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Authors Beginning "O" through "Oa..."

"O": (1) fifteenth letter of the alphabet; (2) fourteenth of the ancient Roman alphabet; (3) sixteenth of Semitic and Phoenician (as "the eye"); (4) called, in Old English, "oedel" ( = "home"); (5) as a latin medieval numeral, it stood for the number 11 Laurie O: isfdb and Locus/Contento list: * "The Inquisition" [S/M Pasts, ed. Cecilia Tan, Circlet Press, 1995] ISBN 1-885865-06-6, $12.95, trade paperback Oaf: corrupted from the word "ouph" which means "Elf", from the superstition that unusually foolish or stupid people were Changelings, left by Fairies who kidnapped the original child; see: "Changeling" see: "Elf" see: "Fairy" Jeff Oakes: Locus/Contento lists: * "Guns, Flags, and Flowers" [Vision, no.6, 1990] * "The Power of Words?" [Vision, no.4, 1990] poem Philip Oakes: * Experiment at Proto [Coward McCann, 1973; Avon] Sarah McKinley Oakes: isfdb lists: * "Accept No Substitutes" [Backstage Passes, ed. Amelia G, Rhinoceros, 1996] ISBN 1-56333-438-0, $6.95, paperback Terry Oakes: Science Fiction illustrator Terry Oakes @isfdb Jack Oakley: Fantasy author: Short Fiction: * "The Tragedy of Kl" [Weird Tales from Shakespeare, ed. Katharine Kerr and Martin H. Greenberg, 1994] ISBN 0-88677-605-8, $4.99] * "Fiat Silva" [Enchanted Forests,ed. Katharine Kerr and Martin H. Greenberg, DAW, 1995] paperback ISBN 0-88677-672-4, $5.50, pb] Oannes: according to Babylonian myth, he was an Extraterrestrial god, who came to Earth from a star, had the body of a fish but the head of a man, worked with men all day (sometimes with his head in a helmet of water) to teach them the arts and sciences of writing, astronomy, metallurgy, and ceramics, and at night returned to sleep at the bottom of the Persian Gulf; see: Me Human, You Alien: How to Talk to an Extraterrestrial see: those miscellaneous other Mythologies OAO: see Orbiting Astronomical Observatory Joyce Carol Oates: best known as prolific literary and mainstream author, has also created a significant body of Horror and Dark Fantasy. Member of Horror Writers of America Joyce Carol Oates Novels: * Zombie [Dutton,1995] ISBN 0-525-94045-6, $19.95 * First Love [Ecco Press, 1996] ISBN 0-88001-457-1, $18.00 Story Collections: * Demon and Other Tales [Necronomicon Press, 1996] trade paperback $4.95 Anthologies: * American Gothic Tales [ed. Joyce Carol Oates, Penguin/Plume, 1996] Short Fiction: * "Bodies" [Strangeness, ed. Thomas M. Disch and Charles Naylor, Scribner's, 1978] ISBN 0-684-14899-4, $8.95 * "Saul Bird Says: Relate! Communicate! Liberate!" [Playboy Stories: The Best of Forty Years of Short Fiction, ed. Alice K. Turner, Penguin/Dutton, 1994] ISBN 0-525-93735-8, $24.95 * "Night-Side" [The Dark Descent, ed. David G. Hartwell, Tor, 1987] trade paperback * "The Bingo Master" [Dark Forces, ed. Kirby McCauley, Viking Press, 1980] * "The Rose Wall" [Twilight Zone Magazine, April 1981] $2.00 * "The Others" [Twilight Zone Magazine, August 1987] $2.50 * "The Stadium" [Omni, ed. Patrice Adcroft, 1988] $3.50 * "Haunted" [The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: First Annual Collection, ed. Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, St. Martin's, 1988] ISBN 0-312-01851-7, $19.95 * "Family" [Omni, ed. Patrice Adcroft and Ellen Datlow, 1989, $3.50; The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Third Annual Collection, eds. Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, St. Martin's Press, 1990] ISBN 0-312-04447-X, $24.95 * "The Damnation of A--- K---" [Fantasy and Science Fiction, August 1989] * "Why Don't You Come Live With Me It's Time" [The New Gothic, eds. Patrick McGrath and Bradford Morrow, Random House, 1991] * "Ladies and Gentlemen" [The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fourth Annual Collection, eds. Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, St. Martins, 1991] $27.95 * "Martyrdom" [MetaHorror, ed. Dennis Etchison, Dell Abyss, 1992] paperback ISBN 0-440-2089-81, $4.99 * "Letter, Lover" [Desire Burn: Women's Stories From the Dark Side of Passion, eds. Janet Berliner, Uwe Luserke, Martin H. Greenberg, Carroll & Graf Publishers, Inc., 1995] ISBN 0-7867-0259-1, $9.95, * "The Artist" [Omni, May 1992] * Thanksgiving" [Omni, Nov 1993] it's not clear what's happened, but civilization has pretty much collapsed, and a family buys grotesquely decayed foods at a ruined supermarket * "Fever Blisters" [Little Deaths, ed. Ellen Datlow, Dell, 1994; paperback ISBN 0-440-21852-7, $4.99 * "The Brothers" [The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Eighth Annual Collection, eds. Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, St. Martin's, 1995] ISBN 0-312-13220-4, $27.95 * "Blind" [Worlds of Fantasy and Horror #1, ed. Darrell Schweitzer, Summer 1994, $4.95; The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Ninth Annual Collection, eds. Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, St. Martin's, 1996] hardcover 0-312-14449-0, $27.95 trade paperback 0-312-14450-4, $17.95 * "The Hand-Puppet" [David Copperfield's Tales of the Impossible, eds. David Copperfield, Janet Berliner, Martin H. Greenberg, HarperPrism, 1995] 0-06-105288-0, $23.00 Nonfiction: * "Reflections on the Grotesque" [The New York Review of Science Fiction, February 1994] $3.00 Return to Authors O Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ob..."

Dan O'Bannon [1946-]: Locus/Contento lists: * "A Conversation with Dan O'Bannon" [Tekeli-li!, no.2, 1991] interview Rockne S. O'Bannon: Locus/Contento lists: * "Breaking In: Rockne S. O'Bannon", Michael Blaine [Twilight Zone, June 1986] interview * "Fear is the Key",John Gilbert [Fear!, Feb 1991] interview James O'Barr: Locus/Contento lists: * "Darkness and the Shadow of Light" [The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams, ed. J. O'Barr & Ed Kramer, Ballantine Del Rey, 1998] poem * "Jesus Christ's Wrists " [The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams, ed. J. O'Barr & Ed Kramer, Ballantine Del Rey, 1998] poem * "Scholarly Marauders" [Dante's Disciples, ed. Peter Crowther & Edward E. Kramer, White Wolf, 1996] short story * "Spooky, Codeine, and the Dead Man " [The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams, ed. J. O'Barr & Ed Kramer, Ballantine Del Rey, 1998] short story Jim O'Barr: Locus/Contento lists: * "Frame 137" [Storming the Reality Studio, ed. Larry McCaffery, Duke University Press, 1991] graphics? Laura Apol Obbink: Locus/Contento lists: * "While She's Away" [The Urbanite, no.3, 1993] Steven Oberbeck: Locus/Contento lists: * "A Prey Rare and Elusive" [Twisted, no.6, 1991] John Oberdorf: Fantasy illustrator active in early 1980s: John Oberdorf @ isfdb William Oberfield: [listed in the Internet Speculative Fiction Database, not in my collection] Short Fiction: * "Escape from Pluto" [Planet Stories, ed. Paul L. Payne, Fall 1947] * "The Enormous Word" [Planet Stories, ed. Jerome Bixby, Summer 1950] * "Poison Planet" [Planet Storie, ed. Jerome Bixby, January 1951] James E. Oberg: expert on the Space Programs of America and Russia and a notable UFO sceptic whom I've had the pleasure of meeting at various Space conferences Books: * Red Star in Orbit * others {to be done} Articles in Science Fiction Markets: * "The Next Man on The Moon" [Analog, Feb 1975] * "The Legacy of Apollo-Soyuz" [Analog, Aug 1975] * "Space Rescue" [Analog, Nov 1975] * "Unidentified Fraudulent Object" [Analog, Nov 1976] * "UFO Update: The Science Conflict" [Omni, Oct 1978] * "UFO Update: Betty Hill" [Omni, Nov 1978] * "UFO Update: Queen of the UFOs" [Omni, Dec 1978] * "Salute to Salyut" [Analog, Dec 1978] * "UFO Update: The Coyne Incident" [Omni, Jan 1979] * "UFO Update: Astronomy and the Flying Saucers" [Omni, Feb 1979] * "Farming the Planets" [Omni, Feb 1979] * "UFO Update: UFO's at the U.N." [Omni, Mar 1979] * "Red Stars in Orbit" [Omni, May 1979] * "UFO Update: UFO Over Iran" [Omni, Aug 1979] * "UFO Update: True UFO's" [Omni, Sep 1979] * "UFO Update: Tunguska" [Omni, Oct 1979] * "UFO Update: Alone Again" [Omni, Feb 1980] * "UFO Update: Phantom Moonlet" [Omni, Mar 1980] * "UFO Update: Honest Illusions" [Omni, May 1980] * "UFO Update: The Russian Connection" [Omni, Jul 1980] * "UFO Update: Repeaters" [Omni, Aug 1980] * "UFO Update: Minnesota Attack" [Omni, Oct 1980] * "Space: Salyut Redux" [Omni, Dec 1980] * "UFO Update: Space Encounters" [Omni, Feb 1981] * "UFO Update: Hoax" [Omni, Jul 1981] * "OTRAG" [Omni, Jun 1981] German rocket company * "Explorations: Quick-Frozen Meteorites" [Omni, Sep 1981] * "Space: Mars Manifesto" [Omni, May 1982] * "Space: Hitch Up With a Red Star" [Omni, Mar 1982] * "Space: Beyond Sputnik's Booster" [Omni, Oct 1982] * "Space: Return to the Moon" [Omni, Feb 1983] * "Space Arks for the 21st Century" [Omni, Oct 1983] * "The Elusive Soviet Space Plane" [Omni, Sep 1983] * "Russians to Mars?" [Analog, Sep 1985] * "Shuttle Down: Fiction to Fact" [Analog, Aug 1986] Charles Oberndorf: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Novels: * Sheltered Lives [Bantam Spectra, 1992] paperback ISBN 0-553-29248-X, $4.99 * Foragers [Bantam Spectra, 1996] paperback ISBN 0-553-29695-7, $5.99 Short Fiction: * "Mannequins" [Full Spectrum, eds. Lou Aronica and Shawna McCarthy, Bantam, 1988] paperback ISBN 0-553-27482-1, $4.95 * "Close to Light [Full Spectrum 2, eds. Lou Aronica, Shawna McCarthy, Amy Stout, Pat LoBrutto, Doubleday Foundation, 1989] 0-385-26019-9, $19.95 and in paperback [Bantam Spectra, 1990] 0-553-28530-0, $4.95 * "Oracle" [Asimov's, Sep 1996] * "Testing" [Bantam Spectra, 1993] Book Reviews: * "Sheltered Lives, Charles Oberndorf", Gary K. Wolfe, [Locus, vol.28:2, No.373, Feb 1992] * "Testing, Charles Oberndorf", Gary K. Wolfe [Locus, vol.31:1, No.390, July 1993] e-mail Charles Oberndorf e-mail Charles Oberndorf old, invalid? Oberon: (1) King of the Fairies, husband of Titania, in Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream"; (2) the name may be derived from "Alberich", King of the Elves; (3) first known print appearance is in French Romance "Huon de Bordeaux" where he is described as the son of Julius Caesar and Morgan le Fay, 3 feet tall, with the face of an angel, was King of Mommur, was gifted at birth by fairies with the power to know men's thoughts (i.e. telepathy) and to be able to instantaneously transport himself anywhere (i.e. teleportation), and that angels led his soul to Paradise; see: "Alberich" see: Angels see: "Elf" see: Heaven see: EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION Jamie Oberschlake: Fantasy/Horror illustrator active in late 1990s Jamie Oberschlake @isfdb Hermann [Julius] Oberth (25 June 1894-?1994?) Founder of Astronautics, born in ROMANIA, author of pioneering mathematical analysis of spaceflight: "Die Rakete zu den Planetenraumen {The Rocket into Interplanetary Space}" (Munich: R. Oldenburg, 1921); president of German Rocket Society (with Werner Von Braun and technical advisor to Fritz Lang on "Frau im Mond" {The Girl in the Moon}, see Von Braun entry this Web site, {film hotlink to be done}. Also nonfiction books: * Man in Space [New York: Harper, 1957] * Moon Car [New York: Harper, 1959] and then, after Von Braun brought Oberth to Huntsville, Alabama, he ended up as a guru at Rockwell International, where his work (like my own) was crushed by corporate indifference. By his plans (I saw them at Rockwell) we should have a Mars base by now. Obi: (1) see Obeah; (2) belt worn with martial arts robes; (3) term of respect, as with Obi Wan Kenobe, in Star Wars mythos Objective: (1) on the tension between Objective and Subjective, Naturalism and Romanticism, see "Naturalism"; (2) Objective is synonymous with Object Lens Arch Oboler (6 Dec 1909-?1994?) American radio broadcaster/playwright/film producer, who worked with my father (Samuel H. Post) and won many awards for films such as "Bewitched" {hotlink to be done} {TV Hotlink} and horror/weird radio plays. He's in this Web page for: Verse/Theatre: * "The Night of the Auk" [New York: Horizon Press, 1958] a science fiction poetry play that made it to the Broadway stage in 1956, complete with suicides and murders on the Moon. Short Fiction: * "Come to the Bank" [Weird Tales, ed. Gordon M. D. Garb, Fall 1984] $2.50 * "And Adam Begot" [Out of This World, ed. Julius Fast, Penguin,1944] Devin O'Branagan: Locus/Contento lists: Books: * {to be done} Short Fiction: * "An Act of Magic" [Midnight Zoo, vol.1, no.3, 1991] Nonfiction about Devin O'Branagan: * "Interview: Devin O'Branagan", Jonathan N. Larson [Midnight Zoo, vol.1, no.2, 1991] interview * "Witch Hunt, Devin O'Branagan", Edward Bryant [Locus, vol.25:6, no.359, Dec 1990] book review Edna O'Brien (1932-): * "Number 10" [A Fanatic Heart, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1984; Mistresses of the Dark: 25 Macabre Tales by Master Storytellers, ed. Stefan R. Dziemianowicz, Denise Littl, Robert Weinberg, Barnes & Noble, 1998] C[lifford] Edward O'Brien, under pseudonym "Larry Clinton O'Brien" * Earth Waits for Dawn [New York: Vantage, 1956] David Wright O'Brien (1887?-1944) American author, prolific and pseudonymous, nephew of Farnsworth Wright, space opera writer popular in Amazing and Fantastic Adventure. In U.S. Army Air Force, he died in antiaircraft fire above Berlin. * "Sergant Shane" series in Amazing Stories, as "John York Cabot" Dean D. O'Brien, pseudonym of Earl Binder & Otto Binder Dee O'Brien, pseudonym of Marion Zimmer Bradley Edward O'Brien: Locus Contento lists: * "Alas, Poor Ghost" [All Hallows #12, 1996] critical article about Benson * "Flawed Blossom and Withered Leaf" [Fungi, Spring 1997] short story * "For Sale by Owner" [Weird Stories, Feb 1998] * "A G.K. Chesterton Bibliography" [Fungi, Summer 1998] * "The Life of G.K. Chesterton" [Fungi, Summer 1998] nonfiction * "The Mystique of Hallowe'en" [All Hallows, no.16, 1998] nonfiction * "Quinn's World" [Weird Stories, June 1998] * "The Statement of Adrian Steiger" [Tales of Lovecraftian Horror, no.9, 1998] Edward W. O'Brien, Jr.: Locus Contento lists: * "At the Demonologist's" [DoppelgŠnger, no.10, 1989] poem [Figment, no.5, 1990] * "The Fifty-Second" [Crypt of Cthulhu, no.84, 1993] short story * "The Unpleasantness at Marlowe's" [Crypt of Cthulhu, no.80, 1992] short story * "Young Ronan" Crypt of Cthulhu, no.73, 1990] short story E. G. O'Brien, pseudonym of Arthur C. Clarke Fitz-James O'Brien (31 Dec 1828-6 Apr 1862) England-born American author who died in the American Civil War. Fitz-James O'Brien A gifted and influential short story author, best known for "The Diamond Lens". * Collected Stories (ed. Edward J. O'Brien) [New York: Boni, 1925] Flann O'Brien, pseudonym of Brian O Nolan (1911-1966): Books: * {to be done} Short Fiction: * "John Duffy's Brother" [Story, July/Aug 1941; Black Water, ed. Alberto Manguel, Picador, 1983] * "The Third Policeman" extract in: [Other Worlds, ed. Tim Stringer, Thomas Nelson, 1990] Harvey O'Brien: Locus Contento lists: * "Magic Moments" [Albedo One, no.18, 1998] short story Janice O'Brien: Locus Contento lists: * "Taking Jesus Off the Cross, or Sundance the Clown" [Dreams Are Wiser Than Men, ed. Richard A. Russo, North Atlantic, 1987] Larry Clinton O'Brien, pseudonym of C[lifford] Edward O'Brien Larry O'Brien: * "Soul of an Old Machine" [Infinite Loop, ed. Larry Constantine, Miller Freeman, 1993] Richard O'Brien (1942-): Locus Contento lists: Books: * {to be done} Nonfiction About Him: * "The Revenge of the Old Queen", John Gilbert [Fear,! May 1991] interview Robert C. O'Brien, pseudonym of Robert L. Conly Sean O'Brien, full name Sean Thomas O'Brien (1965-): Locus Contento lists: Books: * {to be done} Short Fiction: * "Historical, Flowing and Flown" [Printer's Devil, ed. Sean O'Brien, Stephen Plaice & Eva Salzman, Serpent's Tail, 1994; Neil Corcoran's British Poetry since 1940] book review * "World Enough and Time" [The Leading Edge, no.34, 1997] short story Seon O'Brien: Locus Contento lists: * "A Sparrow Falls" [The Ultimate Unknown, Summer 1997] nonfiction Terry L. O'Brien: Associate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Terry L. O' Short Fiction: * "Marching to King Death's Drum" [Marian Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Summer 1989] * "Mistaking the Dragon Mage" [Marian Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Fall 1988] Terry L. O'Brien: CompuServe e-mail and e-mail Terry L. O'Brien e-mail Terry L. O'Brien old, invalid? V[ladimir] A[fanasievich] Obruchev (10 Oct 1863-18 Jun 1956) Russian scientist/author, geologist, with many technical publications and at least 3 novels: "In the Wilds of Central Asia" (1950) "Plutonia" (Leningrad, 1924; Moscow: Foreign Language Publication House, 1957) in a sort of Russian Pellucidar "Sannikov Land" (Moscow: Foreign Language Publication House, 1955) -- Neanderthals and Mastodons in modern Siberia Marek Obtulowicz: isfdb lists: * "Trojak" [Quark/2, eds. Marilyn Hacker and Samuel R. Delany, Paperback Library, 1971] Paperback Library No.66-540, $1.25, paperback * "A Man of Letters" [Quark/4, eds. Marilyn Hacker and Samuel R. Delany, Paperback Library, 1971] paperback Dermot O'Byrne: pseudonym of Arnold Bax (1883-1953): Locus/Contento lists: Short Fiction: * "The Death of Macha Gold-Hair" [The Irish Review, 1917; Great Irish Tales of the Unimaginable, ed. Peter Haining, Souvenir Press, 1994] * "The Lifting of the Veil" [Horror by Lamplight, ed. Anon., Chancellor Press, 1993] Return to Authors O Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Oc..."

Geoff O'Callaghan: Locus/Contento lists: * "The Keeper" [Terror Australis, ed. Leigh Blackmore, Coronet Australia, 1993] Maxine O'Callaghan, full name Helen Maxine O'Callaghan (1937- ): Maxine O'Callaghan Books: * {to be done} Short Fiction: * "Exit" [After Hours, Summer 1990] * "Is You Is or Is You Ain't Miranda?" [After Hours, Winter 1995] * "Wuffs" [co-author Brandon Apperson] [Great Writers & Kids Write Spooky Stories, ed. Martin H. Greenberg, Jill M. Morgan, Robert Weinberg, Random House, 1995] Silvina Ocampo (1903-): Locus Contento lists: Books: * {to be done} Short Fiction: * "The Atonement" (1961) [The Book of Fantasy, ed. Jorge Lu’s Borges, Adolfo Bioy Casares, Silvina Ocampo, Viking, 1989] * "The Compulsive Dreamer" [The Secret Weavers, ed. Marjorie Agosin, White Pine Press, 1991; translated by Nina M. Scott] * "The Friends" (1982) [Black Water, ed. Alberto Manguel, Picador, 1983] * "The House of Sugar" [The Secret Weavers, ed. Marjorie Agosin, White Pine Press, 1991; translated by Nina M. Scott] * "Things" [The Secret Weavers, ed. Marjorie Agosin, White Pine Press, 1991; translated by Nina M. Scott] * "Thus Were Their Faces" [The Secret Weavers, ed. Marjorie Agosin, White Pine Press, 1991; translated by Nina M. Scott] * "The Velvet Dress" [The Secret Weavers, ed. Marjorie Agosin, White Pine Press, 1991; translated by Nina M. Scott] Occam's Razor: named after William of Occam (?-1349), Doctor Singularis et Invincibilis, the famous philosopher of the Franciscans, born in Ockham, Surrey, whose principle of cutting away the superfluous to arrive at the truth is often paraphrased "entia non sunt multiplacanda praeter necessitatem" (entities ought not to be multiplied except when necessary), that is, that given two hypotheses, one should choose the one which requires fewer assumptions Occult Sciences: [Latin "occultus" = hidden]: Magical arts: see: "Alchemy" see: "Astrology" see: "Divination" see: "Palmistry" Oceanids: sea-nymphs, daughters of Oceanus and Tethys, to whom marners made offerings, included among whom were Doris, Electra, Amphitrite see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Carlos Ochagavia: Science Fiction illustrator active in early 1980s: Carlos Ochagavia @isfdb Did cover for Larry Niven/Steve Barnes "Dream Park" novel Ezra Ochshorn: isfdb lists: * "Bark at the Moon" [Pirate Writings, ed. Edward J. McFadden, Summer 1994] $4.99 Laurie Ochsner: Associate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Laurie Ochsner Anna O'Connell: Locus/Contento lists: * "Education" [co-author Doug Houseman] [The Crafters, ed. Christopher Stasheff and Bill Fawcett, Ace, 1991] Charles C[hristopher] O'Connell, Irish UFO novelist: * The Vanishing Island [New York: Devin-Adair, 1959] * The Miracle Maker [1960] Edwin O'Connor (29 July 1918-23 Mar 1968) American-Irish novelist, whose * The Edge of Sadness -- won the 1961 Pulitzer Fiction Prize, * The Last Hurrah" (1956) was filmed {Hotlink to be done} * Benjy: A Ferocious Fairy Tale [Boston: Little Brown, 1957] Fantasy E. J. O'Connell, E. Jay O'Connell, Edward James O'Connell III (1963- ) Books: * {to be done} Short Fiction: Locus/Contento lists: * "A Burning Green" [Pirate Writings #10, 1996] * "Dollhouse" [Aboriginal SF, Summer 1993; Critical Mass Anthology, ed. E. Jay O'Connell, E. Jay O'Connell, 1996] * "Dying of a Kiss" [Absolute Magnitude, Fall/Winter 1997] * "Introduction" [Critical Mass Anthology, ed. E. Jay O'Connell, E. Jay O'Connell, 1996] * "Just Rubberface and Me" [Galaxy, Jan/Feb 1995] * "The Listening Box" [Pirate Writings #14, 1997] * "Malthus and Me" [Talebones, Fall 1995] * "The Option" [Pirate Writings, Summer 1995] * "Until the Tuna Runs Out" [Alternate Hilarities #4, 1993] E. J. O'Connell e-mail E. Jay O'Connell Joe O'Connell: Locus/Contento lists: * "The Sailor Home from the Sea" [Figment #9, 1992] Michael J. O'Connell: Locus/Contento lists: * "Ah, Diety" [Figment #4, 1990] Mark O'Conner: Locus/Contento lists: * "Violence Is Golden" [Midnight Zoo, vol.1, no.1, 1991] Clairr O'Connor: Locus/Contento lists: * "Ophelia's Tale" [Mad and Bad Fairies, ed. Anon., Dublin: Attic Press, 1987] Flannery O'Connor (1925-1964): Mainsream authgor with some Horror and dark Fantasies; Locus/Contento lists: * "The Comforts of Home" [Kenyon Review, Fall 1960; The Best Horror Stories, ed. Anon., BDD/Mallard Press, 1990] * "Good Country People" [A Good Man Is Hard to Find, Harcourt, 1955; The Dark Descent, ed. David G. Hartwell, Tor, 1987; The Dark Descent: The Medusa in the Shield, ed. David G. Hartwell, Grafton, 1990; The Dark Descent #2: The Medusa in the Shield, ed. David G. Hartwell, Tor, 1991] * "Judgement Day" [1956] [Witches' Brew, ed. Marcia Muller & Bill Pronzini, Macmillan, 1984] * "The River" [The Sewanee Review, July 1953; Mistresses of the Dark: 25 Macabre Tales by Master Storytellers, ed. Stefan R. Dziemianowicz, Denise Little, Robert Weinberg, Barnes & Noble, 1998] Frank O'Connor, pseudonym of Michael O'Donovan, (1903-1966): Locus/Contento lists: * "The Old Faith" [More Stories by Frank O'Connor, Knopf, 1954; Great Irish Stories of the Supernatural, ed. Peter Haining, Souvenir Press, 1992] Ian O'Connor: Locus/Contento lists: * "The Key" [Bloodsongs, Jan 1994] poem Janice O'Connor: Associate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America * "Deathsong" [Aboriginal SF, Spring 1994] e-mail Janice O'Connor corrected e-mail Janice O'Connor e-mail Janice O'Connor old, invalid? Mark O'Connor: Locus/Contento lists: * "The Lucky Leprechaun" [Marian Zimmer Bradley Fantasy Magazine, Summer 1990] * "The Problem with a Slow Bullet" [Aberations #5, 1992] * "The Rat Trap" [Midnight Zoo, vol.1, no.5, 1991] * "Turbo Charged " [Marian Zimmer Bradley Fantasy Magazine, Summer 1990] Michael O'Connor (1938-): Locus/Contento lists: * "The Eye of the Beholder" [Threads #2, 1994] poem * "Late Night Shopping" [Roadworks #1, 1998] * "Things Ain't What They Used to Be" [Sierra Heaven #4, 1997] * "A Time to Work" [Kimota #8, 1998] Patrick O'Connor, pseudonym of Leonard Wibberley Robert O'Connor (1959-): Locus/Contento lists: * "Toby" [The Silver Web, Fall/Winter 1993] Stephen O'Connor: * Rescue [Crown Harmony, 1989] 12 story collection Thomas O'Connor: Locus/Contento lists: * "An Arm and a Leg" [2AM, Fall 1986] * "Room of a Thousand Faces" [Eldritch Tales #19, 1989] * "Uncle Jim" [Twisted #6, 1991] William D[ouglas] O'Connor (2 Jan 1832-9 May 1889) American journalist/author, good buddy of Walt Whitman, Fantasy collections include * The Ghost [New York: Putnam, 1867] * Three Tales [Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1892] Locus/Contento lists this reprint: * "The Ghost" [Putnam's Monthly, Jan 1856; Christmas Ghosts, ed. Kathryn Cramer and David G. Hartwell, Arbor House, 1987] Martin O'Cuthbert: Locus/Contento lists: * "B.E.Ms Have Landed" [Star Roots #1, 1989] Return to Authors O Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Od..."

James Odbert: Science Fiction illustrator active in early 1980s James Odbert @isfdb De Odem: isfdb lists: * "Here's Looking at You" [Pirate Writings, Fall 1994] Scott Oden: isfdb lists: * "Veins" [Tales From The Fringe, ed. Terry L. Luna, Fall 1996] $2.50 * "Last Train to Oblivion" [Tales From The Fringe, ed. Terry L. Luna, Fall 1996] $2.50 * "Faith" [Tales From The Fringe, ed. Terry L. Luna, Fall 1996] $2.50 Odin: King of the Gods, Scandinavian equivalent of Anglo-Saxon Woden; God of agriculture, poetry, war, and wisdom; God of the dead, at the head of the table in Valhalla banqueting with those fallen in battle; who became the "All-Wise" by drinking of Mimir's Fountain, at the cost of one eye (his remaining eye is the Sun); rider of the horse Sleipnir; mage of mages; dicoverer of the Runes; see: Scandanavian Pantheon E. V. Odle: isfdb lists: * The Clockwork Man [1923] Mel Odom: author and illustrator, either a co-author with or pseudonym of Warren Norwood (I admit to being somewhat confused here); isfdb lists: Novels: * the "Time Police" series (see Warren Norwood) * Shadowrun #27: Headhunters [Penguin, 1997] ISBN 0-451-45614-9, $5.99, paperback Short Fiction: * "Predator's Moon" [100 Wicked Little Witch Stories, eds. Stefan R. Dziemianowicz, Robert Weinberg, Martin H. Greenberg, Barnes & Noble, 1995] ISBN 1-56619-762-7, $7.98, hardcover ISBN 0-7607-0208-X, trade paperback Cover Artwork: * The Halfling and Other Stories [1983] * Euryale [1988] * Love Bite [1994] * The Lions of Al-Rassan [1995] * Love in Vein [1995] * Little Deaths [1995] * Humility Garden [1995] * Love in Vein II [1997] Elliott O'Donnell (27 Feb 1872-8 May 1965) British weird author/lecturer with extensive nonfiction publications, plus one novel and a collection: "The Dead Riders" (London: Rider, 1952) "Dread of Night" (Dublin: Pillar, 1943?) Kevin O'Donnell, Jr.: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Kevin O'Donnell, Kevin O'Donnell, Jr. according to SFsite Kevin O'Donnell: Index to at least 1 publication e-mail Kevin O'Donnell e-mail Kevin O'Donnell old, invalid? K. M. O'Donnell, pseudonym of Barry N. Malzberg Lawrence O'Donnell, pseudonym of Catherine L. Moore, Henry Kuttner, Catherine Moore & Henry Kuttner Michael O'Donoghue: borderline x-rated cartoon strip "The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist" (New York: Grove, 1968). I liked it. So shoot me. Finn O'Donovan, pseudonym of Robert Sheckley Odyle: hypoethetical force used by occult mediums, also called "Od force" by Baron von Reichenbach (1788-1869) [Elizabeth Browning's "Aurora Leigh", vii, 566] Odyssey: the greatest epic Fantasy poem of them all, by the blind poet Homer, of the adventures of Odysseus (Ulysses) trying to go home from the Trojan War see: "Homer" Return to Authors O Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Oedipus: (1) son of Laius (King of Thebes) and Queen Jocasta; prophecied to murder his father and marry his mother, he was exposed at birth on a mountain, but did not die as expected, instead he was rescued and reared by shepherds; he grew up to unwittingly kill his father, then solved the Riddle of the Sphinx, became the new King of Thebes, thus automatically married Queen Jocasta, and when the truth came to light, Jocasta hung herself and Oedipus ripped out his eyeballs; (2) Freud's term "Oedipus Complex" is for unconscious sexual desire by all boys for their mothers, and for the hatred of their fathers see: Greek/Roman Mythology Oenone: Nymph of Mount Ida, wife of Paris before he kidnapped Helen and precipitated the Trojan War; Oenone prophecied the horrible results of the war, and when she heard of the death of Paris, she committed suicide see: "Paris" see: "Apple of Discord" see: Greek/Roman Mythology Arthur Oesterreicher: isfdb lists: * "Broken Circuit" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Apr 1958] Joy Oestreicher: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Short Fiction: * "Efrum's Marbles" [A Wizard's Dozen, ed. Michael Stearns, Jane Yolen Books/Harcourt Brace, 1993] 0-15-200965-5, 16.95 * "Hermosa" [Midnight Zoo, vol.4, no.1, 1994] * "Vet-o-Saurus" [A Starfarer's Dozen: Stories of Things to Come, ed. Michael Stearns, Harcourt Brace & Co., 1995] 0-15-299871-3, $17.00 * "Family Planning" [A Nightmare's Dozen: Stories from the Dark, ed. Michael Stearns, Harcourt Brace, 1996] 0-15-201247-8, $17.00 Poems (sometimes as Joy E. Oestreicher): * "War Circular" [There Will Be War Volume VIII: Armageddon!, eds. Jerry Pournelle and John F. Carr, Tor, 1989] paperback ISBN 0-812-54965-1, $3.95 * "Babes in Starland" [Tales of the Unanticipated, Fall/Winter 1989] * "The Slow Earth" [Midnight Zoo, Mar/Apr 1991] * "Nexus" [Midnight Zoo, Mar/Apr 1991] * "Necrophilia" [Midnight Zoo, Mar/Apr 1991] * "Hatchlings" [Midnight Zoo, Mar/Apr 1991] * "Futurefood" [Midnight Zoo, Mar/Apr 1991] * "Dyslexics in Space" [Midnight Zoo, Mar/Apr 1991] * "Competitor" [Midnight Zoo, Mar/Apr 1991] * "The Alpha Omega Cat" [Midnight Zoo, Mar/Apr 1991] * "The Prince of Nights" [Midnight Zoo, vol.2, no.2, 1992] * "The Mathematics of Desire" [Star*Line, ed. Marge Ballif Simon, Jan/Feb 1992] * "First Mate" [Midnight Zoo, vol.2, no.1, 1992] Nonfiction: * "Poetry Book Review" [Midnight Zoo, May/June 1991] * "Book Review" [Midnight Zoo, vol.1, no.5, 1991) * "Introduction (Air Fish) [Air Fish, eds. Joy Oestricher and Richard Singer, Cat's Eye Press, 1993] trade paperback ISBN 0-9631755-2-1, $16.95 e-mail Joy Oestreicher e-mail Joy Oestreicher old, invalid? andrew j. offut: andrew j. offut Books: * Arbor on Aros [Dell, 1973] * The Black Sorcerer of the Black Castle [Hall, 1976] parody of fantasy * The Castle Keeps [Berkley, 1972] * Chiefton of Andor [Dell, 1976] * Demon in the Mirror [Pocket, 1978] co-author R. Lyon * Evil is Live Spelled Backwards [Paperback Library, 1970] * The Galactic Rejects [Lothrop-Lee, 1973; Dell] * Genetic Bomb [Warner, 1975] co-author D. B. Berry * Messenger of Zhuvastou [Berkley, 1973] * My Lord Barbarian [Ballentine Books, 1977] * The "Cormac Mac Art" series * Sword of the Gael [Zebra, 1975] * The Undying Wizard [Zebra, 1976] * The Sign of the Moonbow [Zebra, 1977] * The Mists of Doom [Zebra, 1977] Short Fiction: * "My Country, Right or Wrong" [Protostars, ed. David Gerrold, Ballantine, 1971] ISBN 345-02393-5-095, $0.95 * "The Black Sorcerer of the Black Castle" [Cosmic Laughter, ed. Joe Haldeman, Holt Rinehart Winston, 1974] 0-03-006931-9, $5.95 Peter O'Flinn, pseudonym of Robert L. Fanthorpe Peter O'Flynn, pseudonym of Robert L. Fanthorpe Og: (1) Rabbinical legend says that Og was both King of Bashan, and a Giant saved from The Flood by riding on the roof of The Ark; (2) After parting the Red Sea, Moses conquered Sihon, and then fought the giant Og, whose iron bedstead was 9 cubits in length and 4 cubits in width [Deuteronomy, iii, 11]; Og picked up a mountain to throw at Moses, but Moses slayed him while struggling with the overhead burden; (3) in Dryden's "Absalom and Achitophel", Og satirically represents the corpulent Thomas Shadwell, Poet Laureate from 1688 to 1692; see: Jewish/Hebrew Mythology see: "Poet Laureate" Ogam: ancient British and Irish alphabet, with 20 letters each made with 1 to 5 strokes above, below, or through a common horizontal line; the name is perhaps related to Ogmius, a God of Gaul, said by Lucian to be like Hercules, yet who was gifted with superhuman linguistic and oratorical powers; see: "Rune" M. G. Ogan: isfdb lists: * "That Other Dimension" [Worlds of Tomorrow, Spring 1971] Dolly Ogawa: Fantasy/Horror author; isfdb lists: * "Zombies" [Twilight Zone Magazine, June 1982] Jon P. Ogden: Science Fiction poet; isfdb lists: * "I Ain't Too Dumb to Care" [Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Oct 1981] poetry H. B. Ogden, pseudonym of Isaac Asimov Maurice Ogden: Science Fiction author; isfdb lists: Books: * The Hangman [pub?, year?] story collection Short Fiction: * "Mister Pinschur" [Astounding, Sep 1954] co-author Betty Fuller Oge-Make: isfdb lists: * "The Fire Trail" [Fantastic Adventures, Jan 1948] Ogier the Dane: (1) hero of medieval Romances, as recounted in the "Chansons de Geste"; son of Geoffrey (King of Denmark) where he is still the national hero, under the name "Holger Danske"; (2) some tales say that his son was killed in battle with Charlot, son of Charlemagne, and that Ogier then slew Charlemagne's nephew in revenge and had to be restrained from killing Charlemagne himself; he then returned from exile in alliance with France against the invasion of Brehus, Chief of the Saracens; (3) other tales recount that Fairies attended his birth, including Morgan Le Fay, who eventually led him to Avalon, where he lived in peace for 200 years; (4) in those tales, Morgan Le Fay brought him out of retirement to once more defend France, and then he came again to Avalon [William Morris' "Earthly Paradise (August"]; see: "Chansons de Geste" see: DENMARK see: "Fairy" see: "Morgan Le Fay" see: "Avalon" see: "William Morris" L. D. Ogle: isfdb lists: * "The Heat Racers" [Worlds of If, Jan 1965] Peter Ognibene, full name Peter J. Ognibene: isfdb lists: Nonfiction: * "Artificial Intelligence: Computerized Flight" [Omni, Oct 1983] as Peter J. Ognibene * "The Keeper of Secrets" [Omni, Mar 1983] as Peter Ognibene Rohan O'Grady, pseudonym of June O'Grady Skinner Ogre: nasty cannibal Giants in Nursery Tales, perhaps invented by Perrault in "Histoires ou Contes du temps passe'" [1697], from the name "Orcus", an alternate designation for Pluto see: "Giant" see: "Perrault" see: "Pluto" Edith Ogutsch: Fantasy poet; isfdb lists: * "Reflections of an Egyptian Princess" [Weird Tales, Jan 1954] Ogygia: (1) see Calypso; (2) the Ogygian Deluge, in Greek myth, came 200 years before the Flood of Deucalion, in the reign of Ogyges, King of Boeotia, shortly after the planet Venus changed its size, color, brightness, and position [Varro] Kenneth O'Hara, real name, and pseudonym of Bryce Walton Scott O'Hara, pseudonym of John D. MacDonald Ben Ohlander: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Books: * Enemy of my Enemy [Baen Books] * Sword of Justice [Baen Books] Short Fiction: * "Smoke and Mirrors" [Magic, the Gathering: Tapestries, ed. Kathy Ice, HarperPrism, 1995] trade paperback 0-06-105308-2, $12.00 * "Vkandis' Own" [Sword of Ice and Other Tales of Valdemar, ed. Mercedes Lackey, DAW, 1997] ISBN 0-88677-720-8, $5.99 e-mail Ben Ohlander e-mail Ben Ohlander J. G. Ohmert: isfdb lists: * "The Celestial Pioneers" [Amazing Stories Quarterly, Spring-Summer 1933] Denise L. Okuda: Affiliate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America * Star Trek Chronology [1996] co-author Michael Okuda e-mail Denise L. Okuda new address e-mail Denise L. Okuda old, invalid? Michael H. Okuda: Affiliate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America * Star Trek Chronology [1996] co-author Denise Okuda e-mail Michael H. Okuda new address e-mail Michael H. Okuda old, invalid? 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Authors Beginning "Ol..."

Joseph D. Olander: anthologist/critic Anthologies: * The Great Science Fiction Series (1980) co-editors Martin Harry Greenberg and Frederik Pohl * Criminal Justice Through SF (co-editor Martin Harry Greenberg) Franklin Watts, 1977] 0-531-05392-X, $12.50 * Time of Passage (co-editor Martin Harry Greenberg) [Taplinger, 1978] * SF of the 40s [Avon, 1978] (co-editors Martin Harry Greenberg and Frederik Pohl) * 100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories [Doubleday, 1978] co-editors Isaac Asimov and Martin H. Greenberg * Dawn of Time [Elsevier/Nelson, 1979] ISBN 0-525-66624-9, $8.95 co-editors Robert Silverberg and Martin H. Greenberg * Car Sinister [Avon, 1979] 0-380-45393-2, $2.25 co-editors Robert Silverberg and Martin H. Greenberg * Worlds of If [1986] (co-editors Martin Harry Greenberg and Frederik Pohl) Nonfiction: * A John Jakes Bibliography [The Best of John Jakes, DAW, 1977] #UE1302, $1.75 * Introduction [The Best of John Jakes, DAW, 1977] * Introduction [Dawn of Time [Elsevier/Nelson, 1979, ISBN 0-525-66624-9, $8.95 co-editors Robert Silverberg and Martin H. Greenberg] * Introduction [Car Sinister, Avon, 1979] 0-380-45393-2, $2.25 co-editors Robert Silverberg and Martin H. Greenberg Bob Olben, pseudonym of (or misprint of) Alfred Johannes Olsen, Jr. Rafal Olbinski: Science Fiction illustrator, active in late 1980s-early 1990s Rafal Olbinski @isfdb William Olcott: isfdb lists: * "These Rare Earths" [Astounding, Oct 1951] nonfiction Old Man of the Sea: see "Sinbad", "Nereus" Old Nick: see Devil Old Testament: the first 39 books of the Bible, taken as sacred texts from the Jewish church, and called by Christ and His disciples "the Scriptures" [Matthew, xxi, 42]; see: "Apocrypha" Marc Olden: Fantasy novelist; isfdb lists: * Poe Must Die [Futura, 1989] ISBN 0-7088-8299-4, £3.50, paperback Andy Oldfield (1957-): isfdb lists: * "Satori Must Be Something Just the Same" [Interzone, guest ed. Charles Platt, Apr 1995] £2.50 June Oldham: isfdb lists: * Found [Orchard, 1995] ISBN 0-531-09543-6, $16.95, hardcover a.k.a. "Foundling" Jeffries Oldmann: isfdb lists: * "Nightingale" [Tomorrow, ed. Algis Budrys, Dec 1993] $4.00 Patrick O'Leary: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America; Associate Creative Director at Campbell-Ewald Advertising in Warren, Michigan; Patrick O'Leary has sold two novels: * Door Number Three * The Gift For more information, check out his homepage: Patrick O'Leary Patrick O'Leary: Index to at least 2 publications e-mail Patrick O'Leary corrected? e-mail Patrick O'Leary P. T. Olemy: * The Clones [Flagship, 1968] Kristi Olesen, or Kristie Olesen: isfdb lists: * "Galatea" [Isaac Asimov's, ed. Shawna McCarthy, Mar 1984] $1.75 * "Inland Sea" [Wet Visions: The Rainthology, ed. Cyn Mason, Hypatia, 1988] ISBN 0-940841-16-9, hardcover (as by "Kristie Olesen") Richard Olin: isfdb lists: * "All Day Wednesday" [Analog, Mar 1963] $0.50 * "Oversight" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Nov 1964] $0.40 * "The Mischief Maker" [Analog, Oct 1965] $0.50 * "Lil, Rorrity, and A Foamin' Sea of Steam Beer" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Mar 1966] $0.50 * "To Be a Champion, Merciful and Brave" [Analog, Oct 1972] $.60 * "King Frog" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 1978] $1.25 B. J. Oliphant: isfdb lists: * Here's to the Newly Dead [Ballantine/Fawcett Gold Medal, 1997] co-author Sheri S. Tepper, ISBN 0-449-14992-7, $5.99, paperback Mystery/Detective (not Science Fiction/Fantasy): * Dead in the Scrub [Fawcett Gold Medal, 1990] co-author Sheri S. Tepper, ISBN 0-449-14653-7, $3.95, paperback * The Unexpected Corpse [Fawcett Gold Medal, 1990] co-author Sheri S. Tepper, ISBN 0-449-14674-X, $3.95, paperback * Deservedly Dead [Fawcett Gold Medal, 1992] co-author Sheri S. Tepper, ISBN 0-449-14717-7, $3.99, paperback * Death and the Delinquent [Fawcett Gold Medal, 1993] co-author Sheri S. Tepper, ISBN 0-449-14718-5, $3.99, paperback * Death Served Up Cold [Fawcett Gold Medal, 1994] co-author Sheri S. Tepper, ISBN 0-449-14896-3, $4.99, paperback * A Ceremonial Death [Fawcett Gold Medal, 1996] co-author Sheri S. Tepper, ISBN 0-449-14897-1, $5.99, paperback * Here's to the Newly Dead Dead [Fawcett Gold Medal, 1997] co-author Sheri S. Tepper, ISBN 0-449-14992-7, $5.99, paperback Mrs. Oliphant, pseudonym of Margaret Oliphant (see below) Mrs. Margaret Oliphant (4 Apr 1828-25 June 1897) major supernatural novelist in Scotland. Stories still anthologized. Books deserve reconsideration: * A Beleaguered City [New York: Macmillan, 1900] * The Land of Darkness [New York: Macmillan, 1888] * Stories of the Seen and Unseen [Edinburgh, Blackwood, 190] Oliver: Paladin, favorite of Charlemagne who rode alongside Charlemagne on one side (Roland on the other); son of Regnier (Duke of Genoa, himelf a Paladin); his sister was the beautiful Aude; he rode the noble steed Ferrant d'Espagne, and his sword was called Hauteclaire Alanne Oliver: Science Fiction poet; isfdb lists: Poetry: * "Sisters Across Time" [Aliens & Lovers, ed. Millea Kenin, Unique Graphics, 1983] $5.00, trade paperback * "The Possessor" [Aliens & Lovers, ed. Millea Kenin, Unique Graphics, 1983] $5.00, trade paperback Chad Oliver: Chad[wick] [Symmes] Oliver scientist/anthropology professor/author, died 1993 age 65, best known as the leading science fiction writer on anthropological themes, with novels including: * Giants in the Dust [Pyramid, 1976] * Shadows in the Sun [Ballentine Books, hardcover, 1954] * The Shores of Another Sea [Signet, 1971] * Unearthly Neighbors [Ballentine Books, 1960] * The Winds of Time [Doubleday, 1957; Science Fiction Book Club; Pocket; Avon] as well as: * Another Kind [Ballentine Books, hardcover, 1954] * The Edge of Forever [Sherbourne, 1971] 6 stories * Mists of Dawn [Winston, 1952] juvenile and also wrote Western novels (winning a Western Writers of America Spur Award) Chad Oliver: Index to at least 31 publications Richard Oliver: isfdb lists: * "Reprise" [Isaac Asimov's, ed. Kathleen Moloney, July 1982] $1.50 Steven G. Oliver, full name Steven Guy Oliver: Associate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America no known Web page * "Survival" [Worlds of If, ed. Ejler Jakobsson, Oct 1969] $.60 (as Steven Guy Oliver) * "The Waters From Time" [Amazing Stories, ed. Patrick Lucien Price, Sep 1987] $1.75 e-mail Steven G. Oliver e-mail Steven G. Oliver old, invalid? Olivet, a.k.a. Mount of Olives: hills East of Jerusalem, where Jewish ceremonies were held in ancient times, and where Jesus meditated and prayed, where he lectured his disciples, and where he was at last betrayed [Luke, xxi, 37] Olivier Olivier: isfdb lists: * "Twelve Drawings" [Quark/4, eds. Marilyn Hacker and Samuel R. Delany, Paperback Library, 1971] paperback Dvora Olmstead: isfdb lists: * "The Teardrop" [Clarion III, ed. Robin Scott Wilson, Signet, 1973] paperback Bob [Alfred Johannes, Jr.] Olsen (1884-20 May 1956) American master of the science fiction detective story, also wrote a lot about ants and the fourth dimension (but not both at once). * Rhythm Rides the Rocket [Columbia, 1940(?)] Novelette Mark L. Olson, born 1946, Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry, employed as a Software Engineer in Massachusetts where he designs chemical/research instrumentation, married to Priscilla, active fan who chaired Noreascon 3 (the 1988 World Science Fiction Convention, in Boston). Hobbies include Astronomy, History (including Alternate Histories); Editor or co-editor: 4 hardbound collections published by NESFA Press Jerry Oltion (Jerry B. Oltion) [1947-] Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Science Fiction and Science writer, expert on Space program, frequently published in Analog and the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, with several Star Trek novels out recently. Novels (as Jerry Oltion): * Alliance [Ace, 1990] ISBN 0-441-73130-9, $3.95 * Humanity [Ace, 1990] ISBN 0-441-37386-0, $3.95 * Twilight's End [1996, Pocket, 1996] ISBN 0-671-53873-X, $5.99 * Mudd in Your Eye [1997, Pocket, 1997] ISBN 0-671-00260-0, $5.99 * Frame of Reference [Popular Library Questar, 1987] ISBN 0-445-20330-7, $3.50 Jerry Oltion also writes tie-in novels under the name "Ryan Hughes" -- * The Darkness Before the Dawn (a Dark Sun novel) [TSR, 1995] ISBN 0-7869-0104-7, $4.95 * You Only Die Twice (a Shadow Warrior novel) [Pocket, 1997] ISBN 0-671-01880-9, $5.99 * Hard Crash (an Unreal novel) [Pocket, 1998] ISBN 0-671-01881-7, $5.99 Short Fiction/Nonfiction (as Jerry Oltion): * "Much Ado About Nothing" [Analog, Nov 1982] * "The Sense of Discovery" [Analog, Mar 1983] * "Frame of Reference" [Analog, Jan 1984] * "The Life of Boswell" [Analog, Dec 1984] * "The Getaway Special" [Analog, Apr 1985] * "All Your Dreams Come True" [Analog, Jun 1985] * "The BASIC Universe" [Analog, Aug 1985] * "Deja View" [Analog, July 1986] * "The Love Song of Laura Morrison" [Analog, Aug 1987] * "In the Creation Science Laboratory" [Analog, Sept 1987] * "What's A Nice Girl Like You ..." [Analog, Oct 1987] * "Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Weirdness" [Analog, Nov 1987] * "Sunstat" [Analog, Oct 1988] * "If You Wish Upon a Star ..." [Analog, Dec 1988] * "Alternating Current" [Pulphouse: Issue 2: Winter 1988] * "Moonsong" [Analog, July 1989] * "Down the Colorado!" [Analog, Sep 1989] * "Big Two-Sided River" [Analog, Feb 1989] * "Time Out" [Analog, May 1990] * "The Signing" [Pulphouse, Issue 9: Fall 1990] * "Schrodinger's Lifeboat" [Analog, Aug 1990] * "Peace on Earth" [Analog, Dec 1990] * "Parapsychology Today" [Analog, Feb 1990] * "The Baseline Project" [Analog, Jan 1990] * "The Scents of Compulsion" [Analog, Mid-Dec 1991] * "Junk Mail" [Pulphouse, Sep 1991] * "Red Alert" [Analog, Oct 1991] * "Contact" [Analog, Nov 1991] * "One Last Gift" [Pulphouse, Dec 1991] * "The Ghost in the Machine" [Pulphouse, Dec 1991] * "Floor in Landida" [Analog, Dec 1991] * "The Clone in the Moon" [Analog, Aug 1992] * "The Grass Is Always Greener" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Feb 1993] * "Hit and Run" [Analog, Apr 1993] * "Course Changes" [Analog, Sep 1993] * "Blue Light Special" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Sep 1993] * "Dedication" [Analog, Oct 1993] * "Because It's There" [Quest to Riverworld, ed. Philip Jose Farmer Warner Questar, 1993] ISBN 0-446-36270-0, $5.50 * "Waterworld" [Analog, March 1994] * "The Firefly Farce" [Analog, May 1994] * "Abridged Edition" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, July 1994] * "The Pandora Probe" [Analog, Dec 1994] * "Fermat's Lost Theorem" [Analog, Mid-Dec 1994] * "The Descartes Dilemma" [Pulphouse, No.17, 1994] * "Schrodinger's Kiln" [Analog, Feb 1995] * "Unfamiliar, Foreign, Outre" [Tomorrow Speculative Fiction, Aug 1995] * "Uncertainty" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Dec 1995] * "Park Rules" [Nanodreams, ed. Elton Elliott, Baen, 1995] ISBN 0-671-87680-5, $5.99 * "My Soul to Keep" [How to Save the World, ed. Charles Sheffield, Tor, 1995] ISBN 0-312-85577-X, $23.95 * "The Great Martian Pyramid Hoax" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jan 1995] * "Come Together" [Analog, May 1995] * "Fait Accompli" [Analog, July 1995] * "Dutchman's Gold" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Sep 1995] * "Away in a Manger" [Analog, Mid-Dec 1995] * "The Plight Before Christmas" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jan 1996] * "There Goes the Neighborhood" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Aug 1996] * "Unfinished Business" [Analog, Oct 1996] * "The Spectral Stardrive" [Analog, Nov 1996] * "Abandon in Place" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Dec 1996] Winner of 1997 Nebula Award for Best Novella * "Holiday Spirits" [Analog, Jan 1997] * "The Difference Between Science Fiction and Fantasy" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Mar 1997] * "The Space Program" [Analog, July/Aug 1997] * "Cease and Deceased" [Analog, Oct 1997] * "Deus X" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Oct/Nov 1997] * "What's it Like?" [Analog, Feb 1998] * "Why Didn't You Think of That Before We Left?" [Analog, Mar 1998] Miscellaneous Essays/Articles: * "Liquid Nitrogen Grapefruit Sorbet" [Serve It Forth -- Cooking With Anne McCaffrey, ed. Anne McCaffrey and John Gregory Betancourt, Warner Aspect, 1996] trade paperback ISBN 0-446-67161-4, $12.99 Sometimes the most talented and hard-working writers are also the most modest. In an e-mail to me, Jerry Oltion comments: "on re-reading the entry I see that you've listed me as an "expert on the space program." That's probably an overstatement. I'm definitely a space enthusiast and activist, but I wouldn't call myself an expert." Well, I'm an expert, having worked for NASA on Voyager, Magellan, Galileo, Shuttle, Space Station, Moon Base, and Mars Base contracts, and I consider Jerry Oltion an expert. Judge for yourselves, readers! e-mail Jerry Oltion e-mail Jerry Oltion old, invalid? Olympia: (1) ancient name for a Pelopnnesian valley in Elis, where games were held to honor the Olympian Zeus; (2) thereupon was built the Altis, 500 feet by 600 feet, enclosing the temples of Zeus, the Heroeum, the Metroum, and other, as well as the Stadium with its baths and gymnasia; (3) hence any large structures for sporting events and exhibitions; (4) capital city of the State of Washington Olympiad: 4-year period between Olympic games; the First Olympiad started in 776 B.C., and the last (before its modern revival in Athens in 1896) started in 392 A.D. (the 293rd Olympiad) Olympian Zeus: 60-foot tall seated statue of Zeus, by Phidias, of ivory and gold, one of the Seven Wonders of the World; Pausanias [vii, 2] says that when Phidias placed it in the temple in Olympia (433 B.C.) he prayed that Zeus render an opinion, whereupon a mighty thunderbolt smote the temple but did no harm, which Phidias took as a rave review; the left hand of Zeus rested upon a sceptre, the right hand held upon its palm a solid gold statue of Victory, and gold were the robes, and likewise the four lions that held aloft the footstool; the throne was hewn of cedar, and decorated with ebony, ivory, gold, and jewels; want to see it? Sorry. It was taken to Constantinople in the 5th Century, and was utterly destroyed in the great fire of 475 A.D. Olympus: (1) actual mountain Greece, roughly 9,800 feet high; (2) home of the Gods; see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Return to Authors O Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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Om: (1) mystic name of God in Brahmin religion; (2) adopted by modern followers of occult arts to mean absolute truth, goodness, and/or spiritual essence; (3) charm/formula of Tibet and northern Buddhism: "Om mani padme hum" ["Om, the jewel in the lotus, Amen"] is the first phrase taught to Tibetan children, and the last words uttered by believers on their deathbeds; the lotus symbolizing universal being and the jewel symbolizing the individual soul; Kathleen O'Malley: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Kathleen O'Malley Mary Dolling [Sanders] O'Malley (1891-9 Mar 1974) British novelist, with pseudonym "Ann Bridge" for novel "And Then You Came" (London: Chatto, 1949) with interesting time travel to Scotland of 2,000 years ago Omar Khayyam: see Khayyam (1073-1123), Persian astronomer, poet, mathematician, best known for scientific and algebraic works until the bestselling translation by Edward Fitzgerald of "The Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam" [1859] hit the big time in the 1890s; see: "Edward Fitzgerald" see: "Persian Literature" Omega, fan pseudonym of Ray Bradbury Omega: see Alpha Omen: [Latin] Phenomenon or strange event taken as a prognostication of unusually good or evil yet to come; augury, prophetic sign Omnibus: used in this web domain bibliographically to mean an Omnibus Volume of several of the author's novels, or poems, or plays, not necessarily all Omphale: Queen of Lydia, a very masculine Queen to whom Hercules was enslaved for 3 years, and Hercules was the submissive partner, allowing Omphale to wear his lion's robe while he cross-dressed and did the wool-spinning see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Return to Authors O Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "On..."

One: Devil K. M. O'Neal: nothing on the Web? Dennis O'Neil: * The Bite of Monsters [Belmont, 1971] Gene O'Neill: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? Ruth O'Neill: Associate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America e-mail Ruth O'Neill, new address, Canada e-mail Ruth O'Neill old, invalid? Scott O'Neill, "The Martian Sexpot" (New York: Jade, 1963) Oneiromancy: [Greek "oneiros" = dream, + "manteia" = prophecy]: divination by dreams; see: "Divination" A. J. Onia [Alison John Onia]: Associate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? resident of Canada * "Deep Catch" [Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy, Autumn 1990] Oliver Onions, pseudonym of George Oliver, British novelist/artist/book designer/ poster designer/magazine illustrator: Books: * The Collected Ghost Stories of Oliver Onions * Ghosts in the Daylight * The Painted Face * Widdershins Short Fiction: * "Phantas" [1910] [The Golden Light, ed. Damon Knight, Simon & Schuster, 1973] * "The Rope in the Rafters" [1935] [The Mammoth Book of Short Horror Novels, ed. Mike Ashley, Caroll & Graf, 1994] * "Rooum" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Fall 1949] Brian O'Nolan [O Nuallain] (5 Oct 1911-1 Apr 1966) British journalist/novelist, also with pseudonym "Brian Nolan" and newspaper columnist as "Myles na Gopaleen", also psuedonym "Flann O'Brien" including: * At Swim-Two-Birds (London: Longmans, 1939) postmodern & recursive * The Dalkey Archive (New York: Macmillan, 1965) * Faustus Kelly (as "Myles na Gopaleen") (Dublin: Cahill, 1943) * The Third Policeman (MacGibbon, 1967) smooth fantastic surrealism Robert Onopa: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Short Fiction: * "The Lights" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Aug 1985] * "The Artist of the Future" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Aug 1989] * "The Swan" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Feb 1992] * "Blue Flyers" [Tomorrow Speculative Fiction, Dec 1994] * "Traffic" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, Mar 1995] * "Camping in the Biosphere Reserve" [Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 1996] e-mail Robert Onopa Return to Authors O Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Op..."

Malcolm Lindley Ophele: Several strange mystery/fantasy novels with the opium-addict detective "Ch'an Tao" including "Death and the Gypsy's Jewels" (London" Weidenfeld Nicholson, 1952) and "Children of the Black Muskrat" (New York: Aberdeen, 1955), "Dictator in Dungarees" (Toronto: Longmans, 1947) Opera: Fantasy Opera: {to be done}; Science Fiction Opera: {to be done} see: Euterpe Opera Theatre Ophir: gold-bearing region, perhaps in southeast Arabia [I Kings ix, 26-28] Opinicus: Heraldic monster with parts from Dragon, Camel, and Lion, in the crest of the Barber-Surgeons of London, the name perhaps derived from Ophinicus, the classical term for the constellation of the Serpant [Greek: Ophis] Ops: (1) Sabine fertility goddess, wife of saturn; later identified with Rhea; (2) jargon abbreviation for "operations", as in "Tech Ops" see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Optimism: whatever is, is right; as developed by Leibnitz (1646-1716); see: "Leibnitz" see: "Pangloss" Opus: [Latin: a work] a book or musical writing Return to Authors O Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Oq..."

Vithaldas H. O'Quinn, pseudonym of Hans S. Santesson Return to Authors O Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Or..."

Or: (1) heraldic term for gold; (2) logical choice Oracle: [Latin "oraculum", from "orare" = to speak or pray]: (1) a priest answering, under divine inspiration, a question about the future; (2) the place or temple where such was done, i.e.: * Oracle of Apollo at Delphi, Delos, and Claros * Oracle of Diana at Colchis * Oracle of Aesculapius at Epidaurus and Rome * Oracle of Hercules at Atehns and Gades * Oracle of Jupiter at Dudona, Ammon (Libya), Crete * Oracle of Mars at Thrace * Oracle of Minerva at Mycenaea * Oracle of Pan in Arcadia * Oracle of Trophonis at Boeotia * Oracle of Venus at Pahos and Aphraea, etcetera see: [I Kings xxi, 15, 35] see: Greek/Roman Pantheon John Oram, pseudonym of John Oram Thomas: * The Man From Uncle #3: The Copenhagen Affair [1965] * The Man From Uncle #22: The Stone-Cold Dead in the Market Affair [1966] Clay Orb, American scientist/author "The Man in the Moon is Talking" (New York: Warwick, 1946?) Paul Orban, American artist of the "Fu Manchu" comic strip, also did book jackets (Winston) and magazine covers Orc: (1) sea-moster depicted in Ariosto, Drayton, Sylvester, and the like who ate men and women whole; (2) whale [Milton's "Paradise Lost", XI, 829]; (3) evil ginat creatures in Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings", possibly created by magical genetic engineering Orcades: Roman name for the Orkney islands of Scotland, perhaps related to meaning (2) of "Orc", above Theodore Orchards, pseudonym of Stuart Palmer Orcus: (1) Latin name for Greek "Hades"; a specific dragon [Spenser's "Faerie Queene", VI, xii, 26] see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Rebecca Ore: (Rebecca Brown Ore) [1948-] Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Rebecca Ore Novels: * Becoming Alien [1988, Tor, 1988] ISBN 0-812-54794-2, $3.50 * Being Alien [Tor, 1989] ISBN 0-812-54792-6, $3.95 * Human to Human [Tor, 1990] ISBN 0-812-50045-8, $3.95 * The Illegal Rebirth of Billy the Kid [1991, Tor, 1991] ISBN 0-812-50672-3, $3.95 * Slow Funeral [1995, Tor, 1995] ISBN 0-812-51604-4, $4.99 * Gaia's Toys [Tor, 1995] ISBN 0-312-85781-0, $22.95 * Declaration Rules [] Story Collections: * Alien Bootlegger and Other Stories [Tor, 1993] ISBN 0-312-85549-4, 19.95 Short Fiction: * "The Tyrant That I Serve" [Amazing, Sep 1986; reprinted in Alien Bootlegger and Other Stories] * "Ice-Gouged Lakes, Glacier-Bound Times" [Amazing, July 1988] * "Projectile Weapons" [Alien Bootlegger and Other Stories, 1993] * "Ocean Hammer" [Asimov's, Jan 1993] * "Giant Flesh Holograms Keep My Baby's Eyes Warm" [Alien Bootlegger and Other Stories, 1993] * "Farming in Virginia" [Alien Bootlegger and Other Stories, 1993; The Year's Best Science Fiction, Eleventh Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois, St. Martin's Press, 1994] * "Hypocaust & Bathysphere" [Asimov's, Jan 1995] * "Stone Whorl, Flint Knife" [1996] e-mail Rebecca Ore Oreads, a.k.a Orades:[Greek "oros" = mountain]: mountain nymphs; [Shelley's "Witch of Atlas", xxii] see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Timothy O'Reilly: Affiliate Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Orestes: see Plyades Orgoglio: [Italian: arrogant pride, Man of Sin]: ugly giant three times a man's height, son of Earth and Wind, representing the tyranny of the Curch of Rome [Spenser's "Faerie Queene", I, vii, viii] Orion: good-looking king-sized hunter, blinded by Oenopion, vision restored by Vulcan, husband of Side, master of ther hunting dogs Arctophonus and Ptoophagus, slain by Diana, morphed to a Cosntellation; see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Orkneys: see Orcades Ben [Harrison] Orkow (9 Jan 1896-?) Russia-born American playwright with the cryonics novel "When Time Stood Still" (New York: Signet, 1962) Orlando: Italian name or Roland, see Charlemagne, see Paladin, see Oliver Orlando Furioso: [Orlando in madness]: 45-canto epic poem by Ariosto [published 1516-1533]; see: Ariosto see: 16th Century Frederic Ormond, pseudonym of Frederic V. R. Dey Ormuzd: see: Ahura Mazda see: Zoroastrianism see: [Shelley "Revolt of Islam", X, xxxi] Frank O'Rourke: * Instant Gold [Morrow, 1964; Science Fiction Book Club] Orpheus: see Greek/Roman Pantheon A. Orr: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America nothing on the Web? Short Fiction: * "Sleeping Anacondas" [Fantasy and Science Fiction, May 1989] * "The Lady Greensleeves" [Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy, Winter 1991] Orthos: Geryon's Dog, slain by Hercules see: Greek/Roman Pantheon George Orwell, pseudonym of Eric Blair (1903-1950) George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair) * "1984" by George Orwell [Harcourt, 1949; Book Club; Signet] is selected and praised in "Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels" by David Pringle * Animal Farm [Harcourt, 1946; Book Club; Signet] Frank O'Rourke , pseudonym of Frank O'Malley, author of "Instant Gold" (New York: Morrow, 1964) Bennington Orth, pseudonym of Roger S. Hoar Return to Authors O Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Os..."

Cary G. Osborne: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America Cary G. Osborne Novel (as Cary Osborne): * Deathweave [Ace, 1998] ISBN 0-44100-498-9, $5.99 Short Fiction: * "Monster McGill" [Women of Darkness, ed. Kathryn Ptacek, Tor, 1988] ISBN 0-312-93096-8, $17.95 * "Shadows of her Dreams" [Cthulhu's Heirs, ed. Thomas M. K. Stratman, Chaosium, 1994] trade paperback ISBN 1-56882-005-4, $14.95 e-mail Cary G. Osborne David Osbourne, pseudonym of Robert Silverberg George Osborne, pseudonym of Robert Silverberg Kathleen O'Shea @ Dragon*Con master puppeteer and stage manager for Georgia Enemble Theatre Osiris: [Egyptian: many-eyed] son of Nut, a chief god of ancient Egypt; foe of his brother Set; husband of Isis; killed by Set but resurrected by Thoth; father of Horus see: Egyptian Pantheon William Osler, "Premature Angel" (Philadelphia: Dorrance, 1954) Osmand: necromancer in "The Seven Champions of Christendom" [I, xix] Andrew Osmond, co-author with D. Hurd of "Send Him Victorious" Ossa: see Pelion Ossian, a.k.a. Oisin: legendary Gaelic bard, and warrior-poet of 3rd century, son of Fionn Mac Cumhall (Fingal); subject of the greatest literary hoax of poetic history, when James Macpherson (1736-1796) published [1760-1763] poems purported to be translations from original manuscripts N. Osterbaan, major fan in the Netherlands, edited "Planet Science Fiction" e-mail Cara O'Sullivan Jack O'Sullivan, American editor of "Planet Stories", "Tops in Science Fiction", "Confidential" Vincent O'Sullivan, pseudonym of Sean O'Suilleabhain (see below) Vincent O'Sullivan (28 Nov 1872-1940) American-born British author in many genres, who hung out with Oscar Wilde and Aubrey Beardsley. Horror and weird stories in: "A Book of Bargains" (London: Leonard Smithers, 1896) "Human Affairs" (London: David Nutt, 1907) Return to Authors O Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ot..."

Carol Ottolenghi-Barga: Active Member of Science Fiction Writers of America "Wallaby and Dingo", Cricket "Raven's Beak is Curved", Highlights "Katie Kyle and the Thunderhead", Cricket e-mail Carol Ottolenghi-Barga e-mail Carol Ottolenghi-Barga old, invalid? Bob Ottum, Jr.: Books: * All Right, Everybody Off the Planet [Random House, 1972; Bantam] Short Fiction: * "Chirp Me a Story" [Fantasy and Science Fiction, Aug 1955] * "The Girls on Channel N" [Fantasy and Science Fiction, Apr 1957] * "Ado About Nothing" [Fantasy and Science Fiction, Mar 1965; 11th Annual Edition: The Year's Best S-F, ed. Judith Merril, Delacorte, 1966] Otus: see Ephialtes Return to Authors O Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ou..."

Ouida: pseudonym of Maria Louise de la Ramee' (1839-1908), prolific author of high society Romances Fulton Oursler (22 Jan 1893-24 May 1952) American editor/journalist/ novelist, managing editor of "Musical America", supervising editor of all Macfadden magazines (where my father, Samuel H. Post knew him), Mystery novelist ("Thatcher Colt" series {film hotlink to be done}) and biblical rewrite "The Greatest Story Ever Told". Under psuedonym Anthony Abbot, he wrote "These Are Strange Tales" (Philadelphia, Winston, 1948) P. D. Ouspensky, pseudonym of Petr Uspenskii Return to Authors O Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ov..."

Grant M[artin] Overton (19 Sep 1887-4 July 1930) American newspaperman/editor/ critic/novelist, in this list for being fiction editor of "Collier's" (1924-1930) which ran some science fiction and fantasy, and for anthologizing "World's One Hundred Best Short Stories: Vol.9, The Ghosts" (New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1927) Max Overton, pseudonym of Don Wilcox Return to Authors O Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

Authors Beginning "Ow", "Ox", "Oy", "Oz"

Owain: hero of 12th-Century legend, "The Descent of Owain", by Henry of Saltrey, am English Cistercian; Owain was an Irish knight of the Court of Stephen who led a wicked life but was redeemed through St. Patrick's Purgatory Betty M. Owen, juvenile anthology "Stories of the Supernatural" (Scholastic, 1967) Dean Owen, pseudonym of Dudley Dean McGaughy: * The End of the World [Ace, 1962] * Konga [Monarch, 1960] * Reptilicus [Monarch, 1961] * The Brides of Dracula [Monarch, 1960] Frank Owen, pseudonym of Roswell Williams: * The Porcelain Magician [Gnome, 1948] 14 stories Hugh Owen, pseudonym of Frederick Faust Mably [Ceredig] Owen (17 Mar 1912-?) co-anthologist with A. William-Ellis of the series "Out of This World" Thomas Owen: pseudonym for attorney Gerald Bertot (1910-), in Belgium: morbid, melancholy polished short-story author, whose works appear in: * Les Chemns etranges [1943] * La Cave aux crapauds [1945; 1963] * Ceremonial nocturne [1966] * Pitie pour les ombres Walter Owen (1884-?) "More Things in Heaven" dark Egyptian fantasy A. Owens, pseudonym of Harold Hersey Mark [Samuel] Owings (3 Jan 1945-) American science fiction bibliographer: "The Index to the Science-Fantasy Publishers" (co-authored with Jack Chalker) (Baltimore: Anthem Press, 1966) "The Necronomicon: A Study" (Baltimore: Mirage/Anthem Press, 1967) based on and expanding on excerpts from H. P. Lovecraft Owl: emblem of Athens and Minerva see: Greek/Roman Pantheon Ox: (1) emblem of the priesthood, associated with St.Luke; (2) one of the 4 figures composing the cherubim in [Ezekiel, i, 10] Oz: see "Wizard", see "L. Frank Baum" Cynthia Ozick: Novel: * The Puttermesser Papers [New York: Knopf,1997] 0-679-45476-4, $23.00 Return to Authors O Table of Contents Return to AUTHORS Table of Contents

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