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Authors Beginning "Ra..."

Peter Rabe: * 24 mystery/detective/espionage novels with series characters Manny DeWitt, Damiel Port --mostly brutal, intense, vivid, and available only in paperback; 2 of his hardboiled novels are about the inner workings of the Mafia * 2 unrelated novels (including novelization of screenplay "Tobruk") * 2 nonfiction books (maternity, psychotherapy) Thom Racina: Thom Racina home page E. and M. A. Radford: British husband-and-wife collaborative authors, full names: Edwin Isaac Radford (1891-1973), former newspaper reporter/editor, and Mona Augusta Radford (nee Mangan) : * 38 mystery/detective thriller novels with series characters Doctor Manson and Inspector Holroyd of the CID * 1 screenplay "The Sixth Men" [1951] with several co-authors * 2 nonfiction encyclopediae (lexicography, superstitions) High C. Rae, full name High Crawford Rae (22 Nov 1935-) Scottish author, born in Glasgow; served in Royal Air Force; 1960 married Elizabeth MacMillan Dunn, 1 daughter; worked for John Smith & Son Booseller, Glasgow; 1974-1978 President, Scottish Association of Writers; Member, Scottish Arts Council: * 14 mystery/detective novels with series character Inspector/Superintendent McCaig, mostly set in Scotland * 5 mystery/detective thriller novels under pseudonym Robert Crawford, with series characters Arthur Salisbury and Frank Shearer * 3 unrelated novels * 7 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Jessica Stirling (co-author Peggie Coghlan) * 7 unrelated military novels under pseudonym James Albany * 1 play * 1 radio play * 1 teleplay * editor/co-editor "Scottish Short Stories 1977" and "Scottish Short Stories 1978" "Raffles": gentleman criminal character in the fiction of E. W. Hornung. This "Amateur Cracksman" switched to crime while a successful cricket player in the Colonies. He stole the first time, penniless, thinking it an isolated event, to escape from an embarassing circumstance, but in so doing, he "tasted blood" and decided to keep on the dark side forever: "Why settle down to some humdrum, uncongenial billet, when excitement, romance, danger, and a decent living were all going begging together? Of course it's very wrong, but we can't all be moralists, and the distribution of wealth is very wrong to begin with" he philosophizes to his assistant Buddy Manders. Raffles is tall, handsome, with a lean frame and curly black hair. His jaw is firm, his mouth strong yet slightly unscrupulous. His face is clean-shaven, pale, and sharp -- revealing little mercy or sympathy. He'd been captain of his school cricket team, and advanced to be one of the best cricketers of England, which helps his entree into upper-crust society. Raffles looks as if he were born in evening clothes; he is sophisticated, debonair, polished. He is unmatched in daring amoung great thieves, yet his personal honor code keeps him from stealing from his host -- but fellow guests are within limits. He avoids violence. He can crack any safe. He usually follows a meticulous plan, yet sometimes steals on a whim. He keeps secrets, ususally not even confiding his plans to Buddy Manders. Late in his life, he switched again, this time on the side of the law, as a detective. He died, shot in the Boer War. Ernest William Hornung, his creator, was the brother-in-law of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Around 1900, the most popular literary character was Sherlock Holmes -- and Raffles was the second-most popular. After Hornung passed away, Barry Perowne continued the Raffles stories, at first in contemporary settings, and then in his original gas-light era. "The Rambler": Addison Francis Murphy, a.k.a. The Rambler, is an amateur detective character in the 1930s pulp-fiction of Fred Mac Isaac. A wandering newspaper reporter who leaps from one small town paper to another during the Great Depression, and always stumbles on adventures and crimes to solve. Manuel Ramos: Manuel Ramos "Jeffrey Rand": espionage character in the fiction of Edward D. Hoch. Jeffrey Rand is about 35 years old, yet already heads "The Department of Concealed Communications" in British Intelligence. That means cryptography: making and breaking codes. His sinus aches decrease whenever he leaves damp London for exotic foreign cases. His arch-enemy is the Russian "Taz." Robert J. Randisi, full name Robert Joseph Randisi (24 Aug 1951-): Brooklyn-born mailroom manager, collection clerk, NYPD administrative aide; author of Westerns and men's adventure fiction, but best known for Private Eye novels; founder, Private Eye Writers of America; President, Private Eye Press: * 5 mystery/detective PI novels with series character Miles Jacoby (prizefighter turned Private Eye) * 6 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym/house name Nick Carter * 26 Western novels in the "Gunsmith" series under pseudonym J. R. Roberts * 4 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Tom Cutter * 1 mystery/detective anthology edited Marion Randolph: pseudonym of Marie Freid Rodell (1912-9 Nov 1975): Associate Editor/Head of Mystery Department, Duell Sloan and Pearce (New York book publishers); founder of literary agency; Director, Rachel Crarson Trust for Living Environment: * 3 mystery/detective novels * 1 nonfiction book about mystery/detective writing, the essential "Mystery Fiction: Theory and Technique", as Marie Rodell Ian Rankin: a best-selling Mystery/Detective author of Scotland Ian Rankin home page "Tommy Rankin": Homicide detective character in the fiction of Milton M. Propper. Tommy Rankin climbed the ladder of Philadelphia Police positions, becoming a Homicide detective by sheer logic, focus, and stick-to-it-iveness. That, not genius, is what gets results. Stephen Ransome: pseudonym of Frederick C[lyde] Davis (1902-1977): author of 1,000+ pulp stories * 21 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Stephen Ransome, with series characters Lieutenant Lee Barcello, Steve Ransome * 18 mystery/detective novels under own name (Frederick C. Davis) with series characters Schuyler Cole & Luke Speare, Professor Cyrus Hatch; used pseudonym Stephen Ransome for British publication * 20-30 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Curtis Steele, with series character James Christopher a.k.a. Secret Operator No.5 * 1 mystery/detective novel under pseudonym Murdo Coombs Frederick C. Davis @ MGrost Chaim Raphael (14 July 1908-): British lecturer on Hebrew, Liaison Officer for Internment Camps, Economics Advisor/Director/Deputy Head/Head of British Information Services; Intelligence Advisor, U.S. Department of the Treasury; OBE (Order of the British Empire); Research Fellow in Jewish Social History; winner 1983 Wingate Prize: * 5 books on Jewish History as Chaim Raphael * 6 mystery/detective novels with series character Abrose Usher (Oxford Philosophy don) Lev Raphael; Okemos, Michigan; Lev Raphael * The Edith Wharton Murders [New York: St. Martin's, July 1997] * Let's Get Criminal [New York: St. Martin's] State University of Michigan Professor Nick Hoffman's officemate has dinner with Nick and his lover Stefan, and immediately afterwards turns up dead. Whodunnit? And how? It's anything but academic... "Bill Rastin: see "Grandfather" Julian Rathbone (10 Feb 1935-): British; English teacher in Turkey: * 12 mystery/detective/espionage thriller novels with series characters Jan Argand, Nur Bey * 4 unrelated novels * 1 military history/biography (Wellington) Simon Rattray: see Elleston Trevor Silver Ravenwolf: Silver Ravenwolf home page Ellen Rawlings; Columbia, Maryland: * 2 mystery/detective novels with series character Rachel Crowne (Jewish writer): * Deadly Harvest [New York: Fawcett Gold Medal, September 1997] paperback * The Murder Lover [New York: Fawcett Gold Medal] Melanie Rawn: best-known for Fantasy, also writes Mytery/Detective fiction. Melanie Rawn home page Clayton S. Rawson (15 Aug 1906-1 Mar 1971): Associate Editor "True Detective"; Editor, "Master Detective"; Mystery Editor, Ziff-Davis (Chicago); Director, Unicorn Mystery Book Club; Editor for Simon & Scuster's "Inner Sanctum" Mystery series; Managing Editor, "Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine"; as "The Great Merlini", wrote and was member of the Society of American Magicians: * 6 mystery/detective novels with series character The Great Merlini: * Death from a Top Hat [1938] recommended * Footprints on the Ceiling [1939] * Headless Lady [1940] * 1 story collection about the Magician/Detective The Great Merlini * 4 nonfiction books (magic, gambling) Clayton S. Rawson @ MGrost Victor K. Ray: Victor K. Ray @ MGrost Return to Authors R Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY/DETECTIVE AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Re..."

Alice Scanlon Reach: * Stories featuring Father Crumlish, amateur detective: * "Ordeal of Father Crumlish" [1963] recommended Danuta Reah: Danuta Reah home page James M. Reasoner: author of hard-boiled detective novel: * Texas Wind [1980] J. M. Redmann: J. M. Reddmann * The Intersection of Law and Desire [New York: Norton, 1995] hardcover * " of the most hard-boiled and complex female detectives in print today." -- San Francisco Chronicle "Editor's Choice 1995" * "...the makings of a landmark series." -- Kirkus * Winner: Lamba Literary Award * Deaths of Jocasta [New Victoria] ISBN 0-934678-39-1; $9.95 Nominated: Lambda Literary Award * Death by the Riverside [New Victoria] ISBN 0-934678-27-8; $9.95 Elliot Reed: pseudonym of Eric Ambler (28 June 1909-), British crime author, winner of multiple awards: * 5 crime novels as Eliot Reed, co-authored with Charles Rodda * 18 crime novels as Eric Ambler (series characters Charles Latimer, Arthur Abdel Simpson, Valeshoff and Tamara) * various nonfiction publications * 16 screenplays no known Web page Mary Reed and Eric Mayer: Mary Reed and Eric Mayer Philip Reed: Philip Reed home page "J. G. Reeder": prosecutor character in the fiction of Edgar Wallace. John G. Reeder worked a long career for Bankers Trust, and connected to Scotland Yard. Now he is with the London Public Prosecutor's office, due to his expertise in bank robberies and forgeries -- he can detect a counterfit bill by fingering one corner of it. He also has a nearly photographic memory for faces. He is still called upon for special consulting to Scotland Yard. J. G. Reeder is short, sandy gray-haired, muttonchop-whiskered, and wears old-fashioned steel-rimmed pince-nez glasses, and equally out-of-date flat-top derby, and always carries the mandatory London furled umbrella, which he never opens, and which hides a knife blade in its handle. He looks meek, mild, timid, gentle, and helpless. Yet he carries a concealed revolver. He thinks of himself as "malicious" and seeing the wrong hidden in everyhting. He is successful as a detective because, he claims, he himself has "a criminal mind." Arthur B. Reeve, full name Arthur Benjamin Reeve (15 Oct 1880-9 Aug 1936): graduate of Princeton and New York Law School; 1906 married Margaret Allen Smith, 2 sons, 1 daughter; Assistant Editor "Public Opinion"; Staff member "Survey"; editor of "Our Own Times" annual; helped establish anti-espionage Detection Laboratory for the federal government, before the FBI was born, and during World War I; best known for having created the series character Professor Craig Kennedy, sometimes called "The American Sherlock Holmes." * 18 mystery/detective novels with series characters Professor Craig Kennedy and his Dr.Watson-like sidekick Walter Jameson (newspaper reporter) * Adventuress [1917] * Avatar [1924] * Boy Scouts' Craig Kennedy [1925] * Clutching Hand [1934] * Craig Kennedy Listens In [1923] * Craig Kennedy On the Farm [1925] * Dream Doctor [1914] * Ear in the Wall [1916] * Enter Craig Kennedy [1935] * Exploits of Elaine [1915] * Film Mystery [1921] * Fourteen Points [1925] * Gold of the Gods [1915] * Kidnap Club [1932] * Panama Plot [1918] * Pandora [1926] * Poisoned Pen [1912] * Radio Detective [1926] * Romance of Elaine [1916] * Silent Bullet [1912] recommended * Social Gangster [1916] * Soul Scar [1919] * Stars Scream Murder [1936] * Treasure Train [1917] * Triumph of Elaine [1916] * War Terror [1915] * 12 mystery/detective story collections * 18 uncollected mystery/detective stories * 1 novelization "Tarzan the Mighty" * 16 mystery/detective screenplays * 1 other book "The Golden Age of Crime" * edited 1 book "The Best Ghost Stories" [Modern Library, 1930] Arthur B. Reeve @ MGrost Robert Reeves: author of hard-boiled detective novels: * Dead And Done For * No Love Lost * Cellini Smith: Detective Diane Curtis Regan: see Juvenile/Young Adult page {to be done} Seeley Regester: Seeley Regester @ MGrost Kathy Reichs: Kathy Reichs Sally Hellen Reid; Cedar Park, Texas; * 2 mystery/detective novels with series character Jessie Gaines (Texas freelance journalist): * Close Call [New York: Zebra] paperback Austin setting * Undertow [New York: Zebra] paperback Texas Coast setting Helen Reilly [nee Kieran] (1891-11 Jan 1962): married to artist Paul Reilly, 4 daughters including the two mystery/detective authors Ursula Curtiss and Mary McMullen; 1953 President, Mystery Writers of America: * 35 mystery/detective novels with series character Inspector Christopher McKee (Scotsman who heads Manhattan Homicide Squad) typically police procedurals involving upper-crust New York * Compartment K [1961] * Dead for a Ducat [1939] * Death Demands an Audience [1940] * Farmhouse [1947] recommended * McKee of Centre Street [1934] * Not Me, Inspector [1959] * 3 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Kieran Abbey Ruth Rendall (17 Feb 1930-) British reporter/editor; winner 1975 and 1984 Edgar Allan Poe Awards for short story; winner 1977 Crime Writers Association Gold Dagger; winner 1981 Arts Council National Book Award; winner 1983 Popular Culture Association Award: * 24 mystery/detective novels with series character Detective Chief Inspector Reginald Wexford * 3 mystery/detective story collections Ruth Rendall @ MGrost Herbert Resnicow: {to be done} "David Return": Native American policeman character in the fiction of Manley Wade Wellman. Full-blooded Tsichah, a Native American tribe that seems derived from both Pawnee and Cheyenne cultures. Broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted, black-haired, lithe, brown-skinned, he is very modern despite ancient appearance. The U.S. government trained him as an Indian Agency policeman, and he works on a reservation. His grandfather is also his mentor: the senior Lieutenant of the Indian Agency police force, "Tough Feather." David Return works "to make things better for all Indians", drives a Plymouth sedan, but solves crimes through a classical understanding of native American culture, tradition, and philosphy. Rob Reuland: Rob Reuland home page Father Brad Reynolds, SJ; Portland, Oregon; * A Ritual Death [New York: Avon, August 1997] paperback * The Story Knife [New York: Avon] paperback "Father Reynolds gives us a fascinating 'mystery for the thinking person' -- sharing his deepunderstanding of Eskimo culture. Don't miss it." -- Tony Hillerman Return to Authors R Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY/DETECTIVE AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Rh..."

John Rhode: pseudonym of Cecil John Charles Street (1884-Jan 1965) British career Army officer (Major); Military Cross; O.B.E. (Order of the British Empire): * 79 mystery/detective novels with series character Dr. Lancelot Priestley * 63 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Miles Burton, with series characters Inspector Arnold and Desmond Merrion * other characters: Inspector James Waghorn, Superintendent Hanslet, Harold Merefield * Novels include: * Affair of the Substitute Doctor [1951] * Blackthorne House [1949] * Body Unidentified [1937] * Case of the Forty Thieves [1953] * Claverton Affair [1933] * Corpse in the Car [1935] * Dead Men at the Folly [1932] * Dead on the Track [1943] * Death at Breakfast [1936] * Death at the Dance [1952] * Death at the Helm [1941] * Death in Harley Street [1946] * Death in Willington Road [1952] * Death Invades the Meeting [1944] * Death of a Bridegroom [1957] * Death of an Artist [1956] * Death of an Author [1947] * Death on the Boat Train [1940] * Death on the Land [1954] * Death Pays a Dividend [1939] * Death Sits on the Board [1937] * Death Takes a Partner [1958] * Delayed Payment [1955] * Dr. Priestley Investigates [1930] recommended * Dr. Priestley Lays a Trap [1933] * Dr. Priestley's Quest [1926] * Double Identities [1950] * Dovebury Murders [1954] * Ellerby Case [1927] * Elm Tree Murder [1939] * Experiment in Crime [1947] * Fatal Garden [1949] * Fatal Pool [1960] * Fire at Greycombe Farm [1932] * Fourth Bomb [1942] * Grave Matters [1955] * Hanging Woman [1931] * Harvest Murder [1937] * Hendon's First Case [1935] recommended * House on Tollard Ridge [1929] recommended * In the Face of the Verdict [1936] * Invisible Weapons [1938] * Last Suspect [1950] * Licensed for Murder [1959] * Links in the Chain [1948] * Men Die at Cyprus Lodge [1943] * Murder at Bratton Grange [1929] * Murder at Derivale [1958] * Murder at Lilac Cottage [1940] * Murder at the Motor Show [1935] * Murder in Praed Street [1928] recommended * Mysterious Suspect [1953] * Open Verdict [1956] * Paddington Mystery [1925] * Peril at Cranbury Hall [1930] * Posion for One [1934] * Robbery With Violence [1957] * Robthorne Mystery [1934] * Secret Meeting [1951] * Secret of the Lake House [1946] * Shadow of a Crime [1945] * Shadow of an Alibi [1948] * Shot at Dawn [1934] * Signal for Death [1941] * Three Cousins Die [1959] * Too Many Suspects [1944] * Tower of Evil [1938] * Tragedy at the Unicorn [1928] * Tragedy on the Line [1931] recommended * Twice Dead [1960] * Vanishing Diary [1961] * Venner Crime [1933] John Rhode: John Rhode @ MGrost Return to Authors R Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY/DETECTIVE AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ri..."

Anne Rice: best-known for bestselling Horror novels (The Vampire Lestat), Anne Rice also works in the Mystery/Detective genre. Anne Rice Bebe Faas Rice: see Juvenile/Young Adult page {to be done} Craig Rice: pseudonym of Georgiana Ann Randolph (5 June 1908-28 Aug 1957) radio writer-producer: * 19 mystery/detective novels with series characters John J. Malone and the Justuses, Bingo Riggs and Handsome Kusak, including: * Trial By Fury [1941] hard-boiled * The Fourth Postman [1950] hard-boiled * Eight Faces at Three [1939] Malone; recommended * Fourth Postman [1948] Malone * "His Heart Could Break" [1943] Malone; recommended * Lucky Stiff [1945] Malone * My Kingdom for a Hearse [1957] Malone * Trial By Fury [1941] Malone * April Robin Murders [1958] Bingo Riggs * 3 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Michael Venning, with series character Melville Fairr * 3 mystery/detective story collections * 49 uncollected mystery/detective stories * 3 uncollected mystery/detective stories under pseudonym Ruth Malone * 3 mystery/detective screenplays * 1 radio play * 1 collection of true crime stories "45 Murderers" [Simon & Schuster, 1952] * 1 book edited, "Los Angeles Murders" [Dell, 1947] * Ghost-wrote 3 mystery/detective books nominally by Gypsy Rose Lee and 1 by George Sanders (co-ghost-author Cleve Cartmill) Craig Rice @ MGrost Clay Richards: pseudonym of Ken Crossen: full name Kendell Foster Crossen (25 July 1910-28 Nov 1981): * 4 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Clay Richards, with series character Grant Kirby * 6 mystery/detective novels under own name, with series characters Jason Jones and Necessary Smith * 7 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Richard Foster, with series characters Pete Draco and Chin Kwang Kham (Tibetan) * 21 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym M. E. Chaber, with series character Milo March * 4 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Christopher Monig, with series character Brian Brett * many uncollected stories * 4 unrelated novels (2 science fiction) * 2 nonfiction books * editor: * Murder Calvacade [New York: Dell, 1946] * Adventures in Tomorrow [New York: Greenberg, 1951; London: Lane, 1953] science fiction * Future Tense: New and Old Tales of Science Fiction [New York: Greenberg, 1952; London: Lane, 1954] Francis Richards: see Richard and Frances Lockridge Jason Ridgway: see Stephen Marlowe Michael Ridpath: Michael Ridpath home page "Bingo Riggs": amateur detective character in the fiction of Craig Rice (pseudonym of pseudonym of Georgiana Ann Randolph, Mrs. Lawrence Lipton). Skeletonous Bingo Riggs and his side-kick Handsome Kusac are the partners of the International Foto, Motion Picture and Television Corporation of America. Their fly-by-night antics seeking the hard-to-find legal tender leads them to murder cases from Hollywood to New York, and strange points in between. Mary Roberts Rinehart (1876-22 Sep 1958): At one time, the highest-income writer in America, still eminently readable. Her genres included Adventure, Romance, and Humor, and was the clear inventor of what is now known as the "Had-I-But-Known" technique, now a mainstay of Mystery, Gothic, and Romance authors. Mary Roberts Rinehart @ MGrost Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 1896 graduated Pittsburgh Training School for Nurses; 1896 married Dr.Stanley Marshall Rinehart (deceased 1932, 3 sons); 1903-56 full-time writer; World War I Correspondent, Saturday Evening Post; 1920-32 resident Washington D.C.; 1932-58 resident New York City; 1923 Litt.D., George Washington University, Washington D.C.; 1953 Mystery Writers of America Special Award. * 23 mystery/detective novels with series characters Nurse Hilda Adams, "Miss Pinkerton" [see: Pinkerton, Miss] * The Circular Staircase [Indianopolis: Bobbs Merrill, 1908; London: Cassell, 1909] * The Man in Lower Ten [Indianopolis: Bobbs Merrill, 1909; London: Cassell, 1909] * The Window at the White Cat [Indianopolis: Bobbs Merrill, 1910; London: Nash, 1911] * Where There's a Will [Indianopolis: Bobbs Merrill, 1912] * The Case of Jennie Brice [Indianopolis: Bobbs Merrill, 1913; London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1919] * The After House [Boston: Houghton Mifflin; London: Simkin Marshall, 1915] * Dangerous Days [New York: Doran, 1919; London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1919] * Sight Unseen, and The Confession [New York: Doran, 1921; London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1921] * The Red Lamp [New York: Doran, 1925; retitled The Mystery Lamp, London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1925] * The Bat (co-author Avery Hopwood) Novelization of play by Stephen Vincent Binet [New York: Doran, 1926; London: Cassell, 1926] * Two Flights Up [New York: Doubleday, 1928; London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1928] * The Door [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1930; London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1930] * Miss Pinkerton [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1932; retitled Double Alibi, London: Cassell, 1932] * Mary Roberts Rinehart's Crime Book [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1933; London: Cassell, 1958] 2 Nurse Hilda Adams novels * The Album [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1933; London: Cassell, 1933] * The State Versus Elinor Norton [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1934; retitled The Case of Elinor Norton, London: Cassell, 1934] * The Wall [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1938; London: Cassell, 1938] * The Great Mistake [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1938; London: Cassell, 1941] * Haunted Lady [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1942; London: Cassell, 1942] Nurse Hilda Adams novel * The Yellow Room [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1945; London: Cassell, 1949] * The Curve of the Catenary [New York: Royce, 1945] * Episode Of The Wandering Knife: Three Mystery Tales [New York: Rinehart, 1950; retitled The Wandering Knife, London: Cassell, 1952] * The Swimming Pool [New York: Rinehart, 1952; retitled The Pool, London: Cassell, 1952] * 3 mystery/detective short story collections * 16 other novels * 12 other short story collections, notable the "Tish" stories with series character Miss Letitia Carberry * Tish * Love Stories * Affinities and Other Stories * More Tish * Tempermental People * Tish Plays The Game * Nomad's Land * The Romantics * Married People * Tish Marches On * Familiar Faces: Stories of People You Know * The Best of Tish * 5 plays * 1 screenplay * 7 nonfiction books (travel, history, writing, autobiography) Rick Riordan: Rick Riordan newer home page Rick Riordan old Ann Ripley; Lyons, Colorado; * 1 mystery/detective novel with series character Louise Eldridge (TV broadcaster/organic gardener): * Death of a Garden Pest [New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell] paperback Jack Ripley: see John Wainwright "John Ripley": FBI character in the fiction of The Gordons (Mildred and Gordon). FBI Special Agent John Ripley is a 6-foot 192-pound ex-school-football quarterback, who was raised on a chicken ranch near Tucson, Arizona. After 3 years at Quantico (FBI training school in Virginia), he spent 3 years in New York City, a few years in Chicago, seeks transfer to El Paso, and winds up in Los Angeles. He is decent, polite, and comments after seeing a fellow agent killed on an ordinary case: "you never know what's behind any door." Mike Ripley: Mike Ripley home page Jack Ritchie (born John George Reitci)(26 Feb 1922-23 Apr 1983): the best-known Crime, Detective, or Vampire writer (his story series featuring Cardula, a vampire PI) never to have published a novel Jack Ritchie @ MGrost * 1 mystery/detective short story collection: A New Leaf and Other Stories [New York: Dell, 1971] * over 160 uncollected crime/detective short stories, many frequently anthologized (i.e. in every Alfred Hitchcock anthology and over 18 Best Detective Story anthologies) Francine Rivers: Francine Rivers home page "Chief Inspector Julian Rivers": Scotland Yard character in the fiction of Carol Carnac (pseudonym of Edith Caroline Rivett). Lazy in appearance, with long arms and legs, Chief Inspector Julian River is similar to "Inspector Macdonald" in novels under Edith Caroline Rivett's other pseudonym (E. C. R. Lorac). Both Inspectors and smary, hard-working, shun grandiose gestures, and achieve results by proper methodology and perseverence. Return to Authors R Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY/DETECTIVE AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ro..."

Candace Robb: Candace Robb home page Wayne Robbins: see William R. Cox Jennifer Roberson: best-known for Science Fiction, also writes Mystery/Detective fiction Jennifer Roberson C. E. Bechhofer Roberts: C. E. Bechhofer Roberts @ MGrost Gillian Roberts; Tiburon, California: Gillian Roberts home page * 7 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Judith Greber with series character Amanda Pepper (Philadelphia high school teacher): * The Mummers' Curse [New York: Ballentine, July 1997] hardcover and paperback * In the Dead of Summer [New York: Ballentine] hardcover and paperback * How I Spent My Summer Vacation [New York: Ballentine] hardcover and paperback * With Friends Like These... [New York: Ballentine] hardcover and paperback * I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia [New York: Ballentine] paperback * Philly Stakes [New York: Ballentine] paperback * Caught Dead In Philadelphia [New York: Ballentine] paperback * Winner: Anthony Award James Hall Roberts: pseudonym of Robert Lipscomb Duncan (9 Sep 1927-): Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; 1950 B.A., University of Oklahoma at Norman; 1972 M.A., University of Oklahoma at Norman; 1949 married Wanda Scott (1 son, 1 daughter); 1967-68 television writing teacher, University of California at Irvine; 1969-70 writer in residence, Chapman College, Orange, California; 1972-80 Associate professor of Journalism, University of Oklahoma. * 3 mystery/detective novels * The Q Document [New York: Morrow, 1964; London: Cape, 1965] scholar struggles with manuscript possibly written by Jesus * The Burning Sky [New York: Morrow, 1966] priest and archaeologist baffled by Native American culture * The February Man [New York: Morrow, 1964; London: Deutch, 1967] * 5 mystery/detective novels as Robert L. Duncan * 4 other novels as Robert L. Duncan * 2 collections of short stories * 1 play * 100+ television plays * 2 biographies Les Roberts and Lora Roberts: Les Roberts and Lora Roberts Lillian Roberts; Palm Springs, California; * 2 mystery/detective novels with series character Andi Pauling (Palm Springs veterinarian and amateur detective): * The Hand That Feeds You [New York: Fawcett, June 1997] paperback * Riding For A Fall [New York: Fawcett] paperback Lora Roberts; Palo Alto, California; * 2 mystery/detective novels with series character Liz Sullivan: * Murder Bone By Bone [New York: Fawcett] paperback * Murder Mile-High [New York: Fawcett] paperback * Murder in the Marketplace [New York: Fawcett] paperback * Murder in a Nice Neighborhood [New York: Fawcett] paperback Nora Roberts: Nora Roberts home page Willo Davis Roberts (29 May 1928-): born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1946 graduated Pontiac High School; 1949 married David W. Roberts (1 son, 2 daughters); 1964-72 hospital and other medical jobs; founded Seattle Chapter of Mystery Writers of America. * 45 mystery/detective novels 1955-84 * 11 Nurse Romances, Medical, family sagas, and miscellaneous novels * 12 Young Adult novels Kenneth Robeson: see Lester Dent, Ron Goulart * Novels featuring The Avenger (Richard Henry Benson) * Cargo of Doom [1943] * Justice, Inc. [1939] * "To Find a Dead Man" [1944] Kevin Robinson: Kevin Robinson home page "Detroit Free Press" columnist specializing on disability issues * mystery/detective novels with series character a disabled newspaper reporter/amateur detective Leah Ruth Robinson; New York City; writes also as Leah Robinson Rousmaniere: * First Cut [New York: Avon] "Vivid and authentic, this novel reads like a long, bittersweet jazz riff
in the middle of a sweltering Manhattan night. Recommended." -- Library Journal Lynda S. Robinson; San Antonio, Texas; Lynda Robinson home page * 4 mystery/detective novels with series character Lord Meren (confidential inquiry agent to boy pharaoh Tutankhamun): * Eater Of Souls [New York: Walker] hardcover * Murder at the Feast of Rejoicing [New York: Ballantine] paperback * Murder at the God's Gate [New York: Ballantine] paperback * Murder in the Place of Anubis [New York: Ballantine] paperback Patrick Robinson: Patrick Robinson home page Peter Robinson; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Peter Robinson Inspector Banks Peter Robinsonhome page * 8 mystery/detective novels with series character Inspector Banks (police procedurals, Yorkshire setting): * Innocent Graves [New York: Berkley] paperback * One of Publishers Weekly's "Mysteries of the Year" * Final Account [New York: Berkley] paperback * "A dark, unsettling story." -- The New York Times * Wednesday's Child [New York: Berkley] paperback * Nominated for Edgar Allan Poe Award * Nominated for Crime Writers of Canada's Arthur Ellis Award * Past Reason Hated [New York: Berkley] paperback * Winner: Crime Writers of Canada's Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel * The Hanging Valley [New York: Berkley] paperback * Nominated for Crime Writers of Canada's Arthur Ellis Award * A Necessary End [New York: Avon] paperback * "A winner." -- Booklist * A Dedicated Man [New York: Avon] paperback * Nominated for Crime Writers of Canada's Arthur Ellis Award * Gallows View [New York: Berkley] paperback * Nominated for Crime Writers of Canada's Arthur Ellis Award * Nominated for John Creasey Award Arlaine Rockey: Arlaine Rockey home page Kimberla Roby: Kimberla Roby home page Marie Roddell: see Marion Randolph "Jess Roden": rural Sheriff character in the fiction of A. B. Cunningham. Jess Roden, Sheriff of Deer Lick, Kentucky achieves national fame for solving murders as far afield as New York City and Texas. He does this with rural common sense, insightfully acute observation, and an assortment of hunting dogs whom he loves more that the lovely ladies he encounters on his cases. His house is furnished in classic bachelor squalor, unwashed dishes and all, while his dogs run the house and go with him whenever he's in, out, or fishing for dinner. Joni Rodgers: Joni Rodgers home page John Roeburt: author best-known for Detective characters Johnny Deveraux and Jigger Moran * Novels featuring Johnny Deveraux: * Hollow Man [1954] * Tough Cop [1949] * Novels featuring Jigger Moran: * There Are Dead Men In Manhattan [1946] hard-boiled detective Jan Roffman: see Margaret Summerton Chris Rogers: Chris Rogers home page Joel Townsley Rogers (22 Nov 1896-?): born in Sedalia, Missouri; 1917 B.A. Harvard (Chairman, Editorial Board, Harvard Crimson); 1917-19 U.S. Naval Air Force; married Winifred Whitehouse; PR writer; Brentano's "Book Chat" editor; editor at Century Publishing Company. * 4 mystery/detective novels * Once in a Red Moon [New York: Brentano's, 1923] * The Red Right Hand [New York: Simon & Schuster, 1945] a crime classic, where a doctor must detect the true murderer of a horrific series that seems to implicate himself Michaela Roessner: best-known for Science Fiction, also writes Mystery/Detective fiction Michaela Roessner Sax Rohmer: pseudonym of Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward (15 Feb 1883-1 June 1959) later adopted the name Sax Rohmer in real life; born in Birmingham, Warwickshire; underworld journalist; song and sketch writer; moved to New York City Sax Rohmer @ MGrost The Page of Fu Manchu fine web site on Sax Rohmer's immortal character. e-mail: Lawrence Knapp * 41 mystery/detective novels with series characters Fu Manchu, Paul Harley, Daniel "Red" Kerry, Gaston Max, Sumuru including: * Dream Detective [1920] includes "Case of the Tragedies of the Greek Room" with Morris Klaw * Fu Manchu novels include: * Daughter of Fu Manchu [1931] * Devil Doctor [1916] * Drums of of Fu Manchu [1939] * Emperor Fu Manchu [1959] recommended * Fu Manchu's Bride [1931] * Golden Scorpion [1919] * Island of Fu Manchu [1941] * Mask of Fu Manchu [1932] recommended * Mystery of Fu Manchu [1913] * President Fu Manchu [1936] * Re-Enter Fu Manchu [1957] * Shadow of Fu Manchu [1948] * Si-Fan Mysteries [1917] * Trail of Fu Manchu [1934] * Wrath of Fu Manchu [1973] * 9 mystery/detective short story collections * Secret of Holm Peel and Other Strange Stories [1970] Fu Mnachu * 1 miscellaneous novel * 4 mystery/detective plays * 3 nonfiction books (magic, travel) "Richard Rollison": see "The Toff" Nina Romberg; Richardson, Texas; * under own name: * Shadow Walkers [Pinnacle] paperback Sequel to The Spirit Stalker Return of Miriam Winchester, Caddo-Comanche Medicine Woman * under pseudonym Jane Archer: * Out of the West [New York: Pocket] paperback Sisters in Crime website says: "Summer and Nokoni bounty hunt in the Old West. TV-movie option." "Anthony Rome", or "Tony Rome": private eye character in the fiction of Marvin A. Albert. Tony Rome was a Commando who now works hard and parties hard as a private detective based on a Florida houseboat. * Miami Mayhem [1960] Edward Ronns: see Edward S. Aarons "Howard Rook": amateur detective character in the fiction of Stuart Palmer. Howard Rook is a retired newspaper reporter, who is in constant conflict with his town's Homicide Squad -- except when he finds himself helping them to crack a case wide open. Audrey and William Roos: see Kelley Roos Kelly Roos: pseudonym of Audrey Roos (nee Kelly) (1912-11 Dec 1982) and William Roos (1911-); 1961 Edgar Allan Poe Award (Mystery Writers of America) for television play. * 41 mystery/detective novels with series characters Jeff and Haila Troy * Ghost of a Chance [1947] * 1 mystery/detective television play: * The Case of the Burning Court [1960] * 6 plays * 1 novel by William Roos Forrest Rosaire: Forrest Rosaire @ MGrost Patricia Rosemoor; Chicago, Illinois; * under pseudonym Patricia Pinianski: * Lucky Devil [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * 18 novels in "The McKenna Legacy" series: * See Me in Your Dreams #1 [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * Tell Me No Lies #2 [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * Touch Me In The Dark [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * The Desperado [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * Drop Dead Gorgeous [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * Crimson Nightmare [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * Silent Sea [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * Haunted [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * Dead Heat [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * Torch Job [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * The Kiss Of Death [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * Ticket To Nowhere [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * Do Unto Others [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * Ambushed [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * Crimson Holiday [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * Death Spiral [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * Dangerous Illusions [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * Double Images [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * 3 novels in "The Quid Pro Quo" series: * Pushed To The Limit #1 [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * Squaring Accounts #2 [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback * No Holds Barred #3 [Harlequin Intrigue] paperback Marion Rosen; Thousand Oaks, California; * Death by Education [New York: St. Martin's] hardcover * Don't Speak to Strangers [New York: St. Martin's] paperback Joel R. Rosenberg: best-known for Science Fiction, also writes Mystery/Detective fiction Joel R. Rosenberg Nancy Taylor Rosenberg: Nancy Taylor Rosenberg home page Robert Rosenberg: Robert Rosenberg home page serialized on this web site: * mystery/detective novels with series character Avram Cohen (Dachau survivor, policeman in Israel, formerly CID chief in Jerusalem, now semi-retired) some critics compare Avram Cohen to Inspector Morse and George Smiley Angus Ross: pseudonym of Kenneth Giggal (19 Mar 1927-): British espionage author, born in Dewsbury, Yorkshire; 1944-52 Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm; 1947 married Alice Drummond (1 daughter); manager publishing house D.C. Thomson, in Dundee. * 16 espionage novels with series character Marcus Aurelius Farrow * 1 play * 1 television play Barnaby Ross: see Ellery Queen * Novels featuring Drury Lane * Drury Lane's Last Case [1933] * Tragedy of X [1932] * Tragedy of Y [1932] * Tragedy of Z [1933] Carlton Ross: see Berkeley Gray Jonathan Ross: pseudonym of John Rossiter (2 Mar 1916-): biography {to be done} * 12 mystery/detective novels with series character Inspector/Detective Superintendent George Rogers * 7 mystery/detective novels as John Rossiter with series character Roger Tallis * 2 miscellaneous novels as John Rossiter Kate Ross; Brookline, Massachusetts: Kate Ross home page Kate Ross newer home page? * 3 mystery/detective novels with series character Julian Kestrel (Regency dandy): * Whom the Gods Love [London/New York: Penguin] * Sisters in Crime website says: "Double murder and a double life in 1820s London." * A Broken Vessel [London/New York: Penguin] * "New and Noteworthy" book -- New York Times * Winner: Gargoyle Award, Best Historical Mystery * Cut to the Quick [London/New York: Penguin] * First in series John Rossiter: see Jonathan Ross Holly Roth (1916-1964): biography {to be done} * 3 mystery/detective novels with series characters Lieutenant Kelly, Inspector Medford * 4 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym K.G. Ballard Rebecca S. Rothenberg; Los Angeles, California: Rebecca Rothenberg home page * 3 mystery/detective novels with series character Claire Sharples (California microbiologist): * The Shy Tulip Murders [Mysterious Press] Giant Sequoias * The Dandelion Murders [Mysterious Press] Sisters in Crime website says: "Racism, environmental and romantic disaster in California's heartland." * The Bulrush Murders [Mysterious Press] Jan Joaquin Valley setting "Lieutenant George Rowcliff": cop character in the fiction of Rex Stout. Nero Wolfe and Archie Godwin dislike Lieutenant George Rowcliff more than they dislike any criminal. Wolfe always calls him "the officer who came here once with a warrent and searched my house." Wolfe considers his privacy sacrosanct. Rowcliff is big, handsome, decorated for personal bravery, ambitious, and is in teun so irritated by Archie that he stutters when confronted, and Archie, knowing this, starts stuttering first to mock him. Jennifer Rowe: Jennifer Rowe @ MGrost Edna L. Rowland; Baton Rouge, Louisiana: * True Crime Anthology: Famous Murders And Suicides [Llewellyn Publications] ISBN 1-56718-588-6; $12.95 * co-authored with Sandra H. Young: * Destined For Murder: Profiles Of Six Serial Killer [Llewellyn Publications] ISBN 1-56718-832-X; $12.95 Laura Joh Rowland: Laura Joh Rowland Betty Rowlands; Brimpsfield, Gloucester, England; * 7 mystery/detective novels with series character Melissa Craig (neoclassical Village Cosies, English Costwolds setting): * Smiling At Death [London: Hodder & Stoughton, hardcover; Crocus Books, paperback] * "Traditional, but not too extraordinarily sinister plot." -- Crimetime * Deadly Legacy [London: Hodder & Stoughton, hardcover; New English Library, paperback] * Malice Poetic [New York: Berkley] paperback * Exhaustive Enquiries [New York: Berkley] paperback * Over the Edge [New York: Berkley] paperback * Finishing Touch [New York: Berkley] paperback * A Little Gentle Sleuthing [New York: Berkley/Jove] paperback Kenneth Royce: pseudonym of Kenneth Royce Gandley (11 Dec 1920-): British author, born in Croydon, Surrey; 1939-46 London Irish Rifles, Royal Ulster Rifles, 1st Northern Rhodesia Regiment, King's African Rifles, promoted to Captain; 1946 married Stella Amy Parker; Founder/Managing Director, Business and Travel, Ltd., London. * 23 mystery/detective novels with series character Spider Scott * 4 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Oliver Jacks S. J. Rozan; New York City: S.J. Rozan home page * 3 mystery/detective novels with series characters Lydia Chin and Bill Smith: * Mandarin Plaid [New York: St. Martin's] hardcover * "Don't miss this one." -- Booklist * Concourse [New York: St. Martin's] paperback * Winner: 1996 Shamus Award for Best Novel * China Trade [New York: St. Martin's] paperback * "A series to watch for." -- Washington Post Return to Authors R Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY/DETECTIVE AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Jane Rubino: Jane Rubino newer home page Jane Rubino Greg Rucka: Greg Rucka Patrick Ruell: see Reginald Hill Patricia H. Rushford; E-mail Patricia H. Rushford see also Juvenile/Young Adult page {to be done} * 2 mystery/detective novels with series character Helen Bradley: * Fishers Of Men [Bethany House Publishers, Fall 1997] paperback * Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep [Bethany House Publishers, Fall 1997] paperback * Sisters in Crime website says: "Edgewood Estates is a perfect place for retiring seniors and for murder." Alan Russell: Alan Russell Author's home page "Colonel Charles Russell": Military Intelligence character in the fiction of William Haggard (pseudonym of Richard Clayton). On the cusp of retirement, suave, sophisticated, well-dressed Colonel Charles Russell patiently runs "The Security Executive" -- a top-level Diplomacy and Military Intelligence group that finds a way out of international crises. Jay Russell (J. S. Russell): Jay Russell home page Martin Russell, full name Martin James Russell (25 Sep 1935-): British author; biography {to be done} * 27 mystery/detective novels with series character Jim Larkin Megan Rust: Megan Rust home page Douglas Rutherford: pseudonym of James Douglas Rutherford McConnell (14 Oct 1915-): British author; born in Kilkenny, Ireland; Sedbergh School, Yorkshire; 1934-37 M.A., Clare College, Cambridge; 1977 M.Phil, Education, University of Reading; 1940-46 in India and North Africa, British Army Intelligence Corps; 1953 married Margaret Laura Goodwin (1 son); 1946-73 Housemaster and Language teacher, Eton College. * 25 mystery/detective novels * 2 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Paul Temple, co-authored with Francis Durbridge, with series character Paul Temple Brett Rutledge: see Elliot Paul Return to Authors R Table of Contents Return to MYSTERY/DETECTIVE AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Conall Ryan: author of hard-boiled detective novel: * Black Gravity [1985] Forbes Rydell: see Stanton Forbes Jonathan Ryder: see Robert Ludlum Wolff Ryp; New York City; as Ellen Ryp: * 3 mystery/detective/gothic horror/romance novels with series characters Kendra (teenager) and Revell (vampire): * Midnight Secrets #3: The Fury [WestWind] paperback * Midnight Secrets #2: The Thrill [WestWind] paperback * Midnight Secrets #1: The Temptation [WestWind] paperback Return to Alphabetical Table of Authors

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