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*** note: the "A" through "J" and the "R" author pages are the best-developed, "K" through "XYZ" are being brought up to that level of detail *** |A: Andy Adams-Anne Avery |B: Irving Bacheller-Laurie Wagner Buyer |C: Colin G. Calloway-Peggy Simson Curry |D: Ivan Doig-Sybil Downing |E: Fred East-Max Evans |F: Elizabeth Fackler-Norman A. Fox |G: Zane Gray-Frank Gruber |H: Oakley Hall-Clair Huffaker |I: Kozo Igarashi-Peter Israel |J: Terry C. Johnston.-Cameron Judd |K: Elmer Kelton-Philip Ketchum |L: Oliver LaFarge-? |M: Fredrick F. Manfred-William Colt MacDonald |N: Frederick Nebel-Ramesh Nyberg |O: Maxine O'Callaghan-Rodrigues Ottolengui |P: Lauran Paine-Bill Pronzini |Q: Robert Quackenbush-Elizabeth Quinn |R: Garland Roark-Frank Roderus |S: Ross Santee-Robert J. Steelman |T: Hake Talbot-W. C. Tuttle |U: Ed Udovick-Arthur W. Upfield |V: Heidi Vanderbilt-Ken Vose |W: Richard S. Wheeler-Jeanne Williams |X: To Be Done |Y: James Yaffe-Kathy Young |Z: Fay Zachary-Norman Zollinger
Thanks to the following references: {to be done}
Apr 2000 list of Westerns authors whose books are available in the Los Angeles County Library: ADAMS, Clifton BEACH, Rex BEAN, Frederic BENNETT, Dwight BICKHAM, Jack BLAKELY, Mike BRAUN, Matthew BROWN, Dee BROWN, Sam CHARBONNEAU, Eileen COEL, Margaret COLDSMITH, Don COMPTON, Ralph CONLEY, Robert J. COX, William CRIDER, Bill DOIG, Ivan DOWNING, Sybil EAST, Fred EICKHOFF, Randy Lee ESTLEMAN, Loren D. EVANS, Max FACKLER, Elizabeth FOX, Norman A. GROVE, Fred GRUBER, Frank HALL, Oakley HASELOFF, Cynthia HOPSON, William HORGAN, Paul HUFFAKER, Clair JOHNSTON, Terry C. JONES, Douglas C. JUDD, Cameron KELTON, Elmer KETCHUM, Philip LaFARGE, Oliver MANFRED, Fredrick F. MANNING, Roy MEREDITH, D.R. MacDONALD, William Colt PAINE, Lauran PIKE, Charles POWELL, James PRONZINI, Bill ROARK, Garland ROBERTSON, Frank ROBSON, Lucia St. Clair RODERUS, Frank SANTEE, Ross SHERMAN, Jory STEELMAN, Robert J. TUTTLE, W.C. WHEELER, Richard S. WHITE, Stewart Edward WILLIAMS, Jeanne ZOLLINGER, Norman

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