If Braveheart has sparked your interest in Scotland and its history then you can find out much, much more by reading the novels of these writers:
(And If you want to see what these Scottish authors looked like, click on these links):

Sir Walter Scott

the famous novelist. He wrote IVANHOE, HEART OF MIDLOTHIAN, THE TALISMAN, OLD MORTALITY, ROB ROY, GUY MANNERING, QUENTIN DURWARD, BRIDE OF LAMMERMOOR, BLACK DWARF, REDGAUNTLET, WOODSTOCK, KENILWORTH and others, plus many poems. He almost single-handedly invented the historical novel as a literary form.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

started writing his Sherlock Holmes stories in Edinburgh, when he was a medical student at the University. The character of Holmes is based on one of the professors of medicine, a keen minded scientist with acute powers of observation. He also wrote novels on other themes - not only the detective stories of Sherlock Holmes. May I recommend his "The Lost World" - a lot more exciting than the recent Steven Speilberg film.

Robert Louis Stevenson

not only the most enduring and popular author, but also the handsomest is famous for "Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde", "Treasure Island", and other successful novels. Some scholars have theorized that Treasure Island was actually Scotland, and that the original treasure map, drawn by hand, indicated real buried treasure somewhere on the Scottish mainland. However, that original drawing is long lost, and the copies published in recent editions of the novel are substantially different.

R.M. Ballentyne

was the 19th Century author of some very popular adventure novels for young adults and children, eg "The Dog Crusoe", "The Young Furtrappers","Coral Island". His father published Sir Walter Scott's novels.

Kenneth Grahame

, author of the beloved classic Edwardian fable "The Wind in the Willows".

William McGonagall

a much-maligned poet, and great soul.
Thomas the Rhymer, Brahan Seer, King Arthur 
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Cineadh Cerr, Kenneth the left-handed
 Domnall Breac, King of Dalraida
  Fearchar Fada, Farquhar the tall
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