set in Yorkshire * 5 mystery/detective suspense novels under pseudonym Patrick Ruell * 1 mystery/detective story collection * 4 unrelated novels under pseudonyms Dick Morland and Charles Underhill * 1 radio play * 1 teleplay Richard Hill, no known Web page Hill Street Blues: Landmark TV cop show [NBC, 1981-1987] see: TELEVISION Tony Hillerman (27 May 1925-): born in Sacred Heart, Oklahoma; raised among Seminole and Pottawatomie tribes of native Americans; B.A. in Journalism 1948 University of Oklahoma; M.A. in English 1965 University of New Mexico; U.S. Army Infantry in World War II, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart; 1948 married Marie E. Unzer, 3 sons, 3 daughters; reporter and editor in Texas, Oklahoma, and for UP; Executive Editor "The New Mexican"; Professor and Assistant to the President, University of New Mexico; winner 1952 Burrows Award for Journalism; winner 1952 Shaffer Award for Reporting; winner 1974 Edgar Allan Poe Award Tony Hillerman Unofficial Tony Hillerman Page * 6 mystery/detective novels with series characters Sergeant Jim Chee and Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn , set among Navaho and Pueblo/Zuni Native American cultures, with total authenticity John Buxton Hilton (8 June 1921-) British author; B.A. in Modern and Medieval Languages 1943 Cambridge; M.A. and Cert.Ed. 1946 Cambridge; Royal Artillery; Intelligence Corps; 1943 married Mary Skitmore (deceased 1968) 3 daughters; 1969 married Rebecca Adams; language teacher. headmaster, inspector of schools, tutor-counsellor: * 16 mystery/detective novels with series characters Inspector Thomas Brunt, Superintendent Simon Kenworthy, mostly in late 19th Century and early 20th century * 2 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym John Greenwood, with series character Inspector Mosley * 2 nonfiction books Chester Himes, full name Chester Bomar Himes (19 July 1909-12 Nov 1984): the leading African American hardboiled crime novelist; B.A. 1928 Ohio State University; 1937 married Jean Lucinda Johnson; married Lesly Packard; 1928-1936 imprisoned Ohio State Penitentiary for Armed Robbery; 1938-41 WPA Writers Project; 1953 moved to Europe; winner 1944 Rosenwald Fellowship; winner 1958 Grand Prix de Litterature Policiere; winner 1982 Before Columbus Award: * 11 mystery/detective novels with series characters Coffin Ed Johnson and Gravedigger Jones * 1 mystery/detective story collection * 6 unrelated novels * 4 nonfiction books (2 autobiography) Charlotte Hinger, no known Web page Vicki Hinze: Vicki Hinze home page Corson Hirschfeld: Corson Hirschfeld home page Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980): "The Master of Suspense" in films, as Director, and then in Television see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Bert Hitchens, see D. B. Olsen Dolores Hitchens, see D. B. Olsen Return to Authors H Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Tami Hoag; Rochester, Minnesota; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books include: * Guilty As Sin [Bantam Books] * A Thin Dark Line [Bantam Books] * Cry Wolf [Bantam Books] * Night Sins [Bantam Books] Robin Hobb: Australian Mystery/Detective author: Robin Hobb Robertson Hobart: pseudonym of Norman Lee (1905-1962) British author: * 4 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Robertson Hobart with series character Grant Vickary * 30 mystery/detective novels as Mark Corrigan, with series character Mark Corrigan of U.S. Intelligence who, with sidekick Tucker Maclean, has first-person romantic action thriller experiences in exotic locations particularly good: * Bullets and Brown Eyes [London: Laurie, 1948] * The Naked Lady [London: Laurie, 1954] * The Big Squeeze [London: Angus & Robertson, 1955] * 13 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Raymond Armstrong with series characters Inspector Dick Mason, Laura Scudmore, J. Rockingham Stone * 1 novel as Norman Lee * 1 play as Raymond Armstrong produced * 18 miscellaneous books (movies, juvenile, sailing, Australia) Edward D. Hoch, full name Edward Dentinger Hoch (22 Feb 1930-): born in Rochester, New York; University of Rochester; U. S. Army; 1957 married Patricia A. McMahon; employed Rochester Public Library, Pocket Books (New York City), Hutchins Advertising Co. (Rochester); columnist under pseudonym R. E. Porter for "Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine"; President 1982 Mystery Writers of America; winner 1968 Edgar Allan Poe Award for short story; extraordinarily prolific author of 1,000+ mystery/detective and science fiction/fantasy stories, the best known of 25+ series being the Nick Velvet series. Edward D. Hoch @ MGrost Karla Hocker, no known Web page Anne Hocking, full name Mona Naomi Anne Messer Hocking (1890?-?): daughter of religious author Joseph Hocking: * 45 mystery/detective novels with series character Inspector/Superintendent William Austen * 11 mainstream novels under pseudonym Mona Messer Sheila Hodgson, England, no known Web page William Hope Hodgson (15 Nov 1877-17 Apr 1918): at age 17 went to sea; rose to officer in Merchant Marine; Physical Culture instructor; Officer Training Corps, University of London; Royal Field Artllery; decommisioned due to injury; recommissioned; died at Ypres; influential author of supernatural mystery/detective stories, straight mystery/detective, and bizarre fantasy * The Boats of the Glen Carrig [London: Chapman and Hall, 1907; Ballantine Books Adult Fantasy, 1971] novel * Carnacki, the Ghost-Finder [London: Nash, 1913; Mycroft & Moran, 1947] story collection * The Dream of X [Donald M. Grant, 1977] digest version of The Night Land * The Ghost Pirates [London: Stanley Paul, 1909; Hyperion, 1976] novel * Deep Waters [Arkham, 1967] story collection * The House on the Borderland [London: Chapman and Hall, 1908; Ace, 1962; Freeway] novel * The House on the Borderland and Other Novels [Arkham, 1946] 4 novels * The Night Land [London: Nash, 1912; Hyperion, 1976] novel * Out of the Storm: Uncollected Fantasies [Donald M. Grant, 1975] edited by Sam Moskowitz * 5 books of poetry: * Poems and The Dream of X [London: Watt; New York: Paget, 1912] * Cargunka and Poems and Anecdotes [London: Watt; New York: Paget, 1914] * The Calling of the Sea [London: Selwyn and Blount, 1920] * The Voice of the Ocean [London: Selwyn and Blount, 1921] * Poems of the Sea [London: Ferret Fantasy, 1977] William Hope Hodgson analysis as mystery/detective author @ MGrost Barry Hoffman, Gauntlet Productions, no known Web page E. T. A. Hoffman: Best-known for Dark Fantasy fiction; E. T. A. Hoffman @ MGrost James P. Hogan: best-known for Science Fiction, but also writes on Crime from a libertarian perspective, and well-portrays the logical mind in solving mysterious circumstances as inferential puzzles; James P. Hogan Charles Hogarth: pseudonym of John Creasey Teri Holbrook; Tucker, Georgia: Teri Holbrook info on her "Gale Grayson/Katie Pru" novel series e-mail Teri Holbrook no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books include: * The Grass Widow [Bantam] * A Far and Deadly Cry [Bantam] Nominated for Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity Awards The Holcroft Covenant: British movie [EMI, 1985] Director: John Frankenheimer Screenplay: Robert Ludlum (from his 1978 novel) and others; Starring: Michael Caine, Anthony Andrews; see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT James W. Holden: James W. Holden @ MGrost Elizabeth Sanxay Holding (8 June 1889-7 Feb 1955): Born in Brooklyn; Packer Institute [Your Humble Webmaster went to kindergarten at Packer]; Staten island Academy; 1913 married George E. Holding (deceased 1943) 1 son, 1 daughter; based in Bermuda where George E. Holding was government officer for United Kingdom: * 18 mystery/detective character-based novels with series character Lieutenant Levy * 6 unrelated romantic novels * 1 nonfiction book James Holding (27 Apr 1907-): born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; B.A. 1928 Yale University ("Yale Record" editor); winner, John Masefield Poetry Prize; twice winner of John Hubbard Curtis Poetry Prize; 1931 married Janet Spice, 2 sons; salesman; copywriter; Vice President, BBD&O ad agency; no known Web page: * 160+ uncollected mystery/detective stories, including: * Miranda's Lucky Punch [Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, July 1964] which is one of the very first computer crime stories * 17 juveniles Isabelle Holland, no known Web page Joyce Holland: Joyce Holland Gordon Holmes: pseudonym of M. P. Shiel Grant Holmes: pseudonym of James M. Fox H. H. Holmes: pseudonym of Anthony Boucher (itself a pseudonym) Rupert Holmes, no known Web page "Sherlock Holmes": the most famous character in Mystery/Detective fiction, created by Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Doyle Era subgenre 221 B Baker Street Baker Street Connection (all the stories & more) International Sherlock Holmes Event Guide Sherlock Holmes in French Sherlock Holmes-Rutgers Sherlock Holmes in Hypertext Sherlock Holmes Resume Service Sherlockian Connection Sherlockian Holmpage Sherlocktron Holmes Page Hazel Holt; Somerset, England; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books include: * Death Of A Dean [Dutton] * Mrs. Malory Wonders Why [Dutton; Thorndike Press (large print)] * Mrs. Malory: Detective in Residence [Dutton; Thorndike Press (large print)] * The Shortest Journey [Dutton/Signet; G. K. Hall & Co. (large print)] * Mrs.Malory And The Festival Murders [Dutton/Signet] * Cruellest Month [Dutton/Onyx] Marilyn J. Holt, also a Science Fiction author, no known Web page Samuel Holt: see Donald E. Westlake Victoria Holt: pseudonym of Eleanor Alice Hibbert nee Burford (1906-?): British * 18 mystery/romance novels as Victoria Holt * 4 mystery/romance novels as Elbur Ford * 3 mystery/romance novels as Philippa Carr * 4 unrelated novels as Victoria Holt * 30 unrelated novels as Eleanor Burford * 70 historical novels as Jean Plaidy * 8 novels as Kathleen Kellow * 5 novels as Ellalice Tate * 10 unrelated novels as Philippa Carr * 6 other novels as Jean Plaidy Hugh Holton, no known Web page Leonard Holton: pseudonym of Leonard Patrick O'Connor Wibberly (9 Apr 1915-22 Nov 1983) Irish journalist, editor, bureau chief: * 11 mystery/detective novels with series character Father Joseph Bredder * 22 unrelated novels as Leonard Wibberly, including the "Mouse" series: * The Mouse That Roared [Boston: Little Brown, 1955] * Beware of the Mouse [New York: Putnam, 1958] * The Mouse on the Moon [New York: Morrow, 1962] nominally science fiction, {film hotlink to be done} * The Mouse on Wall Street [New York: Morrow, 1969] * The Mouse that Saved the West [New York: Morrow, 1981] and other science fiction/fantasy including: * Homeward to Ithaka [Morrow, 1978] * One in Four [Morrow, 1976] * The Quest of Excalibur [Putnam, 1959] * 20 juvenile novels [some mystery/detective, at least one "Encounter Near Venus" science fiction] * 16 juvenile novels as Patrick O'Connor * 6 juvenile novels as Christopher Webb * 6 plays * 1 ballet scenario "Encounter Near Venus" * 2 books of poetry for children * 14 nonfiction books (humor, history, travel) * 11 nonfiction juveniles (history, biography) Susan Holtzer; San Francisco, California: Susan Holtzer e-mail Susan Holtzer * Books with series characters Anneke Haagen (computer programmer) and Lieutenant Karl Genesko (Ann Arbor Police Department) set at the University of Michigan include: * Bleeding Maize And Blue [St. Martin's] * Curly Smoke [St. Martin's] * Something to Kill For [St. Martin's] Winner: St. Martin's Press Malice Domestic Award for Best First Traditional Mystery Erika Holzer, no known Web page, Books include: *Eye For An Eye [Forge/Tor Books] Ed McBain: "Blistering" Dorothy Uhnak: "Frightening, gripping novel of victims turned avengers." Clockwork Orange: "Highly recommended, an American Nelson DeMille ." Film adaptation starring Sally Field {hotlink to be done} Michael Home: see Christopher Bush Geoffrey Homes: pseudonym of Daniel Mainwaring [1902-1978]: born in Dunlap, California; Fresno State College; fruit picker, salesman, private eye, "San Francisco Chronicle" reporter, teacher, publicist, screenwriter (Warner Bros.), scenarist (Paramount), sound effect recorder: * 13 mystery/detective novels with series characters Robin Bishop (newspaperman), Humphrey Campbell, Jose Manuel Madero including: * Build My Gallows High [New York: Morrow, 1946] which was adapted for the screen as "Out of the Past" -- a mystery/detective classic starring Robert Mitchum and Kirk Douglas * 41 screenplays, many co-authored with Maxwell Shane, Walter Doniger, many other co-authors, including the sci-fi movies: * Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) * Space Master X-7 (1958) with George Worthing Yates * Atlantis: The Lost Continent (1961) * The Minotaur (1961) with S. Continenza and G. P. Calligari Home Sweet Homicide: movie [Fox, 1946] Director: Lloyd Bacon; Adapted: from the novel [1944] by Craig Rice; Staring: Randolph Scott, Lynn Bari see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Joseph Hone (27 Feb 1937-) British; born in London; University of London; 1963 married Jacqueline Mary Yeend, 1 son, 1 daughter; teacher; assistant director to various directors including John Ford; English teacher in Egypt; editorial assistant, Rupert hart-Davis [London]; co-founder and producer, Envoy Productions [Dublin]; BBC Radio producer; United Nations radio/television officer; radio producer, World Bank [Washington DC]: * 5 mystery/detective/espionage novels with series characters Peter Marlow * 2 travel books * 1 book edited (Irish Ghost Stories) William Hood, no known Web page Ruth H. Hooker, no known Web page Kay Hooper: Kay Hooper "Matthew Hope": Calusa, Florida lawyer character in the fiction of Ed McBain Bill Hopkins, no known Web page Pauline E. Hopkins: Pauline E. Hopkins Anna Katherine Green School subgenre Nalo Hopkinson: best-known for Science Fiction, but her work crosses genre boundaries; Nalo Hopkinson George Hopley: pseudonym of Cornell Woolrich William H. Hopper, no known Web page Hopscotch: spy movie spoof movie [Avco, 1980] Director: Ronald Neame; Screenplay: Brian Garfield and Bryan Forbes; Adapted: from the novel [1975] by Brian Garfield, which won the Edgar Award for best novel of the year Starring: Walter Matthau, Glenda Jackson; see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Ruby Horansky, no known Web page Michael Horenkamp, no known Web page Sydney Horler (18 July 1888-27 Oct 1954): British journalist and editor: writing habit of dictating 25,000 words per week every week: * 120 mystery/detective novels with series characters The Ace, Sir Harker Bellamy, Brett Carstairs, Bunny Chipstead, H. Emp; Sir Brian Fordinghame, Gerald Lissendale, Chief Constable Meatyard, Nighthawk (Gerald Frost), Sebastian Quin, Peter Scarlett, Tiger Standish, Baron Veseloffsky, Paul Vivanti, Robert Wynnton * 11 mystery/detective story collections * 27 unrelated novels (sports) * 6 plays * 8 nonfiction Wendy Hornsby; Long Beach, California; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series character Maggie MacGowen include: * A Hard Light [Dutton, August 1997] * 77th Street Requiem [Dutton; Onyx] Publishers Weekly: "as one of the six best mysteries of the year." * Bad Intent [Dutton; Onyx] * Midnight Baby [Signet] * Telling Lies [Onyx] * Books with series characters Kate and Roger include: * Half A Mind [Onyx] E. W. Hornung, full name Ernest William Hornung (7 June 1866-22 Mar 1921): British married to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's sister Constance; tutor in Australia; employed by YMCA in France during World War I * 15 mystery/detective novels * 11 mystery/detective story collections with series character A. J. Raffles and his sidekick Bunny * 3 unrelated novels * 3 mystery/detective story plays with series character Raffles * 3 books of poetry * 3 miscellaneous books (autobiography, poems and addresses) E. W. Hornung @ MGrost Jane E. Horning, no known Web page Renee Horowitz; Scottsdale, Arizona; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with series character Ruthie Kantor Morris (fifty-something pharmacist) include: * Deadly Rx [Avon, Summer 1997] * Rx For Murder [Avon] John R. Horton, no known Web page Leslie Alan Horvitz, no known Web page Tamar Hosansky; Lancaster, Massachusetts; no known Web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Books with co-author Pat Sparling include: * Working Vice: The True Story Of Lt. Lucie J. Duvall -- America's First Woman Vice Squad Chief [HarperPaperbacks] S. B. Hough, full name Stanley Bennett Hough (25 Feb 1917-): British; radio operator, radio officer, yacht company owner: * 10 mystery/detective novels with series character Inspector Brentford * 4 unrelated novels * 6 science fiction novels under pseudonym Rex Gordon: * Utopia 239 [London: Heinemann, 1955] * No Man Friday [London: Heinemann, 1956; as "First on Mars" New York: Ace, 1957] * First to the Stars [New York: Ace, 1959; as "The Worlds of Eclos", London: Consul, 1961] * First Through Time [New York: Ace, 1962; as "The Time Factor", London: Tandem, 1964] * Utopia Minus X [New York: Ace, 1966; as "The Paw of God", London: Tandem, 1967] * The Yellow Fraction [New York: Ace, 1969; London: Dobson, 1972] * 5 nonfiction books (travel, writing) House of Wax: Grand Guignol movie [Warner Bros., 1953] Director: Andre de Toth; Starring: Vincent Price, Carolyn Jones, Charles bronson (billed as Charles Buchinsky) see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT The House on Greenapple Road: police procedural made-for-TV movie [ABC, 1970] see: TELEVISION Geoffrey Household, full name Geoffrey Edward West Household (30 Nov 1900-?): British; Born in Bristol; B.A. (honours) in English 1922 Magdalen College, Oxford; Intelligence Corps, Lieutenant Colonel; 1942 married Ilona M. J. Zsoldos-Gutman, 2 daughters, 1 son; * 21 mystery/detective novels with series character Roger Taine * 5 mystery/detective story collections * 5 unrelated juvenile novels * 2 unrelated story collections David Housewright: David Housewright * the "Holland Taylor" novel series R. B. Houston: see Hugh C. Rae Joan Hall Hovey: Joan Hall Hovey home page Joan Hall Hovey is the author of Suspense Novels: * Listen To The Shadows * Nowhere To Hide Short Fiction: * "Dark Reunion" anthologized short story in [Investigating Women, Simon & Pierre] also posted on her site. Clark Howard (1934-): born in Tennessee; schooled in Chicago; Marine Corps; winner 1980 Edgar Allan Poe Award: * 8 mystery/detective novels * roughly 100 uncollected mystery/detective stories * 1 unrelated novels * 5 true crime books Hartley Howard: pseudonym of Leopold Horace Ognall (20 June 1908): Canada-born British author/journalist/efficiency engineer/mail order employee; mystery/detective writing is neo-classical and noted for accuracy of detail in elaborate puzzle stories: * 44 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Hartley Howard, with series characters Glenn Bowman, Philip Scott * 42 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Harry Carmichael, with series characters John Piper, Quinn James A. Howard, no known Web page James Howe, no known Web page Melodie Johnson Howe, no known Web page Richard Hoyt (28 Jan 1941-) Born in Hermiston, Oregon; B.S. in Journalism, 1963 University of Oregon; M.S. in Journalism 1967 University of Oregon; Fellow, Washington Journalism Center [Washington DC]; Ph.D. in American Studies 1972 University of Hawaii; Special Agent, U.S. Army Intelligence;1967 Married Carol, 1 daughter, 1978 divorced; 1980 Married Shiela, 1 daughter, 1981 divorced; reporter and Assistant City Editor "Honolulu Advertiser"; Newsweek correspondant; Professor of Journlism and/or Communications at University of Maryland and Lewis and Clark College [Portland OR]: * 7 mystery/detective/espionage novels with series character John Denson Return to Authors H Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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P. M. Hubbard, full name Philip Maitland Hubbard (9 Nov 1910-17 Mar 1980): British; civil servant in Punjab; 3 chiuldren; employed British Council, National Union of Manufacturers: * 16 mystery/detective/suspense novels * 1 radio play * 2 juveniles * 1 book of poetry Allen J. Hubin (1936-): no known Web page; B.S., Wheaton College, Illinois; M.S., University of Minnesota; Chemist, Mystery/Detective critic and scholar; founder of "The Armchair Detective" magazine; 1968-1971 Mystery Reviewer, The New York Times (after Anthony Boucher); Books Edited: * The Bibliography of Crime Fiction 1749-1975 [revised 1980] * several Best Detective Stories of the year anthologies David Huddle: David Huddle Jeffrey Hudson: pseudonym of Michael Crichton Frederick D. Huebner, no known Web page Tanya Huff: Tanya Huff Tribute Clifford Huffman, no known Web page Lee Russell Huggins, no known Web page Charlotte Hughes; Fripp Island, South Carolina; no known web site; books include: * The Valley Of The Shadow [Avon, Winter 1997] * And After That, The Dark [Avon] Dorothy B. Hughes, full name Dorothy Belle Flanagan Hughes (10 Aug 1904-?): born in Kansas City, Missouri; B.J. 1924 University of Missouri; University of New Mexico; Columbia University; 1932 married Levi Allen Hughes Jr., 1 son, 2 daughters (deceased 1975); Teaching Fellow, University of New Mexico; reporter and women's editor; mystery/detective book reviewer for Albuquerque "Tribune", Los Angeles "News and Mirror", New York "Herald-Tribune", "Los Angeles Times"; winner 1950 Edgar Allan Poe Award for Criticism; winner 1978 Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Award: * 14 mystery/detective novels with series character Inspector Tobin * 1 unrelated novel * 1 book of poetry * 2 nonfiction books including: * Erle Stanley Gardner: The Case of the Real Perry Mason [New York: Morrow, 1978] Matt Hughes: Matt Hughes Robert D. Hughes, no known Web page Richard Hull: pseudonym of Richard henry Sampson (6 Sep 1896-1973): British; infantry officer, chartered accountant: * 15 mystery/detective novels with series character Inspector Fenby, often from viewpoint of criminal Joseph Hullett, no known Web page Ann Hulme, England, no known Web page Fergus Hume, full name Ferguson Wright Hume (8 July 1859-13 July 1932): Born in England; schooled at Dunedin High School (New Zealand) and University of Otago (New Zealand); 185 admitted to New Zealand bar; moved to melbourne, Australia; returned to and stayed in England: * 127 mystery/detective novels with series character Octavius Fanks best known is his first: * The Mystery of a Hansom Cab [Melbourne: Kemp and Boyce, 1886; London: Hansom Cab Company, 188; New York: Munro, 1888; revised edition London: Jarrolds, 1896] * 4 mystery/detective story collections * 8 unrelated novels * 1 fantasy story collection The Chronicles of Faeryland [London: Griffith Farran, 1892; Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1893] Fergus Hume @ MGrost David Hunt: David Hunt Elsie May Hunt: see Tim Mulligan E. Howard Hunt, full name Everette Howard Hunt (9 Oct 1918-): "March of Time" newsreel series scriptwriter/editor; "Life" war correspondant; American Embassy Attache' (Paris, Vienna, Mexico City); Political Officer, Far East Command (Tokyo); First Secretary, American Embassy (Montevideo); Department of Defense Consultant; Department of State employee; public relations VP/Creative Director; consultant to President Richard M. Nixon; winner 1946 Guggenheim Fellowship; imprisoned in Federal Penitentiary for involvement in Watergate affair: * 10 mystery/detective novels * 5 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Gordon Davis * 12 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Robert Dietrich, with series charcter Steve Bentley * 10 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym David St.John, with series charcter Peter Ward * 3 unrelated novels * 3 unrelated novels under pseudonym John Baxter * 2 nonfiction books (including "Undercover: Memoirs of an American Secret Agent") Harrison Hunt: see Willis Todhunter Ballard J. D. Hunt, no known Web page Kyle Hunt: pseudonym of John Creasey Margaret S. Hunt, no known Web page The Hunt for Red October: movie [Paramount, 1990] Director: John McTiernan; Adapted: from novel [1980s] by Tom Clancy; Starring: Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan, Sam Neill, James Earl Jones, Scott Glen, Joss Ackland; see: MOVIES -- INFO ABOUT Hunter: TV [NBC, 1984-1991] see: TELEVISION Alan Hunter, full name Alan James Herbert Hunter (25 June 1922-): British advertiser, poultry farner, electrician, antiquarian bookdealer, critic * 32 mystery/detective novels with series character Inspector/Chief Superintendent George Gently * 3 plays * 1 book of poetry C. Bruce Hunter, no known Web page "Ed and Am Hunter": characters in the fiction of Fredric Brown * The Fabulous Clipjoint [1947] * The Dead Ringer [1950] * Death Has Many Doors [1951] Evan Hunter: see Ed McBain Fred W. Hunter: Fred Hunter subdomain Fred Hunter page * the "Ransom and Alex Reynolds" novel series Robin Hunter, no known Web page Stephen Hunter: Unofficial Stephen Hunter "Kek Huuygens": character in the fiction of Robert L. Fish, allegedly the world's greatest smuggler * The Hochmann Miniatures [1967] * Whirligig [1970] * Tricks of the Trade [1972] * The Wager [1974] Aldous Huxley: Aldous Huxley @ MGrost Elspeth Huxley: to be done {done once, lost in crash} Return to Authors H Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Catherine Hyde: Catherine Hyde home page Eleanor Hyde; New York City; no known Web page: Books include: * Animal Instincts [Fawcett] $5.50; 0-449-14941-2 Publishers Weekly: "A frightening realistic mystery. Lydia is aided by a spunky, lovable cast including a teen-prostitute determined to save all kittens and puppies in the world." * In Murder We Trust [Fawcett] $5.50; 0-14942-0 Richard Hyer, no known Web page Alma Hymson, no known Web page C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne @ MGrost Return to Authors H Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents
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