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TELEVISION: Mystery/Detective Series with their own Pages

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TELEVISION: 606 Other Mystery/Detective Series

[New format: all the show titles are real, but "R" and "S" data between "Remington Steele" and "Taggart" are not yet valid] |A: 34: Acapulco -- Automan |B: 46: B.A.D. Cats -- Burke's Law |C: 61: Cade's Country -- Crime With Father |D: 33: The D.A.'s Man -- The Duke |E: 13: Echo Four-Two -- Eye to Eye |F: 23: Fabian of the Yard -- The Fuzz |G: 15: The Gallery of Mme Lui-Tsong -- The Growing Pains of PC Penrose |H: 38: Hagen-Hunter's Walk |I: 13: I Had Three Wives -- It's Dark Outside |J: 17: Jacks and Knaves -- Juliet Bravo |K: 7: Katts and Dog -- Kolchak: the Night Stalker |L: 17: Lady Blue -- Lord Peter Wimsey |M: 80: MacGruder and Loud -- Mysteries of Chinatown |N: 17: Naked City -- N.Y.P.D. |O: 6: The Odd Man -- Over My Dead Body |P: 34: Paris -- The Pursuers |Q: 1: Quincy, M.E. |R: 25: The Racing Game -- The Ruth Rendell Mysteries |S: 70: The Saint -- Switch |T: 32: Taggart -- Twin Peaks |U: 3: The Untouchables |V: 4: Van Der Valk -- Vendetta |W: 12: Walking Tall -- World Crime Hunt |X,Y,Z: 5: Yellowthread Street -- Zero One
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A: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. Acapulco 27 Feb 1961-24 Apr 1961 (NBC-UA-Libra) 8 30-minute episodes, black and white, Mystery/Detective Action- Adventure; Patrick Malone and Gregg Miles, a pair of Korean war vets based in Acapulco, are bodyguards for attorney Mr.Carver. Starring:- JAMES COBURN as Gregg Miles; RALPH TAEGER as Patrick Malone; ALLISON HAYES as Chloe; TELLY SAVALAS as Mr. Carver; BOBBY TROUP as Bobby; and JASON ROBARDS, Sr. as Max
  2. Acapulco H.E.A.T 1993-94 and 1996-97 (Syndicated) 48 60-minute episodes; Espionage/Mystery/Detective Action Adventure; From a hotel base in Acapulco, our heroes from Hemisphere Emergency Action Team are the best anti-terrorist team fighting crime. They pose as photographers.Filmed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Starring: CATHERINE OXENBERG as Ashley Hunter-Coddington (1993-94); BRENDAN KELLY as Mike Savage (1993-94); ALISON ARMITAGE as Cat-Catherine Avery Pascal; SPENCER ROCHFORT as Brett (1993-94); HOLLY FLORIA as Krissie Valentine (1993-94);MICHAEL WORTH as Tommy Chase; RANDY VASQUEZ as Marcos (1993-94); GRAHAM HEYWOOD as Arthur Small (1993-94); FABIO as Claudio (1993-94); JOHN VERNON as Mr Smith (1993-94); LYDIE DENIER as Nicole Bernard (1996-97); CHRISTA SAULS as Joanna Barnes (1996-97); Theme Music by: Michael Lloyd, Tommy Oliver, Jim Ervin; Performed by Pepper Mashay.
  3. Ace Crawford, Private Eye 15 Mar 1983-12 Apr 1983 (CBS/Conway); 7 Apr 1984-? (UK: ITV Yorkshire TV); 5 30-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective Sitcom; lucky but bumbling private detective; starring TIM CONWAY as Ace Crawford; Producers: Philip Weltman, Ron Clark; JOE REGALBUTO as Toomey; BILLY BARTY as Inch; SHERA DANESE as Luana; BILL HENDERSON as Mello; DICK CHRISTIE as Lt Fanning. Ace Crawford, Private Eye on Geocities Ace Crawford, Private Eye on Ace Crawford, Private Eye on E! Online
  4. AD Police Files (Japan) (Animated) Set in "MegaTokyo" in 2027 AD, relentless technological development has resulted in the creation of Boomers, artificially intelligent androids with the potential to free mankind from physical labor. But anything that can be used can also be misused... AD Police Files: CD-ROMs Content Warning: Contains Nudity, Violence, Adult Situations. Recommended for Mature Audiences ONLY.
  5. Adam-12 21 Sep 1968-20 May 1975 (NBC/Universal/Jack Webb) 150 30-minute episodes; starring: MARTIN MILNER as Officer Pete Molloy; KENT McCORD as Officer Jim Reed; WILLIAM BOYETT as Sgt McDonald; GARY CROSBY as Officer Ed Wells; SHARON CLARIDGE as Dispatcher's Voice; WILLIAM STEVENS as Officer Jerry Walters (1968-69); JACK HOGAN as Sgt Jerry Miller (1969); MIKKI JAMISON as Jean Reed (1969); CLAUDE JOHNSON as Officer Norm Green (1970-71); FRED STROMSOE as Officer Woods (1974-75); WILLIAM ELLIOTT as Officer Grant (1974-75). New Adam-12 4 Oct 1989 (Syndicated), 52 60-minute episodes; starring Peter Parros as Officer Gus Grant, Ethan Wayne as Officer Matt Doyle, Miguel Fernandes as Santos {more cast: to be done} Adam-12 episode list at Adam-12 at Adam-12 at Open Directory
  6. The Adventure of Ellery Queen 1950-52 (Dumont-ABC) black and white Creators: Frederic Dannay, Manfred Bennington Lee [see: Authors Q: Ellery Queen] Mystery/Detective drama series. Ellery Queen, a Mystery writer, keeps solving murders, while his father is an Inspector with the NYPD. December 1951: show switched from Dumont to ABC; January 1951, Lee Bowman became Ellery Queen, after the sudden death of Richard Hart. See also: Ellery Queen [1954]; The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen [1958]; Ellery Queen [1975]. Starring: RICHARD HART as Ellery Queen (1950-51); LEE BOWMAN as Ellery Queen (1951-52); FLORENZ AMES as Inspector Richard Queen.
  7. The Adventures of Fu Manchu 1956 (Syndicated) 39 30-minute episodes; Characters created by Sax Rohmer [see AuthorsR]; Mystery/Detective drama series. Evil Fu Manchu battles with Sir Dennis Nayland-Smith of Scotland Yard. Uniquely, for its day, featured a villain as anti-hero. Unshown pilot made in 1952 with Cedric Hardwicke. Starring: GLEN GORDON as Fu Manchu; SIR DENNIS NAYLAND-SMITH as Lester Matthews; CLARK HOWAT as Dr John Petrie; CARLA BALENDEN as Betty Leonard; LAURETTE LUEZ as Karamanch; JOHN GEORGE as Kolb.
  8. The Adventures of McGraw 2 July 1957-1 Apr 1958 (NBC/MM/Sharpe-Lewis); see: Meet McGraw.
  9. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes [USA title] 1955 (Sheldon Reynolds) black and white; 39 30-minute episodes; Starring: RONALD HOWARD as Sherlock Holmes; HOWARD MARION CRAWFORD as Dr Watson {more cast: to be done}
  10. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 24 Apr 1984-5 June 1984 (UK: ITV); 25 Aug 1985-29 Sep 1985 (season 2, UK: ITV); 14 Mar 1985-25 Apr 1985 (US: WGBH Boston "Mystery"); 6 Feb 1986-13 Mar 1986 (season 2, US: WGBH Boston "Mystery") starring Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes {more cast: to be done}
  11. The Return of Sherlock Holmes {to be done}
  12. The Hound of the Baskervilles {to be done}
  13. The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes {to be done}
  14. The Adventures of the Falcon 1955 (Syndicated-Federal-Bernard Schubert) black and white; 39 30-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series. Mike Waring (also known as The Falcon) is a freelance investigator. Adapted from a long running film series. Starring: CHARLES McGRAW as Mike Waring (The Falcon)
  15. Affairs of the Heart (1998-in production) {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  16. African Patrol 15 Apr 1958-6 Feb 1959 (UK: ITV/Kenya Production Ltd.); 1957 (US: Syndicated); British Patrol Inspector Paul Derek roams the jungles of East Africa, battling gun-runners, ivory poachers, smugglers, and vapid teleplays. The on-location filming was high-quality. John Bentley later starred in the British soap opera Crossroads, where he played Meg's unlucky husband Hugh Mortimer. Producer: Michael Sadler (M.E. Productions); Music: Phil Green; starring JOHN BENTLEY as Inspector Paul Derek.
  17. Agatha Christie's Poirot 8 Jan 1989-19 Mar 1989 (UK: ITV), starring DAVID SUCHET as Hercule Poirot; HUGH FRASER as Captain Hastings; PHILIP JACKSON as Inp. Japp (later Chief Insp.).
  18. Alfred Hitchcock Presents (CBS/NBC/Shamley) 1955-62; 268 30-minute episodes; plus 93 60-minute episodes; Creator: Alfred Hitchcock; Theme Music: Gounod's "Funeral March of a Marionette." Anthology series of Mystery/Detective stories, usually with twist endings. Introduced by Hitchcock, who personally directed 20 episodes. Literally hundreds of stars appeared in front of or behind the camera. See: The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents.
  19. Alien Nation 18 Sep 1989-17 Sep 1990 (Fox, TCF, Kenneth Johnson Prod.); 3 Oct 1990-? (UK: BSB); 1 120-minute episode; 21 60-minute episodes; Created by: Kenneth Johnson, Rockne O' Bannon; Music by: Steve Dorff, David Kuntz, Larry Herbstritt; Executive Producer: Kenneth John; Science Fiction/Mystery/Detective drama series. 250,000 aliens from the planet Tenkton land in 1995 USA. The show focusses on one of them, and his family, trying to assimilate into human society. The husband (renamed George Francisco) becomes a cop. Adapted from the film of the same name. Since the series ended, there have been occasional 120-minute TV Movies: "Dark Horizon" [1994], "Body and Soul" [1995], "Millennium" [1996], "The Enemy Within" [1996], "The Udara Legacy" [1997]. starring: GARY GRAHAM as Ace Detective Matthew Sikes; ERIC PIERPOINT as Detective George Francisco; MICHELLE SCARABELLI as Susan Francisco; LAUREN WOODLAND as Emily Francisco; SEAN SIX as Buck Francisco; TERRI TREAS as Cathi; JEFF MARCUS as Albert Einstein.
  20. The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan 9 Sep 1972-22 Sep 1974 (CBS); Hanna Barbera animation, Key Luke as the Voice of Chan
  21. The Amazing Mr.Malone 24 Sep 1951-10 Mar 1952 (ABC); Mondays 8:00 p.m.; __ 60-minute episodes; starring Lee Tracy as John J. Malone Mystery/Detective drama series about criminal lawyer John J. Malone, who solves many mysteries. Adapted from a radio series of the same name.
  22. Amy Prentice 1 Dec 1974-2 Feb 1975 (CBS); Sundays 8:30 p.m.; (to 6 July 75 on NBC: Mystery Movie); 20 May 1976-? (UK: ITV), __ 120-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series. Widowed 30-something Amy Prentiss is promoted to Chief of Detectives, San Francisco Police Department. Starring: JESSICA WALTER as Amy Prentiss; STEVE SANDOR as Detective Tony Russell; ARTHUR METRANO as Detective Rod Pena; JOHNNY SEVEN as Detective Contreras; HELEN HUNT as Jill Prentiss; GWENN MITCHELL as Joan Carter.
  23. The Andy Griffith Show/Andy of Mayberry 3 Oct 1960-16 Sep 1968 (CBS); 249 30-minute episodes; Police Sitcom. Sheriff Andy Taylor of small town Mayberry, North Carolina; a widower with a young son called Opie. "Gomer Pyle USMC" was a spin off when that character left Mayberry for the marines. The show was later retitled "Mayberry RFD" when Andy Griffith left the show. Reunion TV Movie "Return to Mayberry" [April 1986]. Starring: ANDY GRIFFITH as Andy Taylor; DON KNOTTS as Barney Fife (1960-65); RONNY HOWARD (later a major producer/director) as Opie Taylor; ELINOR DONAHUE as Ellie Walker (1960-61); FRANCIS BAVIER as Aunt Bee Taylor; HOPE SUMMERS as Clara Edwards; JIM NABORS as Gomer Pyle (1963-64); ANETA CORSAUT as Helen Crump (1964-68); GEORGE LINDSEY as Goober Pyle (1963-64); HOWARD McNEAR as Floyd Lawson; HAL SMITH as Otis Campbell (1960-67); JACK DODSON as Howard Sprague (1966-68); PAUL HARTMAN as Emmett Clark (1967-68); BETTY LYNN as Thelma Lou (1960-65); JACK BURNS as Warren Ferguson (1965-66); PARLEY BAER as Mayor Stoner (1962-63); KEN BERRY as Sam Jones (1968); BURT MUSTIN as Jud Crowley (1961-66).
  24. Angel 1999 (WB); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  25. Angel Street 1992 (CBS) 1 pilot 120-minute episode; 8 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series revolving around two female detectives, Anita (African-American college grad) and Caucasian street-wise Dorothy. Cancelled after 3 episodes. The 120 minute episode is a pilot TV Movie. Starring ROBIN GIVENS as Detective Anita King; PAMELA GIDLEY as Detective Dorothy Paretsky; JOE GUZALDO as Sgt Ciamaccio; RON DEAN as Detetcive Kenny Branigan; RICK SNYDER as Detective Kanaskie; DANNY GOLDRING as Detective Delaney; LURAY COOPER as Detective Llewellyn.
  26. Anna Lee 1993-1994 (UK: ITV); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  27. Archer 30 Jan 1975-13 Mar 1975 (NBC/Paramount); 1 90-minute episode; 7 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series about private detective Lew Archer. TV Movie pilot: "The Underground Man." Starring: Brian Keith as Lew Archer / John S. Ryan
  28. Armchair Detective 6 July 1949-28 Sep 1949 (CBS); starring: John Milton Kennedy as Mr.Crime Interrogator, and H. Allen Smith as Mr.Crime Authority {more cast: to be done}
  29. Arrest and Trial 15 Sep 1963-19 Apr 1964 (ABC/Universal/Revue); 24 Apr 1964-3 Nov 1964 (UK: BBC); Producer: Frank P. Rosenberg; 30 90-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series. A show in two parts: in the first half, Detective Sergeant Nick Anderson captures a criminal. In the second half, attorney John Egan tries to set him free. starring: BEN GAZZARA as Det Sgt Nick Anderson; CHUCK NORRIS as Attorney John Egan.
  30. Arresting Behavior 18 Aug 1992-9 Sep 1992 (ABC) 5 30-minute episodes; Police sitcom. Two mismatched cops are followed on duty by a TV crew; crudely parodying the many "reality" shows (i.e. "Cops") on contemporary American TV. starring: LEO BURMESTER as Officer Bill Ruskin; CHRIS MULKEY as Officer Pete Walsh; RON ELDARD as Officer Donny Walsh; JOEY SIMMRIN as Seth Ruskin; LEE GARLINGTON as Connie Ruskin; AMY HATHAWAY as Rhoada Ruskin; ERIC BALFOUR as Billy Ruskin.
  31. Aspen 1977 (Universal/Roy Huggins "Best Sellers") 6 95-minute episodes; Writer/Director: Douglas Heyes adapted from the Novels: "Aspen" by Bert Hirschfield and "The Adversary" by Bart Spicer; Music: Tom Scott, Mike Melvoir; Producer: Jo Swerling, Jr.; Mystery/Detective drama serial. Lawyer investigates a murder within the exclusive ski resort 's jet set. starring: SAM ELLIOTT; PERRY KING; MICHELLE PHILLIPS; JOHN McINTYRE; GENE BARRY; BO HOPKINS; TONY FRANCIOSA; JOSEPH COTTON; JOHN HOUSEMAN.
  32. The Asphalt Jungle 2 Apr 1961-24 Sep 1961 (ABC-MGM); Sundays 9:30 p.m.; 13 60-minute episodes; black and white Mystery/Detective drama series. Tough cops headed by Deputy Commissioner Matthew Gower; adapted from 1950 film of the same name. Music: Duke Ellington; starring: JACK WARDEN as Matthew Gower; ARCH JOHNSON as Captain Gus Honochek; BILL SMITH as Sergeant Danny Keller.
  33. Assignment Vienna 28 Sep 1972-9 June 1973 (ABC-MGM); Thursdays 9:00 p.m., moved to Saturdays 10:00 p.m.; 1 96-minute episode; plus 8 60-minute episode; Mystery/Detective/Espionage drama series. In Vienna, Austria, Bar owner Jake Webster helps the U.S. Army track down valuables looted by the Nazis in World War II, and becomes involved in other spy situations. TV Movie pilot (starring Roy Schieder): "Assignment Munich"; the show rotated with two other series: "The Delphi Bureau" and "Jigsaw." The three series together were called "The Men." Starring: ROBERT CONRAD as Jake Webster; CHARLES CIOFFI as Major Caldwell; ANTON DIFFRING as Inspector Hoffman.
  34. The Automan 15 Dec 1983-2 Apr 1984 (ABC); 12 May 1984-28 Aug 1984 (UK: BBC1); Glen A. Larson; 1 70-minute episode; 12 60-minute episode; Thursday 8:00 p.m., moved to Mondays 8:00 p.m.; Creator/Producer: Glen A. Larson; Music: J.A.C. Radford, Morton Stevens; Science Fiction/Mystery/Detective drama series. Computer genius cop creates a three-dimensional super-cop. starring CHUCK WAGNER as Automan; DESI ARNAZ, Jr., as Walter Nebicher; ROBERT LANSING as Lt Jack Curtis; HEATHER McNAIR as Roxanne Caldwell; GERALD S. O'LOUGHLIN as Capt E.G. Boyd
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B: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. B.A.D. Cats 4 Jan 1980-8 Feb 1980 (ABC/Spelling-Cramer); 11 Dec 1980-? (UK: ITV); 6 60-minute episodes; Executive Producers: Aaron Spelling, Douglas S. Cramer Producer: Everett Chambers; Mystery/Detective drama series. Two cops work for the Burglary Auto Detail, Commercial Auto Thefts department. Starring: STEVEN HANKS as Ocee James; ASHER BRAUNER as Nik Donovan; MICHELLE PFEIFFER as Samantha Jensen; VIC MORROW as Capt Skip Nathan; JIMMIE WALKER as Rodney Washington.
  2. B.L. Stryker 13 Feb 1989-? 1990 (ABC/TWS/Universal); 27 Apr 1991-25 May 1991 (UK: ITV); 12 120-minute episodes; Executive Producers: Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds; Producer: Alan Barnette Mystery/Detective drama series. One of ABC's Mystery Movie rotating series. B.L. Stryker, Vietnam Vet, is a private detective working in Palm Beach, Florida, while living on a houseboat. starring BURT REYNOLDS as B.L. Stryker; Ossie OSSIE DAVIS as Oz Jackson; RITA MORENO as Kimberly Baskin; DANA KAMINSKI as Lynda Lennox; MICHAEL O'SMITH as Chief McGee; ALFIE WISE as Oliver.
  3. Bakersfield PD 1993-94 (Fox/Rock Island/ Touchstone) 17 30-minute episodes; Crime sitcom about dumb cops in semi-rural California town's police department; Creator/Executive Producer: Larry Levin / Producer: Paul Mazur; Director: Dean Parisot; Starring: RON ELDARD as Det. Wade Preston; GIANCARLO ESPOSITO as Det. Paul Gigante; CHRIS MULKEY as Officer Denny Boyer; TONY PLANA as Officer Luke Ramirez; BRIAN DOYLE-MURRAY as Sgt. Phil Hampton; JACK HALLETT as Capt. Aldo Stiles.
  4. Banacek 13 Sep 1972-3 Sep 1974 (NBC/Universal "Mystery Movie"); 8 July 1975-23 Dec 1977 (UK: ITV) 17 90-minute episodes (including pilot); Creators: Richard Levinson, William Link; Music: Billy Goldenberg; Executive Producer: George Eckstein; Producer: Howie Horowitz; Mystery/Detective drama series. Polish-American Thomas Banacek is a freelancer for insurance companies; he tracks down stolen goods. Starring GEORGE PEPPARD as Thomas Banacek; RALPH MANZA as Jay Drury; MURRAY MATHESON as Felix Mulholland; CHRISTINE BELFORD as Carlie Kirkland; LINDEN CHILES as Penniman.
  5. Banyon 15 Sep 1972-12 Jan 1973 (NBC/Warner/Quinn Martin); 26 Aug 1975-? (UK: ITV); 1 96-minute episode; plus 13 60-minute episodes; Period Mystery/Detective drama series. Los Angeles-based private detective in the 1930s. Miles C. Banyon was provided a new secretary each week,free, by Peggy Revere, who owned a secretarial school. Executive Producer: Quinn Martin Producer: Richard Alan Simmons; Starring: ROBERT FORSTER as Miles C. Banyon; JOAN BLONDELL as Peggy Revere; JULIE GREGG as Abby Graham; RICHARD JAECKEL as Lt. Pete McNeil; JOSE FERRER; DARREN McGAVIN; HERB EDELMAN.
  6. Baretta 17 Jan 1975-18 May 1978 (ABC/Universal/ Roy Huggins/Public Arts); 6 Jan 1978-3 Mar 1979 (UK: ITV), 80 60-minute episodes; Creator: Stephen J. Cannell; Theme Music ("Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow" sung by Sammy Davis, Jr.; Music by: Dave Grusin, Tom Scott; Executive Producers: Roy Huggins, Bernard L. Kowalski, Anthony Spinner; Producer: Jo Swerling, Jr.; Mystery/Detective drama series. Streetwise Italian-American cop. Revamp of Toma [1973]. Starring: ROBERT BLAKE as Detective Tony Baretta; EDWARD GROVER as Lt. Hal Brubaker; MICHAEL D. ROBERTS as Rooster; DANA ELCAR as Inspector Schiller; TOM EWELL as Billy Truman; CHINO WILLIAMS as Fats.
  7. Barlow at Large 23 Jan 1974-26 Feb 1975 (UK: BBC1); 16 50-minute episodes; Spinoff from The Days of Vengeance and Z Cars; but without Barlow's former sidekick John Watt, who stayed with Softly, Softly; starring Stratford Johns as Det. Chief Supt. Charlie Barlow; Neil Stacy as A.G. Fenton; Norman Crner as Det. Sgt. Rees; Derek Newark as Det. Insp. Tucker
  8. Barnaby Jones 28 Jan 1973-3 Apr 1980 (CBS/Quinn Martin Prod.); 4 Apr 1974-? (UK: ITV); 174 60-minute episodes; Creator/Executive Producer: Quinn Martin; Music: Jerry Goldsmith; Mystery/Detective drama series. Retired private detective Barnaby Jones, when his son is murdered, has to run the family detective business again. Starring: BUDDY EDSON as Barnaby Jones; LEE MERIWEATHER as Betty Jones; MARK SHERA as Jebidiah Roman "JR" Jones; JOHN CARTER as Lt.Biddle.
  9. Barney Blake: Police Reporter 22 Apr 1948-8 July 1948 (NBC); 13 30-minute episodes; black and white; starring Gene O'Donnell as Barney Blake; Judy Parrish as Jennifer Allen; The very first regularly scheduled mystery/detective series on television! Broadcast live, this featured a newspaper reporter and his secretary solving crimes, mostly murder. Sponsor pulled plug after 13 weeks (American Tobacco Co.).
  10. Barney Miller Pilot: 22 Aug 1974; show 1975-82 (ABC/Four D); 168 30-minute episodes; 1 60-minute episode; Creators: Danny Arnold, Theodore J. Flicker; Executive Producers: Danny Arnold, Roland Kibbee; Producer: Chris Hayward; Police Sitcom. Cops of Greenwich Village, New York City's Twelve Precinct. Great ensemble acting, clever scripts. Pilot episode "The Life and Times of Barney Miller." Spin Off Fish; Starring: HAL LINDEN as Capt. Barney Miller; MAXWELL GAIL as Det. Stan "Wojo" Wojciehowicz; ABE VIGODA as D.S. Phillip Fish (1975-77); GREGORY SIERRA as D.S. Chano Amenguale (1975-76); JACK SOO as D.S. Nick Yemana (1975-78); RON GLASS as D.S. Ron Harris; JAMES GREGORY as Inspector Frank Luger; STEVE LANDESBERG as D.S. Arthur Dietrich (1976-82); RON CAREY as Off. Carl Levitt (1976-82); LINDA LAVIN as Det. Janice Wentworth (1975-76); BARBARA BARRIE as Elizabeth Miller(75-76).
  11. Batman 1965-69 (Fox/Greenaway); 120 30-minute episodes; Creator: Bob Kane; Theme Music: Neal Hefti (theme), Nelson Riddle; Producer: Howie Horowitz; Executive Producer: William Dozier; Science Fiction/mystery/detective comedy/drama series. Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson (as superheroes Batman and Robin) try to eliminate evil from the comic/noir streets of Gotham City. Starring: ADAM WEST as Batman/Bruce Wayne; BURT WARD as Robin/Dick Grayson; ALAN NAPIER as Alfred; MADGE BLAKE as Aunt Harriet; NEIL HAMILTON as Commissioner Gordon; STAFFORD REPP as Chief O'Hara; YVONNE CRAIG as Batgirl; CESAR ROMERO as The Joker; BURGESS MEREDITH as The Penguin; GEORGE SANDERS as Mr Freeze; FRANK GORSHIN as the Riddler; a very sexy JULIE NEWMAR as Catwoman; VICTOR BUONO as King Tut.
  12. Battery Park 23 March 2000-? (NBC); __ 30-minute episodes; Creators: Garry Goldberg, Chris Henchy; Executive Producer: Garry David Goldberg Mystery/detective comedy/drama series. Cops versus mobsters. Starring: ELIZABETH PERKINS as Captain Madeleine Dunlevy; JUSTIN LOUIS as Detective Ben Nolin; JACQUELINE OBRADORS as Detective Elena Vera; BOKEEM WOODBINE as Detective Derek Finley; FRANK GRILLO as Detective Anthony 'Stig' Stigliano; ROBERT MAILHOUSE as Detective Kevin Strain; JAY PAULSON as Detective Carl Zerrinal; SAM LLOYD as Ray Giddeon.
  13. Bearcats! 1971 (CBS); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  14. The Beat 2000 (UPN) __ 60-minute episodes; Creator: Tom Fontana; Executive Producers: Barry Levinson, Tom Fontana, Jim Finnerty; Mystery/detective drama series. Two cops as partners: Mike Dorigan and Zane Marinelli. Starring: DEREK CECIL as Mike Dorigan; MARK RUFFALO as Zane Marinelli; HEATHER BURNS as Beatrice Felsen; POPPY MONTGOMERY as Elizabeth Waclawek; TOM NOONAN as Captain Howard Schmidt; LEA DELARIA as Officer Kathy Speck; PAT McNAMARA as Uncle Connie Dorigan; DAVID ZAYAS as Officer Ray; LEE TERGESEN as Steve Dorigan; JEFFREY DONOVAN as Officer Brad Ulrich.
  15. The Beiderbecke Affair 6 Jan 1985-10 Feb 1985 (UK: ITV); Creator: Alan Plater; Music: Frank Ricotti; Executive Producer: David Cunliffe; Producer: Anne W. Gibbons; Director: David Reynolds; Starring: JAMES BOLAM as Trevor Chaplin; other cast {to be done} 6 60-minute episodes; Sequel: The Beiderbecke Tapes 13 Dec 1987-20 Dec 1987 (UK: ITV); 2 90-minute episodes; Sequel: The Beiderbecke Connection 27 Nov 1988-18 Dec 1988 (UK: ITV); 4 60-minute episodes;
  16. Bellamy 26 June 1981-? (Australia: Ten Network/Grundy); 1 Sep 1984-4 Apr 1987 (UK: ITV); 26 60-minute episodes; Executive Producer: Don Battye (see: Bluey); Based on Special Crime Squad in Australia; Starring: JOHN STANTON as Bellamy; TIM ELSTON as Mitchell.
  17. Bergerac 18 Oct 1981-9 Mar 1991 (UK: BBC/Australia: Seven Network); Creator: Robert Banks Stewart; Title Music: George Fenton; Producers: Robert Banks Stewart, Jonathan Alwyn, George Galaccio; Alcoholic Jim Bergerac starts as Detective Sergeant of the Channel Islands' Bureau des Etrangers, the local cops of the exclusive British island of Jersey. He has a rocky marriage to Deborah, and millionnaire father-in-law Charlie Hungerford is linked to all 84 crimes that Bergerac investigates. Starring: JOHN NETTLES as Detective Sergeant Jim Bergerac; TERRENCE ALEXANDER as Charlie Hungerford; SEAN ARNOLD as Chief Insp. Barney Crozier; DEBORAH GRANT as Deborah Bergerac; CECILE PAOLI as Francine; other cast {to be done}
  18. Bert D'Angelo, Superstar 1976 (Quinn Martin); 13 60-minute episodes; Producer: Mort Fine; Mystery/detective drama series, spun off from The Streets of San Francisco, but set in New York. Starring: PAUL SORVINO as Bert D'Angelo.
  19. Beverly Hills Buntz 17 Mar 1988-7 Apr 1988 (NBC); Spinoff from Hill Street Blues; Starring: DENNIS FRANZ as Norm Buntz; PETER DURASIK as Sid; {to be done}
  20. Biff Baker USA 1953 (Universal) 26 30-minute episodes; black and white; Espionage drama series. American couple spying behind the Iron Curtain. Starring: ALAN HALE, Jr.; and RANDY STUART.
  21. Big Guns see Charlesworth
  22. Big Shamus, Little Shamus 29 Sep 1979-6 Oct 1979 (CBS); 13 60-minute episodes (2 aired); Saturdays 9:00 p.m.; Mystery/detective drama series. Arnie Sutter is "house detective" in the bustling Atlantic City, New Jersey, Ansonia Hotel. The "Little Shamus" is Arnie's 13 year old son, Max, who gets involved in his father's exploits. Promising, yet cancelled after 2 episodes. Starring: BRIAN DENNEHY as Arnie Sutter; DOUG McKEON as Max Sutter; GEORGE WYNER as George Korman; KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT as Stephanie Marsh; TY HENDERSON as Jerry Wilson; CYNTHIA SIKES as Jingles Lodestar.
  23. The Bill 16 Oct 1984-7 Dec 1987 (UK: ITV); 35 60-minute episodes; plus 315 30-minute episodes; Creator: Geoff McQueen; Title Music: Andy Pask, Charlie Morgan; Executive Producers: Michael Chapman, Lloyd Shirley; Producers: Michael Chapman, Peter Creegan, Pat Sandys, Tony Virgo, Peter Wolfes; Starring: PETER ELLIS as Chief Supt. Charles Brownlow; rest of cast: {to be done}
  24. Black Tie Affair 1993, (NBC); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  25. Blacke's Magic 5 Jan 1986-8 May 1986 (MCA/Universal); 7 Apr 1987-23 June 1987 (UK: ITV); 13 60-minute episodes; Retired stage magician Hal Linden (Barney Miller) becomes private eye, aided by witty father-in-law Harry Morgan (M*A*S*H); Creators: Peter S. Fischer, Richard Levinson, William Link; Executive Producers: Peter S. Fischer; Producer: Robert F. O'Neill; Tech Adviser: Jim Steinmeyer (asst. to Doug Henning); Starring: HAL LINDEN as Alexander Blacke; HARRY MORGAN as Leonard Blacke; {to be done}
  26. Blood and Orchids 1987; 2 120-minute episodes; Mystery/detective drama serial. Hawaiian Captain Maddox investigates four youths who purportedly raped the wife of a Lieutenant. Starring KRIS KRISTOFFERSON as Captain Maddox.
  27. Blood Money 6 Sep 1981-11 Oct 1981 (UK: BBC1); 6 30-minute episodes; German terrorist Irene Kohl kidnaps son of UN official. Original script had kidnapping victim as 10-year-old Earl, 17th-in-line to the throne, but Buckingham Palace forced changes. Writer: Arden Winch; Producer: Gerard Glaister; Director: Michael E. Briant; Starring: BERNARD HEPTON as Chief Supt. Meadows; MICHAEL DENNISON as Capt. Percival; JULIET HAMMOND-HILL as Irene Kohl; {to be done}
  28. Blood Rights 24 Oct 1990-7 Nov 1990 (UK: BBC2); 3 55-minute episodes; realistic black P.I.; Creator/Writer: Mike Phillips (black journalist); Producer: Caroline Oulton; Director: Lesley Manning; starring BRIAN BOVELL as Sammy Dean; {to be done}
  29. The Blue Knight 17 Dec 1975-27 Oct 1976 (CBS/Lorimar); 5 Jan 1985-? (UK: ITV); 1 90-minute episodes; 13 60-minute episodes; Music: Henry Mancini; Producer: Joel Rogosin; Mystery/detective drama series about a Los Angeles cop. Adapted from novel by Joseph Wambaugh (best-selling author and former LAPD member, who'd consulted on POLICE STORY); Before the TV Movie pilot for the series, there'd been a previous TV Movie (1973) with the same title and theme, which won an Emmy for William Holden (as Bumper); Starring: GEORGE KENNEDY as Bumper Morgan (AKA The Blue Knight); PHILLIP PINE as Sgt. Newman; JOHN STEADMAN as Wimpy; CHARLES SIEBERT as Sgt.Cabe; LIN McCARTHY as Lt.Hauser.
  30. The Blue Light 1965 (ABC/TCF); 17 30-minute episodes; Espionage drama series. World War II US agent undercover in Nazi Germany. Starring: ROBERT GOULET.
  31. Blue Thunder 6 Jan 1984-7 Sep 1984 (ABC/Rastar/Public Arts/Columbia); 6 Feb 1984-16 Apr 1984 (UK: BBC1); 11 60-minute episodes; Adapted from movie of same name (1984) starring Roy Scheider, about super-helicopter for crime fighting with the mythical APEX government agency, in Los Angeles, sometimes assigned to FBI or Treasury. Executive Producers: Roy Huggins, David Moessinger; Producers: Jeri Taylor, Donald A. Baer; Music: Frank Denson; Starring: JAMES FARENTINO as Frank Chaney; DANA CARVEY as computer nerd Clinton C. Wonderlove; SANDY McPEAK as Ed Braddock; Football star DICK BUTKUS as Richard "Ski" Butkowski; BUBBA SMITH as driver/nerd Lyman "Bubba" Kelsey; {to be done}
  32. Bluey 2 Aug 1976-? (Australia: Seven Network/Crawford); 9 Feb 1978-19 July 1979 (UK: ITV/Granada); 1 90-minute episode; plus 38 60-minute episodes; Tough, iconoclastic Australian cop. Producers: Don Battye (see Bellamy), Tom Hegarty, Julian Pringle; Starring: LUCKY GRILLS as "Bluey" Hills; {to be done}
  33. Bognor 10 Feb 1981-9 Apr 1981 (UK: ITV/Thames Television Network Prod.); 18 30-minute episodes; Mystery/detective comedy/drama series about a Department of Trade special investigator and sidekick looking into peculiar crimes. Executive Producer: John Frankau; Producer: Bernard Krichefski; Music: Mike Steer; Starring: DAVID HOROVITCH as Bognor of D.O.T.; JOANNA McCALLUM as [sidekick] Monica; EWAN ROBERTS as Parkinson [Head of Special Investigations].
  34. Boney 21 Jan 1972 (Australia/Norfolk); 2 Jan 1975-? (UK: ITV); 26 60-minute episodes; Top of the ratings in Scotland, produced in Australia, starring a heavily made-up white New Zealander as an Australian Aborigine, and adapted from the novels of Arthur Upfield. Executive Producers: Bob Austin, Lee Robinson; Producer: John McCallum; Starring JAMES LAURENSON as Det.Insp. Napoleon Bonaparte.
  35. Booker 1989-90 (Fox); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  36. Boon 14 Jan 1986-? 1991 (UK: ITV/Central Independent); 78 60-minute episodes; Ex-fireman motoryclist freelance investigator Ken Boon is so unexpectedly successful that, in the 2nd season, he has an entire team of bikers "The Texas Rangers." The heavy-drinking star was charismatic, getting over 1,000 letters per week from fans, and the theme song "Hi Ho Silver" (sung by Jim Diamond) climbed to #5 on British charts. Creators: Jim Hill, Bill Stair; Executive Producers: Ted Childs (seasons 1-7), William Smethurst (season 4); Producers: Kenny McBain (season 1); Esta Charkman (seasons 2-4), Michele Buck (season 5), Simon Lewis (seasons 6-7); Music: Dean Friedman; Starring: MICHAEL as Ken Boon; DAVID DAKER as Harry Crawford; NEIL MORRISSEY as Rocky Cassidy; LESLEY-ANNE SHARPE as Debbie Yates; ELIZABETH CARLING as Laura Marsh.
  37. Boston Blackie 1951-52 (United Artists); 58 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/detective drama series. Kind hearted gangster Boston Blackie. Adapted from a long running film series of the 1940s. Starring KENT TAYLOR as Boston Blackie; LOIS COLLIER; FRANK ORTH.
  38. Bourbon Street Beat 1959 (ABC/Warner); 39 60-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/detective drama series. Pair of New Orleans-based Private Investigators. Starring: RICHARD LONG; ANDREW DUGGAN; VAN WILLIAMS.
  39. The Boys from the Bush 19 Jan 1991-5 Apr 1991 (UK: BBC1/ Cinema Verity/Entertainment Media/Seven Network Australia); 10 50-minute episodes; Bouncing between Melbourne, Australia, and London, England, Reg Toomer combines detective, marriage counselor, and anything else that generates cash flow legally. An idiosyncratic show with interesting people. Creator: Douglas Livingstone; Producer: Verity Lambert; Music: Dean Friedman; Starring: TIM HEALY as Reg Toomer; CHRIS HAYWOOD as Dennis Tontine; MARK HADDIGAN as Leslie; NADINE GARNER as Arlene; PAT THOMSON as Doris.
  40. Brenner 6 June 1959-13 Sep 1964 (CBS); 26 30-minute episodes; black and white; Controversial show about flawed NYPD cops; show nearly killed when sponsor Lever Brothers pulled out, but CBS eventually aired 10 episodes some five years after the initial 16 episodes. Ernie Brenner was supposed to be the son of Roy Brenner. This was one of my father's favorite shows of its day (along with "Gunsmoke"). Creator: Herb Brodkin; Starring: EDWARD BINNS as Det.Lt. Roy Brenner; JAMES BRODERICK as Officer Ernie Brenner.
  41. Brimstone 1998 (Fox); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  42. Bronk 21 Sep 1975-18 July 1976 (MGM); 1 90-minute episode; 24 60-minute episodes; Creator: Carroll O'Connor; Executive Producers: Carroll O'Connor, Bruce Geller; Producer: Leigh Vance; Mystery/detective drama series. Homicide cop Lt.Alex Bronkov. Starring: JACK PALANCE as Bronk; JOSEPH MASCOLO as Mayor Pete Santori; TONY KING as Sgt. John Webber; HENRY BECKMAN as Harry Mark; DINA OUSLEY as Ellen Bronkov.
  43. The Brothers Brannagan 1960 (CBS/Wilbur Stark); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/detective drama series. Pair of Phoenix based private detectives. Starring STEVE DUNNE; MARK ROBERTS.
  44. Buddy Faro 1998 (CBS); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  45. Bulman 5 June 1985-8 Aug 1987 (UK: ITV/Grenada); 20 60-minute episodes; Adapted from Kenneth Royce's characters. Clock repairman who quotes Shakespeare, George Bulman, is said to have a perpetual cold -- because the star actor, a former Essex CID, was being treated for (now cured) throat cancer. Writer: Murray Smith; Music: Dick Walter; Executive Producer: Richard Everitt; Producer: Steve Hawes (season 1), Sita Williams (season 2); Starring: DON HENDERSON as George Bulman; SIOBHAN REDMOND as Lucy McGinty; THORLEY WALTERS as William Dugdale.
  46. Burke's Law 1963-65 (ABC/Four Star); 94 60-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/detective/espionage drama series. Rolls Royce owner L.A. Police Chief Captain Amos Burke investigates murders. Near the final shows, Burke quit the force to enter espionage. Each episode began with the words "Who Killed...?" Creator: Ivan Goff, Ben Roberts, Ernest Kinoy; Producer: Arnold [Aaron??] Spelling; Starring: GENE BARRY as Captain Amos Burke; GARY CONWAY as Det. Tim Tilson; REGIS TOOMEY as DS Lester Hart; LEON LONTOL as Henry; CARL BENTON REID as "The Man."
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C: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. Cade's Country 19 Sep 1971-9 Apr 1972 (CBS/Twentieth Century Fox); 1 Mar 1972-6 Sep 1972 (UK: ITV); 24 60-minute episodes; New West (as opposed to Old West) Police/Mystery/detective drama series. Madrid County, California, Sheriff Sam Cade is backed by elderly Deputy J.J. Jackson and 3 younger deputies. Pete is played by the son of film star Glenn Ford. Joannie Little Bird was the first dispatcher, later replaced by Betty Ann Sundown -- both women are true Native Americans. Producer: Charles Larson; Executive Producer: David Gerber; Music: Henry Mancini Starring GLENN FORD as Sam Cade; EDGAR BUCHANAN as Dep. J.J. Jackson; TAYLOR LACHER as Arlo; VICTOR CAMPOS as Rudy; PETER FORD as Pete; SANDRA EGO as Joannie Little Bird; BETTY ANN CARR as Betty Ann Sundown.
  2. Cagney and Lacey 25 Mar 1982-3 Aug 1988 (CBS); 125 60-minute episodes; the breakthrough woman detective series. starring TYNE DALY as Det. Mary Beth Lacey; LORETTA SWIT as Det. Christine Cagney (in the pilot); MEG FOSTER as Det. Christine Cagney (in season 1); SHARON GLESS as Det. Christine Cagney (after season 1); JOHN KARLEN as Harvey Lacey; AL WAXMAN as Lt.Samuels; MARTIN KOVE as Det. Isbecki; SIDNEY CLUTE as Det. LaGuardia; CARL LUMBLY as Det. Petrie; ROBERT HEGYES as Det. Esposito; BARRY PRIMUS as Sgt. Dory McKenna; TONY LA TORRE as Harvey Lacey, Jr.; TROY SLATEN as Michael Lacey; HARVEY ATKIN as Desk Sergeant; DICK O'NEILL as Charlie Cagney.
  3. Cain's Hundred 19 Sep 1961-15 May 1962 (NBC/MGM); 30 60-minute episodes; Producer: Paul Monash; Music: Jerry Goldsmith, Morton Stevens; Supposedly based on actual cases, Nick Cain was a gangland attorney who changed sides to prosecute the 100 key men behind U.S. organized crime. starring : PETER MARK RICHMAN as Nick Cain.
  4. Call the Gun Expert 2 July 1964-6 Aug 1964 (UK: BBC1); 6 25-minute episodes; black and white; Reconstructions of genuine cases solved by Robert Churchill and his famous London gunsmiths, starting with the murder of PC Gutteridge (Essex, 1927). Producer/Director: Jack Gold; Starring: WENSLEY PITHEY as Robert Churchill; MACDONALD HASTINGS as on-camera narrator.
  5. Campion 22 Jan 1989-12 Mar 1989 (UK: BBC1/US: WGBH); Producer: Ken Riddington (season 1), Jonathyn Alwyn (season 2); 16 55-minute episodes; Adaptations from the 26 novels of Margery Allingham about the amateur gentleman detective, whom she said was partly based on King George VI while he was still just Duke of York. Albert Campion tools about 1930s East Anglia in his classic Lagonda, helped by his ex-burgler manservant Magersfontaine Lugg, played by ex-pro wrestler Brian Glover. Starring: PETER DAVISON as Albert Campion; BRIAN GLOVER as Magersfontaine Lugg; ANDREW BURT as Chief Inspector Stanislaus Oates.
  6. Cannon 14 Sep 1971-3 Mar 1976 (CBS/Quinn Martin); 27 Oct 1972-30 Sep 1978 (UK: BBC1); TV's fattest PI. 121 60-minute episodes; Executive Producer: Quinn Martin; Producer: Anthony Spinner; Music: John Parker, John Cannon; TV Movie: The Return of Frank Cannon (1980) Starring: WILLIAM CONRAD as Frank Cannon.
  7. Captain Zep - Space Detective 5 Jan 1983-13 Apr 1984 (UK: BBC1); children's Science Fiction/Mystery/Detective series, with super-sleuth Captain Zep in his spacship Zep One, aided by the kids of the SOLVE Academy, in the year 2095. Writer: Dick Hills (season 1), Colin Benet (season 2); Producer: Christopher Pilkington; Director: Christopher Pilkington (season 1), Michael Forte (season 2); Starring: PAUL GREENWOOD as Captain Zep (season 1); RICHARD MORANT as Captain Zep (season 2); BEN ELLISON as Jason Brown; HARRIET KEEVIL as Professor Spiro (season 1); TRACEY CHILDS as Professor Vana (season 2).
  8. Car 54, Where Are You 17 Sep 1961-8 Sep 1963 (NBC/Euopolis); 9 July 1964-6 Nov 1965 (UK: ITV); 14 Feb 1986-13 Mar 1987 (UK: Channel 4); 60 30-minute episodes; black and white; Creator: Nat Hiken; Producer: Nat Hiken (The Phil Silvers Show); Music: John Strauss; Police/Mystery/Detective slapstick series; shot on location in New York; Starring: JOE E. ROSS as Officer Gunther; FRED GWYNNE (later Herman Munster of The Munsters) as Officer Francis Muldoon; BEA PONS as Lucille Toody; PAUL REED as Capt. Martin Block; AL LEWIS (later Grandpa of The Munsters) as Officer Leo Schnauser; JOE WARREN as Officer Steinmetz; BRUCE KIRBY as Officer Kissel; HANK GARRETT as Officer Ed Nicholson; NATANIEL FREY as Desk Sgt. Abrams.
  9. Caribe 17 Feb 1975-11 Aug 1975 (ABC/Quinn Martin); 3 Apr 1975-? (UK: ITV); 13 60-minute episodes; Caribbean nautical setting, involving an imaginary pro-US agency Caribbean Force; Starring: STACY KEACH as Lt. Ben Logan; CARL FRANKLIN as Sgt. Mark Walters; ROBERT MANDAN as Deputy Commissioner Ed Rawlings of Miami PD.
  10. Carter Country 15 Sep 1977-23 Aug 1979 (ABC); 12 30-minute episodes; Producers: Douglas Arango, Phil Doran; Executive Producers: Bud Yorkin, Saul Turtletaub, Bernie Orenstein; Music: Pete Rugolo; During the presidency of Jimmy Carter, this ill-conceived show was set in (ironically) Clinton Corners, purportedly near Jimmy Carter's hometown of Plains, Georgia. Kindly redneck Police Chief Roy Mobey is backed-up by a slick New York-trained African-American deputy, Curtis Baker. There are other cardboard characters: butch policewoman Cloris, idiot mayor Teddy, and the mayor's sexy secretary Lucille (over whom Curtis is smitten). Neither interesting in police procedure, credible in plot, realistic in treatment of race, nor funny. Starring: VICTOR FRENCH as Police Chief Roy Mobey; KENE HOLLIDAY as Sgt. Curtis Baker; RICHARD PAUL as Mayor Teddy Burnside; BARABARA CASON as Cloris Phebus; VERNEE WATSON as Lucille Banks; MELANIE GRIFFITH (later an Oscar nominee for a better role) as a newspaper reporter (2 episodes).
  11. The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes see: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
  12. Case Histories of Scotland Yard 1955 (UK: Anglo Amalgamated Productions/Syndicated); Based on real cases. 17 Nov 1957--6 Apr 1958 USA title: Scotland Yard (ABC); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; Producer: Jack Greenwood; Starring: RUSSELL NAPIER as Inspector Duggan; EDGAR LUSTGARTEN (real criminologist/journalist) as presenter.
  13. The Case of the Dangerous Robin 1961 (Ziv Productions/ Syndicated); 38 30-minute episodes; black and white; First try at presenting insurance investigators, as later done so much better in the novels of Sue Grafton. Robin Scott was a karate champion, sidekick Phyllis was the smart one. Music: David Rose; Starring: RICK JASON as Robin Scott; JEAN BLAKE as Phyllis Collier.
  14. The Cases of Eddie Drake 1949 (CBS); 1952 (Syndicated); 13 30-minute episodes; black and white; New York private dick Eddie Drake researches cases for psychologist Karen Gayle, who wants to write a book about the criminal mind. Running 9 episodes on CBS as one of the very first Mystery/Detective television series, it drew better ratings 3 years later when syndicated. Producers: Harlan Thompson, Linsley Parsons; Starring: DON HAGGERTY as Eddie Drake; PATRICIA MORRISON as Karen Gayle.
  15. The Cases of Sherlock Holmes 9 Sep 1968-23 Dec 1968 (UK: BBC1); 16 50-minute episodes; black and white; Producer: William Sterling; Starring: PETER CUSHING as Sherlock Holmes; NIGEL STOCK as Dr.Watson; WILLIAM LUCAS as Insp. Lestrade; GRACE ARNOLD as Mrs.Hudson; RONALD ADAMS as Mycroft Holmes.
  16. Cassie and Company 29 Jan 1982-20 Aug 1982 (NBC/ Carson Productions/Columbia Pictures Television); 13 60-minute episodes; Ex-cop Cassie Holland turned private detective, assisted by ex-con secretary Meryl, and muscleman Benny. Cassie's ex-husband was District Attorney. Angie Dickenson's follow-up to Police Woman. Starring: ANGIE DICKENSON as Cassie Holland; JOHN IRELAND as Lyman "Shack" Shackelford; DORI BRENNER as Meryl; A. MARTINEZ as Benny; ALEX CORD as D.A. Mike Holland.
  17. C.A.T.S. Eyes 12 Apr 1985-6 June 1987 (UK: ITV/TVS); 1 90-minute episode; 30 60-minute episodes; Creator: Terence Feely; Executive Producer: Rex Firkin; Producers: Dickie Bamber, Frank Cox (season 1), Raymond Menmuir (seasons 2-3); Music: John Kongos (season 1), Barbara Thompson (seasons 2-3); The equally stupid British equivalent of Charley's Angels. C.A.T.S. (Covert Activities, Thames Section) had a cover-identity as Eyes Enquiry Agency. This was the basis for 3 female crime-fighters vaguely supervised by "the man from the Ministry" while they did location shots close to TVS' Maidstone studio (Rochester, Gillingham, Chatham). Starring: ROSALYN LANDOR as Pru Standfast; JILL GASCOINE as Maggie Forbes; LESLIE ASH as Fred Smith; DON WARRINGTON as Nigel Beaumont, ("the man from the Ministry"); TRACY-LOUISE WARD as Tessa Robinson.
  18. Chandler and Co. 1996 (UK: BBC) ; {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  19. Charlesworth 21 Jan 1956-3 Mar 1956 (UK: BBC); Started under title Tales from Soho (7 30-minute episodes); then the Chief Inspector was promoted to Superintendant and the show was renamed Big Guns 1 Jan 1958-5 Feb 1958 (6 30-minute episodes); all epsiodes were black and white. Creator: Berkely Mather; Producers: Tony Richardson (Tales from Soho), Gerard Glaster (Big Guns); Starring: JOHN WELSH as Chief Detective Inspector Charlesworth (Tales from Soho); WENSLEY PITHEY as Detective Superintendant Charlesworth (Big Guns); WALTER FITZGERALD as J. Philmore Sparkes (Big Guns); NIGEL DAVENPORT as Sgt. Spence (Big Guns).
  20. Charlie 26 Mar-4 Apr 1984 (UK: ITV/Central Television); 4 60-minute episodes; Private Detective obtains an address book from a dying man, and, while investigating it, is drawn into a tangled web of murder. Creator: Nigel Williams; Producer: Graham Benson; Director: Martin Campbell; Starring: DAVID WARNER as Charlie Alexander; FRANK WINDSOR as Harry Ainsworth; MARION BAILEY as Susan Alexander.
  21. Charlie Grace 1995 (ABC); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  22. Charley Wild, Private Detective 22 Dec 1950-19 June 1952 (CBS/ABC/Dumont); 60+ 30-minute episodes; black and white; Based on Dashiell Hammett's character Sam Spade, but that name was changed when Senator McCarthy branded Dashiell Hammett a communist. The renamed Charley Wild, Private Detective became a hit on radio in the late 1940s, and then was adapted to live television in 1950. The show migrated between 3 competing networks. Producers: Carlo De Angelo, Herbert Brodkin; Starring: KEVIN O'MORRISON as Charley Wild (1950-51); JOHN McQUADE as Charley Wild (1951-52); CLORIS LEACHMAN as Effie Perrine.
  23. Charley's Angels 22 Sep 1976-8 May 1982 (ABC/ Twentieth Century Fox); 3 Jan 1977-8 May 1982 (UK: ITV); 109 60-minute episodes; I can't believe they're making a feature film of this in the year 2000... Executive Producers: Aaron Spelling, Leonard Goldberg; Producers: Rick Huskey, David Levinson, Barney Rosenzweig; Music: Jack Elliot, Allyn Ferguson; Starring: KATE JACKSON as Sabrina Duncan; FARRAH FAWCETT-MAJORS as Jill Munroe; CHERYL LADD as Kris Munroe; JACLYN SMITH as Kelly Garrett; SHELLY HACK as Tiffany Wells; TANYA ROBERTS as Julie Rogers; DAVID DOYLE as John Bosley; JOHN FORSYTHE as the voice of Charlie Townsend.
  24. Charters and Caldicott 10 Jan 1985-14 Feb 1985 (UK: BBC1/ Network Seven Australia) Thursdays 9:25 p.m.; 20 Mar 1986-24 Apr 1986 (USA: WGBH "Mystery"); 6 50-minute episodes; These characters originated in the classic [1938] thriller/comedy by Hitchcock: The Lady Vanishes. They were first played by Basil Radford and Naunton Wayne. 2 sequels: Night Train to Munich (1940); Crook's Tour (1940). TV Chronicles adds It's Not Cricket. They were two old duffers whose lives revolved around Cricket. As adapted for television, they were updated, more elderly, and both newly retired from the Diplomatic corps. Charters' wife had passed away; he lived in Surrey. Caldicott resided in Viceroy Court, Kensington. Each month, on the First Friday, Charters took a bus to London, to lunch with his best friend at their club, the Pall Mall. They always meant to go to a movie afterwards, but invariably became involved in amateur crime-solving. Creators: Frank Launder, Sidney Gilliat; Writer: Keith Waterhouse; Producer: Ron Craddock; Director: Julian Amyes; Starring: ROBIN BAILEY as Charters; MICHAEL ALDRIDGE as Caldicott; TESSA PEAKE-JONES as Jenny; CAROLINE BLAKISTON as Margaret Mottram.
  25. Chase 11 Sep 1973-28 Aug 1974 (NBC/Universal/Mark VII Ltd); 23 60-minute episodes; LAPD plainclothes squad for solving unique cases. Sam MacCray handled police dogs; Steve Baker was a high-speed driver; Fred Sing could work wonders with motorcycles; and Norm Hamilton brought home his Vietnam helicopter expertise. Executive Producer: Robert A. Cinader; Producer: James Schmerer; Music: Oliver Nelson; Starring: MITCHELL RYAN as Capt. Chase Reddick; REID SMITH as Officer Norm Hamilton; MICHAEL RICHARDSON as Officer Steve Baker; BRIAN FONG as Officer Fred Sing; WAYNE MAUNDER as Sgt. Sam MacCray; ALBERT REED as Chief Frank Dawson; FAROUK (German Shepherd) as Fuzz (this talented pooch had previously appeared on Ironside, Mission Impossible, and The Mod Squad!).
  26. The Cheaters 10 Dec 1960-23 June 1962 (UK: ITV/Danzinger); 1960 (USA: Syndicated); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective drama series about 2 claims investigators for Eastern Insurance Company. Their cases were never routine, but always involved murder, suicide, arson, or grand theft. Starring: JOHN IRELAND as John Hunter; ROBERT AYRES as Walter.
  27. Checkmate 17 Sep 1960-24 June 1961 (CBS/A Revue/J and M); 29 June 1963-27 Nov 1963 (UK: ITV); Mystery/Detective drama series; 70 60-minute episodes; black and white; Checkmate Inc., in San Francisco, existed to prevent crime, not to solve it. Don Corey and Jed Sills ran this unusual investigative agency; Jed Sills being played by Doug McClure before McClure starred as The Virginian. The name meant that they wanted to "checkmate" criminals before the next move. A show as clever as a good game of chess! Creator: Eric Ambler [see Authors "A"]; Producers: Dock Berg, Herb Coleman, Maxwell Shane; Consultant: Carl Hyatt (ex-Oxford Professor of Criminology); Starring: ANTHONY GEORGE as Don Corey; DOUG McCLURE as Jed Sills; SEBASTIAN CABOT as Carl Hyatt; JACK BETTS as Chris Devlin (season 2).
  28. Chicagoland Mystery Players 18 Sep 1949-30 July 1950 (DuMont); 26 30-minute episodes; black and white; This series was originally a local Chicago broadcast, before the Dumont Networked picked it up. In Chicago, the twist ending was never broadcast: viewers had to buy the next day's Chicago Tribune to discover the ending! Is that an early version of interactive TV, or what? Starring: GORDON URQUHART as Jeffrey Hall; BOB SMITH as Sgt.Holland;
  29. The Chief 20 Apr 1990-10 May 1991 (UK: ITV/Anglia Films); 12 60-minute episodes; Played by Tim Pigott-Smith (Jewel in the Crown). Chief Constable John Stafford has recently been appointed in rural East Anglia, bringing Anne Stewart with him from their previous positions at Nottinghamshire, where she was CID. John Stafford is tough, no-nonsense, politically liberal, applies discipline, and generally becomes disliked by his underlings, who also resent Anne Stewart's promotion to head of Crime and Operations. She fights gender-prejudice both at work and with her house-husband, Martin; John fights his men, who force the Home Office to pressure him, and eventually suspend him. The show reeks of authenticity, perhaps provided by their experienced Technical Advisor and good writing and direction. Creators: Jeffrey Caine; Executive Producer: Brenda Reid Producer: Ruth Boswell; Directors: Brian Farnham (season 1), Desmond Davis (season 2); Music: Nigel Beaham-Powell, Bella Russell; Technical Advisor: John Alderson, ex-Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall; Starring: TIM PIGOTT-SMITH as Chief Constable John Stafford; KAREN ARCHER as Assistant Chief Constable Anne Stewart; JUDY LOE as Dr. Elizabeth Stafford; EAMON BOLANS and Det. Chief Supt. Jim Gray; SARA GRIFFITHS as Emma Stafford (season 1); ROSS LIVINGSTONE as Tim Stafford (season 1); DAVID CARDY as Martin Stewart; INGRID LACEY as Alison Dell; JULIAN GLOVER as Andrew Blake.
  30. Chief of Detectives 21 Sep 1979-29 Aug 1980 under the USA title Eischied (NBC/Gerber Productions/Columbia Pictures TV); 17 Jan 1980-10 Apr 1980 (UK: ITV) 13 60-minute episodes; Tough southerner Earl Eischied is strict NYPD Chief of Detectives. He clashed with Deputy Commissioner Kimbrough, who had a political agenda. Earl Eischied's friend Chief Inspector Ed Parks kept the conflict from boiling over. Earl Eischied, a bachelor with a cat "P.C." who commuted to work with his master, ran a special squad. The characters were spun-off from the powerful miniseries To Kill a Cop, and deserved to do better in the ratings... Executive Producer: David Gerber; Producers: Matthew Rapf, Jay Daniel; Starring: JOE DON BAKER as Chief of Detectives Earl Eischied; EDDIE EGAN (in real life, he;d been NYPD Detective First Grade) as Chief Inspector Ed Parks; ALAN OPPENHEIMER as Capt. Finnerty; ALAN FUDGE as Deputy Commissioner Kimbrough; SUZANNE LEDERER as Carol Wright; VINCENT BUFANO as Rick Alessi.
  31. China Smith 1952-53 (Syndicated); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  32. The Chinese Detective {30 Apr 1981-4 June 1981 (UK: BBC1); 14 50-minute episodes; Great Britain's first ethnic Mystery/Detective television series. Star David Yip was born in Liverpool, with a Chinese father. Yip played the rough-cut loner Det. Sgt. Johnny Ho, too short to be accepted by the Metropolitan Police, fighting racism, and trying to clear the tainted reputation of his father. Det. Chief Inspector Berwick teamed him with Detective Sergeant Donald Chegwyn, hoping that Johnny would clean up his scruffy act. This was a long way more evolved than Charlie Chan, in realism and hard-boiled action. Creator: Ian Kennedy Martin (The Sweeney); Producer: Terrence Williams; Starring: DAVID YIP as Det. Sgt. Johnny Ho; DEREK MARTIN as Det. Chief Inspector Berwick; ARTHUR KELLY as Det. Sgt. Donald Chegwyn.
  33. CHiPS 15 Sep 1977-17 July 1983 (NBC/MGM); 138 60-minute episodes; "CHiPS" is an acronym for the California Highway Patrol, suddenly thrust into national prominence by the star-value of Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada (who were not friends at all, off-screen), the gorgeous women and male-model handsome men, and the huge teenage audience looking for attractive role models. I've been ticketed by real CHiPS, and could not help but notice that the officer who stopped me was similarly handsome in a clean-scrubbed Aryan beach-blond sunglass-and-pressed-suit way. This show was startlingly dumb, but startlingly successful, as television (and American politics) depends more and more on looks, and less and less on brains. I asked a California Highway Patrol officer what he thought of the show. He sighed, and said "I've seen it. It is entertaining. At least it was accurate in never showing an officer use a gun. On the other hand, it never showed anyone spending as much time on paperwork as I do!" Creator: Rick Rosnor; Producers: Cy Chermak, Rick Rosnor, Ric Randall; Music: Mike Post; Theme: John Parker; Starring: LARRY WILCOX as Officer John Baker; ERIK ESTRADA as Officer Frank "Ponch" Poncherello; ROBERT PINE as Sgt. Joe Getraer; BRIANNE LEARY as Officer Sindy Cahill; LOU WAGNER as Harlan; RANDI OAKES as Officer Bonnie Clark; TOM REILLY as Officer Bobby Nelson; BRUCE PENHALL as Cadet Bruce Nelson; Olympic Decathlon champion BRUCE JENNER as Officer Steve LcLeish (autumn 1981).
  34. Chopper One 17 Jan 1974-11 July 1974 (ABC)/Aaron Spelling); 13 30-minute episodes; Executive Producer: Aaron Spelling; Producers: Ronald Austin, James Buchanan; Music: Dominic Frontiere; Starring: JIM McMULLAN as Officer Don Burdick; DIRK BENEDICT as Officer Gil Foley; TED HARTLEY as Captain McKeegan; LOU FRIZZEL as Mitch.
  35. Christine Cromwell 11 Nov 1989-? (ABC/Wolf Films/Universal); 4 120-minute episodes; rotated with B.L. Stryker, Kojak, and New Columbo as ABC's new Mystery Movie series. The Christine Cromwell character was a graduate of Harvard Law School, a big stretch for Jaclyn Smith after her role on Charlie's Angels. Christine is a partner at the swank San Francisco management firm of Blain and Knapp, whose barrier to entry for new clients is $15,000,000 net worth. For some reason, every such rich client is entangled in a murder case, which seems to promote an odd anti-Capitalist message. The strength of the series was in its poweerful supporting cast and guest stars. Why, then, did the show fail? Have Americans soured on the "light English country-house style mystery", or do they merely thirst for more graphic violence? I've had the honor of Celeste Holm having me as a guest in her New York apartment, and her even cooking dinner for me. Celeste Holm has specialized in film and television roles as independent, intelligent women -- and she is both. Creator: Dick Wolf; Executive Producer: Dick Wolf; Starring: JACLYN SMITH as Christine Cromwell; CELESTE HOLM as Samantha Cromwell; RALPH BELLAMY as Cyrus Blain; Guest Stars include: Dennis Franz (Norm Buntz on Hill Street Blues); Mel Ferrer; Bradford Dillman.
  36. Christine Carmichael: Physics Detective 14 Feb 1985-24 Jan 1989 (Syndicated); This appealing but little-known series starred a gorgeous blonde actress with a Scottish/Australian accent. Christine Carmichael was a former schoolteacher turned Ph.D. in Physics, who toured exotic destinations on contracts with NASA, the Pentagon, and various high-tech firms. Whether at an international Magnetism conference in Kyoto, challenging the tradition of women walking several paces behind the men; or explaining the properties of Dysprosium in Woolongong, or deep in the Strategic Defense Initiative technology, she always solved crimes by applying scientific methodology coupled with keen analytical knowledge and folksy common sense. For example, she figured out that stolen diamonds were actually intended to be used as sensor windows in a spacecraft, from their optical properties; or she recognized the lines in a victim's fingernails as a sign of Arenic poisoning, which she confirmed by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Creator: Wilson Murray; Producers: Marion Todd, Cindy Todd; Music: Mike Post Starring: CHRISSIE FETTES as Christine Carmichael; PAT SAVOT JOHNSON as Vincent "Braniac" Vos; ANDREW WILLIAM as PR Director Philly; NIK CHARLES as Mike MacIntosh; JULIA HART as QA Engineer; JOSHUA STUART as Jock "Mailman" Navy; MARENGO NORTH as Catalina.
  37. City Detective 1953-1955 (Syndicated/Universal/MCA); 65 30-minute episodes; black and white; Rod Cameron was the top American sydicated television actor of the entire decade of the 1950s, in shows including (first) City Detective, then State Trooper, and Coronado 9. Other actors had secure network series, but Cameron earned over $200,000 per year (in 1950 dollars) from the residuals of overseas sales. At clever yet tough Bart Grant, a crime-fighting cop who roved the country, he had a knack for finding a romantic interest in every episode. Producer: Richard Irving; Writer/Associate Producer: Blake Edwards (the Pink Panther films); Starring: ROD CAMERON as Det. Lt. Bart Grant.
  38. City of Angels 3 Feb 1976-10 Aug 1976 (NBC/Universal/Public Arts); 1 Sep 1981-6 Oct 1981 (UK: ITV); 20 July 1982-31 Aug 1982 (UK: Thames). 13 60-minute episodes; Seemingly derived from the wonderfully noir movie Chinatown, City of Angels probed the corrupt underbelly of 1930s Los Angeles, where (in real life) the police operated the offshore gambling and prostitution boats. The show was serious Mystery/Detective themes, with humor from Wayne Rogers and his goofy secretary Marsha, who simultanously operated a switchboard for call girls. The show should have worked -- it had all the know-how of Stephen J. Cannell behind it, plus fine period settings, but the productions were said to be always behind schedule, sometimes with scripts literally being written between takes. Creators: Roy Huggins, Stephen J. Cannell; Executive Producers: Producer: Jo Swerling, Jr.; Music: Nelson Riddle, Hal Mooney; Starring: WAYNE ROGERS (Trapper John of M*A*S*H) as Jake Axminster; CLIFTON JAMES as Lt.Quint; ELAINE JOYCE as Marsha; PHILIP STERLING as Michael Brimm.
  39. Claxon 1990 (Portugal); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  40. Cluedo 25 July 1990-5 June 1991 (UK: ITV/Granada/Waddingtons/Action Time); 12 30-minute episodes; one 45-minute episode; Explicitly based on the best-selling Mystery/Detective board game Clue, this unusual celebrity quiz show featured a short teleplay, followed by the celebrities questioning the 6 suspects, to solve the crime. Creator: "Clue" was created by Anthony Pratt, solicitor's clerk, 1944. Executive Producer: Dianne Nelmes Producer: Stephen Leahy (season 1), Brian Park (season 2); Director: John Kaye Cooper; Starring: KATE O'MARA as Mrs. Peacock (season 1); RULA LENSKA as Mrs. Peacock (season 2); JUNE WHITFIELD as Mrs. White (season 1); MOLLIE SUGDEN as Mrs. White (season 2); TRACY-LOUISE WARD as Mrs. Scarlett (season 1); KOO STARK as Mrs. Scarlett (season 2); ROBIN ELLIS as Colonel Mustard (season 1); MICHAEL JAYSTON as Colonel Mustard (season 2); ROBIN NEDWELL as Rev.Green (season 1);RICHARD WILSON as Rev.Green (season 2); KRISTOPHER TABORI as Professor Plum (season 1); DAVID McCALLUM (Ilya Kuryakin on The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) as Professor Plum (season 2); JAMES BELLINI as Host (season 1); CHRIS TARRANT as Host (season 2).
  41. Cluff 3 Aug 1964-7 Sep 1964 (UK: BBC1); 19 50-minute episodes; black and white; Detective Sergeant Caleb Cluff, tweed-suited, brown-booted, chestnut walking-stick in hand, pipe clenched between his teeth, broad-brimmed tweed hat on head, spent his life in the fictional Yorkshire town of Gunnarshaw, living alone with his dog Clive, visited daily by Annie Croft to clean and cook, and moved at a slower pace than his boss Inspector Mole would like. The character spun off from an episode of Detective, and starred Leslie Sands, who had previously played Superintendant Miller in Z Cars. Creator: Gil North; Producer: Terence Dudley; Director: Terence Dudley; Music: Harry Dexter; Starring: LESLIE SANDS as Detective Sergeant Caleb Cluff; ERIC BARKER as Insp. Mole (season 1); MICHAEL BATES as Insp. Mole (season 2); JOHN ROLFE as Dt. Con. Barker; JOHN McKELVEY as PC Harry Bullock; OLIVE MILBOURNE as Annie Croft.
  42. Code Three 1957 (Syndicated); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; 1950s Mystery/Detective/Caper series based on genuine files of Los Angeles County Assistant Sheriff Barrett. "Code Three" meant murder, robbery, or kidnapping. There was a guest appearance by the actual Los Angeles County Sheriff, Eugene W. Bissculuce. Executive Producer: Hal Roach; Starring: RICHARD TRAVIS as Assistant Sheriff Barrett; FRED WYNN as Lt. Bill Hollis; DENVER PYLE as Sgt. Murchison.
  43. Colonel March of Scotland Yard 22 Feb 1956-11 Apr 1957 (UK: ITV/Sapphire Films); 1957 (USA: Syndicated); 26 30-minute episodes; black and white; This was the British X-Files of the 1950s. Boris Karloff played the Chief Investigator for "Scotland Yard's Department of Queer Complaints." That included the Missing Link and the Abominable Snowman. Karloff gave this a sense of potential Horror, without seriously deviating from the Mystery/Detective genre. Producer: Hannah Weinstein; Starring: BORIS KARLOFF as Colonel March; EWAN WILLIAMS as Insp. Ames.
  44. Columbo 15 Sep 1971-4 Sep 1977 (NBC/Universal); 14 Oct 1972-10 June 1979 (UK: ITV); 27 90-minute episodes; plus 18 120-minute episodes; One-eyed scruffy raincoated Philip Columbo (his first name was used only in the play (Prescription: Murder) from which the TV series was spun-off) is a cigar-chomping loner on the LAPD Homicide; yet was actually based on Porfiry Petrovich, the police inspector in Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevski. For TV, they first cast Bing Crosby, but he turned down the part -- preferring to play golf! The series rotated in NBC's Sunday Mystery Movie, with McMillan and Wife and McCloud. Each episode begins with a murder, so we know right away whodunnit. The fun is in watching Peter Falk grimace, scratch, stare at the ceiling, and wear down the culprits with apparently obvious questioning, usually turning on his way out the door with one zinger question, and then nailing the suspect cold with implacable logic. He is always underestimated. He became arguably the greatest detective of the television universe. Creators: Richard Levinson, William Link; Executive Producers: Roland Kibbee (1971-1977), Dean Hargrove (1971-77) Richard Alan Simmons (1989); Producers: Edward K. Dodds (1971-1977), Everett Chambers (1971-1977), Richard Alan Simmons (1971-1977), Stanley Kallis (1989); Director: Steven Spielberg (episode 1); New Columbo: 27 Feb 1989-? (ABC); 23 Feb 1991-16 Mar 1991 (UK: ITV); 18 120-minute episodes; Starring: PETER FALK as Lt.Columbo.
  45. Cool and Lam early 1950's (CBS); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  46. Cool Million 25 Oct 1972-11 July 1973 (NBC/Universal); 6 Feb 1973-13 July 1976 (UK: ITV); 4 90-minute episodes; Based in the home of his friend Elena, in Lincoln, Nebraska, ex-CIA agent Jefferson Keyes charged $1,000,000 per case as a Private Eye -- in advance -- and refunded the cool million if he failed to solve the case. He flew his own executive jet, and flew to meet the client when they phone "30-30100" and Elena relayed the message to him. Unfortunately, money can't buy you ratings. Executive Producer: Roy Huggins; Producers: Jo Swerling, Jr., Gene Levitt; Starring: JAMES FARENTINO as Jefferson Keyes; ADELE MARA as Elena.
  47. The Cop and the Kid 4 Dec 1975-4 Mar 1976 (NBC/Playboy/ Paramount); 6 30-minute episodes; Saccharine Mystery/Detective Sit-com series, about asthmatic aging cop nabbing an African-American orphan, who blackmails the cop (whose medical condition could end his career) into making the cop the legal guardian of the kid. Creator: Jerry Davis; Executive Producer: Jerry Davis; Music: Jerry Fielding Starring: CHARLES DURNING as Officer Frank Murphy; TIERRE TURNER as Lucas Adams; PATSY KELLY as Mrs. Brigid Murphy.
  48. Cop Rock 1 Sep 1990-26 Dec 1990 (ABC/Steven Bochco/ Twentieth Century Fox); 30 Sep 1991-? (UK: BBC1); 11 60-minute episodes; America's only singing, dancing Mystery/Detective police procedural series; perhaps the USA answer to UK's Dennis Potter's The Singing Detective. I liked it. Of course, I also like Heaven's Gate. Creators: Steven Bochco, William M. Finkelstein; Executive Producer: Steven Bochco Producer: Gregory Holblit; Theme Song: "Under the Gun", by Randy Newman; Starring: DAVID GIANOPOULOS as Officer Andy Campo; ANNE BOBBY as Officer Vicki Quinn; RONNY COX as Chief Roger Kendrik; LARRY JOSHUA as Capt. John Hollander; RON McLARTY as as Ralph Ruskin; MICK MURRAY as Det. Josph Gaines; BARBARA BOSSON as Mayor Louise Plank.
  49. Coppers End 19 Feb 1971-14 May 1971 (UK: ITV/ATV Network); 13 30-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Police Sit-com series. The most laid-back police station in Great Britain, where squad cars were hired out for car races, funerals, weddings, and driving lessons. Not funny enough. Creator: Ted Willis (Dixon of Dock Green); Producer: Shaun O'Riordan; Starring: BILL OWEN as Sgt. Sam Short; RICHARD WATTIS as PC Eddie Edwards; JOSEPHINE TEWSON as WPC Penny Pringle; GEORGE MOON as PC Chipper Collins; ROYCE MILLS as PC Dinckie Dinkworth; KEVIN BRENNAN as Chief Superintendant Ripper.
  50. Coronado 9 1959-1960 (Syndicated/Revue Productions/ Universal Television); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; Ex-Naval Intelligence agent becomes Private Eye, and works from the Coronado peninsula near San Diego, California, where the telephone exchange is "Coronado 9." My wife and I once contracted for a condominium on Coronado, but cancelled it during the 3-day waiting period. Nice neighborhood, but pricey. Producer: Richard Irving; Starring: ROD CAMERON (City Detective; State Trooper) as Dan Adams.
  51. The Corridor People 26 Aug 1966-16 Sep 1966 (UK: ITV/Granada); 4 60-minute episodes; black and white; Surrealistic Mystery/Detective/Thriller series, somewhere between The Avengers and The Prisoner. Bogart-obsessed PI Scrotty and Krock of CID sought the millionnaire owner of a giant cosmetics corporation, whose new product struck people senseless for 24 hours. Vixen-Villainess Syrie Van Epp kidnapped that owner, to get his secret formula and rule the world. Rule the world? Why, the paperwork alone would kill you... Creator: Edward Boyd; Producer: Richard Everitt; Director: David Boisseau; Starring: GARY COCKRELL as Phil Scrotty; JOHN SHARP as Krock; ALAN CURTIS as Inspector Blood; WILLIAM MAXWELL as Sgt. Hound; [get it? Blood-Hound]; ELIZABETH SHEPHERD as Syrie Van Epp.
  52. The Cosby Mysteries 1994 (CBS); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  53. The Court of Last Resort 4 Oct 1957-17 Feb 1960 (NBC/Paisano); 26 30-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective series based in the early 1950s creation of Erle Stanley Gardner (Perry Mason), who put together an actual committee of American crime experts, called "The Court of Last Resort," to investgate cases where the convicted and imprisoned man or woman might actually be innocent. Producers: Elliott Lewis, Jules Goldstone; Starring: LYLE BETTGER as Sam Larson; PAUL BIRCH as Erle Stanley Gardner.
  54. Craig Kennedy, Criminologist 1952 (Syndicated); 26 30-minute episodes; Based on the scientific detective from Arthur B. Reeve's novel The Silent Bullet (1912). The series of novels became hits, finishing with The Stars Scream Murder (1936). Craig Kennedy was considered "The American Sherlock Holmes), and was featured in 6 movies (1915-1936), finally being adapted for television, as a Columbia University criminologist, fighting New York organized crime. This was the first TV series ever shown in overseas U.S. Army Hospitals, where it promoted healing by sympathetic magic, or something like that. Producer: Adrian Weiss; Starring: DONALD WOODS as Craig Kennedy.
  55. Crawford Mystery Theatre: see Public Prosecutor
  56. Crazy Like a Fox 16 Dec 1984-3 May 1986 (CBS/Columbia); 19 Jan 1986-9 Mar 1986 (UK: ITV/Thames); 35 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Caper series, about father-and-son PI team in San Francisco. Creators: Roger Shulman, John Baskin, George Schenck, Frank Cardena; Executive Producers: George Schenck, Frank Cardena; Producers: Starring: JACK WARDEN as Harry Fox; JOHN RUBENSTEIN (son of concert pianist Arthur Rubestein) as Harrison K. Fox; PENNY PEYSER as Cindy; ROBBY KIGER as Josh.
  57. Cribb 13 Apr 1980-10 May 1981 (UK: ITV/Granada); 6 May 1980-10 Feb 1983 (USA: WGBH "Mystery"); 1 90-minute episode; 13 60-minute episodes; Creator: Peter Lovesey, in the 1960s, won a publisher's contest and won 1,000 Pounds for the best submitted first crime novel. It appeared as Wobble to Death, and starred Sergeant Cribb. Set in Victorian London, near the start of the CID (Criminal Investigation Department), this was the era of Jack the Ripper. The gas-lit times were marvellously captured by both novels and television series. Executive Producer: Peter Eckersley; Producer: John Wyndham Davies; Starring: ALAN DOBIE as Sergeant Cribb; WILLIAM SIMONS as Constable Thackeray (Cribb's sidekick); DAVID WALLER as Inspector Jowett of Scotland Yard.
  58. Crime Photographer 19 Apr 1951-5 June 1952 (CBS); 40 30-minute episodes; black and white; Adapted from George Harmon Coxe's novels about Casey, Crime Photographer, this lived next as a 1940s radio series, and later migrated to television. Set in New York City, the live television series centered on Casey of the fictional newspaper: The Morning Express. He hung out at the Blue Note Cafe, listening to jazz, and recounting his adventures to the barkeep, Ethelbert. He had a girlfriend, Ann Williams, and had his exploits penned by cub reporter Jack Lipman. Announcer: Ken Roberts; Producers: Charles Russell, Martin Manulis; Director: Sidney Lumet (now a hugely successful film-maker); Music: Morton Gould, and The Tony Mottola Trio playing the Blue Note Cafe musicians; Starring: RICHARD CARLYLE as Casey (Apr 1951-June 1951); DARREN McGAVIN as Casey (June 1951-June 1952); JOHN GIBSON as Ethelbert (Apr 1951-June 1951); CLIFF HALL as Ethelbert (June 1951-June 1952); JAN MINER as Ann Williams; DONALD McCLELLAND as Captain Bill Logan; ARCHIE SMITH as Jack Lipman.
  59. Crime Sheet 8 Apr 1959-9 Sep 1959 (UK: ITV/Associated Rediffusion Network Productions); 17 30-minute episodes; black and white; This was the 2nd of the 3 fine British Mystery/Detective/Police series starring Raymond Francis as Tom Lockhart (the first was Murder Bag; the last was No Hiding Place). Creator: Glyn Davies; Producer: Barry Baker; Starring: RAYMOND FRANCIS as Chief Det. Supt. Tom Lockhart.
  60. Crime Story 18 Sep 1986-23 Apr 1988 (NBC); 4 May 1989-20 Sep 1989 (UK: ITV/Anglia); 48 60-minute episodes; Cult series set in Chicago, and then Las Vegas, about straight cops versus a murderous gangster with charisma, Ray Luca. Sort of The Untouchables set to early Rock and Roll, it included moral grays, such as when attorney David Abrams switches from the side of the cops to the side of Luca (in season 2). Creators: Chuck Adamson (17 years with Chicago PD), Gustave Reininger; Producer: Michael Mann (later to produce Miami Vice); Theme Song: "Runaway" (Del Shannon); Starring: DENNIS FARINA (actual ex-cop in the real Torello's unit) as Lt. Michael Torello; ANTHONY DENISON (ex-pro gambler) as Ray Luca; JOHN SANTUCI as Paul Taglia; STEPHEN LANG as David Abrams.
  61. Crime Syndicated 18 Sep 1951-23 June 1953 (CBS); 45 (?) 30-minute episodes; black and white; Live dramatizations of actual cases from the FBI, the Senate Crime Investigating Committee, and various police departments. Producer: Jerry Danzig; Narrator/Host: Rudolph Halley (ex-Chief Counsel to Senate Crime Investigating Committee, then appointed President of the New York City Council), thereafter alternating with Herbert R. O'Connor (ex-chairman of Senate Crime Investigating Committee).
  62. Crime With Father 31 Aug 1951-18 Jan 1952 (ABC); 16 30-minute episodes; black and white; Dad-and-daughter detective team. Producer: Wilbur Stark; Starring: RUSTY LANE as Capt. Jim Riland; PEGGY LOBBIN as Chris Riland.
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D: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. The D.A.'s Man 3 Jan 1959-29 Aug 1959 (NBC/Universal); 26 30-minute episodes; black and white; Ex-Private Eye Shannon is hired by the New York City District Attorney to work undercover. He succesfully penetrated the Mob, obtaining key evidence about drug-pushing and prostitution, and kept in contact with the D.A.'s office through First Assistant D.A. Al Bonacorsi. Executive Producer: Jack Webb; Music: Frank Comstock; Starring: JOHN COMPTON as Shannon; RALPH MANZA as Al Bonacorsi.
  2. Dan August 23 Sep 1970-8 Apr 1971 (ABC/Quinn Martin); 9 June 1976-13 June 1978 (UK: ITV); 26 60-minute episodes; Detective Lieutenant Dan August protects his home turf of mythical Santa Luisa, California. He knows everybody in town, and so can "home town" a suspect to the point of confession. This show first aired as a pilot, The House on Greenapple Road, where Dan August was played by Christopher George. Not long after the show was yanked from the air for poor ratings, Burt Reynolds became a bigger star than ever, and ABC ran re-runs, which had higher ratings than the original show. Executive Producer: Quinn Martin; Producer: Adrian Samish; Music: Dave Grusin; starring BURT REYNOLDS as Detective Lieutenant Dan August; NORMAN FELL as Sgt. Charles Wilentz; NED ROMERO as Sgt. Joe Rivera; RICHARD ANDERSON as Chief George Untermeyer; ENA HARTMANN as Katy Grant.
  3. Dan Raven 23 Sep 1960-6 Jan 1961 (NBC/Columbia); 13 60-minute episodes; Dan Raven and his sidekick, Sergeant Burke, patrolled the Sunset Strip for the West Hollywood Division of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs. Same place, same era as 77 Sunset Strip. Cops always look out-of-place in beatnik coffee houses and strip clubs, but very much in-place were guest appearances by the likes of Paul Anka and Bobby Darin. Their nemesis was ubiquitous magazine paparazzi Perry Levitt, who was often more than than photographically involved. Starring: SKIP HOMEIER as Dan Raven; DAN BARTON as Sergeant Burke; QUINN REDEKER as Perry Levitt.
  4. David Cassidy, Man Undercover 2 Nov 1978-2 Aug 1979 (NBC/Columbia); 4 60-minute episodes; Spun-off from an episode of Police Story, this show was a pathetic attempt to cash in on a teenybopper poster boy. He was miscast as part of an undercover team in Los Angeles run by Sergeant Abrams, ludicrously infiltrating student groups, teenage bank-robbery gangs, or anything else that allowed for hordes of well-scrubbed teenager. Of course, Shay was allegedly almost 30 years old, and was married and a parent, but not even his fans could accept the absurd premises and shoddy acting. Creator: Richard Fielder; Executive Producer: David Gerber; Producers: Mark Rogers, Mel Swope; Starring: DAVID CASSIDY as Officer Dan Shay; WENDY RASTATTER as Joanne Shay; ELIZABETH REDDIN as Cindy Shay; SIMON OAKLAND as Sgt. Abrams.
  5. Deadline 2000 {to be done} Newspaper reporter confronts crime scenes and editors...
  6. Dear Detective 28 Mar 1979-18 Apr 1979 (CBS/Viacom); 4 60-minute episodes; Adapted from the French Thriller/Comedy Tendre Poulet (British title: Dear Inspector), the focus was on LAPD Detective Sergeant Kate Hudson. On top of her police duties, she was a divorced mother of daughter Lisa, in a problematic romance with English Literature Professor Richard Weyland, who disliked her hours and the very nature of her employment. Well-done, in terms of making a complex life accessible, but kept falling off the tightrope between drama and comedy. Executive Producers: Dean Hargrove, Roland Kibbee; Music: Dick de Benedictis, Dean de Benedictis; Starring: BRENDA VACCARO as Detective Sergeant Kate Hudson; ARLEN DEAN SNYDER as Professor Richard Weyland; MICHAEL McRAE as Det. Brock; RON SILVER as Det. Schwartz; JET YARDUM as Lisa.
  7. Decoy 1957 (Syndicated/Official Films/Pyramid); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; also known as Police Woman Decoy; Casey Jones was an undercover NYPD officer in a violent New York City. Producer: David Alexander; Starring: BEVERLY GARLAND as Casey Jones; ED ASNER (later played Lou Grant).
  8. Delvecchio 9 Sep 1976-17 July 1977 (NBC/Universal); 20 60-minute episodes; Sergeant Dominick Delvecchio graduated law school and then, against the advice of his Italian barber shop owner dad Tomaso, became a police detective. He and his partner Paul Shonski, under Lieutenant Macavan, patrolled LAPD's Washington Heights division. It is inexplicable that a show so well-written, created by Steven Bochco, and starring actors who were later stars in other police roles, did not last longer on the air. Creators: Sam Rolfe, Joseph Polizzi, Steven Bochco (Hill Street Blues); Executive Producers: William Sackheim, Lane Slate; Producers: Michael Rhodes; Music: Billy Goldenberg, Richard Clements; Starring: JUDD HIRSCH (later star of Taxi) as Sgt. Dominick Delvecchio; CHARLES HAID (later a star of Hill Street Blues) as Sgt. Paul Shonski; MICHAEL CONRAD (later a star of Hill Street Blues) as Lt. Macavan; MARIO GALLO as Tomaso Delvecchio; GEORGE WYNER (later a star of Hill Street Blues) as Assistant D.A. Dorfman.
  9. Dellaventura 1997 (CBS); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  10. Dempsey and Makepeace 11 Jan 1985-1 Nov 1986 (UK: ITV/Golden Eagle Films/London Weekend Television); 1 105-minute episode; 29 60-minute episodes; Actor Michael Brandon had been a real-life gang member in Brooklyn, New York, and so brought an authenticity to a role in an otherwise painfully inauthentic series. The character he played, Lieutenant James Dempsey, was a cop from the corrupt 9th Precinct of Manhattan who was reassigned to Great Britain after fatally shooting his partner. Now in an imaginary undercover unit called SI 10 (for Special Intelligence), was teamed with an upper-crust Detective Sergeant Harriet Makepeace. In real life, actor and actress had a steamy affair. But the chemistry was lacking onscreen, where they were supposed to go from a mutual dislike to grudging professional acknowledgment to -- who knows what? Whenever the goofy plots or inadequate relationship hit a slow point, SI 10's boss, Chief Superintendant Gordon Spikings, would yell at someone. Creator: Tony Wharmby; Executive Producer: Nick Elliott; Producer: Tony Wharmby; Music:Alan Parker; Starring: MICHAEL BRANDON as Lt. James Dempsey; GLYNIS BARBER as Det. Sgt. Harriet Makepeace; RAY SMITH as Ch. Supt. Gordon Spikings; TONY OSOBA as Det. Sgt. Chas Jarvis.
  11. Department S 9 Mar 1969-4 Mar 1970 (UK: ITV/ITC); 1971 (USA: Syndicated); 28 60-minute episodes; The hippie X-Files, this show featured mustachioed Peter Wyngard dressed in full flower-power/Beatles/head-shop regalia, globetrotting to location shots in Beirut, Naples, Paris, and the like for the imaginary "Department S" -- a high-tech Interpol department. Peter played Jason King, a best-selling Mystery/Detective writer, and senior investigator for "Department S." His less flamboyant partner was Stewart Sullivan, who was perpetually sceptical of Jason's far-out theories as to why, for example, an aircraft had flown without a pilot, or a car crash had a tailor's dummy as apparent driver. The stories were inherently outre and interesting, making the X-Files parallel plausible. Annabelle Hurst was the technologically sophisticated analyst, a scientific role similar to that of Christine Carmichael: Physics Detective. Starring: PETER WYNGARDE as Jason King; JOEL FABIANI as Stewart Sullivan; ROSEMARY NICOLS as Annabelle Hurst; _______ as Department Head Sir Curtis Seretse. Guest stars included: ALEXANDRA BASTEDO, ANTHONY HOPKINS, STRATFORD JOHNS, SUE LLOYD, KATE O'MARA.
  12. Derrick 15 Jan 1987-? 1991 (UK: ITV/Yorkshire TV/ZDF); 140 60-minute episodes; Chief Inspector Derrick is a 50-something German detective who prowls Europe solving cases of murder, terrorism, armed robbery, and the like. He is parallel in several ways to Van der Valk, and has top ratings in Holland and Italy. Creator: Herbert Reinecker; Starring: HORST TAPPERT as Chief Inspector Derrick.
  13. Detective 30 Mar 1964-9 Nov 1969 (UK: BBC1); The most comprehensive and excellent anthology series in British Mystery/Detective television history. {to be done}
  14. The Detective 10 May 1985-7 June 1985 (UK: BBC1); 5 50-minute episodes; Commander Ken Crocker of the Special Intelligence Branch of Scotland Yard mercilessly sought out and crushed corruption in various police departments, exacting a high price for his politically inopportune shake-ups. Writer: Ted Whitehead, apatation from the novel by Paul Ferris; Director: Don Leaver; Producer: Sally Head; Starring: TOM BELL as Ken Crocker; MARK EDEN as Supt. Wilf Penfold; VIVIENNE RITCHIE as Det. Insp. Vera Harris.
  15. Detective in the House 15 Mar 1985-26 Apr 1985 (CBS/Lorimar); 7 50-minute episodes; Judd Hirsch was the often-divorced engineer who switched tracks to private detective. Daily Variety said: "a mix of Father Knows Best and the private eye genre. It offers the worst elements of each." Creators: Judy Merl, Paul Eric Myers; Executive Producers: Gary Adelson, Gil Grant; Producer: William L. Young Starring: JUDD HIRSCH (Taxi); CASSIE YATES; CONNIE STEVENS.
  16. Detective School 31 July 1979-24 Nov 1979 (ABC); 10 30-minute episodes; Nick Hannigan's night-school students, including an old man named Robert Redford (not the actor of the same name), applied their lessons outside the classroom, and almost always got in over their heads, needing Nick to wrap things up. Sometimes it was Nick being bailed out by his students. Executive Producers: Bernie Kukoff, Jeff Harris, Caryn Sneider; Producer: Hank Bradford; Music: Peter Matz; Starring: JAMES GREGORY as Nick Hannigan; RANDOLPH MANTOOTH as Eddie Dawkins; LAWANDA PAGE as Charlene Jenkins; DOUGLAS V. FOWLEY as Robert Redford; PAT PROFT as Leo Frick; TAYLOR NEGRON as Silvio Galindez.
  17. Detective's Diary 1957-60 (NBC); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  18. Detective's Wife 7 July 1950-29 Sep 1950 (CBS); 13 30-minute episodes; black and white; Adam Conway was a private detective on low-profile domestic cases, until thrust into the limelight when he solved a homicide. After that, he was in constant demand for murder investigations, and his wife Connie often got involved as well. This was a live show, appearing as the summer replacement for Man Against Crime. Starring: DONALD CURTIS as Adam Conway; LYNN BARI as Connie Conway.
  19. The Detectives 16 Oct 1959-18 May 1962 (ABC/Hastings/ Four Star); 3rd season (NBC); 11 Aug 1964-16 Feb 1965 (UK: ITV/Anglia), 67 30-minute episodes; 30 60-minute episodes; black and white; Moral widower cop Capt. Matt Holbrook had three plainclothes detectives reporting to him: Lt. Otto Lindstrom was expert in catching con men; Lt. John Russo chomped on cigars while nabbing burglers; playboy Lt. James Conway had talent in solving murders. In the 3rd (final) season, the show moved to NBC, and was retitled: Robert Taylor's Detectives. Music: Herschel Burke Gilbert; Starring: ROBERT TAYLOR as Capt. Matt Holbrook; RUSSELL THORSON as Lt. Otto Lindstrom; TIGE ANDREWS as Lt. John Russo; LEE FARR as Lt. James Conway; ADAM WEST (later star of Batman) as Sgt. Steve Nelson; MARK GODDARD as Sgt. Chris Ballard; URSULA THIESS (Mrs. Robert Taylor) as Lisa Bonay.
  20. The Devlin Connection 1982 (NBC); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  21. Dial 999 8 June 1958-13 June 1959 (ITV/Towers of London/ Ziv Productions); 1959 (USA: Syndicated); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; Canadian Mountie Mike Maguire was studying the police procedures of Great Britain at Scotland Yard. Assigned the acting rank of Detective Inspector, he was placed in a team with Detective Inspector Winter and Detective Sergeant West. This on-location, highly realistic Mystery/Detective series was an American co-production, with format and target audience similar to Highway Patrol, including each episode climaxing with a chase scene. It had difficult stunts, and avoided humor. Producer: Harry Alan Towers; British Police Consultant: Tom Fallon (ex-Superintendent of Scotland Yard) Music: Sidney Torch; Starring: ROBERT BEATTY as Mike Maguire; DUNCAN LAMONT as Det. Insp. Winter; JOHN WITTY as Det. Sgt. West.
  22. Diagnosis: Murder 1998?-present {to be done} __ 60-minute episodes; Starring: DICK VAN DYKE...
  23. The Diamond Brothers 26 Mar 1991-30 Apr 1991 (UK: ITV/ Red Rooster/TVS); 6 30-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Thriller/Comedy series. Characteristic of Thrillers, a rather ordinary man is thrust into a paranoid world of murder, secret agents, pursuing police, and hair-raising tension. In this case, Camden Town's lowest-ranking detective, Tim Diamond, overheard the last words of dying secret agent "Jake McGuffin": "South by South East." Sounds like a spoof of Alfred Hitchock, with film North by Northwest and his theory of the McGuffin. Tim Diamond was aided by, and endangered, the even more innocent younger brother Nick Diamond. They were chased by shadowy Snape and Boyle. Creator: Anthony Horowitz; Adapted from: Anthony Horowitz' novel South by South East, and film Just Ask for Diamond. Executive Producers: J. Nigel Pickard; Linda James; Stephen Bayly; Producer: Richard Turner; Director: Anthony Horowitz; Starring: DURSLEY McLINDEN as Tim Diamond; COLIN DALE as Nick Diamond; MICHAEL FEAST as Snape; GORDON WINTER as Boyle.
  24. Dick and the Duchess 21 May 1959-8 July 1960 (UK: ITV/ Sheldon Reynolds); 28 Sep 1957-16 May 1958 (USA: NBC); 26 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective/Comedy/Adventure series. Insurance investigator Dick Starrett was an American, residing in London with his wife Jane. Jane was the daughter of an Earl, so Dick called her "Duchess." Dick had to get adjusted to the aristocratic in-laws. Jane had to get adjusted to not interfering with Dick's work, though her instinct tended in the opposite direction. Dick had to get adjusted to the procedures of his some-time boss Peter Jamison, whose methods differed from those of Inspector Stark of Scotland Yard. Executive Producer: Nicole Milinair; Starring: PATRICK O'NEAL as Dick Starrett; HAZEL COURT as Jane Starrett; RICHARD WATTIS as Peter Jamison; MICHAEL SHEPLEY as Inspector Stark.
  25. Dick Barton - Special Agent 6 Jan 1979-8 Apr 1979 (UK: ITV/Southern Television Network Productions); 26 15-minute episodes; Adapted from: 1946-1951 British radio drama series; Executive Producers: Terence Baker, Lewis Rudd; Producer: John Scoffield; Starring: TONY VOGEL as Dick Barton; ANTHONY HEATON as Snowey White; JAMES COSMO as Jock Anderson.
  26. Dick Tracy 11 Sep 1950-12 Feb 1951 (ABC); 23 30-minute episodes; black and white; 1961 (USA: Syndicated/UPA); 30 June 1980-30 July 1982 (UK: ITV/Thames); 130 50-minute episodes; color; Creators: Chester Gould created the comic-strip Dick Tracy (1931), RALPH BYRD starred in 15 black and white film episodes of the Dick Tracy serial for Republic Pictures (1937-1941), Ralph Byrd starred in the live TV series (1950-51), and would surely have gone to more seasons had he not died in 1952. There was also an animated series in which Dick Tracy is assisted by "Hemlock Holmes" and "The Retouchables Squad." Producers: Dick Moore, Keith Kalmer; Starring: RALPH BYRD as Dick Tracy; JOE DEVLIN as Sam Catchem; DICK ELLIOTT as Police Chief Murphy.
  27. Die Kinder 1990 (UK: BBC/ USA:PBS); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  28. Dixon of Dock Green 9 July 1955-1 May 1976 (UK: BBC1); 367 25-minute and 45-minute episodes; Jack Warner was the brother of Elsie and Doris Waters, music-hall stars. Jack Warner was the second to play PC George Dixon. First, Dirk Bogarde murdered him in the film The Blue Lamp (1950). Resurrected by Ted Willis for television, PC George Dixon became the longest-running TV cop in history: lasting 21 years and an amazing 367 episodes, becoming a British institution. The series (and film) were based on an actual officer, whose beat was Leman Street in London's East End. He was a Constable who was promoted (with much celebration) to Sergeant on 19 Sep 1964. In the series, as he aged, the action shifted to son-in-law Andy Crawford, head of CID. Andy's wife was George's daughter Mary, and they had twins. The show was rather non-violent, in clear contrast to the later Z Cars and The Sweeney, for example. PC George Dixon retired in 1976. Jack Warner died in 1981, age 85. His funeral coffin was carried by officers from Paddington Green, site of Ted Willis' original research. There was a special tribute at Scotland Yard. Creator: Ted Willis; Writer: Ted Willis; Producers: Douglas Moodie, Ronald Marsh, Philip Barker, Joe Waters; Theme Song: "An Ordinary Copper"; Starring: JACK WARNER as PC George Dixon; PETER BYRNE as Det. Sgt. Andy Crawford; BILLIE WHITELAW as Mary Crawford (1955); JEANETTE HUTCHINSON as Mary Crawford (1956-1976); GEOFFREY ADAMS as PC "Laudy" Lauderdale; ARTHUR RIGBY as Desk Sgt. Flint; NICHOLAS DONNELLY as PC Willis; NEIL WILSON as PC Tubb Barrell; MOIRA MANNION as Sgt. Grace Millard; DAVID WEBSTER as Cadet Jamie MacPherson; ANTHONY PARKER as PC Bob Penney; JOCELYNE RHODES as WPC Kay Shaw.
  29. Dog and Cat 5 Mar 1977-14 May 1977 (ABC/Paramount); 10 60-minute episodes; "Dog and Cat" was the slang term for "men and women's police teams." This lightweight Mystery/Detective/Police drama series starred Kim Bassinger, before she became a hot movie star, as gorgeous, hip, Officer J.Z. Kane, graduate of an unspecified college in the South. Plainclothes vet Jack Ramsey was the "dog." This odd couple patrolled LAPD's 42nd Division. Creator: Walter Hill; Executive Producer: Lawrence Gordon; Producer: Robert Singer; Music: Barry De Vorzon; Starring: LOU ANTONIO as Det. Sgt. Jack Ramsey; KIM BASINGER as Officer J.Z. Kane; MATT CLARK as Lt. Arthur Kipling.
  30. Dog City 1992-93 (Fox); Animated; {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  31. Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery 25 Mar 1987-27 May 1987 (UK: BBC2); 1 Oct 1987-3 Dec 1987 (USA: WGBH Boston "Mystery"); 10 55-minute episodes; 15 years earlier, Ian Carmichael had starred in Lord Peter Wimsey. Novelist Dorothy L. Sayers' character was resurrected for further very faithful adaptations. Dramatizations: Philip Broadley; Producer: Michael Chapman; Director: Michael Simpson; Music: Joseph Horowitz; Starring: EDWARD PETHER BRIDGE as Lord Peter Death Bredon Wimsey, second son of the Duke of Denver; RICHARD MORANT as Bunter; HARRIET WALTER as Harriet Vane.
  32. Dragnet 16 Dec 1951-24 Mar 1959 (NBC/MCA); 263 30-minute black and white episodes; 12 Jan 1967-16 Apr 1970 (NBC/MCA); 15 Sep 1961-23 Aug 1968 (UK: ITV); 98 30-minute color episodes; Syndicated release ran under title Badge 714. The color revival was titled Dragnet 67. Just the facts, Ma'am: As Sergeant Joe Friday said in voice-over each episode: "This is the city. Los Angeles, California. I work here. I carry a badge." Cue the theme music. Then cue the announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to see is true. Only the names have been changed, to protect the innocent." This most famous and successful of all American television Mystery/Detective/Police series began as a pseudo-documentary He Walked by Night (1948), in which Jack Webb appeared as a lab technician. Then, it spawned a radio series (1949), which achieved #1 ratings, and so the TV version began in December 1951 on a show called Chesterfield Sound Off Time, with Sgt.Friday's partner Sergeant Ben Romero played by Barton Yarborough. But Barton died (heart attack) after only 3 episodes had been filmed, so the role was played by various actors subsequently. Creators: Jack Webb, Richard Breen; Producer: Jack Webb; Narrator: Jack Webb; Director (of most episodes): Jack Webb; Technical Advisor: Marty Wynn, LAPD Sergeant; Theme Music: (dum de dum dum, daaaah!) Walter Schumann (a record of this was a hit, as was the later parody album by Stan Freberg); Starring: JACK WEBB as Sergeant Joe Friday; BARTON YARBOROUGH as Sergeant Ben Romero; BARNEY PHILLIPS as Sgt. Ed Jacobs; HERB ELLIS as Officer Frank Smith (1952); BEN ALEXANDER as Officer Frank Smith (1953-1959); HARRY MORGAN as Officer Bill Gannon (1967-1970); GEORGE FENNEMAN and HAL GIBNEY as Announcer. Then there was the loving parody film (1987) starring DAN AYKROYD. And then there was the new TV series, with younger characters: 4 Oct 1989-? (Syndicated/Arthur Company/WWOR-TV); 78 30-minute color episodes; Executive Producer: Arthur L. Annecarico; Co-Executive Producers: Burton Amos, Craig Kellem Starring: JEFFREY OSTERHAGE as Sgt. Vic Daniels; BERNARD WHITE as Det. Carl Molina; DON STROUD as Capt. Lussen; THALMUS RASSULALA as Capt. Bolz.
  33. The Duke 5 Apr 1979-18 May 1979 (NBC/ Stephen J. Cannell/Universal); 1 120-minute episode; 3 60-minute episodes; Oscar "Duke" Ramsey was a pugilist who quit as he grew old and tired, hoping to quietly operate the Chicago bar "Duke and Benny's Corner." But Benny was murdered, and Duke became a private detective to find his would-be partner's murderer. All his boxing buddies would pitch in to help. The could not help enough to keep this in the ring more than 4 rounds. Executive Producer: Stephen J. Cannell; Producers: Alex Beaton, Don Carlos Dunaway; Music: Mike Post, Pete Carpenter; Starring: ROBERT CONRAD as Oscar "Duke" Ramsey; LARRY MANETTI as Joe Cadillac; RED WEST as Sgt. Mick O'Brien; PATRICIA CONWELL as Dedra Smith.
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E: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. Echo Four-Two 24 Aug 1961-25 Oct 1961 (UK: ITV/ Associated Rediffusion); 10 50-minute episodes; The show No Hiding Place, featuring Detective Sergeant Harry Baxter, was so popular with the ladies, that ITV spun-off a show of his own. Promoted to Detective Inspector, Harry Baxter commanded the E Division squad of undercover "Q-cars" in London. His assistant, Detective Sergeant York, and he policed the center of London. Problem outside their control, production was cut short by an actors' strike after 10 of the originally planned 13 episodes were shot. ITV executives sighed, and sent Harry Baxter back to No Hiding Place. Producer: Richard Matthews; Music: Laurie Johnson; Starring: ERIC LANDER as Detective Inspector Harry Baxter; GEOFFREY RUSSELL as Detective Sergeant York; GEOFFREY CHATER as Acting Superintendent Dean
  2. The Eddie Capra Mysteries 8 Sep 1978-7 Sep 1979 (NBC/ Universal Television); 8 Feb 1980-30 Apr 1980 (UK: BBC1); 11 60-minute episodes; 2 120-minute episodes; Eddie Capra was both lawyer and detective. At the powerful, but imaginary, law firm Devlin, Linkman and O'Brien, he was the junior partner who wrestled with the who-done-it that (each hour) began with our seeing a murder, and proceeded with him methodically assembling the clues. Harvey Winchell was his enthusiastic legman, and romantic interest Lacey Brown was his secretary. Lacey had a too-smart-for-her- own-good daughter Jennie. He also had a not-as-smart-as-he-thinks senior partner to contend with: J.J. Devlin. Creator: Peter S. Fischer; Executive Producer: Peter S. Fischer; Producer: James McAdams; Starring: VINCENT BAGGETTA as Eddie Capra; WENDY PHILIPS as Lacey Brown; KEN SWOFFORD as J.J. Devlin; MICHAEL HORTON as Harvey Winchell; SEVEN ANN McDONALD as Jennie Brown.
  3. Edge of Darkness 4 Nov 1985-9Dec 1985 (UK: BBC2); 6 55-minute episodes; Ronald Craven's daughter Jennie was murdered in Yorkshire. As he investigated, he stepped deeper and deeper into political Thriller territory, with involvement by CIA, NASA, and NATO. The star drew on his real-life brother, a Yorkshire policeman. Darius Jedburgh was a rogue CIA agent, played by an American actor who was paid more than the Brits, but helped land American investors for the series. Bad PR stemmed from the fact that the imaginary terrorist group GAIA shared the name of the actual ecological publisher with principal investor Prince Philip. MI5 reportedly bristled at actual security codes being exposed. Could these be why the series died young? Or are there more covert political reasons, heh heh heh? Creator: Troy Kennedy Martin; Producer: Michael Wearing; Director: Martin Campbell; Music: Eric Clapton, Michael Kamen; Starring: BOB PECK as Det. Ronald Craven; JOE DON BAKER as Darius Jedburgh; JOANNE WHALLEY as Emma Craven; JOHN WOODVINE as Det. Chief Supt. Ross
  4. 87th Precinct 25 Sep 1961-10 Sep 1962 (NBC/Hubbell Robinson/MCA TV); 5 Jan 1962-30 Aug 1962 (UK: ITV/Anglia); 30 60-minute episodes; black and white; Detective Steve Carella's beat was the inner-city 87th Precinct of Manhattan. He was backed by gung-ho youngster Bert Kling and two seasoned professionals: sarcastic Meyer Meyer, and stolid Roger Havilland. Many a scene was stolen by Norman fell as Meyer Meyer, and many more by Gena Rowlands as Teddy, the deaf-mute wife of introspective Steve Carella. I particularly liked the scenes between Mr. and Mrs. Carella, and not just because of my own brother Nicky being profoundly deaf. This was just plain good acting, based on a superlatively good series of Ed McBain novels. Creator: Ed McBain [pseudonym of Evan Hunter], from his novels; Music: Morton Stevens; Starring: ROBERT LANSING as Detective Steve Carella; NORMAN FELL as Detective Meyer Meyer; RON HARPER as Detective Bert Kling; GREGORY WALCOTT as Detective Roger Havilland; GENE ROWLANDS as Teddy Carella.
  5. Eischied 21 Sep 1979-29 Aug 1980 (NBC/Gerber Productions/Columbia Pictures TV); 17 Jan 1980-10 Apr 1980 (UK: ITV) under the British title Chief of Detectives; 13 60-minute episodes; Tough southerner Earl Eischied is strict NYPD Chief of Detectives. He clashed with Deputy Commissioner Kimbrough, who had a political agenda. Earl Eischied's friend Chief Inspector Ed Parks kept the conflict from boiling over. Earl Eischied, a bachelor with a cat "P.C." who commuted to work with his master, ran a special squad. The characters were spun-off from the powerful miniseries To Kill a Cop, and deserved to do better in the ratings... Executive Producer: David Gerber; Producers: Matthew Rapf, Jay Daniel; Starring: JOE DON BAKER as Chief of Detectives Earl Eischied; EDDIE EGAN (in real life, he;d been NYPD Detective First Grade) as Chief Inspector Ed Parks; ALAN OPPENHEIMER as Capt. Finnerty; ALAN FUDGE as Deputy Commissioner Kimbrough; SUZANNE LEDERER as Carol Wright; VINCENT BUFANO as Rick Alessi.
  6. El C.I.D. 7 Feb 1990-12 Feb 1991 (UK: ITV/Granada) 13 60-minute episodes; Bromley and Blake, in this Mystery/Detective/Drama/Comedy series, retire to Spain from Scotland Yard. Blake was the man of action, often hospitalized; Bromley was cerebral. With their boat, named "El C.I.D.", they sail for Costa del Sol, only to discover it a high-crime district. They team with Delgado and his daughter Mercedes, both private eyes. Metcalf is a pretentious owner of a marina; Frank owns a restaurant; both are fellow British ex-patriates. Creators: Chris Kelly, Iain Roy; Executive Producer: Sally Head; Producer: Matthew Head Director: Music: Starring: ALFRED MOLINA as Bernard Blake; JOHN BIRD as Douglas Bromley; TONY HAYGARTH as Frank; DONALD CHURCHILL as Metcalf; SIMON ANDREU as Delgado; VIVIANE VIVES as Mercedes; ROBERT REYNOLDS as Stevie (season 2).
  7. Ellery Queen {to be done} 6 50-minute episodes; Ellery Queen is the first writer/detective character, a concept copied as Fletcher in Murder She Wrote, and Max Beckett in Over My Dead Body. Creators: The character 'Ellery Queen" was created in a novel (1929) by Frederic Dannay and Manfred Bennington Lee (see "Authors Q"). He was in 9 movies, a CBS Radio series (1939-?), and has been 5 times on television series: (1) RICHARD HART, The Adventures of Ellery Queen 14 Oct 1950-Dec 1952 (DuMont/ABC); 50(?) 30-minute episodes; black and white; Producers:Norman Pincus, Irving Pincus; (2) LEE BOWMAN replaced Hart when Hart died of a heart attack; (3) HUGH MARLOWE (who'd played the part on radio) in a syndicated (Norvin/Arrow) series (1954), also called The Adventures of Ellery Queen, then re-released as Mystery is My Business; also Starring FLORENZ AMES as NYPD Inspector Richard Queen; 32 30-minute episodes; black and white; (4) GEORGE NADER as Ellery Queen, and LES TEMAYNE as his father, NYPD Inspector Richard Queen, initially with title The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen (1958), then retitled Ellery Queen. When production moved to New York, from Hollywood, both Nader and Tremayne quit, so LEE PHILIPS starred as Ellery Queen, and the father was written out of the script; 26 60-minute episodes; black and white; 26 Sep 1958-5 June 1959 (NBC); Producer: Albert McCleery; (5) JIM HUTTON, Ellery Queen, 11 Sep 1975-4 Apr 1976 (NBC/ Fairmont-Foxcroft/Universal); 6 Jan 1976-23 Aug 1976 (UK: BBC1); 1 120-minute episode; 22 60-minute episodes; set in 1940s New York; Creators: Richard Levinson, William Link; Executive Producers: Richard Levinson, William Link; Producers: Peter S. Fischer, Michael Rhodes; Music: Elmer Bernstein; Also Starring: DAVID WAYNE as NYPD Inspector Richard Queen; TOM REESE as Sgt. Velie; JOHN HILLERMAN as Simon Brimmer; KEN SWOFFORD as Frank Flannigan.
  8. The Enigma Files 15 Apr 1980-22 July 1980 (UK: BBC2); 15 50-minute episodes; Detective Chief Inspector Nick Lewis is essentially demoted to Prisoners Property Office, but keeps finding clues to unsolved cases there, to the annoyance of executive officer Kate Burton. He is backed by Phil Strong, a lab technician played by a stand-up comic. Creator: Derek Ingrey; Producer: Joe Waters; Music: Anthony Isaac; Starring: TOM ADAMS (previously starred as heartthrob doctor on soap General Hospital) as Detective Chief Inspector Nick Lewis; SHARON MAUGHAN as Kate Burton; DUGGIE BROWN as Phil Strong.
  9. Enos 5 Nov 1980-19 Sep 1981 (CBS/Warner Bros.); 17 60-minute episodes; Spin-off from Dukes of Hazzard. Bumbling hick cop Enos Strate accidently captures two big-name criminals, and LAPD teams him with hip African-American Turk Adams in the Metro Squad's new Special Branch. The frame story is that each episode is a letter that Enos writes to his girl back home, Daisy Duke. Inexplicably -- this is comedy, after all -- the dumb redneck always triumphs in the big city. Creator: Gy Waldron; Executive Producer: Gy Waldron; Starring: SONNY SHROYER as Officer Enos Strate; SAMUEL E. WRIGHT as Officer Turk Adams; JOHN DEHNER as Lt. Jacob Broggi.
  10. The Equalizer 11 Sep 1985-24 Aug 1989 (CBS/Universal); 29 Oct 1986-? (UK: ITV); 88 60-minute episodes; Super-tough, super-skeptical ex-FBI offers (in classified ad in newspaper) to "equalize" the situation for people opposed by overwhelming opposition. He typically used his gun as the equalizer, in a hail of vigilante bullets against low-life creeps. The violence produced storms of protest in America and Great Britain alike, but Woodward explained: "McCall is hard and ruthless, but he's also very gentle, soft-hearted, and compassionate. And I think that's what makes him an interesting character--he's full on contradictions. And I cut an awful lot of violence out if I think it's gratuitous." Creators: Michael Sloan; Executive Producer: James McAdams; Producer: Alan Barnette; Music: Stewart Copeland; Starring: EDWARD WOODWARD as Robert McCall; ROBERT LANSING as Control.
  11. Eurocops 8 Nov 1988-5 Mar 1991 (UK: Channel 4); 19 60-minute episodes; Rotates between 7 countries, each in its native language; Producers: Austria: ORF; France: Antenne 2; Germany: ZDF; Italy: RAI; Spain: RTVE; Switzerland: SRG Zurich; United Kingdom: Picture Palace Productions/Channel 4; Starring: Austria: BERND JESCHEK as as Inspector Peter Brucker; France: BERTRAND LACY as Luc; PATRICK RAYNAL as Nicholas; Germany: HEINER LAUTERBACH as Inspector Dorn; Italy: DIEGO ABATANTUONO as Commissioner Corso; Spain: ALBERTO CLOSAS as Inspector Crespo; Switzerland: WOLFRAM BERGER as Inspector Peter Brodbeck; United Kingdom: JOHN BENFIELD as Det. Con. George Jackson.
  12. The Expert 5 July 1968-28 Mar 1971 (UK: BBC2); 52 50-minute episodes; In real life, Glasgow University's Professor of Forensic Medicine John Glaister inspired his nephew Gerard Glaister, a BBC drama producer known for the Charlesworth series, and later for Howard's Way. He invented the very authentic Warwickshire pathologist Dr. John Hardy, whose wife Jo Hardy was also a doctor. They were friends with Detective Chief Inspector Fleming, and often helped him solve cases by realistic application of Forensic Medicine. Too bad that Quincy, M.E. replaced the carefully-researched image of the pathologist with blathering, blustering Jack Klugman. Creators: Gerard Glaister, N. J. Crisp; Producer: Gerard Glaister; Starring: MARIUS GORING as Dr. John Hardy; ANN MORRISH as Jo Hardy; VICTOR WINDING as Detective Chief Inspector Fleming; SALLY NESBITT as Jane Carter.
  13. Eye to Eye 21 Mar 1984-25 Apr 1984 (ABC/Skorpios/Warner Bros.); 6 60-minute episodes; Oscar Poole had effectively retired from the private eye bsuiness to a barstool at O'Malley's. Then ex-partner's spunky daughter Tracy Doyle dragged him into investigating the death of her father. Again and again, after that, the old beer-belly PI and the young blonde stumbled into, and solved, other cases. Creators: Rick Eustis, Michael Elias; Producer: Steven A. Vail; Starring: CHARLES DURNING as Oscar Poole; STEPHANIE FARACY as Tracy Doyle
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F: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. Fabian of the Yard 13 Nov 1954-26 Sep 1956 (UK: BBC); 1956 (USA: Syndicated) under title Patrol Car; 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; There was a real Robert Fabian of Scotland Yard, and his cases are fictionalized in this popular series. The real Robert Fabian became the first ex-Scotland Yard celebrity on TV, ironically as Custodian of Questions on quiz show The $64,000 Question. Starring: BRUCE SETON as Detective Inspector Robert Fabian.
  2. Falcon see: Adventures of The Falcon
  3. Fallen Angels 1993-95 (Showtime); Animated; {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  4. Faraday and Company 26 Sep 1973-13 Aug 1974 (NBC/Universal); 4 90-minute episodes; This was the first starring role for Sharon Gless (Cagney and Lacey). Frank Faraday was a private detective who had been falsely imprisoned in South America for 25 years. Once out, he sought the real criminals who should have been in jail instead. Meanwhile, he'd had a son Steve by his secretary, Lou Carson. Steve had continued the family tradition as a private detective, so father and son combined their efforts in a Los Angeles security investigation agency. The series temporarily was slotted into the Wednesday Mystery Movie series on NBC. Creators: Leonard B. Stern, Ken Pettus, Burt Prelutsky; Executive Producer: Leonard B. Stern Producers: Tony Barrett, Stanley Kallis; Music: Jerry Fielding; Starring: DAN DAILEY as Frank Faraday; JAMES NAUGHTON as Steve Faraday; SHARON GLESS as Holly Barrett; GERLADINE BROOKS as Lou Carson.
  5. Father Brown 26 Sep 1974-5 Dec 1974 (UK: ITV/ATV Network); 2 Nov 1982-23 Nov 1982 (USA: WGBH Boston "Mystery")' 11 60-minute episodes; "Have Bible... Will Travel" -- Father Brown is a priest/detective. He was played by Kenneth More, but only after the head of ATV Network productions, Lew Grade, twisted his arm. Father Brown solved his cases, not by force or science, but by his professional expertise in the intricacies of the human mind and soul. Creator: Adapted from stories by G.K. Chesterton (see Authors "C"); Producer: Ian Fordyce; Music: Jack Parnell; Starring: KENNETH MORE as Father Brown; DENNIS BURGESS as Flambeau.
  6. Father Dowling Investigates 1 Apr 1990-? (NBC/ABC/Viacom); In the USA the title is: The Father Dowling Mysteries 28 Dec 1990-14 July 1991 (UK: ITV/LWT); Father Frank Dowling is a compassionate middle-aged priest of St.Michael's in inner city Chicago. He fights crime with the help of his (sometimes undercover) nun sidekick Sister Steve, a card-shark pool-shooting, lock-picking, fast-car-driving wonder. Father Dowling's house keeper Marie puts up with this, the police appreciate the help, but the Bishop is horrified, and keeps threatening to re-assign Father Dowling to Alaska. 30+ 105-minute episodes; Series summary: {to be done} Creator: Ralph McInerny, from the novels of Ralph McInerny; Developed for TV by: Dean Hargrove, Joel Steiger; Executive Producers: Fred Silverman, Dean Hargrove; Producer: Barry Steinberg; Theme Music: Dick DeBenedictis; Starring: TOM BOSLEY (Happy Days) as Father Frank Dowling; TRACY NELSON as Sister Steve; MARY WICKES as Marie.
  7. The F.B.I. 19 Sep 1965-28 Apr 1974 (ABC/Quinn Martin/Warner Bros.); 3 Oct 1965-? (UK: ITV); 238 60-minute episodes; Approved by actual F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover, who provided some actual cases and sometimes allowed filming at FBI HQ in Washington DC. Sometimes photos and descriptions were broadcast of genuine Most Wanted criminals, asking for viewers to phone in information. "Arthur Ward" was an assistant to the FBI Director. Executive Producer: Quinn Martin Producer: Charles Lawton; Sponsor: Ford Motor Company (so the FBI agents always drive Fords);: Theme Music: Bronislau Kaper; Music: Richard Markowitz, John Elizade; Starring: EFREM ZIMBALIST, JR. (77 Sunset Strip) as Inspector Lew Erskine; PHILIP ABBOTT as Arthur Ward; LYNN LORING as Barbara Erskine; STEPHEN BROOKS as Special Agent Jim Rhodes; WILLIAM REYNOLDS as Special Agent Tom Colby; SHELLY NOVACK as Agent Chris Daniels; MARVIN MILLER as Narrator.
  8. Fearless Fosdick Puppet Show 13 July 1952-28 Sep 1952 (NBC); 12 30-minute episodes; black and white; Parody of Dick Tracy, started on Sunday afternoons, for children, but appreciated by adults as well, so moved to evenings. Creator: Based on a character from the Li'l Abner comic strip by Al Capp. Producer: Charles Buggenheim. Puppets: The Mary Chase Marionettes.
  9. The Feather and Father Gang 7 Mar 1977-6 Aug 1977 (ABC/Columbia); 13 60-minute episodes; Huffaker, Danton and Binkwell was the imaginary Los Angeles law firm; "Feather" was the gorgeous but smart young attorney, whose father, Harry, was a con man gone straight. Father and daughter cracked crimes, usually in disguise. But you can't disguise a bad script. Creator: Bill Driskill; Executive Producer: Larry White; Producers: Robert Mintz; Bill Driskill; Music: George Romanis; Starring: STEPHANIE POWERS as Toni "Feather" Danton; HAROLD GOULD as Harry Danton; FRANK DELFINO as Enzo; JOAN SHAWLEE as Margo; MONTE LANDIS as Michael; LEWIS CHARLES as Lou.
  10. The Fellows 19 May 1967-11 Aug 1967 (UK: ITV/Granada); 12 60-minute episodes; black and white; Oldenshaw and Dimmock were the feisty criminologists in this spin-off from The Man in Room 17. They'd quit their government jobs, and been appinted by the Home Office to the Peel Research Fellowships of All Saints College, Cambridge University. Their research topic: "To investigate the general proposition that, in a period of rapid social change, the nature of crime (and therefore criminals) would change." They never quite proved the thesis, but inevitably outwitted criminals, however the bad guys tried to evolve new tricks. Creator: Robin Chapman; Executive Producers: Producers: Robin Chapman, Peter Plummer; Starring: RICHARD VERNON as Oldenshaw; MICHAEL ALDRIDGE as Dimmock.
  11. The Felony Squad 12 Sep 1966-31 Jan 1969 (ABC/TCF); 4 July 1967-9 May 1969 (UK: ITV); 73 30-minute episodes; Los Angeles was the setting in this Mystery/Detective/Police drama, which revolved around 3 generations of cops. Producer: Walter Grauman; Theme Music: Pete Rugolo; Starring: HOWARD DUFF as Det. Sgt. Sam Stone; DENNIS COLE as Det. Jim Briggs; BEN ALEXANDER as Desk Sgt. Dan Briggs; FRANK MAXWELL as Captain Nye; BARNEY PHILLIPS as Captain Franks.
  12. The Files of Jeffrey Jones 1953 (Syndicated); 26 30-minute episodes; black and white; Jeffrey Jones is a detective who is obsessed with sports. Producer: Lindsley Parsons (The Cases of Eddie Drake); Starring: DON HAGGERTY (The Cases of Eddie Drake) as Jeffrey Jones.
  13. Finder of Lost Loves 22 Sep 1984-24 Aug 1985 (ABC/Aaron Spelling/Warner Bros.); 37 60-minute episodes; The computer, Oscar, was the star so far as I was concerned. It helped millionnaire Cary Maxwell, trying to recover from his wife's death, bring broken couples back together. Stylish Daisy Lloyd assisted, as did young intern Brian Fletcher, and disciplined office manager Rita Hargrove. Of course, since Aaron Spelling was in charge, this was a Mystery/Detective amalgam of Fantasy Island and Love Boat, with nothing but sappy, happy endings. Creators: Jill Baer, Christopher Vane, Bill LaMond, Jo LaMond; Executive Producer: Aaron Spelling; Starring: TONY FRANCIOSA as Cary Maxwell; DEBORAH ADAIR as Daisy Lloyd; ANNE JEFFREYS as Rita Hargrove; RICHARD KANTOR as Brian Fletcher.
  14. For the People 31 Jan 1965-9 May 1965 (CBS); 15 60-minute episodes; black and white; New York District Attorney David Koster was always clashing with Anthony Celese, Bureau Chief. David's wife, Phyllis Koster, played viola. Frank Malloy was the detective sidekick. Executive Producer: Herbert Brodkin; Starring: WILLIAM SHATNER (the next year: Star Trek) as David Koster; HOWARD DA SILVER as Anthony Celese; LONNY CHAPMAN as Frank Malloy; JESSICA WALTER as Phyllis Koster.
  15. Foul Play 26 Jan 1981-23 Aug 1981 (ABC/Paramount/ Miller/Milkis/Boyett); 6 60-minute episodes; A wacky spin-off of the Chevy Chase/Goldie Hawn film Foul Play(1978). Gloria Munday, hostess of a TV chat show, and cop/concert violinist Tucker Pendleton are San Francisco sleuths. Tucker reports to Captain Lombardi; Ben and Beau were twin Little People. The movie was rather funny; the TV series was not. Creator: Hal Sitowitz; Starring: DEBORAH RAFFIN as Gloria Munday; BARRY BOSTWICK as Detective Tucker Pendleton; RICHARD ROMANIS as Captain Lombardi; GREG RICE as Ben; JOHN RICE as Beau.
  16. The Four Just Men 1957 (USA: Syndicated); 17 Sep 1959-22 June 1960 (UK: ITV/Sapphire Films/ATV); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; According to A Victoriana Page: "The Four Just Men were introduced in Edgar Wallace's The Four Just Men (1905), and appeared in five sequels over the next 23 years. Wallace (1875-1932) was an immensely popular and prolific author of detective and thriller fiction, turning out 173 books and 17 plays in his lifetime, few of which are particularly good, but almost all of which sold quite well for him. The Four Just Men was Wallace's first mystery and the only one on which he lost money; he staged a contest offering a 500 reward for the reader who could solve the final mystery of the novel, which was not exceptionally difficult to solve and led to huge losses for both Wallace and his publisher. "The Four Just Men is actually mislabelled; there are only three 'Just Men,' the fourth having died before the novel begins and his replacement turning out to be a venal man lacking nerve and backbone. The premise is that the three Just Men pursue and punish, with death, those bad men who will not be touched by the authorities. As one of them says, '...we kill for justice, which lifts us out of the ruck of professional slayers. When we see an unjust man oppressing his fellows; when we see an evil thing done against the good God... and against man--and know that by the laws of man this evil-doer may escape punishment--we punish. "Their previous history includes the killings of thieves, embezzlers, grafters, murderers, regicides, a poet-philosopher (for 'corrupting the youth of the world with his reasoning'), a rapist priest, corrupt Presidents of South American republics, and those who are 'notorious evil livers.' In The Four Just Men they are aligned against Sir Philip Ramon, the British Foreign Secretary. Sir Ramon is poised to push through Parliament the Aliens Political Offences Bill, which if passed into law will force a Spanish resistance leader to leave England, and thus rob him of the safety which Britain's laws bring him. The Four, with their keen sense of justice, cannot allow that to happen, and so they send notes to Sir Ramon calmly threatening him with death if the Bill is passed. Sir Ramon is coldly resolute, seeing his duty to England as being more important than his life, and so he ignores the death threats. He receives several of them predicting when the Just Men will kill him, the London police do their best to protect Sir Ramon, and yet he is killed just when the Just Men said he would die. The novel ends with the three Just Men (the fourth, not being worthy of the other Just Men and having attempted to betray them, is killed) leaving London, satisfied with their work. "The Four Just Men are Leon Gonsalez, George Manfred, and Poiccart. Their backgrounds are unknown to the police. Gonsalez has light blue eyes and 'restless hands;' he is the more intellectual and analytic of the three. Poiccart is grave, 'heavy, saturnine, and suspicious.' Manfred has a 'grey shot beard' and a monocle and is the more passionate of the trio; he is 'cynical, smiling, and sarcastic.' They are all well-educated men of leisure, with expensive tastes in food, drink, cigars and other luxuries and with bank accounts to finance their lifestyle. They are laconic, sardonically amused, and witty when not on the job; when involved in planning the deaths of an 'unjust man' they become cold...." "As was the case with Guy Boothby and Dr. Nikola, Wallace was unable to let his antiheroes remain on the wrong side of the law, and in the sequels he reformed them, so that in the final novel, Against the Just Men (1928), they concentrate on catching criminals and are respectable enough to qualify for the protection of Scotland Yard. Which is why those adventures, while having some interest to the reader (Wallace, even on his worst day, knew how to tell an interesting story, construct an intriguing puzzle, and build up the suspense), aren't nearly as much fun as the self-righteous and violent do-gooding of The Four Just Men. Executive Producer: Hannah Weinstein; Producers: Sidney Cole, Jud Kinberg; Starring: JACK HAWKINS as Ben Manfred; DAN DAILEY as Tim Collier; RICHARD CONTE as Jeff Ryder; VITTORIO DE SICA as Ricco Poccari; HONOR BLACKMAN as Nicole; LISA GASTONI as Guilia; JUNE THORBURN as Vicky
  17. Francis Storm Investigates 8 Mar 1960-5 Apr 1960 (UK: ITV/ATV/ Associated Rediffusion); 5 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective/Children's Drama series, about private eye Francis Storm and his friend Robin. Creator: Peter Elliott Hayes; Director: Grahame Turner; Music: Starring: BRIAN WORTH as Francis Storm; WILLIAM SIMMONS (Cribb) as Robin; ROBIN WENTWORTH as Sgt. Pilcher.
  18. Fraud Squad 20 May 1969-12 Dec 1970 (UK: ITV/ATV); 26 60-minute episodes; At last, a woman starring on TV as a Scotland Yard officer.... The Fraudulent Crimes Sqaud smashed con men, embezzlers, forgers, and the like in an inventive and always enjoyable series. Creator: Ivor Jay; Producer: Nicholas Palmer; Starring: PATRICK O'CONNELL as Detective Inspector Gamble; JOANNA VAN GYSEGHEM as Det. Sgt. Vicky Hicks. Guest Stars included: RUPERT (Maigret) DAVIES; MICHAEL GAMBON; MARTIN SHAW; COLIN WELLAND.
  19. Freebie and the Bean 6 Dec 1980-17 Jan 1981 (CBS/Warner Bros.); 27 July 1981-1 Sep 1981 (UK: BBC1); 6 60-minute episodes; Spun-off from the racier 1974 hit film of the same name, which starred James Caan and Alan Arkin as two plainclothes officers on special duty for Dan Francisco D.A. Walter W. Cruikshank. Freebie was an agressisvely pragmatic bachelor, and The Bean was a by-the-book family man. Extrovert Freebie and Introvert Bean were an Odd Couple who damaged a lot of police equipment, and bent the law and their boss out of shape. Unlike the movie, the blend of drama and slapstick failed on TV. Creator: Dick Nelson; Producer: Philip Saltzman; Starring: TOM MASON as Detective Sergeant Tim Walker (Freebie); HECTOR ELIZONDO as Detective Sergeant Dan Delgado (the Bean); WILLIAM DANIELS as D.A. Walter W. Cruikshank.
  20. Front Page Detective 6 July 1951-13 Nov 1953 (DuMont); 30 30-minute episodes; black and white; Announcer: "Presenting an unusual story of love and mystery on Front Page Detective, starring Mr. Edmund Lowe as the famed newspaper columnist and amateur detective, David Chase. And now for another thrilling adventure as we accompany David Chase and watch him match wits with those who would take the law into their own hands." Edmund Lowe was a dashing 1920s and 1930a film star, so this series was filmed, syndicated and shown locally, and then only briefly on network television. Producers: Riley Jackson, Jerry Fairbanks; Starring: EDMUND LOWE as David Chase; FRANK JENKS as The Homicide Detective; PAULA DREW as David's girlfriend.
  21. The Fugitive 17 Sep 1963-29 Aug 1967 (ABC/Quinn Martin); 90 60-minute black and white episodes; 30 60-minute color episodes; 1965 Emmy for Outstanding Dramatic Series. A Mystery/Detective classic. Remade as a feature Film in 1998 {hotlink to be done}. Creator: Roy Huggins; Executive Producer: Quinn Martin; Producer: Wilton Schiller; Director: Music: Peter Rugolo; Starring: DAVID JANSSEN as Dr. Richard Kimble; BARRY MORSE as Lt. Philip Gerard; BILL RAISCH as Fred Johnson (the One-Armed Man); WILLIAM CONRAD as Narrator.
  22. Future Cop 5 Mar 1977-6 Aug 1977 (ABC/Paramount); 6 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Science Fiction comedy/drama series. Conventional Officer Joe Cleaver is saddled with an Android partner, John Haven. Bill Bundy was kept in the dark about this rookie perfect cop. The series lacked either the good writing of Harlan Ellison and Ben Bova's "Brillo" (i.e., "Metal Fuzz"), or the satiric bite and dark dystopia of the Robocop films. Executive Producers: Anthony Wilson, Gary Damsker; Producer: Everett Chambers; Starring: ERNEST BORGNINE as Officer Joe Cleaver; JOHN AMOS as Officer Bill Bundy; MICHAEL SHANNON as Officer John Haven; HERBERT NELSON as Captain Skaggs.
  23. The Fuzz 8 Sep 1977-20 Oct 1977 (UK: ITV/Thames Television Network); 7 30-minute episodes; Police comedy series. Creator: Willis Hall; Producer: Stuart Allen; Director: Stuart Allen; Starring: MICHAEL ROBBINS as Detective Sergeant Marble; NIGEL LAMBERT as PC Cordwainer; MIKE SAVAGE as PC Dickinson; LYNDA BELLINGHAM as WPC Purvis; COLIN JEAVONS as Supt. Allardyce.
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G: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. Gabriel's Fire 1990-1993 (ABC); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  2. The Gallery of Mme Lui-Tsong 3 Sep 1951-21 Nov 1951 (DuMont); 13 30-minute episodes; black and white; This was the first television series in the world about a female detective. Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong's actual name was Wong Lui-Tsong. Her character owned a global chain of art gallaries, and did detection in her spare time. There was art world insight, international thriller falvor, and unfulfilled promise. Was the world ready for this ahead-of-its-time series on 3 September 1951? Apparently not. Starring: ANNA MAY WONG as Mme Lui-Tsong.
  3. Gangbusters 20 March 1952-25 Dec 1952 (NBC); 21 30-minute episodes; black and white; Spun-off from a hit radio series of the same name that ran from 1936 to 1957, this series was drawn from real police and FBI files, and ended each episode with a real "Most Wanted" plug that led to many arrests. On TV, it alternated with Dragnet. Creator: Phillips H. Lord; Producer: Phillips H. Lord; Narrator: Phillips H. Lord.
  4. The Gentle Touch 11 Apr 1980-24 Nov 1984 (UK: ITV/LWT); 56 60-minute episodes; The was the first British Mystery/Detective television series to star a woman detective. Maggie Forbes works her way up from cadet in the Metroplitan Police. In Episode 1, her husband, a cop named Ray, is gunned down by robber brothers, leaving Maggie as a single mother to problematic teenager Steve. Her beat is Seven Dials, near Soho, where she reports to irritable Detective Chief Inspector Russell. Her partners include Detective Inspector Bob Croft, a Scotsman with a dim view of women on the force, generous Jake Barratt, youngster Jimmy Fenton, and another recruit, Peter Philips. Star Jill Gascoine's contract specified that in each episode, someone had to say how good-looking she was. Executive Producers: Tony Wharmby (seasons 1-4), Nick Elliott (season 5); Producers: Kim Mills, Jack Williams (seasons 1-2), Michael Verney-Elliott (seasons 2-5); Music: Roger Webb Starring: JILL GASCOINE (C.A.T.S. Eyes) as Detective Inspector Maggie Forbes; WILLIAM MARLOWE as Detective Chief Inspector Russell; PAUL MORIARTY as Det. Sgt. Jake Barratt; DEREK THOMPSON as Det. Sgt. Jimmy Fenton; BRIAN GWASPARI as Detective Inspector Bob Croft; KEVIN O'SHEA as Det. Sgt. Peter Philips (seasons 4-5); NIGEL RATHBONE as Steve Forbes; BERNARD HOLLEY as Mike Turnbull.
  5. Get Christie Love 11 Sep 1974-18 July 1975 (ABC/Universal); 22 60-minute episodes; LAPD's Special Investigations Division gets hip, sexy, African-American undercover officer Christie Love. She reports to no-nonsense Lt. Matt Reardon, and later to Captain Arthur P. Ryan. Her crime-fighting partner was Sergeant Pete Gallagher. Executive Producer: David L. Wolper; Producer: Paul Mason; Technical Advisor: NYPD Detective Olga Ford; Starring: TERESA GRAVES (Laugh-In) as Detective Christie Love; CHARLES CIOFFI as Lt. Matt Reardon; JACK KELLY as Captain Arthur P. Ryan; MICHAEL PATAKI as Sergeant Pete Gallagher.
  6. Ghost Squad retitled in season 3: GS5; 9 Sep 1961-27 June 1964 (UK: ITV/ATV/Rank); 1960 (10 episodes from season 1 syndicated in USA); 52 60-minute episodes; black and white Adapted from the book The Ghost Squad by ex-police detective John Gosling, this British classic Mystery/Detective television series portrays the genuine undercover unit of Scotland Yard. At the end of season 2, their leader, the American Nick Craig, is assassinated. Producers: Connerry Chappell (season 1), Anthony Kearey (season 2), Dennis Vance (season 3); Music: Philip Green; Starring: MICHAEL QUINN as Nick Craig; SIR DONALD WOLFIT as Sir Andrew Wilson; NEIL HALLETT as Tony Miller; ANGELA BROWNE as Helen Winters; ANTHONY MARLOWE as Geoffrey Stock; CLAIRE NIELSON as Jean Carter; RAY BARRETT as Peter Clarke.
  7. Gideon Oliver 20 Feb 1989-??? 1989 (ABC/Universal); 5 120-minute episodes; Kickboxing 40-something Anthropology professor Gideon Oliver is divorced in this cross between The Paper Chase and Indiana Jones. He is a great teacher, whose life revolves around his 20-year personal assistant/secretary Catherine Fraker and his Clinical Psych grad student daughter Zina. His keen mind and extensive knowledge of world culture draw him into investigations in exotic locations. Executive Producers: William Sackheim, Dick Wolf; Producer: Kevin Donnelly; Starring: LOUIS GOSSETT, Jr. as Gideon Oliver; SHARI HEADLEY as Zina Oliver.
  8. Gideon's Way 18 Mar 1965-10 May 1966 (UK: ITV/ATV); 26 60-minute episodes; Adapted from stories of John Creasey (see Authors "C"). Mid-1960s Scotland Yard Commander Gideon and partner Chief Inspector Keen engaged in violent confrontations with felons. Producers: Robert S. Baker, Monty Norman; Music: Edward Astley; Starring: JOHN GREGSON as Commander Gideon; ALEXANDER DAVION as Chief Inspector Keen; Guest Stars included: MICHAEL CASHMAN (the gay Colin of EastEnders); DERREN NESBITT (Special Branch); JOHN HURT.
  9. Glynis 25 Sep 1963-18 Dec 1963 (CBS/Desilu); 11 June 1964-8 Oct 1964 (UK: BBC1); black and white; 13 30-minute episodes; This Mystery/Detective Sitcom showcased comedienne Glynis Johns, who played an off-the-wall Mystery writer wife of big-shot attorney Keith Granville. As amateur detectives, they made every possible mistake, but, in sitcom style, everything turned out right by the end of each episode. Producers: Jess Oppenheimer, Edward H. Feldman Starring: GLYNIS JOHNS as Glynis Granville; KEITH ANDES as Keith Granville; CHICK ROGERS as George Mathews.
  10. The Gold Robbers 6 June 1969-29 Aug 1969 (UK: ITV/LWT); 13 60-minute episodes; "The Crime of the century" was the theft of five and half million pounds (British currency, not weight) of gold bullion. Craddock leads the chase of the gang of robbers, in an action-packed series. Creators: John Hawkesworth, Glyn Jones; Producer: John Hawkesworth; Music: Max Harris; Starring: PETER VAUGHAN as Detective Chief Superintendent Craddock; MICHAEL WYNNE as Inspector Tomkins; ARTRO MORRIS as Detective Sergeant Toms; Guest Stars included: JOSS ACKLAND, PETER BOWLES, GEORGE COLE, IAN HENDRY.
  11. Grand Slam 1990 (?); __ 50-minute episodes; Al Ramirez is a private eye {to be done}. Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Director: Music: Joseph Conlan; Sound Editor: Michael Payne; First Assistant Cameraman: Luc G. Nicknair; Starring: ABEL FRANCO as Al Ramirez; LARRY GELMAN as Irv Schlosser; LUPE ONTIVEROS as Grandman Gomez; PAUL RODRIGUEZ as Pedro Gomez; JOHN SCHNEIDER as Dennis "Hardball" Bakelenekoff. added thanks to title listed in cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  12. The Green Hornet 9 Sep 1966-14 July 1967 (ABC/TCF); 26 30-minute episodes; Comics and radio (1936) origin, created by George W. Trendle. It had the same production team as TV's Batman. Few fans knew that George W. Trendle's first hit, The Lone Ranger actually introduced Britt Reid (The Green Hornet) as the son of Dan Reid, who in turn was the nephew of the Lone Ranger. Today, this show is a cult-favorite of Bruce Lee fans. VAN WILLIAMS as Britt Reid/The Green Hornet; BRUCE LEE as Kato; WENDE WAGNER as Lenore "Casey" Case; LLOYD GOUGH as Mike Axford; WALTER BROOKE as District Attorney F. P. Scanlon; GARY OWENS as Announcer; Theme -- "Flight of the Bumblebee" by Rimsky-Korsakov arranged and played by Al Hirt Music: Billy May; Producer: William Dozier; The Green Hornet @ fxnetworks The Green Hornet @ uvm
  13. Griff 29 Sep 1973-5 Jan 1974 (ABC/Universal); 27 Aug 1974-18 Mar 1976 (UK: ITV/LWT); 12 60-minute episodes; Wade Griffin had been with LAPD for 30 years, mostly as Captain, until he retired over a matter of principle, and started to run his own private agency: Wade Griffin Investigations, in the Westwood area of Los Angeles (near UCLA). He was assisted by vigorous legman Mike Murdoch, clever secretary Gracie Newcombe, and his inside contact at LAPD: Captain Barney Marcus. The series did a good job of showing the interactions between the grizzled veteran and youngsters. It lost a ratings war with the similar, yet stronger, Barnaby Jones. Creator: Larry Cohen; Executive Producer: David Victor; Producer: Steven Bochco; Directors: Edward M. Abroms, Lou Antonio, Allen Baron, Arnold Laven, Boris Sagal; Music: Elliott Kaplan, Mike Post, Pete Carpenter; Distributor: Studios USA Television; Starring: LORNE GREENE (Bonanza) as Wade Griffin; BEN MURPHY (Alias Smith and Jones) as Mike Murdoch; PATRICIA STICH as Gracie Newcombe; VIC TAYBACK as Captain Barney Marcus.
  14. The Growing Pains of PC Penrose 2 Sep 1975-14 Oct 1975 (UK: BBC1); "Michael 'Rosie' Penrose (Paul Greenwood) is a probationary police constable stationed in the small Yorkshire town of Slagcaster. Sergeant Flagg (Bryan Pringle) has the job of turning the naive young Rosie into a competent policeman." according to: TC Comedy Database Magic Dragon Multimedia adds: the protagonist spun-off from this BBC comedy to the series Rosie (5 Jan 1977-19 July 1979), in which PC Penrose was reassigned to his home town on compassionate leave, as his mother was an invalid. 7 30-minute episodes; Creator: Roy Clarke (Last of the Summer Wine; Open All Hours); Producer: Douglas Argent; Music: Peter Skellern; Starring: PAUL GREENWOOD as Michael 'Rosie' Penrose; BRIAN PRINGLE as Sergeant Flagg; DAVID PINNER as PC Buttress; ALAN FOSS as PC Toombs; CATHERINE CHASE as WPC Dean; CHRISTOPHER BURGESS as Inspector Fox.
  15. GS5 see Ghost Squad.
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H: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. Hagen 29 Sep 1973-5 Jan 1974 (ABC/TCF); 9 60-minute episodes; Paul Hagen was a canny hunter/trapper and all-around outdoorsman who left the wilds of Idaho (near Ernest Hemingway's ranch) to the big city: San Francisco. There he assisted big-shot criminal attorney Carl Palmer, who had a secretary (Jody) and a housekeeper (Mrs.Chavez). Creators: Charles Larson, Frank Glicksman; Writers: Charles Larson, Jack B. Sowards, Shimon Wincelberg; Executive Producer: Frank Glicksman; Producer: Jack B. Sowards; Directors: Michael Caffey, Alex March, Joseph Pevney, Seymore Robbie, Vincent Sherman, Paul Wendkos; Assistant Director: Robert Sonntag; Music: George Romanis; Music Supervisor: Lionel Newman; Starring: CHAD EVERETT as Paul Hagen; ARTHUR HILL as Carl Palmer; ALDINE KING as Jody; CARMEN ZAPATA as Mrs.Chavez.
  2. Half Nelson 24 Mar 1985-10 May 1985 (NBC/Glen Larson/TCF); 1 120-minute episode; 6 50-minute episodes (only 2 aired); Mystery/Detective/Gangster/Comedy series. Joe Pesci plays a New York cop who goes to Hollywood to film his own life story. Hollywood considers him too short to play himself, so he turns into a private eye. Creators: Glen Larson, Lou Shaw; Executive Producer: Glen Larson; Producer: Harker Wade; Director: Music: Starring: JOE PESCI as Rocky Nelson; VICTORIA JACKSON (Saturday Night Live) as Annie O'Hara.
  3. Hamish Macbeth 1995 (__); Hamish Macbeth and his supporting characters were adapted from the mystery novels of M. C. Beaton. Hamish Macbeth was a police constable in Lochdubh, a small town in Scotland. He is more than willing to step outside the established procedure to help the eccentric people of his town. __ 50-minute episodes; Creators: Writer: Danny Boyle (credited as "Daniel Boyle"); Executive Producers: Andrea Calderwood, Trevor Davies, Scott Meek; Producer: Deirdre Keir; Directors: Patrick Lau, Nicholas Renton, Sid Roberson; Cinematographer: Peter Jackson; Film Editor: Kevin Lester; Production Designer: Maurice Cain; Costume Design: Leigh Bellis; Music: John Lunn; Production Coordinator: Gail Samuelson; Gaffer: John White; Starring: ROBERT CARLYLE as Hamish Macbeth; BRIAN ALEXANDER as Jubel; DAVID ASHTON as Major Roddy Maclean; MONICA BRUCE as Edie; ROHAN BERRY CRICKMAR as Poacher; STUART DAVIDS as Lachnie, Junior; DUNCAN DUFF as Doc Brown; VALERIE GOGAN as Alex; SHIRLEY HENDERSON as Isobel Sutherland; MORAG HOOD as Delores Balfour; ANNE KRISTEN as Miss Meikeljohn; ANNE LACEY as Esme Murray; STUART McGUGAN as Barney; CAMPBELL MORRISON as Harry Balfour; BRIAN PETTIFER as Rory Campbell; BARBARA RAFFERTY as Agnes; RALPH RIACH as TV John; BILLY RIDDOCH as Lachnie Senior (seasons 2-3); JIMMY YUILL as Lachnie Senior (season 1).
  4. Harbour Command 1956-1957 (United Artists/Syndicated); 8 Aug 1958-13 May 1960 (UK: ITV/ATV); 39 30-minute episodes; Captain Ralph Baxter was the plainclothes head of Harbour Command, in an unnamed American city. He battled water-borne criminals. starring WENDELL COREY as Captain Ralph Baxter.
  5. Harbormaster 26 Sep 1957-?? (CBS/United Artists); 5 Jan 1958-29 June 1958 retitled Adventure at Scott Island (ABC); 26 30-minute episodes; black and white; Harbormaster David Scott of Scott Island, New England, was aided by youngster Jeff Kittridge in dock management and boat repair. But, aboard his Blue Chip II, he was a one-man police force... Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Jon Epstein, Leon Benson, Eddie Davis, Henry Kessler; Director: Music: Starring: BARRY SULLIVAN as harbourmaster David Scott; PAUL BURKE as Jeff Kittridge; NINA WILCOX; MICHAEL KEENS; EVAN ELLIOTT. according to: Ruby Bond on TV
  6. Hardball 28 Sep 1989-29 June 1990 (NBC/Columbia); 10 Jan 1991-30 May 1991 (UK: ITV/Thames); 1 90-minute episode; 17 60-minute episodes; "Charlie" Battles was the grizzled veteran of the police force, a conservative baseball fan who went his own way -- and not by the book. His unlikely pal was Harley Davidson-riding long-haired hippie undercover cop. They went up against their own management, run-of-the-mill felons, and the KGB (once). Creator: Robert Palm; Executive Producers: Frank Lupo, John Ashley; Producer: Bruce Golin (Associate Producer); Directors: Rob Bowman, James Darren, Francis Delia, David Hemmings, Bruce Kessler, Guy Magar, Larry Shaw, Virgil W. Vogel; Underwater Cinematographer: Michael Mileham; First Assistant Camera: Michael S. Endler; Special Effects Coordinator: Bruno Van Zeebroeck; Assistant Editor: Warren Bowman; Music: Sylvester Levay; Music Editor: Michael Dittrick; Starring: JARRETT LENNON as Billy Villanova; JOHN ASHTON as Charles "Charlie" Battles; RICHARD TYSON as Joe "Kaz" Kaczierowski.
  7. Hardcastle and McCormick 1983-1986 {to be done} 65 60-minute episodes; Retired Judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court, Milton C. "Hardcase" Hardcastle, 65 years old after 30 years as a judge, a former police officer, broods about "the ones that got away): 200 defendants who walked free from his courtroom due to loopholes and technicalities. He has ex-con ex-racing car driver Mark "Skid" McCormick (whom Hardcastle had paroled for Grand Theft Auto) track them down in the interests of extrajudicial justice. As Hardcastle puts it: "You gotta uphold the law: if you bend it a little bit, you look the other way once, you got the beginnings of anarchy." The team worked from a luxurious Malibu estate, Gull's Way, formerly belonging to Hardcastle's wife (now deceased). Chase scenes involved "Coyote X" -- an experimental car given to Mark McCormick. The judge had a cynical housekeeper, Sarah. Emotionally, this show hinged on Hardcastle being the replacement for Mark McCormick's rarely seen father, and Mark McCormick being the replacement for the son that Hardcastle had lost. The retired judge had plenty of friends still on the bench, with whom he weekly played poker. He'd worn tennis shorts and Hawaiian shirts under his robes. Now he wore T-shirts with slogans such as "Find 'Em and Hang 'Em." His red sports car had license plate: "DE JUDGE." Your Humble Webmaster has been in Los Angeles Superior Court several times as Plaintiff: it's the largest judicial district in the world, in terms of the number of judges and courtrooms. And I've always won, because there are judges who uphold the law! Best website: The Cannell Files by Howard T. Konig; Creators: Patrick Hasburgh, Stephen J. Cannell; Executive Producers: Stephen J. Cannell, Patrick Hasburgh; Co-Executive Producers: Jo Swerling, Jr., Lawrence Hertzog; Supervising Producer: Les Sheldon; Producers: Director: Music: Mike Post, Pete Carpenter; Theme Music: "Drive / Back to Back" by Mike Post and Stephen Geyer; Theme Music "Drive" Performed By: David Morgan; Theme Music "Back to Back" Performed By: Joey Scarbury; Starring: BRIAN KEITH as Judge Milton C. "Hardcase" Hardcastle; DANIEL HUGH-KELLY as Mark "Skid" McCormick; JOHN HANCOCK as Lieutenant Mike Delaney (1984-1985); JOE SANTOS (police contact Dennis Becker on Rockford Files) as Lieutenant Frank Harper; SARAH WICKS as Mary Jackson.
  8. The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries 30 Jan 1977-3 Dec 1978 (ABC/Universal); 25 Apr 1981-8 Jan 1982 (UK: BBC1, daily); 46 60-minute episodes; Adapted from the novels of the pseudonymous "Franklin W. Dixon" -- an early 1900s juvenile fiction assembly line run by Edward Stratmeyer and his daughter, Harriet Adams, who wrote or supervised each story. "Carolyn Keene" was the pseudonym used for the Nancy Drew Mysteries. Bonita Granville had starred in a Nancy Drew movie series in the late 1930s. Creator: Glen A. Larson; Executive Producer: Glen A. Larson; Producers: Joyce Brotman, B.W. Sandefur; Director: Music: "Da Do Ron Ron" was sung in one episode by Shaun Cassidy (younger brother of David) and it became an overnight hit; Starring: SHAUN CASSIDY as Joe Hardy; PARKER STEVENSON as Frank Hardy; EDMUND GILBERT as Fenton Hardy; LISA EILBACHER as Callie Shaw; EDITH ATWATER as Aunt Gertrude; LOUISE JOHNSON as Nancy Drew.
  9. Harry O 12 Sep 1974-29 Apr 1976 (ABC/Warner Bros.); 2 120-minute episodes; 43 60-minute episodes; Spun-off from 11 March 1973 60-minute pilot: Such Stuff as Dreams are Made Of. 3 Feb 1974 120-minute pilot starring 12-year-old Jodie Foster: Smile, Jenny, You're Dead. Extremely well-written, well-acted series, arguably television's best depiction of the Raymond Chandler, Macdonald, Micky Spillane style of hardboiled Mystery/Detective drama. Downbeat pormer police officer Harry "Harry O" Orwell has a bullet near his spine, draws a disability pension, has an old Austin MG that's usually in the auto shop with transmission problems, and is forced to work as a private dick to pay the bills, even though he is often in pain. Whisky is his main medicine. He's mostly out of touch with his ex-wife, and lives alone in a beach house near San Diego, where's he's rebuilding his boat, "The Answer" -- in his yard, but never completes it. World-weary Harry O most often pursues his investigations by bus, on foot, or occasionally by taxi. He does poetic voice-over narratives, which sometimes have nothing to do with plot and everything to do with atmosphere and philosophy. Season 1 opener "Gertrude" (12 Sep 1974) was nominated for an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America. When he moved to Santa Monica, mid-season 1, he acquired several movie-star neighbors. Creator: Howard Rodman; Writers: Robert C. Dennis, Herman Groves, Stephen Kandel, Howard Rodman, Michael Sloan, Norman Strum, Gene Thompson; Executive Producer: Jerry Thorpe; Producers: Robert E. Thompson, Robert Dozier, Buck Houghton, Alex Beaton; Directors: Richard Lang, Jerry London, Joe Manduke, Russ Mayberry, Jerry Thorpe; Theeme Music: Billy Goldenberg; Starring: DAVID JANSSEN (The Fugitive) as Harry "Harry O" Orwell; ANTHONY ZERBE as Lieutenant K.C. Trench; HENRY DARROW as San Diego PD Lieutenant Manny Quinlan (season 1); LES LANNOM as amateur criminologist Lester Hodges; FARRAH FAWCETT-MAJORS as Sue Ingram; PAUL TULLEY as Sergeant Don Roberts; TOM ATKINS as Sergeant Frank Cole; HAL WILLIAMS as Clarence; KEYE LUKE as amateur criminologist Dr.Fong; LINDA EVANS as neighbor ______.
  10. Hart of the Yard 26 June 1980-28 Aug 1980 (NBC/Universal); USA title: Nobody's Perfect; 3 Sep 1980-5 Jan 1981 (UK: ITV); 10 30-minute episodes; Non-funny Situation Comedy about bumbling Scotland Yard detective in San Francisco. Creators: Arne Sultan, Chris Hayward; Executive Producers: Producer: Lew Gallo Director: Music: Tom Scott; Starring: RON MOODY as Detective Inspector Roger Hart; CASSIE YATES as Detective Jennifer Dempsey; MICHAEL DURRELL as Lieutenant Vince de Gennaro.
  11. Hart to Hart 29 Sep 1979-24 May 1984 (ABC/Aaron Spelling/ RONA II/Columbia Pictures); Pilot 25 Aug 1979 (ABC); 3 Feb 1980-14 Apr 1985 (UK: ITV/LTV); 110 60-minute episodes; Perhaps the most romantic long-running Mystery/Detective television series. Jennifer and Jonathan Hart have money, style, a dog named Freeway, a Major Domo/Chauffeur named Max, and a mansion in Beverly Hills. That makes the series sound extremely similar to The Thin Man, and yet it had its original scripts and verve. Jonathan made his fortune as head of the vast conglomerate known as Hart Industries. Jennifer is a famous freelance journalist. The rekindle their love by taking adventurous trips to exotic places around the world, where they always end up acting as private detectives, sometimes for jet-set friends, sometimes for someone dispossessed. Typical website: DigiGuide Library: Hart to Hart Creator: Sidney Sheldon (best-selling novelist); Executive Producers: Aaron Spelling, Leonard Goldberg; Producer: Mart Crowley, David Levinson; Executive Creative Consultant: Tom Mankiewicz; Starring: ROBERT WAGNER (It Takes a Thief; Switch) as Jonathan Hart; STEFANIE POWERS (The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.; Feather and Father) as Jennifer Hart; LIONEL STANDER as Major Domo Max; STELLA STEVENS AS ______; ROBERT VAUGHAN as ________.
  12. Have Gun-Will Travel 14 Sep 1957-1963 (CBS) ; {to be done} Mystery/Detective/Western drama series; black and white; according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series A good website is: The Man in Black Starring RICHARD BOONE as Paladin;
  13. Hawaii Five-O 26 Sep 1968-5 Apr 1980 (CBS/Leonard Freeman); 19 July 1970-29 Aug 1982 (UK: ITV/Anglia); The longest continuously-running American television Police series; best website: The Hawaii Five-O Home Page 268 60-minute episodes; The evil Wo Fat was "a Red Chinese agent in charge of the entire Pacific Asiatic theatre", and Steve McGarrett headed the team that opposed him, an elite 4-man Hawaii State police unit cracking down on "organized crime, murder, assassination attempts, foreign agents, felonies of every type." In the final season, Wo Fat was convicted. Almost always filmed on location -- with the gorgeous scenery practically a character, as was the unforgettable theme music -- the smart writing, interesting characters, brilliant acting, and taught direction made this a television classic. Creator: Leonard Freeman; Executive Producer: Leonard Freeman; Producers: Bill Finnegan, Bob Sweeney, Richard Newton, Philip Leacock; Director: Music: Starring: JACK LORD as Steve McGarrett; KHIGH DIEGH as Wo Fat; JAMES McARTHUR as Danny "Danno" Williams; KAM FONG as Detective Chin Ho Kelly; ZULU as Detective Kono; AL HARRINGTON; HERMAN WEDEMEYER as Duke Lukela; RICHARD DENNING as Governor Philip Grey; HARRY ENDO as Coroner Che Fong; AL EBAN as Doc; MAGGI PARKER as May; PEGGY RYAN as Jenny; WILLIAM SMITH as James "Kimo" Carew; MOE KEALE as Truck Kealoha; SHARON FARRELL as Lori Wilson; Guest Stars who spun off into other TV series included: THOMAS FUJIWARA; KWAN HI LIM; Guest Stars included: HUME CRONYN; HELEN HAYES; HERBERT LOM; RICARDO MONTALBAN; LESLIE NIELSEN;
  14. Hawaiian Eye 7 Oct 1959-2 Apr 1963 (ABC/Warner Bros.); 31 Dec 1960-29 Mar 1963 (UK: ITV/Anglia); 133 60-minute episodes; black and white; A clone of the hit 77 Sunset Strip, but set in Hawaii. Two good-looking detectives, Tom Lopaka and Tracy Stele, worked from an office overlooking a swimming pool at the Hawaiian Village Hotel. They were assisted by Cricket Blake, a photographer/singer, and ukelele-strumming taxi-driver Kazuo Kim (who always wore straw hats). Executive Producer: William T. Orr; Producers: Charles Hoffman, Stanley Niss, Ed Jurist; Music: Mack David, Jerry Livingston; Starring: BOB CONRAD as Tom Lopaka; ANTHONY EISLEY as Tracy Stele; CONNIE STEVENS as Cricket Blake (this show kicked off her singing career); PONCIE PONCE as Kazuo Kim; GRANT WILLIAMS as Greg MacKenzie (season 2); TROY DONAHUE as Philip Barton (season 4); MEL PRESTIDGE as Honolulu Police Officer Quon (season 2).
  15. Hawaiian Heat 14 Sep 1984-7 Dec 1984 (ABC/MCA); 1 120-minute episode; 10 60-minute episodes; Chicago policemen Andy Senkowski and Mac Riley get away from the big city grind, and the frigid winters, by working undercover for the Honolulu Police. They are looked down on as mere "mainland snowbirds" until they make a big drug bust. They are now accepted by Harker, a 40-something local cop; and his boss, the head of the Detective Division, Major Oshira. Hot-headed Mac and introspective Andy rent a beach house, which is inexplicably filled with models in swimsuits, the most intriguing of whom is helicopter pilot Irene Gorley, who has a pert parrot named Pakalolo. Executive Producer: James D. Parriott; Producers: Dan Nochols, Dean Zanetos; Starring: JEFF McCRACKEN as Andy Senkowski; ROBERT GINTY as Mac Riley; TRACY SCOGGINS as Irene Gorley; TARO MAKO as Major Oshira; BRANSCOMBE RICHMOND as Harker.
  16. Hawk 8 Sep 1966-29 Dec 1966 (ABC/Columbia); 18 Jan 1973-?? (UK: ITV/Granada); 17 60-minute episodes; Iriqouis Indian John Hawk was played by Burt Reynolds, who is actually part Native American. Hawk worked at night for the New York City District Attorney's office. Filmed at night in New York, the Mysery/Detective drama series depended on Hawk's tracking skills. A decade later, when Burt Reynolds had become a big star, NBC aired the series in re-run. The same thing happened with Burt Reynolds's other series, Dan August, which started on ABC but later became reruns on CBS. Creator: Allan Sloane; Executive Producer: Hubbell Robinson; Producer: Paul Bogart; Starring: BURT REYONLDS as Lt. John Hawk; WAYNE GRICE as Detective Dan Carter; BRICE GLOVER as Assistant District Attorney Murray Slaken; LEON JANNEY as Assistant District Attorney Ed Gorton.
  17. Hawkins 2 Oct 1973-3 Sep 1974 (CBS/MGM); 7 90-minute episodes; Billy Jim Hawkins resigned his Deputy District Attorney position for a peaceful private law practice in the West Virginia country, specializing in murder investigations. He was assisted by his cousin R.J.; the pair handled clients from all over the country. I still don't understand why film superstar James Stewart did not click with the TV audience. Executive Producer: Norman Felton; Producer: Jud Taylor; Starring: JAMES STEWART as Billy Jim Hawkins; STROTHER MARTIN as R. J. Hawkins.
  18. Hazell 16 Jan 1978-30 Jan 1980 (UK: ITV/Thames); 22 60-minute episodes; Cockny P.I. James Hazell is a divorced 33-year-old with a bad ankle that costs him his police job. He hits the bottle, and soon his marriage cracks up. So he starts a private detective agency in the roughest neighborhood of London, assisted by Tel, his cousin. He carries a .44 Magnum, but secretly hopes he won't need to fire it. He clashes with "Choc" Minty, a sceptical Scottish CID officer, but succeeds in nabbing bad guys until BBC purts a series of Robert Redford films in his time slot, stealing away his audience. Creators: Terry Venables (Manager of Soccer team Tottenham Hotspur) and Gordon Williams; together they wrote the Hazell novels under the pseudonym P. B. Yuill; Producers: June Roberts (season 1), Tim Aspinall (season 2); Story Editor: Richard Harris; Starring: NICHOLAS BALL as James Hazell; RODDY McMILLAN as "Choc" Minty; DESMOND McNAMARA as Cousin Tal; JAMES FAULKNER as Gordon Gregory; CELIA GREGORY as Vinne Rae; MAGGIE RILERY as Maureen; BARBARA YOUNG as Dot Wilmington.
  19. Heart of the City 27 Sep 1986-2 July 1987 (ABC/Michael Zinberg/ American Flyer Television Ltd./20th Century Fox); 16 Jan 1989-9 May 1989 (UK: ITV/LWT); Los Angeles cop Wes Kennedy, who patrolled the L.A. streets with partner Rik Arno, was a single father. He raised his two teenagers, Robin and Kevin, after his wife died. This was a quality series: it won Woody Omens the 1988 ASC Award from the American Society of Cinematographers for Outstanding Achievement in a Regular Series. It also won Christina Applegate the 1987 Young Artist Award for Exceptional Performance by a Young Actress in a New Television, Comedy, or Drama Series; had Jonathan Ward nominated for a Young Artist Award; and won the overall Young Artist Award for Best New Family Television, Comedy, or Drama Series, Fall Season. Fox Net later aired reruns. 1 90-minute episode; 13 60-minute episodes; Creators: Michael Zinberg, E. Arthur Kean; Executive Producer: Michael Zinberg; Producer: David M. Balkan; Cinematographer: Woody Omens; Music: Patrick Williams; Starring: ROBERT DESIDERIO as Wes Kennedy; KARIO SALEM as Rik Arno; CHRISTINA APPLEGATE as Robin Kennedy; JONATHAN WARD as Kevin Kennedy; ROBERT ALAN BROWNE as Detective Stanley Bumford; BRANSCOMBE RICHMOND as Dergeant Luke Halui; DICK ANTHONY WILLIAMS as Ed Van Duzer.
  20. Hec Ramsey 8 Oct 1972-25 Aug 1974 (NBC/Universal); 10 Mar 1973-19 May 1974 (UK: ITV); 7 120-minute episodes; 3 90-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Western drama series spun-off from a pilot: The Century Turns. When Hec Ramsey decided to retire as a gunfighter, he put roots down in New Prospect, Oklahoma. He became a deputy to Sheriff Oliver B. Stamp. Since Hec Ramsey was disenchanted with using guns to settle disputes, he delved deeply into the new technologies of Criminology, including ballistics, fingerprints, and the like. He had a buddy, Amos Coogan, a barber; and had a crush on the lovely Norma. Executive Producer: Jack Webb; Producers: William Finnegan, Douglas Benton, Harold Jack Bloom; Directors: Douglas benton, Nicholas Colasanto, Herschel Daugherty, Alex March, George Marshall, Andrew V. McLaglen, Harry Morgan, Daniel Petrie, Richard Quine; Writers: Douglas Benton, Harold Jack Bloom, Joseph Calvelli, William R. Cox, Richard Fielder, John Meston, Brad Radnitz, Mann Rubin, Harold Swanton, Shimon Wincelberg; Music: Fred Steiner, Lee Holdridge, Laurence Rosenthal; Starring: RICHARD BOONE as Hec Ramsey; RICHARD LENZ as Sheriff Oliver B. Stamp; HARRY MORGAN as DOC COOGAN; ___ AS Amos Coogan; ___ as Norma.
  21. The Hidden Truth 24 Sep 1964-13 Oct 1964 (UK: ITV/Rediffusion Network); 4 60-minute episodes; black and white; Ancestor of The Expert, this Mystery/Detective drama series followed a team of four pathologists in their investigations of arson, insurance fraud, and murder. Their leader was Professor Robert Lazard, whose motto was: "Stay clear of involvement." So he, and his assistants, including Dr. Hamavid de Silva (from Ceylon, now Sri Lanka) never discussed any of the cases on which they were working. Creators: John Whitney, Geoffrey Bellman; Producer: Stella Richman; Starring: ALEXANDER KNOX as Professor Robert Lazard; JAMES MAXWELL as Dr. Henry Fox; ELIZABETH WEAVER as Sr. Ruth Colton; ZIA MOHYEDDIN as Dr. Hamavid de Silva.
  22. Highway Patrol __ Sep 1955-?? 1959 (Ziv/Syndicated); early 1956 (UK: the London area of ITV); 20 Nov 1960-14 Sep 1962 (UK: ITV); 156 30-minute episodes; black and white; "Whenever the laws of any state are broken, a duly authorized organization swings into action. It may be called the State Police, State Troopers, militia, the Rangers, or the Highway Patrol. These are the stories of the men whose training, skill, and courage have enforced and preserved our state laws." That's what the Announcer declaimed at the start of each episode. This was the 1950s' premier syndicated hit, spreading the American low-budget vision, and the radio phrase "Ten-Four" to countries around the globe. Tough craggy Broderick Crawford, who had previously played gangsters in cinema, was didactic about highway driving safety -- but in real life had two citations for dangerous driving. Executive Producer: Vernon E. Clark; Assistant Producer: Joe Wonder; Director: Music: Richard Llewellyn; Starring: BRODERICK CRAWFORD as Chief Dan Mathews; WILLIAM BOYETT as Sergeant Williams..
  23. Hill Street Blues 15 Jan 1981-19 May 1987 (NBC/MTM); 22 Jan 1981-25 Oct 1984 (UK: ITV); 3 Nov 1984-4 Apr 1989 (UK: Channel Four); 145 60-minute episodes; Arguably the best Mystery/Detective/Police drama ever aired on television, Hill Street Blues alterered the very look and feel of American television. With its vast talented ensemble cast, the multiple simultaneous interwoven plot lines, the roving camera following one actor after another in rapid series, the multi-layered sound-track, it set new standards. It also spun-off Beverly Hills Buntz. Steven Bochco left to start the hit L.A. Law, and was quickly heralded as the greatest modern genius on television production. Creators: Steven Bochco, Michael Kozoll; Executive Producers: Steven Bochco (1981-1985), Gregory Hoblit; Music: Mike Post; Starring: DANIEL J. TRAVANTI as Captrain Frank Furillo; MICHAEL CONRAD as Sergeant Phil Esterhaus; VERONICA HAMEL as Joyce Davenport; MICHAEL WARREN as Officer Bobby Hill; CHARLES HAID as Officer Any Renko; BRUCE WEITZ as Detective Mick Belker; RENE ENRIQUEZ as Lieutenant Ray Calletano; KIEL MARTIN as Detective Johnny "JD" LaRue; TAUREAN BLACQUE as Detective Neal Washington; JAMES B. SIKKING as Lieutenant Howarde Hunter; JOE SPANO as Sergeant/Lieutenant Henry Goldblume; BETTY THOMAS as Officer/Sergeant Lucy Bates; BARBARA BABCOCK as Grace Gardner; BARBARA BOSSON as Fay Furillo; GERRY BLACK as Detective/Lieutenant Alf Chesley; ROBERT HIRSCHFIELD as Officer leo Schitz; ED MARINARO as Officer Joe Coffey; JON CYPHER as Chief Fletcher P. Daniels; LISA SUTTON as Officer Robin Tatglia; GEORGE WYNER as Assistant D.A. Irwin Bernstein; ROBERT PROSKY as Sergeant Stanislaus Jablonski; DENNIS FRANZ as Sergeant Norman Buntz; KEN OLIN as Detective Garibaldi; MIMI KUZYK as Detective Patricia Mayo; TRINIDADA SILVA as Jesus Martinez.
  24. Hollywood Beat 21 Sep 1985-2 Nov 1985 (ABC/Aaron Spelling/ Warner Bros.); 7 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Action/Comedy series about two undercover cops in Hollywood, who liked changing costumes and disguises. They plumbed deep into the underground, and made many busts. The Los Angeles Times, however, declared the series: "repulsive." Creator: Henry Rosenbaum; Executive Producer: Aaron Spelling; Producer: Henry Rosenbaum; Starring: JACK SCALIA as Detective Nick McCarren; JAY ACOVONE as Detective Jack Rado; JOHN MATUSZAK as George Grinsky; EDWARD WINTER as Captain Wes Biddle.
  25. Hollywood Off Beat is the British title; 1952-1953 USA Title: Steve Randall; 6 50-minute episodes; Steve Randall was a lawyer who got disbarred. He becomes a private detective, hoping to earn his way back to being a lawyer again. He specializes in investigating blackmail and murder. In the final episode, he is once again admitted to the bar as a practicing attorney. Of course, that killed the show, as TV was oversaturated with courtroom series. Creators: Executive Producers: Producer: Marion Parsonnet; Starring: MELVYN DOUGLAS as Steve Randall
  26. Holmes and Yoyo 25 Sep 1976-11 Dec 1976 (ABC/Universal); 29 Oct 1976-9 Feb 1977 (UK: BBC1); 13 or possibly 16 30-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Science Fiction Sitcom. Alexander Holmes, a hapless cop, gets a new partner, Yoyo: a robot. This is supposed to be kept a secret. The Science Fiction aspects depended on Yoyo's features: built-in power supply, removable head, literally photographic memory. It is unlikely that Officer Maxine Moon could have consummated her crush on Yoyo. Creators: Jack Sher, Lee Hewitt; Executive Producer: Leonard B. Stern; Producer: Arne Sultan; Writers: Jack Sher, Lee Hewitt; Director: Music: Starring: RICHARD B. SCHULL as Detective Sergeant Alexander Holmes; JOHN SCHUCK as Detective Sergeant Gregory "Yoyo" Yoyonovich; BRUCE KIRBY as Captain Harry Sedford; ANDREA HOWARD as Officer Maxine Moon; Australian Tribute Site for Holmes and Yoyo
  27. Homicide 20 Oct 1964-?? 1977 (Australia: Channel 7/ Crawfords); 1967 (USA: Syndicated for 78 episodes); 376 60-minute black and white episodes; 133 60-minute color episodes; One of the three most successful Australian television exports, along with Neighbors and Home and Away. Its 509 episodes were based on American television style, but set in the Homicide Squad of the Victoria Police, in the beautiful city of Melbourne. Creators: Executive Producers: Dorothy Crawford, Hector Crawford, Henry Crawford, Ian Crawford; Producers: Igor Auzins, Don Battye, Ian Crawford; Technical Advisor: the Victoria Police; Music: Starring: JACK FEGAN as Inspector Connolly; LEONARD TEALE as Detective Sergeant Mackay; GEORGE MALLABY as Detective Peter Barnes; TERYY McDERMOTT as Detective Sergeant Bronson; CHARLES TINGWELL (surgeon Alan Dawson on British series Emergency Ward 10) as Inspector Lawson; DON BARKER as Detective Harry White.
  28. Homicide: A Life on the Streets 1991-1999 (NBC); according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series 6 50-minute episodes; Adapted from the non-fiction book by David Simon: "Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets." Homicide investigation unit in Baltimore battles violent crimes. Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Directors: Jace Alexander, Brad Anderson; Music: Starring: DANIEL BALDWIN as Detective Beauregard "Beau" Felton (1993-1995); NED BEATTY as Detective Stanley "Stan" Bolander (1993-1995); RICHARD BELZER as Detective John Munch ABDRE BRAUGHER as Detective Francis Xavier "Frank" Pembleton (1993-1998); CLARK JOHNSON as Detective Meldrick Lewis; YAPHET KOTO as Lt. Al "Gee" Giardello;
  29. Honey West 17 Sep 1965-2 Sep 1966 (ABC/Four Star) {to be done} 30 30-minute episodes; black and white; Adapted from the 1957 novel This Girl for Hire, by Gloria Fickling and Forest Fickling writing as G.G. Fickling; which had 10 sequel novels (1958-1971). Appeared in a 1965 episode of Burke's Law. Spun-off to a show of her own. Honey inherited the family detective agency, including her partner Sam Bolt, from her deceased father. Martial arts expert with almost as many high-tech devices as Inspector Gadget, she captured criminals but eluded the romantic attentions of her partner. The love of her life was her pet ocelot, Bruce. Creators: Gloria Fickling and Forest Fickling; Developed for Television by: Gwen Bagni; Executive Producer: Aaron Spelling; Writers: Gwen Bagni, Paul Dubov; Story Editor: Bud Kay; Producer: Richard Newton; Associate Producer: Don Ingalls; Directors: Thomas Carr, Bill Colleran, John Florea, Murray Golden, James Goldstone, Walter Grauman, Jerry Hopper, Ida Lupino, Sidney Miller, John Peyser, Seymour Robbie, Virgil W. Vogel, Paul Wendkos; Music: Joseph Mullendore; Starring: ANN FRANCIS as Honey West; Bruce as Bruce, her pet ocelot; JOHN ERICSON as Sam Bolt; IRENE HERVEY as Aunt Meg; Honey West Episode Guide: Honey West
  30. Hong Kong 1960-1961 (ABC); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series 6 50-minute episodes; Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Director: Music: Starring:
  31. Hong Kong Phooey 7 Sep 1974-4 Sep 1976 (ABC/Hanna-Barbera); 16 25-minute episodes; airs now as rerun on cartoon Network; "Mild-mannered" Shih-tzu janitor Penrood "Penry" Pooch works at a police station, and is secretly a super-hero. Penry overhears about crimes from either the Srage or from the operator Rosemary. He climbs into a file cabinet, and emerges as super-hero Hong Kong Phooey. His sidekick the cat Spot, has the voice of legendary Don Messick (Scooby Doo, Astro, etc.). They drive in the PhooeyMobile, which (when Hong Kong Phooey hits a gong) turns into any other form of transportation imaginable. Creators: Executive Producers: Joseph Barbera, William Hanna; Producer: Iwao Takamoto; Director: Charles A. Nichols; Music: Hoyt S. Curtin; "Hong Kong Phooey, number one super guy. Hong Kong Phooey, quicker than the human eye. He's got a style, a groovy style, and a car that just won't stop. When the going gets rough, he's super-tough, with a Hong Kong Phooey chop (Hee-Yaaaaah!). Hong Kong Phooey, number one super guy. Hong Kong Phooey, quicker than the human eye. Hong Kong Phooey, he's fan-riffic (*gong!*)" Vocal Stars: SCATMAN CROTHERS as Penrood "Penry" Pooch/Hong Kong Phooey; DON MESSICK as Spot/Narrator; KATHY GORI as Rosemary; JEAN VANDER PYL as Rosemary; JOE ROSS as Sarge (Sergeant Flint); Hong Kong Phooey by Eric Staufer; 80sNostalgia.Com: Hong Kong Phooey
  32. Hooperman 23 Sep 1987-6 Sep 1989 (ABC/Adam/20th Century Fox); 42 30-minute episodes; originally aired Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m.; Harry Hooperman was an Inspector in the San Francisco Police. When at home, he managed the dilapidated apartment he'd inherited, alonmg with a virulent dog, Bijoux and a horde of irritated and irritable tenants. Star John Ritter was the real-life son of Country-Western superstar Tex Ritter. In this series, he was the most patient cop alive, and tolerating his ball-busting boss "C.Z." Stern, his tenants. More dangerous to him than any criminal was his love/hate relationship with downstairs plumber/tenant Susan Smith. Creators: Steven Bochco (Hill Street Blues), Terry Louise Fisher; Executive Producers: Robert Myman, Leon Tokatyan, Rick Kellard; Producers: Director: Music: Mike Post; Starring: JOHN RITTER (Three's Company) as Inspector Harry Hooperman; BARBARA BOSSON as Captain Celeste "C.Z." Stern; DEBRAH FARENTINO as Susan Smith (1987-1988); FELTON PERRY as Inspector Clarence McNeil; CLARENCE FELDER as Officer Boris "Bobo" Pritzger; SIDNEY WALSH as Officer Maureen "Mo" DeMott; JOSEPH GIAN as Officer Rick Silardi; ALIX ELIAS as Betty Bushkin; ROD GIST as Rudy (1988-1989); PAUL LINKE as T.J. (1988-1989); DAN LAURIA (The Wonder Years) as Lou Stern; Best Episode Guide: Screen Source: Hooperman
  33. The Hound of the Baskervilles 3 Oct 1982-24 Oct 1982 (UK: BBC1); 4 30-minute episodes; Dramatization: Alexander Baron; Executive Producers: Producer: Barry Letts; Director: Peter Duguid; Music: Starring: TOM BAKER (Dr. Who) as Sherlock Holmes; TERENCE RIGBY (K-9 cop Henry Snow on Softly, Softly) as Dr. Watson; NICOLAS WODESON as Sir Henry Baskerville; CHRISTOPHER RAVENSCROFT Burden, sidekick to Reg Wexford, in the Ruth Rendell Mysteries) as Stapleton. See also: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; The Return of Sherlock Holmes; The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes.
  34. The Human Target 1992 (ABC); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series 6 50-minute episodes; Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Director: Music: Starring:
  35. Hunter __ 1977-?? (NBC/??)); __ 60-minute episodes; James Hunter and Marty Shaw are Special Agents of the U.S. government. They run counterespionage actions, while James runs his cover job as owner/operator of a book store in Santa Monica, and she has a cover job as a model. Creator: William Blinn; Executive Producers: Philip Caprice, Lee Rich; Producer: Christopher Morgan; Directors: Bruce Bilson, Barry Crane, Harry Harris, Gerald Mayer, Gary Nelson; Second Unit Director: Lynn Guthrie; Music: Richard Shores; Production Manager: Lynn Guthrie; Aircraft Pilot: Lynn Guthrie; Art Director: Philip Barber; Starring: JAMES FRANCISCUS as James Hunter; LINDA EVANS as Marty Shaw; RALPH BELLAMY as Harold Baker.
  36. Hunter 18 Sep 1984-?? (NBC/Lorimar/Stephen J. Cannell); __ 60-minute episodes; Detective Rick Hunter investigates homicides for LAPD, assisted by his partner Sergeant Dee Dee McCall. They often work undercover, and often rely on tips from "Sporty" James. Creators: Executive Producers: Stephen J. Cannell, Frank Lupo, Roy Huggins; Producer: Chuck Bowman Director: Music: Starring:
  37. Hunter __ 1966-__ 1969 (Australia); 65 60-minute episodes; Creators: Executive Producers: Dorothy Crawford, Hector Crawford, Henry Crawford, Ian Crawford; Producer: Chuck Bowman Director: Music: Starring: TONY WARD as John Hunter (epsiodes 1-57); ROD MULLINAR as Gil Martin (epsiodes 56-65);
  38. Hunter's Walk 4 Jun 1973-3 Sep 1973 (UK: ITV/ATV); 39 60-minute episodes; Filmed in Rushden, Northants, which represented the imaginary town of Broadstone, this show was realistic at the expense of excitement. Creator: Ted Willis (Dixon of Dock Green); Executive Producers: Producer: John Cooper; Director: Music: Derek Scott; Starring: EWAN HOOPER as CID Detective Sergeant "Smithy" Smith; DAVYD HARRIES as Sergeant Ken Ridgeway; DAVID SIMEON as Detective Constable "Mickey" Finn; DUNCAN PRESTON as PC Fred Pooley; CHARLES REA as PC Harry Coombes; RUTH MADOC (later star of Hi de Hi) as Betty Smith; MIKE PRATT [Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)] as _____.
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I: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. I Had Three Wives15 Mar 1983-12 Apr 1983 (CBS/Brownstone/Warner); 6 50-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Romance drama series. Jackson Beaudine investigated cases with the help of his three glamorous ex-wives. Mary Beaudine Parker was now a lawyer, with Jackson's 10-yearold son Andrew. Samantha Collins was an actress/black belt/race driver/scuba expert. "Liz" Bailey Beaudine was a super-competitive journalist. David Faustino (later to star in Third Rock from the Sun) was nominated in 1986 for the Young Artist Award for his role in this show, in the category "Exceptional performance by a young actor in a television special or mini-series." Creator: Donald A. Baer; Executive Producer: Donald A. Baer; Producers: Director: Music: Still Photographer/Props: Michael Douglas Midleton; Starring: LUIS AVALOS as Lieutenant Gomez; MAGGIE COOPER as Mary Beaudine Parker; TERI COPLEY as Samantha Collins; DAVID FAUSTINO as Andrew Beaudine; VICTOR GARBER as Jackson Beaudine; SHANNA REED as Elizabth "Liz" Bailey Beaudine.
  2. I'm the Law 1953 (Syndicated/Cosman/TCA); 10 July 1964-18 July 1955 (UK: BBC); 26 30-minute episodes; black and white; Star George Raft was a real-life buddy of Pat Costello from when the two were in vaudeville. Once Lou Costello made it big and started his own production company, he roped in George Raft. George Raft was a movie star, who had usually played gangsters. But here he was a tough-as-nails New York City police officer. This was a tough, gritty series, ahead of its times in many ways. Executive Producers: Lou Costello (Abbott and Costello), Pat Costello (Lou's brother); Starring: GEORGE RAFT as Police Lieutenant George Kirby, and Narrator.
  3. Inch High, Private Eye 8 Sep 1973-31 Aug 1974 (NBC/Hanna-Barbera); 13 30-minute episodes; animated; World's shortest detective, assisted/harassed by his niece Laurie, the disguide-master Gator, and his scaredy-cat dog Braveheart, he fights crime for the Finkerton Organization, and drives around in the Hugemobile. Weirdly combines animation of the little guy and live-action by normal-sized teenagers. Executive Producers: Joseph Barbera, William Hann; Associate Producer: Art Scott; Creative Producer: Iwao Takamoto; Music: Hoyt S. Curtin; Starring: KATHY GORI as Laurie; BOB LUTELL as the voice of Gator; DON MESSICK (Scooby Doo, Astro, Spot/Narrator in Hong Kong Phooey, etc.) as voice of Braveheart; JOHN STEPHENSON as voice of Mr.Finkerton; JEAN VANDER PYL as the vopice of Mrs.Finkerson; LENNIE WEINRIB as the voice of Inch High.
  4. Inspector Gadget 1983-1985 (Syndicated/DiC/LBS); 25 Aug 1984-??? (UK: ITV); 65 30-minute episodes; animated; Now spun-off into a live-action film {hotlink to be done}, this hit series featured a hapless android/robot detective in constant battle with the evil Dr.Claw and the underworld organization M.A.D., which stood for "Mean and Dirty." He was packed top-to-bottom with high-tech gadets, which sometimes worked well, and sometimes backfired amusingly. His was backed by Penny, his niece, and by his dippy dog Brain. Don Adams actually quit partly through the series, and later episodes have an anonymous imitator of his voice. I have a bit of a grudge against DiC, for coercing me into doing a script on spec on the basis of my expertise in the real space program, and then not even sending me a rejection letter. Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Jean Chalopin, Andy Heyward; Director: Music: Shuki Levy, Haim Saban; Music Editor: Tom Villano; Casting: Lori Crawford; Starring: DON ADAMS (Get Smart) as the voice of Inspector Gadget; FRANK WELKER as the voices of Brain, Dr.Claw, and Mad Cat; HOLLY BERGER (1985) as the voice of Penny; CREE SUMMER (1983-1985) as the voice of Penny; MAURICE LaMARCHE as the voice of Chief Quimby; TOWNSEND COLEMAN as the voice of Capeman; Other voices included: MELLENY BROWN, JERI CRADDEN, GREG DUFFELL, DON FRANCKS, DAN HENNESSEY, HADLEY KAY.
  5. Inspector Morse 6 Jan 1987-27 Mar 1991 (UK: ITV/Zenith/Central Independent Television); 4 Feb 1988-20 June 1991 (US: WGBH Boston "Mystery") 20 120-minute episodes; Huge world-wide hit, deservedly. It was based on Colin Dexter's novels, starting with "Last Bus to Woodstock" (1975). Inspector Morse is a refreshingly intellectual character, a free-spririt literate bachelor, based on Colin Dexter's eccentric but brilliant friends at Oxford University. Creator: Colin Dexter; Executive Producer: Ted Childs; Producers: Kenny McBain (seasons 1-2), Chris Burt (Season 3), David Lascelles (seasons 4-5); Director: varies between episodes; Music: Barrington Pheloung; Starring: JOHN THAW as Chief Inspector Morse; KEVIN WHATELY as Detective Sergeant Lewis; PETER WOODTHORPE as Max; AMANDA HILWOOD as Dr. Grayling Russell; NORMAN JONES as Chief Superintendent Bell; JAMES GROUT as Chief Superintendent Strange.
  6. International Detective 1959 (USA: Syndicated/Delfry/ABC); 26 Dec 1959-4 June 1961 (UK: ITV); Narrator: "Though these stories are based on real cases from the secret files of the W.J.B. Detective Agency, the names of clients and locations have been changed to protect their privacy." 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; Producer: Gordon L. T. Scott; Director: Theme Music: Le Roy Holmes; Music: Edwin Astley, Harry Booth; Starring: ARTHUR FLEMING as Ken Franklin.
  7. Interpol Calling 14 Sep 1959-20 June 1960 (UK: ATV/Rank/Wrather); 1961 (USA: Syndicated); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; Exciting series about European criminals pursued as far afield as Africa. Executive Producer: F. Sherwin Green; Producers: Anthony Perry, Connery Chappell; Director: Music: Starring: CHARLES KORVIN as Inspector Paul Duval; EDWIN RICHFIELD as Inspector Mornay.
  8. In the Heat of the Night 6 Mar 1988-??? (NBC/MGM); 19 July 1988-19 Dec 1990 (UK: ITV); __ 60-minute episodes; Spun off from the ROD STEIGER/SIDNEY POITIER hit film of the same name. Creator: James Lee Barrett; Executive Producers: Fred Silverman, Juanita Bartlett, David Moessinger, Jeri Taylor, Carroll O'Connor Producers: Hugh Benson, Ed Ledding; Director: Music: Starring: Carroll O'Connor (All in the Family) as Chief Bill Gillespie; HOWARD ROLLINS as Detective Virgil Tibbs; ALAN AUTRY as Sergeant Bubba Skinner; ANNE-MARIE JOHNSON as Althea Tibbs; DAVID HART as Detective Parker Williams; GEOFFREY THORNE as Detective Wilson Sweet.
  9. The Investigator 3 June 1958-2 Sep 1958 (NBC); 13 30-minute episodes; black and white; Father (Jeff) and Son (Lloyd) team of detectives, although the Dad had started as a newspaper reporter in the 1920s. Starring: LONNY CHAPMAN as Jeff Prior; HOWARD ST.JOHN as Lloyd Prior.
  10. The Investigators 5 Oct 1961-28 Dec 1961 (CBS/Revue); 13 60-minute episodes; black and white; Investigators, Inc., of New York City ran insurance investigations from a palatial office complex on the Upper East Side. Starring: JAMES FRANCISCUS (Longstreet) as Russ Andrews; JAMES PHILBROOK as Steve Banks; AL AUSTIN as Bill Davis; MARY MURPHY as Maggie Peters.
  11. Ironside see A Man Named Ironisde {to be done} 16 60-minute episodes; Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Director: Music: Starring:
  12. It's Dark Outside 1964-1965 16 60-minute episodes; Spin-off from The Odd Men. About the cases of Detective Inspector Charles Rose. Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Director: Music: Starring: WILLIAM MERVYN as Detective Inspector Charles Rose; KEITH BARRON as Detective Sergeant Swift (1964); JOHN CARSON as Anthony Brand (1964); JUNE TOBIN as Alice Brand (1964); ANTHONY AINLEY as Detective Sergeant Hunter; VERONICA STRONG as Claire; OLIVER REED as Sebastian.
  13. It's Murder -- But Is It Art? 23 Mar 1972-27 April 1972 (UK: BBC1/Grenada); 6 30-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Comedy series. Amateur detective Phineas Drake investigates a young woman's murder. Creators: Producer: Graeme Muir; Writers: David Pursall, Jack Seddon; Starring: ARTHUR LOWE as Phineas Drake; DUDLEY FOSTER as Inspector Hook; ARTHUR HOWARD as Sillitoe; RICHARD HURNDALL as Brigadier Austin Binghop; AMBROSINE PHILLPOTTS as Lady Skerrington-Mallett; ANTHONY SAGER as Detective Sergeant Watson; SHEILA KEITH as Mrs. MacPherson.
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J: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. J.J. Starbuck 1987-1988 (NBC); 6 50-minute episodes; Jerome Jeremiah "J.J." Starbuck is a billionnaire from Texas who cruises America in a 1961 Lincoln convertible with steer horns mounted on the hood. Sometime assisted by ex-con-man E. L. "Tenspeed" Turner, he solves cases free of charge, sweet-talking local police to get them out of the way, jurisdictionally speaking. Creators: Executive Producer: Stephen J. Cannell; Production Manager: Brent-Karl Clackson (the new Outer Limits); Director: Music: Starring: DALE ROBERTSON as Jerome Jeremiah "J.J." Starbuck; BEN VEREEN as E. L. "Tenspeed" Turner (1988); JIMMY DEAN as Charlie Bullets; SHAWN WEATHERLY as Jill Starbuck.
  2. Jacks and Knaves 16 Nov 1961-7 Dec 1961 (UK: BBC); 4 45-minute episodes; This show was the predecessor to the hit Z Cars. It was based on the genuine Detective Sergeant Bill "Mr.P" Prendergast of Liverpool CID, who was spectacularly effective at interrogating suspects, without taking notes, and extracting confessions by sheer brainpower and will. "Mr.P" broke through the tightest alibis for 28 years. In Liverpudlian slang, a "Jack" is a detective. Creator: Colin Morris; Producer: Gilchrist Calder; Director:Gilchrist Calder; Starring: JOHN BARRIE as Detective Sergeant Tom Hitchin.
  3. Jake and the Fatman 15 Sep 1987-??? (CBS/Viacom); 20 May 1989-??? (UK: ITV);
  4. 100+ 60-minute episodes; J. L. "Fatman" McCabe was a policeman in Hawaii who has moved to the mainland, and now returned as the D.A. of Honolulu. He relies on Jake Styles as his private investigator -- a fashion-plate with a rich romantic life and a delight in expensive fast cars. The Fatman also depends upon the young gungo-ho Assistant Prosecutor Derek Mitchell, and a pet bulldog, Max. Creators: Dick Hargrove, Joel Steiger; Executive Producers: Fred Silverman, Dean Hargrove, David Moessinger, Ed Waters; Producers: Ron Satlof, Fred McKnight; Music: Dick DeBenedictis; Starring: WILLIAM CONRAD (Cannon, Nero Wolfe) as J. L. "Fatman" McCabe; JOE PENNY as Jake Styles; ALAN CAMPBELL as Derek Mitchell.
  5. P.D. James 8 Apr 1983-8 Feb 1991 (UK: ITV/Anglia); 24 Oct 1986-?? (USA: WGBH Boston "Mystery"); 7 60-minute episodes; Adapted from 6 of the Dalgliesh novels of Phyllis Dorothy "P.D." James, these fine television events have been exported to almost 70 countries. Adam Dalgliesh is a depressed lonely workaholic widower, accomplished poet, son of an Anglican vicar, and brilliant police detective. We first see him as Chief Superintendent of Scotland Yard, and then (by the "Black Tower" episode) promoted to Commander. Creators: Executive Producers: Producer: John Rosenberg; Directors: varies from episode to episode; Music: Richard Harvey; Starring: ROY MARSDEN as Adam Dalgliesh; JOHN VINE as John Massingham (seasons 1-3).
  6. Jango 25 Jan 1961-22 Mar 1961 (UK: ITV/Associated Rediffusion); 8 30-minute episodes; black and white; Spin-off from Mystery/Detective/Comedy Murder Stamp. Jango Smith has been compared to Columbo, Jacques Tati's "Monsiuer Hurlot", and G.K. Chesterton's Father Brown. He's a rumpled Criminology professor, with a lumpy walking stick and a beat-up raincoat. He is eccentric, appealing, and always underestimated. Divorced from boutique owner Dee Smith, he still sleeps on her couch. He hides his considerable intelligence, and surprises the bad guys. Creator: Robert Urquhart; Producer: Cyril Coke; Director: Cyril Coke; Music: Starring: ROBERT URQUHART as Jango Smith; MOIRA REDMOND as Dee Smith.
  7. Jason King 15 Sep 1971-5 May 1972 (UK: ITV/Scroton Productions); 26 60-minute episodes; Spun-off from Department S, Jason King is a Mystery/Detective novelist, whose "Mark Caine" series enriches his publisher, Nicola Harvester. No longer an international crime investigator, he still sometimes liases with British Intelligence, when asked by civil servant Sir Brian and his deputy Ryland. Somehow, in each skin-of-the-teeth success, he finds time to romance beautiful women. Creators: Dennis Spooner, Monty Berman; Producer: Monty Berman; Music: Laurie Johnson; Starring: PETER WYNGARDE as Jason King; ANN SHARP as Nicola Harvester; DENNIS PRICE as Sir Brian; RONALD LACEY as Ryland.
  8. Jemima Shore Investigates 8 June 1983-24 Aug 1983 (UK: ITV/Thames); 12 60-minute episodes; Adapted from the "Jemima Shore" novels by Antonia Fraser, The aristocrat protagonist, educated in Europe, is a television writer-producer of the imaginary show Jemima Shore Investigates for the imaginary Megalith Television. Now living in tony West London, she adores her cat, attending concerts, rubbing elbows with other upper class folk, and doing a lot of amateur detective work. Creator: Antonia Fraser; Producer: Tim Aspinall; Director: Music: Starring: PATRICIA HODGE as Jemima Shore; ANTONIA FRASER in Hitchcockian 1-line cameo of episode 1: "A Splash of Red."
  9. Jessie 18 Sep 1984-13 Nov 1984 (ABC/MGM); 6 Oct 1986-27 Nov 1986 (UK: ITV/TVS); 10 60-minute episodes; Southern California police department's staff psychiatrist Dr. Jessie Hayden helped the cops understand murderers, serial killers, and other deadly people whose mental illness menaced society. She must have experience significant psycho-social stressors herself, as her own life was in peril in every episode, which also concerned her mother Molly (at whoe home she still lived), and her cop partner Lieutenant Alex Ascoli. This Mystery/Detective drama series did try to give a realistic account of psychiatry, except for all those car chases and shoot-outs. Producers: Lindsay Wagner, Richard Michaels; Music: John Cacavas; Starring: LINDSAY WAGNER (The Bionic Woman) as Dr. Jessie Hayden; TONY LO BIANCO as Lieutenant Alex Ascoli; CELESTE HOLM as Molly Hayden.
  10. Jigsaw 21 Sep 1972-11 Aug 1973 (ABC/Universal); 17 Jan 1974-22 Aug 1975 (UK: ITV); 8 60-minute episodes; The Bureau of Missing Persons of the California State Department was lucky to have special investigator Lieutenant Frank Dain. Frank himself was saved from a Murder charge when he located a key witness. Touch, independent, resourceful, and strikingly effective on difficult cases, he made the "skip tracer" seem more exciting than it usually is in real life. In the USA, this Mystery/Detective drama series was one of the rotating shows in the omnibus The Men, along with sister shows Assignment Vienna and The Delphi Bureau. Creator: Robert Thompson; Producer: Stanley Kallis; Director: Music: Robert Drasnin, Harper McKay; Starring: JAMES WAINWRIGHT as Lieutenant Frank Dain.
  11. Jigsaw John 2 Feb 1976-8 Sep 1976 (NBC/MGM); 13 60-minute episodes; Nicknamed "Jigsaw" for the way he methodically fitted together the pieces of murder investigations, John St.John was Senior Investigator with LAPD. He relied on partner Sam Donner, and had a long-term romance with sexy nursery-school teacher Maggie Hearn. Creator: Al Martinez; Producers: Ronald Austin, James Buchanan; Starring: JACK WARDEN (Crazy Like a Fox) as John St.John; ALAN FEINSTEIN as Sam Donner; PIPPA SCOTT as Maggie Hearn.
  12. Jimmy Hughes, Rookie Cop 8 May 1953-3 July 1953 (DuMont); 8 30-minute episodes; Back from the Korean War, Jimmy Hughes discovers that his father, a cop, has been killed in a shoot-out. To even the score against the bad guys, and apply the deiscipline he'd learned as a soldier, he joins the police, under tough, by-the-book Inspector Ferguson. Assistwed by his sister, Betty Hughes, he stalked and arrested his father's murderers, and inherited his father's badge. Starring: WILLIAM REDFIELD as Officer Jimmy Hughes; CONRAD JANIS as Officer Jimmy Hughes (last episodes); RUSTY LANE as Inspector Ferguson; WENDY DREW as Betty Hughes.
  13. Joe Dancer: The Big Trade 1981-?? (NBC/Filmways Pictures); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  14. __ 60-minute episodes; Executive Producer: Robert Blake; Director: Reza Badiyi; Music: George Romanis; Starring: ROBERT BLAKE as Joe Dancer; SONDRA BLAKE as "Charlie"; ROBIN DEARDEN as Jenny; SAM ANDERSON, HARRY CAESAR, GINO CONFORTI, JOSEPH DiREDA, DEBORAH GEFFNER, KELLY GARNT, KELLY LANGE, HARRIET MATHEY, GLENN ROBARDS, REID RONDELL, LARRY WILLIAMS.
  15. Joe Forrester 9 Sep 1975-30 Aug 1976 (NBC/Columbia); 23 Oct 1976-11 Sep 1977 (UK: ITV); 13 60-minute episodes; Hoping to be the American Dixon of Dock Green, this decent Mystery/Detective drama series featured a likeable big city cop with great neighborhood relationships. He befriended a young African-American schoolgirl, Jolene Jackson. His boss was Sergeant Bernie Vincent, and he dated Georgia Cameron. This show had considerable potential, but lost the ratings war with The Blue Knight. Creator: Mark Rogers; Executive Producers: David Gerber; Producers: Mark Rogers, James H. Brown; Starring: LLOYD BRIDGES (Mike Nelson in Sea Hunt) as Joe Forrester; PATRICIA CROWLEY as Georgia Cameron; EDDIE EGAN (real-life former NYPD officer) as Sergeant Bernie Vincent; DAWN SMITH as Jolene Jackson.
  16. Johnny Midnight 1960 (USA: Syndicated/Revue/MCA); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; Hollywood star Edmond O'Brien, once forced by Executive Producer Jack Chertok to lose weight, appeared in the role of Johnny Midnight: an actor in New York City who became a detective. In this Mystery/Detective/Action series, Johnny Midnight's beat was Times Square, where he was assisted by NYPD's Sergeant Sam Olivera and Lieutenant Geller. He had a Japanese houseboy, Aki, which does not seem realistic to me in high-rent Manhattan of the 1960s. Executive Producer: Jack Chertok; Music: Joe Bushkin, Stanley Wilson; Starring: EDMOND O'BRIEN as Johnny Midnight; ARTHUR BATANIDES as Sergeant Sam Olivera; BARNEY PHILLIPS as Lieutenant Geller; YUKI SHIMODA as Aki.
  17. Johnny Staccato original title Staccato; 10 Sep 1959-25 Sep 1960 (NBC/ABC/Revue/MCA/Universal); 17 Feb 1988-27 Apr 1988 (UK: Channel 4); 27 30-minute episodes; Black and White; Well-written, superbly acted, good-looking, and great-sounding Mystery/Detective drama series about jazz pianist Johnny Staccato. Johnny Staccato hung out at the Greenwich Village club Waldo's, where great jazz fit the crowded, smoky atmosphere. That's where he found his clients for his private detective gig. John Cassavetes, the king of American improvisational actor-directors, was memorably noir. Absurdly, NBC cancelled the show, and quite sensibly ABC snapped it up. Were it not for that interruption, which lost audience, this show could have grown to a stylish classic, alas. Executive Producer: William Frye; Producer: Everett Chambers; Music: Elmer Bernstein; Starring: JOHN CASSAVETES as Johnny Staccato; EDUARDO CIANELLI as Waldo; PETE CANDOLI'S BAND as the Walso Jazz Combo, with musicians including RED NORVO and BARNEY KESSEL.
  18. Judge Dee 8 Apr 1969-13 May 1969 (UK: ITV); 5 60-minute episodes; Creators: Adapted from the Judge Dee novels of Robert Van Gulik, these fine stories were in turn based on an actual Minister of State of China in the Tang Dynasty, from 630 AD to 700 AD. The real Judge Dee was a philosopher, judge, magistrate, and detective who terrified criminals throughout the empire. There was a vaguely related 1974 TV movie starring Khigh Dhiegh, who'd played Wo Fat on Hawaii Five-O, called Judge Dee and the Monastery Murders. Producer: Howard Baker; Writer: John Wiles; Music: Derek Hilton; Starring: MICHAEL GOODLIFFE as Judge Dee; GARFIELD MORGAN as Tao Gan.
  19. Juliet Bravo 30 Aug 1980-21 Dec 1985 (UK: BBC); 82 50-minute episodes; "Juliet Bravo" was not a character, but a police radio call-sign. This Mystery/Detective drama series dealt with women trying to make it professionally in a traditioonally male business -- the police force of the imaginary Lancashire town of Hartley. First, Inspector Jean Darblay established her credentials as senior police officer, although her background was as a housewife, married to Tom Darblay. She succeeded, and by the 4th season, had been promoted away, and replaced by Inspector Kate Longton. Men tended to lambaste the show, which had an intensely loyal female following. But there was nothing feminine about the episode where PC Danny Sparks was dying in a nightclub burning to the ground, while U@ played "Sunday, Bloody Sunday." The show was realistic, if sometimes overly cozy. Creator: Ian Kenndy Martin (The Sweeney); Producers: Terence Williams, Peter Cregeen; Starring: STEPHANIE TURNER as Inspector Jean Darblay (seasons 1-3); DAVID HARGREAVES as Tom Darblay (seasons 1-3); ANNA CARTERET as Inspector Kate Longton (seasons 4-6); DAVID ELLISON as Sergeant Joe Beck; NOEL COLLINS as Sergeant George Parrish; MARK BOTHAM as PC Danny Sparks; C.J. ALLEN as PC Brian Kelleher.
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K: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. Katts and Dog USA Title: Rin Tin Tin: K-9 Cop 16 Sep 1988-??? 1991 (Canada: CBS/Pearson Lamb/Bert Leonard Films/ Comweb Productions/Dover Beach Productions, Inc.); 20 Jan 1990-5 May 1990 (UK: ITV); __ 30-minute episodes; Spun off 30 later from the American TV series Rin Tin Tin, this traces Canine Officer Hank Catts as he graduates Police Academy, meets his partner Rinty, and also follows Hank's nephew Steve who is adpoted by Katts after Steve's mother dies. Co-Executive Producers: James Ackerman, Terry Botwick, Thomas Halleen, Peck Prior; Associate Producer: John Gundy; Producers: Barry Pearson, Herbert B. Leonard; Directors: Clay Borris, Don McCutcheon, Peter Rowe (1991); Executive Story Editors: Avrum Jacobson, Roy Sallows; Story Editor: Jean-Vincent Fornier; Cinematography: Gilles Corbeil, Matt Tundo; Film Editors: Mike Lee, Ken Peterson; Casting: Ross Clydesdale; Art Director: Bill Layton; Set Decorator: Tony Duggan-Smith; Costume Designer: Lou Decampo; Music: Paul Zaza; Starring: JESSIE COLLINS as Hank Catts; CALI TIMMINS as Maggie; ANDREW BEDNARSKI as Steve (Stevie); KEN POGUE as Captain Murdoch; RIN TIN TIN III as Rinty; SHARON ACKER as Alice Davenport; DENNIS AKAYAMA as Ron Nakamura; KATIE GRIFFEN as _____; PHILLIP JARRETT as Sergeant O.C. Phillips (1991-1993); BRIAN KAULBACK as Officer Dennis Brian (1988-1992); CORRINE KOSLO as Officer Connie Boothe; PETER MacNEILL as Sergeant Callahan; DAN MARTIN as Lou Adams (1988-1991); KEN P0GUE as Captain Cullen Murdoch; JACKIE RICHARDSON as Mrs. Chan; NANCY ANNE SAKOVICH as Officer Laeh McCray; CHUCK SHAMATA as Al Logan; DENISE VIRIEUX as Officer Renee Daumier (1989-1992).
  2. Kaz 10 Sep 1978-19 Aug 1979 (CBS/Lorimar); 20 Nov 1980-11 Dec 1980 (UK: ITV); 26 Jan 1982-13 July 1982 (UK: Thames); 22 60-minute episodes (only 13 ran on ITV); Executive Producers: Lee Rich, Marc Merson; Producers: Peter Katz, Sam Rolfe; Film Editor: Howard Terrill; Music: Fred Karlin; Starring: RON LEIBMAN as Martin "Kaz" Kazinsky; PATRICK O'NEAL as Samuel Bennett; LINDA CARLSON as Katie McKenna; GLORIA LE ROY as Mary Parnell; GEORGE WYNER as D.A. Frank Revko; EDITH ATWATER as Ilsa Fogel; DICK O'NEILL as Malloy; MARK WITHERS as Peter Colcourt.
  3. Khan 7 Feb 1975-28 Feb 1975 (CBS); 4 60-minute episodes; P.I. Khan was the Charlie Chan of modern San Francisco Chinatown. He was assisted by his number-one son, Kim; and by his student daughter Kim. Good setting, good acting, poor teleplays. Confucius say: "Number One Son ratings not same as Neilsen Ratings." Charlie Chan itself has a fascinating history, as explained in a Ph.D. dissertation by William Wu. Creator: Chet Gould; Producers: Laurence Heath, Joseph Henry; Music: Bruce Broughton, Morton Stevens; Starring: KHIGH DHIEGH (Hawaii Five-O) as Khan; YAH-LING SUN as Anna Khan; EVAN KIM as Kim Khan; VIC TAYBACK as Lieutenant Gubbins.
  4. King of Diamonds 1961-1962 (Syndicated/Ziv/United Artists); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; John King is Chief of Security for the diamond industry and, with the assistance of Al Casey, he battles the Illegal Diamond Buyer's Syndicate. Starring: Broderick Crawford (Highway Patrol) as John "Johnny" King (1961); RAY HAMILTON as Al Casey.
  5. Kodiak 13 Sep 1974-1 Oct 1974 (ABC/Warner Bros./Kodiak); 13 30-minute episodes; Cal "Kodiak" McKay worked for the Alaska State Patrol. His beat was 50,000 square miles of wilderness, which he covered on snowshoes, skiis, and the like. Filmed gorgeously on location, Cal was assisted by his Eskimo buddy Abraham Lincoln Imhook. The show rarely dealt with crime as such, but usually with peaceful negotiation to resolve disputes about mining or fishing, or to rescue victims of avalanches. Creators: Stan Shpetner, Anthony Laurence; Producer: Stan Shpetner Music: Morton Stevens; Starring: CLINT WALKER (Cheyenne) as Cal "Kodiak" McKay; ABNER BIBERMAN as Abraham Lincoln Imhook (1974); MARGARET BLYE as Mandy.
  6. Kojak 24 Oct 1973-18 Mar 1978 (CBS/Universal); 1 180-minute episode; 3 120-minute episodes; 112 60-minute episodes; Creator: Abby Mann; Executive Producer: Matthew Rapf; Producers: James MacAdams, Jack Laird; Associate Producers: Jack Laird, Michael Scheff; Directors: Edward Abroms, Jim Benson, Noel Black, Robert Day, Richard Donner, Charles S. Dubin, others {to be done}; Writers: Burton Armus, George Bacos, others {to be done}; Theme Music: Billy Goldenberg; Starring: TELLY SAVALAS as Lieutenant Theo Kojak; DAN FRAZIER as Captain Frank McNeill; KEVIN DOBSON as Lieutenant (Sergeant) Bobby Crocker; GEORGE SAVALAS as Detective Stavros; MARK RUSSELL as Detective Saperstein (1974-1977); VICE CONTI as Detective Rizzo (1974-1977);
  7. Kolchak: the Night Stalker 13 Sep 1974-30 Aug 1975 (ABC/Francy/Universal); 15 Oct 1983-10 Dec 1983 (UK: ITV); 14 Nov 1984-4 Mar 1985 (UK: Central); 20 60-minute episodes; Story summary: {to be done} {see Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror}; Creator: Jeff Rice; Executive Producer: Darren McGavin; Producers: Paul Playdon, Cy Chermak; Director: Music: Gil Melle; Starring: DARREN McGAVIN as Carl Kolchak; SIMON OAKLAND as Tony Vincenzo.
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L: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. Lady Blue 14 Apr 1985-25 Jan 1986 (ABC/MGM); 1 120-minute episode; 12 60-minute episodes; Detective Katy Mahoney was a violent cop in the violent underground of Chicago. Her ready use of her pistol put her at odds with her superiors, as well as her personal relationships. Creator: Robert Vincent O'Neill; Executive Producer: David Gerber; Producer: Mark Rogers; Starring: JAMIE ROSE as Detective Katy Mahoney; DANNY AIELLO as Chief Detective Terry McNichols; RON DEAN as Sergeant Gina Ginelli; RALPH FOODY as Captain Flynn.
  2. Land's End 20 Sep 1995-18 May 1996 (Syndicated/ Fred Dryer Productions and Skyvision Partners in association with Buena Vista Television); 20 60-minute episodes; 1 120-minute episode; Mike Land retired from L.A.P.D. detectives after his wife was murdered, and soon moved to the Mexican resort town of Cabo San Lucas. He takes on cases that come his way, while serving as head of security for the Westin Regina resort. Driving his vintage 1968 Pontiac GTO convertible, Mike is frequently assisted by his eccentric but talented friend, Vietnam veteran Willis P. Dunlevy. Creators: Fred Dryer & Victor A. Schiro and Peter Gethers & David Handler; Adapted from: the novel by Joe Gores; Writers: Peter Gethers, David Handler, Peter Koper, Geoffrey Lewis, Alfonso H. Moreno, Lincoln Kibbee, Norman & L.Lee Lapidus, John Clarkson, James Bruce, Fred Dryer and Victor A. Schiro, Gene Miller & Karen Kevner, Elliot Stern; Executive Producers: Fred Dryer, ??; Producers: ?? Directors: James Bruce, Geoffrey Lewis, John Huneck, Jefferson Kibbee, Martin Pasetta, Jr., Christian Faber, Paul Abascal; Filmed on location in: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Starring: FRED DRYER (Hunter) as Mike Land; GEOFFREY LEWIS as Willis Dunlevy; TIM THOMERSON as Dave Bronson; PAMERLA BOWEN as Courtney Saunders WILLIAM MARQUEZ as Chief of Police Guest stars: Mary-Margaret Humes, Melissa Clayton, Tony Carozzola, Sergio Calderon, Lana Clarkson, Frank Converse, Gregory Scott Cummins, Bobbie Eakes, Kevin West; Episodes: "Land's End" (20 September 1995; 120 minute episode) "Night Eyes" (30 September 1995) "Parentnapping" (8 October 1995) "A Line in the Sand" (14 October 14, 1995) "Day of the Dead" (21 October 1995) "El Perico" (28 October 1995) "Bounty Hunter" (4 November 1995) "Willie Gets Lucky" (11 November 1995) "What Are Friends For " (18 November 1995) "The Curse of Willis" (25 November 1995) "What Ever Happened to Maria Rosa?" (2 December 1995) "Windfall" (23 December 1995) "The Long Arm of the Law" (3 February 1996) "Fool's Gold" (10 February 1996) "Dr. Amore" (17 February 1996) "Red Cadillac" (24 February 1996) "Pieces of 8 Is Enough" (2 March 1996) "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" (27 April 1996) "Who's Killing Cole Porter?" (4 May 1996) "Mothers Behind Bars" (11 May 1996) "Jenny" (18 May 1996) see also: cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  3. Lanigan's Rabbi 30 Jan 1977-3 July 1977 (NBC/Universal); 16 Feb 1978-16 Nov 1979 (UK: ITV); 4 90-minute episodes; Mythical Cameron, California, Police Chief Paul Lanigan socialized with and depended on assistance from his friend, criminologist Rabbi David Small. Lanigan's daughter, local newspaper reporter Bobbie Whittaker added plot complications. Rabbi David Small's wife Miriam and Lanigan's wife Kate appreciated their evenings together, but were politely irritated by the constant shop talk. NBC Sunday Mystery Movie rotated this mystery/detective drama series with Columbo, McCloud, and McMillan and Wife. Creator: Adapted from the novels by Harry Kemelman, starting with Friday the Rabbi Slept Late; Executive Producer: Leonard B. Stern; Producers: David J. Connell, Gordon Cotler, Don Mankiewicz; Music: Don Costa; Starring: ART CARNEY as Chief Paul Lanigan; BRUCE SOLOMON as Rabbi David Small; JANIS PAIGE as Kate Lanigan; JANET MARGOLIN as Miriam Small; BARBARA CARNEY (daughter of Art Carney) as Bobbie Whittaker; ROBERT DOYLE as Lieutenant Osgood.
  4. The Law and Harry McGraw 27 Sep 1987-10 Feb 1988 (CBS/Universal); 1 July 1990-4 Dec 1990 (UK: ITV/TVS); 1 120-minute episode; 15 60-minute episodes; The Odd Couple of Boston law enforcement: upper-crust widow criminal attorney Ellie Maginnis and lower-class Private Investigator Harry McGraw. That they worked together -- their offices were across the hall from each other -- offended Ellie Maginnis's nephew, tax attorny Steve Lacey, who had romantic inentions for Harry's secretary Emma Jean Brunson, who was also Harry's niece. This is the armature of the sculpted Mystery/Detective/Comedy/ Drama television series. There was an episode that combined Harry with Jessica Fletcher of Creator Peter S. Fischer's other series: Murder, She Wrote. Creator: Peter S. Fischer (Murder, She Wrote); Executive Producer: Peter S. Fischer; Producer: Robert F. O'Neill; Starring: JERRY ORBACH as Harry McGraw; BARBARA BABCOCK as Ellie Maginnis; JULI DONALD as Emma Jean Brunson; SHEA FARRELL as Steve Lacey; PETER HASKELL as Tyler Chase.
  5. Law and Order [first series] 6 Apr 1978-27 Apr 1978 (UK: BBC2); 4 75-minute episodes; A quartet of hyper-realistic teleplays from the viewpoints, respectively, of a criminal, a detective hunting criminals, a lawyer defending criminals, and a prison officer incarcerating criminals. It was very dark and cynical, filled with corrupt cops, bribes, and a pseudo-documentary style that enraged police organizations, who feared that the public would not realize that these shows were fiction. Producer: Tony Garnett; Director: Leslie Blair; Writer: G. F. Newman; Starring: {to be done}
  6. Law and Order [second series] Sep 1990-present (NBC/Wolf/Universal); 8 Apr 1991-23 Sep 1991 (UK: BBC1); __ 60-minute episodes; A modernized version of the old Arrest and Trial. Creator: ???, based on homicide-intense NYPD 34th Precinct, on Manhattan's 184th Street. Executive Producer: Dick Wolf; Producers: Robert Palm; Starring: MICHAEL MORIARTY as Assistant District Attorney Ben Stone; GEORGE DZUNDZA as Detective Sergeant Max Greevy; CRISTOPHER NOTH as Detective Mike Logan; RICHARD BROOKS as Assistant District Attorney Paul Robinette.
  7. Lawbreaker 1963 (Syndicated/Latimer/United Artists); 32 30-minute episodes; black and white; Executive Producer: Maurice Unger; Starring: LEE MARVIN as Host; unfortunately, criminals and cops played themselves, badly.
  8. The Lawless Years 16 Apr 1959-22 Sep 1961 (NBC); 27 Sep 1987-24 Apr 1988 (UK: ITV/LWT); 47 30-minute episodes; black and white; The place: New York City. The time: the Roaring 20s. Barney Ruditsky was a real cop, who did battle organized crime. He retired in 1941 (in real life) to run a Los Angeles detective agency. A friend of Danny Arnold, that proucer named Barney Miller after Barney Ruditsky. The show was realistic, hard-hitting, and enjoyable. Sad to say, it lost the ratings war with the extremely similar The Untouchables on ABC, which was set at the same time, but in Chicago. Executive Producer: Jack Chertok; Starring: JAMES GREGORY as Barney Ruditsky; ROBERT KARNES as Max.
  9. Lazarus and Dingwall 1 Feb 1991-8 Mar 1991 (UK: BBC2); 27 Sep 1987-24 Apr 1988 (UK: ITV/LWT); 6 30-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Police/Comedy television series. The "Really Serious Crime Squad" was a parody along the lines of Dempsey and Makepeace. Creators: Kim Fuller, Vicky Pile; Producer: Geoff Posner; Director: Bob Spiers; Starring: STEPHEN FROST as Steve "Laz" Lazarus; MARK ARDEN as Mark "Ding" Dingwall; PETER BLAND as Chief; RACE DAVIES as Beverly Armitage; JIM FINDLEY as Clinton; SIMON GODLEY as Detective One; NEILL MULLARKEY as Detective Two.
  10. Legmen 20 Jan 1984-16 Mar 1984 (NBC/Universal); 21 Aug 1984-4 Dec 1984 (UK: ITV/Thames); 8 60-minute episodes; Jack Gage and his buddy David Taylor pay their college bills by hiring out to a shifty PI, Oscar Armismendi. They do his dirty work, dodge his bullets, and get the pretty girls. When do they have time to study for exams? I saw Claude Akins dining at Burger Continental, in Pasadena, California. I was with my wife and Science Fiction author Dr. Jerry Pournelle. Jerry went over and praised Claude Akins's work, and Claude Akins was friendly, professional, and polite. Executive Producers: Richard Chapman, Bill Dial, Andrew Mirisch; Producers: April Kelly, Alex Baton; Starring: BRUCE GREENWOOD as Jack Gage; J.T. TERISKY as David Taylor; DON CALFA as Oscar Armismendi; CLAUDE AKINS (Lobo) as Tom Bannon.
  11. Leg Work 3 Oct 1987-5 Dec 1987 (CBS/Frank Abatemarco/ Treasure Island/20th century Fox); 15 Apr 1988-20 May 1988 (UK: ITV/LWT); 10 60-minute episodes; Creator: Frank Abatemarco; Executive Producer: Frank Abatemarco Producer: John Starke; Starring: MARGARET COLIN as Claire McCarron; FRANCES McDORMAND as Willie Pipal; PATRICK JAMES CLARKE as Fred McCarron.
  12. Lime Street 21 Sep 1985-26 Oct 1985 (ABC/R.J./Mozark/Columbia); 1 90-minute episode; 7 60-minute episodes; James Grayson Culver is an international insurance investigator based in an office on Lime Street, London. He flits between jet-set resorts and his family on a vast ranch in Virginia. Creator: Linda Bloodworth Thomason; Executive Producers: Robert Wagner, Harry Thomason, Linda Bloodworth Thomason; Producer: E. Jack Kaplan; Starring: ROBERT WAGNER (It Takes a Thief) as James Grayson Culver; JOHN STANDING as Edward Wingate; SAMANTHA SMITH as Elizabeth Culver; MAIA BREWTON as Margaret Ann Culver; LEW AYRES as Henry Wade Culver; PATRICK MACNEE as Sir Geoffrey Rimbatten.
  13. The Lineup see: San Francisco Beat {to be done} 16 60-minute episodes; Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Director: Music: Starring:
  14. Lobo 18 Sep 1979-25 Aug 1981 (NBC/Universal); 38 60-minute episodes; Spin-off of B.J. and the Bear; originally titled: The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo, the feeble premise was that the Governor of Georgia (or was it the Mayor of Atlanta?) had reassigned Sheriff Elroy P. Lobo and his bumbling brother-in-law Deputy Perkins to a special city task force, hoping to bring Atlanta's crime down to the zero-level apparently achieved in Lobo's home district of Orly. But the Orly numbers were an artifact of Lobo's forgetting to mail in his actual crime statistics. Can the country boys solve crimes in the big city? In predictable comedy fashion, every bungle and bumble works out for the best. The very talented character actor Claude Akins is always watchable, but essentially wasted here. Executive Producers: Glen A. Larson, William P. D'Angelo; Music: "The Ballad of Sheriff Lobo" sung by Frankie Laine; Starring: CLAUDE AKINS as Sheriff Elroy P. Lobo; MILLS WATSON as Deputy Perkins; BRIAN KERWIN as Deputy Birdwell "Birdie" Hawkins.
  15. The Lone Wolf 1954 (Syndicated as Streets of Danger); Based on characters created by Louis Joseph Vance (1879-1933); Starring Louis Hayward as THE LONE WOLF; Similar to Jack Boyle's Boston Blackie, Louis Joseph Vance's Michael Lanyard, better known as THE LONE WOLF, didn't start out as a Private Investigator, but as a criminal. However, as with Blackie, thanks to his numerous re-creations in film, radio and television, The Lone Wolf is now best remembered, incorrectly, as a Private Eye. All of Louis Joseph Vance's novels feature Lanyard as a charming roguish European jewel thief with a soft spot for damsels in distress, trained in the criminal arts by the mysterious Irishman, Bourke. It's said that The Lone Wolf was the inspiration for Leslie Chartis' The Saint. He certainly proved to be popular, be he thief, reformed thief, spy or private eye. He first appeared in film in 1917, just three years after the first novel appeared. He remained a criminal right into the talkies, but by the third effort with sound, 1939's The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt, he was a reformed gentleman thief on the side of the good guys, and by the The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady (1940), he had acquired a valet, Jamison, whose chief job, it seemed, was to provide comic relief, and to become hopelessly entangled in the plots. In 1948, after appearing in fourteen talkies, and perhaps as many as half a dozen silent films, The Lone Wolf moved to radio, and began a new career, with the cultured European jewel thief now an American private eye, even if the cops still didn't trust him. The radio series also proved successful enough to eventually spawn a television series, in 1954. The TV show had a rather schizophrenic hero, with actor Louis Hayward playing the character as a retired French gentleman by day, and the shadowy, wall-crawling Lone Wolf by night. LONE WOLF NOVELS: * The Lone Wolf (1914) * The False Faces (1918) * Alias The Lone Wolf (1921) * Red Maquerade (1921) * The Lone Wolf Returns (1923) * The Lone Wolf's Son (1931) * Encore The Lone Wolf (1933) * The Lone Wolf's Last Prowl (1934) LONE WOLF FILMS: * THE LONE WOLF (1917, Columbia) Silent, Starring Bert Lytell as THE LONE WOLF; * FALSE FACES (1930, Columbia) Silent, Starring Henry B. Walthall as THE LONE WOLF; * LAST OF THE LONE WOLF (1930, Columbia) Silent, Directed by Richard Boleslawsky, Starring Bert Lytell as THE LONE WOLF; * THE LONE WOLF RETURNS (1935, Columbia) First Lone Wolf talkie, 69 minutes, Directed by Roy William Neill, Starring Melvyn Douglas as THE LONE WOLF, Also starring Gail Patrick, Tala Birell, Arthur Hohl, Thurston Hall; * THE LONE WOLF IN PARIS (1938, Columbia) 66 minutes Directed by Albert S. Rogell, Starring Francis Lederer as THE LONE WOLF, Also starring Frances Drake, Walter Kingsford, Leona Maricle, Olaf Hytten, Albert Van Dekker; * THE LONE WOLF SPY HUNT (1939, Columbia) 67 minutes Screenplay by Jonathan Latimer, Directed by Peter Godrey, Starring Warren William as THE LONE WOLF, Also starring Ida Lupino, Rita Hayworth, Virginia Weidler, Ralph Morgan, Don Beddoe, Tom Dugan; * THE LONE WOLF MEETS A LADY (1940, Columbia) 71 minutes Directed by Sydney Salkow, Starring Warren William as THE LONE WOLF, with Eric Blore as Jamison; Also starring Jean Muir, Warren Hull, Thurston Hall, Victor Jory, Roger Pryor; * THE LONE WOLF STRIKES (1940, Columbia) 57 minutes, Directed by Sydney Salkow, Starring Warren William as THE LONE WOLF, with Eric Blore as Jamison, Also starring Joan Perry, Alan Baxter, Astrid Allwyn, Montagu Love, Robert Wilcox; * THE LONE WOLF KEEPS A DATE (1941, Columbia) 65 minutes, Directed by Sydney Salkow, Starring Warren William as THE LONE WOLF, with Eric Blore as Jamison, Also starring Frances Robinson, Bruce Bennett, Thurston Hall, Jed Prouty; * THE LONE WOLF TAKES A CHANCE (1941, Columbia) 76 minutes Starring Warren William as THE LONE WOLF, with Eric Blore as Jamison, Also starring June Storey, Henry Wilcoxon, Thurston Hall, Don Beddoe, Evalyn Knapp; * PASSPORT TO SUEZ (1943, Columbia) 76 minutes Directed by Andre De Toth, Starring Warren William as THE LONE WOLF, with Eric Blore as Jamison, Also starring Ann Savage, Robert Stanford, Sheldon Leonard, Lloyd Bridges, Gavin Muir; * THE LONE WOLF IN MEXICO (1947) 69 minutes Directed by Ross Lederman, Starring Gerald Mohr as THE LONE WOLF, with Eric Blore as Jamison, Also starring Sheila Ryan, Jacqueline de Wit, Nestor Paiva, John Gallaudet; * THE LONE WOLF IN LONDON (1947) 68 minutes, Directed by Leslie Goodwins, Starring Gerald Mohr as THE LONE WOLF, with Eric Blore as Jamison, Also starring Nancy Saunders, Evelyn Ankers; * THE LONE WOLF AND HIS LADY (1949) 71 minutes Directed by John Hoffman, Starring Ron Randell as THE LONE WOLF; Also starring June Vincent, Alan Mowbray, William Frawley RADIO: * THE LONE WOLF (1948, Mutual) Starring Walter Coy as THE LONE WOLF, Later replaced by Gerald Mohr; see also:cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  16. Longstreet 9 Sep 1971-10 August 1972; {to be done} 16? 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective Drama television series; Mike Longstreet was a New Orleans insurance company investigator. He was based at 835 Charters Street, New Orleans. While on a case, his wife was killed and his eyesight taken away from him by people who were determined to make sure that he did NOT solve the case. Despite his handicap, Mike refused to quit the business. With the help of an electronic cane that judged the distance of objects and his German Shepherd (Alsatian?) guide dog Pax, Longstreet remained a successful investigator. For him, blindness actually sharpened his other senses and analytical skills. Mike's Girl Friday, Nikki, was his biggest supporter. His insurance company friend Duke Paige worked with him on several cases. Kung Fu expert Bruce Lee appeared in this series as Longstreets' self-defense instructor. Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Director: Music: Starring: JAMES FRNACISCUS as Mike Longstreet; MARLYN MASON as Nikki Bell; PETER MARK RICHMAN as Duke Paige; ANN DORAN as Mrs. Kingston; BRUCE LEE as Longstreets' self-defense instructor.
  17. Look Photocrime, see: Photocrime
  18. Lord Peter Wimsey 5 Apr 1972-13 Aug 1975 (UK: BBC1); 1972-? (USA: Masterpiece Theatre); Radio: 11 serials were made on radio, but only 9 of these appear to be currently held within the BBC archive, and two of these were recently re-released by the BBC Radio Collection (although there have been at least another 4 previously available). Television: 5 45-minute episodes ("Clouds of Witness") 5 Apr 1972-3 May 1972; 4 45-minute episodes ("The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club") 1 Feb 1973-22 Feb 1973; 4 50-minute episodes ("Murder Must Advertise") 30 Nov 1973-21 Dec 1973; 4 55-minute episodes ("The Nine Tailors") 22 Apr 1974-13 May 1974; 4 50-minute episodes ("Five Red Herrings") 23 July 1975-13 Aug 1975; Creator: Dorothy L. Sayers; Adapted from novels by: Dorothy L. Sayers; Executive Producers: Producers: Directors: Hugh David, Ronald Wilson, Rodney Bennett, Raymond Menmuir; Music: Starring: IAN CARMICHAEL as Lord Peter Wimsey; GLYN HOUSTON as Bunter; MARL EDEN as Detective Inspector Parker.
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M: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. MacGruder and Loud 20 Jan 1985-3 (10?) Sep 1985 (ABC); 8 Apr 1988 (UK: ITV/LWT) 120-minute episode only; 1 120-minute episodes; 12 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Police Drama; two police officers are married to each other, against regulations. They start by trying to solve the death of MacGruder's former partner. Executive Producers: Aaron Spelling, Douglas S. Cramer; Producer: Jerry London; Director: Music: Starring: JOHN GETZ as Detective Malcolm MacGruder; KATHRYN HARROLD as Detective Jenny Loud MacGruder; FRANK McCARTHY as Sergeant Myhrum; TED ROSS as Detective Sergeant Debbin; GAIL GRATE as Naomi; CHARLES BOSWELL as Zacharias; LEE deBROUX as Sergeant Hanson RICK ROSSOVICH as Geller.
  2. Madigan 20 Sep 1972-22 Aug 1973 (NBC/Universal/Oden Prod.); 17 Feb 1973-? (UK: ITV); 6 90-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Police series. Cases of a NYPD travelling homicide cop. Based on the 1968 film of the same name, also starring Richard Widmark. Creators: Executive Producers: Dean Hargrove, Frank Rosenberg; Producer: Roland Kibbe; Director: Music: Starring:RICHARD WIDMARK as Sergeant Dan Madigan.
  3. The Magician 1973-1974 (NBC/Paramount); 1 75-minute episode; 24 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Fantasy drama series. Magician Anthony Blake uses his skills to help those in need. Blake was named Anthony Dorian in the feature length pilot. Creator: Bruce Lansbury; Executive Producers: Producer: Laurence Heath; Director: Theme Music: Patrick Williams; Starring: BILL BIXBY as Anthony Blake; KEENE CURTIS as Max Pomeroy; TODD CRESPI as Dennis Pomeroy.
  4. Magnum, P.I. 11 Dec 1980-2 May 1988 (CBS/Universal); 23 May 1981-14 Sep 1987 (UK: ITV/Thames); 150 60-minute episodes; 6 120-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series. Ex-Vietnam Vet Thomas Magnum is a private eye in Hawaii who also looked after the luxury estate of the never-seen Robin. Magnum worked with Master's fastidious British butler Higgins. War buddy "TC" Calvin managed a helicopter company. Orville "Rick" Wright ran a Casablanca-style noghtclub in Honolulu, but sold it to start the King Kamehameha Beach Club in partnership with the mysterious Robin Masters. The show's success hinged on Tom Selleck's appeal to female viewers, who scribbled some 10,000 weekly fan letters. Ruggedly sexy Tom Selleck had appeared in this genre before, in two episodes of The Rockford Files, playing overconfident private eye Lance White. His strong blend of dramatic and comedic acting led to this new show being built around him, where it replaced Hawaii Five-O both in the schedule and in the use of Hawaii locations. In fact, Tom Selleck, as Thomas Higgins, sometimes mentioned Hawaii Five-O's Steve McGarrett by name. After 8 successful seasons, Tom Selleck left for full-time film acting, where Three Men and a Baby consolidated his box office appeal. Creators: Donald P. Bellisario, Glen A. Larson; Executive Producers: Donald P. Bellisario, Glen A. Larson; Starring: TOM SELLECK as Thomas Higgins; JOHN HILLERMAN as Jonathan Quayle Higgins III; ROGER E. MOSLEY as Theodore "TC" Calvin; LARRY MANETTI as Orville "Rick" Wright; ORSON WELLES as Voice of Robin Masters; FRANK SINATRA guest-starred as NYPD Officer _________.
  5. Maigret 31 Oct 1960-23 Jan 1961 (UK: BBC); 52 50-minute episodes; black and white; Creator: Georges Simenon; Adapted: from the novels of Georges Simenon; Producer: Andrew Osborn; Director: Music: Starring: RUPERT DAVIES as Chief Inspector Maigret; EWEN SOLON as Lucas; HELEN SHINGLER as Madamoiselle Maigret; NEVILLE JASON as Serfeant Lapointe; HENRY OSCAR as Inspector Lognon.
  6. Man Against Crime 1949-1954 (CBS/NBC/DuMont); 1956 (NBC) (1949-56, CBS, NBC, Dumont) 82 30-minute episodes; black and white; Sponsor: Camel cigarettes (which all the good guys smoked); Producers: Edward J. Montagne, Paul Nickell; Director: Music: Starring: RALPH BELLAMY as Mike Barnett (1949-1954); ROBERT PRESTON as Mike Barnett (1951); FRANK LOVEJOY as Mike Barnett (1956);
  7. The Man Behind the Badge 11 Oct 1953-3 Oct 1954 (Buckeye); 38 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective anthology series of stories from the police files. Live semi-documentary series about cops, parole officers, park rangers, lawyers, and judges. Producers: Jerry Robertson, Bernard Proctor; Starring: NORMAN ROSE as Host/Narrator; JACK WARDEN as ______________; LESLIE NIELSEN as _________________; CHARLES BICKFORD as Host (syndicated film version).
  8. A Man Called X 1955 (Syndicated/United Artists); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective drama series. Starring: BARRY SULLIVAN.
  9. A Man Called Hawk 1989 (ABC); Original Music: Stanley Clarke; Starring: AVERY BROOKS as Hawk; MOSES GUNN as Old Man; see also cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  10. A Man Called Ironside this was the British title for what was known in the USA as Ironside.
  11. Mancuso FBI 1990-1991 (NBC/Steve Sohner Productions); (UK: ITV); 19 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series. Veteran FBI agent Nick Mancuso has repeated battles with his new forward-thinking younger boss over Mancuso's way of doing things solo. Creator: Steve Sohner; Executive Producers: Steve Sohner, Jeff Bleckner; Music: Dennis McCarthy; Starring: ROBERT LOGGIA as Nick Mancuso; FREDERIC LEHNE as Eddie McMasters; RANDI BRAZEN as Jean St John; LINDSAY FROST as Kristen Carter; CHARLES SIEBERT as Dr.Paul Summers.
  12. The Man from Blackhawk 1959-1960 (ABC/Columbia/Stuart-Oliver); 37 30-minute episodes; black and white; Western/Mystery/Detective drama series. Cases of an insurance investigator in the 1800s. Starring: ROBERT ROCKWELL. see also: cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  13. The Man from Interpol 1960 (UK: Syndicated/Danziger Brothers); 30 Jan 1960-22 Oct 1960 (CBS); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; Low-budget series about Interpol agent Commander Anthony Smith on assignment to Scotland Yard. Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Director: Music: Tony Crombie; Starring: RICHARD WYLER as Commander Anthony Smith; LOHN LOGDEN as Detective Inpector Mercer.
  14. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. ______ 1964-____1967 (NBC/MGM/Arena); 105 60-minute episodes; Creators: Norman Felton, Ian Fleming, Sam Rolfe; Theme Music: Jerry Goldsmith; Producers: Sam Rolfe, David Victor, Anthony Spinner; Executive Producer: Norman Felton; Mystery/Detective/Spy/Sci-Fi drama series. The cases of an exceptional pair of secret agents, Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, working for U.N.C.L.E (United Network Command for Law Enforcement) against the might of international criminal agency THRUSH. See also The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Starring: ROBERT VAUGHAN as Napoleon Solo; DAVID McCALLUM as Ilya Kuryakin; LEO G. CARROLL as Mr Alexander Waverly.
  15. Manhunt 1959-1960 (Syndicated/Screen Gems/Columbia); 78 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective drama series. Cases of the San Diego Police Department and Ben Andrews of the San Diego Chronicle. The show seemed to be a series of screen tests for Screen Gems actors. Producer: Jerry Briskin Starring: VICTOR JORY as Detective Lieutenant Howard Finucane; PATRICK McVEY as Ben Andrews; CHARLES BATEMAN as Detective George Peters (episodes 1-13); RIAN GARRICK as Detective Bruce Hanna (episodes 14-23); CHUCK HENDERSON as Detective Dan Kramer (episodes 24-39); MICHAEL STEFFANY as Detective Paul Kirk (episodes 40-52); ROBERT CRAWFORD as Detective Phil Burns (episodes 53-65); TODD ARMSTRONG as Detective Carl Spencer (episodes 66-78);.
  16. The Manhunter 11 Sep 1974-9 Apr 1975 (CBS/Quinn Martin); 24 60-minute episodes; Ex-Marine Dave Barrett owned and ran an Idaho farm during the Great Depression. His best friend was murdered by bank robbers, so he became a private eye, wandering America to fight for justice. His remaining best friend was his dog Beau. As a matter of fact, the 1930s did have the highest murder rate of any decade in America's 20th Century. Creators: Executive Producer: Quinn Martin; Producer: Sam Rolfe; Director: Music: Duane Tatro; Starring: KEN HOWARD as Dave Barrett; ROBERT HOGAN as Sheriff Paul Tate; HILARY THOMPSON as Lizabeth Barrett.
  17. Manimal 30 Sep 1983-31 Dec 1983 (NBC/Glen Larson); 4 June 1984-23 July 1984 (UK: BBC1); 1 90-minute episode; 7 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Fantasy drama series. Criminology Professor Jonathan Chase could metamorphose into any animal species he wanted to, in order to solve crimes. The assistants who kept his secret were sexy Police Detective Brooke McKenzie and African-American sidekick Ty Earle. Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Director: Music: Starring: SIMON MacCORKINDALE as Professor Jonathan Chase; MEOLDY ANDERSON as Police Detective Brooke McKenzie; MICHAEL D. ROBERTS as Ty Earle; RENI SANTONI as Lieutenant Rivera.
  18. The Man in Room 17 11 June 1965-1 July 1966 (UK: ITV/Granada); 26 60-minute episodes; black and white; Retired barrister Oldenshaw created "Room 17" -- a government department meant to plumb the depths of the criminal mind. In season 1, he was assisted by Dimmock, a student at the Institue for Crimonology at Ohio University. In season 2, he was assisted by Imlac Defraits. Crimes were solved by sheer logic. There was a spin-ff series: The Fellows. Creator: Robert Chapman; Executive Producers: Producer: Richard Everitt; Director: Music: Starring: RICHARD VERNON as Oldenshaw; MICHAEL ALDRIDGE as Dimmock; DENHOLM ELLIOTT as Imlac Defraits; WILLOUGHBY GODDARD as Sir Geoffrey Norton.
  19. Man in a Suitcase 27 Sep 1967-17 Apr 1968 (UK: ITV/ITC); 3 May 1968-20 Sep 1968 (USA: ABC); 30 60-minute episodes; Bounty hunter McGill covered Europe, his cover being that of a travelling salesman. He'd been unjustly fired from the CIA for allegedly allowing an American scientist from defecting to the USSR, and even accused of treason. As a Private Eye, he earned $500/day plus expenses, operated under the pseudonym "The Man in a Suitcase." As a pursued solo sleuth, he parallel's but was overshadowed by his contemporary -- The Fugitive. Creators: Richard Harris, Dennis Spooner; Executive Producers: Producer: Sidney Cole; Director: Theme Music: Ron Grainer; Starring: RICHARD BRADFORD as McGill; Guest Stars included: DONALD SUTHERLAND, EDWARD FOX.
  20. Mannix 16 Sep 1967-13 Apr 1975 (CBS/Paramount); 13 Feb 1971 (UK: ATV); 14 Nov 1980-19 Oct 1983 (UK:ITV/LWT); 191 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series. Joe Mannix leaves upmarket detective agency Intertact to solo as a Private Eye. This show's violence made it a hit in the USA, but thwarted its appeal in Great Britain. Creators: Richard Levinson, William Link; Music: Lalo Schifrin; Producers: Ivan Goff, Ben Roberts; Executive Producer: Bruce Geller; Starring: MIKE CONNORS as Joe Mannix; GAIL FISHER as Peggy Fair; JOSEPH CAMPANELLA as Lou Wickersham; ROBERT REED (The Defenders) as Lieutenant Adam Tobias; WARD WOOD as Lieutenant Arthur Malcolm; LARRY LINVILLE (Major Frank Burns in M*A*S*H) as Lieutenant George Kramer; JACK GING as Lieutenant Daniel Ives.
  21. Man Who Never Was 1966 (ABC/TCF); 18 30-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Espionage drama series. An American agent is the exact double of a senior German; a plot is hatched for the agent to replace him. Creators: John Newland, Teddi Sherman, Judith & Julian Plowden; Producer: John Newland; Starring: ROBERT LANSING as ______; DANA WYNTER as ________.
  22. Man with a Camera 10 Oct 1958-8 Feb 1960 (ANC/MCW/Lewis and Sharpe); 29 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective drama series. Cases of a mystery-solving ex-war- photographer who now worked freelance, somtimes with the assistance of his father, Anton. Producers: Warren Lewis, Don Sharpe; Starring: CHARLES BRONSON as Mike Kovac; LUDWIG STOSSEL as Anton Kovac; JAMES FLAVIN as Lieutenant Donovan.
  23. M.A.N.T.I.S. 1994 (Fox); 1 100-minute episodes; __ 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Sci-fi drama series. Secret agent Miles Hawkins develops an "exoskeleton" suit which, once put on, gives him special strength and other powers which he uses to fight crime. Creators: James McAdams, Bryce Zabel; Starring: CARL LUMBLY as Miles Hawkins; ROGER REES as John Stonebrake.
  24. Mandrake the Magician 1954 (____); ___ 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective/Fantasy drama series. Exploits of a crime-fighting magician, adapted from the long-running comic strip. Starring: COE NORTON as Mandrake; WOODY STRODE as ______.
  25. Markham 2 May 1959-22 Sep 1960 (CBS/Markham/Universal); 60 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective/Lawyer drama series about an international crime fighter. Rich attorney Roy Markham, seeking excitement, travelled from his New York office to wherever an interesting case could be found. He mostly operated solo, but was sometimes assisted by legman John Riggs. Producers: Joe Sistiam, Warren Duff; Starring: RAY MILLAND as Roy Markham/Narrator; SIMON SCOTT as John Riggs.
  26. Mark Saber of London 13 Oct 1957-15 May 1960 (NBC); 12 Aug 1959-30 Aug 1961 (UK: ITV); 83 30-minute episodes; black and white; Creators: Producers: Edward Danziger, Harry Lee Danziger; Director: Music: Starring: DONALD GRAY as Mark Saber; NEIL McCALLUM as Peter Paulson; ROBERT ARDEN as Bob Page; JERRY THORNE as Eddie Wells; COLIN TAPLEY as Inspector Parker.
  27. Inspector Mark Saber - Homicide Squad 5 Oct 1951-? June 1954 (ABC); 78 30-minute episodes; black and white; Creators: Producers: J. Donlad Wilson, Roland Reed; Director: Eugene Forde; Music: Starring: TOM CONWAY as Mark Saber; JAMES BURKE as Sergeant Tim Maloney.
  28. Mark Saber [USA title The Vise] Dec 1955-June 1957 (ABC); 18 Sep 1957-22 June 1959 (UK: ITV); 52 30-minute episodes; black and white; Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Edward Danziger, Harry Lee Danziger; Director: Music: Starring:
  29. Marlowe - Private Eye 27 Apr 1984-25 May 1984 (UK: ITV/David Wickes/LWT); 27 Apr 1986-25 May 1986 (USA: Syndicated); 5 60-minute episodes; a further 6 60-minute episodes were shot in 1986 in Toronto, Canada and broadcast 16 Mar 1991-? 1991 (UK: Granada); Creator: based on fiction by Raymond Chandler; Executive Producers: Producer: David Wickes; Director: Music: John Cameron; Starring: POWERS BOOTH as Philip Marlowe; WILLIAM KEARNS as Lieutenant Magee; LEIGH SCOTT as Annie Riordan.
  30. Martial Law 1998-present (CBS/Carlton Cuse/ Ruddy Morgan/TCF); ___ 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series. A beefy Shanghai cop heads West to become a member ofthe Los Angeles Police Department. He often finds himself called upon to use his Karate expertise. Creator: Carlton Cuse; Executive Producers: Carlton Cuse, Andre Morgan, Stanley Tong; Martial Arts Choreographer: Stanley Tong; Starring: SAMMO HUNG as Sammo Law; ARSENIO HALL as Terrell Parker; KELLY HU as Grace Chen; GRETCHEN EGOLF as Amy Dylon; TAMMY LAUREN as _____; TOM WRIGHT as _____; LOUIS MANDYLOR as _____.
  31. Martin Kane, Private Eye 1 Sep 1949-17 June 1954 (NBC); 120 (?) 30-minute episodes; black and white; Creators: Executive Producer: J. Walter Thompson advertising agency, which had an actual executive named Martin Kane; Producers: Director: Music: Starring:
  32. Martin Kane, Private Investigator {to be done} Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Frank Burns, Ed Sutherland, Edward C. Kahan; Director: Music: Starring: FRED UTTAL as Announcer; {to be done}
  33. The Mask 1954 (ABC); 14 60-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective/Lawyer drama series. Cases of a pair of defense attorneys who happen to be brothers. Starring: GARY MERRILL as _____; WILLIAM PRINCE as _____.
  34. Matlock 1986-1995 (NBC/Strathmore/ Viacom); 195 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Lawyer drama series. Cases of Atlanta-based attorney Benjamin L. Matlock. Creator: Dean Hargrove; Music: Dick De Benedictus; Executive Producers: Dean Hargrove, Fred Silverman; Producer: Rich Collins Starring: ANDY GRIFFITH as Benjamin L. Matlock; KENE HOLLIDAY as Tyler Hudson; LINDA PURL as Charlene Matlock; NANCY STAFFORD as Michelle Thomas; KARI LIZER as Cassie Phillips; CLARENCE GILYARD, Jr. as Conrad McMaster.
  35. Matt Helm 1975-1976 (ABC/Columbia); 1 90-minute episodes; 13 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Espionage drama series. Cases of Los Angeles private eye and ex-CIA agent Matt Helm. Based on the series on 1960's Dean Martin comedy spy capers. Creator: Sam Rolfe; Music: Morton Stevens; Producers: Charles FitzSimons, Ken Pettus; Starring: TONY FRANCIOSA as Matt Helm.
  36. Matt Houston 1982-1985 (ABC/Warner/Spelling); 50 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series. Texan oil millionaire Matlock "Matt" Houston begins a second career as a private detective. Creator: Lawrence Gordon; Executive Producer: Aaron Spelling; Producer: Michael Fisher; Starring: LEE HORSLEY as Matt Houston; PAMELA HENSLEY as C.J. Parsons; PAUL BRINEGAR as Lamar; DENNIS FIMPEL as Bo; JOHN APREA as Lieutenant Vince Novelli; BUDDY EBSEN as Roy Houston.
  37. Max Monroe: Loose Cannon 5 Jan 1990-19 Apr 1990 (CBS/Viacom); 1 120-minute episode; 6 60-minute episodes; 1 June 1991-? (UK: ITV); Idiosyncratic Max Monroe, star of "American Top 40", a fictional #1 radio show, is teamed with crusty veteran police officer Charlie Ivers of the LAPD. A quirky but fun show about the eccentric DJ/Cop and chess grandmaster with long blond hair. Creators: Fred Silverman, Dean Hargrove; Executive Producers: Fred Silverman, Dean Hargrove; Writers: Brian Clemens (The Avengers, The Professionals), others; Special Effects Foreman: Ken Estes; Second Assistant Camera (uncredited): Tom Jensen; Starring: SHADOE STEVENS as Max Monroe; BRUCE A. YOUNG as Charlie Ivers.
  38. Maximum Bob 4 Aug 1998-15 Sep 1998 (ABC); 7 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Comedy/Drama series. The cases of increasingly peculiar Judge "Maximum" Bob Gibbs of small-town Deep Water, Florida. Gibbs got his nickname because of his habit of giving out big sentences. Creator: Alex Gansa; Starring: BEAU BRIDGES as Judge Bob Gibbs; LIZ VASSEY as Kathy Baker; KEIRSTEN WARREN as Leanne Gibbs; SAM ROBARDS as Gaby Hammond; RAE'VEN LARRYMORE-KELLY as Wanda Grace.
  39. McClain's Law 20 Nov 1981-24 Aug 1982 (NBC/MGM); 19 Feb 1982-11 June 1982 (UK: BBC1); 13 60-minute episodes; Recreated from film Big Jim McClain (Warner Bros., 1952) starring John Wayne. Jim McClain retired at age 39, with medical disability due to an injured leg, from the San Pedro Police Department. San Pedro is an actual port city at the southwest corner of Los Angeles county. McLain was now a fisherman, but he forced his way back onto the police department to track down his murdered fishing partner. Now 52 years old, with a bad leg, he succeeded because of his drive and experience. He often hung out at a dockside cafe run by Vangie Cruise. Creator: Eric Bercovici Directors: Corey Allen, Kerry Feltham, Vincent McEveety, Michael O'Herlihy; Producers: Eric Bercovici, Robert H. Justman, George Watters, (Geoff Tibbals claims Mark Rafters as well); Production Manager: Robert J. Koster; Assistant Directors: Maximilian Bing, Thomas Foulkes, Carl Olsen; Assistant Editor: Maureen O'Connell; Writer: Allison Hock; Music: James Di Pasquale; Starring: JAMES ARNESS (Gunsmoke) as Detective Jim McClain; MARSHALL COLT as Detective Harry Gates; GEORGE DiCENZO as Lieutenant Edward DeNisco CONCHATA FERRELL as Vangie Cruise; CARL FRANKLIN as Detective Jerry Cross.
  40. McCloud 16 Sep 1970-28 Aug 1977 (NBC/Universal); 16 Sep 1972-9 Oct 1976 (UK: ITV); 6 60-minute episodes; 19 90-minute episodes; 21 120-minute episodes; Purportedly imitating Clint Eastwood in the film Coogan's Bluff (1968), Dennis Weaver starred as Sam McCloud, a horse-riding rural Western Marshall from Taos, New Mexico, assigned to the 27th Precinct of Manhattan's NYPD. Despite the best efforts of Chief Peter B. Clifford and his staff, McCloud resolutely suck by his guns, refusing to adopt the methodology of the urban cops. Sometimes assisted by Sergeant Joe Broadhurst, and sometimes by his girlfriend Chris Coughlin, McCloud rode the car-packed streets on horseback, in a sheepskin jacket and cowboy hat, spoke his Southwestern phraseology, and his eternal line "there you go!" Dennis Weaver earned some $200,000 per episode, achieved hit status, and was seen on NBC's Mystery Movie, in rotation with Columbo and McMillan and Wife. Creator: Glen A. Larson; Executive Producer: Glen A. Larson; Producer: Herbert Wright; Director: Noel Black; Writer: Lonne Elder III; Theme Music: Glen A. Larson, David Shire; Cinematographers: Ronald W. Browne, Ben Colman, Sol Negrin; Film Editors: Michael Berman, Jean Jacques Berthelot, Bob Kagey, Robert L. Kimble, Chuck McClelland, Gene Ranney, Anthony Redman; Art Directors: Alexander A. Mayer, William H. Tuntke; Set Decorator: Claire P. Brown; Assistant Directors: Phil Cook, David Dowell, William Holbrook, Ronald Martinez, Mark Sandrich Jr., Robert Saunders; Starring: DENNIS WEAVER (Chester in Gunsmoke) as Sam McCloud; J.D. CANNON as Chief Peter B. Clifford; TERRY CARTER as Sergeant Joe Broadhurst; DIANA MULDAUR as Chris Coughlin; KEN LYNCH as Sergeant Grover; Guest Stars included: JOHN DENVER (acting debut); FARRAH FAWCETT (as a prostitute). The pilot episode which brought McCloud to New York City, was titled Who Killed Miss U.S.A.; in Great Britain it was titled Who Killed Merri-Ann; McCloud: Who Killed Miss U.S.A.? (1970) Producer: Leslie Stevens; Associate Producer: John Strong;(associate) Original Music: David Shire; Theme Song: "Another Way"; Theme Song Lyrics: Richard Maltby, Jr.; Cinematographer: Ben Colman; Film Editors: Edwin H. Bryant, Bob Kagey, Robert L. Kimble; Art Director: Henry Bumstead; Assistant Directors: Edward K. Dodds, Steve Marshall; Director: Richard A. Colla; Writers: Richard Levinson, William Link, Stanford Whitmore Story: Stanford Whitmore; Starring: DENNIS WEAVER as Marshall Sam McCloud; CRAIG STEVENS as Whitman; PETER MARK RICHMAN as Peter B. Clifford; DIANA MULDAUR as Chris Coughlin; TERRY CARTER as Sergeant Joe Broadhurst; MARIO ALCADE as Peralta; RAUL JULIA as Father Nieves; SHELLY NOVACK as James Waldron; JULIE NEWMAR as Adrienne Redman; MICHAEL BOW as Billy; NEFTI MILLET as Ramos; KATHY STRITCH as Merri Ann Coleman; ALBERT POPWELL as Guard; IRA COOK as Second Reporter; GREGORY SIERRA as First Deputy; TONY DANTE as Second Deputy; VICTOR BOZEMAN as Black Reporter; BILL BALDWIN, SR. as First Reporter; RON HENRIQUEZ as Vejar; LEE PULFORD as Receptionist; ROBERTO VARGAS as Chico.
  41. McMillan and Wife 29 Sep 1971-21 Aug 1977 (NBC/Universal); 10 Apr 1972-18 Apr 1979 (UK: ITV); 24 90-minute episodes; 16 120-minute episodes; Similar in concept to The Thin Man and to Hart to Hart, we have a married team of sleuths. San Francisco Police Commissioner Stewart "Mac" McMillan is teamed with his goofy wife Sally McMillan, who had a knack for wandering into major crime scenes before the police knew the crime had been committed. Again and again, this put her in danger, as a percipient winess being threatened by the miscreants, and her husband always arrived in the nick of time. Susan Sant James was discovered for the role when she had a bit part in a McCloud episode. She quit in a fight over her contract, related to the fact that Rock Hudson was earning roughly $350,000 per episode. Her character was killed in a plane crash. Nancy Walker, who excelled as the cynical maid to the McMillans, left to star in her own spin-off series. John Schuck's character was promoted to Lieutenant, but he'd become so popular that there were rumbles that he might quit. After Sally McMillan was gone, the show was retitled McMillan. Mildred's sister Agatha was the new maid; and the show added a new cop, Sergeant DiMaggio, and a new secretary, Maggie. The pilot was titled Once Upon a Dead Man. Creator: Leonard B. Stern; Executive Producer: Leonard B. Stern; Producer: Jon Epstein; Theme Music: Jerry Fielding; Original Music: Jerry Fielding; Film Editor: John Elias; Casting: Joe Scully; Production Unit Manager: Joseph C. Cavalier; Assistant Directors: Wendell Franklin, Robert Saunders; Starring: ROCK HUDSON as Police Commissioner Stewart "Mac" McMillan; SUSAN SAINT JAMES as Sally McMillan (1971-1976); JOHN SCHUCK as Sergeant Charles "Charlie" Enright; NANCY WALKER as Mildred (1971-1976); MARTHA RAYE as Agatha (1976-1977); RICHARD GILLILAND as Sergeant DiMaggio (1976-1977); GLORIA STROOCK as Maggie (1976-1977); JOHN ASTIN as Sykes; BILL QUINN as Chief Paulson (1976-1977).
  42. Me and Mom 1984-1985 (ABC/Viacom); 1 90-minute episodes; 6 60-minute episodes; Feeble Mystery/Detective/Comedy/Drama about mother-daughter team of private eyes. The hunky Olympian Bruce Jenner played an ex-football star office boy, and the brilliant James Earl Jones was utterly wasted as an ex-cop sleuth in the girls' PI team. Creator: Marsha Miller; Producer: Hal Sitowitz; Starring: LISA EILBACHER as Kate Morgan; HOLLAND TAYLOR as Zena Hunnicutt; BRUCE JENNER (Olympic gold-medals) as Vince Caladori; JAMES EARL JONES as Lou Garfield.
  43. Meet McGraw 2 July 1957-1 Apr 1958 (NBC/MM/Sharpe-Lewis); 39 (or maybe 33) 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective drama series. Cases of a tough private investigator. He works solo in the roughest and riskiest cases. Six months into the show, the title was changed to The Adventures of McGraw. Producers: Warren Lewis, Don Sharpe; Starring: FRANK LOVEJOY as McGraw.
  44. The Men 1972-1973 (ABC); __ 60-minute episodes; An umbrella title for three Mystery/Detective series: Assignment Vienna; The Delphi Bureau; Jigsaw. Each of these is summarized above individually. Theme Music: Isaac Hayes
  45. Men At Law ___ 1971-___ 1971 (CBS/Leonard Freeman); 10 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Lawyer daram series. Cases of lawyers working for a big city firm. Also known as Storefront Lawyers. Starring: GERALD S. O'LOUGHLIN as _______; ROBERT FOXWORTH as _______; DAVID ARKIN as _______; SHEILA LARKIN as _______.
  46. Miami Undercover 1961 (Syndicated/Schenk-Koch/United Artists); 38 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective drama series. Cases of an undercover cop based in Miami. Private Eye Jeff Thompson was on contract to the Miami Hotel Owners' Assoiation to keep crime low, thus maintaining big tourist business. Jeff dressed to the nines, and both he and his assistant Rocky acted as playboys, managing to mix business with pleasure. Executive Producers: Aubrey Schenck, Howard W. Koch; Starring: LEE BOWMAN as Jeff Thompson; ROCKY GRAZIANO (boxing champion) as Rocky.
  47. Miami Vice 1984-1989 (NBC/Universal); 108 60-minute episodes; 3 120-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series. Stylish presentation of cases of two ultra cool and slick drug squad officers, James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs, in Miami. Creators : Anthony Yerkovich, Michael Mann; Executive Producers: Anthony Yerkovich, Michael Mann; Theme Music: Jan Hammer; Starring: DON JOHNSON as Detective James "Sonny" Crockett; PHILIP MICHAEL THOMAS as Detective Ricardo Tubbs; EDWARD JAMES OLMOS as Lieutenant Martin Castillo; SAUNDRA SANTIAGO as Detective Gina Navarro Calabrese; OLIVIA BROWN as Detective Trudy Joplin; MICHAEL TALBOTT as Detective Stan Switek; JOHN DIEHL as Detective Larry Zito; MARTIN FERRERO as Izzy Moreno; SHEENA EASTON as Caitlin Davies.
  48. Michael Hayes 1997-present (NBC); __ 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Lawyer drama series. Cases of tough lawyer Michael Hayes. Starring: DAVID CARUSO as Michael Hayes; REUBEN SANTIAGO-HUDSON as Eddie Ruiz; PETER OUTERBRIDGE as John Henry Manning; REBECCA RIGG as Lindsay Strauss; HILLARY DANNER as Jenny Nevins; DAVID CUBITT as Danny Hayes.
  49. Michael Shayne 1960-1961 (ABC/Four Star); 32 60-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective drama series. Cases of the private detective of the title from a character created by Brett Halliday. Starring: RICHARD DENNING (Mr. and Mrs.North) as Michael Shayne.
  50. Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer 1984-1986 (CBS/Columbia); {to be done} 1 120-minute episodes; 46 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series. Cases of tough New York City-based Private Detective Mike Hammer, former Vietnam Veteran. The series was killed immediately after Stacy Keach was busted and jailed in Great Britain for drug-related charges. Executive Producer: Jay Bernstein; Music: Earle Hagen; Adapted from the Novels: of Mickey Spillane; Producer: Lew Gallo; Starring: STACY KEACH as Mike Hammer; LINDSAY BLOOM as Velda; DON STROUD as Captain Pat Chambers; DANNY GOLDMAN as Ozzie the Answer; KENT WILLIAMS as Assistant D.A. Lawrence Barrington.
  51. Mike Hammer 1957-1960 (Syndicated/MCA/Revue); 78 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective drama series. Cases of tough private detective Mike Hammer. Adapted from the Novels: of Mickey Spillane; Starring: DARREN McGAVIN as Mike Hammer.
  52. Mike Hammer, Private Eye 1997; Director: Rex Piano (8 episodes); Supervising Producer: Cary Glieberman; Cinematographer: Nicholas Josef von Sternberg; Casting: Linda Berger; Unit Production Manager: Bob Perkis; First Assistant Director: Brian Hennessy (2 episodes); Construction Coordinator: Eduardo H. Esparza; Lead Man: Joe Monaco; Dialogue Editor: Stephen M. Galvin (23 episodes); Stunts: Hugh A. O'Brien, Mary Torres; Starring: STACY KEACH as Mike Hammer; SHANE CONRAD as Nick Farrell; SHANNON WHIRRY as Velda; KENT WILLAIMS as Deputy Mayor Barrington; PETER JASON as Captain Skip Gleason; MALGOSIA TOMASSI as _________.
  53. Midnight Caller 28 Jan 1989-1 Apr 1989, 30 Dec 1989-24 Mar 1990, 5 Jan 1991-23 Feb 1991 (UK: BBC1); Oct 1988-1993 (USA: Syndicated/December 3/Lorimar); 60+ 60-minute episodes; Radio DJ Jack Killian, KJCM 98.3 FM, talks to callers in San Francisco about their problems. He goes as "The Nighthawk" on the air. Then he turns amateur sleuth and hunts down the people who are causing the problems for his callers. This makes him the US equivalent of Great Britain's Eddie Shoestring. Hip, cool, with a buried past (he quit the police after accidently shooting his partner dead), he is assisted by SFPD Lieutenant Carl Zymak and newspaper reporter Deacon Bridges. His moddiness and oddities puzzle gorgeous station manager Devon King. The only other staffer we ever see at KJCM is Billy Po, the engineer/producer, whose lines are nearly limited to "call for you, Jack." Creator: Richard Di Lello; Executive Producer: Robert Singer; Producer: John F. Perry; Writer: Teddi Siddall; Theme Music: Brad Fiedal; Starring: GARY COLE (turned down role as Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice) as Jack Killian; WENDY KILBOURNE as Devon King; DENNIS DUN as Billy Po; LINDY ROSS as Billy Po (replacement); ARTHUR TAXIER as Lieutenant Carl Zymak; MYKEL T. WILLIAMSON as Deacon Bridges.
  54. Mike Hammer-Private Eye 1997 (syndicated); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  55. Millennium 1997-1999 (Fox/Ten Thirteen); __ 60-minute episodes; Creator: Chris Carter (X-Files); Executive Producer: Chris Carter; Music: Mark Snow Mystery/Detective/Fantasy drama series. FBI agent Frank Black seems to be able to read the minds of the killers he is tracking down; he is one of a series of agents with paranormal abilities. His own family is at risk as supernatural evil is confronted. Starring: LANCE HENRIKSEN as Frank Black; MEGAN GALLAGHER as Catherine Black; BRITTANY TIPLADY as Jordan Black; KIRSTEN CLOKE as Lara Means.
  56. The Mind of Mr J G Reeder 23 Apr 1969-7 June 1971 (UK: ITV/Thames); 16 60-minute episodes; Adapted from the stories of Edgar Wallce, wimpy eyeglassed clerk J.G. Reeder in the Department of Public Prosecutions is an unexpectedly brilliant crimefighter in the 1920s. Executive Producer: Lloyd Shirley; Producers: Kim Mills (season 1 = 1969), Robert Love (season 2 = 1971); Directors: Jonathan Alwyn, Reginald Collin, Peter Duguid, Kim Mills, Robert Tronson, Dennis Vance, Guy Verney, Voytek; Story Editors: Monica Menell (1969), Maggie Allen (1971); Starring: HUGH BURDEN as J.G. Reeder; MONA BRUCE as Mrs. Houchin (season 1); WILLOUGHBY GODDARD as Department Head Sir Jason Toovey; GILLIAN LEWIS as Miss Belman (season 2).
  57. Miss Adventure 5 July 1964-13 Oct 1964 (UK: ITV/ABC Weekend Network); 13 45-minute episodes; black and white; Flimsy Mystery/Detective/Drama series which wasted comedy actress Hattie Jacques as a confidential investigator for the seedy Stanton Detective Agency. Her mundane assignments always turned unexpectedly exciting, but viewers didn't feel caught up in that feeling. Creators: Peter Yeldham and Marjorie Yeldham; Producer: Ernest Maxim; Director: Jonathan Alwyn; Starring: HATTIE JACQUES as Stacey Smith; JAMISON CLARK as Harry Stanton.
  58. Miss Marple {to be done} I don't have much data on the first time the BBC produced and aired Miss Marple in 1949. It is said that the scenery fell down, and a corpse (in mid-broadcast) stood up and walked off set. Agatha Christie's character of Miss Marple has been played on film in 1930 (Murder at the Vicarage) and by Angela Lansbury (The Mirror Crack'd (1992; British title: Miss Marple: The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side), and in the derivative Murder She Wrote), as well as Margaret Rutherford who was, in real life, friend of and godmother to the son of Joan Hickson. [1st TV series: 1984] The Body in the Library Director: Silvio Narizzano; Writer: T.R. Bowen; Adapted: from the novel by Agatha Christie; Producer: Guy Slater; Original Music: Alan Blaikley, Ken Howard; Cinematographer: John Walker; Film Editor: Bernard Ashby; Costume Designer: Jan Wright Starring: JOAN HICKSON as Miss Jane Marple (every episode); Gwen Watford as Mrs. Dolly Bantry; Moray Watson as Colonel Arthur Bantry; Valentine Dyall as Lorrimer; Karin Foley as Mary; Frederick Jaeger as Chief Constable Colonel Melchett; Raymond Francis as Sir Henry Clithering; DAVID HOROVITCH as Detective Inspector Slack (every episode); Ian Brimble as Detective Constable Lake; Sarah Whitlock as W.P.C.; Andrew Cruickshank as Conway Jefferson; John Moffatt as Edwards; Ciaran Madden as Adelaide Jefferson; Keith Drinkel as Mark Gaskell; Jess Conrad as Raymond Starr; Trudie Styler as Josie Turner; Hugh Walters as Mr. Prescott; Sally Jane Jackson as Ruby Keene; Martyn Read as Hugo McLean; Kathleen Breck as Bridget; Arthur Bostrom as George Bartlett; Andrew Downer as Peter Carmody; Anthony Smee as Basil Blake; Debbie Arnold as Dinah Lee; Colin Higgins as Malcolm; John Bardon as PC Palk; Sydney Livingstone as Mr. Brogan; Stephen Churchett as Major Reeve; Astra Sheridan as Pamela Reeve; Karen Seacombe as Florrie Small.
  59. Mission Impossible 1966-1973/1988-1990 (CBS/Paramount); 203 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Espionage/Sci-Fi/Action adventure series. Cases of the members of the IMF (Impossible Missions Force). Each week, leader Jim Phelps would be given a tape recorded message that self destructed after five seconds. The message detailed the mission in question. Each member of the team had skills (technology, disguise, strength) that they could apply. Go to Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide, click on "Television" for another view of this series Two movies so far have been spun-off {hotlinks to be done}. Creator: Bruce Geller; Executive Producer: Bruce Geller; Theme Music: Lalo Schifrin; Starring: STEVEN HILL as Daniel Briggs; PETER GRAVES as Jim Phelps; BARBARA BAIN as Cinnamon Carter; MARTIN LANDAU as Rollin Hand; PETER LUPUS as Wilie Armitage; GREG MORRIS as Barney Collier; BOB JOHNSON as Voice on Tape; LEONARD NIMOY (Star Trek) as Paris; LESLEY ANN WARREN as Dana Lambert; SAM ELLIOT as Doug; BARBARA ANDERSON as Mimi Davis; LYNDA DAY GEORGE as Lisa Casey.
  60. Mr. and Mrs. North 1953-1954 (NBC/Bernard L. Schubert); 57 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective/Fantasy drama series about newlyweds who find themselves caught up in murder. Starring: BARBARA BRITTON as Mrs.North; RICHARD DENNING (Michael Shayne) as Mr.North
  61. Mr. District Attorney 1954-1955 (Syndicated/United Artists); 78 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective drama series. Cases of a intensely motivated and incorruptible District Attorney. Starring: DAVID BRIAN as D.A. ____________.
  62. Mr. Lucky 1959-60 (CBS); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  63. Mr. Rose 1967; Producers: Philip Mackie (1967), Margaret Morris (1968); Directors: Michael Cox, David Cunliffe, Barry Davis, Ian Fordyce, June Howson; Starring: William Mervyn as Mr. Rose; Donald Webster as John Halifax; Gillian Lewis as Drusilla Lamb (1967); Jennifer Clulow as Jessica Dalton (1968); Eric Woolfe as Robert Trent (1968).
  64. Mrs. Columbo 1979 (NBC); __ 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series. Spin-off from Columbo. Cases of the wife of the tattered-raincoat-wearing sleuth Columbo. In the Columbo show, his wife was often mentioned but never seen. Kate worked as a journalist for the Valley Advocate newspaper, and was drawn into solving assorted crimes. After a hiatus, the series returned under a new title: Kate the Detective and then again retirled as Kate Loves a Mystery. This final change somehow had Kate unrelated to Columbo, and she was given the new surname of Callahan. Why? It's a mystery... Starring: KATE MULGREW as Kate Columbo/Callahan; LILI HAYDN as Jenny Columbo/Callahan; HENRY TONES as Josh Alden; DON STROUD as Sergeant Mike Varrick.
  65. The Mod Squad 1968-1972 (ABC/Thomas/Spelling); 124 30-minute episodes; Unintentionally campy Mystery/Detective drama series. The Los Angeles Police Department recruits a motley crew of ex-hippies to work amongst the youth of Southern California. Creators: Aaron Spelling, Buddy Ruskin, Sammy Hess; Producers: Harve Bennett, Tony Barrett; Starring: PEGGY LIPTON as Julie Barnes; MICHAEL COLE as Pete Cochran; CLARENCE WILLIAMS III as Linc Hayes; TIGE ANDREWS as Captain Adam Greer.
  66. Mom P.I. 1990-1992 (Canada: CBC); Producers: Jonathan Goodwill, Chris Haddock; Directors: Peter D. Marshall, Paul Shapiro; Original Music: Tom Szeczseniak; Cinematographer: Andreas Poulsson; Film Editor: Rick Martin; Story Editor: Jeffrey Cohen; Production Designer: Graeme Murray; Construction Coordinator: Jim Geddes (pilot episode); Sound Effects Editor: Craig Berkey; Production Coordinator: Lynn Barr; Starring: Rosemary Dunsmore as Sally Sullivan; Stuart Margolin as Bernard Fox; Shane Meier as Ray Sullivan; Emily Perkins as Marie Sullivan; Freda Perry as Blu Mankuma; see also cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  67. Monty Nash 1971 (Four Star/Almada) 14 30-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series about a State investigator. Starring: HARRY GUARDINO as Monty Nash.
  68. Moon Over Miami 1993 (ABC); Executive Producer: Allan Arkush, Harley Peyton; Co-Executive Producers: Henry Bromell; Co-Producers: Janice Cooke-Leonard, Mark R. Schilz; Supervising Producer: Mark B. Perry; Producer: Gareth Davies; Directors: Allan Arkush, Harley Peyton; Cinematographer: Michael Gershman (as Michael E. Gershman); Film Editor: Joanne D'Antonio; Casting: Renee Rousselot; Production Designer: Hilda Stark; Art Department Buyer: Karen Virgin; Creative Consultants: Ellen Herman, Art Monterastelli; Assistant Costume Designer: Leslie Herman; Starring: Bill Campbell as Walter Tatum; Ally Walker as Gwen Cross; Agustin Rodriguez as Tito; Marlo Marron as Billie; see also cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  69. Moonlighting 1985-1989 (ABC/Picturemaker); 1 120-minute episodes; 66 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series. Former model Maddie Hayes is left nearly broke by her financial advisors, however one of the assets she she discovers that she still has is a failing private detective agency, which she decides to manage with her new partner, David Addison. Creator: Glenn Gordon Caron; Executive Producer: Glenn Gordon Caron; Producer: Jay Daniel; Music: Lee Holdridge, Al Jarreau; Theme sung by Al Jarreau / Starring: CYBIL SHEPHERD as Maddie Hayes; BRUCE WILLIS as David Addison; ALLYCE BEASLEY as Agnes Dipesto; CURTIS ARMSTRONG as Herbert Viola; EVA MARIE SAINT as Virginia Hayes; ROBERT WEBBER as Alex Hayes; JACK BLESSING as MacGilicuddy.
  70. The Most Deadly Game 1970 (ABC/Aaron Spelling); 12 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series about a team who specialised in solving apparently impossible crimes. Creators: David Fine, Mort Friedkin; Producer: Joan Harrison; Staring: RALPH BELLAMY as _______; YVETTE MIMIEUX as _______; GEORGE MAHARIS as _______.
  71. Most Wanted 1976-1977 (Syndicated/Quinn Martin); 1 90-minute episodes; 22 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series about a special force of police out to get society's most wanted criminals. Executive Producer: Quinn Martin; Starring: ROBERT STACK as _______; SHEREE NORTH as _______.
  72. M Squad 1957-1959 (NBC/MCA/Latimer/Universal); 117 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective drama series. Stories of a Chicago undercover squad. Executive Producer: Richard Lewis; Producer: John Larkin; Theme Music: Count Basie; Starring: LEE MARVIN as Lieutenant Frank Ballinger; PAUL NEWLAN as Captain Grey.
  73. Murder Bag 16 Sep 1957-1 Apr 1959 (UK: ITV/Associated-Rediffusion); 55 30-minute episodes; The opening titles were filmed, where a detective at Scotland Yard looked through the contents of a bag of 80 pieces of equipment in a briefcase which police took to each murder scene. But each episode was broadcast live. Gritty and authentic, the series was a hit. It spun off Raymond Francis as Superintendent Tom Lockhart in Crime Sheet and in No Hiding Place. Creator: Glyn Davies; Producer: Barry Baker; Starring: RAYMOND FRANCIS as Superintendent Tom Lockhart.
  74. Murder One 1995-1996 (ABC/TCF/Steven Bochco Productions); __ 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Lawyer drama series. A single homicide case is followed in each of the two seasons from nabbing of the suspect to the final court verdict, with many well-acted and unexpected twists along the way. In fact, the actors did nopt know what was going to happen next. Creators: Steven Bochco, Charles J. Elgee; Executive Producers: Steven Bochco, Charles J. Elgee; Music: Mike Post; Starring: DANIEL BENZALI as Theodore Hoffman; MARY McCORMACK as Justine Appleton; MICHAEL HAYDEN as Chris Docknovich; GRACE PHILLIPS as Lisa Gillespie; J.C. MACKENZIE as Arnold Spivak; ANTHONY LA PAGLIA as James Wyler; BARBARA BOSSON as Miriam Grassno.
  75. Murder She Wrote 1984-1996 (CBS/Universal); 264 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series. Mystery/Detective novelist Jessica Fletcher is dragged into murder investigations wherever she goes. Jessica lived in the seemingly innocuous yet statistically crime dense town Cabot Cove. She travelled regularly to promote her books. Creators: Peter S. Fischer, Richard Levinson, William Link; Executive Producer: Peter S. Fischer; Starring: ANGELA LANSBURY as Jessica Fletcher; TOM BOSLEY as Sheriff Amos Tupper; WILLIAM WINDOM as Dr. Seth Hazlitt; RON MASAK as Sheriff Mort Metzger; MICHAEL HORTON as Grady Fletcher.
  76. Murphy's Law 22 Nov 1988-8 Mar 1989 (ABC/New World); 13 60-minute episodes; Reformed alcoholic Daedelous Murphy was, at age 42, a private eye for First Fidelity insurance company, sleuthing fraudulent claims. A lazy, distracted anti-hero, bedevilled by ex-wife's custody litigation and his romantic stirrings for youthful oriental roommate Kimi Fanucci, he zigzagged from one disaster to another, wryly quoting poetry. Creator: Lee Zlotoff; Executive Producers: Zev Braun, Michael Gleason; Producer: Lynn Raynor; Starring: GEORGE SEGAL as Daedelous Murphy; MAGGIE HAN as Kimi Fanucci.
  77. My Friend Tony 5 Jan 1969-31 Sep 1969 (NBC/Sheldon Leonard); 16 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series about a professor of Criminology who uses a young Italian immigrant to assist him on his cases. The Italian had, during World War II, tried to steal the professor's wallet. Now he was the playboy legman... Executive Producer: Sheldon B. Leonard; Starring: JAMES WHITMORE as Professor John Woodruff; ENZO CERUSICO as Tony Novello.
  78. My Partner the Ghost 1969-1970 (ITC); American title of the British Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). see also cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  79. Mysteries of Chinatown 4 Dec 1949-23 Oct 1950 (ABC); 35 (?) 30-minute episodes; black and white; Dr. Yat Fu ran a curio and herbal medicine shop in San Francisco's Chinatown. In this live television series, he also was an amateur sleuth, assisted by his niece, Ah Toy. Starring: MARVIN MILLER as Dr. Yat Fu; GLORIA SAUNDERS as Ah Toy; BILL EYTHE as Lieutenant Hargrove; CY KENDALL was a Regular Player (1949-1950) .
  80. Mystery Movie (NBC/Universal); An umbrella title for the long-running Mystery/Detective drama series. The shows rotated through this were: Columbo, McMillan and Wife, McCloud, Banacek, Madigan, Faraday and Company, The Snoop Sisters, Tenafly, Hec Ramsay, McCoy, Cool Million.
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N: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. Naked City 1958-1962 (ABC/Shelle/Screen Gems); 39 30-minute episodes; 99 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series. Stories of tough detectives working in New York City, based on the film of the same name (1948). Creators: Mark Hellinger, Sterling Silliphant; Executive Producer: Herbert P. Leonard; Theme Music: Nelson Riddle, Billy May, Milton Raskin; Starring: JOHN McINTIRE as Detective Lieutenant Dan Muldoon; JAMES FRANCISCUS as Detective Jim Halloran; SUZANNE STORRS as Janet Halloran; HORACE McMAHON Lieutenant Mike Parker; PAUL BURKE as Detective Adam Flint; NANCY MALONE as Libby; HARRY BELLAVER as Patrolman/Sergeant Frank Arcara.
  2. Nakia _____ 1974-_____ 1974 (ABC/Columbia/David Gerber); 15 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective drama series. Cases of the Native American deputy of a town in New Mexico. Producer: Charles Larson Starring: ROBERT FORSTER as ______; ARTHUR KENNEDY as ______; GLORIA DE HAVEN as ______; TAYLOR LACHER as ______.
  3. The Nancy Drew Mysteries 1956 (Syndicated 39 episodes); 16 60-minute episodes; See: The Hardy Boys Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Director: Music: Starring:
  4. Nashville 99 1 Apr 1977-22 Apr 1977 (CBS/TCF/Frankel Productions); 4 60-minute episodes; "Nashville 99" was the badge number of Police Lieutenant Stonewall Jackson "Stoney" Huff in the Country Music capital, where the road to success is a mystery, and the fall from grace of talented musicians a tragedy. Executive Producer: Ernie Frankel; Producer: Richard Newton; Music: Nasville performers such as Chet Atkins played themselves; Starring: CLAUDE AKINS as Police Lieutenant Stonewall Jackson "Stoney" Huff; LUCILLE BENSON as Birdie Huff; JERRY REED (Country music star) as Detective Trace Mayne.
  5. Nero Wolfe 16 Jan 1981-25 Aug 1981 (NBC/Paramount/ Emmet G. Lavery Jr. Productions, Inc.); 22 May 1983-? (UK: ITV/LWT); 13 60-minute episodes; Rex Stout, when alive, never sold TV rights to his novels, which sold over 200,000,000 copies. The novels featured orchard-growing, obese Nero Wolfe, who never left his house. His assistants, Archie Goodwin and Saul Panzer did all the legwork for the millionaire eccentric detective. Also assisting the recluse were horticulturist Theodore Horstmann and gourmet chef Fritz Brenner. After Rex Stout died, the television series was legally licensed. Rex Todhunter Stout (1886-1975) was born in a Quaker family in Noblesville, Indiana; was Kansas State Spelling Champion at age 13; left high school to join the Navy, where he worked aboard Theodore Roosevelt's yacht (1906-1908). His first writings were "pulp", including science fiction, romance, adventure, lost race fantasy, and marginal detective stories. His first Nero Wolfe novel was Fer-de-lance (1934). After 1938 he wrote almost exclusively in the Mystery/Detective genre. Executive Producers: Ivan Goff, Ben Roberts; Director: Frank D. Gilroy; Adapted: from novels by Rex Stout; Writer: Frank D. Gilroy; Starring: WILLIAM CONRAD as Nero Wolfe; LEE HORSLEY as Archie Goodwin; GEORGE WYNER as Saul Panzer; ROBERT COOTE as Theodore Horstmann; GEORGE VOSKOVEC as Fritz Brenner; ALLAN MILLER as Inspector Cramer; Pilot/Opening episode: A publisher publishes a book about the FBI in which puts them in an unflattering light. They harass her. She turns to Nero Wolfe, private eye, to get them to leave her alone. Opening episode adapted from the novel The Doorbell Rang. Starring: Thayer David as Nero Wolfe; Tom Mason as Archie Goodwin; Brooke Adams as Sarah Dacos; Biff McGuire as Inspector Cramer; John Randolph as Lon Cohen; Anne Baxter as Mrs. Rachael Bruner; David Hurst as Fritz Brenner; John O'Leary as Theodore Horstmann; Sarah Cunningham as Mrs. Althaus; Lewis Charles as Saul Panzer; Frank Campanella as Durkin; John Gerstad as Dr. Vollmer; John Hoyt as Hewitt; Ivor Francis as Evers; Allen Case as Rugby; Rod Browning as 2nd FBI Man; Katharine Charles as Marian Hinckley; Joe George as O'Dell; Richard Ford Grayling as 1st FBI Man; David Lewis as Mr. Althaus; Robert Phalen as Yarmack; Sam Weisman as Quayle; Executive Producer: Emmet G. Lavery Jr.; Producer: Everett Chambers; Original Music: Leonard Rosenman; Cinematographer: Ric Waite; Film Editor: Harry Keller; Casting: Pat Harris, Marsha Kleinman; Art Director: John Beckman; Set Decorator: John H. Anderson (as John Anderson); Hair Stylist: Bren Plaistowe; Makeup Artist: Ron Snyder; Unit Production Manager: Leonard S. Smith, Jr.; Assistant Director: Gary Daigler; Second Assistant Director: Michele Futrell; Sound Effects Editor: Howard Beals; Sound Mixer: Jerry Smith; Music Editor: Chips Swanson; Assistant to Producer: Tony Gilroy; Men's Wardrobe: George Harrington; Script Supervisor: Hannah Scheel; Women's Wardrobe: G. Fern Weber; Orchids provided by Arthur Freed Orchids.
  6. Nestor Burma 1991-1995 (France); __ 85-minute episodes; Directors: Jacob Berger, Joyce Bunuel, others; Adapted: from the novel by Leo Malet; Starring: Guy Marchand as Nestor Burma; Pierre Tornade as Commissaire Faroux; Michel Fortin as Zavatter; Patrick Guillemin as Inspecteur Fabre; Geraldine Cotte as Helene (1994-????); Natacha Lindinger as Helene (1991-1993) There was an earlier film: Nestor Burma, detective de choc (1981): Director: Jean-Luc Miesch; Original Music: Alain Bashung; Starring: Michel Serrault as Nestor Burma Jane Birkin as ???; Alain Bashung as ???; Corinne Marchand as ???; Anne-Marie Pisani as ???; see also cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  7. The New Adventures of Charlie Chan 28 Sep 1957-?? 1961 (UK: ITC) 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; The famous fictional character Charlie Chan was based on the historical Honolulu Police Detective Chang Apana. In media, this man has been usually played by occidentals (Movies: Warner Oland, Sidney Toler, Roland Winters; Radio: Walter Connolly, Ed Begley, Santos Ortega). See also The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan. Adapted: from Earl Derr Bigger's character [6 stories in 1920s]; Executive Producer: Leon Fromkess; Producers: Sidney Marshall, Rudolph Flothow; Director: Music: Starring: J. Carrol Naish as Charlie Chan; James Hong as Barry Chan; Rupert Davies [Maigret] as Inspector Duff; High Williams as Inspector Marlowe.
  8. The New Adventures of Martin Kane 1957-58 (ITV/syndicated); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  9. The New Adventures of Perry Mason 16 Sep 1973-27 Jan 1974 (CBS/TCF) 15 60-minute episodes; Without Raymond Burr, this series had no chance. I rest my case. Creator: Earle Stanley Gardner; Executive Producer: Cornwall Jackson; Producers: Ernie Frankel, Art Seid; Director: Music: Earle Hagen; Starring: Monte Markham as Perry Mason; Sharon Acker as Della Street; Albert Stratton as Paul Drake; Dane Clark as Lieutenant Arthur Tragg; Harry Guardino as Hamilton Burger; Brett Somers as Gertrude Lade.
  10. The New Breed 3 Oct 1961-25 Sep 1962 (ABC); 1 Apr 1963-10 Dec 1963 (UK: ITV/Anglia); 36 60-minute episodes; black and white; L.A.P.D.'s elite Metropolitan Squad used advanced electronic gizmos; and sometimes was inadvertantly as funny as Leslie Nielsen's later Police Squad cop-show parodies. Creators: Executive Producer: Quinn Martin; Producers: Director: Music: Starring: Leslie Nielsen [Police Squad] as Lieutenant Price Adams; John Beradino as Sergeant Vince Cavelli; John Clarke as Patrolman Joe Huddlestone; Greg Roman as Patrolman Pete Garcia; Byron Morrow as Captain Keith Gregory; Guest Stars: Charles Bronson, Peter Falk, Peter Fonda, Telly Savalas.
  11. The New Mike Hammer 1986-1987 (CBS); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  12. New Scotland Yard 22 Apr 1972-25 May 1974 (UK: ITV); 45 60-minute episodes; Deadly serious, very realistic, sometimes plodding, well acted. Creators: Executive Producer: Rex Firkin; Producer: Jack Williams; Director: Music: Starring: John Woodvine as Detective Chief Superintendant Kingdom; John Carlisle as Detective Sergeant Ward; Michael Turner as Detective Chief Superintendant Clay; Clive Francis (son of Raymond Francis of No Hiding Place) as Detective Sergeant Dexter; Guest Stars Included: Bob Hoskins.
  13. Night Heat 7 Feb 1985-?? 1989 (Canada: CBS); 4 Aug 1987-25 Aug 1987 (USA: CBS); 5 Sep 1986-??? (UK: London Weekend Television); 70 60-minute episodes; Realistic Canadian production, loosely based on actual cops Sonny Grosso and Eddie Egan, who became overnight celebrities when they busted a $32,000,000 heroin ring smuggling with a New York limosine carrying a French TV star. This actual event was the basis for the hit movie The French Connection [1971] with Gene Hackman as "Popeye Doyle" modelled on Eddie Egan. Maybe this should be considered Canada's equivalent of Hill Street Blues. Creators: Executive Producers: Sonny Grosso, Larry Jacobson; Producers: Sonny Grosso, Eddie Egan; Director: Music: Location: filmed on location in Toronto; Starring: Scott Hylands as O'Brien; Jeff Wincott as Gambone; Sean McCann as Lieutenant Hogan.
  14. N.O.P.D. 1950s (Syndicated/Minot Films); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; New Orleans Police Department drama, featuring detective Beaujac. Not jazzy enough. Episodes include: * "The Case of the Missing Cigar Box" * "Revenge" according to Caseguy's Website Creators: Producer: Frank Phares; Director: Music: Starring: Stacy Harris as Beaujac; Lou Sirgo as Detective Conroy. Spinoff: New Orleans After Dark [movie made of a compilation of episodes].
  15. No Hiding Place 16 Sep 1959-22 June 1967 (UK: ITV); 236 60-minute episodes; black and white; The 3rd of the shows starring Raymond Francis as snuff-snorting Tom Lockhart (a kind of sequel to Murder Bag and Crime Sheet). Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Ray Dicks, Richard Matthews, Johnny Goodman, Peter Willes, Geoffrey Nugus, Michael Currer-Briggs; Director: Music: Starring: Raymond Francis as Chief Detective Superintendent Tom Lockhart; Eric Lander as Detective Sergeant/Inspector Baxter; Johnny Briggs as Detective Sergeant Russell; Sean Caffrey as Detective Sergeant Gregg.
  16. Not For Hire 1959 (Syndicated/NBC); 27 Mar 1963-1 May 1963 (UK: ITV/Anglia); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; Unusually rough stuff for 1959. Episode 1 had a man-hating trigger-happy policewoman whose pathology stemmed from a teenaged gang-rape. Protagonist Steve Dekker was a Seregant in Honolulu working for the U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Division. Most episides dealt with military crimes: sabotage, desertion, and the like. Episodes included: * THE FICKLE FINGERS by John Hawkins * THE FRAME by Richard M. Powell * GUNS FOR REVOLUTION by Lee Karson * MAIN EVENT by R.Donovan & Waldman; Creators: Executive Producers: Producers: Director: Music: Starring: Ralph Mekker as Sergeant Steve Dekker; Lizabeth Rush as Sonica Zametoo; Ken Drake as Corporal Zimmerman. The Department of Defense kept a dossier on this show, according to Special Library Collections: Georgetown
  17. N.Y.P.D. 5 Sep 1967-25 Mar 1969 (ABC/Talent Associates); 5 Apr 1968-27 Dec 1968 (UK: ITV/Anglia) 49 30-minute episodes; The real NYPD cooperated with this production, and Mayor John Lindsay (who just died at the end of 2000 AD) appreciated it so much that he let them film in the actual City Hall. Gritty drama in the 27th Precinct, featuring 18-year veteran cop Mike Haines, African American officer Jeff Ward, and rookie Johnny Corso. Creators: David Susskind, Arnold Perl; Executive Producers: Danny Melnick, Bob Markell; Producer: Robert Butler; Director: Music: Starring: Jack Warden as Detective Lieutenant Mike Haines; Robert Hooks as Detective Jeff Ward; Franck Converse as Detective Johnny Corso.
  18. N.Y.P.D. Blue {to be done}
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O: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. The Odd Man 11 May 1962-29 June 1962 (UK: ITV/Granada); 24 60-minute episodes; black and white; Chief Inspector Rose is introduced in the 2nd season of this series, and was later seen in It's Dark Outside and Mr.Rose. In this, his first series, Rose was a dark and unsettling figure, who mellowed considerably in his spin-offs. This series became a cult success in Great Britain, with the bulk of the fan mail going to Edwin Richfield as the theatrical agent and amateur sleuth "Steve Gardiner." Richfield had first auditioned for a minor role, and then boldly told the director that he should have the lead role -- and the director agreed! Wife Judy Gardiner was murdered by shadowy mute killer South, in the premier season, but Granada Television was deluged by angry letters, and quasi-resurrected her, with the same actress playing Judy's twin sister. The success of the show depended in part on bizarre but compelling cases, attention to nuances of style, and off-beat characterization. Creator: Edward Boyd; Producer: Stuart Latham; Adapted: from Edward Boyd's radio series on the husband-wife detectives; Director: Derek Bennett; Music: guest artists included James Bolam as a pop star, and Donald Sutherland as a junkie drummer; Starring: EDWIN RICHFIELD as Steve Gardiner; SARAH LAWSON as Judy Gardiner; WILLIAM MERVYN as Chief Inspector Rose; MOULTRIE KELSALL as Chief Inspector Gordon; KEITH BARRON as Detective Sergeant Swift; CHRISTOPHER QUINEE as South.
  2. Official Detective 1957 (Syndicated/Desilu/NTA); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; Authentic, carefully researched dramatizations, detail on forensics and other technical aspects. Interesting data was in the "Official Detective TV program promotion kit (1957)" according to Dewey's Collectables "Two years before unleashing The Untouchables on a bloodthirsty public, Desilu geared up for video mayhem with '39 Big, Blazing Half-Hours of Thrill-Packed Episodes from Official Detective magazine.' To drum up sponsors for the syndicated crimefest, local TV station managers were urged to give copies of Parker Brothers' 'Clue' game to potential advertisers. Adapted: from the radio series of the same name, itself adapted from stories in Official Detective magazine; Producer: Mort Briskin; Starring: EVERETT SLOANE as Host/Narrator; Partial Synopsis Guide: * "Beauty in the Bag" A murder victim is found in a laundry bag, and police are unable to identify her. . .The case appears headed for the open file when one of the detectives hits upon a scheme to have her identified. A sculptor is assigned to make a life-size statue of the murdered girl. The likeness is then dressed in the victim's clothes and placed in the window of a large department store. * "The Brunette" The unusual odor of gasoline in the interior of a blazing automobile which contains the remains of a charred body leads to the capture of a killer. * "Deserted House" A corpse stripped of all identification found in an abandoned house proves a baffling case for Minneapolis Police. Detectives assigned to the case observe scar tissue on the dead man's fingers and believe that the victim was destroying his fingerprints with acid. Concluding that he was a member of the underworld, detectives canvass the slum-area bars with a picture of the victim... * "Body in the Trunk" A woman's body seen in the trunk of a car sets police off on a chase for her killer--and the body--in "Body in the Trunk" ...Under suspicion are the slain woman's niece and a middle-aged stockbroker. The niece is heir to the woman's fortune and the stock-broker has been mishandling her financial affairs. Police then discover that the broker has secretly married the woman in hopes of getting his hands on her entire fortune. Then it is learned that the niece, not knowing her aunt had married, hired a killer to do away with the old woman.
  3. O'Hara, US Treasury 17 Sep 1971-8 Sep 1972 (CBS/Mark VII Ltd.); 18 Sep 1971-28 Mar 1973 (UK: ITV/ATV); 52 60-minute episodes; U.S. Treasury Agent Jim O'Hara, in this series approved by the real Treasury Department, rotated through enforcement for five different Treasury agencies: Bureau of Customs; Internal Revenue Service Intelligence Division; Internal Revenue Service Inspection Division; Internal Revenue Service Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Division; and Secret Service. Creators: Jack Webb, James E. Moser; Executive Producer: Jack Webb; Producer: Leonard B. Kaufman; Music: Ray Heindorf; Starring: DAVID JANSSEN [The Fugitive] as Jim O'Hara; Guest Stars Included: George Takei [Star Trek] in "Big Store" (pilot).
  4. The Oldest Rookie 16 Sep 1987-6 Jan 1988 (CBS/Touchstone/Disney); 14 July 1989-8 Dec 1989 (UK: ITV/Anglia); 14 60-minute episodes; Mystery/Detective/Police Comedy/Drama series about a major city police department's Head of Public Affairs who got tired of being cozy with politicians and the press, and so, when his Police Academy buddy was murdered, he became an active police officer: The Oldest Rookie. The physical training was hard enough, after years of cushy desk jobs, but the world had also changed in those years. His street-smart partner Tony Jonas had a basketball court in his house and was a rabid Bruce Springsteen fan. Lieutenant Marco Zaga, their boss, kept giving them lowly assignments, which comedically turned out exciting. Creators: Gil Grant, Richard Chapman; Executive Producer: Richard Chapman; Producers: Director: Music: Starring: PAUL SORVINO as Ike Porter; D.W. MOFFETT as Tony Jonas; RAYMOND J. BARRY as Lieutenant Marco Zaga.
  5. The Outsider [UK] 1956 (UK: ABC Weekend Television); Also Known As: Armchair Theatre: The Outsider Black and White; Starring: David Kossoff as David Ross; Adrienne Corri.
  6. The Outsider 18 Sep 1968-3 Sep 1969 (NBC/Public Arts/Universal); 1 120-minute episode; 26 60-minute episodes; Los Angeles loner Private Eye David Ross was truly an outsider, as a high-school-dropout orphan who'd been framed for murder and spent six years in jail before being pardoned. Hard-boiled, driving a battered old car, working from an abandoned L.A. apartment building where he kept his phone in the refrigerator, he kept a wry sense of humor and was motivated to help his clients and other unfortunates. In some ways, a predecessor of The Rockford Files and Harry-O. Creator: Roy Huggins; Adapted: from the novel The Double Take [1949]; Executive Producer: Roy Huggins; Producer: Gene Levitt; Director: Music: Starring: Darin McGavin (TV's first Mike Hammer) as David Ross; Spinoff: The 48 Hour Mile is a "feature film" concatenated from two hour-long episodes from The Outsider. Darren McGavin stars as private eye David Ross, and William Windom plays a millionaire with romance problems. Carrie Snodgress co-stars in a stronmg performance as a neurotic young woman who hires David Ross to find her missing twin sister.
  7. Over My Dead Body 26 Oct 1990-21 Dec 1990 (CBS/Universal); 4 Jan 1991-20 Mar 1991 (UK: BBC1); 1 120-minute episode; 7 60-minute episodes; Ex-Scotland Yard inspector (Edward Woodward as Max Beckett) now lives in Los Angeles, and is a nearly burnt-out Mystery writer; when he is goaded by a fan (Jessica Lundy as Nikki Page) who works as an obituary writer for the San Francisco Union, to investigate a call girl's murder she insists has happened, but that the police dismissed for lack of evidence of the crime. Max Beckett is something of a con man. He had actually worked at Scotland Yard, but as a clerk, not the hero of a hundred murder investigations. He left the job, not (as he claims) by London mobster's death threats, but because he twisted his knee on a staircase. This show was more clever and fun than critics gave it credit. Creators: William Link [Murder, She Wrote], David Chisholm; Executive Producers: William Link, David Chisholm; Writers: William Link, David Chisholm; Producer: Director: Bradford May; Cinematographer: Eric Van Haren Noman; Original Music: Lee Holdridge; Location Manager: Ellen Lent (credited as Ellen Winchell); Aerial Coordinator: Robert "Bobby Z" Zajonc; Starring: Edward Woodward (The Equalizer) as Maxwell Beckett; Jessica Lundy as Nikki Page; Gregory Itzin as Cosby; Jill Tracy as Wendy; Edward Winter as Chief Shirer; Dan Ferro as Tony Rialdo; Brenda Thomson as Lacey; Ivory Ocean as Brainard; Mike Genovese as Page; Vernee Watson-Johnson; Frank Ryan; Mary Jo Catlett;
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P: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. Palace Guard 1991 (CBS); Directors: James A. Contner, Frank E. Johnson; Writer: Stephen J. Cannell; Starring: D.W. Moffett as Tommy Logan; Marcy Walker as Christy Cooper; Tony Lo Bianco as Arturo Taft; {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  2. Paris 29 Sep 1979-15 Jan 1980 (CBS/MTM); 21 Oct 1980-15 Dec 1981 (UK: ITV/Thames); 13 60-minute episodes; A strong show loved by critics, that just didn't click with viewers. Captain Woody Paris led the Metro Squad, taught Criminology in college at night, cracked the most difficult cases, mentored a quartet of eager young cops, and got along well with both boss and wife. Creator: Steven Bochco; Executive Producer: Steven Bochco; Producers: Grgory Hoblit, Edward De Blasio; Director: Music: Starring: JAMES EARL JONES as Captain Woody Paris; LEE CHAMBERLAIN as Barbara Paris; HANK GARRETT as Deputy Chief Jerome Bench; CECILIA HART as Stacey Erickson; JAKE MITCHELL as Charlie Bogart; FRANK RAMIREZ as Ernie Vilas; MIKE WARREN as Willie Miller; Guest Stars who later starred in Hill Street Blues included: KIEL MARTIN; JOE SPANO; TAUREAN BLACQUE; JAMES B. SIKKING; MICHAEL CONRAD.
  3. Paris Precinct 3 Apr 1953-18 Dec 1955 (ABC/Etoile); 26 30-minute episodes; French-produced, in the style of U.S. cop shows, this was syndicated in the USA under the title World Crime Hunt. It featured a pair of predecessors to Maigret: Inspectors for Surete. Starring: LOUIS JOURDAN as Inspector Beaumont; CLAUDE DAUPHIN as Inspector Bolbec.
  4. Parkin's Patch 19 Sep 1969 (UK: ITV/Yorkshire); 26 30-minute episodes; color; Low-key cozy Yorkshire police drama; Creator: Elwyn Jones [Softly, Softly]; Producer: Terence Williams; Starring: JOHN FLANAGAN as PC Moss Parkin; GARETH THOMAS as CID Detective Constable Ron Radley; HEATHER PAGE as Beth Parkin.
  5. The Partners 18 Sep 1971-8 Sep 1972 (NBC/Universal) 9 Mar 1972-? (UK: ITV); 20 30-minute episodes; color; White Detective Lennie Crooke and his African-American partner Detective George Robinson consistently snatch victory from the jaws of chaos, to the perpetual annoyance of by-the-book Captain Andrews and smarmy Sergeant Higgenbottom. The one comedy note that worked well was Freddie Butler, who obsessive-compulsively confessed to every crime in history. Creator: Don Adams [Get Smart]; Executive Producer: Don Lee; Producers: ; Director: Music: Lalo Schifrin; Starring: DON ADAMS as Detective Lennie Crooke; RUPERT CROSSE as Detective George Robinson; JOHN DOUCETTE Captain Andrews; DICK VAN PATTEN as Sergeant Higgenbottom; ROBERT KARVELAS as Freddie Butler.
  6. Partners in Crime [UK] 8 Oct 1983-14 Jan 1984 (UK: ITV/LWT) 29 Nov 1984-29 Jan 1987 (USA: WGBH Boston "Mystery"); 1 120-minute episodes; 10 60-minute episodes; Adapted: from Agatha Christie's novels on Tommy and Tuppence Beresford; Producer: Jack Williams; Director: Music: Joseph Horowitz; Starring: FRANCESCA ANNIS as Tuppence Beresford; JAMES WARWICK as Tommy Beresford; ARTHUR COX as Inspector Marriott. Episodes: * The Secret Adversary * The Affair of the Pink Pearl * The House of Lurking Death * The Sunningdale Mystery * The Clergyman's Daughter * Finessing the King * The Ambassador's Boots * The Man in the Mist * The Unbreakable Alibi * The Case of the Missing Lady * The Crackler
  7. Partners in Crime [USA] 22 Sep 1985-5 Jan 1986 (NBC/Carson/Columbia); 25 Mar 1986-10 June 1986 (UK: ITV); Glamour photographer Carole Stanwyck and pickpocket/jazz bassist Sydney Kovak are both ex-wives of oddball San Francisco private detective Raymond Caulfield. When Raymond is murdered, the two inherit his agency, and start by solving his murder. Their mutual mother-in-law Jeanine (Raymond Caulfield's mother) runs a Mystery bookstore named "Partners in Crime", and is an amateur sleuth herself, who can't keep out of the loop. Creators: Bill Driskill, Robert Van Scoyk; Producer: Bill Driskill; Starring: LYNDA CARTER [Wonder Woman] as Carole Stanwyck; LONI ANDERSON as Sydney Kovak; LEO ROSSI as SFPD Lieutenant Ed Vronsky; WALTER OLKWICZ as harmon Shain; EILEEN HECKART as Jeanine.
  8. Paul Temple 23 Nov1969-1 Sep 1971 (UK: BBC1); 52 50-minute episodes; Urbane and elegant sleuth Paul Temple lived in a cool pad in Chelsea with his gorgeous wife Steve. Paul drove a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, and was rich enough from his writing to only need to write one book per year. (*sigh*). This was one of the BBC's first color TV series, brought up top date from 1930s-1940s to the 1960s, and costing over 630,000 Pounds (over double the cost of the black-and-white Forsyte Saga). The sleuthing couple travelled abroad, which gave the BBC a chance to do location shooting in the best areas of the best European cities. Creator: Francis Durbridge; Adapted: from British radio show that started in 1942, in which six different actors played the lead role over the years; Francis Durbridge was the main author of serial thrillers for BBC radio in the 1950s and 1960s, including "The World of Tim Frazer", "Bat Out of Hell", and "The Doll." Producers: Alan Bromly, Peter Bryant, Derrick Sherwin; Director: ?; Music: Ron Grainer; Starring: FRANCIS MATTHEWS as Paul Temple; ROS DRINKWATER as Steve Temple; 13 episodes in Season 1 (23 Nov 1969-15 Feb 1970); 13 episodes in Season 2 (5 Apr 1970-26 July 1970); 13 episodes in Season 3 (10 Jan 1971-11 Apr 1971); 13 episodes in Season 4 (9 Jun 1971-1 Sep 1971);
  9. Perry Mason 1957-1966 (Paisano Productions/CBS); 271 60-minute episodes (all black-and-white except the final show); Creator: Erle Stanley Gardner; Executive Producers: Gail Patrick Jackson, Arthur Marks; Producers: Art Seid, Sam White, Ben Brady; Directors: ?; Music: Richard Shores, Fred Steiner; Starring: RAYMOND BURR as Perry Mason; BARBARA HALE as Della Street; WILLIAM HOPPER as Paul Drake; WILLIAM TALMAN as Hamilton Burger; RAY COLLINS as Lt. Arthur Tragg; Later: for the 2-hour 1986 TV movies, since William Hopper died in 1970, Barnara Hale's real-life son William Katt appeared as Paul Drake Junior; and Perry Mason's opposition in court was played by David Ogden Stiers (Charles Emerson Winchester of M*A*S*H) as prosecutor Michael Reston. Trivia: Perry Mason only lost 3 of the many cases on TV.
  10. The Persuaders Great Britain: ITV, 17 Sep 1971-25 Feb 1972; USA: ABC, 18 Sep 1971-14 June 1972; 24 60-minute episodes; color; Production Company: A Tribune Production (UK); Creator: Robert S. Baker; Executive Producer: ; Producer: Robert S. Baker; Director: Music: Ken Thorne; Music (Theme): John Barry; Starring: TONY CURTIS as Danny Wilde; ROGER MOORE as Lord Brett Sinclair; LAURENCE NAISMITH as Judge Fulton;
  11. Peter Gunn 22 Sep 1958-26 June1961 (NBC/ABC); 110 30-minue episodes; black and white; Production Company: A Spartan Production; Creator: Blake Edwards; Producer: Blake Edwards; Theme Music: Henry Mancini; Starring: CRAIG STEVENS as Peter Gunn; LOLA ALBRIGHT as Edie Hart; HERSCHEL BERNARDI as Lt. jacoby; HOPE EMERSON as "Mother" (season 1); MINERVA URCAL as "Mother" (seasn 2);
  12. Petrocelli 11 Sep 1974-3 Mar 1976 (NBC); 21 Apr 1978-2 Nov 1979 (UK: BBC1); 41 60-minute episodes; Adapted: from Barry Newman's portrayal of Tony Petrocelli, an Italian-American lawyer, in the feature film The Lawyer (1970). Set in fictional cattle-country town San Remo, somewhere in the American Southwest, the city-slicker Tony handles cases for local clients regardless of their ability to pay. This noble attitude consigned him and his wife, Maggie, to live in a trailer. He hires a local cowboy, Pete Ritter, as his investigator. On their own time, Petrocelli is budies with San Remo police Lieutenant Ponce, but they usually represented opposite sides in court. I haven't paid my lawyer more than $5,000 in the past few months -- if he wants more, he has to collect from the crooked Hollywood producers we beat in Supreme Court. Hey, that's an idea for a TV show... but I digress. Production Company: Paramount Television; Creators: Sidney J. Furie, Harold Buchman, E. Jack Newman; Producers: Thomas L. Miller, Edward J. Milkis; Starring: BARRY NEWMAN as Tony Petrocelli; SUSAN HOWARD as Maggie Petrocelli; ALBERT SALMI as Pete Ritter; DAVID HUDDLESTON as Lt.Ponce; 22 Episodes in Season 1 (11 Sep 1974-2 Apr 1975 in USA); 19 Episodes in Season 2 (10 Sep 1975-3 Marr 1976 in USA)
  13. Philip Marlowe 6 Oct 1959-1960 (ABC); 25 Jan 1960-12 Sep 1960 (UK: BBC); 26 30-minute episodes; black and white; "Down these mean streets a man must go, who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid. He is the hero, he is everything. A complete man, and a common man and yet an unusual man. He is a very lonely man and his pride is that you will treat him as a proud man or be very sorry you ever saw him. He talks as the man of his age talks -- that is, with rude wit, a lively sense of the grotesque, a disgust for sham and a contempt for pettiness. If there were enough like him, the world would be a very safe place to live, without becoming too dull to be worth living in." [Raymond Chandler] This TV series was a watered down portryal of the great Raymond Chandler character; too polite, in too little damger. Starring: PHILIP CAREY as Phillip Marlowe.
  14. Philip Marlowe, Private Eye 1984 (UK: London Weekend Television); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  15. Photocrime 21 Sep 1949-14 Dec 1949 (ABC); 13 30-minute episodes; black and white; also known as Look Photocrime (because it was produced by ABC in association with Look Magazine). Starring: CHUCK WEBSTER as Inspector Hannibal Cobb.
  16. Pilgrim Street 4 June 1952-9 July 1952 (UK: BBC); 6 30-minute episodes; black and white; The imaginary old-fashioned Pilgrim Street police station in London, with minor crimes in most episodes. Creator: Jan Read [writer of feature film The Blue Lamp, which introduced the character George Dixon, who appeared in later TV series]; Producer: Robert Barr [later a main writer for Maigret, Z Cars, and Softly, Softly]; Production: in cooperation with The Met (London's Metropolitan Police district); Starring: no regular cast.
  17. The Pink Panther Show animated, 6 Sep 1969-??? (NBC); 12 Sep 1970-??? (UK: BBC1); ??? 30-minute episodes; Adapted: from the wonderful title sequence in the feature film The Pink Panther (1963) which starred David Niven and Peter Sellers (as bumbling Inspector Clouseau); Producers: David De Patie, Fritz Freleng; Music: Henry Mancini.
  18. The Plainclothesman 12 Oct 1949-19 Sep 1954 (DuMont); ??? 30-minute episodes; black and white; Producers: John L. Clark, John Clarol; We only once, in five years, see the nameless Lieutenant, and then only in a flashback. Otherwise, we only see his sidekick Sergeant Brady and other characters through the eyes of the Lieutenant. If he ducked under a car to escape bullets, we see up from street level. When he blinked, the screen went briefly dark. Hypermodern look at homicide investigations in the big bad city. Starring: KEN LYNCH as The Lieutenant; JACK ORRISON as Sgt.Brady.
  19. Police Rescue 30 May 1991-17 July 1991 (Australia ABC); (UK: BBC1); Gritty but unevenly acted drama set in a Sydney Australia police rescue unit, which cost the BBC over 3,000,000 Pounds to co-produce (their costliest overseas venture). It was a hit in Australia, and made Gary Sweet a big star in that country. Production Companies: Southern Star Xanadu; Australia Broadcasting Company; BBC; Executive Producers: Kim Williams, Penny Chapman; Producers: Sandra Levy, John Edwards; Music: Martin Armiger; Starring: GARY SWEET as Sgt. "Mickey" McClintock; STEVE BASTONI as Angel; SONIA TODD as First Class Constable Georgia Rattray; PETER BROWNE as Sootie.
  20. Police Squad 4 Mar 1982-2 Sep 1982 (ABC); 5 Oct 1985-2 Nov 1985 (UK: London Weekend Television); 6 30-minute episodes; Possibly the funniest police spoof of all time. Creators: Jerry Zucker, David Zucker, Jim Abrahams; Producer: Bob Weiss; Production Company: Zucker/Zucker/Abrahams [Airplane!] production for Paramount Television; Starring: LESLIE NIELSEN as Detective Frank Drebin; ALAN NORTH as Captain Ed Hocken; ED WILLIAMS as Ted Olson; WILLIAM DUELL as Johnny the Snitch
  21. Police Story [first series] 25 Sep 1973-2 Apr 1980 (NBC); UK: 11 Sep 1974-7 July 1980 (ITV); 86 60-minute episodes; Incredibly realistic portrayal of normal policework, emphasizing the mental and emotional stress rather than the physical action. Production Company: Columbia Pictures Tlelevision; Creator: Joseph Wambaugh (still with LAPD when he wrote it, already had published two bestsellers "The New Centurions" and "The Blue Knight", the latter of which was adapted to the TV series THE BLUE KNIGHT); Executive Producers: David Gerber, Stanley Kallis; Producers: Christopher Morgan, Liam O'Brien; Starring: (anthology series, a few recurring roles): TONY LO BIANCO as Detective Tony Calabrese; DON MEREDITH as Detective Bert Jameson; Guest Stars included: ED ASNER, ROBERT CULP, JAMES FARENTINO.
  22. Police Story [second series] {to be done}
  23. Police Surgeon [UK] 10 Sep 1960-3 Dec 1960 (UK: ITV); 12 30-minute episodes; black and white; Novice police surgeon Dr. Geoffrey Brent couldn't keep to his job definition at batwater police division, London. No, he had to keep acting like a detective, which somehow never got him in trouble. Producers: Julian Bond, Leonard White; Starring: MICHAEL CRAWFORD as a youthful thief in Episode 1 "Easy Money"; IAN HENRY [later Dr. David Keel in The Avengers] as Brent. JOHN WARWICK as Inspector Landon.
  24. Police Surgeon [Canada] 1971-1974 (Syndicated in USA as Dr. Simon Locke; 22 Feb 1978-10 Oct 1981 (UK: London Weekend Television); 52 30-minute episodes; Low Budget forced shift from Hollywood to Toronto, about a country doctor who kept being drawn into solving murders in a small town. In Season 2, they moved to the big city and centered on a police emegency unit. Jack Albertson, in particular, nearly quit over pathetic production values and not being able to see rushes (daily rough cuts). Production Company: CIV; Executive Producer: Murray Chercover; Producers: Wilton Schiller, Chester Krunholz; Starring: SAM GROOM as Dr. Simon Locke; JACK ALBERTSON as Dr. Sellers; LEN BIRMAN as Detective Lieutenant Dan Plamer; LARRY D. MANN as Lieutenant Jack Gordon; Guest Starring: WILLIAM SHATNER (final season); LESLIE NIELSEN (final season).
  25. Police Woman 13 Sep 1974-30 Mar 1978 (NBC); 25 July 1975-4 Aug 1979 (UK: ITV); 91 60-minute episodes; Production Company: Columbia Pictures Television; Spun-off: from episode "The Gamble" in Joseph Wambaugh's Police Story. Creator: Robert Collins; Executive Producer: David Gerber; Producer: Douglas Benton; Starring: ANGIE DICKENSON as Sergeant "Pepper" Anderson; EARL HOLLIMAN as Lt. Bill Crowley; ED BERNARD as Det. Joe Styles; CHARLES DIERKOP as Det. Pete Royster; NICHOLE KALLIS as Cheryl
  26. Private Eye 1949 (NBC); {to be done}
  27. Private Eye 13 Sep 1987-8 Jan 1988 (NBC); 1 120-minute episode plus 11 60-minute episodes; Los Angeles in 1956, weird, gritty, and beginning to rock. Jack Cleary's been kicked off the LAPD on trumped-up charges. His brother, a private detective, has been murdered. What is he to do? He takes over his brother's detective agency, which includes his brother's friend Johnny Betts. He stays in touch with his former LAPD partner Charlie Fontana. Jack and his secretary Dottie Dworski, always chewing gum and longing to become a Hollywood star, clear Jack of false charges. The keep on investigating. All the time, Southern California pulses to the beat of 1950s rock and roll... Production Company: Universal Television; Creator: Anthony Yerkovitch [Miami Vice]; Executive Producer: Anthony Yerkovitch; Starring: MICHAEL WOODS as Jack Cleary; JOSH BROLIN as Johnny Betts; BILL SADLER as Charlie Fontana; LISA JANE PERSKY as Dottie Dworski.
  28. Private Investigator 4 Dec 1958-17 Dec 1959 (UK: BBC); 9 45-minute episodes; black and white; Subtle show based on legitimate premise: private investigators are quiet, forgettable in appearance, and never do anything to draw attention. So series creator Arthur Swinson consulted with "the Q-Men" (an association of ex-Scotland Yard detectives) and went for low-key realism. Intentionally unmemorable John Unthank maneuvered with his four assistants, Bill, James, Peter, and Mrs.Layton, plus his Scottish accent, through realistic episodes about French currency scams and a doggie-rights organization. Creator: Arthur Swinson; Other Credits: {to be done}; Starring: CAMPBELL SINGER as John Unthank; DOUGLAS MUIR as Bill Jessel; ALLAN McCLELLAND as James Wilson; URSULA CAMM as Mrs.Layton; IAN WHITE as Peter Clarke.
  29. The Professionals 30 Dec 1977-6 Feb 1983, UK: ITV; 57 60-minute episodes; Former SAS soldier William Bodie joins former CID investigator Ray Doyle under the leadership of George Cowley, formerly with the imaginary CI5 (Criminal Intelligence 5). Filled with action, gunplay, explosions, and the like, the series was not at all unrelaistic, except to Libyans who protested outside the British embassy in Tripoli who chanted "down with CI5!) [anecdote from Geoff Tibbals]. Creator: Brian Clemens; Production Company: Avengers Mark 1, for London Weekend Television; Executive Producers: Albert Fennell [The Avengers], Brian Clemens [The Avengers]; Producers: Sidney Hayers, Raymond Menmuir Music: Laurie Johnson; Starring: GORDON JACKSON [Hudson in Upstairs, Downstairs] as George Cowley; LEWIS COLLINS as William Bodie; MARTIN SHAW as Ray Doyle.
  30. Pros and Cons 1991 (ABC) ; {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  31. The Protectors [UK] 29 Sep 1972-15 Mar 1974 (ITV); USA: Syndicated, 1972; 52 30-minute episodes; Successful but unrealistic, violent, stylish series about three wealthy private detectives in swinging London. Well, maybe Harry Rule was supposed to be a detective, but Lady Caroline Ogilvie, a.k.a. Contessa Di Contini was a specialist detective expert in antiques and art, and Paul Buchet seemed more interested in after-work romance. Production Company: Group Three, for ITC [ITV?] Producers: Gerry Anderson [Thunderbirds], Reg Hill; Music: John Cameron; Theme Song: "In the Avenues and Alleyways", sung by Tony Christie; Starring: ROBERT VAUGHAN [Man from U.N.C.L.E.] as Harry Rule; NYREE DAWN PORTER as Contessa Di Contini; TONY ANHOLT as Paul Buchet.
  32. The Protectors [USA] 28 Sep 1969-6 Sep 1970 (NBC); 6 60-minute episodes; Production Company: Universal Television; Creators: Roland Wolpert, William Sackheim; Executive Producer: Jack Laird; Producer: Jerrold Freedman; One of three series that rotated through The Bold Ones in 1969-1970, along with The Lawyers and The New Doctors. Sam Danforth, the Deputy Police Chief of a big city, plus African-American District Attorney William Washburn, were a great team, although they clashed on style: Sam was a slick, progressive politically manipulative modernist, while William wanted to do things by the book. This had a believable feel to it. Starring: LESLIE NIELSEN [Detective Frank Drebin on Police Squad] as Sam Danforth; HARI RHODES as William Washburn.
  33. Public Eye 23 Jan 1965-7 Apr 1975 (US: ABC/UK:ITV); 28 60-minute episodes; black and white; plus 59 60-minute episodes; color; Friendless, gunless, impovershed, but exhauistively persistent private eye Frank Marker was framed for a jewelry theft and jailed. His real-life British fans deluged the network and press with letters and calls demanding tha he be released, so the show was rewritten to allow him released on parole. Played fascinatingly as a middle-aged loner by Alfred Burke, this series was mysteriously successful. Eventually, the loner hooked up with a policeman (Firbank) and another PI (Ron Gash). The series proved that clever writing and compelling acting matters more than gunshots, car chases, and explosions. Production Companies: ABC Weekend Network [USA] (seasons 1-3); Thames Television [UK] (seasons 4-7); Creators: Roger Marshall, Anthony Marriott; Producers: Don Leaver and John Bryce (season 1); Richard Bates (season 2); Michael Chapman (seasons 3 and 7); Kim Mills (seasons 4 and 5); Robert Love (season 6); Theme Music: Robert Earley; Starring: ALFRED BURKE as Frank Marker; RAY SMITH as Detective Inspector Firbank; PETER CHILDS as Ron Gash.
  34. Public Prosecutor 6 Sep 1951-27 Sep 1951 (DuMont); 4 30-minute episodes on network, ??? later locally; black and white; Also known as Crawford Mystery Theatre (when network broadcast); then changed to Public Prosecutor when it was rropped by DuMont but continued in local airing in New York City. Cross-over between the Mystery genre and the Quiz Show. Mystery/ Detective authors and photogenic guests tried, on camera, to figure out short mysteries they are shown on film. Sponsor: Crawford Clothes; BOB SHEPARD as Announcer; JOHN HOWARD as Host (episodes 1 and 2), then as an actor in some shorts; WARREN HULL as Host (episodes 3-???).
  35. The Pursuers 1 Apr 1961-21 Apr 1962 (UK: ITV); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; British cross-over between police drama and Lassie/Rin Tin Tin. Big black Alsatian police dog outacted Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Bollinger and Detective Sergeant Wall. Production Company: Crestview, for ABC TV; Executive Producer: Donald Hyde; Starring: LOUIS HAYWARD as Detective Inspector Bollinger; GAYLORD CAVALLARO as Detective Sergeant Wall.
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Q: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. Quincy, M.E. Pilot 3 Oct 1976; 4 Feb 1977-11 May 1983 (NBC/Universal); UK: 24 Feb 1977 (pilot, ITV), 8 Sep 1977-28 May 1985 (series, ITV); 5 120-minute episodes; 143 60-minute episodes; First 5 episodes were part of NBC Sunday Mystery Movie, but starting episode 6 it was a regular weekly series, aired Fridays. Quincy (who had no first name) was the loud, intense, strong- principled Medical Examiner for the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office almost always saw murder when the cops saw "natural causes." He again and again acted as his own detective, which drove the cops nuts. Tough on everybody else, he was kind to his youtful assistant, Sam Fujiyama. He tended to hit the streets sleuthing just when his boss Dr. Robert Astin was under pressure from the Press. Quincy lived on a boat, had friends who accepted his bullishness, and a girlfriend, Lee Potter. He spent time with his friends, usually at the end of an episode, at marina-located Danny's Place, for food and beer. In the final season, he married a psychiatrist, Dr. Emily Hanover. She domesticated him. He started being reasonable towards his boss, who began to defend him. The show was no groundbreaker, but Jack Klugman's acting was gripping. A more tortured and yet more intellectual colleague of Quincy is the marvelous Dr. Kay Scarpetta in the best-selling series of novels by Patricia Cornwell. Creators: Glenn A. Larson, Lou Shaw; Executive Producer: Glenn A. Larson; Producers: Lou Shaw, Robert O'Neill, Michael Star; Music: Glenn A. Larson, Stu Phillips; Production Company: Universal Television; Starring: JACK KLUGMAN as Quincy; ROBERT ITO as Sam Fujiyama; GARRY WALBERG as Lt. Frank Monahan; JOHN S RAGIN as Dr. Robert Astin; VAL BISOGLIO as Danny Tovo; LYNETTE METTEY as Lee Potter (season 1); ANITA GILLETTE as Dr. Emily Hanover (season 7). {more cast: to be done}
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R: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. The Racing Game 21 Nov 1979-9 Jan 1980 (UK: ITV); 8 Apr 1980-22 Apr 1980 (US: WGBH Boston Mystery; 6 60-minute epsidoes; Eagerly awaited adaptations slumped quickly after a fast start out of the gate. Former jockey Sid Halley, injured, becomes a Private Eye mostly for major stables. He and his buddy Chico Barnes tracked suspecious bets, missing horses, and the like. It's not clear why the tension and drama of the books failed to make it to the small screen. Adapted: from best-selling novels by Dick Francis; Production Company: Yorkshire Television Network; Executive Producer: David Cunliffe; Producer: Jacky Stoller; Music: Mike Moran; Starring: MIKE GWILYM as Sid Halley; MICK FORD as Chico Barnes.
  2. Racket Squad 7 June 1951-28 Sep 1953 (CBS); 98 30-minute episodes; black and white; Previously syndicated, 1950; "I'm closing this case now, but there'll be others, because that's the way the world is built. Remember, there are people who can slap your back with one hand and pick your pocket with the other; and it could happen to you." -- [Narration at end of each episode] Series explained standard con-games and rackets, with the star playing the head of some big city racket squad. Episodes were based on genuine police case records. Producers: Hal Roach, Jr., Carroll Chase; Director: Frank McDonald; Starring: REED HADLEY as Narrator/Captain John Braddock;
  3. Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) 26 Sep 1969-31 July 1970 (UK: ITC); USA: Syndicated, 1973; In USA under title My Partner the Ghost; 26 60-minute epsiodes; color; The Private Eye firm of Randall and Hopkirk was doing well, until Marty Hopkirk was smashed by a car while he was walking across the street to his apartment. As it turned out, that was an assassination aimed at his partner, Jeff Randall. When Jeff went to the grave-side funeral, the ghost of Marty came to him, and the two set out to crack the case. Marty failed to get back to the grave by daybreak, so was forced to stay on Earth as a ghost for 100 years. The teamwork continued. It was successful both as drama and comedy, an inexplicably bombed in the USA. A fan club is still active. Creator: Dennis Spooner; Producer: Monty Berman; Music: Edwin Astley; Starring: MIKE PRATT as Jeff Randall; KENNETH COPE as Marty Hopkirk; ANNETTE ANDRE as Jean Hopkirk.
  4. Redcap 17 Oct 1964-25 June 1966 (UK: ITV); 26 60-minute episodes; black and white; Military cop, in the Special Investigation Bureau of the Royal Military Police. He was tough, he was tough on those British troops he investigated all over the world, and the rank-and-file troops hated him and his unit. As a result, he had no friends in the service. Production Company: ABC Weekend Network; Creator: Jack Bell; Producer: John Bryce; Starring: JOHN THAW [later Inspector Morse] as Sergeant John Mann.
  5. Remington Steele 1 Oct 1982-9 Mar 1987 (NBC); UK: 3 Sep 1983-18 Apr 1984 (BBC1); 29 July 1986-20 Jan 1987 Channel 4; 72 60-minute episodes; Laura Holt ran her own detective agency, but invented the fictitious Remington Steele as a partner for those clients who felt more comfortable with a male-run business. Those clients wanted to meet the imaginary partner, so when a handsome English man appeared, she hired him to pretend to be the partner. he almost at once began to actually help her solve high-society crimes, where his impeccable dress and manners helped. He had a huge ego, and kept trying to do things as in the old movies he loved. There was a continuous sexual undertone to the relationship. The first season secretary Bernice Foxe eloped with a saxophonist, and was replaced with with former British Internal Revenue agent Mildred Krebs, who'd been fired for letting Steele escape charges of tax evasion. The first legman, Murphy Michaels, quir after Steel took over, allegedly to start his own agency. A stylish, if often unintentionally silly show. Production Company: MTM (Mary Tyler Moore); Creators: Michael Gleason, Robert Butler; Executive Producer: Michael Gleason; Producers: Glenn Caron, Gareth Davies, Lee Zlotoff; Starring: STEPHANIE ZIMBALIST as Laura Holt; PIERCE BROSNAN as Remington Steele; DORIS ROBERTS as Mildred Krebs; JANET DeMAY as Bernice Foxe; JAMES READ as Murphy Michaels.
  6. Renegades {to be done}
  7. The Return of Sherlock Holmes {to be done}
  8. The Return of the Saint {to be done}
  9. Richard Diamond, Private Detective 1957-1960 (CBS); {to be done}
  10. Richie Brockelman, Private Eye 1978 (NBC); {to be done}
  11. Richmond Hill15 Mar1983-12 Apr 1983 (CBS); 7 Apr 1984-? (UK: ITV Yorkshire TV), starring Tim Conway as Ace Crawford
  12. Riker {to be done}
  13. Ripcord {to be done}
  14. Riptide 1984-1986 (NBC); {to be done}
  15. The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes {to be done}
  16. Riviara Police {to be done}
  17. The Rockford Files 1974-1980 (NBC); {to be done}
  18. Rockliffe's Babies {to be done}
  19. Rockliffe's Folly {to be done}
  20. Rocky King, Inside Detective {to be done}
  21. The Rookies {to be done}
  22. Rosie {to be done}
  23. Royal Canadian Mounted Police {to be done}
  24. The Runaways 1979 (NBC) ; {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  25. The Ruth Rendell Mysteries {to be done}
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S: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. Saber of London 1957-1960 (ITV); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  2. Sable 1987-1988 (ABC); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  3. The Saint15 Mar 1983-12 Apr 1983 (CBS); 7 Apr 1984-? (UK: ITV Yorkshire TV), starring Tim Conway as Ace Crawford {more cast: to be done}
  4. Sam 21 Sep 1968-20 May 1975 (NBC); starring Martin Milner as Officer Pete Malloy
  5. San Berdoo 1980 (ABC); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  6. San Francisco Beat 1956 (Syndicated 39 episodes); starring Glen Gordon as Fu Manchu
  7. Sapphire and Steel 24 Apr 1984-5 June 1984 (UK: ITV); 25 Aug 1985-29 Sep 1985 (season 2, UK: ITV); 14 Mar 1985-25 Apr 1985 (US: WGBH Boston "Mystery"); 6 Feb 1986-13 Mar 1986 (season 2, US: WGBH Boston "Mystery") starring Jeremy Brett as {more cast: to be done}
  8. Sarge {to be done}
  9. Scene of the Crime {to be done}
  10. Schimanski {to be done}
  11. Seaway 15 Apr 1958-6 Feb 1959 (UK: ITV); 1957 (US: Syndicated), starring John Bentley as Inspector Derek
  12. Sergeant Cork 15 Mar 1983-12 Apr 1983 (CBS); 7 Apr 1984-? (UK: ITV Yorkshire TV), starring David Suchet as Hercule
  13. Sergeant Preston of the Yukon15 Mar1983-12 Apr 1983 (CBS); 7 Apr 1984-? (UK: ITV Yorkshire TV), starring Tim Conway as Ace Crawford
  14. Serpico {to be done}
  15. 77 Sunset Strip {to be done}
  16. Sexton Blake {to be done}
  17. Shadow Squad 1957-1959 (ITV); {to be done}
  18. Shaft 1973-1974 (CBS); {to be done}
  19. Shannon [first series] {to be done}
  20. Shannon [second series] {to be done}
  21. Sharman 1996 (ITV) ; {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  22. The Sheriff of Cochise {to be done}
  23. Sherlock Holmes [first series] {to be done}
  24. Sherlock Holmes [second series] {to be done}
  25. Sherlock Holmes [third series] {to be done} see also: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; The Return of Sherlock Holmes; The Hound of the Baskervilles; The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes; Young Sherlock
  26. Shoestring 1979-1980 (UK: BBC1); {to be done}
  27. Shotgun Slade 1959-1961 (Syndicated); {to be done}
  28. The Silent Force {to be done}
  29. Simon and Simon 1981-1988 (CBS); {to be done}
  30. The Singing Detective {to be done}
  31. Sins of the City 1998 (USA Network); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  32. Sledge Hammer {to be done}
  33. Small and Frye 1983 (CBS); {to be done}
  34. The Smith Family {to be done}
  35. Snoken 1993-1997 (Sweden: SVT 1); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  36. The Snoop Sisters {to be done}
  37. Snooper and Blabber 1959-1962 (syndicated); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  38. Snoops 1999 (ABC); {to be done}
  39. Softly, Softly {to be done}
  40. Sonny Spoon 1988 (NBC); {to be done}
  41. Sons of Thunder 1999 (CBS); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  42. South of Sunset 1993 (CBS); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  43. South of the Border 1988 (UK: BBC1); {to be done}
  44. Special Branch {to be done}
  45. Special Squad {to be done}
  46. Specials {to be done}
  47. Spender {to be done}
  48. Spenser: For Hire {to be done}
  49. Spooner's Patch {to be done}
  50. Staccato see Johnny Staccato
  51. Stand By For Crime {to be done}
  52. Star Cops {to be done}
  53. Starsky and Hutch 1975-1979 (ABC); {to be done}
  54. State Trooper {to be done}
  55. Stone {to be done}
  56. The Strange Report {to be done}
  57. The Stranger {to be done}
  58. Strangers {to be done}
  59. The Street {to be done}
  60. Street Hawk {to be done}
  61. The Streets of San Francisco {to be done}
  62. Strike Force {to be done}
  63. The Strip 1999-2000 (UPN); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  64. Surfside 6 1960-1962 (ABC); {to be done}
  65. Sutherland's Law {to be done}
  66. S.W.A.T. {to be done}
  67. Sweating Bullets 1991-1992 (Mexico/Canada Syndicated); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  68. The Sweeney {to be done}
  69. Switch 1975-1978 (CBS); {to be done}
  70. Sydney 1990 (CBS); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
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T: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. Taggart15 Mar 1983-12 Apr 1983 (CBS); 7 Apr 1984-? (UK: ITV Yorkshire TV), starring Tim Conway as Ace Crawford {more cast: to be done}
  2. Take a Pair of Private Eyes 1966 (BBC); {to be done}
  3. Taking the Falls 1995-1996 (CTV); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  4. Tallahassee 7000 1959 (Columbia); 26 30-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective drama series about a Florida sheriff. Starring: WALTER MATTHAU.
  5. Target 1951 (United Artists); 38 30-minute episodes; black and white; Anthology series of Suspense and Mystery/Detective stories.
  6. Target: The Conspirators 1961 (Four Star/Velie- Burrows-Ackerman) 34 60-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective drama series about a crusading investigative journalist. Starring: STEPHEN McNALLY; ROBERT HARLAND.
  7. Target: The Corruptors {to be done}
  8. TECX 1990 (ITV); {to be done}
  9. TekWar 1994 (CTV/Syndicated); Science Fiction/Mystery/Detective William Shatner; {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  10. The Telltale Clue {to be done}
  11. Tenafly 1973-74 (NBC/Universal); 5 90-minute episodes; Executive Producers: Richard Levinson, William Link; Producer: Jon Epstein; Mystery/Detective drama series. African-American family man, Los Angeles private detective Harry Tenafly. Part of the NBC "Mystery Movie" series. Starring: JAMES McEACHIN as Harry Tenafly; LILLIAN LEHMAN as Ruth Tenafly; PAUL JACKSON as Herb Tenafly; ROSANNA HUFFMAN as Lorrie; DAVID HUDDLESTON as Lt. Sam Church.
  12. Tenspeed and Brownshoe 1980 (ABC/Paramount); 1 96-minute episode; 10 60-minute episodes; Creator: Stephen J. Cannell; Music: Mike Post, Pete Carpenter; Producers: Stephen J. Cannell, Alex Beaton, Chuck Bowman, Juanita Bartlett; Mystery/Detective drama series about Los Angeles stockbroker Lionel "Brown Shoe" Whitney starting a detective agency with con-man E.L. "Tenspeed" Turner. Starring: BEN VEREEN as E.L. "Tenspeed" Turner; JEFF GOLDBLUM as Lionel "Brown Shoe" Whitney.
  13. T.H.E. Cat 1966 (NBC); 26 30-minute episodes; Producer: Boris Sagal; Mystery/Detective/Action-adventure series about a bodyguard who keeps being drawn into fighting crime.
  14. The Thin Man 1957-58 (NBC/MGM); 78 30-minute episodes; black and white; Producers: Samuel Marx, Edmund Beloin; Mystery/Detective drama serial. Husband and wife private detective team Nick and Nora Charles. Adapted from the successful film series starring William Powell and Myrna Loy, which in turn were based on characters created by Dasheill Hammett. Starring: PETER LAWFORD as Nick Charles, PHYLLIS KIRK as Nora Charles.
  15. The Third Man {to be done}
  16. This Man Dawson 1959 (United Artists); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; Action-adventure/Mystery/Detective series about an undercover government agent. Starring: KEITH ANDES
  17. Thriller 1960-61 (MCA/Revue/Hubbell Robinson); 67 60-minute episodes; black and white; Producer: William Frye; Anthology series of Mystery/Detective, Suspense, and Horror stories; Hosted by Boris Karloff (who also appeared in some episodes).
  18. Tightrope 1957 (Columbia); 37 30-minute episodes; black and white; Creators: Russel Rouse, Clarence Greene; Mystery/Detective drama series about a cop going undercover to bring gangsters to justice. Starring: MICHAEL CONNORS.
  19. T.J. Hooker 1982-87 (ABC/CBS/Spelling-Goldberg/Columbia) 78 60-minute episodes; Creator: Rick Husky; Executive Producers: Aaron Spelling, Leonard Goldberg; Mystery/Detective drama series. Veteran cop Seregant T.J. Hooker's assignment to help L.A.P.D.'s Rookie cops. Starring: WILLIAM SHATNER as Sgt T.J. Hooker; HEATHER LOCKLEAR as Officer Stacey Sheridan; JAMES DARREN as Officer Jim Corrigan; ADRIAN ZMED as Officer Vince Romano; RICHARD HERD as Captain Sheridan.
  20. Today's F.B.I. {to be done}
  21. Toma 1973-74 (ABC/Roy Huggins/Public Arts/Universal) 1 90-minute episode; plus 22 60-minute episodes; Creator: Edward Hume; Producer: Stephen J. Cannell; Executive Producers: Roy Huggins, Jo Swerling, Jr.; True-Crime drama series. Undercover cop Dave Toma (the real Dave Toma appeared in each episode). In season 2, lead Tony Musante left, so ABC continued on but renamed the show Baretta. Starring: TONY MUSANTE as Detective Dave Toma; SIMON OAKLAND as Inspector Spooner; SUSAN STRASBERG as Patty Toma.
  22. Total Security 1997 (ABC) ; {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  23. Toucan Tecs {to be done}
  24. Travelling Man {to be done}
  25. Treasury Men In Action {to be done}
  26. The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald 1978 (Charles Fries); 2 120-minute episodes; Writer: Robert E. Thompson; adaptation of a Play by Amram Ducovny, Leon Friedman; Music:Fred Karlin; Producer: Richard Freed; Political Thriller/Mystery/Detective drama. What might have happened if Lee Harvey Oswald hadn't been shot by Jack Ruby, so had to stand trial for the murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Starring: BEN GAZZARA; LORNE GREENE; FRANCES LEE MCcAIN; LAWRENCE PRESSMAN; JOHN PLESHETTE; MARISA PAVAN; MO MALONE.
  27. The Trials of O'Brien 1965 (Filmways) 20 60-minute episodes; black and white; Mystery/Detective drama series from viewpoint of a defense lawyer. Producer: Richard Alan Simmons; Starring: PETER FALK.
  28. Tucker's Wish (Witch?) 1982-1983 (CBS); {to be done}
  29. 21 Beacon Street 1959-1960 (NBC/ABC); {to be done}
  30. 21 Jump Street {to be done}
  31. Twin Peaks 1990-91 (ABC/Lynch-Frost/Spelling); 2 120-minute episodes; 28 60-minute episodes; Creators/Executive Producers: David Lynch, Mark Frost; Mystery/Detective/Fantasy/Surrealism. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper investigates the murder of Laura Palmer in the town of Twin Peaks. Little is what it seems. Starring: KYLE MacLACHLAN as Agent Dale Cooper; MICHAEL ONTKEAN as Sheriff Harry S. Truman; RAY WISE as Leland Palmer; SHERILYNN FENN as Audrey Horne; JAMES MARSHALL as James Hurley; JOAN CHEN as Jocelyn 'Josie' Packard; SHERYL LEE as Laura Palmer/ Madelaine Ferguson; LARA FLYNN BOYLE as Donna Hayward; PIPER LAURIE as Catherine Martell; JACK NANCE as Pete Martell; EVERETT McGILL as Big Ed Hurley; WENDY ROBIE as Nadine Hurley; RICHARD BEYMER as Benjamin Horne; MADCHEN AMICK as Shelly Johnson; ERIC DA RE as Leo Johnson; RUSS TAMBLYN as Dr. Lawrence Jacoby; HARRY GOAZ as Deputy Andy Brennan; PEGGY LIPTON as Norma Jennings; CHRIS MULKEY as Hank Jennings; KIMMY ROBERTSON as Lucy Moran; DAVID LYNCH as Gordon Cole; CATHERINE E. COULSON as Margaret, the Log Lady; MICHAEL HORSE as Deputy Tommy "The Hawk" Hill.
  32. Two of Diamonds 1987-88 (Global); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
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U: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. Uncovered 1954 Syndication title; 1955-57 (ABC); also known as The Vise [TV-Series: 1954-1955 (UK)]; Saber of London (1955, UK); 120 30-minute episodes; Black and White; The British production featured little-known actors in filmed teleplays becoming caught in "the vise" of fate created ironically by their own actions. Directors: Harry Lee Danziger, Splinters Deason; Starring: Donald Gray as Mark Saber (1955-1960); Ron Randell as Host; Robert Arden as Bob Page (1959-1960); Michael Balfour as Barney O'Keefe (1955-1956); Diana Decker as Stephanie Ames (1956-1957); Frank Hawkins as Inspector Chester (1956); Patrick Holt as Inspector Brady (1955); Jennifer Jayne as Ann Somers (1959-1960); Neil McCallum as Pete Paulson (1957-1958); Gordon Tanner as Larry Nelson (1958); Colin Tapley as Inspector Parker (1957-1960); Gary Thorne as Eddy Welles (1960); Teresa Thorne as Judy (1956); see also cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  2. An Unsuitable Job For a Woman 1997-1999 (ITV/PBS); 3 60-minute episodes (USA); 2 105-minute episodes (Belgium); Protagonist Cordelia Grey is the reluctant new owner of a run-down investigation agency ... Directors: Ben Bolt, John Strickland; Adapted: from the novel by P.D. James; Executive Producer (WGBH Boston): Rebecca Eaton; Executive Producer (HTV): Stephen Matthews; Executive Producer: Douglas Rae; Line Producer: Ian Strachan; Associate Producer: Robert Bernstein; Producer: Colin Ludlow; Original Music: Colin Towns; Cinematographer: Dick Dodd; Film Editors: Jerry Leon, Liz Webber; Casting: Kate Rhodes James; Production Designer: Vic Symonds (credited as Vic Simonds) ; Art Director: Neil Pollard; Set Decorator: Amanda Ackland-Snow; Costume Designers: Amanda Ackland-Snow, Sheena Napier; Makeup Artists: Penny Bell, Carol Cooper; Makeup Designer: Sally Harrison; Production Coordinator: Pat Bryan; Unit Manager: Annabel Cannings Knight; First Assistant Directors: Dominic Fysh, Jon Older; Second Assistant Director: Vaughan Watkins (as Vaughn Watkins) Third Assistant Directors: John McKeown, Jim Wilkinson; Property Master: Mike Killman; AssistantArt Director: Simon Rogers; Boom Operator: Simon Brown; Sound Recordist: Alistair Crocker Dubbing Editors: John Downer, Laura Lovejoy, Rupert Scrivener; Dubbing Mixer: Rupert Scrivener; Stunt Coordinators: Terry Forestal (as Terry Forrestal), Nick Powell (as Nicholas Powell); Stunts: Richard Hammatt, Derek Lea, Joanna McLaren, Greg Powell, Anna Stacey; Assistant Costume Designer: Flora Avery; Steadicam Operator: Dion M. Casey; Location Managers: Lisa Cravelle (Lisa Gravelle?), Jane Soans; Script Supervisors: Carol Gardner, Emma Thomas; Focus Pullers: Tom Harting, Donald Russell; Costume Supervisor: Abigail Hicks; Clapper Loader: Janie Hicks (Jamie Ricks?); Camera Operator: Jeremy Hiles, Mike Miller; Production Accountants: Alan John, Nan John; Gaffer: Steve Philps; Grip: Darren Quinn; Production Secretary: Jane Templeton; Starring: HELEN BAXENDALE as Cordelia Gray; Annette Crosbie as Edith Sparshott; Ian McDiarmid as Ronald Callender; Phyllis Logan as Elizabeth Leaming; Rosemary Leach as Miss Markland; Georgine Anderson as Mrs. Goddard; Bob Barrett as Patrick Smith; Joel Beckett as Lunn; Ken Bones as Ted Futton; Clare Bullus as Sophie; Andrew Clover as Hugo; Nadio Fortune as Gianni; Mark Heap as DS Maskell; Gemma Jones as Julia Hampson; Pat Keen as Mrs. Gladwin ; Leigh Lawson as Andrew Hampson; Helena McCarthy as Neighbour; Frank Middlemass as Mr. Markland; Oliver Montgomery as Edward Horsfall; Saskia Mulder as Isabelle; Jeff Nuttall as Bernie Pryde; Phillipa Price as Erica Goodwin; Julian Rhind-Tutt as Philip Hampson; Struan Rodger as DCS Ferguson; Allan Surtees as Benskin; Dickon Tolson as Young Policeman; Rick Warden as Davie Matilda Ziegler as Hilary Hampson see also cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
  3. The Untouchables 1959-63 (ABC-Desilu- Quinn Martin Langford); 117 60-minute episodes; black and white; Executive Producer: Jerry Thorpe, Leonard Freeman; Music: Walter Hatch, Nelson Riddle; Mystery/Detective drama series. Eliot Ness and his agents versus gangsters in 1920s Chicago. See also The New Untouchables. Starring: ROBERT STACK as Eliot Ness; JERRY PARIS as Agent Martin Flaherty; ABEL FERNANDEZ as Agent William Longfellow; NICK GEORGIADE as Agent Enrico Rossi; ANTHONY GEORGE as Agent Cam Allison; PAUL PICERNI as Agent Lee Hobson; STEVE LONDON as Agent Rossman; BRUCE GORDON as Frank Nitti; WALTER WINCHELL as Narrator.
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V: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. Van Der Valk 13 Sep 1972-6 Feb 1991 (UK: ITV/Thames/Euston/ Elmgate); 25 60-minute episode; plus 4 120-minute episodes; Piet Van Der Valk is a Dutch detective with the Amsterdam CID Division. He is climbing the adminstrative ladder to Commisaris. He is a moody, preemptive, non-diplomatic, sometimes tactless maverick. In the first 60-minute series, great scripts and colorful background scenery (bridges, canals, pimps, pushers, junkies) compensated for underacting. The 1991 120-minute episodes were weaker, in writing. Piet Van Der Valk is 59 years old, with salt-and-pepper curly hair, and an adult son Wim, also a policeman. In Nicholas Freeling's novels, prior to the TV series, Van Der Valk has been killed by a sniper, and wife Arlette is hunting for the killer. Creator: Nicholas Freeling; Adapted: from novels by Nicholas Freeling; Executive Producers: Lloyd Shirley (seasons 1-4), George Taylor (season 3), Brian Walcroft (season 4); Producers: Michael Chapman (season 1), Robert Love (season 2), Geoffrey Gilbert (season 3), Chris Burt (season 4); Theme Song: "Eye Level" by Jan Stoeckhart; Theme Song Recorded: by the Simon Park Orchestra (4 weeks at the top of the UK charts in 1973) Theme Music: Jack Trombey (pseudonym of Jan Stoeckhart); Starring: BARRY FOSTER as Piet Van Der Valk; SUSAN TRAVERS as Arlette (seasons 1-2); JOHANNA DUNHAM as Arlette (season 3); MEG DAVIES as Arlette (season 4); NIGEL STOCK as Hoof Commisaris Samson (seasons 1-3); RONALD HINES as Hoof Commisaris Samson (season 4); RICHARD HUW as Wim; see also West German film with full title: Van der Valk und die Reichen; Director: Wolfgang Petersen; Starring: Frank Finlay; Marte Harell; Helmut Kautner; Francoise Prevost; Judy Winter.
  2. Vega$ 21 Sep 1968-20 May 1975 (ABC); (ABC/Spelling-Cramer according to TV Chronicles, which also says 1978-81); 1 75-minute episode; plus 67 60-minute episodes; Creator: Michael Mann; Music:Dominic Frontiere; Producers: Alan Godfrey, E. Duke Vincent; Executive Producers: Aaron Spelling, Douglas S. Cramer; Mystery/Detective drama series about Las Vegas-based private detective Dan Tanna. Starring: ROBERT URICH as Dan Tanna; PHYLLIS DAVIS as Beatrice Travis; JUDY LANDERS as Angie Turner; BART BRAVERMAN as Bobby Borso "Binzer"; WILL SAMPSON as Eli Two Leaf; GREG MORRIS as Lt. David Nelson; TONY CURTIS as Philip Roth.
  3. Vendetta15 Mar1983-12 Apr 1983 (CBS); 7 Apr 1984-? (UK: ITV Yorkshire TV), starring Tim Conway as Ace Crawford
  4. Vengeance Unlimited 1998 (ABC); {to be done} according to cached copy of TV Eyes-The Series
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W: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. Walking Tall15 Mar 1983-12 Apr 1983 (CBS); 7 Apr 1984-? (UK: ITV Yorkshire TV), starring Tim Conway as Ace Crawford {more cast: to be done}
  2. Waterfront Beat 24 Apr 1984-5 June 1984 (UK: ITV); 25 Aug 1985-29 Sep 1985 (season 2, UK: ITV); 14 Mar 1985-25 Apr 1985 (US: WGBH Boston "Mystery"); 6 Feb 1986-13 Mar 1986 (season 2, US: WGBH Boston "Mystery") starring Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes {more cast: to be done}
  3. The Web 1956 (Columbia/Goodson-Todman); 13 30-minute episodes; black and white; Thriller/Mystery/Detective anthology series: people caught in a web of conflicting evidence.
  4. Whispering Smith 1958 (Whispering Smith Co.); 25 30-minute episodes; black and white; Western/Mystery/Detective drama series. Private detective in the Old West. starring: AUDIE MURPHY; GUY MITCHELL.
  5. The Whistler 1954 (Columbia); 39 30-minute episodes; black and white; Anthology series, sometimes Mystery/Detective drama of stories, usually with a twist ending.
  6. Whiz Kids {to be done}
  7. Who-Dun-It {to be done}
  8. Whodunnit 15 Apr 1958-6 Feb 1959 (UK: ITV); 1957 (US: Syndicated), starring John Bentley as Inspector Derek
  9. Wilde Alliance 15 Mar 1983-12 Apr 1983 (CBS); 7 Apr 1984-? (UK: ITV Yorkshire TV), starring David Suchet as Hercule
  10. Wiseguy15 Mar1983-12 Apr 1983 (CBS); 7 Apr 1984-? (UK: ITV Yorkshire TV), starring Tim Conway as Ace Crawford
  11. Wolf 1989-1990 (CBS); {to be done}
  12. World Crime Hunt 3 Apr 1953-18 Dec 1955 (ABC/Etoile); 26 30-minute episodes; French-produced, in the style of U.S. cop shows, this was syndicated in Great Britain under the title Paris Precinct. It featured a pair of predecessors to Maigret: Inspectors for Surete. Starring: LOUIS JOURDAN as Inspector Beaumont; CLAUDE DAUPHIN as Inspector Bolbec.
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XYZ: Mystery/Detective Television Series

  1. X-Files 1993-present (Fox - Ten Thirteen); __ 60-minute episodes; Science Fiction/Mystery/Detective drama series. Two FBI agents, True Believer Fox Mulder and sceptical Dana Scully, explore the unexplained while try to prove the existence of extraterrestrials on Earth. Very fine film has been spun-off. Creator/Executive Producer: Chris Carter; Music: Mark Snow; MANY hotlinks {to be done} {see also Magic Dragon Multimedia's Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide}; Starring DAVID DUCHOVNY as Special Agent Fox Mulder; GILLIAN ANDERSON as Special Agent Dana Scully; MITCH PILEGGI as Assistant FBI Director Walter Skinner; WILLIAM B. DAVIS as Cigarette Smoking Man; JERRY HARDIN as Deep Throat.
  2. Yellowthread Street13 Jan 1990-7 Apr 19890 (UK: ITV); 13 60-minute episodes; Set in, and lavishly filmed on location in Hong Kong, with a cast of international stars, this was an adaptation of the novel by William Marshall. Marshall was a Hong Kong-based journalist, and accurately portrayed a team of 7 detectives in the Royal Hong Kong Police Force, stationed in the Yellowthread Street precinct. They dealt with tongs, triads, syndicates, and domestic chaos in Hong Kong and the New Territories, from the lowest squalor to the super-rich. Inward-looking Chief Inspector Alex Vale was supported by hebrephrenic Detective C.J. Brady, cool yet sexy Detective Kelly Lang, wisecracking Detective Nick Eden, former Vietnamese refugee Eddie Pak, cocksure Australian, Detective Peter Marenta, and the conflicted Detective Jackie Wu. Marshall's asccuracy was undercut by overblown and even silly plots, and even the addition of American stars Bill McKinney and Kaz Garas could not rescue a big-budget show that could have been so much more. Executive Producer: Keith Richardson; Producer: Ranald Graham; Music: Roger Bellon; Starring: RAY LONNEN as Chief Inspector Alex Vale; MARK McGANN as Detective C.J. Brady; CATHERINE NELSON as Detective Kelly Lang; BRUCE PAYNE as Detective Nick Eden; TZI MA as Eddie Pak; DOREEN CHAN as Detective Jackie Wu. {more cast: to be done}
  3. Young Sherlock 31 Oct 1982-19 Dec 1982 (UK: ITV); 1 60-minute episode; 7 30-minute episodes; Sherlock Holmes as a schoolboy: cleverly written, well-acted, and properly not including a young Watson. Writer: Gerald Frow; Executive Producer: Michael Cox; Producer: Pieter Rogers; Starring: GUY HENRY as Sherlock Holmes.
  4. You're Under Arrest (Japan) (Animated) Japanese Production Staff: Planning: Miyahara Teruo, Mogi Takashi, Yamamoto Katsuhisa (3) & Kimura Tsunesuke (4); Character Designs & Chief Animation Director: Nakajima Atsuko; Mechanical Designs: Murata Toshiharu; Art: Katoo Hiroshi; Color Coordinator: Ishii Kenichi; Director of Photography: Yoshida Mitsunobu; Editor: Morita Seiji; Music: Ootani Kou; Sound Composer: Asari Naoko (3), Tsuruoka Yoota (4); Producers: Mizuo Yoshimasa, Sei Naoki, Watanabe Shigeru & Hasegawa Hiroshi (STUDIO DEEN); Director: Furuhashi Kazuhiro; Supervisor: Fujishima Kousuke; Screenplay: Yokote Michiko; Animation Directors: Matsutake Tokuyuki (3), Yamada Makoto (4); Storyboards & Technical Direction: Furuhashi Kazuhiro; Animation Production: Studio DEEN Key Animation: Saitoo Tetsuhito, Matsumoto Norio, Suzuki Hirofumi, Tanaka Yuuichi (3), Yamada Makoto (3), Suzuki Takeyuki (3), Uchida Shinya (3), Hashimoto Yoshimi (3), Ishikawa Yooichi (3), Utsugi Isamu (3), Ojiri Shinya, Hiramatsu Sadafumi, Matsubara Hidenori (3), Furuse Noboru (3), Matsutake Tokuyuki (4), Mizumura Yoshio (4), Murata Toshiharu (4), Watabe Keisuke (4), Yamanaka Eiji (4), Sakai Keishi (4), Masahiko Kubo (4), Yamamoto Takashi (4), Yoshimoto Takuji (4), Inoue Akira (4), Yabushita Shoji (4), Fumie Muroi (4) & Akitoshi Maeda (4); US Production Staff (Subtitling) Executive Producer: Robert J. Woodhead; Producers: Janice Hindle & Peter R. Haswell; Production Coordinator: Ueki Natsumi; Translators: Shin Kurokawa & Michael House; Dialogue Editor: Roe R. Adams III, KTJ; Vehicular Research: Kawai Yasushi; Subtitling Director: Michael House; US Production Staff (Dubbing) Executive Producer: Robert J. Woodhead; Producers: Janice Hindle, Peter R. Haswell; Production Coordinator: Ueki Natsumi; Translators: Shin Kurokawa; Dialogue Editor: Roe R. Adams III, KTJ; Vehicular Research: Kawai Yasushi; Subtitling Director: Robert Woodhead; Coastal Carolina Staff Voice Director: Scott Houle; Script Supervisor: William Bailey ; Audio Engineer: Nick Stuteville; Dialouge Mixer: Ron Abfalter; SFX Designer: Skip Bowerman; M&E Editor: Kevin Turner; Communications: Billie Houle; Duplications: B.J. Toney; You're Under Arrest (Production Staff)
  5. Z Cars 2 Jan 1962-20 Sep 1978 (UK: BBC2); 667 25-minute and 50-minute episodes; Controversial breakthrough series wiped away all the cobwebs from the traditional portrayal of British police. IDirectly and indirectly influenced all British police daramas afterwards. See Softly, Softly; Barlow; Barlow at Large. Creator: Troy Kennedy Martin; Producers: David Rose, Richard Benyon, Ronald Travers, Ron Craddock; Starring: STRATFORD JOHNS as Det.Insp.Charlie Barlow; FRANK WNDSOR as Det.Sgt. John Watt; JOSEPH BRADY as PC Jock Weir; BRIAN BLESSED as PC "Fancy" Smith; JAMES ELLIS as PC Bert Lynch; JEREMY KEMP as PC Bob Steele; COLIN WELLAND as PC David Graham; TERENCE EDMOND as PC Sweet; LEONARD WILLIAMS as Desk Sgt. Twentyman; ROBERT KEEGAN as Desk Sgt. Blackitt; LESLIE SANDS as Det. Sup. Miller; JOHN SLATER as Det. Sgt. Stone; DEREK WARING as Det. Insp. Gross; LEONARD ROSSITER as Det. Insp. Bamber; GEOFFREY HAYES as Det. Con. Scatliff; BERNARD HOLLEY as PC Newcombe; DOUGLAS FIELDING as PC Quilley; IAN CULLEN as Det. Con. Skinner; JOHN WOODVINE as Det. Insp. Witty; JOHN BARRIE as Det. Insp. Hudson; JOSS ACKLAND as Det. Insp. Todd.
  6. Zero One 3 Oct 1962-16 Dec 1964 (UK: BBC3/MGM); 1964 (USA: Syndicated); 39 25-minute episodes; black and white; "Zero One" is the codeword for the International Air Secrity Board, for this show concentrating on crashes, bomb scares, and hijackings at major airports worldwide. American sponsors were afraid to back this show, but General Motors happily promoted it in Canada, where the subliminal message was "cars are safer than airplanes!"; Producer: Lawrence P. Bachman; Starring NIGEL PATRICK as Alan Garnett; KATYA DOUGLAS as Maya; BILL SMITH as Jimmy Delaney; Guest stars included Margaret Rutherford.
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