Mel's first movie since his triumph in "Braveheart". Mel appeared on Letterman's TV show to publicise it. He brought his own version of Dave's Top Ten List, and the category was Ten lines You'll Never Hear Mel Gibson Say in a Movie.

10. I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting a nasty case of kilt rash

9. Sure, I'll apprehend those drug kingpins, -- right after I finish this delicious peach cobbler

8. Hey, Vern

7. The ransom is two million dollars? Screw it -- just keep the kid.

6. I can't shoot him, damn you! I have carpal tunnel syndrome

5. Pleasure to meet you, President Dole

4. G'Day mate, the name's Crocodile Dundee

3. Do you think these new slacks make my ass look huge?

2. You might look like a man, but you kiss like a woman

1. That Letterman fella sure is one handsome s.o.b.

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