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William Harrington

William Harrington: Attorney/novelist: * Columbo: The Game Show Killer [Forge, July 1997] ISBN 0-812-5508-0-3, mass market paperback, 288 pp., Movie old-timer Tim Wylie is murdered in his home. Because their is no forced entry, and there is a note, the clues point to game show hostess Erika Bjorling, who bore Tim's illegitimate son 20 years earlier, and that son was murdered too. Was it blackmail or revenge? Columbo is thrown off-course when Bjorling's lawyer begins to sell his client's story for big bucks to the media. Think of Vanna White being defended by Johnny Cochrane... * Columbo: The Glitter Murder [Forge, March 1997] ISBN 0-312-8616-1-3, hardcover, 240 pp., The publisher of "Glitz" is the wealthy and glamorous Ai-Ling Cooper Svan, married to Swedish film director Gunnar Svan, and soo very jealous of Gunnar's sexual indiscretions with a cheap prostitute and a teenage girl. She very nearly commits the perfect murder, with co-conspirator Dr. Lincoln Hilliard, her psychiatrist/lover. Columbo sees the superficial clues in a far more subtle way than the murderers could have imagined. * Columbo: The Grassy Knoll [Tor, 1994] ISBN 0-812-5302-4-1, reprint, out of print Celebrity TV-star Paul Drury murdered, and Columbo finds the trail leads back to the John Kennedy assassination, via Drury's blonde ex-wife Alicia and her rich buddy Tim Bell, through the dark side of up-scale Las Vegas and the machinations of the New York mafia. Can the detective in the rumpled raincoat solve the murder mystery of the century? * Columbo: The Helter Skelter Murders [Forge, July 1995] ISBN 0-812-5302-6-8, mass market paperback, L.A. boutique department store owner Yussef Khoury has become a film producer, in love with his new star, Kimberly Dana. So Khoury's wife Arlene wants a divorce, until she and her lover are murdered in what looks like a Charles Manson copy-cat killing, with bloody grafitti as in the Tate/LaBianca deaths of 1969. You see, Arlene's secretary Cathy Murphy was once known as Puss Dogodd when she hung out with Manson... * Columbo: The Hoffa Connection [Forge, Aug 1996] revised edition ISBN 0-812-5507-8-1, mass market paperback Superstar (think: "Madonna") drowned in her Beverly Hills pool after a big concert. Columbo finds himself sleuthing in Italy when the murder of Jimmy Hoffa seems to be entangled in this case... * Columbo: The Hoover Files [Forge, Jan 1998] ISBN 0-312-8602-7-7, mass market paperback, Betsy Clendenin, queen of the sleaze celebrity biography (think: "Kitty Kelley") has dynamite data linkinh J. Edgar Hoover and Roy Cohn to the Mafia, but all is burnt, including Btesy, when her house actually explodes. Columbo's meticulous attention to detail, with a genuine police procedural feel, saves the day. * The Cromwell File [St.Martin's Press, Feb 1986] out of print ISBN 0-312-1764-8-1 * Endgame in Berlin [1991] out of print ISBN 1-556-113-3-7 * The English Lady [1982] out of print ISBN 0-872-2375-0-8 * For the Defense [1988] out of print ISBN 1-556-1108-6-3 * Manhattan North Homicide: Detective First Grade Thomas McKenna NYPD (co-author Thomas McKenna) [St.Martin's Press, Feb 1997] ISBN 0-312-9600-9-3, 240 pp., mass market paperback, nonfiction accounts by New Ypork's super-detective about the Central Park Jogger case, the Preppie Murder, the baby Maldonado case, and other high-profile New York true crimes * Oberst [1987; 1988] out of print ISBN 1-556-1101-4-6, Wolrd War II novel with Mystery elements * Partners [1980; 1981] out of print ISBN 0-872-2358-6-6 * Rightfully Hers [1993] out of print ISBN 1-558-1776-6-3 * Scorpio 5 [1974] out of print ISBN 0-698-1063-7-7 * Skin Deep [1983] out of print ISBN 0-399-3102-4-X * Town on Trial [1994] out of print ISBN 1-556-1139-3-5, crafty legal thriller about Alexandria, in West Virginia's Ohio valley, caught up up socialite trial involving murder of a bachelor Congressman and two aides by a lover; as narrated by Bill McIntyre, a local trial judge near retirement, who sees more than the cops in the "obvious" facts that Park Avenue art dealer Marietta Rheinlander, Congressman Bailey's lover, was seen standing over the body with a smoking .38 Smith & Wesson which bears her fingerprints. Bailey liked oral sex, she admits, and her New York defense attorney Lloyd George Kimball uses this to suggest that Congressman Charles Bailey was really killed by a male homosexual * Virus [1991] out of print ISBN 0-688-0906-4-8 Computer Crimes, Drug Trafficking, and Columbia are only part of this intricate thriller In the Periodic Table of the Elements, "Hg" stands for Mercury [Latin: Hydrargyrum]. In the Periodic Table of the Mystery Authors, "Hg" stands for William Harrington! Honorable Mentions: Joyce Harrington: New Jersey born; 2 sons, studied acting at Pasadena Playhouse; Foote Cone & Belding Director of Public Relations; winner 1973 Edgar Allan Poe award for short story: * 3 mystery/detective novels * No One Knows My Name [1981] * Family Reunion [1982] * Dreemz of the Night [1987] * 32 uncollected mystery/detective stories Return to Mystery/Detective Table of Contents Return to PERIODIC TABLE OF MYSTERY AUTHORS [Grateful acknowledgment to Professor Erich Friedman for his permission for me to use the table structure and color GIFs of the Periodic Table, above, whose Mystery Author roll-over status names and correlation of Element Abbreviations with Mystery Author names are not the fault of Professor Erich Friedman but purely the work of Professor Jonathan Vos Post]