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Mary Roberts Rinehart

Mary Roberts Rinehart (1876-22 Sep 1958): At one time, the highest-income writer in America, still eminently readable. Her genres included Adventure, Romance, and Humor, and was the clear inventor of what is now known as the "Had-I-But-Known" technique, now a mainstay of Mystery, Gothic, and Romance authors. Mary Roberts Rinehart @ MGrost Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 1896 graduated Pittsburgh Training School for Nurses; 1896 married Dr.Stanley Marshall Rinehart (deceased 1932, 3 sons); 1903-56 full-time writer; World War I Correspondent, Saturday Evening Post; 1920-32 resident Washington D.C.; 1932-58 resident New York City; 1923 Litt.D., George Washington University, Washington D.C.; 1953 Mystery Writers of America Special Award. * 23 mystery/detective novels with series characters Nurse Hilda Adams, "Miss Pinkerton" [see: Pinkerton, Miss] * The Circular Staircase [Indianopolis: Bobbs Merrill, 1908; London: Cassell, 1909] * The Man in Lower Ten [Indianopolis: Bobbs Merrill, 1909; London: Cassell, 1909] * The Window at the White Cat [Indianopolis: Bobbs Merrill, 1910; London: Nash, 1911] * Where There's a Will [Indianopolis: Bobbs Merrill, 1912] * The Case of Jennie Brice [Indianopolis: Bobbs Merrill, 1913; London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1919] * The After House [Boston: Houghton Mifflin; London: Simkin Marshall, 1915] * Dangerous Days [New York: Doran, 1919; London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1919] * Sight Unseen, and The Confession [New York: Doran, 1921; London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1921] * The Red Lamp [New York: Doran, 1925; retitled The Mystery Lamp, London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1925] * The Bat (co-author Avery Hopwood) Novelization of play by Stephen Vincent Binet [New York: Doran, 1926; London: Cassell, 1926] * Two Flights Up [New York: Doubleday, 1928; London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1928] * The Door [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1930; London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1930] * Miss Pinkerton [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1932; retitled Double Alibi, London: Cassell, 1932] * Mary Roberts Rinehart's Crime Book [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1933; London: Cassell, 1958] 2 Nurse Hilda Adams novels * The Album [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1933; London: Cassell, 1933] * The State Versus Elinor Norton [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1934; retitled The Case of Elinor Norton, London: Cassell, 1934] * The Wall [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1938; London: Cassell, 1938] * The Great Mistake [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1938; London: Cassell, 1941] * Haunted Lady [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1942; London: Cassell, 1942] Nurse Hilda Adams novel * The Yellow Room [New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1945; London: Cassell, 1949] * The Curve of the Catenary [New York: Royce, 1945] * Episode Of The Wandering Knife: Three Mystery Tales [New York: Rinehart, 1950; retitled The Wandering Knife, London: Cassell, 1952] * The Swimming Pool [New York: Rinehart, 1952; retitled The Pool, London: Cassell, 1952] * 3 mystery/detective short story collections * 16 other novels * 12 other short story collections, notable the "Tish" stories with series character Miss Letitia Carberry * Tish * Love Stories * Affinities and Other Stories * More Tish * Tempermental People * Tish Plays The Game * Nomad's Land * The Romantics * Married People * Tish Marches On * Familiar Faces: Stories of People You Know * The Best of Tish * 5 plays * 1 screenplay * 7 nonfiction books (travel, history, writing, autobiography) In the Periodic Table of the Elements, "Rn" stands for Radon. In the Periodic Table of the Mystery Authors, "Rn" stands for Mary Roberts Rinehart! Honorable Mentions: Return to Mystery/Detective Table of Contents Return to PERIODIC TABLE OF MYSTERY AUTHORS [Grateful acknowledgment to Professor Erich Friedman for his permission for me to use the table structure and color GIFs of the Periodic Table, above, whose Mystery Author roll-over status names and correlation of Element Abbreviations with Mystery Author names are not the fault of Professor Erich Friedman but purely the work of Professor Jonathan Vos Post]