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Erle Stanley Gardner

Erle Stanley Gardner (17 July 1889-11 Mar 1970) {details to be done} Official Erle Stanley Gardner page Erle Stanley Gardner newer phantoms page Erle Stanley Gardner Erle Stanley Gardner @ MGrost * The 86 PERRY MASON Novels: see "Perry Mason" under "Authors: M" These last five only are listed here, all posthumously published by Morrow, each in two printings of roughly 4,000: * The Case of the Crimson Kiss [1971] * The Case of the Crying Swallow [1971] * The Case of the Irate Witness [1972] * The Case of the Fenced-In Woman [1972] * The Case of the Postponed Murder [1973] * The 29 BERTHA COOL and DONALD LAM Novels (under the pseudonym of A. A. Fair) unlikley duo: huge, crude and direct Bertha, Private Eye, and the small, shady and brilliant private eye Donald: * The Bigger They Come [1939] * Turn On the Heat [1940] * Gold Comes In Bricks [1940] * Spill The Jackpot [1941] * Double or Quits [1941] * Owls Don't Blink [1942] * Bats Fly At Dusk [1942] * Cats Prowl At Night [1943] * Give 'Em the Ax [1944] * Crows Can't Count [1946] * Fools Die on Friday [1947] * Bedrooms Have Windows [1949] * Top Of The Heap [1952] * Some Women Won't Wait [1953] * Beware The Curves [1956] * You Can Die Laughing [1957] * Some Slips Don't Show [1957] * The Count of Nine [1958] * Pass The Gravey [1959] * Kept Women Can't Quit [1960] * Bachelors Get Lonely [1961] * Shills Can't Count Chips [1961] * Try Anything Once [1962] * Fish or Cut Bait [1963] * Up for Grabs [1964] * Cut Thin To Win [1965] * Widows Wear Weeds [196]6 * Traps Need Fresh Bait [1967] * All Grass Isn't Green [1970] * The 9 DOUG SELBY D.A. NOVELS featuring a young lawyer in practice in a small county [first is quite scarce]: * The D.A. Calls It Murder [1937] * The D.A. Holds A Candle [1938] * The D.A. Draws A Circle [1939] * The D.A. Goes To Trial [1940] * The D.A. Cooks A Goose [1942] * The D.A. Calls A Turn [1944] * The D.A. Breaks A Seal [1946] * The D.A. Takes A Chance [1949] * The D.A. Breaks an Egg [1949] * The 2 TERRY CLANE Novels (district attorney who specializes in cases that deal only with Orientals): * Murder Up My Sleeve [1938] * The Case of The Backward Mule [1946] * The 2 GRAMPS WIGGINS Novels (independent curmudgeon): * The Case of The Turning Tide [1941] * The Case of The Smoking Chimney [1943] * The only BILL ELDON Novel (rural sheriff) * Two Clues [1947] actually two novelettes * The only ROB TRENTON Novel: * The Case of the Musical Cow [1950] * The 2 Pseudonymous Novels: * The Clew of The Forgotten Murder by Carleton Kendrake [1935] * This is Murder by Charles G. Kenny [1937] * 13 NON-FICTION Nature Books of Erle Stanley Gardner * The Land of Shorter Shadows [1948] * Neighborhood Frontiers [1954] * Hunting The Desert Whale [1960] * Hovering Over Baja [1961] * The Hidden Heart of Baja [1962] * This Desert Is Yours [1963] * The World of Water [1964] * Hunting Lost Mines By Helicopter [1965] * Off The Beaten Track in Baja [1967] * Gypsy Days On The Delta [1967] * Mexico's Magic Square [1968] * Drifting Down The Delta [1969] * The Host With The Big Hat [1970] * 2 NON-FICTION LAW BOOKS of Erle Stanley Gardner * The Court of Last Resort [1952] * Cops on Campus and Crime in the Streets [1970] * Early Pulp-Fiction Short Works, as collected: * The Amazing Adventures of Lester Leith [Dial Press, 1980] * The Human Zero [Morrow, 1981] * Whispering Sands [Morrow, 1981] * Pay Dirt and Other Whispering Sands Stories [Morrow, 1983] * The Adventures of Paul Prey [Mysterious Press, 1989] * Dead Men's Letters [Carroll & Graf, 1990] * The Blonde in Lower Six [Carroll & Graf, 1990] * Honest Money [Carroll & Graf, 1991] In the Periodic Table of the Elements, "Ga" stands for Gallium. In the Periodic Table of the Mystery Authors, "Ga" stands for Erle Stanley Gardner! Honorable Mentions: Neil Gaiman: Best-known for Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction, and graphic novels co-authored with Alan Moore, such as Sandman. He created several major characters in Spawn, which is a combination of Dark Fantasy and Noir Mystery/Detective. His latest novel is American Gods, winner of the 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novel. Neil Gaiman Sarah Gainham: pseudonym of Rachel Ames (nee Stainer) (1 Oct 1922-): Austria-resident British author; 2 marriages; Central European Correspondent for "The Spectator" * 5 mystery/detective/espionage suspense novels * 7 critically acclaimed mainstream novels * 1 nonfiction book (Vienna) Kate Gallison; Lambertville, New Jersey: 2 Mystery/Detective novel series; Kate Gallison new home page Kate Gallison [old page], who loves mystery/detective fiction and cats see more complete bibliography at Sisters in Crime: Authors e-mail Kate Gallison Mystery/Detective novels with series characters Mother Vinnie Lavinia Grey] and Mother Grey include: * Grave Misgivings [Delacorte, 1998] * Hasty Retreat [Delacorte, 1997] * Unholy Angels [Dell Paperback Original, 1996] * Devil's Workshop [Dell Paperback Original, 1996] * Bury the Bishop [Dell Paperback Original, 1995] Mystery/Detective novels with series character Nick Magaracz (down-at-heel Trenton gumshoe called "the poor man's Sam Spade" by the New York Times) include: * Unbalanced Accounts [Little Brown, 1986] * The Death Tape [Little Brown, 1987] * Jersey Monkey [St. Martin's Press, 1991] Dorothy Gardiner (5 Nov 1894-4 Dec 1979) Italy-born American author; 1950-1957 Executive Secretary, Mystery Writers of America; where she played a key role in the growth of this important organization: * 6 mystery/detective novels with series characters Sheriff Moss Magill, Mr. Watson; mostly set in Colorado * 3 unrelated novels * 3 other books, including co-editorship of Raymond Chandler's first posthumous book John Gardner, full name John Edmund Gardner (20 Nov 1926-): no known Web page 1951 M.A. in Theology, Cambridge; Royal Navy, Royal Marines (Far East and Middle East service as Commando); 1952 married Margaret Mercer, 1 son, 1 daughter; American Red Cross entertainer; 1952-58 Clerk in Holy Orders, Church of England; Chaplain, Royal Air Force; Theatre/Cultural Reviewer, Herald (Stratford upon Avon): * 24 mystery/detective novels with series characters James Bond (created by Ian Fleming), Herbie Kruger, Professor Moriarty (created by Arthur Conan Doyle), Boysie Oakes, Derek Torry * 2 mystery/detective story collections * 2 unrelated novels * 1 autobiography Brian Garfield, full name Brian Francis Wynne Garfield (26 Jan 1939-) New Yorker, M.A. 1963 University of Arizona; U.S. Army and Army Reserve; 2 marriages; musician/bandleader; teaching assistant; advertising manager, director, vice-president, and President at various times, Western Writers of America; director, and President at various times, Mystery Writers of America; co-organizer Second International Congress of Crime Writers (1978 New York); 1976 winner Edgar Allan Poe award: * 22 mystery/detective novels with series characters Paul Benjamin, Sam Watchman * 1 mystery/detective story collection * 14 Western novels under own name * 4 novels under pseudonym Bennett Garland * 3 novels under pseudonym Frank O'Brian * 8 novels under pseudonym Brian Wynne * 10 novels under pseudonym Frank Wynne * 1 screenplay * 1 nonfiction book (military history of Alaska) * 3 books edited Return to Mystery/Detective Table of Contents Return to PERIODIC TABLE OF MYSTERY AUTHORS [Grateful acknowledgment to Professor Erich Friedman for his permission for me to use the table structure and color GIFs of the Periodic Table, above, whose Mystery Author roll-over status names and correlation of Element Abbreviations with Mystery Author names are not the fault of Professor Erich Friedman but purely the work of Professor Jonathan Vos Post]