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Raymond Chandler

Raymond [Thornton] Chandler (23 July 1888-26 Mar 1959) one of the artistic giants who brought glory to our field, becoming (in 1995) the first mystery/detective author to have his works published in the definitive Library of America series, and capturing world-wide attention for the hard-boiled school of fiction. His work was partially adapted into some of the finest mystery/detective films ever made. The prose style of Chandler, by the way, was consciously emulated by William Gibson in the creation of the contemporary science fiction genre of cyberpunk. : Raymond Chandler * 8 brilliant mystery/detective novels with series character Philip Marlowe: * The Big Sleep 1939 New York Times review William Faulkner helped write the famous Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall film directed by Howard Hawks * Farewell, My Lovely 1940 New York Times review Dick Powell starred in the film adaptation, needlessly retitled "Murder, My Sweet" * The High Window * The Lady in the Lake 1943 New York Times review * The Little Sister * The Long Goodbye 1954 New York Times review * Playback [said to have almost entirely written while drunk] * Poodle Springs [unfinished] [Robert B. Parker has published his own "completion" of this novel, which I quite enjoyed, set in a thinly-fictionalized Palm Springs] * 11 mystery/detective story collections * 2 plays: * Double Indemnity (co-author Billy Wilder) * The Blue Dahlia * 5 screenplays: * And Now Tomorrow * Double Indemnity * The Unseen (co-authors Hagar Wilde and Ken Englund) * The Blue Dahlia * Strangers on a Train (co-authors Czenzi Ormonde and Whitfield Cook) * 6 books of letter, autobiography, "The Simple Art of Murder", etc. Raymond Chandler @ MGrost And see the reviews of these books on the New York Times' web site: Raymond Chandler: A Biography, by Tom Hiney *** Surprise treat: what would Shakespeare's "Hamlet" sound like if written by Raymond Chandler? *** Check it out at: "Raymond Chandler's Hamlet" "Raymond Chandler": as a fictional detective character; Raymond Chandler In the Periodic Table of the Elements, "C" stands for Carbon. In the Periodic Table of the Mystery Authors, "C" stands for Raymond Chandler! Return to Mystery/Detective Table of Contents Return to PERIODIC TABLE OF MYSTERY AUTHORS [Grateful acknowledgment to Professor Erich Friedman for his permission for me to use the table structure and color GIFs of the Periodic Table, above, whose Mystery Author roll-over status names and correlation of Element Abbreviations with Mystery Author names are not the fault of Professor Erich Friedman but purely the work of Professor Jonathan Vos Post] Periodic Table of the Mathematicians