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ARGENTINA ARMENIA ARUBA AUSTRALIA AUSTRIA BAHRAIN BELGIUM BELIZE BERMUDA BOLIVIA BRAZIL BRUNEI DARUSSALAM BULGARIA BURKINA FASO new! BURMA new! CANADA CHILE CHINA COLOMBIA COSTA RICA CROATIA CUBA CYPRUS CZECHOSLOVAKIA Major Updates of 25 May-3 June 1998: films of all countries Minor Update of 14 May 1998: Cuba Minor Update of 10 April 1998: China Major Update of 17 March 1998 Czechoslovakia (specifically Slovak) Major Update of 3 March 1998: Australia (664 Eidolon Online hotlinks added) Major Update of 22 February 1998: Australia, Canada Minor Update of 13 February 1998: Brazil Minor Update of 16 November 1997: Brazil Minor Update of 17-18 July 1997: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile Minor Update of 30 May 1997: Austria, Belgium, Cuba Major Update of 4 March 1997: Bulgaria Minor Update of 3 March 1997: Australia, Canada Major Update of 2 March 1997: Argentina, Brazil, China, Croatia, Czech


Minor Update of 25 May 1998: 1991-1992 films Minor Update of 18 July 1997 Major Update of 2 March 1997 Most Famous Argentine Science Fiction/Fantasy Author The most famous Argentine science fiction/fantasy author is undoubtedly Jorge Luis Borges Other Argentine SF Authors Other Argentine SF authors include: * Pablo Capanna, edited Al Sur Del Tiempo, anthology of 10 award-winning stories, published 1996 by FAIGA (Federacion Argentina de la Industria Graficia y Alfines) * Luis Pestarini, edits the magazine Cuasar * Juan Carlos Verrecchia, editor of Galileo CF & F Some interesting stories in: Marjorie Agosin, full name Marjorie Stella Agosin Halpern (1955-): editor: * The Secret Weavers: Stories of the Fantastic by Women of Argentina and Chile [White Pine Press, 1991] story collection translated from Spanish SF Magazines in Argentina Magazines include (see the Magazine section of this Web page): * Cuasar (SF/Fantasy/Horror) [not yet added to Magazine section] * Galaxy (Argentine edition) * Galileo CF & F (Fanzine/anthology) [not yet added to Magazine section] based in Necochea, Buenos Aires * Narraciones Terrorificas * Pistas Del Espacio * Mas Alla Science Fiction Films There are at least two science fiction films shot on location in Argentina, including: * Highlander II: The Quickening (1991) * Mariposa China (1995), also known as Chinese Butterfly According to Alberto Tabbia in [Variety International Film Guide 1993, ed. Peter Cowie], the Top 10 Grossing films in Argentina in 1991 included these genre movies: * Terminator 2: Judgment Day * Ghost Alberto Tabbia lists the following Film Producers of Argentina: * Argentino Sono Film * Gea Cinematografica, S.A. * C.Q.3 Films * Jempsa (Jorge Estrada Mora Producciones) * Cincor * Adolfo Arisarain Web Stuff Science Fiction Writers of America has an expert of Foreign Rights, Dr. Geoffrey A. Landis. He recommends the following web pages for science fiction in Argentina: Axxon Axxon's U.S. mirrir site but Your Humble Webmaster has not yet reviewed these pages. One can also e-mail Axxon at: e-mail Eduardo Carletti (Axxon) Argentina, by the way, is one of the fourteen countries that accesses the Magic Dragon web domain at least once a week, but less than 10 days per month on the average. Argentina first "hit" this domain in June 1996. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


I don't know anything about Science Fiction in Armenia, although the greater Pasadena community in which I live is over 5% Armenian, and I have had a guest in my home the author who translated several novels of Robert Sheckley in Armenian. Won't somebody who knows something e-mail an entry to put here? I know of one science fiction films shot on location in Armenia: * Trinadtsaty apostol (1988) ... aka The Thirteenth Apostol [Russian language] Armenia, by the way, is one of the 45 countries that accesses the Magic Dragon web domain occasionally, but less than once a week on the average. Armenia first "hit" this domain in December 1996. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


I don't know anything about Science Fiction in Aruba. Won't somebody who knows something e-mail an entry to put here? I know of no science fiction films shot on location in Aruba. Aruba, by the way, is one of the 45 countries that accesses the Magic Dragon web domain occasionally, but less than once a week on the average. Aruba first "hit" this domain in October 1996. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


Australian Science Fiction Overall Australia is a major player in the world of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. "A Checklist of Australia Fantasy" by S. L. Lanarch (Sydney, Futurian Press, 1950) has a good outline through about 1938. A more comprehensive Australian bibliography by Sean McMullen is available on the Web: Sean McMullen's Australian Bibliography 19th Century Australian Science Fiction 19th Century Australian science fiction seemed, to this compiler, to heavily feature "Lost Land" and "Yellow Peril" subgenres. 1920s Australian Science Fiction Erle Cox was the best-known author of the 1920s, especially for "Out of the Silence" (1925). 1930s-1940s Australian Science Fiction In the 1930s and early 1940s, a number of authors rose to prominence: A. Connell B. C. Cronin J. Heming Vol Molesworth. 1940s-1950s Australian Science Fiction In the late 1940s and 1950s, writers of note appeared, including: F. Bryning N. Heming Wynne Whiteford M. Barnard Eldershaw, pseudonym for Australian novelists Flora Sydney Patricia Eldershaw and May Faith Barnard, fine time travel novel "Tomorrow and Tomorrow" (Melbourne: Georgian House, 1947)(London: Phoenix, 1949) 1960s Australian Science Fiction The 1960's brought to notice: * John Baxter * Damien Broderick * R. Braddon * F. Cusak Some of its best-known authors at some point emigrated to Great Britain, including: * G. Boothby * F. Hume * V. Knowles * J. M. Walsh 1999 Australian Science Fiction The Third Australian World SF Convention has been scheduled and approved. 1997 Australian Science Fiction January 1997: Going Home Again, a collection of Howard Waldrop stories (Eidolon Publishing), was launched at Swancon 22 in Perth, where Howard was Guest of Honor. Janeen Webb was appointed Reviews Editor of Eidolon. Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy, edited by Eidolon editors Jonathan Strahan & Jeremy Byrne, May 1997, HarperCollins Australia: a 120,000 word reprint anthology. Encyclopedia of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy, edited by Paul Collins (1997: Melbourne University Press). The Twentieth Century Fox studios are due to open at the Sydney Showground area. 1996 Australian Science Fiction * Original SF/Fantasy/Horror Books Professionally Published: 40 * Original SF/Fantasy/Horror Stories Professionally Published: ??? Harlan Ellison was Guest of Honor 5-7 January 1997 at "The Second Coming" held at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum, along with locals Jack Dann, Janeen Webb, Terry Dowling, and Nick Stathopoulos. 23 February 1996 was the launch date for Selling Your Fiction and Poetry Made Easy, a marketing book edited by Paul Collins, at The Ivy in Melbourne. It is in its second printing already. The 1996 national convention, "Festival of the Imagination" was Easter weekend in Perth, with Neil Gaiman and Storm Constantine as Guests of Honor. Three new Australian science fiction books were available for the first time: * Privateer, Simon Brown (HarperCollins) * Enchanter, Sara Douglass (HarperCollins) * The Secret Life of Rubber-Suit Monsters, Robert Penn (collected film essays) (Eidolon) The 1996 Ditmar Awards were presented at "Festival of the Imagination": * Best Novel: Mirrorsun Rising, Sean McMullen (Aphelion) * Best Short Fiction: "Schrodinger's Fridge", Ian Gunn (Aurealis 15) * Best Professional Artwork: Shaun Tan, cover of Eidolon 19 * Best Fan Artist: Ian Gunn * Best Fan Writer: Ian Gunn * Best Magazine: Eidolon * William Atheling Criticism Award: Steven Paulsen & Sean McMullen for "The Hunt for Australian Horror" (The Scream Factory, Winter 1995) * Chandler Award for Lifetime Achievement in SF: Grant Stone (broadcaster/librarian/activist) The First Annual Aurealis Awards, presented 22 March 1996 at Slow Glass Bookshop, Melbourne: * Best SF Novel: Distress, Greg Egan (Millennium) * Best Short SF: "Luminous" (Asimov's Sep 95), Greg Egan * Best Fantasy Novel: Sabriel, Garth Nix (HarperCollins) * Best Young Adult Novel: Tie * Sabriel, Garth Nix (HarperCollins) * Deucalion, Brian Caswell (University of Queensland Press) * Best Short Fantasy: "Harvest Bay", Karen Attard (Eidolon 19) * Best Horror Novel: An Intimate Knowledge of the Night, Terry Dowling (Aphelion) * Short Horror: "Olympia", Francis Payne (Bambada) * Young Adult Short Fiction: No Award Aurealis editor Dirk Strasser introduced his new book Equinox (Pan Macmillan). In July 1996, Penguin published the first-ever Australian anthology of original heroic fantasy: Dreamweavers, edited by Paul Collins. South Australian artist Glenn Lumsden produced a 3-part Batman comicbook series. Steve Paulsen published his first horror novel: The Stray Cat (Lothian). * Borderline, Leanne Frahm (5-story collection) (1996: Mirrordanse Books) Australian Science Fiction Books, edited by Graham Stone (Australian Science Fiction Association), now available in a 1996 edition And Melbourne now has two SF radio shows: * "Zero-G", on 3RRR, hosted by Robert Jan & Paula Ruzek * "Spectrum", on 3MDR, hosted by John Weeks. The ABC television programme Genie from Down Under began in late 1996, a fantasy about a genie and his son residing within a magic opal, set in England and Australia. Ocean Girl is in its third TV season, Saturday evenings on the 10 Network, despite a studio fire, and a fourth season has been approved. Another season of Spellbinder is being shot in Australia and China. 1995 Australian Science Fiction * Original SF/Fantasy/Horror Books Professionally Published: 50 (record high) * Original SF/Fantasy/Horror Stories Professionally Published: 128 (record high) * Bonescribes: Year's Best Australian Horror: 1995, edited by Bill Congreve & Robert Hood (1996: Mirrordanse Books) Current Australian Science Fiction [This section owes a great deal to the research of Sean McMullen, and identifies those hotlinks to bibliographic pages from Eidolon On-Line] [The original Bibliography of Australian SF is copyright © Sean McMullen, 1993] [Hotlinks were selected, modified, and edited from an on-line version copyright © Eidolon Publications, 1996. All Rights Reserved.] Current authors include: AARON, Graeme @ Eidolon On-Line Glenda Adams, full name Glenda Emilie Adams (1939-): Australian utopian author: * Games of the Strong [Angus & Robertson, 1982; USA: Cane Hill, 1989] AGER, Len @ Eidolon On-Line ALDERSON, John J. @ Eidolon On-Line ALENDER, Glodie @ Eidolon On-Line ANTHONY, John @ Eidolon On-Line ANTILL, Keith @ Eidolon On-Line ARMOUR, John @ Eidolon On-Line ASHBY, Richard @ Eidolon On-Line A.T.Y.P. @ Eidolon On-Line AULICH, Chris @ Eidolon On-Line BAKER, Geoff @ Eidolon On-Line BAILEY, John @ Eidolon On-Line BAILEY, E.J. @ Eidolon On-Line BALL, Mike @ Eidolon On-Line BAILLIE, Allan @ Eidolon On-Line BARNES, Bruce @ Eidolon On-Line BARNES, Rory @ Eidolon On-Line BARON, Frank @ Eidolon On-Line BASTEN, Chris @ Eidolon On-Line BATCHELOR, Carl @ Eidolon On-Line BATEMAN, David @ Eidolon On-Line BATESON, David @ Eidolon On-Line BATT, Leon @ Eidolon On-Line BATTELLO, C. @ Eidolon On-Line BAXTER, John Martin @ Eidolon On-Line BEATTIE, George B @ Eidolon On-Line BELL, Gordon @ Eidolon On-Line BENNETT, Margot @ Eidolon On-Line BERGIN, Claire @ Eidolon On-Line BERKLEY, Taylor @ Eidolon On-Line BERNARD, Pamela @ Eidolon On-Line BERNARD, Patricia @ Eidolon On-Line BIRD, Bettina @ Eidolon On-Line BIRD, Carmel @ Eidolon On-Line BLACKFORD, Russell @ Eidolon On-Line BLAKE, Victor @ Eidolon On-Line BLEEK, G(ordon) Clive @ Eidolon On-Line BONDS, Parris @ Eidolon On-Line BOOTHBY, Amy @ Eidolon On-Line BORUM, Theo @ Eidolon On-Line BOWDEN, C.T. @ Eidolon On-Line BOWDEN, Robert @ Eidolon On-Line BRADDON, Russell @ Eidolon On-Line BRANDT, Barbara @ Eidolon On-Line BRATU, Walter S. @ Eidolon On-Line BRENDON, Paul @ Eidolon On-Line BRIDGSTOCK, Martin @ Eidolon On-Line BRISBANE, Coutts @ Eidolon On-Line BRODERICK, Damien @ Eidolon On-Line BROOKS, David @ Eidolon On-Line BROOKS, Paul @ Eidolon On-Line BROOKS, Steven @ Eidolon On-Line BROSNAN, John @ Eidolon On-Line BROWN, Edward J. @ Eidolon On-Line BROWN, Simon @ Eidolon On-Line Simon Brown * author of Privateer (HarperCollins) BROWN, William @ Eidolon On-Line BRYDEN-BROWN, Gerald @ Eidolon On-Line BRYNING, Frank @ Eidolon On-Line BURKE, David @ Eidolon On-Line BURSZTYNSKI, Sue @ Eidolon On-Line BYRNE, Jeremy @ Eidolon On-Line Christine Carmichael President and Co-Webmaster of Magic Dragon Multimedia Arguably the world's leading female scientist/Science Fiction author. Ph.D. in Solid State Physics (University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia), M.Sc. University of Edinburgh, great-grandniece of Sir Walter Scott (who invented the historical novel and was an important early anthologist of fantasy poetry) e-mail Christine Carmichael CALDWELL, Grant @ Eidolon On-Line CANNON, Michael @ Eidolon On-Line CARBOLI, Anatol @ Eidolon On-Line CARMICHAEL, Claire @ Eidolon On-Line CAREY, Peter @ Eidolon On-Line CARMODY, Isobelle @ Eidolon On-Line Isabel Carmody: novel The Gathering optioned for Hollywood CARR, Alan @ Eidolon On-Line CARR, Edwin @ Eidolon On-Line CARTER, Ace @ Eidolon On-Line CASTLE, Damon @ Eidolon On-Line CASWELL, Brian @ Eidolon On-Line CHANDLER, Arthur Bertram @ Eidolon On-Line CHANDLER, Susan @ Eidolon On-Line CHAPMAN, Jean @ Eidolon On-Line CHEETHAM, Bob @ Eidolon On-Line CHESSER, Murray @ Eidolon On-Line CLARK, John @ Eidolon On-Line CLARK, J. E. @ Eidolon On-Line CLARKE, A. G. @ Eidolon On-Line CLEMENTS, Robert @ Eidolon On-Line CLOSE, Elizabeth @ Eidolon On-Line COBURN, Anthony @ Eidolon On-Line COLEMAN, Babara J. @ Eidolon On-Line COLLAS, Phil @ Eidolon On-Line COLLINS, Paul @ Eidolon On-Line CONNELL, Alan Herbert @ Eidolon On-Line CONWAY, Ron @ Eidolon On-Line COOK, Stephen @ Eidolon On-Line COOPER, John @ Eidolon On-Line COPEMAN, E. V. @ Eidolon On-Line CORRIS, Peter @ Eidolon On-Line CORT, Van @ Eidolon On-Line COUGHLAN, I. W. @ Eidolon On-Line COURTIER, S. H. @ Eidolon On-Line COWDY, Paul @ Eidolon On-Line COX, Earl @ Eidolon On-Line CRANWELL, Carole @ Eidolon On-Line CRAWFORD, Glen @ Eidolon On-Line CREW, Gary @ Eidolon On-Line CRICK, Donald @ Eidolon On-Line CRIGHTON, Harry @ Eidolon On-Line CRIMP, H. M. @ Eidolon On-Line CROMAR, C. @ Eidolon On-Line CROMARTY, Marilynne @ Eidolon On-Line CRONIN, Bernard Charles @ Eidolon On-Line CUMMINS, Katherine @ Eidolon On-Line CUNNINGHAM, Laurel @ Eidolon On-Line CURRAN, James R. @ Eidolon On-Line CYNA-TANG, Micheline @ Eidolon On-Line Jack Dann (Jack Mayo Dann): Jack Dann @ AlphaRalpha Jack Dann: Index to at least 73 publications * Jack Dann's powerful novel The Memory Cathedral will appear in Australian Edition (Flamingo/HarperCollins Australia) with rights sold for a 5-figure fee DANVERS, Jack @ Eidolon On-Line D'ARTH, Justin @ Eidolon On-Line DASEY, Neville @ Eidolon On-Line DEAN, Jack (or John) @ Eidolon On-Line DEAN, Terri @ Eidolon On-Line DeBELLIS, Dianne @ Eidolon On-Line DeCAOUD, David @ Eidolon On-Line DEDMAN, Stephen @ Eidolon On-Line Stephen Dedman (Australia) updated bio DEE, Sheryn @ Eidolon On-Line DELACROIX, Andrew @ Eidolon On-Line DELL, Timothy @ Eidolon On-Line DENTON, Kit @ Eidolon On-Line DIX, Shane @ Eidolon On-Line DIXON, Gordon @ Eidolon On-Line DOBSON, Jill @ Eidolon On-Line DODGSON, Michael @ Eidolon On-Line DONOHUE, Trevor @ Eidolon On-Line DORRINGTON, Albert @ Eidolon On-Line Sara Douglass (Australia) home page DOWLING, Terry @ Eidolon On-Line Terry Dowling (Australia) updated bio DOYLE, Mat @ Eidolon On-Line DRANE, Chris @ Eidolon On-Line DRESSER, K.E. @ Eidolon On-Line DRYSDALE, Eric J. @ Eidolon On-Line DUTKIEWICZ, Adam @ Eidolon On-Line Greg Egan John H. Campbell Award, 1995 e-mail Greg Egan EARL, David @ Eidolon On-Line EDMONDS, Leigh @ Eidolon On-Line EDWARDS, C.J. @ Eidolon On-Line EDWIN, Robert @ Eidolon On-Line EGAN, Greg @ Eidolon On-Line ELDERSHAW, M. Barnard @ Eidolon On-Line ELKHORN, J.L. @ Eidolon On-Line ELLIOT, Charles @ Eidolon On-Line ELTON, Ben @ Eidolon On-Line "S.E.F" @ Eidolon On-Line ENEVER, Paul @ Eidolon On-Line ENGLISH, Malcolm @ Eidolon On-Line EVANS, Duncan @ Eidolon On-Line EZZY, John @ Eidolon On-Line FALTON, David @ Eidolon On-Line FATE, Marilyn @ Eidolon On-Line FAVENC, Ernest @ Eidolon On-Line FAZAKAS, Alex @ Eidolon On-Line FENNELL, Janet @ Eidolon On-Line FERGUSON, Ron @ Eidolon On-Line FERRIL, Robert @ Eidolon On-Line FINLAYSON, Peter @ Eidolon On-Line FITTOCK, Roderick J. @ Eidolon On-Line FLANAGAN EICHER, Margaret @ Eidolon On-Line FLETT, Josie @ Eidolon On-Line FLYNN, Randal @ Eidolon On-Line FOLKARD, Frederick E. C. @ Eidolon On-Line FORD, Peter @ Eidolon On-Line FORD, Will @ Eidolon On-Line FORSYTH, Archibald @ Eidolon On-Line FOSTER, David Manning @ Eidolon On-Line FOSTER, L.B. @ Eidolon On-Line FOYSTER, John @ Eidolon On-Line FRAHAM, Janet @ Eidolon On-Line FRAHM, Leanne @ Eidolon On-Line FRANCES, Helen @ Eidolon On-Line FREDERICKS, Michael @ Eidolon On-Line FREDLEIN, Paul @ Eidolon On-Line FREE, Colin @ Eidolon On-Line FREW, Wendy @ Eidolon On-Line FULPIT, The Rev Arthur @ Eidolon On-Line GADD, Jeremy @ Eidolon On-Line GARRADINE, Roger @ Eidolon On-Line GARTON, Durham Keith @ Eidolon On-Line GASKO, Henry @ Eidolon On-Line GATTI, Brian @ Eidolon On-Line GAWTHORNE, Andrea @ Eidolon On-Line GAY, Lance @ Eidolon On-Line GELDARD, Max @ Eidolon On-Line GERRAND, Rob @ Eidolon On-Line GIGNEY, David @ Eidolon On-Line GILDERS, John P. @ Eidolon On-Line GILLESPIE, Bruce @ Eidolon On-Line GIORDANO, Margaret @ Eidolon On-Line GLASKIN, Gerald Marcus @ Eidolon On-Line GLENNING, Raymond @ Eidolon On-Line GODFREY, Lynette @ Eidolon On-Line GODIC, Pony @ Eidolon On-Line GOLDIE, Albert @ Eidolon On-Line GOLDING, D.J. @ Eidolon On-Line GOLDS, Cassandra @ Eidolon On-Line GOLDSWORTHY, Peter @ Eidolon On-Line GOODFELLOW, Geoff @ Eidolon On-Line GOODMAN, Sharon @ Eidolon On-Line GOODRICH, Carol @ Eidolon On-Line GOOSENS, Darren @ Eidolon On-Line GORE, Phillip @ Eidolon On-Line GOULD, Ian @ Eidolon On-Line GRAHAM, Paul Warren @ Eidolon On-Line GRAY, Edwin A @ Eidolon On-Line GRAYLOCK, Mark @ Eidolon On-Line GREENER, Leslie @ Eidolon On-Line GREENOP, Frank S. @ Eidolon On-Line GRIFFITHS, Bob @ Eidolon On-Line GRIGG, David Rowland @ Eidolon On-Line GRIMSHAW, Beatrice @ Eidolon On-Line GUTHRIE, J. G. @ Eidolon On-Line GUTTERIDGE, Lindsay @ Eidolon On-Line Lee Harding, major SF photographer/journalist/author in Australia, also as "Leo" Harding, cofounder of "Australian Science Fiction Review" (1966-Present) HAILSTONE, Michael @ Eidolon On-Line HAGUE, G. M. @ Eidolon On-Line HALE, Grant @ Eidolon On-Line HALL, Desmond Winter @ Eidolon On-Line HALL, Penny @ Eidolon On-Line HALL, Royce @ Eidolon On-Line HAMPTON, Roc @ Eidolon On-Line HANNA, Judith @ Eidolon On-Line HANNAFORD, Paul F. @ Eidolon On-Line HANNANT, Brian @ Eidolon On-Line HARDING, Lee @ Eidolon On-Line HARPER, Reg @ Eidolon On-Line HARRIS, Eric @ Eidolon On-Line HARRIES-HARRIS, Eric @ Eidolon On-Line HARTE, Rick @ Eidolon On-Line HARTLEY, Kelver @ Eidolon On-Line HARVEY, Andrew @ Eidolon On-Line HATHORN, Libby @ Eidolon On-Line HASLUCK, Nicholas @ Eidolon On-Line HAUSFELD, Russel @ Eidolon On-Line HAY, Ian @ Eidolon On-Line HAY, John @ Eidolon On-Line HAYES, Terry @ Eidolon On-Line HAYMAN, Art @ Eidolon On-Line HEALY, Dominic @ Eidolon On-Line HEATH, Jim @ Eidolon On-Line HEINKEL, Stanford @ Eidolon On-Line HEMING, John Winton @ Eidolon On-Line HEMMING, Norma Kathleen @ Eidolon On-Line HENDRICKS, Donald @ Eidolon On-Line HENNESSY, David @ Eidolon On-Line HERKES, Karen @ Eidolon On-Line HERR, Richard @ Eidolon On-Line HERSCHEL, Jan @ Eidolon On-Line HERSCHOLT, Wolfe @ Eidolon On-Line HESLOP, Val. @ Eidolon On-Line HICKS, Roy @ Eidolon On-Line HIGGINS, Stephen @ Eidolon On-Line HILD, Herb @ Eidolon On-Line HOCH, Edward D. @ Eidolon On-Line HOFFMAN, Jay @ Eidolon On-Line HOFFMAN, Kurt @ Eidolon On-Line HOGAN, Robert @ Eidolon On-Line HOLWILL, Cleo @ Eidolon On-Line HOOD, Robert @ Eidolon On-Line HOOKER, Gwenda @ Eidolon On-Line HOOKER, John @ Eidolon On-Line HOUGHTON, Mandy @ Eidolon On-Line HUDSON, James @ Eidolon On-Line HUDSON, Ken @ Eidolon On-Line HUNT, Blair @ Eidolon On-Line HUNT, Nan @ Eidolon On-Line HURLE, Garry @ Eidolon On-Line HURST, Marjorie Mary @ Eidolon On-Line HUSSEY, David M. @ Eidolon On-Line HUTTON, Brian @ Eidolon On-Line IGGULDEN, John M @ Eidolon On-Line IKIN, Van @ Eidolon On-Line INNES, Alister @ Eidolon On-Line INOUYE, Jon @ Eidolon On-Line IRELAND, David @ Eidolon On-Line ISLE, Sue @ Eidolon On-Line Sue Isle: no known home page e-mail Sue Isle ISSACS, George @ Eidolon On-Line ISON, Richard H. @ Eidolon On-Line JACKIE, Cho @ Eidolon On-Line JAMES, Clive @ Eidolon On-Line JAMES, Jeffery @ Eidolon On-Line JANES, Gene @ Eidolon On-Line JARVIS, John @ Eidolon On-Line Shannah Jay home page JEFFERY, Pam @ Eidolon On-Line JENKINS, L.R. @ Eidolon On-Line JERRIM, Peter @ Eidolon On-Line JERSEY, Mike @ Eidolon On-Line JINKS, Catherine @ Eidolon On-Line JOHNSTON, Chris @ Eidolon On-Line JONES, Janice Ruth @ Eidolon On-Line JONES, Leslie Herbert @ Eidolon On-Line JONES, Tim @ Eidolon On-Line JONES, Tony @ Eidolon On-Line JURD, Allan @ Eidolon On-Line JURISEVIC, Stoyan @ Eidolon On-Line KALDOR, Steve @ Eidolon On-Line KANE, Kevin @ Eidolon On-Line KANE, Philip @ Eidolon On-Line KARLSON, Hans @ Eidolon On-Line KARTA (Charles Carter) @ Eidolon On-Line KAYE, Terry @ Eidolon On-Line KELLEHER, Victor @ Eidolon On-Line KELLS, Peter @ Eidolon On-Line KELLY, R.E. @ Eidolon On-Line KENDALL, Roy @ Eidolon On-Line KENEALLY, Thomas @ Eidolon On-Line KENIHAN, Geoffrey @ Eidolon On-Line KENNEDY, Robert @ Eidolon On-Line KENNEDY, Tod @ Eidolon On-Line KENNET, Rick @ Eidolon On-Line KENNET, Roger @ Eidolon On-Line KENSCH, Otto @ Eidolon On-Line KENT, Jim @ Eidolon On-Line KENT, John (pseudonym?) @ Eidolon On-Line KENT, J. 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Besides writing and rasing a family, Sean is a Senior IT Officer for the Systems Planning Department of the Bureau of Meteorology, and the Examiner of his Karate club. Sean McMullen Sean McMullen e-mail Sean McMullen, Australia J.M. (MILLER, Julie) @ Eidolon On-Line MABBUT, Ian @ Eidolon On-Line MABBUT, Joan @ Eidolon On-Line MCAULEY HAILS, Ian @ Eidolon On-Line MACBURNIE, Andrew @ Eidolon On-Line MACDONALD, Caroline @ Eidolon On-Line MACDONALD, Kathy @ Eidolon On-Line MACDONALD, Lean @ Eidolon On-Line MACDONALD, Mary @ Eidolon On-Line MACDONNELL, James Edmond @ Eidolon On-Line MCHUGH, Evan @ Eidolon On-Line MACINTYRE, J.F. 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ODGERS, Sally Farrell
O'DONNELL, Phillip James
OGLIVIE, Arthur James
Kate Orman: only non-British "Doctor Who" book author, 3rd novel: Sleepy O'ROURKE, Michael (m/s)
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Fowler @ Eidolon On-Line WRIGHT, Dave R. @ Eidolon On-Line WRIGHTSON, Patricia @ Eidolon On-Line XANTHOS, Maurice @ Eidolon On-Line YARWOOD, Vaughn @ Eidolon On-Line YATES, Alan Geoffrey @ Eidolon On-Line YOUNGBERRY, Wayne @ Eidolon On-Line ZACKS, Robert @ Eidolon On-Line ZANTUCK, Dennis @ Eidolon On-Line ZINNS, E.V. @ Eidolon On-Line Magazines include: American Science Fiction, Australia (Jun 1952-Sep 1955): nothing on the Web? Future Science Fiction: nothing on the Web? Popular Science Fiction: nothing on the Web? The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (Quarterly): nothing on the Web? Science Fiction Monthly: nothing on the Web? Thrills Incorporated: nothing on the Web? Vision: nothing on the Web? Post Views: Australian experts review SF movies There are several movies with the word "Australia" in the title, including: * Australia (1989) * Australia Calls (1913) * Australia Calls (1923) * Australian Dream (1987) * Little Australians (1940) * Pommie Arrives in Australia (1913) * and the TV series "Australia, You're Standing In It" (1983) but none of these are science fiction. The following 19 science fiction films have Australian locations: * As Time Goes By (1988) * Until the End of the World (1991) * The Blood of Heroes (1988) * A Date With Destiny (1990) * Dead End Drive-In (1986) * Escape 2000 (1981) * Fortress (1993) * Independence Day (1996) * The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996) * The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) * Mad Max (1979) * No Escape (1994) * Official Denial (1994) * The Phantom (partly shot in Queensland) * The Return of Captain Invincible (1983) * Sons of Steel (1989) * Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds (1989) * Thirst (1979) * The Time Guardian (1987) The following 34 science fiction films/TV series have Australian locations or production: * "Escape From Jupiter" (1994)TV Series * "Girl From Tomorrow, The" (1990) (mini)TV Series * "Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left" (1994)TV Series * "Mirror, Mirror II" (1997) (mini)TV Series * "Mirror, Mirror" (1995) (mini)TV Series ...aka "Mirror Mirror" (1995) (mini) * "Ocean Girl" (1994)TV Series ...aka "Ocean Odyssey" (1994) * "Sky Trackers" (1994)TV Series * "Spellbinder" (1995) (mini)TV Series * "Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord" (1997) (mini)TV Series ...aka "Spellbinder 2" (1997) (mini) * "Tripods, The" (1984)TV Series * "Twisted Tales" (1996)TV Series ...aka "Twisted" (1996) (UK title) * As Time Goes By (1988) * Bis ans Ende der Welt (1991) ...aka Until the End of the World (1991) * Blood of Heroes, The (1988) ...aka Salute of the Jugger (1988) * Cars That Ate Paris, The (1974) ...aka Cars That Eat People (1974) (US title) * Date with Destiny, A (1990) * Dead-End DriveIn (1986) * Encounter at Raven's Gate (1988) ...aka Incident at Raven's Gate (1988) * Escape 2000 (1981) ...aka Turkey Shoot (1981) * Fortress (1993) * Future Past (1987) (TV) * Mad Max (1979) * Mad Max 2 (1981) ...aka Road Warrior, The (1981) (US title) * Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) ...aka Mad Max 3 (1985) * Part One: 806 (1970) * Part Two: The Beginning (1970) * Peter and Pompey (1988) (TV) ...aka Peter et Pompee (1988) (TV) ...aka Touch the Sun: Peter & Pompey (1988) (TV) * Return of Captain Invincible, The (1983) ...aka Legend in Leotards (1983) * Sons of Steel (1989) * Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds (1989) * Stark (1993) (TV) * Thirst (1979) * Time Guardian, The (1987) * Zone 39 (1997) According to David Stratton in [Variety International Film Guide 1993, ed. Peter Cowie], forthcoming films in Australia as of 1992 included these genre movies: * Fortress: a thriller set in a security prison 45 years in the future Studio: Davis Entertainment-Village Roadshow Screenplay: Troy Neighbors, Steven Feinberg Director: Stuart Gordon Cinemtography: David Eggby Producers: John Davis, John Flook Starring: Christopher Lambert Kurtwood Smith Loryn Locklin David Stratton lists the following Film Producers of Australia: * Village Roadshow Pictures * Boulevard Films * Barron Films * David Hannay Productions * Kennedy Miller * Meridian Films * Palm Beach Pictures * Southern Star Entertainment * Anthony Buckley Productions * Colosimo Film Production * Entertainment Media * Film Australia * Generation Films * Illumination Films * Philip Emanuel Productions * Rosen Harper Entertainment * Seon Films * Serious Entertainment * Simley Films Web Stuff: Australia, by the way, is one of the 16 countries that accesses the Magic Dragon web domain every day (or almost every day). Australia first "hit" this domain in April 1996. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


Update of 25 May 1998 Update of 30 May 1997 Perhaps the best-known Austrian science and science fiction author is Dr. Herbert W. Franke. In Fantasy, Alfred Kubin (1877-1959) dominated as an obsessively horrific visual artist. He illustrated his remarkable novel "Die andere Seite" [the Other Side], published in 1908, which dealt with an artist invited by a fabulously rich friend, Patera, to live in the Asian city-state Patera constructed: "The Dream Kingdom." This realistic/incomprehensible paradox of a location is beseiged by bizarre epidemics, and is ultimately destroyed. This classic has been frequently translated. Another major Austrian fantasist was Gustav Meyrink (1836-1932), a Prague-born banker who began writing after bankruptcy. He broke into print with stories in the satirical magazine Simplicissimus, later collected into "Des deutchen Spiessers Wunderhorn" (1913). Deeply obsessed with the occult, Meyrink dabbled with the symbolism of amputation, mummification, and masks, then wrote his masterpiece: "Der Golem" [the Golem], 1915, set in the Prague Jewish ghetto. His later, and weaker books, were: * Das grune Gesicht (1916) * Der weisse Dominikaner (1921) * Walpurgisnacht (1927) * Der Engel vom westlichen Fenster (1927), about John Dee, the historical Elizabethan alchemist Karl Hans Strobl (1877-1946) was a prolific Fantasy author/editor/reviewer/nationalist in Austria, best known at one time for the mammoth "Eleagabal Kuperus" (1910). He was also popular for: * Die Eingebungen des Arphaxat (1904) * Die knocherne Hand (1911) * Lemuria (1917) * Gespenster im Sumpf (1920) * Umsturz im Jenseits (1920) Leo Perutz (1882-1957) specialized in historical fantasy, with intricately woven tragic plots. His best-known books are: * Der Meister des Jungsten Tages [The Master of the Day of Judgment] (1923) (psychedelic drug or supernatural events?) * St. Petri Schnee [The Virgin's Brand] (1933) (psychedelic drug or supernatural events?) * Der Marques de Bolibar (1920) Wandering Jew meets German soldiers in Napoleanic campaign * Nachts unter der steinernen Brucke (1953) Rabbi Lowe of Prague and the Jewish ghetto under Rudolf II * Das Mangobaumwunder (1916) orientalmystery/fantasy/comedy co-authored with Paul Frank Other major Science Fiction and Fantasy authors in Austria include: * H. C. Artmann, poet, translator of "Dracula" and H. P. Lovecraft, author of Dracula and Frankenstein parodies * Paul Busson, best known for the 1921 reincarnation novel Die Wiedergeburt des Melchior Dronte [The Man Who Was Born Again] * Erich Dolezal * Hermanovsky-Orlando (1877-1954), wrote that the Austro-Hungarian empire was mutated into "Tarockanien" under the rulership of the kings of the Tarot deck: * Des Gaulschreck im Rosennetz (1928) * Maskenspiel der Genien (1858) * Manfred Langrenus (pseudonym of Chemist Prof. Dr. Friedrich Heer) * Alexander M. Lernet-Holenia (1897-1976) best known for the 1936 novella "Baron Bagge" * Franz Spunda (1889-1963) erotic fantasist, author of: * Der gelbe und der weisse Papst (1923) * Baphomet (1930) * Das aegyptische Totenbuch (1924) Sax Rohmer-esque orientalism * Hannelore Valcebcak (leading female physicist) * Peter Daniel Wolfkind, best known for: * Mondnacht (1972) * Die Boten des Fruhlings (1975) One Austrian member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America: * Konrad Fialkowski In publishing economics, Austria has long been a subset of the larger German market, yet Austrian writers and artists have made a distinctive mark on the world scene. Austrian authors were significantly involved in the German language Fantasy revival after 1900 (especially if we include the territory of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire). The Austrian Volkbuchverlag published a SF reference book, "Spuren ins all--Science Fiction--Das Seltsame Fremde" [Trails into Space Science Fiction, the Strange Alien] by Winifried Bruckner. Perhaps relating to Bruckner's editorship of Solidaritat, the magazine of the Austrian Workers Union, this book was given free of charge to over 100,000 young Austrian employees. National Writers Union take note! Ilse Aichinger (Madame Gunther Eich), German author/editor/playwrite: nothing on the Web? Help me out, fans from Austria! Magazines include: * Star-Utopia * Uranus I know of three science fiction films shot on location in Austria: * The Hands of Orloc (1925) a classic horror film * Equilibrium as Principle (1995) * A Holiday with Silvester [Ferien mit Silvester] (1992) A story about two little girls and a cranky scientist Directed/Photographed by Bernd Neuberger ("Jonathan and the Witch") The Internet Movie Database lists 6 science fiction films with shooting or production of Austria: * 1. April 2000 (1952) ...aka April 1, 2000 (1952) * Equilibrium As Principle (1995) * Halbe Welt (1993) ...aka Half the World (1993) * Monster in Salzburg (1982) * Schwarze Sonne, Die (1992) ...aka Black Sun (1992) * Seekrankheit auf festem Lande, Eine (1996) ...aka Seasick on Solid Ground (1996) According to Susanna Pyrker in [Variety International Film Guide 1993, ed. Peter Cowie], the Top 10 Grossing films in Austria in 1991 included these genre movies: * Terminator 2: Judgment Day [416,000 admissions] * The Silence of the Lambs [261,000 admissions] In 1981 there were 495 movie theatres, deeply cut to 395 by 1991 (95 of those in Vienna). The 395 cinemas had an attendance of 10,500,000, and grossed 700 million Schillings ($64,000,000) in 1991 box office revenues, dominated by the "Constantin" and "Kiba" theatre chains. Forthcoming films in Austria as of 1992 included these genre movies: * Mindwalk Studio: Screenplay: Director: Bernd Capra Cinemtography: Producers: Starring: Susanna Pyrker lists the following Film Producers of Austria: * Allegro Film * Epo Film * Extrafilm * Neue Studio Film * Satel Film * Dr. Heinz Schneiderbauer * Schonbrunn Films * Thalia Films * Terra Film * Wega Film Web Stuff: Austria, by the way, is one of the 8 countries that accesses the Magic Dragon web domain often, at least 10-20 days per month on the average. 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update of 25 May 1998: films update of 1 June 1997 update of 30 May 1997 SF Writers and Fans of Belgium The best-known Fantasy author in Belgium was probably Jean Ray (1887-1964). Jean Ray was actually a pseudonym for Raymundus Johannes Maria de Kremer, and he also wrote under the pseudonym of John Flanders (in Flemish) and Jean Ray (in French). A civil servant of the City of Ghent, he became a journalist for Cinemablad, Journal de Gand, La Revue Belge, and De Dag, eventually promoted to Editor-in-Chief. His first fiction was published in 1919, his first book of stories ("Contes du whisky") in 1925. Enormously prolific, no complete bibliography has been possible to create for him. The so-called "Les Oeuvres completes de Jean Ray" [Paris, 1963-66] is actually a mere selection of his hundreds of stories and dozens of books. 16 volumes of his "Harry Dickson" stories (derivative of dime novels such as "Nick Carter") were edited by Jean-Baptiste Baronian, and published by the Belgian company Marabout. Marabout also published some of his other books, such as: * Les Derniers contes du Canterbury [1963] * Les Contes du golf [1964] * Le Livre des fantomes [1966] Frequently criticized for writing too fast, for repeating his plots, for an irrational tumult of irrational frights, he is nonetheless praised for the elasticity and depth of his imagination, his grotesque images, and the nightmare-logic atmospherics of his prose. The book most commonly cited as his masterpiece is "Malpertuis" [1943]. Hendrik Conscience (1812-1883), fantasy author in Austria: nothing on the web? Michel de Ghelderode (1898-1962): Belgian playwright, best known for "Sortileges" Franz Hellens: pseudonym for Franz von Ermenghem (1881-?) Maurice Maeterlinck: {internal hotlink to be done} Gerald Prevot shares with Thomas Owen the distinction of being one of the two leading contemporary Austrian fantasists. Hugo Raes (1929-): symbolist/surrealist fantasy author in Austria A good biographical/bibliographical reference is "Early Birds", by Michel Feron and Danny de Laet (1970). They list writers and fans including: * Frans Buyens * Danny DeLaet * Michel Feron * Michael Grayn, pseudonym of Michel Englebert, publisher of Atlanta * Theo Muet * Edgar B. Jacobs * Raymond de Kremer (perhaps the major SF/Weird author in Belgium) see above * Hubert Lampo (1920-): Dutch/Flemish magical realist * Thomas Owen: pseudonym for attorney Gerald Bertot (1910-), morbid, melancholy polished short-story author, whose works appear in: * Les Chemns etranges [1943] * La Cave aux crapauds [1945; 1963] * Ceremonial nocturne [1966] * Pitie pour les ombres * Henri-Jacques Proumen * Marcel Thiry (1912-): symbolist/surrealist, also wrote magical realism under pseudonym Johan Daisne * Albert Van Hageland, editor, author, promoter * Paul VanHerck * Jos Van Limbergen * Horace Van Offel * Leopold Vermeiren: the Jules Verne of Belgium? SF Magazines of Belgium Magazines include: * Anticipations, Belgium (in French), (Sep 1945-May 1946): nothing on the Web? * Atlanta, Belgium (in French) (Jan 1966-?): nothing on the Web? * Utopia: nothing on the Web? SF Films Belgium I know of three science fiction films shot on location in Belgium * On Earth as in Heaven [Sur la terre comme au ciel] (1992) see below * Le Huitieme Jour (1996) also known as The Eighth Day * Le Trieur (1993) According to Patrick Duynslaegher in [Variety International Film Guide 1993, ed. Peter Cowie], the U.S. share of the film maket grew to 80%, with 9/10 of the top 10 box office films in Brussels. Forthcoming films in Patrick Duynslaegher as of 1992 included these genre movies: * On Earth as in Heaven [Sur la terre comme au ciel] Story: career-woman TV-journalist Maria hears from her unborn baby, and find sthat there is a worldwide conspiract of foetuses who prefer not to be born into a violent world Studio: Screenplay: Director: Marion Hansel Cinemtography: Producers: Starring: Carmen Maura (Pedro Almadovar's ex-leading lady) Patrick Duynslaegher lists the following Film Producers of Belgium: * Les Films de la Dreve * Art et Cinema * La Nouvelle Imagerie * Films Lyda * Cinema and Television Jacqueline Pierreux * Films Derives Productions * Iblis Films * Multimedia * Favourite Films * Emotion Pictures * Fugitive Cinema * Man's Films * Marisa Films * Lamy Films * Phantom Films SF/Fantasy Art Belgium Belgium boasts, particularly among the Flemish, world-famous fantasy painters such as: * Bruegel * Bosch * James Ensor Web Stuff Belgium, by the way, is one of the 8 countries that accesses the Magic Dragon web domain often, at least 10-20 days per month on the average. Belgium first "hit" this domain in April 1996. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


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I don't know anything about Science Fiction in Bolivia. Won't somebody who knows something e-mail an entry to put here? I know of no science fiction films shot on location in Bolivia. Bolivia, by the way, is one of the 45 countries that accesses the Magic Dragon web domain occasionally, but less than once a week on the average. Bolivia first "hit" this domain in January 1997. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


Minor Update of 25 May 1998: films Minor Update of 13 Feb 1998 Major Update of 4 March 1997 Major Update of 2 March 1997 Brazil: Science Fiction is Reality Brazil is a science-fictional country in its real life, as the dominant spacefaring nation in South America, with the vast and mysterious Amazon as a timeless alien world within a modern nation, and with Sao Paolo, arguably the world's largest megalopolis at the start of the new millennium. Sao Paulo, for example, is the venue for the largest Latin American book fair, held every other year. The 1996 Bienal do Livro (17-25 Aug 1996) had 248 publishers' exhibits, including ones from Portugal, Mexico, Italy, and Great Britian. Unfortunately, it had meagre offerings in the science fiction genre such as Michael Crichton's "Lost World" (Rocco), Robert T. Bakker's "Red Raptor" (Ediouro), James Gurney's "Dinotopia: The World Beneath" (Marco Zero), and a reprint of Erico Verissimo's 1939 Brazilian classic "Viagen a Auroro do Mundo" [Travel to the Dawn of the World]. Paradoxically, this $70,000,000 event took place in the country with the largest number of illiterate citizens in all of South America. SF 1900-1930s in Brazil According to the "Sao Paulo Letter" of Walter Martins (Amazing Stories, Sep 1968), Brazilian science fiction was triggered by Portuguese translations of Jules Verne in the early 1900s, and H. G. Wells in the 1930s. In the 1930s, a Brazilian equivalent of Tarzan appeared: "Terramarear." There were also Emilio Salgari's fantastic pirate stories, and space fiction by J. Aragon and Gustav Le Rouge. SF 1950s in Brazil In the 1950s there was a groundbreaking anthology, "Wonders of Science Fiction" edited by Mario da Silva Brito, featuring American authors. The popularity of this led to the "Colecao Argonauta" series of paperbacks. SF 1960s in Brazil Perhaps the first book devoted to Science Fiction in Brazil was Andre Carneire's 1968 Introducao ao Estudo da Science Fiction [Introduction to the Study of Science Fiction]. This is according to Roberto de Sousa Causo's "Brazil", Locus, April 1994, pp.40-41. In 1969, Jose Sanz organized an international Science Fiction Symposium in Rio de Janeiro, and published a bilingual book of the speeches by the distinguished guests. SF 1970s in Brazil Muniz Sodre', an academic critic, published the significant (if highly philosophical) A Ficcao du Temp [The Fiction of Time] in 1972. SF 1980s in Brazil Philosphy professor Raul Fiker, in 1985, published Ficcao, Cientifica ou uma Epica de Epoca? [Science Fiction: Fiction, Science, or the Epic of the Epoch?]. A trend in non-academic fans publishing research material on Brazillian Science Fiction began with the 1985 publication by R. C. Nascimento's Quem E Quem na Ficcao Cientifica Vol.1 -- Colecao Argonauta [Who's Who in Science Fiction - The Argonauta Edition]. In 1986 Braulio Tavares published O que E Ficcao Cientifica [What is Science Fiction], and Gilberto Schoereder published Ficcao Cientifica. The former is introductory; the latter combines essays and reference material on publishing, movies, and television. Then in 1987, Leo Godoy Otero published the "sinuous and a bit confusing compilation" Introducao a una Histoda Ficcao Cientifica [Introuction to a History of Science Fiction] which is important for its chapter on the science fiction authors of Brazil. This is according to Roberto de Sousa Causo's "Brazil", Locus, April 1994, pp.40-41. SF 1990s in Brazil In the early 1990s, science fiction appeared to flourish in Brazil, but a faltering economy and lack of ability to maintain and grow existing magazines and book lines led to a dwindling of the market in ther late 1990s. One useful recent history of the field is the article "Science Fiction in Brazil, 1996" by Roberto de Sousa Causo (Locus, January 1997, pp.36-37). Another is the Brazilian Fantastic Arts Society's guide by Andre Dreifus, 109/163-Bl.2, Sao Paulo - SP, 01252-901, Brazil. SF 1993 in Brazil Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park and Bram Stoker's Dracula were bestsellers in 1993 Brazil, due to the film releases. 34 Letras book publishing house published in 1993 various translations of Tim Powers and Robert Silverberg. Record Publishing put out 1993 translations of Asimov, Auel, Card, Heinlein, and Sheffield. Imago released a 1993 translation of Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Forbidden Tower: A Torre Proibida. The first post-graduate Science Fiction course in Brazil was taught by Roberto de Sousa Causo at the University of Sao Paulo, the largest Latin American university. The major literary/cultural journal D.O. Leitura #134 was a special issue on Brazillian Science Fiction studies. Brazil's Science Fiction Reader's Club (CLFC) Brazil's Science Fiction Reader's Club (CLFC is the Portuguese acronym) is said to be "the largest science fiction fan club in Latin America, with over 450 members", almost 70 issues of the fanzine "Somnium", and e-mail: e-mail Brazil's Science Fiction Reader's Club (CLFC) SF Book Publishers in Brazil Several publishing houses printed science fiction, including: * Aleph (whose Zenith line handles Star Trek books) * Brasiliense * Cia. Editora Nacional * Edameris * Edart * Gertrum Carbeiro * GRD * Imago (1993 translation of Marion Zimmer Bradley) * Mercuryo (published Star Trek and X-Files novelizations) * Record Publishing (1993 translations of Asimov, Auel, Card, Heinlein, Sheffield) * Saraiva * Von Schmidt * 4 Artes * 34 Letras (published 1993 translations of Tim Powers and Robert Silverberg) Paolo Fabrizio Pugno, Brazilian science fiction novelist e-mail Paolo Fabrizio Pugno Novel: "Ano 2023: missao Europa" [Year 2023: Europa Mission] (Sao Paulo, Brazil: Editoria Salesiana Dom Bosco, 1982) Astronauts on mission to Europa, the giant moon of Jupiter (now known to have vast oceans under a thick crust of ice). They are tasked with repairing an auromated mining facility, but have adventures including the discovery of a bizarre form of Europan life. Other Brazilian SF Authors other Brazilian authors include: * Sylvio Alexandre, editor at Mercuryo * Marcelo Simao Branco, editor of Megalon: Ficcao Cientifica & Horror * Ivanir Calado, SF/Fantasy author, translator of young adult novel "The Giver" by Lois Lowry * Miguel Carqueija * Roberto de Sousa Causo (critic/author, attended the 1992 World Science Fiction Convention by the Brazilian Fan Fund), editor of Borduna & Feitcaria * Marcelo Cassaro, author, editor of Dragao Brasil * Fausto Cunha, editor/critic/author * Gumercindo Rocha Dorea, editor (attended the 1993 World Science Fiction Convention by the Brazilian Fan Fund) * Fabio Fernades, author (attended the 1995 World Science Fiction Convention by the Brazilian Fan Fund) * Henrique Flory (attended 1992 and 1993 World Cons on own expense) * Luis Marcos da Fonseca * Eduardo Frank * Daniel Fresnot, author (attended the 1994 World Science Fiction Convention by the Brazilian Fan Fund) * Clovis Garcia * Sylvio Goncalves, fan/author, editor of Novos Mundas da Ficcao Cientifica * Guiherme Carvalho dos Reis Lima * Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro * Nilson Martello * Carlos Orsi Martinho, author of 12-book "Medo, Misterios e Morte" series [Fear, Mystery, and Death] sold only to schools by Didactica Paulista, and only with purchase of all 12 volumes at once. Carlos Orsi Martinho e-mailed me this correction: The point is: my book, 'Medo, Misterio e Morte' (Fear, Mystery & Death), with horror and sf short stories, is NOT a collection of books; it's only one book in a larger collection, with books by several other authors, and the whole collection is not of horror, fantasy or sf. And, yes, the publisher only sells the complete collection; his main target is composed by schools and libraries. But the Clube de Leitores de Ficcao Cientifica (SF readers club - has copies of my sole book to sell. * Jeronimo Monteiro (also a Mystery/Detective author) * Jeremias Moranu: pseudonym of Brazillian author Roberto de Sousa Causo * Carlos Andre Mores, co-editor of Hipertexto, in Sao Carlos) * Jose Carlos Neves * Leo Godoy Otero * Pierluigi Piazzi, fan/author, editor at Zenith * Ivan Carlos Regina, 1993 collection O Fruta Maduro da Civilizacao (Ficcao Cientifica GRD) * Renato Rosatti, editor of Astaroth * Roberto Schima * Cesar R. T. Silva * Dinah Silviera de Queroz * Braulio Tavares, author, editor of book line Serie Rama * J. Mauro Trevisan * Roger Trimer, co-editor of Hipertexto, in Sao Carlos) * Erico Verissimo, 1939 Brazilian classic Viagen a Auroro do Mundo [Travel to the Dawn of the World]. There is one Brazilian member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America: * Andre Carneiro: nothing on the Web? Magazines and Fanzines in Brazil Magazines and Fanzines include: * Astaroth (fanzine of Sociedade de Arte Fantastica), edited by Renato Rosatti * Borduna & Feitcaria (Fantasy fanzine, edited by Roberto de Sousa Causo) * Dragao Brasil (Role Playing Games, some science fiction) * Fantastic (mostly North American fiction translated into Portuguese) * Galaxia 2000 * Hipertexto (color-cover fanzine of Clube Jeronymo Montiero, edited by Carlos Andre Mores & Roger Trimer, in Sao Carlos) * Magazine de Ficcao Cientifica * Megalon: Ficcao Cientifica & Horror (long-running fanzine edited by Marcelo Simao Branco) * Isaac Asimov Magazine (translated into Portuguese) starting 1991; published 16 Brazillian stories from 1991 to January 1993 * So Aventuras, sister publication of Dragao Brasil Science Fiction "Collections" in Brazil But, more than the magazines, the major sources of science fiction in Brazil are the "collections" -- sequentially-numbered book lines, including: * Argonauta (over 450 book titles, imported from Portugal) * Asteroid Sabia * Caminho (imported from Portugal) * Europa-America (imported from Portugal) * Ficcao Cientifica GRD, local but now shrunken to a small press * FC Hemus (many translations of novels and stories of Isaac Asimov) * Mundos da Ficcao Cientifica (edited by Fausto Cunha) * Panorama (imported from Portugal) * Serie Rama * Zenith (translations of William Gibson, Bruce Stirling, Orson Scott Card) Science Fiction Films in Brazil I've seen one science fiction film shot on location in Brazil: * Moonraker (1979) but there were 3 others which were never released in the United States: * Amor Voraz (1984) * Barbosa (1988) ...aka Curta os Gauchos - Barbosa (1988) * Cassiopéia (1996) According to Dr. Luis Arbex in [Variety International Film Guide 1993, ed. Peter Cowie], the Top 10 Grossing films in Brazil in 1991 included these genre movies: * Terminator 2: Judgment Day [3,900,000 admissions] * Predator 2 [1,335,037 admissions] * Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 [1,263,429 admissions] * The Silence of the Lambs [1,160,000 admissions] Dr. Luis Arbex lists the following Film Producers of Brazil: * CDK -- Producoes Cinematograficas Ltds * L. C. Barreto Producoes Cinematograficas * Raiz Producoes Cinematograficas * Regina Filmes Web Stuff Brazil, by the way, is one of the 8 countries that accesses the Magic Dragon web domain often, at least 10-20 days per month on the average. Brazil first "hit" this domain in March 1996. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


I don't know anything about Science Fiction in Brunei Darussalam, other than having enjoyed the science fiction story "Green Days in Brunei". Brunei Darussalam is an Islamic Republic ruled by a Prince. The country is rich in oil and minerals, bringing the 200,000 population great per capita wealth. The citizens are primarily Malay, speaking and writing Baha Malay. Malaysian films and television are the primary one watched, as well as imprts from the USA (most people are fluent in English) and Europe. The Ministry of Information and Culture owns the TV station "Radio TV Brunei" and produces news and documentaries, sometimes exporting these abroad as part of cultural exchange programs. "Radio TV Brunei" has some of the best equipment of any TV studios in the world, with all-coulour broadcasts, and winning many Asian-Pacific Broadcasting Union awards. There is a national network of cinemas, which shows mostly films purchased by Malaysia. Won't somebody who knows something e-mail an entry to put here? I know of no science fiction films shot on location in Brunei. According to Fred Marshall in [Variety International Film Guide 1993, ed. Peter Cowie] UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


Major update of 4 March 1997 The Best-Known Bulgarian Science Fiction Author Michael Arlen (1895-1956), pseudonym of Dikran Kuyamjian, Bulgarian-born British novelist, nothing on the Web? Recent Bulgarian Science Fiction Authors Recent Bulgarian Science Fiction authors include: * Lyubin Dilov * Dimitar Kozhuharov, 1993 novel Hunters of the Past * Peter Kyurdjilov, editor of Fantastic Stories magazine * Vessela Lyutzkanova, 1993 novel Kali Yuga * Agop Melkonyan * Lyubomir Nikolev * Ivailo Runev, ex-President of Sophia SF Club * Vassil Sivov, philospher/critic * Julian Stoinov, critic * Nikolai Svetliev, 1993 novel All the Glitter of Evil Major SF book Publishers Major SF book publishers include: * Bard (translations of Blaylock, Cherryh, Crichton, Dick, Simmons, Zelazny) * Camea (translations of Gibson, Silverberg) * Vusev (translations of Pratchett) 1994 Bulgarian Science Fiction New Category "Best Foreign Novel" added to "Graviton Awards" 1993 Bulgarian Science Fiction 1993 Graviton Award to Peter Kyurdjilov, editor of Fantastic Stories magazine * Dimitar Kozhuharov, 1993 novel Hunters of the Past: first novel, time/inner-space travel to the First Bulgarian Kingdom leads to murder of key scientists * Vessela Lyutzkanova, 1993 novel Kali Yuga: eco-social collapse dystopia threatened by Asian Antichrist * Nikolai Svetliev, 1993 novel All the Glitter of Evil: dystopia as "a graphic, unflinching portrait of evil which demonstrates considerable power of imagination and a willingness to explore the limits of contemporary fiction" 1990 Bulgarian Science Fiction Popular SF author Lyuben Dilov established to "Graviton Awards" for Bulgarian Science Fiction. Above partly based on "Bulgaria" by Julian Stoinov, Locus, Apr 1994, pp.39-40 Science Fiction Films I know of one science fiction film shot on location in Bulgaria: * The Outpost (1995) also known as Wes Craven's "The Mindripper", and as Wes Craven Presents Mindripper but there was one other which was never released in the United States: * Third After the Sun (1980) I don't know much else about Science Fiction in Bulgaria. Won't somebody who knows something more e-mail an entry to put here? Bulgaria's first hit on this web site was in February 1997 UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


Major Update of 25 May 1998 I don't know anything about Science Fiction in Burkina Faso. This country declared its current identity in August 1984, after becoming independent as Upper Volta. Although one of the poorest countries in its region, it has made itself a leader in African media, especially cinema. President Thomas Sankara reeceived widespread political support for the emphasis on artistsic and economic power through cinema, and this policy remained unchanged after Captain Compaore' overthrew Sankara in 1987. At the core of this cinemtaic power is FESPACO, the Pan-African Film Festival in Ouagadougou, every other year (alternating with Film Days in Carthage, Tunisia). Ouagadougou is also the base for FEPACI, the Pan-African Federation of Film-Makers. headed by Gaston Kabore' (a Burkinese director). There is a profound connection between Cinafrique, the French Ministry of Co-Operation, and CMC (the Centre National du Cinema Francais). Won't somebody who knows something e-mail an entry to put here? I know of no science fiction films shot on location in Burkina Faso. However, Gaston Kabore' did make "Rabi" (co-roduced by BBC, TVE, One World Group of Broadcasters, and the French Ministry of Co-Operation) which is a Fantasy about a tortoise becoming pasrt of a human family. Idrissa Ouedraogo is another major director in Burkina Faso. The magazine "Ecrans d'Afrique' in Ouagadougou sometimes discusses science fiction and Fantasy films and related subjects. Much of the above is according to Jean Michel Frodon in [Variety International Film Guide 1993, ed. Peter Cowie] UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


I don't know anything about Science Fiction in Burma, also known as Myanmar. Won't somebody who knows something e-mail an entry to put here? I know of no science fiction films shot on location in Burma. According to Fred Marshall in [Variety International Film Guide 1993, ed. Peter Cowie], "the latest form of mass media in Burma is the VHS movie made with film, TV and radio stars. There are many new video 'theatrettes' in makeshift halls, equipped with benches, cushions, chairs, and fans for ventilation. The video screens are imported from Singapore, and most of the theatres use their own electric generators." There is also a government-owned 1,000-seat cinema in downtown Rangoon -- "Nawadday" -- which shows titles imported from Bangkok and Hongkong by the official Motion Picture Corporation, as well as locally produced features. American, European, Hongkong, and Indian (Hindi) films are popular, particularly in Rangoon and Mandalay, with about 50 such films imported per year. The biggest hit of the past five years was "Water Festival " [Thingyan Moe], directed by Maung Tin Oo, and now subtitled in English. Locally produced films number roughly 30, while the flood of new VHS movies numbers about 400 per year. The big stars include: * Kyaw Thu * Kyaw Hein * Yan Aung * Ne Aung * Soe Thu * Nyunt Win * Ye Aung * Thiha Tin Soe * Khin Than Nu * Soe Myat Science Fiction Artists of Burma: * Aung Aung, while living in San Francisco, painted literally thousands of paintings, mostly 5-minute quickies for the Hotel trade, but also impressed Your Humble Webmaster with a number of haunting and sophisticated SF paintings with a psychedelic/op art characteristic UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


Minor Update of 25 May 1998: films Major update of 22 February 1998 Minor update of 17 July 1997 Minor update of 3 March 1997 Canada & Relativity Canada is one of the world's science fiction superpowers, with visibility only slightly reduced by being in the glare of the United States. This relativity is illustrated by there being some 45 Canadian members of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. Therefore, until recently, many Canadian authors depended for the most part on sales to magazines and book publishers to the south, or to British publishers. Some Canadian SF authors defected to the United States, including A. E. van Vogt. Some Americans moved up to civilization, including William Gibson. 197 Notable Current Canadian SF Authors Particularly notable current Canadian SF authors include: * Lloyd Abbey@ Pole Stars * Nora Abercrombie * Colleen Anderson @ Pole Stars * Jean-Pierre April @ Pole Stars * Margaret Atwood @ Pole Stars * Claude Aubry @ Pole Stars * John Bishop Ballem @ Pole Stars * Doug Barbour @ Pole Stars * François Barcelo @ Pole Stars * Alan Barclay @ Pole Stars * Michael Barley @ Pole Stars * Don Bassingthwaite @ Pole Stars * Réné Beaulieu @ Pole Stars * Natasha Beaulieu @ Pole Stars * Stephanie Bedwell Grimes @ Pole Stars * Jacques Benoît @ Pole Stars * Alain Bergeron @ Pole Stars * Pierre Berton @ Pole Stars * Gerard Bessette @ Pole Stars * Jo Beverley @ Pole Stars * Earle Birney @ Pole Stars * Marie-Claire Blais @ Pole Stars * Peter Bloch-Hansen @ Pole Stars * Guy Bouchard @ Pole Stars * André G. Bourassa @ Pole Stars * Bob Boyczuk @ Pole Stars * Brian Brett @ Pole Stars * Valerie Broege @ Pole Stars * Jacques Brossard @ Pole Stars * Cliff Burns @ Pole Stars * Daniel Canty @ Pole Stars * Joël Champetier @ Pole Stars * Mary Choo @ Pole Stars * Lesley Choyce @ Pole Stars * Catherine Anthony Clark @ Pole Stars * J. Brian Clarke @ Pole Stars * Carolyn Clink @ Pole Stars * John Robert Columbo @ Pole Stars * Michael Coney@ Pole Stars * Harold Côté @ Pole Stars * Robertson Davies @ Pole Stars * Barbara Delaplace @ Pole Stars * Charles de Lint home page * Charles de Lint @ Pole Stars * Gordon R. Dickson @ Pole Stars * Jean Dion @ Pole Stars * Cory Doctorow @ Pole Stars * Rita Donovan @ Pole Stars * James Doohan @ Pole Stars * Candas Jane Dorsey @ Pole Stars * Wayland Drew @ Pole Stars * Dave Duncan @ Pole Stars * Dave Duncan home page * Steve Fahenstalk @ Pole Stars * Donna Farley @ Pole Stars * Jacques Ferron @ Pole Stars * Timothy Findley @ Pole Stars * Diane E. Fothergill @ Pole Stars * Eduardo Frank @ Pole Stars * Leslie Gadallah @ Pole Stars * Marcel G. Gagné @ Pole Stars * James Alan Gardner @ Pole Stars * William Gibson @ Pole Stars * Catherine Girczyc @ Pole Stars * Jacques Godbout @ Pole Stars * Phyllis Gotlieb @ Pole Stars * Glenn Grant @ Pole Stars * Terence M. Green @ Pole Stars * Ed Greenwood @ Pole Stars * Frederick Philip Grove @ Pole Stars * Ann Gyoba @ Pole Stars * Barry Hammond @ Pole Stars * Geoff Hancock @ Pole Stars * Preston Happon @ Pole Stars * H. A. Hargreaves @ Pole Stars * Anne Hébert @ Pole Stars * Tom Henighan @ Pole Stars * Hélène Holden @ Pole Stars * Evan Hollander @ Pole Stars * Ken Hood @ Pole Stars * Nalo Hopkinson @ Pole Stars * Tanya Huff @ Pole Stars * Marian Hughes @ Pole Stars * Matt Hughes @ Pole Stars * Monica Hughes @ Pole Stars * Nicole Luiken Humphrey @ Pole Stars * Don Hutchinson @ Pole Stars * Claude Janelle @ Pole Stars * K. V. Johansen @ Pole Stars * Paula Johanson @ Pole Stars * Sandra Kasturi @ Pole Stars * Sansoucy Kathenor @ Pole Stars * Welwyn Wilton Katz @ Pole Stars * Guy Gavriel Kay @ Pole Stars * Thomas P. Kelley @ Pole Stars * Eileen Kernaghan @ Pole Stars * David Ketterer @ Pole Stars * Crawford Kilian @ Pole Stars * Nancy Kilpatrick @ Pole Stars * Nancy Kilpatrick home page * Donald Kingsbury @ Pole Stars * David Kirkpatrick @ Pole Stars * David Laderoute @ Pole Stars * Michael Lamontagne @ Pole Stars * Margaret Laurence @ Pole Stars * Aviva Layton @ Pole Stars * Stephen Leacock @ Pole Stars * Mark Leslie Lefebvre @ Pole Stars * Steve Lehman @ Pole Stars * S. M. Longbottom @ Pole Stars * Susan MacGregor @ Pole Stars * Hugh MacLennan @ Pole Stars * Catherine MacLeod @ Pole Stars * Antonine Maillet @ Pole Stars * Alice Major @ Pole Stars * Alberto Manguel @ Pole Stars * Laurence Manning @ Pole Stars * Ann Marston @ Pole Stars * Suzanne Martel @ Pole Stars * Sally McBride @ Pole Stars * Eric McCormack @ Pole Stars * Shirley Meier @ Pole Stars * Claude Melançon @ Pole Stars * Gordon R. Menzies @ Pole Stars * Judith Merril @ Pole Stars * Yves Meynard @ Pole Stars * W. O. Mitchell @ Pole Stars * Charles Monpetit @ Pole Stars * Derryl Murphy @ Pole Stars * David Nickle @ Pole Stars * Sandy D. Nielsen @ Pole Stars * Marianne O. Nielsen @ Pole Stars * Howard O'Hagan @ Pole Stars * Robert O'Riordan @ Pole Stars * John Park @ Pole Stars * Dave Patterson @ Pole Stars * Francine Pelletier @ Pole Stars * Annick Perrot-Bishop @ Pole Stars * Jean Pettigrew @ Pole Stars * Ursula Pflug @ Pole Stars * Teresa Plowright @ Pole Stars * E. J. Pratt @ Pole Stars * Claude-Michel Prévost @ Pole Stars * Garfield Reeves-Stevens @ Pole Stars * Clélie Rich @ Pole Stars * Michael Richardson @ Pole Stars * Mordecai Richler @ Pole Stars * Sir Charles G. D. Roberts @ Pole Stars * Spider Robinson @ Pole Stars * Esther Rochon @ Pole Stars * Richard Rohmer @ Pole Stars * Rhea Rose @ Pole Stars * Jon Ruddy @ Pole Stars * Robert Runté @ Pole Stars * Sean Russell @ Pole Stars * Thomas J. Ryan @ Pole Stars * Geoff Ryman @ Pole Stars * Michelle Sagara @ Pole Stars * William A. S. Sarjeant @ Pole Stars * Robert J. Sawyer @ Pole Stars * Robert J. Sawyer home page * Andrea Schlecht @ Pole Stars * Karl Schroeder @ Pole Stars * Daniel Sernine @ Pole Stars * Mark Shainblum @ Pole Stars * William Shatner @ Pole Stars * Kathryn Sinclair @ Pole Stars * Guy Sirois @ Pole Stars * Michael Skeet @ Pole Stars * Robin Skelton @ Pole Stars * Jena Snyder @ Pole Stars * Heather Spears @ Pole Stars * Norbert Spehner @ Pole Stars * Hugh A. D. Spencer @ Pole Stars * Erik Jon Spigel @ Pole Stars * Dale Sproule @ Pole Stars * Sean Stewart @ Pole Stars * S. M. Stirling @ Pole Stars * Ted Stone @ Pole Stars * Jennifer Taylor @ Pole Stars * Lorna Toolis @ Pole Stars * Michel Tremblay @ Pole Stars * Jean Louis Trudel @ Pole Stars * Gerald Truscott @ Pole Stars * Dennis G. Valdron @ Pole Stars * Edo van Belkom @ Pole Stars * A. E. van Vogt @ Pole Stars * Sabine Verreault @ Pole Stars * Jocelyne Villeneuve @ Pole Stars * Élisabeth Vonarburg @ Pole Stars * Diane L. Walton @ Pole Stars * Sheila Watson @ Pole Stars * Peter Watts @ Pole Stars * Rick Waugh @ Pole Stars * Andrew Weiner @ Pole Stars * Alan Weiss @ Pole Stars * Michelle West @ Pole Stars * Jim Willer @ Pole Stars * Edward Willet @ Pole Stars * Robert Charles Wilson @ Pole Stars * J. Michael Yates @ Pole Stars A new site for info about the Prix Aurora Awards is Prix Aurora Awards presented by Dennis Mullin, 1998 Prix Aurora Awards administrator 1996 Prix Aurora Awards (16th Annual Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Awards) These awards were presented 21 July 1996, in Calgary, Alberta, at Con-Version XIII. * Best Long-Form Work in English: The Terminal Experiment, Robert J. Sawyer (New York: HarperPrism; and in Analog magazine as "Hobson's Choice", Dec 1994-Mar 1995) * Best Long-Form Work in French: TLes Voyageurs malgre' eux, Elisabeth Vonarburg (Editions Quebec/Amerique; translated as Reluctant Voyagers, Bantam Spectra) * Best Short-Form Work in English: "The Perseids", Robert Charles Wilson (Northern Frights 3) * Best Short-Form Work in French: "Equinoxe", Yves Menard (La Rose du desert, Le Passeur) * Best Other Work in English: ReBoot (computer-animated TV series) * Best Other Work in French: Solaris (magazine) * Artistic Achievement: Jean-Pierre Normand * Fan Achievement (Fanzine): Under the Ozone Hole, Karl Johanson & John Herbert * Fan Achievement (Organizational): Jean-Louis Trudel (SFSF Boreal, Prix Boreal) * Fan Achievement (Other): Larry Stewart (entertainer) Other Canadian SF Authors: [Charles] Grant [Blairfindie] Allen (1848-1899), leading Canadian science writer and SF/Fantasy novelist: Grant Allen @ AlphaRalpha Brian W. Aldiss [Billion Year Spree, New York: Shocken, 1974, p.142] says: "'Grant Allen and I were in the tradition of Godwin and Shelley,' said [H.G.] Wells. Grant Allen was a Darwinian. Like Wells, he used the future to mirror the evils of the present, and his _The British Barbarians_ (1895) presents a scientist from a distant future working as an anthropologist among a savage tribe in an English suburb, as he investigates the current shibboleths on class, sex, property, and creed. Grant Allen's best-known novel is _The Woman Who Did_, also published in 1895, about a woman who bears and cares for an illegitimate child--a daring theme at the time, which may have moved Wells toward the writing of _Ann Veronica_." Margaret Eleanor Atwood, born Ottowa Ontario 18 Nov 1939, daughter of Carl Edmund and Margaret Dorothy Killam, BA U. Toronto 1961, AM Radcliffe College 1962, D. Litt. (hon.) Trent U. 1973, Concordia U. 1980; LL.D. (Hon.) Queen's U. 1974, member of faculty U.B.C. 1964-65, Sir George Williams U. 1967-68, U. Alta. 1969-70, York U. 1971-72, Writer-in-residence U. Toronto 1972-73, President's Medal U. Western Ontario 1965, Governor General's Award 1966, etc. Margaret Atwood Edward Willett Canadian science fiction author, a member of SF Canada, with a handful of short satories to his credit and his first novel to be published in 1997. e-mail Edward Willett Two important writers from the 1st half of the 20th century were T. P. Kelley and R. Vaughan. [Charles] Grant [Blairfindie] Allen (1848-1899), leading Canadian science writer and SF/Fantasy novelist: Grant Allen @ AlphaRalpha Magazines include: * Les Adventures Futuristes * Eerie Tales * Solaris (120+ issues, French-language, Quebec) [not yet listed in Magazine section] * Uncanny Tales I know of 36 science fiction films shot on location in Canada: * Anchor Zone (1994) * Crash (1996) * Darkman II: The Return of Durant (1994) * Def-Con 4 (1984) * Doctor Who (1996) TV * The Fabulous Voyage of the Angel [Le fabuleux voyage de l'ange] (1992) Director: Jean Pierre Lefebvre, Screenplay: Jean Pierre Lefebvre and Normand Desjardins Studio: ACPAV Starring: Daniel Lavoie, Marcel Sabourin, Sylvie Marie Gagnon Story: about a comic-book artist/taxi driver who loses the ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality Length: 102 minutes * The Fly (1986) * Food of the Gods (1976), also known as H. G. Wells' Food of the Gods * Galaxies Are Colliding (1992) * Generation X (1996) TV * Iceman (1984) * Johnny Mnemonic (1995) * Jumanji (1995) * The Lifeforce Experiments (1994) TV * Les Mille merveilles de l'universe (1997) * Millennium (1989) * Naked Lunch (1992) * One Million Years B.C. (1966) * Quintet (1979) * Runaway (1984) * Scanners III: The Takeover (1992) * Screamers (1996) * Short Circuit 2 (1988) * Starship Invasions (1977) also known as Alien Encounter * Superman (1978) * Superman II (1980) * Superman III (1983) * TekWar (1994) TV * TekWar: TekJustice (1994) TV * TekWar: TekLabs (1994) TV * TekWar: TekLords (1994) TV * Time Runner (1993) also known as In Exile * Timecop(1994) * Twelve Monkeys (1995) * Unforgettable (1995) * Xtro II: The Second Encounter (1990) Canada, by the way, is one of the 16 countries that accesses the Magic Dragon web domain every day (or almost every day). Canada first "hit" this domain in March 1996. 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I don't know anything about Science Fiction in Chile. Won't somebody who knows something e-mail an entry to put here? Some interesting stories in: Marjorie Agosin, full name Marjorie Stella Agosin Halpern (1955-): editor: * The Secret Weavers: Stories of the Fantastic by Women of Argentina and Chile [White Pine Press, 1991] story collection translated from Spanish I know of no science fiction films shot on location in Chile. According to Hans Ehrmann in [Variety International Film Guide 1993, ed. Peter Cowie], the Top 10 Grossing films in Chile in 1991 included these genre movies: * Terminator 2: Judgment Day (257,000 admissions in Santiago alone) * Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (138,901) * All Dogs Go to Heaven (109,371) Hans Ehrmann lists the following Film Producers of Chile: * Chile Films * Labratorio Cinemtaografico Gamma * Filmocentro * Laboratorio Cinavision Web Stuff: Chile, by the way, is one of the 15 countries that accesses the Magic Dragon web domain roughly once a week on the average. Chile first "hit" this domain in August 1996. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


China had science, technology, fantasy, and books many centuries before Europe, and is a mighty nation of 1,200,000,000 people with an atomic and space-launch capability, likely to place astronauts in orbit within a decade. Many observers believe that China is the key to the 21st century, and that all nations will be affected by the alternatives of China breaking up into smaller nations, being convulsed by war, becoming a democratic-socialist nation with a capitalist system, allying with Japan, teaming with the United States, or creating a new paradigm of Confucist Capitalism different from the centrally-planned Singapore paradigm or the freewheeling capitalism of Hong Kong or Taiwan. Hence a number of Western science fiction authors have used China as a location for speculative fiction. Wu Ch'eng-en's vast 16th Century novel "Hsi Yu Ki" ("The Pilgimmage to the West") is a 100 chapter Fantasy Trilogy. The first section describes the creation of the earth by the pure essence of Heaven. A rock becomes pregnant by magic, and gives birth to a stone monkey who wants to study esoteric doctrine. The second section describes the monkey's journey to India with Hsuang Tsang (an historical Budddhist monk sent by a 7th century emperor to bring Buddhist scriptures to China). On the way, the monkey subdues dragons, ogres, and deomns with wit and magic, including a club which he could shrink to the size of a needle and carry behind his ear. In the third section, the monkey becomes a Buddhist saint. This masterpiece is both profound and nonsensical, beautiful and absurd, and set the stage for all future Fantasy. Arthur Waley eventually translated a few small parts of "Hsi Yu Ki" as "Monkey." Within the past decade, mainstream Chinese authors moved into the Science Fiction genre due to the booming free market economy in books, the complex transition from centralized Party planning, and a redefinition of mainstream fiction. Some such authors are: * Qiao Liang * Bi Shumin * Zhu Sujin * Liang Xiaosheng * Ke Yunlu Brief biographical/bibliographical sketches of these authors follow. * Qiao Liang, born 1955; joined Peoples' Liberation Army 1973; Lu Xun Literature Institute, Beijing University; Colonel and Vice Director of the Literature Bureau of the Air Force; first short fiction publication 1974; author of novels, short stories, poems, journalism, plays, screenplays; notable works include: * "Spirit Flag", winner of 4th National Novelette Award * "Big Ice River", won 2nd Military Literature Award * "City and Chronicle of a Boss", won 1st Tide of China Reportage Award * The Gate of Doomsday, 21st-century political SF novel, 1st printing 200,000; about World War III started between India and Pakistan, and a non-Communist China as the world's policeman * Bi Shumin, born 10 Oct 1952 in Xinjiang province; primary/secondary education in Beijing; joined Peoples' Liberation Army 1968 in Xinjiang; 11 years as nurse then doctor in Himalayas; left Army 1980; worked as doctor in Beijing; now a full-time professional author. Works include: * "Die Young of the Kanlun Mountain", 1987, 1st novelette, winner of 1987 Kunlun Literature Award * "A Transformer hich Could Not Change its Shape" * "A Dating of a Woman" * "Booking Death" * "Violet Body" * "The Finger Ring of a Doctor", 1994, modern doctor dies as Confucian martyr from effects of a magic ring which shifts patients' ills to himself * Zhu Sujin, born 1953 in Nanjing; joined Peoples' Liberation Army 1969; artillery soldier who became professional author in Nanjin Military District; miltiple award-winner whose works include: * Born Inside Despair, 1992 symbolic SF novel about cannon expert who develops cosmic out-of-body viewpoint * Flash-Hitting 4,000 Years Ago; 1992 novel of Earth versus interstellar enemy, in endless war, with modern humans aided by ancient Chinese resurrected from suspended animation in ice * Memorial Ceremony for Constellation, 1992 sequel to Flash-Hitting 4,000 Years Ago * Cannons, somewhat autobiographical novel * Punishment, novel * Distinct, novel about Chinese/Vietnamese war * "Shoot the Sky-Wolf", novelette * "Focus", novelette * "The Third Eye", novelette * "Speaking Softly", novelette * Liang Xiaosheng, also written "Liang Ziaosheng"; born 22 Sep 1949 in Halbin, Heilongjiang Province; exiled to Big Northern Wilderness in 1968, worked as peasant, elementary school teacher, tractor operator, village newspaper reporter; Fudan University, Shanghai, 1974; screenplay writer 1977-? for Beijing Film Corp.; major science fiction novel is: * The Floating City (1992) series of disasters befall a floating island which leaves China and is rejected by both Japan and the United States, reflecting Chinese anxiety and ambiguity about which culture to embrace in modernization * mainstream novels include: * This is a Mysterious Land * Snow City * Tonight there will be a Thunderstorm * Ke Yunlu, born 13 Nov 1946 in Shanghai; exiled to Shanxi province countryside during Cultural Revolution, became factory worker with penchant for philosophy, began publishing novels in 1980, including: * Decline and Prosper * Night and Day * Nova, a kindly Red Army major fights corruption, made into a very popular TV mini-series in the mid 1980s * best-selling pseudo-science series about paranormal Qi Gong powers (Qi Gong is a mega-fad in modern China): * Grand Qi Gong Masters * The New World * The Research of the Mysterious Phenomena of the Human Body I don't know much about Science Fiction in China, other than what I learned at the World SF meeting in the Hague (Netherlands) where I saw the presentation by the Chinese delegation for the World SF convention which was, in fact, later held in Chengdu. I was invited, but was unable to attend, due to a schedule conflict. Brian W. Aldiss describes this in his article "World SF" in the December 1996 issue (Vol.9, no.4) of The New York Review of Science Fiction. See the "Magazines" web page of this domain for a hotlink. Another source of information is "SF In China" by Wu Yan and "SF Opportunities in China" by Yang Xiao, both articles in Locus, January 1997, p.35. * Wu Yan, science fiction critic, College of Education Administration, Beijing Normal University e-mail Wu Yan An important anothology of Chinese science fiction is: * Science Fiction from China, edited by Wu Yingbo & Patrick D. Murphy (Praeger, 1989) This book includes stories by authors such as: * Yie Yonglie thanks to the work of translators such as: * Pei Minxin Magazines include: * Science Fiction World, up to 200,000 readers, Chinese -language fiction from China and overseas Editor-in-Chief e-mail Yang Xiao, Chengdu, Sichuan, China * Science Fiction World Cartoons I have read a considerable quantity of Chinese fiction and poetry in translation, and have published transliterations of Chinese poetry in several magazines. I know of one science fiction film shot on location in China: * Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord (1997) (mini)TV Won't somebody who knows something MORE about Science Fiction in China e-mail an entry to put here? Web Stuff: China, by the way, is one of the 45 countries that accesses the Magic Dragon web domain occasionally, but less than once a week on the average. China first "hit" this domain in June 1996. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


Rene Rebetez-Cortes is arguably the best-known Colombian science fiction author. The story "The New Prehistory" by Rene Rebetez-Cortes, translated by Damon Knight, appears (pp.141-145) in "The World Treasury of Science Fiction", edited by David G. Hartwell, Boston: Little Brown, 1989 (and released by Book of the Month Club). Hartwell comments "Like Japan, the Spanish-speaking world has no indigenous tradition of science fiction." I strongly disagree, and suggest checking the entry for Mexico as a counter-example. In any case, Hartwell continues: "But in the Hispanic countries, especially in South America, the school of magical realism has had significant impact on world literature since the 1960s. This story, by Rene Rebetez-Cortes, a Colombian, was fist published in 1972 and represents a speculative approach to the fantastic present and future. It is as near a relative of science fiction as one finds in Spanish literarture today... what the defenders of literary SF prefer to call speculative fiction..." I know of one science fiction film shot on location in Colombia: * Independence Day (1996) UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


I don't know anything about Science Fiction in Costa Rica, although I have had clients from Costa Rica. I have the impression that Costa Rica is itself like a Utopian science fiction setting, in that (for example) it has no army, but only a small police force. I know of one science fiction film shot on location in Costa Rica: * Congo (1995) Won't somebody who knows something e-mail an entry to put here? Web Stuff: Costa Rica, by the way, is one of the 45 countries that accesses the Magic Dragon web domain occasionally, but less than once a week on the average. Costa Rica first "hit" this domain in May 1996. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


Minor Update of 26 May 1998 Major Update of 2 March 1997 One Croatian member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America: * Krsto A. Mazuranic (also Sfera winner for being "the most prominent and active fan ever") Other Croatian SF figures include: * Mario Berecic (winner of Sfera award for best short story of 1996) * Tatjana Jambrisak, controversial story "Duh novog svijeta" about men living underground in future Zagreb and women rebuilding aboveground, Sfera winner * Igor Kordej, artist * Hrvoje Kovacevic, horror author of "Profesionalna deformacija" * Darko Macan e-mail Darko Macan (SFera) * Zvjezdana Odobasic, 18-year-old author of fantasy novel "Cudesna krljust" [The Magic Scale], Sfera award * Ivica Posavec, 6-years President of SFera * Aleksandar Ziljak, artist The only professional Croatian science fiction magazine that I know of is: * Futura But there are also a number of decent fanzines, including: * Another World * Endem * Ni riba ni meso * Parsek * Play SF * Tamna Zvijezda * Veliki Prasak * Via Galactica SF Fan activity in Croatia centers on SFera, the largest and longest-running SF club. They produce the SFeraCon conventions (18 so far) and, based in Zagreb, have published an anthology of original Croatian fiction: "Dnevnici Entropije" [Journals of Entropy] which were given away free to SFeraCon 18 attendees. E-mail this club -- please include "SFera" in the subject line -- at e-mail Darko Macan (SFera) I have met over a dozen Croatian science fiction fans and professionals, at various World Science Fiction Conventions, most recently in Glasgow, Scotland. There were very knowledgable about the field, and made a strong appeal to host a World Science Fiction Convention at some time in the relatively near future, and I will do what I can to support this effort. One snapshot of Croatian science fiction is the short article "SF In Croatia" by Darko Macan, Locus, October 1996, p.42. I know of one science fiction film shot on location in or produced in Croatia: * The Makers (1997) According to Tomislav Kurelec [Variety International Film Guide 1993, ed. Peter Cowie] "The birth of the Republic of Croatia was very difficult.... There were 188 cinemas in Croatia before the war and today only 84 are still working. Attendances have declined by 50%." Tomislav Kurelec lists 10 film and television companies: * Adria Film * Croatia Film * Croatian Television * Jadran Film * Maestro Film * Marjan Film * Maxima Film * Oktavjian Film * Urania Film * Zagreb Film Web Stuff: Croatia, by the way, is one of the 15 countries that accesses the Magic Dragon web domain about once a week on the average, but fewer than 10 days per month. Croatia first "hit" this domain in June 1996. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


Minor update 26 May 1998 Major update of 30 May 1997 The major Cuban Science Fiction/Fantasy author was probably Alejo Carpentier (born 1904), best known for inventing the term "magical realism." His most widely appreciated novel was "El reino de este mundo" [The Kingdom of This World] (1949) which was based on magic, folklore, and legends of Haiti. Guillermo Cabrera Infante (1929-): British author born in Cuba, journalist, film critic, sometimes uses pseudonym G. Cain; specializes in Fantasy of genre: ALTERNATE WORLDS: history might have happened differently * Tres tristes tigres [Spain: 1965; US: 1971, as "Three Trapped Tigers"] translated into English by Donald Gardner and Suzanne Jill Levine * Vista del amanecer en el tropics [Spain: 1974; US: 1978, as "A View of Dawn in the Tropics"] collection of linked stories; translated into English by Suzanne Jill Levine * La Habana para un infante difunto [1979; US: 1984, as "Infante's Inferno"] translated into English by Suzanne Jill Levine (according to "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy" by John Clute & John Grant, 1997, pp.157-158) One Cuban member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America: * Angel Arango I don't know anything else about Science Fiction in Cuba, although I have had friends from Cuba. I have the impression that Cuba is itself like a science fiction setting, in that (for example) it has a high-tech presence (especially in the biomedical arena) and yet is caught between galactic powers in an ideological conflict beyond its own ability to resolve. There have been science fiction stories which involve Cuba, for example an alternate history story that presumed that Fidel Castro was recruited into American major league baseball, as he did in fact attempt. I know of one science fiction film shot on location in Cuba: * Habr%E1 una vez... (1997) Carlos Mendoza [Variety International Film Guide 1993, ed. Peter Cowie] says "the issue of creative freedom came to a head following the release of the controversial Alice in Wonderland (Alicia en el Pueblo de Maravillas), a satire which is moderately critical of certain aspects of Cuban society." Your Humble Webmaster does not know what links this film to the famous books of Lewis Carroll, or whether Fantasy is used to cloud the issue of social criticism. Won't somebody who knows something e-mail an entry to put here? UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


I don't know anything about Science Fiction in Cyprus. I have the impression that Cyprus is itself like a science fiction setting, in that it is caught between galactic powers (Greece and Turkey) in an ideological conflict beyond its own ability to resolve. I know of one science fiction film shot on location in Cyprus: * Twelve Monkeys (1995) Won't somebody who knows something e-mail an entry to put here? Web Stuff: Cyprus, by the way, is one of the 45 countries that accesses the Magic Dragon web domain occasionally, but less than once a week on the average. Cyprus first "hit" this domain in June 1996. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents


Minor Updates of 26 May 1998 and 2 June 1998 (film) Major Update of 17 March 1998 (Slovak) Minor Update of 2 March 1997 Note: this country has split into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, but Your Humble Webmaster isn't always capable of subdividing this essay appropriately. The medieval legend of Rabbi Low of Prague and his android --er, golem-- puts Czechoslovakia at the center of science fiction and fantasy, right? Two major Czech authors listed in the authors section of this web page are: * Karel Capek * J. Nesvadba Other Czech and Slovak science fiction authors today include: * Martin Bastl * Vladimir Chrastina * Ondrej Neff, senior editor of Ikarie * Alexandra Pavelkova * Jaroslav Petr * Vlastimil Tyrol * Petr Vyhlidka * Rafal A. Ziemkiewicz Capek's "R.U.R." (1920) was the play (first performed in 1921) that launched a thousand robot novels, and the word "robot" itself, and "War with the Newts" was both an attack on fascism and the ultimate conquest-of-Earth story. Joseph Nesvadba (1926-) Czech doctor/psychiatrist/translator/playwright with highly regarded science fiction fantasy short stories The Czech Republic has the notable slick-cover magazine "Ikarie" with Czech, Slovak, and translated foreign fiction. Published in Praha, this is a fine magazine, and I have several copies myself. Past and Present of Slovak science-fiction (as outlined by Alexandra Pavelko): * Gustav Reuss (1818 - 1861), who in 1856 wrote the novel "Hviezdoveda alebo zivotopis Krutohlava, co na Zemi, okolo Mesiaca a Slnka skusil, a co o obezniciach, vlasaticiach, povode a konci sveta vedel" ["Star-science or Curriculum Vitae of Krutohlav, What He on Earth, around the Moon and the Sun Experienced, and What He about the Planets, Comets, the Origin and the End of the World Knew"] He is considered as the first sci-fi author in Slovakia In honour of him, there's the most important Slovak competition for SF authors called "The Gustav Reuss Award." More affecting for Alexandra Pavelko were modern authors: * Jozef Zarnay}, whose novels: * "Tajomstvo draj steny" ["The Secret of the Dragon's Wall"], 1973), * "Prekliata planeta" ["The Cursed Planet"], 1977 and later "Kolumbovia zo zakladne Ganymedes" ["The Colonists from the Ganymedes Bas"], 1983, had very strong influence on Pavelko's view of SF during his childhood. * Jozef Viktor Schwartz (1925 - 1981) with exciting collection of stories: * "Navraty z neskutocna" ["The Comebacks from Unreality"],1984 * Anton Hyckisch (1932-) Very good collection "Dobre utajeny mozog" ["The Well Concealed Brain"] 1979 Other authors, who wrote mainstream literature, but also SF: * Alta Vasova * Jan Lenco (1933-) real/fantasy novel "Odysseus, bronz a krv" ["Odysseus, Bronze and Blood)"] * Dusan Slobodnik * Peter Stolicny * Jozef Repko * Jozef A. Tallo * Dusan Kostovsky, * Andrej Ferko Among the new generation belong: * Gustav Murin * Ondrej Krug * Stefan Konkol * Duro Cervenak * Andrej Ferko * Alexandra Pavelko In fact, there are more authors of SF, competing in the Gustav Reuss Award every year. Generally, it is very difficult to publish one's own book in Slovakia, (i.e. Duro Cervenak has published his books in Czech Republic in Czech language), so the authors publish their stories in fanzines and some magazines such as Czech Ikarie or Nemesis, or in a quite new Slovak SF magazine Fantazia , or in the collection of best stories of GRA. The most important of them are: * Juraj Toman * Jozef Girovsky * Marek Elias * Peter Sulej. The most famous Slovak SF designers: * Juraj Maxon * Martina Pilcerova Authors, fans and other people involved in science fiction meet at conventions. Very popular is Tatracon, taking its place at hotel Cingov in the arms of beautiful Slovak nature. Slovaks also take part in Parcon, an international Czech and Slovak convention, which is held one year in Czechland, another in Slovakia. Also Dracon in Brno, Czech Republic, is one of the most favourite, after the splitting-apart of Czecho-Slovakia. I don't know much about Slovak films, but can mention: * Juraj Jakubisko, whose films, (i.e. "Nejasna sprava o konci sveta" ["An Ambiguous Report about the End of the World"] -- shot in the Czech Republic -- have very strong elements of science-fiction. 2 new American science fiction films were shot in Slovakia: * Dragon Heart * Kull The Conqueror I know of one science fiction film shot on location in Czechoslovakia: * Kafka (1991) The Internet Movie Database lists 12 Czechoslovokian-produced films/TV shows: * "Abenteuer mit Blasius" (1975)TV Series * Baron Prásil (1961) ...aka Original Fabulous Adventure of Baron Munchausen, The (1961) (English video title) ...aka Baron Munchhausen (1961) ...aka Fabulous Baron Munchausen, The (1961) * Cesta do praveku (1955) ...aka Journey to the Beginning of Time (1960) ...aka Journey to Prehistory (1955) * Gosti iz Galakzije (1981) ...aka Posjetioci iz galaksije Arkana (1981) * Ikarie XB 1 (1963) ...aka Voyage to the End of the Universe (1964) (US title) * Klaun Ferdinand a raketa (1963) ...aka Rocket to Nowhere (1963) ...aka Clown Ferdinand and the Rocket (1963) * Krakatit (1947) [from the Karel Capek novel] * Na komete (1970) ...aka Hector Servadac's Ark (1970) ...aka Archa Pana Servadacha (1970) ...aka On the Comet (1970) * Pane, vy jste vdova! (1970) ...aka Sir, You Are a Widower (1971) ...aka Mister, You Are a Widower (1971) * Planète sauvage, La (1973) ...aka Savage Planet, The (1973) ...aka Fantastic Planet, The (1973) ...aka Planet of Incredible Creatures (1973) * Upir z Feratu (1981) * Vynález zkázy (1958) ...aka Fabulous World of Jules Verne, The (1961) (US title) Eva Zaoralova [Variety International Film Guide 1993, ed. Peter Cowie] says that "the legal aspects of the Czechoslovak film industry are still very unclear..." She lists 6 film producers: * Filmove' studio Barrandov (Cinepont) * Mirofilm * Kratky film a.s. * Studio Koliba * In Film * Bonton The January 1997 issue of the American "Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction", pages 124-160, features the fiction of a Czech author: Vilma Kadleckova. The story, "Longing for Blood", was translated from Czech to English by M. Klima and Bruce Sterling (through drafts sent back and forth over the internet) after Bruce Sterling stayed at the Prague apartment of Vilma Kadleckova and her husband Martin Lima (a former Physicist). Vilma Kadleckova has published four books in Czech, and was a winner of the Karel Capek award for her fiction. The story "Captain Nemo's Last Adventure" by Josef Nesvadba, translated by the Iris Urwin, appears (pp.392-414) in "The World Treasury of Science Fiction", edited by David G. Hartwell, Boston: Little Brown, 1989 (and released by Book of the Month Club). Hartwell comments "A leading European science fiction writer, Josef Nesvadba is a doctor as well as a psychiatrist and the heir to Karel Capek. Nesvadba has been the only internationally recognized Czech SF writer, with two collections of short fiction translated into English, VAMPIRES, LTD. and IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN. First published in 1964, 'Captain Nemo's Last Adventure' is a tour-de-force gesture of homage to the SF adventure story of the [John] Campbell era and a satire of the Campbellian aspirations worthy of Fritz Leiber or Cyril M. Kornbluth. "Nesvadba uses the tropes and conventions of genre SF, especially the pulp SF of the 1940s, in a way that shows detailed knowledge of them, and then undercuts them.... Nesvadba's irony makes the story a work of criticism of the most rigorous yet affectionate sort. He has, unfortunately, written no science fiction novels, although one of his two novels, a mystery, parodies some of the ideas of Erich Von Daniken." UNDER CONSTRUCTION Return COUNTRIES Table of Contents Copyright 1996, 1997, 1998 by Magic Dragon Multimedia.
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May be posted electronically provided that it is transmitted unaltered, in its entirety, and without charge. For further information, see: "Bibliography of Science Fiction and Fantasy" by Sam J. Lundwall, 1964, which I believe has been updated in at least three editions. He also provided important information in "Science Fiction: fran begynnelsen till vara dagar", commissioned by Radio Sweden, and published in 1969. The English translation is "Science Fiction: What It's All About", Sam J. Lundwall, New York: Ace, 1971. "Billion Year Spree: The True History of Science Fiction", Brian W. Aldiss, (New York: Doubleday, 1973; Schocken Paperback, 1974) "Asimov on Science Fiction" (New York: Avon, 1981)