Images of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce


Battlegrounds, Scenes and Relics

"The Scottish people have always been independent, individualistic, awkward if you like- and have long memories. Also their land is sufficiently dramatic in itself. There is scarcely a yard of the country without its story to tell, of heroism and treachery, of warfare or worship, of flourish or folly or heartbreak - for the Scots never did anything by half. This, the most ancient kingdom in Christendom, has more castles, abbeys, battlefields, graveyards, monuments, stone-circles, inscribed stones, and relics of every kind - and eyesores too, admittedly - than any other land of its size, in Highlands and Lowlands, mainland and islands." writes Scottish author, Nigel Tranter.

Click on these thumbnails to see the pictures with accompanying information. From left to right, Stirling, Bannockburn, Wallace's Well, Wallace's Yew Tree, Stone of Destiny, Stirling Bridge, Aberdeen, Execution Site, Louden Hill, Leglend Wood, Memorial, Wallace's Sword, Edinburgh Castle.

Images of Wallace and Bruce

Mel Gibson

Scottish Writers

Edinburgh, the Capital of Scotland

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