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Connie Feddersen

Connie Feddersen: Union City, Oklahoma; Connie Fedderson also see bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors * the "Amanda Hazard" Mystery/Detective novel series featuring Amanda Hazard, CPA, and Nick Thorn, Police Chief of Vamoose, Oklahoma: * Dead in the Water [1993] * Dead in the Cellar [1994] * Dead in the Melon Patch [1995] * Dead in the Dirt [1996] * Dead in the Mud [1997] * Dead in the Driver's Seat [1998] * Dead in the Hay [1999] * Previously listed on the Ultimate Mystery/Detective Web Guide as the titles (alternate titles? Bristih titles?): * Dead In The Chevy [Kensington, Forthcoming: June 1998] * Dead In The Mud [Kensington] * Dead In The Dirt [Kensington] * Dead In the Melon Patch [Zebra] * Dead In The Cellar [Zebra] * Dead In The Water [Zebra] In the Periodic Table of the Elements, "Cf" stands for Californium. In the Periodic Table of the Mystery Authors, "Cf" stands for Connie Feddersen! Honorable Mentions: Return to Mystery/Detective Table of Contents Return to PERIODIC TABLE OF MYSTERY AUTHORS [Grateful acknowledgment to Professor Erich Friedman for his permission for me to use the table structure and color GIFs of the Periodic Table, above, whose Mystery Author roll-over status names and correlation of Element Abbreviations with Mystery Author names are not the fault of Professor Erich Friedman but purely the work of Professor Jonathan Vos Post]