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The L.A. Local National Writers Union/U.A.W. Bookfair will take place on Sunday, September 14th, 1997, 1-5 pm, at the Workmen's Circle, 1525 So. Robertson Blvd., 310-552-2007. Admission is $3 for members of the L.A. Local/National Writers Union and the Workmen's Circle and for students with ID; $5 for the general public.
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The Workmen's Circle is on Robertson Blvd., which is an exit from the Santa Monica (10) Freeway in West Los Angeles. Go 20 blocks north of the freeway on Robertson.
There will be readings by the authors, books for sale, and meet the authors! There will be books on health, mystery stories, mainstream novels, children's books, young adult books, poetry, biography, books on celebrity and Star Trek, books on the American Left, Feminism, Mexican-American memoir, travel, child/family issues, the African-American private eye, the women detective, books on guns and violence, immigration, and race.
Here is the updated list of readers for the bookfair:
The following people have agreed to read: Natalie Bates (novels), Susan Casey (young adult non-fiction), Vic Cox (non-fiction), Eric Gordon (biography), Mary Helen Ponce (memoir and fiction), Gary Phillips (mystery novels), Susan Perry (child/family non-fiction); Rosalind Roland (mystery stories), John Shannon (mystery novels), Sondra Farrell (non-fiction), Russ Rhymer (non-fiction), Nicole Dillinger (travel), Susan Faludi (non-fiction), Ted Pedersen (children's), Virginia Soffa (non-fiction), Skip Press (non-fiction, Serita Stevens (non-fiction and genre fiction) and Julia Stein (poetry).


Julia Stein has published two books of poetry, "Under the Ladder to Heaven," and "Desert Soldiers." She is a novelist, literary critic, journalist and activist. Recently, she battled a libel/slander lawsuit by Guess Inc. against a literary reading she organized. Return to List of Readers
Vic Cox has published "Guns, Violence and Teens" (Enslow, 1997) and "The Challenge of Immigration (Enslow, 1995). He has also published two coffee table books: "Ocean Life" (Bantam/Doubleday) and "Whales & Dolphins" (Crown). Return to List of Readers
Eric A. Gordon, our host for this event, is the author of "Mark the Music: The Life and Work of Mark Blitzstein" (St. Martin's). He serves as Director of the Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring, Southern California District. Return to List of Readers
Gary Phillips has published two mystery novels featuring an African-American private eye with Berkeley Prime Crime: "Violent Spring" and "Perdition USA." Return to List of Readers
Mary Helen Ponce has published the acclaimed memoir "Hoyt Street" about growing up Mexican-American in Pacoima, the novel "The Wedding," and a collection of short stories "Taking Control." Return to List of Readers
Susan K. Perry, Ph.D. is a human development specialist and author of "Playing Smart" (Free Spirit) and "Fun Time, Family Time" (Avon); she is contributing editor to "Child" magazine, "Valley" magazine and "LA Parent." Return to List of Readers
Rosalind Roland has written fiction and non-fiction. She has published in the "LA Weekly,", "Westword," and her 1st mystery story is in the Sisters in Crime anthology "Murder by 13" (Crown Valley Press). Return to List of Readers
Sondra Farrell has written several hundred articles for the L.A. Times and many major magazines, has been a TV producer for the show "Real People," "America's Funniest People," and created the series "The Hunt for Amazing Treasures" which is now on the Learning Channel as an ongoing series. Her books is "One Minute SuperStars" (General Publishing Group). Return to List of Readers
Nicole Dillinger is a Los Angeles writer and underground actress who has appeared in several independent films. Her poetry has been published in the Southern California Anthology, Poets Feet, and Anabasis, among others. Currently she abridges audio book manuscripts for HarperCollins, Bantam, and Warner Books. Her essay is in the travel anthology, "Tanzania on Tuesday" (New Rivers Press). Return to List of Readers
Susan Faludi is the author of "Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women" (1991) which won the National American Bookcircle's award for non-fiction. She is former staff writer for the "Wall Street Journal" and won a Pulitzer Prize in 1991 for her story on leveraged buy-outs for the "Wall Street Journal." She has written for Esquire, Ms., Mother Jones, the Nation, the New Yorker, etc. Return to List of Readers
Ted Pedersen has written "Internet for Kids," 2nd edition (Prister & Sloan), and "Space Camp," No. 10 in the STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE BOOK SERIES. He writes animated cartoons on TV and children's books. He has written Ninja Turtles and "X Men" on TV as well as, most recently, a new TV show appearing this fall, "Mummies." Return to List of Readers
John Shannon has published five novels, including "Taking of the Waters," a three-generation family saga of the American Left, and "The Concrete River," the first in a series of mystery novels feturing Jake Liffey, a laid-off aerospace worker. He was born in Detroit, grew up in San Pedro, and has worked on a newspaper. Return to List of Readers
Susan Casey's first book "Women Invent: Two Centuries of Discoveries that Have Shaped Our World" (Chicago Review Press) is for a young audience and will hit the book shelves in October. Casey has worked as a journalist and published over 400 articles. Return to List of Readers
Virginia Soffa's "The Journey Beyond Breast Cancer: From the Personal to the Political" takes a critical look at breast cancer treatments and outlines a strategy to help women make informed choices about preventing and treating this disease. Return to List of Readers
Skip Press in the past six years has published 22 books, half of them for young adults. His latest publication is "The Writer's Guide to Hollywood, Producers, Directors and Agents" (Prima, 1997. He has written "Awesome Almanac: Calfornia" (B and B Publishing) and "How to Write What You Want and Sell What You Write" (Career Press). Return to List of Readers
Serita Stevens is a forensic nurse and founder of Tzipporah's House, a shelter for Jewish battered women. She has written over 26 books ranging from non-fiction to mystery to historical romance to young adult as well as nursing professional articles. Her latest published book is "The Nurses" (NAL), a medical soap opera, under the pseudonym Tyler Cortland. Her most well-known nonfiction books is "Deadly Doses," a writer's guide to poisons. Return to List of Readers
For more information: e-mail Julia Stein
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