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X. L.: pseudonym of Julian Osgood Field (1849-1925) according to Locus/Contento, which lists: Short Fiction: * "A Kiss of Judas" [Pall Mall Magazine, July 1893; Vampyres: Lord Byron to Count Dracula, ed. Christopher Frayling, London: Faber, 1991] Dan La Belle: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "Runner" [Other Worlds, Winter 1996] Jennijoy La Belle: Professor of English Literature at Caltech, noted for her study of the relationships between the poetry of William Blake and the paintings of the Sistine Chapel. She was the English advisor for Your Humble Webmaster, who earned a B.S. in English Literature from caltech in 1973, as well as a B.S. in Mathematics from Caltech (and various degrees later at other universities). See: William Blake Gauthier de Costes de la Calprenede (1610-1663): Playwright/Novelist of France, famous for his vast, complex Historical Romances which helped establish that genre (especially with descriptions of high literary quality, and often set in Oriental locations): * Cassandre [1642-1645] 10 volumes * Cleopatre [1648] 12 volumes * Pharamond, ou l'histoire de France [1661-1663] 12 volumes Pere Francois d'Aix de la Chaise (1642-1709): Confessor (French, Jesuit) to Louis XIV. Listed here because his near-Paris retreat is now the site of the cemetery "cimitiere du Pere-Lacahise", where numerous celebrities, including Science Fiction/Fantasy authors are buried. Not to be confused with the Franco-American sculptor Gaston Lachaise (1882-1935). Oliver [Hazard Perry] La Farge (19 Dec 1901-2 Aug 1963) American scientist/author, expert in ethnology and archaeology, President of the Association on American Indian Affairs (1933-1941, 1947-1951), degrees from Harvard, lecturer at Columbia, noted for superb fantasy stories in: * A Pause in the Desert [New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1957] Locus Contento lists only: Short Fiction: * "Haunted Ground" [Ladies Home Journa,l Aug 1930; Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, Nov 1949; Haunted New England, ed. Charles G. Waugh, Martin H. Greenberg, Frank D. McSherry, Jr., Yankee, 1988] * "The Resting Place" [New Yorker, Oct 1954; Western Ghosts, ed. Frank D. McSherry, Jr., Charles G. Waugh, Martin H. Greenberg, Rutledge Hill Press, 1990; Great American Ghost Stories, ed. Frank D. McSherry, Jr., Charles G. Waugh, Martin H. Greenberg, Rutledge Hill Press, 1991; Great American Ghost Stories, Volume Two, ed. Frank D. McSherry, Jr., Charles G. Waugh, Martin H. Greenberg, Berkley, 1993] Jean de La Fontaine [1621-1695]: Fable-writer of FRANCE see BAMBI'S CHILDREN Richard La Plante (1948-): * the "Tegné" oriental sword and sorcery Fantasy series: * Tegné: Warlord of Zendow [Sphere, Dec 1988] ISBN 0-7474-0092-X, £4.99, 354pp, trade paperback [Sphere, June 1989] ISBN 0-7474-0375-9, £3.50, 354pp, paperback [as "Tegne: Soul Warrior", Tor, Nov 1995] ISBN 0-312-85977-5, $23.95,347pp, hardcover [as "Tegne: Soul Warrior", Tor, Sep 1996] ISBN 0-812-55270-9, $6.99, 371pp, paperback * Tegné: The Killing Blow [Orbit, June 1990] ISBN 0-7474-0093-8, £4.99, 304pp, trade paperback * the "Josef Tanaka" Dark Fantasy series: * Mantis [1992] * Leopard [1993] * ??? * Mind Kill [Little Brown UK, Sep 1997] ISBN 0-316-87870-7, £16.99, 347pp, hardcover Jailed murderer applies telepathy to torment and murder guards and others see EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, pp.560-561) and Locus/Contento Victor La Salle, house name and pseudonym of Gerald Evans, Robert L. Fanthorpe, John S. Glasby Greye [Bragg] La Spina (1880-?) American playwright/weaver/baronness with numerous stories in Weird Tales. Novels include "Invaders from the Dark" (Sauk City, WI: Arkham House, 1960) on Russian werewolves, and "Shadow of Evil" (New York: Paperback, 1966) Jacqueline La Tourette, pseudonym of Jacqueline Gibeson Mark Laba: Locus/Contento lists: Poetry: * "Card #27" [Poly: New Speculative Writing, ed. Lee Ballentine, Ocean View Books, 1989] Laban: Uncle of Jacob, father of Rachel and Leah, in the Old Testament. Jacob worked as Laban's servant for 14 years, until getting permission to marry Rachel. Greg LaBarbara: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "A Cry in the Night" [co-author Nancy Varian Berberick] [Bruce Coville's Book of Ghosts II, ed. Bruce Coville, Scholastic/Apple, 1997] Chris LaBarge: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "Scarron's Quest" [Random Realities, Spring 1995] Christine LaBarge: Locus/Contento lists: Poetry: * "The Kiss" [Dreams of Decadence, Fall/Winter 1995] Labarum: Roman emperors had this standard borne before them, a gold-leafed spear surmounted by an Eagle, plus (hanging from a cross-staff) a gold-fringed purple streamer studded with precious stones. After his vision and conversion to Christianity, Constantine added Christian symbols to the Labarum. Rodney A. Labbe: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "The Quarry, (ss) The Horror Show Fll '86 Short Nonfiction: * "An Interview with Robert McCammon" [Footsteps, no.8, 1987] interview * "Rick Hautala: Maine's `Other' Horror Writer" [Footsteps, no.9, 1990] interview * "Tabitha King: Resisting the Star-Maker Machinery" [Castle Rock, Nov 1987; 2AM, Winter 1988] Louise Labe' (1524?-1566?): mainstream poet of France, of the school of Lyons, sometimes called "la belle cordiere" (since she was married to a successful rope-maker). Poetry: * Oeuvres [1555] sonnets and elegies, intense and passionate, injured by an unsuccessful love. A few on mythological/ Fantastic themes. Queen Labe: in the "Arabian Nights", an enchantress who turned men into horses and other animals. A prince of Persia (Beder) marries her, stops her political and magical plottings against him, and turns her into a mare. Her mother turns her back to a woman, at which point she temporarily transforms Beder into an owl. Eugene Marin Labiche (1815-1888): mainstream Farce playwright of France: Plays: * Le Voyage de M. Perrichon [1860] best-known play, co-author Edouard Martin Labors of Hercules: see Hercules Pierre LaBossiere: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "The Bad Wood" [House Carfax, Winter 1990] [webmaster has not confirmed even the existence of this magazine] Edouard Rene Lefebvre de Laboulaye: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "The Golden Fleece" [Harper's, Apr 1868; Fantasy Book, Mar 1985] translated by Mary L. Booth Tammi Labrecque (1973-): Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "Songhealer" [Sword and Sorceress #11, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1994] Labyrinth: [possibly from "Labos" = double axe symbol of Crete] a maze, the examplar of which was the great Labyrinth built by Daedalus as the entangled prison of the Minotaur, and as the palace of Minos, in the Minoan capital of Crete: Knossos. Labyrinths represent both the simplicity and complexity of the universe as a whole: simplicity, in that there is a start and an end to the Labyrinth just as there is a birth and death to all things in the cosmos; complexity in that the path to the destination may be arbitrarily devious, and forking with false paths. Robert Heinlein invokes a baffling 3-D labyrinth in his novel "Glory Road" [1963] within a "Mile-High Tower and hiding the "Egg of the Phoenix" -- but in this novel, the prototypical hero uses his wits to find the goal, he is (after all) smart enough to matriculate at Caltech after he saves the universe. Furthermore, in Heinlein's novel, Magic itself is defined as "Applied Topology." The Labyrinth in Fantasy and Science Fiction may be topologically complicated by connecting through alternate realities, as in the "Pattern" maze of the "Amber" novels of Roger Zelazny, or in Jorge Luis Borges' "The Garden of Forking Paths" [1941], or even be infinite in extent, as in "Masters of the Maze" [1965] by Avram Davidson. See: ALTERNATE WORLDS The Labyrinth may be inseparable from the tangled web of fate, as in Kafka's "The Castle" or Mervyn Peake's "Titus Groan" [1946]. It may be metaphysically entrapping, as in J.R.R. Tolkien's Mines of Moria in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy [1954-1955], or Alan Garner's "The Weirdstone of Brisingamen" [1960], or Ursula K. Le Guin's "The Tombs of Atuan" [1971]. The Labyrinth may be symbolic of the intricate referential linkages of Literature, as in Jorge Luis Borges' "The Library of Babel" or the library in "The Name of the Rose" by Umberto Eco. The Labyrinth is thus the image of the mystery of the human place in the cosmos. All of us are lost. All of us cherish a hope of finding our way after all. The Layrinthine Ways: Novel [1940] by Graham Greene, titled "The Power and the Glory" except in first American edition; with anti-hero a drunk sex-obsessed priest in Mexico, who stands up against political persecution and dies ennobled and Christ-like. Lacedaemon [Lakedaimon]: older name for Laconia and of its principal city, Sparta. See: "Laconic." Lachesis: see The Fates Mercedes Lackey, full name Mercedes Ritchie Lackey (1950-): Lifetime Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America; married to and collaborator with Larry Dixon (Fantasy/Science Fiction artist); prolific and a prolific collaborator with other authors; best known for her obsessively detailed magical world of "Valdemar." Mercedes Lackey Mercedes Lackey @ AlphaRalpha Mercedes Lackey @ Dragon*Con e-mail Mercedes Lackey Short Fiction: * 98 stories listed in Locus/Contento {to be done} Novels: * the "Queens Own" or "Arrows of the Queen" trilogy: * Arrows of the Queen [Daw, Mar 1987] ISBN: 0-88677-378-4, $2.95, 320pp, paperback [Legend, Nov 1988] 0-09-962540-7, £2.99, 320pp, paperback * Arrows Flight [Daw, Sep 1987] ISBN: 0-88677-377-6, $3.50, 318pp, paperback [Legend, Jun 1989] ISBN 0-09-962550-4, £3.50, 318pp, paperback * Arrows Fall [Daw, Jan 1988] ISBN: 0-88677-400-4, $3.50, 319pp, paperback [Legend, Nov 1989] ISBN 0-09-962560-1, £3.99, 319pp, paperback * Queen's Own [Science Fiction Book Club #05750, Jan 1993] Omnibus edition 3 novels in 1 volume, $14.98, 726pp, hardcover * the "Bardic Voices" series: * Bardic Voices Book I: The Lark & The Wren [Baen, Jan 1992] ISBN 0-671-72099-6, $4.99, 488pp, paperback [Baen, Nov 1994], $5.99, 488pp, paperback * The Robin & the Kestrel [Baen, 1993; [Baen, Nov 1994] ISBN 0-671-87628-7, $5.99, 373pp, paperback as "The Robin & the Kestrel: Bardic Voices, Book II": [Baen, Sep 1993] ISBN 0-671-72183-6, $20.00, 373pp, hardcover [Science Fiction Book Club #02559, Jan 1994] 373pp, hardcover * The Eagle and the Nightingales [Baen, 1994; Baen, Jan 1995] ISBN 0-671-87636-8, $22.00, 410pp, hardcover Fantasy [Baen, Mar 1996] ISBN 0-671-87706-2, $5.99, 410pp, paperback [Science Fiction Book Club #06860, Apr 1995] $9.98, 250pp, hardcover [HarperCollins Voyager, Jan 1996] ISBN 0-00-648036-5, £4.99, 410pp, paperback * Four & Twenty Blackbirds [Baen, Dec 1997] ISBN 0-671-87853-0, $22.00, 423pp, hardcover * The Free Bards [Baen, May 1997] ISBN 0-671-87778-X, $15.00, 712pp, trade paperback Omnibus edition of "Bardic Voices" trilogy * the "Bard's Tale" series, Computer Adventure "The Bard's Tale IV" Game-related: * The Bard's Tale: Castle of Deception (co-author Josepha Sherman) [Baen, July 1992] ISBN 0-671-72125-9, $5.99, 266pp, paperback * Prison of Souls (co-author Shepherd) [Baen, Nov 1993] ISBN 0-671-72193-3, $5.99, 340pp, paperback * Fortress of Frost and Fire (co-author Ru Emerson) [Baen, Apr 1993] ISBN 0-671-72162-3, $5.99, 297pp, paperback * Bedlam's Bard (co-author Ellen Guon) [Science Fiction Book Club #02791, Nov 1992] $12.98, 536pp, hardcover Fantasy, omnibus edition of "Knight of Ghosts and Shadows" and "Summoned to Tourney" below * The Black Gryphon (co-author Larry Dixon) [DAW, Jan 1994] ISBN 0-88677-577-9, $22.00, 383pp, hardcover Fantasy novel sequel set 1000 years before the "Heralds of Valdemar" series [DAW, 1994; DAW, Jan 1995] ISBN 0-88677-643-0, $5.99, 460pp, paperback [Millennium, Apr 1994] ISBN 1-85798-182-0, £9.99, 330pp, trade paperback, Fantasy [Millennium, Feb 1995] ISBN 1-85798-237-1, £4.99, 330pp, paperback [Science Fiction Book Club #03175, Jun 1994] $7.98, 319pp, hardcover * By the Sword [DAW, Feb 1991] ISBN 0-88677-463-2, $4.95, 492pp, paperback same universe as the "Heralds of Valdemar" and "Vows and Honor" series [DAW, Oct 1992] 0-88677-463-2, $5.99, 492pp, paperback [Science Fiction Book Club #06463, Jan 1995] $10.98, 492pp, hardcover * A Cast of Corbies (co-author Josepha Sherman) [Baen, Feb 1994] ISBN 0-671-72207-7, $5.99, 311pp, paperback, same universe as "Bardic Voices" series, hence subtitled "Bardic Choices" * the "Diana Tregarde" supernatural detective series: * Burning Water [Tor, Feb 1989] ISBN 0-812-52104-8, $3.95, 314pp, paperback Horror/Occult good witch "Diana Tregarde" solves supernatural crimes [Tor, Apr 1994] ISBN 0-812-52485-3, $4.99, 314pp, paperback * Children of the Night [Tor, Aug 1990] ISBN 0-812-52112-9, $3.95, 313pp, paperback * Jinx High [Tor, Oct 1991] ISBN 0-812-52114-5, $4.99, 314pp, paperback * Elvenbane (see co-author Andre Norton) [New York: Tor, year?] ISBN:0-812-51175-1 * Elvenblood (see co-author Andre Norton) [New York: Tor, 1995] hardcover ISBN:0-312-85548-6 * The Fire Rose [Baen, Oct 1995] ISBN 0-671-87687-2, $22.00, 433pp, hardcover, Fantasy/Romance/Gothic, San Francisco in 1905 [Baen, Nov 1996] ISBN 0-671-87750-X, $6.99, 433pp, paperback * Firebird [Tor, Dec 1996] ISBN 0-312-85812-4, $24.95, 352pp, hardcover Fantasy from Fairy Tale of RUSSIA [Science Fiction Book Club #15117, Mar 1997] $8.98, 352pp, hardcover [Tor, Sep 1997] ISBN 0-812-55074-9, $6.99, 345pp, paperback * If I Pay Thee Not In Gold (see co-author Piers Anthony) [New York: Baen, 1993] ISBN: 0-671-72175-5 * Knight of Ghosts and Shadows (co-author Ellen Guon) [Baen, July 1990] ISBN 0-671-69885-0, $3.95, 345pp, paperback, Urban Fantasy set in modern Los Angeles; see "Summoned To Tourney" below and "Bedlam's Bard" above * the "Last Herald Mage" series, same universe as "Heralds of Valdemar": * Magic's Pawn [DAW, June 1989] ISBN 0-88677-352-0, $3.95, 349pp, paperback [DAW, Jan 1990] ISBN 0-88677-352-0, $3.95, 349pp, paperback [DAW, July 1990] ISBN 0-88677-352-0, $3.95, 349pp, paperback [DAW, Oct 1996] ISBN 0-88677-352-0, $4.99, 349pp, paperback [Roc UK, Apr 1992] ISBN 0-14-016751-X, £4.99, 349pp, paperback * Magic's Promise [DAW, Jan 1990] ISBN 0-88677-401-2, $4.50, 320pp, paperback [DAW, July 1990] ISBN 0-88677-401-2, $4.50, 320pp, paperback [DAW, Oct 1996] ISBN 0-88677-401-2, $5.99, 320pp, paperback [Roc UK, June 1992] ISBN 0-14-016752-8, £4.99, 320pp, paperback * Magic's Price [DAW, July 1990] ISBN 0-88677-426-8, $4.50, 351pp, paperback [DAW, Oct 1996] ISBN 0-88677-426-8, $5.99, 351pp, paperback [Roc UK, Aug 1992] ISBN 0-14-016753-6, £4.99, 351pp, paperback * The Last Herald Mage [Science Fiction Book Club #17756, Dec 1990] $14.98, 900pp, hardcover * the "Vows and Honor" Fantasy (swordswoman and sorceress) series: * The Oathbound [DAW, July 1988] ISBN 0-88677-285-0, $3.50, 302pp, paperback [DAW, Jan 1989] ISBN 0-88677-285-0, $3.50, 302pp, paperback [DAW, Feb 1991] ISBN 0-88677-285-0, $4.95, 302pp, paperback * Oathbreakers [DAW, Jan 1989] ISBN 0-88677-319-9, $3.50, 318pp, paperback [DAW, Feb 1991] ISBN 0-88677-319-9, $4.95, 318pp, paperback * Vows and Honor [Science Fiction Book Club #02439, Jan 1994] $8.98, 472pp, hardcover Omnibus edition of duology * Owlflight (co-author Larry Dixon) [DAW, Oct 1997] ISBN 0-88677-754-2, $21.95, 293pp, hardcover Fantasy, "Valdemar" series but sequel to the "Mage Storms" trilogy * Reap the Whirlwind (co-author C .J. Cherryh) [pub?, year?] * Rediscovery: A Novel of Darkover (co-author Marian Zimmer Bradley) [New York: DAW Fantasy Harcover, 1993] ISBN:0-88677-549-3 * Sacred Ground [Tor, Mar 1994] ISBN 0-312-85281-9, $22.95, 381pp, hardcover Mystery/Dark Fantasy Native American (Osage) Shaman/Private Investigator "Jennifer Talldeer" [Tor, May 1995] ISBN 0-812-51965-5, $5.99, 377pp, paperback [London: Voyager, Sep 1995] ISBN 0-00-648034-9, £4.99, 383pp, paperback * The Ship Who Searched (co-author Anne McCaffrey) [pub?, 1992] * the "The Mage Wars" trilogy, part of the "Valdemar" series, but 1000 years before the "Heralds of Valdemar" sequence: * The Black Gryphon (co-author Larry Dixon) [1994] * The White Gryphon (co-author Larry Dixon) [DAW, Apr 1995] ISBN 0-88677-631-7, $21.95, 305pp, hardcover, #2 of "The Mage Wars" [DAW, Mar 1996] ISBN 0-88677-682-1, $5.99, 399pp, paperback [Millennium, May 1995] ISBN 1-85798-237-1, £8.99, 305pp, trade paperback [Millennium, Nov 1995] ISBN 1-85798-431-5, £9.99, 305pp, trade paperback [Millennium, Mar 1996] ISBN 1-85798-313-0, £4.99, 305pp, paperback [Science Fiction Book Club #07827, Aug 1995] $10.98, 305pp, hardcover * The Silver Gryphon (co-author Larry Dixon) [DAW, Mar 1996] ISBN 0-88677-684-8, $21.95, 322pp, hardcover Fantasy, #3 of "The Mage Wars" [DAW, Mar 1997] ISBN 0-88677-685-6, $5.99, 400pp, paperback [London: Millennium, Mar 1996] ISBN 1-85798-441-2, £9.99, 322pp, trade paperback [Science Fiction Book Club #11639, June 1996] $8.98, 322pp, hardcover [London: Orion, Mar 1997] ISBN 1-85798-497-8, £5.99, 322pp, paperback * the "Mage Storms" trilogy of the "Heralds of Valdemar" series, and sequels to the "Mage Winds" trilogy: * Storm Warning [DAW, Aug 1994] ISBN 0-88677-611-2, $21.95, 403pp, hardcover, #1 of "Mage Storms" trilogy, #13 of "Heralds of Valdemar" [DAW, Sep 1995] ISBN 0-88677-661-9, $5.99, 428pp, paperback [DAW, Oct 1997] ISBN 0-88677-661-9, $6.99, 428pp, paperback [Millennium, Aug 1994] ISBN 1-85798-189-8, £9.99, 403pp, trade paperback [Millennium, Sep 1995] ISBN 1-85798-297-5, £4.99, 403pp, paperback [Science Fiction Book Club #05706, Nov 1994], $10.98, 403pp, hardcover * Storm Rising [DAW, Sep 1995] ISBN 0-88677-660-0, $21.95, 384pp, hardcover Fantasy, #2 of "The Mage Storms", #14 of "Heralds of Valdemar" [DAW, Oct 1996] ISBN 0-88677-712-7, $5.99, 412pp, paperback [Millennium, Sep 1995] ISBN 1-85798-277-0, £9.99, 384pp, trade paperback [Science Fiction Book Club #106552, Jan 1996], $10.98, 384pp, hardcover [Orion, Aug 1996] ISBN 1-85798-460-9, £5.99, 384pp, paperback * Storm Breaking [DAW, Oct 1996] ISBN 0-88677-713-5, $21.95, 435pp, hardcover Fantasy, #3 of "The Mage Storms" [DAW, Oct 1997] ISBN 0-88677-755-0, $6.99, 463pp, paperback [London: Orion, Oct 1996] ISBN 1-85798-275-4, £9.99, 436pp, trade paperback [London: Orion, Nov 1997] ISBN 0-75280-641-6, £5.99, 436pp, paperback [Science Fiction Book Club #14437, Dec 199], $10.98, 386pp, hardcover * Summoned To Tourney (co-author Ellen Guon) [Baen, Jun 1992] ISBN 0-671-72122-4, $4.99, 298pp, paperback, Urban Fantasy elves in San Francisco, sequel to "Knight of Ghosts and Shadows" Fantasy condemnation of Lawrence Livermore Labs somehow threatening a huge earthquake, see also "Bedlam's Bard" above * The Sword of Knowledge (co-authors Nancy Asire, Leslie Fish, C. J. Cherryh) See C. J. Cherryh * Tiger Burning Bright (co-authors Marion Zimmer Bradley, Andre Norton) See Marion Zimmer Bradley * the "Serrated Edge" Fantasy series: * Born To Run (co-author Larry Dixon) [Baen, Mar 1992] ISBN 0-671-72110-0, $4.99, 317pp, paperback * Wheels of Fire: A Novel of the Serrated Edge (co-author Mark Shepherd) [Baen, Oct 1992] ISBN 0-671-72138-0, $4.99, 389pp, paperback * When the Bough Breaks (co-author Holly Lisle) [Baen, Feb 1993] ISBN 0-671-72154-2, $4.99, 279pp, paperback * Chrome Circle (co-author Larry Dixon) [Baen, Aug 1994] ISBN 0-671-87615-5 $5.99, 362pp, paperback, Urban Fantasy, 4th of "Serrated Edge" series * the "Mage Winds" series, same universe as the "Heralds of Valdemar" series: * Winds of Fate [DAW, Oct 1991] ISBN 0-88677-489-6, $18.95, 387pp, hardcover [DAW, July 1992] ISBN 0-88677-516-7, $4.99, 460pp, paperback [DAW, Sep 1995] ISBN 0-88677-516-7, $5.99, 423pp, paperback [Science Fiction Book Club #00497, Apr 1993], $9.98, 387pp, hardcover * Winds of Change [DAW, Oct 1992] ISBN 0-88677-534-5, $20.00, 449pp, hardcover [DAW, Aug 1993] ISBN 0-88677-563-9, $4.99, 475pp, paperback [DAW, Sep 1995] ISBN 0-88677-563-9, $5.99, 475pp, paperback [Science Fiction Book Club #00485, Apr 1993], $9.98, 449pp, hardcover * Winds of Fury [DAW, Aug 1993] ISBN 0-88677-562-0, $20.00, 388pp, hardcover [DAW, Aug 1994] ISBN 0-88677-612-0, $4.99, 423pp, paperback [DAW, Sep 1995] ISBN 0-88677-612-0, $5.99, 423pp, paperback [Science Fiction Book Club #01758, Oct 1993] $8.98, 388pp, hardcover * Wing Commander: Freedom Flight (co-author Ellen Guon) [Baen, Dec 1992] ISBN 0-671-72145-3, $4.99, 275pp, paperback, Computer Game-related Anthologies Edited: * Sword of Ice and Other Tales of Valdemar [DAW, Jan 1997] Fantasy ISBN 0-88677-720-8, $5.99, 350pp, paperback, Original anthology 18 stories by Tanya Huff, Michelle Sagara, Josepha Sherman, others Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, full name Pierre Abrose Francois Choderlos de Laclos (1741-1803): Artillery officer who rose to General significant in the French Revolution; member of the Jacobin Club; whose best-known novel was: * Les Liasons Dangereuses (immorality, seduction of innocents, adapted several times to film) Addie G. Lacoe: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "Bayou Exterminator" [Grue, no.6, 1987] * "Ella" [The Leading Edge, no.23, 1991] * "Eyes of Rain" [Fantasy Book, Dec 1986] * "Mona" [Analog, Nov 1995] * "A Prince of the Blood" [The Leading Edge, no.26, 1992] * "The Scarlet Batling" [Things That Go Bump in the Night, ed. Jane Yolen and Martin H. Greenberg, Harper & Row, 1989] Laconic, Laconian: (1) relating to Laconia (see: Lacedaemon); (2) Laconic has the primary meaning now of "using few words", or "tight-lipped", as the Spartans were said to be. Jacques de Lacretelle (1888-?): Novelist of France, most of whose books are deep psychological studies of lonely protagonists, indirectly influencing modern Science Fiction, much of which has lonely protagonists with whom lonely readers can identify. Steve LaCroix: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "Portrayal of an Artist" [Fang, no.3, 1992] Ed Lacy, pseudonym of Leonard S. Zinberg Norris J. Lacy: Arthurian encyclopedist; see King Arthur; Locus/Contento lists: * The Arthurian Encyclopedia [Garland, 1986] * The New Arthurian Encyclopedia [Garland, Dec 1995] ISBN 0-8153-2303-4 $29.95, 615pp, trade paperback [Science Fiction Book Club #17424, Aug 1997] $19.98, 615pp, hardcover Nonfiction/Reference King Arthur as legend, history and subject of modern literature + entries for genre authors such as Marion Zimmer Bradley, C. J. Cherryh Guy Gavriel Kay, Robert Holdstock, Andre Norton, Tim Powers Order from: Garland Publishing 717 5th Avenue, Suite 2500 New York NY 10022 phone 212-751-7447 Louise Ladd: Young Adult fantasist; Locus/Contento lists: * The Anywhere Ring #1: Miracle Island [Berkley, July 1995] ISBN 0-425-14879-3, $3.99, 163pp, trade paperback Girl's magic ring can send her anyplace * The Anywhere Ring #2: Castle in Time [Berkley, Nov 1995] ISBN 0-425-15048-8, $4.50, 149pp, trade paperback Guess what? The magic ring also enables TIME TRAVEL to Ireland in the Elizabethan era * The Anywhere Ring #3: {subtitle?} [Berkley, month? 1996] * The Anywhere Ring #4: Cherry Blossom Moon [Berkley, May 1996] ISBN 0-425-15294-4, $4.50, 134pp, trade paperback Japan in 1950s as setting for espionage investigation Cesslie Ladehoff: Locus/Contento lists: Poetry: * "Bedlamite" [Palace Corbie, vol.2, no.1, 1993] * "Therapy" [Palace Corbie, vol.2, no.1, 1993] Julieta de Godoy Ladeira (1935-1997): Locus/Contento lists: Reference: * "Obituary: Ladeira, Julieta de Godoy" [Locus, vol.39:4, No.441, Oct 1997] David Laderoute: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "To Have and to Hold" [Northern Fusion, Summer 1998] Will Ladislaw: gay artist in "Middlemarch" by George Eliot. Dorothea Brooke marries Will Ladislaw when her first husband (Mr.Casaubon) dies. Listed here because Mr.Casaubon spent his life planning, but never wrote, "The Key to All Mythologies." See: "George Eliot." Everett Lee Lady: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "Further Contributions to the Natural History of Love" [Amazing, Nov 1984] Ladyhawke: see Fantasy Films [1985] {hotlink to be done} Lady in White: see Fantasy/Horror Films [1988] {hotlink to be done} Lady of the Lake: one of Merlin's graduate students, registered under the various names "Nimue", "Niniane", or "Viviane" to confuse mage/hackers, in the legends of King Arthur. We do not find her in the earliest Arthurian chronicles, suggesting that she did her undergraduate work elsewhere. She is in the record as of the "Vulgate Cycle" of stories [1215-1235] and definitively portrayed in "Le Morte Darthur" [1485] by Sir Thomas Mallory, where we see her as a lake spirit who gives the magic sword "Excalibur" to Arthur, and takes it back as he approaches death. She either is in love with Merlin, or merely flirts with academic sexual harassment as a method to trick him into revealing his most secret spells/algorithms. When Lancelot is abandoned, she raises him and then brings him to Arthur. Sir Balin angers Arthur by killing a Lady of the Lake in some stories, but this is probably some magical clone of the real personage. Her greatest conflict is with Morgan Le Fay, who is the Dark Side of the Force used as white magic by the Lady of the Lake, but this is a subjective conflict depending on which journals one reads. Marion Zimmer Bradley has a fascinating revisionist view of the Lady of the Lake in "The Mists of Avalon" [1982] where she is a complex tie between Wicca and Christianity. Vera Chapman concludes that she is the devoted wife of Merlin in "King Arthur's Daughter" [1978] and serves as the dynastic linkpin between Merlin and Arthur. Fay Sampson's novels "The Daughters of Tintagel" [1990-1991] portrays the Lady of the Lake as the intermediary between Arthur and Wiccan amazons. See also "Lancelot." 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Lafferty, full name Raphael Aloysius Lafferty [1914-]: this prolific Oklahoman once confessed to Your Humble Webmaster that his aweful secret, that would blacken his name in the entertainment industry, was that he had NOT had the traditional unhappy childhood, but rather a very happy one. He worked in an electrical company, and lightning flashes illuminate his writings. He often has Christian images used in unexpected ways in his fiction, as with his fellow Catholic Fantasist G. K. Chesterton. But he breaks all shackles in his brilliantly eccentric and daringly paradoxical works of Manicheaen surrealism. Awards: Winner, Nebula Award 1973 , Best Short Story) Winner, WFA Lifetime Achievement Award R. A. [Ralph Aloysius) Lafferty @ AlphaRalpha Books: * Alaric: The Day the World Ended [United Mythologies Press, Nov 1993] $33.00, 163pp, hardcover reprint of "The Fall of Rome" Order this rarity postpaid from: United Mythologies Press Box 79777 1995 Weston Rd. 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Short Fiction: * "All But the Words" * "All Pieces of A River Shore" * "Among the Hairy Earthmen" * "By The Seashore" [Galaxy, Sep 1973] * "The Configuration of the Northern Shore" * "Continued on Next Rock" [Orbit 7, 1970] * "Eurema's Dam" [winner Nebula 1973] * "Hog-Belly Honey" * "The Hole on the Corner" * "Narrow Valley" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Sep 1966] * "Old Foot Forgot" [Orbit 7, 1970] * "Seven Day Terror" [Galaxy, 1962; 8th Annual Edition The Years Best S-F, ed. Judith Merrill] * "Slow Tuesday Night" * "Thus We Frustrate Charlemagne" * over 123 short fictions listed in Locus/Contento John Lafia: Locus/Contento lists: Reference: * "John Lafia & Don Mancini Interview" by Joe Mauceri [The Blood Review, Oct 1990] interview Mark A. LaFlamme: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "Essence 99" [The Scream Factory, no.6, 1991] Comtesse Philomene de Laforest-Divonne, under pseudonym "Claude Silve" wrote "Eastward in Eden" (New York: Creative Age, 1945), a Peter Pan-like novel Jules Laforgue (1860-1887) Major poet in FRANCE), who wrote what we would now consider science fiction and fantasy poetry among his other works, and also the fantasy story collection "Six Moral Tales" (New York: Liveright, 1928, ed./trans. 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Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1991] Short Nonfiction: * "The Grail and the Ring, Teresa Edgerton" [Locus, vol.32:4, No.399, Apr 1994] book review * "Finn Mac Cool, Morgan Llywelyn" [Locus, vol.32:4, No.399, Apr 1994] book review * "Hour of the Octopus, Joel Rosenberg" [Locus, vol.32:4, No.399, Apr 1994] book review * "Inferno: A Chronicle of A Distant World, Mike Resnick" [Locus, vol.32:4, No.399, Apr 1994] book review * "Once a Hero, Michael Stackpole" [Locus, vol.32:4, No.399, Apr 1994] book review * "Out of This World, Lawrence Watt-Evans" [Locus, vol.32:4, No.399, Apr 1994] book review * "The Stainless Steel Rat Sings the Blues, Harry Harrison" [Locus, vol.32:4, No.399, Apr 1994] book review * "A Tribute to Buck Coulson" [Locus, vol.42:5, No.460, May 1999] obituary * "A Two-Edged Sword, Thomas K. Martin" [Locus, vol.32:4, No.399, Apr 1994] book review e-mail Jean Lamb e-mail Jean Lamb old, invalid? Mary Lamb, full name Mary Ann Lamb (1764-1847): author and sister of Charles Lamb * Tales from Shakespeare [1807] co-author Charles Lamb Dean R. Lambe, full name Dean Rodney Lambe (1943-): Lifetime Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Dean R. Lambe preferred e-mail Dean R. Lambe A leader in online presence, as well as a respected author, reviewer, and former officer of Science Fiction Writers of America, Dean R. Lambe has been on the Web since it was DARPANET. * His SF is listed on the MIT Index, among others * His reviews are on the LOCUS site * His SFWA Handbook articles are in the SFWA site Novels: * The Odysseus Solution [1986] co-author Michael A. Banks Short Fiction: * "Damn Shame" [1979] * "The Hole Thing" [1979] * "Given A, Then Bee" [1980] * "The One Over" [1980] Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "In a Cavern" [Habitats, ed. Susan Shwartz, DAW, 1984] * "Notice to Leave" [Argos, Spring 1988] Essays/Articles: * "The Sin of Yin, the Clang of Yang" [Amazing Nov 1989] * "Science and Sense" [Rigel, Spring 1983, Summer 1983] Marjorie E. Lambe: pseudonym of Gladys Gordon Trenery, (1885-1938) according to Locus/Contento, which lists: Short Fiction: * "The Return" [Hutchinson's Mystery Story Magazine, Mar 1924; The Virago Book of Ghost Stories, ed. Richard Dalby, Virago, 1987] Arthur Lambert, pseudonym of Arthur L. "Art" Widner Dan Lambert: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "Aladdin Revisited" [Other Worlds, no.2, 1988] Leslie Harrison Lambert (1883-1940): see pseudonym "A. J. Alan" Martin Lambert: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "On a Distant Wire" [Aboriginal SF, Fall 1996] Paul Lambert, (1923-1 May 1997) veteran actor, best known in our genre for playing the Minister in "Planet of the Apes", appeared in 300 TV episodes, several stage plays (Broadway's "A Little Night Music), and over 20 feature films. Film credits include: * Washington Post National Editor in "All the President's Men" * "Play It As It Lays" * "Where Does It Hurt?" * "Billionaire Boys Club" TV Credits include: * "The Missiles of October" (TV Movie) * "L.A. Law" * "Night Court" * "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." * "Big Valley" * "Hogan's Heroes" * "Gunsmoke" * "Playhouse 90" (all time record of 14 appearances) Born in El Paso, Texas; brought up in Kansas City, Missouri; served as Lieutenant in Army Air Corps in World War II; after the war he used the G.I. Bill to study at the Los Angeles Actors Lab and several New York acting schools; married xxxx, 1 daughter, Dorte; began New York stage experience in the 1950s; made film debut as Gannicus in "Spartacus" (1960); also wrote the script for "Interior Hollywood Day", and both acted and directed in a production of the play. Roger Lambert: Locus/Contento lists: Reference: * "Interview with Roger Lambert, (iv) Xizquil Apr '91 S. H. Lambert: pseudonym of Neil Bell (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.557) Susan Lambert: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "The Tree Who Did Not Wish to Be Touched" [Harvest Tales & Midnight Revels, ed. Michael Mayhew, Bald Mountain Books, 1998] William J. Lambert III, pseudonym of Lambert Wilhelm R. S. Lambert, Broadcaster/folklorist in Canada: * Exploring the Supernatural [London: A.Barker, 1954] J. T. Lamberty, Jr.: Lifetime Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? e-mail J. T. Lamberty, Jr. Frank Lambirth: Locus/Contento lists: * Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep [Popular Library, July 1989] ISBN 0-445-20672-1 $3.95, 235pp, paperback Horror/Island/Magic David Lambourne: Locus/Contento lists: * The Musclemen [Oxford University Press, Oct 1991] ISBN 0-19-271675-1, £7.95, 141pp, hardcover Young Adult Science Fiction Electronic Toys have unexpected behavior John Lambourne, pseudonym of John Battersby Crompton Lamburn (1893-?): Worked as police officer in South Africa and as a Shipping Clerk in China, dashing off the occasional nonfiction works on Spiders and Insects under the pseudonym John Crmpton, before returning to Great Britain as a full-time writer: * the "Professor Ellis" series LOST LANDS/LOST RACE: * The Kingdom that Was [1931] * The Second Leopard [1932] Richmal Crompton Lambourne (15 Nov 1890-?) English author/classics teacher most appreciated by my wife and other readers for the "Just William" book series which includes a couple of SF novels "William and the Moon Rocket" and "William and the Space Animal", but also wrote various fantasy books including "Dread Dwelling" (London: Boni & Liveright, 1926) and "Mists and Other Stories" (London: Hutchinson, 1928). Unusual ability to be either screamingly funny or funnily macabre. Sister of John Lambourne. Robert Lambourne: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books: * Close Encounters? Science and Science Fiction (co-authors Michael Shallis & Michael Shortland) [Adam Hilger, 1990] ISBN 0-85274-141-3, $26.00, 184pp, trade paperback Nonfiction/Criticism about the relationships between science fiction and and science (a subject that Your Humble Webmaster has expounded upon on countless radio and television shows); in USA order from: The American Institute of Physics 335 East 45th St. New York NY 10017 Lamia: vampire/succubus demons as described by Philostratus, which description was adapted by Robert Burton in "Anatomy of Melancholy" [1621] and that in turn inspired John Keats in the Fantasy/Horror poem "Lamia" [1820], as revised and deepened by Tim Powers in "The Stress of Her Regard" [1989]. Richard Lamm, full name Richard D. Lamm (1935-): Locus/Contento lists: * 1988 (co-author Arnold Grossman) [Severn House, Aug 1986] ISBN 0-7278-1310-2, £9.95, 264pp, hardcover (Reprinted from what publisher, when?) near-future Thriller/POLITICS Evelyn Sibley Lampman (1907-?) American juvenile SF novelist "Rusty's Space Ship" about a hapless extraterrestrial with a lost-and-found flying saucer Duncan Lamont, pseudonym of E. C. Tubb Louis L'Amour, full name Louis Dearborn L'Amour (1908-1988): preeminent writer of Western novels, also wrote one science fiction/fantasy Western: * Haunted Mesa [New York & Toronto: Bantam, July 1987] ISBN 0-553-05182-2, $18.95, 357pp, hardover [Bantam UK, Nov 1987] ISBN 0-593-01385-9, £10.95, 357pp, hardcover [Bantam, May 1988] ISBN 0-553-27022-2, $4.50, 362pp, paperback [Bantam UK, Oct 1988] ISBN 0-553-17563-7, £3.50, 357pp, paperback [Bantam, Aug 1994] ISBN 0-553-27022-2, $5.50, 362pp, paperback Rich electronics engineer Erik Hokart builds his home on a deserted mesa near Four Corners, where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet. He restores an Anasazi prayer room (kiva), from which his Tibetan dog vanishes, though his bark is still audible. His sweater vanishes, and is replaced by a better one with a sunflower motif in gold thread. A fresh sunflower appears. When the dog, Chief, returns, he has a sunflower woven through his collar. Hokart calls for his magician/writer friend Mike Raglan, who deduces that there is a passage through time or to the afterlife, where the Anasazi cliff-dwelling Native Americans still prosper. They have split into a good group and a bloodthirsty group, and Hokart soon is enmeshed in their struggle when he passes through to The Other Side, a parallel plane called "The Third World of the Hopi." Further, it becomes apparent there there are multiple Other Sides, each with its own inhabitants. Dinah Lampitt (1937-): Locus/Contento lists: * As Shadows Haunting [New English Library, 1993; Coronet, June 1994] ISBN 0-340-60402-6, £4.99, 515pp, paperback Fantasy FEMINIST/TIME TRAVEL * To Sleep No More [Michael Joseph, 1987] ISBN 0-7181-2619-X, £10.95, 521pp, hardcover Fantasy/Historical/Reincarnation [Coronet, Apr 1988] ISBN 0-340-42541-5, £3.50, 451pp, paperback Lois Lamplugh, pseudonym of Lois Carlile Davis A. C. Lamprey, pseudonym of Robert L. Fish Christopher Lampton: * Cross of Empire [Laser, 1976] Terry Lamsley: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books: * Conference with the Dead [Ash-Tree Press, Mar 1996] ISBN 1-899562-10-9 £22.50, xii+231pp, hardcover Dark Fantasy story collection 10 stories of supernatural terror + Ramsey Campbell introduction Limited Edition of 500 numbered copies; order from: Ashcroft 2 Abbottsford Drive Penyfford, Chester CH4 0JG U.K. * Under the Crust: Supernatural Tales of Buxton [Wendigo, 1993] ISBN 0-9521808-0-4, £7.50, 156pp, trade paperback six original Horror/Ghost with Buxton setting; Limited Edition of 500 copies; order from: 4 Crowestones Buxton Derbyshire, SK17 6NZ U.K. Kathryn Lance (1943-): Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America also writes under pseudonym Lynn Beach for Young Adult Fantasy: * Secrets of the Lost Island [1984] * The Attack of the Insecticons [1985] * Conquest of the Time Master [1985] * The haunted Castle of Ravencurse [1985] * Invaders from Darkland [1986] * Phantom Valley #1: H.O.W.L. High [1991] * Phantom Valley #2: The Evil One [1991] * Phantom Valley #3: The Dark [1991] * Phantom Valley #4: Scream of the Cat [1992] * Phantom Valley #5: Stranger in the Mirror [1992] * Phantom Valley #6: The Spell [1992] e-mail Kathryn Lance e-mail Kathryn Lance old, invalid? * Pandora's Genes [Popular Library/Questar, Apr 1985] ISBN 0-445-20004-9, $2.95, 279pp, paperback Science Fiction/ post-holocaust nominated for 1986 Locus Award * Pandora's Children [Popular Library/Questar, May 1986] ISBN 0-445-20066-9, $3.50, 279pp, paperback sequel to "Pandora's Genes" (also according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.557) Lancelot: Son of King Ban of Benwick, Brittany; when King Ban dies of a broken heart, he is raised by the Lady of the Lake, who brings him to King Arthur. As the most courageous of the Knights of the Round Table, he becomes the champion of, and then the adulterous lover of, Queen Guinevere, thus causing the conflict that brings about the downfall of Camelot under the evil Mordred. He was possibly an historic leader or King of the Picts in the 6th Century, and first appears in Arthurian legends in the 12th century "Lancelot" [1177?] by Chretien de Troyes, as later adapted into prose in "The Vulgate Cycle" [1215-1235] further adapted by Sir Thomas Mallory in "Le Morte Darthur" [1485]. In modern Fantasy, he features in: * Launcelot [1926] by Ernest Hamilton * Launcelot and the Ladies [1927] by Will Bradley * The Ill-Made Knight [1940] by T. H. White * The Little Wench [1935] by Philip Lindsay * Launcelot My Brother [1954] by Dorothy James Roberts * The Queen's Knight [1955] by Marvin Borowsky * Lancelot and Guinevere [1963] {film hotlink to be done} * Lancelot [1978] by Peter Vansittart * Excalibur [1981] {film hotlink to be done} * "The Quiet Monk" [Isaac Asimov's, 1988] by Jane Yolen * First Knight [1995] {film hotlink to be done} (also according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.557) George Lancing, pseudonym of Bluebell M. Hunter Gene Lancour, pseudonym of Gene Lancour Fisher (1947-): * "Dirsham, the Godkiller" series: * The Lerios Mecca [Doubleday, 1977] * The Man-Eaters of Cascalon [1979] * Sword for the Empire [Doubleday, 1978] * The War Machines of Kalinth [Doubleday, 1977] * The Globes of Llarum [1980] SPACE OPERA Jon Land: Locus/Contento lists: * The Alpha Deception [Fawcett, 1988; Fawcett Gold Medal, Dec 1989] ISBN 0-449-13118-1, $4.50, 357pp, paperback Technothriller Science Fiction, 3rd featuring featuring agent "Blaine McCracken" [London: Grafton, Sep 1990] ISBN 0-586-20858-5, £3.99, 383pp, paperback * The Eighth Trumpet [Grafton, Apr 1991] ISBN 0-586-21023-7, £4.99, 444pp, paperback technothriller/Near Future * The Gamma Option [Fawcett Gold Medal, Dec 1989] ISBN 0-449-13399-0, $4.95, 340pp, paperback Technothriller Science Fiction, 4th featuring featuring agent "Blaine McCracken" * The Lucifer Directive [Zebra, 1984; Zebra, Oct 1990] ISBN 0-8217-3354-0, $4.95, 462pp, paperback Technothriller/Science Fiction * The Omega Command [Fawcett, 1986; Fawcett Gold Medal, Dec 1989] ISBN 0-449-12955-1, $3.95, 371pp, paperback Technothriller Science Fiction, 2nd featuring featuring agent "Blaine McCracken" * The Omicron Legion [Fawcett Gold Medal, June 1991] ISBN 0-449-14635-9 $5.95, 339pp, paperback Technothriller Science Fiction, 5th (?) featuring featuring agent "Blaine McCracken" The Land of Oz: see The Wizard of Oz Anke Landeau: Locus/Contento lists: * Spiral Terra [Phoenix Publications, July 1993] ISBN 0-9518995-0-3, £12.95, 286pp, hardcover Horror/Science Fiction/Satan Arthur H. Landis: Novels: * The "Camelot" trilogy: * A World Called Camelot [Daw, 1976] * Camelot in Orbit [1978] * The Magick of Camelot [1981] * Home -- To Avalon [1982] Geoffrey A. Landis [1955-]: Lifetime Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Geoffrey A. Landis award-winning scientist/author/poet currently working at the Ohio Aerospace Institute at NASA Lewis Research Center e-mail Geoffrey A. Landis, his preferred home address for Science Fiction use e-mail Geoffrey A. Landis Books: * Author's Choice Monthly Issue 26: Myths, Legends, and True History [Pulphouse, Dec 1991] no ISBN, $4.95, 111pp, trade paperback George Barr cover art, 10 stories + author's discussions $25.00 signed hardcover edition $50.00 deluxe leatherbound edition Short Fiction * "Elemental" [1984] nominated for 1985 Hugo * "Dinosaurs" [1985] * "Stroboscope" [1986] * "Jamais Vu" [1988] * "Now You See It" [1988] * "Ripples in the Dirac Sea" [1988] Winner, 1989 Nebula Award nominated for Asimov's Readers Poll Award 1989 nominated for Hugo Award 1989 nominated for Locus Poll Award 1989 * "The River of Air, The Ocean of Sky" [1988] * "Shards" [1988] * "Vacuum States" [1988] nominated for Asimov's Readers Poll Award 1989 * "Sundancer Falling" [1989] * "True Confessions" [1989] * "The City of Ultimate Freedom" [1990] * "Projects" [1990] nominated for Asimov's Readers Poll Award 1991 nominated for Locus Poll Award 1991 * "Realm of the Senses" [1990] * "Laboratory Procedure" [1991] * "A Long Time Dying" [1991] * Paradigms of Change [1991] * "A Walk in the Sun" [1991] Winner, Asimov's Readers Poll Award 1992 Winner, Hugo Award 1992 nominated for Locus Poll Award 1992 * "Embracing the Alien [1992] nominated for Nebula Award 1993 * "Impact Parameter" [1992] nominated for Asimov's Readers Poll Award 1993 * "In the Land of Purple Flowers" [1992] * "Beneath the Stars of Winter" [1993] nominated for Asimov's Readers Poll Award 1994 nominated for Hugo Award 1994 nominated for Nebula Award 1993 * "The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Hero" [1993] * "The Cost of Styxite" [1993] co-author Jorj Strumolo * "Dead Right" [1993] * "In the Hole with the Boys with the Toys" [1993] nominated for Asimov's Readers Poll Award 1994 nominated for Nebula Award 1994 * "In the Year of Purple Flowers" [1993] * "Out of Their Element [1993] co-author Jorj Strumolo * "The Kingdom of Cats and Birds" [1994] nominated for Nebula Award 1994 * The Singular Habits of Wasps [1994] brilliant Sherlock Holmes pastiche nominated for Locus Poll Award 1995 nominated for Hugo Award 1995 nominated for Nebula Award 1994 nominated for Science Fiction Chronicle Award 1994 nominated for Homer Award 1994 * "The Tale of the Brahmin's Wife" [1994] * "Topology of the Loophole" [1994] * "What We Really Do at NASA" [1994] * "Across the Darkness" [1995] nominated for Asimov's Readers Pol Award 1996 nominated for Homer Award 1995 nominated for Nebula Award 1996 * "Dark Lady" [1995] * "Great Shakes" [1995] * "Long Term Project: Report to the Great Council of Cockroaches" [1995] nominated for Asimov's Readers Poll Award 1996 * "The Meetings of the Secret World Masters" [1995] * "A Quiet Evening by Gaslight" [1995] * "Rorvik's War" [1995] * "Tales of the Fish Who Loved a Bird" [1995] * "Time Prime" [1995] * "Farthest Horizons" [1996] * "Hot Death on Wheels" [1996] * "The Last Sunset" [1996] nominated for Asimov's Readers Poll Award 1997 * "Ecopoiesis" [1997] * "Ouroboros" [1997] * "Turnover" [1997] * "Winter Fire" [1997] * "Approaching Perimelasma" [1998] Non-Fiction (not his scientific papers, but SF-related or popular essays): * "Air Pollution on the Moon" [1990] * "Starships, Robots, and Space Travel for the Next Millennium" [1991] * "The Demon Under Hawaii" [1992] * "Science: Time Travel" [SF Age, 1992] co-authors Charles Sheffield, Arlan Andrews * "Science: Beyond Virtual Reality" [SF Age 1993] co-authors Dr. Creve Maples, Arlan Andrews * "Science: Search for Alien Intelligence" [SF Age, 1993] co-authors Doug Beason, Arlan Andrews * "Science" [SF Age, 1993] co-authors Robert M. Zubrin, Doug Beason * "Robots, Reality, and the Future of Humanity in the 21st Century" [1994] * "Science: DC-X: Cheap Access to Space" [SF Age, 1994] co-authors Marianne J. Dyson, Arlan Andrews * "Science: Images of Science and Scientists" [SF Age, 1994] co-authors Charles Sheffield, Gregory Benford, Arlan Andrews * "Science" [SF Age, 1994] co-authors Joe Haldeman, Doug Beason * "Science" [SF Age, 1994] co-authors Robert L. Forward, John G. Cramer, Gregory Benford * "Science: Interstellar Travel" [SF Age, 1995] co-authors Jonathan V. Post, David Brin, Robert L. Forward * "Science" [SF Age, 1995] co-authors Robert M. Zubrin, Stephen L. Gillett * "The Melancholy of Infinite Space [1996] * "Science" [SF Age, 1996] co-author Arlan Andrews * "Science" [SF Age, 1996] co-author Catherine Asaro * "Science: The Exploration of Mars" [SF Age, 1996] co-author Wil McCarthy Poetry: * many, see Science Fiction Poetry Marie Landis, full name Marie Antoinette Landis Edwards (1935?- ): Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America no known web page Short Fiction: * "The Bone Woman" [1994] co-author Brian Herbert * "Blood Month" [1995] co-author Brian Herbert * "The Contract" [1995] co-author Brian Herbert * "Dropoff" [1996] co-author Brian Herbert * "Raiders from the Ghost World" [1996] co-author Brian Herbert Books: * Memorymakers (see co-author Brian Herbert) * The World of Darkness: Vampire: Blood on the Sun (see co-author Brian Herbert) Tommaso Landolfi (1908-1979): Science Fiction author of ITALY Kafkaesque fantasist: * Cancroregina [1950; as "Cancerqueen and Other Stories", US: 1971] translated by Raymond Rosenthal, insane astronaut trapped in a living interstellar spaceship * Dialogo dei massimi sistemi ["Dialogue Concerning the Chief World Systems"] [1937] story collection, title from Galileo * Gogol's Wife and Other Stories [New York: New Direction, 1963] * Le Labrene [1974] story collection * Il mar delle blatte ["The Sea of Roaches"] [1939] story collection * La piu belle pagine di Tommaso Landolfi [1982] edited by Italo Calvino part of which was translated by Kathrine Jason as "Words in Commotion and Other Stories" [US: 1986] (also according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.559) Books Landon: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books: * Science Fiction After 1900: From the Steam Man to the Stars [Simon & Schuster/Twayne, Mar 1997] ISBN 0-8057-0962-2, $24.95, 251pp, hardcover Nonfiction/Criticism/Reference + lists of recommended SF + reference bibliography + index Percival Landon (1869-1927) Barrister/playwright/journalist/author in England with "Raw Edges" (London: Heinemann, 1908) collection containing a famous ghost story "Thurnley Abbey" and a cartoonish SF story "The Gyroscope" Judith Landry: Science Fiction translator: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books: * Smarra & Trilby (see co-author Charles Nodier) John M. Landsberg: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail John M. Landsberg Stories in 2 issues of F&SF, Universe 1 and 2 (Silverberg & Haber, eds.), and Full Spectrum 4 and 5. Creator/co-editor of UNEARTH, The Magazine of Science Fiction Discoveries, which first published William Gibson, James P. Blaylock, Craig Shaw Gardner, and others. Also director of "Marrying Darcy", romantic comedy feature film. In the mid-70's, John M. Landsberg, Jonathan Ostrowsky, and Craig Shaw Gardner met in an adult education science fiction writing class taught by Hal Clement in Boston. After the class ended, these three, being the most avid sf enthusiasts in the class, discovered that they wanted to remain in contact, and therefore established a writing group that met regularly at Ostrowsky's and Landsberg's apartments on Beacon Hill. Landsberg soon revealed that he had a dream of creating a magazine that would be exclusively for unpublished writers, and Ostrowsky said, "Let's do it!" And the die was cast. Gardner was hesitant, but agreed to function as a contributing editor. Landsberg proposed a ground rule that the others seconded heartily: They would not publish their own fiction; UNEARTH (as Landsberg named it) would never be viewed as a vanity mag. Landsberg then proceeded to convince Hal Clement to write a science column for the magazine, and Harlan Ellison to write a writing column (Ellison was apparently convinced to sign on by Landsberg's chutzpah in even daring to ask him to contribute). Landsberg then proposed the "First Sale" feature, which would reprint the first stories of major authors, with new intro's by the authors. And then Landsberg got into medical school in Albany, New York, leaving Ostrowsky to handle the Herculean day-to-day effort of actually running the thing. While in medical school, Landsberg returned to Boston almost every weekend to help sift through stories, write copy, help with paste-up, or do whatever Ostrowsky told him needed to be done at the time. An UNEARTH policy was that every submitted story received a personal response, never a form rejection (until much later when the number of submissions became gargantuan.) Final decision on which stories saw print was shared equally between Ostrowsky and Landsberg; amazingly, they never encountered any serious disagreement in this area. After publishing many writers who went on to success in sf, some of whom are now quite prominent, the ironic reality of UNEARTH's demise was that they couldn't come up with enough money to publish one more issue, at a time when advertising revenue from that issue should have been enough to put them at last into the black, after two years of hard work in the red. Landscape: {to be done} Andrew Lane: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books Written: * All-Consuming Fire [Doctor Who Books, June 1994] ISBN 0-426-20415-8, £4.99 (in USA: $5.95), 305pp, paperback, TV-Film-related * Doctor Who: Original Sin [Doctor Who Books, June 1995] ISBN 0-426-20444-1, £4.99 (in USA: $5.95), 321pp, paperback, TV-Film-related * Doctor Who: The Empire of Glass [Doctor Who Books, Nov 1995] ISBN 0-426-20457-3, £4.99 (in USA: $5.95), 259pp, paperback, TV-Film-related * Lucifer Rising (see co-author Jim Mortimore) Anthologies Edited: * Decalog 4: Re-Generations: Ten Stories/A Thousand Years/One Family (co-author Justin Richards) [Virgin, May 1997] ISBN 0-426-20505-7, £4.99, 297pp, paperback, Forrester family saga, initially presented in the Doctor Who "New Adventures" series 1,000 years of family empire expansion to galactic scale * Doctor Who: Decalog 3: Consequences (co-author Justin Richards) [Doctor Who Books, May 1996] ISBN 0-426-20478-6, £4.99 (in USA: $5.95), 308pp, paperback, 10 original stories TV-Film-related Anne J. Lane, full name Anne Judith Lane (1931-): Locus/Contento lists: * To "Herland" and Beyond: The Life and Work of Charlotte Perkins Gilman [Pantheon, Apr 1990] ISBN 0-394-50559-X, $29.95, 413pp, hardcover [Penguin/Meridian, Nov 1991] ISBN 0-452-01080-2, $12.95, 413pp, trade paperback Nonfiction/Reference/Critical Biography of Victorean-era author of Horror and FEMINIST/UTOPIAN Fantasy Arthur Lane, pseudonym of F. Orlin Tremaine Christopher Lane: Locus/Contento lists: * Eden's Gate [Zondervan, Sep 1994] ISBN 0-310-41161-0, 383pp, trade paperback Fantasy/Archaeology: Biblical story of Creation validated but POLITICS gets in the way... Daryl Lane: Locus/Contento lists: * The Sound of Wonder: Interviews from "The Science Fiction Radio Show" (co-editors David Carson, William Vernon) [Oryx Press, Nov 1985] ISBN 0-89774-175-7, $18.50, 203pp, paperback Nonfiction/Biography Transcripts of interviews with 9 authors/artists: Donaldson, Cherryh, Clement, Harness, Sturgeon, Waldrop, Williamson, Rucker, Whelan * The Sound of Wonder: Interviews from "The Science Fiction Radio Show," Vol. 2 (co-editors David Carson, William Vernon) [Oryx Press , Dec 1985] ISBN 0-89774-233-8, $18.50, 201pp, paperback Nonfiction/Biography transcripts of interviews with Anthony, Bryant, Farmer, Wollheim, Hogan, Bradley, Ebert, Wolfe, Dickson, Martin Jane Lane, pseudonym for Elaine K. Dakers Jeremy Lane (1893-1963): Locus/Contento lists: * Yellow Men Sleep [as "The Fragrant Web" in 1919 pulp magazine Century; Donald M. Grant, Feb 1984] ISBN 0-937986-58-5, $15.00, 243pp, hardcover, Fantasy/Adventure/Asia John Lane, house name and pseudonym of Dennis T. Hughes, others Francis Towner Laney (30 Mar 1914-8 Jun 1958) American fan editor of H. P. Lovecraft zine "The Acolyte" (Fall 1942-Spring 1946) Alan Kim Lang (31 July 1928-?) American story author whose one novel "Wild and Outside" [Philadelphia: Chilton, 1966] was perhaps the first to introduce the baseball bat as an interstellar weapon Andrew Lang (31 Mar 1844-20 July 1912) British man of letters, biographer of H. Rider Haggard, and noted anthologist: * The Blue Fairy Book [1889] * The Red Fairy Book [1890] * The Green Fairy Book [1892] * The Yellow Fairy Book [1894] * The Grey Fairy Book [1900] * The Violet Fairy Book [1901] * The Crimson Fairy Book [1903] * The Brown Fairy Book [1904] * The Orange Fairy Book [1907] * The Olive Fairy Book [1907] * The Lilac Fairy Book [1910] * The Rainbow Fairy Book [1993] (see co-author Michael Hague) (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.559): other interesting bio/bibliographic data Daniel Lang (1913-?) "The Man in the Thick Lead Suit" (Oxford U. Press, 1954) was a series in "The New Yorker" first, and is an intriguing glimpse into the early years of the space program, and the atomic age King Lang, house name and pseudonym of David A. Griffiths, George Hay, Brian Holloway, John W. Jennison, E. C. Tubb Simon Lang, pseudonym of Darlene Hartman (1934-): * All the Gods of Eisernon [Avon, 1973] * The Elluvon Gift [Avon, 1975] * Hopeship [Ace, Jan 1994] ISBN 0-441-34306-6, $4.99, 230pp, paperback 5th in "Skipjack" series of spaceship adventuring in Time and Space * Timeslide [Ace, Apr 1993] ISBN 0-441-80928-6, $4.99, 260pp, paperback 4th in "Skipjack" series of spaceship adventuring in Time and Space * The Trumpets of Tagan [Ace, July 1992] ISBN 0-441-82576-1, $4.99, 258pp, paperback, 1st in "Skipjack" series of spaceship adventuring in Time and Space Darrel T. Langart, pseudonym (and anagram) of Randall Garrett, the name under which he published the unusual first contact novel "Anything You Can Do" John Langdon-Davies "The Unknown: is it Nearer?", see co-author E. J. Dingwall John Lange, pseudonym of Michael Crichton; real name * Binary [Knopf, 1972; Bantam] John Frederick Lange (3 Jun 1931-): Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America controversial American philosopher/author of the "Gor" series, under pseudonym "John Norman" who provokes considerable debate about whether he is terribly sexist or actually the victim of censorship George Langelaan (1908-?) British journalist/author, best known for the story "The Fly" (Playboy, 1957) made into a classic film {link to be done} and remake {to be done}. Also wrote fantasy collection "Out of Time", 1964 Sears Langell, pseudonym of Alan Glasser David Langford, full name David Rowland Langford (1953-): award-winning critic and parodist and editor and fan writer; Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books: * Critical Assembly [1987; revised 1992] collection of book reviews * Critical Assembly II [1992] collection of book reviews * The Dragonhiker's Guide to Battlefield Covenant at Dune's Edge: Odyssey Two [Drunken Dragon Press, Nov 1988] ISBN 0-947578-01-3, £9.95, 142pp, hardcover Collection of Science Fiction/Fantasy parodies In USA, order from: Dreamhaven Books & Art 1300 Fourth St. East Minneapolis MN 55414 [Drunken Dragon Press, Nov 1988] ISBN 0-947578-51-X, £24.95, 142pp, hardcover De-luxe, signed, Limited Edition of 100 copies * Earthdoom! (co-author John Grant) [Grafton, May 1987] ISBN 0-586-06739-6, £2.95, 303pp, paperback Parody of Science Fiction Disaster novels, includes: evil aliens, rabid lemmings, King Arthur, anthropomorphized Death, and Hitler clones * Irrational Numbers [Necronomicon Press, Apr 1994] ISBN 0-940884-63-1 $5.95, 34pp, 3 Lovecraftian Horror/Science Fiction stories Order from: Necronomicon Press P.O. Box 1304 West Warwick RI 02893 * The Leaky Establishment [Muller, 1984; Sphere, 1985] ISBN 0-7221-5378-3, £2.25, 197pp, paperback: not technically science fiction, and yet gives dead-on description of biographical reality of working within a techno-scientific bureaucracy (autobiographical) * The Silence of the Langford [NESFA Press, Sep 1996] ISBN 0-915368-62-5 $15.00, 278pp, trade paperback Collection of 30 essays, mostly comedic riffs on Science Fiction and Science Fiction Fandom, + 2 stories + Teresa Nielsen Hayden introduction + biblio-biography (some of this has been seen in the chapbook "Let's Hear if For the Deaf Man" [NESFA 1992] edited by Ben Yalow); Order from: NESFA Press P.O. Box 809 Framingham MA 01701-0203 please add $2.00 postage * The Space Eater [Arrow, 1982; Baen, Feb 1987] ISBN 0-671-65619-8, $2.95, 281pp, paperback Science Fiction * The Third Millennium: A History of the World: AD 2000-3000 (see co-author Brian M. 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Langley (1911-1980): Born in SOUTH AFRICA lengthy resident of Great Britain, but achieved success in (and spent final years in) USA as screenwriter-director, best known for the scripts of : * The Wizard of Oz [1939] {film hotlink to be done} * Scrooge [1951] {film hotlink to be done} * Svengali [1954] {film hotlink to be done} Books: * The Land of Green Ginger [1937; 1947; 1966] * The Rift in the Lute [1952] * Tales of Mystery and Revenge [1950] (also according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.560) Maurice Langran: pseudonym of Kenneth Morris (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.560) Jane Langton (1922-): Children's Fantasist (also according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.560) Sterling E. 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[1961] * "The Kings of the Sea" [1968] * "Soldier Key" [1968] * "Such Stuff As Dreams" [1968" * "Deathchild" [1968] as Sterling Lanier * "Whose Short Happy Life?" [1968] Sterling Lanier * "A Feminine Jurisdiction" [1969] * "Fraternity Brother" [1969] * "The Leftovers" [1969] * "His Coat So Gay" [1970] * "His Only Safari" [1970] * "Never Cry Human" [1970] * "And the Voice of the Turtle" [1972] * "A Father's Tale" [1974] nominee for 1975 World Fantasy Award * "No Traveler Returns" [1974] * "Ghost of a Crown" [1976] * "The Syndicated Time" [1978] * "Commander in the Mist" [1982" Essay: * "The Peculiar Exploits of Brigadier Ffellows" [1972] book intro Terrill Lankford: Locus/Contento lists: * Angry Moon [Tor/Forge, Oct 1997] ISBN 0-312-85726-8, $22.95, 317pp, hardcover Thriller/Supernatural, assassin can't kill his teacher Roberta Lannes: Roberta Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books: * The Mirror of Night [Silver Salamander Press, Apr 1997] no ISBN, $12.00, 225pp, trade paperback collection, 10 stories, primarily Horror, Harlan Ellison introduction, also a $35.00 Limited Edition of 300 copies, and a $65.00 Deluxe Leatherbound edition of 50 copies; Order from: Silver Salamander 4128 Woodland Park Ave N, Seattle WA 98103 e-mail Silver Salamander Press George Lanning (1925-) fantasy novel "The Pedestal" [New York: Harper, 1966] Joe R. 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Larrovitch, pseudonym of Harold Hersey Doug Larsen: nothing on the Web? Egon Larsen (1904-?) Broadcaster/double-agent/screenwriter born in Germany but working for (and eventually resident in) England. "You'll See" (London: Rider, 1957) is a utopian novel. Jean Larsen, full name Jean Louise Larsen (1950-): Professor/Fantasist: * Silk Road: A Novel of Eighth-Century China [Henry Holt, July 1989] ISBN 0-8050-0958-2, $19.95, 434pp, hardcover Historical/Fantasy winner of 1990 William L. 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Latis Francis Lathrop, pseudonym of Fritz Leiber Latin America: see: * ARGENTINA * CHILE * CUBA * MEXICO * Uruguay {to be done} Alexis Glynn Latner: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Alexis Glynn Latner Short Fiction: * "Glorystar" [1990] * "Wanderers" [1990] as Alexis G. Latner * "The Listening-Glass" [1991] * "Chrysalis" [1992] * "Hiatus" [1992] * "Landfall" [1992] * "A Pillar of Stars By Night" [1996] * "Threat of Stars at 912 Main" [1996] * "The Life-Blood of the Land" [1997] Aileen Latourette: Locus/Contento list: * Cry Wolf [Virago, May 1986] ISBN 0-86068-584-5, £9.95, 193pp, hardcover Science Fiction Post-holocaust FEMINIST [Virago, May 1986] ISBN 0-86068-589-6, £3.95, 193pp, trade paperback LATVIA Sanders Anne Laubenthal (1943-): * Excaliber [Ballentine Books Adult Fantasy, 1973] Welsh prince Madoc is direct descendant of Arthur, and brings Grail and Excalibur to America in late 12th century, when plot comes to a boil in Mobile, Alabama with 20th century archaeologist versus Morgan le Fay see: King Arthur George Dick Lauder, pseudonym of Sir George A. Dick-Lauder Clarence John Laughlin, weird photo-essay "Ghosts Along the Mississippi" (New York: Scriner, 1948) Florence Laughlin: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books: * The Little Leftover Witch [pub?, 1960; Macmillan Aladdin, Oct 1988] ISBN 0-689-71273-1, $3.50, 91pp, trade paperback Children's Fantasy novella, Witch stranded with a mortal family after crashing broomstick Michael Lauler, pseudonym of Richard Osenburg Keith Laumer, full name John Keith Laumer (1925-1992): [John] Keith Laumer @ AlphaRalpha Keith Laumer and the Bolo stories e-mail webmaster David A. Tyler Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books: * Alien Minds [Baen, May 1991] ISBN 0-671-72055-4, $4.50, 326pp, paperback story collection, 10 stories (2 originals) on alien races * Assignment in Nowhere * Back to the Time Trap [Baen, July 1992] ISBN 0-671-72127-5, $5.99, 339pp, paperback Science Fiction/Humor TIME TRAVEL, sequel to Timetrap (1970). 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Pechter and see also webmaster Pechter's science fiction database "Imagine Future Worlds" and Harry Harrison's "The Stainless Steel Rat" * The "Imperium" series (2 books) * The "O'Leary" series (3 books) * The "Invaders" series (TV spinoff) * more {to be done} add publishers, dates, missing and omnibus titles Andre Launay, full name Andre Joseph Launay (1930- ): British Horror author; resident in SPAIN pseudonyms: Droo Launay, Drew Lamark (for Thrillers), Andrew Laurance Locus/Contento list: * The Harlequin's Son [Pan, Dec 1986] ISBN 0-330-29599-3, £2.50, 240pp, paperback Horror * Seance [Pan, May 1991] ISBN 0-330-30273-6, £4.99, 285pp, paperback Thriller/Occult (also according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, pp.565-566): Under Pseudonym Droo Launay: * I Married a Model [UK: 1960] cartoon collection Under Pseudonym Drew Lamark: * The Snake Orchards [UK: 1982] Horror * The Medusa Horror [UK: 1983] Horror Under Pseudonym Andrew Laurance: * The Latchkey Children [UK: 1985] Horror * The Harlequin's Son [Pan, Dec 1986] Horror * Seance [Pan, May 1991] * the "Blood of Nostradamus" series: * The Blood of Nostradamus: The Link [as "The Link", Star, 1980; Diamond, Aug 1991] * The Blood of Nostradamus: The Premonition ["Premonitions of an Inherited Mind", Star, 1979; Diamond, May 1991] * The Blood of Nostradamus: The Unborn [as "The Embryo", Star, 1980; Diamond, Oct 1991] Droo Launay: pseudonym of Andre Launay (see above) Alice Laurance: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? 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Lowndes & Frederik Pohl; Cyril Kornbluth & Frederik Pohl; Frederik Pohl & D. Wylie (itself a pseudonym); R. W. Lowndes & Frederik Pohl & D. Wylie Lucas K. Law, Canada: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? * "Double Vision" [1993] e-mail Lucas K. Law Richard Law (1933- ): critic: Locus/Contento lists: * Suzy McKee Charnas, Joan Vinge, Octavia Butler (co-authors Ruth Salvaggio, Marleen S. Barr) (See Marleen S. Barr) Winifred Law, juvenile novelist in Australia: * Rangers of the Universe [Sydney: New Century, 1944] * Through Space To The Planets [Sydney: New Century, 1945] Stephen R. 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Stevens Ann Lawrence, full name Ann Margaret Lawrence (1942-1987): Fantasy author who died too young; wrote children's "Oggy the Hedgehog" series, and adult fantasies: * Tom Ass, or The Second Gift [1972] Beast Fable * The Half-Brothers [1973] Faerie * The Conjuror's Box [1974] see "Toys" * The Good Little Devil [1978] * The Hawk of May [1980] see Gawain, King Arthur; * Merlin the Wizard [1986] linked story collection, see King Arthur; * Summer's End: Stories of Ghostly Lovers [1987] linked story collection * Beyond the Firelight [1983] Arabian Fantasy story collection * Tales from Perrault [1988] translated story collection, see Charles Perrault (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, pp.565-566): Charlotte Lawrence: Locus/Contento lists: * The Ragbone Man [Llywellyn Publications, Sep 1994] ISBN 1-56718-412-X, $4.99, 312pp, paperback Mystery/Occult mysterious man and his ancient book affect New Age book-and-herb-shop owner 1st volume of projected trilogy; order from: Lllywellyn Publications P.O. Box 64383 St. Paul MN 55164-0383 Conrad Lawrence: Locus/Contento lists: * The Council to Save the Planet [Northwest Publishing, Oct 1994] ISBN 1-56901-189-3, 364pp, trade paperback collection of 20 interlinked Science Fiction stories about near-future endeavors for saving the environment; order from: Northwest Publishing Incorporated 5949 South 350 West Salt Lake City UT 84107 Conrad Lawrence Stories on the Well Conrad Lawrence Conrad Lawrence What if 6 scientists set out to save the world by destroying it? THE COUNCIL TO SAVE THE PLANET, Speculative fiction by Conrad Lawrence * Available online through AMAZON.COM "The streets of Hyde Park are woven into a twisted entanglement. You can travel from obscene opulence to pathetic privation without hitting a stoplight, much less change street names. Two worlds. The same South Side Chicago neighborhood. Like Hyde Park, Jonathan Cleary, Public Defender on the Cook County Murder Task Force, is split between two worlds. Days on the job are spent in the harsh world of criminal violence. Nights are given to the peaceful quiet of his own anxieties." "When one world seeps into the other, the result is a nether world that defies all sensibilities. When Cleary must defend Leonard Henley against the accusation that the elder university professor blew his beautiful young wife's head off with a stick of dynamite, he finds himself trapped in that nether world. There, he meets MarySue, a femme fatale no man with a full set of hormones can say no to. MarySue becomes his guardian anti-angel as he struggles to prove Leonard's innocence in a crime so obvious even Cleary's partner is sure of Leonard's guilt. By the time Cleary's figured out that the victim, the murderer and his new paramour are one in the same, several more people are dead, including his partner. Proving Leonard's innocence takes a back seat to staying alive as he is hunted by a mega-intelligent killer with a high-tech weapon and an equally high-tech desire to kill Cleary." "I wrote 'The Thing Speaks for Itself' with the same hard-boiled, seen-too-much-reluctant-hero flavor of Chandler and Hammet. Still, the story takes place right out of the headlines of this morning's Tribune." "The Thing Speaks for Itself" is the fifth novel of my authorship. "The Council to Save The Planet" (NPI, ISBN 1-56901-189-3), was published in 1994 and distributed nationally through both Ingrams and Baker & Taylor. My curriculum of study in college was journalism, I hope you are piqued enough to consider the manuscript for review. The first chapter of "Thing Speaks for Itself" can be found on my Web page, along with other samples and some hypertext experimentation: Conrad Lawrence Stories on the Well D[avid] H[erbert] Lawrence (11 Sep 1885-2 Mar 1930) Major English novelist/playwright/essyaist/critic/poet scandelously famous for "Lady Chatterly's Lover" (1926) which became a landmark in the literary fight against censorship. Some of his poems and stories are Fantasy * "The Woman Who Rode Away and Other Stories" (London: Secker & Warburg, 1928) * "The Rocking Horse Winner" [1926] filmed [1949] {hotlink to be done} * "The Man Who Died [1928 as "The Scaped Cock"; 1929] Christ is resurrected and makes love with priestess of Isis Henry Lionel Lawrence: * The Children of Light [London: MacDonald, 1960] anti-atomic-war novel Jim Lawrence: Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * {to be done} Books: * The A.I. 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see Generation Ships in SPACE TRAVEL [London: Collins, Oct 1996] ISBN 0-00-185616-2, £9.99, 288pp, hardcover [Collins, Dec 1997] ISBN 0-00-675088-5, £3.99, 288pp, paperback * The Earth Witch [Harper & Row, 1981; Ace, June 1986] ISBN 0-441-18130-9, $2.95, 184pp, paperback Young Adult Fantasy [Lions, June 1989] ISBN 0-00-673378-6, £2.50, 214pp, paperback * Extinction is Forever [London: The Bodley Head, 1990; Red Fox, Dec 1991] ISBN 0-09-985060-5, £2.99, 190pp, paperback Young Adult science fiction * Extinction Is Forever and Other Stories [London: The Bodley Head, July 1990] ISBN 0-370-31348-8, £5.99, 190pp, trade paperback story collection, 8 Young Adult science fiction stories (5 original) * the "Llandor" Young Adult Fantasy trilogy: * Journey Through Llandor [London: Collins, July 1995] ISBN 0-00-185610-3, £8.99, 272pp, hardcover Young Adult Fantasy, #1 in "Llandor" trilogy: 3 children travel to a Fantasy land and make friends with Elf girl in conflict with evil Grimthane; genre: THERE AND BACK AGAIN [Collins, Jan 1996] ISBN 0-00-675022-2, £3.99, 272pp, paperback * The Road to Irriyan [Collins, Jan 1996] ISBN 0-00-185623-5, £8.99, 286pp, hardcover, #2 of Llandor trilogy [Collins, July 1996] ISBN 0-00-675118-0, £3.99, 286pp, paperback * The Shadow of Mordican [Collins, 1996; 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London: Bodley Head, Oct 1987] ISBN 0-370-31153-1, £4.50, 154pp, trade paperback Juvenile science fiction ["substantially revised" edition] [Harper/Starwanderer, Mar 1988] ISBN 0-694-05620-0, $2.75, 170pp, paperback * The Warriors of Taan [London: The Bodley Head, Sep 1986] ISBN 0-370-30715-1, £4.50, 196pp, trade paperback Young Adult science fiction: fragile extraterrestrial "Taan" civilization crumbling under assault of earthlings but defended by timeless philosophy [Harper & Row, Mar 1988] ISBN 0-06-023736-8, $12.95, 249pp, hardcover [Lions, Aug 1988] ISBN 0-00-672853-7, £2.25, 224pp, paperback (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.566): * The Wyndcliffe [1974] love/ghost * Sing and Scatter Daisies [1977] sequel to The Wyndcliffe * The Cat Call [1980] * The Dream Road [1983] Margery Lawrence, pseudonym of Mrs. Arthur E. 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C. Tubb Julie Lawson: Locus/Contento lists: * White Jade Tiger [Beach Holme/Tesseract, Jan 1994] ISBN 0-88878-332-9 $8.95, 164pp, trade paperback Young Adult TIME TRAVEL Fantasy: teenage girl transported to 1880s Victoria's Chinatown [Beach Holme/Tesseract, Jan 1994] ISBN 0-88878-333-7, hardcover, $18.95; order from: Beach Holme Publishers 4252 Commerce Circle Victoria BC V8Z 4M2, Canada Mark Lawson: Locus/Contento lists: * Idlewild, or Everything is Subject To Change [Picador, June 1995] ISBN 0-330-34111-1, £9.99, 308pp, hardcover John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe still aliove in 1995 in this ALTERNATE WORLD [as "Idlewild", Picador, July 1996] ISBN 0-330-34450-1, £5.99, 308pp, trade paperback Robert Lawson (1892-1957): Fantasy illustrator/author * Ben and Me [1939] mouse sidekick of Benjamin Franklin filmed animation [Disney, 1953] BAMBI'S CHILDREN * I Discover Columbus [1941] mouse sidekick of Columbus BAMBI'S CHILDREN * Mr. Revere and I [1953] mouse sidekick of Paul Revere BAMBI'S CHILDREN * Captain Kidd's cat [1956] cat sidekick of pirate captain BAMBI'S CHILDREN * the "Rabbit Hill" series about talking rabbits BAMBI'S CHILDREN: * Rabbit Hill [1944] * Robbut, a Tale of Tales [1948] * Edward, Hoppy, and Joe [1952] * The Tough Winter [1954] * Mr. Twigg's Mistake (Boston: Little Brown, 1947) is a sort of rewrite of H.G. Wells' "Food of the Gods" about a mole the size of a Bear (also according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.567) Cliff Lawton, British SF artist Dennis Lawton, pseudonym of Frederick Faust Richard Laymon, full name Richard Carl Laymon (1947- ): also writes short fiction under pseudonym Richard Kelly; as Richard Laymon, Locus/Contento lists: * After Midnight [Headline, July 1997] ISBN 0-7472-1513-8, £16.99, 346pp, hardcover Thriller with bi S&M rapist-murderess narrator * Alarms [Mark V. Ziesing, Feb 1993] ISBN 0-929480-72-4, $25.00, 214pp, hardcover Horror/Occult Thriller, young woman who seeks truth of grotesque visions [ISBN 0-929480-71-6, signed limited edition, $60.00] Order from: Mark V. Ziesing P.O. Box 76 Shingletown CA 96088 [Headline, as "Alarums", June 1993] ISBN 0-7472-7900-4, £8.99, 309pp, trade paperback [Headline, as "Alarums", Jan 1994] ISBN 0-7472-4130-9, £4.99, 309pp, paperback * All Hallow's Eve [New English Library, Sep 1986] ISBN 0-450-39531-6, £2.50, 198pp, paperback Horror [Kinnell, Mar 1992] ISBN 1-870532-26-0, £12.95, 202pp, hardcover [New English Library, Nov 1992] ISBN 0-450-39531-6, £4.50, 200pp, paperback [New English Library, Sep 1990] ISBN 0-450-39531-6, £3.50, 199pp, paperback [Headline, Dec 1994] ISBN 0-7472-4783-8, £4.99, 246pp, paperback * The Beast House [New English Library, June 1986] ISBN 0-450-39353-4, £2.50, 304pp, paperback Horror Sequel to "The Cellar" [Paperjacks, Sep 1987] ISBN 0-7701-0684-6, $3.95, 294pp, paperback [New English Library, Nov 1992] ISBN 0-450-39353-4, £4.50, 294pp, paperback [Headline, Oct 1994] ISBN 0-7472-4781-1, £4.99, 369pp, paperback * Beware [New English Library, 1985; Sep 1990] ISBN 0-450-05803-4, £3.50, 218pp, paperback Horror/Murder by INVISIBILITY [Kinnell, Mar 1992] ISBN 1-870532-28-7, £12.95, 218pp, hardcover [New English Library, Nov 1992] ISBN 0-450-05803-4, £4.50, 218pp, paperback [Headline, Dec 1994] ISBN 0-7472-4780-3, £4.99, 279pp, paperback as "Beware!" [New English Library, 1985] ISBN 0-450-05803-4, £1.95, 218pp, paperback as "Beware!" [Paperjacks, Oct 1987] ISBN 0-7701-0703-6, $3.95, 268pp, paperback * Bite [Headline, Sep 1996] ISBN 0-7472-1512-X, £16.99, 314pp, hardcover Dark Fantasy: teenager and vampire [Headline, May 1997] ISBN 0-7472-5101-0, £5.99, 378pp, paperback [Headline, Sep 1997] ISBN 0-7472-5101-0, £5.99, 378pp, paperback * Blood Games [Headline, Mar 1992] ISBN 0-7472-0454-3, £15.99, 311pp, hardcover Horror about virginal girls in deserted holiday resort [Headline, Sep 1992] ISBN 0-7472-3821-9, £4.99, 470pp, paperback * Body Rides [Headline, Feb 1996] ISBN 0-7472-1511-1, £16.99, 377pp, hardcover Dark Fantasy: magic bracelet lets owner enter other men's and women's bodies in sensuous "body rides" [Headline, Aug 1996] ISBN 0-7472-5100-2, £5.99, 501pp, paperback * The Cellar [Warner, 1980; Star, June 1989] ISBN 0-352-32388-4, £2.99, 254pp, paperback Horror, #1 of "Beast House" series [Headline, Mar 1990] ISBN 0-7472-3533-3, £3.50, 254pp, paperback [Headline, June 1991] ISBN 0-7472-3533-3, £3.99, 254pp, paperback [CD Publications, Jan 1998] ISBN 1-881475-28-X, $50.00, 215pp, hardcover, Alan M. Clark/Thalia Ragsdale cover art; + Bentley Little introduction + "Artist's Endnote" Boxed, signed, Limited Edition of 500 copies, 1st hardcover edition Order from: CD Publications P.O. Box 943 Abingdon MD 21009 * Dark Mountain [as "Tread Softly" by Richard Kelly, W.H. Allen, 1987; Headline, June 1992] ISBN 0-7472-3921-5, £4.99, 372pp, paperback Horror * More {to be done} Stan Layne (1899-?): * I Doubted Flying Saucers [Boston: Meador, 1958] Peter Laynham, pseudonym of John S. Glasby Steve Lazarowitz: SF/Fantasy author, considered semi-pro; never published a novel, but has sold a fair amount of short stories and articles. Steve Lazarowitz home page This includes links to his works on the web. He's made several sales to "Jackhammer", which is listed in the SFWA Bulletin and his work also appears in "Dragonsclaw", "Little Read Writing Hood", "Titan Ezine", "Net Novels" and he is about to add "Twilight Times" and "Exodus Ezine" to that list. e-mail Steve Lazarowitz Short Stories: * "The Adventures of Alaric Swiftand" [Dragonsclaw] * "As Luck Would Have it" [Net Novels] * "Music to My Ears" [Little Read Writing Hood] * "A Creative Edge" [Little Read Writing Hood] * "Elvin the Wizard" [ Little Read Writing Hood] * "The Tree" [ Twilight Times] * "So Many Differences" [ Titan] * "Sea Trap" [Twilight Times] * "A Tale of Two Rushricks" (co-author Tammy Mackenzie) [ Jackhammer * "A Star is Born" [ Jackhammer] * "Born of Darkness" [Exodus] Return to Authors L Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Le..."

Edward Lear (1812-1888): British poet, naturalist, and artist; who popularized the Limerick as a vehicle for light verse; and whose Nonsense verse has a hauntingly sad Fantasy element underlying it. In his day, he was seen as a children's writer, we now extend the range of his critical success. There is considerable sense to be found in the subgenre of "Nonsense" especially after the pioneering brilliance of Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll. G. K. Chesterton insisted in "A Defense of Nonsense" [The Defendant, 1901] that Edward Lear was better, in that his non sequiturs, disjointed strangenesses, and verbal coinages (such as "runcible spoon") make for a more powerful poetry than the logical-illogical inversions of Lewis Carroll (who was, after all, a mathematician). See: "Nonsense" Books of Collected Verse: * The Book of Nonsense [1846; expanded 1861; expanded 1863; expanded 1870] * Nonsense Songs, Stories, Botany and Alphabets [1871] includes "The Owl and the Pussycat", "The Jumblies" * More Nonsense Pictures, Rhymes, Botany, Etc. [1872] * Laughable Lyrics: A Fourth Book of Nonsense, Poems, Song, Botany, Music, Etc. [1876] includes the possibly autobiographical "The Dong with the Luminous Nose" * Nonsense Songs and Stories [1894] * Queen Leary Nonsense [1911] * The Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear [1947] ed. Holbrook Jackson John M. Leahy: * Drome [Fantasy Publishing Co. Inc., 1952] Leaves from Satan's Book: alternate title of "Blade of Satan's Bog" [1919] see bio of Danish Film Director Carl Th. Dreyer Anthony Lebaron, pseudonym of Keith Laumer Peter Leberecht, pseudonym of Johann Ludwig Tieck P. David Lebling: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? Errol Lecale, pseudonym of Wilfred McNeilly John Le Carre, pseudonym of David Cornwell J-M G. Le Clezio: full name Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio (1940-): author of FRANCE who was influenced by his stays in Central America and Thailand: * Le Proces-Verbal [1963; tr. Daphne Woodward as "The Interrogation", London: 1964] * Le Deluge [1966; tr. Peter Green as "The Flood", USA: 1967] Oedipus * Les Geants [1973; tr. Simon Watson Taylor as "The Giants", USA: 1975] Science Fiction, somewhat over the top * Voyages de l'autre cote [1975] Hugh Leddy: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America * "Polish Pierogi a la Pluto" [1996] e-mail Hugh Leddy Adam Lee: Adam Lee * The Dark Shore [Avon, 1997] * The Shadow Eater [Avon, 1998] * Octoberland [Avon, 1999] e-mail Adam Lee in in care of his literary agency Alan Lee (1947-): British Fantasy illustrator: * Faeries [1978] bestselling graphic book * The Mabinogion [1982] illustrated edition (see "Mabinogion") * cover art for "Ghormenghast" trilogy [1982] Mervyn Peake texts * Castles [1984] graphic book, text by David Day * The Mirrorstone: a Ghost Story with Holograms [1986] graphic book, text by Michael Palin * cover art for "Merlin Dreams" [1988] by Peter Dickenson * cover art for "The Lord of the Rings" [1991] J.R.R. Tolkien Charles Lee, pseudonym of Roger P. Graham Edward Lee, pseudonym of E. L. Fouts Elsie Lee, pseudonym of Elsie Lee Sheridan Howard Lee, pseudonym of Ron Goulart John Lee, full name John Arthur Walter Lee (1939-): Iraq-born British author and publicist: * the "Strand" series of Science Fantasy (Magic vs. Machines): * The Unicorn Quest [1986] * The Unicorn Dilemma [1988] * The Unicorn Solution [1991] * The Unicorn Peace [1993] * The Unicorn War [1995] Mary Soon Lee: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Mary Soon Lee homepage Short Fiction: * "Shelter" [1992] * "Assembly Line" [1995] * "The Dragonfly" [1995] * "Ebb Tide" [1995] semifinalist for 1996 Nebula Award * "Memory's Child" [1995] * "The Tinkerbell Theory" [1995] * "Mail-a-Day" [1996] * "The Voice" [1996] * "Zero" [1996] * "The Hollow Dancer" [1997] * "Monstrosity" [1997] * "One Small Step" [1997] * "Puppetta" [1997] * "Universal Grammar" [1997] Mary Soon Lee @ AlphaRalpha e-mail Mary Soon Lee e-mail Mary Soon Lee old, invalid? Matt Lee, pseudonym of Sam Merwin, Jr. Robert Eggert Lee, pseudonym of Paul W. Fairman Rosie Lee, pseudonym of Joan Aiken Samantha Lee (Maggie Webb), London: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America; nothing on the Web? Short Fiction: * "The Chosen" [1977] * "The Selkie's Cap" [1996] Poetry: * "Catcawls" [1991] Sharon Lee [1952-]: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Novels: * The Naming of Kinzel: The Foolish [1984] co-author Steve Miller * The Naming of Kinzel: The Innocent [1984] co-author Steve Miller * books in the "Liaden Universe" * Agent of Change [1988] co-author Steve Miller * Conflict of Honors [1988] co-author Steve Miller * Carpe Diem [1989] co-author Steve Miller Short Fiction: * "A Matter of Ceremony" [1980] nominee for 1981 Balrog Award * "The Pretender" [1981] * "The Handsome Prince" [1982] * "Candelight" [1995] co-author Steve Miller Poetry: * "Cards" [1981] e-mail Sharon Lee Stan Lee (1922-): a giant of the comix writing and management world, born as Stanley Lieber (legally changed name prior to World War II) worked for Timely Comics, Inc., which changed its name to Marvel (1963); Editor 1942-1972 Marvel; Publisher/Editorial Director 1972- Marvel Steve Lee, pseudonym of Michel Parry Tanith Lee [1947-]: Novels: * The Dragon Hoard [1971] juvenile * Animal Castle [1972] juvenile * Companions of the Road [Martins Press, 1977] juvenile * East of Midnight [Martins Press, 1978] juvenile * The Winter Players [1976] * Volkhavaar [1977] * The Quest of the White Witch [1978] * Electric Forest [1979] * Shon the Taken [1979] juvenile * Lycanthia [1981] , a.k.a "The Children of Wolves", nominee for Locus Award 1982 * The Silver Metal Lover [1981] * Sung in Shadow [1983] nominee for Locus Award 1984 * Days of Glass [1985] * Madame Two Swords [1988] * A Heroine of the World [1989] nominee for Locus Award 1990 * The Blood of Roses [1990] nominee for Locus Award 1991 * Heart-Beast [1992] * Elephantasm [1993] * Personal Darkness [1993] nominee for Locus Award 1994 * Darkness, I [1994] nominee for Locus Award 1994 * Vivia [1995] nominee for Locus Award 1996 * The Gods Are Thirsty [1996] * Becoming Cats and Dogs [1996] * When the Lights Go Out [1996] * Red Unicorn [1997] Series: * The "Don't Bite the Sun" series: * Don't Bite the Sun [Daw, 1976] * Drinking Sapphire Wine [Daw, 1977] * The "Birthgrave" series: * The Birthgrave [Daw, 1975] nominated for Nebula Award 1975 nominated for Locus Award 1976 * The Dragon Horde [Farrar Strauss & Giroux, 1971] * Quest for the White Witch [Daw, 1978] * The Storm Lord [Daw, 1976] * Vazkor Son of Vazkor [Daw, 1978] * The Volkhavaar [Daw, 1975] * The "Unicorn" series: * The Black Unicorn [1991] * Gold Unicorn [1994] * The "Secret Book of Paradys" series: * The Book of the Damned [1988] nominee for Locus Award 1989 * The Book of the Beast [1988] * The "Blood Opera" series: * Dark Dance [1992] nominee for Locus Award 1993 * The "Tales of the Flat Earth" series: * Night's Master [1978] nominee for the World Fantasy Award 1979 * Death's Master [1979] nominee for the Balrog Award 1980 nominee for the Locus Award 1980 * Delusion's Master [1981] nominee for the Locus Award 1982 nominee for the Mythepoeic Award 1980 * Delerium's Mistress [1986] * Night's Sorceries [1987] nominee for the Locus Award 1988 nominee for the World Fantasy Award 1988 * The "Wars of Vis" series: * The Storm Lord [1978] * Anackire [1983] nominee for the Locus Award 1984 * The White Serpent [1988] nominee for the Locus Award 1989 * The "Castle of Dark" series: * The Castle of Dark [1978] * Prince on a White Horse [1982] * Dark Castle, White Horse [1986] * The "Sabella" series: * Kill the Dead [1980] nominee for the Balrog Award 1981 nominee for the Locus Award 1981 * Sabella, or The Blood Stone [1980] nominee for the Locus Award 1981 * Story Collections: {to be done} * Short Fiction: {to be done} Vernon Lee, pseudonym of Violet Paget (1856-1935): born in FRANCE half-sister of author Eugene Lee-Hamilton, most of her fiction involves ITALY * Studies of the Eighteenth Century in Italy [1880] nonfiction very good chapter on Comeddia dell'Arte * Tuscan Fairy Tales (Taken Down from the Mouths of the People) [1880] * The Prince of the Hundred Soups [1883] * A Phantom Lover: A Fantastic Story [1886] chapbook * Hauntings: Fantastic Stories [1890] * Vanitas: Polite Stories [1892] one ghost story * Ariadne in Mantua [1903] play * Pope Jacynth, and Other Fantastic Tales [1904] * Sister Benvenuta and the Christ Child: an Eighteenth Century Legend [1906] chapbook * Louis Norbert: A Two-Fold Romance [1914] time travel? * For Maurice: Five Unlikely Stories [1927] * The Ballet of Nations: A Present-Day Morality [1915; expanded as "Satan the Waster: A Philosophic War Trilogy with Notes & Introduction, 1920; revised 1930] anti-war allegory * The Snake Lady and Other Stories [1954; revised as "Supernatural Tales: Excursions into Fantasy, 1955; as "The Virgin of the Seven Daggars, 1962] * Pope Jacynth, and More Supernatural Tales [1956] (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.570) Ben Leech: pseudonym of Stephen Bowkett (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.570) John Leech (1817-1864): illustrator/cartoonist for "Bently's Magazine" and then the best-known cartoonist for "Punch." Fantasy illustrator for Richard Harris Barham's "Ingoldsby Legends" [1840], Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" [1843] and others (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.570) Eugene Lee-Hamilton (1845-1907): author, half-brother of author Vernon Lee (see above), best known for: * The Lord of the Dark Star: Being the Story of the Supernatural Influences in the Life of an Italian Despot of the Thirteenth Century" [1903] Dark Fantasy of descent to Hell by protagonist whose mom was a Witch * The Romance of the Fountain [1905] perpetual youth IMMORTALITY (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, pp.570-571) J. Sheridan Le Fanu, full name Joseph Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu (1814-1873) real name of stylish Horror/fantasist of IRELAND, also pseudonym of A. W. Derleth for one story in Weird Tales. His complete bibliography is too complex for this web domain (due to ovrlapping rewrites and alternative editions), and roughly half of his 46 stories are fantasy: Books: * Ghost Stories and Tales of Mystery [1851] story collection * Green Tea [1869; 1943] supernatural version of Memes infecting the mind * Carmilla [1871-72; USA: 1971] early vampire fiction, with lesbian aspects * Chronicles of Golden Friars [1871] story collection * In a Glass Darkly [1872] story collection * Uncle Silas: A Tale of Bartram-Haugh [1864] novel, filmed as "Uncle Silas [1947] {film hotlink to be done} and with variant title "The Inheritance" in USA distribution * The Purcell Papers [1880] story collection * The Watcher and Other Weird Stories [1894] story collection * Madame Crowl's Ghost [1923] story collection, ed. M. R. James * Green Tea and Other Ghost Stories [USA: 1945] story collection * Sheridan La [sic] Fanu: The Diabolic Genius [USA: 1959] story collection * The Best Ghost Stories of J. S. Le Fanu [USA: 1964] ed. E. F. Bleiler * Carmilla and the Haunted Baronet [USA: 1970] story collection * The Best Horror Stories [1970] story collection * Vampire Lovers and Other Stories [1970] story collection * Ghost Stories and Mysteries [USA: 1975] story collection * The Hour After Midnight [1975] story collection * The Purcell Papers [USA: 1975] story collection, ed. A. W. Derleth, not the same as the 1880 edition * Borrhomeo the Astrologer [magazine 1862; chapbook 1985] * The Illustrated Le Fanu [1988] story collection References: * Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu [1971] by Michael H. Begnal (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, pp.570-571) Legend: a story or anecdote which expands over time to the status of MYTHOLOGY. A legend is very like a Folk Tale, but usually of more heroic proportion. Example of Folk Tale which became legend: "Robin Hood", which was most likely a recasting of the historic William Wallace (Braveheart). Other examples are included in Celtic Fantasy and King Arthur, and such sagas are the basis of most HEROIC FANTASY. When the story centers on a location rather than a character, we often have Fantasy of LOST LANDS or LOST RACE. The cultural significance of legends is such that new legends must be subcreated for the background of "secondary worlds" such as J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" THERE AND BACK AGAIN: leave our world for a more magical one Reference: * The Encyclopedia of Myths and Legends of All Nations [1962] ed. Barbara Leonie Picard Legend: Fantasy film [1985] {film hotlink to be done} The Legend of Hill House: British Supernatural film [1973] {film hotlink to be done} The Legend of Prague: Fantasy/Horror film [1936] {film hotlink to be done} alternate title of "The Golem" The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Animated Fantasy film [1949] {film hotlink to be done} later separately distributed, actually a part of "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr.Toad" [see: "The Wind in the Willows"] D. A. Le Graeme, pseudonym of Dale Graham Ursula K. Le Guin: Ursula Kroeber Le Guin, born Berkeley CA 21 Oct 1929, daughter of Alfred Louis Kroeber (anthropologist/professor/author) and Theodora Covel Kracaw Kroeber (anthropologist/professor/author), married Charles Alfred Le Guin 22 Dec 1953, children: Elisabeth, Caroline, Theodore; novelist: Rocannon's World, 1966 Planet of Exile, 1966 City of Illusions, 1966 The Left Hand of Darkness, 1969 A Wizard of Earthsea, 1968 The Tombs of Atuan, 1970 The Farthest Shore, 1972 The Lathe of Heaven, 1971 The Dispossessed, 1974 The Word for World is Forest, 1976 Very Far Away from Anywhere Else (A Very Long Way), 1976 Malafrena, 1979 Three Hainish Novels, 1978 The Beginning Place (Threshold) 1980 The Eye of the Heron, 1983 Always Coming Home, 1986 Books of poetry: Wild Angels, 1974 Hard Words, 1981 In The Red Zone, 1983 Short Story Collections: The Wind's Twelve Quarters, 1975 Orsinian Tales, 1976 The Compass Rose, 1982 B.A. 1951 Radcliffe College; M.A. 1952 Columbia University; Educator and Writer-in-Residence 1971-present, numerous colleges and universities; Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America (Nebula Awards 1969, 1974, 1975), International Science Fiction Association (Hugo Award), Authors League of America, Writers Guild, PEN; "The Left Hand of Darkness" (1969) is selected and praised in "Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels" by David Pringle "The Dispossessed" (1974) is selected and praised in "Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels" by David Pringle In the 1976 Locus poll, asking readers to nominate their favorite author, Ursula K. Le Guin came in #4 (with 170 votes), confirming his leadership position at #16 with a similar poll in 1973. Fritz Leiber (1910-1992) Fritz Leiber: Lankhmar Fritz Leiber Fritz Leiber, born Chicago 25 Dec 1910, son of Fritz Leiber (stage and screen actor) and Virginia Bronson, married Jonquil Stephens 1936 (deceased 1969), married Margo Skinner (science fiction/fantasy poet) 1990?, son Justin (professor and science fiction novelist), author of numerous novels including: Conjure Wife, 1953 Gather Darkness!, 1956 Destiny Times Three, 1957 The Big Time, 1961 The Wanderer, 1964 A Spectre is Haunting Texas, 1969 Our Lady of Darkness, 1977 The Best of Fritz Leiber, 1974 The Worlds of Fritz Leiber, 1976 The Ghost Light, 1983 The Knight and Knave of Swords, 1988 B.Ph. 1932 University of Chicago; postgraduate General Theological Seminary, New York City; staff writer Standard American Encyclopedia, Chicago; Instructor in Speech and Drama, Occidental College, Los Angeles; Member Editorial Staff 1945-56 Science Digest; Gandalf Award 1975; August Derleth Fantasy Award 1976; Professional Achievement Award 1986 University of Chicago Alumni Association. In the 1976 Locus poll, asking readers to nominate their favorite author, Fritz Leiber came in #9 (with 94 votes), confirming his leadership position at #22 with a similar poll in 1973. "The Wanderer" (1964) is selected and praised in "Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels" by David Pringle. {Hotlink of quotes to be done} Justin Leiber [1938-], Professor of Philosophy, son of Fritz Leiber: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Justin Leiber nothing on the Web? * the "Beyond" novels: * Beyond Rejection [Ballentine Books, 1980] nominee for Locus Award 1981 * Beyond Humanity [1987] * Beyond Gravity [1988] * The "Saga of the House of Eigin": * The Sword and the Eye [1985] * The Sword and the Tower [1985] Patty Leidy @ Dragon*Con Atlanta cartoonist with strip "Zero Hour" in independent newspapers Stephen W. Leigh [1951-]: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Stephen Leigh author's web site Series: * Isaac Asimov's Robot City: Robots and Aliens * The Changeling [1989] * Dr. Bones * The Secret of the Lona [1988] * The Next Wave * Alien Tongue [1991] * Neweden * Slow Fall to Dawn [1981] nominated for Locus Award 1982 * Dance of the Hag [1983] * A Quiet of Stone [1984] Novels: * The Bones of God [1986] * Crystal Memory [1987] * The Abraxis Marvel Circus [1990] * Dark Water's Embrace [March 1998] Short Fiction: * "Answer in Cold Stone" [1976] * "In Darkness Waiting" [1977] * "A Rain of Pebbles" [1977] nominated for Locus Award 1978 * "When We Come Down" [1978] * "Encounter" [1979] * "Flamestones" [1985] * "Shaping Memory" [1985] * "Strings" [1987] * "Evening Shadow" [1988] * "The Hue of a Mind" [1988] * "The Tint of Hatred" [1988] * "Ace in the Hole" [1990] co-authors >Melinda M. Snodgrass, Walton Simons, Victor Milan, George R. R. Martin, and Walter Jon Williams * "Sixteen Candles" [1991] * "The Temptation of Hieronymus Bloat" [1991] * "The Ashes of Memory" [1993] * "The Color of His Skin" [1994] e-mail Stephen Leigh as of 1 Jan 98 e-mail Stephen Leigh old, invalid J. G. Leighton, pseudonym of John Cole Murray Leinster (Will[iam] F[itzgerald] Jenkins) (16 June 1896-?) once known as "The Dean of Science Fiction" for his long and prolific career, with over 1,000 story and book sales to his credit, he is best known for the story "First Contact" which gave the name to an entire genre of fiction {hotlink to be done}, he usually wrote as Will Jenkins in mainstream magazines and as Murray Leinster in SF magazines. His most frequent plot skeleton is that of the common man thrust into the midst of a life-or-death conflict. Hugo Award: 1956 (for Best Novelette, "Exploration Team") Murray Leinster unofficial site by Steven H Silver Murray Leinster @ AlphaRalpha * The Aliens * The Best of Murray Leinster * The Black Galaxy * The Brain-Stealers * Checkpoint Lambda * Colonial Survey a.k.a. The Planet Explorer * Creatures of the Abyss * The Duplicators * Fight for Life * The Forgotten Planet * Four From Planet 5 * Gateway to Elsewhere * Get Off My World * The Greks Bring Gifts * Invaders of Space * The Last Spaceship * Men Into Space * Miners in the Sky * The Monster from earth's End * Monsters and Such * Murder Madness * The Murder of the U.S.A. * Operation Outer Space * Operation Terror * The Other Side of Here * The Other Side of Nowhere * Out of This World * The Pirates of Zan * Sidewise in Time (title story was the first Alternate History story in science fiction to give a multidimensional view of infinite alternate timelines) * Space Captain * Space Gypsies * Talents Incorporated * Time Tunnel * Twists in Time * The Wailing Asteroid * War with the Gizmos * Tunnel Through Time [Westminder, 1966] juvenile * The "Med Service" series (4 books) * The "Joe Kenmore" series (3 books) * The "Land of Giants" series (TV spinoff, ? books) * The "Time Tunnel" series (TV spinoff, ? books) The following paperback edition was edited and published by my father, Samuel H. Post, for MacFadden-Bartell Corporation, New York: Murray Leinster, "The Greks Bring Gifts", (50-224, 1964) Murray Leinster, "The Greks Bring Gifts", (50-418, 1968) Lavinia Leitch, pseudonym of Lavinia Hynd Rena Leith: Associate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Rena Leith talented science fiction author who will soon have her own web page (which will be hotlinked from here). She is also fascinated by Mystery, and is a member of Sisters in Crime. Her first major publication in that genre is yet to come, but eagerly awaited. e-mail Rena Leith old, invalid -- don't use Charles Godfrey Leland (1824-1903): better known by pseudonym Hans Breitmann under which name he published a great deal of humorous verse in German-American dialect [1857-1910?]. Also, under his real name: * Johnnykin and the Goblins [1876] Fantasy * Arcadia: The Gospel of the Witches [1899] Fantasy poetry presented as if from ancient wiccan cult manuscripts * Flaxius: Leaves from the Life of an Immortal [1902] linked story collection see: IMMORTALITY (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.574) Frank Lelland: pseudonym of A. M. Burrage (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, St.Martin's, 1997, p.574) Stanislaw Lem [1921-]: once the biggest name in science fiction behind the Iron Curtain, Stanislaw Lem used to hang out drinking beer with a fellow Pole, a young priest, who is now the Pope. I am glad to inform you that the Official Stanislaw Lem Site is available at: Official Stanislaw Lem Site It contains biographical information, Lem's short stories, critical reviews, galleries of covers (over 500 of them!), Lem's drawings, a gallery of illustrations by Daniel Mroz (from "The Cyberiad") and bibliographical information. In the (nearest?) future Tomasz Lem intends to add some form of a discussion group and (hopefully) a full German version. The site "weighs" slightly over 30 MB. Stanislaw Lem @ AlphaRalpha Novels: * The Futurological Congress [Seabury, 1974; Avon] can one really invent words and then extrapolate what societies of the future will give them meaning? A satire on Futurology. * The Investigation [Seabury, 1974; Avon] * The Invincible [Seabury, 1973; Avon] * Memoirs Found in a Bathtub [Seabury, 1973; Avon] * Solaris [in Polish, 1961; Walker, 1970; Berkley] {film hotlink to be done} {aliens hotlink} * The Chain of Chance [1978] * Return from the Stars [1980] * Szpital Przemienienia [1982] [Hospital of the Transfiguration] [US English translation by William Brand 1988] * His Master's Voice [1983] * Imaginary Magnitude [1984] * Fiasco [1986] * Eden [1989] nominated for 1990 Locus Award * Peace on Earth [1994] Story Collections: * The Cyberiad [in Polish, 1965; Seabury, 1974; Avon] 15 stories * Mortal Engines [Seabury, 1977] 14 stories * The Star Diaries [Seabury, 1976; Avon] * A Perfect Vacuum [1979] * Tales of Pirx the Pilot [1979] * Memoirs of a Space Traveler [1982] * More Tales of Pirx the Pilot [1982] Non-Fiction: * Wysoki zamek [1966] [Highcastle: A Remembrance] [translated by Michael Kandel, 1995] * Microworlds: Writings on Science Fiction and Fantasy [1985] nominated for Locus Award 1986 Henry E. Lemke, pseudonym of Richard Tooker R. Le Moyne, pseudonym of Harold Hersey Lemuria: see LOST LANDS Madeleine L'Engle, born New York City 29 Nov 1918, daughter of Charles Wadsworth Camp and Madeleine Barnett, married Hugh Franklin 26 Jan 1946, children: Josephine Franklin Jones, Maria Franklin Bion; author: The Small Rain, 1945 Ilsa, 1946 Camilla Dickenson, 1951 A Winter's Love, 1957 And Both Were Young, 1949 Meet the Austins, 1960 A Wrinkle in Time, 1962 The Moon By Night, 1963 The 24 Days Before Christmas, 1964 The Arm of the Starfish, 1965 The Love Letters, 1966 The Journey with Jonah, 1967 The Young Unicorns, 1968 Dance in the Desert, 1969 Lines Scribbled on an Envelope, 1969 The Other Side of the Sun, 1971 A Circle of Quiet, 1972 A Wind in the Door, 1973 The Summer of the Great-grandmother, 1974 Dragons in the Waters, 1976 The Irrational Season, 1977 A Swiftly Tilting Planet, 1978 The Weather of the Heart, 1978 Ladder of Angels, 1979 A Ring of Endless Light, 1980 Walking on Water, 1981 A Severed Wasp, 1982 And It Was Good, 1983 A House Like A Lotus, 1985 Trailing Clouds of Glory, 1985 A Stone for a Pillow, 1986 Many Waters, 1986 A Cry Like a Bell, 1987 Two Part Invention, 1988 A.B. 1941 Smith College; Postgraduate 1941-42 New School; Postgraduate 1960-61 Columbia University; Teacher 1960-? St. Hilda's and St. Hugh's School; Member Faculty 1965-66, 1971 University of Indiana; Writer-in-Residence 1970 Ohio State University; Writer-in-Residence 1972 University of Rochester; Writer-in-Residence 1976-? Wheaton College; Writer-in-Residence 1965-? Cathedral of St.John the Divine, New York City; Newbery Medal 1963; Seqoyah Award 1965; Lewis Carroll Shelf Award 1965; Austrian State Literary Award 1969; Regina Medal, 1985; A.L.A.N. Award 1987; Member: Authors Guild (president 1987), Authors League (Council Member), Writers Guild Cornell Lengyel: * The Atom Clock [Fantasy Publishing Co. Inc.] science fiction play H. K. Lennard, pseudonym of John S. Glasby John Lennox, pseudonym of Alfred Bester Rand Le Page, house name and pseudonym of William H. Bird, John Glasby, Brian Holloway, David O'Brien, Cyril Protheroe, Arthur Roberts Sorche Nic Leodhas, pseudonym of Leclaire Gowans Alger George Leonard: * Beyond Control [Macmillan, 1975] Christian Leourier: * The Mountains of the Sun [Berkley, 1974] Derfla Leppoc, pseudonym of Alfred Leppoc (a rare kind made by reading backwards) Madame Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, a.k.a. Marie Leprince de Beaumont (1711-1780): Author of FRANCE) who also lived in England and Switzerland, known for many Fairy Tales for children and adults, including the definitive version of "Beauty and the Beast" (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, New York: St.Martin's Press, 1997, p.98, 576) Rhoda Lerman (1936-): * The Book of the Night [1984] Celtic Fantasy with Elder Gods Alan Jay Lerner (1918-1986): American musical playwright with four Fantasy-related musicals: * My Fair Lady [1956] composer Frederick Loewe, based on George Benard Shaw's play "Pygmalion" [1913] which in turn is based on the Greek myth * Brigadoon [1947] filmed as "Brigadoon" [1954] {film hotlink to be done}, see SCOTLAND * Camelot: A New Musical [1960; 1961] composer Frederick Loewe, vaguely based on T. H. White's "The Once and Future King" [1958 omnibusedition] which in turn is based on the legends of King Arthur * On a Clear Day You Can See Forever [1967?] composer Burton Lane badly filmed by Vincente Minelli [1970] TIME TRAVEL Romance Edward M. Lerner: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Edward M. Lerner preferred PROBE, Warner Books, July 1991 "What a Piece of Work Is Man", Analog, Feb 1991 "Unplanned-For Flying Object", Analog, Sep 1994 Fred Lerner: Affiliate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Fred Lerner Alexander Lernet-Holenia (1897-1976): Fantasy author of AUSTRIA * Baron Bagge [1936] translated into English by Jane B. Green] protagonist leads World War I cavalry charge, dies, has experiences in Afterlife, refuses to cross a Golden Bridge to Heaven, and reawakens on Earth as the only survivor of the battle * Graf Luna [1955; as "Count Luna", tr. Richard & Clara Winston] * Count Luna: Two Tales of the Real and Unreal [USA: 1956] omnibus edition of Baron Bagge and Count Luna * Mars im Widder ["Mars in Aries"] [1941] Fantasy set in World War II (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, New York: St.Martin's Press, 1997, p.576) Gaston Leroux (1868-1927): Mystery author of FRANCE), who wrote what we would best known for "Le Fantome de l'Opera" [1910; tr. as "The Phantom of the Opera" by Alexander Texiera de Mattos, London: 1911] But also had Science Fiction/Fantasy publications including: * La Double Vie de Theophraste Lonquet [1904; tr. as "The Double Life", USA: 1909; revised tr. Edgar Jepson as "The Man with the Black Feather", London: 1912] mutants and possession of 20th Century person by long-dead evildoer * Le Fauteuil hante [1911; tr. as "The Haunted Chair", 1931] Horror * Balaoo [1912; tr. Alexander Texiera de Mattos, 1913] filmed as "The Wizard" [1927] {film hotlink to be done} filmed as "Dr.Renault's Secret" [1942] {film hotlink to be done} * Les Fils de Balaoo ["Sons of Balaoo"] [1937] Ape/Man * L'Epouse du Soleil [1913; tr. as "The Bride of the Sun", USA: 1915] LOST LANDS/LOST RACE * The Man Who Came Back from the Dead [London: 1916] * Aventures Effroyables de Herbert de Renich [2 vols., 1920; tr. as "The Amazing Adventures of Carolus Herbert, London: 1922] * La Bataille Invisible [tr. as "The Veiled Prisoner", London: 1923] a knock-off of Jules Verne, featuring a submarine filled with bizarre gadgetry UNDER THE SEA * Le Couer Cambriole [1922; tr, as "The Burgled Heart", London: 1925] * La Poupee Sanglante [1924; tr. as "The Kiss that Killed", USA: 1935] Science Fiction * The Gaston Leroux Bedside Companion [1980; expanded as "Real Opera Ghost", 1994] ed. Peter Haining, includes most of Leroux's short grne fiction, mostly translated for firsdt English appearances in "Weird Tales" (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, New York: St.Martin's Press, 1997, p.576) Raymond LeRoyd, pseudonym of T. W. Wade Oben Lerteth, pseudonym of Robert L. Fanthorpe Emanuel Lesehrad (1877-1957): author who also wrote under pseudonym Emanuel z Lesehradu; of CZECHOSLOVAKIA Theo Le Sieg, pseudonym of Theodore Seuss Geisel (a.k.a. Dr. Seuss) {to be done} Josephine Leslie, full name Josephine Aimee Campbell Leslie (1898-1979): novelist and playwright, under the pseudonym R. A. Dick, of SCOTLAND: * The Ghost and Mrs.Muir [1945] adapted to film [1947] of same name, {film hotlink to be done}, and TV series {TV hotlink to be done} * The Devil and Mrs.Devine [1975] widow (as with Mrs.Muir), who needs to wriggle out of an impetuous Deal with the Devil * Witch Errant: An Improbable Comedy in Three Acts [1959] (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, New York: St.Martin's Press, 1997, p.577) Lilian Leslie, pseudonym of Archer Leslie Hood & Violet Llian Perkins O. H. Leslie, pseudonym of Henry Slesar Derwin Lesser, pseudonym of Charles D. Hornig Milton Lesser, also wrote under pseudonym Stephen Marlowe and (with Paul Fairman) as Adam Chase: * The Golden Ape [Avalon, 1959] as Adam Chase * Earthbound [Winston, 1952] juvenile * Recruit for Andromeda [Ace, 1959] * Secret of the Black Planet [Belmont, 1965] 2 novellas * Spacemen Go Home [Holt Rinehart Winston, 1961] juvenile * Stadium Beyond the Stars [Winston, 1960] juvenile * The Star Seekers [Winston, 1953] juvenile Doris Lessing [1919-]: bestselling mainstream writer who has written individual novels and novel series in the Science Fiction genre, beginning with: * The Memoirs of a Survivor [Knopf, 1975; Bantam] * The Sirian Experiments [1981] * sequels to The Sirian Experiments {to be done} Irvin Lester, pseudonym of Fletcher Pratt Rex Lethbridge, pseudonym of Roy Meyers Lethe: one of the rivers of Hades, or Hell Jonathan Lethem [1964-]: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? Novels: * Gun, With Occasional Music [1994] Nominated for Locus and Hugo Awards * Amnesia Moon [1995] * As She Climbed Across the Table [1997] Collections: * The Wall of the Sky, The Wall of the Eye [1996] Nominated for Locus Award 1997 Short Fiction: * "The Cave Beneath the Falls" [1989] * "A Wish" [1989] * "The Buff" [1990] * "Walking the Moons" [1990] * "The Happy Man" [1991] Nominated for Locus Award 1992, Nebula Award 1991 * "The Elvis National Theater of Okinawa" [1992] co-author Lukas Jaeger * "The Speckless Cathedral" [1992] * "Vanilla Drunk" [1992] Nominated for Locus Award 1993, Nebula Award 1993, Hugo Award 1993 * "'Forever,' Said the Duck" [1993] Nominated for Locus Award 1994 * "His Oral History" [1993] * "Hugh Merrow" [1993] semifinalist for Nebula Award 1994 * "The Precocious Objects" [1993] * "A Small Patch On My Contract" [1993] * "The Happy Prince" [1994] * "Mood Bender" [1994] * "Willing it Over the Wall" [1994] * "The Insipid Profession of Jonathan Hoag" [1995] * "Light and the Sufferer" [1995] * "Receding Horizon" [1995] co-author Carter Scholz * "The True History of the End of the World" [1995] co-authors James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel * "Five Fucks" [1996] Nebula Award 1996 * "The Hardened Criminals" [1996] * "Holidays" [1996] * "How We Got in Town and Out Again" [1996] * "Sleepy People" [1996] * "The Edge of the Bed of Forever" [1997] co-author Angus MacDonald Donna Lettow: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America * Zealot [1997] "Highlander" novel #6 e-mail Donna Lettow Maurice Level (1875-1926): Conte Cruel author of FRANCE Malcolm Levene: * Carder's Paradise [Walker, 1969] Eliphas Levi, pseudonym of Alphonse L. Constant Leviathan: biblical Sea Monster Rex Dean Levie: * The Insect Warriors [Ace, 1965] Barry R. Levin, Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature: (310) 458-6111 Affiliate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Betty Levin (1927-): Young Adult Fantasy author: * the "Claudia and Evan" CELTIC FANTASY/TIME TRAVEL series: * The Sword of Culann [1973] * A Griffon's Nest [1975] * The Forespoken [1976] * The Keeping-Room [1981] 19th Century TIME TRAVEL series: * A Binding Spell [1984] Horse's Ghost * The Ice Bear [1986] * The Trouble with Gramary [1988] not really Fantasy * Mercy's Mill [1992] * Starshine and Sunglow [1994] (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, New York: St.Martin's Press, 1997, p.577) Ira Levin @ AlphaRalpha Ira Levin, born New York City 27 Aug 1929, son of Charles Levin and Beatrice Schlansky, married Gabrielle Aronsohn 20 Aug 1960 (divorced 1968), children: Adam, Jared, Nicholas; married Phyllis Finkel 26 Aug 1979 (divorced 1982); novels: * A Kiss Before Dying [1953] * Rosemary's Baby [Random House, 1967; Dell] adapted into very successful and influential Horror film [1968] {film hotlink to be done} * This Perfect Day [Random House, 1970; Crest] Science Fiction * The Stepford Wives, 1972 [Random House, 1972; Crest] adapted to film [1974]{film hotlink to be done} * The Boys from Brazil [1976] adapted to film [1978] {film hotlink to be done} * Sliver [1991] erotic psychological Thriller Plays: * No Time for Sergeants [1955] {film hotlink to be done} * Interlock [1958] * Critic's Choice [1960] * General Seeger [1962] * Drat! The Cat [1965] * Dr. Cook's Garden [1967] * Veronica's Room [1973] * Deathtrap [1978] * Break A Leg [1979] A.B. 1950 New York University; freelance writer 1950-present; Served 1953-55 U.S. Army; Edgar Allan Poe Awards 1954 and 1980. Paul Levine: Paul Levine Paul Levine is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and the University of Miami Law School. A former litigation partner in a national law firm, he now lives in Cocoanut Grove, Florida, as a full-time writer. His web page will show you information on: * 6 novels in 13 countries, including * Fool Me Twice (Avon) * Slashback (Avon) * Mortal Sin (Avon) * He won the 1994 John D. Macdonald Award for fiction * Get a Sneak Peek at his 7th novel: * Flesh & Bones (William Morrow, January 1997) * Biography * Bibliography * Links to Publishers * Slush Pile * Book Stores * Agents e-mail Paul Levine Dr. Paul Levinson: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America bibliographical update [fiction] "The Copyright Notice Case", novelette, _Analog_, April 1996 "The Chronology Protection Case", novelette, _Analog_, Sept. 1995 "The Way of Flesh", short short, _Analog_, Feb. 1995 "The Softsmith", short story, _Galaxy_, Nov-Dec 1994 "Post Plato", short story, _Galaxy_, Sep-Oct 1994 "Albert's Cradle", short story, _Amazing_, Feb.1993 "The Kid in the Video Store," _Through the Corridor_, March 1995, pp. 11-15. "The Harmony," in _Xanadu 3_, ed. J. Yolen, New York: Tor, 1995, pp. 15-28. "Laughing Willows," _Radius_ [Electronic/disk magazine], Sept 1994. "Grace Under Pressure," in _Swashbuckling Editors_, ed. J. Betancourt, Newark, NJ: Wildside Press, 1993. "Last Things First," _Mindsparks_, 1 (3), 1993. "Best Seller," _Fresh Ink_, 1 (1), 1991. "The New Zoological Gardens," (novelette) _Infinity, Ltd._, May 1991. "The Thing in Itself," _The Omega Chronicles_, January 1991. [SF Essays and Reviews] "Science Fiction: Fantasy Rooted in Fundamental Concerns," _Media & Methods_, 15 (8), April 1979, pp. 26-28, 53. "The Extinction of Extinction," _Wired_, Sept-Oct 1993 "Telnet to the Future?" _Wired_, July 1994 "Will the Delta Clipper Turn Deep Space into Cyberspace?" _Wired_, February 1994 "The Age of Complaint," _Tangent_, Summer 1995 "The Human Criterion," _Tangent," Fall 1995 "The Real Thing," _Tangent_, Winter 1995 "The Writer/Critic Symbiosis: In One Flesh," _Tangent_, Spring 1996 "Not By Any Other Name," _Tangent_, Summer 1996 Review of John Crowley's _Love & Sleep_, _Tangent_, Spring 1995 e-mail Paul Levinson Levitation: (1) a psychic Talent; (2) see ANTIGRAVITY David Levy: * The Gods of Foxcroft [Arbor, 1970; Pocket] Robert J. Levy: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Born in Brooklyn, New York, Executive Editor of United Features Syndicate, B.A., St.James College, Annapolis, Maryland, M.A. in English Literature, Oxford University, Author of five poetry collections, 1988 recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, recently entered science fiction field. Short Fiction: * "Creche" [1995] * "New Horizons in Stickball" [1995] * "Star-Crossed" [1995] * "Every Day Different" [1996] * "Jack Stacy, A.S.B.R." [1996] * "The Downsizing" [1997] * "Thoughts of Benjy" [Tomorrow SF, Feb 1997] e-mail Robert J. Levy William Levy @ Dragon*Con Publisher of Godiva Graphics "whose works read like a Moral Majority headache" Anthony R. Lewis: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Short Fiction: * "Request for Proposal" [1972] * "And All Places" [1991] * "The Curse" [1992] * "Fair Exchange" [1992] * "Slaves of the Magic Lamp" [1992] * "1939 In the Beginning" [1994] * "1976 Keep Watching the Skies" [1994] * "The Turing Test" [1994] Non-Fiction: * Space Travel [1997] co-author Ben Bova * Time Travel: A Writer's Guide to the Science of Interplanetary and Interstellar Travel [1997] co-author Ben Bova e-mail Anthony R. Lewis C. S. Lewis, full name Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963): Born in Belfast, IRELAND; Christian (Anglican); 1925-1954 Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford; 1954-1963 Cambridge Professor of Mediaeval and Renaissance English; the nucleus of the Inklings (with J.R.R. Tolkien and Charles Williams); see also: Christian Fantasy C.S. Lewis: Into the Wardrobe C.S. Lewis @ AlphaRalpha C.S. Lewis and the Inklings Xenite Contains sites of interest to fans of J.R.R. Tolkien, Andre Norton, C.S. Lewis, and others. For further information, contact: Michael Martinez 429 Robin Meadows NW Albuquerque NM 87114 USA e-mail Michael Martinez [Xenite] Charles Lewis, pseudonym of Roger Dixon Clifford Lewis, suspected to be pseudonym of John Russell Fearn Dana Lewis: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America no known home page, but CompuServe e-mail e-mail Dana Lewis new & preferred e-mail Dana Lewis This link may already be invalid. D. B. Lewis, pseudonym of Jerome Bixby Hilda Lewis, full name Hilda Winifred Lewis (1896-1974): British Fantasy and Historical novelist: * The Ship That Flew [1936] children's tale of magic toy ship that takes 4 children to Asgard (Scandanavian Fantasy) and Robin Hood's Sherwood Forest * The Witch and the Priest [1956] adult Supernatural * many Historical novels (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, New York: St.Martin's Press, 1997, p.579) Irwin Lewis: * The Day New York Trembled [Avon, 1967] * The Day They Invaded New York [Avon, 1964] Matthew Gregory Lewis (1775-1818): British playwright, novelist, translator, and poet: * The Monk: A Romance [1796] influential Gothic novel * The Castle Spectre [1798] play, Gothic/Horror * One o'Clock!, or The Knight and the Wood Daemon [1811] Fantasy * Romantic Tales [1808] Fantasy collection, 4 volumes * Tales of Wonder [1801] anthology, 2 volumes includes Goethe and Sir Walter Scott * The Isle of the Devils: A Historical Tale [1827] long poem (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, New York: St.Martin's Press, 1997, p.579) Wyndham Lewis, full name Percy Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957): British painter, playwright, and Fantasy author; founded the modernist art movement of Vorticism: * Blast: Review of the Great English Vortex [1914-1915] art journal co-editor Ezra Pound * The Caliph's Design: Architects! Where Is Your Vortex? [1919] chapbook * Enemy of the Stars [1914 as "Blast"; 1932] surrealist play * the "Human Age" Afterlife Fantasy Fantasy series: * The Childermass [1928; revised 1956] * Monstre Gai; Malign Fiesta [1955; in 2 vols., 1966] story collection Illustrations: * Beyond This Limit [1935] Naomi Mitchison * portrait of T.S. Eliot; Your Humble Webmaster, circa 1970, spoke with the widow of T.S. Eliot, who appreciated my fascination with this "Mona Lisa smile" painting of T.S. Eliot, which she felt very accurately captured his expression and spirit Shariann Lewitt: Novels: * Memento Mori [1995] * Interface Masque" [1997] Short Fiction: * "Ramadhan" [1984] * "The Shaman Flute" [1985] * "Narc" [1988] * "The Hand of Fatima" [1990] * "Pipe Dreams" [1992] * "Jimmy" [1995] * "Mice" [1995] e-mail Shariann Lewitt Willy Ley: space scientist, science writer, and science fiction author under the pseudonym Robert Willey; bibliography {to be done} Met and conversed with Your Humble Narrator in 1960... J. C. Leyedecker (1874-1951): Fantasy artists/illustrator (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, New York: St.Martin's Press, 1997, p.580) E. K. Leyton: pseudonym of Ramsey Campbell (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, New York: St.Martin's Press, 1997, p.580) Return to Authors L Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Li..."

Michael Libling: resident of Quebec, Canada, Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Short Fiction: * "Sitters" [1996] * "Mosquito League" [1997] e-mail Michael Libling Library: theme in Science Fiction and Fantasy {to be done} Marc Librescu: Member of Horror Writers of America Marc Librescu Licenza: epilogue to, or insertion into, and Opera or play, as a sort of hyperlink to some special occasion or influential member of the audience Jacqueline Lichtenberg: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Jacqueline Lichtenberg e-mail Jacqueline Lichtenberg Jacqueline Lichtenberg: Index to at least 14 publications * House of Zeor [Doubleday, 1974; Pocket] * Unto Zeor, Forever [Doubleday, 1978] more {to be done} C. H. Liddell, pseudonym of Henry Kuttner & C. L. Moore Walt Liebscher: * Alien Carnival [Fantasy House, 1974] 4 stories LIECHTENSTEIN Robert Liftig: Affiliate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? Ligeia: alternate title of "The Tomb of Ligeia" [1964] by Roger Corman, {film hotlink to be done}, loosely based on Adgar Allan Poe Thomas A. Ligon, Jr.: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? e-mail Thomas A. Ligon, Jr. Alice M. Lightner, pseudonym of Mrs. Ernest Hopf: * The Day of the Drones [Norton, 1969; Bantam] juvenile * Doctor to the Galaxy [Norton, 1965] juvenile * The Galactic Troubadors [Norton, 1965] juvenile * Gods or Demons [Four Winds Press, 1973] juvenile * The Planet Poachers [Putnam, 1965] juvenile * The Rock of Three Planets [Putnam, 1963] juvenile * The Space Gypsies [McGraw Hill, 1974] juvenile * Space Ark [Putnam, 1968] juvenile * The Space Olympics [Norton, 1967; Tempest] juvenile * The Space Plague [Norton, 1966] juvenile * Star Circus [Dutton, 1977] juvenile * Star Dog [McGraw-Hill, 1973] juvenile * The Thursday Toads [McGraw-Hill, 1971] juvenile Thomas Ligotti (1953-): Horror writer with cult following, who established his uniquely intense and linguistically sophisticated presence with Gothic and Surrealist atmosphere, through the small press scene: Books: * Songs of a Dead Dreamer [1986; expanded 1989] story collection * Grimscribe: His Life and Work [1991] story collection * The Agonizing Resurrection of Victor Frankenstein & Other Gothic Tales [1994] story collection * Noctuary [1994] story collection Short Fiction * "The Chymist" [Nyctalops, 1981] 1st published story * others {to be done} Lilith: the original Femme Fatale, the first girlfriend of Adam (before Eve) in the mythology of Babylon and the Talmud, but not in the Old Testament; technically a Genie or a Demon. She purportedly was kicked out of Eden for refusing to submit to the domination of Adam, and some sources have her become a vampire or a stealer and mutilator of babies. She is at the focus of fiction including: * Lilith [1892] Remy de Gourmont * Lilith [1895] George MacDonald * Adam and Eve [1927] John Erskine * The Homunculus [1949] David H. Keller (as the sterile twin sister of Pan) Limbo: the First Circle of Hell according to Dante, where souls in the Afterlife are not actively tortured, but are passively punished by being cut off from the presence of God. Modern Fantasy (including cinema) tends to turn Limbo into a transitional place where souls wait until being relocated to Hell or Heaven, or even (unrealistically) back to Earth; see also Purgatory Liminal Being: term used in Clute and Grant to refer to a fictional entity which "exists at the threshold of two states; this gives [it] both wisdom and the ability to instruct, while also rendering them dangerous and uncanny." (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, New York: St.Martin's Press, 1997, pp.581-582) Brad Linaweaver [1952-]: full-name Bradford Swain Linaweaver Prometheus award-winning novel "Moon of Ice" Brad Linaweaver @ Dragon*Con The "Doom" novel series (spin-off of computer game) * #1: Knee-Deep in the Dead [1995] co-author Dafydd ab Hugh * #2: Hell on Earth [1995] co-author Dafydd ab Hugh * #3: Infernal Sky [1996] co-author Dafydd ab Hugh * #4 Endgame [1996] co-author Dafydd ab Hugh Novels: * Moon of Ice [1988] Winner of Prometheus Award, nominated for 1989 Locus Award * Sliders: the Novel [1996] Based on the Universal Television series created by Tracy Torme and Robert K. Weiss Anthologies: * Free Space [1997] co-editor Edward E. Kramer Short Fiction: * "No Market for Justice" [1978?] * "The Competitor" [1980] nominee for 1983 Locus Award * "Moon of Ice" [1982] * "Shadow Quest" [1985] * "Paranoia Doesn't Pay" [1989] * "Under An Appalling Sky" [1992] * "Red Clay, Crimson Clay" [1993] * "The Bison Riders" [1994] * "Blood Orgy of the Swamp Butcher" [1994] * "The Littlest Stormbringer" [1994 co-author William Alan Ritch * "Milk Is a Sauce" [1994] * "Poisoned Dreams" [1994] * "Wells of Wisdom" [1994] semifinalist for 1995 Nebula Award * "Blind Sceptre" [1995] * "The Light That Blinds" [1995] co-author Victor Koman * "My Wiccan, Wiccan Ways" [1995] * "The Other Scabbard" [1995] * "Press Conference" [1995] * "A Real Babe" [1995] * "The Last Short Story Writer at the End of Time" [1996] * "Scavenger Hunt" [1996 * "Vamway" [1996] Nonfiction: * "Two Advocates of Reason: Ayn Rand and C. S. Lewis" [1986] * "Introduction" (Free Space) [1997] Natalia Lincoln: Member of Horror Writers of America Natalia Lincoln Astrid Lindgren, full name Astrid Anna Emilia Lindgren (1907-): Young Adult and adult Fantasy author of SWEDEN * Britt-Mari Ittar sitt hjrta [1944] mundane Young Adult * Pippi Lngstrump [1945] translated as "Pippi Longstockings" Patricia Frances Vos Post,the mother of Your Humble Webmaster, typed and edited from dictaphone recording the first such published English translation; filmed at least 3 times * Pippi Lngstrump grombord [1946] sequel * Pippi Lngstrump i Sderhavet [1948] sequel * Nils Karlsson Pyssling [1949] story collection similar to the "Borrowers" series by Mary Norton * Mio, mn Mio ["Mio, My Son"] [1954] high Fantasy, poorly filmed as "The Land of Faraway" [1987] * Brderna Lejonhjrta ["The Lionhart Brothers"] [1973] Afterlife Fantasy * Ronja Rvardotter ["Ronja, the Robber's Daughter"] [1981] Fantasy BEYOND THE FIELDS WE KNOW: magical world unconnected to ours (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, New York: St.Martin's Press, 1997, pp.582-583) Megan Lindholm, full name Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden (1952-): Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America; an excellent fantasist, for whom I have the honor of having made her very first Nebula Award recommendation. A parent, married to a fisherman in rural Washington State, she has eclectic musical taste, reads widely, and somehow finds time to be both prolific and polished. Buckkeep: a good site to get all the details about her and her writing. 7-9 books under the name Megan Lindholm: * The Gypsy [1992] co-author Steven Brust * Alien Earth [1992] Science Fiction * Cloven Hooves [1991] * Harpy's Flight [1983] * The Limbreth Gate [1984] * Luck of the Wheels [1989] * The Reindeer People [1988] prehistoric * A Saga of the Reindeer People [1989] omnibus edition * The Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man [1994] chapbook * The Wind Singers [1984] * Wizard of the Pigeons [1986] the book I recommended for Nebula Award * Wolf's Brother [1988] sequel to The Reindeer People Megan Lindholm also writes under the pseudonym "Robin Hobb": * Assassin's Quest * Assassin's Apprentice * Royal Assassin e-mail Megan Lindholm D. Barry Lindner, pseudonym of Linda DuBreuil Timalyne Lindquest-Frazier, resident in Seattle, daughter of noted fiction author, editor, and critic Robert Frazier, fiction sales include: "Burning in the Montage", Tomorrow SF, Feb 1997 David Lindsay (1878-1945): British fantasist, best known for the astonishing * A Voyage to Arcturus [British, 1920; Macmillan, 1963; Ballentine Books Adult Fantasy; Gregg, 1977] hotlink and reviews {to be done} Norman Lindsay, full name Norman Alfred William Lindsay (1879-1974): witty playwright and fantasist of SCOTLAND: * The Magic Pudding: Being the Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum and his Friends Bill Barnacle and Sam Saenoff [1918] children's * The Flyaway Highway [1936] juvenile; Pan * The Cautious Amorist [UK: 1934] * Siren and Satyr: The Personal Philosophy of Norman Lindsay [1976] graphic (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy", John Clute & John Grant, New York: St.Martin's Press, 1997, p.583) Jane M. Lindskold: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? Kelly Link: ironically, no link: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? Gordon Linzner: nothing on the Web, except for a look at the wonderful magazine that he's edited for 28 award-winning years: Space & Time magazine Gordon Linzner, born New York City 9 Apr 1949, son of Charles Linzner and Harriet Woodworth, married Jani Anderson 1 Oct 1976, novelist: The Spy Who Drank Blood, 1984 The Oni, 1986 The Troupe, 1988 Stories in: Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone, Swords Against Darkness Vols. IV and V; Student 1968-70 Queens College; Editor/Publisher 1966-present SPACE & TIME (small press), co-publisher 1992-1996 (with Emerald City Publishing) SPACE & TIME MAGAZINE; member: Horror & Occult Writers, Horror Writers of America, Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America, SPWAO (Best Editor Award 1980-84) Robert Lionel, pseudonym of Robert L. Fanthorpe Holly Lisle: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Holly e-mail Holly Lisle Geoffrey G. Liss: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America, attorney/author/poet/space activist: nothing on the Web? e-mail Geoffrey G. Liss Daniel Lissman: Associate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Daniel Lissman B. E. Liston, pseudonym of Berkeley Livingston E. J. Liston, pseudonym of Berkeley Livingston LITHUANIA Humphrey Littlewit, pseudonym of H. P. Lovecraft Harold Livingston: * The Climactcon [Ballentine Books, 1960] Cathy Livoni: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? Return to Authors L Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Dan Ljoka: * Shelter [Manor, 1973] Return to Authors L Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Edward Llewellyn, pseudonym of Edward Llewellyn-Thomas Morgan Llywelyn: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America resident of Ireland Charles Lloyd, pseudonym of Charles L. Birkin Herbert Lloyd, pseudonym of John Russell Fearn John Uri Lloyd: * Etidorpha: on the End of Earth [Lloyd, 1895; Sun, 1975; Pocket] genre: End of the World Morgan Llywelyn, Ireland: nothing on the Web? Return to Authors L Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Patrick LoBrutto: Affiliate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America long-time science fiction editor. Indeed, Your Humble Webmaster had verbally contracted a sale of a novel to him when I was a college undergraduate. He later rescinded the $1,500 advance, and a good thing for my career, too... e-mail Patrick LoBrutto R. A. Locke: "We learn that Mr. R. A. Locke, the ingenious author of the late 'Moon Story' or 'Astronomical Hoax,' is putting on the stocks the frame of a new novel on a subject similar to that of his recent able invention in astronomy.... His style is nearly as original as his conception. It is ornamented and highly imaginative. He may be said to be the inventor of an entirely new species of literature, which we may call the 'scientific novel'.... We have had crowds of 'fashionable novels'; but fictitious history, founded on the discoveries and scientific hypotheses of the day has seldom been attempted until Mr.Locke did so. In fact, Mr.Locke has opened a new vein, as original, as curious, as beautiful, as any of the greatest geniuses who ever wrote. He looks forward into futurity, and adapts his characters to the light of science." [New York Herald, 5 September 1835] Leonard Lockhard, pseudonym of Theodore L. Thomas Ronald Lockley: * Seal Woman [Avon, 1977] Diana E. Lofgran (Hoffman): Associate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? William Logan, pseudonym of Laurence M. Janifer Anne Logston: Member of Horror Writers of America Anne Logston Paul Lohrman, house name and pseudonym of R. S. Shaver, P. W. Fairman S. A. Lombino, pseudonym of Evan Hunter (now changed legally) Jack London: world-famous American adventure writer who also penned science fiction, including: * Before Adam [Macmillan, 1906; Bantam; Ace] * The Iron Heel [Macmillan, 1907, 1948; Arcadia] * Star Rover [Macmillan, 1915, 1963] * The Science Fiction of Jack London [Gregg, 1975] 11 stories Charles R. Long: * The Eternal Man [Avalon, 1957] * The Infinite Brain [Avalon, 1964] Duncan Long: professional writer/artist with a number of SF books in print including: * SPIDER WORLDS trilogy [New York: HarperCollins, summer 1997] Duncan Long home page Duncan Long interesting resume page Duncan Long SF stories Duncan Long SF links list Duncan Long SF artwork Karawynn Long: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Karawynn e-mail Karawynn Long e-mail Karawynn Long old, invalid? e-mail Karawynn Long old, invalid? Lyda Belknap Long, pseudonym of Frank Belknap Long Frank Belknap Long (1903-1993) the last survivor of the H. P. Lovecraft Circle, prolific and literarily sophisticated author of horr, fantasy, the supernatural, and science fiction, best known for "The Hounds of Tindalos", author of the critical volume "Howard Phillips Lovecraft: Dreamer on the Night Side", recipient of the World Fantasy Convention Lifetime Achievement Award * And Others Shall Be Born [Belmont, 1968] * The Horror from the Hills [Arkham, 1963] a.k.a. The Horror from the Hills and Odd Science Fiction [Belmont, 1964] 2 novels in 1 volume * The Hounds of Tindalos [Arkham, 1946] 21 stories a.k.a. The Dark Beasts [Belmont, 1963] 9 stories * The Demons of the Upper Air [Squires, 1969] story collection * It Was the Day of the Robot [Belmont, 1963] * The Early Long [Doubleday, 1975] 17 stories * John Carstairs: Space Detective [Fell, 1949] 6 stories * Journey into Darkness [Belmont, 1967] * Lest Earth Be Conquered [Belmont, 1966] a.k.a. The Androids [Tower, 1969] * Mars is My Destination [Pyramid, 1962] * The Martian Visitors [Avalon, 1964] * The Mating Center [Chariot, 1961] * Mission to a Star [Avalon, 1964] * Monster from Out of Time [Popular, 1970] * Rim of the Unknown [Arkham, 1972] 23 stories * Space Station #1 [Ace, 1957, 1962] * Survival World [Lancer, 1971] * The Three Faces of Time [Tower, 1969] * This Strange Tomorrow [Belmont, 1966] * Three Steps Spaceward [Avalon, 1963] * Woman from Another Planet [Chariot, 1960] Sydney C. Long: Associate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Sydney C. Long e-mail Sydney C. Long old, invalid? Wesley Long, pseudonym of George O. Smith George Longdon, pseudonym of Francis G. Rayer Chris Longo: * The Last Gene [major, 1976] Barry B. Longyear: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America no known home page, but America Online e-mail e-mail Barry B. Longyear Novels: {to be done} Short Fiction: Jerry Emerson Loomis: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? e-mail Jerry Emerson Loomis Noel Loomis: * City of Glass [Columbia, 1955] E. C. R. Lorac, pseudonym of Edith C. Rivett Philip Loraine, pseudonym of Robin Estridge Martin Loran, pseudonym of Ron Smith & John Baxter Garland Lord, pseudonym of Isabel Garland & Mindret Lord Jeffrey Lord, house name and pseudonym of Roland Green, R. Faraday Nelson Upshaw Huffam Lorenz: lawyer/novelist "The Brain of Babylon" (London: Macdonald, 1905), "The Phanton Phreak" (London: R. Bently, 1887) Jean Lorrah, Ph.D.: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Jean Lorrah, Ph.D. homepage#1 Jean Lorrah, Ph.D. homepage#2 e-mail Jean Lorrah, Ph.D. e-mail Jean Lorrah, Ph.D. old, but still valid Jean Lorrah, born Canton OH 28 Nov [what year???], daughter of Walter W. Lorrah and Marie A. Unger; author: First Channel, 1980 Savage Empire, 1981 Dragon Lord of the Savage Empire, 1982 Channel's Destiny, 1983 The Vulcan Academy Murders, 1984 Ambrov Keon, 1986 Flight to the Savage Empire, 1986 Sorcerers of the Frozen Isles, 1986 Metamorphosis, 1990 Co-author Zelerod's Doom, 1986 Wulfston's Odyssey, 1987 Editor: Pandora Magazine, 1983-86 Ph.D. 1968 Florida State University; Editor 1963 Banks/Baldwin, Cleveland; Writer 1962 American Greetings; Teacher 1963-66 Monteverde Academy, Florida; Graduate Assistant 1966-68 Florida State University at Tallahassee; Professor of English 1968-present Murray State University, Kentucky; Member: SFWA, International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts Alden Lorraine, pseudonym of Forrest J. Ackerman Lilith Lorraine, pseudonym of Mary M. Wright -- extremely important figure in the history of Science Fiction Poetry {to be done} Paul Lorraine, house name and pseudonym of John Russell Fearn, John S. Glasby, William H. Bird, Arthur Roberts Robert Lory: * The Eyes of Bolsk [Ace, 1969] * A Harvest of Hoodwinks [Ace, 1970] 12 stories * Identity Seven [Daw, 1964] * Master of the Etrax [Dell, 1970] * Masters of the Lamp [Ace, 1970] * The Thirteen Bracelets [Ace, 1974] * The Veiled World [Ace, 1972] Eileen Lottman, pseudonym of Maud Willis Andre Louvigny, pseudonym of Andre Ruellan e-mail Rosaleen Love, Australia H. P. Lovecraft: essential American figure in the history of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, as he bridged the gulfs between these genres with literary flair, and greatly influenced many who followed afterwards. H. P. Lovecraft -- the Spanish homepage by the way, my father, Samuel H. Post, was the first to publish H. P. Lovecraft in a civilian paperback edition H. P. Lovecraft -- American homepage see: "Elder Gods" see: The Poetry of H. P. LOVECRAFT Linda Lovecraft, pseudonym of Michel Parry C. B. Lovehill, pseudonym of Charles Nutt Jack Lovejoy: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? Delos W. Lovelace: * King Kong [Grossett & Dunlap, 1933, 1976; Bantam; Ace] This novel (from an idea by Edgar Wallce and Merian C. Cooper) was made into one of the great science fiction films of all time {hotlink to be done) Marc Lovell, pseudonym of Mark McShane James Lowder: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America no known home page, but CompuServe e-mail e-mail James Lowder e-mail James Lowder old, invalid? Robert A. W. Loundes: Lifetime Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? * Believers World [Avalon, 1961] * The Duplicated Man (co-authored with james Blish) * Mystery of the Third Mine [Winston, 1953] juvenile * The Puzzle Planet [Ace, 1961] John Loxmith, pseudonym of K. Houston [John] Brunner Return to Authors L Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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David Lubkin: Associate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail David Lubkin George Lucas, real name, and pseudonym of Alan Dean Foster (novelizations): * Star Wars [ballentine Books, 1976; Science Fiction Book Club; Ballentine Books paperback; Del Rey 1977] {film hitlink to be done} R. David Ludwig: Affiliate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America no known home page, but CompuServe e-mail e-mail R. David Ludwig Edward W. Ludwig: * The Mask of John Culon [Lenox Hill, 1970] Adam Lukens, pseudonym of Diane Detzer Peter Lum, pseudonym of B. L. Crowe Brian Lumley: major Horror author; Member of Horror Writers of America Brian Lumley: Official Brian Lumley @ AlphaRalpha Brian Lumley Brian Lumley @ Dragon*Con * The Burrowers Beneath [Daw, 1974] * The Transition of Titus Crow [Daw, 1975] more {to be done} Kris Luna, house name and pseudonym of William H. Bird, David O'Brien, others Duncan Lunan, the leading space activist in Scotland, with numerous science fiction and space publications: nothing on the Web? Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America recent publications include: "Derelict", Amazing Stories "In the Arctic, Out of Time" (Asimov's SF) "With Time Comes Concord" (Analog) David Lunde: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail David Lunde, noted SF poet David Eric Lunde, born Berkeley CA 14 Oct 1941, son of John Peer Lunde and Alice Ann Leslie, married Mary Lee Brannock 18 Dec 1966 (divorced 4 Sep 1981), daughter China Fontaine Lee; married Marilyn Catherine Masiker 28 Aug 1983, son Eric Otto; author: Ironic Holidays, 1965 Les Papillons, 1967 Sludge Gulper, 1971 Calibrations, 1981 Critical Mass: Poems & Parables B.A. 1963 Knox College; MFA 1967 University of Iowa; Professor of English 1967-present, State University of New York at Fredonia; editor/publisher The Basilisk Press Sam J. Lundwall, Sweden, editor, SF historian, and novelist whom my Dad (Samuel H. Post) published in paperback: nothing on the Web Lifetime Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America * Alice's World [Ace, 1971] * Bernhard the Conquerer [Daw, 1973] * No Time for Heroes [Ace, 1971] * 2018 A.D. or the King Kong Blues [Daw, 1975] Richard Lupoff: expert in SF criticism, radio, comics * The Crack in the Sky [Dell, 1976] * Into the Aerher [Dell, 1974] * Lisa Kane [Bobbs Merrill, 1976] juvenile * One Million Centuries [Lancer, 1967] * Sacred Locomotive Flies [Beagle, 1971] * Sandworld [Berkley, 1976] * Space War Blues [Dell, 1978] * Sword of the Demon [Harper, 1977; Avon] * The Triune Man [Berkley/Putnam, 1976; Berkley] Lester Lurgan, pseudonym of Mabel Winifred Knowles Alison Lurie, pseudonym of Alison Bishop Spencer Luster, optical engineer, daughter Jamie, at work on a science fiction novel and a mainstream novel, first professional science fiction sale: "Key Bored: A Tale from the Writer's Block", Aboriginal Science Fiction, Fall 1996 Ray Luther, pseudonym of Robert Arthur Ley (Arthur Sellings) LUXEMBOURG Return to Authors L Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Bradford Lyau: Affiliate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Bradford Lyau e-mail Bradford Lyau old, invalid Peter Lyle: * Rolind of Meru [Avon, 1977] John Lymington, pseudonym of John Newton Chance, Bristish author of at least a dozen books of science fiction, including: * The Nowhere Place [Doubleday, 1971] * The Coming of the Strangers [Macfadden-Bartell, 1971] * Froomb! [Doubleday, 1966; Science Fiction Book Club; Macfadden-Bartell, 1967] * The Grey Ones [Macfadden-Bartell, 1969] * Night of the Big Heat [Dutton, 1960; Macfadden-Bartell, 19??] * The Night Spiders [Doubleday, 1965; Curtis] * The Screaming Face [Macfadden-Bartell, 1970] * The Sleep Eaters [Macfadden-Bartell, 1969] * The Star Witches Macfadden-Bartell, 1970] * A Sword Above the Night [Macfadden-Bartell, 1971; Manor] * Ten Million Years to Friday [Doubleday, 1970; Lancer] The following paperback edition was edited and published by my father, Samuel H. Post, for MacFadden-Bartell Corporation, New York: John Lymington, "Froomb!", (60-287, 1967) others??? {to be done} Francis Lynch, pseudonym of David G. Compton Barre Lyndon, pseudonym of Alfred Edgar Barre Lyndon & Jimmy Sangster: * The Man Who Could Cheat Death [Avon, 1959] {film hotlink to be done} Elizabeth A. Lynn: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? e-mail Elizabeth A. Lynn Lymon R. Lyon, pseudonym of L. Sprague de Camp Richard K. Lyon: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? e-mail Richard K. Lyon Delphine C. Lyons, pseudonym of Evelyn E. Smith Marcus Lyons, pseudonym of James Blish Sonia Orin Lyris: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Sonia Orin Lyris Sonia Orin Lyris @ AlphaRalpha e-mail Sonia Orin Lyris e-mail Sonia Orin Lyris old, invalid? Lord Lytton, pseudonym of E. G. Bulwer-Lytton Return to Authors L Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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