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A. E., pseudonym of George William Russell (1867-1935) of Ireland: * The Interpreters [1922] * The Avatars: A Futurist Fantasy [1932] Ea: God of wisdom and water in Babylonian mythology. Evolved from Enki (Sumerian), he was one of the leaders among gods, responsible for day-to-day operational functioning of earth, sea, and sky, while delegating lesser aspects of the interface between these and humanity (i.e. agriculture, irrigation) to lesser gods. His cleverness often saved the universe and the less-brilliant gods. For example, Ea overcame the stone-monster Kumarbi when it assaulted heaven; Ea rescued Ishtar from the underworld; Ea (as described in "The Epic of Gilgamesh") told Utnapishtim to build the Ark. see: "Ancient Precursors: Oldest Science Fiction Novel" at start of TIMELINE PREHISTORY see: those miscellaneous other Pantheons Eagle: (1) mythological references {to be done}; (2) ornithological references {to be done}; (3) the Lunar Module that landed Aldrin and Armstrong at Mare Tranquillitatus, 20 July 1969 Mike Eagle, a.k.a. Michael Eagle: SF artist Michael Eagle in ISFDB Solomon Eagle, pseudonym of Sir John Collings Squire Duncan Eagleson: SF artist Duncan Eagleson in ISFDB Edward Eager full name Edward McMaken Eager (1911-1964): lyricist/playwright who began writing Edith Nesbit-like children's books at age 40 for his own son: * Red Head [1951] juvenile * Mouse Manor [1952] * Half Magic [New York: Harcourt, 1954; Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, July 1985] ISBN 0-15-637990-2, $4.95, paperback [Aug 1989] ISBN 0-15-233081-X, $3.95 magic coin gives children just half of each wish, with marvellous results * Knight's Castle [New York: Harcourt, 1956; Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Aug 1989] 0-15-243105-5, $3.95 trade paperback in Sir Walter Scott's "Ivanhoe" universe * Magic by the Lake [New York: Harcourt, 1957; Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Aug 1989] ISBN 0-15-250444-3, $3.95 trade paperback * The Time Garden [New York: Harcourt Brace, 1958] TIME TRAVEL based on a magical toad "Natterjack" and the pun thyme/time * Magic or Not? [Harcourt Brace, 1959; Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Aug 1989] ISBN 0-15-251160-1, $3.95 trade paperback * The Well-Wishers [Harcourt Brace, 1960; Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Sep 1990] ISBN 0-15-294994-1, $4.95 trade paperback sequel to "Magic or Not?" * Seven Day Magic [Harcourt Brace, 1962; Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Aug 1989] ISBN 0-15-272916-X, $3.95 trade paperback magical library book (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.306; and Locus) The tetrology "Half Magic", "Knight's Castle","Magic by the Lake", "The Time Garden" gave this compiler great pleasure as a child, in part because of the axiomatically logical approach to magic and the child protagonists. James Baen refers to this style as "Magic with Rivets" and I concur. Bill Eaken: SF artist Bill Eaken ISFDB Jesse D. Eaker: no known home page, Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Short Fiction: * "Staying Behind" [Sword And Sorceress VII, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1990] * "Name of the Demoness" [Sword and Sorceress VI, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1990] * "Blademistress" [Sword And Sorceress IX, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1992] * "Digging Out" [Harsh Mistress, Spring/Summer 1993] * "Bad Luck and Curses" [Sword And Sorceress XI, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1990] * "The Needle and the Sword" [Sword and Sorceress XIV, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1997] e-mail Jesse D. Eaker William R. Eakin (27 Feb 1958-): Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America, Best known for the "Redgunk" series of stories set in a mythical Mississippi fiction has appeared in "Non-Stop", "F&SF", "Space & Time"... Bill Eakin Books: * Redgunk Tales, Apocalypse and Kudzu from Redgunk, Mississippi [Invisible Cities Press, Spring 2001] short story collection * numerous nonfiction books and articles on theology, epistomology, poetry Awards and Nominations: * various, see his home page Short Fiction includes: * "The Secret of the Mummy's Brain" [Realms of Fantasy, Dec 1996] * "Lawnmower Moe" [Realms of Fantasy, Apr 1997] * "Monogamy" [Fantasy & SF, June 1998] * "Meadow Song" [Realms of Fantasy, Oct 1997; electronic reprint in Pulp Eternity; Year's Best Fantasy] * "Unicorn Stew" [Realms of Fantasy, April 1998] * "Plain Female Seeks Nice Guy" [Science Fiction Age. Scott Edelman, ed. Reston, VA. Sovereign Media (Forthcoming)] Novelette ("Redgunk") * "How Boy Howdy Saved the World" [Quantum Speculative Fiction. Kurt Roth, ed. Ames, Iowa. Obscura Press (Forthcoming)] humorous SF ("Redgunk") * "Redgunk, Texa." [LC-39. Matthew Walls, ed. Baltimore, MD (Forthcoming)] Short Story ("Redgunk"/literary SF) * "Grandmother Mist" [XX Magazine. Jon Hodges/Steve Algieri, eds. Blindside Publishing (Forthcoming)] Short Story (science fiction) * "Trimalchio's Chamber Pot" [Pulp Eternity. Steve Algieri, ed. Norcross, GA (forthcoming, Vol 5 "Eternity Unbound" Issue, Winter 1999/2000) Novelette ("Redgunk") * "The Lion and the Lamb" [Non-Stop SF Magazine. Luis Ortiz/K. J. Cypret, eds. New York, NY: (forthcoming)] Short Story (SF) * "Homesickness" [Amazing Stories. Kim Mohan, ed. Renton, WA] forthcoling, Vol.70, short story ("Redgunk") * "Der Trampelpfad" ("The Foot-Path") [Die Drachen von Morgen: Bd. I: Science Fiction. (ISBN 3-932261-25-9). Michael Plogmann, ed. Storisende Verlag. Spenge, Germany: April, 1999] science fiction/German language print anthology): * "A Dragon of Conspiracy." Realms of Fantasy. Shawna McCarthy, ed. Rumson, NJ: February, 1999] Novelette ("Redgunk"/literary fantasy) * "Samsara" [Dark Regions. John B. Rosenman, ed. Special VR/Computers issue. Shawano, Wisconsin: #10/1998] Short Story (cybertech/science fiction) Reprint * "Old River Mouth's Seeds" [More Monsters from Memphis. Beecher Smith, ed. Memphis, TN: Zapizdat. December, 1998] Short Story/book anthology ("Redgunk"/horror) * "St. Dennis, of Him Who Rides the Ancient Skies" [Age of Wonder, Paul A. Recchia, ed. Evanston, IL: Spring, 1998] Short Story (science fiction): * "The Lizard Queen" [Monsters from Memphis. Beecher Smith, ed. Memphis, TN: Zapizdat Publications, October, 1997] Short Story/book anthology ("Redgunk"/horror) * "A Threat of Vegetarianism on Mati-Syra-Zemlya" [Cyber-Psycho's A.O.D. Jasmine Sailing, ed. Denver: #7/June, 1997] Short story (techno/surrealist) * "Tasbih Dud" Symphonie's Gift. Bryan Edward Lindenberger, ed. Erie, PA: #7/Summer, 1997] Short Story (surrealist/reprint) * "Getting Flesh from Mr. Chang in Indian Territory" [Little Green Men, Greg Meronek, ed. Lake Forest, CA: Summer, 1997] Short Story (science fiction) * "Boiling" Symphonie's Gift. Bryan Edward Lindenberger, ed. Erie, PA: (#6/Spring, 1997)] Short Story (experimental dark fantasy) * "Welcome to Merland" [Space and Time, 30th Anniversary Issue, Tom Piccirilli, Gordon Linzner, eds. NY, NY: #87/Summer, 1997] Short Story (literary fantasy) Poetry: * Numerous, see author's home page e-mail William R. Eakin new e-mail William R. Eakin old, obsolete Patricia Eakins: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Patricia Eakins home page Elegant home page, beginning with author-in-garden photo and a wonderful quotation from an interview on what drives this award-winning author to the ocean of story. Books: * The Hungry Girls and Other Stories [San Francisco: Cadmus Editions, 1988] ISBN 0-932275-43-9, out of print (Cadmus plans a second edition), story collection "Triumphantly quirky" -- The New York Times Book Review * title story, "The Hungry Girls," won Charles Angoff award for "outstanding contribution" [The Literary Review] adapted for the theater by the Collision Theory Ensemble, whose production of "The Hungry Girls: A Fairy Tale" premiered at New York City's Synchronicity Space [Aug 1997; revived Aug 1998 as part of the New York International Fringe Festival] * "Milady's Ploy" takes place in what could be medieval Japan * "Snakeskins" set in the East of the Thousand and One Nights * "The Change" South Pacific Atoll after nuclear tragedy * "Auravir" in the mythological time of Ovid's Metamorphoses * The Marvelous Adventures of Pierre Baptiste, Father and Mother, First and Last [pub?, Spring 1999] novel, awarded 1998 New York University Press Prize for Fiction genre: UNDER THE SEA * An excerpt from the novel in [Sources, the journal of the Center for Anglophone Studies at the University of Orleans, France, October 1998] * Other excerpts: [Parnassus], [The Iowa Review] and [The Paris Review] which awarded Eakins the 1996 Aga Khan Prize for Fiction * (novel about the Catskill Mountains) forthcoming [Apr-May 1999] Two excerpts from the novel are also forthcoming: * one in [Bertha Rogers' Catskill anthology] ISBN {to be done}, * the other--about 30 pages--in the French journal, SOURCES [Nov 1998] * SOURCES is also publishing the interview from which the quote on the home page was taken. * Manifesto of a Dead Daughter (collection of essays and essay fictions) forthcoming e-mail Patricia Eakins William K. Eakins: ISFDB lists: * Key West, 2720 A.D. [Knights Press, Apr 1989] ISBN 0-915175-33-9 $9.00, trade paerback Nominated for 1990 Lambda Award (Best Gay Men's Science Fiction) Ehren M. Ealy: Horror novelist * Star Prey [Zebra, May 1992] ISBN 0-8217-3751-1, $4.50, 213pp, paperback Horror Los Angeles ritual murders may be linked to Demons W. Nicholas Earl: * "Never Let the Left Hand ..." [Amazing Stories, Nov 1954] John Earle (1601?-1665): English prelate/prose author, listed here for the science-fictional title of: * Microcosmography [1628] a wise/witty mundane comedy, one of the best worls of the "Character Writers" of the 1600s. W. J. Earle, pseudonym of Lu Senarens Warren Earle: * "In re State vs. Forbes" (1906) [Science Fiction by Gaslight, ed. Sam Moskowitz, World, 1968] William Earle, pseudonym of W. E. Johns George W[hiteford] Earley, American aerospace engineering manager, editor of the anthology "Encounters With Aliens" (Los Angeles: Sherbourne, 1968) which covers some of the same ground as "Me Human, You Alien: How to Talk to an Extraterrestrial" Bill Earls, full name William J. Earls: ISFDB lists: Novels: * The Gladiator [New York: Dell, 1981] paperback Short Fiction: * "Jump" [Analog, Oct 1969] * "Traffic Problem" [Galaxy, Oct/Nov 1970; Car Sinister, ed. Robert Silverberg, Martin H. Greenberg, Joseph D. Olander, Avon 1979] * "And Baby Makes Three" [Galaxy, Sep 1973] * "Bus Station" [Clarion III, ed. Robin Scott Wilson, Signet, 1973] * "Skitch and the Kids" [Galaxy, July 1977] * "The Cow in the Cellar" [Isaac Asimov's, Dec 1979] * "Last Planet for Casey" [Analog, Dec 1986] H. Clayton Earls: * Trying Times [Vantage Press, Nov 1989] ISBN 0-533-08395-8, $13.95, 209pp, hardcover TIME TRAVELnovel of Wild West doctor with 1859 cure for cancer Brian Earnshaw (1929-) British novelist Books: * Planet in the Eye of Time TIME TRAVEL Jesus-encounter * the "Star Jam Pack" juevnile Science Fiction series: * [vol.1] ??? * [vol.2] ??? * Starclipper and the Galactic Final [Pied Piper, Mar 1987] ISBN 0-416-00802-X, 5.95, 128pp, hardcover in the Tim Earnshaw: Literary Fantasy novelist * Helium [London: Gollancz, June 1997] ISBN 0-575-06471-4, 9.99 Earth: the name of our planet, as distinguished from "earth", which means "dirt"; diameter = 12,756 km, 3rd planet from Sun, orbiting roughly 150 million km; one natural moon; atmosphere 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen; 0.9% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide; mostly harmless Earth Mother: goddess The Earthly Paradise: (1) in the middle ages, it was believed that such a place existed somewhere on Earth, where peace, beauty, and immortality reigned. Sometimes it was synonymous with the garden of Eden, and presumed to be in the Middle East; sometimes it was imagined in the Far East, based on a letter from Prester John who claimed to be three days' travel from his kingdom (also based on "The Travels of Sir John Mandeville"; some placed it on an island in the Atlantic, Pacific, or Indian Ocean (as per St.Brandan). (2) The Earthly Paradise [1868-1870] by William Morris, 4-volume collection of narrative poetry, styled after Chaucer, where Norse sailors fleeing the Black Death find their desitnation in "a nameless city in a distant sea", and then hold a banquet wherein 24 stories are told, each a saga, romance, or myth see: LOST LANDS/LOST RACE Earthshine: light from Sun, reflected from Earth, illuminating the "night side" of the Moon, allowing (near new moon) terrestrial observers seeing "the old moon in the new moon's arms." Earth Station, or Ground Station: base on Earth for radio uplink and/or downlink to satellites and/or interplanetary spacecraft Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker: protagonist of James Joyce's "Finnegan's Wake", whose initials HCE recur throughout the hypernovel. Jeff Easley: Fantasy/SF artist: Jeff Easley ISFDB Alethea Eason: * "The Miracle Child" [Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy, Spring-Summer 1992] Robert [Watson] Easson (1941-) American novelist "The Bird, the Ghoul, and the Name of My Friend" East of Eden: John Steinbeck novel [1952] retelling the myth of Cain and Abel, modernized to Adam Trask's sons with wife Cathy, Cal and Aron, who move to the Salinas Valley of California. Cathy runs off and becomes a prostitute; Cal incites Aron's death by telling him this. Easter Wings: Poem [1633] by George Herbert. The first stanza has lines becoming successively shorter, the second's lines are successively longer, making a text-shape like a pair of wings. This fits the poem's theme (the Fall, the Resurrection), and has been used in recent years by Your Humble Webmaster: Love & Death Poems Daniel Easterman, pseudonym of Denis McEoin (1949-): also writes as Jonathan Aycliffe Books: * K [HarperCollins UK, Oct 1997] ISBN 0-00-225603-7, 16.99, 398pp, hardcover Alternate history novel USA 1940 struck deal with Nazis concentration camps run by Ku Klux Klan * Name of the Beast [HarperCollins UK, Nov 1992] ISBN 0-246-13704-5, 14.99, 476pp, hardcover Horror novel, antichrist in 1999 Egypt [New York: HarperCollins, Dec 1992] ISBN 0-06-017996-1, $20.00, 476pp, * Night of the Seventh Darkness [HarperCollins, Sep 1991] ISBN 0-06-017928-7, $23.00, 456pp, hardcover Occult thriller Haiti and Voodoo Carleton Eastlake: nothing on the Web? Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Carleton Eastlake William Eastlake: * "What Nice Hands Held" [Fantasy and Science Fiction, Jan 1961] Bryant Eastman: Fantasy illustrator: Bryant Eastman ISFDB Carol Easton: * "The Dream Machine" [Worlds of If, June 1966] M. Coleman Easton, full name Malcolm Coleman Easton (1942-): nothing on the Web? Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America, much of his SF work is collaboration with Clare Bell under the pseudonym Clare Coleman * "Superflare" [F&SF, 1980] under pseudonym Coleman Brax * "Impersonations" [Fantasy and Science Fiction, Nov 1983] * "A Glassmaker's Courage" [Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy, Winter 1989] co-author Phyllis Ann Karr * the "Kyala" Fantasy series: * Masters of Glass [Popular Library/Questar, 1985] nominated for 1986 Locus Award * The Fisherman's Curse [1987] * Iskiir [1986] * Spirits of Cavern and Hearth [1988] e-mail M. Coleman Easton Norma Lazell Easton: ISFDB lists: * "The Avenger" [Amazing Stories, Nov 1949] Thomas A. Easton full name Thomas Atwood Easton (1944-): Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Thomas A. Easton @ Thomas A. Easton's list of SF & SF-related publications * Silicon Karma [online: Serendipity Systems, 1995; White Wolf, Feb 1997] ISBN 1-56504-818-0 * Ten Science Fiction Stories [1989] * the "Sparrowhawk" bioengineering Police Procedural series: * Sparrowhawk [Ace, Oct 1990] ISBN 0-441-77778-3 * Greenhouse [Ace, Oct 1991] ISBN 0-441-34268-X * Woodsman [Ace, 1992] ISBN 0-441-90871-3, * Tower of the Gods [Ace, May 1993] ISBN 0-441-81930-3 * Seeds of Destiny [Ace, Jan 1994] ISBN 0-441-75881-9 * many works of short fiction * many works of criticism and reviews. See: * Periodic Stars [Borgo Press, July 1997] ISBN 0-8095-1202-5, $27.00, 263pp, trade paperback collection of 250 of Tom Easton's reviews from 1980s/90s Analog, arranged by author, with index order from: Borgo Press P.O. Box 2845 San Bernardino CA 92406-2845 add $3.00 shipping * 2 SF poems: * "Alien Heat" [1988] * "Interstellar Arcs" [1988] e-mail Thomas A. Easton e-mail Thomas A. Easton old, invalid? Wilfred Eastwood, British editor of the significant nonfiction anthologies "Science and Literature" (London: Macmillan, 1957) "Science and Literature: Second Series" (London: Macmillan, 1960) The relationship between science and literature is very important to the compiler of this Web page, Jonathan Vos Post, who has college degrees from Caltech in both science and literature, and who has written a book-length manuscript on the relationship between Science and Poetry (coming in a few months to the Web) Evelyn [Sybil Mary] Eaton, British fantasist "The King is a Witch" George L. Eaton, pseudonym of Harold B. Montayne, Chuck Vernal John Eaton: ISFDB lists: * "Heads Will Roll" [Aberrations, Mar 1994] Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Eb..."

Alex Ebel: Fantasy illustrator: Alex Ebel ISFDB Richard Eberhart (1904-?): major mainstream poet, listed here for the poem: * "On Shooting Particles Beyond the World" (1960) [Looking Ahead, ed. Dick Allen and Lori Allen, New York: HBJ: 1975] Poet and teacher, his style often used short lines, little rhyming, and metaphysical truths deduced from simple observations. He co-founded the Poets' Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Sheri Eberhart: ISFDB lists the poem: * "Extraterrestrial Trilogue on Terran Self-Destruction" (1961) [The 7th Annual of the Year's Best S-F, ed. Judith Merril, Simon & Schuster, 1962] and as Sheri S. Eberhart, the poems: * "Lullaby: 1990" [Galaxy, Dec 1963] * "Ballad of the Interstellar Merchants" [Galaxy, Dec 1964] Nonfiction Articles: * "Extraterrestrial Trilogue" [Galaxy, Dec 1960] * "Extraterrestrial Trilogue" [Galaxy, Aug 1961] V. R. Eberhart: ISFDB lists the poem: * "Red Moon" [Amazing Stories, June 1932] Joseph Eberle: Fantasy illustrator: Joseph Eberle ISFDB Merab Eberle: ISFDB lists: * "The Thought Translator" [Stellar Publishing Corporation, 1930] co-author Milton Mitchell * "The Mordant" [Amazing Stories, March 1930] George Moriyz Ebers (1837-1898): German Fantasy author, using his professional expertise as an Egyptologist: * Eine Agyptische Konigstochter [1874] "An Egyptian Princess" * Kleopatra [1894] Roger Ebert: the popular newspaper and television film reviewer also has published science fiction. ISFDB lists: * "In Dying Venice" [Amazing Science Fiction, May 1972] * "After the Last Mass" [Fantastic, February 1972] Eblis: The Devil, named Azazel before the Fall, who rules over the Jinn. His 5 sons were: * Tir, creator of fatal accidents * Awar, demon of sexuality * Dasim, amplifier of discord * Sut, father of lies * Zalambur, demon of merchants' lies and the Internet see: Islamic Myths see: Devil see: King of the Jinns by Jonathan Vos Post Ebuda: In Aristo's "Orlando Furioso", this was an island West of Scotland, in the Hebrides, where the sea-monster Orc threatens Angelica (who is rescued by Ruggiero, and then Olimpia (rescued by Orlando). see: 1516: Orlando Furioso Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ec..."

EC Comics: see William M. Gaines; {to be done} J. G. Eccarius: ISFDB lists: * The Last Days of Christ the Vampire [Ill Publishing, 1988] ISBN 0-9622937-0-9 * We Should Have Killed the King [Ill Publishing, 1990] * Resurrection 2027 [Ill Publishing, 1995] ISBN 0-9622937-7-6 order from: III Publishing P.O. Box 1581 Gualala CA 95445 Phone/Fax 707-884-1818 Eccentricity: (1) oddity of exceptional people: I'm a genius, you're eccentric, he's loony; (2) deviation of an ellipse from a circle; expressed as e = c/2a where e = Eccentricity c = distance between the two foci of the ellipse 2a = length of major axis (3) in orbits of the 9 plants of our Sun, Venus has the smallest (e = 0.007) and Pluto the most (e = 0.25) Sir John Eccles: Nobel laureate in Medicien/Physiology, advances the startling theory in his various writings that the Brain does not think. rather, the brain is a sensitive receiver for a non-material spirit which houses thought and perhaps the soul. This novel solution to the Mind/Body duality is mentioned in one genre source: * "Beyond the Brain" [Omni, Oct 1982] W. H. T. Eccles: Science Fiction novelist: * One House: Taurus [Merlin, 1988] ISBN 0-86303-375-X, 5.95, 146pp, trade paperback Margaret Echard, American mystery/fantasy author of: * "Dark Fantastic [New York: Doubleday, 1947] Echidna: (1) half-serpent, half-woman in Greek/Roman Myth who mated with Typhon to bear the Chimerae, the many-headed dog-monster Orthos, the 100-headed Dragon of the Hesperides, the Colchian Dragon, the Sphynx, Cerberus, Scylla, the Gorgons, the Nemean Lion, the Lernaean Hydra, and the vulture eternally chewing at the liver of Prometheus; (2) In Spenser's "Faerie Queen" [1596], she is the mother of the Blatant Beast see: 1596: Faerie Queen (3) Australian marsupial, very stupid despite enormous cerebral cortex, like some executive managers under whom I've slaved. Echo: Nymph in Greek/Roman Myth who pined away when Narcissus did not return her love Johann Peter Eckermann (1792-1854): Literary assistant to Goethe, listed here because of: * Gesprache mit Goethe [English edition "Conversations with Goethe" 1836-1848] 3 volumes of daily memorializations of discussions with the great scientist/dramatist/poet/Fantasist, very vivid, some deep thoughts on Fantasy and the relationship between Science and Literature Eclectic: [from Greek: "ek-legein" = "to choose, to select"] Term for people (especially authors, painters, philosophers) who adhere to no "school", system, or doctrine; but rather choose from the set of all possible systems those parts which fit one's own instincts, thoughts, moods, or style. In Science Fiction and Fantasy, there are wonderful writers whose works are all of a whole (say, all Hard SF, or all Cyberpunk) and those eclectic authors whose every work can be a surprise in style and theme. Adrian Eckersley: ISFDB lists: * "Kong" [New Worlds 10, ed. Hilary Bailey, Corgi, 1976] ISBN 0-552-10182-6 Allan W. Eckert (1931-): Novels: * The Hab Theory [Little Brown, 1976; Popular] * The Dark Green Tunnel [Little Brown, July 1984] ISBN 0-316-20881-7, $13.95 hardcover Young Adult Fantasy novel "in the style of the Chronicles of Narnia" * The Wand [Little Brown, Jan 1986] ISBN 0-316-20882-5, $14.95, 214pp, hardcover Young Adult Fantasy novel, sequel to "The Dark Green" Twins return to Mesmeria Short Fiction: * "The Voice Box" [Fantastic, Dec 1961] Charles D. Eckert: no known home page Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America * "Daddy's Girl" [Weird Tales, Summer 1991] * "And God Bless Robert E. Lee" [Analog, Nov 1991] * "Alien Sonnets" [Amazing Stories, May 1992] * "Hard Target" [Tomorrow Speculative Fiction, Feb 1994] * "Biological Imperative" [Tomorrow Speculative Fiction, Jun 1995] * "Soul of Thine Enemy" [Tomorrow Speculative Fiction, Apr 1996] Jason C. Eckhardt and Homer D. Eckhardt: Fantasy illustrators: Homer D. EckhardtISFDB Todd Eckhardt: ISFDB lists the poem: * "Milk" [the fractal, ed. David Gardner, Spring 1994] Tammy Jo Eckhart: * "One Day In The Life of the Landfords" [S/M Futures, ed. Cecilia Tan, Circlet Press, 1995] 1-885865-02-3, $12.95 Julia Ecklar, full name Julia Marie Ecklar: also writes under pseudonym L. A. Graf Julia Ecklar @ AlphaRalpha Novels: * The Kobayashi Maru, a.k.a. "Star Trek: The Kobayashi Maru" [London: Titan, 1989] ISBN 1-85286-212-2 [New York: Pocket, 1989] ISBN 0-671-65817-4 * Regenesis [Ace, June 1995] ISBN 0-441-00189-0, $4.99, 269pp, paperback novel about terrestrial species transplanted from dying Earth Short Fiction: * "The Music Box" [Analog, Sep 1989] * "Extra Ellies" [Analog, May 1990] * "Burning Bridges" [Analog, Nov 1990] * "A Sweet Disorder" [Analog, Sep 1991] * "Ice Nights" [Analog, Oct 1992] * "Blood Relations" [Analog, June 1992] * "Promised Lives" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Sep 1993] * "Tide of Stars" [Analog, Jan 1995] * "The Human Animal" [Analog, Apr 1995] e-mail Julia Ecklar J. Forrester Eckman, pseudonym of Forrest J. Ackerman Ernst Eckstein: Austrian sculptor/radio personality/SF author. Best-known novel: * Saturn Descending (Munich: Bertelsmann, 1982) Jack Dennis Eckstrom, American novelist: * Time of the Hedrons [Avalon, 1968] eclipse: nonluminous body's partial or total obscuration of luminous body ecliptic: the plane of the Earth's orbit around the sun, extended until it meets the Celestial Sphere; hence defining the annual path of the sun across the sky, as seen from Earth; the Moon and planets (except Pluto) appear to move quite close to the ecliptic; Voyager 1 was gravity-boosted by Jupiter far above the ecliptic, in its intersellar travels... Umberto Eco (1932-): major semiotics and bestselling author of Italy; of all the sparkling intellects I'd met before their bestsellerdom, I'd have least expected his. I met him at Amherst College circa 1979, where my friend Timothy Jessup and I totally disagreed with his statement that DNA had no semiotic significance because it only copied information. Through his lecture, we drew a complex chart of the DNA-RNA-Protein repressor/derepressor interactions, which baffled him. He hit the big time with: * Il nom della rosa [1980; tr. William Weaver as "The Name of the Rose", 1983] {film hotlink to be done} * Il pendolo di Foucault [1988; tr. William Weaver as "Foucault's Pendulum", USA: 1989] * L'Isola del giorno primo [1994; tr. William Weaver as "The Island of the Day Before", 1995] Other Non-Academic Works: * Postille a Il nom della rosa [1983; tr. William Weaver as "Reflections on The Name of the Rose", 1984] nonfiction * Travels in Hyperreality [1986] story/essay collection * Il bomba e il generale [1989; tr. William Weaver as "The Bomb and the General", 1989] * Tre Cosmonauti [?; tr. William Weaver as "Three Cosmonauts", 1989] ecosphere: the "zone of habitability" around the Sun or other star, where planets (if they exist) have temeperature ranges acceptable to humans; distinguished from biosphere Sir Ector: Foster father of King Arthur, father of Sir Kay, in "Morte d'Arthur" by Mallory. see: The Ultimate King Arthur page {to be done} ECUADOR Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Ric B. Edberg: ISFDB lists: * "Day 27" [Aberrations, Oct 1994] Edda: The two collections, in Icelandic, of older Scandanavian Mythology * the Elder Edda, a.k.a. the Poetic Edda [800-1100 A.D.], discovered circa 1643 by Bishop Brynjolf Sveinsson (1605-1675), who incorrectly ascribed them to Saemund Sigfusson (1056-1133) and mistitled "The Edda of Saemund"; concists of 34 poems (Lays) about gods and heroes of the Old Norse mythos * the Younger Edda, a.k.a. the Prose Edda [circa 1200-1250] by Snorri Sturluson; consists of 5 sections: * Preface; Creation Myth; Pagan poetry * prose renderings of Old Norse mythos * "Sayings of Bragi", Bragi being the God of Poetry, including additional tales of the Old Norse mythos * the Skalda: the grammar, stylistics, and semantics of traditional prosody * the Hattatal: analyses of poetic meters * posthumously added were lists of poets, and further essays on Linguistics David Eddings David Eddings @ AlphaRalpha David Eddings, full name David Carroll Eddings (1931-): many Fantasy books in collaboration with his wife Leigh Eddings: * High Hunt [1973] * The Losers [1992] Mystery/Detective * the "Belgariad" series: * Belgarath the Sorcerer [1995] * Pawn of Prophecy [1982] * Queen of Sorcery [1982] * Magician's Gambit [1983] * The Belgariad: Part One [1985] omnibus of above 4 novels * Castle of Wizardry [1984] * Enchanter's End Game [1984] * The Belgariad: Part Two [1985] omnibus of above 2 novels * the "Malloreon" series, with the same characters as the Belgariad: * Guardians of the West [1987] * King of the Murgos [1988] * Demon Lord of Karanda [1988] * Sorceress of Darshiva [1989] * The Seeress of Kell [1991] * the "Elenium" series: * The Diamond Throne [1989] * The Ruby Knight [1990] * The Sapphire Rose [1991] * The Elenium [1993] omnibus edition * the "Tamuli" series: * Domes of Fire [1992] * The Shining Ones [1993] * The Hidden City [1994] * Two Complete Novels [1994] combines High Hunt and The Losers Leigh Eddings: best known as the wife of David Eddings, she is now officially acknowledged as co-author of at least: * Belgarath the Sorcerer [1995] * Polgara the Sorceress E[ric] R[ucker] Eddison (1882-1945) immortal fantasy novelist of the Zimiavian trilogy: * "Mistress of Mistresses" [Dutton, 1935; Ballentine Books, 1968] * "A Fish Dinner in Memmison" [Dutton, 1941; Ballentine Books, 1968] * "The Mentzian Gate" [Britain, 1958; Ballentine Books, 1968] * Zimiamvia: A Trilogy [Dell, Aug 1992] ISBN 0-440-50300-0, $16.00, 985pp, trade paperback Omnibus Edition and the unrelated * "The Worm Ouroboros" [Cape, 1922; Boni, 1926; Dell, July 1991] ISBN 0-440-50299-3, $9.99, 448pp, trade paperback * "Styrbiorn the Stromg" [Boni, 1926] absolutely unique, and literarily gorgeous adventure/romance/fantasies C. M. Eddy, a.k.a. C. M. Eddy, Jr.: ISFDB lists: * "The Ghost-Eater" (1923) co-author H. P. Lovecraft * "Deaf, Dumb, and Blind" (1924) co-author H. P. Lovecraft * "The Loved Dead" (1924) [Weird Tales, ed. Stefan Dziemianowicz, 1988] Leon Edel (1907-): Critic/Biographer of America, Professor of English at New York University, winner of National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize, listed here for: * definitive 4-volume biography of Henry James [1953, 1962, 1962, 19??] essential reading for those who want to understand James' long argument with H.G. Wells, or the craft behind his psychological ghost story; see Henry James * James Joyce: The Last Journey [1947] important for understanding the influences of of Joyce on mdern literature, including Fantasy * The Psychological Novel, 1900-1950 [1955] great analyses of the "mainstream" techniches that infiltrated Science Fiction and Fantasy in the "New Wave" Michael Edelhart: speculative science writer; ISDB lists: Nonfiction: * "The Good Life Underground" [Omni, Jan 1980] * "Fusion Odyssey" [Omni, Jan 1981] * "Cell Defender" [Omni, Jun 1981] * "The Blimping of America" [Omni, Nov 1981] * "Breakthroughs: Solar Breeders" [Omni, Oct 1982] * "Breakthroughs: Future Flight Recorders" [Omni, Dec 1982] * "The Body: Digital Diagnosis" [Omni, Aug 1982] * "Mind: Tumors of the Psyche" [Omni, Jan 1983] * "Mind: Robo-Psychology" [Omni, Apr 1983] term invented by Isaac Asimov * "Breakthroughs: Mock Machinery" [Omni, Sep 1983] * "Breakthroughs: Mistmaker" [Omni, Aug 1983] * "Artificial Intelligence: Monster Machines" [Omni, Aug 1983] Scott Edelman, full name Scott Jeffrey Edelman (1955-): no known home page Influential editor of "Science Fiction Age" magazine; a true gentleman who has always been kind and professional to Your Humble Webmaster. He's only bought one piece of mine, but has treated me with the same respect that he treats major and minor authors alike, even unto buying dinner for me when we meet in other countries. "Science Fiction Age" is the most important new magazine of the decade, and also pays the highest word rate to authors of any science fiction magazine. Scott Edelman is an Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Novel: * The Gift [New York: Space & Time, 1990] ISBN 0-917053-08-7, $7.95, trade paperback Story Collections: * Suicide Art [Necronomicon Press, Oct 1992] ISBN 0-940884-51-8, $4.50, 30pp, two original Horror stories Knox) Collection of two original horror stories, with illustrations by Robert H. Knox. Order from Necronomicon Press, 101 Lockwood St., West Warwick RI 02893 Short Fiction: * "Fifth Dimension" [Twilight Zone Magazine, Apr 1983] * "Of Mice and Mr. Mendelson" [Eldritch Tales, No.12, 1986] * "The Man Who Would Be Vampire" [Eldritch Tales, No.16, 1988] * "The Wandering Jukebox" [Tales of the Wandering Jew, ed. Brian Stableford, Dedalus, 1991] ISBN 0-946626-71-5 * "Is This a Horror Story?" [Pulphouse: Issue 5: Fall 1989] * "True Love, and How It Ruined My Credit" [Deathrealm, Summer 1990] * "Are You Now?" [MetaHorror, ed. Dennis Etchison Dell Abyss, 1992] ISBN 0-440-2089-81 * "Revenge of the Stolen Library Book" [Eldritch Tales, Fall 1993] Poetry: * "The Paper Zoo" [Eldritch Tales, Fall 1989] * "Life as Candyland" [Isaac Asimov's, Nov 1989] * "Frog and Mouse Are Friends" [Eldritch Tales, Summer 1992] Editorials: * various, in "Science Fiction Age" e-mail Scott Edelman e-mail Scott Edelman old, invalid Edward Edelson: ISFDB lists this nonfiction: * "The Outer Limits of Space" (1973) [Looking Ahead, eds. Dick Allen, Lori Allen, HBJ, 1975] ISBN 0-15-551184-X Carol Edelstein: ISFDB lists the poem: * "Japanese Fan with Waterfall" [Xanadu 2, eds. Jane Yolen and Martin H. Greenberg, New York: Tor, 1994] ISBN 0-312-85368-8, $19.95 Robert Edelstein: at least 6 "TZ Tech" articles in "Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine" [1985-1986] Scott Edelstein, full name Scott Samuel (1954-): ISFDB lists: * "The Victim" [Vertex, Aug 1973] * "Isaac Under Pressure" [Infinity Five, ed. Robert Hoskins Lancer, 1973] ISBN 0-447-75477-095 * "Up Your Time-Slot" [Vertex, Aug 1974] * "The Shakespeare Show" [Vertex, Oct 1974] * "Saying Goodbye" [Worlds of If, Sep/Oct 1974] * "Occurrence in a Cincinnati Bog" [Vertex, June 1974] * "The Magic Machine" [Vertex, Apr 1974] * "Examination" [Vertex, Dec 1974] * "Don't Touch That Dial" [Vertex, Dec 1974] * "The Creature Who Yearned for Fire" [Vertex, June 1974] * "The Slime Dwellers" [Vertex, June 1975] * "Interlude in an Ant Colony" [Vertex, July 1975] * "The Exhibition" [Nova 3, ed. Harry Harrison, Sphere, 1975] ISBN 0-7221-4321-4 * "Businessman's Lament" [Nameless Places, ed. Gerald W. Page, Arkham, 1975] * "Botch" [Nameless Places, ed. Gerald W. Page, Arkham, 1975] * "At Odds with the Universe" [Vertex, Feb 1975] * "The Age of Libra" [Science Fiction Discoveries, eds. Frederik Pohl and Carol Pohl, Bantam Books, 1976] ISBN 0-553-08635-9 L. Edey: ISFDB lists: * "The Blue-Penciled Throop" [Analog, Dec 1966] Ewing Edgar: ISFDB lists: * "Jill The Giant-Killer" [Analog, Mar 1975] co-author William Tuning Kenneth Edgar, American schoolteacher and author of the scientifically absurd juvenile "The Starfire". Hey kids, let's invent a spaceship and also beam ourselves up to inauthentic planets... Madalen Edgar: ISFDB lists (possibly from a William Morris prequel?): * "Ogier the Dane" [The Merlin Chronicles, ed. Mike Ashley, Raven, 1995] ISBN 1-85487-332-6 [The Merlin Chronicles, ed. Mike Ashley, Carroll & Graf, 1995] ISBN, 0-7867-0275-3, $12.95 Peter Edgar, pseudonym of Peter King-Scott Teresa Edgerton, full name Teresa Ann Edgerton (1949-): Novels: * the "Green Lion" Celtic Fantasy series: * Child of Saturn [Ace, Mar 1989] * The Moon in Hiding [Ace, Sep 1989] * The Work of the Sun [Ace, Mar 1990] * the "Celydonn" Celtic Fantasy series: * The Castle of the Silver Wheel [Ace, Feb 1993] * The Grail and the Ring [Ace, Jan 1994; 1995] * The Moon and the Thorn [Ace, Apr 1995] * the "Goblin" Fantasy series: * Goblin Moon [Ace, Feb 1991] * The Gnome's Engine [Ace, Aug 1991] * Child of Saturn [1989, Ace, 1989] ISBN 0-441-10400-2, $3.50, paperback Short Fiction: * "The Ghost in the Chimney" [Midnight Zoo, Mar/Apr 1991] * "Titania or the Celestial Bed" [Weird Tales from Shakespeare, eds. Katharine Kerr and Martin H. Greenberg, 1994] ISBN 0-88677-605-8, $4.99 * "My Soul Into the Boughs" [Enchanted Forests, eds. Katharine Kerr and Martin H. Greenberg, DAW, 1995] ISBN 0-88677-672-4, $5.50, paperback * "A Wreath of Pale Flowers for Vitri" [The Shimmering Door, eds. Katharine Kerr and Martin H. Greenberg, HarperPrism, 1996] ISBN 0-06-105342-2, $12.00, trade paperback Nonfiction: * "In Which the Author Endeavors to Explain Herself" [Midnight Zoo, vol.1, no.4, 1991] * "Book Reviews" [Midnight Zoo, vol.1, no.5, 1991] e-mail Teresa Edgerton Jane Edgeworth: many fanzine articles; ISFDB lists only: * "The Midwinter's Gifts" [Snows of Darkover, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1994] ISBN 0-88677-601-5, $4.99, paperback Rosemary Edghill: ISFDB is unclear about whether Rosemary Edghill is a pseudonym of eluki bes shahar (as Locus states), or vice versa: Novels: * the "Twelve Treasures" series: * The Sword of Maiden's Tears [DAW, 1994] ISBN 0-88677-622-8, $4.99 [Science Fiction Book Club, 1997] #16058, $14.98, hardcover * The Cup of Morning Shadows [DAW, 1995] ISBN 0-88677-671-6, $5.99 [Science Fiction Book Club,1997] #16058, $14.98, hardcover * The Cloak of Night and Daggers [DAW, 1997] ISBN 0-88677-724-0, $5.99 [Science Fiction Book Club, 1997] #16058, $14.98, hardcover * The Empty Crown [SFBC, 1997] Omnibus edition, #16058, $14.98, hardcover * the "Hellflower" series: * Hellflower [DAW, 1991] as "eluki bes shahar", ISBN 0-88677-475-6, $3.99 * Darktraders [a.k.a. "Hellflower #2: Darktraders" DAW, 1992] as "eluki bes shahar" ISBN 0-88677-507-8, $4.50 * Archangel Blues [a.k.a. "Hellflower #3: Archangel Blues", DAW, 1993] as "eluki bes shahar", ISBN 0-88677-543-4, $3.99 * Turkish Delight [St. Martin's Press, 1987] ISBN 0-312-00021-9, $15.95, hardcover * Speak Daggers to Her [Tor, 1995] ISBN 0-812-53438-7, $5.99 * Book of Moons [Forge, 1995] ISBN 0-312-85605-9, $20.95, hardcover * The Bowl of Night [Forge, 1996] ISBN 0-312-85606-7, $20.95, hardcover * Smoke and Mirrors [Berkley Boulevard and Byron Preiss Multimedia, 1997] an X-Men novel, as "eluki bes shahar", 1-57297-291-2, $6.50 Short Fiction: * "Hellflower" [Amazing Stories, Mar 1985] * "Light Fantastic" [Amazing Stories, Mar 1987] * "Spellbinder" [Sword and Sorceress VIII, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1991] ISBN 0-88677-486-1, $4.50 * "Haut-Clare" [Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy, Summer 1991] * "Queeneyes" [Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy, Winter 1993; The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Vol. II, eds. Marion Zimmer Bradley and Elisabeth Waters, Warner Aspect, 1995] ISBN 0-446-60192-6, $5.99 * "The Pointed Sword: Fytte the Seventeenth: Richard and Alec Go Drumming in the Woods" [The New York Review of Science Fiction, May 1993] * "Is Your Coworker a Space Alien" [Alien Pregnant By Elvis, eds. Esther M. Friesner and Martin H. Greenberg, DAW, 1994] ISBN 0-88677-610-4, $5.99 * "The New Britomart" [Chicks in Chainmail, ed. Esther M. Friesner, Baen, 1995] ISBN 0-671-87682-1, $5.99 * "The Long Divorce of Steel" [Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy, Summer 1995] * "To Light Such a Candle" [Return to Avalon, eds. Jennifer Roberson and Martin H. Greenberg, DAW, 1996] ISBN 0-88677-679-1, $5.99 * "Scandal" [Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy, Spring 1996] * "It's a Wonderful Life" [The Ultimate X-Men, ed. Stan Lee, Boulevard, 1996] ISBN 1-57297-217-3, $14.00, trade paperback Nonfiction: * "Anatomy of a Sale: An Exchange of Hostages to AvoNova" [Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Sourcebook, Second Edition, ed. Dave H. Borcherding, Writer's Digest Books, 1996] ISBN 0-899879-762-4, $19.99, hardcover L. Edgley: ISFDB lists: * The Judas Goat [Ace, 1953] Ace Double with flip-side "Cry Plague" by T. S. Drachman Ediface: see quite an interesting essay on the ediface as "more than a house and less than a city" in Fantasy, in "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.309 Laurie T. Edison: * "Lloyd Eshbach: His Second Love" [21st Annual World Fantasy Convention 1995 program book, ed. Stephen P. Brown, Baltimore Gun Club, L.L.C., 1995] Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931): most prolific inventor in U.S. history, also appears as hero of a series of dime novel "Edisoniads" {hotlink to be done} Harry Edmonds, British novelist: * "The Rockets" Helen [Woods] Edmonds (1901-1968) French-born American novelist and short story author who also lived in Australia, Burma, and New Zealand and wrote under the pseudonym "Anna Kavan" Leigh Edmonds: SF fanzine author/editor of Australia, winner of 1976 and 1984 Ditmar Awards for Best Fan Editor, winer of 1984, 1985, 1986 Ditmar Awards for Best Fan Writer: Short Fiction: * "Relics" [Eidolon, Winter 1992] Nonfiction: * "Dark Futures & Black Boxes" [Eidolon, Autumn 1990] * "The Five Bikers of the Apocalypse" [Eidolon, Autumn 1993] Paul Edmonds, pseudonym of Henry Kuttner, novel under this pseudonym: * Night of Gods [Astonishing Stories, Dec 1942] G.C. [Jose Mario Garry Ordonez] Edmondson [y Cotton] (1922-1995) GUATEMALA-born American author/translator/nonpracticing medical doctor whom this compiler has had the pleasure of knowing for some time e-mail G. C. Edmondson Books: * The Aluminum Man [Berkley, 1975] * The Black Magician (co-author C. M. Kotlan) [Ballantine Del Rey, Nov 1986] ISBN 0-345-33221-0, $2.95, 298pp, paperback not Fantasy, but a medical Science Fiction novel of artificial intelligence Sequel to "The Cunningham Equations" * Chapayeca [Doubleday, 1971] a.k.a. Blue Face [Daw, 1972] * The Cunningham Equations (co-author C. M. Kotlan) [Ballantine Del Rey, 1986; Nov 1987] ISBN 0-345-33037-4, $2.95, 295pp, paperback * Maximum Effort (co-author C. M. Kotlan) [Ballantine Del Rey, Nov 1987] ISBN 0-345-33222-9, , $3.50, 299pp, paperback 3rd of "Cunningham Equations" trilogy * The Ship that Sailed the Time Stream [Ace, 1965] * Stranger Than You Think [Ace, 1965] story collection * The Takeover (co-author C. M. Kotlan) [Ace, Feb 1984] ISBN 0-441-79540-4, $2.75, 284pp, paperback Near Future POLITICAL novel (Russians rule U.S.A.) * T. H. E. M. [Doubleday, 1974] * Star Slaver [1983] * To Sail the Century Sea [Ace, 1981] Short Fiction: * "The Misfit" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Feb 1959; Stranger Than You Think] * "Blessed Are the Meek" [Astounding, Sep 1955; The Crash of Empire, eds. Jerry Pournelle and John F. Carr, Baen, 1989] ISBN 0-671-69826-5, $4.95 * "Technological Retreat" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 1956; 13 Great Stories of Science Fiction, ed. Groff Conklin, London: Coronet Books, 1967] ISBN 0-340-12482-8, 0.35, paperback * "The Inferlab Project" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Feb 1957] * "The Status Quo Peddlers" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Apr 1957] * "Rescue" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, June 1957; Best from F&SF 7, ed. Anthony Boucher, Doubleday, 1958] hardcover * "Renaissance" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Dec 1957] * "The Galactic Calabash" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jan 1960; Science Fiction Oddities, ed. Groff Conklin, Berkley Medallion, 1966; Stranger Than You Think] * "From Caribou to Carry Nation" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Nov 1959; Stranger Than You Think] * "The Sign of the Goose" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Aug 1960; Stranger Than You Think] * "Ringer" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Apr 1960] * "The Country Boy [Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 1961; Stranger Than You Think] * "The World Must Never Know" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Apr 1963; Stranger Than You Think] * "The Third Bubble" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, June 1964; Stranger Than You Think] * "Nobody Believes an Indian" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 1970] * "The Tempolluters" [Infinity 4, ed. Robert Hoskins, Lancer, 1972] * "One Plus One Equals Eleven" [Analog, Jan 1973] * "Tube" [Worlds of If, Jul/Aug 1974] * "Written on the Water" [Isaac Asimov's, 31 Aug 1981] * [unknown story accepted, The Last Dangerous Visions, ed. Harlan Ellison, 1999?] Nonfiction: * "The Leprechauns Are Alive And Well In Spite Of The Evil Eye" [Amazing Stories, July 1984] Edo: old name for Tokyo; nicely Fantasized in Bruce Sterling's "Flowers of Edo" Roger Edridge: Science Fiction novelist: * The Fishers of Darksea [Gollancz, 1982; Unicorn, Oct 1984] ISBN 0-04-823251-3, 2.95, 214pp, paperback George Alden Edson, pseudonym of Paul Ernst J. T. Edson: * Bunduki [Daw, 1976] Edward Scissorhands: see SF/Fantasy Movies [1990] Ames J. Edward: Horror novelist; Locus/Contento lists: * The Force [Leisure, Apr 1987] ISBN 0-8439-2480-2, $3.95, 400pp, paperback Les Edward: Fantasy illustrator: ISFDB typ for Les Edwards (see below) Les Edward ISFDB Edwardian: historical and literary period in Timeline 1890-1910: Into Our Century Amelia B. Edwards (1831-1892): British ghost story author (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.310) ISFDB lists: * "The Four-Fifteen Express" (1867) [Classic Library of Famous Literature: Vol. 15, Occult Tales, ed. Frederick de Berard, New York: Isaac H. Blanchard, 1899] Bryan Edward (ISFDB's possible typo for Bryan Edwards?): * "They're Back, Jack" [Terminal Fright Magazine, Jul/Sep 1994] Bryan Edwards: ISFDB lists: * "Some Insane Cult" [Eldritch Tales, Summer 1992] Carolee J. Edwards: ISFDB lists: * "Justice Is Mine" [Sword and Sorceress X, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1993] ISBN 0-88677-552-3, $4.99 Chaz Edwards: ISFDB lists: * "The Tinker's Dam" [Midnight Zoo, vol.4, no.1, 1994] Chris Logan Edwards: Tigereyes Press nothing on the Web? Affiliate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Chris Logan Edwards Claudia J. Edwards, full name Claudia Jane Edwards (1943-): ISFDB lists: Novels: * the "Bastard Princess" series: * Eldrie the Healer [Pageant Books, 1989] ISBN 0-517-01031-3 ISFDB has typo for "Eldric the Healer" (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.310) * Taming the Forest King [Warner Books, 1986; Headline, 1987; Popular Library/Questar, 1986] ISBN 0-445-20308-0, $3.50 * A Horsewoman in Godsland [Warner Books, 1987; Headline, 1988; Popular Library/Questar, 1987] ISBN 0-445-20310-2, $2.95 * Bright and Shining Tiger [Warner Books, 1988; Headline, 1988; Popular Library/Questar, 1988] ISBN 0-445-20626-8, $2.95 D. M. Edwards: * "Spheres" [Astounding, Dec 1940] David Edwards (1944-?): American novelist * Next Stop Mars [pub?, year?] Dolton Edwards, pseudonym of W. E. Lessing; under this pseudonym: * "Meihem in Ce Klasrum" [Astounding, Sep 1946; Golden Years of SF 4th Series, ed. Isaac Asimov, Bonanza Books, 1984; The Great SF Stories 8 (1946), ed. Isaac Asimov, 1982; ASF Anthology, ed. John W. Campbell, Jr., 1952] Frank [Allyn] Edwards (4 Aug 1908-1969?) American radio broadcaster, TV broadcaster, and compiler of strange facts: * Strange People [New York: L. Stuart, 1961] * Strange World [New York: L. Stuart, 1965] * "The Girl Who Lived Twice" (1959) [Tales of Mystery and the Unknown, ed. Robert Potter, Globe, 1976] hardcover Gawain Edwards, pseudonym of G. Edward Pendray; under this pseudonym: * "A Rescue From Jupiter" [Science Wonder Stories, Feb & Mar 1930] 2-part serial Graham Edwards (1965-): Graham Edwards: Dragoncharm Novels: * Dragoncharm [HarperCollins UK, 1995, ISBN 0-00-648021-7, 4.99; New York: HarperPrism, 1996] ISBN 0-06-105647-2, $5.99 * Dragonstorm [HarperCollins/Voyager, 1996] ISBN 0-00-648022-5, 5.99 Hamm Edwards, pseudonym of Thelma Hamm Evans (Mrs. E. E. Evans) John Edwards: ISFDB lists: * "Masters of the Earth" [Amazing Stories, June 1932] Kathleen Edwards: ISFDB lists: Short Fiction: * "The Late Melissa Nordt" [Keen Science Fiction!, Apr 1996] * "Birthright" [Keen Science Fiction!, Oct 1996] Poetry: * "The Vampire's Prayer" [Event Horizon, Volume 1, Issue 1; Editor Daniel D. Adams; Poetry Editor, Mike Allen] Kelley Edwards: ISFDB lists: * "Radiation" [Astounding, Apr 1952] * "Counterspy" [Astounding, Dec 1953] Lawrence Edwards: SF/Fantasy illustrator: Lawrence Edwards ISFDB Les Edwards (1949-): British Fantasy/Horror illustrator and movie poster artist (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.311) Malcolm Edwards: science fiction editor/author: Books (often fiction presented as quasi-nonfiction): * Alien Landscapes [1979] co-author Robert Holdstock * Tour of the Universe: the Journey of a Lifetime [1980] co-author Robert Holdstock * Magician: The Lost Journals of Magus Geoffrey Carlyle [1982] co-author Robert Holdstock * Realms of Fantasy [1983] co-author Robert Holdstock * Lost Realms [1985] co-author Robert Holdstock Short Fiction: * "After-Images" [1982] winner of 1985 British Science Fiction Award Norman Edwards, pseudonym of Terry Carr & Ted White Paul Edwards: ISFDB lists: * "Sunshine Delight" [Aboriginal Science Fiction, Mar/Apr 1988] * "So It Is Written" [Aboriginal Science Fiction, Mar/Apr 1989] * "Primum Non Nocere" [There Will Be War Vol. IX: After Armageddon, eds. Jerry Pournelle & John F. Carr, Tor, 1990] Peter Edwards: * Terminus [St.Martins, 1976] Sylvia Edwards: ISFDB lists: * "The End of Evan Essant...?" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Apr 1962] Wayne Allen Edwards: Member of Horror Writers of America Wayne Edwards ISFDB lists: * "Sticks" [Midnight Zoo, vol.3, no.8, 1993] poetry and gives a separate entry which should be combined with this, as: Wayne Edwards Anthologies Edited: * Palace Corbie Volume Six [Merrimack Books, 1996] ISBN 1-888283-03-3, $9.95, trade paperback Short Fiction: * "Spooge Monkeys" [Young Blood, ed. Mike Baker, New York: Zebra Books, 1994] ISBN 0-821-74498-4, $4.50 ($5.50 Canada) * "A Siren's Kiss" [The Third Alternative, Winter 1994] Poetry: * "Brotherhood" [Midnight Zoo, vol.1, no.5, 1991] Auth/Ed: Jon L. Herron [1991, Experiences Unlimited, $4.95] * "Sticks" [Aberrations, No. 3, 1992] magizine title misspelled in ISFDB * "Slug Bites" [The Silver Web, Spring/Summer 1992] * "Death of Horror Poetry - or Kill the Peckers" [Star*Line, Sep/Oct 1992] * "Possible Worlds" [Pirate Writings, Summer 1993] * "Breath" [Aberations, No. 14, 1993] * "Scarecrow of the Gate" [The Silver Web, Summer 1995] * "Minstrel" [Once Upon a Midnight, eds. Jame A. Riley, Michael N. Langford, and Thomas E. Fuller, Unnameable Press, 1995] ISBN 0-934227-16-0 $10.95, trade paperback * "Feint" [Once Upon a Midnight, eds. Jame A. Riley, Michael N. Langford, and Thomas E. Fuller, Unnameable Press, 1995] ISBN 0-934227-16-0 $10.95, trade paperback Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Elsie Spenser Eels (1880-?) American author of nature fantasies, and expert on the Amazon Michael Eenhorn, Mystery/Weird anthologist: * An Omnibus of American Mysteries [New York: Juniper, 1959] Eerie (Jan 1966-?): see Magazines Eeerie Mysteries (Aug 1938-May 1939): see Magazines Eerie Stories (Aug 1937): see Magazines Eerie Tales, Canada (July 1941): see Magazines Jay Eff, pseudonymous Fantasy illustrator: Jay Eff ISFDB George Alec Effinger (1947): Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Winner of 1989 Hugo Award Winner of 1988 Nebula Award Winner of 1989 and 1990 SF Chronicle Awards Winner of 1989 Theodore Sturgeon Award Winner of 1993HOMer Award George Alec Effinger @ AlphaRalpha George Alec Effinger @ Dragon*Con e-mail George Alec Effinger e-mail George Alec Effinger old, invalid * Death in Florence [Doubleday, 1978] a.k.a. Utopia 3 [1980] * Dirty Tricks [1978] story collection * Heroics [1979] * Idle Pleasures [1983] story collection * Irrational Numbers [Doubleday, 1976] 8 stories * Mixed Feelings [Harper & Row, 1974] story collection * Nightmare Blue [1975] co-author Gardner Dozois * The Old Funny Stuff [Pulphouse, Author's Choice Monthly, No.1, 1989] * The Red Tape War [1990] co-author Jack Chalker and Mike Resnick * Relatives [Harper & Row, 1973; Dell] * Those Gentle Voices: A Promethean Romance of the Spaceways [Warner, 1976] * What Entropy Means to Me [Doubleday, 1972; Signet] nominated for 1973 Locus Award nominated for 1972 Nebula Award * The Wolves of Memory [1981] * The Zork Chronicles [1990] computer-game-related * various novels in the "Planet of the Apes" series: * Escape to Tomorrow [1975] * Man the Fugitive [1974] * Journey into Terror [1975] * Lord of the Apes [1976] * the "Maureen Birnbaum" series: * Maureen Birnbaum, Barbarian Swordsperson [1982] * Maureen Birnbaum at the Earth's Core [1986] * Maureen Birnbaum on the Art of War [1987] * Maureen Birnbaum After Dark [1989] * Maureen Birnbaum Goes Shopynge [1991] [a.k.a. Muffy Birnbaum Goes Shopynge * Maureen Birnbaum and the Saint Graal [1993] * Maureen Birnbaum at the Looming Awfulness [1993] * Maureen Birnbaum's Lunar Adventure [1993] * Maureen Birnbaum, Barbarian Swordsperson: The Complete Stories [1993] nominated for 1994 Locus Award * Maureen Birnbaum on a Hot Tin Roof [1994] * Maureen Birnbaum in the MUD [1995] * the "Nick of Time" series: * The Nick of Time [1985] * The Bird of Time [1986] * the "Marid Audran" series: [highly recommended]: * When Gravity Fails [1987] Nominated for 1987 Locus Award, nominated for 1988 Hugo Award, nominated for 1987 Nebula Award * A Fire in the Sun [1989] Nominated for 1990 Locus Award, nominated for 1990 Hugo Award * The Exile Kiss [1991] I. Efremov, see I. Yefremov H. Sanford Effron: ISFDB lists: * "The Ultimate Eve" [Planet Stories, Winter 1954-55] Jeremy Efroymson: * "The Gambler" [Spec-Lit, ed. Phyllis Eisenstein, 1997] $6.95 Doris Egan (1955): nothing on the Web? Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Novels: * The Gate of Ivory [DAW, 1989; 1992; Mandarin, 1990] planet where magic works * Guilt-Edged Ivory [DAW, 1992] planet where magic works * City of Diamond [1996] under pseudonym Jane Emerson SPACE OPERA * Two-Bit Heroes [DAW, 1992] ISBN 0-886-77500-0 Short Fiction: * "Timerider" [Amazing, 1986] art theft by TIME TRAVEL [World's Best SF 1987, ed. Donald A. Wollheim, 1987] [1987] * "The Wrath of the Gods at Macy's" [Weird Tales, Summer 1993 e-mail Doris Egan e-mail Doris Egan old, invalid? Greg Egan (1961): astonishing Hard SF author from Australia, Winner, 1995 John W. Campbell Memorial Award Winner, 1993, 1993, 1995, 1995 Ditmar Awards Winner, 1995 Asimov's Readers Award Winner, 1995 SF Chronicle Award Winner, 1995, 1995Aurealis Award in 1996 alone Greg Egan wrote two of the best stories of the year: "Wang's Carpet" (in an interstellar age where many humans retreat to inner cyberspace, space-going explorers find giant molecular psuedo-life which naturally creates a multidimensional virtual space in which intelligent beings reside, a fascinating study of real versus imaginary spaces) and "Luminous" (exciting far-from-abstract adventures ensue when a genius discovers that there are two different bodies of mathematical truth in the universe, and that the boundary between them can be shifted). He does have a B.S. in mathematics, which puts him in the set with Rudy Rucker, Jonathan Vos Post, and Vernor Vinge of mathematician/SF authors. Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Greg Egan Novels: * Permutation City [Millennium, 1994, hardcover and trade paperback, 1995 paperback; HarperPrism, 1995; Science Fiction Book Club, #10357, $8.98] * Diaspora [Orion/Millennium, 1997; HarperPrism, 1998] ISBN 0-06-105281-7, $23.00, hardcover * An Unusual Angle [Melbourne: Norstrilia Press, 1983] hardcover and trade * Quarantine [Century/Legend, 1992] hardcover and trade paperback [HarperPrism, 1995] ISBN 0-06-105423-2 paperback * Distress [Millennium, 1995] hardcover and trade paperback [HarperPrism, 1995; Science Fiction Book Club, #16059, $9.98] [Orion/Phoenix, 1996] 1-85799-484-1, 5.99 Story Collections: * Our Lady of Chernobyl [MirrorDanse, 1995] ISBN 0-646-23230-4, Aus $9.95 * Axiomatic [Orion Books, 1995] ISBN 1-85798-416-1 [Millenium, 1995] ISBN 1-85798-309-2, 4.99 Short Fiction: * "Artifact" [Dreamwork, ed. David King, Melbourne: Norstrilia Press, 1983; Glass Reptile Breakout and other Australian Speculative Stories, ed. Van Ikin, Perth: Center for Studies in Australian Literature, 1990] * "The Way She Smiles, the Things She Says" [Strange Attractors, ed. Damien Broderick, Hale and Iremonger, 1985] ISBN 0-86806-208-1, Aus $19.95 * "Tangled Up" [Urban Fantasies, eds. David King and Russell Blockfard, Ebony Books, 1985] * "Mind Vampires" [Interzone, Winter 1986; Matilda at the Speed of Light, ed. Damien Broderick, Sydney: Angus and Boberson, 1988] * "Scatter My Ashes" [Interzone, Spring 1988; Interzone, the 4th Anthology, eds. John Clute, David Pringle and Simon Ounsley, New York: Simon & Schuster, 1989; The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Second Annual Collection, eds. Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, St. Martin's Press, 1989] * "The Cutie" [Interzone, May/Jun 1989; Axiomatic] * "Beyond the Whistle Test" [Analog, Nov 1989; Our Lady of Chernobyl] * "The Vat" [Eidolon, Spring 1990] * "The Safe-Deposit Box" [Isaac Asimov's, Sep 1990; Axiomatic] * "The Moral Virologist" [Pulphouse No.8: Summer 1990; The Best of Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine, ed. Kristine Kathryn Rusch, St. Martin's Press, 1991; Eidolon, Summer 1993; Axiomatic] * "Learning to Be Me" [Interzone, July 1990; The Year's Best Science Fiction, Eighth Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, St. Martin's Press, 1991; Metaworlds, ed. Paul Collins, Penguin Australia, 1994; Axiomatic] * "The Extra" [Eidolon, Winter 1990; Asimov's, Jan 1993] * "Eugene" [Interzone, June 1990; Axiomatic] * "The Caress" [Isaac Asimov's, Jan 1990; Alien Shores, ed. Peter McNamara and Margaret Winch, Aphelion Publications, 1994; Axiomatic; The Year's Best Science Fiction, Eighth Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, New York: St. Martin's Press, hardcover and trade paperback] * "Axiomatic" [Interzone, Nov 1990; Mortal Fire: Best Australian SF, eds. Terry Dowling and Van Ikin, Coronet, 1993; Axiomatic] * "The Moat" [Aurealis, #3, 1991; Axiomatic; The Year's Best Science Fiction, Ninth Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, St. Martin's Press, 1992] * "The Infinite Assassin" [Interzone, June 1991; Axiomatic; Aboriginal Science Fiction, Jul/Aug 1991] * "In Numbers" [Isaac Asimov's, Apr 1991] * "Fidelity" [Isaac Asimov's, Sep 1991] * "The Demon's Passage" [Eidolon, Winter 1991] * "Blood Sisters" [Interzone, Feb 1991; Axiomatic; The Year's Best Science Fiction, Ninth Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, St. Martin's Press, 1992] * "Appropriate Love" [Interzone, Aug 1991; Axiomatic] * "Worthless" [In Dreams, eds. Paul J. McAuley and Kim Newman, Gollancz, 1992] ISBN 0-575-05201-5, 4.99 * "The Walk" [Asimov's, Dec 1992; The Patternmaker, ed. Lucy Sussex, Omnibus Books, 1994; Axiomatic] * "Unstable Orbits in the Space of Lies" [Interzone, July 1992; Axiomatic] * "Reification Highway" [Interzone, Oct 1992; Isaac Asimov's, Jan 1992; Axiomatic] * "The Hundred Light-Year Diary" [Interzone, Jan 1992; Axiomatic] * "Dust" [Isaac Asimov's, July 1992; The Year's Best Science Fiction, Tenth Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, St. Martin's Press, 1993] * "Closer" [Eidolon, Winter 1992; Strange Plasma, #5, 1992; Axiomatic] * "Before" [Interzone, Mar 1992] * "Transition Dreams" [Interzone, Oct 1993; Our Lady of Chernobyl] * "Chaff" [Interzone, Dec 1993; Our Lady of Chernobyl; The Year's Best Science Fiction, Eleventh Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, St. Martin's Press, 1994, hardcover and paperback] * "Our Lady of Chernobyl" [Interzone, May 1994; Our Lady of Chernobyl] * "Cocoon" [Asimov's, May 1994; The Year's Best Science Fiction, Twelfth Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, St. Martin's Press, 1995] * "Wang's Carpets" [New Legends, ed. Greg Bear and Martin H. Greenberg, Tor, 1995; New Legends, ed. Greg Bear and Martin H. Greenberg, Legend, 1995; The Year's Best Science Fiction, Thirteenth Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, St. Martin's, 1996, hardcover and trade paperback] * "TAP" [Asimov's, Nov 1995] * "Silver Fire" [Interzone, Dec 1995; The Years' Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy 1996, ed. Jonathan Strahan and Jeremy G. Byrne, HarperCollins Publishers Australia, 1997] * "Seeing" [Axiomatic] * "Mitochondrial Eve" [Interzone, Feb 1995; The Best of Interzone, ed. David Pringle, HarperCollins/Voyager, 1997; The Best of Interzone, ed. David Pringle, St. Martin's Press, 1997] * "Mister Volition" [Interzone, Oct 1995] * "Luminous" [Asimov's, Sep 1995; The Year's Best Science Fiction, Thirteenth Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, St. Martin's, 1996, hardcover and trade paperback] * "A Kidnapping" [Axiomatic] * "Reasons to be Cheerful" [Interzone, Apr 1997] * "Orphanogenesis" [Interzone, Sep 1997] * "The Planck Drive" [Asimov's, Feb 1998] Nonfiction: * "Read This" [The New York Review of Science Fiction, Nov 1994] * "A Report on Miracle Ingredient A" [Eidolon, Winter 1995] * "Another Exchange" [Interzone, Aug 1997] [current e-mail address of Greg Egan removed at author request, April 2000] e-mail Greg Egan old, invalid Jack Egan: ISFDB lists: * "Perfect Understanding" [Fantastic, Feb 1963] * "Cully" [Amazing, Jan 1963] Kimberly Egan: ISFDB lists: * "The Kestral's Tears" [Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy, Summer 1994] Thomas M. Egan: Fantasy poet, often selected by editor Crispin Burnham for appearances in "Eldritch Tales", influenced by Tolkien and Lovecraft: Poetry: * "Valhalla" [Eldritch Tales, No.10, 1984] * "The Castles of Avalon" [Eldritch Tales, No.12, 1986] * "Shelob's Dreme" [Eldritch Tales, No.13, 1987] J.R.R. Tolkien homage * "Gargoyles" [Eldritch Tales, No.15, 1988] * "Candlemas Eve" [Eldritch Tales, No.16, 1988] * "Shield-Maiden" [Eldritch Tales, No.17, 1988] * "Ashtaroth" [Eldritch Tales, No.18, 1989] * "Sauron" [Eldritch Tales, Summer 1989] J.R.R. Tolkien homage * "Middle-Earth at Midnight" [Eldritch Tales, No.19, 1989] J.R.R. Tolkien homage * "Witch Light" [Eldritch Tales, Summer 1990] * "The Rats in the Wall" [Eldritch Tales, Winter 1990] * I Dream of Old Miskatonic..." [Eldritch Tales, Winter 1990] Lovecraft homage * "The Necromancer" [Eldritch Tales, Winter 1991] * "Grecian Night" [Eldritch Tales, Spring 1991] * "Beowulf: The Last Stand" [Eldritch Tales, Summer 1992] * "Mordor at Midnight" [Eldritch Tales, Fall 1993] J.R.R. Tolkien homage * "Witchery" [Eldritch Tales, Winter 1993] * "Sand Castles by the Sea" [Eldritch Tales, Spring 1995] Nonfiction: * Book Reviews [Eldritch Tales, No.11, 1985] * "The Beasts of Fantasy" [Eldritch Tales, No.12, 1986] Floyd C. Egbert: pseudonym of Kenneth Morris (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.311) H. M. Egbert, pseudonym of Victor R. Emanuel Egeria: (1) the nymph who was mentor to the second King of Rome, Numa Pompilius, especially about legislation and statesmanship, according to Greek/Roman Myth; (2) by extension, a female counselor, particularly the "woman behind the man" in government. George Egerton, psuedonym of Mary Chavelita Dunne Bright Egeus: Authoritarian father of Hermia, in Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream" David Egge: SF illustrator: David Egge ISFDB Jean Marie Egger: * "The Comforter" [Sword and Sorceress XIII, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1996] ISBN 0-88677-703-8, $5.99 Bob Eggleton (1960-): award-winning hard-SF, astronomical, and fantasy artist Awards: * Winner, Isaac Asimov's Readers' Poll: 1988, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996 * Winner, SF Chronicle Awards: 1995, 1997 * Winner, Jack Gaughan Award: 1988 * Winner, Hugo Award, Best Professional Artist: 1994, 1996, 1997 Books: * Alien Horizons: The Fantastic Art of Bob Eggleton [1195] text by Nigel Suckling Bob EggletonISFDB Egil: Volund's (Wieland's) brother in Scandanavian Mythology and, as he was a legendary archer, the tale of Egil in the Aaga of Thidrik is a very close parallel to the later legend of William Tell. Clive Egleton (25 Nov 1927-) British mystery/detective author who served as Lieutenant Colonel in British Army (logistics operations/law) and Intelligence (Cyprus, Persian Gulf, East Africa): * 15 mystery/detective/espionage novels with series character David Garnett * 3 of these are technically science fiction in that they deal with a near-future Russian-occupied England: * A Piece of Resistance [London: Hodder and Stoughton, New York: Coward McCann, 1970] * Last Post for a Partisan [London: Hodder and Stoughton, New York: Coward McCann, 1971] * The Judas Mandate [London: Hodder and Stoughton, New York: Coward McCann, 1972] * 3 mystery/detective/espionage novels under pseudonym John Tarrant Egmont: (1) the historical Count Egmont (1522-1568), executed as a side-effect of the Netherland's revolt against Spain; (2) the tragedy [1788] by Goethe about the above; (3) Beethoven's music based on Goethe's play. The Egoist: (1) George Meredith mundane novel [1879]; (2) Little Magazine of England, founded as a FEMINIST periodical, which morphed into the chief outlet for Imagist poetry, and was connected with Richard Aldington, Hilda Doolittle, T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Harriet Weaver, and Rebecca West. see: Science Fiction POETRY: definitive encyclopedia Michael Egremont, pseudonym of Michael Harrison EGYPT Anjala E. A. Ehelebe: ISFDB lists: * "There Are No Wars Words in the Language" [Isaac Asimov's, May 1979] Matt Ehinger: ISFDB lists: * "Morlock's Revenge" [Aberrations, Jan 1992] H.G. Wells homage; ISFDB misspells magazine * "March" [Aberrations, Oct 1995] Mike Ehinger: SF illustrator for Aberrations (brother of Matt Ehinger?) Mike Ehinger ISFDB James Ehmann: occasional science writer for Omni Magazine: ISFDB lists: * "Earth: Quest for Totality" [Omni, Nov 1983] * "Earth: Chattey's Island" [Omni, Feb 1983] Dr. Kraft Ehricke (1917-1984): one of the V2 engineers of Germany (see "V2") who, in Project paperclip, came to the USA with Werner von Braun. 1954 joined General Dynamics-Convair in San Diego to work on Atlas, the first multistage ICBM, which orbited the Mercury astronauts; creator of the Centaur liquid-fueled upper stage; 1965 joined North American Rockwell, where he was the top "visionary" (a term of art at Rockwell) and where he was paraded for PR purposes buth otherwise ignored, as was (to a lesser degree) Your Humble Webmaster. He was a leading advocate of "the extraterrestrial imperative": the planets and stars are humanity's destiny. Until his death, he was writing his final book: * The Seventh Continent [1984, unpublished] the industrialization of the Moon Karen Ehrlich: occasional science writer for Omni Magazine: ISFDB lists: * "Hidden Monsters" [Omni, Jan 1983] co-author Lee Speigel Lucy Ehrlich: ISFDB lists: * "Love Song to Lucy/Lucy Answers" [Nebula Awards 20, ed. George Zebrowski, 1983] Max [Simon] Ehrlich (1909-) "The Big Eye" (New York: Doubleday, 1949), and: * The Edict [Science Fiction Book Club, 1971; Bantam] * The Reincarnation of Peter Proud [Bobbs-Merrill, 1974; Mystery Guild, 1975; Bantam] Paul R. Ehrlich: major author of the Environmentalist movement, the bulk of whose alarming predictions have not yet come true, listed here for the short story: * "Eco-Catastrophe!" [Nightmare Age, ed. Frederik Pohl, Ballantine, 1970] ISBN 345-02044-8-095, $0.95 [Yesterday's Tomorrows, ed. Frederik Pohl, Berkley Publishing Corporation, 1982] ISBN 0-425-05648-1, $9.95 ($10.95 Can) Henry M. Eichner (19 Oct 1909-24 Nov 1971) American medical artist/SF artist, author of reference work on Atlantis, active in LASFS Mary Ellen Eichbauer: American scientist/poet whose thesis was on the connection between painting and poetry, one of the first 30 female undergraduates at the formerly all-male Caltech Randy Lee Eickhoff: SF novelist: * The Raid [Tor/Forge, 1997] ISBN 0-312-86238-5, $22.95, hardcover Wennicke Eide: ISFDB lists: * "The Gygr" [Amazing, Sep 1991] * "Blue Angel" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, June 1991] * "Stone Man" [Asimov's, July 1993] Eidolon (Index) : see Magazines Robert Eighteen-Bisang: Fantasy bibliographer; ISFDB lists: * A Vampire Bibliography: Volume One, Literature [Transylvania Press, 1996] hardcover Rhonda Eikamp: SF poet and fiction author, interested in the History of Fantasy Art; ISFDB lists: Short Fiction: * "Loving Kansas" [Air Fish, eds. Joy Oestricher and Richard Singer, Cat's Eye Press, 1993] ISBN 0-9631755-2-1, $16.95, trade paperback * "The Physician's Flight" [Icarus & Angels: Flights of Fantasy (Gay SF), ed. Gary Bowen, Obelesk Books/Triangle Titles, 1996] ISBN 1-887666-13-3, $6.00, trade paperback * "Dali #2: The Resonance of History" [The Silver Web, Issue 13, 1996] * "Letters from You" [Tales of the Unanticipated, Winter/Spring/Summer 1997] Poetry: * "Taken Up" [The Urbanite #6, 1995] * "Nightly, in the Bar" [The Urbanite #6, 1995] * "Goya 4: Saturn Eats His Children (The Serial Killer)" [The Urbanite #6, 1995] * "Goya 3: They Preen Themselves" [The Urbanite #6, 1995] Gary Eikenberry: ISFDB lists: * "Anthropology 101" [Tesseracts, ed. Judith Merril, Victoria: Press Porcepic, 1985] ISBN 0-88878-242-X, $9.95 (Can) Monica Eiland: ISFDB lists: * "Saving Grace" [1993] nominated for 1994 Asimov's Undergraduate Award * "Hansel's Statement to the Police" [1994] * "Metroplis 2000" [1995] nominated for 1996 Asimov's Undergraduate Award Jon Eilers: Fantasy illustrator Jon Eilers ISFDB Einstein: the High Energy Astronomical Observatory Albert Einstein (1879-1955): noted violinist, hair-style trendsetter, asked to lead the new state of Israel. Born in Ulm (now in West Germany). Best known for his "Hard SF" publications, many in German, which dealt with the traditional themes of TIME TRAVEL and FTL (Faster-than-Light) spacecraft, and ANTIGRAVITY with unusually imaginative and well-thought-out analytical detail, marred only by weakness of characterization and plot. Although he did win a Nobel Prize, it was not for his most famous and popular work, which remained controversial until the present. The mother of Your Humble Webmaster almost ran him over with a car, in Princeton New Jersey, and the gentleman apologized profusely to her for troubling her, commenting that at night, he tended to look up at the stars while walking, and would not notice that he's strayed onto the street. Biography of Albert Einstein Hotlinks to Documents by Albert Einstein Charles Einstein (2 Aug 1926-?) political SF novel: * The Day New York Went Dry [Fawcett Gold Medal, 1964] Loren Eiseley: award-winning naturalist and author. Ray Bradbury told me that Ray first told Loren Eiseley to write his books: Books of Science Poetry: * Notes of an Alchemist * The Innocent Assassins * Another Kind of Autumn * All the Night Wings ISFDB only lists: Short Fiction: * "The Lost Nature Notebooks of Loren Eiseley (excerpt)" [Omni, June 1982] Simon Eiseley: ISFDB lists the nonfiction: * "The Star Thrower" (1969) [Survival Printout, Vintage, 1973] Janice M. Eisen: no known home page Affiliate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Best known for book reviews in "Aboriginal Science Fiction" Chronological List of Review Columns: * "Cracking the Spine" [Aboriginal, Jan/Feb 1988] * "Near and Far Futures" [Aboriginal, Mar/Apr 1988] * "New Views of Familiar Landscapes" [Aboriginal, May/Jun 1988] * "Mythmaking" [Aboriginal, Sep/Oct 1988] * "Summing Up" [Aboriginal, Nov/Dec 1988] * "From the Bookshelf: Lone Heroes" [Aboriginal, Jan/Feb 1989] * "From the Bookshelf: Stretching the Boundaries" [Aboriginal, Mar/Apr 1989] * "From the Bookshelf: Brilliant Fantasy,Flawed SF" [Aboriginal, May/June 1989] * "From the Bookshelf: Outer and Inner Space" [Aboriginal, July/Aug 1989] * "From the Bookshelf: Sunlight" [Aboriginal, Sep/Oct 1989] * "From the Bookshelf: On Life and Art" [Aboriginal, Nov/Dec 1989] * "From the Bookshelf: Many Worlds" [Aboriginal, Jan/Feb 1990] * "From the Bookshelf: Strange Days in Strange Lands" [Aboriginal, Mar/Apr 1990] * "From the Bookshelf: Humans and Others" [Aboriginal, May/June 1990] * "From the Bookshelf: The Day After Tomorrow" [Aboriginal, July/Aug 1990] * "From the Bookshelf: The Fate of the Earth" [Aboriginal, Sep/Oct 1990] * "From the Bookshelf: A Step to the Side" [Aboriginal, Nov/Dec 1990] * "From the Bookshelf: Alternate Worlds" [Aboriginal, Jan/Feb 1991] * "From the Bookshelf: Views of Armageddon" [Aboriginal, Mar/Apr 1991] * "From the Bookshelf: Breaking Old Ground" [Aboriginal, May/Jun 1991] * "From the Bookshelf: Short Subjects" [Aboriginal, Sep-Dec 1991] * "From the Bookshelf: Masters of the Field" [Aboriginal, Fall 1992] * "From the Bookshelf: Genre Benders" [Aboriginal, Fall 1992] * "From the Bookshelf: First Novels and Others" [Aboriginal, Summer 1992] * "From the Bookshelf: New Worlds" [Aboriginal, Spring 1993] * "From the Bookshelf: Powerful Imaginations" [Aboriginal, Summer 1993] * "From the Bookshelf: Hail and Farewell" [Aboriginal, Fall 1993] * "From the Bookshelf: Brilliant Returns, Interesting Debuts" [Aboriginal, Winter 1993] * "From the Bookshelf: Action and Suspense" [Aboriginal, Spring 1994] * "From the Bookshelf: Best of the Best" [Aboriginal, Spring 1996] * "From the Bookshelf: A Valediction" [Aboriginal, Summer 1996] Miscellaneous: Janice M. Eisen e-mailed Magic Dragon Multimedia thus: * "Over the past couple of years I have written several review columns for [The Washington Post Book World], most recently in September 1997. Unfortunately, since we moved, my files are messed up and I can't find the columns to give you the relevant dates and titles. * "I've also written some mystery reviews, but I don't whether you're interested in that. Oh, and I contributed several articles to the [St. James Guide to Fantasy Writers], edited by David Pringle. * "My most recent review, a mystery... is in The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, and can be found at review by Janice M. Eisen e-mail Janice M. Eisen e-mail Janice M. Eisen old, invalid, would be removed except as a service to other readers to purge this from their files Adam Eisenberg: ISFDB lists the nonfiction: * "Explorers" [Twilight Zone Magazine, Sep/Oct 1985] Evan Eisenberg : ISFDB lists: * "Heimlich's Curse" [Twilight Zone Magazine, Nov 1981] * "God Shed His Grace" [Twilight Zone Magazine, Mar/Apr 1984] Larry Eisenberg (1919-): Books: * The Best Laid Schemes [Macmillan, 1971; Collier, 1977] story collection * The Villa of the Ferromonte [Simon & Schuster, 1974] Short Fiction: * "The Mynah Matter" [Fantastic, Aug 1962] * "The Fastest Draw" [Amazing Stories, Oct 1963] * "The Scent of Love" [Fantastic, Aug 1964] * "The Pirokin Effect" [Amazing, June 1964; Annual Best SF 10, ed. Judith Merril, Mayflower-Dell, 1965; 10th Annual Edition: The Year's Best S-F, ed. Judith Merril, Delacorte, 1965] * "What Happened to Auguste Clarot?" [Dangerous Visions, ed. Harlan Ellison, Doubleday, 1967] * "The Two Lives of Ben Coulter" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Apr 1967] * "The Saga of DMM" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Dec 1967] * "Conqueror" [Worlds of If, Oct 1967] * "The Time of His Life" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Apr 1968; Alpha 1, ed. Robert Silverberg, 1970; Arbor House Treasury of Modern SF, eds. Robert Silverberg and Martin H. Greenberg, 1980; Great Science Fiction of the 20th Century, eds. Robert Silverberg and Martin H. Greenberg, Avenel Books, 1987] * "The Open Secrets" [Galaxy Science Fiction, May 1969] * "The Quintopods" [Worlds of If, Sep/Oct 1970] * "A Matter of Time and Place" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jan 1970] * "A Matter of Recordings" [Worlds of If, Feb 1970] * "Human Element" [Worlds of If, May/June 1970] * "The Fifth Planet" [Worlds of If, July/Aug 1970] * "Child's Play" [Worlds of If, Jan 1970] * "The Cameleon" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Mar 1970] * "The Teacher" [Galaxy, Jan 1971] * "Heart of the Giant" [Worlds of Tomorrow, Spring 1971] * "Duckworth and the Sound Probe" [Galaxy, July/Aug 1971] * "The Buyer" [Galaxy, May/Jun 1971] * "The Soul Music of Duckworth's Dibs" [Galaxy, Sep/Oct 1972] * "The Grand Illusions" [Galaxy, May/June 1972] * "The Executive Rat" [Worlds of If, Nov/Dec 1972] * "Sikh, Sikh, Sikh" [Vertex, Dec 1973] * "The Merchant" [Worlds of If, Sep/Oct 1973] * "Where There's Smoke" [Galaxy, June 1974] * "Time and Duckworth" [Galaxy, May 1974] * "Televerite" [Vertex, Apr 1974] * "The Money Machine" [Vertex, Aug 1974] * "The Look Alike Revolution" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Nov 1974] * "Elephants Sometimes Forget" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Sep 1974] * "The Baby" [Galaxy, Mar 1974] * "The Spurious President" [Vertex, Apr 1975] * "Dr. Snow Maiden" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Aug 1975] * "My Random Friend" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Aug 1977] * "The Interface" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Aug 1978] * "Djinn & Duckworth" [Isaac Asimov's, Mar 1979] * "Me and My Shadow" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Feb 1986] * "Live It Up, Inc." [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Mar 1988] Phyllis Eisenstein: full name Phyllis Leah Kleinstein Eisenstein (1946-): Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America married to Alex Eisenstein * the "Alaric the Minstrel" series: * Born to Exile [1978] * In the Red Lord's Reach [1989] * the "Cray Ormeru" series: * Sorcerer's Son [1979] * The Crystal Palace [1988] Phyllis Eisenstein e-mail Phyllis Eisenstein Loren [Corey] Eisley (3 Sep 1907-?1990) major scientist/poet/essayist, whom Ray Bradbury first persuaded to publish. Details to be done. Robert Eisler (1882-1949) British nonfiction author "Man into Wolf" (London: Routledge, 1951) on lycanthropy and sexuality Sam Eisner, pseudonym of Cyril Kornbluth Will Eisner (1917-): major comix writer/artist, best-known for: * The Spirit Simon Eisner, pseudonym of Cyril Kornbluth Eisteddfod: the National Congress of Bards, in Wales; begun circa 1200 A.D. as a revival of the much older Gorsedd. Julia ejection capsule: (1) part of manned spacecraft which, in emergency, can be shot free and parachuted to ground or sea; (2) unmanned spacecraft module shot free and parachuted to ground or sea to return critical data (i.e. high-resolution film cannsiter from spy satellite). Gordon Eklund @ AlphaRalpha Gordon Stewart Eklund, born Seattle 24 July 1945, son of Alfred James Eklund and DeLois Stewart, married Dianna Jean Mylarski 12 Mar 1969, son Jeremy Clark, Student 1973-75 Contra Costa College, USAF 1963-67, Nebula Award 1975, Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America author... Book include: * All Times Possible [Daw, 1974] * Beyond the Resurrection [Doubleday, 1973] * Dance of the Apocalypse [Laser, 1976] * The Eclispe of Dawn [Ace, 1971] * Falling Toward Forever [Laser, 1975] * The Grayspace Beast [Doubleday, 1976; Pocket] * Inheritors of Earth [Chilton, 1974; Pyramid] from an idea by Poul Anderson * Serving in Time [Laser, 1975] * A Trace of Dreams [Ace, 1972] Kjell M. Ekstrom (9 July 1920-?) Swedish editor/translator, magazine Thriller-Magasinet Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "El..."

El: The chief God in half of Middle Eastern Semitic religions, represented by a bull; probably the father of the Golden Calf in the Old Testament; see: Baal, Aqhat Elaine: Two different ladies who loved Sir Lancelot: (1) Daughter of King Pelles, in Mallory's "Mort d'Arthur", who disguises herself for one night as Queen Guinevere, makes love to Sir Lancelot, and thus gives borth to Galahad; (2) the "Lily maid of Astolat" in Tennyson's "Idylls of the King", the chapter "Lancelot and Elaine"; retold later by Tennyson in "The Lady of Shalott." see: The Ultimate King Arthur Web Page {to be done} Richard M. Elam, Jr., American juvenile SF novels Mollie Elcalir, pseudonym of Richard S. Shaver Elder Gods: Numerous Pantheons distinguish between younger Gods and Elder Gods. The notion that each religion holds cultural sway only after a previous religion has been sociologically crushed has several implications explored in fiction. As pagan Gods were displaced by Christianity, magic itself began to be eliminated from the world. This is central to the many books of Thomas Burnett Swann. Even though the younger Gods are in control, there may be occult ways to re-awaken the Elder Gods:
  1. Algernon Blackwood
  2. various nature myths
  3. Aleister Crowley
  4. Black Magic ("magick")
  5. Charles De Lint
  6. various nature myths
  7. Robert Holdstock
  8. various nature myths
  9. Arthur Machen
  10. Black Magic
  11. Dennis Wheatley
  12. Black Magic
H. P. Lovecraft carried this notion of re-awakening the Elder Gods furthest, so much so that the phrase "Elder Gods" is now identified with Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. These deities are quasi-immortal interstellar interlopers, also connecting to Earth through some other dimension. They are neither Good nor Evil as such, but strangely Other. Some of them came to Earth because they were banished because of some long-vanished rebellion (a dark echo of fallen angels). These so-called Great Old Ones founded the civilizations of Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu -- among others -- and still have power of the ruins of these LOST LANDS. The Great Old Ones, with Cthulhu at the top of the heap, are now sleeping until the time destined for their re-awakening, which will not be a nice time for the human race. Besides Cthulhu, the Great Old Ones include Azathoth, Nodens, and Yog-Sothoth. Nodens is sometimes described as the leader of a rebel counter-faction within the rebel faction. Lovecraft created such a useful and haunting fantasy universe, that the Cthulhu Mythos has been continued by many writers of dark fantasy, most particularly Lin Carter and Brian Lumley. See: THEOLOGY see also "Aesir" Joseph Elder, SF anthologist Michael Elder: * The Alien Earth [Pinnacle, 1979] * Flight to Terror [Pinnacle, 1973] * Nowhere on Earth [Pinnacle, 1973] * Paradise is Not Enough [Pinnacle, 1971] F.S.P. Eldershaw, see below M. Barnard Eldershaw, pseudonym for Australian novelists Flora Sydney Patricia Eldershaw and May Faith Barnard, fine time travel novel "Tomorrow and Tomorrow" (Melbourne: Georgian House, 1947)(London: Phoenix, 1949) Cleo Eldon, pseudonym of Don Wilcox Eldorado: [from El Dorado", Spanish for "the gilded"]: (1) legendary King of Manoa, world's wealthiest city, presumed on the Amazon River. Sir Walter Raleigh led two expeditions to find it, as did many other explorers; (2) by extension, the land ruled by that legendary king see LOST LANDS Brian Eldred, fan pseudonym of Ray Bradbury Paul Eldridge (5 May 1888-?) American teacher/author "Wandering Jew", see George S. Viereck Eldritch Tales: need to add to magazines page {to be done} see Magazines Electra: (1) Daughter of Agamemnon and Cltemnestra, sister of Orestes, in Greek/Roman Myth; (2) described in works such as: * Oresteia: trilogy of plays by Aeschylus * Electra: play [414? B.C.] by Sophocles * Electra: play [413? B.C.] by Euripides * Opera by Strauss of rewrite of Sophocles' play by Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1903) * Mourning Becomes Electra [1931] trilogy of plays by Eugene O'Neill, set in 19th Century New England * Electre: play [1937] by Jean Giraudoux (3) One of the Pleiades, mother of Dardanus, daughter of Atlas, only seen by mortals in the guise of a comet. Electric Propulsion: basis of rocket engine which uses electrical fields to expel, at high speed, ions (typically cesium, xenon, or mercury) which were atoms from which electrons were stripped. The Electrical Experimenter (1914?-1920?): see Magazines Electromagnetic Pulse, or EMP: when a nuke is exploded in atmosphere or space, a burst of intense electromagnetic radiation is produced, which can disable electrical and electronic equipment and communications (except shielded optical fibers). Electron: the lightest charged Lepton (the others being the Muon and Tauon; the neutrinos being the uncharged leptons). It has a charge of 1.602 x 10**(-19) Coulombs. Atoms are negatively-charged electrons in shells around a positively-charged nucleus. The nucleus is protons plus neutrons, each of which is a baryon composed of three quarks, glued together by mesons, themselves pairs of quarks. An electrical current is a number of electrons travelling through a vacuum or conductor. Electronics: devices, such as vacuum tubes, transistors, microchips, which use the flow of electrons and/or holes to amplify, count, compute, switch, or perform other useful functions. Isaac Asimov postulated the future technology of "positronics" which similarly uses positrons, the antimatter equivalent of electrons, especially in the use of Robotics. Electron Volt: unit of energy in subatomic domain, equal to the energy gained by an electron accelerated across a potential gradient of one volt; equal to 1.602 x 10**(-19) Joules. Chemical reactions involve electrons being exchanged between atoms, requiring energies of a few electron volts. Nuclear reactions, as in the atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, or antimatter space-drive require or release millions of electron volts. Abbreviated eV, giving rise to the related KeV (thousand electron volts), MeV (million electron volts), GeV (billion electron volts), TeV (trillion electron volts). Elemental: personifications of natural forces, in Fantasy or Horror literature, such as an animated Fire spirit (or Salamander), or similarly for Earth, Air, Water, or other related phenomena Elements: the ancient Greeks throught that there were four elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. They postulated a spiritual "Quintessence" or Fifth Element as well [see "The Fifth Element"]; Plato's followers sometimes represented each element with a regular "Platonic Solid" -- Tetrahedron for Fire, Cube for Earth, Octahedron for Water, Icosahedron for Air, and Dodecahedron for Quintessence or for the entire Cosmos. Ancient Chinese postulated five elements: Water, Air, Fire, Metal, and Wood. Alchemists discovered many elements, leading to modern Chemistry. Mendeleyev laid out the Periodic table as a way of organizing 92 chemical elements (some consequently predicted by Mendeleyev, and later found). Now we know of over 111 elements (my wife and I think #111 should be called "Bilboium" -- do you know why?), which does not seem like much of an improvement over 4 or 5. Hence scientists analyzed the elements into more fundamental subatomic particles, starting with (in order of discovery): electron, proton, neutron, muon, pi meson, neutrino, and eventually had over 100 so-called elementary particles, again, not much of a simplification. So Murray Gell-Mann, and simultaneously Yuval Ne'eman and Abdus Salaam, postulated even more fundamental elementary particles, which Gell-Mann called "Quarks." We now say that they come in 5 types, each with its anti-quark, and are held together with gluons, of which there are various 'colors" in Chromodynamics"... and again, the old 4 or 5 elements start to look pretty good by comparison... Elegies of Ch'u (a.k.a. Elegies of Ch'u Tz'u): anthology of poetry from China, attributed to Ch'u Yuan, in the Chou Dynasty [1027-256 B.C.], with 17 poem cycles, mostly on the personal and professional sufferings of the poets, plus nine Shamanistic poems (the Fantasy-related reason for this listing). The text is corrupt, primarily from Han Dynasty additions. See: * The Nine Songs: a Study of Shamanism in Ancient China [1956] criticism by Arthur Waley * Ch'u Tz'u: The Songs of the South [1959] David Hawkes Elegy: (1) classically, a poem in elegiac distichs; (2) modern: lyrical poem of lamentation for a person or thing dead or vanished. Both classic and modern versions have influenced Fantasy, especially Dark Fantasy. Great Examples: * "Lycidas", Milton, mourning * "Adonais", Shelley, mourning * "In Memorium", Tennyson, mourning * "Thyrsis", Matthew Arnold, mourning * "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" [written 1743?-1750, published 1751] Thomas Gray, nonspecifically plaintive The Elephant in the Moon: satire by Samuel Butler, a delightful attack on the Royal Society, wherein an elephant purportedly discovered on the Moon turns out to be a mouse trapped inside the telescope. first published in: * Genuine Remains in Verse and Prose [1759] posthumous Eleusinian Mysteries: ancient rites honoring Demeter and Persephone, related to Greek/Roman Myth and still performed, in deepest secrecy, into the Chistian era. Modern conjecture is that psychedelic drugs were involved. Paolo Eleuteri-Serpieri (1944-): comix artist of Italy (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.314) Elf: {to be done} "Elfquest" page for author Richard Pini Stephen Elg, nonfiction weird author "Beyond Belief" Sir Edward Elgar (1857-1934): Composer of England, best known for songs, symphonies, sonatas, and oratorios. His most famous work in modern American usage is the slow march "Pomp and Circumstance" [1902]. Some oratorios have a marginally Fantasy component: * Dream of Gerontion [1900] Suzette Haden Elgin, pseudonym of Patricia A. Suzette Elgin, a very interesting linguist/SF author who has a series of novels about a "womens' language" and how it changes galactic politics; the "Coyote Jones" series: * The Communipaths [Ace, 1970] * Furthest [Ace, 1971] * At the 7th Level [Daw, 1972] Dr. Elgin also founded the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA) Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Suzette Haden Elgin e-mail Suzette Haden Elgin old, invalid? lingua: a Suzette Haden Elgin page, with archived newsletters of Suzette's (used with permission). Webmaster Steve Marsh e-mail Steve Marsh Elia: see Charles Lamb Mircea Eliade (1907-1986): professor of History of Religion, and prolific author of 1300+ fiction and nonfiction works, as expatriate of Romania: Nonfiction includes: * Yoga: Immortality and Freedom [US: 1958; revised 1969] English translation of 1931 Ph.D. dissertation for Calcutta University, translated into French, and re-edited * Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy [US: 1964] definitive * Cosmos and History: the Myth of the Eternal Return [US: 1954] * The Sacred and the Profane [US: 1959] influenced my own Fantasy * Myths, Dreams and Mysteries [US: 1960] Fiction includes: * The Forbidden Forest [US: 1978] his major novel of a utopian Romania and the quest for IMMORTALITY * much more {to be done} Elidure: King of England, in legend. Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote that he was elevated to King after his older brother Artegal (a.k.a. Arthgall) vansihed as was presumed dead. Then Artegal came home, and Elidure, with true nobility, stepped down to allow the re-coronation of his brother. This story was elaborated upon in: * History of Britain, John Milton * "Artegal and Elidure", William Wordsworth Elihu: same name used for various Old Testament characters, the main one in the Book of Job (Job 32) who engages in rational discourse with Job after three false comforters have muddied the waters. Elijah: Major Hebrew prophet, 9th Century B.C., in Ahab's reign. He opposed the prophets of Baal, was fed by ravens as a miracle in mid-drought by the Cherith River, and resurrected Zarephath's son. He challenged the prophets of Baal to a magical battle on Mount Carmel, where two alters were built -- one to Baal, one to Jehovah. The Baal-ites prayed at their alter, but nothing happened; then Elijah prayed at his, and fire came down from Heaven. He was discouraged beneath a juniper tree (I Kings 19:4), cast his mantle on his chosen successor Elisha (hence "Elijah's mantle" symbolizes any official succession). He did not die: rather, he was carried up to Heaven in a tornado, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz (II Kings 2:11). see: Baal, Jehovah, Prophet Albert J. Elias: * The Bowman Test [Dell, 1977] Charles William Eliot (1834-1926): Chemist/professor in America; President of Harvard (1869-1909) who strengthened the university's already strong reputation, including the Graduate School and various professional schools, recruting many top professors; co-founded Radcliffe College for women;promoted the Elective course system, greatly influencing many colleges in America, listed here for his claim that "all the books needed for a real education could be set on a shelf five feet long" which he implemented in his role with: * The Harvard Classics, 50 volumes, editor Charles William Eliot. Question: what is the 5-foot shelf of Science Fiction? Of Fantasy? This constuction of a "Canon" is radiacally challenged by post-modernism. George Eliot: pseudonym (1857) of Mary Ann Evans, a.k.a. Marianne Evans (1819-1880): major mundane novelist of England, not directly related to Science Fiction or Fantasy, except in that she raised the bar of quality of didactic, social, moral, and detailed characterization novels of closely-obseerved people clawing their way towards maturity, and thus indirectly strengthened the claim that Science Fiction and Fantasy are not "real literature" because they fall short in exactly these ways. Her mundane but brilliant fiction, which she started writing only when she was middle-aged, include: * Leben Jesu ("Life of Jesus") [1846] translation, under her real name, of nonfiction (German) by D. F. Strauss * Scenes of Clerical Life [1857] collects 3 short stories published earlier that year in Blackwood's * Adam Bede [1858] * The Mill on the Floss [1860] * Silas Marner [1860] * Romola [1863] extensively researched historical novel of Renaissance which is a must-read for Fantasists treating the Renaissance * Felix Holt * The Radical * Middlemarch (arguably the greatest of all mundane novels) * Daniel Deronda Lewis Eliot: narrator/protagonist of the "Strangers and Brothers" novel series by C. P. Snow (an important scientist/novelist/critic) T. S. Eliot, full name Thomas Stearns Eliot (1888-1965): Major poet/critic; see: Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry E. C. Eliott, pseudonym of R. A. Martin Elise: (1) Unlawful Queen of Tyre in "Astrate, Roi de Tyr", tragic drama by Quinault; (2) "L'Avare", comic play by Moliere, in which Elise is the miser's daughter Elisha: Hebrew prophet for 50 years to 4 Kings of Israel (ca. 850-790 B.C.), see: Old Testament (II Kings), Elijah Elissa: see: Dido; The Faerie Queen Elixer of Life: (1) Alchemist's approach to IMMORTALITY (2) Technically, the word "Elixer" is Arabic for a powder to sprinkle upn wounds, but has the somewhat related meanings: (3) the Philospher's Stone; (4) tincture for transmuting metals; (5) any panacea, especially when used by a quack. Eliza: character in "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe, and thus one of the fictional characters who most influenced the "real world" by inspiring anti-slavery sentiment before the American Civil War. Elizabethan: the 45-year era (1558-1603) of the reign of Elizabeth I, a major literary renaissance in England, triggered by the elevation of the English language to acceptability for "serious" literature, the execution of Mary Queen of Scots [1857], the publication by the great Fantasy poet Edmund Spenser of "The Shepheardes Calendar [1579], and including such monumental works as: * Aeneid, first full English translation of Vergil's masterpiece * A Mirror for Magistrates * Dr.Faustus, Fantasy play by Christopher Marlowe (see: Faust) * Tamburlaine, play by Christopher Marlowe * The Jew of Malta, play by Christopher Marlowe * Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity, Richard Hooker * various pamphlets, Robert Greene * various pamphlets, Thomas Nashe * various pamphlets, by the pseudonymous Martin Marprelate * The Essays of Montaigne, translation by John Florio * The Faerie Queen, Edmund Spenser (see: he Faerie Queen) * Astrophel and Stella, Sir Phillip Sydney * The Sonnets, Shakespeare * Amoretti, Edmund Spenser * Delia, Samuel Daniel * Idea, Michael Drayton * The Arraignment of Paris, romance/light Fantasy play by George Peel * Endymion, romance/light Fantasy play by John Lyly * The Spanish Tragedy, play by Thomas Kyd * most of the plays of William Shakespeare By 1600, just before the death of "the Virgin Queen", the literature of the Elizabethan era had peaked, was declining into self-parody, and was soon displaced by a counter-Renaissance known as the Jacobean era. Boyd Ellanbee, pseudonym of William C. Boyd & Lyle G. Boyd Boyd Ellanby, pseudonym of William C. Boyd & Lyle G. Boyd Ethan Ellenberg, literary agent, nothing on the web? Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Ethan Ellenberg Gene Ellerman, pseudonym of Basil Wells Ron[ald D.] Ellik, American computer programmer/fan/bibliographer, Hugo Award (with Terry Carr) in 1959, a "Man From Uncle" author, co-editor (with Bill Evans" of concordance "The Universes of E.E. Smith" (Chicago: Advent, 1968), active in LASFS Stanley Ellin, American mystery/fantasy author; in our genre wrote: * The Blessington Method [Ballentine Books, 1975] 10 stories John Elliot, British TV author, see co-author Fred Hoyle Bruce Elliot, American short story author/novelist "Asylum Earth" Lee Elliot, pseudonym of William H. Bird, Dennis T. Hughes Bruce Elliott: * Asylum Earth [Belmont, 1968] * The Rivet in Grandfather's Neck [Curtis, 1971] Janice Elliott (1931-1995) British novelist: * The Summer People [1980] vacationers stranded as polar icecaps melt * Magic [1983] out-of-body experiences with the Virgin Mary * Dr. Gruber's Daughter [1986] * The Sadness of Witches [1987] * City of Gates [1992] * the "Sword and the Dream" Young Adult Arthurian series: * The King Awakes [1987] * The Empty Throne [1988] * The Birthday Unicorn [1970] juvenile * The Country of Her Dreams [1982] cold war (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.315) Jeffrey M. Elliott: nothing on the Web? Jeffrey M. Elliott, born Los Angeles 14 June 1947, son of Gene Elliott and Harriet Sobsey, author..., BA 1969 U. Southern California, MA 1970 U. Southern California, D.Arts 1978 Claremont Graduate School, LHD (hon.) Shaw U. (Raleigh NC), City University of Los Angeles 1986, Assistant Professor History and Political Science 1972-74 U. Alaska-Anchorage, Assistant Dean Academic Affairs 1974-76 Miami-Dade Community College, Assistant Professor Political Science Virginia Wesleyan College (Norfolk), Senior Curriculum Specialist Education Development Center (Newton MA), Professor Political Science 1981-? North Carolina Central U. (Durham), Distinguished Advisor on Foreign Affairs 1985-? U.S. House of Representatives, Speechwriter 1969-82 U.S. Senator Howard W. Cannon, Urban Affairs Advisor 1971-72 Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty, Chairman 1975 Florida Committee for Educational Stability, Distinguished Service Through Community Effort Award 1976 Florida Association of Community Colleges, Awards: Balrog Award for Outstanding Nonfiction Achievement 1981, Outstanding Academic Achievement Award North Carolina Central U. 1986, Outstanding Educator of America according to U.S. Senator Mike Gravel 1973 Elton Elliott, minor American author/editor, edited perhaps the first anthology of nanotechnology fiction, an area which I helped to establish. A good conversationlist, vegetarian, and an interesting man to know. Co-author of "The Sword of Allah", a very professional SF/political thriller. Nothing on the web? Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Elton Elliott George Elliott, American author in F&SF {hotlink to be done} H[arry] Chander Elliott (26 Aug 1909-?) Canadian-born American physician/author of post-holocaust "Reprieve from Paradise" [Gnome, 1955] Kandis Elliot, Production Manager of Tomorrow SF magazine who lives in Madison, Wisconsin. She has also had a number of short stories in Tomorrow SF, most recently "The Chameleons of Mars", Feb 1997 "Kate Elliott" (Alis Rasmussen) Besides four books under the name "Alis Rasmussen" (all, unfortunately, out of print) Alis now writes under the pen-name "Kate Elliott." Kate Elliot writings are listed on this web site. e-mail "Kate Elliott" (Alis A. Rasmussen) William Elliott, pseudonym of Ray Bradbury Ellipse: (1) stretched circle, a conic section described in great detail by Euclid; technically, the curve generated by a point moving around two foci (fixed points) such that the sum of the distances from the moving point to the two foci remains constant; (2) as discovered by Kepler, planets have elliptical orbits. see: Eccentricity; Kepler around the sun; Elliptical: as noted by James Joyce, when in Gilbert & Sullivan's "Mikado" the song goes "with cloth untrue / and twisted cue / and elliptical billiard balls", the proper word is "Ellipsoidal." Ellipsoid: the surface generated by rotating an ellipse about one of its axes. If the rotation is about the minor axis, the result is an Oblate Spheroid" elongated like a rugby ball; if the rotation is about the major axis, the result is an Prolate Spheroid", flattened at the poles as is any fast-rotating planet (specially Jupiter) or more gently, as with Earth, or almost to a discus (as in Hal Clement's "Mission of Gravity", to a first approximation). Albert C. Ellis: Nothing on the web? Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Albert C. Ellis e-mail Albert C. Ellis old, invalid? Charles Ellis: * The Second Crash [Simon & Schuster, 1973; Ballentine books] Craig Ellis, pseudonym of Lee Rogow, D. Vern, others in Ziff-Davis magazines John Ellis, pseudonym of F. C. Kneller Harlan Ellison (1934-): Harlan Ellison Harlan [Jay] Ellison, born Cleveland 27 May 1934, son of Louis Laverne Ellison and Serita Rosenthal, married Charlotte Stein 1956 (divorced 1959), married Billie Joyce Sanders 1961 (divorced 1962), married Lory Patrick 1965 (divorced 1965), married Lori Horwitz 1976 (divorced 1977), married Susan Toth 1986, US Army 1957-59, author!..., Nebula Award 1975 (novella "A Boy and His Dog"), Hugo Award for film adaptation "A Boy and His Dog" 1976, Hugo Awards 1965 (twice), 1967, 1968, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1986, Hugo special achievement awards 1968 and 1972, Certificate of Merit Trieste Film Festival 1970, MWA Edgar Allan Poe Awards 1974 and 1988, George Melies awards for Cinematic Achievement 1972 and 1973, Jupiter Awards 1974 and 1977, PEN International Award for Journalism 1982, member Writers Guild of America (Most Outstanding Script Awards 1965, 1967,19 74, 1986, Screen Board member West Council 1971-72 and 1986-87), SFWA (co-founder of Nebula Awards), VP of SFWA 1965-66, Host of Hour 25 (KPFK-FM 1986-87) Harlan Ellison: The Islets of Langerhans Harlan Ellison @ AlphaRalpha In the 1976 Locus poll, asking readers to nominate their favorite author, Harlan Ellison came in #7 (with 124 votes), confirming his leadership position at #7 with a similar poll in 1973, and #8 in a 1971 poll in P. Schuyler Miller's book review column in Analog. Ralph Ellison, full name Ralph Waldo Ellison (1914-): major American mundane author, best-known for: * The Invisible Man [] ironically using the H.G. Wells title to explore the reality of African-American life, won the National Book Award see: H.G. Wells, INVISIBILITY Thomas Ellwood (1639-1714): Quaker author of England, listed here only for having inspired his friend John Milton to write "Paradise Regained" Elmer Gantry: mundane novel [1927] by Sinclar Lewis, about ex-Football star who plagiarizes and self-promotes his way to evangelical fame, money-raising, and running a large church. Although not Fantastic, the novel's well-researched and vivid prose made the book a best-seller, and relevant to all fiction about modern evangelical practices. See: THEOLOGY Larry Elmore @ Dragon*Con, artist Alan C. Elms: Nothing on the web? Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Alan C. Elms Elohim: see Jehovah Elongation: [Astronomical] angular distance, as seen from Earth, between the Sun and a moon or planet. Special cases: * Elongation = 0 degrees: Conjunction * Elongation = 90 degrees: Quadrature * Elongation = 180 degrees: Opposition Dow Elstar, pseudonym of Raymond Z. Gallun John Elton, pseudonym of J. March, and unrelated to Elton John (itself a pseudonym) Max Elton, pseudonym of John Russell Fearn Elves: the plural of Elf {to be done} Elvira: {to be done} Roger Elwood, important SF anthologist {hotlink to be done} David Ely (1927-?) American journalist/novelist, immortality novel "Seconds" (New York: Random House, 1963; Signet), pseudonym of David Lilienthal, Jr. Kate Elliott: Kate A. C. Ellis: A. C. Elves in Cyberspace: see Magazines Laura Elvin: Member of Horror Writers of America Laura Elvin Winifred Elze: Nothing on the web? Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Victor Rousseau Emanuel (1879-5 Apr 1960) American SF/Fantasy author under pseudonym "Victor Rousseau" and "H. M. Egbert" Ron Embleton, full name Ronald Sydney Embleton (1930-1988): British painter, illustrator, and comix artist: * Wulf the Briton [Express Weekly, 1957-1960] * Wrath of the Gods [1963] trxt by Michael Moorcock * Legends of the Rhineland * Hadrian's Wall in the Day of the Romans [1984] * Oh Wicked Wanda [Penthouse, 1973-1978] sexy, text by Frederic Mullaly * Sweet Chastity [Penthouse, 1981-1988] text by Bob Guccione (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.317) Emerald City: (1) nickname for Oz (see L. Frank Baum); (2) nickname for Seattle, Washington; (3) Emerald City Publishing Caroline D. Emerson (1891-?): * The Magic Tunnel [New York: Four Winds, 1968] Ru Emerson (1944-): no known home page * The Princess of Flames [1986] * Spellbound [1990] * The Sword and the Lion [1993] under pseudonym Roberta Cray * the "Tales of Nedao" series: * To the haunted Mountains [1987] * In the Caves of Exile [1988] * On the Seas of Destiny [1989] * the "Night Threads" series: * The Calling of the hree [1990] * The Two in Hiding [1991] * One Land, One Duke [1992] * The Craft of Light [1993] * The Art of the Sword [1994] e-mail Ru Emerson (Roberta Cray) Ru Emerson: Index to at least 5 publications Clayton Emery (1953-): Clayton Emery home page * Tales of Robin Hood [1988] magical Briton * the "Rune Sword" series: * Outcasts [1990] * others {to be done} * the "Magic: The Gathering" card-game-related series: * Whispering Woods[1994] * The Shattered Chains [1995] * The Final Gathering [1995] * Final Sacrifice [1996] (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.317) Magic Dragon Multimedia adds: he's also a Mystery author, since he has two ongoing series in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and elsewhere: * the Robin & Marian medieval series * the Joseph Fisher Colonial American series. Rowland Emett (1906-1990): Britist author/artist/engineer of "Gothic-Kinetic" sculptures which actually operated, as opposed to William Heath Robinson (UK) and Rube Goldberg (USA) who only drew such imaginative inventions; also various children's books (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.317) Mihail Eminescu: Romania's greatest poet was surely Mihail Iminovici, who wrote under the pseudonym Mihail Eminescu. His madness kept his output small, but his works such as "Venus and the Madonna" and "The Epigony" show the delicately sensitive and pessimistic view of the nature of humanity. As a Romantic poet, he played with fantasy themes including aspects of the legends and philosophies of India. The beauty of his language influenced many later prose and poetry works of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Emission Spectrum: [Physics; Astronomy] Ionized gas emits electromagnetic radiation of wavelengths specific to thr element or compound ionized. When raised in energy (i.e. heated) the electrons of the atoms move to higher orbits, and when they fall back to lower energy orbits, they emit photons of exact energies, which combine to form bright lines in the spectrum. This is how astronomers can identify the gasses which make up the atmospheres of stars, or the dust and gas of interstellar nebulae. EMP: see Electromagnetic Pulse Ed Emsh, see below Edmund Alexander Emshwiller (1925-?) major American SF artist and filmmaker Carol Emshwiller, wife of Ed Emsh, herself an SF short story author: Nothing on the web? Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Carol Fries Emshwiller, born Ann Arbor MI 12 Apr 1921, daughter of Charles Carpenter Fries and Agnes Carswell, children Eve, Susan, Peter "Stoney" (SF author), author: short story collection "Joy in Our Cause" (1974), novel "Carmen Dog" (1988), short stories in TriQuarterly, 13th Moon, Croton Review, Epoch, various TV narrations, BA Music 1945 U. Michigan, B. Design 1949 U. Michigan, teacher Clarion Summer Science Fiction Workshop 1972 and 1973, Adjunct Assistant Professor Continuing Education 1974-? NYU, guest faculty 1982 Sarah Lawrence College, MacDowell Colony Fellow 1973, grantee NY State Creative Artist Public Service 1975, grantee NEA 1980 Peter Stoney Emswiller: Nothing on the web? Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Emsler, pseudonym of Edward A. Emshwiller Mikhail Emtsen: * World Soul (co-auhtor E. Parnov) [Macmillan, 1978] Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Enchantment: {to be done} Enchantress: {to be done} Encounter: (1) the flyby or arrival of a spacecraft with its targeted planet, moon, asteroid, or comet; also called "rendezvous"; (2) a meeting with an extraterrestrial being, i.e. "Close Encounter of the Third Kind"; see: Me Human, You Alien: How to Talk to an Extraterrestrial END OF THE WORLD Michael Ende, full name Michael Andreas Helmuth Ende (1929-1995): writer and theatrical director of Germany, father was Surrealist painter Edgar Ende (1901-1965): * the "Jim Knopf" children's Fantasy series * Momo [1973; US: 1985] novel * Die unendliche Geschichte [1979; tr. as "The Neverending Story", US: 1983] { film hotlink to be done} (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.318) Guy Endore, full name Samuel Guy Endore (4 July 1900-12 Feb 1970): American mystery/SF author and screenwriter {hotlink to films to be done} * Casanova [1930] * The Man from Limbo [1931] * "The Day of the Dragon" [1934] scientist brings back dinosaurs, arguably the original uncredited inspiration for "Jurassic Park" * Babouk: The Story of a Slave [1935] * "Men of Iron" [1940] proto-artificial intelligence * Methinks the Lady [Duell Sloane, 1945] a.k.a. The Furies in Her Body [Avon, 1951] a.k.a. Nightmare [Dell, 1957] * The Werewolf of Paris [Farrar-Rinehart, 1933; Pocket; Avon; Ace] * Satan's Saint [1966] de Sade * King of Paris [1967] Dumas Adaptations and Translations: * Les Mains d'Orlac [1920] by Maurice Reynard adapted into the film "Mad Love" [1935] * Burn, Witch, Burn! [1933] by Abraham Merritt adapted into the film "The Devil Doll" [1936] * Alraune [1911] by Hanns Heinz Ewers, translated 1929 Hugh Enfield, pseudonym of Gwilym F. Hughes Richard Harris Eney (13 Sep 1932-) American fan/bibliographer of self-published "Fancyclopedia II" (1959), "Proceedings of the 21st World Science Fiction Convention" (Chicago: Advent, 1966) Steve Eng: major SF poet, nothing on the Web? Steve Eng (John Bredon), born San Diego 31 Oct 1940, son of Ransom Ludwig Eng and Helen Stephens, married Anne Jeanne Kangas 1969, four children, author: "The Tennessee Wild West" (1989), "Porter Wagoner: A Life in Country Music" (1989), poetry (including SF poetry) to Cumberland Poetry Review, Arkham Collector, Amazing, The Lyric, non-fiction articles/essays in Horror Literature, Survey of Modern Fantasy, Timeless Tennesseans, AB in English Literature 1963 George Washington U., MS in Education (1973) Portland State U., Assistant Editor 1979-? "The Romanticist", Assistant Editor 1985-? "Triads", Poetry Coordinator/Chairman Poetry panel SPWAO, SPWAO Best Writer Award (Poetry) 1979 and 1983, SPWAO Special Achievement Award 1985, member Nashville Songwriters Association International Sylvia Engdahl, author of 6 science fiction novels, some currently out of print but available in public libraries. Science Fiction Books: * Children of the Star [Meisha Merlin, 2000] new omnibus edition containing the long out-of-print trilogy: * This Star Shall Abide (aka Heritage of the Star) * Beyond the Tomorrow Mountains * The Doors of the Universe Young Adult SF novels: * Enchantress from the Stars [1970] award-winner * The Far Side of Evil [1971] * Journey Between Worlds [1970] Sylvia Engdahl author's page e-mail Sylvia Engdahl Leonard Engel, dystopian novelist "The World Aflame" (New York: Dial, 1947) Frederick Engelhardt, pseudonym of L. Ron Hubbard M. J. Engh [full name Mary Jane Engh]: * Aslan [Warner, 1976] barbarian conquers America in this novel of acute psychological/political depth George Allan England (9 Feb 1877-26 Jun 1936) American author/editor/treasure hunter of the extremely lengthy novel "The Nebula of Death" and the Darkness and Dawn series: * Darkness and Dawn [Avalon, 1964] * Beyond the Great Oblivion [Avalon, 1965] * The People of the Abyss [Avalon, 1966] * Out of the Abyss [Avalon, 1967] * The Afterglow [Avalon, 1967] Terry D. England: Nothing on the web? Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Terry D. England E[louise Hopper] Engle, American bookkeeper/editor/novelist: * "Countdown for Cindy" [Hammond, 1962; Bantam] Richard Englehart: Nothing on the web? Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Craig E. Engler: no known home page, but CompuServe e-mail e-mail Craig E. Engler Charles English, pseudonym of Charles Nuetzel Richard English, pseudonym of Richard S. Shaver Elizabeth Engstrom: Member of Horror Writers of America Elizabeth Enigmas, Mexico (in Spanish) (Aug 1955-Apr 1958?): see Magazines Fred Ennis, idiosyncratic "Tales of Ergo", self-published (Palmyra New York, 1928) Robert D. Ennis, pseudonym of E. C. Tubb Robert Enstrom: * Encounter Program [Doubleday, 1977; Science Fiction Boolk Club] Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Eon Magazine on-line : see Magazines Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Mark Epernay, pseudonym of John Kenneth Galbraith Epic Fantasy: {to be done} Epic Illustrated (1980-1986): magazine to be added to magazine page {to be done} Magazines Beryl Epstein, see below Samuel Epstein, nonfiction co-author with wife Beryl Epstein of "Prehistoric Animals" (New York: Franklin Watts) and "Rocket Pioneers on the Road to Space" Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Equinox: magazine to be added to magazine page {to be done} Magazines Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Eraserhead: see SF/Fantasy Movies [1976]; David Lynch Emile Erckmann (20 May 1822-14 Mar 1899) French lawyer/playwright/novelist and co-author with Alexandre Chatrian (18 Dec 1826-3 Sep 1890) Terry J. Erdmann: Nothing on the web? Affiliate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Steve Erickson, full name Stephen Michael Erickson (1950-): journalist and post-modern novelist: * Days Between Stations [1985] * Rubicon Beach [1986] * Tours of the Black Clock [1989] * Leap Year: A Political Journey [1989] * Arc d'X [1993] (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.320) Eric Ericson (1925-): British author, an Incubus novel (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.320) Walter Ericson, pseudonym of Howard M. Fast Robert O. Erisman, American editor of "Marvel Science Stories", "Dynamic Science Stories" and "Uncanny Stories" Michael Erlanger, painter/sculptor/executive author of dystopian * Silence in Heaven (New York: Athenaeum, 1961) Jacques de Forrest Erman, pseudonym of Forrest J. Ackerman Jack Ermann, fan pseudonym of Forrest J. Ackerman Max Ernst (1891-1976): Artist/critic, linked with Dada and surrealism, several graphic novels (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.321) Morris L. Ernst (23 Aug 1888-?) lawyer/politician/author of utopian novel "Utopia 1976" (New York: Rinehart, 1955) Paul [Frederick] Ernst (1902-?) American author (NOT mainstream author Paul Ernst) of the "Dr Satan" series in Weird Tales, 1930s. Walter Ernsting (13 June 1920-) German editor/author/translator, and author/editor of the Perry Rhodan series {hotlink to be added} and * The Day the Gods Died [Bantam, 1976] Eroshia: A virtual tour (by Sharon Watts) of a new Lunar City. Named Eroshia after the Greek God of Love. Eroshia: A virtual tour email Sharon Watts in Canada Barbara Erskine (1944-): British author of Fantasy TIME TRAVEL novels: * Lady of Hay [1986] * Kingdom of Shadows [1988] mistress of Robert the Bruce * Encounters [1990] story collection * Child of the Phoenix [1992] 13th century Wales * Midnight is a Lonely Place [1994] ghosts (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.321) John Erskine (5 Oct 1879-2 June 1951) American poet/essayist/novelist/musician (New York Philharmonic soloist) best known for rewrites of legends of Helen of Troy, King Arthur, Lilith: * "Magic and Wonder in Literature" essay reprinted in: * The Moral Obligation to Be Intelligent and Other Essays [1915] * The Private Life of Helen of Troy [1925] * Galahad, Enough of His Life to Explain His Reputation [1926] * Adam and Eve, Though he Knew Better [1927] * Penelope's Man: The Homing Instinct [1927] Parody of Odyssey * Uncle Sam, in the Eyes of His Family [1930] * Cinderella's Daughter and Other Sequels and Consequences [1930] revisionist Fiary Tale collection * Venus, the Lonely Goddess [1949] Patrick Ervin, pseudonym of Robert E. Howard Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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E.S.P.: see EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION: telepathy, psi, other paths to the mind Timons Esaias: no known home page as such, but CompuServe e-mail e-mail Timons Esaias also has a "News Nots" satire column as part of the Internet Daily News Timons Esaias' "News Nots" satire column Timons Esaias: Index to at least 3 publications Escapism: {to be done} Eschatology: the theology of "Last Things", see Apocalypse; see END OF THE WORLD J[oseph] Esenwein Berg (15 May 1867-1 Nov 1946) American editor/author/lecturer/songwriter/hymnist, anthologist of "Adventures to Come" (Springfield mass.: McLoughlin Bros., 1937) Lloyd Arthur Eshbach (1910-) American author/publisher founded Polaris Press, anthologies include "The Tyrant of Time" [Fantasy, 1955], a collection of 9 stories, and "Of Worlds Beyond: The Science of Science Fiction Writing" M. C. Escher, full name Maurits Cornelius Escher (1898-1971): major artist of the Netherlands Kelly Eskridge: no known home page, but America Online e-mail e-mail Kelly Eskridge please avoid spamming Espacio, El Mundo Futuro (1955?-1962?): see Magazines Gabe Essoe: * "Tarzan of the Movies" (New York: Citadel, 1968) Tom Esterbrook, pseudonym of L. Ron Hubbard Eleanor Estes (1906-1988): British children's fantasist (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.322) Rose Estes: TSR game-related author and shared-world novelist (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.322) John Esteven, pseudonym of Samuel Shellbarger Ivan Leon Estival, "Mandragora" (London: Staples, 1952) ESTONIA Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Nancy Etchemendy: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America; Member of Horror Writers of America Nancy Nancy writes wonderfully vivid and human science fiction, fantasy, and horror for both adults and children. e-mail Nancy Etchemendy e-mail Nancy Etchemendy old, invalid? Dennis Etchison (1943-): Horror author/editor M. Croyus Etling: Member of Horror Writers of America M. Croyus Etling Robert C[hester] W[ilson] Ettinger (4 Dec 1918-?), scientist/author whose self-published book "The Prospect of Immortality" was reprinted in paperback by my father, Samuel H. Post. This book launched the Cryonics movement, to preserve people in deep-freeze (what Larry Niven calls "corpsicles") until they can be warmed up, brought back to life, and cured of whatever killed or was killing them. My father edited and published the following paperback edition for MacFadden-Bartell Corporation: * R. C. W. Ettinger, "The Prospect of Immortality", (75-166, 1966), originally self-published and then picked up by Doubleday (1964) Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Eucatastrophe: literary term invented by J. R. R. Tolkien in "On Fairy Stories" [1947] to mean the final plot twist in a Fantasy story which brings to the reader "a piercing glimpse of joy, and heart's desire, that for a moment passes outside the frame, rends indeed the very web of 'story.'" As an antonym of "Tragedy," it is a very useful word. As a Fantasy author/editor/reader, it describes one of the reasons why I write and read Fantasy. Euhemerism: {to be done} Eurydice: see Orpheus Euripedes (circa 485 BC-406 BC): major dramatist of Greece. Only 14 of his 88+ plays survive, of which "Electra" [413 BC] and "The Bacchae" [407 BC] only partly survive. Most of his plays were based on myths, such as "Cyclops", "Medea" [431 BC] on witchcraft, "Helen" [412 BC], "Hyypolytus" [428 BC], and "Heracles" [415 BC] (unfortunately not adequately consulted by Disney Pictures) Robert Eustace, pseudonym of Eustace Rawlins Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Bergen B. Evans (19 Sep 1904-?) author of nonfiction "Spoor of Spooks and Other Nonsense" (New York: Knopf, 1954), who was a friend of my mother, Patricia Frances Vos Post Bill Evans, see co-author R. Ellik Dean Evans, pseudonym of George Kull D. R. Evans, Actve Member of SFWA, publications include the novel: * Palindor (Chariot Family Publishing/David C. Cook) e-mail D. R. Evans E[dward Everett Evans (30 Nov 1893-2 Dec 1958) "The Grand Old Man" of Science Fiction Fandom, and author of: * Alien Minds [Reading: Fantasy, 1955] * Food For Demons [Krueger Dawn Press, 1958??; Shroud 1971] 5 stories * Man of Many Minds [Reading: Fantasy, 1953] * The Planet Mappers [New York: Dodd Mead, 1955] Evan Evans, pseudonym of Frederick Faust Evin Evans, pseudonym of Frederick Faust I[drisyn] O[liver] Evans (11 Nov 1894-?) South African-born British author, Jules Verne translator/editor, anthologist of "Science Fiction Through the Ages" volumes for Panther John Evans: Member of Horror Writers of America John Evans Sarah Evans: * "Fenwitch" [Sword And Sorceress XI, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1994] ISBN 0-88677-614-7, $4.99, paperback Sarah J. Evans: * "Inside" [The Third Alternative, Autumn 1995, ed. Andy Cox, 1994], 2.50] Vince Evans: Fantasy/Comix illustrator Vince Evans ISFDB Eve: see Adam Brian Evenson: Fantasy author/critic: ISFDB lists: * "Altmann's Tongue" [Air Fish, eds. Joy Oestricher and Richard Singer, Cat's Eye Press, 1993] ISBN 0-9631755-2-1, $16.95, trade paperback * "Hebe Kills Larry" [Young Blood, ed. Mike Baker, New York: Zebra Books, 1994] ISBN 0-821-74498-4, $4.50 ($5.50 Canada), paperback * "Prairie" [The Silver Web, Issue 14, 1997] Nonfiction: * "Magical Realism" [The New York Review of Science Fiction, Mar 1998] D. Everett: ISFDB lists: * "The Eatery" [Spec-Lit, ed. Phyllis Eisenstein, pub?, 1997] $6.95 [Mrs.] H. D. Everett, weird novelist under pseudonym Theo. Douglas Ian Evans, pseudonym of Angus Wells John Evans, pseudonym of Howard Browne Walker G. Everett: ISFDB lists: * "The Woman in Gray" (1935) [The Other Worlds, ed. Philip D. Stong, New York: W. Funk, 1941] $2.50, hardcover Evergon: pseudonym of Fantasy illustrator Evergon ISFDB James Everhart: SF/Fantasy poet: * "Scrutinizer" [Star*Line, Jan/Feb 1992] poetry Welch D. Everman: columnist for "Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine": * "TZ Video" [Twilight Zone Magazine, Nov/Dec 1985] * "TZ Video" [Twilight Zone Magazine, Jan/Feb 1986] * "TZ Video" [Twilight Zone Magazine, Mar/Apr 1986] * "TZ Video" [Twilight Zone Magazine, May/June 1986] * "TZ Video" [Twilight Zone Magazine, July/Aug 1986] * "TZ Video" [Twilight Zone Magazine, Sep/Oct 1986] * "Video" [Twilight Zone Magazine, Feb 1987] * "Video" [Twilight Zone Magazine, June 1987] John Everson: Member of Horror Writers of America John Everson Fantasy/Horror author; ISFDB lists: * "Remember Me, My Husband" [Terminal Fright Magazine, Oct/Nov 1994] Lillian Everts, important Science Fiction Poet "Journey to the Future" (New York: Farrar Strauss, 1955) Everyman: {to be done} Evil: {to be done} Sophie Evrard: Fantasy illustrator Sophie Evrard ISFDB Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning Ew", "Ex", "Ey", "Ez"

Christopher Ewart: ISFDB lists: * "A Day in the Life" [L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Vol. III, ed. Algis Budrys, Bridge Publications, Inc., 1987] ISBN 0-88404-254-6, $4.50, paperback Hans Heinz Ewers (3 Nov 1871-12 Jun 1943) German weird novelist who became a Nazi then accused of being sympathetic to the Jews: * the "Frank Braun" trilogy: * Der Zauberlehring [1907; tr. as "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", US: 1927] translated by Ludwig Lewisohn * Alraune [1911; US: 1929] tr. by Guy Endore; filmed 5 times (!) * Vampir [1921; tr. as "Vampire", US: 1934] * Blood [1977] stories * {several volumes of other stories not yet translated or collected outside of germany} Frederick R. Ewing, pseudonym of Theodore Sturgeon & Jean Shepherd George M. Ewing: No known home page Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America * "Black Fly" [Analog, Sep 1974] * "Q R P ..." [Isaac Asimov's, Winter 1977] * "Letter Rip" [Analog, Apr 1977] * "A Little Farther Up the Fox" [Isaac Asimov's, Apr 1987] * "Pyros" [Isaac Asimov's, Jan 1996] e-mail George M. Ewing Juliana H. Ewing, full name Juliana Horatia Ewing (1841-1885): British children's fantasist (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.324) Excalibur: see SF/Fantasy Movies [1981]; see "The Ultimate King Arthur Web Page" {to be done} Exorcism: {to be done} The Exorcist: see William Peter Blatty [1971]; see SF/Fantasy Movies [1973] The Experimenter (1924?-1926?): see Magazines Exploring the Unknown (Jan 1960-Jun 1971?): see Magazines Maureen Exter, full name Maureen Bryan Exter: ISFDB lists: * "The Good-bye Birthday" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Aug 1970] * "New Boy" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, July 1971] * "The Spacers' Dance" [Crisis, ed. Roger Elwood, Thomas Nelson, 1974] hardcover * "Night of the Sphinx" [Night of the Sphinx and Other Stories, ed. Roger Elwood, Lerner SF Library, 1974] hardcover * "Santa Claws" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jan 1981] Ex-Private X, pseudonym of A. M. Burrage EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION: telepathy, psi, other paths to the mind David Eynon: Fantasy author published in early 1950s: ISFDB lists: * "The Cuckoo Clock" [Weird Tales, May 1951] * "The Emperor's Letter" [Weird Tales, July 1952] * "L'Affaire Verenekin" [Weird Tales, July 1953] * "I'll Be Back" [Weird Tales, May 1953] * "A Very Special Quality" [Weird Tales, January 1954] * "Make Me a Child Again" [Weird Tales, March 1954 Joseph A. Ezzo: ISFDB lists: * "Pilar's Room" [Eldritch Tales, No. 18, 1989] John Ezzy: SF author of Australia; ISFDB lists: * "Little Lamb" [Aurealis, #9, 1992] * "The Deification of Jane Saxony" [Aurealis, #11, 1992] * "With an Enigmatic Smile" [Aurealis, #17, 1996] Return to Authors E Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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