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News flash! 7 May 1997: Alvy Mooredies, starred in "War of the Worlds", "A Boy and His Dog"
News flash! 1 May 1997: Paul Lambert dies, played Minister in "Planet of the Apes"
News flash! 1 May 1997: Brian May dies, film/TV composer of "Road Warrior", "Mad Max", "Tales from the Crypt"
News flash! 24 April 1997: Sam Moskowitz dies, leading SF critic/historian/novelist
News flash! 27 March 1997: Millennium renewed by Fox for second season
News flash! 12 January 1997: CARL SAGAN Eulogy by his foremost protege
News flash! 4 January 1997:New USA Network TV show "Lost on Earth" a loser

News flash! 3 October 1996: POLISH FANTASY POET WINS NOBEL PRIZE! News flash! 11 October 1996Eleanor Butler Cameron, Librarian/Author of "Mushroom Planet" books dies, age 84 News flash! 27 October 1996: MONSTER MAKEUP ARTIST HARRY THOMAS DIES News flash! 27 October 1996: THE REAL "ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR" DIES

Report from LACon III, the World Science Fiction Convention

This convention was a flop in terms of attendance, with 10,000 guests expected (since there had been over 9,000 at LACon II in 1984 at the same location) but only 6,000 materializing, due to the failings of Craig Miller and Elayne and Bruce Pelz on the Con Committee, the lack of adequate publicity (no mention in this week's "Los Angeles Times" that I could find), the virtual collapse of Science Programming due to petty fannish feuds, such as cancellation of the talk by noted SF/science author and Director of SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) for the Planetary Society, Thomas McDonough, refusal to allow noted space physicist Jordin Kare on science panels, and refusal to allow myself (a well-known expert on the future of the space program, having worked on Galileo, Voyager, Magellan, Space Shuttle, Space Station, Moon Base and Mars base projects for NASA) from being on the "Future of the Space Program" panel discussion, and price gouging ($150.00 at the door, or $60 for a single day!). Still, there were many fine authors, artists, and fans in and around the Anaheim Convention Center, and these Hugo Awards were presented: Best Novel: "The Diamond Age", Neal Stephenson Neal Stephenson Neal Stephenson: Dominion Interview Best Novella: "The Death of Captain Future", Allen Steele {Allen M. Steele: no known home page, but America Online e-mail} Best Novelette" "Think Like a Dinosaur", e-mail James Patrick Kelly Best Short Story: "The Lincoln Train", Maureen F. McHugh Maureen F. McHugh Best Non-Fiction Book: "Science Fiction: The Illustrated Encyclopedia", John Clute Best Dramatic Presentation: "The Coming of Shadows" (Babylon 5) The LurkerŐs Guide to Babylon 5 Best Professional Editor: Gardner Dozois Gardner Dozois @ AlphaRalpha noted short story author and collaborator, and arguably the most important current magazine editor, having served the helm of Asimov's Science Fiction (Index) Best Professional Artist: Bob Eggleton Best Original Artwork: "Dinotopia: The World Beneath", James Gurney Best Semi-Prozine: "Locus", edited by Charles N. Brown Best Fanzine: "Ansible", edited by Dave Langford Best Fan Writer: Dave Langford Best Fan Artist: William Rotsler, who also won a special award for 50 years of cool stuff. John W. Campbell Award: David Feintuch David Feintuch's home page David Feintuch @ AlphaRalpha remarkable new lawyer/SF novelist of the "Hope" series, a cross between Robert Heinlein and Horatio Hornblower The 1997 Worldcon will be in San Antonio, Texas; The 1998 Worldcon will be in Baltimore, Maryland; The 1999 Worldcon will be in Sydney, Australia (this was voted on at LACon III)
*** end of special report***

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