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John Holbrook Vance

John Holbrook Vance (1916-): best known as "Jack Vance" for his award-winning science fiction Science Fiction Authors "U" and "V" Mystery/Detective Novels: * The Man in the Cage [1960] winner, Edgar Award for Best First Novel * Isle of Peril [1957] under pseudonym Alan Wade * Take My Face [1957] under pseudonym Peter Held * The Deadly Isles [1969] * Bad Ronald [1973] * the California Sheriff Joe Bain novel series: * The Fox Valley Murders [1966] * The Pleasant Grove Murders [1967] In the Periodic Table of the Elements, "V" stands for Vanadium. In the Periodic Table of the Mystery Authors, "V" stands for John Holbrook Vance! Honorable Mention: Louis Joseph Vance (1879-1933): prolific Romance and Mystery short story author and novelist; born in Washington, D.C.; Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, New York; Art Students League, New York; * the "Lone Wolf" novel series, featuring burgler Michael Lanyard * The Brass Bowl [1907] * Lone Wolf [1914] recommended * False Faces [1918] * Alias the Lone Wolf [1921] * Red Masquerade [1921] * Lone Wolf Returns [1923] * Lone Wolf's Son [1931] recommended * Encore the Lone Wolf [1933] * Lone Wolf's Last Prowl [1934] Brought up as Marcel Troyon, a drudge in the disreputable Paris hotel Troyon's, he learned early to lie, cheat, and steal. The money he stole mostly went to buy food. By 15, he was cast in his boorish, lanky, long appearance. After a more-than-full day of scullion work, he was locked into his room, but the hotelliers didn't know that he's escape by window, raom the streets, stealing books, and reading them before selling -- by which he learned English, which he felt was his true tongue, and later learned to speak it. He usually stole a small enough amount of money from guests that the theft was not reported. But one day he grabbed a gold louis from a guest named Bourke, but instead of punishment, received the master education in crime that Bourke wished he'd had himself. Soon, he was expert in Mathematics, armor plate, explosives, paintings, precious stones, and learned to be confortanble in every level of society. He became skilled in the "three cardinal principles of successful cracksmanship: know your ground thoroughly before venturing upon it; strike and retreat with the swift precision of a hawk; be friendless. And the last of these is the greatest." Michael Lanyard has now become The Lone Wolf -- a gentleman of grace and sophistication by day; a debonair master burgler by night. Return to Mystery/Detective Table of Contents Return to PERIODIC TABLE OF MYSTERY AUTHORS [Grateful acknowledgment to Professor Erich Friedman for his permission for me to use the table structure and color GIFs of the Periodic Table, above, whose Mystery Author roll-over status names and correlation of Element Abbreviations with Mystery Author names are not the fault of Professor Erich Friedman but purely the work of Professor Jonathan Vos Post]