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|A: Jeff Abbott-E. C. Ayres |B: "M.M.B."-Siobhan Byrne |C: Michael Cadnum-Doug Cushman |D: Barbara D'Amato-Michael Allen Dymmoch |E: Arlton Eadie-Hannah Evans |F: William Faulkner-Jacques Futrelle |G: Emile Gaboriau-D. Gutterson |H: Edward Everett Hale-C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne |I: Kozo Igarashi-Peter Israel |J: Claire Rainwater Jacobs-Francis K. Judd |K: Hugh MacNair Kahler-Kathleen King Kunz |L: Ed Lacy-H. P. Lovecraft |M: Philip MacDonald-Marcia Muller |N: Frederick Nebel-Ramesh Nyberg |O: Maxine O'Callaghan-Rodrigues Ottolengui |P: Frank L. Packard-Parker Pyne |Q: Robert Quackenbush-Elizabeth Quinn |R: Clayton S. Rawson-Jay Russell |S: Robert Sampson-Joseph Szebenyei |T: Hake Talbot-Peg Tyre |U: Ed Udovick-Arthur W. Upfield |V: Heidi Vanderbilt-Ken Vose |W: C. C. Waddell--Ed Wyrick |X: Mr. X-Agent X-9 |Y: James Yaffe-Kathy Young |Z: Fay Zachary-Sharon Zukowski Return to Mystery/Detective Table of Contents [Grateful acknowledgment to Professor Erich Friedman for his permission for me to use the table structure and color GIFs of the Periodic Table, above, whose Mystery Author roll-over status names and correlation of Element Abbreviations with Mystery Author names are not the fault of Professor Erich Friedman but purely the work of Professor Jonathan Vos Post] Periodic Table of the Mathematicians