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L.A. Law: Television [NBC: 1986-] TELEVISION MOVIES Harriet La Barre, no known Web page Linda La Plante, England, no known Web page. Author of the wonderful "Prime Suspect" series, shown on PBS Mystery over the last few years. She also wrote a marvellous TV movie "Widows" about the widows of criminals executing a heist themselves. Her writing is very gritty and entertaining. Marvin Lachman, no known Web page Caroll Lachnit; Long Beach, California; no known web page; * 2 mystery/detective novels with series character Hannah Barlow (attorney): * A Blessed Death [Berkley Prime Crime] ISBN 0-425-15347-9; $5.99; priest vanishes with teenage boy and fifty thousand bucks * Murder in Brief [New York: Berkley] ISBN 0-425-14790-8; $4.99; murder in law school Mercedes Lackey: best-known for Fantasy; also writes Mystery/Detective; Mercedes Lackey Ed Lacy: pseudonym of Len (Leonard S.) Zinberg [1911-7 Jan 1968]; a Caucasian who wrote mysteries with black characters before that was politically correct; born New York City; married; 1 child; magazine writer; during World War II was a correspondent for "Yank"; winner Twentieth Century-Fox Literary Fellowship; winner 1958 Edgar Allan Poe Award Ed Lacy @ MGrost * 28 mystery/detective novels with series characters Lee Hayes (black police detective), Toussant Moore, Dave Wintino * The Woman Aroused [Avon, 1951; London: Hale, 1969] * Sin in Their Blood [Eton, 1952; as "Death in Passing", London: Boardman, 1959] * Strip for Violence [Eton: 1953] * Enter Without Desire [Avon, 1954] * Go for the Body [Avon, 1954; London: Boardman, 1954] * The Best That Ever Did It [Harper, 1955; London: Hutchinson, 1957; as "Visa to Death", Permabooks, 1956] * The Men from the Boys [Harper, 1956; London: Boardman, 1960] * Lead with Your Left [Harper, 1957; London: Boardman, 1957] Wintino * Room to Swing [Harper, 1957; London: Boardman, 1958] Moore * Breathe No More, My Lady [Avon, 1958] * Devil for the Witch [London: Boardman, 1958] * Be Careful How You Live [Harper, 1958; London: Hutchinson, 1958; as "Dead End", Pyramid, 1960] * Shakedown for Murder [Avon, 1958] * Blonde Bait [Rockville Center, New York: Zenith, 1959] * The Big Fix [Pyramid, 1960; London: Boardman, 1961] * A Deadly Affair [New York: Hillman, 1960] * Bugged for Murder [Avon, 1961] * The Freeloaders [Berkley, 1961; London: Boardman, 1962] * South Pacific Affair [Belmont, 1961] * The Sex Castle [Paperback Library, 1963; London: Digit, 1965; as "Shoot It Again", Paperback Library, 1969] * Too Hot to Handle [Paperback Library, 1963; London: Digit, 1966] * Moment of Untruth [Lancer, 1964; London: Boardman, 1965] Moore * Pity the Honest [London: Boardman, 1964; New York: Macfadden, 1965] * Harlem Underground [Pyramid, 1965] Hayes * Double Trouble [London: Boardman, 1965; New York: Lancer, 1967] Wintino * In Black and White [Lancer, 1967] Hayes * The Naplam Bugle [Pyramid, 1968] * The Big Bust [Pyramid, 1969; London: New English Library, 1970] * various mystery/detective stories under pseudonym Steve April * 6 novels as Len Zinberg The Lady Vanishes: British movie [Gaumont British/Gainsbrough, 1938] Adapted: from Ethel Lina White's novel The Wheel Spins [1936]; Director: Alfred Hitchcock; Starring: Margaret Lockwood, Dame Maw Whitty, Michael Redgrave, Paul Lukas; Remake: [Rank/Hammer, 1979] badly done Director: Anthony Page; Starring: Cybill Shepherd, Elliott Gould Spin-Offs: Charters and Caldicott BBC TV, PBS Mystery] TELEVISION MOVIES R. A. Lafferty: R. A. Lafferty @ MGrost R. A. Lafferty, full name Raphael Aloysius Lafferty [1914-2002]: this prolific Oklahoman once confessed to Your Humble Webmaster that his aweful secret, that would blacken his name in the entertainment industry, was that he had NOT had the traditional unhappy childhood, but rather a very happy one. He worked in an electrical company, and lightning flashes illuminate his writings. He often has Christian images used in unexpected ways in his fiction, as with his fellow Catholic Fantasist G. K. Chesterton. But he breaks all shackles in his brilliantly eccentric and daringly paradoxical works of Manicheaen surrealism. Awards: Winner, Nebula Award 1973 , Best Short Story) Winner, WFA Lifetime Achievement Award As a Science Fiction/Fantasy Author: R. A. [Ralph Aloysius) Lafferty @ AlphaRalpha * Alaric: The Day the World Ended [United Mythologies Press, Nov 1993] $33.00, 163pp, hardcover reprint of "The Fall of Rome" Order this rarity postpaid from: United Mythologies Press Box 79777 1995 Weston Rd. Weston ONT M9N 3W9 Canada * Annals of Klepsis [1983] * Apocalypses [Pinnacle, 1977] 2 novels in 1 volume * Archipelago [1979] * Argo [United Mythologies Press, Dec 1992] ISBN 0-921322-34-8, $19.95, unpaginated, hardcover 3rd part of "More Than Melchisedech" * Arrive at Easterwine [Scribners, 1971; Ballentine Books] * Aurelia [1982] * Cranky Old Man from Tulsa [United Mythologies Press, Mar 1990] ISBN 0-921322-16-X, $4.00, 25pp, 2 interviews with Lafferty by Darrell Schweitzer and R. J. Whitaker, collected into Limited Edition of 350 copies * The Devil is Dead [Avon, 1971; Gregg, 1977; Bart, Aug 1988] ISBN 1-55785-046-1, $3.50, 224pp, paperback Fantasy/Metaphysics * Does Anyone Else Have Anything Further to Add? [Scribners, 1974] 17 stories * Dotty [United Mythologies Press, Dec 1990] ISBN 0-921322-22-4, $17.00, 96pp, trade papoerback in same world as "The Devil Is Dead" and other of the "Argo" series; Limited Ddition of 250 numbered copies [Signed Edition of 70 copies with additional short story; ISBN 0-921322-23-2, $37.00 * The Early Lafferty [Chris Drumm chapbook, 1988] stories * The Fall of Rome [Doubleday, 1971] Historical novel * The Flame is Green [Walker, 1971] * Four Stories [Chris Drumm chapbook, 1983] 4 stories * Fourth Mansions [Ace, 1969] cosmic battle between Good and Evil * Funny Fingers and Cabrito [Chris Drumm chapbook, 1976] stories * Golden Gate And Other Stories [Chris Drumm chapbook, 1983] stories * Half a Sky [pub?, 1984] * Heart of Stone, Dear, and Other Stories [Chris Drumm chapbook, 1983] stories * Horns on their Heads [pub?, 1976] stories * It's Down the Slippery Cellar Stairs [Chris Drumm chapbook, 1986] nonfiction * Laughing Kelly and Other Verses [Chris Drumm chapbook, 1983] poetry * The Man Who Made Models and Other Stories [Chris Drumm chapbook, 1984] stories * My Heart Leaps Up [Chris Drumm chapbook, 1986] Chapters 1 & 2 of work in progress * My Heart Leaps Up [Chris Drumm chapbook, 1987] Chapters 3 & 4 of work in progress * Nine Hundred Grandmothers [Ace, 1970] 21 stories * Not to Mention Camels [Bobbs Merrill, 1976] cosmic battle between Good and Evil * Okla Hannali [pub?, 1972] nonfiction History of Oklahoma * Past Master [Ace, 1968; Garland] Sir Thomas More as a character forced to confront the weaknesses in More's novel UTOPIA * The Reefs of Earth [Berkley, 1968] * Ringing the Changes [pub?, 1984] stories * Serpent's Egg [pub?, 1987] * Slippery and Other Stories [Chris Drumm chapbook, 1985] stories * Snake in His Bosom and Other Stories [Chris Drumm chapbook, 1983] stories * Space Chantey [Ace, 1968] strange retelling of "The Odyssey" * Strange Doings [Scribners, 1972; Daw] 16 stories * Through Elegant Eyes [pub?, 1983] * others {to be done} Many of his works, considered too eccentric for mainstream publishers, were published as "chapbooks" by Chris Drumm, and devoured by a cult audience. Short Fiction: * "All But the Words" * "All Pieces of A River Shore" * "Among the Hairy Earthmen" * "By The Seashore" [Galaxy, Sep 1973] * "The Configuration of the Northern Shore" * "Continued on Next Rock" [Orbit 7, 1970] * "Eurema's Dam" [winner Nebula 1973] * "Hog-Belly Honey" * "The Hole on the Corner" * "Narrow Valley" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Sep 1966] * "Old Foot Forgot" [Orbit 7, 1970] * "Seven Day Terror" [Galaxy, 1962; 8th Annual Edition The Years Best S-F, ed. Judith Merrill] * "Slow Tuesday Night" * "Thus We Frustrate Charlemagne" "Andrew Laird": character in the fiction of Bill Knox under his U.K. pseudonym of Robert MacLeod and USA pseudonym of Michael Kirk; Andrew Laird is a medical student banned from the health care industry for the mercy killing of his mother, who now investigates cases for a marine insurance firm based in Scotland M. D. Lake; Minneapolis, Minnesota; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * 9 mystery/detective novels with series character Peggy O'Neill * Ties Of Blood [New York: Avon, Fall 1997] paperback * Flirting with Death [New York: Avon] * Grave Choices [New York: Avon] * Once Upon a Crime [New York: Avon] * Murder by Mail [New York: Avon] * A Gift For Murder [New York: Avon] * Poisoned Ivy [New York: Avon] * Cold Comfort [New York: Avon] * Amends For Murder [New York: Avon] "Donald Lam": Short, smart, disbarred lawyer now a private eye partnered with Bertha Cool in the fiction of "A. A. Fair" (pseudonym of Erle Stanley Gardner) (see also "Bertha Cool") J. Dayne Lamb; Boston, Massachusetts; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Unquestioned Loyalty [Kensington] hardcover & paperback Gender-bias lawsuit is only the tip of the iceberg "Satisfyingly intricate."-- Kirkus * A Question of Preference [New York: Zebra] paperback "Absorbing page-turner." -- Publishers Weekly * Questionable Behavior [New York: Zebra] paperback James J. Lamb, no known Web page Derek [William] Lambert [10 Oct 1929-] born in London; Epsom College; RAF; 1970 married Diane Joan Brunet, one son (plus three sons from first marriage); journalist in England, Africa, Russia (The Daily Mirror; The Daily Express); known for thrillers * 11 mystery/detective novels under own name including: * Angels in the Snow [1969] * The Red House [1972] * Touch the Lion's Paw [1975] * The Saint Peter Plot [1978] * The Memory Man [1979] * I, Said the Spy [1980] * Trance [1981] * The Red Dove [London: Hamish Hamilton, 1982; New York: Stein and Day, 1983] Soviet cosmonaut defects aboard American Space Shuttle * The Judas Code [1983] * The Golden Express [1984] * The Man Who Was Saturday [1985] * Vendetta [1986] * Chase [1987] * Triad [1987] * The Yermakov Transfer [London: Arlington, 1974; New York: Saturday Review Press] dissident Jewish mathematician Viktor Pavlov kidnaps the Premier of the USSR aboard the Trans-Siberia Railway * 8 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Richard Falkirk, with series character Edmund Blackstone, set in early 19th Century London * The Chill Factor [1971] non-Blackstone * The Twisted Wire [1972] non-Blackstone * 5 miscellaneous novels under own name * 4 autobiographical books under own name * The Sheltered Days [1965] * Don't Quote Me--But [1979] * And I Quote [1980] * Just Like the Blitz [1987] Anne Lamott: Anne Lamott home page Kathryn Lance, no known Web page Peter Lance: Peter Lance Jon Land: Jon Land * various mystery/detective novels with series character Blaine McCracken Milton Land: pseudonym of Talmadge Powell David Landau, no known Web page Neil Landau: Neil Landau TV/Screenwriter Lucinda Landon, no known Web page Marsha Landreth, no known Web page Graham Landrum: Graham and Robert Landrum Joe R. Lansdale: Joe R. Lansdale home page "Drury Lane": character in the fiction of Ellery Queen, under pseudonym Barnaby Ross. Drury Lane was the world's #1 Shakespearean actor, before he became deaf, and retired to his Hudson River estate: "The Hamlet." His Elizabethan-dressed employees assist him in his amateur sleuthing with New York D.A. Bruno and NYPD Inspector Thumm: * The Tragedy of X [1932] * The Tragedy of Y [1932] * The Tragedy of Z [1933] "Drury Lane": Deaf ex-Shakespearean actor in Hudson River-view Elizabethan manor, ad hoc consultant on unusual homicude investigations by Inspector Thumm of NYPD, in the fiction of "Barnaby Ross" (psuedonym of Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee) Grant Lane: see Steve Fisher "Paul Lane": character in the fiction of Richard and Francis Lockridge. NYPD Detective (2nd grade) Paul Lane and his partner, Detective Ricardo Bueno, crack an assassination in Night of Shadows [1962]. That gets them promoted to Detective (1st grade), in Homicide, for Quest of the Bogeyman [1964]. Paul Lane also appears in several novels starring Assistant D.A. Bernard Simmons: * Squire of Death [1965] * A Plate of Red Herrings [1968] * Twice Retired [1970] * Something Up a Sleeve [1972] * Death on the Hour [1974] Sophie Lang: see Frederick Irving Anderson Ruth Ryan Langan; Farmington Hills, Michigan: Ruth Ryan Langan e-mail Ruth Ryan Langan Historical mystery/detective novels include: * Malachite [Harlequin Historical, September 1997] paperback * Ruby [Harlequin Historical, June 1997] paperback * Jade [Harlequin Historical] John Lange: pseudonym of Michael Crichton Kelly Lange, KNBC-TV, no known Web page Jane [nee Gillson] Langton [30 Dec 1922-] Born in Boston; Wellesley College; B.S. (Phi Beta Kappa) and M.A. 1942-45 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; M.A. 1948 Radcliffe College, Cambridge Massachusetts; M.A. 1959 Boston Mudeum School of Art; 1943 married William Langton, three sons; 1955-56 WGBH Television, Boston; Teacher of Children's Literature 1979-80 Simmons College, Boston; Teacher of Suspense Novel Writing 1981 Radcliffe Seminars; 1984 Wolfe Pack's Nero Wolfe Award for Emily Dickenson is Dead; no known Web page * 5 mystery/detective novels with series character Homer Kelly (eccentric scholar/lawyer/detective): * The Transcendental Murder [New York: Harper, 1964] (a.k.a. The Minute Man Murder) * Dark Nantucket Noon [New York: Harper, 1975] * The Memorial Hall Murder [New York: Harper, 1978] * Natural Enemy [New Haven CT: Ticknor and Fields, 1982] * Emily Dickenson is Dead [New York: St.Martin's, 1984] * 8 children's books Virginia Lanier; Fargo, Georgia; best-known for the "Bloodhound" novel series; Virginia Lanier bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * A Brace Of Bloodhounds [HarperCollins] hardcover * The House On Bloodhound Lane [HarperCollins; Harper/Paperbacks] * Death In Bloodhound Red [Harper/Paperbacks; Pineapple Press] Winner of Anthony Award for Best First Novel; nominated for Agatha and Macavity Awards Lanigan's Rabbi: Television [NBC: 1977] TELEVISION Michael Lanyard: see The Lone Wolf Janet LaPierre: Janet LaPierre home page "Marian Larch": NYPD detective character in the fiction of Barbara Paul: * The Renewable Virgin [1984] set in the TV industry * He Huffed and He Puffed [1989] * Good King Sauerkraut [1990] * You Have the Right to Remain Silent [1992] * The Apostrophe Thief [1993] Vincent Lardo, no known Web page Jodie Larsen; Tulsa, Oklahoma; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Deadly Silence [Penguin USA, December 1997] paperback breaking up a child slavery ring * Deadly Company [Penguin/Onyx] paperback medical thriller Ellen Larson: Best known for her "Bergen County" novel series Ellen Larson Gaylord Larson, no known Web page Charles Larson, no known Web page Last Hours Before Morning: Made-for-Television Movie [NBC: 1975] Director: Joseph Hardy; Starring: Ed Lauter, Thalmus Rasulala, Rhonda Fleming, Robert Alda, Don Porter, Victoria Principal TELEVISION The Last of Sheila: movie [Warner Bros.: 1973] Director: Herbet Ross; Screenplay: Stephen Sondheim & Anthony Perkins; won Edgar Award; Plot: murder-game cruise on pleaure ship named after a murdered movie star, complicated by real murder, and enhanced by numerous industry in-jokes; Starring: Richard Benjamin, James Coburn, Dyan Cannon, James Mason, Raquel Welch, Joan Hackett, Ian McShane; MOVIES "Grace Latham" and "Colonel John Primrose": characters in the fiction of Leslie Ford, appearing in over a dozen novels, usually together. Emma Lathen: pseudonym of Mary J. Latsis [UN economist] & Martha Henissart [corporate banker] (who also write as R. B. Dominic); the pair are considered second only to "Ellery Queen" as collaborators on Mystery/Detective fiction; Winner 1967 Crime Writers Association Silver Dagger; Winner 1983 Mystery Writers of America Ellery Queen Award; no known Web page * 19 mystery/detective novels with series character John Putnam Thatcher * 8 mystery/detective novels as R. B. Dominic with series character Ben Safford Jonathan Latimer [23 Oct 1906-23 June 1983] Born in Chicago; 1922-25 Mesa Ranch School, Arizona; A.B. 1929 (Phi Beta Kappa) Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois; 1942-45 U.S. Navy; 1937 married Ellen Baxter Peabody, 1 daughter, 2 sons; 1954 married Jo Ann Hanzlik; journalist 1930-33 for Herald Examiner (later Chicago Tribune); ghostwriter for Harold Ickes (Secretary of the Interior); 1940-1983 screenwriter * 9 mystery/detective novels with series character Bill Crane (screwball alcoholic detective) * 1 mystery/detective nonseries novel * 21 screenplays * numerous teleplays 1960-65 for "Perry Mason" series Mimi Latt: Mimi Latt home page Laura: movie [Fox, 1944] Adapted: from Vera Caspary's novel [1943] Director: Otto Preminger; Starring: Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney, Clifton Webb, Judth Anderson, Vincent Price; Theme Music: David Raskin (became a standard); Plot: NYPD homicide detective (Dana Andrews) is obsessed by oil painting of purportedly murdered woman (Gene Tierney) in the viscious context of pre-war Madison Avenue; MOVIES "Annie Laurence" and "Max Darling": characters in the fiction of Carolyn G. Hart Janet Laurence, England, no known Web page "Jimmy Lavender": curly dark-haired with one white lock, spontaneous, emotional gangster-era Chicago detective character in the fiction of Vincent Starrett The Law and Harry McGraw: Television [CBS: 1987-1988] Jerry Orbach spin-off of Murder, She Wrote TELEVISION Law and Order: Made-for-Television Movie [NBC: 1976] Adapted: from Dorothy Uhnak bestseller [1973]; Director: Martin Chomsky; Starring: Davin McGavin, Keir Dullea, Robert Reed, Suzanne Pleshette, Teri Garr; TELEVISION Law & Order: Television [NBC: 1990-] TELEVISION Carol Russell Law, no known Web page Janice Law: Janice Law Stephen R. Lawhead: Stephen R. Lawhead home page The Lawless Years: Television [NBC: 1959-1961] TELEVISION Anthony Lawless: see Philip MacDonald Brian Lawrence: Brian Lawrence Cynthia Lawrence, no known Web page Hilda Lawrence: full name Hildegarde Lawrence (nee Kronmiller) [1906?-] Born in Baltimore, Maryland; Columbia School, Rochester, New York; 1924 married Reginald Lawrence (divorced); reader to blind; graded student papers at Johns Hopkins; clipping department of Macmillan; staff Publishers Weekly; radio writer for "The Rudy Vallee Show"; no known Web page * 5 mystery/detective novels with series characters Mark East, Bulah Pond, Bessy Petty including: * Blood Upon the Snow [1944] * A Time to Die [1945] * Death of a Doll [New York: Simon & Schuster, 1947] * other Mystery/Detectibe Fiction: * The Pavillion [1946] * Duet of Death [1949] novelette Martha C. Lawrence; San Diego, California; Martha Lawrence see also bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * 2 mystery/detective novels with series character Dr. Elizabeth Chase (Private Eye/Parapsychologist): * The Cold Heart of Capricorn [New York: St. Martin's] hardcover * Murder in Scorpio [New York: St. Martin's] hardcover & paperback Nominated for Edgar, Agatha, and Anthony Awards The Lawyer: see Petrocelli TELEVISION Return to Authors L Table of Contents Return to Mystery/Detective AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Le..."

"Alec Leamas": depressed, masochistic, self-loathing Secret Service character in the fiction of "John Le Carre" (pseuedonym of David John Moore Cornwall) "Joe Leaphorn": Navajo Tribal Police character in the fiction of Tony Hillerman [Thomas] James Leasor [20 Dec 1923-] British; born in Erith, Kent; City of London School; B.A. (honours) 1948 Oriel College, Oxford (Editor "Isis"); M.A. 1952 Oriel College, Oxford; Royal Berkshore Regiment in Burma, India, Malaya to rank of Captain; 1951 married Joan M. Bevan, 3 sons; reporter for "Kentish Times", London "Daily Express"; Editoiral Advisor/Consultant 1955-69 George Newnes and C. Arthur Pearson, Ltd., London; Director 1970-73 Elm Tree Books, London; Member 1964- Lloyds of London; Director 1959- Pagoda Films Ltd.; Directror 1964- Jason Love Ltd.; Member, Order of St.John of Jerusalem; Fellow, Royal Society of Arts; no known Web page; influenced by John Buchan * 11 mystery/detective/espionage novels with series character Dr. Jason Love (owner, Aristo Autos) * 1 mystery/detective story collection with series character Dr. Jason Love * 7 miscellaneous novels * 1 play * 1 screenplay * 16 miscellaneous books (writing, biography, military, history) Stephen Leather: Stephen Leather home page Maurice Leblanc: Maurice Leblanc @ MGrost John le Carre': pseudonym for David John Moore Cornwell [19 Oct 1931-] British; born in Poole, Dorset, England; Shewrborne School, Dorset; St. Andrew's Preparatory School; 1948-1949 Berne University, Switzerland; B.A. (honours) Modern Languages 1956 Lincoln College, Oxford; 1954 married Alison Ann Veronica Sharp (1971 divorced) 3 sons; 1972 married Valerie Jane Eustace, 1 son; Tutor 1956-1958 Eton College; Member 1959-1964 British Foreign Service; Second Secretary 1961-1964 Bonn Embassy; Consul 1963-1964 Hamburg; winner 1963 British Crime Novel Award; winner 1964 Somerset Maugham Award; winner 1965 Edgar Allan Poe Award; winner 1984 Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Award; winner 1978 Crime Writers Association Gold Dagger; winner 1978 Black Memorial Award; probably the #1 Cold War espionage writer: * 13 mystery/detective/espionage novels with series character George Smiley * Call for the Dead [London: Gollancz, 1961; New York: Walker, 1962; as "The Deadly Affair" London: Penguin, 1966] * A Murder of Quality [London: Gollancz, 1962; New York: Walker, 1963 * The Spy Who Came in from the Cold [London: Gollancz, 1963; New York: Coward McCann, 1964] {film hotlink to be done} * The Looking-Glass War [London: Heinemann, 1965; New York: Coward McCann, 1965] * A Small Town in Germany [London: Heinemann, 1968; New York: Coward McCann, 1968] * Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy [London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1974; New York: Knopf, 1974] * The Honorable Schoolboy [London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1977; New York: Knopf, 1977] * Smiley's People [London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1980; New York: Knopf, 1980] * The Little Drummer Girl [London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1983; New York: Knopf, 1983] * A Perfect Spy [date?] * The Russia House [date?] * The Secret Pilgrim [1990] #1 Bestseller; a main Selection of the Literary Guild; * The Quest for Karla Omnibus edition of: * Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy * The Honorable Schoolboy * Smiley's People * 1 unrelated novel: The Naive and Sentimental Lover * 1 teleplay co-authored with John Hopkins Smiley's People 1982 "Monseur Lecoq": Ex-criminal ex-detective who was foced to decide between crime and law, and chose to join Surete. Born circa 1844 to rich family in Normandy, law student who had to leave school when his father died bankrupt, he was a well-proportioned, short man with eyes either brilliantly sparkling or dull (according to mood). Almost surely based on the actual French Surete ex-criminal Francois Eugene Vidocq [1775-1857] who had a popular 4-volume autobiography. Monseur Lecoq is a character in the fiction of Emile Gaboriau. Sherlock Holmes called Monseur Lecoq "a miserable bungler." Barbara Lee; Columbia, Maryland; e-mail Barbara Lee no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * 2 mystery/detective novels in "Chesapeake Bay" series: * Final Closing [New York: St. Martin's, September 1997] * Death in Still Waters [New York: St. Martin's] paperback Winner of St. Martin's Malice Domestic Contest Bernie Lee, no known Web page Manfred Lee: see Ellery Queen Margaret Lee: see Sara Woods Marie Lee; Eastham, Massachusetts; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * 3 mystery/detective novels in "Cape Cod" series: * The Mysterious Cape Cod Manuscript [Avalon, June 1997] * The Fatal Cape Cod Funeral [Avalon] * The Curious Cape Cod Skull [Avalon] Wendi Lee: Wendi Lee @ Wendi Lee @ James R. Leeke, no known Web page Hannah Lees: Hannah Lees @ MGrost Joseph Sheridan LeFanu: Joseph Sheridan LeFanu @ MGrost Laura Lynn Leffers; Spencer, Indiana; Laura Lynn Leffers
* An Author's Guide To Budget Book Promotion [Book World, Inc.] ISBN 1-881542-30-0, $5.95; Addendum to this book promotion guide is "Spotlight," a free, monthly "Author-to-Author" newsletter online * Dance On The Water [Book World Inc.; Blue Star Productions] ISBN 1-881542-10-6, $12.95; Romance/Suspense/Native American metaphysics Dennis Lehane: Dennis Lehane Dave Leigh: pseudonym of Talmage Powell "Lester Leath": Conman connected to "Perry Mason"; estimated to have illicitly acquired $7,250,000 over the years, mosyly from other criminals. he turned over 80% to the cops, and kept 20% to cover his luxurious expenses. "Police Sergeant Ackley" kept trying to bust him, going so far as to plant an undercover man as Leath's valet. In the fiction of Erle Stanley Gardner. Anthony Lejeune: pseudonym of Edward Anthony Thompson [7 Aug 1928-] British; born in London; Merchant Taylors' School, London; 1949-1953 Balliol College, Oxford; 1947-1949 Royal Navy; Deputy Editor 1955-1957 "Time and Tide" London; Editor 1957-1958 "Time and Tide" London; Special Writer 1958-1961 "Daily Express" London; Special Writer 1961-1963 "Sunday Times" London; contributor "Daily Mail" and "Telegraph" London; Editorial Director, Tom Stacey Ltd., Publisher: * 6 mystery/detective suspense novels with series character Adam Gifford (crime reporter) including: * Glint of Spears [London: Macdonald, 1963) set in independent Congo * 1 teleplay co-authored with Caroline Alice Lejeune "Vicky's First Ball" * 3 nonfiction books (politics, London) * 4 books edited Elizabeth [Wharton] Lemarchand [27 Oct 1906-] British; born in Barnstaple, Devon; schooled 1918-1926 Ursuline Convent, Bideford, Devon; B.A. (honours) 1927 University of Exeter; M.A. 1929 University of Exeter; Scholar 1929 Geneva School of International Studies; Assistant Mistress 1929-1935 Clifton High School, Bristol; Assistant Mistress 1929-1935 Sutton High School; Deputy Headmistress 1940-1960 Godolphin School, Salisbury; Headmistress 1960-1961 Lowther College, Abergele, Wales: * 15 mystery/detective novels with series character Detective Superintendent Tom Pollard; classic detection set in England George deLucenay Leon, no known Web page Elmore Leonard [11 Oct 1925-] Born in New Orleans; 1946-1950 University of Detroit; Ph.B. English 1950 University of Detroit; U.S. Naval Reserve; 1949 married Beverly Cline (1977 divorced); 1979 married Joan Shepard; 3 sons, 2 daughters; copywriter 1950-1961 Cambell Ewlad Ad Agency; writer 1961-1963 educational and industrial films; Director 1963-1966 Elmore Leonard Advertising Company Elmore Leonard @ Elmore Leonard @ Random House Elmore Leonard * 15 mystery/detective novels with series character Frank Ryan: * The Big Bounce * The Moonshine War * Mr. Majestyk * Fifty-Two Pickup * Swag * The Hunted * Unknown Man No.89 * The Switch * City Primeval * Gold Coast * Split Image * Cat Chaser * Stick * LaBrava * Glitz * 8 Western novels * 4 screenplays from own novels Alice Leonhardt, no known Web page Glenn I. Leopold, no known Web page Lisa Lepovetsky, no known Web page Lois Gladys Leppard; see Young Adult/Juvenile page {under construction}; no known Web page William [Tufnell] Le Queux [2 July 1864-13 Oct 1927] British; private education in London, Pegli (Italy), Paris (art); Foreign Editor 1891-1893 "Globe" London; freelance travel writer/journalist; Blakan Correspondent 1912-1913 "Daily Mail" London; Consul to Republic of San Marino; retired to Switzerland; probably a spy for the British Secret Service: * 50+ mystery/detective novels * 50+ mystery/detective/espionage novels * 15 nonfiction books (history, military, espionage, travel, crime) * 1 play * 1 book translated (travel) Bio/Critical Study "The Real Le Queux" by N. St. Barbe Sladen [London: Nicholson and Watson, 1938] "Rolf LeRoux": Captetown, South Africa detective who helps his Capetown Police nephew Inspector Joubert. "Rolf LeRoux" is a smiling, brown-eyed, pipe-smoking, bushy whiskered, keen problem solver in the fiction of Peter Godfrey John T. Lescroart, award-winning Mystery/Detective author, formerly my neighbor in Altadena; John Lescroart home page John Leslie, no known Web page Robyn Leslie: Robyn Leslie Milton Lesser: see Stephen Marlowe Doris Lessing: best -known as a literary and mainstream author, Doris Lessing has played with Science Fiction and Mystery/Detective fiction genres; Doris Lessing home page Mark Lester: see Martin Russell Inspector Lestrade: Fast, filled with energy, but no mental match for Sherlock Holmes, to whom this Scotland Yard policeman comes for help, along with his partner Inspector Gregson. Holmes calls the two "the pick of a bad lot"; Watson notes that Lestrade is "sallow, rat-faced, dark-eyed." Jonathan Lethem: Jonathan Lethem Robert Leuci, no known Web page Donna Levin, no known Web page Ira Levin: Ira Levin @ AlphaRalpha Ira Levin, born New York City 27 Aug 1929, son of Charles Levin and Beatrice Schlansky, married Gabrielle Aronsohn 20 Aug 1960 (divorced 1968), children: Adam, Jared, Nicholas; married Phyllis Finkel 26 Aug 1979 (divorced 1982); novels: * A Kiss Before Dying [New York: Simon & Schuster, 1953] * Rosemary's Baby [Random House, 1967; Dell] {film hotlink to be done} * This Perfect Day [Random House, 1970; Crest] * The Stepford Wives, 1972 [Random House, 1972; Crest] {film hotlink to be done} * The Boys from Brazil, 1976 {film hotlink to be done} Plays: * No Time for Sergeants, 1955 {film hotlink to be done} * Interlock, 1958 * Critic's Choice, 1960 * General Seeger, 1962 * Drat! The Cat, 1965 * Dr. Cook's Garden, 1967 * Veronica's Room, 1973 * Deathtrap, 1978, {film hotlink to be done} * Break A Leg, 1979 A.B. 1950 New York University; freelance writer 1950-present; Served 1953-55 U.S. Army; Edgar Allan Poe Awards 1954 and 1980. Paul Levine; Miami, Florida: Paul Levine * 7 mystery/detective novels with series character Jake Lassiter: * Flesh And Bones [New York:Morrow] hardcover ISBN 0-688-143-5-9; $23.00 unethical psychiatrist, dubious sexual abuse "recovered memories", and a gorgeous client in deep trouble "Another winner." -- Publishers Weekly * Fool Me Twice [New York: Avon] paperback ISBN 0-380-72590-8; $5.99; "Delicious..." -- Los Angeles Times * Slashback [New York: Avon] paperback ISBN 0-380-72162-7; $5.99; Winner, John D. MacDonald Fiction Award * Mortal Sin [New York: Avon] paperback ISBN 0-380-72161-9; $5.50 * False Dawn [New York: Bantam] paperback ISBN 0-553-56504-4; $5.99; * Night Vision [New York: Bantam] paperback ISBN 0-553-29762-7; $5.99; * To Speak For The Dead [New York: Bantam] paperback ISBN 0-553-29172-6; $5.99; Robert S. Levinson: Robert S. Levinson * The Elvis and Marilyn Affair Ronald Levitsky, no known Web page Elizabeth A. Levy, no known Web page Elsa Lewin, no known Web page Michael Z. Lewin, full name Michael Zinn Lewin [21 July 1942-] American resident since 1971 in Somerset, England; Born in Springfield, Massachusetts; graduate 1960 North Central High School, Indianapolis; A.B. 1964 Harvard University; 1964-1965 Churchill College, Cambridge; University of Bridgeport, Connecticut; 1965 married Marianne Ruth Grewe, 1 son, 1 daughter; Physics Teacher 1966-1968 Central High School, Bridgeport, Connecticut; Science Teacher 1968-1969 George Washington High School; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Family Business [Foul Play] English setting, Italian private investigators, not yet a series * Underdog [Mysterious Press] Indianapolis setting * Called By A Panther [Mysterious Press] Indianapolis setting title from Ogden Nash line "when called by a panther, don't anther" * Out Of Season [Mysterious Press] paperback * The Silent Salesman [Mysterious Press] paperback * The Enemies Within [Mysterious Press] paperback * The Way We Die Now [Mysterious Press] paperback * Missing Woman [Mysterious Press] paperback * Ask The Right Question [New York: Putnam, 1971; Mysterious Press] paperback * Hard Line [Foul Play] paperback * Late Payments [Foul Play] paperback Roy Lewis, full name John Royston Lewis [17 Jan 1933-] British; born in Rhondda, Glamorganshire; 1944-1951 Pentre Grammar School; LL.B. 1954 University of Bristol; Dip.Ed. 1957 University of Exeter; Inner Temple, London, called to the Bar 1965; M.A. 1978 University of Durham; 1954-1956 Royal Artillery; 1955 married Gwendoline Hutchings, 1 son, 2 daughters; Lecturer 1959-1961 Cannock Chase Secondary School, Staffordshire; Lecturer 1961-1963 Cornwall Technical College, Redruth; Lecturer 1963-1967 Plymouth College of Technology, Devon; Inspector of Schools 1967-1975 Newcastle-on-Tyne; Deputy Principal 1975-1981 New College, Durham; Principal 1981-? Wigan College of Technology; managing Director 1974-? Felton Press (educational publisher); Associate 1962, Fellow 1983 Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators * 25 mystery/detective novels with series characters Inspector Crow, Eric Ward * 23 nonfiction books as J. R. Lewis (law, business, administration, history) Sherry Lewis; Salt Lake City, Utah; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * 4 mystery/detective novels with series character Sherry L. Brown: * No Place For Tears [Berkley Prime Crime, January 1997] * No Place for Death [Berkley Prime Crime] paperback * No Place Like Home [New York: Berkley] paperback * No Place for Secrets [New York: Berkley] paperback Sinclair Lewis: Sinclair Lewis @ MGrost Stephen C. Lewis, no known Web page Joan M. Lexau, no known Web page Return to Authors L Table of Contents Return to Mystery/Detective AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Herbert Lieberman, no known Web page Ely M. Liebow, no known Web page Abraham Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln @ MGrost Steve Lindley, no known Web page Elizabeth Linington, full name Barbara Elizabeth Linington [11 Mar 1921-] born in Aurora, Illinois; public schools, Aurora and Hollywood, California; graduated Herbert Hoover High School; A.B. 1942 Glendale College: * 12 mystery/detective novels with series character Sergeant Ivor Maddox published in Great Britain under pseudonym Anne Blaisdell * 35 mystery/detective novels unde pseudonym Dell Shannon, with series character Lieutenant/Detective Luis Mendoza * 24 mystery/detective novels unde pseudonym Leslsie Egan, with series characters Jesse Falkenstein, Vic Varallo * 5 unrelated novels * 2 micellaneous and juvenile books M. Lindsay: M. Lindsay Casebook Fiction subgenre David Lindsey, no known Web page "Ralph Lindsey": Massachusetts State Policeman since age 21, baby-faced (hence often undercover as a juvenile), son of 20-year State Trooper shot and paralyzed; in the fiction of Ben Benson Elizabeth Linington, full name Barbara Elizabeth Linington (11 Mar 1921-): also writes under pseudonyms Anne Blaisdell, Lesley Egan, Egan O'Neill, Dell Shannon; born in Aurora, Illinois; public schools in Aurora and Hollywood, California; Herbert Hoover High School; 1942 A.B. Glendale College, California; * 12 Mystery/Detective novels (through 1982) with series character Sergeant Ivor Maddox * 35 Mystery/Detective novels (through 1984) as Dell Shannon, all with series character Lieutenant/Detective Luis Mendoza * 24 Mystery/Detective novels (through 1984) as Lesley Egan, swith series characters Jesse Falkenstein, Vic Varallo * 5 miscellaneous novels through 1958 (Historical, Gothic, Romance) * 2 nonfiction books William Link, no known Web page Gillian Linscott, England, no known Web page David A. Linzee, no known Web page Thomas J. Lipinski, no known Web page David Liss: David Liss home page Robert Littell (1935-): U.S. Naval Reserve, Lieutenant; married, 2 children; "Newsweek" editor (Russia/Eastern Europe); winner 1974 Gold Dagger; * 6 Espionage novels (through 1981) * 2 miscellanous books (Israeli military; Czechoslovakia) Lael Littke, no known Web page Constance and Gwyneth Little, also wrote as Conyth Little; Australia-born sisters who lived in London, Mexico City, and East Orange, New Jersey * 21 Mystery/Detective novels, all but the first of which (The Grey Mist Murders, 1938) has "Black" in the title light reading, colorful characters, cute dialog "Little Caesar": character in the fiction of W. R. Burnett, Fallen from the pinnacle of Chicago crime, after his dramatic rise from Sam Vettori's gang, he was considered the deadliest gunman in Little Italy. Combatitively competitive, with bullets or in a game of cards, he maintains a rigid tension even during sleeping, eating, or romance. Rico finds life a torment to be endured, on his way to an imagined glory as Number One. He enjoys nothing but himself, his hair (long, black, repeatedly combed with an ivory comb), and his gun. He doesn't drink, doesn't rust any man, barely tolerates the women he uses to slake his lust. The posters read: "Wanted for Murder: Cesare Bandello, known as Rico. Age: 20, Height 5 ft. 5 in. Weight 125. Complexion: pale. Hair: black and wavy. Eyes: light gray or blue. His face is thin and he walks with one foot slightly turned in. Does not take up with strangers. Solitary type, morose and dangerous. Reward: $7,000 for capture dead or alive." Film hotlink (Edgar G. Robinson classic): {to be done} "Inspector Littlejohn": Scotland Yard detective, late in life promoted to Superintendent, afraid that younger colleagues patronize him and laugh at his old-fashioned methodology. In the fiction of "George Bellairs" (pseudonym of Harold Blundell). Ruth Littman; Evanston, Illinois; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Deadly Prayers [Chicago Spectrum Press] under pseudonym "Pascal Littman with Arlene Pascal" ISBN 1-886-94-40-3; $14.95; Return to Authors L Table of Contents Return to Mystery/Detective AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Caroline Llewellyn; Princeton, New Jersey; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * False Light [New York: Scribner] hardcover Researcher from USA finds an unhappy medium, or anyway, clues in Cornwall about murder and a tragic seeker after messages from the beyond * Life Blood [New York: Ivy Books (Ballantine)] paperback * The Lady Of The Labyrinth [New York: Ivy Books (Ballantine)] paperback Return to Authors L Table of Contents Return to Mystery/Detective AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Dick Lochte, no known Web page Martin Locke: see W. Murdoch Duncan Richard and Francis Lockridge, also wrote as Francis Richards: collaborators and spouses; Richard Orson Lockridge (25 Sep 1898-19 Jun 1982) and Francis Louise (nee Davis) Lockridge (10 Jan 1896-17 Feb 1963); 1960 Co-Presidents of Mystery Writers of America; winner, 1945 Edgar Award for radio play; winner, 1962 Special Edgar Award * 39 Mystery/Detective novels as Francis and Richard Lockridge with series characters Paul Lane, Mr. and Mrs. North with Bill Wiegand, Nathan Shapiro, Bernard Simmons * 16 Mystery/Detective novels as Richard and Francis Lockridge always with series character Captain/Inspector Merton Heimrich * 25 Mystery/Detective novels as Richard Lockridge with series characters Captain/Inspector Merton Heimrich, Nathan Shapiro, Bernard Simmons * 3 miscellaneous novels as Richard Lockridge * 1 Mystery/Detective radio play: "Mr. and Mrs. North" [1945] * 8 miscellaneous books (child psychology, history, cats, juvenile) Dan Logan, no known Web page Margaret Logan; Southampton, New York; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Never Let a Stranger in Your House [A Thomas Dunne Book (St. Martin's Press)] * Deathampton Summer [Walker] * A Killing in Venture Capital [Walker] * C.A.T. Caper [Walker] Mary Logue, no known Web page Carol A. London, no known Web page Jack London: Jack London @ MGrost Julius Long: Julius Long @ MGrost Roger Longrigg: see Ivor Drummond Robert Lopresti, no known Web page E. C. R. Lorac: see Carol Carnac Philip Loraine: pseudonym of Robin Estridge, also writes under pseudonym Robert York; British; served in Royal Navy; * 15 Mystery/Detective novels through 1983 * 8 Mystery/Detective novels as Robin Estridge through 1983 * 15 Mystery/Detective screenplays through 1983 The Lone Wolf: Character in the fiction of Louis Joseph Vance. The novel series, featuring burgler Michael Lanyard, includes: * The Brass Bowl [1907] * Lone Wolf [1914] * False Faces [1918] * Alias the Lone Wolf [1921] * Red Masquerade [1921] * Lone Wolf Returns [1923] * Lone Wolf's Son [1931] * Encore the Lone Wolf [1933] * Lone Wolf's Last Prowl [1934] Brought up as Marcel Troyon, a drudge in the disreputable Paris hotel Troyon's, he learned early to lie, cheat, and steal. The money he stole mostly went to buy food. By 15, he was cast in his boorish, lanky, long appearance. After a more-than-full day of scullion work, he was locked into his room, but the hotelliers didn't know that he's escape by window, raom the streets, stealing books, and reading them before selling -- by which he learned English, which he felt was his true tongue, and later learned to speak it. He usually stole a small enough amount of money from guests that the theft was not reported. But one day he grabbed a gold louis from a gurst named Bourke, but instead of punishment, received the master education in crime that Bourke wished he'd had himself. Soon, he was expert in Mathematics, armor plate, explosives, paintings, precious stones, and learned to be confortanble in every level of society. He became skilled in the "three cardinal principles of successful cracksmanship: know your ground thoroughly before venturing upon it; strike and retreat with the swift precision of a hawk; be friendless. And the last of these is the greatest." Michael Lanyard has now become The Lone Wolf -- a gentleman of grace and sophistication by day; a debonair master burgler by night. Randye Lordon; Amagansett, New York; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Father, Forgive Me [New York: Avon] paperback * Sister's Keeper [New York: St. Martin's] hardcover * Brotherly Love [New York: St. Martin's] paperback Randye Lordon: Randye Lordon Elana Lore, Dell Magazine Fiction Group, no known Web page Ann Loring, no known Web page John Loughery, no known Web page Bill Love, no known Web page "Pharoah Love": gay black cop who uses the underside of the law, as a character in the fiction of George Baxt H. P. Lovecraft: H. P. Lovecraft @ MGrost to be done: add hotlinks to fantasy/science fiction/horror HPL William H. Lovejoy, no known Web page Marc Lovell: see Mark McShane Peter Lovesey, full name Peter Harmer Lovesey (10 Sep 1936-), England, no known Web page Born Whitton, Middlsex, England; 1947-1955 Hampton Grammar School; 1958 B.A. (honours) in English, University of Reading, Berkshire; 1958-1961 RAF Education Officer; 1959 married Jacqueline Ruth Lew2is, 1 daughter, 1 son; 1961-1969 Lecturer in English, Thurrock Technical College, Essex; 1969-1975 Head, General Education Department, Hammersmith College for Further Education, London; winner 1979 Silver Dagger * 10 Mystery/Detective/Historical (Victorian) novels with series characters Sergeant Cribb and Constable Thackeray {to be done} * 2 Mystery/Detective novels under psuedonym Peter Lear * 4 nonfiction books (sports) Sarah Lovett; Santa Fe, New Mexico; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Acquired Motive [Villard; Random House Audio Books] * Dangerous Attachments [Ivy; Random House Audio Books] William T. Lowe, no known Web page Elizabeth Lowell: Elizabeth Lowell home page Marie Lowndes, full name Marie Adelaide Belloc Lowndes (1868-14 Nov 1947): British author, sister of author Hilaire Belloc; descendant of scientist Joseph Priestley (discovered oxygen); mentor war Robert Browning; 1896 married author Frederic Sawrey Lowndes (died 1940), 1 son, 2 daughters; Staff Journalist, [London] "Reviw of Reviews"; important contributor to modern Mystery/Detective fiction through careful plotting, expertise in the Law, attention to psychology (especially to Motive); also wrote under pseudonym Philip Curtin * 34 Mystery/Detective novels * 4 Mystery/Detective short story collections * 11 non-genre novels * 3 non-genre short story collections * 7 plays * 10 nonfiction books (Royal history, murder, war, biography, autobiography) Cheryl Meredith Lowry, no known Web page Return to Authors L Table of Contents Return to Mystery/Detective AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Nicholas Luard (26 June 1937-): Espionage novelist Born in London; 1951-1954 Winchester College, Hampshire; 1954-1955 The Sorbonne, Paris; M.A. 1960 Cambridge University; M.A. 1961 University of Pennsylvania; 1955-1957 Coldstream Guards, 2nd Lieutenant, Forward Intelligence Unit; 1963 married Elisabeth Baron Longmore, 1 son, 3 daughters; NATO positions; various jobs in publishing and theatre * 5 Espionage novels * The Warm and Golden War [London: Secker and Warburg, 1967; New York: Pantheon, 1968] * The Robespierre Serial [London: Weidenfield and Nicholson, 1975; New York: Harcourt Brace, 1975] * Travelling Horseman [London: Weidenfield and Nicholson, 1975] * The Orion Line [London: Secker and Warburg, 1976; as "Double Assignment", New York: Harcourt Brace, 1977] * The Dirty Area [London: Hamish Hamilton, 1976; as "The Shadow Spy", New York: Harcourt Brace, 1979] * 3 novels under pseudonym James McVean * 2 nonfiction books Philip Luber: Philip Luber Carol Davis Luce; Sparks, Nevada; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * Night Game [New York: Zebra] paperback * Night Passage [New York: Zebra] paperback "Add Carol Davis Luce to your list of writers..." --Tony Hillerman * Night Stalker[New York: Zebra] paperback "A dandy read." -- Tony Hillerman * Night Prey [New York: Zebra] paperback * Skin Deep [Pinnacle] paperback Margaret Lucke, no known Web page Robert Ludlum (25 May 1927-): Political/International Thriller novelist; Born New York City; Rectory School, Pomfret, Connecticut; Kent School, Connecticut; Cheshire Academy, Connecticut; B.A. 1951 Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut; 1945-1947 U.S. Marine Corps; 1951 married Mary Ryducha, 2 sons, 1 daughter; stage/TV actor beginning 1952; 1957-1960 Producer, North Jersey Playhouse, Fort Lee, New Jersey and Playhouse-On-the-Mall, Paramus, New Jersey; * 14 Mystery/Detective novels * The Scarlatti Inheritance [Cleveland: World, 1971; London: Hart Davis, 1971] * The Osterman Weekend [Cleveland: World, 1972; London: Hart Davis, 1972] * The Matlock Paper [New York: Dial Press, 1973; London: Hart Davis MacGibbon, 1973] * Trevayne [New York: Delacorte Press, 1973; London: Weidenfield and Nicolson, 1973] under pseudonym Jonathan Ryder * The Cry of Halidon [New York: Delacorte Press, 1974; London: Weidenfield and Nicolson, 1974] under pseudonym Jonathan Ryder * The Rhinemann Exchange [New York: Dial Press, 1974; London: Hart Davis MacGibbon, 1975] * The Road to Gandolfo [New York: Dial Press, 1975; London: Hart Davis MacGibbon, 1976] under pseudonym Michael Shepherd * The Gemini Contenders [New York: Dial Press, 1976; London: Hart Davis MacGibbon, 1976] fascinating cryptohistory thriller in which documents exist that prove Jesus was not crucified (a stand-in died) * The Chancellor Manuscript [New York: Dial Press, 1977; London: Hart Davis MacGibbon, 1977] * The Holcroft Covenant [New York: Marek, 1978; London: Hart Davis, 1978] * The Matarese Circle [New York: Marek, 1979; London: Granada, 1979] * The Bourne Identity [New York: Marek, 1980; London: Granada, 1980] * The Parsifal Mosaic [New York: Random House, 1982; London: Granada, 1982] * The Acquitaine Progression [New York: Random House, 1984; London: Granada, 1984] Robert Ludlum home page Jerry Ludwig, no known Web page Brian Lumley: Dark Fantasy, Horror, and Mystery/Detective author; Brian Lumley "Arsene Lupin": the "prince of thieves" in the fiction of Maurice Leblanc. French equivalent of the British "Raffles." Not suave or debonair, but a street punk who hates the police. Master of disguise, once taking on the role of Lenormand (head of Surete), he supervised the investigations of himself; one never knows who he is by looks. His aliases have included: Bernard D'Andrezy, Jim Barnett, Desire Baudru, le Duc de Charmerace, Jean Daspry, Paul Daubreuil, Jean d'Enneris, Cavalieri Florianai, Captain Jeanniot, Victor Hautin, Ralph de Limezy, Luis Perenna, Paul Sernine, Prince Renine, and Horace Velmont. He is France personified, bubbling over with "joie de vivre," amoral, brave, conceited, wickedly funny, handsome, smart, spirited, young, and a master criminal for the hell of it. He is contemptious of the police, whom he knows could not understand him, let alone capture him. He is a friend of the Prefect, but without respect. His gand follows his lead, in crime for fun, for its own sake. After years of complete success, he tires of crime, and (for personal reasons) begins to help the Law. He becomes a full-time detective, but his uncanny knowledge of the dark side is not enough to be the greatest detective, as he is still addicted to jokes, love affairs, and the other habits of his wild youth. Creator Maurice Leblanc was a newspaper crime reporter, when a new journal requested the otherwise unpublished Frenchman for a piece of fiction. He immediately created this exemplary criminal. Edgar Lustgarten, full name Edgar Marcus Lustgarten (3 May 1907-15 Dec 1978): Criminologist, attorney, novelist with non-formula content and style; Born in Manchester, England; Manchester Grammar School; B.A. 1930 St.John's College, Oxford (President 1930 Oxford Union); 1932 married Joyce Goldstone (deceased 1972); 1930-1940 Barrister; 1940-1945 Counter-Propaganda Broadcaster for the BBC Radio; 1945-1948 Staff Producer, BBC Radio; 1950-1954 Organizer, "In the News", BBC Television; 1965-1968 Narrator "Focus", BBC Television; 1955-1961 Organizer, "Free Speech", BBC Television; 1962-1965 Chairman, "Fair Play", Associated Television [London]; 1952-1969? presenter "Famous Trials" BBC Radio and BBC Television; * 5 Mystery/Detective novels * A Case to Answer [London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1947; as "One More Unfortunate", New York: Scribner, 1947] * Blonde Iscariot [New York: Scribner, 1948; London: Museum Press, 1949] * Game for Three Losers [New York: Scribner, 1952; London: Museum Press, 1952] * I'll Never Leave You [London: Hart Davis, 1971] * Turn the Light Out as You Go [London: Elek, 1978] * 1 Mystery/Detective screenplay: "The Man Who Wouldn't Talk" [1958] * 5+ Mystery/Detective radioplays: 1966-1967; "The Traitors" series [1970] * 10 True Crime and Courtroom nonfiction books John Lutz, full name John Thomas Lutz (11 Sep 1939): no known Web page Born Dallas, Texas; Meramec Community College, St.Louis; 1958 married Barbara Jean Bradley, two daughters, one son; construction worker, theatre usher, warehouseman, truck drive St.Louis Police switchboard operator; also writes under pseudonyms John Bennett, Tom Collins, Steven Greene, Van McCloud, Paul Shepparton, Elwin Strange, John Barry Williams; * 9 mystery/detective novels with series character Alo Nudger (Private Eye with streak of cowardice): * The Truth of the Matter [New York: Pocket, 1971] * Buyer Beware [New York: Putnam, 1976; London: Hale, 1977] (Nudger) * Bonegrinder [New York: Putnam, 1977; London: Hale, 1978] * Lazarus Man [New York: Morrow, 1979; London: New English Library, 1980] * Jericho Man [New York: Morrow, 1980] * The Shadow Man [New York: Morrow, 1981] * Exiled [New York: Fawcett, 1982] (as Steven Greene) * The Eye [New York: Mysterious Press, 1984] (co-author Bill Pronzini) * Nightlines [New York: St.Martin's Press, 1984] (Nudger) * 100+ mystery/detective short stories in "Alfred Hitchcock's" and similar magazine markets * Nonfiction: * "Setting for Suspense" [Boston: The Writer, July 1974] * "Using Technology in Mysteries [Boston: The Writer, July 1978] Return to Authors L Table of Contents Return to Mystery/Detective AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Gavin Lyall, full name Gavin Tudor Lyall (9 May 1932-): Born in Birmingham, England; 1943-1951 King Edward VI School; B.A. (honours) in English 1956 Pembroke College, Cambridge; 1951-1953 Pilot Officer, Royal Air Force; 1958 married Katharine Whitehorn [author], two sons; 1956-1957 reporter [London] "Picture Post"; 1958-1959 cinema Director, BBC Television; 1959-1962 Reporter/Air Correspondant [London] "Sunday Times"; 1966-1967 Chairman, Crime Writers Association; winner 1964 and 1965 Silver Dagger. * 9 mystery/detective novels with series character Harry Maxim: * The Wrong Side of the Sky [London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1961; New York: Scribner, 1961] * The Most Dangerous Game [London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1964; New York: Scribner, 1963] * Midnight Plus One [London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1965; New York: Scribner, 1965] * Shooting Script [London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1966; New York: Viking Press, 1966] *Venus with Pistol [London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1969; New York: Viking Press, 1969] * Blame the Dead [London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1973; New York: Viking Press, 1973] * Judas Country [London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1975; New York: Viking Press, 1975] * The Secret Servant [London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1980; New York: Viking Press, 1980] Maxim * The Conduct of Major Maxim [London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1982; New York: Viking Press, 1983] Maxim * 1 screenplay: "Moon Zero Two", 1969, 2 co-authors * 1 nonfiction book edited: "The War in the Air 1939-1945" * 1 War Game rulebook: "Operation Warboard" [London: A. and C. Black, 1976; New York: McKay, 1976] co-author Bernard Lyall Laurie Lykken, no known Web page John Lymington: see John Newton Chance "Bertram Lynch": 1930s Permanent Central Board of the League of Nations investigator, as purportedly chronicled by "Professor Robert Deane" in the fiction of John W. Vandercook. Daniel Caplice Lynch, no known Web page John T. Lynch, no known Web page S. K. Lynch, no known Web page Dennis Lynds: see Michael Collins Mary Elizabeth Lynn; Silver City, New Mexico; no known Web page; * Every Page Perfect: A Writer's Manual For Manuscript Format And Submission Protocol Third Edition [Toad Hall Press] ISBN 0-9637498-2-X; $14.95; "The first and only manuscript format and submission protocol guide with FULL-PAGE examples. Follow these guidelines, editors will read your work!" Arthur Lyons (5 Jan 1946-): Born in Los Angeles; B.A. 1967 University of California at Santa Barbara; owner restaurant/giftshop in Palm Springs, California; Philip Marlowesque explorations of Southern California locations and social strata, with unique depth. * 7 mystery/detective novels with series character Jacob Asch: * The Dead Are Discreet [New York: Mason and Lipscomb, 1974; London: Robson, 1977] wealthy Satanist cult; well-researched * All God's Children [New York: Mason Charter, 1975; London: Robson, 1977] Jesus-freaks vs. motorcycle gang * The Killing Floor [New York: Mason Charter, 1976; London: Hale, 1983] Mafia and the Meat business * Dead Ringer [New York: Mason Charter, 1977; London: Hale, 1983] prostitution and boxing * Castles Burning [New York: Holt Rinehart, 1980] * Hard Trade [New York: Holt Rinehart, 1982] Polticians and the Gay underground * At the Hands of Another [New York: Holt Rinehart, 1983] Attornies, doctors, and sex toys Brian C. Lysaght, no known Web page Return to Authors L Table of Contents Return to Mystery/Detective AUTHORS Table of Contents
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