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There are 224 television shows' hotlinks here, limited to 245 shows broadcast in the United States (wherever originated), and 246 shows listed with no hotlinks currently known to this compiler for a total of 534 television shows and/or hotlinks from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, France, and the world.
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REFERENCES: Books and Web Sites with More Info
For example, main Australian Science Fiction TV reference is: Moran's Guide To Australian TV Series; Australian shows listed in this web guide (not all mentioned by Moran) include:
1968 "VEGA 4"
1976 "ANDRA"
1. The above list does not include "Elly And Jools", more fantasy than SF.
2. "Mirror, Mirror" is a New Zealand production, and is thus not included on the list (but is detailed below).
3. "Something Is Out There", "Time Trax" and "Space: Above And Beyond" are filmed in Australia, but their primarily American cast and crew have precluded a listing above (but are included below).
4. Similarly, foreign productions co-funded by Australian TV corporations are not included in the above list. Thus "The Tripods" and "Doctor Who - The Five Doctors" have been considered British productions.
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ALIENS on-line book of the year: Me Human, You Alien: How to Talk to an Extraterrestrial
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A for Andromeda, BBC, 1961 "Species" was blatantly ripped-off from this reasonably faithful series adaptation of the Sir Fred Hoyle novel of this name. A radio message from the Andromeda galaxy, over a million light years away, is picked up by a radio telescope, and turns out to be the blueprints and assembly instructions for an alien supercomputer. When the supercomputer is turned on, it builds a beautiful woman, whose mind is partly alien. There was a 1962 sequel, about a second Andromeda computer being assembled in South America, with pretty much the same production team, but with Susan Hampshire replacing Julie Christie. The sequel series' title was "The Andromeda Breakthrough." ??? -- Peter Halliday ??? -- Mary Morris ??? -- Esmond Knight ??? -- Frank Windsor
ALIENS on-line book of the year: Me Human, You Alien: How to Talk to an Extraterrestrial Alien Girl -- Julie Christie Producer -- Michael Hayes and Norman Jones Writers -- Fred Hoyle and John Elliott

The Accuser, 2000
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., Fox, 1993-1994
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. @ The most recent cross-over Western/Fantasy series.

The Adventures of Fu Manchu, Syndicated, 1955-1956, 39 episodes Attention conspiracy buffs: the hero of this show was the villain, a Macao-based scientist whose attacks on the West included germ warfare, smuggling, turning agents into double-agents, undercutting peace conferences, and eroding the U.S. currency. Explains a lot of recent history, doesn't it? Fortunately, the forces of democracy were saved again and again by Sir Dennis Nayland-Smith of Scotland Yard, Fu Manchu's nemesis for generations. Based on Sax Rohmer's fictional creations of 1908-1910, there is a politically incorrect tinge of "yellow peril" racism in these episodes today, which was also common in the Australian science fiction of its day. Silent movies, and then sound movies of 1930-1950 preceded this show, as did the radio serial which began in 1929 -- was it just a coincidence that the Stock market then crashed? A TV pilot starring Sir Cedric Hardwicke was produced in 1952, but was not picked up for either network or syndication. In 1955 Sax Rohmer sold his media rights to Republic Pictures for $4 million, out of which the TV pilot was made which resulted in this series. Christopher Lee starred in several British films of the 1960s, and a feature film of 1980 starred Peter Sellers -- the last film completed before his untimely death. Dr. Fu Manchu -- Glen Gordon Sir Dennis Nayland-Smith -- Lester Matthews Dr. John Petrie -- Clark Howat Betty Leonard -- Carla Balenda (The Mickey Rooney Show 1954-5) Karamanch -- Laurette Luez Kolb -- John George

Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, animated Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers Genre: SPACE OPERA: battles between planets and stars
The Adventures of Superman, see "Superman, the Adventures of"

Aeon - Countdown im All, German 2000 A.D. miniseries Director: Holger Neuhäuser Writers: Daniel Maximilian, Thomas Pauli Cast Includes: Chris Sanders -- Bernhard Bettermann Laura Giordan -- Anna Vallei Production Companies: Sat.1, Tellux Film GmbH; Special Effects (Digital): Cybersign, V-Empire; Funding: FilmFernsehFonds Bayern
Agamemnon's Babylon 5 Sound Site
Alcoa Presents, ABC, Jan 1959-Oct 1961, host John Newland, occult content, subtitle (used when syndicated) "One Step Beyond" Based on documented real-life events, often involving ghosts or Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), this atmospheric black-and-white series looks today like a precursor to "X-Files." The 1978 production of "The Next Step Beyond" had the same host, 19-21 years older, was shot in color, and never caught on in the ratings, perhaps because the old subversive creepiness was gone. Host -- John Newland (frequent co-star and episode director of The Loretta Young Show 1953-61, One Man's Family 1950, Robert Montgomery Presents 1952-54, The Web 1950-7)

ALF, NBC, 1986-1990 (and animated, NBC, Sep 1987-?) ALF @ What if an alien landed on Earth, and was sucked into a sitcom? ALF ("Alien Life Form"), a 229-year-old furball with attitude, escaped the explosive destruction of his home planet Melmac (as did Kal-El escape the explosion of Krypton to become Superman). ALF crashed into the Tanner's garage, and became part of their family. ALF disrupted their banal suburban lifestyle, and made acidic comments about humanity and the American life style, as "3rd Rock from the Sun." would, a decade later. Next-door neighbors, the Ochmoneks, never figured out what was going on, a sitcom formula perfected in "Bewitched." Trivia questions and answers: How long did ALF attend Melmac High School? 122 years. What did ALF major in at Melmac High School? Software. What sports did ALF participate in at Melmac High School? He was co-captain of the Boullabaiseball team. What jobs did ALF have at one time or another? Assistant Boxleitner, male model, phlegm dealer. What are ALF's hobbies? Gerrymandering, snacking on cats. What is ALF's height? "Fluctuates with weight." What is ALF's weight? "Till the Sun Shines Nellie." ALF (voice) -- Gordon Shumway ALF (puppeteer) -- Paul Fusco ALF (walking scenes, 1st season only) -- Michu Meszaros Willie Tanner -- Max Wright (Buffalo Bill 1983-4, Misfits of Science 1985-6) Kate Tanner -- Anne Schedeen (Marcus Welby M.D. 1969-76, Paper Dolls 1984) Lynn Tanner -- Andrea Elson (Whiz Kids 1983) Brian Tanner -- Benji Gregory Dorothy Halligan -- Anne Meara (1987 only) (All in the Family 1979-82, The Corner Bar 1972-3, Kate McShane 1975, The Paul Lynde Show 1972-3, Rhoda 1976-7) Raquel Ochmonek -- Liz Sheridan Trevor Ochmonek -- John LaMotta Lucky -- various cats Co-Created by -- Paul Fusco & Tom Patchett (Make Your Own Kind of Music 1971, Open All Night 1981-2)

Alias, ABC: 2001-????, ??? 60-minute episodes; Production Companies: Sisyphus Productions, Touchstone Television; Directors: Jeffrey Abrams, Daniel Attias, others; Writer: Jeffrey Abrams (credited as J.J. Abrams); Genre: Adventure / Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller Plot Outline: Sydney Bristow is an international spy hired away from college. She was educated in espionage and self-defense by her mysterious Secret-Service father. Cast includes: Sydney Bristow -- Jennifer Garner Michael Vaughn -- Michael Vartan Arvin Sloane -- Ron Rifkin Will Tippin -- Bradley Cooper Francine Calfo -- Merrin Dungey Dixon Marcus -- Carl Lumbly Marshall Flinkman -- Kevin Weisman Jack Bristow -- Victor Garber Also, alphabetically by actor: Danny Hecht -- Edward Atterton CIA Agent -- Greg Grunberg Jenny -- Sarah Shahi; Sound Mix: Dolby Digital / Dolby / Stereo

Alien Hunter (2001) Director: Kevin Rubio; Production Company: Sci-Fi Lab Genre: Adventure / Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi Plot: a spoof, like "The Crocodile Hunter" but in space. Early in the 22nd century, humans became bored with "artificial entertainment," and demanded a more deeply satisfying "organic level." Hence, intergalactic zoos became the new fad. Zoos competed to exhibit the rarest and weirdest alien creature. The #1 zoo was "The IZI", headed by Dr. Wilson Theroue, who depended on head tracker, Bjorn Straak, also known as "The Alien Hunter"... Cast includes: Bjorn Straak, aka 'The Alien Hunter' -- Scott Atkinson Krabble -- Doug Jones Gina Spaulding -- Laura Katz

All Souls, UPN, 2001; 6 60-minute episodes; Created By: Stuart Gillard, Stephen Tolkin; Director: Stuart Gillard; Writers: Scott Frost, Stuart Gillard, Philip Levens, Stephen Tolkin; Executive Producers: Mark Frost, Stuart Gillard, Aaron Spelling, Stephen Tolkin, E. Duke Vincent; Producer: Stewart Harding; Consulting Producers: James L. Conway, Jonathan Levin; Genre: Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi; Plot Outline: Sort of "General Hospital" Meets "The Haunting." Haunted hospital mystery drama of the horror genre at Boston's All Souls Hospital. Cast includes: (in credits order) Philomena Cullen, M.D. -- Reiko Aylesworth Dr. Brad Sterling -- Daniel Cosgrove Nurse Glory St. Claire -- Irma P. Hall Dr. Mitchell Grace -- Grayson McCouch Patrick Fortado -- Adam Rodriguez Dr. Nicole De Brae -- Serena Scott Thomas Also (alphabetically) Gabby Maine -- Karen Cliche Caroline -- Gillian Ferrabee Original Music: Joel McNeely; Cinematographer: Thomas Burstyn (credited as Tom Burstyn); Film Editors: Andrew Doerfer, James R. Symons (pilot); Casting: Fern Champion, Leslee Dennis, Andrea Kenyon, Mark Paladini, Myriam Vézina; Production Designers: Michael Joy, Collin Niemi; Second Assistant Director: Anne Alloucherie; Special Effects Technician: Eric-André Paquin; .... special effects technician Stunt Doubles: Nathalie Girard, Patrick Kerton; Location Manager: Pierre Blondin; Assistant Location Manager (pilot episode) : Lynn Beaudin; Camera Operator: François Daignault; Senior Vice President of Talent: Pamela Shae; Production Companies: Spelling Television, Uncle Monkey Productions; Distributors: Chum Television [Canada], Paramount Television [USA], United Paramount Network (UPN); User Comment (imdb): dinky-4 (Minneapolis) writes, 18 April 2001: "Reminiscent of Lars von Trier's TV work, 'The Kingdom,' this hour-long series is set inside a prestigious hospital in Boston which is haunted by the ghosts of past medical experiments. As is often the case with these hybrids, 'All Souls' doesn't quite work as either a medical drama or a supernatural thriller, but the mix offers intriguing possibilities and may attract a loyal (though probably small) following. Two members of the cast stand out: Irma P. Hall lends strength and substance to whatever scene she's in and one hopes to see her role expanded in future episodes, and Grayson McCouch -- the bright spot in the short-lived 'Legacy' series -- makes an attractive and appealing hero, especially when the writers strive for an 'A' in Anatomy by contriving scenes which allow him to take his shirt off."

Alien Nation, Fox, 1989-1990 Alien Nation @ Alien Nation
Alpha Scorpio, Australia ABC, 1974; 6 30-minute episodes; Childrens science-fiction; Production Company: ABC; Creator: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Terry Gill, Neville Thurgood.
The Amazing Spider-Man, CBS, 1978 Based on Stan Lee's creation at Marvel Comics, this show revolved around Peter Parker, nerdy and alienated science major in college who made a few bucks as part-time news photographer for the Daily Bugle. When bitten by a radioactive spider, he developed super-powers, including a sense of danger and great strength and the ability to climb walls and ceilings. He invented super-gadgets, such as his web-shooter in wrist-bands, and a costume, to fight evil. But his life as a teenager became even more uncomfortable and confusing. The adolescent angst added a note of emotional realism to an otherwise formulaic story, and made this show a cult-classic among disaffected science majors. Was Bill Gates ever bitten by a radioactive spider? Peter Parker/Spiderman -- Nicholas Hammond Capt. Barbera -- Michael Pataki (Get Christie Love 1974-5, Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers 1974-5, Phyl & Mikhy 1980) J. Jonah Jameson -- Robert F. Simon (Custer 1967, M*A*S*H 1973-4, Nancy 1970-1, Saints and Sinners 1962-3) Rita Conway -- Chip Fields Julie Mason -- Ellen Bry (7 episodes) (St.Elsewhere 1982-8) animated series was previously on ABC, Sep 1967-Aug 1969

Amazing Stories, NBC, Sep 1985-May 1987 Back in the early 1980s, your humble webmaster Jonathan Vos Post raised some $50,000 to purchase all rights to Amazing Stories Magazine, arguably the world's oldest science fiction magazine, founded in 1926 by Hugo Gernsback. I flew to Scottsdale, Arizona to negotiate the deal from the publisher (who greatly preferred Westerns, and had a priceless collection of Western art), at the time when the magazine was edited by an ex-restaurant menu designer, and laid out on a livingroom floor. There's a strange story of what happened next, which will eventually appear on the Magazine site of this domain. The point is, I approached one Venture Capital firm after another. I showed them copies of "Amazing Stories", my brilliant business plan, and then said that we could sell the rights to film and television for more than the purchase rights. At that point, inevitably, the money-men would day "why would anyone want to buy the title 'Amazing Stories' for movies or television? Get out of here!" Well, I was right, and they were wrong. They missed a chance to do business with Steven Spielberg, who did buy that title... Executive Producer -- Steven Spielberg Episode Directors -- Steven Spielberg ("Ghost Train", "The Mission"), Paul Bartel, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Martin Scorsese, others. Guest Stars -- Drew Barrymore, Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, David Carradine, Kevin Costner, Stan Freberg, Mark Hamill, Charlie Sheen, Sam Waterston, others Amazing Stories @
Andra, Australia ABC, 1976; 8 30-minute episodes; Childrens science-fiction; Production Company: ABC; Creator: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Lisa Peers, Bruce Kerr.
Andromeda, a.k.a. "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda" (Syndicated, 2000); Canada / USA; ??? 60-minute episodes; Executive Producers: Majel Barrett (2000-2001) (credited as Majel Roddenberry), Allan Eastman, Jay Firestone, Adam Haight, Kevin Sorbo; Co-Executive Producer: Robert Hewitt Wolfe (2000-2001) ; Producers: Keri Young, Kevin Sorbo; Directors: Allan Eastman, Allan Harmon, Allan Kroeker, George Mendeluk, Mike Rohl (as Michael Rohl), T.J. Scott, Brenton Spencer, David Warry-Smith, David Winning (episodes "The Banks of The Lethe", "The Pearls That Were His Eyes", "The Sum of Its Parts", "A Heart For Falsehood Framed", "Last Call at the Broken Hammer"); Developed By: Robert Hewitt Wolfe; Writers: Steven Barnes (episode 1.16 "The Sum Of It's Parts"), others; Tagline: Worlds Apart from the Rest; Plot Summary: Captain Dylan Hunt commands the sentient Andromeda Ascendant starship, which is part of the military muscle of multi-galaxy utopian All-Systems Commonwealth monarchy. That Commonwealth is a blend of the Federation (as Roddenberry invented for "Star Trek") without the depth of Ken McLeod's Communist utopian Solar Union ("Cassini Division" is its elite military force), or Iain Banks' Anarcho-socialist Culture novels ("Consider Phlebas", "The Player of Games", "Use of Weapons", "Excession") or the very Capitalist Qeng Ho interstellar trading fleet in Vernor Vinge's novels ("A Fire Upon the Deep", "A Deepness in the Sky"). That is, in my opinion, "Andromeda" is Space Opera without the deep politics of literary science fiction, or the exuberent fun of, say, "5th Element." The Nietzcheans back-stab the Commonwealth, Hunt has little choice but to order his crew to abandon ship, and fling Andromeda Ascendant into a black hole. Three centuries later, the passing salvage ship Eureka Maru drags the ship out of the frozen time near the black hole. To Hunt's horror, the All-Systems Commonwealth is virtually forgotten, and the Three Galaxies have sunken to barbarianism (as ripped off from Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" novels). The rag-tag crew of salvage crew, alien Nietzchean mercenary, alien predator monk must, under the quixotic leadership of Captain Dylan Hunt, aboard the intelligent living spaceship (think HAL-9000 of Clarke & Kubrik's "2001" crossed with Sci-Fi Channel's "Lexx") to re-establish the Commonwealth and restore the glory of civilization (as in David Brin's self-indulgently filmed "The Postman" with its Re-United States of America." So, in summary, Gene Roddenberry was a TV genius, but Star Trek was his real hit. "Andromeda" is utterly derivative, and so stupid that I could never sit through any full episode. Almost as stupid as "Star Wars", politically speaking, but without the cool special effects. So shoot me. Cast (in credits order): High Guard Captain Dylan Hunt -- Kevin Sorbo Freighter Captain Rebeka 'Beka' Valentine -- Lisa Ryder Tyr Anasazi Out of Victoria by Barbarossa aka Nemo -- Keith Hamilton Cobb Trance 'The Purple One' Gemini -- Laura Bertram Reverend 'Rev' Bem aka Behemial Far Traveler aka Redplague -- Brent Stait Seamus Zelazny Harper -- Gordon Woolvett (credited as Gordon Michael Woolvett) Andromeda aka Shining Path to Truth and Knowledge AI model GRA 112, serial number XMC-10-182 aka Rommie -- Lexa Doig; Other Writers: Matt Kiene (episodes 1.03 "To Lose The Fateful Lightening", 1.05 "Double Helix", 1.12 "The Mathematics Of Tears", 1.15 "Forced Perspective", 1.20 "The Honey Offering") Ashley Miller (episodes 1.04 "D Minus Zero", 1.08 "The Banks Of The Lethe", 1.18 "Devil Take The Hindmost", 1.19 "Fear & Loathing In The Milky Way") Joe Reinkemeyer (episodes 1.03 "To Lose The Fateful Lightening", 1.05 "Double Helix", 1.12 "The Mathematics Of Tears", 1.15 "Forced Perspective", 1.20 "The Honey Offering") Gene Roddenberry (creator) Zack Stentz (episodes 1.04 "D Minus Zero", 1.08 "The Banks Of The Lethe", 1.18 "Devil Take The Hindmost", 1.19 "Fear & Loathing In The Milky Way") Ethlie Ann Vare (episodes 1.07 "The Ties That Bind", 1.09 "A Rose In The Ashes", 1.11 "The Pearls That Were His Eyes", 1.17 "Star-Crossed", 1.21 "It Makes A Lovely Light") John Whelpley (episode 1.14 "Harper 2.0) Walter Jon Williams (episode 1.10 "All Great Neptune's Ocean"); Original Music: Alex Lifeson (main theme), Matthew McCauley; Cinematographer: Gordon Verheul; Film Editors: Eric Hill, Nicole Ratcliffe, Gordon Rempel, Ron Yoshida; Casting: Bette Chadwick; Production Design: Ken Rabhel; Art Direction: Kathryn Hatton; Set Decoration: Brian Kane; Costume Design: Patricia Hargreaves, Cynthia Ann Summers; Makeup Department: Harlow MacFarlane .... first assistant prosthetics applicator Ryan Nicholson .... prosthetic designer Robert A. Pandini .... key hair stylist Christ Stanley .... special makeup effects artist First Assistant Directors: Richard Flower, Allan Harmon; Art Department: Jared Brown .... lead dresser Steve Houle .... on-set dresser Paula R. Montgomery .... assistant set decorator Michael Segal .... lead dresser Sound Mixer: Scott Aitken (one episode); Visual Effects: Geoff Anderson .... visual effects coordinator Ryan Cronin .... 3D animator Chris Doll .... digital compositing artist Joe Farrell .... senior digital compositor: 2000-2001 Jim Finn .... visual effects supervisor Sylvain Huard .... 3D animator David Langtry .... computer playback Rosano Lepri .... digital compositing artist Brian Moylan .... digital compositing artist Gary Poole .... digital compositing artist Marc Roth .... 3D animator Wes Sargent .... 3D animator Trevor Strand .... digital compositing artist Bruce Woloshyn .... digital compositing artist Stunts: Lauro Chartrand .... stunts Ernie Jackson .... stunt co-ordinator Angela Uyeda .... stunt fighter Other Crew: Marco Ciccone .... first assistant camera Douglas Craik .... camera operator Sean Elliott .... first assistant camera Luben Izov .... post-production assistant James Kantola .... grip Jay Kent .... buyer Matt Kiene .... senior consultant Derek Lalonde .... grip: Canada David Langtry .... computer and video playback operator Jay Larche .... dresser Matthew McCauley .... musical director Ryan McNair .... assistant camera Lisa Parasyn .... casting: Toronto Jennifer Pearson (II) .... first assistant editor Joe Reinkemeyer .... senior consultant Jill Sherwin .... assistant script coordinator Louisa Skinner .... post-production supervisor (as Louisa Rees) James Thompson .... assistant location manager (season 2) Ethlie Ann Vare .... executive story editor Production Companies: Fireworks Entertainment [Canada] Global [Canada] MBR Productions Inc. Tribune Entertainment (in association with) Distributors: CanWest Global [Canada] RTL2 [Germany] Special Effects: Flesh and Fantasy Inc. (special makeup effects) Lost Boys Studios Northwest Imaging & FX Rainmaker Digital Pictures [Canada]

Ark II, to be done Ark II Guide @
Astro and The Space Mutts: see Space Stars.
Automan, ABC, 15 Dec 1983-2 Apr 1984 A nerdy police computer specialist works on programming computer games in his spare time. One of his creations, a superhero named "Automan", somehow jumped out of the computer into reality, launching the nebbish protagonist into fighting crime at the highest levels. Automan could walk through walls, and could make almost any computer do him favors, and could temporarily combine with Walter Nebicher into a schizoid human/superhero. Lights dimmed when Automan walked past -- because he drained energy from circuits nearby. When the city's electrical consumption went up at dawn, Automan faded away. The two were followed everywhere by Cursor, an animated, well, cursor, who could outline, animate, and create useful solid objects such as cars. Walter's boss, the crochety Captain Boyd, hated computers and software-hip people, so he could not be told about Automan. Neither could Walter's mentor, Lieutenant Curtis, who used Walters inexplicable successes to advance his own agenda. Automan by ftp Automan @ Ultimate TV Walter Nebicher -- Desi Arnaz, Jr. (I Love Lucy 1953, The Lucy Show 1968-71) Automan -- Chuck Wagner Lt. Jack Curtis -- Robert Lansing (87th Precinct 1961-2, The Equalizer 1985, The Man Who Never Was 1966-7, Twelve O'Clock High 1964-5) Captain Boyd -- Gerald S. O'Loughlin (Our House 1988, The Rookies 1972-6, Storefront Lawyers 1970-1, Wheels 1979) Roxanne -- Heather McNair (Cover Up 1984-5)

The Avengers, ITV (Great Britain, 1960-68) and then in the United States on ABC, 28 March 1966-15 Sep 1969 -- {to be done} (and revived in 1976) The series actually began in 1960 as "Police Surgeon" starring Ian Hendry. Newman followed the escapist super-agent popularity of James Bond by restructuring the show in 1962 and renaming it "The Avenger." The show is listed here because of the wonderful 1965-66 era when the science fiction fiction themes took center stage. John Steed (1962 an after) -- Patrick MacNee Cathy Gale -- Honor Blackman (in sexy black leather, as judo expert) Cathy Gale (1965-68) -- Diana Rigg Cathy Gale (1968) -- Linda Thorson Creator -- Sydney Newman ("Dr. Who" creator, later) Producer -- Julian Bond Writer -- Julian Bond Script Supervisors -- Brian Clemens and Albert Fennell

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Babylon 5, Syndicated, 1994-Present Babylon 5 Guide @ Superior science fiction series with an overall plot, and not merely episodic. Based on a decade of development, including feedback throughout by fans at science fiction conventions. {to be done} Production Company -- Babylonian Productions Executive Producer -- Douglas Netter, J. Michael Straczynski Creator/Producer -- J. Michael Straczynski Director of Photography -- John C. Flinn III, ASC Origination Format -- Super 35mm Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- LaserPacific Color Correction Facility -- LaserPacific Colorist -- Bruce Pearson Offline Facility -- Netter Digital Entertainment Offline Editors -- David Foster, Skip Robinson, Suzy Sternlicht Offline Editing System Manufacturer -- Avid Online Tape Format -- Digital Betacam Audio Editing/Mixing Facility -- EFX Systems Audio Mixing/Sweetening System Manufacturer -- AMS Neve Show Telephone Number -- (818) 753-1994

Batman, ABC, 12 Jan 1966-14 Mar 1968 Batman #1 Batman #2 Based on Bob Kane's creation at Detective Comics in 1939, Batman's media presence expanded to Superman's show on radio, and in a couple of movie serials of the 1940s. The TV show uneasily combined the straight-ahead story with a 1960's "camp" attitude, that put the show in top 10 Neilsen ratings in the 1965-66 season. Bruce Wayne/Batman -- Adam West Dick Grayson/Robin -- Burt Ward Alfred Pennyworth - Alan Napier Aunt Harriet Cooper -- Madge Blake Police Commissioner Gordon -- Neil Hamilton Chief O'Hara -- Stafford Repp Barbara Gordon/Batgirl -- Yvonne Craig (1967-1968) Catwoman -- Julie Newmar, Lee Ann Meriwether, Eartha Kitt (guest villains) The Penguin -- Burgess Meredith (guest villain) The Joker -- Cesar Romero (guest villain) The Riddler -- Frank Gorshin and John Astin (guest villains) Egghead -- Vinent Price (guest villain) King Tut -- Victor Buono (guest villain) Themesong -- Neal Hefti later animated Batman-Superman Hour, CBS, 1968-1969 By the way, "Wayne Manor" as it appeared on this original Batman series was actually a mansion in Pasadena, most recently on display Friday 24 January 1997 in a preview of the Pasadena Junior Philharmonic Committee's 33rd Annual Showcase House of Design. For more information, telephone (818) 799-6063.

Battlestar Galactica, ABC, 17 Sep 1978-17 Aug 1980; also as Galactica 1980, ABC, 1980 Battlestar Galactica Guide @ Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide With a huge budget (for its day) of a megabuck per hour, and the biggest PR budget of its season, this show so thoroughly tried to rip off the "Star Wars" franchise that ABC was sued. Special effects -- lasers, spaceships, robots, etcetera -- for both stories were created by the brilliant John Dykstra. Set in "the 7th millennium" A.D., the mile-long Galactica was the only battlestar to survive attack by the deady Cylons and the turncoat Count Baltar, which nearly rendered human beings extinct. Galactica and its fleet of 220 more modestly-scaled spacecraft set out towards escape on a mythical planet -- called Earth. Lorne Greene (Actuality Specials, Bonanza, Code Red, Griff, Kraft Music Hall's "How the West Was Swung", Lorne Greene's New Wilderness, Philip Morris Playhouse, Roots, Star Stage) was the Moses-like Commander Adama, aided by his fighter-squadron leader son Apollo (whose brother was killed by Cylons in the establishing episode), pilot/playboy Starbuck (a name from "Moby Dick"), and a large cast. When the show returned after 11 years in hiatus, Lorne Greene was the only original cast member. They had reached Earth, somehow in roughly our present, still pursued by Cylons (a cross between Fred Saberhagen's "Beserkers" and Dr. Who's "Daleks"). Capt. Troy and Lt. Dillon went down to Earth to seek help from the Pacific Institute of Technology -- a parody of my alma mater, the California Institute of Technology -- to get ready for galactic war. United Broadcasting's rookie newswoman Jamie Hamilton sensed a story here. The plot was thickened by renegade Galactica councilman Xavier and sickened by 14-year-old genius Dr. Zee. Commander Adama -- Lorne Greene Capt. Apollo (1978-79) -- Richard Hatch Lt. Starbuck (1978-79) -- Dirk Benedict Lt. Boomer (1978-79) -- Herb Jefferson, Jr. Athena (1978-79) -- Maren Jensen Flight Sgt. Jolly (!978-79) -- Tony Swartz Boxey (1978-79) -- Noah Hathaway Col. Tigh (1978-79) -- Terry Carter Cassiopea (1978-79) -- Laurette Spang Count Baltar (1978-79) -- John Colicos Sheba (1979) -- Anne Lockhart Capt. Troy (1980) -- Kent McCord Lt. Dillon (1980) -- Barry Van Dyke Jamie Hamilton (1980) -- Robyn Douglass Dr. Zee (1980) -- Robbie Rusk, Patrick Stuart Col. Sydell (1980) -- Allan Miller Xavier -- (1980) -- Richard Lynch Special Effects -- John Dykstra Music -- The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra Battlestar Galactica Battlestar Galactica: The WWW Page Genre: Space Opera
Beauty and the Beast, CBS, 25 Sep 1987-1990 Beauty and the Beast @ Fritz Leiber created this genre of "urban fantasy", and talented writer/editor/producer George R. R. Martin brought it to life for adoring TV audiences. New York lawyer Catherine was brutalized by thugs and left to die in Central Park. She was saved by Vincent, a beast-man more sensitive than Alan Alda, with a leonine face and a da Vincian intelligence. Nursed to health in caves and tunnels beneath New York City, Catherine returned to the surface (like Proserpine returning from Hades) but she and Vincent had fallen in love. They remained connected by ESP, which was useful because her new position in the D.A,'s office put her in frequent danger. Edie did research for her; Father was a reclusive genius who had raised Vincent and was de facto king of the "Tunnel World"; Kipper and Mouse were two tunnel world people who reported to Father. This show had an amazingly literate take on good, evil, art, science, and society. George R. R. Martin has won major awards for his writing, and has edited a very successful series of collaborative novels about flawed superheroes in a complex alternate history. There are stories about his TV pitches and pilots which are astonishing, and we may tell some of them later on this web site... Asst. DA Catherine Chandler -- Linda Hamilton Vincent -- Ron Perlman Father -- Roy Dotrice Deputy DA Joe Maxwell -- Jay Acavone Edie -- Ren Woods Kipper (pilot only) -- Jason Allen Kipper -- Cory Danziger Mouse (1988-90) -- David Greenlee

Bewitched, ABC, 17 Sep 1964-1 July 1972 Bewitched Well-conceived, well-written, well-directed, and well-acted, this series earned a handful of Emmy Awards, and was ABC's biggest hit ever until that time, hitting #2 in the ratings among all TV shows in its 1st season. Samantha was a beautiful witch who married mortal advertising executive Darrin in the establishing episode, and promised to abandon her nose-twitching magical powers. Her family never approved of the marriage or the non-magical lifestyle, including her father Maurice, mother Endora, prankster Uncle Arthur, and befuddled Aunt Clara, each and every one a warlock or witch. Other characters included fading witch/housekeeper Esmerelda, Darrin's boss Larry Tate (partner of Ad Agency McMann & Tate) and Larry's wife Louise, laid-back but suspecious neighbors the Kravitzes, Samantha's identical cousin Serena, and Samantha's first child Tabitha who was "born" on the high-ratings 13 Jan 1966 episode, followed by son Adam "born" 16 Oct 1969 but not a regular until 1971-72. Samantha Stephens/Serena -- Elizabeth Montgomery Darrin Stephens (1964-69) -- Dick York Darrin Stephens (1969-72) -- Dick Sargent Endora -- Agnes Moorhead Maurice -- Maurice Evans (occasional) Larry Tate -- David White Louise Tate (1964-66) -- Irene Vernon Louise Tate (1966-72) -- Kasey Rogers Tabitha Stephens (1966-72) -- Erin Murphy, Diane Murphy Adam Stephens (1971-72) -- David Lawrence, Greg Lawrence Abner Kravitz -- Goerge Tobias Gladys Kravitz (1964-66) Alice Pearce Gladys Kravitz (1966-72) -- Sandra Gould Aunt Clara (1964-68) -- Marion Lorne Uncle Arthur (1965-72) -- Paul Lynde (occasional) Esmerelda (1969-72) -- Alice Ghostley (occasional) Dr. Bombay (1967-1972) -- Bernard Fox Producer/Director -- William Asher (real-life husband of Elizabeth Montgomery)
Beyond the Planet of the Apes, NBC, September 1975-September 1976, animated, see Planet of the Apes. Genre: "Bambi's Children": animals who can think and talk
Beyond Westworld, CBS, 5 March 1980-19 March 1980 In the 1973 feature film "Westworld" robots (including Yul Brynner), for no clear reason, killed guests and wrecked a future amusement park. Yul Brynner was the only cast member to reprise his role in the film's sequel, "Futureworld." These two films spun off the television series "Beyond Westworld" -- which was cancelled after a mere three low-rated episodes. "Westworld" was the future amusement park, owned and operated by "The Delos Corporation" -- which had the corporate culture that might result if Microsoft bought Disney and Boeing. Guests to the theme park interacted with robots which were virtually indistinguishable from humans, allowing the humans to live out their secret desires. C3P0 meets Fantasy Island. Mad scientist Simon Quaid (co-inventor with Joseph Oppenheimer of the robots) programmed the robots to take over the world, in a social-engineering scheme that few voters would approve. John Moore, as head of Delos Security, aided by love-interest Pamela Williams, were all that stood in the way of Quaid's megalomania. Killer theme parks were better done, later, by Crichton in "Jurassic Park", and even better in the "Dream Park" trilogy of novels by Steve Barnes and Larry Niven. John Moore -- Jim McMullan Simon Quaid -- James Wainwright Joseph Oppenheimer -- William Jordan Pamela Williams -- Connie Sellecca Foley -- Severn Darden Roberta -- Ann McCurry

Biker Mice from Mars, animated Biker Mice from Mars
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures, Fox, 1992 Based on the surprisingly enjoyable pair of feature films about the good-natured but dimwitted teenagers from San Dimas who find themselves seriously out of their depths in time travel adventures.

The Bionic Woman, ABC (Jan 76-May 77) then NBC (Sep 77-Sep 78), 14 Jan 1976-2 Sep 1978 The Bionic Woman @ It all began with the novel "Cyborg" by Martin Caiden. "Cyborg" begat "The Six Million Dollar Man" which begat "The Bionic Woman." Jaime Sommers (The Bionic Woman) was originally a character in the television series "The Six Million Dollar Man." She was the fiancee of Steve Austin [see database entry for "The Six Million Dollar Man"], but they separated after Steve turned astronaut and Jaime completed her university education and hit the pro tennis circuit. When she had a near-fatal skydiving crash, the same doctors (including Dr. Rudy Wells) who made Steve Austin into a super-powerful "Cyborg" (CYbernetic ORGanism, half human, half machine) did the same for her. Steve did not know, however, as she began teaching students at an army base near her home town of Ojai, California. They led parallel lives, both participating in secret missions for OSI (Office of Scientific Information), and sometimes even worked together -- but as a side effect of her accident and/or coma, she did not remember him nor their romance. He hung out near her, in hopes of rekindling the torch, with him even living at her step-parents' (Elgins') ranch. Oscar Goldman was Jaime Sommers' manager at OSI. When the series moved to NBC, Jaime acquired a bionic dog, the German Shepard "Max." Again and again, in the final season, the enemy was not the usial spy, kidnapper, or drug-lord, but extraterrestrial beings from one part of the cosmos or another. The writers became confused about what sub-genre of science fiction they were supposed to be writing. Jaime Sommers/The Bionic Woman -- Lindsay Wagner Oscar Goldman -- Richard Anderson Dr. Rudy Wells -- Martin E. Brooks Jim Elgin (1976) -- Ford Rainey Helen Elgin (1976) -- Martha Scott Producer -- Kenneth Johnson

Blade Squad, Fox, Fall 1998 Cops on rollerblades in the future. Two-hour pilot will air in September 1998, and will become series if ratings are good...

Blake's 7, BBC (aired in USA on KOCE), 1992-1993

Buck Rogers, ABC, 15 Apr 1950-30 Jan 1951 Buck Rogers Guide @ A novel became a comic book, a Mutual Broadcasting System radio serial (1932-1936 and 1939-1947) and a film serial starring Buster Crabbe, and then, at last, a television show -- which itself was updated three decades later. Buck Rogers saved the universe over and over, using hardware standard in pulp-magazine space opera. His base was the world capital of Niagra, and his allies included the chaste-but-sexy Wilma, the Einsteinian Dr. Huer, and the courageous Martian Black Barney. An attempt to cash in on the success of "Captain Video", this juvenile television series was transmitted live. Due to budget limitations, although most of the action was set in the far future and referred to interplanetary adventure, most of the action was in the laboratory set, purportedly in a cave hidden behind Niagra Falls. Buck Rogers (1950) -- Kem Dibbs Buck Rogers (1950-51) -- Robert Pastene Wilma Deering -- Lou Prentis Dr. Huer -- Harry Sothern Black Barney -- Harry Kingston Producer -- Babette Henry Writer -- Gene Wyckoff Genre: Space Opera
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, NBC, 20 Sep 1979-16 Apr 1981 This major update of the 1950-51 TV series (see above) was a network attempt to cash in on the success of "Star Trek" and on the lesser success of "Battlestar Galactica" (itself ripped off from "Star Wars"), with some of the same campy attitude as the television "Batman." Six months before the television premier, the pilot was released under the same title on the big screen. Captain Buck Rogers, astronaut, was in cryonic suspended animation aboard an interstellar spaceship from 1987 until 2491, accumulating 504 years of back pay plus interest, a matter which no lawyer ever addressed, suggesting that in some ways society really did progress. The deep-frozen Bucksicle was discovered by Draconians under the command of sexy-but-evil Princess Ardala and Killer Kane, who both assumed him to be a spy. Unfortunately, the Earth Defense Directorate (based in New Chicago) agreed with their assessment, albeit they did not approve of the Draconian's never-ending plans to conquer Earth. Buck was helped by chaste-but-sexy Wilma Deering, promoted since the old series into the more politically-correct Commander of Terrestrial Defenses. He also became buddies with Dr. Huer, a cross between Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan, who presented Buck with a robot named Twiki and a talking computer named Dr. Theopolis, who was often a necklace-like fashion accessory to Twiki. Although the Draconians were never able to take over our planet, the more powerful force of striking actors delayed the second season for several months. The new season shifted the venue from Earth to a huge starship "Searcher" to find humans who'd survived some vaguely referred-to "great holocaust." Admiral Asimov was purportedly a direct descendant of the great real-life author Isaac Asimov, who had long-since created "the Three Laws of Robotics" and the notion that dysfunctional robots might refused to believe that they were created by imperfect humans, a recurring sub-plot involving "Crichton" (a construct even more annoying than Twiki) who refused to acknowledge the "fatherhood" of Dr. Goodfellow. Hawk was also searching, for other members of his bird-man species. It is hard to say if the cocky attitude of the actors played against the big-budget special effects, or whether scripts that took the concepts more seriously might have deepened the show's impact. Capt. William "Buck" Rogers -- Gil Gerard Col. Wilma Deering -- Erin Gray Dr. Huer (1979-80) -- Tim O'Connor Twiki -- Felix Silla Twiki (voice) -- Mel Blanc Twiki (voice, temporary) -- Bob Elyea Dr. Theopolis (voice) (1979-80) -- Eric Server Princess Ardala (1979-80) -- Pamela Hensley Kane (1979) -- Henry Silva Kane (1979-80) -- Michael Ansara Hawk (1981) -- Thom Christopher Dr. Goodfellow (1981) -- Wilfred Hyde-White Admiral Asimov (1981) -- Jay Garner Crichton (voice) (1981) -- Jeff David Lt. Devlin (1981) -- Paul Carr Genre: Space Opera
Bugs, BBC1 (Great Britain), 1995; __ 50-minute episodes; Production Company: Carnival Films; Distributor: BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation); Genre: Sci-Fi / Action / Crime; Plot Outline: Ed, Ros, Alex and Nick Beckett (a worker at a top secret Government intelligence agency called 'The Hive') form the high-tech crime fighting team that works for the mysterious, secretive Bureau 2 chief, Jan, and are only assigned the most difficult and dangerous cases. When Beckett uncovers a sinister plot by his employers, he is expelled (after being framed over the murder of an official) and joins the freelance investigative team Gizmos (run by Ros Henderson and her friend, Ed) to become the freelance outfit BUGS dedicated to solving high tech crimes and espionage. This real action series for the 90's was first class. Filled with explosions, fast cars and fancy equipment it was good to look at, while fast-moving story lines kept one on the edge of one's seat, to make Saturday night viewing on BBC1 fun again. It was pulled from the schedule, with 3 episodes from series 4 still to be shown. Summary based on: writings by by Alexander Lum in Australia {}; Alexander Birks-Agnew in the U.K.; and Phil Colvin {} Executive Producers: Tony Dennis (1998), Caroline Oulton (1995-1997); Supervising Producer: Peter Hider; Co-producer: Stuart Doughty; Producer: Brian Eastman; Directors: Matthew Evans, Brian Farnham, Brian Grant (episode "Sacrifice to Science"), Sandy Johnson, Gwennan Sage (episodes "Absent Friends", "Girl Power"), John Stroud; Starring (credits order): Roslyn 'Ros' Henderson -- Jaye Griffiths; Barbara Jan -- Jan Harvey; Alex Jordan -- Paula Hunt; Nicholas Beckett -- Jesse Birdsall; Also Cast (alphabetically): Imogen Bain -- Mrs. Gardner; Ed Russell #2 (1998-) -- Stephen Houghton (credited as Steven Houghton); Patric Marcel -- Anton Lesser; Ed Russell #1 (1995-1997) -- Craig McLachlan; Original Music: Roger Bolton, Gavin Greenaway; Cinematographers: Chris Howard, Nicholas D. Knowland; Film Editors: Ardan Fisher, Tim Ritson; Casting: Anne Henderson; Production Designers: Rob Hinds, Mark Raggett; Costume Designers: Jean Brooks, Sarah Rogers; Production Manager: Callum McDougall; Production Supervisor: Christopher Hall; Asssistant Art Director: Paul Booth; Sound Recordist: Rudi Buckle; Stunts: stunt co-ordinator: Andy Bradford; stunt double (Nick Brimble and Peter): Curtis Rivers Marinker Other crew: Colin Brake (script executive) Jeremy Johns (location manager, episodes 1, 3, 4, 7 and 10) James Moss (focus puller)
The Bullwinkle Show, NBC, 24 Sep 1961-16 Sep 1962 included here because of Moonmen episodes and time-travelling Mr.Peabody Bullwinkle J. Moose, Dudley Doright, Mr. Peabody -- Bill Scott Rocky Squirrel, Natasha fatale -- June Foray Boris Badenov -- Paul Frees Aesop -- Charles Ruggles Sindely Whiplash -- Hans Conreid Sherman -- Walter Tetly Narrator of Fractured Fairy Tales -- Edward Everett Horton Narrator of Bullwinkle segments -- William Conrad

The Burning Zone, UPN, Fall 1996 The Burning Zone @ cdsnet
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Disney Channel, 2000; Production Companies: Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Television; Distributor: Buena Vista Television. Directors: Victor Cook, Steve Loter, other; Story Editor: Michael Merton; Writers: James W. Bates, Michael Merton, Don Mackinnon, Chris Rutkowski (episode: "Devolutionaries"), Nick Dubois (episodes" "Millenial Bugs", "Little Secrets") (credited as Nicolas DuBois), Richard Gitelson, Eddie Guzelian (episode "Sunquake"), Lisa Klink (episode "The Starthought") Douglas Langdale (episode "Devolutionaries") (credited as Doug Langdale) Julia Lewald (episode "The Lightyear Factor") , Brian Swenlin, Alexx Van Dyne (credited as Alex Van Dyne), Greg Weisman (episodes: "Clone Rangers", "Star Crossed"); Plot Outline: The further adventures of Buzz Lightyear as a Space Ranger of Star Command and his comrades. Based in the movies Toy Story and preparing for the movie Toy Story 2. Cast Includes: (in credits order) Buzz Lightyear, LGMs (voice) -- Patrick Warburton Booster Sinclair Munchapper (voice) -- Stephen Furst XR (voice) -- Larry Miller Mira Nova (voice) -- Nicole Sullivan Others in Cast (alphabetical order): Warp Darkmatter (voice) -- Diedrich Bader Commander Nebula (voice) -- Adam Carolla XR (voice) -- Neil Flynn Evil Emperor Zurg (voice -- Wayne Knight Grubs (voice) -- Frank Welker Executive Producers: Mark McCorkle, Robert Schooley, Tad Stones; Original Music: Adam Berry; Sound Department: Assistant Sound Designer: Stuart McCowan; Score Mixer: Casey Stone; Language: English
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Captain Future (Winter 1940-Spring 1944): Sascha Goto's website does not directly deal with the pulp magazine Captain Future. However, it deals with the animated series called Captain Future which is based on the pulp magazine. There will be more information on the pulp magazine as well in the near future. Captain Future This website has information in German and English on television, books, boardgames, cards, and Spanish versions of Captain Future spinoffs.

Captain Midnight, syndicated, 1954 This show was also known as "Jet Jackson", in some broadcast areas, and the hero had one name or the other depending on location. This series started on radio in 1940, with its super-scientist fighting crime, and assisted by a clumsy assistant Ikky. According to e-mail Larry Becker "The Sid Melton character you refer to as "Ikky" was Ichabod Mudd. Sid's catchline in the series was to mention his name as, 'Mudd -- with two D's.' Olan Soule was the third principal character, a scientist named Aristotle Jones. The kids who watched the show could join the Secret Squadron (in fact, kid members, albeit actors, were sometimes featured in the show as a network of individuals helping Captain Midnight). Note that their code designations were SQ followed by a number. When the show first came on radio, they were SS something. With the advent of WWII and Hitler's SS, the designation was abruptly changed to SQ. Captain Midnight -- Richard Webb Ikky -- Sid Melton Aristotle Jones -- Olan Soule

Captain Video and His Video Rangers, Dumont, 27 Jun 1949-1 Apr 1955 This was a historically significant show, despite the astonishingly stingy prop budget of $25 per week. Why? Because it was the first and most successful of three children's science fiction shows that seduced kids into the axioms of the Space Opera genre, the other two being "Space Patrol" and "Tom Corbett--Space Cadet." It can be argued that this created some of the popular support that allowed for a genuine space program only a few years later. A wonderful book about these shows is "The Great Television Heroes" by Donald F. Glut and Jim Harmon. The government played no significant role in scientific genius Captain Video single-handedly saving the world out of a sense of civic duty. By so doing, he not only defeated evildoers such as Dr. Clysmok, Dahoumie, Heng Foo Seeng, Kul of Eos, Mook the Moon Man, and Nargola, but also had a chance to field-test his gadgets, including The Atomic Rifle, the Discatron, the Optical Scillometer, the Radio Scillograph, and the Cosmic Ray Vibrator (stop giggling, will you?). His most fiendish adversary was Dr. Pauli, who had his own set of super-duper hardware, including the Barrier of Silence (later parodied on "Get Smart"), the Cloak of Invisibility, and the Trisonic Compensator. The Dumont Network (whose demise alone could end this popular show) sold to their viewers such premiums as Decoder Rings, Space Helmets, and plastic copies of Captain Video's weaponry, almost all of which are highly collectable today. Late in its life, the show was retitled "The Secret Files of Captain Video" and they stopped editing in stock footage of Westerns through the money-saving "Remote Carrier Beam." Captain Video's spaceship was called the "Galaxy" -- and every child wished to be Captain Video's sidekick "The Ranger" and ride the Galaxy to exotic destinations, whether or not the instruments on the control panel were obviously painted on. Captain Video (1949-50) -- Richard Coogan Captain Video (1950-55) -- Al Hodge (formerly the voice of "The Green Hornet" on radio) The Ranger -- Don Hastings Dr. Pauli (1949) -- Bran Mossen Dr. Pauli (1949-55) -- Hal Conklin Creator/Producer -- James Caddigan Producer -- Larry Menkin Writer -- Maurice C. Brockhauser, and later: Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Sheckley, and Jack Vance; Music -- Wagner's "Overture to the Flying Dutchman"; Genre: Space Opera
Children of Dune, The Sci-Fi Channel, 2002, mini-series Also known as: Frank Herbert's Children of Dune; Production Company: New Amsterdam Entertainment Inc.; Distributor: The Sci-Fi Channel; Director: John Harrison; Writers: John Harrison, Frank Herbert, others; Plot Outline: Combines Frank Herbert's novels "Dune Messiah" and "Children of Dune" into one narrative. Pre-production was planned to begin in Summer 2001; Starring Cast (alphabetical order): Princess Irulan Corrino -- Julie Cox; Padishah-Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV -- Giancarlo Giannini; Chani -- Barbora Kodetova; Paul Atreides/Muad'Dib -- Alec Newman Lady Jessica Atreides -- Saskia Reeves Executive Producer: Richard P. Rubinstein

City Beneath the Sea, NBC 1971 An orphan (pilot for series that never happened, released as TV movie). Overseas it was released theatrically as "One Hour to Doomsday." Confusing, unrealistic, impossible, and silly. ??? -- Stuart Whitman ??? -- Robert Wagner ??? -- Joseph Cotten ??? -- James Darren ??? -- Richard Basehart Creator/Producer/Director -- Irwin Allen Writer -- John Meredith Lucas

The Collective (Star Trek)
Cleopatra 2525, 2000-2001; __ 30-minute episodes (2000); __ 60-minute episodes (2001); Production Company: Renaissance Pictures; Distributor: Studios USA Television; Directors: Rick Jacobson, John Laing, T.J. Scott, Greg Yaitanes (pilot plus several episodes); Writers: Chris Black, Melissa Blake, Carl Ellsworth, Zoe I. Finkel, Rich Fox, Joel Metzger (credited writer); Executive Producers: Sam Raimi, R.J. Stewart, Robert G. Tapert; Co-Executive Producers: Eric Gruendemann, Janine Dickins; Producers: Chris Black, Janine Dickins, Chloe Smith; Co-Producers: Sally Campbell, Michael MacDonald; Associate Producer: Sam Clark; Plot Summary: Stripper battles robots. Really. An exotic dancer, cryogenically frozen in the year 2001, is accidentaly unfrozen in the year 2525. Things have changed, but cleavage remains the focus. Robots now dominate Earth, underground humans struggle for freedom. Decent special effects; scripts not as lame as the story suggests. I find it painful to watch more than a few minutes, unless beer dulls my critical senses (don't try this at home, kids). Starring: (in credits order): Hel (Helen) -- Gina Torres; Cleo (Cleopatra) -- Jennifer Sky; Sarge (Rose) -- Victoria Pratt; Mauser -- Patrick Kake; Horst -- David Press; Cat Man -- Mark Williams; Voice -- Elizabeth Hawthorne; Granger -- Rupert Cocks; Other cast (alphabetically): Raina -- Danielle Cormack; Creegan -- Joel Tobeck; Original Music: Joseph LoDuca; Cinematographer: Dale McCready, Kevin Riley; Film Editors: Cushla Dillon, Chris Plummer; Casting: Marie Adams, Tracy Hampton, Beth Hymson; First Assistant Directors: Terri Killmartin, Louise Marinovich; Second Assistant Directors: Richard Barr, Emma Hinton, Quentin Whitwell; First Assistant Director (Second Unit): Rachel Heath; Art Department: Property Maker: Ray Massa; Sound Department: Alek Bromke (ADR Assistant) Focus Pullers: David Hall, Gaysorn Thavatt; Second Cinematographer: Dale McCready; Steadicam Operator: Martin Smith.

Commando Cody: Sky Marshall of the Universe, Republic/NBC, 1955 Juvenile television series about a superhero fighting both regular criminals and extraterrestrial super-villain "The Ruler." Commando Cody -- Judd Holdren Producers -- Mel Tucker and Franklyn Adreon Writers -- Ronald Davidson and Barry Shipman

Cosmo Warrior Zero, Japan, 2001; 13 30-minute episodes; Production Companies: AT-X [Japan], Tsuburaya Eizo, Vega Entertainment; Director: Kazuyoshi Yokota; Writer: Leiji Matsumoto; Genre: Animation / Sci-Fi Starring Voices (credits order): Warrias Zero -- Toshiyuki Morikawa; Marina Oki -- Aya Hisakawa; Young Harlock -- Eiji Takemoto; Yattaran, Battlyzer -- Toshiaki Matsumoto; Shizuo Ishikura -- Soichiro Hoshi; Shigeru Nobara -- Kôhei Owada; Sugata Rai -- Tadashi Miyazawa; Takeshi Unabara -- Nobuaki Sekine; Acceluder, Zeth Vordar -- Yoshikazu Nagano; Doctor Manner -- Takashi Matsuyama; Heavy Grenadier -- Hidenari Ugaki; Le Silviana -- Kaori; Great Samurai Tochirô -- Tomohiro Nishimura; Lady Emeraldas -- Kikuko Inoue; Earth Federation Army Chairperson -- Yôko Ogai; Hell Matia -- Yuri Shiratori; Maetel -- Satsuki Yukino; Producers: Asayuki Imai, Shunji Namiki; Original Music: Geminiart High Quality; Cinematographer: Yasushi Baba; Art Directors: Taizaburou Abe, Makoto Tsuchibashi; Language: Japanese

Count Duckula, animated Count Duckula Self-conscious parody of superhero/dark fantasy tropes.

The Creature, BBC, 1956 An "abominable snowman" teleplay broadcast later in the US under various names. Producer -- Rudolph Cartier (famous for the 1954 production of "1984") Writers -- Rudolph Cartier and Nigel Kneale

Cubix: Robots for Everyone, Kids WB, 2001; Animation / Family / Sci-Fi Plot Outline: A boy who recently moved to Bubbletown fixes a damaged transformable robot named Cubix, becoming its owner. Together, along with the boy's friends, they battle the evil deeds of mad Doctor K. Starring: Dr. K -- Addie Blaustein (credited as Maddie Blaustein); Language: English.

The Curse of Dracula, NBC, 27 Feb 1979-1 May 1979 Somewhat ahead of today's Great Gothic Revival, and its high priestes Anne Rice, this show gave us Count Dracula "undead and well, and living in California." The Count taught European History at San Francisco's South Bay College (Evening Division). After all, he knew five centuries of History personally. He violated several ethical, legal, and theological standards by turning three of his students into vampires, namely Antoinette, Christine, and Darryl. He was opposed by Kurt Von Helsing, the grandson of his former enemy, and Mary Gibbons -- daughter of Amanda, whom Dracula had vampirized earlier. NBC packaged three serials together as "Cliff Hangers" but only The Curse of Dracula ran to its end before cancellation drove a wooden stake through the package. Count Dracula -- Michael Nouri Kurt Von Helsing -- Stephen Johnson Marry Gibbons -- Carol Baxter Antionette -- Antoinette Stella Darryl -- Mark Montgomery Christine -- Bever-Leight Banfield Amanda Gibbons -- Louise Sorel
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Dark Angel, 2000-????, Also Known As: James Cameron's Dark Angel; __ 60-minute episodes; Production Companies: 20th Century Fox Television, Cameron/Eglee Productions; Distributors: Fox Network [USA], CanWest Global [Canada 2001-] OnTV / CH [Canada 2000-2001]; Executive Producers: James Cameron (episodes "Out", "Red", "Art Attack", "Rising"), Rae Sanchini, Charles H. Eglee (episodes "Out", "Red", "Art Attack", "Rising"); Co-Executive Producer: Joe Ann Fogle (episodes "Out", "Red", "Art Attack", "Rising"), Rae Sanchini (episodes "Art Attack", "Rising"); Co-Producers: Ron French, George A. Grieve (episode "Red", "Art Attack", "Rising"), Stephen Tashjian (episodes "Out", "Red", "Art Attack", "Rising") Supervising Producer: Patrick Harbinson (episodes "Out", "Red", "Art Attack", "Rising"); Associate Producer: Gina Lamar (episodes "Out", "Red", "Art Attack", "Rising", "The Kidz Are Alright") Producers: Rae Sanchini (episodes "Out", "Red"), Stephen Sassen (episode "Out", "Red", "Art Attack", "Rising") Consulting Producer: David Simkins; Coordinating Producer: Janace Tashjian; Directors: Sarah Pia Anderson (episode "Out"), Duane Clark (episode "Rising"), James A. Contner (episode "Art Attack") (credited as James Contner), Joe Ann Fogle (episode "411 On The DL"), David Jackson (episode "Prodigy"), Michael Katleman (episodes "Heat", "Red"), Jefery Levy (episode "Cold Comfort"), Chris Long (episode "C.R.E.A.M."), David Nutter (pilot), Terrence O'Hara (episode "Flushed"), Paul Shapiro (episode "Blah Blah Woof Woof"), Jeff Woolnough; Staff Writer: Jose Molina (episodes "Out", "Red", "Art Attack", "Rising", "The Kidz Are Alright"), Writers (credits order): James Cameron (episode "Pilot"), Moira Dekker (episodes "Blah Blah Woof Woof", "Rising") (credited as Moira Kirkland Dekker), René Echevarria (episode "Flushed"), Doris Egan (episodes "411 On The DL", "Art Attack", "Rising"), Charles H. Eglee (pilot and episode "Flushed"), Patrick Harbinson (episode "Prodigy"), Jose Molina (episodes "Cold Comfort", " Out", "Red"), David Simkins, David Zabel (episodes "C.R.E.A.M.", "Out", "Red"); Story: Charles H. Eglee (episode "Red"), Jose Molina (episode "Rising"), David Zabel (episode "Rising"); Tagline: Engineered To Raise Hell. Plot Outline: There's been a war; EMP (electromagnetic pulse) has fried all the computers (sorry, Bill Gates); the USA is in shambles; the logic is vague; the atmosphere, stylish. A genetically-enhanced 18-year-old girl makes a daring escape from a secret government lab near Seattle. Now she works for a messenger service in the post-apocalyptic Oregon/Washington/ Vancouver area. It's Max Headroom meets The Postman.. What can be done to find and save her clonely super-siblings? Can America be rebuilt? Who, exactly, are the good guys and the bad guys? What was the lab supposed to do? And so forth... Starring (credits order): Max Guevara/X-5 452 -- Jessica Alba; Logan Cale/Eyes Only -- Michael Weatherly Zero (2001-) -- Jamie Bell; Cynthia 'Original Cindy' McEachin -- Valarie Rae Miller; Zack/X-5 599 -- William Gregory Lee; Reagan 'Ray'/'Normal' Ronald -- J.C. MacKenzie; Ben (2001)/Alec (2001-) -- Jensen Ackles Asha Barlow (2001-) -- Ashley Scott; Joshua (2001-) -- Kevin Durand; Rafer (2001-) -- Kris Pope; Sketchy -- Richard Gunn; Herbal Thought (2000-2001) -- Alimi Ballard; Uncle Jonas Cale (2000-2001) -- Lawrence Pressman; Colonel Donald Lydecker -- John Savage; Johanssen (2000-2001) -- Alex Zahara; Dr. Elizabeth Renfro/Madame X (2001) -- Nana Visitor Kendra Maibaum (2000-2001, 2002-) -- Jennifer Blanc; Daniel 'Dan' Vogelsang (2000) -- Stephen Lee; Jonathan Bilodeua (2000) -- Philip MacHale; Bling (2000-2001) -- Peter Bryant; Hannah Sukova (2000) -- Eileen Pedde; Detective Matthew 'Matt' Sung -- Byron Mann; Syl/X-5 701 (2001-) -- Nicki Lynn Aycox (credited as Nicki Aycox); Peter Sandoval (2000-2001) -- Fulvio Cecere; Colonel James 'Jim' McGinnis (2000-2001) -- Robert Gossett; Dr. Sam Carr -- Brian Markinson; Young Eva -- Jenna Marie Gooch; Red Five (2001) -- Patrick Kilpatrick; Red Six (2001) -- Mark Gibbon; Red Seven (2001) -- Taras Kostyuk; Krit/X-5 711 (2001-) -- Josh Alba; Bruno Anselmo (2000-2001) -- Doug O'Keeffe Young Max/X-7 Max -- Geneva Locke; Brin/X-5 734 -- Nicole Bilderback; Jace/X-5 798 (2001-) -- Shireen Crutchfield; Tinga/X-5 656 (2001) -- Lisa Ann Cabasa; Lt. Walter "Mr. Multiples" Eastep (2000-2001, 2002-) -- Gary Chalk; More Cast (alphabetically): CIA Agent Ames White (2001-) -- Martin Cummins; Young Jace -- Jonah Glasgow; British Eddy (2001-) -- John Mann; Young Jack -- Dylan Pearson; Young Jondy -- Kyley Statham; Original Music: Chuck D. (main theme), Gary G-Wiz (main theme), Joel McNeely; Cinematographers: David Geddes (episode "Rising"), Brian Pearson (episodes "Out", "Red", "Art Attack"); Film Editors: Stephen Mark, Steven Polivka, John Refoua (episode "Out", "Red", "Art Attack"); Production Designers: Mark S. Freeborn, Jerry Wanek (episodes "Out", "Red", "Art Attack"), Art Directors: John Marcynuk (episodes "Out", "Red", "Rising"), Sandi Tanaka; Set Decorator: Tedd Kuchera (episodes "Out", "Red", "Rising"); Costume Design: Susan De Laval (episodes "Out", "Red", "Rising"), Jenni Gullett; Makeup Department: (omitted for space reasons); Production Management: (omitted for space reasons); Second Unit Directors and Assistant Directors: (omitted for space reasons); Art Department Coordinator: Victoria Balharry, (others omitted for space reasons) Sound Department (omitted for space reasons); Special Effects Coordinator: Andrew "Andy" Chamberlayne; Visual Effects: Simon Ager .... digital compositing artist Neill Blomkamp .... 3D animator Trevor Cawood .... 3D animator Ryan Cronin .... 3D animator Chris Doll .... digital compositing artist Alisa Loren Klein .... digital artist Rosano Lepri .... digital compositing artist Brian Moylan .... CGI supervisor Stephen Pepper .... digital compositing artist Gary Poole .... digital compositing artist Michael Porterfield .... digital compositing artist Marc Roth .... 3D animator Wes Sargent .... 3D animator Elan Soltes .... visual effects supervisor Naomi Stopa .... visual effects coordinator Trevor Strand .... digital compositing artist Video post-production: Hollywood Digital; Title design: Murder by Title; Video Playback: Sim Video; Language: English Color: Color (DeLuxe) Sound Mix: Dolby

Darkroom, ABC, 27 Nov 1981-8 July 1982 Dark fantasy/occult anthology series. Host -- James Coburn Guest Stars -- Steve Allen, David Carradine, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, June Lockhart, Esther Rolle.

Dark Shadows Dark Shadows Melancholy dark fantasy, reputedly the all-time favorite show of heroin addicts. {to be done} Genre: Horror
Dark Skies, NBC, Fall 1996 Dark Skies Dark Skies Guide @ Production Company -- Rosecrans Executive Producer -- Jim Parriott, Bryce Zabel Director of Photography -- Steve Vaconelli Origination Format -- 35mm Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- Digital Magic Company Color Correction Facility -- Digital Magic Company Colorists -- Paul Roman, Todd Dusenberry Show Telephone Number -- (818) 771-1612
David's Home Page (Star Wars)
Day One, 2000 Deadly Games, UPN, 1995-1996 Deadly Games @ cdsnet Deadly Games Guide @
The Dead Zone, Paramount Pictures/UPN Television, 2001; Also Known As: Stephen King's Dead Zone; __ 60-minute episodes; Director: Robert Lieberman; Writers: Stephen King (novel), Michael Piller (creator); Kingly Multi-Genre: Horror / Mystery / Drama / Fantasy / Sci-Fi; Plot Summary: Life goes downhill for Johnny Smith after a dreadful car crash late one night leaves him in a deep coma. A few years later, he wakes up and now has the power to read people's minds, and sometimes glimpse their futures. Will people heed his warnings? Can he endure the stress of his paranormal talents? Is he strong enough to resist the temptation to use those talents for his own agenda? Stay tuned! Starring (credits order): Johnny Smith -- Anthony Michael Hall; Sarah Bracknell -- Nicole de Boer; Reverend Gene Purdy -- Michael Moriarty; Allison Connovor -- Emily Holmes; Executive Producers: Robert Lieberman, Michael Piller; Producers: Peter Lhotka, Shawn Piller; First Assistant Director: Pete Whyte; Second Assistant Director: Steve Eathorne; Sound Department: ADR Mixer: Dicken Berglund; Stunt Coordinator: Lauro Chartrand; Stunts: Jim Dunn, Marny Eng, David Jacox, Mitchell A. Lee Yuen, Trish Schill; Stunt Driver: Ron James; Utility Stunts: David Mylrea; Other Crew: Camera Operator: Michael Balfry; Assistant to Producers: Robert Chynoweth; Casting Assistant (New York): Jessica Daniels Video Assist Operator: Garnet Durham (pilot episode); Assistant Editor: Michael G. England; Key Grip: Harvey Fedor; Assistant Editor: David Legault; Assistant Editor (Los Angeles): Philip Pucci; Country: USA Language: English
Digimon Tamers, Japan, 2001; (japanimation); Director: Yukio Kaizawa; Writer: Akiyoshi Hongo; Plot Summary: Animated TV series spun off from children's toy "Digimon." Blatant imitation of Pokemon. Starring Voices: Takato Matsuda -- Makoto Tsumura; Gilmon, Narrator -- Masako Nozawa; Li Jian-Liang -- Mayumi Yamaguchi; Teriamon -- Aoi Tada; Ruki Makino -- Tomiko Orikasa; Renamon -- Yuka Imai; Language: Japanese

Doomwatch, BBC, 1970-? One set of scientists decide to establish justice over the rest of the scientific community. The end result is insidiously anti-rational. ??? -- (1st season) Robert Powell ??? -- John Paul ??? -- Simon Oates Creators -- Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis Producer -- Terence Dudley
Dr. Who, BBC, 1963-present Dr. Who in Detail Dr. Who: Ultimate Doctor Who Dr. Who Guide @ Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide Intended as a low-budget juvenile series about a mysterious man (not strictly human, actually a "Time Lord") who travels in a time machine "the Tardis" with people who drift anto the story for a while. The ratings were low until episode #5 (writer Terry Nation) introduced the evil robotic Daleks, when suddenly the series became a hit with adults and children alike, and has continued to this day, albeit through five different stars and a pretty good feature film. Living proof that low-budget can still mean high quality. Dr. Who -- William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Creators -- Sydney Newman ("The Avengers") and Donald Wilson Producer -- Verity Lambert (originally) {to be done}
Dracula: The Series Dracula: The Series Based loosely on Bram Stoker's "Dracula." Genre: Horror
DreamWatch Online Dune, 3-part Mini-series, The Sci-Fi Channel (USA), 2001; Chum Television [Canada]; Production Companies: Beta Film GmbH [Germany], New Amsterdam Entertainment Inc. [USA], in collaboration with Tandem Communications, in association with Victor Television Productions, Inc. [Canada]; Director: John Harrison; Producers, Technical Credits: {to be done}; Writers: Frank Herbert (novel), John Harrison (teleplay) (credited as John S. Harrison); Starring (credits order): Duke Leto Atreides -- William Hurt; Paul Atreides/Muad'Dib -- Alec Newman; Lady Jessica Atreides -- Saskia Reeves; Duncan Idaho -- James Watson; Thufir Hawat -- Jan Vlasák; Chani -- Barbora Kodetova; Gurney Halleck -- P.H. Moriarty; Dr. Wellington Yueh -- Robert Russell; St. Alia Atreides -- Laura Burton; Baron Vladimir Harkonnen -- Ian McNeice; Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen -- Matt Keeslar; Rabban -- László I. Kish (credited as Laszlo Imre Kish); Piter Devries -- Jan Unger; Padishah-Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV -- Giancarlo Giannini; Princess Irulan Corrino -- Julie Cox; Count Fenring -- Miroslav Táborský; Stilgar -- Uwe Ochsenknecht; Otheym -- Jakob Schwarz; Dr. Pardot Kynes/Liet -- Karel Dobry; Jamis -- Christopher Lee Brown; Shadout Mapes -- Jaroslava Siktancova; Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam -- Zuzana Geislerová; Mother Ramallo -- Drahomira Fialkova; Young Mother Ramallo -- Petra Kulikova; Clotilde Le Grand; Elizabeth Sofranco; Guild Agent -- Philip Lenkowsky; Guild Representative -- David Maj; Pavel Kríz; Linger Bewt -- Jeff Caster; Smuggler/Assassin -- David Fisher; Sardauker Captain -- Pavel Caisl; Turak -- Noel Lebon; Fedaykin #1 -- Gregory Linington; Fedaykin #2 -- Dan Rous; Fremen Leader -- Mikulás Kren; Naib #1 -- Oldrich Navrátil; Naib #2 -- Jiri Hanak; Puppeteer #1 -- Matej Forman; Puppeteer #2 -- Petr Forman; Fremen Man #1 Brian Jaurequi; Fremen Man #2 -- Petr Vacek; Fremen Man #3 -- Ivo Novák; Fremen Woman -- Petra Lustigova; Father -- Rich Gold; Boy -- Jan Cajzl; Harkonnen Lieutentant: Mark Huntley;
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Earth 2, NBC, 1994-1995 Earth2: A Gaian Hypothesis Earth2 @ Earth2 @ Earth 2 Guide @
Eerie Indiana, Fox 1995, revived 1997 Eerie Indiana @ America's heartland is stranger than you think. Twlight Zone meets "Blue Velvet."

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, Warner Bros. Television, 2001; Production Company: The WB Television Network; Distributors: Kroft/Warner Bros. Television; Executive Producers: Marty Krofft, Sid Krofft; Starring (credits order): Electra Woman -- Markie Post; Dyna Girl -- Anne Stedman; Also in Cast: Young Judy -- Ashley Hale; Special Makeup Effects Artist: Joel Echallier; Second Assistant Director: Steve Eathorne; Music Editor: Michael Dittrick; Stunts: Suzi Stingl; Assistant Location Manager: James Thompson (pilot episode).

Enterprise, UPN, 2001-????, Also Known As: "Series V" (2001) (USA: working title) "Star Trek: Enterprise" (2001) (USA: working title) "Star Trek: Series V" (2001) (USA: working title) "Star Trek: Untitled Fifth Series" (2000) (USA: working title) Production Company: Paramount Television; Distributors: Chum Television [Canada], Paramount Pictures, United Paramount Network (UPN); ??? 60-minute episodes; Creators: Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek creator); Executive Producers: Rick Berman, Brannon Braga; Supervising Producers: Chris Black, Merri D. Howard, Peter Lauritson; Producers: J.P. Farrell, Antoinette Stella, Dawn Velazquez; Co-Producers: Tim Finch, Stephen Welke, Brad Yacobian; Consulting Producer: Fred Dekker; Associate Producer: David Rossi; Special Effects: Black Pool Studios, CIS Hollywood, Eden FX, Foundation Imaging, Illusion Arts, Inc., R!ot, Strange Engine; Languages: English / Klingon; Directors: LeVar Burton (episodes 1.06 "Terra Nova", 1.10 "Fortunate Son"); James L. Conway (episodes 1.01/02 "Broken Bow, Parts I and II"); Roxann Dawson (episode 1.07 "The Andorian Incident"); Allan Kroeker (episode 1.03 "Fight or Flight"); David Livingston (episode 1.04 "Strange New World"); Robert Duncan McNeill (episode 1.11 "Cold Front"); Michael Vejar (episodes 1.05 "Unexpected", 1.09 "Civilization", 1.14 "Shadows of P'Jem") (credited as Mike Vejar); Terry Windell (episode 1.08 "Breaking the Ice"); Executive Story Editors: Stephen Beck, Phyllis Strong, Mike Sussman; Technical Advisor: Michael Okuda; Writers (credits order): Stephen Beck (episode 1.11 "Cold Front"); Rick Berman (story) (episodes 1.04 "Strange New World", 1.06 "Terra Nova", 1.07 "The Andorian Incident", 1.14 "Shadows of P'Jem"); Rick Berman (writer) (episodes 1.01/02 "Broken Bow, Parts 1 and 2", 1.03 "Fight or Flight", 1.05 "Unexpected"); Andre Bormanis (writer); Andre Bormanis (teleplay) (episode 1.12 "Silent Enemy"); Brannon Braga (writer) (episodes 1.01/02 "Broken Bow, Parts 1 and 2", 1.03 "Fight or Flight", 1.05 "Unexpected"); Brannon Braga (story) (episodes 1.04 "Strange New World", 1.06 "Terra Nova", 1.07 "The Andorian Incident", 1.14 "Shadows of P'Jem"); Fred Dekker (teleplay) (episode 1.07 "The Andorian Incident"); Fred Dekker (writer); Fred Dekker (story) (episode 1.07 "The Andorian Incident"); James Duff (episode 1.10 "Fortunate Son"); Tim Finch (episode 1.11 "Cold Front"); Andre Jacquemetton (episode 1.08 "Breaking the Ice"); Maria Jacquemetton (episode 1.08 "Breaking the Ice"); Antoinette Stella (writer); Antoinette Stella (teleplay) (episode 1.06 "Terra Nova"); Phyllis Strong (writer) (episode 1.09 "Civilization"); Phyllis Strong (teleplay) (episodes 1.04 "Strange New World", 1.14 "Shadows of P'Jem"); Mike Sussman (writer) (episode 1.09 "Civilization"); Mike Sussman (teleplay) (episodes 1.04 "Strange New World", 1.14 "Shadows of P'Jem"); Tagline: Back to Where It All Began; Plot Outline: A century after First Contact between humanity and the Vulcans, and substantially before Captain James T. Kirk's "five year mission," a newly commissioned starship begins Earth's exploration of the Galaxy, in a politically heated balance between humans, Vulcans, and other races... Starring (credits order): Captain Jonathan Archer -- Scott Bakula; Dr. Phlox -- John Billingsley; Subcommander T'Pol -- Jolene Blalock; Lieutenant Malcolm Reed -- Dominic Keating; Ensign Travis Mayweather -- Anthony Montgomery; Ensign Hoshi Sato -- Linda Park; Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III -- Connor Trinneer; Silik -- John Fleck; Admiral Maxwell Forrest -- Vaughn Armstrong; Shran -- Jeffrey Combs; Ambassador Soval -- Gary Graham; Also (alphabetically): Humanoid Figure aka FutureGuy -- James Horan; Crewman Elizabeth Cutler -- Kellie Waymire; Original Music: Paul Baillargeon, David Bell, Velton Ray Bunch, Jay Chattaway, Dennis McCarthy, Diane Warren (theme); Theme Performer: Russell Watson; Cinematographer: Marvin V. Rush; Film Editors: Daryl Baskin, J.P. Farrell, David Koeppe (credited as David A. Koeppel), Robert Lederman; Casting: Junie Lowry-Johnson, Ron Surma; Production Design: Herman F. Zimmerman (credited as Herman Zimmerman); Art Director: Louise Dorton; Set Decorator: Jim Mees; Costume Designer: Robert Blackman; Makeup Department: Allan A. Apone .... special makeup effects artist Michael Burnett .... special makeup effects artist Suzanne Diaz .... makeup artist (credited as Suzanne Westmore) Charlotte Gravenor .... hair stylist (as Charlotte A. Parker) Michael Moore .... hair stylist Michael Westmore .... makeup supervisor Unit Production Manager: Brad Yacobian; First Assistant Director: Jerry Fleck; Second Assistant Director: Michael DeMeritt ; DGA Trainee: Michael T. McNerney; Art Department: William Apperson .... propmaker gangboss Craig Binkley .... property master Doug Drexler .... senior illustrator David E. Duncan .... illustrator John Eaves.... illustrator Anthony Fredrickson .... scenic artist Geoffrey Mandel .... scenic artist Jim Martin .... illustrator Denise Okuda .... scenic artist Michael Okuda .... scenic art supervisor Sound Department: Greg Agalsoff .... sound mixer Dale Chaloukian .... sound editor Ashley Harvey .... sound editor (credited as T. Ashley Harvey) Stephen M. Rowe .... music editor Masanobu 'Tomi' Tomita .... sound editor (credited as Masanobu Tomita) supervising sound effects editor (as Masanobu Tomita) Shaun Varney .... sound editor Bill Wistrom .... supervising sound editor James Wolvington .... Supervising sound editor (credited as Jim Wolvington) Visual Effects: Kevin Blank .... visual effects coordinator Dan Curry .... visual effects producer Tom Helmers .... visual effects Steven Lloyd .... digital artist Ronald B. Moore .... visual effects supervisor Jose Perez .... visual effects Sean M. Scott .... visual effects David Stipes .... visual effects supervisor Mitch Suskin .... visual effects supervisor John Teska .... visual effects Chris Zapara .... digital artist Stunts: Vince Deadrick Jr. .... stunt co-ordinator Diamond Farnsworth .... stunt double: Scott Bakula Lane Leavitt .... stunt rigging Steven Leavitt .... stunt rigging assistant Hugh A. O'Brien .... stunts Other Crew Includes: Ben Betts .... key computer graphics playback engineer Gary Edelman .... transportation coordinator Joanna Fuller .... production associate Andre Jacquemetton .... story editor Maria Jacquemetton .... story editor Douglas Knapp .... camera operator Carol Kunz .... costume supervisor William L. Peets .... gaffer Color: Color (Technicolor); Sound Mix: Dolby.

Epoch, 2000
Escaflowne, Fox Kids Network, 2000; Also Known as: FoxKids' Escaflowne; The Vision of Escaflowne; 26 30-minute episodes, in USA; Country: Japan Executive Producer (English Dub): Ken Iyadomi; Co-Executive Producers (English Dub): Jerry Chu, Richard Kekahuna, Kumi Kiyonari; Production Companies: BEI, Fox Kids Network, Sunrise, The Ocean Group; Distributors: Bandai Entertainment Inc. [Japan] Fox Kids Network [USA] Fox Television [USA] (2000-) Pioneer Entertainment [USA] YTV [Canada]; Director: Kazuki Akane; Plot Summary: Hitomi Kanzaki is a typical high school girl, with typical problems, but also those of anime fantasy complications in this dumbed-down de-eroticized version of an anime classic; Voice Cast credits order): Kirby Morrow .... Van Fanel Kelly Sheridan .... Hitomi Kanzaki Brian Drummond .... Allen Schezar/Amano Jocelyne Loewen .... Merle Andrew Francis .... Dilandau Albantau Paul Dobson .... Folken Richard Newman .... Emperor Dornkirk Terry Klassen .... The Mole Man/Pyle/Additional Voices Venus Terzo .... Princess Milerna Ward Perry .... Dryden Fassa Don Brown .... Additional Voices Additional voice cast (alphabetically): Michael Dobson .... Gaddes Saffron Henderson .... Dilandau Albantau Rice Honeywell Willow Johnson .... Additional Voices Ellen Kennedy .... Elysse Aston Dillon Moen .... Additional Voices Alvin Sanders .... Additional Voices Sean Smith .... Additional Voices Sound Department: Jan Deny .... sound re-recording mixer (English dub) Trevor Smith .... sound recording engineer Other Crew (English Dub): Ness Broom .... video post-production: Christopher Cleater .... sound recording engineer James Corigall .... assistant engineer Sarah-Anne Dafoe .... translation script Ian Farthing .... post-production coordinator Diana Gage .... post-production coordinatior Eric Leblanc .... wordfit editor Luke Martin .... wordfit editor Leland Miller .... video post-production Karl Willems .... voice director Dubbing: The Ocean Group Language: English / Japanese Color: Color Sound Mix: Dolby User Comments (for imdb by, at Keene NH USA, 8 Jan 2001): "Escaflowne became so popular in Japan and among American anime fans that Bandai decided to give it a run on FOX. However, like most animes put on network television, it suffered from horrendous editing, dubbing, and rescoring over most of Yoko Kanno's excellent soundtrack. Also, it was put in the kid's timeslot, somewhere that even in it's toned-down state it didn't belong. Despite all this, "Escaflowne" managed to captivate a couple viewers even in this version. But the romance and epic nature of the story did not appeal to young children who were into "Digimon", so this show got the axe....:
Escape From Jupiter, Australia ABC, 1994; 13 25-minute Episodes in Season 1, 1994; 13 25-minute Episodes in sequel, 1997; Production Companies: Film Australia, NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation, ABC Creators: Martin Daley, David Ogilvy, John Patterson; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Executive Producers: Ron Saunders, Kagari Tajima; Directors: Kagari Tajima, Funitaka Tamura, Kate Woods; Writers: David Ogilvy, Ian Munro, John Patterson; Technical Credits: {to be done} Plot Summary: Perhaps loosely based on the classic Robert A. Heinlein young adult novel "Farmer in the Sky", this is a space adventure television series about a small group of children from a mining colony on Jupiter's moon, Io, who are forced to flee when a volcanic eruption destroys their world. With a few adult survivors, they seek shelter on the derelict space station KL5, floating above Io, convert it into a jerry-rigged spacecraft, and head off in a desperate attempt to reach Earth. They share many adventures and form close friendships on the dangerous journey. Starring: Duffy -- Steve Bisley; Professor Ingessol -- Arthur Dignam; Gerard -- Justin Rosniak; Michael -- Daniel Taylor; Kumiko -- Anna Choy; Kingston -- Abe Forsythe; Anna -- Robyn MacKenzie; Sam -- Ken Radley; Beth -- Linden Wilkinson; Karl -- Ivor Kants; Helen -- Anne Tenney; Akiko -- Saemi Baba; Tatsuya -- Kazuhiro Muroyama; Celia -- Fiona Stewart; Gilbert -- Russell Kiefel; P.J. -- Sally Cahill; Return to Jupiter, 1997; 13 25-minute episodes; Plot Summary: A 13-part mini-series which follows the successful sci-fi series Escape to Jupiter. Reuniting on Eath Station Two, a large space platform hovering above Earth, five children -- Gerard, Michael, Kumiko, Abraham and Anna -- are preparing to return to a newly established mining colony on Ganymede, another of Jupiter's moons. With jealousy among the crew, a disaster-predicting stowaways and a malfunctioning computer system that has sent them spiralling towards a crash landing on Mars -- it is easy to see they face many dangers on their voyage through space. Co-production: between Film Australia and ABC TV Starring: Commander Edwina Dent -- Sonia Todd; Dr. Chrobak -- David Wenham; Gerard --Justin Rosniak; Michael -- Daniel Taylor; Kumiko -- Anna Choy; Glovic -- Jeanette Cronin; Selby -- Colin Moody; Abraham -- Dominic Elmaloglou; Anna -- Robyn MacKenzie; Zac -- Emma Jane Fowler; Samantha -- Anita Hegh; Quadro's Voice -- Anthony Ackroyd; Computer Voice -- Linda Cropper; Ed Unit -- Bruce Spence [Above data based on australia television information archive]
Exposure, 2000
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Fantastic Journey, NBC, 3 Feb 1977-13 Apr 1977 Fantastic Journey Guide @ Not to be confused with "Fantastic Voyage" (based on an Isaac Asimov novel), this TV series started with a university's research boat finding an unmapped island in the Bermuda Triangle. Unknown even to Gilligan, this island had a weird "time and space warp" which allowed the comingling of past, present, and future (somewhat as in Dr. Fred Hoyle's novel "October the First is Too Late"). Dr. Fred Walters went into the space-time warp, where he encountered four characters lost in time: Varian, a 23rd century telepath; Liana, from an ancient Atlantis; Scott, a contemporary boy with psychic powers; and Dr. Jonathan Willaway, an eccentric scientists from the 1960s who preferred the company of androids. There was a network of character conflicts between these five, and what promised to be a lengthy episodic search for the home space-and-time of each, complete with strange creatures and thrilling adventures, but the ratings also were becalmed in the Bermuda Triangle. Varian -- Jared Martin Dr. Fred Walters -- Carl Franklin Scott Jordan -- Ike Eisenmann Liana -- Katie Saylor Dr. Jonathan Willaway -- Roddy McDowell Story Editor -- Dorothy C. Fontana ("Star Trek")
Far Out Space Nuts, animated Far Out Space Nuts @
The Flash The Flash @ Based on the classic comic book superhero. He was an attractive character to me because, unlike the over-powered under-achieving Superman, The Flash had a singe super-power -- namely the ability to move extremely rapidly, from which all secondary abilities were derived. This was loosely based on the H.G. Wells story "The New Accelerator."
Flash Gordon, Syndicated, 1953-1954 (39 episodes) Alex Raymond created the comic strip in 1934, five years after "Buck Rogers." A year later, in 1935, "Flash Gordon" became a sucessful radio serial starring Gale Gordon, and then three film serials starring Buster Crabbe (1936-1940). Flash Gordon himself was a preppie blond polo-playing Yale graduate who accompanied Dale Arden and Dr. Zharkov to the planet Mongo, ruled by the evil Emperor Ming the Merciless. After they fought Ming to a standstill, they battled Bizdar, the Evil Queen of Cygnil, the Great God Em of Odin, the Mad Witch of Neptune, and anyone else who could throw together a modest collection of androids, monsters, and/or death rays. In 1979, NBC ran a Saturday morning animated series. The following year, a rather entertaining big-budget film lost a bundle, and the franchise has been in limbo ever since. Flash Gordon -- Steve Holland Dale Arden -- Irene Champlin Dr. Zharkov -- Joe Nash Produced -- in Germany Genre: Space Opera
Forever Knight, {to be done} Rutgers' FTP Forever Knight Episode Guide
Freaky Links, Fox Network, 2000; Production Companies: 20th Century Fox Television, Regency Television; Distributors: CanWest Global [Canada], Fox Network [USA]; Also Known As: Fearsum (2000 working title); ?? 60-minute episodes; Plot Outline: In imitation of "The Blair Witch Project," this show's protagonist dsicovers that his supposedly deceased brother is not dead. The unsettling discovery is made by our hero when he sees his undead brother on a web site. The episodes trace the character through atmospheric horror/sci-fi as he tries to figure out what is really going on. Maybe the tagline should be cloned from X-Files: "the truth is out there." Executive Producers: David S. Goyer, Tommy Thompson, David Simkins; Co-Executive Producers: Mark A. Burley, Juan Carlos Coto, David Simkins; Supervising Producer: Mark A. Burley; Producers: Marianne Canepa, Gregg Hale, Danielle Weinstock; Associate Producers: David Jeffery (pilot), Scott Schofield; Directors: David Barrett (episode "Live Fast, Die Young"); Stephen Cragg (episode 2 "Threethirteen"); David Grossman (episode 8 "The Stone Room"); Todd Holland (pilot "Fearsum"); Scott Lautanen (episode 4 "Desert Squid"); Jefery Levy (episodes 1 "Coelacanth This!", 10 "Live Fast, Die Young"); Randall Miller (credited as Randy Miller); Joe Napolitano (episode 6 "Still I Rise"); Bill L. Norton; David Straiton (episodes 3 "Edith Keeler Must Die!", 12 "The Final Word"); Jay Tobias (episode 5 "The Harbingers") Starring (credits order): Derek Barnes/Adam Barnes -- Ethan Embry; Chloe Tanner -- Lisa Sheridan; Jason Tatum -- Karim Prince; Lan Williams -- Lizette Carrion; Vince Elsing -- Dennis Christopher; Writers: Juan Carlos Coto; Ricardo Festiva; Russell Friend; Gregg Hale; Garrett Lerner; David Simkins; Mark Verheiden (episodes "Me And My Shadow", "Last Word"); Original Music: David Bergeaud; Cinematographer: Victor Hammer; Film Editors: Alan Baumgarten; Kevin D. Ross; Tanya M. Swerling; Scott J. Wallace; Casting: Richard Hicks, Sharon Klein, Patrick Rush, Ronnie Yeskel, Kimberly Mullen (Florida); Unit Production Manager: Danielle Weinstock Second Unit Director: David Barrett; Art Department: Property Master: Jeff Bellamy; Property Master: Craig Binkley (6 episodes); Property Master: Tommy Estridge; Art Department Production Assistant: Rod Ripley (pilot episode); Set Dresser: Tim Scheu; Sound Department: Supervising Sound Editor: Thomas DeGorter; Sound Effects Editor: Jason W. Jennings; Special Effects: Max Ink Cafe, LLC; Effects Coordinator: Brett Cody; Visual Effects: CG Producer: Jennifer Champagne; Artist/Animator: Buddy Gheen; Visual Effects Producer: Robert W. Morgenroth; Digital Compositor: Sean Mullen (Encore Visual Effects); Visual Effects Supervisor: Todd Perry; 2D Artists: Noelle Phillips, Mike Sabga; Stunts: Mark Chadwick, Larry Nicholas; Crew Also Includes: Eli Golub .... assistant camera technician (HotHead); Amelia Ann Hagen .... assistant editor Leslie N. Johnson .... assistant to executive producers Zak Charles Knutson .... production secretary (uncredited) Darragh Marmorstein .... set costumer (pilot episode) Tracy E. Maurer .... assistant to executive producer (pilot episode) Donna Nitti .... production coordinator Dustin Paddock .... script coordinator Dan Reed (II) .... assistant editor Mark Santora .... assistant to executive producer Joaquin Sedillo .... camera operator: second unit Scott J. Wallace .... assistant editor.
Freedom, 2000
Friday the 13th:The Series, Syndicated, Oct 1987-? Confusingly enough, this television series has nothing whatsoever to do with the feature films of the same name. On TV, the story was that antiques dealer Lewis Vendredi (French for "friday") made a deal with the devil to earn a fortune my peddling antique doodads which would each carry a terrible curse. When Lewis Vendredi died -- presumably as a result of some fine print in his contract -- his innocent neice Micki inherited the store, and renamed it "Curious Goods." Assisted by her cousin Ryan and a retired magician, Jack Marshak, she tried to get the cursed antique thingamajiggies back from their purchasers, and sequester them in the basement where they could cause no more hideous deaths. My wife, who once ran a chain of antique stores in Europe, before she became a famous scientist and science fiction author, refuses to talk to me about this show. Maybe that's because of a certain contract signed in blood, nyaaa haaa haaaa... Micki Foster -- Robey Ryan Dallion -- John D. Le May Jack Marshak -- Chris Wiggans Friday the 13th:The Series
Fu Manchu, see the Adventures of Fu Manchu
Future Cop, ABC, 1977 {to be done}
Future Quest, to be done Future Quest
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Galactica 1980, see Battlestar Galactica
Gargoyles, animated, to be done Gargoyles List @
Gemini Man, NBC, 23 Sep 1976-28 Oct 1976 INTERSECT is another of those government anti-terror agencies and think-tank paid for by your taxes but far too secret to be covered by the press. INTERSECT agent Sam Casey was rendered invisible by radiation from an undersea explosion. But he could be temporarily visible again, thanks to Abby Lawrence's computer skills and Leonard Driscoll's management acumen, which yielded a wristwatch-gadget similar in effect to Bilbo Baggin's Ring, allowing a switch back and forth between visibility and invisibility, and in that over-use would be deadly (more than a quarter-hour out of any 24 hours, for Sam). Let me ask you this: did YOU ever see this show? I wonder why, hmmmm... Not really related to the 1958 British series, which was created and produced by Ralph Smart, starring Lisa Daniely and Deborah, with voice of Invisible Man by Tim Turner. Sam Casey -- Ben Murphy Leonard Driscoll -- William Sylvester Abby Lawrence -- Katherine Crawford Creators/Producers -- Harve Bennett and Steve Bochco
Genesis II, CBS, 1973 Pilot for never-produced series by Gene Roddenberry ("Star Trek"). "The Sleeper Wakes" by H.G. Wells declined to "Buck Rogers" which declines further to this pilot, released as a TV movie. A 20th century man wakes up in 2133 and is drawn into a human counter-revolution against mutant oppressors. ??? -- Alex Cord Director -- John Llewellyn Moxey Creator/Writer -- Gene Roddenberry ("Star Trek")
Ghost Story, NBC, 25 Sep 1972-22 Jun 1973 Not to be confused with the sitcom "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" (21 Sep 1968-18 Sep 1970) starring Hope Lange and Edward Mulhare, which was itself based on the 1947 film with Rex Harrison and Gene Tierny, this was an anthology show. At first, Sebastian Cabot would take us to "Essex House" and lull us into increasingly scary stories of the supernatural. Starting with the 5 January 1973 episode, NBC dropped Sebastian Cabot, retitled the show "Circle of Fear", and ran some episodes with no ghosts or vampires or witches at all. So it was strangled. host Sebastian Cabot (as "Winton Essex" in 1972) Genre: Horror
The Girl From Tomorrow, Australia Channel 9, 1990; 24 30-minute episodes; Season 1 - 12 episodes (30 minutes); Season 2 - 12 episodes (30 minutes); Creators/Producers: {to be done}; Production Companies: Film Australia, Nine Network, and The Australian Film Finance Corporation Distributor: {to be done}; Executive Producer: Ron Saunders; Producer: Noel Price; Director: Kathy Mueller; Writers: Mark Shirrefs and John Thomson; Technical Credits: {to be done} Plot Summary: In the year 3000, teen-aged Alana finds herself trapped in 1990 with a criminal from the year 2500. Alone, and confused, she befriends a spirited girl named Jenny Kelly. Together they attempt to track down the time capsule which brought her there, while evading Silverthorn, the villain into whose hands it appears to have fallen. Starring: Alana -- Katharine Cullen; Jenny Kelly -- Melissa Marshall; Petey Kelly -- James Findley; Silverthorn -- John Howard; Irene Kelly -- Helen O'Connor; James Rooney -- Andrew Clarke; Eddie -- Miles Buchanan; Mark Johnson -- Grant Dodwell; Tulisa -- Helen Jones; Arva -- Pauline Chan; Bruno -- Monroe Reimers; Angela -- Emily Lumbers; Mrs. Jenkins -- Jane McDermott; Leslie -- Kate McDonald; Mandy -- Jillian O'Dowd; Maria -- Melissa Tkautz; Mrs. Bloomington -- Doreen Warburton; The Girl From Tomorrow 2: Tomorrow's End, 1991; Director: Noel Price; Writers: Mark Shirrefs and John Thomson; Producer: Noel Price; Plot Summary: Realising that they have "polluted the time stream" with their experiments, the scientists from the year 3000 resolve to return Jenny and Silverthorn to their respective times and then destroy the capsule before it can do any more harm. Troubles in the year 2500, however, lead to Alana and her guardian, Tulista, returning to a devastated future. They must return to 2500 and change whatever it was that went wrong in order to cause The Great Disaster to reach Australia. Starring: Katharine Cullen Alana Melissa Marshall Jenny Kelly James Findley Petey Helen O'Connor Irene Kelly John Howard Silverthorn Andrew Clarke James Rooney Miles Buchanan Eddie Rick Adams Sailor David Atrill Freddy Pauline Chan Arva Leonard Choice Globecop Reg Cribb Constable Luke Cross Metal Freak Lindy Davies Hoffman Philip Dodd Taxi Driver Olav Evensen Globecop Katrina Foster Mrs. Holloway Peter Gow Globecop Connie Gower Kroll Jennifer Hardy VW Family Member Nancy Hayes Maeve Rebecca Hickey Demonstrator Ben Hinton VW Family Member Helen Jones Tulista Richard Jones Globecop Roxanne Kimmorley Video Host Ben Maiorana Globecop John Mann Turner Elizabeth Maywald Technician Catherine McClements Lorien Mitchell McMahon Boy Jason Meeth Ice Cream Boy Myfawny Morgan VW Family Member Marshall Napier Draco John O'Brien Globecop Mark O'Neill VW Family Member Tom Phillips Globecop Ken Radley Policeman Martin Reefman Relf Monroe Reimers Bruno Sue Rein Mother Bruno Renzella Metal Freak Danny Resnick Globecop Brian Roberts Guard Barry Rugless Car Driver Jeremy Scrivener Nik Ed Sellar Globecop Agoes Soedjarvo Globecop Paul Sonkkila Vance Daniel Taylor BMX Boy Angelo Tilocca Cleaner Jeff Truman Manager Perry Wall Globecop Doreen Warburton Mrs. Bloomington Erica Williams Sharon Andrew Windsor Macro Lawrence Woodward Overseer
The Greatest American Hero, ABC, 18 March 1981-3 Feb 1983 The greatest hero in this show was actually the head of the ABC legal team, who fought off lawsuits from the owners of the "Superman" copyright. After that, a real Mr. Hinckley tried (30 Mar 1981) to assassinate President Reagan in order to impress actress Jodie Foster, so scripts involving protagonist Ralph Hinkley had to be rewritten to be named Ralph Hanley (or sometimes just "Mr.H"). Anyway, Los Angeles high school teacher Ralph had a Close Encounter of the Third Kind with extraterrestrials, who gave him a red flying suit, but the schlemiel lost the instruction book, and had frequent trouble mastering the art of flight and the other powers of the suit (invisibility, x-ray vision, telescopic vision, and the like). Nobody knew his secret, except Bill Maxwell, his lawyer Pam Davidson (I told you the lawyers were big in this show), his son Kevin, and four street-wise students escaped from the "Welcome Back Kotter" sort of series: Cyler, Rhonda, Rodriguez, and Tony, who were seen less and less often in the second season, when Ralph and Pam married (Kevin was from a previous marriage). This show had a wacky logic all its own, and was a good-natured spoof of the action superhero genre, which had been tried before about 15 years earlier in "Mr. Terrific" and in "Captain Nice." Ralph Hinkley (Hanley) -- William Katt Bill Maxwell -- Robert Culp (American Profile, The Chevy Mystery Show, I Spy, The Kaiser Aluminum Hour, Star Tonight, Trackdown) Pam Davidson -- Connie Sellecca (Beyond Westworld, Flying High, Hotel) Tony Villicana -- Michael Pare (Houston Knights) Rhonda Blake -- Faye Grant (V) Cyler Johnson -- Jesse D. Goins Rodriguez -- Don Cervantes Kevin Hinkley (1981) -- Brandon Williams Theme -- "The Greatest American Hero (Believe It Or Not)" by Mike Post and Stephen Geyer, singer Joey Scarbury
Great Ghost Tales, NBC, 6 July 1961-21 Sep 1961 A summer replacement was needed for "The Ford Show Starring Tennessee Ernie Ford", and so NBC produced a series of live episodes with actors such as Robert Duvall, Lee Grant, Arthur Hill, Lois Nettleson, and Richard Thomas (1,2,3 Go; Roots: the Next Generations; the Waltons).
The Green Hornet, ABC, 9 Sep 1966-14 July 1967 Listed here because of comics and radio (1936) origin, created by George W. Trendle. Also, because it had the same production team as TV's "Batman." Few fans knew that George W. Trendle's first hit, "The Lone Ranger" actually introduced Britt Reid (The Green Hornet) as the son of Dan Reid, who in turn was the nephew of the Lone Ranger. Today, this show is a cult-favorite of Bruce Lee fans. Britt Reid/The Green Hornet -- Van Williams Kato -- Bruce Lee Lenore "Casey" Case -- Wende Wagner Mike Axford -- Lloyd Gough District Attorney F. P. Scanlon -- Walter Brooke Theme -- "Flight of the Bumblebee" by Rimsky-Korsakov arranged and played by Al Hirt The Green Hornet @ fxnetworks The Green Hornet @ uvm
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Halfway Across the Galaxy (and Turn Left), Australian TV, year? 28 __-minute episodes; Produced by: Crawfords Australia; In association with: Taurus Film, Germany, and Seven Network Australia; With the assistance of: Film Victoria; Adapted: from the novel by Robin Klein; Executive Producer: Terry Ohlsson; Producer: Jan Marnell; Directors: Rod Hardy, Paul Maloney, Brendan Maher First Assistant Director: Stuart Wood Writers: John Reeves, Michael Harvey; Original Music: Peter Sullivan; Film Editor: Denise Haratzis; Production Designer: Dale Duguid; Costume Designer: Sally Grigsby; Thanks To: Radisson President hotel, City of Camberwell, Ruyton girls grammar school (Kew), Ivanhoe girls grammar school, City of Heidelberg, City of Williamstown, Starring: X (Charlotte) -- Lauren Hewett; Qwrk (George) -- Jeffrey Walker; Dovis (Astrella) -- Silvia Seidel; Father (Mortimer) -- Bruce Myles; Mother (Renee) -- Jan Friedl; Jenny Roland -- Kellie Smythe; Mrs. Roland -- Colleen Hewett; Andrew Roland -- Brandon McLean; Shane Roland -- Micheal Walsh; Colin Roland -- Che Broadbent; Mr.. Roland -- Richard Neal; Mr. Froggatt -- Denis Moore; Mrs. Froggatt -- Ellen Cressey; Michelle Froggatt -- Tenley Gillmore; Dallas Hohenhaus -- Katrina Lambert; Carl Hohenhaus -- Silas Aiton; Zyrgon Chief -- Bruce Spence; Zyrgon Hecla -- Sandy Gore; Zyrgon Jady -- Kerry Armstrong; Zyrgon Jady 2 -- Leverne McDonnell; Zyrgon Lox -- Paul Kelman; Zyrgon Yorp -- David Argue; Zyrgon Yoshida -- Muro; Zyrgon Authoritax/Principa -- Diane Cilento; Teacher Miss Brewster -- Marion Edward; Teacher Miss Bloom -- Marion Heathfield; Teacher Ms. Payne -- Jane Longhurst; Teacher Miss Harrow -- Robynne Bourne; Teacher Mr Hohenhaus -- Alex Menglet; Sally -- Celeste Amenta; Lynne -- Susan Ellis; Hoon -- Arch Roberts; Pat -- James McKenna; David Carruthers -- Davud Walters; Melissa -- Desiree Munro; Bindy -- David Hoflin; Ben -- Steven Haggar; Emilia -- Joah Murray; Detainer -- Micheal Smith; Dissidents -- Grant Nouldery, Paul Deir; Freedom Fighters -- Andrew Beresford, Janel Anderson; Technical Wizzard -- Micheal Burkett; Chef -- Julius Szappanos; Greengrocer -- Luigi Cengarle; Trevor -- Kevin Barber; Girl 1 -- Kate Michalak; Girl 2 -- Stacey Valkenberg; Sports Doctor -- Ralph Marsden; Newsreader 1 -- Doug Bennett; Newsreader 2 -- Margot Fenley; Postie -- Lidia Faranda; Inspector -- Brian Hannan; Mick -- Jeff Korski; Ace -- Maurice Annese; Headsman -- Richard Cordner; Fashion Buyers -- Cerdine Souvarian, Donald Hirst; Science Presenter -- Magnus Clark; Scientist -- Neale Warrington; White Haired Man -- Andrew McCarthy; Receptionist -- Karmen Raspovic; Fisherman -- Phillip Reilly; Diner -- Ashley Eccles; Promoter -- Mark Neal; Balladeer -- Jasper Bagg; Dabney Digby -- Peter Hosking; Local Boy 1 -- Scott Duff; Local Boy 2 -- Wayne Bentham; Roobots: Claudia Dicosmo; Louise Hill; Kristen Bentley; Kim Holgate; Heidi Richardson; Rachel Ward; Leanne Cherney; Dianne Jenkins; Victoria Caimirri; Mabla -- Pia Morley; Nedis -- Finn Greentree-Keane; Organiser -- Eloise Linton-Smith; Zeppy Puppeteer -- Winston Appleyard; Zeppy Handler -- Adam Pietrzak; Robot Wrangler -- Adam Pietrzak; Qwrk Skating Double -- Will Stayles; Voice of Dovis -- Amanda Douge; 28 Episodes in Season 1: 1: DON'T FORGET TO TURN LEFT 2: EXILES ON RENMARK STREET 3: NEXT ITEM ON THE SCHEDULE - SCHOOL 4: FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL 5: HOMESICKNESS 6: A DAY AT THE BEACH 7: A VISITOR FROM ANOTHER PLANET 8: X IS NOT HERSELF 9: THE JACKSON MUTINY 10: THE TURNING POINT 11: HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS 12: X - THE UNKNOWN FACTOR 13: FUN IS DANGEROUS 14: QWRK LANDS ON HIS FEET 15: HEARING A DIFFERENT DRUMMER 16: THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL 17: STRANGE ENCOUNTERS 18: UNDERSTANDING THE MATERIAL WORLD 19: WELCOME TO THE HUMAN RACE 20: WE'RE THEM NOW 21: ILLEGAL ALIENS 22: GROWING UP QUICK 23: THE WRITING'S ON THE WALL 24: THE PAST IS CREEPING BACK 25: CRESCENDO 26: DARK NIGHT, STAR BRIGHT 27: TRIAL BY LAVA 28: WE LIVE ON THE BEST ONE Above data adapted from data from web site: Daniel Hofverberg's halfway Across the Galaxy page by Daniel Hofverberg Plankvägen 4 932 37 Ursviken SWEDEN
Hard Time on Planet Earth, CBS, 1989
Hauser's Memory, NBC, 1970 TV movie based on novel by Curt Siodmak. Jewish-American scientist accidently is injected with DNA from brain of deceased German scientist, producing two personalities who must share one brain and body. Theme is developed more fully in the novel by Robert Heinlein "I Shall Fear No Evil." ??? -- David McCallum Director -- Boris Sagal Writer -- Adrian Spies.
Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left, Australia Channel 7, 1994; 26 30-minute episodes;
He'almut; [miniseries] 2000; also known as "Disappearance" Israeli production; Hebrew language;
Heavy Gear: The Animated Series, 2001; Sci-fi animated action series. Production Companies: Adelaide Productions Inc. [USA], Mainframe Entertainment [Canada]; Co-Producers: Steven Wendland, Barbara Zelinski; Associate Producers: Kevin Gamble, Jason Giacopelli, Shea Wageman; Directors: Johnny Darrell Sean Frewer William Lau Sean Osborne Starring (Voices, credits order): Major Drake Alexander Wallis III -- Charles Shaughnessy; Marcus Rover -- Lukas Haas; Rank -- Greg Ellis; Also (Voices, alphabetically) Zerve -- Clancy Brown Lieutenant Jan Augusta -- Michael Chiklis; Dirx -- David DeLuise; Colonel Magnilda Rykka -- Sarah Douglas; Sergeant Gunther Groonz -- Nicholas Guest; GREL Soldier Sebastian -- Ed Hopkins; Greco -- Tom Kane; Kusunoki Tachi -- Clyde Kusatsu; Yoji Kirakowa -- Karen Maruyama; Serge Garpenlov -- Keith Szarabajka; Sonja Briggs -- Vanessa Williams; Von 'Boom Boom' Maddox -- Jim Wise; Technical Director: Jason Osipa; Assistant Editor: Elizabeth Rufenacht; Special Effects: SFX Mainframe
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Production Company -- Pacific Renaissance Pictures Executive Producer -- Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert Director of Photography -- John Mahaffie Origination Format -- 35mm Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- Digital Post Color Correction Facility -- Anderson Video Colorists -- Kevin Kirwan, Joy Gaston Offline Facility -- Anderson Video Offline Editors -- Steve Polivka, ACE; David Blewitt, ACE Offline Editing System Manufacturer -- Lightworks Online Facility -- Anderson Video Online Tape Format -- Digital Betacam Audio Editing/Mixing Facility -- Digital Sound & Picture Audio Editing System Manufacturer -- Dawn, Sample Cell, Digidesign, Studio Vision Supervising Sound Editor -- Philip Tallman Audio Mixing/Sweetening System Manufacturer -- Euphonix Show Telephone Number -- (818) 777-8233

The Herculoids: see Space Stars. Highlander: The Series, Syndicated, 1992-Present (Official) Highlander: The Series Season 1 (Official) Highlander: The Series season 2 (Official) Highlander: The Series season 3 (Official) Highlander: The Series season 4 more hotlinks to be added -- huge cult audience now with conventions "Gatherings" Production Company -- Gaumont Television, Filmline International Executive Producer -- Peter S. Davis, William Ranzer, Christian Charret, Marla Ginsburg, Denis Leroy Director of Photography -- Rick Wincenty Origination Format -- 16mm Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- Gastown Post Color Correction Facility -- Gastown Post Colorists -- Margot Vanderham, Achim Kapitza Offline Facility -- In-house Offline Editors -- Lara Mazur, David M. Richardson Offline Editing System Manufacturer -- Lightworks Online Facility -- Gastown Post Online Editors -- Greg Krantz, Fred Richters Online Tape Format -- DCT Audio Editing/Mixing Facility -- Post Modern Sound Audio Editing System Manufacturer -- N.E.D. Supervising Sound Editor -- Tony Gronick Audio Mixing/Sweetening System Manufacturer -- AMS Neve Show Telephone Number -- (604) 873-9033
The Highwayman, NBC, 4 Mar 1988-6 May 1988 Blending fantasy, action, big-rig trucks, and ethnic humor, this unlikely series was based on a 1987 TV movie, with a truck that could also turn invisible, which notion was ditched in favor of the more plausible (?) cab that could transform into a helicopter. The Highwayman (who had no given name, apparently) was some sort of federal marshal, who handled secret government cargo, wore leather, had big muscles, and acted as the law "where ordinary laws do not reach." He had a tough Australian partner Jetto (like Crocodile Dundee), a stylish African-American electronics genius D.C. Montana, and he took his orders from sexy-but-strict Controller Tania Winthrop. The Highwayman -- Sam Jones Jetto -- Jacko D. C. Montana -- Tim Russ Tania Winthrop -- Jane Badler Producer: Glen A. Larson (Knight Rider)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, BBC series, appeared in USA in syndication on PBS in 1983-1989 and 1993-1995 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy @ rysher From the wacky novels of Douglas Adams.
Hollyweird, Fox, Winter 1998 Created by Wes Craven and Shaun Cassidy, the pilot being cast as of Feb 1998 is about two kids from Ohio who relocate to Southern California, where they start working for a local cable TV show to solve bizarre and weird crimes, pilot to air November 1998 and will become series if ratings are good. Whoops: the ratings stank. Maybe the rest of America can't identify with the obsessions of Hollywood writers who live and work in Hollywood and who don't, in turn, relate to the rest of America. Naaaah, can't be...
Hollywood Off-Ramp, 2000: {to be done} is this the renamed show after the pilot Hollyweird?
Homeboys from Outer Space, UPN, Fall 1996 Homeboys from Outer Space @ cdsnet Jay Leno quipped (27-28 Dec 1996) that this would, in 1997, be subtitled in "ebonics" Production Company -- Sweet Lorraine Productions with Touchstone Television Executive Producer -- Ehrich Van Lowe Director of Photography -- Walter Glover Origination Format -- 1" Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- ??? Color Correction Facility -- 4MC Colorists -- ??? Offline Facility -- Walt Disney Offline Editor -- Mike Gavaldon Offline Editing System Manufacturer -- Avid Online Facility -- ??? Online Editors -- ??? Online Tape Format -- Digital Betacam Audio Editing/Mixing Facility -- 4MC Audio Editing System Manufacturer -- Digidesign Supervising Sound Editor -- Tamara Johnson Audio Mixing/Sweetening System Manufacturer -- ??? Show Telephone Number -- (818) 560-7915
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I Dream of Jeannie, NBC, 18 Sep 1965-1 Sep 1970 I Dream of Jeannie listed here because it has astronauts (SF) and Jeannie (Fantasy) Jeannie -- Barbara Eden Capt. Tony Nelson -- Larry Hagman Capt. Roger Healey -- Bill Daily Dr. Alfred Bellows -- Hayden Rorke Gen Wingard Stone (1965-66) -- Philip Ober Melissa Stone (1965-66) -- Karen Sharpe Gen. Martin Peterson (1966-70) -- Barton MacLane Amanda Bellows (1966-70) -- Emmaline Henry Gen. Winfield Schaeffer (1969-70) -- Vinton Hayworth
The Incredible Hulk, CBS, 10 Mar 1978-2 June 1982 From the Comics character created by Stan Lee (1962), research scientist David Banner was massively irradiated, and ever after became a semi-articulate Id-like green monster whenever he became angry enough. Afterwards, he would remember nothing of his adventures, making this something like a rationalization of alcoholic blackouts. Investigative reporter Jack McGee stuck to his trail as he searched for odd jobs and a chance to piece his psyche back together. Like San Lee's "Spider-Man", this story combined the superhero format with adolescent angst. David Bruce Banner -- Bill Bixby The Incredible Hulk -- Lou Ferrigno Jack McGee -- Jack Colvin
Invader ZIM, animated, 2001 {to be done}
The Invisible Man, NBC, 1975 The title was changed to "The Gemini Man" (see that) in the second season. Not really related to the 1958 British series, which was created and produced by Ralph Smart, starring Lisa Daniely and Deborah, with voice by Tim Turner.
The Invisible Man, 2000: {to be done}
The Immortal, ABC, 24 Sep 1970-8 Sep 1971 Based on a 1969 TV movie which in turn was based on a novel by Dr. James Gunn, this was a realistic science fiction chase story. Ben Richards was a race car driver who had, for no identified reason, mutant antibodies in his blood which allowed him to fight off every known disease -- including the effects of aging. Everybody wanted some of his blood, especially the relentless tycoon Arthur Maitland and his goon Fletcher. Maitland and Ben's fiancee Sylvia were only in a few episodes. The TV movie was directed by Joseph Sargent ("Colussus:The Forbin Project"). Ben Richards -- Christopher George Fletcher -- Don Knight Arthur Maitland -- David Brian Sylvia -- Carol Lynley Writer -- Robert Specht Genre: Immortality
The Interpretaris, Australia ABC/CHANNEL 7, 1966 6 30-minutes episodes; Creators/Producers: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done}
It's About Time, CBS, 1966 Stupefyingly unfunny sci-fi comedy about astronauts hanging out with cavemen. The kids in my school had a little rhyme, which my son today still learned by oral schoolyard transmission: "it's about time, it's about space, it's a bout getting a punch in the face." Astronaut -- Frank Alefter other astronaut -- Jack Mullaney Cave Family -- Imogene Coca, Joe E. Ross, Mike Mazurki, Anne Meara Creator -- Sherwood Schwartz ("Gilligan's Island") Director (pilot only) -- Richard Donner (later drerected feature films "The Omen", "Superman") Genre: Time Travel The Invaders, ABC, 10 Jan 1967-17 Sep 1968 Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide This series combined an obsession with UFOs and the American style of cold-war paranoia. David Vincent, architect, had seen the landing of a flying saucer and then, more frighteningly, discovered that THEY walked amongst us, aliens distinguishable only by the lack of heartbeat, a surreptitious glow, and little fingers that stuck out at an angle in what seems today like a disguised homophobia. He was, at first, alone in knowing this vast secret, and later joined by a septumvirate of fellow-believers and electronics magnate Edgar Scoville (starting Dec 1967). UFO conventions circulate photocopies of an ABC press release that claimed star Roy Thinnes had himself had a Close Encounter with a UFO. Or so they would have you believe... David Vincent -- Roy Thinnes Edgar Scoville -- Kent Smith Exec. Producer -- Quinn Martin Producer -- Alan Armer
The Invisible Man, NBC, 8 Sep 1975-19 Jan 1976 The Invisible Man List @ Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide Based on the H.G. Wells story, but essentially unrelated to the CBS series of the same name produced in England (4 Nov 1958-22 Sep 1960). Dr. Daniel Westin -- David McCallum (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) Walter Carlson -- Craig Stevens Dr. Kate Westin -- Melinda Fee IZAN Home Page (Star Trek)
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Jeremiah, MGM Worldwide Television, Inc., 2002 [filming as of 10 Sep 2001]: Production Companies: Jeremiah Productions Inc. [USA]; Lions Gate Television [Canada]; Platinum Studios; Executive Producers: Joe Dante, Sam Egan, Michael Finnell, Gregory Noveck, Luke Perry, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Ervin Rustemagic, J. Michael Straczynski; Producer: George Horie; Director: Russell Mulcahy (pilot); Writer: J. Michael Straczynski (pilot); Plot Summary: "In a post-apocalyptic future, a deadly virus has wiped out most of humanity. The only ones who survived, was those who hadn't yet reached puberty. Now a decade has gone by, and a man called Jeremiah (Luke Perry) is set on a quest to find a mysterious place his father spoke of, a place called Valhalla." [Summary written by Fredrik Adolvsson {} for imdb> Starring: (credits order) Jeremiah -- Luke Perry; Kurdy -- Malcolm-Jamal Warner; Simon -- Daniel Gillies; William Stauber -- Ryan Robbins; Ezekiel -- Alex Zahara; Cinematographers: Michael C. Blundell, Henry Chan; Casting: Bette Chadwick, Corinne Clark; Production Designer: Stephen Geaghan; Visual Effects Supervisor: Joe Farrell; Other crew: stand-in: Nigel Johnson; assistant editor: Anthony A. Lewis; camera operator: Doug Schwartz; director of photography: second unit assistant location manager: James Thompson; electrician: Michael Wiebe;
Jet Jackson -- see "Captain Midnight"
The Jetsons, 23 Sep 1962-8 Sep 1963, animated, 24 original episodes, 41 new episodes in 1985 The Jetsons Produced by the same folks who brought you TV's "The Flintstones", this was a satire on 1960's suburban American culture, with "cognitive estrangement" (to use critic Darko Suvin's term) of a science-fictional nature by casting the series in the 21st century. The eponymous George Jetson worked for Spacely Sprockets, Inc. in an alienating job (although he was occasionally promoted to Vice President, it never lasted) for an overbearing boss. He lived in Skypad Apartments, which had variable altitude achieved with hydraulic lifts, with his unambitious housewife Jane, their children, and the semi-talking dog Astro (who later had his own adventures with Scooby-Doo). Despite atomic flying cars, commuting, parking, and speeding tickets were a problem. Despite robots and automated household gadgets, home-making was a drag. Despite videophones, nobody had anything interesting to communicate, and despite interplanetary colonization, teenage girls still cared for nothing but media icons, dance crazes, and dating. The dark underside of suburban culture -- divorce, drugs, gangs, suicide, and political homogenization -- never appeared. The satire lacked the sharper edge of Mad Magazine, but sometimes the limits of Capitalism and Consumerism were skewered anyway. George Jetson (voice) -- George O'Hanlon Jane Jetson (voice) -- Penny Singleton Judy Jetson (voice) -- Janet Waldo Elroy Jetson (voice) -- Daws Butler Astro (voice) -- Don Messick Cosmo G. Spacely (voice) -- Mel Blanc miscellaneous (voices) -- Herschel Bernardi, Mel Blanc, Howard McNear, Howard Morris, Frank Nelson Producers: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. See also: Astro and the Space Mutts, a canine spin-off that appeared in Space Stars.
Jinzo ningen Kikaida [anime], 2000. also known as "Android Kikaider"
Johnny Jupiter, Dumont, 21 Mar 1953-13 Jun 1953 Howdy Doody spinoff about Earth as seen through alien eyes, a sort of children's prototype of "Third Rock from the Sun." A puppet-show set in a TV studio (self-referential and thus post-modernist) the curious janitor Ernest P. Duckweather messed with the control panel and accidently tapped into a TV show from an inhabited planet Jupiter. He thereafter conversed with puppets Johnny Jupiter and B-12, who were confused about life on Earth, as they had nothing but TV broadcasts to go on. Subsequently, Ernest P. Duckweather became a star of Jupiter TV, but he had nothing but their shows to show him their culture. I saw a couple of episodes at a neighbor's apartment before I turned two years old, and it was intriguing and confusing beyond my ability to explain then or now. Ernest P. Duckweather -- Vaughn Taylor His Boss -- Gilbert Mack
Jonny Quest, ABC, 18 Sep 1964-9 Sep 1965, plus new show 1996 {to be done} Not strictly science fiction, it was at least fiction about a scientist (Jonny's father Dr. Benton Quest). The publishing editor of the magazine Quantum Science Fiction Review, himself a professional scientist, told me that his scientific career was sparked by this cartoon. Jonny Quest (voice) -- Tim Matheson Dr. Benton Quest (1964) (voice) -- John Stephenson Dr. Benton Quest (1964-65) (voice) -- Don Messick Race Bannon (voice) -- Mike Road Hadji (voice) -- Danny Bravo Producers: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest, 1996-present, based on the 1964-65 show described above, with 3-D computer graphics in each episode. Producers: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera Animation Production: Blur animation house, using Intergraph's TDZ 3D Graphics Workstations with RealiZm 3D graphics and Kinetix 3D Studio Max
Journey to the Unknown, ABC, 26 Sep 1968-30 Jan 1969 Produced in England An explicitly Hitchcockian series without the sublime talent of Hitchcock himself, this centered on emotional and mental extremes that can terrify normal people ripped out of normal lives into a darker world than they knew about. Sometimes hallucinatory in its dream-logic, few episodes stand out as wholly original. Exec. Producer -- Joan Harrison (former assistant to Alfred Hitchcock, and the Producer of his TV series) Genre: Horror
The Judgment of Jupiter, UPN, 2002 A sly revisiting of Roman mythology, this series is heavily under wraps right now.
Jupiter Moon, British, 1990s Jupiter Moon This is the official site for JUPITER MOON. The 1990's British science fiction drama serial. Thanks for this information to: Nathan Cooke 23 Walter Street Stockton-on-Tees United Kingdom TS18 3PW
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Killdozer, ABC, 1972 TV movie based on Theodore Sturgeon's fine story about an alien taking over a bulldozer on a desert island. Disappointing. ??? -- Clint Walker ??? -- Carl Betz ??? -- Neville Brand Director -- Jerry London Writer -- Theodore Sturgeon adapted his story himself
Kindred: The Embraced Kindred: The Embraced
The Klingon Language Institute
Kolchak: The Night Stalker, ABC, Friday 13 Sep 1974-30 Aug 1975 Based on highly-rated TV movie with the same name (written by Richard Matheson and directed by Dan Curtis). The eponymous protagonist, Carl Kolchak, is a crime reporter for Independent News Service in Chicago. Each time he investigated a crime story, usually realistic in its initial phases, he would uncover a supernatural story behind the story, which his editor Tony Vincenzo would rarely believe. Carl Kolchak -- Darren McGavin Tony Vincenzo -- Simon Oakland Ron Updyke -- Jack Grinnage Emily Cowles -- Ruth McDevitt Gordy Spangler -- John Fiedler Monique Marmelstein -- Carol Ann Susi Creator -- Jeff Rice Executive Producer -- Darren McGavin Producers -- Paul Playton and Cy Chermak
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Land of the Giants, ABC, 22 Sep 1968-6 Sep 1970 Land of the Giants List @ Land of the Giants by ftp Seven human astronauts on a short "strato-cruiser" spaceflight from America to London in roughly the year 1984 pass through a "space warp" and land in a very Earth-like world where everything is 12 times normal size, especially adults, children, pets, and bugs. Gilligan's Island meets "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids", but saved by taking itself seriously and creating a certain empathy for the people who just want to fix the spaceship and get home, including millionare engineer Mark Wilson, heiress Valerie Scott, and 12-year-old Barry. In the world of giants, Inspector Kobrick of S.I.B. was the security agent in charge of finding and re-finding the earthlings. Of course, this concept had been done with satiric glee two centuries earlier by Jonathan Swift. Starring: Pilot/Capt. Steve Burton -- Gary Conway Mark Wilson -- Don Matheson Barry Lockridge -- Stefen Arngrim Co-Pilot Dan Erikson -- Don Marshall Valerie Scott -- Deanna Lund Stewardess Betty Hamilton -- Heather Young Commander Alexander Fitzhugh -- Kurt Kasznar Inspector Kobrick of S.I.B. -- Kevin Hagen Chipper -- several dogs Producer/Creator -- Irwin Allen Special Effects Supervisor -- L. B. Abbott
Land of the Lost Land of the Giants by ftp Land of the Lost @
The Last Band On the Planet, 2001; A strange combination Sci-Fi Musical with Adventure/Comedy style. Director: Katie Tallo; Writer: Katie Tallo; Starring: (alphabetical order) Johnny -- Pierre Brault; Toffi -- Tori Hammond; Vacuumus -- David L. McCallum; Scoop -- Thomas Michael; Blister -- Ross Wilson; Cinematographer: Louis Durocher; Makeup Artist: Samantha Caldwell; Sound Recordist: Phil Brouwer;
Legend, UPN, 1995 {to be done}
Level 9, UPN, 2000; A sci-fi thriller similar in some ways to the Net Force book/game series by Tom Clancy. Production Company: Paramount Television; Distributors: Chum Television [Canada] United Paramount Network (UPN) [USA] __ 60-minute episodes; Executive Producers: Michael Connelly, Josh Meyer, David Percelay, John Sacret Young; Co-Executive Producers: Aaron Lipstadt, John Mankiewicz; Supervising Producer: Peter M. Lenkov; Producer: Jane Bartelme; Co-Producers: Geoffrey Hemwall, Brent Thomas; Directors: Sarah Pia Anderson, Norberto Barba, Goran Gajic (episode "Wetware"), Robert Harmon, Aaron Lipstadt, Vince Misiano, Jeffrey Reiner, John Sacret Young Writers: Michael Connelly, Paul Guyot, John Mankiewicz, Josh Meyer; Genre: Sci-Fi / Drama / Action / Thriller; Starring (credits order): Roland Travis -- Fab Filippo (credited as Fabrizio Filippo); Annie Price -- Kate Hodge; Wilbert 'Tibbs' Thibodeaux -- Michael Kelly; Jerry Hooten -- Romany Malco; Jack Wiley -- Max Martini; Margaret 'Sosh' Perkins -- Kim Murphy; Joss Nakano -- Susie Park; Jargon -- Esteban Powell; Paramedic #3 (2000) -- Paul Dzenkiw; Original Music: Brian Tyler; Cinematographer: Adam Kane; Film Editors: Chris Maybach, Tom Walls; Casting: Helen Mossler, Karen Rea; Production Designers: Linda Del Rosario, Richard Paris, Brent Thomas (pilot); Set Decorator: Sam Higgins; Key Makeup Artist: Angela Wood; Assistant Makeup Artist: Megan Davies; Production Managers: Vladimir Stefoff, Mary Anne Waterhouse, Victoria Woods; First Assistant Director: Andrew Bernstein (pilot episode); Second Assistant Directors: Jack Steinberg (pilot), Alexis Hinde; Second Second Assistant Director: Vincent G. Gonzales (pilot); Third Assistant Director: Martina Lang; Art Department: John D. DeCuir .... robot wrangler JoAnn Ellis .... art department coordinator Vicky Peters (II) .... assistant art director Milena Zdravkovic .... draftsperson Sound Department: Scott Aitken .... sound mixer Chris Glyn-Jones .... boom operator Stephen M. Rowe .... music editor Edward Tise .... sound Stunts: James Jude Courtney .... stunt driver Conrad E. Palmisano .... stunts (Pilot episode) Other Crew: Ron Baldwin (II) .... camera operator: "b" camera steadicam operator Jenny Bernice .... assistant costume designer Morris Chapdelaine .... stand-in Nathaniel Goodman .... camera operator Scott Klein .... master colorist Kyle Leydier .... assistant to executive producer (uncredited) Margo MacPherson .... executive producer's assistant Eva Morgan .... production coordinator Troy J. Peters .... gaffer Christian Sebaldt .... director of photography: second unit John Wittmayer .... location manager User Comment by "tbbnbb" of Granbury, Texas, 12 January 2001 for imdb: "I like the format where the geeks are the cops. with all the internet/computer dependence developing in our society, I wonder how long until some of the premise of the show is true. We already have sicko's on line trolling for children, and credit card data bases being hacked into for profit. how long until a geek shuts down an airplane in flight? more thought provoking than most realize..."
Life Force, British, 2000; Global Warning, psychic children 2025 A.D. Science Fiction dumbed-down to "family entertainment" level. 13 25-minute episodes; Producer: Peter Tabern; Line Producer: Peter Miller; Director: Justin Chadwick; Starring (alphabetical order): Ash -- Pablo Duarte; Greg -- Paul Fox; Marianne -- Samia Ghadie; Harry Fellside -- Glyn Grain; Sam -- Oliver Hamilton; Karen -- Julia Haworth; Mai-Li Cheung -- Sarah Hollis; Amy Webber -- Kelly Hunter; Sally Cheung -- Sarah Lam; Glemser -- Damian Lewis; Sergeant -- David MacCreedy; Goodman -- David Mallinson; Richard Webber -- Valentine Pelka; Lindsay -- Tara Pendergast; Original Music: Ian Hughes; Cinematographer: Nick Dance; Film Editor: Matthew Tabern; Casting: Suzanne Smith; Production Designer: Jim Holloway; Art Directors: Chris Coldwell, Elizabeth Craig; Costume Designer: Anne Rudd; Makeup Designer: Jane Jamieson; Makeup Artist: Emma Scott; Production Manager: Kirsten Eller; First Assistant Director: Philip Lewis; Second Assistant Director: Natalie Segal; Third Assistant Director: Susan Orsola; Sound Department: Emile Bradshaw .... sound designer Mervyn Gerrard .... sound recordist Michael Latham .... sound designer Peter Murphy .... boom operator Paul Roberts .... dubbing mixer Stunt Coordinator: Rod Woodruff; Wardrobe Assistant: Mandy Cole; Assistant Camera: Rob McGregor; "Gen999" of Birmingham, England, 24 October 2001, for imdb: "Life Force is a new British sci-fi thriller made for children's TV. It's set 25 years in the future when global warming has melted the polar ice caps, flooding the planet. Four children, Greg, Karen, Ashok and Mai Lai, have been left to fend for themselves. Because of their psychic powers they are pursued by Glemser, played by 'Band of Brothers' star Damian Lewis. Although the series will undoubtably crop up on 'Before they were famous' type shows in the future, Lewis does particularly well, adapting to the role of the bad guy in this low budget TV thriller. The wardrobe department should be thanked as the long black coat does a lot for him too! The series itself is much like the New Zealand/UK co-production "The Tribe". If had received better publicity when it was first shown it may have gained a similar cult status."
Lights Out, NBC, 19 July 1949-29 Sep 1952 Spun off from the hit radio show which began in 1934, there were four television specials produced by Fred Coe (Goodyear TV Playhouse, Producer's Showcase, 1955 Emmy for Best Producer of a Live Series) in 1946, and then after three years of development hell, this fine suspense anthology. Each epsiode opened with an extreme close-up of a pair of eyes, cutting to a close-up of a bloody hand reaching for the light switch, and a voice-over of a chilling laugh and the catch-phrase "lights out, everybody!" Each episode was shot live. Some were adaptations of classic short stories, others were developed specially for this series. Narrator (1949-50) -- Jack LaRue Narrator (1950-52) -- Frank Gallop Musical Effects: Theremin -- Paul Lipman (1949) Organ (1949-52) -- Arlo Hults Harp (1950-52) -- Doris Johnson Began on radio (1934) and 4 specials (produced by Fred Coe) on TV (1946) Guest Stars: Boris Karloff, Eddie Albert, Billie Burke, Yvonne DeCarlo, Raymond Massey, Burgess Meredith, Leslie Nielsen, Basil Rathbone
Logan's Run, CBS, 16 Sep 1977-16 Jan 1978 based on the novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson (author of many of the best episodes of the original Twilight Zone) and the feature film of the same title. A nuclear war had pretty much wiped out civilization, somewhere between the late 20th century and the year 2319. Survivors lived in cities out of touch with each other, each having evolved its own culture, and each surrounded by inhospitable desert. Logan lived in the sybaritic City of Domes, where nobody was allowed to live past his or her 30th birthday. Logan was a "Sandman" -- special policeman -- who betrayed his training by fleeing for his life as the big three-zero approached. He fled with a girl named Jessica and Rem, an android. He sought a fabled "Sanctuary" but was pursued by Francis, an unrepentant Sandman. This was unusually sophisticated fare for TV, both in the bleakness of the premise, the strangeness but self-consistency of the cities, and the horrors of the badlands. It was a landmark in the history of post-nuclear-holocaust fiction, the best recent example of which is "The Postman" by David Brin, which has been repeatedly optioned, was once to have been produced by Ron Howard and star Tom Hanks, but is now to be directed by and starring Kevin Costner and be released in 1997. Logan's Run Logan -- Gregory Harrison Jessica -- Heather Menzies Rem -- Donald Moffat Francis -- Randy Powell Producers -- Ben Roberts and Ivan Goff (the creators of "Charlie's Angels, who admitted knowing zero about science fiction) Story Editor -- Dorothy C. Fontana ("Star Trek") By the way, cult classic movie star/painter/author Mary Woronov (Eating Raoul) guest stars as "Irene" in the "Capture" episode of Logan's Run. Mary Woronov was my babysitter as a child, before she fell in with Andy Warhol and became a star of multiple media. So perhaps she is one more influence on me regarding fantasy and science fiction.
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, ABC, 1993-Present Lois & Clark: Ultimate Guide to Clark Kent's Ties Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide Production Company -- Warner Bros. Executive Producer -- Bob Singer, Eugenie Ross-Lerning, Brad Buckner Director of Photography -- Kenneth D. Zunder Origination Format -- super 35mm Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- Foto-Tronics Color Correction Facility -- Foto-Tronics Colorists -- Don Pipes, Howard Broderson Offline Facility -- Warner Bros. Offline Editors -- David Ekstrom, John Showalter, Anthony Pinker Offline Editing System Manufacturer -- Avid Online Facility -- 525 Post Production Online Editor -- Alex Romano Online Tape Format -- D1 Audio Editing/Mixing Facility -- Warner Bros. Studios Sound Audio Editing System Manufacturer -- ??? Supervising Sound Editor -- Mike Lawshe Audio Mixing/Sweetening System Manufacturer -- ??? Show Telephone Number -- (818) 954-2559 Genre: Supermen
The Lone Gunmen, 2001: Too-smart for American TV spin-off of X-Files; {to be done}
Lost on Earth, USA Network, 4 Jan 1997 Lost on Earth USA Network has previously brought us "Weird Science" and "Duckman", both of which have something to recommend themselves. Well, two out of three ain't bad. A TV reporter in Albuquerque, David Rudy, is demoted by his boss-from-hell, after an absurd incident with a chimp. David is romantically involved with his boss' daughter, and avoids being fired by agreeing to host a juvenile puppet show. The show turns out to have puppets which are really extraterrestrials stuck on our planet. Alien puppets and TV is a mix tried twice that I can think of off-hand: Johnny Jupiter (1953) and ALF (1986-90), but it doesn't accomplish what either of those did, let alone the conceptually-related Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I'm trying to say something nice, but I can't come up with anything yet. Sorry. David Rudy -- Tim Conlon (Wild Oats) boss -- Paul Gleason boss' daughter -- Stacy Galina.
The Lost Planet, BBC, 1954 Adapted from a novel of the same name, this was a television serial aimed at children. See "Return of the Lost Planet." ??? -- Peter Kerr ??? -- Jack Stewart ??? -- Mary Law Producer -- Kevin Sheldon Writer -- Angus McVicar
Lost in Space, CBS, 15 Sep 1965-11 Sep 1968 Lost in Space Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide Gilligan's Island meets Swiss Family Robinson. The Robinson family was en route to the Alpha Centauri solar system, 4.3 light years away, for a five-year mission, suggesting that the spaceship Jupiter II could go quite near the speed of light, by technologies never explained. Anyway, the evil-for-no-clear-motive Dr. Zachary Smith screwed up the controls, and tampered with the program of the robot (Robby) left over from the far-more-mature film Forbidden Planet. Or maybe Dr. Smith was some sort of foreign agent, trapped with his intended victims. Almost every episode had the same formula: land on another planet while trying to get home, encounter a monster, have Dr. Smith try to cut a deal with the monster that would send him alone back to Earth, have Robby the Robot say "Danger, Will Robinson", menace June Lockhart, and have Dr. Smith's fatal flaws of cowardice and greed foil his plot, leaving us at a cliff-hanger ending. This show seems to have been a favorite of some of my friends, but I found it deeply frustrating, as I kept hoping for something genuinely science fictional to happen, i.e. something with philosophical depth, but the show stayed relentlessly superficial even when a few lines of dialogue could have added profundity at no extra cost. Prof. John Robinson -- Guy Williams Maureen Robinson -- June Lockhart (Darkroom, Ford Theatre, The Joseph Cotton Show, Lassie, Petticoat Junction, The U.S. Steel Hour, Who Said That?) Don West -- Mark Goddard Judy Robinson -- Marta Kristen Will Robinson -- Billy Mumy (Babylon 5, Space Cases) Penny Robinson -- Angela Cartwright Dr. Zachary Smith -- Jonathan Harris The Robot -- Bob May The Robot (voice) -- Dick Tufeld The Spaceship -- Jupiter II Creator/Producer -- Irwin Allen Story Consultant -- Anthony Wilson * There is to be a 1998 film spinoff of the TV series: Lost in Space: The Movie
The Lost Saucer: {to be done} The Lost Saucer
The Love War, ABC, 1970 TV movie about alien man (Kyle) who drops out of interstellar war, settles on Earth, goes native, falls in love with Angie Dickenson whom he accidently meets on a bus. He ventually tells her his true identity, and it turns out that she's an alien too, from the other side of the war, and was there to catch him. I think. Kyle -- Lloyd Bridges Sandy -- Angie Dickenson Director -- George McCowan Writers -- Guerdon Trueblood and David Kidd.

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
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Man and the Challenge, NBC, 12 Sep 1959-3 Sep 1960 Listed here because it features a research scientist who tests the extremes of human and equipment capability for volunteers including astronauts. This falls within the definition of science fiction, in that it explicitly relates science and technology and their effect on human beings. The best episode had three people testing space suits by walking across Death Valley, where they have a deadly encounter with armed militia members who assume that they are alien invaders. Dr. Glenn Barton -- George Nader Producer -- Ivan Tors.
The Man from Atlantis, NBC, 22 Sep 1977-25 July 1978 Faster than a plate of sushi, more powerful than Flipper, more mindless than "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea", look, down there under the ocean, swimming in a legs-together undulating dolphin parody, it's Patrick Duffy as ... The Man From Atlantis! With webs between his fingers and bright green eyes, he fights a never-ending battle for the United States Navy and the Foundation for Oceanic Research. Pass the tartar sauce! Mark Harris -- Patrick Duffy Dr. Elizabeth Merrill -- Belinda Montgomery C. W. Crawford -- Alan Fudge Mr. Schubert -- Victor Buono Brent -- Robert Lussier Jomo -- Richard Williams Chuey -- J. Victor Lopez Jane -- Jean Marie Hon Allen -- Anson Downes Creator/Producer -- Herb Solow.
The Man from U.N.C.L.E., NBC, 22 Sep 1964-15 Jan 1968 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Listed here because, in the James Bond tradition, it sometimes crossed the line from Spy story to Spy Spoof, to Science Fiction. In particular, the 1966-67 season had ever more absurd plots, with a comic-book flavor. The series became more realistic in 1967-68, but it was too late to stop the series from being replaced by the smash hit "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" -- or was that a final victory by THRUSH? U.N.C.L.E. = United Network Command for Law Enforcement. THRUSH = the Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of Humanity Napoleon Solo -- Robert Vaughn (the show was originally to be called "Mr. Solo" but the Jamesw Bond producers objected for some reason) Ilya Kuryakin -- David McCallum Mr. Alexander Waverly -- Leo G. Carroll Lisa Rogers (1967-68) -- Barbara Moore Creator -- Norman Felton Producer -- Sam Rolfe and Anthony Spinner note: David [Edward] McDaniel (16 Jun 1939-?), pseudonym of Ted Johnstone, wrote several SF-oriented "Man from U.N.C.L.E". novels and "The Arsenal Out of Time" (Ace, 1967) space opera.
The Man Who Used to Be Me, 2000
Maniac Mansion, Family Channel, 1990-1993, to be done Maniac Mansion
Manimal, NBC, 30 Sep 1983-31 Dec 1983 Superhero/Fantasy/Police series in which Jonathan Chase has the hereditary ability to turn himself into any animal. Disguised as an upper-crust professor of "animal behavioral sciences" at New York University, he was an ally to the police and a terror to criminals. His secret identity was known only to African American assistant Ty Earle (an old Vietnam buddy) and sexy cop Brooke. The special effects of his transformations were good early television versions of the "morphing" technique, now so common. Jonathan Chase -- Simon MacCorkindale Brooke McKenzie -- Melody Anderson Ty Earle (pilot) -- Glynn Turman Ty Earle (series) -- Michael D. Roberts Caot. Nick Rivera -- Reni Santoni.
Mann & Machine -- British, never broadcast in USA?
M.A.N.T.I.S., Fox, 1994-1995 M.A.N.T.I.S. Guide @ The first superhero/science fiction show starring an African-American, damaged by the network toning down the racial/civil rights subplots, but otherwise a promising series.
Mashuranbo [anime], 2000
Max Headroom, ABC, 31 March 1987-16 Oct 1987 Max Headroom Max Headroom Guide @ Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide Based on 1984 British TV movie starring Matt Frewer and produced by Peter Wagg, which spread like a computer virus to Cinemax distribution in the US, and then into Coca-Cola commercials. Premise: near-future muckraking Channel 23 reporter Edison Carter is decapitated in a car chase. He is the model for a computer-generated artificial intelligence created by Channel 23's research director Bryce. Max Headroom can pop up in any computer system or onto any network broadcast, while being monitored by Bryce's assistant Theora and newsroom director Murray, and sometimes by network head Mr.Cheviot. Max Headroom competed with, and sometimes was allied with, Blank Reg and Dominique of a lower-budget and harder-hitting network. The British series was darker and had a nastier edge in its depiction of a corrupt dystopian future in the Road Warrior/Bladerunner category. That makes this the first Cyberpunk TV series. Edison Carter/Max Headroom -- Matt Frewer Theora Jones -- Amanda Pays Ben Cheviot -- George Coe Bryce Lynch -- Chris Young Murray -- Jeffrey Tambor Blank Reg -- William Morgan Sheppard Dominique -- Concetta Tomei Ashwell -- Hank Garrett Edwards -- Lee Wilkof Lauren -- Sharon Barr Ms. Formby -- Virginia Kiser Genre: Cyberpunk
Max Steel, 2000; 22 30-minute episodes; Sci-Fi action animation TV series. Directors: Andre Clavel, Sam Liu; Writers: Katherine Fugate (episodes "Sharks", "When Lightning Strikes Twice"), Steven Melching, Others {to be done}; Plot Outline: Josh McGrath, a teenage boy who, by chance, gets body enhancements, finds himself fighting miscellaneous enemies of peace as a super-powered secret agent known as Max Steel -- not a normal life for a 19-year-old. Starring Voices (Credit order): Chuck Marshak -- Edward Asner; Josh McGrath/Max Steel -- Christian Campbell; Josh McGrath/Max Steel -- Matthew Kaminsky; Rachel Leeds -- Shannon Kenny; Jefferson Smith -- Chi McBride; Mairot/Psycho -- Keith Szarabajka; Laura Chen -- Lauren Tom; Berto Martinez -- Jacob Vargas; Kat -- Debi Mae West;
Medabots, 2001; Family sci-fi animation TV series, produced in Japan. Writers: Danny DiTata, Others {to be done} Starring Vopices (Credits order):> Ikky Tenrio -- Samantha Reynolds; Joseph Motiki; Lisa Yamanaka; Susan Laney Dalton; Jamie Watson; Referee -- Dennis Akayama; Darren Frost; Robert Tinkler; Ashley Taylor; Joanne Vannicola Samantha -- Julie Lemieux; Martin Villafana; Paul Haddad; Terry McQurring; Baton -- Raoul Bhaneja Language: English
Men in Black, late 1997 or early 1998 Spin-off from the Columbia movie Men in Black
Men Into Space, CBS, 30 Sep 1959-7 Sep 1960 Men Into Space by Marc Frattasio Triggered by the Russian launch of Sputnik on 4-5 October 1957, this explicitly science fictional show had technical support from USAF, Navy, Army, and various scientific organizations, in an impressive attempt at authenticity -- making this the first "Hard Science Fiction" series on television. It featured drama in spacecraft, space station, Moon Base, and in the vicinity of various planets and moons in the solar system. Using marvelous sets, costumes, and background "Matte" paintings by Chesley Bonestell (Dean of Space Artisist) this series presumed that men would first go into space on an aerospace plane (perhaps a X-15 atop a Navaho booster), then build a toroidal space station, then use the space station as a base from which to probe the moon, and finally to land on the Moon. In fact, President Kennedy scrapped such plans when CIA reports suggested that the Russians were going a "quick and dirty" route to orbit, preparing to send men into space in capsules launched by modified ballistic missiles. He tasked NASA with an equally crude but immediate approach. The rest is history. Hence, "Men Into Space" is history as it SHOULD have been, based on the plans of Werner Von Braun and his cohorts. We still have not built the National Aerospace Plane (NASP), we are years behind on space station construction (set to start in late 1998), and, while we got to the moon in 1968 (as oppsed to the early 19070's predicted by "Men Into Space") we went to visit, and never built the moon base, nor did we boldly go onwards to Mars. Some critics (see "Future Tense" p.294) found the show "bland and unexciting" and blamed the low-budget artificiality of the sets. Col. Edward McCauley -- William Lundigan (only regular cast) ??? -- Joyce Taylor.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Parent everywhere lament the success of this ultra-low budget low-quality series revamped and redubbed from a pathetic Japanese series. Except, of course, for parents who then enroll their kids in Martial Arts classes, where the kids actually learn some discipline.
Mirai sentai Timeranger, Japan, 2000; Language: Japanese; Starring (Credit order): Tatsuya Asami/Time Red -- Masaru Nagai; Ayase/Time Blue -- Yûji Kido; Sion/Time Green -- Masahiro Kuranuki; Domon/Time Yellow -- Tomohide Koizumi; Yûri/Time Pink -- Mika Katsumura; Naoto Takizawa/Time Fire -- Shinji Kasahara; Navigator Robo Tak -- Yûsuke Numata; Wataru Asami -- Fujita Okamoto; Don Dolnero -- Ryûzaburô Ôtomo; Gion -- Kôji Tobe; Lila -- Asami Kuru; Narrator -- Hideyuki Hori.
Millennium, Fox, October 1996-present, to be done Millennium, created by Chris "X-Files" Carter, was renewed for a second season, even though it's ratings were indifferent (80th out of 118 shows on major networks), meaning that it is seen by a mere 10,700,000 viewers each week. Sometimes quality does beat quantity. Millennium official site, but cool Millennium @ aol The best new series of the 1996 season? many think so. Production Company -- Ten-Thirteen Productions Executive Producer -- Chris Carter Director of Photography -- Robert McLaughlin Origination Format -- 35mm Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- Gastown Post, colorist: Tim Kinoshita/Gastown Post Color Correction Facility -- Encore Video Colorist -- Phil Azenzer Offline Facility -- In-house Offline Editors -- Stephen Mark, Chris Willingham, George Potter Offline Editing System Manufacturer -- Avid Online Facility -- Encore Video Online Editor -- Bob Minshall Online Tape Format -- DCT Audio Editing/Mixing Facility -- West Productions Supervising Sound Editor -- Mark R. Crokston Audio Editing System Manufacturer -- Waveframe Audio Mixing/Sweetening System Manufacturer -- Dolby Show Telephone Number -- (310) 369-1130
The Miraculous Mellops, Australia Channel 10, 1991; 40 30-minute episodes; Season 1 - 20 episodes (30 minutes); Season 2 - 20 episodes (30 minutes); Creators/Producers: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: {to be done}
Mirror, Mirror; New Zealand/Australia, 1995-1997; Series 1 Originally Aired 20 episodes in 1995; Series 2 Originally Aired 26 episodes in 1997; Plot Summary: "When Jo Tiegan is given an oval-shaped mirror, as a gift, by the elderly owner of an antique shop, she is amazed to see another girl's image in the mirror instead of her own reflection. It is also quite obvious that the other girl can see her just as clearly. Jo (from the 1990's) and the girl in the mirror, Louisa Iredale (from 1919), later accidently find that they can also travel to each other's times through the mirror -- following upon which discovery a relentless sequence of events is set in motion." [summary written by David McAnally] Creator: Posie Graeme-Evans; Production Company: {to be done}; "Mirror Mirror" is more accurately described as a joint New Zealand / Australian production. It is not _just_ co-funded by Australian TV (as in the cases of "The Tripods" and "Doctor Who: The Five Doctors" (and even the non-sci-fi show "Bergerac") since in the case of "Mirror Mirror", they also flew Australian actors and actresses to New Zealand to appear as Australians (and, perhaps, to appear as English people as well, in the case of Nicholas Hammond) which presumably did not happen in the case of Tripods and definitely did not happen in the cases of "Doctor Who - The Five Doctors" and "Bergerac" (in "Doctor Who - The Five Doctors", the only Australian was Tegan, who was there anyway). [according to Rae and David McAnally, and (Grant Watson)]. Executive Producers: Ian Fairweather, Posie Graeme-Evans, Dorothee Pinfold; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: John Banas and Sophia Turkiewicz; Writers: Hilary Bell, Anthony Ellis, Ian Fairweather, Posie Graeme-Evans, Greg Haddrick, Ray Harding, Greg Millin, Tony Morphett, Katherine Thompson, Alister Webb; Original Music: Chris Harriott; Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Jo Tiegan -- Petra Jared; Catherine Guthrie -- Judy Mclntosh; Andrew Tiegan -- Peter Bensley; Royce Tiegan -- Jeffrey Walker; Louisa lredale -- Michala Banas; Titus Iredale -- Jason Gascoigne; Joshua Iredale -- Gerald Bryan; Primrose Iredale -- Michele Amas; Sir Ivor Creevy-Thorne -- Nicholas Hammond; Young Nicholas -- Nicholas Hooper; Old Nicholas -- Bemard Kearns; Mrs Whitelaw -- Judie Douglass; Frid -- Stephen Butterworth; Ani -- Miriama Smith; Tama -- James Ashcroft; Jade Coigley -- Liza Jones; Alex -- Jess Peters; Jesse -- Nicholas Leggett; Mia -- Carly Neemia; Campbell -- Eddie Campbell; Leonie Coigley -- Donna Akersten; Dennis Coigley -- David McKenzie; Sir Salisbury -- Grant Tilly; Lady Salisbury -- Linda Anning; Prime Minister -- David Telford; PM's Wife -- Ingrid Prosser; Bolshevik #1 -- Allen O'Leary; Bolshevik #2 -- Murray Keane; Nurse #1 -- Samantha Comfort; Manservant -- Eryn Wilson; Police Inspector -- Stephen Gledhill; Dr. Wileby -- Des Kelly; Friendly Wharfle -- Ross Jolly; Pie Vendor -- Donna Philpott; Wardress -- Anne Budd; Girl Pickpocket -- Morgan Fairhead; Train Guard -- Don Langridge; Hansom Cab Driver -- Peter Dennett; Policeman -- Peter Sledmere; Henchman -- Duncan Smith; Henchman #2 -- Todd Rippon; Computer Sales Person -- Michael Sengelow; Policeman (Wharves) -- Les Jardine; Soldier #1 -- Des Morgan; Soldier #2 -- Shaun McKean; Sir Ivor Double -- Stephen Hogg; Nicholas Double -- Allan Poppleton; Campbell Double -- Mark Harris; Nicholas Cab Double -- Terry Smith; Awards: 1995 Australian Film Institute Award: Best New Talent: Petra Jared 1996 Australian Film Institute Award: Young Actors Award, Television: Petra Jared Mirror, Mirror, Series 2, 26 episodes in 1997 Creator: Posie Graeme-Evans Production Companies: Network Ten, Millennium Pictures - Gibson Group, New Zealand On Air, The Australian Film Finance Corporation; Executive Producers: Posie Graeme-Evans and Dorothee Pinfold; Producers: Andrew Blaxland, Dave Gibson and Sophia Scheding Writers: Kristen Dunphy, Greg Millin Starring: Daniel McFarlane -- Simon James; Constance de Lutrelle -- Jovita Shaw; Fergus McFarlane -- Ben Revell; Mandy McFarlane -- Antonia Prebble; Aunt Lily -- Denise O'Connell; Doug McFarlane -- Simon Ferry; Jenny McFarlane -- Tina Regtien; Gervaise de Lutrelle -- Barry Quin; Violette de Lutrelle -- Zoe Bertram; Caroline McFarlane -- Sonia Todd; Mai-ling -- Melanie Thompson; Spike -- Euan Gray; Matthew & Tobias -- Charles Mesure; Jane Loomis -- Jenny Jewell; Nev Loomis -- Tony Burton; Salesman -- Geoff Allen; Ramona Rickenbacker -- Ellie Smith; Winthrop Rickenbacker -- Peter Hambleton; Tiffany -- Charlotte Woollams; Tyrone -- Joseph Crawford; Ghost of Jamieson -- Bernie Grice; Sergeant Preston -- Russell Smith; Bianca Preston -- Nikita Schembri; Jason Preston -- Ryan Runciman; Senior Sgt. Fisher -- Lorae Parry; Shop Assistant -- Viv Labone; Fred Kelly & Edward (Ned) Kelly -- Lloyd Scott; Tamihana -- Lawrence Makoare; Art Gallery owner -- Jo Mildenhall; Linda's boyfriend -- James Mackay; Linda -- Nicolette Fisher; Keri -- Lisa Anthony; Aiden Larkin -- Tirn Spite; Mr. Thornas -- Matthew Chamberlain; Mrs. Thomas -- Perry Piercy; Reverand Pinbody -- John Gregg; Mrs. Gurdle -- Fiona Press; Tom Potter -- Patrick Ward; Tim -- Dylan Firth; Makareta -- Tungia Baker; Grandpa Wu -- Charles Lum; Old Timer # 1 -- Bevan Rick; Huge Miner -- Chris Ryan; Seamus -- Phil Grieve; Mrs. Graveney -- Dra Mackay; Irish Prospector -- Don Sheridan; Lizzie/Urchin -- Rose Bollinger; Bank Clerk -- Clint Ulyatt; Thief Miner -- Adam Brookfield; Young Boy -- Jason Macgregor; Old Timer # 2 -- David Douglas; Elias -- Bert Van Dijke; Jack Forester -- Jed Brophy; Trooper -- Stephen Moore; Chew -- Chris Chan; Lewis Bast -- Jason Whyte; Woman -- Raeleen Lucas; Child -- Eliette Spandithakis; Mr. Webberly -- Rex Hurst; Silas Pinbody -- Justin Rosniak; Awards: 1998 Australian Film Institute Award Nominee: Best Childrens Television Drama: Andrew Blaxland and Dave Gibson (For the episode "Shipwreck").
Misfits of Science, NBC, 4 Oct 1985-21 Feb 1986, to be done Misfits of Science by ftp Fantasy aimed at disaffected teenagers, with the message that it's okay to be a freak, especially if you want to fight evil. The "Humanidyne" Institute" in Los Angeles brought together a 7-foot-4-inch African American (El Lincoln) who could shrink to six inches, rock musician Johnny B. who can shoot lightning bolts from his fingers, and telekinetic levitaor former juvenile delinquent Gloria. They were led in their crime-busting by junior scientist Dr. Billy Hayes, against the wishes of Humanidyne" Institute Director Dick Stetmeyer. Jane Miller was Gloria's probation officer; Miss Nance was the Institute's useless receptionist. Dr. Billy Hayes -- Dean Paul Martin Dr. Elvin "El" Lincoln -- Kevin Peter Hall Johnny Bukowski ("Johnny B.") -- Mark Thomas Miller Gloria Dinallo -- Cortney Cox ("Friends" 1996) Jane Miller -- Jennifer Holmes Dick Stetmeyer -- Max Wright (ALF 1986-90, Buffalo Bill 1983-4) Miss Nance -- Diane Civita.
Mission: Impossible, CBS, 17 Sep 1966-8 Sep 1973 Mission: Impossible by ftp Listed here because, in the James Bond tradition, it sometimes crossed the line from Spy story to Spy Spoof, to Science Fiction. Also, its cast overlapped that of "Space 1999" (Martin Landau and Barbara Bain), and featured Leonard Nimoy of the Star Trek franchise. I'm also biased because one episode was filmed at my alma mater, Caltech, and I was photographed chatting with Barbara Bain with a photo run in various Hollywood magazines. Daniel Briggs (1966-67) -- Steven Hill Cinnamon Carter (1966-69) -- Barbara Bain Rollin Hand (1966-69) -- Martin Landau Barney Collier -- Greg Morris Willie Armitage -- Peter Lupus Voice on Tape -- Bob Johnson James Phelps (1967-73) -- Peter Graves Paris (1969-71) -- Leonard Nimoy Doug (1970-71) -- Sam Elliott Dana Lambert (1970-71) -- Lesley Ann Warren Casey (1971-73) -- Lynda Day George Mimi Davis (1972-73) -- Barbara Anderson Theme -- "Mission Impossible" by Lalo Schifrin (14 weeks on Billboard's "Hot 100" chart in 1968, plus two albums later.
Monsters, to be done Monsters by ftp
Moonbase 3, BBC, 1973 Boring attempt at realistic serial about scientists in 2003 in a domed base on the moon. By the way, you need about 5-10 feet of moondirt (regolith) piled on top of a dome to block off ionizing radiation. Producers/Writers -- Barry Letts and Terrence Dicks.
Mork & Mindy, ABC, 14 Sep 1978-10 June 1982, introduced Robin Williams Mork & Mindy @ Spin-off from a February 1978 episode of "Happy Days" (15 Jan 1974- 12 July 1984) where an alien from the planet Ork came to Earth and tried to kidnap Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard). The episode generated so many letters to the ABC that they created this new series. Mork did not fit in on Ork, because he alone had a sense of humor, and so he was semi-exiled to Earth by the leader, Orson. Mork was supposed to figure out humans, which the Orkans had never been able to do. He would report back to Orson at the end of each episode in an explanatory monologue that would end with the catch-phrase "Nanu nanu." Mork soft-landed in a giant egg just outside Boulder, Colorado, and was taken in by Mindy MConell, who worked at her father's music store (just as Philip K. Dick worked at a record store in Berkeley and saw the world through unique persepctives). Mork combined human and Orkian customs in a wacky but well-meaning way that had him pegged as just plain nuts. Everybody was worried about Mindy keeping this weirdo in her attic, except for hip grandma Cora. The show had great ratings for a season, until ABC foolishly rewrote it, in blatant disregard for the first law of television: if it ain't broken, don't fix it. The second season started with a complete change of supporting cast and an episode in a strange world of good and evil archetypes. ABC also moved the show from a Thursday slot to Sunday. The ratings immediately plummeted by over 50%. The network restored the show to its former Thursday slot, simplified the confused story line, and brought back Cora and Frederick McConnell, who had supposedly toured as an orchestra conductor during his hiatus. The brother-and-sister pair from the Bronx, the DaVincis, were added (to no good effect). Mindy's cousin Nelson, an irritating preppie/yuppie came into the show, and downstairs neighbor (think "Dennis the Menace" Mr. Wilson) Mr. Bickley had his role expanded. The lunatic Exidor made recurring appearances, as a friend of Mork who babbled new-age prophecy and led a cult "The Friends of Venus" made of imaginary invisible members. Mindy somehow parlayed her journalism classes into employment at KTNS-TV under Mr. Sternhagen. Ratings partly rebounded. In Fall 1981, Mork and Mindy were married, and had a surrealistic honeymoon on Ork. Mork then gave birth to fully-grown Jonathan Winters, who called Mindy "Shoe" and Mork "Mommy." He grew younger and younger. Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters were the highpoint of network comedy, but could not by themselves get ratings back to what ABC demanded. Mork -- Robin Williams Mindy Beth McConnell -- Pam Dawber Frederick McConnell (1978-79, 1980-82) -- Conrad Janis Cora Hudson (1978-79, 1981-82) -- Elizabeth Kerr Eugene (1978-79) -- Jeffrey Jacquet Orson (voice only) -- Ralph James Franklin Delano Bickley -- Tom Poston Remo DaVinci (1979-81) -- Jay Thomas Jean DaVinci (1979-81) -- Gina Hecht Nelson Flavor (1979-81) -- Jim Staahl Exidor -- Robert Donner Glenda Faye "Crissy" Comstock (1980-81) -- Crisy Wilzak Mr. Miles Sternhagen (1981) -- Foster Brooks Mearth -- (1981-82) -- Jonathan Winters.
Mr. Merlin, 7 Oct 1981-18 Aug 1982 Arthurian fantasy in a San Francisco garage, this was an odd blend of "urban fantasy" as pioneered by Fritz Leiber with sitcom formula. Plots often hinged on (from a software point of view) "bugs" in magical spells, and on a shadowy group of sorcerers. Max Merlin -- Barnard Hughes Zachary Rogers -- Clark Brandon Leo Samuels -- Jonathan Prince Alexandra -- Elaine Joyce
The Munsters, 24 Sep 1964-1 Sep 1966 Marilyn Munster Home Page This was a fairly successful meld of dark fantasy made light, and sitcom silliness. There was a science-fiction air to the way that the mundane/pretty niece Marilyn looked strange to the family of Frankensteinian monster, 350-year-old vampire, and werewolf, while they in turn looked normal to each other and strange to outsiders. This was, by the way, the favorite American show of The Beatles, who enjoyed hanging out with Al Lewis on one American tour (the one where they played the Hollywood Bowl). Herman Munster -- Fred Gwynne Lily Munster -- Yvonne DeCarlo Grandpa Munster -- Al Lewis Edward "Eddie" Wolfgang -- Butch Patrick Marilyn Munster (1964) -- Beverly Owens Marilyn Munster (1964-66) Pat Priest Marilyn Munster Home Page The above homepage is still under construction, but does include: * links to 8 other "Munster & Monster" pages * will have lots of info on Pat Priest as marilyn Munster * will have data on the rest of the Munsters cast
Muppet Show -- should I put an entry here for "Pigs in Space"?
The Mutant Watch, 2000
Mutant X, 2001, 22 60-minute episodes; Production Companies: Fireworks Entertainment [Canada], Marvel Studios Inc. [USA], Mutant X Productions Ltd. [Canada], Tribune Entertainment; Distributors: CanWest Global [Canada], Marvel Entertainment [USA]; Executive Producers: Avi Arad, Jay Firestone, Adam Haight, Rick Ungar; Creative Executive Producer: Seth Howard; Producer: Jamie Paul Rock; Directors: John Bell (episodes "Lit Fuse", "In the Presence of Mine Enemies"), Graeme Campbell (episodes "Meaning of Death", "Crime of the New Century"), Jon Cassar (episode 1.2 "I Scream The Body Electric"), John Fawcett (episode "Blood Ties"), Andrew Potter (episode 1.5 "Kilohertz"), T.J. Scott (episodes 1.1 "The Shock of the New", 1.3 "Russian Roulette", 1.4 "Fool for Love"); Executive Consultant: Howard Chaykin; Story Consultant: Elizabeth Keyishian; Writers (credits order): Head Writer: Howard Chaykin; Mark Amato, Howard Chaykin (episodes "The Shock of the New", "I Scream the Body Electric", "In the Presence of Mine Enemies"), Perry Dance, Brad Falchuk (episode "Meaning of Death"), Tom Fudge (episode "Lit Fuse"), Elizabeth Keyishian (episodes "Russian Roulette", "Lit Fuse"), Mark Lisson, David Newman, David L. Newman (episodes "Fool for Love", "Kilohertz", "Lit Fuse"); Plot Outline: Geneticist on the run, plus four of his "creations" search for others of their ilk while trying to stay a step ahead of a morally ambiguous government agent.... Starring (credits order): Jesse Kilmartin -- Forbes March; Dr. Mason Eckhart -- Tom McCamus; Shalimar Fox -- Victoria Pratt; Emma DeSalvo -- Lauren Lee Smith; Brennan Mulwray -- Victor Webster; Adam -- John Shea; Original Music: Louis Natale (theme); Cinematographer: Nikos Evdemon; Film Editor: David B. Thompson; Production Designer: Rocco Matteo; Costume Designer: Laurie Drew; Still Photographer: John Medland; Special Effects: Spin Entertainment [Canada]; Sound Mix: Dolby; "phoenix117" of Georgia, USA, 31 October 2001, wrote for imdb: "Mutant X Lives!! I first want to start out by saying that Mutant X is an excellent show. The element that drew me in was the mutant angle of the show. I have been a follower of the X-Men for years and even though Mutant X is not a part of the X-Men universe I was interested. I have not been disappointed by the show. Mutant X has a lot of adventure and action but it also has emotion and intrigue that make it dynamic. It is nice to have a chance to get to watch a show about mutants on a weekly basis and I look forward to seeing each new episode. I find it somewhat liberating to watch Mutant X because I can start out fresh with all the concepts and characters. Adam, John Shea, is very interesting because he is human. Adam is the founder and leader of Mutant X. He has great compassion for the members of his team. It is his mission to take care of those who are mutants. He has a very good reason why he wants to help mutants. Shalimar Fox, Victoria Pratt, is intense because of her feral nature. Shalimar is a tough fighter who protects the members of Mutant X like a fierce mother bear. Jesse Kilmartin, Forbes March, is fascinating because of his ability [to] change the nature of his body at will. Jesse is the good-hearted boy next door type that truly wants to make a difference for mutants. Emma deLauro, Lauren Lee Smith, is intriguing because of her telempathic ability. Emma is a caring person who is exploring her possibly enormous gift. Brennan Mulwray, Victor Webster, is electrifying literally. Brennan has the power of electricity which matches his personality. He is a bit of rebel which will help Mutant X. Mutant X has an enemy in a human named Mason Eckhart, Tom McCamus. Eckhart may bear a striking resemblance to Andy Warhol but he is a dark individual who wants to hunt down mutants. I believe that Mutant X will continue to grow and change. It is at the beginning of its story and the story has a lot of directions that can be explored. The same can be said of the characters. I feel that Mutant X is a great show that will get stronger and even better with every episode.
My Favorite Martian, CBS, 29 Sep 1963- 4 Sep 1966 Sit-com about Los Angeles Sun reporter Tim O'Hara rescuing a crashed Martian who looked human (except for extensile antennae) and had both telepathic and telekinetic powers, plus invisibility and a mind filled with advanced technology. Like all good aliens, he just wanted to fix his spaceship and go home, while he stayed with Tim in Mrs. Brown's boardinghouse. He developed a crush on Mrs. Brown, and imagined that Officer Brennan also had romantic leanings towards her -- which he manifestly did. The show worked to the extent that Ray Walston's character was so convincingly portrayed, and failed to the extent that the episodic sit-com adventures went nowhere. Uncle Martin/The Martian -- Ray Walston Tim O'Hara -- Bill Bixby Mrs. Lorelei Brown -- Pamela Britton Angela Brown (1963-64) -- Ann Marshall Mr. Harry Burns (1963-64) -- J. Pay O'Malley Detective Bill Brennan (1964-66) -- Alan Hewitt The Police Chief (1965-66) -- Roy Engle Creator -- Jack Chertok ("My Living Doll") Producer -- Jack Chertok
My Living Doll, CBS, 1964 Sit-com sci-fi remake of "Pygmalion", about an attempt to train a robot (AF 709) to become a "perfect woman." Rhoda Miller/The Robot -- Julie Newmar Dr. Robert McDonald -- Bob Cummings Peter Robinson -- Jack Mullaney Irene Adams -- Doris Dowling Creator -- Jack Chertok ("My Favorite Martian") Producer -- Jack Chertok
My Secret Identity, Syndicated, 1988-1991, {to be done}
Mysterious Ways, 2000 sort of an Inspirational X-Files; Creator: Peter O'Fallon
Mystery Science Theater 3000, Comedy Central, 1991-1996 , to be done and the Sci-Fi Channel, 1997
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Should I mention NBC's Saturday Night Live for its Coneheads routine, which turned into a movie?
NASCAR Racers, (Syndicated: Saban), 2000; Also Known As: "NASCAR Superchargers" (announced title) __ 30-minute episodes; animated; Director: Dennis Woodyard; Plot Outline: The good Team Fastex races against the evil Team Rexcor in this fantastic, futuristic animated series! Starring Voices (credits order): Megan 'Spitfire' Fassler -- Kathleen Barr; Mark 'Charger' McCutchen -- Ian James Corlett; Miles McCutchen -- Andrew Francis; Redline -- Kirby Morrow; Carlos 'Stunts' Rey -- Rino Romano; Production Manager: Steve Walby; Storyboard Supervisor: Joe Goyette; Special Effects: Rod Ripley (production assistant: Saban Entertainment); Visual Effects: Daryl Bartley (CGI animator); Vince Di Meglio (3D animator: VanHook Studios); Kristen Fitzner (visual effects: pre-production); David Hopkins (CGI lead designer); Dion Hopkins (CGI animator); Robert Lindabury (CGI 3D animator); Omar McClinton (CGI manager); Don L. McCoy (digital artist); Elliot Worman (CGI lead designer); Language: English; AJ-92, Akron, Ohio, USA, 31 July 2000 wrote for imdb: "Summary: NASCAR Racers captures racing drama, but has some flaws NASCAR Racers is a great show, capturing the drama of racing and has some great action. The show has high-tech cars, much unlike our present racing cars. The cars can fly, shed the outer body, and a flying machine is left after the outer body sheds. Oh, I forgot, they're computer animated. That's where the flaws come in. The cars look great in their computer animated style, but when the pencil animation comes in contact with the computer animation, it looks so cheesy. For example, on the "NASCAR Racers: The Movie" (the premiere of the show), when Sunts runs on top of Charger's car, it looks as if he's floating above the car in a cheesy version of "Star Wars". But, all in all, this show is great. It shouldn't be missed by NASCAR fans and action fans.
NieA under 7 [Japan], 2000
Night Gallery, NBC, 16 Dec 1970-12 Aug 1973, to be done The show that ended Rod Serling's brilliant career (he was felled by a heart attack in 1975). It was an attempt to revive the "Twilight Zone" formula, but it didn't take off this time, perhaps because it was too often fantasy and not often enough science fiction. Host -- Rod Serling Creator -- Rod Serling Producer -- Jack Laird
Night Visions, Warner Bros/Fox, 2001; Also Known As: "Night Terrors" (working title, 2000) ___ 60-minute episodes; Production Companies: Angel/Brown Productions [Canada]; Warner Bros. Television [USA]; Distributors: Fox Network, Warner Bros. Television; Country: Canada / USA Creators: Dan Angel, Billy Brown; Executive Producers: Dan Angel, Billy Brown Co-Executive Producer: Steve Aspis; Co-Producer: Drew Matich; Producer: Robert Petrovicz; Directors: Joe Dante, Brian Dennehy, others; Genre: Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller Starring: (alphabetical order) Ben's Boy (2000) -- Ryan Hale; Host -- Henry Rollins (uncredited); Directors (by episode): Joe Dante (episodes "Occupant, The", "Quiet Please"); Brian Dennehy (episode "Renovation"); Ernest R. Dickerson (episodes "My So Called Life and Death", "Still Life"); Nick Gomez (episode "Now He's Coming Up the Stairs"); Keith Gordon (episodes "Bokor", "Patterns"); Tobe Hooper; Po-Chih Leong (episode "If A Tree Falls..."); Jefery Levy (episodes "Afterlife", "Dead Air", "Switch"); Bill Pullman (episode "A View Through A Window"); Philip Sgriccia (episode "Bitter Harvest"); Paul Shapiro; Yves Simoneau; Bryan Spicer; Ian Toynton (episodes "Darkness", "Voices"); Michael W. Watkins (episode "Used Car"); JoBeth Williams (episode "The Doghouse"); Thomas J. Wright (episodes "Hate Puppet", "Voices"); Writers (credits order): Dan Angel (creator/writer); Steve Aspis; Joseph Beyer (story); Billy Brown (creator/writer); Will Dixon; Harry Dunn; Earl Hamner Jr. (episode "The Doghouse") (credited as Earl Hamner); Sophie C. Hopkins (episodes "Still Life", "After Life", "Rest Stop"); Ted Humphrey; Damian Kindler; Jim Leonard Jr.; Philip Levens; Wendy MacLeod (episode "Neighborhood Watch"); Erin Maher (episode "Darkness"); Kay Reindl (episode "Darkness"); José Rivera; Naren Shankar (episode "My So-Called Life and Death"); Julianne Siege; Julie Siege; Original Music: George S. Clinton; Cinematographesr: Danny Nowak, Andreas Poulsson; Casting: Michelle Allen, Tami Nasu, Anthony Sepulveda; Production Designer: Lance King; Art Directors: Richard Cook, Mark Soparlo; Set Decorators: Eric Gerlund, Linda Vipond (pilot); Costume Designer: Cynthia Ann Summers; Makeup Department: Key Makeup Artist: Connie Parker; Assistant Makeup Artist: Lise Kuhr; Special Makeup Effects Artist: Christ Stanley; Key Hair Stylist: Jessica Rain; Assistant Hair Stylist: James Dean MacLean; Production Manager: Matthew Chipera; First Assistant Directors: Kevin Speckmaier, Rob Vouriot; Second Assistant Directors: Brad Jubenville, Greg Rousseaux; First Assistant Director, Second Unit: David Mills; Third Assistant Director: Sara Irvine; Property Master: Philip Gough; Assistant Property Master: Colin Matthews (host segments); Sound Mixer: Lindsay Bucknell; Music Editor: Jeff Lingle; Special Effects: David K'shin Gendron (special effects assistant, special effects bestboy, special effects coordinator); Randy Shymkiw (special effects coordinator); Visual Effects: Adam Avitabile (digital compositor); Mark S. Driscoll (visual effects producer: Look Effects (credited as Mark Driscoll); Henrik Fett (visual effects supervisor: Look Effects) Aruna Inversin (digital compositor); Hudson Shock (flame artist); Isabel Vandernoot (digital compositor); Stunt Co-ordinator: Jim Dunn; Other Crew: John K. Alexander (assistant location manager: Gregory Astop (location manager); Michael Balfry (camera operator); Mary Jo Beirnes (location manager); Harold Bernard (second assistant camera); Garry Brook (key grip); Tricia Fass (assistant editor); Cam Hayduk (first assistant camera); Kathy Haynes (assistant to producers); Jared Howitt (production office assistant); Sharon Ingram (production coordinator); Teresa Keegan (accountant); Alexandra La Roche (script supervisor); Chris Lisotta (researcher); Laura Livingstone (assistant to producers); Jill MacLaughlan (camera operator: "b" camera); Rod Patten (transportation coordinator); Erik Patterson (production assistant: writer's office); Jessica Scott (researcher); Josh Sostrin (assistant to writer); Pat Taylor (first assistant production coordinator); Thomas E. Watson: gaffer; Rhona Williscroft: second assistant production coordinator Language: English; Color: Color; "Aussie Stud" of Providence, Rhode Island, 12 July 2001, wrote for imdb: Summary: "Tales From The Crypt" for the new millennium. "The premise for this show is simple. You take a pinch of The X-Files, blend it with some Amazing Stories and throw in a dash of Tales From The Crypt and voila, you have a fresh new series based on the supernatural and unexplained with guest actors, guest directors and a creepy host (well, that is if you consider Henry Rollins to be creepy). But alas, this is probably about the 5000th TV show to hit the air since television was invented and just about everything about this show seems either unoriginal or enters the 'been there, done that' territory because so many shows before it [have] dabbled in the same subject matter. Unlike Tales From The Crypt where the host was the fun and always hilarious Crypt Keeper, here we have a sombre and straight-to-the-point Henry Rollins (of the Rollins Band) presenting each story with a quick foreword. Each story blends mystery, suspense and most of the time, death, together to make for a half hour episode of fun. Unfortunately, most of the stories are extremely predictable and the endings don't always come as a surprise. But still, it makes for good Summer filler, and seeing guest actors meeting a sorry demise at the end of each episode is always fun. FOX - Keep this one on the air!"
Nightmare Cafe, NBC, 1992, {to be done}
The Night That Panicked America, ABC, 1975 TV movie about the 1938 broadcast by Orson Wells of "The War of the Worlds" by H. G. Wells." Realistic when portraying the insider's view of radio broadcasting, but banal in portraying the panic of Americans. At least, by comparison to the stories my mother told me about the panic in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where she grew up. Just a girl then, she ran around telling people that this was not a real news broadcast but only Orson Wells in a scheduled broadcast of the fiuctional "Mercury Theatre", but my Mom was ignored as people packed their cars and drove off into chaos. Director -- Joseph Sargent
No Soap, Radio, ABC, 15 Apr 1982-13 May 1982 should I include this here because of its spoofs on science fiction films such as "The Day Everyone's Name Became Al"?
Nowhere Man, {to be done} Nowhere Man @ Return to TELEVISION Table of Contents

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Ocean Girl, Australia, 1994; rebroadcast by Disney in USA; Ocean Girl @ Creator: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done}
The Omega Factor, to be done The Omega Factor
Once A Hero, ABC, 19 Sep 1987-3 Oct 1987 Comicbook hero crosses into real world (as in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?") where his superpowers don't operate. The episode starring Adam West (Batman) never aired. Captain Justice/Brad Steele -- Jeff Lester Abner Bevis -- Milo O'Shea Emma Greely -- Caitlin Clarke Woody Greely -- Josh Blake Gumshoe -- Robert Forster Eddie Kybo -- David Wohl Rachel Kirk -- Dianne Kay Gent -- William Griffis
One Step Beyond, see Alcoa Presents
Operation Neptune, NBC, 28 Jun 1953-18 Sep 1952 Navy-related child-oriented live science fiction. Commander Bill Hollister -- Todd Griffin Dink Saunders -- Richard Holland Kebeda -- Harold Conklin Mersennus -- Dehl Berti Admiral Bigelow -- Rusty Lane Thirza -- Margaret Stewart Trychus -- Humphrey Davis
The Others, Dreamworks/NBC, 2000; Production Companies: DreamWorks Television; NBC Productions; Distributor: National Broadcasting Company (NBC); __ 60-minute episodes; Executive Producers: John D. Brancato, Michael Ferris, Glen Morgan, James Wong; Supervising Producer: Mick Garris; Producer: Sarah Caplan; Directors: Sanford Bookstaver (episode "$4.95 A Minute"); Bill Condon (episode "1112"); Mick Garris (episodes "Pilot", "Luciferous", "Don't Dream It's Over"); Tobe Hooper (episode "Souls On Board"); Tom McLoughlin (episode "Theta"); Jake Paltrow (episode "Mora"); Writers: Glen Morgan, James Wong; Plot Summary: Marian Kitt, a college student, traumatically discovers that she has the ability to look into the "other side." News of Marian's vision spreads to Miles Ballard, a Professor fascinated by paranormal and psychic phenomena. Professor Ballard introduces Marian to "the others," a group of people with the power to telempathetically experience feelings, thoughts and experiences of other people, and who seek to help those gifted people understand the paranormal phenomena. Elmer Greentree, a famous medium, is the spiritual leader of "the others," and quickly becomes a mentor figure for Marian. Marian's future possibility to see "all of the light" is strong. Now that Marian has joined them them, "the others" intend to help each other understand their powers, while they encounter otherworldly, often frightening, alternate dimensions of reality. They gradually become aware that a dark force threatens them all, and even menaces the entire world. Starring: (credits order) Marian Kitt -- Julianne Nicholson; Dr. Mark Gabriel -- Gabriel Macht; Ellen 'Satori' Polaski -- Missy Crider (credited as Melissa Crider); Elmer Greentree -- Bill Cobbs; Professor Miles Ballard -- John Billingsley; Warren Day -- Kevin J. O'Connor; Albert McGonagle -- John Aylward; Original Music: Klaus Badelt (theme), Shirley Walker; Cinematographer: Shelly Johnson; Film Editors: Patrick McMahon, Fred Toye, Chris G. Willingham; Casting: Janet Gilmore, Megan McConnell; First Assistant Directors: Seth Cirker, Noga Isackson; Property Master: Sean Mannion; Production Sound Mixer: Maury Harris; Supervising Sound Editor: Mace Matiosian; Effects Supervisor: Danny Braet (Station X Studios); Visual Effects Producer: Margaux Mackay; Visual Effects Supervisors: Gray Marshall (Gray Matter), James Lima; Visual Effects Assistant: Deron Fields; Visual Effects Artists: Aaron James McComas, Robert Nederhorst; Inferno Artist: Todd Mesher; Stunts: Laura Dash; Utility Stunts: Darlene Ava Williams; Other Crew: Daniel Arkin .... story editor Rick Baca .... assistant accountant Molly Brick .... set costumer Wendy Dallas .... script supervisor Hope Diamond .... publicist Jason Dudek .... set production assistant Fred Golan .... executive story editor Michael Haro .... location manager Michael McCuistion .... orchestrator Jennifer McGaffigan .... assistant production coordinator Mindy Miller .... stand-in John Sprague .... gaffer Brian Studler .... production assistant Sharon 'Mae' West .... script supervisor (credited as Sharon West) Language: English; Sound Mix: Dolby; Aaron King ( of Connecticut wrote for imdb, 11 February 2000: "I thought that this was a pretty cute show. I am not the biggest fan of TV shows (particularly 'supernatural' TV shows), but this one caught my eye last weekend and I thought I would give it a shot. I was not disappointed (nor was I overly impressed, but hey, it was the first episode). This seems like a potentially interesting show about psychics and the supernatural which could achieve some level of respectability if it does not allow itself to get too bogged down in stereotypes and cliches. I like the chick that plays the main character (I think she is cute, and I thought she was wonderful in The Love Letter), and I think that the rest of the cast has potential. I see that in traditional X-Files fashion they have already planted the seeds for at least one peripheral, continuing plot line (which should be able to hook people), and that they are not afraid to do some genuinely creepy things (the dead chick in the bathtub was pretty intense for TV). With any luck this show will overcome its lame beginnings (anyone remember the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation?) and perhaps produce a fine serial story line for Saturday night viewing. However, in all likelihood it will be cancelled immediately and no one will even notice.
Otherworld, CBS, 26 Jan 1985-16 Mar 1985 Otherworld Guide @ Otherworld by ftp Alternate universe series with the Great Pyramid as gateway, and therefore oddly similar to "Stargate" in some aspects. Hal Sterling -- Sam Groom June Sterling -- Gretchen Corbett Trace Sterling -- Tony O'Dell Gina Sterling -- Jonna Lee Smith Sterling -- Brandon Crane Kommander Nuveen Kroll -- Jonathan Banks
outTHERE, Great Britain, 2001; Director: Howard Martin; Writer: Mark Eccleston; Genre: Horror / Sci-Fi; Starring: Anneka Svenska as Eden; Producer: Will Henshaw; Film Editor: Alex McDonnell; Makeup Designer: Dani Richardson; Language: English; Color: Color More Details: {to be done}
The Outer Limits, ABC, 16 Sep 1963-16 Jan 1965 Exec. Producer/Creator -- Leslie Stevens Producer -- Joseph Stefano "There is nothing wrong with your TV set. We are controlling transmission. We can control the vertical. We can control the horizontal. For the next hour we wll control all that you see and hear and think. You are watching a drama that reaches from the inner mind to ... The Outer Limits!" Harlan Ellison wrote the two best episodes of this anthology series, including the masterpiece "Demon With a Glass Hand."
The Outer Limits [new], Showtime and Syndication, 1995-Present The Outer Limits (unofficial) The Outer Limits (new official?) The Outer Limits (official) The Outer Limits Guide @ Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide All About the 1963 TV Show: The Outer Limits Summary of series; episode list. The Outer Limits Official series website; episode information; downloads; pictures. The Outer Limits at the Inner Mind 1960's and 1990's versions episode guides; e-commerce merchandise; background info on both versions of the Outer Limits. Production Companies -- Trilogy, MGM, Atlantis Executive Producer -- Richard B, Lewis, Pen Densham, John Watson Director of Photography -- Rick Wincenty Origination Format -- super 16mm Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- Gastown Post Color Correction Facility -- Gastown Post Colorist -- Richard Cordes, Achim Kapitza Offline Facility -- The Bridge Offline Editors -- Judy Andreson, Brad Rines, Ron Yashida Offline Editing System Manufacturer -- Lightworks Online Facility -- Gastown Post Online Editor -- Fred Richters, Flavid Bidese Online Tape Format -- DCT Audio Editing/Mixing Facility -- Sharpe Sound Supervising Sound Editor -- Jacqueline Christiane Audio Editing System Manufacturer -- D.A.W.N. Audio Mixing/Sweetening System Manufacturer -- Amek Show Telephone Number -- (604) 299-7119

Aliens, Language, and The Outer Limits

Out of the Unknown, BBC, 1965 British science fiction anthology series of high quality albeit low budget (4,000 pounds/episode in 1st season, 6,000 pounds/episode 2nd season). Adaptations of stories by first-rate science fiction authors. Producer -- Alan Bromly Writers -- adaptations of stories by Isaac Asimov, J. G. Ballard, John Brunner, Cyril Kornbluth, Robert Sheckley, Clifford Simak, John Wyndam, and others.
Outlaws, CBS, 28 Dec 1986-30 May 1987 Another Sci-Fi/Western crossover. In 1899 Sheriff John Grail was about to capture Harland Pike's gang of bankrobbers in Texas (with which he himself had been formerly affiliated) when a lightning storm threw him and the gang into the Texas on 90 years later. They spent their gold coins to buy the Double Eagle Ranch, and started the Double Eagle Detective Agency to bring 19th Century standards of justice to a flabby contemprary southwest. They wore modern knockoffs of their period costumes, used old-fashioned weapons, had trouble controlling Harland's brother Billy (read "Billy Carter"). Despite endless gunfights, none of them were ever seriously injured. Lt. Maggie Randall was their liaison to the Houston Police Department, and developed a crush on John Grail. Sheriff John Grail -- Rod Taylor Harland Pike -- William Lucking Wolfson "Wolf" Lucas -- Charles Napier Isaiah "Ice" McAdams -- Richard Roundtree ("Shaft") Billy Pike -- Patrick Houser Lt. Maggie Randall -- Christine Belford.
Out of This World, ABC, 1952 An odd combination of science fact (in lecture format) and science fiction, the SF highpoint came in episode 3 (writer: Robbie Robertson) with a couple traveling to the Moon for a vacation/honeymoon. This episode intercut between dramatization and speculation on lunar environments by a real scientist, Robert R. Cole. Narrator -- Jackson Beck Producer -- Milton Kaye.
Out of This World, ITV (Great Britain), 1962 Anthology science fiction series, unrelated to the two American shows of the same name. Host -- Boris Karloff Producer -- Leonard White Writers -- adaptations of stories by Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, Clifford Simak and other excellent SF authors.
Out Of this World, Syndicated, MCA TV, Bob Booker Productions, Sep 1987-1991 Evie's powers, out of place in Northern California, came from her father Troy from the planet "Antareus", with whom she communicated by a FTL communicator cube similar to Ursula K. Le Guin's "Ansible" which, by the way, is not only now the name of a well-respected fanzine, but is also an anagram of "Lesbian" -- go figure. Donna Garland -- Donna Pescow Evie Ethel Garland (at 13) -- Maureen Flanigan Mayor Kyle Applegate -- Doug McClure Beano Froelich -- Joe Alaskey Buzz -- Buzz Belmondo Troy (voice) -- Burt Reynolds Lindsay Selkirk -- Christina Nigra (occasional) Phil -- John Roarke (occasional) Quigley Handlesman -- Carl Steven (occasional) Chris Fuller -- Stephen J. Burke (occasional) Out Of this World German fan's site dedicated to Maureen Flannigan as Evie Ethel Garland from this series.
Out There, CBS, 28 Oct 1951-13 Jan 1952 Live anthology series consisting of adaptations from short stories by major Science Fiction authors, aimed at adult/juvenile crossover audience, using special effects. A now-obscure series that should be commended for its attention to literature, which was simply ahead of its time. Teleplays were adapted from short stories by notable science fiction authors. Return to TELEVISION Table of Contents

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The Phoenix, ABC, 19 Mar 1982-15 Sep 1982 Born as a 26 Apr 1981 movie special, this was reprised as a short-run series. Bennu was a, emissary from an alien planet with a dying race, who came to earth in the 4th Century A.D. and was preserved in an Andean tomb, being somehow revived by modern Inca-hunting archeologists. His motivation: to find his partner Mira, buried half-alive somewhere else in the Americas, while protecting the environment with his necklace-worn amulet. Preminger was the government agent tasked with capturing Bennu and putting his powers to work for covert intelligence purposes. Bennu of the Golden Light -- Judson Scott Preminger -- Richard Lynch
Phoenix Five, Australia ABC/CHANNEL 7, 10 Jan 1970-3 July 1970; 26 30-minute episodes; Production Company: Artransa Park Production in Association with the ABC; Creator: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: Peter Summerton and John Walters; Director: David Cahill; Writer/Script Editor: John Warwick; Technical Credits: {to be done} Plot Summary: "A low-budget science fiction series that followed the adventures of the crew of the galactic patrol ship Phoenix Five, 'the most sophisticated craft in the Earth Space Control Fleet.' This handpicked team -- Captain Roke, a typical captain with a solution to every problem; Ensign Adam Hargraves, a young space cadet always ready to shoot first and skip the questions; compassionate Cadet Tina Culbrick; and their computeroid Carl -- roamed the planets protecting galactic citizens and warding off the repeated plots and attacks of the evil humanoid Zodian and a rebel scientist Platonus." Episode Guide: {to be done}; Starring: Captain Roke -- Mike Dorsey; Cadet Tina Culbrick -- Patsy Trench; Ensign Agam Hargraves -- Damien Parker; Carl -- Stuart Leslie; Earth Space Controller -- Peter Collingwood; Zodian -- Redmond Phillips; Platonus -- Owen Weincott.
Pinky & the Brain, animated, to be done Pinky & the Brain
Planet Earth, ABC, 1974 TV movie by Gene Roddenberry -- the second time he tried to launch a new series (Genesis II was the first). It had, in fact, the same plot as Genesis II, with a 20th century astronaut stranded in the future. Astronaut -- John Saxon Creator/Producer -- Gene Roddenberry Writers -- Gene Roddenberry and Juanita Bartlett
The Planet of the Apes, CBS, 13 Sep 1974-27 Dec 1974 The Planet of the Apes by ftp A less-successful spinoff of the films, which were adapted from a novel of the same name by Pierre Boulle. An animated spinoff of the TV spinoff of the film adaptation of the novel was "Beyond the Planet of the Apes", on NBC from September 1975 to September 1976. Galen -- Roddy McDowell (reprise of film role) Alan Virdon -- Ron Harper Peter Burke -- James Naughton Urko -- Mark Lenard Zaius -- Booth Colman Producer -- Stan Hough Genre: "Bambi's Children": animals who think and talk Planet of the Apes Episode guide; info; Planet of the Apes - Episode Guide Episode titles; airdates; Planet of the Apes - Pazsaz Entertainment Network Episode listings; air dates. Planet of the Apes at Spleenworld Episode guide;descriptions of some episodes; The Planet of the Apes Tv Show Episode list;trivia. POTA ePostcards Send Planet of the Apes online postcards free; Return To The Planet Of The Apes - Pazsaz Entertainment Network Episode guide to the animated version of The Return to Planet of the Apes.
Poltergeist: the Legacy, Showtime, 1996-Present, to be done Poltergeist: the Legacy Production Company -- Trilogy, MGM, PMP Executive Producer -- Richard B, Lewis, Pen Densham, John Watson Director of Photography -- Brenton Spencer Origination Format -- super 16mm Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- Gastown Post Color Correction Facility -- Gastown Post Colorist -- Sue Chambers, Ernie Moser Offline Facility -- The Bridge Offline Editors -- Eric Hill, Rick Martin, Stein Myhrstad Offline Editing System Manufacturer -- ??? Online Facility -- Gastown Post Online Editor -- Flavid Bidese, Greg Krantz Online Tape Format -- DCT Audio Editing/Mixing Facility -- Sharpe Sound Supervising Sound Editor -- Anke Bakker Audio Editing System Manufacturer -- D.A.W.N. Audio Mixing/Sweetening System Manufacturer -- Amek Show Telephone Number -- (604) 299-7119 Genre: Horror Julie Fundenberger's Martin Cummins Pictures Video captures of actor Martin Cummins, primarily from this series. LegacyWeb Episode guide;information and news about the series, cast and crew, chat room; online series bible. Merlynn's Maze Photos and fan fiction. MGM's Poltergeist The Legacy Website Official site for the series. For viewers who watch in syndication. New Jersey Legacy House Hotlinks to series-related sites. Poltergeist: Pix and Clips Archive 500+ pictures and 70 clips in Real Video. Poltergeist: The Legacy Fansite Images; biographies; episode guide; fan fiction; chat room; web ring. Poltergeist: The Legacy, The Seattle Legacy House Case files; member descriptions; gallery; hot links; an unofficial homepage for Patrick Fitzgerald. Poltergeist: The Russian Legacy House Archival articles, pictures, video clips; information on directors, writers, actors. P,TL RPG Home site for role-playing game based on TV series. Includes rules, instructions for joining, resources for gamers, character information, video clips, desktop theme. The Sci Fi Channel's Poltergeist: the Legacy Section Program section for the 1st-airing of the 4th season of this series (Mar-Nov 1999) on this network. The Sixth Sepulcher Picture galleries of including all cast members from seasons 1-4 episodes. Series FAQ; discussion board; links; polls; articles; video clips; Derek de Lint message board, calendar, pictures, clips. Virtual Legacy House Annex Stream or download audio of The Legacy members. Hear the best quotes from your favorite characters. Yahoo! Groups: Legacy Journals General discussion about the series and the actors. {Yahoo! registration required} Yahoo!Groups: Poltergeist - The Legacy RPG E-mail-based role-playing game related to the TV show.
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Fox Kids, 2000; Production Companies: MMPR Productions; Renaissance-Atlantic Films; Saban Entertainment Inc.; Toei Company Ltd. [Japan]; Distributors: Fox Kids Network; Fox Television; Saban Entertainment Inc.; Plot Summary: Five extraordinary teens carry on the legacy as the Lightspeed Power Rangers, attempting to add depth to paper-thin roles in previous TV shows of this series, and as they fight to defend the city of Mariner Bay from the evil archvillian Diabolico... Starring (credits order): Chad Lee/Blue Lightspeed Ranger -- Michael Chaturantabut; Ryan Mitchell/Titanium Ranger -- Rhett Fisher; Carter Grayson/Red Lightspeed Ranger -- Sean Cw Johnson; Dana Mitchell/Pink Lightspeed Ranger -- Alison MacInnis; Joel Rawlings/Green Lightspeed Ranger -- Keith Robinson; Kelsey Winslow/Yellow Time Force Ranger -- Sasha Williams; Ms. Angela Fairweather -- Monica Louwerens; Captain William Mitchell -- Ron Roggé; Vypra -- Jennifer L. Yen; Olympius (voice) -- Michael Forest; Diabolico (voice) -- Neil Kaplan; Loki (voice) -- David Lodge; Queen Bansheera (voice) -- Diane Salinger; Impus (voice) -- Brianne Siddall; Jinxer (voice) -- Kim Strauss; Vypra (episodes 2 & 3 only) -- Wen Yann Shih; Executive Producers: Shuki Levy, Haim Saban; Co-Producers: Judd Lynn; Scott Page-Pagter; Paul F. Rosenthal; Koichi Sakamoto; Producer: Jonathan Tzachor; Directors: Isaac Florentine; Worth Keeter; Judd Lynn; Koichi Sakamoto; Ryuta Tazaki; Jonathan Tzachor; Makoto Yokoyama; Writers: John Fletcher; Judd Lynn; Jackie Marchand; Denise Skinner; Original Music: Shuki Levy; Kussa Mahchi; Lior Rosner; Jeremy Sweet; Inon Zur; Cinematographer: Ilan Rosenberg; Special Effects Coordinator: Rod Ripley (Saban Entertainment); Special Effects: John Bordeaux; Visual Effects: Daryl Bartley (CGI lead animator: Saban, uncredited); Michael Carter (modern videofilm artist); Jonathan Cummins (modern videofilm artist); Susanna Dileo (modern videofilm artist); Rick Kerrigan (visual effects supervisor); Omar McClinton (CGI production manager: Saban/Fox Kids); Revis Meeks (visual effects coordinator); Jason C. Spratt (visual effects supervisor: Modern VideoFilm); Jeff West (lead artist: Modern VideoFilm); Special Effects: Modern Videofilm Inc.; Stuart Cove's Underwater Productions [Bahamas]; Nature Footage: Busch Entertainment Corporation; Lightspeed Aquabase constructed and photographed: Stargate Films Inc.; Special Thanks: Channel Islands National Park, Ventura (CA) [us] The U.S. Geological Survey [us] The University of California, Santa Barbara [us] Country: USA / France / Japan; Language: English Sound Mix: Dolby.
The Powers of Matthew Star, NBC, 17 Sep 1982-11 Sep 1983 The Powers of Matthew Star Guide @ Most High School students feel alienated, but Matthew Starr of Crestridge High really was, as Crown Prince of planet Quadris, exiled to Earth to do his homework on telekinesis and telepathy. He fought monstrous and robotic goons from the tyranny that outsed his Dad, while pretending to be the adopted son of Walt Shepard, whom Lou Gossett Jr. almost made plausible as combination Science Teacher/Football Coach, otherwise the least likely plot element. And I speak as a graduate of Caltech, where the football team had higher IQs than weights (in pounds). The series was supposed to premiere in September 1981, but was delayed a year due to Peter Barton's being seriously burned during filming. The show lost its focus about halfway through, when Matt developed transmutation and astral projection, while fighting spies for Major Wymore, and still somehow having time to hang out with buddy Bob and try getting past first base with Pam. Matthew Starr -- Peter Barton Walt Shepard -- Louis Gosset, Jr. Pam Elliott (1982) -- Amy Steel Bob Alexander (1982) -- Chip Frye Major Wymore (1982) -- James Karen

Prey, 1997-9 July 1998; Plot Summary: {to be done} Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Sloan Parker -- Debra Messing; Ed Tate -- Vincent Ventresca; Tom Daniels -- Adam Storke; Walter Attwood -- Larry Drake; Randall Lynch -- Roger Howarth; Ray Peterson -- Frankie Faison; 13 Episodes In Season 1 (original air date): 1.Existence (1/15/1998); 2.Discovery (1/22/1998) 3.Pursuit (1/29/1998); 4.Origins (2/5/1998); 5.Revelations (2/19/1998); 6.Infiltration (3/5/1998); 7.Transformations (3/12/1998); 8.Veil (3/19/19998); 9.Collaboration (6/11/1998); 10.Sleeper (6/18/1998); 11.Vengeance (6/25/1998); 12.Progeny (7/2/1998); 13.Deliverance (7/9/1998); Hotlinks: Prey: An International Passion Series overview; photographs; message board. Prey Pursuits Message board; explorations of themes introduced on the TV show. Prey: The Unofficial Guide Episode guide; character and cast information; photo gallery; behind the scenes info. Prey: The Webpage Fan fiction based on the series, sorted by author and title. PreyRPG Home page of a Role Playing Game; character information; rules. Vandi's Prey Page Photo gallery; character guide; episode summaries; cast info. Willing Prey's Fan Fiction Stories by Willing Prey; including crossovers and alternate universe fiction. Yahoo! Groups: Prey RPG Another role-playing game based on the TV series {Yahoo! registration required}
The Prisoner, ITC (Great Britain) and CBS, 1 June 1968-11 Sep 1969 (and rerun 1969) Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide Deservedly a cult favorite, this was one of America's greatest orginal television dramas, in part because it was filmed in England, and was the brainchild of the charismatic Patrick McGoohan, who created, starred, produced, and wrote some episodes (American science fiction/opera/poet genius Thomas M. Disch wrote most of the rest). It was a quasi-spinoff of Patrick McGoohan's character John Drake in the British (1965-66) series "Secret Agent", (for which Johnny Rivers had a pop hit with the Phil Sloane & Steve Barri theme song "Secret Agent Man" -- "they've given you a number, and taken away your name"). Rather like James Bond meets Kafka in John La Carre neverland. The main location, "the village", was Portmeiron, a North Wales resort on Cardigan Bay, where Bertrand Russell, George Bernard Shaw, and Noel Coward used to relax. This is most appropriate, as the intelligent scripts combined the twisted mathematical logic of Bertrand "Principia Mathematica" Russell (once jailed for antiwar activism), the vegetarian iconoclast playwright Shaw, and the zany musical ironies of Noel Coward -- Disch's choreography of "Dem Bones" had to be seen to be believed. The Prisoner/Number 6 -- Patrick McGoohan The Butler -- Angelo Muscat Number 2 -- different in each episode Producer -- David Tomblin Caltech (FTP) Prisoner Pictures From your humble webmaster's alma mater: fine selection of images (often big files). Sci-Fi Channel: The Prisoner Navigate these pages via the map of "your village"; many images and sounds from the TV series Kipp Teague's RetroWeb - Classic Television: The Prisoner An in-depth website and official "sister site" to that of Six of One, The Prisoner Appreciation Society. Really nice work. The Prisoner - Number Six Good-looking, nice-navigating website; cool graphics; focus on no-nonsense FAQs, detailed music info, comprehensive episode guide; plus sometimes painful history of fandom. All About The Prisoner Tv Show With Patrick McGoohan Not as comprehensive as it would like to be; Trivia; cast member info; episode guide; single page tribute. Arrival Village look and feel, with virtual places such as Town Hall, Control, Green Dome; plenty of downloads, including screensavers; Green Dome has a very professional ShockWave animation. Good design throughout, depth of detail. Arvin W. Casas' The Village Audio-intensive graphics-intensive site set in 'the Village.' Not comprehensive, but great atmosphere Bengt Dahlqvist's Prisoner Page One of the earliest Prisoner pages (since 1994); Simple layout, sometimes awkward to read, focus on info. Comprehensive series of links; good set of audio clips. Comics based on The Prisoner Focus on D.C. Comics' Prisoner miniseries, namely four comic books (A through D) printed 1988 to 1989. An Interview with Patrick McGoohan Interesting background to Roger Goodman's 1979 interview with Patrick McGoohan in Ireland; Photographs plus details of interview recording. Le Prisonnier (The Prisoner) Series Overview; images; audio; French and English. Le Prisonnier (The Prisoner) Comprehensive page (French and in English). The Newcastle Group Info on Newcastle-based Prisoner fan club; schedule of meetings; research FAQ. Once Upon a Time Prisoner-based magazine, active since 1978 and now fully web-based with no subscription needed. Each issue contains original articles plus discussions; various works of fiction. The Penny Farthing Online "Prisoner" Fan Site Articles; episode guide; production photographs; fan art; fan fiction. Portmeiricon 2001 Photos plus text report from the Prisoner fan convention. The Prisoner - The Cult of the Individual Strong, polished personal essay on the TV series and a unique interpretation. Superior among almost all other websites' text. The Prisoner Appreciation Society (Six of One) The official website for the long-running Prisoner Appreciation Society, maintained by the USA branch; regularly updated news and info. "The Prisoner" Episode Transcripts "Work-in-progress" archive of transcripts for the various episodes. The Prisoner: Joe Brae's Ultimate Village Experience. Joe Brae's "Ultimate Internet Resource For The Prisoner", Prisoner interpretations; images; links. "Be Seeing You!" The Prisoner Music Site interesting archive of music from, and inspired by, the series; also has series info and FAQs. Prisoner Synthesis from Rather goofy Sci-Fi discussion; limited incomplete reviews of some episodes and topics. The Prisoner U.S. Home Page Comprehensive site; background information; list of Prisoner quotes; audio; survey (participative) of Prisoner theories. The Prisoner: Villager 404 (File Not Found)'s Library Essays; links. Resigned - Vito's Prisoner Website "Resign" and enter the world of The Prisoner; Audio; Photos; Background Info; Prisoner Desktop Theme. Sansoft Prisoner Software A non-profit company dedicated to developing "Prisoner" software for PC (hey, what about we Macintosh and Linux guys?). Their current products include "Escape from the Village" where YOU can become Number 6; Prisoner screen saver; Prisoner quiz. Sunet (FTP) Prisoner Pictures Good archive of images related to the TV series; combines actor close-ups and images of Portmeirion; pictures from Prisoner conventions in the Village. Take All Prisoners Episode guide; illustrated; audio. The Tourist Information Centre FAQs; images; info; draws parallels and differences with Patrick MacGoohan's other series, "Danger Man".
The Privateers, 2000; Production Company: Dragoncor/Earth Dragon, LLC; Plot Summary: sort of a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Pirate adventure; Starring (credits order) Captain Aran Dravyk -- Karl Urban; Captain Vyancort -- Jason David Frank; Dogen -- David Jean Thomas; Roxxi Maraka -- Zylan Brooks; Parrot -- Parry Shen; Admiral Roka -- Walter Koenig; Commander El-Minya -- Denise Alessandria Hurd; Gannet Devi -- Ray Proscia; President Cameron Lascar -- Jack Donner; Kayla Lascar -- Kelly Meadows; Lord Varace Rizlu of Danoor -- Harry Johnson; Captain Kreel -- Benjamin Lum; Captain Lana Tori -- Karen Shepard; Captain Berava Gree -- Alice Ampter; Fenrir -- Bobby Lento; Heimdahl -- Scott Levy; Clerk -- David Weisenberg; Bartender -- David Leftkowitz; Kreel's First Officer -- Skyia; First Sarcovian Guard -- Jason Lacayo; Second Sarcovian Guard -- Kit Davlin; Allegiance Guard -- Barry Whitlock; Loud Pirate -- Bill Binford; Swarthy Pirate -- Alexander Van Amburg; Also Starring: Amy Brammer; Chris Criner; Brent Crawford; Warren Hall; Trent Lange; Laura Lockwood; Susan Miller; Brain Nealis; Arlen O'Keefe; James Saxon; Melissa Spraul; Shannon Tuer; Tina Warren; Ryan Keith; Julie Ness; Steve Robison; Robin Wood; Director: David E. Duncan; Writers: Jon Cunningham (also story); Harry Kenney (story); Deborah Warner (also story); Executive Producers: Jon Cunningham; Deborah Warner; Associate Producers: John Lineberger; Israel Lliteras; Jasmine Lliteras; Ray Proscia; Steve Robison Jr.; Steve Robison Sr.; David Jean Thomas; John Van Leeuaen Producers: Marguerite Lliteras; Ralph Lliteras; Cinematographer: Andrew B. Andersen; Film Editor: Jim Thomson; Casting: Aaron Griffith; Art Director: Joe Walser; Makeup Department: Rose Garza (hair stylist); Kathleen Palmeri (key makeup artist); Natalie Wihongi (makeup artist: Karl Urbans); Production Manager: Jonathan Giles Zimmerman; First Assistant Director: R. Craig Eggertz; Second Assistant Directors: Doug Campbell; Sunshine Lliteras; Art Department: Brian Hart (carpenter); Richard Koerner (lead carpenter); Rosie Passanisi (painter); Randy Payne, or Payner? (carpenter); Geoff Richcreek (assistant art director); Music Editors: Jim Bultas; Jim Thomson; Special Effects: Gabriel Koerner; Bob Marquiss; Lee Strinter; Stunts: Bill Binford; Amy Bramer; Brent Crawford; Chris Criner; Kit Davlin; Warren G. Hall; Trent Lange; Bobby Lento; Laura Lockwood; Brian Nealis; Arlen O'Keefe; Jochen Reploust; James Saxon; Skyia; Melissa Spraul; Shannon Tuer; Alex Van Amburg; Tina Warren; Barry Whitlock; Other Crew: Kim Berglund (craft service) ; Dylan Bond (best boy); Craig Fisher (production assistant); Clio Gesteland (script supervisor); Reggie Ige (production assistant); David James (grip); Marie Lecrevain (production asssistant); Phil McNamara (production coordinator); Benjamin Ozolins (executive assistant); Matthew Peddecord (craft service); Wendy Sparks (still photographer); Country: USA Language: English.
Probe, ABC, 7 Mar 1988-29 June 1988 A series too literate for television, thanks to co-creator Isaac Asimov (who was active in both Science Fiction Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, and Mensa). Austin James, from a base of operations called "the batcave", was a scientific genius -- a cross between Isaac Asimov himself, Science Officer Spock, and Sherlock Holmes. Each episode's plot was based on an actual scientific fact or theory. Austin and secretary/sidekick Mickey (the Dr. Watson to Austin's Sherlock Holmes) would solve each crime by analysis of clues in the laboratory part of the warehouse/batcave. Police arrested the perpetrator every time, invariably surprising the criminal who thought that he was too clever for the cops to nab. If you enjoyed this show, I strongly recommend that you buy any of the mystery novels of Isaac Asimov. He told me, in the blueroom at NBC before we did the NBC-TV Today Show together, that "Muder at the A.B.A." was his personal favorite -- it deals with a murder at a convention, and has wicked insights into science fiction fandom, literary agents, book deals, and the like. Isaac Asimov [see the Ultimate Mystery/Detective Web Guide] also wrote a series of "Black Widow" mystery stories, about crimes solved by a waiter at a weekly restaurant gathering of authors. Austin James -- Parker Stevenson Mickey Castle -- Ashley Crow Created By -- Dr. Isaac Asimov [see Authors page] and Michael Wagner (Hill Street Blues story editor)
Project U.F.O., 19 Feb 1978-30 Aug 1979 Jack Webb, master of realistic police drama (Dragnet, Adam 12) absorbed himself in the Air Force's "Project Blue Book" analysis of unidentified flying objects, and dramatized the reports that just couldn't be covered up or dismissed. Kind of a "X Files" ahead of its time, this show also had a gritty authenticity that some viewers took to be straight documentary. Hard-core UFO believers point out that the series was produced by Colonel William T. Coleman, who was the genuine Project Blue-Book head, and was therefore a cover-up disguised as fiction but all too true. Hmmmmmm. Major Jake Gatlin (1978) -- William Jordan Captain Ben Ryan -- Edward Winter Staff Sargeant Harry Fitz -- Caskey Swaim Libby Virdon -- Aldine King Executive Producer -- Jack Webb Producer -- Colonel William T. Coleman
Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal {to be done} hotlinks: Dream Psi Russian site with English navigation; Image galleries; episode guide; biographies; filmographies; 1st season of series focus. Natale Music Inc. Homepage Lou Natale (award-winning Toronto film/television composer) includes PSI Factor among his many credits. Nigel Bennett Psi Factor Page Nigel Bennett Official website; 1st three seasons' episode guide. Psi Factor- The O.S.I.R. - An Introduction Fan website focussed on the organization on which Psi Factor case files claim to be based. Psi Fi Updated miniportal to various Psi Factor sites, including the Psi Fi discussion forum, Fan Fiction Archives, PF webring, etc. Psiberific --Psi Factor Fan appreciation site; links; biographies; images. Science Vision Episode guide for all 4 seasons of Psi Factor. Shasta's Psi-Files Archive Cast and character info; fan fiction; images; links to other Psi-Factor sites. Sigh Factor Parody site for the series Psi Factor. Tactful and Considerate Leadership Analysis of 1st Season episode "The Believer." Yahoo! Clubs nancyannesakovich Club for one of the actors from Psi Factor: Nancy Anne Sakovich. Yahoo! Clubs psifactor1club A Yahoo community club for Psi Factor and Michael Moriarty fans.
Pursuit, ABC, 1972 TV movie directed by Michael Crichton (the author who later directed "Westworld", "Coma", "Jurassic Park", and co-created "E.R."). A politician who goes nuts plans to blow up a political convention in San Diego with nerve gas. Well, it might have saved us from Bob Dole's campaign.... ??? -- Ben Gazarra ??? -- E. G. Marshall ??? -- Joseph Wiseman ??? -- William Windom ??? -- Martin Sheen Writer -- based on the novel "Binary" written by Michael Crichton under the pseudonym "John Lange." Chrichton wanted to write the screenplay too, but did not.
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The Q Continuum (Star Trek)
Q.E.D., 23 Mar 1982-27 Apr 1982 Does Q.E.D. stand for "Quod Erat Demonstrandum" (a phrase used at the end of a mathematical proof, meaning "what was meant to be demonstrated") or -- as they whisper at Caltech -- "Quantum Electrodynamics?" This shortlived show was "The Wild, Wild West" meets H.G. Wells' England (1912). It is thus a cousin of both The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and of Dr. Who. The usual mad scientist bent on global conquest -- Dr. Kilkiss -- was always thwarted by American Professor Quentin E. Deverill, an amateur detective who could throw together astonishing gimmicks, and his Cockney butler/chauffeur, for an Arthur Conan Doyle flavor (Deverill = Sherlock Holmes, Kilkiss = Moriarty, Phipps = Dr. Watson). Quentin E. Deverill -- Sam Waterston Phipps -- George Innes Charlie Andrews -- A. C. Weary Dr. Stefan Kilkiss -- Julian Glover Jenny Martin -- Caroline Langrishe
Quantum Leap, NBC, 1989-1993, to be done Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide Quantum Leap I really ought to put more here about this excellent and very popular show, whose fans are called "Leapers." The protagonist is thrown from one historic period to another by a malfunctioning time machine. In each episode, he must find, with the help of his sex-obsessed friend in the future and a supercomputer in that same future, the purpose for his leap, that is: what good deed he must do to change the past into the actual past that led to his future. Once he does his good deed, he vanishes from that era and leaps to another. The deeper paradoxes of Time Travel are not dealt with. But see my related page:
TIME TRAVEL: List of 65 movies about time travel, last updated 6 March 1997
Quark, NBC, 24 Feb 1978- 14 Apr 1978 Quark by Ralph Luethy Quark by ftp This was the parody of space opera -- especially "Star Wars" -- for TV, as Mel Brooks waited too long to try the same notion for film in "Space Balls." The mixture of sex, Woody Allen type brainy jokes, and slapstick/physical comedy never quite jelled, but many fans swore that it would have if the network had only been patient. Adam Quark -- Richard Benjamin Gene/Jean -- Tim Thomerson [male/female "transmute"] Ficus -- Richard Kelton [half man, half vegetable] Betty I -- Tricia Barnstable [the original] Betty II -- Cyb Barnstable [the clone - or vice versa?] Andy the Robot -- Bobby Porter Otto Palindrome -- Conrad Janis The Head -- Alan Caillou High Gorgon -- (???) occasional Zoltar the Magnificent -- (???) occasional Zorgon the Malevolent -- (???) occasional year -- 2222 A.D. space station -- Perma One Creator/Writer -- Buck Henry ("Get Smart!", "Saturday Night Live")
The Quatermass Experiment, BBC, 1953, 6 episodes (40 minutes each) In Great Britain, this was seen in 1953 on television as a six-part serial, but in the United States it was only seen after Hammer Films adapted the episodes and two sequel series into feature films, which were released in the US (and broadcast at obscure times) as "The Creeping Unknown", "Enemy from Space", and "Five Million Years to Earth." A brilliant cross-over between science fiction and horror, it was aimed at adults but was even more effective on children who got to see it despite the BBC warning "thought to be unsuitable for children and persons of a nervous disposition." An astronaut comes back to Earth having been unknowingly infected by an extraterrestrial life form. The series was transmitted live using 1936 TV cameras each with only a single lens, which prevented rapid cuts from one camera to another, although some special effects sequences were pre-filmed inserts. Astronaut -- Duncan Lamont Professor Quatermass -- Reginald Tate Producer -- Rudolph Cartier Director -- Rudolph Cartier Writer -- Nigel Kneale
Quatermass II, BBC, 1955 The second of the three Quatermass serials (see "The Quatermass Experiment"). The British government was being taken over from within by extraterrestrials who had previously set up a remote rural base camp in England or Scotland. Eventually the Hammer film adaptation was shown in the US as "Enemy from Space." Professor Quatermass -- John Robinson (Reginald Tate was deceased) Producer -- Rudolph Cartier Director -- Rudolph Cartier Writer -- Nigel Kneale
Quatermass and the Pit, BBC, 1958 The third and best of the three Quatermass serials (see "The Quatermass Experiment"). Earth was starting to be invaded by insectile aliens five million years ago. The site of the first Martian spaceship has been a location for supernatural events ever since London was founded. When this site is accidently excavated for commercial real estate construction, the invasion picks up where it left off. This was a marvellously well-thought-through story, with scientists actually analyzing stuff, and the martians having a self-consistent but decidedly non-human characterization and social structure. Eventually the Hammer film adaptation was shown in the US as "Five Million Years to Earth." In a 1977 interview by Paul Madden ("Future Tense", p.294) Nigel Kneale said "In the Quatermass serials, I always used what was going on at the time as a basis for the stories... in the late 1950s London was being rebuilt after the war and so a number of huge cavities were being dug... unexploded bombs were always being found and sometimes old Roman ruins would be exposed. And I thought -- what if they found something else far beyond that? What if they uncovered a spaceship? And this led to Quatermass and the Pit." Professor Quatermass -- Andre Morell Producer -- Rudolph Cartier Director -- Rudolph Cartier Writer -- Nigel Kneale
The Questor Tapes, NBC, 1974 The third try by Gene Roddenberry since Star Trek to launch a new series (#1 was Genesis II, #2 was Planet Earth). An android named Questor tries to figure out the reason he exists. Philosophically speaking, this is an "ontological" drama. In literary tradition, it draws on the Golem myth, Mary Shelly'd Frankenstein, and the fiction of Philip K. Dick. Questor -- Robert Foxworth Creator/Producer -- Gene Roddenberry Director -- Richard A. Colla Writers -- Gene Roddenberry and Gene Coon.
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The Ray Bradbury Theatre, HBO and USA, 1985-1987 Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide The Ray Bradbury Theatre Guide @ Filmed in Canada and New Zealand to save money, immortal writer ray Bradbury showed a strong hand as producer of sometimes stunning, sometimes poignant, sometimes nostalgic, occasionally surprising dramatizations of some of the finest short stories to ever be screened
The Real Ghostbusters, to be done Based on the hit movie with the hit song.
ReBoot, the first all-computer-graphics animated series; to be done
Red Dwarf, BBC series in USA syndication on PBS, 1989-1995, to be done Red Dwarf Guide @ Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide
Les Redoutables, France, 2001; Production Companies: 13e Rue [France]; Athanor [Czech Republic]; GéTéVé [France] Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller/Comedy; Creator: Mathieu Guillermo; Starring (credits order): Death -- Christopher Lee; Also Cast (alphabetically) Bérénice Bejo; Jean Benguigui; Manuel Blanc; The Salesman -- Didier Bénureau; Christian Charmetant; Patrick Chesnais; Marion Cotillard; Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu; Zoé Félix; Hippolyte Girardot; Sylvie Granotier; Stéphan Guérin-Tillié (credited as Stephane Guerrin Tillie); Ticky Holgado; Roger Ibanez; Nicolas Koretzky; Gérald Laroche; Jean Luisi; Military woman -- Mathilda May; Bernard Montiel; Edouard Montoute; Alexandra Vandernoot; Astrid Veillon; Marianne Viard; Hélène Vincent Directors: Thierry Barthes; Thierry Binisti; Yves Boisset; Bernie Bonvoisin (episode "7e ciel (2001)"); Laurent Bouhnik; Claude Chabrol; Georges Lautner; Sarah Lévy; René Manzor; Olivier Megaton; Guillaume Nicloux Writers (credits order): Stephane Bourcier; Stéphane Gateau; Mathieu Guillermo; Mathieu Guillermo (episode "7e ciel (2001)"); Philippe Nessler; Executive Producer: Laurent Tolleron; Co-Executive Producers: Christian Charret; Gabriel Mamruth. Language: French;
Relic Hunter, 26 Sep 1999-?? 2002; Plot Summary: {to be done} Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Sydney Fox -- Tia Carrere; Nigel Bailey -- Christien Anholt; Claudia -- Lindy Booth; Episode List (original air dates): 22 Episodes in Season 1 (1999-2000): 1.Buddha's Bowl (9/26/1999); 2.Smoking Gun (10/3/1999); 3.The Headless Nun (10/10/1999); 4.Flag Day (10/17/1999); 5.Thank You Very Much (10/24/1999); 6.Diamond In The Rough (10/31/1999); 7.Transformation (11/7/1999); 8.Etched In Stone (11/14/1999); 9.The Book Of Love (11/21/1999); 10.The Myth Of The Maze (11/28/1999); 11.Irish Crown Affair (2/5/2000); 12.The Emperor's Bride (2/12/2000); 13.Afterlife And Death (2/19/2000); 14.Nine Lives (2/26/2000); 15.Affaire De Coeur (O3/5/2000); 16.A Vanishing Art (3/12/2000); 17.A Good Year (4/23/2000); 18.The Last Knight (4/30/2000); 19.Love Letter (O5/7/2000); 20.Possessed (5/14/2000); 21.Nothing But The Truth (5/21/2000); 22.Memories Of Montmartre (5/28/2000); 22 Episodes In Season 2 (2000-2001): 23.The Put Back (9/18/2000); 24.Dagger Of Death (9/25/2000); 25.Last Of The Mohicans (10/2/2000); 26.The Legend Of The Lost (10/9/2000); 27.Fertile Ground (10/16/2000); 28.Gypsy Jigsaw (10/23/2000); 29.Three Rivers To Cross (10/30/2000); 30.Roman Holiday (11/6/2000); 31.Cross Of Voodoo (11/13/2000); 32.Lost Contact (11/20/2000); 33.The Reel Thing (1/8/2001); 34.M.I.A. (1/15/2001); 35.Out Of The Past (1/29/2001); 36.Eyes Of Toklamanee (2/5/2001); 37.Run Sydney Run (2/12/2001); 38.French Connection (2/19/2001); 39.Don't Go Into The Woods (O4/16/2001); 40.Midnight Flight (4/23/2001); 41.Executioner's Mask (4/30/2001); 42.The Royal Ring (5/7/2001); 43.Set In Stone (O5/14/2001); 44.Deadline (5/21/2001); ? Episodes In Season 3, not over yet (2001-2002) 45.Wages Of Sydney (9/17/2001); 46.Mr Right (9/24/2001); 47.Sydney At Ten (10/1/2001); 48.The Light Of Truth (10/8/2001); 49.Treasure Island (10/15/2001); 50.The Star Of Nadir (10/22/2001); 51.Vampire Kiss (10/29/2001); 52.Devil Doll (11/5/2001); 53.Incognito (11/12/2001); 54.All Choked Up (11/19/2001); 55.What Women Want (11/26/2001??); more episode titles/dates: {to be done}
Return of the Lost Planet, BBC, 1954 Adapted from Angus McVicar's novel of the same name, this was a television serial sequel aimed at children. See "The Lost Planet." ??? -- Peter Kerr ??? -- Jack Stewart ??? -- Mary Law Producer -- Kevin Sheldon Writer -- Angus McVicar
Return to Jupiter: see Escape from Jupiter.
Roar, 14 July 1997-1 Sep 1997; Plot Summary: Historical Fantasy, set in Britain at the very end of the Roman occupation, with Celtic versus Christian culture and some genuine magic, including the unhappy immortal soldier who pierced Jesus' ribcage with the spear of destiny some centuries earlier, more: {to be done} Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Conor -- Heath Ledger; Queen Diana -- Lisa Zane; King Gar -- Leo Taylor; Longinus -- Sebastian Roché; Catlin -- Vera Farmiga; Fergus -- John Saint Ryan; Tully -- Alonzo Greer; Galen -- Norman Kaye; Episodes In Season 1, 1997-1998 (original air date): 1.Pilot (7/14/1997) 2.The Projector (7/21/1997) 3.The Chosen (7/28/1997) 4.Banshee (8/4/1997) 5.Doyle's Solution (8/11/1997) 6.Red Boot (O8/18/1997) 7.The Spear Of Destiny (8/25/1997) 8.The Eternal (9/1/1997).
RoboCop--The Series, Syndication, 14 Mar 1994-1995; Plot Summary: based on the movie [hotlink to be done] about the cyborg policeman in a corrupt future Detroit: {to be done} Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Alex Murphy/Robocop -- Richard Eden; Lisa Madigan -- Yvette Nipar; Stanley Parks -- Blu Mankuma; OCP Chairman -- David Gardner; Gadget -- Sarah Campbell; 16 Episodes in Season 1, 1993-1994, (original air date): 1.The Future Of Law Enforcement (3/14/1994); 2.Prime Suspect (3/21/1994); 3.Trouble In Delta City (3/28/1994); 4.Officer Missing (4/4/1994); 5.What Money Can't Buy (4/11/1994); 6.Ghosts Of War (4/18/1994); 7.Zone Five (4/25/1994); 8.Provision 22 (5/2/1994); 9.Faces Of Eve (5/9/1994); 10.When Justice Fails (5/16/1994); 11.The Human Factor (O5/23/1994); 12.Inside Crime (O6/27/1994); 13.Robocop vs. Commander Cash (7/4/1994); 14.Illusions (7/11/1994); 15.Tin Man (7/18/1994); 16.Sisters In Crime (7/25/1994); 6 Episodes in Season 2, 1994-1995, (original air date): 17.Heartbreakers (9/5/1994); 18.Mother's Day (9/12/1994); 19.Nanno (O9/19/1994); 20.Corporate Raiders (11/7/1994); 21.Midnight Minus One (11/14/1994); 22.Public Enemies (11/21/1994).
RoboCop: Prime Directives, syndicated (Sci Fi Channel) July 2001; 4-part mini-series that continues the RoboCop saga. Mini-series USA premier on Sci-Fi on July 16, 2001. Plot Summary by Kevin Riley (for imdb): "Ten years after the original Robocop, Delta City, considered to be 'The Safest Place On Earth!', has become a futuristic city owned and operated by OCP, and RoboCop, Alex Murphy has begun to feel his age. Murphy finds himself nearly obselete, and must deal with the fact that his now-grown son James is an OCP executive, unaware that his father is still alive. Also, Murphy's former partner, John Cable, has returned to Delta City as its new Security Commander. But slowly, new enemies arise, and Murphy and Cable begin an investigation into a mysterious villain known as the Bone Machine, unaware that they are coming dangerously close to exposing an evil group of OCP executives known as The Trust... which James Murphy is a part of. Desperate to prevent their sinister plans from being revealed, The Trust programs Murphy to kill John Cable... Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Director: Julian Grant; Writers: Brad Abraham, Joseph O'Brien; Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: RoboCop/Alex Murphy -- Page Fletcher; John Terrence Cable --. Maurice Dean Wint; Sara Cable -- Maria Del Mar; James Murphy -- Anthony Lemke; David Kaydick -- Geraint Wyn Davies; Damian Lowe -- Kevin Jubinville; Ed Hobley -- David Fraser; Ann R. Key -- Leslie Hope; Lexx Icon -- Françoise Yip; Abby Normal -- Marni Thompson; Dr. Colleen Frost -- Meg Hogarth; Carver RH -- Eugene Clark; Albert Bixler/Bone Machine -- Richard Fitzpatrick; The Old Woman (CEO) -- Tedde Moore; Ashley St. John-Smyth -- Leslie Ann Coles; Bunny Bustamente -- Juliette Powell; Rikki Oh -- Brandi Ward; P.J. Flinders -- Sara Sahr; Archie Nemesis -- Mark Breslin; Carl Buck -- Bobby Johnston; Sandra Smyles -- Ellen Dubin; Officer Green RH -- Angelo Tucci; Lead Trooper DC -- Stephen Fretwell; Dr. Hill -- Jack Duffy; Todd -- Trevor Owens; Malcolm X-Plosion -- Rogue Johnston; Chuck Conflagration -- Mif; Johnny Nitro -- Ted Ludzik; Motor City Mangler -- James Purcell; Trooper Kirk DC -- James Downing; Lead OCP Trooper -- Brendan Wall; Chief of Police -- Brian Paul; DC Trooper -- Daniel Levinson; Trooper McCoy DC -- Kevin Rushton; Trooper Wilma DC -- Brittney Banks; Jenkins OCP -- Carlos Diaz; Quill -- James Binkley; Officer Down DC -- John Jay Hebert; Ned Shyster -- Kenny Robinson; Benni -- Kelly Fiddick; Ned Gummel -- Neville Edwards; Dr. Lester Worth -- François Klanfer; Meeker -- Philip DeWilde; Mother -- Rosalie Mcdougall; Garfield Andrews -- OCP Executive; Board Member -- Murray McRae; Man -- Panou; Woman -- Jodi Pape; Elderly Woman -- Daisy White; Construction Worker -- Adam Large; Lawyer -- David Macniven; Young Woman -- Heather Mathieson; Exotic Dancer #1 -- Patricia Aldridge; Exotic Dancer #2 -- Brook Patterson; Mandy #1 -- Erica Dahm; Mandy #2 -- Jaclyn Dahm; Mandy #3 -- Nicole Dahm Other Cast (alphabetically): {to be done} 4 Episodes in Season 1, (US originally aired): 1.Dark Justice (7/16/2001); 2.Meltdown (7/17/2001); 3.Resurrection (7/18/2001); 4.Crash And Burn (7/19/2001).
Robotech, to be done
Rocky and his Friends, see The Bullwinkle Show
Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, syndicated, 1953 This was the first science fiction television show to be entirely pre-filmed (instead of televised live, like "Captain Video", "Space Patrol", "Buck Rogers", "Tom Corbett") and therefore it was the first to use quality sets, location shoots, and decent special effects. Rocky Jones -- Richard Crane
Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers, CBS, 1953 Space opera for children, set in the 22nd century, and based on "Rocket Rangers" who combat "interplanetary evil." Rod Brown -- Cliff Robertson ??? -- Bruce Hall ??? -- Jack Weston Genre: Space Opera
Rod Serling's Night Gallery -- see Night Gallery
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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, ABC, 1997 "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" is now the centerpiece of ABC's child-oriented Friday night programming, having been promoted from the 8:30 to the anchor 9:00 p.m. slot, and it has a great deal working in its favor. My 8-year-old likes the show, and when I've been stuck with watching it, I rather enjoyed it too. Here's why. As kid-TV goes, "Sabrina" has a real superstar: Melissa Joan Hart. Melissa Joan Hart previously starred in the 1991-1994 Nickolodeon hit "Clarissa Explains It All" which my son, myself, and even my sophisticated wife enjoyed. Melissa Joan Hart's mother is one of the Executive Producers of "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" and one might reasonably infer that the new show was constructed as a vehicle for Mom's talented daughter. Melissa is a sweet, spunky, cheerful young teen -- but with an edge to her character which expreses itself in realistic disdain for a younger brother (in Clarissa), in a subtle rebelliousness against the adult world, and in a pragmatic but often bungling scheming sneakiness. She carries all of these aspects into the new role, where she is supported rather than thwarted by adults, in the persons of the equally blonde, equally magical Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda. Men in this show are virtually powerless. The cute, eager-to-please but dim-bulb boyfriend is typical of the sisterhood-is-powerful feminist subtext. Adolescence itself is thematic, as Sabrina discovers on her 16th birthday that she has witchly strengths, when she finds herself levitating in her sleep, so there is an equation here that power = magic = sexuality. And yet Sabrina is as ill-prepared to deal with the adult world as any teenager, and her magic usually backfires in instructive ways. The lesson to kids is "don't try to be what you are not", mixed with "watch out for what you wish for -- you might just get it!" As Robert Lloyd points out in "Go Girls -- Sabrina and Alex Mack", L.A. Weekly, 24 January 1997, p.32, "As is not uncommon in modern juvenile fiction and film -- think [Roald] Dahl, think [Daniel] Pinkwater, if you're lucky enough to know the 'Snarkout Boys' books -- both shows celebrate the marginal, embrace the eccentric and prize the individual. 'I like weird, I love weird, I bask in the glow of weird' exults Sabrina's best friend, Jenny (the delightful Michelle Beaudoin).... 'Sabrina, the Teenage Witch' and 'The Secret World of Alex Mack' are of course, beneath the [special effects], just shows about growing up. But that's an Olympian struggle, after all, in which these principles prevail ultimately not by science nor by spells -- most of Sabrina's go wrong by working All Too Well -- but by wit, and thoughtfulness and conscience and compromise." To keep parent hooked, and to allow kids to stay awake until 9:30, the show has roped an amazing range of guest stars. In the first three weeks alone, we've seen Brady Anderson (Baltimore Oriole's star), Coolio, Brian Austin Green, Deborah Harry, Penn & Teller, Sally Jesse Raphael, Randy Travis, Jack Wagner, and Raquel Welch. "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" is a character from the successful and well-established "Archie" comic book franchise. Disclaimer: your humble webmaster's father, Samuel H. Post was the editor of "Archie for a year or so, and produced a live-action sitcom pilot that was displaced by the animated "Archies" show. This show is trying hard to please, and hoping to become the new "Bewitched!" Production Company -- Viacom Productions Executive Producer -- Nell Scovell, Paula Hart Cast: Sabrina -- Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa Explains It All, Touched by an Angel [guest], Twisted Desire [TV movie]) Aunt Hilda -- Caroline Rhea (Pride and Joy) Aunt Zelda -- Beth Broderick (The Five Mrs. Buchanans, Bonfire of the Vanities) Harvey (friendly but dim boyfriend) -- ?? Jenny -- Michelle Beaudoin Cat (warlock punished for trying to conquer Earth) -- cat Guest Stars -- Brady Anderson (Baltimore Oriole's star), Coolio, Brian Austin Green, Deborah Harry, Penn & Teller, Sally Jesse Raphael, Randy Travis, Jack Wagner, Raquel Welch Director of Photography -- Ron Vargas, ASC Origination Format -- 35mm Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- Modern Videofilm Color Correction Facility -- Modern Videofilm Colorist -- Dan Judy Offline Facility -- ??? Offline Editor -- Stuart Bass, ACE Offline Editing System Manufacturer -- Avid Online Facility -- Modern Videofilm Online Editor -- ??? Online Tape Format -- Digital Betacam Audio Editing/Mixing Facility -- Modern Sound Supervising Sound Editor -- Wilson Dyer Audio Editing System Manufacturer -- ??? Audio Mixing/Sweetening System Manufacturer -- ??? Show Telephone Number -- (818) 760-5135
Sailor Moon, exteremely popular and sophisticated Japanimation, to be done
Salvage I, ABC, 20 Jan 1979-11 Nov 1979; Sci-Fi Channel, 1992-Present Using a recycled "Vulture" rocket, Harry Broderick quested for gold-plated satellites and collectible moon junk, when he wasn't jetting from the Los Angeles-area "Jettison Scrap & Salvage Co." to suck oil from abondoned wells, pluck diamonds from volcanos, or retrieve missing B-52s from the jungle (and what exactly was the CIA smuggling in those B-52s from South America to South Central L.A. anyway, eh?). Harry Broderick -- Andy Griffith Skip Carmichael, ex-NASA dude -- Joel Higgins Melanie Slozar -- Trish Stewart Mack -- J. Jay Saunders Klinger (FBI) -- Richard Jaeckel Hank Beddoes -- Lee De Broux Technical Advisor -- Isaac Asimov (unconfirmed)
Sapphire & Steel, {to be done} Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide
Saturday Night Live, NBC, 11 Oct 1975-present -- hey, how about those Coneheads?
Science Fiction Theater, Syndicated, April 1955-1957 (78 anthology episodes) Spaceflight, frozen dinosaurs, robots, telepathy, flying saucers ... these and more were the subjects of documentary and pseudodocumentary episodes, of variable authenticity and fictionalization, partly depending on who was science advisor of the week. At its best, this was very good. At its worst, it was flat-out boring. According to "Future Tense" (p.293) Ivan Tors said in a 1956 interview "One of the traps into which such a series may fall is complete dependence on science for interest. This is avoided at the story conference by excluding the scientists at the start.... after the story is developed it is up to Dr. Maxwell Smith, the program's technical advisor, and the other research people to suggest some scientific fact upon which the story can be hung." Narrator -- Truman Bradley (an actual news commentator) Producer -- Ivan Tors (later to do Daktari, Flipper, Gentle Ben, and Sea Hunt) Guest stars -- Gene Barry, Howard Duff, William Lundigan, Basil Rathbone
Sci-Fi Entertainment (Trek, X-Files, Star Wars)
Science Fiction Gallery (Film/TV)
Sci-Fi Central (Film/TV)
The SciFi Site (Film/TV)
SCTV Network 90 -- Should I mention SCTV's Joe Flaherty's burned-out Dracula-host "Count Floyd" on the spoof of low-budget kiddie shows "Monster Horror Chiller Theater?" Aaaaahwoooo! cough cough...
SeaLab 2021; 2000
SeaQuest DSV, NBC, 1993-1996, to be done SeaQuest DSV: Lucas' SeaQuest DSV 4600 Page Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide
Search, NBC, 13 Sep 1972-29 Aug 1973 A knock-off of Mission Impossible, this almost becomes science fiction when it takes its high-tech spy gadgets seriously -- the implanted radio transcievers, microminature TV cameras, telemetry doing astronaut-type real-time monitoring of physiological stress levels, and Mission Control organization of "The Probe Division of World Securities." Too bad it did not have "Q" from James Bond, or the fun level of "I Spy" Cosby, or the over-the-top spoofiness of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., to make its good casting break through. Starring: Hugh Lockwood -- Hugh O'Brian Nick Bianco -- Tony Franciosa C. R. Grover -- Doug McClure Cameron -- Burgess Meredith Gloria Harding -- Angel Tompkins Dr. Barnett (1972) -- Ford Rainey Dr. Barnett (1973) -- Keith Andes Miss Keach (1972) -- Ginny Golden Ramos -- Tony De Costa Kuroda -- Byron Chung Griffin -- Albert Popwell Carlos -- Ron Castro Murdock -- Amy Farrell Harris (1973) -- Tom Hallick Miss James (1973) -- Pamela Jones
The Second Hundred Years, ABC, 6 Sep 1967-19 Sep 1968 The first Cryonics series, Luke Carpenter froze in Alaska in 1900 and thawed out in 1967, with a 33-year-old body at chronological age 101, who could not get used to the culture of the mid-to-late-20th century. Plausible premise, marred by sitcom formula. Luke Carpenter/Ken Carpenter -- Monte Markham Edwin Carpenter -- Arthur O'Connell Colonel Garroway -- Frank Maxwell Marcia Garroway -- Karen Black Nurse Lucille Anderson -- Bridget Hanley Genre: Immortality
Second Noah, [US/British production aired in US], to be done, 1997 Production Company -- MT2 Services, New World Television Executive Producer -- Pamela K. Long Director of Photography -- Michael Fash, BSC Origination Format -- 16mm Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- Encore Video Color Correction Facility -- Encore Video Colorist -- Chris Jacobsen Offline Facility -- ??? Offline Editor -- Karl Jacobsen, Michael Belling, Nancy Forner Offline Editing System Manufacturer -- Avid Online Facility -- Encore Video Online Editor -- Brian Baxter Online Tape Format -- DCT Audio Editing/Mixing Facility -- Todd AO Supervising Sound Editor -- Patrick O'Sullivan Audio Editing System Manufacturer -- ??? Audio Mixing/Sweetening System Manufacturer -- ??? Show Telephone Number -- (310) 887-3800
The Secret Empire, NBC, 27 Feb 1979-1 May 1979 One of the stranger Western/Sci-Fi halfbreeds, this cuts back and forth between black-and-white 1888 Cheyenne Wyoming and underground extraterrestrial city Chimera (filmed in color). Marshall Jim Donner -- Geoffrey Scott Billy -- Tiger Williams Millie -- Carlene Watkins Jess Keller -- Peter Breck Maya -- Pamela Brull Princess Tara (Feb-Apr) -- Diane Markoff Princess Tara (Apr-May) -- Stepfanie Kramer Eperor Thorval -- Mark Lenard Roe -- Peter Tomarken Hator -- David Opatoshu Yannuck -- Sean Garrison
The Secret Files of Captain Video -- see Captain Video and His Video Rangers
The Secret Adventures Of Jules Verne, CBC (Canada) 18 June 2001-?? ; Sci-Fi Channel (US) 5 Jan 2001-?? Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Plot Summary: This "steam-punk" Sci-Fi TV series is based on the conceit that Jules Verne's novels were not fiction at all, genuine adventures that he lived and later novelized. Great costumes and gadgets. Rather silly politics. Starring: Jules Verne -- Chris Demetral; Passepartout -- Michel Courtemanche; Phileas Fogg -- Michael Praed; Rebecca Fogg -- Francesca Hunt; More on Jules Verne: see The Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide authors "V" page, or the chronology page fopr the 19th Century. {hotlinks to be done} 22 Episodes os Season 1, 2000-2001, (USA air dates): 1.Queen Victoria And The Giant Mole (1/5/2001); 2.Rockets Of The Dead (1/12/2001); 3.The Cardinal's Design, Part 1 (1/19/2001); 4.The Cardinal's Revenge, Part 2 (1/26/2001); 5.The Eyes Of Lazarus (2/2/2001); 6.Lord Of Air And Darkness, Part 1 (2/9/2001); 7.Southern Comfort, Part 2 (2/16/2001); 8.Let There Be Light (2/23/2001); 9.The Ballad Of Steeley Joe (3/2/2001); 10.The Black Glove Of Melchizedek (3/9/2001); 11.The Golem (3/24/2001); 12.Dust To Dust (3/31/2001); 13.Crusader In The Crypt (4/7/2001); 14.The Strange Death Of Professor Maréchal (4/14/2001); 15.Rocket's Red Glare (4/21/2001); 16.Rocket To The Moon (4/28/2001); 17.The Inquisitor (5/5/2001); 18.In The Beginning (5/12/2001); 19.Royalty (5/19/2001); 20.Secret Of The Realm (6/16/2001); 21.The Victorian Candidate (6/23/2001); 22.The Book Of Knowledge (6/30/2001).
The Secret World of Alex Mack, Nickelodeon, 1996, juvenile Children can enjoy, and learn from, the new Nickelodian series "The Secret World of Alex Mack" which airs Tuesday snad Thursdays at 8:00 p.m., and learn in particular that it is okay to be different, and that you must earn what you desire. The hook at the start of each show is Larisa Oleynik, as Alex Mack, narrating "I was just an average kid until an accident changed my life." The accident (typical of comic book superheroes) is dunking in an experimental chemical that gives her the power of telekinesis (she can levitate and thrown objects without touching them), force-field generation, the ability to (Zeus-like) throw electrical bolts and fireballs from her fingertips, and the "Terminator" morphing ability to collapse into mobile liquid metal, flow where she will, and reconsitute. "I guess I'm not so average anymore," she admits, and then each episode begins. As in the somewhat similar "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch", Alex discovers in each episode that her "awesome powers" will not help her with the social or academic pressures of school, nor with her failures in the dating scene, nor with her being in the shadow of a super-bright older sister (nicely played by Meredith Bishop), nor with the situational complications caused by her strange group of peers, nor by the evil corporate power of a local industrial chemical factory (parallel to Mr. Burns' atomic plant in "The Simpsons) with the cheerfully chilling slogan "Progress At Any Cost." Alex and her friends are fated to be the outcasts in their suburban subculture, ignored by adults, insulted by the popular clique at school, and plagued by anxiety. As Robert Lloyd points out in "Go Girls -- Sabrina and Alex Mack", L.A. Weekly, 24 January 1997, p.32, "As is not uncommon in modern juvenile fiction and film -- think [Roald] Dahl, think [Daniel] Pinkwater, if you're lucky enough to know the 'Snarkout Boys' books -- both shows celebrate the marginal, embrace the eccentric and prize the individual. 'I like weird, I love weird, I bask in the glow of weird' exults Sabrina's best friend, Jenny (the delightful Michelle Beaudoin).... 'Sabrina, the Teenage Witch' and 'The Secret World of Alex Mack' are of course, beneath the [special effects], just shows about growing up. But that's an Olympian struggle, after all, in which these principles prevail ultimately not by science nor by spells -- most of Sabrina's go wrong by working All Too Well -- but by wit, and thoughtfulness and conscience and compromise." Cast: Alex Mack -- Larisa Oleynik [older sister] -- Meredith Bishop Location: "Paradise Valley" -- Valencia, California Novelization: book by Patricia Barnes-Svarney
The Sentinel, (network?), 1995-1999; 65 60-minute episodes; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: James Ellison -- Richard Burgi; Blair Sandburg -- Garett Maggart; Simon Banks -- Bruce A. Young; Carolyn Plummer -- Kelly Curtis; Megan Connor -- Anna Galvin; 10 Episodes of Season 1, 1995-1996, (original air date): 1.The Switchman (3/20/1996) 2.Seige (3/27/1996) 3.Killers (4/3/1996) 4.The Debt (4/10/1996) 5.Cypher (4/24/1996) 6.Night Train (5/1/1996) 7.Rogue (5/8/1996) 8.Love And Guns (5/15/1996) 9.Attraction (5/22/1996) 10.Vow Of Silence (7/17/1996) 24 Episodes of Season 2, 1996-1997, (original air date): 11.Flight (Originally Aired 9/4/1996) 12.Out Of The Past (9/11/1996) 13.Deep Water (9/18/1996) 14.Reunion (9/25/1996) 15.Payback (10/2/1996) 16.True Crime (10/9/1996) 17.Ice Man (O10/30/1996) 18.The Rig (11/6/1996) 19.Spare Parts (11/13/1996) 20.Second Chance (11/20/1996) 21.Black Or White (11/27/1996) 22.Blind Man's Bluff (1/8/1997) 23.Hear No Evil (1/15/1997) 24.Light My Fire (2/5/1997) 25.Secret (2/12/1997) 26.Dead Drop (2/19/1997) 27.Red Dust (2/26/1997) 28.Smart Alec (3/12/1997) 29.Private Eyes (3/26/1997) 30.Disappearing Act (4/9/1997) 31.Pennies From Heaven (4/30/1997) 32.Survival (5/7/1997) 33.His Brother's Keeper (5/14/1997) 34.Sleeping Beauty (O5/21/1997) 23 Episodes of Season 3, 1997-1998, (original air date): 35.Warriors (9/10/1997) 36.Three Point Shot (9/17/1997) 37.The Girl Next Door (9/24/1997) 38.Poachers (10/1/1997) 39.The Inside Man (10/15/1997) 40.Vendetta (10/29/1997) 41.Fool Me Twice (11/5/1997) 42.Storm Warning (11/12/1997) 43.Red Ice (O1/19/1997) 44.Dead Certain (11/26/1997) 45.Breaking Ground (12/17/1997) 46.Prisoner X (1/14/1998) 47.The Trance (1/21/1998) 48.Mirror Image (2/11/1998) 49.Finkelman's Folly (2/18/1998) 50.Sweet Science (2/25/1998) 51.Remembrance (3/11/1998) 52.Love Kills (3/18/1998) 53.Crossroads (4/22/1998) 54.Foreign Exchange (4/29/1998) 55.Neighborhood Watch (5/6/1998) 56.Night Shift (5/13/1998) 57.Sentinel Too, Part 1 (5/20/1998) 8 Episodes In Season 4, 1998-1999, (original air date): 58.Sentinel Too, Part 2 (2/1/1999) 59.Murder 101 (2/8/1999) 60.Four Point Shot (2/15/1999) 61.Dead End On Blank Street (2/22/1999) 62.The Waiting Room (3/1/1999) 63.The Real Deal (3/10/1999) 64.Most Wanted (O3/17/1999) 65.The Sentinel By Blair Sandburg (3/24/1999).
7 Days, network?, 7 Oct 1998-29 May 2001; 66? 60-minute episodes; Plot Summary: a government-owned ultra-secret time machine can only go back in time 7 days. Ex-spy Frank Parker again and again is sent back to prevent disaster to the US government, or humanity as a whole. Actually thinks through Time Travel better than any sci-fi TV series of its kind. So, it's not "sci-fi" at all, but qualifies as true Science Fiction. Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Frank Parker -- Jonathan LaPaglia; Olga Vukavitch -- Justina Vail; Nate -- Nick Searcy; Donovan -- Don Franklin; Isaac -- Norman Lloyd; 20 Episodes of Season 1, 1998-1999, (original air date): 1.Pilot (10/7/1998) 2.The Gettysburg Virus (10/14/1998) 3.Come Again? (10/21/1998) 4.Vows (10/28/1998) 5.Doppleganger, Part 1 (11/4/1998) 6.Doppleganger, Part 2 (11/11/1998) 7.Shadow Play (11/18/1998) 8.As Time Goes By (11/25/1998) 9.Sleepers (12/16/1998) 10.HAARP Attack (1/27/1999) 11.Last Card Up (2/3/1999) 12.Last Breath (2/10/1999) 13.Parkergeist (O2/24/1999) 14.Daddy's Girl (3/3/1999) 15.There's Something About Olga (3/31/1999) 16.A Dish Best Served Cold (4/21/1999) 17.Vegas Heist (5/5/1999) 18.EBEs (5/12/1999) 19.Walter (5/19/1999) 20.Lifeboat (5/26/1999) 21. What happened to this episode?? 23 Episodes of Season 2, 1999-2000, (original air date): 22.The Football (9/29/1999) 23.Pinball Wizard (10/6/1999) (10/13/1999) 25.For The Children (10/20/1999) 26.Two Weddings And A Funeral (11/3/1999) 27.Walk Away (11/10/1999) 28.Sister's Keeper (11/17/1999) 29.The Collector (11/24/1999) 30.Love And Other Disasters (12/15/1999) 31.The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (1/5/2000) 32.Time Gremlin (1/12/2000) 33.Buried Alive (2/9/2000) 34.The Backstepper's Apprentice (O2/16/2000) 35.Deja Vu All Over Again (2/23/2000) 36.Space Station Down (3/1/2000) 37.The Cuban Missile (3/22/2000) 38.X-35 Needs Changing (4/5/2000) 39.Brother, Can You Spare A Bomb? (4/19/2000) 40.Pope Parker (4/26/2000) 41.Witch Way To The Prom (5/3/2000) 42.Mr. Donovan's Neighborhood (5/10/2000) 43.Playmates And Presidents (5/17/2000) 44.The Cure (Originally Aired 5/24/2000) 22 Episodes In Season 3, 2000-2001, (original air date): 45.Stairway To Heaven (10/11/2000) 46.Peacekeepers (10/18/2000) 47.Rhino (10/25/2000) 48.The Dunwych Madness (11/1/2000) 49.Olga's Excellent Vacation (11/8/2000) 50.Deloris Demands (11/15/2000) 51.The Fire Last Time (11/22/2000) 52.Tracker (12/20/2000) 53.Top Dog (1/3/2001) 54.Adam & Eve & Adam (1/10/2001) 55.Head Case (1/31/2001) 56.Raven (2/7/2001) 57.The First Freshman (2/14/2001) 58.Revelation (2/21/2001) 59.Crustal Blue Persuasion (2/28/2001) 60.Empty Quiver (3/21/2001) 61.Kansas (3/28/2001) 62.The Final Countdown (4/4/2001) 63.The Brink (5/8/2001) 64.Sugar Mountain (5/15/2001) 65.Born In The USSR (5/22/2001) 66.Live: From Death Row (5/29/2001).
Shadow Chasers, ABC, 14 Nov 1985-16 Jan 1986 A semi-funny comedy/fantasy knockoff of "Ghostbusters." Professor Jonathon McKensie was an Anthropologist at the Georgetown Institute of Science, and his sidekick Edgar "Benny" Benedek was a tabloid reporter for The National Register. The no-nonsense Dr. Juliana Moorhouse dispatched the pair on missions to stop havoc caused by curses, ghosts, graverobbers, and other parapsychological riff-raff. Professor Jonathon McKensie -- Trevor Eve Edgar "Benny" Benedek -- Dennis Dugan Dr. Juliana Moorhouse -- Nina Foch
Shazam!, network?, 1974-1977; 28 60-minute (?) episodes; Plot Summary: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: {to be done}; 16 Episodes in Season 1 (1974-1975): 1.The Brothers; 2.The Lure Of The Lost; 3.The Joy Riders; 4.The Past Is Not Forever; 5.The Road Back; 6.The Gang's All Here; 7.The Doom Buggy; 8.The Brain; 9.The Boy Who Said "No"; 10.Thou Shalt Not Kill; 11.The Athlete; 12.The Treasure; 13.Little Boy Lost; 14.The Deliquent; 15.The Braggert; 16.On Winning 6 Episodes in Season 2 (1975-1976): 17.Debbie; 18.Fools Gold; 19.Double Trouble; 20.Goodbye, Packy; 21.Speak No Evil; 22.The Odd Couple 6 Episodes in Season 3 (1976-1977): 23.The Contest; 24.Bitter Herbs; 25.Ripcord; 26.Finders Keepers; 27.The Sound Of A Different Drummer; 28.Out Of Focus
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, Syndicated, 1955-1956 (26 episodes) Mexican location Tarzan knockoff, with a sexy Sheena in leopardskin leotard, based on the 1930s comic strip by Will Eisner & S. M. Iger, using male stunt-doubles in female wigs. Irish McCalla was in B-movies in the 1950s and 1960s, and then became an acknowledged serious sucessful painter, a true story stranger than fiction. Sheena -- Irish McCalla Bob -- Christian Drake Chim -- Neal the Chimp.
Sheena, Sci-Fi network:, 2 Oct 2000-2002; Plot Summary: A thorough remake of the 1955-1956 series (see above), which was itself a gender-reversed knock-off of Tarzan. the new Sheena is about the adventures of a courageous and gorgeous defender of a jungle African paradise menaced by modern civilization. Orphaned at a young age by a Tarzanesque tragedy in under the canopy of trees, Sheena was raised by the last living member of a native tribe, [see "Lost People/Lost Lands", hotlink {to be done}, the Kaya, who possessed the magical ability to "shape shift" into the form, substance, senses, and behaviors of wild animals by feeding the spirit of their soul. It's a paranormal talent shared by Sheena, who can morph into an animal and travel through the jungle incognito while fighting outside influences that threaten her primal home, "La Mistas." Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Sheena -- Gena Lee Nolin; Other Cast: {to be done}; 22 Episodes In Season 1, 2000-2001 (original air date): 1.Sheena (10/2/2000) 2.Fallout (10/9/2000) 3.Of Mice And Men (10/16/2000) 4.Rites Of Passage (10/23/2000) 5.Tourist Trap (10/30/2000) 6.Buried Secrets (11/6/2000) 7.Lost Boys (11/13/2000) 8.Wild Thing (O11/20/2000) 9.Doing As The Romans (1/8/2001) 10.Children Of The Lamista (1/15/2001) 11.Prey (1/22/2001) 12.Divas Of The Jungle (1/29/2001) 13.Forbidden Fruit (2/5/2001) 14.The Fool Monty (2/12/2001) 15.Sanctuary (2/19/2001) 16.Jewel (4/9/2001) 17.Friendly Fire (4/16/2001) 18.Between A Rock And A Hard Place (4/23/2001) 19.Tyler Returns (4/30/2001) 20.Unsafe Passage (5/7/2001) 21.Marabunta (5/14/2001) 22.Cult Of One (5/21/2001) At least 13 Episodes in Season 2, 2001-2002 (original air date): 23.Rendezvous (10/1/2001) 24.The Feral King (10/8/2001) 25.Mind Games (10/15/2001) 26.Collateral Damage (10/22/2001) 27.Meltdown In Maltaka (10/29/2001) 28.Treasure Of The Sienna Mende (11/5/2001) 29.The Darkness (11/12/2001) 30.Still Hostage After All These Years (11/19/2001) 31.Return Of The Native (1/21/2002) 32.Maltaka Files (1/28/2002) 33.Stranded In The Jungle (2/4/2002) 34.Coming To Africa (2/11/2002) 35.The World According To Mendelsohn (2/18/2002).
She-Wolf of London, Syndicated, 1990-1991, to be done
Sigmund & the Seamonsters, to be done
The Six Million Dollar Man, ABC, ABC, 18 Jan 1974-6 Mar 1978 Based on the novel "Cyborg" by aerospace wizard Martin Caidin, whose novel "Marooned" became the film which inspired the actual US-USSR Apollo-Soyuz mision, the first time the Americans and Russians cooperated in manned spaceflight beore today's Shuttle/Mir peacemaking. Starring: Colonel Steve Austin -- Lee Majors Oscar Goldman -- Richard Anderson Dr. Rudy Wells (1974-75) -- Alan Oppenheimer Dr. Rudy Wells (1975-78) -- Martin E. Brooks Barney Miller -- Monte Markham (occasional) Producers -- Lionel E. Siegel and Kenneth Johnson
The Sixth Sense, 15 Jan 1972-30 Dec 1972 ESP/parapsychology/psychic/telepathy/occult adventure Dr. Michael Rhodes -- Gary Collins Nancy Murphy (Jan-May) -- Catherine Ferrar.
Sleepwalkers, network?, 1 Nov 1997-31 May 1998; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: {to be done}; 8 Episodes in Season 1, 1997-1998 original air date): 1.Pilot (11/1/1997) 2.Night Terrors (11/8/1997) 3.Forlorn (11/15/1997) 4.Eye Of The Beholder (2/8/1998) 5.Counting Sheep (3/8/1998) 6.Passed Imperfect (4/5/1998) 7.A Matter Of Fax (5/31/1998) 8.Cassandra (Originally Unaired) 9.Sub-Conscious (Originally Unaired)
Sliders, Fox, 22 Mar 1995-2000, to be done 87 60-minute episodes; Universal's Official Sliders Page Sliders Guide @ Sliders Episodes Credits by David Henderson Sliders stuff @ Carl Evander's Sliders Page Plot Summary: An entertaining episodic series about uncontrolled travel through alternative universes, a science fiction concept pioneered by the story "Sidewise in Time" by {to be done} This weekly show, which was renewed for a third season (due to a deluge of letters from fans to Fox), features the physics grad student Quinn who invented the device, his mentor Professor Arturo, his friend and semi-romantic interest Wade Wells, and ex-Rhythm & Blues star Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown. In each episode, they "slide" to a different alternative history Earth where, for example, America became Communist, or Dinosurs are still alive, or women hold all political power. They struggle for survival, do good deeds, and try to find their way back home (as every wandering hero since Odysseus has done). There are some parallels to the TV series "Quantum Leap", and many variations on an idea well-known in science fiction literature: ALTERNATE WORLDS or "Allohistory." Quinn Mallory -- Jerry O'Connel Professor Arturo -- John Rhys-Davies Wade Wells -- Sabrina Lloyd Rembrandt Brown -- Clevant Derricks Captain Maggie Beckett -- Kari Wuhrer Executive Producers: David Peckinpah, Alan Barnette, Tracy Torme Co-Executive Producers: Paul Jackson, Tony Blake Producers: Mychelle Deschamps, Richard Compton Created By: Robert K. Weiss, Tracy Torme; 9 Episodes in Season 1, 1995-1996 (original air date): 1. Pilot (3/22/1995) 2. Fever (3/29/1995) 3. Last Days (4/ 5/1995) 4. Prince Of Wails (4/12/1995) 5. Summer Of Love (4/19/1995) 6. Eggheads (4/26/1995) 7. The Weaker Sex (5/ 3/1995) 8. The King Is Back (5/10/1995) 9. Luck Of The Draw (5/17/1995) 13 Episodes in Season 2, 1995-1996 (original air date): 10. Into The Mystic (3/1/1996) 11. Love Gods (3/8/1996) 12. Gillian Of The Spirits (3/15/1996) 13. The Good, The Bad, And The Wealthy (3/22/1996) 14. El Sid (3/29/1996) 15. Time Again And World (4/ 5/1996) 16. In Dino Veritas (4/26/1996) 17. Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome (5/3/1996) 18. Obsession (5/24/1996) 19. Greatfellas (5/31/1996) 20. The Young & The Relentless (6/ 7/1996) 21. Invasion (6/28/1996) 22. As Time Goes By (7/12/1996) 25 Episodes in Season 3, 1996-1997, (original air date): 23. Rules Of The Game (9/20/1996) 24. Double Cross (9/27/1996) 25. Electric Twister Acid Test (10/4/1996) 26. The Guardian (10/11/1996) 27. The Dream Masters (10/18/1996) 28. Desert Storm (11/1/1996) 29. Dragon Slide (11/8/1996) 30. The Fire Within (11/15/1996) 31. The Prince Of Slides (11/22/1996) 32. Dead Man Sliding (11/29/1996) 33. State Of The Art (12/6/1996) 34. Season's Greedings (12/20/1996) 35. Murder Most Foul (1/3/1997) 36. Slide Like An Egyptian (1/17/1997) 37. Paradise Lost (1/31/1997) 38. The Exodus, Part 1 (2/21/1997) 39. The Exodus, Part 2 (2/28/1997) 40. Sole Survivors (3/7/1997) 41. The Breeder (3/14/1997) 42. The Last Of Eden (3/28/1997) 43. The Other Slide Of Darkness (4/11/1997) 44. Slither (4/25/1997) 45. Dinoslide (5/2/1997) 46. Stoker (5/9/1997) 47. This Slide Of Paradise ( 5/16/1997) 22 Episodes in Season 4, 1998-1999, (original air date): 48. Genesis (6/8/1998) 49. Prophets And Loss (6/8/1998) 50. Common Ground (6/15/1998) 51. Virtual Slide (6/22/1998) 52. World Killer (6/29/1998) 53. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? (7/6/1998) 54. Just Say Yes (7/13/1998) 55. The Alternateville Horror (7/20/1998) 56. Slidecage (7/27/1998) 57. Asylum (8/17/1998) 58. California Reich (8/24/1998) 59. The Dying Fields (8/31/1998) 60. Lipschitz Live! (11/21/1998) 61. Mother And Child (12/7/1998) 62. Net Worth (1/11/1999) 63. Slide By Wire (1/18/1999) 64. Data World (3/19/1999) 65. Way Out West (3/26/1999) 66. My Brother's Keeper (4/2/1999) 67. The Chasm (4/9/1999) 68. Roads Taken (4/16/1999) 69. Revelations (4/23/1999) 18 Episodes in Season 5, 1999-2000, (original air date): 70. The Unstruck Man (6/11/1999) 71. Applied Physics (6/18/1999) 72. Strangers & Comrades (6/25/1999) 73. The Great Work (7/9/1999) 74. New Gods For Old (7/16/1999) 75. Please Press One (7/23/1999) 76. A Current Affair (7/30/1999) 77. Java Jive (8/6/1999) 78. The Return Of Maggie Beckett (8/13/1999) 79. Easy Slider (8/20/1999) 80. Requiem (9/10/1999) 81. Map Of The Mind (9/17/1999) 82. A Thousand Deaths (9/24/1999) 83. Heavy Metal (10/1/1999) 84. To Catch A Slider (1/14/2000) 85. Dust (1/21/2000) 86. Eye Of The Storm (1/28/2000) 87. The Seer (Series Finale; 2/4/2000).
Smallville, network?, 2001; Plot Summary: spinoff of the various Superman series, focussed on a less-nerdish Superboy/Clark Kent and a sexier supporting cast in a turbulent and hormonal High School environment set within an economically challenged farm-belt community beseiged by Kryptonite (in too many episodes) and weird happenings. Lex Luthor is an interested re-interpretation, sort of a well-intentioned Ritchie Rich, or is he? I rather enjoy the series, which I find slick but visually and emotionally intriguing. I only wish it was not so stripped down from the chaotic richness of the comix. Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Clark Kent -- Tom Welling; Jonathan Kent -- John Schneider; Martha Kent -- Annette O'Toole; Lana Lang -- Kristin Kreuk; Lex Luthor -- Michael Rosenbaum; Pete Ross -- Sam Jones; Chloe Sullivan -- Allison Mack; 12 Episodes in Season 1, 2001-2001, (original air date): 1.Pilot (10/16/2001) 2.Metamorphosis (10/23/2001) 3.Hothead (10/30/2001) 4.X-Ray (11/6/2001) 5.Cool (11/13/2001) 6.Hourglass (11/20/2001) 7.Craving (11/27/2001) 8.Jitters (12/11/2001) 9.Rogue (12/18/2001) 10.Hugs (??) 11.Shimmer (??) 12.Leech (??).
Something Is Out There, NBC, 1988, to be done Something Is Out There (X-Files) Something Is Out There Guide @ Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide
Space, CBS, 4 July 1987-25 July 1987 9-hour re-edit of 13-hour mini-series (April 1985) of James Michener's novel "Space." Starring: Norman Grant -- James Garner Elinor Grant -- Susan Anspach Penny Hardesty Pope -- Blar Brown Stanley Mott -- Bruce Dern Rachel Mott -- Melinda Dillon Leopold Strabismus (Martin Scorcella) -- David Dukes Dieter Kolff -- Michael York Liesl Kolff -- Barbara Sukowa Randy Claggett -- Beau Bridges Debbie Dee Claggett -- Stephanie Faracy John Pope -- Harry Hamlin Senator Glancey -- Martin Balsam Finnerty -- James Sutorius Tucker Thomas -- G. D. Dpradlin Cindy Rhee -- Maggie Han Funkhauser -- Wolf Kahler Marcia Grant -- Jennifer Runyon Skip Morgan -- David Spielberg
Space: Above and Beyond, Fox, 1995-1996, to be done Space: Above and Beyond Guide @ Plot Summary: Big budget Space Opera with good special effects and occasionally powerful drama. Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Nathan West -- Morgan Weisser; Cooper Hawkes -- Rodney Rowland; Paul Wang -- Joel De La Fuente; Shane Vansen -- Kristen Cloke; T.C. McQueen -- James Morrison; Vanessa Damphousse -- Lanei Chapman; 22 Episodes In Season 1, 1995-1996, (original air date): 1.Pilot (9/24/1995) 2.The Farthest Man From Home (10/1/1995) 3.The Dark Side Of The Sun (10/8/1995) 4.Mutiny (10/15/1995) 5.Ray Butts (10/22/1995) 6.Eyes (11/5/1995) 7.The Enemy (11/12/1995) 8.Hostile Visit (11/19/1995) 9.Choice Or Chance (11/26/1995) 10.Stay With The Dead (12/3/1995) 11.The River Of Stars (12/17/1995) 12.Who Monitors The Birds? (1/7/1996) 13.Level Of Necessity (1/14/1996) 14.Never No More (2/4/1996) 15.The Angriest Angel (2/11/1996) 16.Toy Soldiers (2/18/1996) 17.Dear Earth (3/3/1996) 18.Pearly (3/24/1996) 19.R & R (4/12/1996) 20.Stardust (4/19/1996) 21.If They Lay Us Down To Rest... (5/26/1996) 22....Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best (6/2/1996).
Space Cadet: see Tom Corbett -- Space Cadet
Space Cases, Nickelodian, 1995-Present, to be done Space Cases Guide @ Unfortunately co-created by Billy Mumy (Lost in Space) this is surely the worst live-action science fiction juvenile today.
Space: 1999, ITC (Great Britain)/Syndicated, produced 1974-1976, 48 episodes, released Sep. 1975 Space: 1999 Guide @ Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide Despite the highest budget for TV sci-fi ever (about 1/3 of a million bucks per episode) and Martin Landau plus Barbara Bain (both of Mission Impossible) plus some cool sets and effects, talking computers, Star-Wars lasers, "Queller Drive" spaceships, "Camelot Locator" beams, and Rudi Gernreich unisex costumes, nothing could rescue a scientifically lame premise (nuclear waste explosion knocks moon out of orbit) and poorly-conceived aliens with no motivation (giants squids, people-eating contraceptive foam, prostitute robots of Planet Piri. To begin with, a "radioactive waste explosion" could not knock the moon (with its inhabited lunar base) out of Earth orbit. But even if we grit our teet and accept this preposterous concept, how does the Moon thereafter encounter one solar system after another -- is it travelling faster than the speed of light, or what? This is exactly what goes wrong when non-science fiction writers try to create science fiction. Commander John Koenig -- Martin Landau Dr. Helena Russell -- Barbara Bain Prof. Victor Bergman (1975-77) -- Barry Morse Maya (1976-77) -- Catherine Schell First Officer Tony Verdeschi -- Tony Anholt Captain Alan Carter -- Nick Tate Paul Morrow -- Prentis Hancock David -- Clifton Jones Sandra - Zienia Merton Creators -- Gerry and Sylvia Anderson (see "Thunderbirds") Producer (1st season) -- Sylvia Anderson Producer (2nd Season) -- Fred Freiberger ("The Wild, Wild West", and the 3rd and final season of the orginal "Star Trek") Special Effects -- Brian Johnson (the best thing about the show) Book Spinoffs: new: Eagle One Media is proud to announce the publication of acclaimed writer EC Tubb's Space: 1999 Alien Seed paperback novel. Based on the classic sci-fi television series, Space: 1999 Alien Seed (ISBN 0-971-4785-0-3) is an exciting 196 page original story novel that is sure to be sought by followers of the show, fans of writer EC Tubb, and sci-fi readers in general. This novel is available January 31, 2002 and sells for $5.99 US. To place an order directly from the publisher and to see the full cover art design of the novel go to Eagle One Media For inquiries E-mail:
Space Ghost: see Space Stars.
Space Ghost Coast to Coast, to be done
Space Island One, network?, 7 Jan 1997-9 Nov 1999; Plot Summary: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: {to be done}; 14 Episodes in Season 1, 1997-1998 (original air date): 1.Message From Keeler (1/7/1998) 2.All The News That Fits (1/14/1998) 3.Quarantine (1/21/1998) 4.Rogue Satellite (1/28/1998) 5.Dangerous Liaison (2/4/1998) 6.Crew Test (2/11/1998) 7.The Barrier Of Second Attention (2/18/1998) 8.Sarcophagus (2/25/1998) 9.Spring Fever (3/4/1998) 10.The Third Man (3/11/1998) 11.Awakening (3/18/1998) 12.Nemesis (3/25/1998) 13.A Child Is Born (4/1/1998) 14.Edge Of Night (Originally Unaired) 13 Episodes in Season 2, 1998-1999 (original air date): 15.Unfinished Business (8/17/1998) 16.Split Allegiances (8/24/1998) 17.Winter Kills (8/31/1998) 18.A Place In The Sun (9/7/1998) 19.Lost Property (9/14/1998) 20.Mayfly (9/21/1998) 21.Not In My Back Yard (9/28/1998) 22.Abandoned (10/5/1998) 23.Silver Bullet (10/12/1998) 24.Anniversary (10/19/1998) 25.Love Lines (10/26/1998) 26.Money Makes The World Go Round (11/2/1998) 27.Trouble In Paradise (11/9/1998).
Space Patrol, ABC, 9 Jun 1951-1 Jun 1952 Classic juvenile, launched in California as a daytime local, picked up by ABC as a Saturday/Sunday daytime series, but briefly slotted into 6:00-6:30 p.m. "prime time", this cheesy space-travel time-travel 30th Century series featured genuine World War II Army Air Corps ace Ed Kemmer as Space Patrol Commander Buzz Corey who kicked villainous butt for the glory of the United Planets of the Universe, along with his audience-identification sidekick Cadet Happy, the sexy daughter of the United Planets Secretary General, and various gadgets for sale to viewers, such as the Paralyzer Ray Gun, the Brainograph, and a 30-foot model spacecraft "Terra" that toured America and was given away to a sweepstakes-winning fan, who was nearly destroyed by the concentrated jealousy beams of a million disappointed kids. Like "Captain Video", "Buck Rogers", and "Tom Corbett, Space Cadet" this was transmitted live, but unlike the three predecessors, it had a relatively gigantic budget -- $2,500 per week! Starring: Space Patrol Commander Buzz Corey -- Ed Kemmer Cadet Happy -- Lyn Osborn Carol Karlyle -- Virginia Hewitt Tonga -- Nina Bara Major Robbie Robertson -- Ken Mayer United Planets Secretary General -- Norman Jolley Mr. Proteus -- Marvin Miller (later on "The Millionaire") Prince Baccarratti/Black Falcon -- Bella Kovacs Created by Mike Moser Producer/Writer -- Mike and Helen Mosier Genre: Space Opera
Space Precinct, Syndicated, 3 Oct 1994-24 July 1995; Plot Summary: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Patrick Brogan -- Ted Shackelford; Sally Brogan -- Nancy Paul; Liz Brogan -- Megan Olive; Matt Brogan -- Nick Klein; Jack Haldane -- Rob Youngblood; Jane Castle -- Simone Bendix; Rexton Podly -- Jerome Willis; Hubble Orrin -- Richard James; Silas Romek -- Lou Hirsch; 24 Episodes in Season 1, 1994-1995 (original air date): 1. Protect And Survive (10/3/1994) 2. Enforcer (10/10/1994) 3. Body And Soul (10/17/1994) 4. Double Duty (10/24/1994) 5. The Snake (10/31/1994) 6. Time To Kill (11/7/1994) 7. Deadline (11/14/1994) 8. Seek And Destroy (11/21/1994) 9. The Power (1/9/1995) 10. Illegal (1/16/1995) 11. Divided We Stand (1/30/1995) 12. Two Against The Rock (2/6/1995) 13. Takeover (2/13/1995) 14. Predator And Prey (2/20/1995) 15. The Witness (4/24/1995) 16. Hate Street (5/1/1995) 17. Friends (5/8/1995) 18. Smelter Skelter (5/15/1995) 19. Flash (5/29/1995) 20. The Fire Within, Part 1 (6/26/1995) 21. The Fire Within, Part 2 (7/3/1995) 22. The Forever Beetle (7/10/1995) 23. Deathwatch, Part 1 (7/17/1995) 24. Deathwatch, Part 2 (7/24/1995).
Space Rangers, CBS, 1993, to be done Plot Summary: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: {to be done}; Space Rangers Guide @ Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide 6 Episodes in Season 1, 1993 (original air dates {to be done}) 1. Fort Hope 2. Banshees 3. The Replacements 4. Death Before Dishonor 5. The Trial 6. The Entertainer.
Space Stars (animated), NBC, 12 Sep 1981-???; Production Company: Hanna-Barbera Productions; Plot Summary: Space Stars was 60 minutes long and featured episodes from each of these sub-series, plus a Space Stars Finale each show: Teen Force Astro and The Space Mutts The Herculoids Space Ghost Teen Force Plot Summary: three teenagers named Kid Comet, Moleculelad, and Elektra, fight for freedom. Voice Cast: Teen Force: Elektra -- B.J. Ward; Teen Force: Kid Comet --. Darryl Hickman; Teen Force: Moleculelad -- David Hubbard; 11 Teen Force Episodes: 1. The Death Ray 2. Nebulon 3. Decoy Of Doom 4. Elektra's Twin 5. Uglor's Power Play 6. The Ultimate Battle 7. Prison Planet 8. Trojan Teen Force 9. The Space Slime 10. Pandora's Warp 11. Wordstar Astro and the Space Mutts Plot Summary: the show features Astro the dog from the Jetsons along with two dog friends named Cosmo and Dipper who are doggy police officers Voice Cast: Astro And The Space Mutts: Astro -- Don Messick (Don Messick was the original Astro on The Jetsons); Astro And The Space Mutts: Dipper -- Lennie Weinrib; Astro And The Space Mutts: Cosmo -- Frank Welker; 11 Astro And The Space Mutts Episodes: 1. The Night Of The Crab 2. Reverso 3. Menace Of The Magnet Menace 4. The Greatest Show Off Earth 5. Rock Punk 6. Rampage Of The Zodiac Man 7. Will The Real Mr. Galaxy Please Stand Up 8. Galactic Vac Is Back 9. The Education Of Puglor 10. Jewlie Newstar 11. Wonder Dog Space Stars Finale Plot Summary: the various members of the Space Stars show fight various bad guys/bad dogs. 11 Space Stars Finale Episodes: 1. Dimension Of Doom 2. Worlds In Collision 3. Polaris 4. Endangered Spacies 5. The Olympians 6. Magnus 7. The Crystal Menace 8. The Outworlder 9. Mindwitch 10. Uglor Conquors The Universe 11. The Cosmic Mousetrap
Space Striker, to be done
Spellbinder, Australia Channel 9, 1995; 26 30-minute episodes; "Spellbinder" is more accurately described as a joint Australian / Polish production, according to (Grant Watson). Season 1 - 26 episodes (30 minutes); Production Company: {to be done} Creator: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done}
Spawn, Animated, HBO, 16 May 1997 Spawn -- the Movie Plot Summary: Hero dies in combat in Vietnam, and comes back to half-life seeking revenge (hey, it worked for "The Crow"). The undead antihero can change shape, is internally conflicted between the dark motive of revenge and the glimmering decency of wanting to save the people he loved. He is blocked by his nemesis, the evil "Violator." Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Voices: Spawn -- Keith David; Wanda Blake -- Dominique Jennings; Cogliostro -- Richard A. Dysart; Terry Fitzgerald/Bobby -- Victor Love; Clown -- Michael Nicolosi; Tony Twist/Sam Burke -- James Keane; Twitch William/Gareb -- Mike McShane; Jason Wynn .-- John Rafter Lee; Scott McMillan/Kincaid -- Ronny Cox; Cyan -- Kath Soucie.
Spellbinder, Australia 9 Network, 1995, TV minseries; 26 24-minute episodes; Creator: Ron Saunders; Production Companies: 9 Network [Australia], Film Australia [Australia], Film Victoria [Australia], Telewizja Polska S.A. [Poland] Funding: The Australian Film Finance Corporation [Australia]; Plot Summary: Modern lad is transported to a pseudo-medieval world that is technophobic -- neo-luddite -- anti-technology and anti-science. This alternate reality is ruled by a band of "spellbinders" who, while wearing specially built suits, can shoot energy bolts. Sure, it sounds corny and contrived, but the show has its own magical energy and strong ensemble acting. True, it's rather predictable (being aimed at children), but it's been a long time since good Fantasy/adventure show has been produced on a budget like this. The series is (thank you!) lacking infantile humor. Further, it maintains plausibility in the interaction between the youngsters, and equally in their interaction with adults. This is no sitcom with unreal kids making inappropriate remarks to unreal adults. This is no formulaic "Home Alone" meets "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court." The story hits its stride and takes off when the boy protagonist makes it back to his (our?) world and discovers that the spellbinders want to take over there as well. In the USA, this appeared once on the Disney Channel. I hope that they show it again, as much as I hope they show "Ocean Girl" again. This show walks a clever line between fantasy and Science Fiction, as it deals implicitly between the cultural and metaphysical values of magic versus technology, which is a very important issue indeed in a country where most newspapers have astrology columns, but few have astronomy columns. Will the 21st century bring progress to the billion people with inadequate water supplies, and the billion undernourished, through the application of technology, or will we descend into the pseudo-mystical nonsense that commingles with the ideology of a Hitler, an Ayatollah, or a Bin Laden? [summary loosely based on, and expanded from writing by "toonboy" of Tempe, Arizona, for imdb, 27 May 1999] Executive Producers: Kris Noble, Ron Saunders, Andrzej Stempowski; Associate Producer: Dennis Kiely; Producer: Noel Price; Director: Noel Price; Writers: Mark Shirrefs, John J. Thomson; Starring: (credits order): Paul Reynolds -- Zbych Trofimiuk; Riana -- Gosia Piotrowska; Alex Katsonis -- Brian Rooney; Katrina Muggleton -- Michela Noonan; Brian Reynolds -- Andrew McFarlane; Ashka -- Heather Mitchell; Correon -- Krzysztof Kumor; Gryvon -- Rafal Zwierz; Rest of Cast (alphabetically): Zander -- Piotr Adamczyk; Arla -- Julia Biczysko; The Summoner -- Stanislaw Brejdygant; Jal -- Erlan Buchan; Marna -- Hanna Dunowska; Christine Reynolds -- Georgina Fisher; Ms. Gibson -- Paula Forrest; Bron -- Andrzej Grabarczyk; Nick Katsonis -- Anthony Grey; Ben -- Sebastian Huber; Josie -- Lenka Kripac; Gina -- Elizabeth Lackey; Lukan -- Joachim Lamza; The Nun -- Mitch Matthews; Maran -- Slawa Michalewska; Mrs. Muggleton -- Judy Morris; Mr. Kennett -- Peter Sumner; Stavros Katsonis -- Clarrie Thane; Original Music: Ian Davidson; Cinematographers: Danny Batterham, Martin McGrath; Film Editor: Pippa Anderson; Production Designers: Lousie McCallum, Nicholas McCallum; Art Directors: Andrzej Bednarski, Jeremi Brodnicki, Angus Tattle; Costume Designers: Julie Middleton, Maria Wilun; Makeup Department: Trish Glover -- makeup supervisor; Sherry Hubbard -- makeup artist; Ludmila Krawczyk -- makeup artist; Anna Trzepanska -- makeup artist; Miroslawa Wojtczak -- makeup supervisor; Production Unit Managers: Pawel Barenski, Graydon Le Breton, Joanna Zalewska; Production Managers: Glenda Carpenter, Janusz B. Czech; Assistant Director: Chris Webb; First Assistant Directors: Ewa Andrzejewska, Bob Donaldson; Second Assistant Directors: Gregory Kowalski, John Martin; Third Assistant Directors: Igor Brejdygant, Tanya Jackson; Art Department: Kinga Badczynska -- props buyer and set dresser; Simon Clayton -- scenic artist; Fiona Donovan -- art department assistant; Kazimierz Grudzien -- props buyer and set dresser; Geoff Howe -- construction manager; Mark Kilner -- carpenter; Eugene Land -- carpenter; Igor Lazareff -- stand-by props; Marta McElroy -- props buyer and set dresser; Jerzy Michalak -- props buyer and set dresser; Wojciech Pawlinski -- construction manager; Jaroslaw Pienkowski -- scenic artist; Graeme Rendle -- carpenter; Stephen Tulloch -- carpenter; Fiona Wilson -- stand-by props; Dariusz Wolski -- property master Roman Zuberek -- stand-by props; Sound Department: Alison Black -- associate sound editor; Andy Duncan -- boom operator; Daniel Fiddess -- assistant sound editor; Les Fiddess -- sound supervisor editor; George Hart -- adr engineer, foley engineer; Angus Robertson -- foley artist; Jacek Serowiecki -- boom operator; Bob Sullivan -- sound mixer; Danielle Wiessner -- dialogue editor Pawel Wyhowski -- sound recordist Special Effects: Dave Roberts -- special effects; Adam Warchol -- special effects; Tina Williams -- effects production manager; Visual Effects: James Hughes (computer graphics) Stunts: Glenn Boswell -- stunt co-ordinator; Richard Boue -- stunt co-ordinator; Janusz Chlebowski -- stunts; Jacek Ryniewicz -- stunt co-ordinator; Andrzej Srodzinski -- stunts; Pawel Staszewski -- stunts; Gillian Statham -- stunts; Bernadette Van Gyen -- stunts; Izabella Wardaszko -- stunts; Avril Wynne -- stunts; Other Crew: Janusz Adamiak -- costume stand-by Timothy Alverson -- first assistant editor Mieczyslaw Anweiler -- camera operator, still photographer; Debbie Atkins -- production coordinator; Pawel Barenski -- unit manager; Danny Batterham -- photographer Grzegorz Bieler -- gaffer Beata Blaut -- costume assistant Dan Brown -- effects supervisor Justin Buckwell -- animator Tom Burstall -- risk manager Brian Carpenter -- assistant unit manager Pawel Chiczewski -- electrician Peter Chittleborough -- electrician Michele D'Arcey -- production accountant Edward Donovan -- assistant unit manager Agnieszka Dragan -- production coordinator Michele Duval -- clapper loader Robert Feluch -- set manager Janusz Filipek -- transportation captain Tadeusz Filipek -- grip John L. Fischer -- on-line editor Trish Glover -- hair supervisor Zbjgniew Goraj -- production assistant Wieslawa Goscik -- script assistant Diego Guerrero -- 3-D animator Andrea Hood -- costume stand-by Eugeniusz Kowalewicz -- key grip Piotr Kryska -- electrician Dariusz Lawniczak -- best boy Graydon Le Breton -- unit manager Jennifer Leacey -- production assistant Bevan Lee -- series consultant Lousie McCallum -- production assistant Brett McDowell -- key grip Martin McGrath -- photographer Suzie Middleton -- costume assistant Richard Montgomery -- location manager Tom Moody -- gaffer Nicola Moors -- continuity Daryl Munton -- 3-D animator Wiktor Nitriewicz -- focus puller Barry Peak -- still photographer Sam Petty -- assistant editor Ian Phillips -- focus puller Paul Prince -- effects producer Hanna Probulska -- series consultant Jacquie Ramsay -- unit nurse Karen Sander -- tutor Ron Saunders -- series devised by Peter Simpson -- telecine colorist Andrew Smith -- best boy Helena Tarwack -- costume assistant John Tate -- grip Martin Turner -- camera operator Liz Watts -- executive production assistant Angus Wilson -- on-line editor Miroslawa Wojtczak -- hair supervisor Joanna Zalewska -- unit manager.
The Spike Jones Show, NBC (1954) then CBS, 2 Jan 1954-25 Sep 1961 Listed here because of Bill Dana's role as Jose Jimenez, reluctant hispanic astronaut, who was a favorite character of the real Mercury astronauts.
Starblazers, to be done Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide
Star Cops, to be done Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide
Starhunter, TMN on 1 Nov 2000-28 Mar 2001; Plot Summary: Set in the year 2275, Earth's authority has collapsed. Many planets in the galaxy have been colonized. Dante Montana, a bounty hunter in command of a renegade group known as the Raiders, launches a mission on his aging hunter ship Tulip to locate and rescue his missing son somewhere in the vast and dangerous cosmos. Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Dante Montana -- Michael Paré; Lucrecia "Luc" Scott -- Claudette Roche; Percy Montana -- Tanya Allen; Penny Montana -- Heather Belle Matmor; Rudolpho -- Stephen Marcus; Darius -- George Harris; Eccleston -- Mark Powley; Caravaggio -- Murray Melvin; 22 Episodes in Season 1, 2000-2001 (original air dates): 1.The Divinity Cluster (11/1/2000) 2.Trust (11/8/2000) 3.Family Values (11/15/2000) 4.Siren's Song (11/22/2000) 5.The Man Who Sold The World (11/29/2000) 6.Peer Pressure (12/6/2000) 7.Frozen (12/13/2000) 8.Past Lives (12/20/2000) 9.Order (12/27/2000) 10.Cell Game (1/3/2001) 11.Black Light (1/10/2001) 12.Goodbye, So Long (1/17/2001) 13.The Most Wanted Man (1/24/2001) 14.Half Dense Players (1/31/2001) 15.Dark And Stormy Night (2/7/2001) 16.Super Max (2/14/2001) 17.A Twist In Time, Part 1 (2/21/2001) 18.Eat Sin, Part 2 (2/28/2001) 19.Bad Girls (3/7/2001) 20.Bad Seed, Part 1 (3/14/2001) 21.Travis, Part 2 (3/21/2001) 22.Resurrection, Part 3 (3/28/2001).
The StarLost, Canada/syndicated, 1973 Harlan Ellison created this series, which botched his production so completely that he had his name taken off the credits. A giant spaceship has several cultures of people on board who have forgotten that they are on a spaceship. Robert heinlein created this plot in the excellent novel "Universe" and Brian Aldiss gave it a new twist in "Non-Stop." ??? -- Keir Dullea ("2001") ??? -- Gay Rowin ??? -- Robin Ward
Starman, ABC, 19 Sep 1986-4 Sep 1987 Starman Guide about 250 Kbytes @ Television sequel to 1984 film Paul Forrester/Starman -- Robert Hays Scott Hayden -- C. B. Barnes George Fox -- Michael Cavanaugh
Starring Boris Karloff, ABC, Sep 1949-Dec 1949 starting with 27 Oct 1949 episode name changed to "Mystery Playhouse Starring Boris Karloff." Host -- Boris Karloff
Star Trek, NBC, 8 Sep 1966-2 Sep 1969 Star Trek: The Original Series Guide about 250 Kbytes @ Captain James Tiberius Kirk -- William Shatner Mr. Spock -- Leonard Nomoy Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy -- DeForrest Kelley Yeoman Janice Rand (1966-67) -- Grace Lee Whitney Sulu -- George Takei Uhuru -- Nichelle Nichols Engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott -- James Doohan Nurse Chsristine Chapel -- Majel Barrett Ensign Pavel Chekov (1967-69) -- Walter Koenig
Star Trek: The Next Generation, Syndicated, 1987-1994 Star Trek: The Next Generation Guide @ Captain Jean-Luc Picard -- Patrick Stewart Commander William Riker -- Jonathan Frakes Lt. Geordi La Forge -- LaVar Burton Lt. Tasha Yar (1987-88) -- Denise Crosby Lt. Worf -- Michael Dorn Dr. Beverly Crusher -- Gates McFadden Counselor Deanna Troi -- Marina Sirtis Lt. Cmdr. Data -- Brent Spiner Wesley Crusher -- Wil Wheaton
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Syndicated, 1993-Present Star Trek: The Next Generation Guide @ Production Company -- Paramount Pictures Executive Producer -- Rick Berman, Peter Lauritson Director of Photography -- Jonathan West Origination Format -- 35mm to Digital Betacam Visual Effects -- Film to D1 Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- Unitel Video, CIS Color Correction Facility -- CIS, Editel Colorist -- Larry Field, Steve Bowen, Don Lee Offline Facility -- In-house Offline Editor -- Steve Tucker, Michael Westmore Jr., Jonathan Ramirez Offline Editing System Manufacturer -- Avid Online Facility -- ??? Online Editor -- ??? Online Tape Format -- Digital Betacam Audio Editing/Mixing Facility -- Modern Sound Supervising Sound Editor -- Mace Matosian Audio Editing System Manufacturer -- ??? Audio Mixing/Sweetening System Manufacturer -- ??? Show Telephone Number -- (213) 956-5682
Star Trek: Voyager, UPN, 1995-Present Star Trek: Ultimate Star Trek Site Star Trek: Ultimate Trek Page Star Trek: WWW (online since 1994) Star Trek: Voyager Guide @ Production Company -- Paramount Pictures Executive Producer -- Rick Berman, Jeri Taylor Director of Photography -- Marvin Rush Origination Format -- 35mm to Digital Betacam Visual Effects -- Film to D1 Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- Unitel Video Color Correction Facility -- Unitel Video Colorist -- George Cvjethicanin Offline Facility -- In-house Offline Editor -- Bob Lederman, Tom Benko, Daryl Baskin Offline Editing System Manufacturer -- Avid Online Facility -- ??? Online Editor -- ??? Online Tape Format -- Digital Betacam Audio Editing/Mixing Facility -- Modern Sound Supervising Sound Editor -- Bill Wistrom Audio Editing System Manufacturer -- Synclavier, Fairlight Audio Mixing/Sweetening System Manufacturer -- Solid State Logic Show Telephone Number -- (213) 956-5682
StarWhores [British parody/comedy], 2000
Static Shock!, Animated, Kids WB, 23 Sep 2000-5 May 2001; Plot Summary: Static Shock! is an original animated series about the first teenage African American superhero. Clever and resourceful Virgil Hawkins acquires "electromagnetic" superpowers after exposure to a "mutanic gas." He puts on the persona of Static, an urban hero that he created. The series tries to confront real problems and issues faced by today's kids, such as "peer pressure, gangs and growing up in an ethnically diverse urban neighborhood." Virgil must master his powers, figure out how to patrol the skies at night, and (in the teen hero pattern invented for Spiderman), still make it home in time to study for his chemistry class. Virgil's greatest discovery becomes the real "charge" (pun intended) that he gets from helping people and making a positive change in his community. Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring Voice Cast: Static/Virgil Hawkins -- Phil LaMarr; Richie Foley -- Jason Marsden; Robert Hawkins -- Kevin Richardson; Sharon Hawkins -- Michele Morgan; Frieda Goren -- Danica McKellar; Edwin Alva -- Kerrigan Mahan; F-Stop/Hotstreak -- Danny Cooksey; Daisy -- Crystal Scales; 13 Episodes in Season 1, 2000-2001 (original air date): 1.Shock To The System (9/23/2000) 2.Aftershock (9/30/2000) 3.The Breed (10/7/2000) 4.Grounded (10/14/2000) 5.They're Playing My Song (11/11/2000) 6.The New Kid (11/18/2000) 7.Child's Play (12/2/2000) 8.Sons Of the Fathers (12/9/2000) 9.Winds Of Change (12/16/2000) 10.Bent Out Of Shape (1/27/2001) 11.Junior (2/10/2001) 12.Replay (3/3/2001) 13.Tantrum (5/5/2001).
Steven King's The Golden Years, CBS, 1991, to be done
Strange Frequency, VH1, 18 Aug 2001-. Plot Summary: Great music sometimes connects with the dark side, as in Orpheus descending into the underworld, the Rolling Stones singing about "Sympathy for the Devil", or bluesman Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil. "VH1 celebrates such supernatural partnerships with Strange Frequency, an original dramatic series in the grand tradition of The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. Each week host Roger Daltrey takes you through surreal scenarios that go from black comedy to the truly macabre." Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Host -- Roger Daltry (of The Who); 13? Episodes In Season 1, 2001-2002 (original air date): 1.Soul Man (8/18/2001) 2.Cold Turkey (8/25/2001) 3.Don't Stop Believing (9/1/2001) 4.Room Service (9/8/2001) 5.My Generation (9/22/2001) 6.A Change Will Do You Good (9/29/2001) 7.Disco Inferno (10/6/2001) 8.Room Service (10/20/2001) 9.Time Is On My Side (10/22/2001) 10.More Than A Feeling (10/29/2001) 11.Daydream Believer (11/3/2001) 12.Don't Fear The Reaper (11/10/2001) 13.Instant Karma (date??).
Strange Luck, Fox, 15 Sep 1995-23 Feb 1996; 17 60-minute episodes; 17 45-minute episodes as broadcast in Germany; Genre: Dramatic Science Fiction / Noir Mystery / Supernatural Thriller; Production Companies: Fox Television Network; M2 Services; Unreality; Plot Outline: A photographer, Chance Harper, was the sole survivor of an airplane crash when he was a child. His mother died in the crash; his brother was kidnapped or otherwise removed from his family just before the crash. Chance, now an adult, experiences "strange luck." That means that his life is filled with a structure of coincidences, which link him for good or ill to other people. Every major decision he makes brings him to another bizarre "lucky" or "unlucky" event, while he (and we) try to figure out if this distortion of probability is chaos, some ultra-advanced technology by a covert arm of the government, aliens, or paranormal powers. Chance is obsessed with trying to locate his missing brother, as he feels that this would provide a clue as to the meaning of his life. This was an exceptionally good television series; several of my professional science fiction author friends were disappointed when it failed to survive into a second season. Bad luck! Or was it...? Much credit should go to the writers, directors, talent, and especially the Executive Producer, Michael Cassutt, a smart and experienced science fiction author and television writer/producer. Also crucial to the series' quality was former Eerie, Indiana writer Karl Schaefer. Starring (credit order): Chance Harper/Alex Sanders -- D.B. Sweeney; Audrey Westin -- Pamela Gidley; Dr. Richter -- Cynthia Martells; Angie -- Frances Fisher; Also Appearing (alphabetically): Brandon Billings -- Young Chance (1995) (uncredited); Eric Billings -- Young Chance; Saskia Gould -- Mindy; Gary Hetherington -- Gov. Ridley; Scott Plank -- Eric Sanders/Arthur Vandenberg; Directors: Greg Beeman (episodes "Angie's Turn", "Brothers Grim"); Scott Brazil; David Carson; Jim Charleston; Ralph Hemecker; David Jackson (episode "The Liver Wild"); Elodie Keene; John T. Kretchmer (episode "The Box"); John McPherson; Martha Mitchell (episode "Hat Trick"); Mark Sobel (episode "Souled Out"); Brad Turner; James Whitmore Jr. (episode "Walk Away"); Writer: Karl Schaefer; Executive Producers: Michael Cassutt, Kerry Lenhart, John J. Sakmar, Karl Schaefer; Co-Executive Producers: Michael Cassutt, Kerry Lenhart; Associate Producers: Amy Brotslaw, Pam Fitzgerald Producers: John Peter Kousakis, Bruce L. Shurley; Original Music: Mark Mothersbaugh (1995); Cinematographers: Victor Goss, Robert McLachlan; Film Editors: Lee Haxall, Adam Wolfe; Unofficial Site with good episode summaries, interviews, newpapers articles, images. 20 Episodes in Season 1, 1995-1996 (original air date): 1. Soul Survivor (09/15/95) 2. Over Exposure (09/22/95); 3. Last Chance (09/29/95); 4. She Was (10/06/95); 5. Blind Man's Bluff (10/13/95) 6. Angie's Turn (10/20/95) 7. Hat Trick (11/03/95) 8. The Liver Wild (11/10/95); 9. Walk Away (11/17/95); 10. The Box (12/01/95); 11. Brothers Grim (12/08/95); 12. Trial Period (12/15/95); 3. Last Chance (Rerun 12/22/95); 1. Soul Survivor (Rerun 12/29/95); 13. Healing Hands (01/05/96); 6. Angie's Turn (Rerun 01/12/96); 14. Wrong Number (01/19/96); 15. In Sickness and in Wealth (02/02/96) 16. Blinded by the Son (02/09/96); 17. Struck by Lightning (02/23/96); Casting: Eric Dawson, Carol Kritzer, Robert J. Ulrich; Production Designer: Phil Schmidt; Art Director: James Cordeiro; Costume Designer: Diane Widas; Makeup Department Head: Carolyn Stewart; Production Manager: Ron French; Second Assistant Director: Mark D. Currie; Third Assistant Director: Roger Scott Russell; Art Department: Harry Griffin-Beale: construction coordinator; Wayne Lindholm: construction foreman (pilot episode); Colin Matthews: assistant property master; Rob Smith: property master; Sound Department: Norval D. Crutcher III: adr editor, dialogue editor; Mike Getlin: sound re-recording mixer; Ken Lee: boom operator; Dean Okrand: sound re-recording mixer; Bill Thiederman: sound re-recording mixer; Visual Effects: Eric Alba: visual effects supervisor: Northwest Imaging & FX; Christine Petrov: digital compositing artist; Lee Wilson: visual effects supervisor; Bruce Woloshyn: digital compositing artist; Stunts: Bud Davis: stunt co-ordinator; Hannah Kozak: stunts; Other Crew: Richard Bullock: production coordinator; Andrew Doucette: title designer; Kim Douglas: unit publicist; Coreen Mayrs: casting: Canada; Nelia Morago: casting assistant: Los Angeles; Larry Portmann: focus puller: "b" camera; Andrew J. Sacks: production coordinator: Los Angeles.
Strange New World, ABC, 1975 TV movie which was almost surely one of Gene Roddenberry's attempts to launch a new series after Star Trek (#1 was Genesis II, #2 was Planet Earth, #3 was The Questor Tapes) and yet Roddenberry's name appears nowhere in the credits. As with Genesis II and Planet Earth, the plot revolves around an astronaut from our century interacting in the future with peculiar societies. Astronaut -- John Saxon Producer -- Robert E. Larson Director -- Robert Butler Writers -- Ronald F. Graham, Walter Green, and Alvin Ramrus.
Strange World, network?, 8 Mar 1999-16 Mar 1999 (later in syndication?); Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: {to be done} 13 Episodes In Season 1, 1999-1999 (original air date): 1.Pilot (3/8/1999) 2.Lullaby (3/9/1999) 3.Azrael's Breed (3/16/1999) 4.Spirit Falls (Originally Unaired) 5.The Devil Still Holds My Hand (Originally Unaired) 6.Skin (Originally Unaired) 7.Man Plus [title of a novel by Frederick Pohl] (Originally Unaired) 8.Rage (Originally Unaired) 9.Aerobe (Originally Unaired) 10.Eliza (Originally Unaired) 11.Down Came The Rain (Originally Unaired) 12.Food (Originally Unaired) 13.Age Of Reason (Originally Unaired).
The Stranger, Australia ABC, 1965; 12 30-minute episodes; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: {to be done} Season 1 - 6 episodes (30 minutes) Season 2 - 6 episodes (30 minutes)
The Stranger Within, ABC, 1975 TV movie about a woman who becomes pregnant under impossible conditions. When she gives birth, the baby is healthy -- but is a Martian. Woman -- Barbara Eden Director -- Lee Philips Writer -- Richard Matheson (based on his 1953 short story "Mother By Protest")
The Strangerers, 2000, to be done
Street Hawk, ABC, 1985, to be done
Superboy, Syndicated, 1988-1992, to be done
Supercar, to be done
Superfriends, to be done
Superman: News flash! 27 October 1996: LOIS LANE'S MAKEUP ARTIST HARRY THOMAS DIES Superman, the Adventures of, Syndicated & Network daytime, July 1951-Nov 1957 (104 episodes) "Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound! Superman, strange visitor from another planet, who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men! Superman, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands, and who, disguised as Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way!" George Reeves had created the role of Superman in the low-budget 1951 feature film "Superman and the Mole People" (produced by Robert Maxwell and Bernard Luber). The series had pretty good ratings, partly because of the stories and acting, and partly because of the visual quality achieved by pre-filming (as opposed to live telecast). From the third season, the filming was in color. Starring: Superman/Clark Kent -- George Reeves Lois Lane (1951) -- Phyllis Coates Lois Lane (1953-1957) -- Noel Neill Jimmy Olson -- Jack Larson Perry White -- John Hamilton Inspector William Henderson -- Robert Shayne Jor-El (Superman's dad) -- Robert Rockwell (in "Superman on Earth", the establishing episode) Lara (Superman's mom) -- Aline Towne (in "Superman on Earth", the establishing episode) Bad Guys -- Ben Welden, Herb Vigran, Tris Coffin, Billy Nelson (all semiregular, in varying roles) Producer (1st series) -- Robert Maxwell and Bernard Luber Producer (2nd series) -- Whitney Ellsworth (who made it too childish) The Adventures of Superman @ The Adventures of Superman Genre: Supermen
Super Force, Syndicated, 1990-1992, to be done
Survivors, BBC, 1975 A plague wipes out 52,000,000 people in six weeks of terror in Great Britain, leaving only some 7,000 survivors. In the series, we follow one small group of survivors as they attempt to prosper in a post-technological nation. This is similar to "The Day of the Triffids", the cosmic disaster novels of John Wynham, and the inimitable fiction of J. G. Ballard. The series falls flat in making the survivors far too comfortable, and celebrating (rather than warning against) the prospects of a future without technology. This is a hippy head trip, not real science fiction. Even "The Stand" by Steven King does the job better. Genre: Dystopia
Swamp Thing, USA, 27 July 1990-1993; Swamp Thing Guide @ Based on, but not as clever as, the comic book. The comic book spawned the Theatrical Movie "Swamp Thing" [1982], and "Return Of Swamp Thing" [1989]; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Swamp Thing -- Dick Durock; Dr. Anton Arcane -- Mark Lindsay Chapman; Graham -- Kevin Quigley; Will Kipp -- Scott Garrison; Dr. Alec Holland -- Patrick Neill Quinn; Tressa Kipp -- Carrel Myers; Sheriff Andrews -- Marc Macaulay; Jim Kipp -- Jesse Ziegler; Abigail -- Kari Wuhrer; Dr. Hollister -- William Whitehead; Dr. Ann Fisk -- Janet Julian; General Sutherland -- Jacob Witkin; Oboe -- Anthony ; 13 Episodes in Season 1, 1990-1991: 1. The Emerald Heart Original Air Date: 7/27/1990 Written By: Joseph Stefano Directed By: Fritz Kiersch 2. The Living Image Original Air Date: 9/7/1990 Written By: D. Braff, J. Berg, S. Berg, J. Stefano Directed By: John McPherson 3. The Death Of Dr. Arcane Original Air Date: 9/14/1990 Written By: J. Stefano, J. Berg, S. Berg Directed By: John McPherson 4. Legend Of The Swamp Maiden Original Air Date: 9/21/1990 Written By: Lorenzo Domenico Directed By: Yuri Sivo 5. Spirit Of The Swamp Original Air Date: 9/28/1990 Written By: J. Berg, S. Berg, M. Reeves Directed By: Yuri Sivo 6. Blood Wind Original Air Date: 10/5/1990 Written By: Marc Scott Zicree Directed By: Walter von Huene 7. Grotesquery Original Air Date: 10/12/1990 Written By: Michele Barinholtz Directed By: David Jackson 8. Natural Enemy Original Air Date: 10/19/1990 Written By: Robert Goethals Directed By: Tony Dow 9. Treasure Original Air Date: 10/26/1990 Written By: Jon Ezrine Directed By: Tony Dow 10. New Acquaintance Original Air Date: 11/2/1990 Written By: L. Ditillo, W. Johnson, D. Kennedy Directed By: David Jackson 11. Falco Original Air Date: 11/9/1990 Written By: Joseph Stefano Directed By: Fritz Kiersch 12. From Beyond The Grave Original Air Date: 11/16/1990 Written By: W. Johnson, D. Kennedy Directed By: Tony Dow 13. The Shipment Original Air Date: 11/23/1990 Written By: J. Berg, S. Berg, J. Stefano Directed By: Walter von Huene 9 Episodes in Season 2, 1991-1992: 14. Birthmarks Original Air Date: 2/1/1991 Written By: Tom Greene Directed By: Walter von Huene 15. Dark Side Of The Mirror Original Air Date: 2/8/1991 Written By: W. M. Whitehead Directed By: Bruce Seth Green 16. Silent Screams Original Air Date: 2/15/1991 Written By: J. Berg, S. Berg Directed By: Walter von Huene 17. Walk A Mile In My Shoots Original Air Date: 2/22/1991 Written By: Jonathan Torp Directed By: Bruce Seth Green 18. The Watchers Original Air Date: 1/3/1991 Written By: T. Greene, W. M. Whitehead Directed By: Lyndon Chubbuck 19. The Hunt Original Air Date: 3/8/1991 Written By: W. Johnson, D. Kennedy Directed By: Bruce Seth Green 20. Touch Of Death Original Air Date: 3/15/1991 Written By: T. Greene, W. M. Whitehead Directed By: Walter von Huene 21. Tremors Of the Heart Original Air Date: 3/22/1991 Written By: W. Johnson, D. Kennedy Directed By: Mitchell Brock 22. The Prometheus Parabola Original Air Date: 4/5/1991 Written By: T. Greene, W. M. Whitehead Directed By: Walter von Huene xx Episodes in Season 3, 1992-1993: 23. Night Of The Dying Original Air Date: 1/3/1992 Written By: Tom Blomquist Directed By: Steve Beers 24. Love Lost Original Air Date: 1/10/1992 Written By: Tom Blomquist Directed By: David Jackson 25. Mist Demeanor Original Air Date: 1/17/1992 Written By: Steven L. Sears Directed By: David Jackson 26. Nightmare On Jackson Street Original Air Date: 1/24/1992 Written By: Jeff Myrow Directed By: Walter von Huene 27. Better Angels Original Air Date: 1/31/1992 Written By: Babs Greyhosky Directed By: David Jackson 28. Children Of The Fool Original Air Date: 2/7/1992 Written By: Fred Golan Directed By: David Jackson 29. A Jury Of His Fears Original Air Date: 2/14/1992 Written By: Tom Blomquist Directed By: Walter von Huene 30. Poisonous Original Air Date: 2/21/1992 Written By: Jeff Myrow Directed By: Walter von Huene 31. Smoke And Mirrors Original Air Date: 2/28/1992 Written By: Tom Blomquist Directed By: Steve Beers 32. This Old House Of Mayan Original Air Date: 3/6/1992 Written By: Steven L. Sears Directed By: Walter von Huene 33. Sonata Original Air Date: 3/20/1992 Written By: Babs Greyhosky Directed By: Chuck Bowman 34. Dead And Married Original Air Date: 7/10/1992 Written By: Steven L. Sears Directed By: Steve Beers 35. Powers Of Darkness Original Air Date: 7/17/1992 Written By: W. Reed Moran Directed By: Chuck Bowman 36. Special Request Original Air Date: 7/27/1992 Written By: Terry D. Nelson Directed By: John McPherson 37. What Goes Around, Comes Around Original Air Date: 7/31/1992 Written By: Jim Byrnes Directed By: Chuck Bowman 38. Lesser Of Two Evils Original Air Date: 8/4/1992 Written By: S.L. Sears, T. Blomquist Directed By: Walter von Huene 39. Future Tense Original Air Date: 8/5/1992 Written By: Terry D. Nelson Directed By: Steve Beers 40. A Most Bitter Pill Original Air Date: 8/6/1992 Written By: Tom Blomquist Directed By: Tom Blomquist 41. Fear Itself Original Air Date: 8/7/1992 Written By: Brenda Lilly Directed By: John McPherson 42. Changes Original Air Date: 8/14/1992 Written By: S. L. Sears, J. Myrow Directed By: John McPherson 43. Destiny Original Air Date: 8/21/1992 Written By: Jim Byrnes Directed By: Tom DeSimone 44. Tatania Original Air Date: 8/28/1992 Written By: Randy Holland Directed By: John McPherson 45. Mirador's Brain Original Air Date: 9/13/1992 Written By: Bruce Lansbury Directed By: Tom DeSimone 46. Vendetta Original Air Date: 9/20/1992 Written By: W. Reed Moran Directed By: Steve Beers 47. Easy Prey Original Air Date: 10/3/1992 Written By: Jim Byrnes Directed By: Steve Beers 48. The Handyman Original Air Date: 10/10/1992 Written By: Terry D. Nelson Directed By: Andrew Stevens 49. Revelations Original Air Date: 10/17/1992 Written By: T. Blomquist, S. L. Sears Directed By: Chuck Bowman 50. Pay-Day Original Air Date: 10/31/1992 Written By: Tom Blomquist Directed By: Tom Blomquist 51. Return Of La Roche Original Air Date: 11/7/1992 Written By: Babs Greyhosky Directed By: Andrew Stevens 52. Rites Of Passage Original Air Date: 11/14/1992 Written By: F. Lansing, B. Cervi Directed By: Chuck Bowman 53. Never Alone Original Air Date: 11/21/1992 Written By: Fred Golan Directed By: Walter von Huene 54. The Curse Original Air Date: 12/12/1992 Written By: Jeff Myrow Directed By: Chuck Bowman 55. Judgement Day Original Air Date: 12/19/1992 Written By: W. Reed Moran Directed By: Chuck Bowman 56. Eye Of The Storm Original Air Date: 1/9/1993 Written By: Brenda Lilly Directed By: Chuck Bowman 57. The Hurting Original Air Date: 1/23/1993 Written By: Tom Blomquist Directed By: Chuck Bowman 58. The Burning Times Original Air Date: 1/30/1993 Written By: Katharyn Powers Directed By: Mitchell Bock 59. Spectre Of Death Original Air Date: 2/6/1993 Written By: Tom Blomquist Directed By: Tony Dow 60. Cross-Fired Original Air Date: 2/13/1993 Written By: J. Lansing, B. Cervi Directed By: Chuck Bowman 61. Patient Zero Original Air Date: 2/20/1993 Written By: J. Berg, S. Berg Directed By: Walter von Huene 62. The Chains Of Forever Original Air Date: 2/27/1993 Written By: Randy Holland Directed By: Mitchell Bock 63. In The Beginning Original Air Date: 3/6/1993 Written By: Terry D. Nelson Directed By: Chuck Bowman 64. Brotherly Love Original Air Date: 3/13/1993 Written By: Jim Byrnes Directed By: Walter von Huene 65. An Eye For An Eye Original Air Date: 3/20/1993 Written By: Jeff Myrow Directed By: Tom DiSimone 66. Yo Ho Ho Original Air Date: 3/27/1993 Written By: David Kemper Directed By: Walter von Huene 67. Heart Of Stone Original Air Date: 4/3/1993 Written By: Alan Jay Glueckman Directed By: Mitchell Bock 68. Romancing Arcane Original Air Date: 4/10/1993 Written By: Jeff Myrow Directed By: Tony Dow 69. Swamp Of Dreams Original Air Date: 4/17/1993 Written By: Randy Holland Directed By: John McPherson 70. Heart Of The Mantis Original Air Date: 4/24/1993 Written By: Steven L. Sears Directed By: Walter von Huene 71. Hide In The Night Original Air Date: 5/1/1993 Written By: Unknown Directed By: Unknown 72. That's A Wrap Original Air Date: 5/8/1993 Written By: T. Blomquist, S. L. Sears, J. Myrow Directed By: Walter von Huene.
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Tabitha, ABC, 12 Nov 1977-25 Aug 1978 Spin-off of "Bewitched", focusing on Tabitha, grown-up witch daughter of witch Samantha, who now works for KLXA-TV. This show, how shall I say it, lacked a certain magic... Tabitha Stevens -- Lisa Hartman Paul Thurston -- Robert Urich Marvin Decker -- Mel Stewart Adam Stephens -- David Ankrum Aunt Minerva -- Karen Morrow
Tales From The Crypt, HBO, 10 June 1989-19 July 1996; Fox, 1994-1996, to be done Tales From The Crypt cool official site Anthology of occult and supernatural episodes. Genre: Horror 93 30-minute episodes; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} 6 Episodes in Season 1, 1989-1990 (original air date): 1. The Man Who Was Death (6/10/1989) 2. And All Throught The House (6/10/1989) 3. Dig That Cat...He's Really Gone (6/10/1989) 4. Only Sin Deep (6/14/1989) 5. Lover Come Hack To Me (6/21/1989) 6. Collection Completed (6/28/1989) 18 Episodes in Season 2, 1990-1991, (original air date): 7. Dead Right (4/21/1990) 8. The Switch (4/21/1990) 9. Cutting Cards (4/21/1990) 10. 'Til Death (4/24/1990) 11. Three's A Crowd (5/1/1990) 12. The Thing From The Grave (5/8/1990) 13. The Sacrifice (5/15/1990) 14. For Cryin' Out Loud (5/22/1990) 15. Four Sided Triangle (5/29/1990) 16. The Ventriloquist's Dummy (6/5/1990) 17. Judy, You're Not Yourself Today (6/12/1990) 18. Fitting Punishment (6/19/1990) 19. Korman's Kalamity (6/26/1990) 20. Lower Berth (7/3/1990) 21. Mute Witness To Murder (7/10/1990) 22. Television Terror (7/17/1990) 23. My Brother's Keeper (7/24/1990) 24. The Secret (7/31/1990) 14 Episodes in Season 3, 1991-1992, (original air date): 25. The Trap (6/15/1991) 26. Loved To Death (6/15/1991) 27. Carrion Death (6/15/1991) 28. Abra Cadaver (6/19/1991) 29. Top Billing (6/26/1991) 30. Dead Wait (7/3/1991) 31. The Reluctant Vampire (7/10/1991) 32. Easel Kill Ya (7/17/1991) 33. Undertaking Parlor (7/24/1991) 34. Mournin' Mess (7/31/1991) 35. Split Second (8/7/1991) 36. Deadline (8/14/1991) 37. Spoiled (8/21/1991) 38. Yellow (8/28/1991) 14 Episodes in Season 4, 1992-1993, (original air date): 39. Nothing But The Lonely Heart (6/27/1992) 40. This'll Kill Ya (6/27/1992) 41. On A Dead Man's Chest (6/27/1992) 42. Seance (7/4/1992) 43. Beauty Rest (7/11/1992) 44. What's Cookin' (7/22/1992) 45. The New Arrival (7/25/1992) 46. Showdown (8/1/1992) 47. King Of The Road (8/8/1992) 48. Maniac At Large (8/19/1992) 49. Split Personality (8/26/1992) 50. Strung Along (9/2/1992) 51. Werewolf Concerto (9/9/1992) 52. Curiousity Killed (9/16/1992) 13 Episodes in Season 5, 1993-1994, (original air date): 53. Death Of Some Salesman (10/2/1993) 54. As Ye Sow (10/2/1993) 55. Forever Ambergris (10/2/1993) 56. Food For Thought (10/6/1993) 57. People Who Live In Brass Hearses (10/13/1993) 58. Two For The Show (10/20/1993) 59. House Of Horror (10/27/1993) 60. Well Cooked Hams (11/3/1993) 61. Creep Course (11/10/1993) 62. Came The Dawn (11/17/1993) 63. Oil's Well That Ends Well (11/24/1993) 64. Half Way Horrible (12/1/1993) 65. Till Death Do We Part (12/8/1993) 15 Episodes in Season 6, 1994-1995, (original air date): 66. Let The Punishment Fit The Crime (10/31/1994) 67. Only Skin Deep (10/31/1994) 68. Whirlpool (10/31/1994) 69. Operation Friendship (11/9/1994) 70. Revenge Is The Nuts (11/16/1994) 71. The Bribe (11/23/1994) 72. The Pit (11/30/1994) 73. The Assassin (12/7/1994) 74. Staired In Horror (12/14/1994) 75. In the Grove (12/21/1994) 76. Surprise Party (12/28/1994) 77. Doctor Of Horror (1/4/1995) 78. Come The Dawn (1/11/1995) 79. 99 & 44/100% Pure Horror (1/18/1995) 80. You, Murderer (1/25/1995) 13 Episodes in Season 7, 1995-1996, (original air date): 81. Fatal Caper (4/19/1996) 82. Last Respects (4/26/1996) 83. A Slight Case Of Murder (5/3/1996) 84. Escape (5/17/1996) 85. Horror In The Night (5/24/1996) 86. Cold War (5/31/1996) 87. Kidnapper (6/7/1996) 88. Report From The Grave (6/14/1996) 89. Smoke Wrings (6/21/1996) 90. About Face (6/28/1996) 91. Confession (7/5/1996) 92. Ear Today... Gone Tomorrow (7/12/1996) 93. The Third Pig (7/19/1996) Spun-off Theatrical Movie: Tales From The Crypt Presents "Demon Knight" (1990)
Tales from the Darkside, Syndicated, Sep 1984-? Low-budget series of Twilight-Zonish downer episodes, sometimes with creepy surprise twist endings. Narrator -- Paul Sparer Guest Stars -- Harry Anderson, Justine Bateman, Eddie Bracken, Peggy Cass, Phyllis Diller, Bill Macy, Jean Marsh, Darrin McGavin, Arnold Stang, Connie Stevens, Fritz Weaver, Keenan Wynn, others Genre: Horror 89 30-minute episodes; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Pilot: Trick Or Treat (10/29/1983) 23 Episodes in Season 1, 1984-1985, (original air date): 1. The New Man (9/30/1984) 2. I'll Give You A Million (10/7/1984) 3. Pain Killer (10/14/1984) 4. The Odds (10/21/1984) 5. Mookie And Pookie (11/4/1984) 6. Slippage (11/11/1984) 7. Inside The Closet (11/18/1984) 8. The Word Processor Of The Gods (11/25/1984) 9. A Case Of The Stubborns (12/2/1984) 10. Djinn, No Chaser (1/13/1985) 11. All A Clone By The Telephone (1/20/1985) 12. In The Cards (1/27/1985) 13. Anniversary Dinner (2/3/1985) 14. Snip, Snip (2/10/1985) 15. Answer Me (2/17/1985) 16. The Tear Collector (2/24/1985) 17. Madness Room (5/5/1985) 18. If The Shoes Fit... (5/12/1985) 19. Levitation (5/19/1985) 20. It All Comes Out In The Wash (5/26/1985) 21. Bigalow's Last Smoke (6/9/1985) 22. Grandma's Last Wish (6/16/1985) 23. The False Prophet (8/4/1985) 24 Episodes in Season 2, 1985-1986, (original air date): 24. The Impressionist (9/29/1985) 25. Lifebomb (10/6/1985) 26. Ring Around The Redhead (10/13/1985) 27. Parlor Floor Front (10/20/1985) 28. Halloween Candy (10/27/1985) 29. The Satanic Piano (11/3/1985) 30. The Devil's Advocate (11/10/1985) 31. Distant Signals (11/17/1985) 32. The Trouble With Mary Jane (11/24/1985) 33. Ursa Minor (12/1/1985) 34. Effect And Cause (12/8/1985) 35. Monsters In My Room (12/22/1985) 36. Comet Watch (1/12/1986) 37. Dream Girl (1/19/1986) 38. A New Lease On Life (1/26/1986) 39. Printer's Devil (2/2/1986) 40. The Shrine (2/9/1986) 41. The Old Soft Shoe (2/16/1986) 42. The Last Car (2/23/1986) 43. A Choice Of Dreams (5/4/1986) 44. Strange Love (5/11/1986) 45. The Unhappy Medium (5/18/1986) 46. Fear Of Floating (5/25/1986) 47. The Casavin Curse (7/13/1986) 22 Episodes in Season 3, 1986-1987, (original air date): 48. The Circus (9/28/1986) 49. I Can't Help Saying Goodbye (10/5/1986) 50. The Bitterest Pill (10/12/1986) 51. Florence Bravo (10/19/1986) 52. The Greezenstacks (10/26/1986) [from a Fredric Brown story] 53. Black Widows (11/2/1986) 54. Heretic (11/9/1986) 55. A Serpent's Tooth (11/16/1986) 56. Baker's Dozen (11/23/1986) 57. Deliver Us From Goodness (11/30/1986) 58. Seasons Of Belief (12/29/1986) 59. Miss May Dusa (1/18/1987) 60. The Milkman Cometh (1/25/1987) 61. My Ghostwriter - The Vampire (2/1/1987) 62. My Own Place (2/8/1987) 63. Red Leader (2/15/1987) 64. Everybody Needs A Little Love (2/22/1987) 65. Auld Acquaintances (3/1/1987) 66. The Social Climber (3/8/1987) 67. The Swap (5/3/1987) 68. Let The Games Begin (5/10/1987) 69. The Enormous Radio (5/17/1987) 20 Episodes in Season 4, 1987-1988, (original air date): 70. Beetles (9/27/1987) 71. Mary, Mary (10/4/1987) 72. The Spirit Photographer (10/11/1987) 73. The Moth (10/18/1987) 74. No Strings (10/25/1987) 75. The Grave Robber (11/1/1987) 76. The Yattering And Jack (11/8/1987) 77. Seymourlama (11/15/1987) 78. Sorry, Right Number (11/22/1987) 79. Payment Overdue (2/14/1988) 80. Love Hungry (2/21/1988) 81. The Deal (2/28/1988) 82. The Apprentice (5/1/1988) 83. The Cutty Black Sow (5/8/1988) 84. Do Not Open This Box (5/15/1988) 85. Family Reunion (5/22/1988) 86. Going Native (6/19/1988) 87. Hush (7/10/1988) 88. Barter (7/17/1988) 89. Basher Malone (7/23/1988) Spun-off Theatrical Film: Tales From The Darkside: The Movie (Released 1990) anthology containing: a. Lot 249 b. The Cat From Hell c. Lover's Vow.
Tales of E.S.P., see E.S.P. Genre: Extra-Sensory Perception
Tales of the Unexpected, NBC, 2 Feb 1977-24 Aug 1977 Occult and psychological suspense with last-minute twist endings. Narrator -- William Conrad Executive Producer -- Quinn Martin
Tales of the Unknown: see Journey to the Unknown
Tales of Tomorrow, ABC, 3 Aug 1951-12 Jun 1953; 85 30-minute episodes; Sophisticated science fiction based on classic stories by major authors (H.G. Wells' "The Crystal Egg", Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein", 2-part of Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" starring Thomas Mitchell and Leslie Nielsen) plus modern stories ("The Monsters" from Mars, "The Dark Angel", "Immortal, "The Flying Saucer"...). It was transmitted live, with filmed inserts. It alternated with other series in its Friday 9:30-10:00 p.m. slot, and was also aired on radio in early 1953. Creators/Producers -- George Foley and Dick Gordon. Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} 43 Episodes in Season 1, 1951-1952, (original air date): 1.Verdict From Space (8/3/1951) 2.Blunder (8/10/1951) 3.A Child Is Crying (8/17/1951) 4.The Woman At Land's End (8/24/1951) 5.The Last Man On Earth (8/31/1951) 6.Errand Boy (9/7/1951) 7.The Monsters (9/14/1951) 8.The Dark Angel (9/28/1951) 9.The Crystal Egg (10/12/1951) 10.Test Flight (10/26/1951) 11.The Search For The Flying Saucer (11/9/1951) 12.Enemy Unknown (11/23/1951) 13.Sneak Attack (12/7/1951) 14.The Invader (12/21/1951) 15.The Dune Roller (1/5/1952) [story by Julian May] 16.Frankenstein (1/18/1952) 17.20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: The Chase (1/25/1952) 18.20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: The Escape (2/1/1952) 19.What You Need (2/8/1952) 20.Age Of Peril (2/15/1952) 21.Memento (2/22/1952) 22.The Children's Room (2/29/1952) 23.Bound Together (3/7/1952) 24.The Diamond Lens (3/14/1952) 25.The Fisherman's Wife (3/21/1952) 26.Flight Overdue (3/28/1952) 27.And A Little Child (4/4/1952) 28.Sleep No More (4/11/1952) 29.Time To Go (4/18/1952) 30.Plague From Space (4/25/1952) 31.Red Dust (5/2/1952) 32.The Golden Ingot (5/9/1952) 33.Black Planet (5/16/1952) 34.World Of Water (5/23/1952) 35.Little Black Bag (5/30/1952) [story by C.F. Kuttner] 36.The Exile (6/6/1952) 37.All The Time In The World (6/13/1952) 38.The Miraculous Serum (6/20/1952) 39.Appointment On Mars (6/27/1952) 40.The Duplicates (7/4/1952) 41.Ahead Of His Time (7/18/1952) 42.Sudden Darkness (8/1/1952) 43.Ice From Space (8/8/1952) 42 Episodes In Season 2 1952-1953, (original air date): 44.A Bird In Hand (8/22/1952) 45.Thanks (8/29/1952) 46.The Seeing Eye Surgeon (9/5/1952) 47.The Cocoon (9/12/1952) 48.The Chase (9/19/1952) 49.Youth On Tap (9/26/1952) 50.Substance X (10/3/1952) 51.The Horn (10/10/1952) 52.Double Trouble (10/17/1952) 53.Invaders At Ground Zero (10/24/1952) 54.The Tomb Of King Tarus (10/31/1952) 55.The Window (11/7/1952) 56.The Camera (11/14/1952) 57.The Quiet Lady (11/21/1952) 58.The Invigorating Air (11/28/1952) 59.The Glacier Giant (12/5/1952) 60.The Fatal Flower (12/12/1952) 61.The Machine (12/19/1952) 62.The Bitter Storm (12/26/1952) 63.The Mask Of Medusa (1/2/1953) 64.Conqueror's Isle (1/9/1953) 65.Discovered Heart (1/16/1953) 66.The Picture Of Dorian Gray (1/23/1953) 67.Two Faced (1/30/1953) 68.The Build Box (2/6/1953) 69.Another Chance (2/16/1953) 70.The Great Silence (2/20/1953) 71.Lonesome Village (2/27/1953) 72.The Fury Of The Cocoon (3/6/1953) 73.The Squeeze Play (3/13/1953) 74.Read To Me Herr Doktor (3/20/1953) 75.Ghost Writer (3/27/1953) 76.Past Tense (4/3/1953) 77.Homecoming (4/10/1953) 78.The Rivals (4/17/1953) 79.Please Omit Flowers (4/24/1953) 80.The Evil Within (5/1/1953) 81.The Vault (5/8/1953) 82.Ink (5/15/1953) 83.The Spider's Web (5/22/1953) 84.Lazarus Walks (5/29/1953) 85.What Dreams May Come (6/12/1953).
Tarzan, NBC (Sep 1966-Sep 1968) and CBS (Jun 1969-Sep 1969), 8 Sep 1966-10 Sep 1969 Based on the classic work of Edgar Rice Burroughs, who also wrote more explicit science fiction set on Mars (Barsoom) or inside a hollow Earth (Pellucidar). Ron Ely was the 14th actor in the Tarzan role. Elmo Lincoln was the first. Tarzan -- Ron Ely (did his own stunts, too) Jai -- Manuel Padilla, Jr.
Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills, USA, 1994-1995, to be done
Team Knight Rider, {to be done} 23 Episodes in Season 1, 1997-1998 (original air date): 1.Fallen Nation (10/7/1997) 2.The Magnificent T.K.R. (10/14/1997) 3.The A-List (10/21/1997) 4.K.R.O (10/28/1997) 5.Inside Traitor (11/4/1997) 6.Choctaw L-9 (11/11/1997) 7.Everything To Fear (11/18/1997) 8.Sky One (11/25/1997) 9.Iron Maiden (12/1/1997) 10.Oil & Water (12/8/1997) 11.Et Tu Dante (1/5/1997) 12.The Bad Seed (1/12/1998) 13.Out Of The Past (1/19/1998) 14.The Return Of Megaman (1/26/1998) 15.Angels In Chains (2/2/1998) 16.The Blonde Woman (2/9/1998) 17.The Ixtafa Affair (2/16/1998) 18.Home Away From Home (2/23/1998) 19.E.M.P. (5/2/1998) 20.Apocalypse Maybe (5/9/1998) 21.Spy Girls (5/16/1998) 22.Legion Of Doom (5/23/1998) 23.The Bad Seed (5/30/1998).
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to be done The comic book begat the feature films and the television series and the endless merchandising... I hate to say it, but I find the show strangely compelling at times.
Teen Force: see Space Stars.
Teknoman, to be done
Tekwar, USA, 1995, to be done; Pilots (Shown on the Action Pack Series) Tekwar Tekwar II: Teklords Tekwar III: Teklab Tekwar IV:Tekjustice 18 Episodes in Season 1: 1. Sellout 2. Unknown Soldier 3. Tek Posse 4. Promises To Keep 5. Alter Ego 6. Stay Of Execution 7. Killer Instinct 8. Chill Factor 9. Deadline 10. Carlotta's Room 11. Deep Cover 12. Cyberhunt 13. Zero Tolerance 14. Forget Me Not 15. The Gate 16. Skin Deep 17. Redemption 18. Betrayal
They Came From Outer Space, Syndicated, 1990-1991, to be done
3rd Rock From The Sun, NBC, 1996-Present 3rd Rock From The Sun Really cool site! Content-rich, chat room, trivia contest, info on past shows, much more. We recommend this site, which shares the flavor of the excellent show: hip, funny, well-executed, and forcing you to examine your own life and customs from an unusual perspective, which is one of the keys to true science fiction. Production Company -- Carsey-Werner Productions Executive Producer -- Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Caryn Mandabach Director of Photography -- Ron Browne Origination Format -- 35mm Visual Effects -- Film to D1 Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- Complete Post Color Correction Facility -- Complete Post Colorist -- Trent Johnson, Rich Montez Offline Facility -- Complete Post Offline Editor -- Vince Humphrey Offline Editing System Manufacturer -- Avid Online Facility -- Complete Post Online Editor -- ??? Online Tape Format -- Digital Betacam Audio Editing/Mixing Facility -- Warner Bros. Studios Sound Supervising Sound Editor -- Todd Grace Audio Editing System Manufacturer -- Digidesign Audio Mixing/Sweetening System Manufacturer -- Solid State Logic Show Telephone Number -- (818) 760-6057
Thriller, NBC, 13 Sep 1960-9 July 1962 True to the eponymous genre title, almost every episode revolved around an ordinary man or woman with whom the audience can easily identify being caught up in a frightening or life-threatening situation. That has been a key to the "thriller" style since John Buchan's "The 39 Steps" -- the moral universe is turned upside-down, and the world is suddenly seen to be a darker and more dangerous place. The central character often wonders whether he or she is being paranoid, but events then show that he or she was not paranoid enough. Host -- Boris Karloff
Thunderbirds, ATV (Great Britain), 1965, shown in US in ???, to be done Perhaps the best of the puppet series created and produced by the Andersons. A future family performs rescue operations undersea, in the air, and in space, with really nifty keen vehicles. There is a 1999 live action film adaptation in the works: Thunderbirds Creator/Producers -- Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson Special Effects Supervisor -- Derek Meddings
Thunderstone, Australia, 1999-2000; 26 xx-minute episodes; Production Company: Jonathan M. Shiff Productions (imdb erroneous in listing "Joanathan"); Plot Outline: Near-Future adventure, set in Australia, of an ecologically-mangled world bereft of animals and a boy genius, Noah (Jeffrey Walker), who unlocks the secret of time travel, finding a way to bring back fauna to the world. This is one of three remarkably good Australian children's Science Fiction series on television, the others being Ocean Girl (which also features Jeffery Walker), and Spellbinder. Directors: Colin Budds, Mark Defriest; Writers: Barbara Bishop, Everett De Roche, Marieke Hardy, Peter A. Kinloch, Alison Nisselle, David Phillips, Jenny Sharp Starring (alphabetical order): Ferris -- Robert Alston; Rork -- Jasper Bagg; Pohl -- Ernie Bourne; Clio (2000) -- Emily Browning; Liz Daniels (1999-2000) -- Nikki Coghill; Vanda (2000) -- Janelle Da Silva; Curly (2000) -- Jim Daley; Chip (1999-2000) -- Daniel Daperis; Sundance/Sutch (1999) -- Damien Fotiou; Tao -- Stuart Halusz; Rorden -- Wayne Hope; Geneva (1999) -- Anna-Grace Hopkins; Monsoon -- Bob Hornery; Tod -- Fletcher Humphrys; Security Guard (2000) -- Gareth Jackson; Apra (2000) -- Kelly Jones; Becky Daniels (1999-2000) -- Kate Keltie; Dr. Pretorius -- Gerard Kennedy; Security Guard (2000) -- Fabian Klancic; Syndia -- Nina Landis; Simon Daniels (1999-2000) -- Andrew Larkins; Jett -- Elena Mandalis; Rolf (2000) -- Kane McDonald; Savage -- Denis Moore; Holocop (1999) -- Shane Nicholson; Ivan (2000) -- Christopher Schlusser; Charles 'Bud' Tingwell (1999); Arushka (1999-2000) -- Mereoni Vuki; Noah Daniels (1999-2000) -- Jeffrey Walker; Myah (1999) -- Leanna Walsman; Kwan (1999-2000) -- Nathan Wentworth Original Music: Garry McDonald, Lawrence Stone; Cinematographer: Ron Hagen; Film Editor: Philip Watts; Special Effects Supervisor: Clint Ingram; Risk Manager: Tom Burstall; Focus Puller (2nd unit): Cameron Dunn; Awards for "Thunderstone" (1999): * Australasian Performing Rights Association, 2000, winner: APRA Music Award for Best TV Theme, Garry McDonald and Lawrence Stone; * Australian Film Institute, 2001, Nominated for AFI Award for Best Children's Television Drama, Daniel Scharf and Jonathan M. Shiff (For season 3, episode #13). * Australian Film Institute, 2000, Nominated for AFI Award for Best Children's Television Drama, Jonathan M. Shiff (For series 2, episode 13). * British Academy Awards, 1999, Winner of BAFTA Childrens' Award for Best International, Jonathan M. Shiff.
The Tick, animated, amusing self-conscious parody of superhero cartoons, to be done
The Tick, live action, Fox, 8 Nov 2001-??; There is an exclusive club, and several nonexclusive hangouts for superheroes and their sidekicks, all competing for the big-time and consumed by messy legal, personal, and financial problems in a chaos of shifting coalitions. The Tick is a particularly noble, jut-jawed ultra-strong hero, but dumber than a bowl of mush, which irritates his brainy side-kick, Arthur. Creator: Ben Edlund (creator of the comic book and animated series of the same name); Director: Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black); Starring: The Tick -- Patrick Warburton; Arthur -- David Burke; ? Episodes In Season 1, 2000-2001, (original air date): 1.Pilot (11/8/2001) 2.The Funeral (11/15/2001) 3.Couples (12/5/2001) 4.The License (12/6/2001) 5.Arthur Needs His Space (12/13/2001) 6.The Big Leagues (12/21/2001) 7.The Terror 8.Arthur, Interrupted 9.The Tick vs Justice Book from which series spun-off: The Tick: Mighty Blue Justice!
Time Express, CBS, 26 Apr 1979-17 May 1979 "Fantasy Island" meets "The Time Machine" aboard the "Starlight Express." Possibly based on a particular "Twilight Zone" episode about an ad exec who gets off a train and encounters his childhood self in a Carnival. Or then again, possibly not. Each episode carried passengers back in time aboard a gleaming Time Express train that rode the clouded skies of time, to give them a chance to change their pasts by altering some key decision in their lives. This is, according to modern physicists, one of the things that can NOT be done, even if you have a time machine. They theorize that you can participate in the past, but not change it. Be that as it may, this is really a series related to the science fiction subgenre of "parahistroy" or "alternate history" where a changed event has spawned a whole new present in which, for instance, the South won the American Civil War, or Japan and Germany won World War II, or I actually completed my Ph.D. and became a Professor and hired a graduate student to enter all the stuff in this Magic Dragon Multimedia domain instead of doing it myself. Jason -- Vincent Price Margaret -- Coral Browne Conductor R. J. Walker -- James Reynolds Engineer Callahan -- William Phipps Ticket Clerk -- Woodrow Parfey Genre: Time Travel
Time Trax, Syndicated, 20 Jan 1993-1994, to be done Time Trax Guide @ xx Episodes in Season 1, 1992-1993 (original air date): 1. A Stranger In Time (1/20/1993) 2. To Kill A Billionaire (2/3/1993) 3. Fire And Ice (2/10/1993) 4. Showdown (2/17/1993) 5. The Prodigy (2/24/1993) 6. Death Takes A Holiday (3/3/1993) 7. The Contender (3/10/1993) 8. Night Of The Savage (3/17/1993) 9. Treasure Of The Ages (3/31/1993) 10. The Price Of Honor (4/7/1993) 11. Face Of Death (4/14/1993) 12. Revenge (5/5/1993) 13. Darien Comes Home (5/12/1993) 14. Two Beans In A Wheel (5/19/1993) 15. Little Boy Lost (5/26/1993) 16. The Mysterious Stranger (10/27/1993) 17. Framed (11/3/1993) 18. Beautiful Songbird (11/10/1993) 19. Photo Finish (11/17/1993) 20. Darrow For The Defense (11/24/1993) 21. One On One (12/1/1993) 22 Episodes in Season 2, 1993-1994) 22. Return Of The Yakuza (1/29/1994) 23. Missing (2/5/1994) 24. To Live And Die In Docker Flats (2/12/1994) 25. A Close Encounter (2/19/1994) 26. The Gravity Of It All (2/26/1994) 27. Happy Valley (3/5/1994) 28. Lethal Weapons (3/12/1994) 29. The Cure (3/19/1994) 30. Perfect Pair (4/23/1994) 31. Catch Me If You Can (4/30/1994) 32. The Dream Team (5/7/1994) 33. Almost Human (5/14/1994) 34. Mother (5/21/1994) 35. The Last M.I.A. (5/28/1994) 36. Split Image (10/15/1994) 37. Cool Hand Darien (10/22/1994) 38. The Lottery (10/29/1994) 39. Out For Blood (11/5/1994) 40. The Scarlet Koala (11/12/1994) 41. Optic Nerve (11/19/1994) 42. The Crash (11/26/1994) 43. Forgotten Tomorrows (12/3/1994)
Time Tunnel, ABC, 9 Sep 1966-1 Sep 1967 See "Time Express", above, for an explanation that scientists do NOT think it is possible to change the past. This series respects that opinion, with a vengeance. Dr. Tony Newman and Dr. Doug Phillips worked in a ultra-secret government research lab underground in Arizona, and their laser-powered system threw them into the past before the system could undergo the proper final configuration audit. Trapped in history, they could jump from one time to another, but were unable to get home. Dr. Ann MacGregor and Dr. Raymond Swain kept trying to save them from the lab, but again and again our heroes tried to change the outcome of events, such as Abraham Lincoln's assassination, or the sinking of the Titanic (episode #1) or Marie Antoinette's beheading, and were always ironically prevented from so doing. Sometimes they were in the distant past 1,000,000 B.C. or so, sometimes in early history (the fall of Jericho), sometimes in meso-American history (Cortez vs. Montezuma), and once in the far future of 1,000,000 A.D. The past was more commonly used than the future, because stock footage is cheaper than new production. Dr. Tony Newman -- James Darren Dr. Doug Phillips -- Robert Colbert Dr. Ann MacGregor -- Lee Meriwether General Heywood Kirk -- Whit Bissel Dr. Raymond Swain -- John Zaremba Created by/Producer -- Irwin Allen Genre: Time Travel 30 Episodes in Season 1, 1966-1967: 1. Rendezvous With Yesterday 2. One Way To The Moon 3. End of the World 4. The Day The Sky Fell In 5. The Last Patrol 6. Crack Of Doom 7. Revenge Of The Gods 8. Massacre 9. Devil's Island 10. Reign Of Terror 11. Secret Weapon 12. The Death Trap 13. The Alamo 14. Night Of The Long Knives 15. Invasion 16. The Revenge Of Robin Hood 17. Kill Two By Two 18. Visitors From Beyond The Stars 19. The Ghost Of Nero 20. The Walls Of Jericho 21. Idol Of Death 22. Billy The Kid 23. Pirates Of Deadman's Island 24. Chase Through Time 25. The Death Merchant 26. Attack Of The Barbarians 27. Merlin The Magician 28. The Kidnappers 29. Raiders From Outer Space 30. Town Of Terror
Timecop, network?, 22 Sep 1997-18 July 1998; Creators/Producers: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} 9 Episodes in Season 1, 1997-1998 (original air date): 1.A Rip In Time (9/22/1997) 2.The Heist (9/29/1997) 3.Stalker (10/6/1997) 4.Public Enemy (10/13/1997) 5.Rocket Science (10/20/1997) 6.Alternate World (6/20/1997) 7.Lost Voyage (6/27/1998) 8.D.O.A. (7/11/1998) 9.The Future, Jack, The Future (7/18/1998)
Timelapse, Australia ABC, 1980; 12 50-minute episodes; Creators/Producers: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: {to be done}
T. J. Hooker, 13 Mar 1982-17 Sep 1987 listed here only for the one episode (Feb 1983) where William Shatner, as Sgt. T. J. Hooker encounters Leonard Nimoy, as a psychiatrically disturbed police oficer whose daughter was raped. For this one episode, these two "Star Trek" stars were reunited.
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, CBS (Oct 1950-Dec 1950) then ABC (Jan 1951-Sep 1952) and finally NBC (July 1951-Sep 1951), 2 Oct 1950-26 Sep 1952 Based on the great Robert Anson Heinlein's young adult novel "Space Cadet" (New York: Scribner's, 1950, with cover art by Clifford N. Geary), this was CBS's attempt to steal the thunder of the Dumont Network's "Captain Video" -- and with a higher budget and greater technical authenticity. "Dean of American Science Fiction Authors" Robert Heinlein had achieved a record-setting level of "hard SF" realism in co-authoring the screenplay for (and acting as Technical Director for) George Pal's film "Destination: Moon", which was loosely based on Heinlein's young adult novel "Rocketship Galileo" (New York: Scribner's, 1947), his first, which is the earliest science fiction novel that I can remember reading. Heinlein and his second wife Virginia have minimized access to documents about how actively involved Heinlein was in "Tom Corbett", but some episodes show his handiwork, such as the reference to weightlessness being more properly called "Free Fall" -- a term invented by Heinlein and now widely accepted. In the national Bestseller "Grumbles from the Grave", by Robert Heinlein, edited by Virginia Heinlein (New York: Ballentine, 1990) we read (p.50) "I have written [Scribner's editor] Miss [Alice] Dalgliesh about the TV scripts [Tom Corbett, Space Cadet]. Did you read them? If so, you know how bad they are; I don't want an air credit on that show (much as I appreciate the royalty checks!) and I am reasonably sure that a staid, dignified house like Scribner's will feel the same way. It has the high moral standards of soap opera." By the way, Robert Heinlein's novel "Rocket Ship Galileo" was supposed to have been followed by at least five sequels, including: "The Young Atomic Engineers on Mars, or Secret of the Moon Corridors", "The Young Atomic Engineers in the Asteroids, or The Mystery of the Broken Planet", "The Young Atomic Engineers in Business, or The Solar System System Mining Corporation", and I cannot help but speculate that if he had written these juveniles, their plots would have found their way into Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, and the series would have been even more popular. But I digress. To return to the actual plot of Tom Corbett: Somewhen in the 24th Century, young Tom Corbett ("Tex" in the novel) entered the Space Academy (of the Interplanetary Patrol, in Colorado, in the novel) along with verbally-aggressive pal Roger Manning (Matt in the novel) and cerebral Astro from Venus, with all hoping to graduate to the Solar Guards. Aboard the good spaceship "Polaris" they adventured throughout the solar system, and plot complications were based on the dangers of meteors or radiation rather than mad scientists or evil aliens (a fatal flaw in "Captain Video"). We do know that Program Advisor Willy Ley, a noted ex-German space expert and science writer, brought "hard science fiction" concepts such as asteroid belts, artificial gravity, and anti-matter to the series. I discussed this with Willy Ley when I met him in New York in 1959. We made a $5 bet, which I promptly lost, but that's another story. The series only lasted three months at CBS -- probably due to budgetary concerns or disappointing sales of the now-collectable merchandise -- and moved to a couple of years at ABC. NBC merely aired kinescopes of episodes as a summer replacement for Victor Borge. The show was televised live, like "Captain Video" and "Buck Rogers", but unlike these competitors, the special effects were also live. Although technically a childrens' show, this was a high-water mark in television science fiction, and a significant precursor to Star Trek. Tom Corbett -- Frankie Thomas Captain Steve Strong (1950) -- Michael Harvey Captain Steve Strong (1951-52) -- Edward Bryce Astro the Venusian -- Al Markim Roger Manning -- Jan Merlin Dr. Joan Dale -- Margaret Garland Producer -- Leonard Carlton Technical Advisor -- Willy Ley (famous German rocket expert) Writers -- Albert Aley originally, and then: Frankie Thomas, Stu Brynes, Ray Morse Genre: Space Opera Tom Corbett Web Site by Ed Pippin Ed's just begun a Space Opera site for the TV SF heroes of the 1950's. He's started off with his favorite: Tom Corbett. He'll be adding a TV log from Joe Sarno's SpaceAcademy Newsletter and has several other pages soon to be added. Ed found it of interest when read my note (above) about the Heinleins. He had contacted them in the 60's & 70's and they WERE VERY serious about putting distance between themselves and the Tom Corbett Character. Ed doesn't know why, because it has the staying power that Heinlein's young adult novels had. Ed has a lead on who wrote the TC newspaper and Dell Comics. He's also checking out the possible authorship of the Grosset and Dunlap books..Richard Jessup,the radio and tv scripter? Check out the web site: Tom Corbett & Space Opera
The Tomorrow People, (ITV, Great Britain, 1973) then in USA: Nickelodeon, 1994-1995 The Tomorrow People List @ Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide Juvenile about mutant children with telepathy/teleportation. A sad decline from the same idea well-executed by Theodore Sturgeon ("Baby is Three") and Olaf Stapledon ("Odd John"). Creators/Producers -- Roger Price and Ruth Boswell
Tom Smothers' Organic Prime Time Space Ride -- don't be fooled by the title.
Topper, CBS (Oct 1953-Sep 1955), ABC (Oct 1955-Mar 1956), NBC (Jun 1956-Oct 1956), 9 Oct 1953-14 Oct 1956 Based on characters created by fantasy novelist Thorne Smith who later appeared in a series of feature films. George and Marion Kirby die of exposure after being trapped in a ski-trip avalanche. Besides their two deaths, their attempted rescuer perishes too -- the St. Bernard Neil. All three somehow return as ghosts from Europe to haunt the Kirby's American home, which is now the residence of Cosmo Topper, a stolid banker. George, Marion, and Neil (who likes a huge snifter of brandy whenever possible) make a concerted effort to get Topper to unwind and have fun. Nobody but he can see the ghosts, and so his behavior is taken to be, at best, eccentric by his wife Henrietta, his co-worker Mr. Schuyler, and his maid and cook. In the television series (but not the novel or films) the dog Neil appears; in Thorne Smith's story, the Kirbys were killed in a car crash rather than on a ski trip, and hence there was no co-perishing co-haunting dog. The series was cancelled after a couple of seasons on CBS, and was seen in reruns for a year on ABC and a summer on NBC. Another series based on a Thorne Smith novel was "Turnabout" (1979). Marion Kirby -- Anne Jeffreys (The Delphi Bureau 1972-3, Finder of Lost Loves 1984-5, Love That Jill 1958, The Merry Widow on Max Liebman Presents 1954-6, George Kirby -- Robert Sterling (Ichabod and Me 1961-2, Love That Jill 1958, host of The 20th Century Fox Hour 1956-7) Cosmo Topper -- Leo G. Carroll (The Billy Rose Show 1950-1, The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. 1966-7, Going My Way 1962-3, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 1964-8, NBC Repertory Theatre 1949) Katie, the maid (1953-54) -- Kathleen Freeman (The Beverly Hillbillies 1969-71, Funny Face 1971, It's About Time 1966-7, Lotsa Luck 1973-4) Mr. Schuyler -- Thurston Hall Maggie, the cook (1954-1955) -- Edna Skinner Genre: "Unicorns in the Garden": the fantastic within our mundane world
Total Recall: The Series, syndicated, 1998, Team Entertainment Group is producing the syndicated TV series based on the 1990 hit movie also known as Total Recall 2070 1990s Movies: Science Fiction Movies 1990-2000 22 Episodes In Season 1, 1998-1999 (original air date): 1.Machine Dreams, Part 1 (3/7/1999) 2.Machine Dreams, Part 2 (3/7/1999) 3.Self-Inflicted (3/19/1999) 4.Allure (3/26/1999) 5.Nothing Like The Real Thing (4/2/1999) 6.Infiltration (4/9/1999) 7.Rough Whimper Of Insanity (4/16/1999) 8.First Wave (4/23/1999) 9.Baby Lottery (4/30/1999) 10.Brain Fever (5/7/1999) 11.Begotten Not Made (5/21/1999) 12.Burning Desire (5/28/1999) 13.Brightness Falls (6/4/1999) 14.Astral Projections (6/11/1999) 15.Paranoid (6/18/1999) 16.Restitution (6/25/1999) 17.Bones Beneath My Skin (7/2/1999) 18.Assessment (7/9/1999) 19.Eyewitness (7/16/1999) 20.Personal Effects (7/23/1999) 21.Virtual Justice (7/30/1999) 22.Meet My Maker (8/6/1999).
Tracker, Syndicated, 15 Oct 2001-18 Feb 2002; Creators/Producers: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Plot Summary: Over a hundred dangerous convicts have escaped from a prison break, led by Zin, most intelligent and most criminal alive. But these felons aren't from any world we know: they're from planets elsewhere in the cosmos, with more advanced technology. Zin activated a wormhole in space that transported all the alien criminals to Chicago, where they've set up shop and now traffic in every kind of illegal activity imaginable. They have powers far beyond us: the ability to take the form of any human or animal, super-strength, super-speed, superior intelligence, and something even more frightening - each one of them is a different kind of alien being - and they each have powers that are individual, unique, and immense! But the galactic prison has sent help. A TRACKER. His mission is to capture each and every one of them, dead or alive. He teams up with Mel, a hard luck girl who is finally on the road to salvation. Mel is the owner of a Chicago pub, The Watchfire, located downstairs from the Tracker's base of operations. The Tracker and Mel are a kick-ass couple, an alien and an earthling. Fighting the evils of the universe -- and, at the same time fighting something even stronger - an attraction to each other. Starring: The Tracker -- Adrian Paul; Mel -- Amy Price-Francis; Zin -- Geraint Wyn Davies; 12 Episodes in Season 1, 2001-2002 (original air date): 1.Tracker (10/15/2001) 2.Cloud Nine (10/22/2001) 3.Roswell (10/29/2001) 4.Trust (11/5/2001) 5.The Plague (11/12/2001) 6.The Beast (11/19/2001) 7.Without A Trace (1/14/2002) 8.Children Of The Night (1/21/2002) 9.Breach, Double Down (1/28/2002) 10.Native Son (2/4/2002) 11.To Catch A Dessarian (2/11/2002) 12.The Miracle (2/18/2002)
The Transformers, animated series based on toys first released in Japan, to be done
The Tripods, superior British series, seen in US on ????, to be done Tripods Starring: Will Parker -- John Shackley; Henry Parker -- Jim Baker; Beanpole John -- Ceri Seel; Jack -- Michael Gilmour; Ozymandias -- Roderick Horn; 13 Episodes in Series 1, 1984-1985; The White Mountains: 1.A Village In England - July, 2089 A.D 2.England - July, 2089 A.D. 3.The English Channel - July, 2089 A.D. 4.France - July, 2089 A.D. 5.Chateau Ricordeau, France - July 2089 A.D., Part 1 6.Chateau Ricordeau, France - July 2089 A.D., Part 2 7.Chateau Ricordeau, France - August 2089 A.D., Part 1 8.Chateau Ricordeau, France - August 2089 A.D., Part 2 9.France - September, 2089 A.D., Part 1 10.France - September, 2089 A.D., Part 2 11.France - October, 2089 A.D., Part 1 12.France - October, 2089 A.D., Part 2 13.The White Mountains - November, 2089 A.D. 12 Episodes in Series 2, 1985-1986; The City Of Gold And Lead: 14.The White Mountains - 2090 A.D., Part 1 15.The White Mountains - 2090 A.D., Part 2 16.The White Mountains - 2090 A.D., Part 3 17.The White Mountains - 2090 A.D., Part 4 18.The White Mountains - 2090 A.D., Part 5 19.The White Mountains - 2090 A.D., Part 6 20.The White Mountains - 2090 A.D., Part 7 21.The White Mountains - 2090 A.D., Part 8 22.The White Mountains - 2090 A.D., Part 9 23.The White Mountains - 2090 A.D., Part 10 24.The White Mountains - 2090 A.D., Part 11 25.The White Mountains - 2090 A.D., Part 12
Turnabout, NBC, 26 Jan 1979-23 Mar 1979 Sitcom about a man and a woman magically switching bodies. Based on the novel of the same name by Thorne Smith ("Topper") and the 1940 film of that novel. Sam Alston -- John Schuck Penny Alston -- Sharon Gless Jack Overmeyer -- Richard Stahl Judy Overmeyer -- Bobbi Jordan Geoffrey St.James -- James Sikking Al Brennan -- Bruce Kirby
TV and Sc-Fi Links: Star Trek TNG (Caltech)
The Twilight Zone, CBS, 2 Oct 1959-31 July 1987 Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide One of the greatest TV shows in history, due to the genius of Rod Serling and the superb writing of genuine science fiction authors, all backed by excellent casting of the varied teleplays. I've got plenty to say about this show, but will defer for now to the listed hotlinks and the excellent reference book "The Twilight Zone Companion" by Mark Scott Zichree. Host -- Rod Serling (1959-1965) Narrator -- Charles Aidman (1985-1987) "There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone."

Aliens, Language, and Twilight Zone

36 Episodes in Season 1, 1959-1960 (original air dates): 1. Where Is Everybody? (10/2/1959) 2. One For The Angels (10/9/1959) 3. Mr. Denton On Doomsday (10/16/1959) 4. The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine (10/23/1959) 5. Walking Distance (10/30/1959) 6. Escape Clause (11/6/1959) 7. The Lonely (11/13/1959) 8. Time Enough At Last (11/20/1959) 9. Perchance To Dream (11/27/1959) 10. Judgment Night (12/4/1959) 11. And When The Sky Was Opened (12/11/1959) 12. What You Need (12/25/1959) 13. The Four Of Us Are Dying (1/1/1960) 14. Third From The Sun (1/8/1960) 15. I Shot An Arrow Into The Air (1/15/1960) 16. The Hitch-Hiker (1/22/1960) 17. The Fever (1/29/1960) 18. The Last Flight (2/5/1960) 19. The Purple Testament (2/12/1960) 20. Elegy (2/19/1960) 21. Mirror Image (2/26/1960) 22. The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street (3/4/1960) 23. A World Of Difference (3/11/1960) 24. Long Live Walter Jameson (3/18/1960) 25. People Are Alike All Over (3/25/1960) 26. Execution (4/1/1960) 27. The Big Tall Wish (4/8/1960) 28. A Nice Place To Visit (4/15/1960) 29. Nightmare As A Child (4/29/1960) 30. A Stop At Willoughby (5/6/1960) 31. The Chaser (5/13/1960) 32. A Passage For Trumpet (5/20/1960) 33. Mr. Bevis (6/3/1960) 34. The After Hours (6/10/1960) 35. The Mighty Casey (6/17/1960) 36. A World Of His Own (7/1/1960) 29 Episodes in Season 2, 1960-1961 (original air date): 37. King Nine Will Not Return (9/30/1960) 38. The Man In The Bottle (10/7/1960) 39. Nervous Man In A Four Dollar Room (10/14/1960) 40. A Thing About Machines (10/28/1960) 41. The Howling Man (11/4/1960) 42. The Eye Of The Beholder (11/11/1960) 43. Nick Of Time (11/18/1960) 44. The Lateness Of The Hour (12/2/1960) 45. The Trouble With Templeton (12/9/1960) 46. A Most Unusual Camera (12/16/1960) 47. Night Of The Meek (12/23/1960) 48. Dust (1/6/1961) 49. Back There (1/13/1961) 50. The Whole Truth (1/20/1961) 51. The Invaders (1/27/1961) 52. A Penny For Your Thoughts (2/3/1961) 53. Twenty-Two (2/10/1961) 54. The Odyssey Of Flight 33 (2/24/1961) 55. Mr. Dingle, The Strong (3/3/1961) 56. Static (3/10/1961) 57. The Prime Mover (3/24/1961) 58. Long Distance Call (3/31/1961) 59. A Hundred Yards Over The Rim (4/7/1961) 60. The Rip Van Winkle Caper (4/21/1961) 61. The Silence (4/28/1961) 62. Shadow Play (5/5/1961) 63. The Mind And The Matter (5/12/1961) 64. Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up (5/26/1961) 65. The Obsolete Man (6/2/1961) 37 Episodes in Season 3, 1961-1962 (original air date): 66. Two (9/15/1961) 67. The Arrival (9/22/1961) 68. The Shelter (9/29/1961) 69. The Passersby (10/6/1961) 70. A Game Of Pool (10/13/1961) 71. The Mirror (10/20/1961) 72. The Grave (10/27/1961) 73. It's A Good Life (11/3/1961) 74. Death's Head Revisited (11/10/1961) 75. The Midnight Sun (11/17/1961) 76. Still Valley (11/24/1961) 77. The Jungle (12/1/1961) 78. Once Upon A Time (12/15/1961) 79. Five Characters In Search Of An Exit (12/22/1961) 80. A Quality Of Mercy (12/29/1961) 81. Nothing In The Dark (1/5/1962) 82. One More Pallbearer (1/12/1962) 83. Dead Man's Shoes (1/19/1962) 84. The Hunt (1/26/1962) 85. Showdown With Rance McGrew (2/2/1962) 86. Kick The Can (2/9/1962) 87. A Piano In The House (2/16/1962) 88. The Last Rites Of Jeff Myrtlebank (2/23/1962) 89. To Serve Man (3/2/1962) 90. The Fugitive (3/9/1962) 91. Little Girl Lost (3/16/1962) 92. Person Or Persons Unknown (3/23/1962) 93. The Little People (3/30/1962) 94. Four O'Clock (4/6/1962) 95. Hocus-Pocus And Frisby (4/13/1962) 96. The Trade-Ins (4/20/1962) 97. The Gift (4/27/1962) 98. The Dummy (5/4/1962) 99. Young Man's Fancy (5/11/1962) 100. I Sing The Body Electric (5/18/1962) 101. Cavender Is Coming (5/25/1962) 102. The Changing Of The Guard (6/1/1962) 18 Episodes in Season 4, 1962-1963 (original air date): 103. In His Image (1/3/1963) 104. The Thirty-Fathom Grave (1/10/1963) 105. Valley Of The Shadow (1/17/1963) 106. He's Alive (1/24/1963) 107. Mute (1/31/1963) 108. Death Ship (2/7/1963) 109. Jess-Belle (2/14/1963) 110. Miniature (2/21/1963) 111. Printer's Devil (2/28/1963) 112. No Time Like The Past (3/7/1963) 113. The Parallel (3/14/1963) 114. I Dream Of Genie (3/21/1963) 115. The New Exhibit (4/4/1963) 116. Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville (4/11/1963) 117. The Incredible World Of Horace Ford (4/18/1963) 118. On Thursday We Leave For Home (5/2/1963) 119. Passage On The Lady Anne (5/9/1963) 120. The Bard (5/23/1963) 36 Episodes in Season 5, 1963-1964 (original air date): 121. In Praise Of Pip (9/27/1963) 122. Steel (10/4/1963) 123. Nightmare At 20,000 Feet (10/11/1963) 124. A Kind Of A Stopwatch (10/18/1963) 125. The Last Night Of A Jockey (10/25/1963) 126. Living Doll (11/1/1963) 127. The Old Man In The Cave (11/8/1963) 128. Uncle Simon (11/15/1963) 129. Probe 7: Over And Out (11/29/1963) 130. The 7th Is Made Up Of Phantoms (12/6/1963) 131. A Short Drink From A Certain Fountain (12/13/1963) 132. Ninety Years Without Slumbering (12/20/1963) 133. Ring-A-Ding Girl (12/27/1963) 134. You Drive (1/3/1964) 135. The Long Morrow (1/10/1964) 136. The Self-Improvement Of Salvadore Ross (1/17/1964) 137. Number Twelve Looks Just Like You (1/24/1964) 138. Black Leather Jackets (1/31/1964) 139. Night Call (2/7/1964) 140. From Agnes - With Love (2/14/1964) 141. Spur Of The Moment (2/21/1964) 142. An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge (2/28/1964) 143. Queen Of The Nile (3/6/1964) 144. What's In The Box (3/13/1964) 145. The Masks (3/20/1964) 146. I Am The Night - Color Me Black (3/27/1964) 147. Sounds And Silences (4/3/1964) 148. Caesar And Me (4/10/1964) 149. The Jeopardy Room (4/17/1964) 150. Stopover In A Quiet Town (4/24/1964) 151. The Encounter (5/1/1964) 152. Mr. Garrity And The Graves (5/8/1964) 153. The Brain Center At Whipple's (5/15/1964) 154. Come Wander With Me (5/22/1964) 155. The Fear (5/29/1964) 156. The Bewitchin' Pool (6/19/1964) Spun-off Theatrical Movie: Twilight Zone: The Movie (Release Date 1983) Twilight Zone Books: The Twilight Zone Companion The Twilight Zone: Complete Stories Twilight Zone Scripts And Stories Richard Matheson's The Twilight Zone Scripts Journeys To The Twilight Zone Return To The Twilight Zone Adventures In The Twilight Zone In the Zone: The Twilight World Of Rod Serling.
The Twilight Zone [new], CBS, 1985-1987; Syndicated, 1987-1988 Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide Kudos to Harlan Ellison for quitting his $5,000/week position as Creative Consultant when the network censors objected to his passionate defense of a superb Christmas episode based on the creepy but ultimately pro-diversity story "Nackles." More about this show later. The Twilight Zone Home Page
Twin Peaks, brilliany quirky metaphysical detective fantasy created by David Lynch ("Blue Velvet", "Dune"), to be done
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UFO, ITC/Syndicated, Produced 1970 (26 episodes), released Fall 1972 UFO Guide @ Set in the then-future 1980, the premise was that an international military command was set up to defend Earth from Unidentified Flying Objects. This New World Order strike force was SHADO -- Supreme Headquarters, Allied Defense Organization. Produced in England, this series mocked American priorities by giving the commander, Edward Straker, a cover identity as a movie producer. John Brosnan ("Future Tense", p.299) notes that this first non-puppet series by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson had "a cast [that] seemed to be trying to imitate puppets, particularly Ed Bishop...) Commander Edward Straker -- Ed Bishop; Colonel Alec Freeman -- George Sewell; Captain Peter Karlin -- Peter Gordeno; Lt. Gay Ellis -- Gabrielle Drake; Colonel Paul Foster -- Michael Billington; General Henderson -- Grant Taylor; Creators/Producers -- Gerry and Sylvia Anderson ("Thunderbirds"); 26 Episodes in Season 1, 1970-1971 (original air date): 1.Identified (9/16/1970) 2.Exposed (9/23/1970) 3.The Cat With Ten Lives (9/30/1970) 4.Conflict (10/7/1970) 5.A Question Of Priorities (10/14/1970) 6.E.S.P. (10/21/1970) 7.Kill Straker! (11/4/1970) 8.Sub-Smash (11/11/1970) 9.Destruction (12/2/1970) 10.The Square Triangle (12/9/1970) 11.Close Up (12/16/1970) 12.The Psychobombs (12/30/1970) 13.Survival (1/6/1971) 14.Mindbender (1/13/1971) 15.Flight Path (1/20/1971) 16.The Man Who Came Back (2/3/1971) 17.The Dalotek Affair (2/10/1971) 18.Timelash (2/17/1971) 19.Ordeal (4/14/1971) 20.Court Martial (5/1/1971) 21.The Computer Affair (5/15/1971) 22.Confetti Check A-O.K. (6/10/1971) 23.The Sound Of Silence (6/17/1971) 24.Reflections In The Water (6/24/1971) 25.The Responsibility Seat (5/8/1973) 26.The Long Sleep (5/15/1973).
The UFO Incident, NBC, 1975; TV movie that looks like a rip-off of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" but actually began before that feature film. John G. Fuller had written a purportedly nonfiction book about a married couple who were abducted by aliens in a UFO. The book was entitled "The Interrupted Journey." James Earl Jones bought media rights to the book, intending to package a feature film, but after being turned down by every major film studio, he re-sold the book rights to television. The next year, "Close Encounters" went into pre-production, and James Earl Jones (already known about Hollywood for his interest in space movies) was cast as the voice for Darth Vader in "Star Wars." Mr. ??? -- James Earl Jones Mrs. ??? -- Estelle Parsons Director -- Richard a Colla ("The Questor Tapes") Writers -- S. Lee Pogostin and Hesper Anderson (from book by John G. Fuller)
Ultraman, network in Japan?, 1972; Production Company: Tsuburaya Productions [Japan] Distributor: United Artists [USA] Starring Vocal Cast: Peter Fernandez (uncredited English language version); Earl Hammond; Corinne Orr; Director of Special Effects: Koichi Kawakita; Note: see also * "Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero" (TV 1993) * "Ultraman: Towards the Future" (1990) (TV miniseries) * Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey (2000) movie * Ultraman Zearth 2 (1997) movie * Ultraman: The Adventure Begins (1987) (TV movie) * Ultraman: Towards the Future (1991) (Videogame) * "Kaettekita Urutoraman" ("Return of Ultraman") (TV 1971) * "Urutoraman Eitei" (1980) Ultraman Hotlinks Absolute Ultraman: Information, news, images, episode guides, and song lists from the Japanese superhero franchise. Japan Hero: Ultraman: Gallery of Images. My Tribute to Ultraman and Japanese Scifi: Guide to various heroes and villains from the franchise. Ultraman 2000: Pictures, video clips to download, and news about Japanese television Ultraman Index Web Directory of sites with content related to the series. The Ultraman Webring: Lists and links sites with content related to the character and his family. UltraM2000's Domain: Fan fiction, artwork, jokes, "you know you watch too much when" list, plus special section on Ultraman: Super Fighter Legend manga/anime. Woodsman's Ultraman Webpage: Episode guide, video reviews, and fandom news.
U.N.C.L.E. -- syndicated title for "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." (see entry for that name) and "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E."
Undersea City, BBC series in USA on UPN 1995 Return to TELEVISION Table of Contents

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V, NBC, 26 Oct 1984-5 July 1985 Two popular miniseries became a weekly series. "V" abbreviates "Visitors" -- the aliens who offered to barter their high technology for terrestrial minerals. Or so their PR firm said. A handfull of sceptics uncovered the malignant nature of the Visitors as the aliens systematically took over the earth and liquidated almost all resistance. Beneath their humanoid features, they were really carnivorous lizards, who considered humans little more than walking sushi. The good guys drive off the baddies with a bacterial red dust, reminiscent of the germs that defeated H.G. Wells' Martians. The weekly series started with a Nuremberg-like trial of the captured Visitor leader Diana -- many parallels between Visitors and Nazis recur throughout the series. Diana escapes and conquers earth again, thanks to the Vichy collaborators -- umm, I mean Scientific Frontiers Corp. which manufactures the red dust, and is led by immoral Nathan Bates. TV anchor Mike Donovan -- who had broken the story on the Visitors' evil nature -- leads the resistance, with the help of scientist Julie, plus Elias and Ham. Their headquarters was the Club Creole. They were aided by a turncoat Visitor Willie, and a woman named Robin who had had an affair with an alien and given birth to a semi-alien baby, a preposterously absurd idea to anyone who has a clue about evolutionary biology. The impossible halfbreed ages rapidly to become Elizabeth, the key to the Visitors' destruction, along with Nathan Bates' son Kyle, and a vistor faction leader named Lydia. Charles, Lt. James and Martin were Visitor officers sympathetic to the humans -- you know, nice Nazis. Peace between humans and Visitors is somehow achieved on Earth, while Elizabeth and an infatuated Kyle head for the Visitors' home world, to foment what, we never find out. Willie "goes native" and decides to stay on Earth. Mike Donovan -- Marc Singer Dr. Julia Parrish -- Faye Grant Diana -- Jane Badler Nathan Bates -- Lane Smith Robin Maxwell -- Blair Tefkin Elizabeth (teenaged) -- Jennifer Cooke Ham Tyler -- Michael Ironside Elias -- Michael Wright Willie -- Robert Englund Kyle Bates -- Jeff Yagher Lydia -- June Chadwick Howard K. Smith -- himself (opens each episode with newscast) Sean Donovan -- Nicky Katt Mr. Chiang -- Aki Aleong Charles -- Duncan Regehr Lt. James (1985) -- Judson Scott Martin/Philip (1985) -- Frank Ashmore Genre: Space Opera
Vampires, Fox, Fall 1997 live-action and animated series by Happy Zone Enetertainment, a Los Angeles joint venture between MSH Entertainment and New York's Abrams/Gentile Entertainment.
Vandread, 2000{to be done}
Vega 4, Australia ABC/CHANNEL 7, 1968; 7 30-minute episodes; Childrens science-fiction; Creators/Producers: ABC / Artransa Park; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Eddie Hepple, Juliana Allan, John Faassen;
Venus On The Half Shell, Nickelodeon, 1998 A promising science fiction comedy cobbled together from a dozen of the fictitious novels of Kilgore Trout, himself an invention of Kurt Vonnegut.
V.E.N.U.S. on the Hard Drive, Fox, Midseason 1997 (announced May 1997) Two young men discover a computer intelligence, and the software comes to life as a "cyberwoman."
Viper: (1994-1996) (to be done) Viper @
The Visitor, Fox, Fall 1997 (announced May 1997), Friday nights leading to Millennium: The team behind "Independence Day" produced this science fiction series, which stars John Corbett as a man who visits the Bermuda Triangle and returns with strange powers and abilities. Starring: The Visitor -- John Corbett (the DJ on "Northern Exposure"); 13 Episodes in Season 1, 1997-1998 (original air date): 1.Pilot (9/19/1997) 2.Fear Of Flying (9/26/1997) 3.The Devil's Rainbow (10/3/1997) 4.Dreams (10/10/1997) 5.Remember (10/17/1997) 6.The Black Box (10/24/1997) 7.Teufelsnacht (10/31/1997) 8.Reunion (11/7/1997) 9.Caged (11/14/1997) 10.Going Home (12/5/1997) 11.Miracles (12/19/1997) 12.The Chain (1/9/1998) 13.The Trial (1/16/1998)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, ABC, 14 Sep 1964-15 Sep 1968 110 30?-minute episodes; Based on Irwin Allen's 1961 feature film of the same name, which itself was heavily derived from Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea", this depended on the "Seaview" submarine and its crew the same way that "Star Trek" depended upon the "Enterprise" and its crew. The Seaview had a glass nosecone, similar to the breast-domes of Barbarella's spacesuit, allowing great viws of undersea wonders by all, said wonders being both earthly and extraterrestrial. Retired Admiral Harrison Nelson had dreamed up the Seaview -- making him a sort of Hyman Rickover -- who now runs the top secret Nelson Institute of Marine Research at Santa Barbara, a cross between the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, JPL, and Naval Intelligence. It was set in the then-future 1970s. Seaview had a sister ship, "Polidor", which sank in episode #3. Harrison Nelson's chief assistant, and Seaview Commander, was promoted to Commander Lee Crane, and (in season #2) to Captain. In the real-life 1970s, the brainy assistant to Rickover was one Jimmy Carter, who wrote a Naval Postgraduate school thesis on the detection of targets by towed underwater arrays of microphones. This real-life Jimmy Carter once saw a UFO after a few more drinks than usual at the Officers' Club, and swore that he'd tell all on becoming president, but I digress. In season #2, more hardware was added, such as the two-man "Sea Crab" minisub, and the "Flying Fish" a submarine which could fly (didn't Tom Swift, Jr. have something like that?). A surfer-dude Stu was added to the cast, and the show held onto a large audience share regardless of how preposterous the villians were in each episode, including an amusingly over-the-top Professor Multiple (Vincent Price) and his living puppets. Other bad guys included blobs, ghosts, lobster-men, mummies, pirates, robots, and intelligent seaweed. What, no "revenge of the samuri sushi?" Starring: Admiral Harrison Nelson -- Richard Basehart; Commander/Captain Lee Crane -- David Hedison; Lt. Commander Chip Morton -- Robert Dowdell; Chief Petty Officer Curley Jones (1964-65) -- Henry Kulky; Chief Sharkey (1965-68) -- Terry Becke;r Stu Riley (1965-67) -- Allan Hunt; Kowalsky -- Del Monroe; Crewman Patterson -- Paul Trinka; Crewman Sparks -- Arch Whiting; Doctor -- Richard Bull; Created By/Producer -- Irwin Allen; 32 Episodes in Season 1, 1964-1965 (original air date): 1. Eleven Days To Zero 2. The City Beneath The Sea 3. The Fear-Makers 4. The Mist Of Silence 5. The Price Of Doom 6. The Sky Is Falling 7. Turn Back The Clock 8. The Village Of Guilt 9. Hot Line 10. Submarine Sunk Here 11. The Magnus Beam 12. No Way Out 13. The Blizzard Makers 14. The Ghost Of Moby Dick 15. Long Live The King 16. Hail To The Chief 17. The Last Battle 18. Mutiny 19. Doomsday 20. The Invaders 21. The Indestructible Man 22. The Buccaneer 23. The Human Computer 24. The Saboteur 25. Cradle Of The Deep 26. The Amphibians 27. The Exile 28. The Creature 29. The Enemies 30. Secret Of The Loch 31. The Condemned 32. The Traitor 26 Episodes in Season 2, 1965-1966: 33. Jonah And The Whale 34. Time Bomb 35. And Five Of Us Are Left 36. The Cyborg 37. Escape From Venice 38. The Left-Handed Man 39. The Deadliest Game 40. Leviathan 41. The Peacemaker 42. The Silent Saboteurs 43. The X Factor 44. The Machines Strike Back 45. The Monster From Outer Space 46. Terror On Dinosaur Island 47. Killers Of The Deep 48. Deadly Creature Below 49. The Phantom Strikes 50. The Sky's On Fire 51. Graveyard Of Fear 52. The Shape Of Doom 53. Dead Men's Doubloons 54. The Death Ship 55. The Monster's Web 56. The Menfish 57. The Mechanical Man 58. Return Of The Phantom 26 Episodes in Season 3, 1966-1967: 59. Monster From The Inferno 60. Werewolf 61. The Day The World Ended 62. Night of Terror 63. The Terrible Toys 64. Day of Evil 65. Deadly Waters 66. Thing From Inner Space 67. The Death Watch 68. Deadly Invasion 69. The Haunted Submarine 70. The Plant Man 71. The Lost Bomb 72. The Brand Of The Beast 73. The Creature 74. Death From The Past 75. The Heat Monster 76. The Fossil Men 77. The Mermaid 78. The Mummy 79. The Shadowman 80. No Escape From Death 81. Doomsday Island 82. The Wax Men 83. Deadly Cloud 84. Destroy Seaview! 26 Episodes in Season 4, 1967-1968: 85. Fires Of Death 86. The Deadly Dolls 87. Cave Of The Dead 88. Journey With Fear 89. Sealed Orders 90. Man Of Many Faces 91. Fatal Cargo 92. Time Lock 93. Rescue 94. Terror 95. A Time To Die 96. Blow Up 97. The Deadly Amphibians 98. The Return Of Blackbeard 99. The Terrible Leprechaun 100. The Lobster Man 101. Nightmare 102. The Abominable Snowman 103. Secret Of The Deep 104. Man-Beast 105. Savage Jungle 106. Flaming Ice 107. Attack! 108. The Edge Of Doom 109. The Death Clock 110. No Way Back.
Voyagers, NBC, 3 Oct 1982-31 July 1983 Voyagers Guide @ Juvenile/educational science fiction about two time travellers making sure that historical events happen as they're supposed to (ripped off from Poul Anderson's "Time Patrol"). When his Way-back, I mean "Omni", breaks down, Time Cop Phineas Bogg's history book is eaten by Manhattanite Jeffrey Jones' dog. Fortunately, young Jones knows lots of history, and kids in the audience were encouraged to go to the library to find out more. Not a bad idea, if it ever worked. Phineas Bogg -- Jon-Erik Hexum Jeffrey Jones -- Meeno Peluce
VR Troopers, even worse imitation of Power Rangers if that's imaginable, to be done VR Troopers @
VR-5, network, 1994-12 May 1995, to be done; VR-5 Guide @ Creators/Producers: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} 10 Televised of 13 Episodes in Season 1, 1994-1995 (original air date): 1. Pilot (3/10/1995) 2. Dr. Strangechild (3/17/1995) 3. Love And Death (3/24/1995) 4. 5D (3/31/1995) 5. Escape (4/7/1995) 6. Facing The Fire (4/14/1995) 7. Simon's Choice (4/21/1995) 8. Control Freak (4/28/1995) 9. The Many Faces Of Alex (5/5/1995) 10. Reunion (5/12/1995) 11. Send Me An Angel (Originally Unaired) 12. Sisters (Originally Unaired) 13. Parallel Lives (Originally Unaired). Return to TELEVISION Table of Contents

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Warner Brothers Animation: Animaniacs, Freakazoid, Pinky & the Brain
War of the Worlds, syndicated (Paramount), 1988-1990; Also Known As: War of the Worlds: The Second Invasion 44 60-minute episodes; War of the Worlds @ Production Companies: Hometown Films, Ten Four, Triumph Distributor: Paramount Television; Special Effects: Gajdecki Visual Effects (GVFX) [Canada] Adapted: from the H.G. Wells' novel, sequelized; Plot Outline: Earth resumes its war against the Martians after the Martian monsters emerge from 30 years hibernation on Earth, following their defeat in the 1953 invasion, when the monsters were seemingly killed by killed by common terrestrial bacteria. As years pass, radiation kills those bacteria, and the Martians awaken from suspended animation. This time, the Martians take over human bodies, and move covertly among true humans. Dr. Harrison Blackwood microbiologist Suzanne McCullough, computer programmer Norton Drake, and army Lt. Colonel Paul Ironhorse form a last-ditch team to save the earth from genocide. In Season 2, Harrison Blackwood and Suzanne McCullough are assisted by mercenary John Kincaid, as they battle a second wave of Martian invaders. Season 2, once Adrian Paul joined the cast, was even better than Season 1. The multiple plot threads of cloning, infiltration, and post-apocalyptic chaos, were portrayed with fine cinematography, lighting, and atmosphere. Paramount wasted this opportunity with inadequate creative support, budget, and marketing. For whatever reason, they killed off the most popular character from the first season in the first episode of Season 2. That character was Colonel Paul Ironhorse, well-played by Richard Chavez. Stylistic elements of the series reooccurred in shows such as Highlander, also shot in Canada. The Sci/Fi Channel did make an attempt to air both existing seasons more than once, but again with insufficient marketing. [Based on summaries written for Imdb by L. Ross Raszewski {} and Bob James {}] Executive Producer: Greg Strangis; Producers: Herbert Wright (Season 1), Frank Mancuso Jr. (season 2); Associate Producer: Bruce Golin; Directors: George Bloomfield, Timothy Bond, Colin Chilvers, Francis Delia, Allan Eastman, Neill Fearnley, William Fruet, Jonathan Hackett, Otta Hanus, Winrich Kolbe, Armand Mastroianni, George McCowan, Jorge Montesi, Gabriel Pelletier, Joseph L. Scanlan, Mark Sobel, Paul Tucker, Herbert Wright; Writers: Cash Edwards, Jim Henshaw (episode "The True Believer"), Tom Lazarus, Herbert Wright; Starring (credits order); Dr. Harrison Blackwood -- Jared Martin; Dr. Suzanne McCullough -- Lynda Mason Green; Debi McCullough (age 11) -- Rachel Blanchard; Also Featuring (alphabetically): Norton Drake (1988-1989) -- Philip Akin; Advocate Number 1 (1988-1989) -- David Calderisi Lieutenant Colonel Paul Ironhorse (1988-1989) -- Richard Chaves; Advocate Number 1 (1988-1989) -- Richard Comar; Mrs. Pennyworth (1988-1989) -- Corinne Conley; Mana (1989-1990) -- Catherine Disher; Malzor (1989-1990) -- Denis Forest; John Kincaid (1989-1990) -- Adrian Paul; Ardix (1989-1990) -- Julian Richings; Advocate Number 2 (1988-1989) -- Michael Rudder; Advocate Number 2 (1988-1989) -- Ilse von Glatz; Original Music: Larry Brown, Billy Thorpe; Production Designer: Gavin Mitchell; Art Director: Rolf Harvey; Second Unit Director: Jack Gill; Set Dresser: Arlindo Vicente; Sound Department: Sound Effects Editor: Gregory King; Assistant Sound Editor: Eric Lambi; Sound Re-recording Mixer: Frank Morrone; Foley Artist: Phil Rodrigues Special Effects: Bill Sturgeon (creature effects supervisor: puppeteer): Visual Effects Supervisors: John Gajdecki, Michael Lennick; Stunts: Roy T. Anderson; Other Crew: Randy Kennedy -- location scout (pilot episode) Jerry Lambert -- music engineer (1989) Tom Lazarus -- executive script consultant Susan Marucci -- script supervisor Michael Stevens -- stand-in: Richard Chaves and Jared Martin Glen Treilhard -- first assistant camera.
Way Out, CBS, 31 Mar 1961-14 July 1961 A less-popular lead-in to "The Twilight Zone", this anthology show was hosted by Roald Dahl, now known to millions of kids for the films "Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang", "Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory", and "James and the Giant Peach." Host -- Roald Dahl
Weird Science, to be done Spun-off from the feature film shot at my alma mater, Caltech. Two college kids have created a perfect woman, who challenges their social life through lack of understanding of human society. Production Company -- St. Clare Entertainment Executive Producer -- John Landis, Leslie Belzberg, Robert Lloyd Lewis, Tom Spezialy, Alan Cross Director of Photography -- Richard Rawlings Jr. Origination Format -- super 35mm Visual Effects -- Film to D1 Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- Modern Videofilm Color Correction Facility -- Modern Videofilm Colorist -- Rick Dalby Offline Facility -- In-house Offline Editor -- Leon Seith, Craig A. Colton Offline Editing System Manufacturer -- Avid Online Facility -- Modern Video Online Editor -- James Spach Online Tape Format -- DT2 Audio Editing/Mixing Facility -- Larson Sound Supervising Sound Editor -- John Kincade Audio Editing System Manufacturer -- Sonics, LarTec Audio Mixing/Sweetening System Manufacturer -- Otari Show Telephone Number -- (818) 777-6007
Welcome to Paradox, network?, 17 Aug 1998-9 Nov 1998; Production Company: {to be done} Creator: Lewis B. Chesler; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: John Greyson, Clark Johnson, Bruce McDonald, Guy Magar, Jorge Montesi, Rod Pridy, Charles Wilkinson, Paul Ziller; Writers: Rick Drew, Scott Frost, William Harrison, Jeremy Lipp, Andrew McEvoy George Melrod, Miguel Tejda-Flores, Michael Thoma; Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Hosted -- Michael Philip; 13 Episodes in Season 1, 1998, (original air date): 1. "Our Lady of the Machine" (08/17/98); Guest Starring: Steven Bauer (Detective: Angel Cardenas) From the Short Story By: Alan Dean Foster Written By: Miguel Tejda-Flores Directed By: Clark Johnson 2. "Research Alpha" (08/24/98) Guest Starring: Roma Maffia, Robert Wisden; From the Short Story By: A.E. Van Vogt & James H. Shmitz Written By: Jeremy Lipp Directed By: Charles Wilkinson 3. "The Winner" (08/31/98) Guest Starring: Ice-T From the Short Story By: Donald Westlake Written By: George Melrod Directed By: Charles Wilkinson 4. "News From D Street" (09/07/98) Guest Starring: A Martinez (Private Detective: Rasheed Kay) From the Short Story By: Andrew Weiner Written By: Miguel Tejada-Flores Directed By: Guy Magar 5. "The Girl Who Was Plugged In" (09/14/98) Guest Starring: Nicholle Tom, Megan Leitch From the Short Story By: "James Tiptree Jr." (Alice Sheldon) Written By: Jeremy Lipp Directed By: Jorge Montesi 6. "The Extra" (09/21/98) Guest Starring: Rodney Rowland (Daniel Grey / C7), Peter Williams (Dr. Ben Polaris), Mark Holden (Clerk) From the Short Story By: Greg Egan (Australia) Written By: William Harrison Directed By: Rod Pridy 7. "Alien Jane" (09/28/98) Guest Starring: Mayim Balik (Rita) From the Short Story By: Kelley Eskridge Written By: Rick Drew Directed By: Jorge Montesi 8. "Hemeac" (10/05/98) Guest Starring: Channon Roe () From the Short Story By: E.G. Von Wald Written By: Michael Thoma Directed By: Paul Ziller 9. "All Our Sins Forgotten" (10/12/98) Guest Starring: Henry Rollins From the Short Story By: David Ira Cleary Written By: Miguel Tejada-Flores Directed By: Bruce McDonald 10. "Acute Triangle" (10/19/98) Guest Starring: Alice Krige (Aura Mendoza), Mackenzie Gray (Ardley Mendoza), Monika Schnarre (Dorothy Duncan), Ken Tremblett (Mr. Wen), Peter Wilds (Jean Paul) From the Short Story By: Rob Chilson Written By: Michael Thoma Directed By: Jorge Montesi 11. "Options" (10/26/98) Guest Starring: Justin Lazard From the Short Story By: John Varley Written By: Scott Frost Directed By: John Greyson 12. "Blue Champagne" (11/02/98) Guest Starring: William McNamara, Klodyne Rodney (Coco) From the Short Story By: John Varley Written By: Jeremy Lipp Directed By: John Greyson 13. "Into the Shop" (11/09/98) Guest Starring: Dana Ashbrook, Michael Nemirsky (Sheldon Kruger), Sean Day Michael (Gridface) From the Short Story By: Ron Goulart Written By: Andrew McEvoy Directed By: Jorge Montesi [according to
Werewolf, Fox, 11 July 1987-??? Grad Student Eric Cord is bitten by suicidal werewolf buddy Ted, thus becoming a wereworlf himself, unless and until he can kill "the source of the bloodline" -- Captain Janos Skorzeny. Skorzeny is eventually dispatched, but is a false lead -- Eric must find and destroy the 2,000 year-old wolfman Nicholas Remy. And I thought I had a tough time in grad school... Eric Cord -- John J. York Alamo Joe Rogan -- Lance Legault Janos Skorzeny (1987-88) -- Chuck Connors (occasional) Nicholas Remy (1988-) -- Brian Thompson Dr. Stephen Kaplan, Parapsychologist -- himself
WHAT IF: real SETI science meets science fiction on TV What If, Discovery Channel, Tuesday 14 Jan 1997 at 10 pm and 1 am (Pacific Time), and rebroadcast the following weekend. The entry here is mostly about the middle part of a 3-part"alternate history" miniseries running 13-15 Jan 1997. The 1st episode is about a big quake hitting Los Angeles. The 2nd episode is about SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), and more about that below. The 3rd episode is about what would have ahppened if Martin Luther King had become President of the United States of America. Now, about that SETI episode. It was written, produced, and directed by Englishman Mark Harrison, for a British production company working for the Discovery Channel. It's a mostly fictional story about SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) succeeding, with no real scientists in the fictional part. Then there's an afterword, separated from the fiction, with short interviews of scientists Seth Shostak, Frank Drake, and Thomas R. McDonough, Ph.D.. Most of it was filmed in the San Francisco area. Tom McDonough consulted on the script, suggesting scientific ideas to make the plot work, and correcting errors. Tom McDonough has previously been Technical Advisor on science and science fiction media productions such as the film "The Philadelphia Experiment." CARL SAGAN Eulogy by protege Tom McDonough
The Wild Wild West, CBS, 17 Sep 1965-7 Sep 1970 James Bond meets Gunsmoke. James T. West (not to be confused with James T. Kirk) was a secret agent for President Ulysses S. Grant, in real life the military genius who boozed his way through the White House, surrounded by corrupt aides, went bankrupt, and wrote the best Presidential autobiography ever -- for the money. James T. West's focus was the alarming number of revolutionary, radical, criminal, and anarchist groups constantly plotting to take over America. Assisted by Secret Service Agent Artemus Gordon, master of disguise, they travelled by special railroad car equipped with the tools and materials needed to make a vast array of gadgets and gizmos. James T. West's nemesis was the brilliant but irrevocably evil Dr. Miguelito Loveless. Sometimes rose from anachronistically daffy to delightful. James T. West -- Robert Conrad Artemus Gordon -- Ross Martin Miguelito Loveless -- Michael Dunn Producer (1st season) -- Fred Freiberger Producer (all other seasons) -- Michael Garrison
Wine of India, BBC, 1970 TV movie by Nigel Kneale, similar to Larry Noven story "Organlegger." In the world of 2050, people are required to be euthenized, so that the upper class can be immortalized by organ transplants. Writer -- Nigel Kneale.
Witchblade, Turner Network Television (TNT), 2001; __ 60-minute episodes; Genre: Fantasy / Police Action Production Company: Blade TV Productions; Adapted: from the Top Cow comic book; Plot Summary: "A new force of justice hits the streets of New York." New York cop Sara Pezzini finds the Witchblade, a magical artifact, giving her super strength, agility, bullet deflection with an armored glove (she instantly gets full armor and sword when her life is in danger). Shadowy millionaire Kenneth Irons keps trying to steal the Witchblade. As is typical for mythic weapons, the Witchblade has a mind of its own and its own agenda. Executive Producers: Dan Halsted, Ralph Hemecker; Producer: Vikki Williams; Starring (credits order): Sara Pezzini -- Yancy Butler; Jake McCartey -- David Chokachi; Kenneth Irons -- Anthony Cistaro; Danny Woo -- Will Yun Lee; Ian Nottingham -- Eric Etebari; Dominique Boucher -- Laila Robins; Conchobar -- Kim De Lury; Also Featuring (alphabetically): Gabriel Bowman -- John Hensley; Charleyne -- Eden Roundtree; Meeka Schiro; Capt. Bruno Dante -- Nestor Serrano; Directors: Neill Fearnley; Vern Gillum (episode 3); Ralph Hemecker; David Jackson (credited as David S. Jackson); James Whitmore Jr. Writers: Ralph Hemecker; Richard C. Okie (credited as Richard Okie); Bruce A. Taylor; Original Music: Neal Acree (additional music); Roger Daltrey; Joel Goldsmith; Gerald McMahon; Film Editor: George McCellan; Production Designers: Franco De Cotiis; Ugo Serrano; Art Director: Cheryl Toy; Set Decorator: Caroline Gee; Costume Designers: Suzette Daigle; Vicki Graef; Production Manager: Michael Wray; Second Assistant Directors: Christopher Binney; Erin Walker (episode 2); Sound Department: Kevin Banks .... sound editor Stephen Barden .... sound editor Alek Bromke .... adr assistant Rob Hegedus .... dialogue editor Kevin Howard .... sound designer, supervising sound editor Jason Macneill .... sound effects editor Ed Poty .... adr editor, adr recording engineer Paul Shubat .... sound re-recording mixer Visual Effects Supervisor: Adam Avitabile; Visual Effects: Hudson Shock .... flame artist Isabel Vandernoot .... digital compositor Stunts: Daryl Patchett .... stunt double: Eric Etebari Ken Quinn .... stunt co-ordinator Other Crew: Mike Edmund .... production assistant Tyson Fowler .... post-production coordinator Dianne L. Haggarty .... best boy, grip George Lohin .... second assistant editor Connie McKinnon .... post-production supervisor Vanessa Pickering .... production assistant Dana Ramsay .... assistant production coordinator Patricia Schweers .... assistant to writer Adrian Sheepers .... production coordinator Sarah Turner .... production assistant Willem Wennekers .... story coordinator David Woods .... assistant to writer Sound Mix: Dolby.
The Wizard, CBS, 9 Sep 1986-7 July 1987 Simon McKay was a professional toy inventor, but as a hobby, he created devices to help the handicapped, assisted the government spymasters, and helped the downtrodden with ingenious gadgets and kindliness. Government agent Alex Jagger was supposed to keep an eye on him, and act as bodyguard as they circled the globe on a combination of charity and intrigue. This was the promising show starring David Rappaport, the four-foot-tall actor with a heart of gold, witty and exuberantly talented. After this show failed to be renewed, David Rappaport was a continuing character on "L.A. Law." Divorced, abandoned by his girlfriend, and repeatedly jerked around by the network (which kept promising him another series, and then breaking its promise), David Rappaport committed suicide. One could say that he really died of a broken heart. I, webmaster Jonathan Vos Post, was uncredited co-author/rewriter of the most popular episode ever, written by Stephen Barnes. This episode was a twist on Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, involving a robot who loses consciousness and awakens with a bloody arm -- and a dead man on the floor. I created the motive, the means, and the resolution, and got nothing out of this except for the character in that episode named "Dr. Post." My wife (who really does have a Ph.D.) spotted David Rappaport poolside at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood during a Science Fiction Writers of America Nebula Awards banquet, engaged him in conversation, and sent him over to talk to the fiction editor of Omni Magazine (Ellen Datlow) and others. SFWA President Charles Sheffield invited David Rappaport to give a keynote address at the awards banquet. He improvised the most intelligent and entertaining talk I've ever heard given to this group. To this day, I wonder if his agent ever forwarded the invitations we mailed to him, in an effort to cheer him up during the bleak final days of his life. Simon McKay -- David Rappaport Alex Jagger -- Douglas Barr Tillie Russell, Housekeeper -- Fran Ryan
Wizards and Warriors, CBS, 26 Feb 1983-14 May 1983 Creator: Don Reo; Plot Summary: In the spirit of Dungeons & Dragons, the famous Fantasy Role Playing Game, this TV series is all about Good and Evil, Swords and Sorcery, black leather and translucent outfits for women, all with tongue in cheek for a Fantasy/Comedy mixture unusual for 1980s TV. In the southern kingdom of Camarand, Prince Erik Greystone (usually dressed in bright red and gold) has the best interests in mind for the dragon-shaped continent of Aperans. But the evil northern kingdom of Karteia is led by Prince Dirk Blackpool, long at war with Camarand... Unofficial Site Starring: Prince Erik Greystone -- Jeff Conaway Marko -- Walter Olkewicz Prince Dirk Blackpool -- Duncan Regehr Princess Ariel -- Julia Duffy Wizard Vector -- Clive Revill King Baaldorf -- Tom Hill Wizard Tranquil -- Ian Wolfe Geoffrey Blackpool -- Tim Dinigan Justin Greystone -- Jay Kerr Queen Lattinia -- Julia Payne (who did not like being called "That Royal Payne on the set) Bethel -- Randi Brooks Cassandra -- Phyllis Katz Oriental Guard -- Lonnie Wun Genre: Heroic Adventure
Wonder Woman, ABC (Dec 1976-July 1977) and CBS (Sep 1977-Sep 1979), 18 Dec 1976-11 Sep 1979 Based on the comic-book of Charles Moulon in the 1940s... {to be done} Yeoman Diana Prince/"Wonder Woman" -- Lynda Carter Major Steve Trevor/Steve Trevor, Jr. -- Lyle Waggoner General Blankenship (1976-77) -- Richard Eastham Corporal Etta Candy (1976-1977) -- Beatrice Colen Joe Atkinson (1977) -- Normann Burton Eve (1977-79) -- Saundra Sharp Voice of I.R.A. (1977-79) -- Tom Kratochzil
World of Giants, syndicated, 1959 A cheesy attempt to squeeze extra profit from the huge props left over after the filming of "The Incredible Shrinking Man." Assumes that radiation can shrink people. Obviously it shrunk somebody's brain. Government secret agent -- Marshall Thompson Agent's non-shrunk partner -- Arthur Franz Producer -- William Alland (many Universal horror/SF films of 1950s)
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Xena: Warrior Princess, to be done to be done Popular spin-off of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" starring Lucy Lawless, now with a devoted following that attends conventions. Most of the location shooting is done in New Zealand. Production Company -- Pacific Renaissance Pictures Executive Producer -- Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert Director of Photography -- Donald Duncan Origination Format -- 35mm Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- Digital Post Color Correction Facility -- Anderson Video Colorists -- Kevin Kirwan, Joy Gaston Offline Facility -- Anderson Video Offline Editors -- Robert Field, Jim Prior Offline Editing System Manufacturer -- ??? Online Facility -- Anderson Video Online Tape Format -- Digital Betacam Audio Editing/Mixing Facility -- Digital Sound & Picture Audio Editing System Manufacturer -- Dawn, Digidesign Supervising Sound Editor -- Richard Ford Audio Mixing/Sweetening System Manufacturer -- Euphonix Show Telephone Number -- (818) 777-8233 Genre: Feminist Heroic Fantasy
The X-Files, Fox, 1993-Present X-Files: Ultimate X-File Link Page reasonably comprehensive Terminal X reasonably comprehensive The Lone Gunman (X-Files) X-Files: Guide1 @ X-Files: Guide2 @ Rutgers' FTP Episode Guide Production Company -- Twentieth Century Fox Television/Ten-Thirteen Productions Executive Producer -- Chris Carter Director of Photography -- John Joffin Origination Format -- 35mm Film-to-Tape Transfer Facility -- Encore Video, Gastown Post Color Correction Facility -- Encore Video, Gastown Post Colorist -- Andrea Dixon/Gastown Post, Phil Azenzer/Encore Video Offline Facility -- In-house Offline Editors -- Heather MacDougall, Jim Gross, Michael S. Stern Offline Editing System Manufacturer -- Avid Online Facility -- Encore Video Online Editor -- Bob Minshall Online Tape Format -- DCT Audio Editing/Mixing Facility -- West Productions Supervising Sound Editor -- Thierry Jacouturier Audio Editing System Manufacturer -- TimeLine Audio Mixing/Sweetening System Manufacturer -- Neotek Show Telephone Number -- (310) 369-1130
The X-Men, animated, Fox Kids Network, 1992; Note: there is a later TV series, X-Men: Evolution (2000) and a later feature movie franchise; Adapted: from the Classic Marvel Comics as strategized by Stan Lee; Production Companies: Graz Entertainment, Marvel Entertainment, Saban Entertainment Inc.; Distributors: Fox Kids Network, PolyGram Video, Saban Entertainment Inc.; Executive Producers: Joseph Calamari, Stan Lee, Winston Richard; Co-Executive Producer: Richard Unger; Producer: Larry Houston; Plot Outline: A team, led by the enigmatic professor X, of teenaged mutant superheroes fights for justice and human acceptance (against anti-mutant racial prejudice) in the Marvel Comics universe. Much of the animation was low-art but voices were superb. Individual stories were adapted from plots during the comics lifetime over 30 year, partuicularly notable being the Phoenix Saga (plus sequelae reconciling between Scott Summers/Cyclops, and his dad, interstellar pirate/ revolutionary Corsair. Directors: Dan Hennessey, Larry Houston, Graham Morris, Karen Peterson; Writer: Steven Melching; Starring Voices (credits order) [and these were wonderful voice actors!]: Professor X/Prof. Charles Xavier/Red Skull -- Cedric Smith; Wolverine/Logan -- Cathal J. Dodd (credited as Cal Dodd); Cyclops/Scott Summers -- Norm Spencer; Storm/Ororo Munroe -- Iona Morris, Alison Sealy-Smith; Gambit/Remy LeBeau -- Chris Potter, Tony Daniels; Rogue -- Lenore Zann; Beast/Dr. Henry 'Hank' McCoy -- George Buza; Phoenix/Jean Grey Summers/Dark Phoenix -- Catherine Disher; Bishop -- Philip Akin; Jubilee/Jubilation Lee -- Alyson Court; Iceman/Robert 'Bobby' Drake -- Dennis Akayama; Morph/Sydney Jones -- Ron Rubin; Cable/Nathan Dayspring Summers/Erik the Redd/Captain America/ Steve Rogers -- Lawrence Bayne; Colossus/Piotr Rasputin -- Rick Bennett; Additional Voices -- James Blendick; Dr. Moira MacTaggert -- Lally Cadeau; Juggernaut/Cain Marko -- Robert Cait; Mystique/Raven Darkholme -- Randall Carpenter; Apocalypse/En Sabah Nur -- John Colicos; Avalanche/Dominic Petros -- Rod Coneybeare; Mystique/Raven Darkholme -- Jennifer Dale; Additional Voices -- Adrian Egan; NSA Agent Henry Peter Gyrich/Vindicator/ James MacDonald 'Mac' Hudson of Alpha Flight -- Barry Flatman; Additional Voices -- David Fox; Sabretooth/Victor Creed/Puck/Eugene Milton Judd of Alpha Flight/ Shaman/Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen of Alpha Flight -- Don Francks; Famine/Autumn Rolfson of the Four Horsemen -- Catherine Gallant (credited as Cathy Gallant) Additional Voices -- Paul Haddad; Pyro/St. John Allerdyce -- Graham Halley; Additional Voices -- Brett Halsey; Magneto/Erik Magnus Lehnsherr -- David Hemblen; Ruckus -- Dan Hennessey; Plague/Pestilence -- Judy Marshak; Additional Voices -- George Merner; War/Abraham Kieros of the Four Horsemen -- James Millington (credited as Jim Millington) Angel/Archangel/Warren Worthington III/Time Janitor/ Immortus -- Stephen Ouimette; Additional Voices -- Ross Petty; Banshee/Sean Cassidy -- Jeremy Ratchford; Shi'ar Empress Lilandra Neramani -- Camilla Scott; Additional Voices -- Stuart Stone; Forge -- Marc Strange; Annalee -- Kay Trembley; Longshot/Gorgeous George of the Nasty Boys -- Rod Wilson Additional Voices (alphabetically): Sasquatch/Dr. Walter Langkowski of Alpha Flight -- Harvey Aitken; Cynthia Belliveau -- Spiral/Ricochet Rita; Juggernaut/Cain Marko -- Rick Bennett; Hairbag of the Nasty Boys/Slab of the Nasty Boys -- John Blackwood; Ka-Zar/Lord Kevin Plunder/Sauron/Dr. Karl Lykos/ Brainchild of the Nasty Boys -- Robert Bockstael; Mr. Sinister/Dr. Nathaniel Essex -- Christopher Britton; Senator Robert Kelly -- Len Carlson; Additional Voices -- David Corban (credited as David Corban Smiler); Omega Red/Arkady Russovich -- Len Doncheff; Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers -- Roscoe Handford; Guardian/Heather McNeil Hudson of Department H -- Rebecca Jenkins; Northstar/Jean-Paul Beaubier of Alpha Flight -- Rene Lemieux; Amphibius of the Nasty Boys -- Peter McCowatt; Additional Voices -- Marc Muirhead (credited as Marcus Muirhead); Additional Voices -- Harley Pattrikson (credited as Harley Patrickson); Additional Voices -- Susan Roman; Elizabeth Rukavina -- Darkstar; Vertigo -- Megan Smith; Graydon Creed of the Friends of Humanity/ Leech of the Morlocks -- John Stocker; Illyana Rasputin -- Tara Strong (credited as Tara Charendoff); Mojo -- Peter Wildman; Shadow King -- Maurice Dean Wint; Original Music: Shuki Levy; Production Designer: Shannon Denton; Production Managers: Dorie Rich, Kurt Weldon; Art Department: Paul Agnasin -- storyboard artist Patrick Archibald -- storyboard artist Armando Carrillo -- storyboard artist Vic Dalchele -- storyboard artist John Fox -- storyboard artist Romeo Francisco -- storyboard artist Greg Garcia -- storyboard artist Tenny Henson -- storyboard artist Larry Houston -- storyboard artist Don Manuel -- storyboard artist Steve Olds -- props Frank Squillace -- storyboard artist Michael Swanigan -- storyboard artist Keith Tucker -- storyboard artist Daniel Veesenmeyer -- storyboard artist (credited as Dan Veesenmeyer) Lewis Williams -- storyboard artist Sound Department: Collin Caddies -- recording engineer Mark Ryan -- music editor Paul Shubat -- recording engineer Mike Trueba -- pre-production dialogue editor Visual Effects: Frank Brunner -- model designer Mark Lewis -- model designer Additional Crew: Barron Abramovitch -- music engineer Alfredo Alcala -- layout designer M. Kay Anderson -- sheet timer Tom Anderson -- track reader Del Barras -- storyboard cleanup Ted Blackman -- layout designer Richard Bowman -- supervising director Carla Breene -- sheet timer John Bryant -- post-production supervisor Tania Burton -- color key Dora Case -- sheet timer Rudy Cataldi -- sheet timer Richie Chavez -- layout designer (credited as Ric Chavez) Richard Collado -- sheet timer Allyn Conley -- color key Claude Denis -- layout designer Drew Gentle -- layout designer Alan Gibson -- storyboard cleanup Stephanie Graziano -- executive in charge of production Milt Grey -- sheet timer Ern D. Gurn -- sheet timer Dan Hennesey -- voice director David Hillenbrand -- music coordinator Noam Kaniel -- music producer Gabor Karpatty -- sheet timer Ron Kenan -- executive in charge of music Jang Gil Kim -- sheet timer Abel Lakamana -- storyboard cleanup Eric Lewald -- developer, story editor Romeo Lopez -- storyboard cleanup Cesar Magsombol -- layout designer, storyboard cleanup Patricia Mendelson -- color key Rudy Messina -- storyboard cleanup Fred Miller -- final checker, production coordinator Flavia Mitman -- color key Margaret I. Nichols -- sheet timer Charles Payne -- layout designer Sue Peters -- slugger Eric Peterson -- animation lip sync, sheet timer Ric Quiroz -- layout designer Wayne Schulz -- layout designer James Simon -- sheet timer Steve Simone -- storyboard cleanup Tim Soman -- layout designer Sparky -- color key Frank Squillace -- layout designer Brad Stephens -- publicist Dennis Venizelos -- color backgrounds Ron Wasserman -- music producer
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The Year of the Sexual Olympics, BBC, 1968 Social satire about a voyeuristic future where watching sex on television is the major way that time is spent. Some people think that this might be the future of the World Wide Web, but not YOU, because you must be literate to be reading this web site, right? Producer/Writer -- Nigel Kneale Genre: Sex
Yesteryear, Nickelodeon, 1998; Production Company: {to be done} Creator: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: {to be done}

Young Hercules, WB Kids, dates?; Production Company: {to be done} Creator: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: Michael Hurst as Hercules.
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The Zack Files, Fox Family (USA), dates? Channel 4 (UK), YTV (Canada); 16 30-minutes episodes; Production Company: DECODE Entertainment Creator: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Based On: a book series by Dan Greenburg Plot Summary: Paranormal experiences complicate the otherwise normal life of 12-year-old Zack Greenburg, introducing humor and wonder. He turns 13, goes to 7th Grade, helps his dad (Dan, a freelance writer fascinated by the unknown) cope with Mom living somewhere else, and accepts the paranormal events without being disturbed. His best friend, Spencer Sharpe, is the Scully to Zack's Muldur, keeping detailed notes and always seeking rational explanations for weirdness. Cam Dunleavey is the third of the triad of friends, a year older, the most popular in school. Vernon Manteuffel is the arrogant bully and school antagonist. His father is a wealthy industrialist. Gwen is the love interest; at least she has a crush on Zack; her dad's the school headmaster. Zack's Grandman Leah may be the source of the genes that make Zack's life strange. Starring: Zack Greenburg -- Robert Clark; Spencer Sharpe -- Michael Seater; Cam Dunleavey -- Jake Epstein; Gwendolyn Kilerby -- Katie Boland; Vernon Manteuffel -- Noah Giffin; Dan Greenburg -- himself?? Grandman Leah -- ??
Zardoz: The Series, UPN, 1997; Adapted From: the feature film Zardoz. Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Starring: {to be done}

Science Fiction TELEVISION: where to go for more

check out Science Fiction TV web sites including: Strange Fun A slick and quirky website that covers Science Fiction Film reviews, Science Fiction television reviews, Comics, Star Trek, peculiar graphics, and promises to enlighten us about "Hong Kong action, Japanese anime, Hindi musicals" or whatever else tickles the webmasters' fancy. As of 12 Jan 1997, Science Fiction film reviews (with ratings, cast list, and stills) include: Bogus Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story The Island of Dr. Moreau John Carpenter's Escape from L.A. Mars Attacks 101 Dalmatians Space Jam Star Trek: First Contact There is also a weekly column on science fiction television by Ken Shapiro, and Science Fiction Video reviews (with ratings, cast list, and stills) including: The Arrival, Casper, The City of Lost Children, Crumb, Dragonheart, Independence Day, James and the Giant Peach, Rumble in the Bronx, Toy Story, Twister; Opinionated, pulling no punches, witty, and graphically cool, this is a web site to watch. Who knows what it might grow into, or perhaps mutate would be a better term...

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MOVIES: list of lists

CLONE: NEW: 14 hotlinks to films about clones, genetic engineering, and human duplication

SPACE: list of 123 annotated hotlinks to films about space travel

TIME TRAVEL: List of 65 movies about time travel, last updated 6 March 1997

For more comprehensive information, see references such as: "The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network TV Shows, 1946-Present" by Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh, New York: Ballentine, 1988 and "Future Tense: The Cinema of Science Fiction" by John Brosnan, foreword by Harry Harrison, New York: St.Martin's Press, 1978 also, much data on 17 recent shows is based to some extent upon "1997 TV Post-Production Guide" , compiled by Michelle Oh, Film & Video: The Production Magazine, Vol.14, No.1, Jan 1997. For subscription information on this fine magazine, write to 8455 Beverly Blvd., Suite 508, Los Angeles CA 90048, or phone (213) 653-8053

Reference Materials

as cited by: Benson, Michael. Vintage Science Fiction Films 1896-1949. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 1985. Benson discusses the history of science fiction films beginning with the early silent motion pictures and closing with 1940s films such as The White Gorilla and Valley of the Zombies. He gives considerable coverage of television serials such as Flash Gordon, The Adventures of Captain, and Batman and Robin. Benson also includes a filmography (entries include running time, producer, and cast).
Justice, Keith L. Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Reference: An Annotated Bibliography of Works about Literature and Film. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 1989. This work includes bibliogarphies for works about film, television, and radio. It also contains detailed annotations describing the books' content and strengths. This is a useful source for getting a sense of what types of materials are available in this area.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias:

Clute, John and Peter Nicholls. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1993. This is the most comprehensive and current science fiction encyclopedia available. The first edition (1979) won the Hugo Award for best nonfiction science fiction book. This edition contains entries for films and television as well as for literature and other aspects of SF. This work contains approximately 2,800 in-depth entries. It includes entries for authors, themes, terminology, films, television, magazines and fanzines, and fandom.
Frank, Alan. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Handbook. Totowa, New Jersey: Barnes & Noble Books, 1982. Frank provides selective coverage of several hundred notable science fiction and fantasy films up to 1980. Films covered range from "key movies to some of the more esoteric ones to show the richness and variety of science fiction and fantasy in the cinema." (Frank 6) This work is divided into three sections: 1) films, 2) people (actors, writers, directors, etc.), and 3) themes (alien invasion, apocalypse, technology, etc.). Includes indexes of titles, producers, directors, writers, cinematographers, art directors, special effects artists, composers, make-up artists, and actors. It also contains a lot of photographs for visual reference.
Gunn, James. The New Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. New York: Viking Penguin, Inc., 1988. Includes entries for films, actors and directors, and television as well as for other aspects of science fiction,. It also includes essays discussing important themes and topics in science fiction. Includes coverage of foreign science fiction but places more emphasis on American SF.
Hardy, Phil. Science Fiction. Museum Street, London: Aurem Press, 1984. Hardy traces science fiction films from the 1920s to the 1980s. Entries are rather short and are arranged first chronologically, then alphabetically by itle. This work includes lists of top video rentals, top grossing films, critics' top ten choices, Academy Award Winners, the Triest Festival of Science Fiction Films, and a select bibiography. This work also includes a lot of photographs, both black-and-white and full-color, taken from the films, making it an excellent visual resource.
Hardy, Phil. The Overlook Film Encyclopedia: Science Fiction. New York: Overlook Press, 1994. This comprehensive work is divided into decades from science fiction's pre-1900 beginnings to the early 1990s. Entries include an introductory essay tracing the history of SF films in that decade. Within each decade division, entries are arranged by year, then alphabetically. This work contains 1,450 film entries. Indvidual entries list production credits (director, producer, studio, writers, cinematographer, special effects creators, and a minimum of six leading players). Entries also contain a brief plot synopsis and critical coments about the film. When relevant, cross-references are made to other movies, so it is possible to follow the career os actors, directors, producers, and other persons as well as tthemes throughout the text. This also icludes list of "Critics' Top Tens", a ranking of films according to rental earnings, and a chronological list of Academy Award winners andnomineeds. Also includes a section of full-color plates.
Lentz, III, Harris M. Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy Film and Television Credits. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 1983. This is a two-volume work containing entries for over 10,000 films and television programs and the persons involved in their creation. Volume I contains entries for actors, producers, directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, art, directors, make-up artists, special effects artists, and costume designers. Each entry contains a filmography. Volume II contains the film and television index. Film entries include title, date director, and cast. Entries for television programs include the title of the show, titles of individual episodes, and cast.
Nicholls, Peter. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction: An Illustrated A-Z. London: Granada, 1979. This work takes a comprehensive approach to science fiction. It contains over 2,800 main entries plus cross-references. It includes entries for themes, films, magazines, critics, film-makers, television prgrams, terminology, and fanzines as well as science fiction in written form. This work includes many illustrations and photographs.
Tuck, Donald H. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Chicago: Advent Publishers, Inc., 1974. This is a three-volume work containing entries for magazines, novels, authros, and publishers as well as for movies and television programs. Volume I (A-L) and Volume II (M-Z) contain brief biographical entries. Volume III (Miscellanea) contains information about magazines, pseudonyms, book series, and SF in other media.
Wright, Gene. The Science Fiction Image: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Science Fiction in Film, Television, Radio, and the Theater. New York: Facts on File Publications, 1983. This is an A-Z list of actors, films, television programs, radio programs, theater productions, film terminology, and character names relevant to science fiction in the nonprint media. Entries are brief but the coverage is comprehensive up to 1983. Film and television program entries include running time, release date (for movies), cast and credits, and production company. Includes a lot of black-and-white photographs as well as a section of full-color plates.

Handbooks and Guides

Barron, Neil. Anatomy of Wonder: A Critical Guide to Science Fiction. Third Edition. New York: R.R. Bowker Company, 1987. This work includes a section on science fiction in film and television. It includes a list of science fiction films judged best or most significant by a panel of nine critics. Includes bibliographies for materials about science fiction film and television, general survey works, and critical and historical sources.
Burgess, Michael. Reference Guide to Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Englewood, Colorado: Libraries Unlimited, Inc., 1992. This is a reference guide to SF in all forms. It includes a bibliography of works on film and television. It includes resources for individual SF movies and television programs as well as general resources. Although this work is listed as a SF, horror, and fantasy guide, it is important to remember that these three genres overlap to a great extent. Burgess includes a comprehensive list of resources for SF in film and television.
Gerani, Gary and Paul H. Schulman. Fantastic Television. New York: Harmony Books, 1977. A catalog of of fantastic television programs, this work is out-of-print and out-of-date but is still a useful resource. The main section is arranged by series name, in chronological order by series name, and in chronological order by initial production date. Entries give a two to eight page history of the series, a summary of continuing credits (seasons, producers, total number of episodes, production company, network on which it was aired, usual running time, medium (color or black-and-white), regular cast, and a one- to two-sentence plot summary. The second section of the volume includes chapters on "American Telefantasy," an A-Z guide to minor programs with fantastic content, listing series title (bold caps), seasons, network name, continuing cast, brief series premise, and history; "British Telefantasy," organized similiarly to the preceding chapter but covering series which were produced in the UK; "Kid Stuff," listing children's live and animated series with the same data as before; and "Made-for-TV Movies," an alphabetical checklist of all known fantastic films produced for television through 1977. The index coordinates titles and person names with page numbers.
Lee, Walt. Reference Guide to Fantastic Films: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Los Angeles: Chelsea-Lee Books, 1972. This is a three-volume filmography covering SF, fantasy, and horror films from all countres and in all languages. Entries are arranged alphabetically by title and list language, director, set designer, cinematographer, and music. It is useful as a list of foreign films and for information about cast and production credits. It also contains references to film reviews.
Senn, Bryan and John Johnson. Fantastic Cinema Subject Guide: A Topical Index to 2,500 Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Films. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 1992. This work lists alphabetically the important themes in science fiction films. The topics and themes are listed alphabetically and film titles are listed alphabetically by title within the theme divisions. Each section contains a brief introductory essay about the subject. Film entries list title, director, year of release, alternate titles, cast and production credits, and a brief plot synopsis. This work also contains a "Blaxploitation Appendix" (featuring black exploitation films such as Def By Temptation and Blackenstein) and an appendix of films produced in 3-D. This is a helpful resource for classifying films by theme.
Strickland, A.W. and Forrest Ackerman. A Reference Guide to American Science Fiction Films. Volume I. Bloomington, Indiana: T.I.S. Publications Division, 1981. This work was originally intended to be a four-volume set, but only one volume was published. This work arranges entries chronologically by publication date, by year, then alphabetically by title within the yearly divisions. Entries include title, release date, production company, and a description of the film (feet of film, color or black-and-white, runnig time). Entries also include annotations, which include detailed plot synopses, historical notes, and excerpts from critical reviews. Each chapter ends with that decade's films, arranged by subject and year of production. This work also includes a filmography and descriptions of production companies.
Van Hise, James. New SF TV: From Star Trek-The Next Generation to Babylon 5. New York: Movie Publishers, 1994. Possibly the most current science fiction television guide available.
Willis, Donald, ed. Variety's Complete Science Fiction Review. New York: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1985. This is a chronological collection of reviews that can serve as a historical overview of ninety years (1907-1984) of science fiction cinema. This work was compiled for the purpose of gaining a historical perspective of science fiction films. According to Willis: "What the original reviews in this volume may lose in topicality and timeliness is precisely what they gain in historical value. They record initial critical and audience reaction. They capture the critical and popular climate of their times..." (Preface). Reviews are listed chronologically. They appear in their original format and include title, date, and cast.

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