Statue of William Wallace in Aberdeen

Patriots are usually honoured by their countries, but Wallace is outstanding in this respect. Even before Mel Gibson's 'Braveheart' brought him to the attention of the rest of the world, Wallace was regarded as the greatest hero of all time in Scotland. Monuments and statues honour him all over the country, and 700 years after his death - his exploits are well known. His family motto was "Esperance" which means hope. Hope of freedom was his legacy - fulfilled 10 years after his death on the field of Bannockburn.

William Wordsworth, the poet, wrote "Wallace fought for Scotland and left the name of Wallace to be found like wild flowers all over his dear country".

Lord Roseberry, once Prime Minister of Great Britain, summed up Wallace's greatness thus" Without him the Scots might never have rallied for defence at all, Bruce might never have stood forth and Bannockburn might never have been fought. It is for that we honour him".

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