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Authors Beginning "Na..."

Magdalen Naab (1947-): Mystery/Detective novelist of England, who relocated to Italy in 1977, and had Georges Simenon as mentor Mystery/Detective novels: * The Prosecutor [1986] co-author Paolo Vagheggi * the Marshall Salvatore Guarnaccia novel series about the Carabinieri of Florence, Italy * {titles to be done} Plays: * Florence of the North [1978] Children's Books: * the Josie Smith novel series Naked City: movie [1940] MOVIES spin-off: Television [ABC: 1958-1963] TELEVISION The Name of the Game: Television [NBC: 1968-1971] TELEVISION The Name of the Rose: movie [Fox, 1986] Adapted: from best-selling novel by Umberto Eco; Director: Jean-Jacques Arnaud; Starring: Sean Connery as William of Baskerville, F. Murray Abraham, Christian Slater, William Hickey, Michael Lonsdale, Ron Perlman; Plot: 14th Century monk as precursor to Sherlock Holmes MOVIES "The Nameless Detective": character in the fiction of Bill Pronzini John Nance: John Nance The Narrow Margin: movie [RKO, 1952] Director: Richard Fleisher; Starring: Charles McGraw, Marie Windsor; Plot: police officer moves witness to Los Angeles by train from Chicago, while on-board hit-men lurk to rub him out. Remake: 1990; starring Gene Hackman, Ann Archer. MOVIES "Monty Nash": spy character in the fiction of Richard Jessup under his pseudonym Richard Telfair: * The Bloody Medallion [1959] * The Corpse That Talked [1959] * Scream Bloody Murder [1960] * Good Luck, Sucker [1961] * The Slavers [1961] Adapted for Television [Syndicated, 1971] Starring Harry Guardino TELEVISION Return to Main MYSTERY/DECTECTIVE AUTHORS table of contents Return to Alphabetical Table of "N" Authors

Authors Beginning "Ne..."

Frederick Nebel: full name Louis Frederick Nebel (3 Nov 1903-3 May 1967): New York dockworker/car checker, Canadian farmer, tramp steamer sailor: * 2 mystery/detective novels * 1 mystery/detective story collection * 100+ uncollected hard-boiled yet authentic mystery/detective pulp stories with series characters Donny Donahue, cardigan of the Cosmos Detective Agency, and Homicide captain Steve McBride & Free Press Reporter Kennedy Frederick Nebel @ MGrost Barbara Neely: Barbara Neely Richard Neely: ad exec/suspense novelist: * 15 mystery/detective/suspense thrillers, often involving marital tensions or abnormal psychology, twice nominated for Best Novel Edgars Kit Neill: Kit Neill "Gridley Nelson": criminologist NYPD character in the fiction of Ruth Fenisong, promoted from Lieutenant to Captain. From an aristocratic family, and someday to inherit a fortune, he uses his intelligence, criminology training, and systematic hard work to solve crimes. Kris Neri: Kris Neri Katherine Neville: Katherine Neville Margot Neville: pseudonym of Margot Goyder (1903-) & Anne Neville Goyder Joske (1893-?): Australian mystery/detective collaborators: * 20 mystery/detective novels, almost all with "Murder" in title, most with series character Inspector Grogan, usually set in the urbane Sydney scene Francis M. Nevins, Jr.: full name Francis Mitchell Nevins, Jr. (6 Jan 1943-): law school professor; winner 1975 Edgar Allan Poe award for criticism: * 2 mystery/detective novels with series character Loren Mensing (Professor of Law), one of which has the ultimate academic title of "Publish and Perish." * 30+ uncollected mystery/detective stories * 10+ nonfiction article and book publications of mystery/detective genre * 6 mystery/detective books edited Bernard Newman: full name Bernard Charles Newman (8 May 1897-19 Feb 1968): served in British Army in France (awarded Chevalier. Legion of Honour); Ministry of Information lecturer and Civil Servant: * 34 mystery/detective/espionage thriller novels with series characters Sergeant/Inspector Marshall, Papa Pontivy * 14 mystery/detective/espionage novels under pseudonym Don Bettridge, with series character Tiger Lester * 5 other novels * 16 plays * 85 other books (travel, espionage, history, drama, juvenile) Kim Newman: Kim Newman The New Adventures of Charlie Chan: see Charlie Chan TELEVISION The New Perry Mason: see Perry Mason TELEVISION G. F. Newman, full name Gordon F. Newman (1942-) film screenwriter-producer, mystery/detective author * 16 mystery/detective novels with series character Inspector Terry Sneed, mostly dealing with police corruption, in which the "bent cop" is and criminal is shown with sympathy and the straight world with justified cynicism * 1 other novel * 1 play * teleplays, including the 1978 "Law and Order" series Sharan Newman; Santa Barbara, California; Sharan Newman newer homepage Sharan Newman science fiction/fantasy and historical books plus: * 4 mystery/detective/medical novels with series character Catherine Levendeur * Strong as Death [Forge] hardcover * The Wandering Arm [Forge] hardcover Nominated for Agatha Award (Best Mystery of the Year) * The Devils Door [Forge] hardcover * Death Comes As Epiphany [Forge] hardcover * Winner, Macavity Award, Best First Mystery * Nominated for Agatha and Anthony Awards (Best Mystery of the Year) * Historical Mystery anthology co-edited with Miriam Grace Monfredo: * Crime Through Time: all original historical mysteries [New York: Berkley, August 1997] stories by 20 US/British authors Return to Main MYSTERY/DECTECTIVE AUTHORS table of contents Return to Alphabetical Table of "N" Authors

Authors Beginning "Ni..."

Beverley Nichols: full name John Beverley Nichols (9 Sep 1898-15 Sep 1983): British author at Oxfird, editor "Isis", founding editor "Oxford Outlook", President, Oxford Union; "The Weekly Dispatch" drama critic (London); editor "The American Sketch" (New York): * 5 mystery/detective novels with series character Horatio Green * 8 unrelated novels * 1 collection mystery/detective stories * 14 plays and operettas * 1 radio play * 1 book of petry * 44 other books F. R. E. Nicolas: see Nicholas Freeling Christopher Nicole: see Andrew York Helen Nielsen: full name Helen Berniece Nielsen (23 Oct 1918-) American aerospace engineer/draftsman/artist * 18 mystery/detective novels with series character Simon Drake * 1 collection mystery/detective stories * 50+ uncollected mystery/detective stories * numerous teleplays: "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "Perry Mason", "Markham", "Alcoa Theatre", "87th Precinct", "Four Star Theatre", "Checkmate" series Robert C. Nienkemper: best known for the Prich Hale novel series Robert C. Nienkemper Robert C. Nienkemper slightly different URL capitalization Night Must Fall: movie [MGM, 1937] Director: Richard Thorpe; Starring: Robert Montgomery, Dame May Whitty, Rosalind Russell; Plot: hatbox contains severed head, as psycho penetrates household of wealthy reclusive widow; Adapted: from Emlyn Williams stage play [1935]; Remake: U.K., 1990; Director: Karel Reisz; starring Albert Finney, Susan Hampshire, Mona Washbourne. MOVIES Night of the Juggler: movie [Columbia, 1980] Director: Robert Butler; Starring: James Brolin, Cliff Gorman, Richard S. Castellano, Mandy Patinkin;; Plot: child kidnapper/murderer grabs cop's daughter; Adapted: from William P. McGivern novel [1975] MOVIES Nightfall: movie [Columbia, 1956] Director: Jacques Tourneur; Starring: Anne Bancroft, Aldo Ray, Brian Keith; Plot: gritty chase flick about stolen goods hidden in snow; Adapted: from David Goodis novel [1947] MOVIES Dorothea Nile: pseudonym of Michael Avallone Hume Nisbet Hume Nisbet Anna Katherine Green School subgenre Larry Niven: best-known for his award-winning Science Fiction, Larry Niven also uses Mystery/Detective structure and tone in, for example: * The Barbie Murders [muder of clones on the Moon] Larry Niven home page Joan Lowery Nixon: see Young Adult/Juvenile page {to be done} Return to Main MYSTERY/DECTECTIVE AUTHORS table of contents Return to Alphabetical Table of "N" Authors

Authors Beginning "No..."

No Man of Her Own: movie [Paramount, 1949] Director: Mitchell Leisen; Starring: Barbara Stanwyck, John Lund; Plot: identity theft by pregnant woman with pregnant widow killed in train wreck; Adapted: from Cornell Woolrich novel I Married a Dead Man [1948] under pseudonym William Irish; Remake: [France, 1982] Director: Robin Davis; Starring: Nathalie Baye, Francis Huster. MOVIES No Orchids for Miss Blandish: U.K. movie [Tudor, 1948] Director: St.John L. Clowes; Starring: Jack LaRue, Linden Travers; Plot: unintentionally so-bad-it's-funny love affair between psychotric murderer and kidnapping victim; Adapted: from James Hadley Chase bestselling novel [1939]; Remake: as The Grissom Gang [Cinerama, 1971] Director: Robert Aldrich; Starring Kim Darby, Scott Wilson; MOVIES No Way Out: see The Big Clock No Way to Treat a Lady: movie [Paramount, 1968] Director: Jack Smight; Starring: Rod Steiger, George Segal, Eileen Heckart, Lee Remick; Plot: Jewish cop versus mass murderer in disguises; Adapted: (loosely) from William Goldman novel under pseudonym Harry Longbaugh; MOVIES "Nick Noble": ex-LAPD character in the fiction of Anthony Boucher (pseudonym of William Anthony Parker White). Framed and dismissed from LAPD, where he was an honest cop, his life spun out of control when his wife died. Now he hangs out at the third booth from the left of the Chula Negra Cafe on Main Street, in LA's skid row. His sherry-drinking days as a bum are complicated by LAPD Lieutenant MacDonald, whom he assists on tricky crimes. "Nolan": character in the fiction of Max Allan Collins William F. Nolan: full name William Francis Nolan (6 Mar 1928-) West Hills, California: painter, aircraft inspector, greeting card designer/cartoonist, California State Unimployment Office Interviewer; straddles the science fiction and mystery/detective genres as author and editor: {to be done} William F. Nolan * 1 mystery/detective novel in the "Black Mask Boys" series: * The Marble Orchard [New York: St. Martin's] ISBN 0-312-14011-8; $21.00 * "Narrated by" Raymond Chandler * "Nolan has captured the essence of both an era and a literary form in one brilliant exercise." -- Robert B. Parker * mystery/detective novels with "Bart Challis" as detective: * Death is for Losers [1968] "Ed Noon": New York private eye character in the fiction of Michael Avallone; Ed Noon is nuts about old movies, baseball, and puns. Depressed but effective, he spies and overcomes bizarre criminals in strange cases. Edwina Noone: pseudonym of Michael Avallone Julian Norbert: American bail-bondsman Mystery/Detective and Science Fiction novelist: * The Lost Lemur [London: Rich Cowan, 1933] * The Jaundiced Judgment of Jupiter [London: Unicorn, 1932] introduction by John Gawsworth James Norman: full name James Norman Schmidt (10 Jan 1912-) journalist, sports editor, encyclopedia editor, Professor (Latin America): * 3 mystery/detective novels with series character Gimiendo Hernandez Quinto all set in China during japanese invasion * 6 other novels * 1 play * various radio plays "Studio One" series * various teleplays: "Herald Theatre" and "Loretta Young" series * 12 other books (juvenile, Mexico, reptiles, West) James Norman "Lady Jennifer Norrington, Count Alesandro di Ganzarello, Coleridge Tucker III": characters in the fiction of Frank Parrish under pseudonym Ivor Drummond: * The Man With the Tiny Head [1969] * The Priests of Abomination [1970] * The Frog in the Moonflower [1972] * The Jaws of the Watchdog [1973] * The Power of the Bug [1974] * The Tank of Sacred Eels [1976] * The Necklace of Skulls [1977] * A Stench of Poppies [1978] * The Diamonds of Loretta [1980] {according to Encyclopedia Mysteriosa} Anthony North: pseudonym of Dean R. Koontz "Colonel Hugh North": character in the novels of Van Wyck Mason. He rose from Captain, 1930, in Military Intelligence to major, and skipped a rank to become full Colonel, which rank he held for roughly 20 years. Hadnsome, thin, pipe-smoking, and popular with the ladies, he takes on any assignment, no matter how dangerous. His memory and powers of observation are profound. Gil North: pseudonym of Geoffrey Horne (12 July 1916-) British diplomat and social anthropologist: * 12 mystery/detective novels with series character Sergeant Caleb Cluff * 5 novels under own name * 20 teleplays (episodes of 1964 "Cluff" series Howard North: pseudonym of Elleston Trevor "Pam and Jerry North": characters in the novels of Frances and Richard Lockridge. Arguably the #1 husband/wife team in detective history, they first saw print in The New Yorker, where in the story "The Norths Meet Murder" they rented a Greenwich Village apartment for a party, and siscovered a corpse. Their story has been adapted for stage, screen, and television. Suzanne North; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; no known web page, but see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * 2 mystery/detective novels with series character Phoebe Fairfax (TV photographer): * Seeing is Deceiving [Canada: McClelland & Stewart] * Healthy, Wealthy & Dead [Canada: NeWest Press] paperback North By Northwest: movie [MGM, 1959] Director: Alfred Hitchcock; Starring: Cary Grant, James Mason, Eva Marie Saint; Plot: Madison Avenue exec mistaken for spy, pursued by murderous agents, famous scene on Mount Rushmore faces;; MOVIES Andre Norton: best-known for Science Fiction Andre Norton Nothing But the Best: U.K. movie [Royal Films, 1964] Director: Clive Donner; Starring: Alan Bates, Denholm Elliott, Harry Andrews, Milkicent Martin; Plot: Social Climber pulls out all the stops; Adapted: from the Stanley Ellin short story [1952] MOVIES Notorious: movie [RKO, 1946] Director: Alfred Hitchcock; Starring: Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains; Plot: Nazi smuggling uranium in winebottles to build A-bomb in Brazil, traitors daughter seduces Nazi to discover secret and aid American spy; Real Life Twist: Hitchcock sent assistant to ask Caltech's famous Pyshicist/President Andrew Millikan how many winebottles full of Uranium would it take to build an atomic bomb; Millikan freaked out; the FBI investigated the apparent leak; Hitchcock took this as evidence that his plot was on the right track! 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Authors Beginning "Nu..."

"Alo Nudger": non-hardboiled Private eye character in the hardboiled fiction of John Lutz: * Buyer Beware [1976] * Nightlines [1985] * The Right to Sing the Blues [1986] * Ride the Lightning [1987] * Dancer's Debt [1988] * Time Exposure [1989] * Diamond Eyes [1990] Number Seventeen: U.K. movie [British International, 1932] Director: Alfred Hitchcock; Starring: Leon M. Lion, Anne Grey; Plot: ex-jewel thief joins with cop to bust ex-partners; Adapted: from stage play by J. Jefferson Farjeon; MOVIES Nuns, Mothers, & Others: Nuns, Mothers, & Others Web site features: * Lee Harris * Lora Roberts * Jonnie Jacobs * Valerie Wolzien Albert F. Nussbaum: see Earl Drake or Dan J. Marlowe Return to Main MYSTERY/DECTECTIVE AUTHORS table of contents Return to Alphabetical Table of "N" Authors

Authors Beginning "Ny..."

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